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THE LEGEND OF VOX MACHINA | Orthax and Percy Design
By Bertrand Todesco
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𝑴𝒚 𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒎𝒑𝒊𝒐𝒏…
I fell even more in love with Vax after s2 of Vox Machina and I know s3 is gonna end me 😭
painted in procreate on ipad pro / do not repost (but reblogs are appreciated!)
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fire-of-the-sun · 2 days
Tumblr media
I really love this image and how it - more than any other promotional image for The Legend of Vox Machina Season 1 - represents and offers insight into each of the characters.
Percy is sitting among them but is disengaged from the revelry and looks self-serious as he cleans his glasses instead. He feels separate and colder.
Scanlan is playing his lute, indicating his talents as a bard, of course, but he's also upside down, which portrays him as fun-loving and goofy. He's also looking at Pike, who will be a future love interest.
Pike and Grog are best friends and that connection is clear here as they're specifically interacting with each other and doing so with mugs of ale - which is a fitting addition given their love of drinking. Violence-loving Grog also seems especially pleased at their kill.
Keyleth and Vax are connected as they look at each from a distance - another excellent decision to connect them given their romantic feelings. Vax's affections, like in the show, look more clear here and his pose is more open and casual while Keyleth's body language and facial expression indicate she's more shy and closed off.
Lastly, Vex is playfully interacting with her bear, Trinket, showcasing their bond and her affinity for animals as a Beast Master. She's also sitting next to her brother, Vax.
And, of course, the monster they're sitting on/next to is an obvious indication that they were successful hunters, which speaks to their role as mercenaries.
All in all, a wonderfully thought-out and executed piece of promotional art.
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waltwhitmansbeard · 2 days
(pretend i'm sending this from my fic sideblog) for the hospital prompts: 15, "I'm gonna die here", vaxleth (or alternatively vex & vax)
15. "I'm gonna die here." let's put this in grow with the flow!
It isn't until this very moment that Vax realizes that they don't have a clock in their apartment. He's sitting on the edge of the bed, staring straight forward, wishing that there was some kind of steady ticking that he could match his breaths to, but instead there is only the uneven purring of the oblivious cat on his pillow and the erratic rhythm of the dryer, her jeans and his t-shirts and their socks twirling around in a dance that smells like lavender and home. He sits, and he waits, and she paces, back and forth, back and forth, nowhere to go, really, not in their studio crammed with plants and a podcasting setup.
Their studio. Hardly enough room for the two of them (and yet always the perfect amount, the way their lives have slotted together like fingers of two hands), always tripping over shoes or trowels or cat toys, and what, is there just gonna be another person now? More clothes, more furniture, more food? (All small. So very small.) They can't afford that, not with rent prices and the job market being what it is. This is the nightmare scenario, in more ways that one.
(A nightmare, because he feels it, distant and haunting, the ghost he didn't realize was just behind him in the mirror. The want. He watches her pace, arms tight across her chest, and imagines what she might look like in two months, five, nine, and he wants the mess and the stress and the blooming love, quick and tenacious, like a wildflower sprouting up from a crack in the sidewalk. It is a sharp shock to the system, to want so acutely something, to know that whatever happens in these next endless minutes, heartbreak is waiting for him, the monster in the dark.)
"I'm gonna die here."
Her quiet voice pulls him out of his thoughts. He forces himself to smile. "You're being dramatic."
She does not find him amusing. "The waiting is going to kill me."
He should ask her. It isn't until this very moment that he realizes that they haven't actually talked about it, what they're hoping for, what they're afraid of. There is every chance that they are not on the same page on this, and now the want is curdling, souring on the edges with fear and doubt. He should ask her, but his tongue is thick, heavy, and so he just stares as she paces, back and forth, back and forth.
When the alarm on her phone goes off, they both jump as if they'd been shot. She comes to a standstill, arms still crossed, and they stare at each other from across the apartment. One of them has to move first.
He stands. He walks to the desk, even though she's closer, and looks down. She breathes in sharply, as if just the act of looking at it has determined something that wasn't already true.
"You're not pregnant."
The words hang in the air, swollen clouds before a storm. He stares at it, at the words—he didn't know these things had actual words now, almost wishes he had that moment of confusion, of trying to interpret the faint lines—and reads them, over and over and over.
The sidewalk flower of want stretches up higher, twists its stem around his throat and chokes him.
He looks up at her, and the expression on her face is staggering. Her eyes are wider than he's ever seen them, glittering with a wave of tears teetering on the precipice of spilling down her frozen cheeks. He jolts forward, collecting her trembling limbs into his arms just as she lets go, a shocked sob ripping from her chest.
"I—I'm sorry," she half-whispers, half-shouts, her face buried into the crook of his neck. Her tears are hot, slipping down his skin into his t-shirt. "I—didn't think—"
"Shhh." He strokes her hair down her back, presses his cheek into the side of her head. "Me neither. Me neither." And though their hearts are breaking, there is relief in knowing that they were on the same page, after all.
When her shaking subsides, he gently pulls her head away, a hand on each cheek, to look her right in the eyes. "Now we know, yeah?" She sniffs. "Now we know we want it. And maybe now isn't the right time. Maybe it wasn't meant to be today. But I love you, and I want a family with you, and I know we're going to make it happen, okay?" She nods. "Tell me you believe it."
"I believe it," she whispers, and he kisses her to seal the deal.
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the legend of vox machina gifset per episodeseason 1 episode 2: the terror of tal'dorei part 2
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I'm pretty proud of my first Critical Role fanart 🤔
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Vax and Vex are an expert inversion of gender roles without having to stereotype and act like the opposite gender in this essay I will—
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#7 Kissing Meme Vax'ildan
I hear “Vax” and “kiss” 👀💕
A/n: Also I combined this writing prompt with number seven from Here
Tumblr media
The morning sun woke you as it peeked through the curtained-windows. Squinting your eyes as you awoke, you stretched across the bed before wiping way the sleep.
Feeling a weight draped across your waist, you peered down to see a toned armed trying to hold your waist in place. The soft snores from Vax were too dear to you as the rest of your body awoke.
As much as it was tempting to stay in bed, you had to rise soon before the others wandered. That was the idea until you heard a small groan and felt soft lips brush against your free hand.
“Don’t move.”
One eye peeled open, hair mussed out of his braids, and a hoarse sleep-laced voice. Who were you to resist?
With a small laugh, you leaned only slightly further into the bed as he softly plastered kisses along the inner side of your wrist and hand before facing you entirely.
“Good morning, my love.”
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moonfruito · 12 hours
bro i finally caught up with the legend of vox machine series and i went "wow vax and keyleth are so cute together!!! i'm going to watch this six hour long supercut of all their moments :))" and i have been in a state of depression since i did. i was fucking bawling. what the fuck.
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romeoandjulietyouwish · 13 hours
this is for @somethingpoeticiguess thank you so much for submitting information for my marketing project!
Prompt: Percy h/c with vex in the broadway au
By the time Percy’s face is clean of makeup, he’s taken a shower, and changed into his street clothes, most everyone has headed home for the night. Keyleth left a while ago, popping her head through the doorway of his dressing room with a smile to tell him she was picking up takeout on the way home. Where she plans on getting food this late at night, he has no idea, but he is very much looking forward to a meal.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame has by far been the most draining show for all of them, emotionally and physically so some greasy take out sounds perfect right now. Plus he can guarantee when he gets back to the apartment, Pike and Keyleth will be fast asleep on the couch. And it’s his job to make sure that they don’t wake up with sore necks and backs. 
But as he’s jogging down the stairs towards the stage door, he hears someone talking. No one should be in these dressing rooms at this time of night, all the other cast members having headed home shortly after the show ended. With a frown, Percy turns down the hallway. Bulletin boards and posters line the hallway in addition to the dressing room doors, declaring whose they are with colorful signs. All of the doors are closed except for one, Vex’s. 
He can see a light on inside and as he gets closer, he can hear her talking.
“You didn’t see the way he looked at me, Vax.” Vex’s voice is thick with tears. The sound makes Percy’s heart ache. He’s never heard her sound like this, so distressed and upset. There’s a long pause where Vex sniffs and then, “I-I know. I’m coming home soon, it’s just-”
Percy peers through the open door and sees Vex sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch. Her knees are pulled to her chest, tears running down her cheeks. She’s dressed in her street clothes, a thick sweater and leggings, her hair is still done up how she does it for the show but she’s taken her makeup off.
Vex turns and looks at him, eyes widening in shock. “Vax, I’ll call you on my way home, okay? Love you.” 
As Vex sets her phone on the floor beside her, she wipes her eyes on her sleeve, “I thought you left already.”
Percy shakes his head, walking in, “I’m always last out. I like to take a shower here to avoid the stage door. May I?” He nods to the empty space beside her. Vex sighs but nods, moving over slightly. Percy sits down beside her, extending his legs out. “What happened?”
“My father came to the show tonight,” she tells him, voice thick with tears. Vaguely Percy remembers that Vax sent him a text about it a few weeks back. “He came backstage and he…he took one look at me and said I looked just like my mother. And the way he said it…I just knew that he didn’t mean that in a good way. He-He looked at me with such disgust and I-” Vex breaks off with a sob, covering her mouth with her hand. 
Percy immediately pulls her into a hug. He’s not good with affection, he’s not good with comfort, but when it comes to Vex, he can’t just watch her cry. He and Vex have been together for a few months now, it’s been absolutely wonderful, but he knows she’s been keeping him at arm's length. And he understood, it’s not easy to be vulnerable in front of your partner. He’s no hypocrite, about this at least, he’s hard pressed to share much about his past at all. 
Percy holds her close, but gives her space to pull away if the affection is unwelcome. It must have been the right thing to do because Vex presses her face into his shoulder, clinging to him tightly as she cries.
Percy just rubs her back for a moment before saying, “He’s a bastard.” Vex laughs wetly, lifting a hand up to wipe her eyes. “I’m serious, Vex’ahlia.”
She lifts her head, swallowing thickly, “I know. I’ve just…I’ve always wanted to make him proud, to do something worthy of him claiming me as his daughter but nothing I do is ever good enough.” Her words are filled with venom.
“You are more than enough,” Percy tells her, his voice full of conviction. “You have nothing to prove, you deserve far more than him.” He reaches out and touches her cheek, moving her hair from her face. “But your father was right about one thing.” Immediately her face fills with hurt and she starts to pull away, but before she can, he says, “You do look just like your mother.” He nods to the picture of Elaina pinned to her dressing room mirror. 
Vex wipes her eyes again and looks at the picture too. In it, Elania is sitting on a porch swing, her thick and coily hair pulled into a bun on her head. She’s wearing a dark purple dress, the same color as the one Vex wears in the show. And she’s smiling at the camera, looking so incredibly happy, crinkles at the corners of her eyes. 
Vex smiles sadly, “I guess I do.” Then she shakes her head. “And because of that, he will always see me as scum on his fucking boot.” 
Percy takes her hand, “And your brother will always see you as his strong twin sister and Velora sees you as her amazingly cool big sister,” Vex laughs a little. “And-”
“And you?” Vex asks, looking at him with those beautiful, tear filled brown eyes. There is such vulnerability in her face that Percy’s heart aches and he knows he will be able to tell her nothing but the truth.
Percy smiles, “You are utterly charming,” Vex laughs, “and witty and brilliant.” Percy touches her cheek, “And as beautiful as your mother.” 
Vex’s bottom lip wobbles for a split second before he suddenly finds her in his lap, kissing him. Her tears are salty between their lips, but he doesn’t mind. He just holds her as close as she needs, hoping with each press of his lips to reassure her of how absolutely wonderful she is.
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All my fanarts of the second season put together! Thank you for all the support!! 💚
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THE LEGEND OF VOX MACHINA | 1x08 Storyboard Layout
By Phil Bourassa
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Dagger, dagger , dagger 🗡️
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Y’all holy fuck
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#1 with Vaxleth Vampire Au?
1. "I know it hurts, love. You'll be okay."
Vax should have guessed that it wasn't going to be the physical scars that haunted Keyleth. For starters, she and Pike whipped up all manner of creams and tinctures to layer over various wounds, and after several weeks of application and crusting and emergence of new skin, so little evidence of the worst thing that has ever happened to her or Vax remains. There's one crescent moon over her left scapula that still shines when it catches the light, and sometimes she inhales sharply if she sneezes too hard, but it takes a shockingly brief amount of time for the proof of his failures to fade from her skin.
But when the moon is high and they are wrapped in shadows and her mother's blanket, he sees the wounds still open, still festering. Even before he was a vampire, he always woke easily, startling at the smallest sound with an instant vigilance. Now, it's not the creaking of his father's house or the squeak of rats in the rundown shack he once shared with his sister that pulls him from sleep, but a quiet, sharp whimpering. His eyes flash open, and it takes but a moment for him to identify the source. Keyleth is twitching in his arms, eyes darting around violently under her lids. He knows a nightmare when he sees one.
"Kiki." He rests a hand against her cheek, tapping as gently as he can. "Kiki, wake up."
She lets out a small, pained whine. There's some unintelligible mumbling, but Vax manages to make out one word: hurts.
Bile rises in his throat. "Keyleth." He raises his voice above a whisper, reaching down to squeeze her hand as hard as he dares. "Keyleth, wake up, please."
Her return to consciousness doesn't happen quickly. It is a slow, confused thing, her eyes searching in the dark, the tremble of her body coming to a gradual end as she finds him curled over her. "Vax?"
He's not going to cry. He hears the quiet desperation, the broken relief in her voice, and he is determined not to cry. "You were having a nightmare."
"Oh." Her eyes slide closed again and she presses her head back into her pillow. "I'm sorry."
If she apologizes one more time for the mess he caused, he's going to scream. "You know that you have nothing to be sorry for." He rests his head onto her pillow, knocking his forehead to the space just above her ear. "I just didn't want you staying in there longer than you had to."
His arm is across her torso, pulling her tight against him, and she grips onto that arm like it's a life raft in the ocean. "Yeah," she breathes, "it...it still hurts."
And he doesn't know if she's referring to the scars or the memories, but his heart shatters in his chest all the same. He presses a kiss to the shell of her ear. "I know it hurts, love," he whispers. "You'll be okay."
There's a sharp sniffle in the dark. "What if I'm not?"
"I've known a lot of people in my life, Kiki. A lot of people who were strong or brave or tenacious or resilient, even in the face of some really scary shit. None of them hold a candle to you."
She breathes a long, shuddering breath, in, then out. "Yeah?"
"Yeah. Those...monsters did what they did to you because they saw it. Because they feared it. Because they knew that you were better than them, and they had to convince you that you weren't. But I know you, too, and I know that you're not gonna let them succeed."
A silence settles over them, and Vax thumbs circles into her far shoulder, letting her stew on his words. He can practically hear the whirring in her mind, the gears turning as she tries to put all of the pieces together. Finally, she breathes, "What if I can't move past it?"
"Well, good news." He lifts his head, presses a slow, lingering kiss to her lips. "You won't have to try by yourself. You have me, and Percy, and Pike, and even Vex, when she isn't, y'know, being Vex. You have us, and we'll pull you out of the dark each and every time, I promise." He sets his forehead down onto hers.
Keyleth's eyes shut again. "Okay."
And he can only hope that she believes him, can only hope that she understands that he has a long eternity ahead of him to help her piece herself back together. He settles back down beside her, keeping her tucked in close to his chest. He knows he's not going to be able to frighten the nightmares away, bare his teeth and snarl until they cower back into the shadowed corners of her mind, but if he is to make right what he set so horribly wrong, he is going to make sure that each time she wakes, he is here, a north star for her to follow in the dark.
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Tumblr media
The Deathwalker’s Ward
I just had to paint him in his new armor 🥺🤲 but also this painting has changed me as a person it was so difficult 😭
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