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There are three kinds of Christian Tumblr Mutuals:
1. Those who are Catholic
2. Those who are not Catholic
3. Those that you cannot for the life of you remember if they're Catholic or not, so you're always having to check their blog description
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slightlysadmouse · 1 day
holy shit did we just get our first emotionally intelligent doctor
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chaoticbreadcrumbs · 3 days
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Excuse me why does my man Bi-Han look like this one Shrek meme. He is very shrexy I guess.
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bhxdraa · 18 hours
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allthingstv · 3 days
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Nick & Charlie💙💛
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artfilmaesthetics · 19 hours
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‘Submarine’ (2010) dir. Richard Ayoade ❣️
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a--z--u--l · 2 days
Me gusta hacer amigos en Tumblr porque me conocen por mis obsesiones y por mi lado más cringe y así me quieren.
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worklifegiggles · 3 days
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That's how they conspire to kick you out...😤😠
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Qué triste que a veces algunas personas no puedan obtener el amor que se merecen.
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you-need-not-apply · 20 hours
Thing is, I can never make a “get this post to X amount of notes and I’ll do Y” because I know you fuckers would pull through and do it so I can’t risk it
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art-emide · 2 days
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photomatt · 2 days
Matt had posted that he's thinking of moving Tumblr to WordPress -- how will that work? And what is the timeframe for that? (re:https://mastodon.social/@photomatt/111304408763775262)
Migration and portability is a tricky topic, and one I'm thinking about a lot for 2024. If we do it right, there will be minimal perceptive change to the Tumblr experience, it's just changing out how things are stored in the back end. (Kind of like how the Tumblr editor now benefits from Gutenberg but looks nothing like WordPress.)
It's a pretty interesting engineering task, including migrating half a billion blogs. We will tackle it, but I'm not sure when. It's more a "for us" thing to pay down technical debt than something that will impact the user experience. Right now we're focused on streamlining and improving the core user experience, the parts of Tumblr that are the bread and butter of the service and that we hear from users need work.
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thebrokenwomen · 3 days
Ah bayım,
Siz ve dengesiz vakitleriniz,
Karmaşık bir insan olmak ziyadesiyle zorken,
Bir de sizin dengesiz olmanız ,
Ruhuma azap olduğu kadar da,
Nasıl neşe olabiliyor inanın aklım almıyor.
Böylesine zor bir imtihan,
Nasıl böylesine güzide görünüyor gönlüme,
Aşk mı koymalı adını?
Yoksa imtihan deyip geçmeli mi bilemiyorum.
Varlığınız bayım,
Cennet ile cehennemin bir arada oluşu adeta...
Kırılmış bir kadın
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