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laresearchette · 8 months
Saturday, April 22, 2023 Canadian TV Listings (Times Eastern)
NBA BASKETBALL (SN360) 1:00pm: 76ers vs. Nets - Game #4 (SN360) 3:30pm: Suns vs. Lakers - Game #4 (TSN/TSN5) 7:30pm: Bucks vs. Heat - Game #3 (TSN/TSN4/TSN5) 10:00pm: Grizzlies vs. Lakers - Game #3
MLB BASEBALL (SN1) 1:00pm: Jays vs. Yankees (TSN2) 4:00pm: Red Sox vs. Tigers (SN Now) 7:00pm: Astros vs. Atlanta
NHL HOCKEY (CBC/SNWest) 4:00pm: Knights vs. Jets - Game #3 (CBC/SNOntario) 6:45pm: Leafs vs. Lightning - Game #3 (City/SN1) 8:00pm: Devils vs. Rangers - Game #3 (SN/SN Now) 10:10pm: Avalanche vs. Kraken - Game #3
NLL LACROSSE (TSN3) 6:00pm: Riptide vs. Thunderbirds
TRUE STORY (Global) 8:00pm: An in-depth look at the relationship between Indigenous people and settlers, offering an important lens into Indigenous history on the land that is now Canada, including Turtle Island's creation story and the important role women play in society.
BAD INFLUENCE (Lifetime Canada) 8:00pm: A single mom is happy that her daughter is finally making friends at her new school. Soon she learns that these students follow a dubious and dangerous moral code.
MLS SOCCER (TSN4) 7:30pm: Philadelphia vs. Toronto FC (TSN3) 10:30pm: Seattle vs. Minnesota
STREAMS FLOW FROM A RIVER (Super Channel Fuse) 8:00pm: A freak snowstorm traps a dysfunctional Chinese-Canadian family together in their rural Albertan hometown, forcing them to confront the events that tore them all apart a decade earlier.
ALL ABOARD FOR LOVE (Super Channel House & Home) 8:00pm: As Alison prepares for new ocean adventures, business executive Joel navigates his way into her heart and they become co-captains for life.
THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN (Crave) 9:00pm: On a remote Irish island, Pádraic is devastated when his buddy, Colm, suddenly puts an end to their lifelong friendship. With help from his sister and a troubled islander, Pádraic sets out to repair the damaged relationship by any means necessary.
ONE YEAR OFF (Starz Canada) 9:00pm: A lovelorn woman and her friends are drawn to the West Indies when a colleague inherits a beachfront property.
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Affordable, Quality Used Appliances in Concord, Canada
Used Appliances | Open Box Appliances
Tumblr media
Are you on the lookout for reliable and affordable household appliances? Look no further, because Max Used Appliances | Open Box Appliances & TVs in Concord, Ontario, Canada, is your ultimate destination for top-quality used appliances that won’t break the bank. We are committed to providing our customers with pre-owned appliances that are thoroughly tested, inspected, professionally cleaned, and repaired to ensure they are in excellent condition. With a wide range of appliances, exceptional customer service, and substantial savings, we’re here to make your appliance shopping experience hassle-free and cost-effective.
Our Promise to You
At Max Used Appliances, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of household appliances, all meticulously inspected and tested for reliability. Our team goes the extra mile to make sure every appliance we sell is in top-notch condition. We understand that the decision to purchase a used appliance can be a significant one, which is why we stand by our products and offer warranties for your peace of mind. We believe in the longevity of our appliances and are dedicated to extending their lifespan by replacing parts when necessary. When you choose Max Used Appliances, you’re not just buying a pre-owned appliance; you’re investing in quality, durability, and savings.
Tumblr media
Our Extensive Inventory
With one of the largest used appliance showrooms in the Greater Toronto Area, Max Used Appliances has an extensive inventory that caters to your every need. Our selection includes a wide variety of household appliances, such as:
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Tumblr media
We are your one-stop-shop for all your appliance needs, from basic home appliances to specialty items.
Why Choose Max Used Appliances?
At Max Used Appliances, our mission is clear: to provide the Concord community and the Greater Toronto Area with a reliable source of used appliances at affordable prices. We take great pride in offering not only quality products but also exceptional customer service. Here’s why you should choose us for your appliance needs:
Quality Assurance: We meticulously inspect, clean, and repair all our appliances to ensure they are in excellent condition. We stand behind the quality of our products and offer warranties to provide you with peace of mind.
Wide Selection: Our extensive inventory includes a broad range of appliances, making it easy for you to find the perfect choice for your home.
Affordability: Our used appliances are budget-friendly, offering significant savings compared to purchasing new appliances.
Open-Box Options: For those seeking even more budget-friendly options, our open-box appliances provide incredible value with minor cosmetic imperfections.
Reliable Service: Our knowledgeable and friendly team is here to assist you in finding the right appliance to suit your needs and budget.
Eco-Friendly Choice: Choosing a used appliance is not only economical but also environmentally responsible, as it reduces the demand for new appliances and extends the life of existing ones.
Contact Us
Name: Max Used Appliances | Open Box Appliances & TVs
Address: 75 Fernstaff Ct unit 20, Concord, ON L4K 3R3, Canada
Phone: +16476911160
Max Used Appliances | Open Box Appliances & TVs is your trusted source for affordable, top-quality used appliances in Concord, Canada. Whether you’re in need of a refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher, or any other household appliance, we have you covered.Discover the difference and savings that quality used appliances can bring to your home. Don’t spend your money on new appliances — come see our open-box and used options first.
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Are you looking for any home appliance & gas stove repair toronto like, AC, washing machine, oven, tv etc.? Get all types of appliances repaired at your home itself 
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abcnewspr · 11 months
ABC News Studios and Wall to Wall Media announce the production of a Hulu Original documentary series, “The Ashley Madison Affair”’ (working title). The series is an in-depth, multipart documentary exploring the hack of an infidelity dating website for married people that caused shockwaves with one of the most damaging and scandalous data breaches of all time.
Ashley Madison was a popular site, signing up millions of would-be adulterers around the world. However, one July morning in 2015, as employees at the Toronto headquarters logged on to their computers, a message flashed up: “Shut down Ashley Madison immediately (or) we will release all customer records, profiles, sexual fantasies ... real names and addresses.”
As Ashley Madison’s owners were set to launch the company in a billion-dollar IPO, they refused to comply with the demands of the hackers, known as the “Impact Team.” Thirty days later, the Impact Team made good on their threats and released almost 10 gigabytes of user details onto the dark web with disastrous consequences for people who had signed up to the site, ranging from suicide to blackmail to public shaming.
Featuring exclusive footage and untold first-hand interviews from those involved, the series explores infidelity, morality, cyber-shaming and blackmail. It tells the story of ordinary people with big secrets and a mystery that remains unsolved to this day.
Beth Hoppe is executive producer for ABC News Studios. Jeremy Dear and Fred Hepburn are executive producers, Shaun Trevisick and Carla Francome are producers, and Johanna Hamilton is director, all with Wall to Wall Media.
ABC News Studios, inspired by ABC News’ trusted reporting, is a premium, narrative non-fiction original production house and commissioning partner of series and specials. ABC News Studios champions untold and authentic stories driving the cultural zeitgeist spanning true-crime, investigations, pop culture, and news-adjacent stories. Its subsidiary, ABC News Films, acquires and produces feature documentary films.
About Wall to Wall Media
Wall to Wall has been supplying innovative, hugely popular, award-winning programming around the world since 1987. The hallmark of Wall to Wall’s productions is a commitment to quality, innovation and brilliant story-telling - and many of the company’s shows combine elements from different genres, whether in pioneering living history projects or in the many factual and drama formats they have made over the years.
Wall to Wall Media has a strong track record in delivering successful global shows, with several long running hits. Their recent international formats include the latest acclaimed genealogy series, Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC/NBC), Glow Up (BBC/Netflix), Becoming You (Apple TV+) and Narcowars (Nat Geo). Wall to Wall Media is part of the Warner Bros. International Television Production group.
About Warner Bros International Television Production
Founded in 2009, Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITVP) produces local scripted and non-scripted programming through its network of local production operations of 21 production companies in 13 territories. Across the UK - Wall To Wall, Twenty Twenty and Ricochet. In Europe - France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark & Sweden, and in Australia and New Zealand. WBITVP’s production operations are responsible for original programming, as well as local versions of formats owned and/or controlled by Warner Bros., such as First Dates, The Bachelor, The Repair Shop, FBoy Island, Who Do You Think You Are? and Glow Up. Scripted series include Gossip Girl, The Twelve, 30 Somethings, Love Me, The Mentalist and Pretty Little Liars. Where WBITVP has no local production capability, it licenses Warner Bros. formats to third parties. WBITVP represents formats from third-party production companies and broadcasters such as North South Productions, Hungry Bear, Radio Karate and CBC Canada.  
-- ABC --
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Many Toronto homes have a sump pump to collect and "pump out" excess groundwater outside your basement walls or below your basement slab. A sump pit can backup from heavy rainfall, rapid snowmelt or ice damming (preventing water from draining away from your wet basement foundation wall).
If a sump pump becomes overworked or loses power (due to storm related power outage) it will stop working, causing the pit to overflow resulting in emergency basement flood damage cleanup in Toronto. This sump pump backup quickly caused this basement flood damage in Etobicoke. Many personal items, furniture, doors, baseboards and walls were damaged by flood water.
Don’t treat basement flood water lightly: even if your basement only has an inch of water in it, or has heightened humidity levels, it can become perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold growth not only ruins wet drywall, furniture, carpets, wet flooring, etc., it can lead to poor indoor air quality. Taking immediate action to clean and restore your home after water damage is important to keep your home clean and healthy.
If you require emergency basement flood cleaning and water damage repair service in Toronto, get the help you need and the peace of mind you deserve. Time matters when you have water damage so don't hesitate to contact the water restoration experts at SELECT Restoration Services in Toronto, ON.
SELECT Restoration Services
261 Bering Avenue, Unit 2
Toronto, ON
M8Z 3A5
☎️ Toronto: 416-236-0660
☎️ GTA: 905-499-3765
☎️ 24-Hour 1-833-24EMERG
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smarttvrepair-blog · 7 years
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i-scavenger · 4 years
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A nice car keychain LED found in a equisetum.
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laresearchette · 3 years
Saturday, May 22, 2021 Canadian TV Listings (Times Eastern)
2021 WORLD MIXED DOUBLES CURLING (TSN2) 5:00pm: Qualifying (TSN2) 11:00am: Semifinal #1 (TSN2) 2:30pm: Semifinal #2
NHL HOCKEY (SN) 12:30pm: Panthers vs. Lightning - Game #4 (SN/SN360) 3:00pm: Penguins vs. Islanders - Game #4 (SN/CBC/Omni) 7:00pm: Habs vs. Leafs - Game #2 (SN360) 8:00pm: Knights vs. Minnesota - Game #4
NBA BASKETBALL (SN1) 2:00pm: Heat vs. Bucks - Game #1 (SN1) 4:30pm: Mavericks vs. Clippers - Game #1 (TSN5) 8:00pm: Celtics vs. Nets  - Game #1 (TSN3/TSN5) 10:30pm: Trail Blazers vs. Nuggets - Game #1
MLS SOCCER (TSN5) 1:00pm: CF Montreal vs. Cincinatti (TSN/TSN4) 7:00pm: Orlando vs. Toronto FC (TSN/TSN4) 9:00pm: Houston vs. Whitecaps FC
MLB BASEBALL (SN1) 7:30pm: Rays vs. Jays
MERCHANTS OF THE WILD (APTN) 7:30pm: Needing to repair canoes, and find food, the adventurers are grateful to learn fire-making even as tensions rise; a snake in the grass might be their best chance at a meal.
BUNDLE OF TROUBLE: AN AURORA TEAGARDEN MYSTERY (CTV) 8:00pm: Aurora Teagarden and her boyfriend Martin are thrilled when they get an unexpected visit from his niece and her new baby. Their excitement is short lived when his niece disappears and the baby is left behind.
YUKON HARVEST (APTN) 8:00pm: Generations
BEWARE OF MOM (Lifetime Canada) 8:00pm: A woman tries to save her teenage daughter from a wild neighborhood mother who wants to steal her away.
MINOR DETAILS (Super Channel Heart & Home) 8:00pm: Four girls join forces to find a solution to a mysterious illness that has befallen students and faculty at their school.
GOING NATIVE (APTN) 8:30pm:  Drew uncovers how First Nations artists are pushing the boundaries of pop culture when he meets up with professional zombies, axe throwing and legend-morphing film directors, and Native video games designers.
HEARTS DOWN UNDER (W Network) 9:00pm: A New York restaurant owner inherits a charming cafe in Lemon Myrtle Cove, Australia, where she starts to fall for the cafe's charismatic chef.
WONDER WOMAN 1984 (Crave) 9:00pm: Wonder Woman musters all of her strength, wisdom and courage as she finds herself squaring off against Maxwell Lord and the Cheetah, a villainess who possesses superhuman strength and agility.
RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE DOWN UNDER (Crave 3) 9:00pm: The queens are put through their paces with a sewing challenge that has them showcasing their best thrift flip.
FRUITS OF THE HEART (BET Canada) 9:54pm: Life's complexities reinforce a mother and daughter's strong bond.
HOT ONES (Global) 1:00am/1:30am: Thundercat/Keke Palmer
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cooperhewitt · 3 years
Deja Va: 2011 NDA Winner Rick Valicenti Recalls Two Iconic Poster Designs
Rick Valicenti is a legendary graphic designer, whose career spans the transition from analog to digital design production. Rick spoke with Cooper Hewitt curator Ellen Lupton about his design process over Zoom on October 23, 2020. Edited for clarity and length.
Ellen Lupton:  Rick, where are you?
Rick Valicenti, screenshot from a Zoom call. Rick is smiling and wearing a dark sweater. Behind him, a red car is suspended in the air for repairs.
Rick Valicenti:  I am in a garage in Toronto. This is the second day of a fourteen-day quarantine as we prepare to visit my mother-in-law, who is ninety-three years old and in assisted living. We are quarantined in a studio apartment above our friend’s garage.
I created this poster at the start of the 1990 Gulf War war. The poster was for a lecture at the Alberta College of Art, sponsored by Gilbert Paper. When asked to make a lecture poster, I thought “How do I ignore that we just started a war?” My own narrow version of history was the Vietnam war. In college, my draft card number was ninety-eight in a year they called number ninety-three or ninety-five. I wondered, “Man, did I dodge that? Should I have participated in that?” You carry those conflicted emotions if you missed the draft by good luck in the lottery, not bone spurs. The theme of my poster is deja vu, baby! Here we go again! There is a reference to world peace in the typesetting along the bottom.
Poster, Deja Vu, 1990; Designed by Rick Valicenti (American, b. 1951); Offset lithograph on textured white wove paper; H x W: 91.3 × 61 cm (35 15/16 in. × 24 in.); Gift of Ken Friedman; 1997-19-226
EL:  How was the image was created?
RV:  The image is a photograph created by myself, photographer Corinne Pfister, and her assistant, Michael Pappas. The three of us were just uncorked. We found a model of a World War II bomber, we found a globe, we got some dry ice, we hit some water on it, and we got ourselves fog. Turn on the colored gel and we are done! Shoot a four-by-five color transparency, and it is over. Lay some type down and you got a poster.
Picture the great travel posters by A. M. Cassandre and E. McKnight Kauffer. Their illustrations teetered right on the edge of modernism. You can feel Herbert Bayer in the Bauhaus colliding with these illustrators. They got modernism and geometry but they could not shed themselves. So, they brought this other flare, this illustrative painterly flare. How could I do that? I am not one of those guys. Can Paul McCartney sing Little Richard? No, not really! But he did his version and that is cool. Scream your heart out, man. So, this poster was me doing that—creating a painterly illustration with a camera.
It never mattered to me whether an idea was rendered illustratively or photographically. My ineptitude at illustration allowed me to develop another talent, which is working behind the camera as a director. You do not have to be the guy who clicks the shutter or the person who fills the airbrush. This is the directorial mode of photography. How can we use photography to play in a different realm? Advertising has learned how to do that. How does graphic design do that? We saw Herbert Matter, László Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray, and Nathan Lerner do that. They all used the tools of the moment. I am inclined to use tools of aptitude, which means if you do not have much of an aptitude for it, but you sure like it, try it! 
EL:  Tell me about your poster for the opera Tannhäuser.
RV:  It’s 1988, and I’m on my own as a designer. I’m doing a poster for Chicago’s Lyric Opera, a there’s no budget. Peter Sellers is directing Tannhäuser. I meet with Peter and he is enamored with a picture of Pentecostal evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, crying on TV after he was caught visiting a prostitute in a place with striped awnings.
That photograph is black and white. Swaggart is on TV, crying. Sellers says, “This is my character.” So, I say, “Would I be able to videotape the baritone or the lead tenor and photograph the monitor?” He says, “Sure!” So, that is what we did. I blew up the image of the singer’s face. Underneath, I stretch the photo of the Bible to fill the space. Wow, you can stretch a picture! Now, what can I do with the type? I specify some Gothic type from Ryder Type Gallery. I had them stretch the type to fit the space. But, I say, leave a space for the “S” because a three-letter word that begins with an illuminated letter is sex. And then I add a couple of red dots for the umlaut.
Poster, Tannhäuser, 1988; Designed by Rick Valicenti (American, b. 1951); Lithograph on paper; 91.5 × 61.1 cm (36 in. × 24 1/16 in.); Gift of Rick Valicenti; 1995-73-3
I was as close to the director’s subject matter, his subject matter, as I could be by reenacting it and then using the poster as a document of his point of view. This design was not an affectation. It was pulling the cords and playing those chords that Peter was working with, but doing it through the medium of graphic design. That is when I really could feel a tingle inside, and that is what I wanted to go for in the future. If I do not hit that tingle, then the design is not reverberating strong enough. It does not have everything in play. Something is out of tune. That was a very seminal piece for me.
EL:  You were talking about stretching the photograph. Did you stretch the type, too?
RV:  We were right at that transition from analog to digital. I was still dependent on the typesetters. Their equipment allowed them to set your type and then fill the space that you defined. I could say, “I have X amount of inches leftover in height and width. Please take this spec and make it fit.” Today, we do that falling out of bed, but back then, you had to explain what you wanted with tracing paper and a red pencil. I would draw the shape I needed to fill, and pencil in the type.
EL:  The stretched type is distorted: the horizontals are thicker than the verticals. Was that effect considered ugly at the time?
RV:  Oh, yes, those people. Even today, there are those people. You are one of them, I think. I go there, too. There are moments for respecting the beauty of the type designer’s intent, absolutely. But sometimes there is a silly putty moment. It is like filling a pizza pan with pizza dough. You have to work it into the corners. 
    from Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum https://ift.tt/3oBtncq via IFTTT
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firespirited · 4 years
Tumblr media
Yeah baking lemon sugar cookies weren’t quite enough to stave off the seasonal/intrusive/depresh/whatevs so I sat myself down in front of some gloomy tv (VERA, I love her, she’s total goals: big house on the moor, being caring but needing personal space, getting things done as crankily as required, DGAF about your opinion, comfy clothes, great old school landrover) and did some rerooting : She’s about 75% finished in 2h, Barbie collector heads almost feel like cheating LMAO. To clarify; I don’t cry about my birthday, the whole ‘milestones’ and ‘wasted time’ brain arguments are so old that I’ve been numb to them since my late teens. I grew up on my dad bemoaning milestones and wasted time so even when carers and social workers bring it up it’s like “This ol chestnut ey? Really trying to poke at wounds that have scabs like turtle shell at this point? Nice try but you know I’m genX-millenial and ace so the big milestones don’t exactly have the weight you think they do”.
I just get S.A.D. every year around christmas and late march-early april. Which towards the end leads to some brain chemical releases through crying over a rescue dog on twitter or a fictional character’s repaired relationship with a family member or an old lady who’s really proud of her massive cabbage or something. And you’re like “oh guess i needed to have a little sob then” and you’re not upset at all, it feels like release.
What is real tough is when you need to rest and your brain is trying to wind you up and goes “hey what if your dog was hit by a car” and you shut that down dead fast only for it to pop up with “you didn’t get to graduate highschool” like wut?! that was ages ago and just as you’re bobbing off “Hey if your estranged dad dies of covid19, how are you going to reply to all the elogious condolences without being a party pooper?” yes I side-eyed myself pretty hard for coming up with that level of bollox. Thankyou brain for that creativity when it needs to be mean but when I need to reply to an email, you've forgotten the word ‘delay’ and i’m stuck googling ‘time too late’.
Anyway if you want to make lemon sugar cookies. make sure to put uk not biscuits in the search if you want metric measurements but be prepared to replace golden syrup with a teensy bit of brown sugar and lemon extract with 1 lemon zest and some juice. I actually put less sugar in my cookies and use the fine grater part instead of the zester on the grater for more tangy-ness. Oh and do not attempt to whisk any of it by hand unless you actually *want* the exercise. The cookies need lots of space between eachother to actually cook in 12 minutes. Do only half if the mixture at a time if it takes up more than one rack in your oven. These are of course total sugar bombs: go with lemon sponge cake if you want something more filling and healthy. Just as tasty, half the sugar.
Vera is on primewire, use the second or third watch link and ad blockers galore. Each episode lasts 1h25, it’s a murder mystery that usually has a second murder half way in and it’s gloomy in an almost over the top way. If you want a crime mystery that’s lighter in tone, Death in paradise is always a puzzle box whodunnit with lovable characters and Frankie Drake mysteries is a delightful show about a bunch of lady PIs in toronto in the 1920s-30s.
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Pluralist, your daily link-dose: 24 Feb 2020
Tumblr media
Today’s links
How “Authoritarian Blindness” kept Xi from dealing with coronavirus: Zeynep Tufekci in outstanding form.
The Snowden Archive: every publicly available Snowden doc, collected and annotated.
Key computer vision researcher quits: facial recognition is a moral quagmire.
My interview on adversarial interoperability: you can’t shop your way out of late-stage capitalism.
81 Fortune 100 companies demand binding arbitration: monopoly and its justice system.
I’m coming to Kelowna! Canada Reads is bringing me to the BC interior, March 5.
A flat earther commits suicide by conspiracy theory: conspiracies are comorbid with corruption.
This day in history: 2019, 2015, 2010, 2005
Colophon: Recent publications, current writing projects, upcoming appearances, current reading
Tumblr media
How “Authoritarian Blindness” kept Xi from dealing with coronavirus (permalink)
Xi Jinping’s refashioning of the Chinese internet to ratchet up surveillance and censorship made it all but impossible for the Chinese state to use the internet to detect and contain Corona Virus, writes Zeynep Tufekci in The Atlantic. Tufekci talks about “authoritarian blindness,” where people too scared to tell the autocrat the hard truths makes it impossible for the autocrat to set policy that reflects reality.
(Cue Mao telling China to “eat 5 meals a day” because his apparats were too scared to warn him of impending famine, then selling off the nation’s food reserves for foreign currency because he thought it was surplus. Food production collapsed.)
Before Xi, a certain amount of online dissidence was tolerated because it helped root out dangerously corrupt local leaders before they could do real damage. It’s always hard to make autocracies sustainable because corruption and looting leaves them hollow and brittle.
When Xi took power in 2012, he restored “one man rule” and began a series of maneuvers, including purges, to consolidate power for himself. The rise and rise of China’s mobile internet made this far more effective than at any time in history.
“Authoritarian blindness” kicked off the Hong Kong protests because the state so badly misjudged the cause and severity of the grievances there. The same thing happened in Wuhan when doctors and netizens faced retaliation for describing early virus outbreaks.
The reality-debt built up by official denial always results in reality bankruptcy, eventually – so finally, the reports of the virus were so widespread and alarming they could no longer be suppressed. But by then, the virus had proliferated. This is an important point: “the killer digital app for authoritarianism isn’t listening in on people through increased surveillance, but listening to them as they express their honest opinions, especially complaints.”
That’s how you stabilize the unstable: by using digital authoritarianism to fine tune the minimum viable amount of good governance to diffuse public anger. It’s how you maximize your looting without getting strung up by your ankles.
Tumblr media
The Snowden Archive (permalink)
The Snowden Surveillance Archive collects “all documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden that have subsequently been published by news media.”
It’s indexed and searchable, created by Canadian Journalists for Free Expression and the Politics of Surveillance Project at the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. (Canada is a “Five Eyes” country that partners with the NSA on global mass surveillance)
There’s a “Portable Archive” version – a tarball with all the docs so you can create your own mirror:
They provide instructions for turning this into a kiosk they call a “Snowden Archive-in-a-Box.” Costs about CAD120.00
Tumblr media
Key computer vision researcher quits (permalink)
Joseph Redmon is the creator of YOLO (You Only Look Once), a key Computer Vision technology. He’s just announced his resignation from computer vision work, citing ethical concerns with Facial Recognition.
His thread is really important, calling out the gap between what ML researchers SAY they want to do about ethics and how they actually deal with ethical issues: “basically all facial recognition work would not get published if we took Broader Impacts sections seriously.”
“There is almost no upside and enormous downside risk.” That’s some serious Oppenheimer stuff right there. The kicker? “For most of grad school I bought in to the myth that science is apolitical and research is objectively moral and good no matter what the subject is.”
Tumblr media
My interview on adversarial interoperability (permalink)
The Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons podcast (which offers information security advice and analysis for non-technical people) just posted part 2 of our interview on Adversarial Interoperability, Right To Repair, and technological fairness.
Part one went live last week:
In this one, I try to explain how John Deere’s war on farm-based repairs is connected to Apple’s war on independent repair, and how consumer choices can’t solve either problem — but collective action can!
It’ll take a movement, not individual action. Thankfully, such a movement exists. EFF’s Electronic Frontier Alliance, a network of groups nationwide working on local issues with national coordination. It’s the antidote to individual powerlessness.
Tumblr media
81 Fortune 100 companies demand binding arbitration (permalink)
Binding arbitration was originally created as a way for giant corporations to resolve their disputes with each other without decades-long court battles costing tens of millions of dollars. SCOTUS ratified the principal in 1925: firms of similar size and power could use binding arbitration as an alternative to litigation.
In the century since, corporations have eroded the idea of arbitration as something reserved for co-equals and have turned it into a condition of employment and of being a customer.
In an era of both monopoly and monoposony, it can be hard to find a single employer OR vendor who will conduct business with you unless you first surrender the rights your elected lawmakers decided that you are entitled to.
Today, the largest corporations in the world require you to “agree” to binding arbitration before you can conduct business with them: your monopolistic ISP or cable operator probably does.
As do Walmart, Uber, and Amazon (and not coincidentally, all three have crowded out all the competitors you might choose to take your business to if this strikes you as unfair).
In 2019, SCOTUS ratified the practice.
81 out of the Fortune 100 non-negotiably require binding arbitration if you want to conduct business with them. “Arbitration is often confidential and the outcome doesn’t enter the public record” – if you get screwed you won’t know if it’s a one-off or a pattern.
This is especially pernicious in the realm of US health care. There is ONE pain specialist in all of Southern California that my insurer covers who doesn’t require binding arbitration. When I took my daughter to the ER with a broken bone, they threatened not to treat her unless we signed an arbitration waiver – and that ER is now owned by a PE firm that bought every medical practice in a 10mi radius and now they all do it.
We are literally replacing public courts with private corporate justice, where the “judge” is paid by the company that maimed you, or ripped you off, or killed you.
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I’m coming to Kelowna! (permalink)
I’ve never been to Kelwona, BC or anywhere in BC apart from Victoria and Vancouver, so I am SO TOTALLY EXCITED to be appearing in Kelowna for Canada Reads on Mar 5. Please come and say hello! (it’s free!)
The event is a collaboration between the Kelowna Public Library and CBC Books, and I’m being emceed and interviewed by Sarah Penton. It’s going to be recorded for airing later as well (I’ll be sure to fold it into my podcast, which you can get here: http://craphound.com/podcast/)
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A flat earther commits suicide by conspiracy theory (permalink)
A(nother) flat-earther has tried to prove that the Earth is disc-shaped by launching a homemade rocket. This one (“Mad” Mike Hughes) killed himself by pancaking into the desert.
This is awful. Jokes about “Darwin Awards” don’t change that.
When you scratch a conspiracist, you generally find two things:
Someone who knows chapter-&-verse about real conspiracies (e.g. “If you think antivax is so outlandish, let me tell you about the Sackler family”)
Someone who has been traumatized by conspiracies (belief that the levees were dynamited during Katrina to drown Black neighborhoods are often embraced by people whose family were flooded out in 58 when the levees in Tupelo were dynamited to drown Black neighborhoods).
A belief that the aerospace industry engages in coverups and conspiracies is not, in and of itself, irrational. Aerospace is the land of conspiracies and coverups. Look at the Boeing 737 Max!
Conspiracies are an epiphenomenon of market concentration. “Two may keep a secret if one of them is dead”: the ability to conspire is a collective action problem, wherein linear increases in the number of conspirators yield geometric increases in the likelihood of defections. When an industry is reduced to 3-5 giants, the likelihood is that every top exec at each company worked as a top exec at one or more of the others (to say nothing of the likelihood of intercompany friendships, marriages, etc). Moreover, an industry that concentrated will almost certainly be regulated by its own former execs, as they are likely the only ones qualified to understand its workings.
Many of us were appalled by the sight of the nation’s tech leaders gathered around a table at Trump Tower after the inauguration.
But we should have been even more alarmed by the realization that all the leaders of the tech industry fit around a single table.
We are living in both a golden age of conspiratorial thinking and of actual conspiracies. The conspiracy theories don’t necessarily refer to the actual conspiracies, but “conspiracy” is a plausible idea with a lot of explanatory power in 2020.
We spend a lot of time wondering about how we can fix the false beliefs that people have, but some of our focus needs to be on reducing the plausibility of conspiracy itself. Make industries more competitive and diverse, make regulators more accountable.
Put out the fires, sure, but clear away the brush so that they don’t keep reigniting.
I strongly recommend Anna Merlan’s REPUBLIC OF LIES for more.
Tumblr media
This day in history (permalink)
#15yrsago: Labour MP Brian Sedgemore excoriates his own government’s terror laws in the speech of his lifetime: https://web.archive.org/web/20050227035611/http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200405/cmhansrd/cm050223/debtext/50223-21.htm
#10yrsago: How ducks, Nazis and themeparks gave America its color TV transition: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2010/feb/23/digital-switchover-bbc-spectrum
#5yrsago: Alex Stamos, then CSO of Yahoo, publicly calls out then-NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers on crypto backdoors: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/02/yahoo-exec-goes-mano-a-mano-with-nsa-director-over-crypo-backdoors/
#5yrsago: A chronology of the Canadian Conservative Party’s war on science under PM Stephen Harper: https://scienceblogs.com/confessions/2013/05/20/the-canadian-war-on-science-a-long-unexaggerated-devastating-chronological-indictment
#5yrsago: Citizenfour, Laura Poitras’s movie about Edward Snowden, wins the Academy Award for best documentary: https://www.aclu.org/press-releases/edward-snowden-congratulates-laura-poitras-winning-best-documentary-oscar-citizenfour
#1yrago: Every AOC staffer will earn a living wage: https://www.rollcall.com/2019/02/22/alexandria-ocasio-cortezs-call-for-a-living-wage-starts-in-her-office/
#1yrago: Richard Sackler’s “verbal gymnastics” in defending his family’s role in killing 200,000 Americans with opiods: https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/02/sackler-behind-oxycontin-fraud-offered-twisted-mind-boggling-defense/
#1yrago: German neo-Nazis use Qanon memes to signal-boost their messages: https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-fringe-groups-are-using-qanon-to-amplify-their-wild-messages
#1yrago: French courts fine UBS €3.7b for helping French plutes dodge their taxes: https://www.thelocal.fr/20190220/breaking-french-court-hits-swiss-bank-ubs-with-37-billion-fine-in-french-tax-fraud-case
#1yrago: Apple to close down its east Texas stores to avoid having any nexus with America’s worst patent court: https://www.macrumors.com/2019/02/22/apple-closing-stores-in-eastern-district-texas/
#1yrago: Small business cancels its unusably slow Frontier internet service, Frontier sticks them with a $4,300 cancellation fee: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/02/frontier-demands-4300-cancellation-fee-despite-horribly-slow-internet/
#1yrago: Fast food millionaire complains that social media makes kids feel so entitled that they are no longer willing to work for free: https://amp.news.com.au/finance/work/careers/muffin-break-boss-fury-over-youth-who-wont-work-unpaid/news-story/57607ea9a1bbe52ba7746cff031306f2
#1yrago: Apps built with Facebook’s SDK shovel incredible quantities of incredibly sensitive data into Facebook’s gaping maw: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/22/facebook-receives-personal-health-data-from-apps-wsj.html
#1yrago: Super-high end prop horror-movie eyeballs, including kits to make your own: https://fourthsealstudios.com/
#1yrago: EU advances its catastrophic Copyright Directive without fixing any of its most dangerous flaws: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/02/european-governments-approve-controversial-new-copyright-law/
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Colophon (permalink)
Today’s top sources: Four Short Links (https://www.oreilly.com/feed/four-short-links), Slashdot (https://slashdot.org), Naked Capitalism (https://nakedcapitalism.com/”).
Hugo nominators! My story “Unauthorized Bread” is eligible in the Novella category and you can read it free on Ars Technica: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/01/unauthorized-bread-a-near-future-tale-of-refugees-and-sinister-iot-appliances/
Upcoming appearances:
Canada Reads Kelowna: March 5, 6PM, Kelowna Library, 1380 Ellis Street, with CBC’s Sarah Penton https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/cbc-radio-presents-in-conversation-with-cory-doctorow-tickets-96154415445
Currently writing: I just finished a short story, “The Canadian Miracle,” for MIT Tech Review. It’s a story set in the world of my next novel, “The Lost Cause,” a post-GND novel about truth and reconciliation. I’m getting geared up to start work on the novel now, though the timing is going to depend on another pending commission (I’ve been solicited by an NGO) to write a short story set in the world’s prehistory.
Currently reading: I finished Andrea Bernstein’s “American Oligarchs” this week; it’s a magnificent history of the Kushner and Trump families, showing how they cheated, stole and lied their way into power. I’m getting really into Anna Weiner’s memoir about tech, “Uncanny Valley.” I just loaded Matt Stoller’s “Goliath” onto my underwater MP3 player and I’m listening to it as I swim laps.
Latest podcast: Persuasion, Adaptation, and the Arms Race for Your Attention: https://craphound.com/podcast/2020/02/10/persuasion-adaptation-and-the-arms-race-for-your-attention/
Upcoming books: “Poesy the Monster Slayer” (Jul 2020), a picture book about monsters, bedtime, gender, and kicking ass. Pre-order here: https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781626723627?utm_source=socialmedia&utm_medium=socialpost&utm_term=na-poesycorypreorder&utm_content=na-preorder-buynow&utm_campaign=9781626723627
(we’re having a launch for it in Burbank on July 11 at Dark Delicacies and you can get me AND Poesy to sign it and Dark Del will ship it to the monster kids in your life in time for the release date).
“Attack Surface”: The third Little Brother book, Oct 20, 2020.
“Little Brother/Homeland”: A reissue omnibus edition with a very special, s00per s33kr1t intro.
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When Love Walks In - Chpt 1
Chapter One - The Accident
Tumblr media
(Hi there.  This is my first fanfiction and writing of any kind really.  I’ve been inspired by those writers who have gone before me.  Thank you for your incredible efforts, talent and bravery.   This will be a multi-chapter love story and work of pure fiction using Auston Matthews as the inspiration for the main character of the same name and Dr Quinn Tolpa as a character I created myself. I’ve purposely refrained from describing the appearance of the female lead character, Dr Quinn, as I want you to imagine her as you see her in your mind. Also, please keep in mind that I am in no way knowledgable about the medical profession and have based any medical references on my own minor research.  So please forgive any inaccuracies. Potential triggers:  Life-threatening hockey accident involving the throat.  Coma.  Surgery.  Ventilator.  Some swear words.  I will mark when Sex/Smut Scenes are coming up.  I hope you enjoy the ride.  It’s going to be a good one and worth getting past the setup chapters.)  3389 words
Chapter One - The Accident 
It is late in the third period of a tied Game 7 of the 2024/25 Stanley Cup finals between the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the New Jersey Devils when 27-year-old Auston Matthews of the Leafs, takes a puck, from the Devils’ defence, squarely to his throat.
The Toronto home crowd falls eerily silent and holds a collective, horrified breath.  You can tell that the Leaf players on the ice are not aware that the puck hit Auston directly in the throat.  As the whistle blows, the Leafs’ trainers and medical staff rush to help Auston, who is thrashing in pain on the ice.  Everyone now has a chance to look up at the replay on the JumboTron.  The mouths of Auston’s teammates and coaches drop in unison along with the crowd, followed by audible gasps of, “My God!”
As soon as the trainers can get to Auston, he manages to stand up but then immediately collapses into unconsciousness.  The capacity crowd’s screams echo throughout the arena at the drama of it all.  As everyone watches, four of Auston’s teammates rush to pick up their friend and get him to the Leafs’ medical room as quickly as possible.  
What is sure at this point, is that Auston’s airway has been cut off from the impact of the shot to his Larynx.  He is unconscious and not breathing as he lays on the treatment table in the dressing room.  An emergency Tracheotomy is performed on-site by the team’s medical doctor, to get Auston breathing again.  
Auston is still unconscious, but breathing with the help of the Thrach, oxygen supply and EMS, as he is rushed by ambulance to Mount Sinai Hospital for life-saving surgery.
Auston’s parents, Brian and Ema and his two sisters, Alexandria (older) and Breyana (younger), manage to get down to the Leafs’ dressing room within minutes of the accident and are ushered straightaway to a police car which escorts them to join up with Auston at the hospital.  Upon their arrival, Auston’s parents are signing releases and authorizations on behalf of their son, for the hospital medical staff. 
A still unconscious Auston arrives at the Emergency Department of Mount Sinai Hospital, with Leafs’ medical staff in tow, to a team of surgeons and medical staff awaiting his arrival.  They immediately usher Auston, via stretcher, into an exam room where what remains of his hockey equipment is cut off.  They first ensure that Auston’s airway is maintained.  The staff take Auston’s vitals along with scans and a full body assessment.  Since it is immediately clear that Auston is suffering from a crushed Larynx and likely vocal cord damage, the doctors on duty, without hesitation, summon Dr Quinn Tolpa.  
Dr Quinn, as she prefers to be called, lives in a high rise condo located within 10 minutes of the hospital.  It’s around 10 pm, and she has just returned home from a late Pilate’s class and subsequent shower.  As she thinks to go turn on the TV to see if the City is going to erupt any time soon by the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in over 50 years, her pager goes off.   The message reads, Paging Dr Quinn Tolpa, Medical Emergency, Laryngeal Trauma, etc., Theatre 3, M.S.H, time 10:03.  She replies, texting her ETA and hurries to change her clothes, feeling relieved that she already showered at the gym.  She rushes to her car in the parking garage and begins to wonder about road conditions. If the Leafs have already won the Cup, then she will be in trouble as the traffic will be insane.  As she drives out of the garage, she sees it is quiet on the streets, almost eerily quiet.  
In little time, Dr Quinn arrives on-site and starts getting into her scrubs in the room attached to Theatre 3.  The other doctors and medical staff greet her and thank her for coming so quickly.
“We have ourselves a VIP of sorts in there, Dr Quinn, so no pressure”, an attending doctor jokes nervously to ease the tension.
“I’m sorry, Doctor, what?” Quinn replies, confused as she starts to prep.
Realizing there is no time to get into who the patient is, the attending physician replies, “Not important, Dr Quinn.  NHL hockey player is all.”  He begins briefing her on what transpired and his assessment.
Dr Quinn has just finished scrubbing up when the doctor completes his briefing. She has a few questions for the doctor and medical staff about Auston’s vitals and how he is responding to treatments already given, which they answer to her satisfaction.
She takes a look at Auston’s scan results as well as the results from his standard tests and then moves over to where he lays on the operating table. She quickly runs her own physical evaluation.  All indications are that Auston’s Larynx has been severely crushed and will need intricate repair before the bleeding stops.  She will address his airway, breathing and collapsed lung to get him stabilized.   
The attending doctor notes, “We understand he was about 4 feet from the player who fired the puck.”
Dr Quinn is shocked by the image that races across her mind. “Four feet away! Dear Lord!”  She draws in a deep breath and exhales.  
All the medical support staff have eyes on Dr Quinn as they assume their positions.  Taking command of the room, she rallies, “Okay, everyone, let’s save this young man’s life.”
After 2 hours of her expert, delicate and intricate surgery, Auston is in stable condition.  It is time for her to speak with his family.  But before Dr Quinn can find them, the other doctor pulls her aside to explain who, precisely, this patient is that she just finished operating on.
“Auston Matthews?” She repeats as a question.  She has heard the name before but had never paid much attention as she had been focused intensely on her career over the last number of years.  But, having been born and raised in the City of Toronto, she, of course, knows who the Leafs are and how important they are to the City.  She also knows that the Leafs were playing in the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs because, unless you live under a rock, no one in the City could be unaware of that fact.  
Dr Quinn is a bit embarrassed to be a Torontonian at this moment; not knowing much about the City’s esteemed hockey superstar who she has just helped. She has to remind herself that during the past nine years of her life, she did not have the luxury of dividing her time and energy to much outside of her education and career.  Becoming a Medical Doctor, surgeon and then rising through the ranks at breakneck speed to become Canada’s youngest specialist in the field of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery as well as an internationally recognised leader in the field of vocal cord reconstruction had been her focus and a huge one at that.
Dr Quinn walks towards the ‘family quiet room’ where she’s told Auston’s family are waiting.  She taps on the door, and it is opened by a tall, broad-shouldered man who Dr Quinn assumes to be Auston’s father.  There are three women in the room whom she believes to be Auston’s mother and sisters, as well as a few men wearing Leafs’ jackets whom she guesses are from the Leafs’ organization. There is no escaping that they are all torn apart by Auston’s accident. Their wet, swollen eyes and red faces reflect their intense pain and fear.  Dr Quinn’s heart sinks to see them all in such distress.  She wants desperately to reassure them.
“Hello, my name is Dr Quinn Tolpa, please call me Dr Quinn.  I just performed surgery on Auston”, she announces as she reaches her hand out to shake hands with and learn the names of the loved ones of her newest patient.
“He’s in stable condition right now, and staff are currently transferring him to the Intensive Care Unit on the 4th floor.  The 2-hour surgery included completing a Tracheostomy and hooking him up to a Ventilator.  A cuffed tube was inserted and inflated to make sure that the only air in his throat is coming from the Ventilator, which will allow Auston’s throat and Larynx to heal without interference.  I repaired Auston’s Larynx.  I also drained blood from his lungs as it had caused one of his lungs to collapse.”
There is a burst of relief, followed by a lot of ‘thanks to God’.  They hug each other and sob in relief.  
Dr Quinn continues, “I understand how scary this all must be for you.  Please know that Auston is in the best possible place given his type of injury and that we will do everything within our power to help Auston make as full a recovery as possible.  I can tell you that the surgery was successful in repairing his damaged Larynx and in doing so, we removed the obstruction from his airway and stopped the bleeding.  While Auston is in a stable state right now, that is not of his own doing.  We have him on a Ventilator and have placed him in a medically induced Coma, which is giving him a chance to heal his Larynx and vocal cords as well as to stave off any brain damage.  We can’t rule out brain damage or a concussion since he stopped receiving oxygen for a time at the arena and he hit his head on the ice after he passed out.  He is going to stay in the induced Coma for at least five days, and at such time we will be able to assess his progress and alleviate any further issues he may present.”
“I know I’m overloading you with information right now but want you to know where things stand at the moment and what to expect in the next little while where Auston’s concerned. Since I will be Auston’s attending medical specialist, please know that you can consult with me on his condition at any time.  I am perfectly happy to repeat any of this information back to you, so don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.   Here is my card with my contact information.  Day or night, please know that I am here for you all.”  Dr Quinn reassures them as she hands each of them her card.
Dr Quinn continues, “Okay, so specifically, we diagnosed Auston with Laryngeal Trauma, which means a crushed Larynx, which I understand was caused by a puck hitting his throat at high speed and close range.  The priority was to secure his airway, which was done by the Leafs’ medical staff at the arena by performing a crude Tracheotomy.  By accounts, it appears that this procedure was done within the time limits to avoid brain damage, but we will not know for certain until Auston regains consciousness.  When Auston arrived here, we ran scans, X-rays, tests and assessments to determine the extent of the damage to his Larynx.  His Larynx was so badly crushed it was by far the most challenging surgical repair of fractured and internal lacerations I have ever had to make, but I’m pleased with how well it went.”
“Also, in 5 days, I expect to perform what is called a Microlaryngoscopy and Bronchoscopy, in order to re-assess the healing process and attend to any issues that may present themselves by that time.  If all goes well then, Auston should be cleared to be woken from his Coma.  At that time, we will have him on complete voice rest until he can breathe on his own and his airway heals.  Also, we should be able to evaluate any brain damage, concussion symptoms, how well or not his vocal cords are mending and whether he has any diminished breathing abilities or difficulties swallowing”, she explains.
Now she has to tell them what they need to know but will scare the hell out of them.    “Since vocal cords are next to the Larynx and Auston’s are severely crushed, there is a chance that they will not be able to join together as they heal, which will cause Auston to have trouble speaking. But, I want you to know that I have been heading a team that has been pioneering research in the area of vocal cord rejuvenation and there is a new technique that we have developed that is providing a chance where there was none previously.  If it comes down to that, I want you to know there is some hope. Results of applying this new technique have proven to be highly successful in trials.  It is ground-breaking, and I want you to know about it as it has been my primary objective to find a way to bring hope to patients who previously had none in such cases.  Oh, and last thing, Auston’s collapsed lung should recover in a couple of days and is common when there is bleeding from trauma to the Larynx. We will, of course, monitor Auston for everything”, Dr Quinn draws in a deep breath and waits a moment for a response.
“Can we see him now?” They plead in unison.
Relieved that they seem to have accepted what she just told them, she answers, “Yes, I’ll take you up in a moment.  You can stay in the room with Auston, day and night.  You can sleep in the reclining chairs in the room.  Unfortunately, there are only two reclining chairs that will fit in the space, but they are more comfy and supportive than you might expect.   I believe it is of great importance that family be able to stay with their loved ones overnight and get as good a sleep as possible.  Families provide love and support, which is essential in speeding up the healing process. Being close to the patient also gives families some measure of control in an often uncontrollable situation.  We have pillows and blankets, so please ask the nurse.”
“Doctor?  When my son is in Coma, can he hear me?”  Auston’s mother asks hopefully in her broken English.
“Mrs Matthews, I am sorry that he will not be able to understand what you say since a medically induced coma is a deep state of unconsciousness, leaving the sounds with no consciousness to reach.  However, please do not let that deter you from talking, singing or reading to Auston. There have been claims that other senses are at work that pick up on vibrations, energy etc. and may subconsciously bring peace and comfort to your boy.  It can also be comforting to you as well”, Dr Quinn explains with compassion that the family can feel.
“If you would like to follow me, I can take you upstairs to Intensive Care now.” Dr Quinn leads the group to the elevator and up to the 4th floor. Everyone is silent as they all try to process the information they have just received.
“Please stay in the waiting room for one moment while I confirm that things are ready”, She asks the group as she heads into the Intensive Care Unit.  
Auston’s family is too worked up to sit down, so they stand there while the team staff members take a seat as they plan to give the family privacy to visit Auston and make their update calls to Leafs’ management.
“Hi, Angels?  How’s it going with our patient, Mr Matthews?” Dr Quinn asks the two attending nurses, Nicole and Kelly.
“He’s all set up Dr Quinn,” Nicole informs.
“Doctor, are you aware that this is Auston Matthews?  You know, the superstar hockey player that plays for the Leafs?” Kelly asks.
“Yeah, that’s what they tell me.  Auston was playing in the Stanley Cup final game and got a puck to the throat”, Dr Quinn shivers as she reacts to her own words.   “Poor guy, eh?  Hey, do you know if the Leafs ended up winning?” She asks.
“No, we haven’t heard anything.  It’s been pretty busy in here tonight”, both nurses chime in.
Dr Quinn adds, “Well, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.  I don’t know what to hope for because if the team won, then Auston missed out and if the team lost, then he’ll be devastated and so will the City. What a no-win situation.  In any event, I’m going to get Auston’s family now.  They are lovely people.  Afterwards, I will get the attending doctor up to speed and fill out some paperwork. Any questions before I go?”
“No, we read the file and know what to do.  Should be fine Dr Quinn”, the nurses confirm with confidence.
“Okay, good.  I’ll go get the family”, Dr Quinn announces.
“Thanks, Doctor”, the nurses replied.
“Thank you, Angels!” Quinn adds, as she always does, to show her appreciation for all they do. “Ha, so I guess you’re Auston’s Angels now ladies”, she jokes to lighten the mood, and they chuckle.
Dr Quinn returns to Auston’s waiting family and announces that the room and Auston are ready for them.
“I just want to give you a heads up that Auston is hooked up to some large machines to help him breathe, monitor his vitals, give him his fluids and administer his medications.  Please don’t be alarmed as this is all normal procedure in such cases”, Dr Quinn informs them.
“Thank you, Dr Quinn, from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done and will do for our boy”, Auston’s father says as his voice drips with emotion.  The rest of the family mumble the same, sniffling as they each take turns hugging Quinn tight, trying to convey their appreciation.
“Please call us by our first names, Dr Quinn.  We are family now”, Ema insists.
“Sure.  I’m happy to be able to help.  Please follow me”, Dr Quinn instructs as she leads them towards Auston’s room.  
The family pass in front of Dr Quinn to get to Auston’s bed.  Quiet gasps and sobs from the group mingle with the pulse and hiss of the breathing machine keeping Auston alive.  Ema hugs and kisses her son, crying she tells him in Spanish that she doesn’t know what she’ll do if he doesn’t pull through.  Brian, standing behind Ema with his hand on her back has tears pouring down his devastated, hand covered face.  Alex and Bre approach Auston from the other side of the bed, youngest wrapped in the arm of the oldest.  Standing next to their brother, they take hold of his hand and wipe tears from their red cheeks.  As they gasp for air, they tell Auston they love him, know he will triumph over this like he does everything and that he is the best brother ever.
Dr Quinn tries to remain stoic.  After making sure everyone is okay and settled, she excuses herself from the room and heads over to the Intensive Care station to speak to the attending doctor, finish up some paperwork and make some calls.  Then she hears it.
“They lost!” one of the nurses announces loudly.  
Dr Quinn rushes over to the nurse standing about 5 feet from her, to explain the situation and ask her to please keep the news to herself.  
Although the news crushes Dr Quinn, she also has a strong feeling wash over her that it will all be okay in the end.  She has no idea why she feels this way, but it calms her entire being.  
Dr Quinn informs Auston’s family that she is going home to get some sleep as she has worked 13 hours in the last 24 hour period.  She introduces them to the attending Doctor, Dr Higgins and reassures them that she is merely a phone call away if they need to speak to her before her 9 am return.
Dr Quinn returns to her condo.  She knows this upcoming week will be a trying one for her, Auston’s family and the City of Toronto.  Tired, Dr Quinn rests in the knowledge that her hard work and studies might be able to turn this tragic situation into a positive outcome.  She resolves that she is determined to do that for Auston, his family and the City of Toronto.  She will be the Superstar that everyone needs right now.  This is her chance to do what she has been training for her whole life. This is her Cup moment, so to speak.
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