hushemu · 3 days
Black Diabetic Transfemme in need of Insulin
(Please see my pinned blog)
CA: $HushEmu
This is an emergency. I’m on my last vial. My pinned post has over a 1000 reblogs and zero donations. I sincerely and wholeheartedly appreciate the interactions. (Please continue!) Lastly please also be mindful
Reblogs ≠ Donations
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Kenton, Ohio
built in 1840
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juliaschifini · 2 days
i do think in another life i would have been truly happy as a gentlelady of means traveling the world, studying mycology, painting scientific illustrations of mushrooms, wearing trousers, and getting into duels with men in my field who didn't appreciate my work
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jewellery-box · 3 days
Evening dress
Design House Rouff, French, ca. 1897
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The MET Museum
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webdiggerxxx · 3 days
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tiffanysabrinatattoo · 23 hours
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Arms and Armour (1911) Auguste Demmin
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oldfarmhouse · 2 days
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I saw a really nice black traveling dress at the museum yesterday in the train station display. The tour guide said it was a mourning gown, however I would like to ask if black was a better traveling color if one did not wish to have dirt stains stand out?
It could be, yeah! Dark colors, hard-wearing fabrics, and sometimes also small/busy prints were popular for early train travel, to- as you guessed -hide dirt.
Basically, with a few exceptions, it's all but impossible to say whether a dress was a purpose-made Mourning GownTM without provenance. Black gowns were popular for normal, non-mourning attire throughout most of the 19th century (I'm assuming this is mid-late 1800s since it's train-related?), and plenty could be used for mourning. Sometimes for later mourning if they had shiny or sparkly elements, or contrast colors, but still- double duty DID happen.
Unless the museum has provenance...it's anyone's guess whether this was a dedicated mourning gown or not.
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gothdamask · 2 days
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Goth Vampire Look | AI
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saintinnocent · 1 day
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American actor H. J. Montague, c. 1878.
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allaboutrings · 2 days
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Victorian 18k Gold Citrine Ring
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gotholsentwin · 2 days
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me if you even care
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porcelainapparition · 21 hours
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Ashtabula, Ohio
built in 1890
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weirdchristmas · 2 days
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Imagine you're a dog who wanted to be a human. So your wish is... kinda... granted, but you're forced to be a Victorian girl who's only allowed to play polite tennis and look quietly pretty.
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Pros: I can now sing (badly) every word of a total of twenty two Gilbert and Sulivan songs.
Cons: no one cares.
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antiquebee · 3 days
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