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thefirsthogokage · 2 days
Looks like Steven DeKnight (Daredevil, Buffy, Angel) also agrees they should be asking for more. (DGA version)
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Stand strong, DGA, and vote No!
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fans4wga · 3 days
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Again, this is the anticipated broadcast network TV (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc.) fall season timeline, given the possible SAG-AFTRA + WGA strike on July 1st.
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Late night shows will return first.
If writing resumes in September, shooting might begin early/mid October. Episodes will most likely air starting in Jan 2024.
Networks can't afford a strike until December. The longer [the] strike goes, the more it will benefit deep-pocketed streamers who are trying to put the networks out of business. If networks don't cut a deal on mini rooms, and streaming $, they'll lose a season, and streamers will replace them.
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illgiveyouahint · 2 days
TV is broken
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lets-steal-an-archive · 24 hours
To make up for the lost back end, streamers floated performance-based incentives. Schur describes a scenario in which a platform might promise a showrunner a $100,000 bonus for season one, $250,000 for season two, $500,000 for season three, and $1.7 million for season four. "So you’re like, Holy shit. This is great!" he says. There was a catch. Many seemingly successful series began to vanish after just a couple of seasons. "What no one saw coming was they’d just kill the show before they ever had to pay that money out," Schur says. “They kind of tricked everybody. Now if you get to 20 episodes, it’s a miracle."
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cbrownjc · 20 hours
In contrast to the WGA, the DGA (Director's Guild of America) looks to have reached a tentative deal with the AMPTP. The deal is now being voted on by DGA members.
Yet, many DGA members are apparently voting "NO" on ratifying the agreement. Why? The main reason being given is solidarity with the WGA, as well as some loophole-type language wrt streaming and AI in the deal.
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Make no mistake, however, the deal for the DGA might still pass. Someone even acknowledges as such:
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But there are a lot of vocal "No" votes out there, particularly from those who are writers-directors and members of both unions.
We should know by June 23rd what the DGA has decided and voted wrt the deal. However, the DGA hasn't sent out a strike resolution to its members yet. The only time the DGA ever went on strike in its entire history is only once, back in 1983.
And even if the DGA does go on strike, only major studios will be most affected, as one doesn't have to be a DGA member to direct things for smaller or even independent studios.
So, as far as IWTV goes, I don't think the DGA going on strike would affect them too much. Production probably wouldn't have to shut down on Season 2, just like with the WGA strike.
It's really SAG going on strike that would determine such a thing.
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madseance · 1 day
“Tried to scare you”: Producer “almost killed” picketing writers with SUV
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Today in Atlanta, producer Ian Woolf (BMF) allegedly tried to run over protesting writers with his SUV, as reported on Twitter by striking writer Brian Egeston (The Game, On a Wing and a Prayer), one of those nearly hit by the vehicle.
The full text of Brian Egeston's open letter to Woolf:
AN OPEN LETTER TO THE MAN WHO ALMOST KILLED ME ON THE WGA PICKET LINE TODAY. A thread… Dear Mr. Ian Woolf, Welcome to Atlanta. Years ago, forward thinkers and Civil Rights icons labeled our fair town, ‘the city too busy to hate’. What you did today on Hank Aaron Drive and blocks from the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr….was hateful. When you pointed your SUV at me as though it were a weapon and slammed the breaks within six feet of writers, I felt the hate and aggression of scenarios similar to Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and others who have been harmed at the hands of hate-filled oppressors. As I marched with the WGA in a peaceful protest, similar to the giants who have walked the very streets where you almost committed manslaughter, you chose to—in your own words— “Tried to scare you.” Mr. Woolf, this scare and intimidation tactic reeks of German Shepards, water hoses, bricks and burning flesh. It reeks of the worst kind of hate. A hate that continually divides us as a people. I would implore you, in hindsight, to consider the ramifications of killing an African-American man in the streets of the city too busy to hate, while being the producer of an African-American TV show, created by an African American man, run by an African-American Man. Mr. Woolf, your actions purveyed a deep generational hate for us. And that, sir, is a travesty for which you must be held accountable. If not by your superiors and peers, then by the people of Atlanta because the South will have something to say about what you did today. Should you choose to remain in our city, where I will remind you that you are a guest, I beg of you to lead with love and refrain from being a drum major for hate and potential manslaughter. I pray God’s grace and mercy over your life. Brian Egeston Writer
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anaxibiaclark · 3 days
Hollywood needs to get their fucking heads out of their asses and pay these writers what they deserve. I don't want to wait until 2026 (exaggerating) to see Bella climb a T-Rex and scream, "Look at me! I'm on a motherfuckin' dinosaur!" Then, do a cannonball into a pool of water off said T-Rex.
Just give them what's rightfully theirs.
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destinyc1020 · 1 day
They started picketing in Atlanta and have shut down production there. London is about to have a big March with UK writers in support of the US writers. And Deadline announced that all on location production in LA has stopped. NY has been getting their productions shut down cause teamsters don’t cross picket lines. It’s a matter of time before more even smaller projects if they are with American production companies start delaying their films or shows too. Even Tom said they stop development of FA In solidarity with the writers.
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Wow...sounds like it's getting serious. Thanks Anon.
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I kind of feel like they should just restart the Six of Crows series from scratch if they decide to make it into a spin-off.
Like keep the current cast, obviously, but why not just treat it like an au or something and keep the book plot?
Idk if that would actually be possible but I’m just emotionally attached to the original plot…
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dailysudeikis · 6 hours
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Jason Sudeikis at the WGA strike in LA -  June 5th, 2023.
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Just so we're all on the same page with the writer's strike.
If during the strike, it's announced about AI generated shows. We are not watching them. Not even out of curiosity. Let them fail every AI generated show they try make.
The human voice can not be replaced by AI. Don't let them try.
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thefirsthogokage · 2 days
More Strike Tweets I've Collected But Hadn't Posted Yet
(click for better image quality)
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(link to tweet)
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(link to tweet)
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That chart:
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The strike is into its 6th week. Fuck those directors and producers.
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fans4wga · 5 hours
Lord of the Rings picket day at Amazon
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[first image id: two WGA picket signs that both say "Writers Guild on Strike!" with pictures below. The first sign has a picture of Pippin from the Lord of the Rings movies played by Billy Boyd and says, "Second breakfast!? Sigh. I can hardly afford the first" and the second has a picture of the dragon Smaug from the Hobbit movies and says "Rings of Power per episode: $57M. WGA Amazon ask, per year: $32M. Smaug approves!"
second image id: outdoor table setup with boxes of food fundraised by fans for the picketers. There's a printed sign that says, "The beacons have been lit. Ringers around the world stand in solidarity with writers. Second breakfast and Elevenses is on us! The Lord of the Rings fandom." end ID]
Thanks to everyone who boosted, shared, and donated to the Lord of the Rings picket event! Food delivery was a success! (images from Chelsea Schwarts on Twitter)
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aquitainequeen · 1 month
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Pay heed to Klaudia Amenábar's words! Don't let the executives weaponize fandoms. WGA Strong.
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witchern · 1 month
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writers shouldn't need to go on strike – but when we do, we're funny as fuck.
some of my personal faves, taken from a longer twitter thread by jenny yang. learn more about the strike here.
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lauraannegilman · 1 month
TV Executives: “if the strike goes on, you won’t get new episodes of your favorite shows! You won’t get new movies you were looking forward to! Isn’t that terrible, what the writers are doing to you?”
Me: Bitch, that might have been an effective threat in 2007, but we have since survived a Covid shutdown and discovered ways to amuse ourselves while we waited, we can outwait this shit, too. I got a pile of shows saved I haven’t even watched yet, and a Mt. TBR waiting for me.
Compensate (and respect) your writers for their work, assholes.
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