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#something something how the night changes
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JB in Ojai on October 14, 2023
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duminki-dominikano · 1 year
This man makes me feel things..
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suddenly, red son
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embervolkan · 5 months
This man.. has been all over my tumblr and every social media platform I have and I’ve decided to give him a go just for fun… and maybe to satisfy my horny ass-
Anyways! I Hope you enjoy <3
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Minors DNI
18 +
He never knew why he was so attracted to you. Was it the way you carried yourself? The way you were so confident and a breath of fresh air to everyone or maybe …
Was it the way your hands touched and gripped the equipment handed to you? Those soft fingers of yours grazing the metal like it was a natural feeling to you.
Was it the way your lips parted when you were focused. Your soft lips practically teasing him to want to touch and kiss them himself. How your tongue hid in that soft and warm mouth of yours
He always hated how you had that affect on him. He would always find himself forgetting what he was doing when you were around
His eyes always studying you as he worked with you or even was near you. He would never admit this kind of longing for someone, for you. He couldn’t, or really .. he just didn’t know how to admit it to himself.
Today was like any other day as Miguel was in front of his many screens. The low orange glow filling the area he was in. The humming of metal and machines echoing softly
His eyes stared at the screen, deep in thought. A soft groan leaving his mouth
All he could think about was you as he gently scrolled through his screens. It was mission after mission for him. Never catching a break.
He was about to close out of his screen before seeing you. Right there in your working station.
Your smile made you glow to him. A smile of his own entering his face as he watched you through the security cameras. Your laugh making his heart flutter.
His eyes widened softly as his heart skipped a beat, That suit of yours, hugging your body to show all the right curves. The way your hips swayed with the fabric. Your chest softly bouncing with each step.
Why … why do you look so good in that suit he thought as He cursed under his Breath. He looked away for a moment. His muscles tensing up slightly as he closed his eyes trying to calm himself
His attention was quick to another screen as another potential mission popped up
“Lyla” he said with a tired sigh
“Already on it boss” Lyla said with her usually perky tone as Miguel’s watch glowed.
The hum of the portal echoed throughout the rooftop as Miguel Stepped out. His suit glowing dimly in the night sky as he jumped on top of the edge of the roof. His eyes scanning the city below as he tapped something into his watch
He was lost in his own focus that he didn’t even notice the portal behind him opening
Your foot gently tapped the ground as you walked out of the portal with a small tip toe looking around to see Miguel right in front of you
You always admired his suit as you eyed him. Your legs slowly walking over to Miguel’s side. Your shoulder gently brushing into his arm
Miguel’s head Turned to see you. His face already heating up as he moved his head back down to look at his watch
“You’re here early” he said in a low tone
You smiled as a soft chuckle escaped you. Your head titling to the side as you watched him.
“Lyla told me you didn’t like people who showed up late”
“She’s correct” he said with a short huff. He turned away as his heart raced. His mind almost spinning as he gripped his arm. Don’t do anything rash he told himself over and over as he kept his head down
You raised an eyebrow to the sudden feeling of Miguel’s state
Spider senses, gotta love it
You slowly went up to him as your hand gently touched his arm, “ you okay?”
He shivered to your touch as he tried to move himself away. Your fingertips feeling good on his arm.
He nodded trying not to speak as he continued to mess with his watch
Your eyes scanned his body as your hands moved lower on his arm, your face moving closer to his as you removed your masked slightly, “ Your hearts racing like crazy … you sure you’re fine-“
“Yes” he snapped finally being able to move himself away from you. His hands shaking as he gripped them into fists, “yes …. Yes I’m fine”
“Stop lying” you said with a stern tone. Crossing your arms as you watched him
He raised an eyebrow as he turned to face you. Your stance and eyes making his heart flutter as he scoffed softly, “ Who says I’m lying?”
“I am” you said with a small glare. You slowly walked up to him as you looked up to face him, “ You’re heart rate is up, you can barely look at me. Not to mention your hands are shaking-“
“ It shouldn’t bother you” he said glaring down at you
“Well it does” you said with a huff looking down at his chest
Don’t .. he thought to himself as he watched you study him
“Miguel … you work to hard sometimes you know that? Are you even resting when you should be?”
Your words surprised him as he looked away slightly. Trying to move away as he mumbled something under his breath.
This caught your attention as you placed a hand on his arm again. Which caused him to flinch, turning away from you
“Don’t do that … I can’t.. I can’t handle this today” he said in almost a whisper as he rubbed the bridge of his nose
You were confused as you watched him, “ can’t handle what?”
He was quiet for a moment.His hands dropping to his sides as he chuckled softly
“Isn’t it obvious?” He said turning around to face you
He was close to you again as your eyes widened a bit to his reaction. You shook your head as you watched his hand go to your chin, a small shaky breath leaving you as he lifted your face so he could see you better
“You … i cant handle You today” he said in almost a whisper as he kept his hand on your chin, “ The way you touched my arm… makes a man like myself feel things” he said letting go of your chin as he walked away to the other side of the roof
“Your scent … it’s intoxicating” he said with a sharp inhale, “ I can’t think straight when your right in front of me”
You had no words as you listened to him. Your eyes widened with surprise as you shook your head slightly to regain composure. Your hands fumbled with one another before you moved a hand to the back of your neck gently rubbing it
“I …. I don’t know how to respond to that”
“You don’t have to” he said with his normal tone as he looked away, “ I won’t blame you if you head back to headquarters”
“Who says I want too?” Your voice almost in a low whisper as he raised an eyebrow at you. His eyes widening to the redness of yours cheeks
“ Do I really make you feel that way?” You asked with bright eyes as you looked to the side, your fingers playing with one another
His heart skipped a beat to that question as he slowly walked towards you again, “ yes ..” he said with a small sigh, “ yes you do, every .. single .. day”
You could feel and hear his heartbeat even more as you looked up at him. Your heart jumping slightly as you bit your lip looking to the side
He grabbed your face gently as he made you face him, “ I always imagine what you’d look like flustered like you are right now” he said with a small smirk as his head lowered closer to yours
His hand moving along to your neck as it sent a shiver down your back
His face so close now as you let out a small whine to his touch, “ I can stop if you want”
His hands teased your bare neck as you watched his arm move. You gently brought your hand to his arm as you breathed in shakily
“Y/n … look at me” he said with a low silky tone.
Your eyes met his as his mask slowly faded off. His eyes staring into yours as his hand moved back up to your face. His thumb rubbing your bottom lip.
“ Let me have you, just this once… just for tonight” he said in almost a plea as he brought his free hand to your back pulling you slightly closer
You didn’t know how to respond as your face heated up. Your hand digging into his skin as he brought his lips close to your ear, “ Let me make you feel good” he whispered
A shiver went throughout your whole entire body as you breathed in sharply. Your lips parting softly as you felt his hands trial to the back of your suit.
His fingers tugging at the zipper as you gasped softly
This made his heart skip another beat as he watched your reaction.His lips hovered over your neck as he gently gripped your hips
“ is that a yes or .. no?”
You gripped his suit in front of his chest as you closed your eyes tightly. Melting into his touch as you let out a small sigh, “ yes..” you said in a whisper
He moved his hands to the back of yours thighs as he picked you up, your legs wrapped around him now. Your arms around his neck as He pressed his lips against yours. his tongue slowly entered your mouth.
You moaned softly to this new sensation.Your mouth opening more for him as your back hit the brick wall of the rooftop.
The building Miguel pinned you behind out of eye view, was dim in light. He tasted your lips, his hands gripping your thighs firmly. His large hands rubbing the sides of them
“ I… I haven’t done this before” you said breathlessly as his lips trialed to your neck. Another soft moan escaping you.
His hands trailed to the back of your suit as he pulled at the zipper, a low chuckle escaping him as he nibbled at your skin, “ then I’ll be gentle.. I promise”
He moved his head back as his hands tugged the suit off yours shoulders. Your bra being revealed as he licked his lips lightly. His fingers unhooking your bra as the straps slid off your shoulders
Your eyes were closed tightly as you whined and moaned softly to his touch. The feeling of his hands pulling your suit and bra away made your stomach flutter as his fingertip gently rubbed your right nipple.
He moved his hand to your left Breast softly squeezing them. a sharp Breath escaping him as he lifted you up more, the heat in his lower abdomen rising.
His tongue replaced his hand, teasing your now firm nipples.
You let out a low moan as your hands moved to his hair. Your fingers tangling into his hair as you looked down. Watching his tongue lick and suck your breasts
Another low Moan escaped you as you laid your head back. Feeling the tingly sensation of his tongue making you feel light.
His teeth grazed your skin as his tongue swirled around your nipple. Another moan leaving you as your breathing picked up.
“Miguel..” you said in a whisper as he gently smiled against your skin. His face moving up to yours as his suit rubbed against your chest
his lower body pressed into you more as the bulge under his suit rubbed against your Inner thigh. His lips met yours as you melted into the kiss.
Yours hands pulling his hair lightly again as another moan left you. A moan of his own leaving him as his tongue swirled around your mouth. His fangs lightly grazing your bottom lip.
He softly set you down as his hands pulled your suit all the way to your ankles.
His eyes looking at your panties, a soft sigh being heard from him as he kneeled down.
You watched with a deep blush. Your hands still in his hair. Your hips jerked forward slightly as he touched your skin.
His fingers going from your stomach to your hips, to your thighs It made you whine softly as you leaned on the wall.
His finger hooked underneath your panties as he slowly pulled them down.
A shaky exhale being heard from him as he hummed, his thumb teasing your clit as it made you jerk a bit. You held back a moan as he gently rubbed your clit
His index finger stroking your folds as he took his time feeling you
“t-that tickles” you said with a small pant
He looked up with a smirk as he leaned his head towards your lower body
You shuttered to the sudden feeling of his tongue entering you. Your legs opened more for him as his tongue went deeper into you.
You moaned his name as his mouth moved to suck your sensitive clit. His index fingers teasing your entrance as you moaned again, biting your lip
Your core felt on fire as one of your legs went over Miguel’s shoulder.
His hand gripping your thigh as the other pumped a finger into you
“Does that feel good Bonita?”
You nodded slowly as you whined, your hips grinding into his finger as he pushed in another one
“ Your so wet for me” he cooed licking your inner thighs. A choked moan making his tongue flicker faster inside you
“M-Miguel I-“
“ You cant cum yet, not until you can take one more”
You held back a Moan as you shivered. Your eyes closed tightly as you whimpered.
He groaned himself as sucked your puffy clit. The way your hips rocking into his hand. The way you moaned and whined to his tongue. God he needed more
A third finger entered you as you let out a groan. Your hand covering your mouth as you watched his fingers pump into you. His fingers curled inside you as he licked his lips
He kissed your beautiful wet cunt as he looked up at you
You leaned your head back as your body began to grow hot. An intense wave a pleasure taking over you as a low moan left your mouth
Your heart raced as you felt a wet substance trickle down your thighs.
Miguel’s fingers still curling deep inside you as he moaned, “ That’s it sweetness” he said softly. His fingers moving out of you as a loud whine escaped your mouth. Your walls aching to feel his fingers inside you again
Your eyes moved down to where his hand was. Your cum dripping off his fingers slightly as his suit faded away on his lower body
His long cock springing out softly
You gasped to his length as you watch his fingers rub his tip with your sweet juices.
A low groan left his mouth as he look at your wet inner thighs. He turned you around as your hands pressed on the wall.
Your ass up for him as you looked over your shoulder slightly seeing his eyes peering down at you
“Fuck ..” he said in a whisper as he grabbed your hips gently moving them closer to him.
His tip gently grazed your entrance as a gasp escaped your mouth. Your legs trembled for more as he hissed to the sudden jolt of pleasure
He pushed the tip in as you moaned. His hands rubbed your back as he pushed in deeper, slowly for you.
You winced to the sudden sting as you felt him push his cock into you
“Your so tight” he said with a pant
His hips holding back as he finally got inside you.The stinging pain of this new Pleasurable feeling made your body shake as you felt weak
Miguel’s hand held you up as his chest laid on your back. He kissed your neck as he gently moved his hand to your breasts, playing with your nipples, “ That’s it .. relax your body” he said into your ear as his lips trailed along your shoulder
You panted softly as your hips moved around slowly. Getting used to him inside you as you gripped the wall
He moaned softly to the movements of your hips, he moved himself up as his hands traced your back before gripping your hips
You gasped to the sudden feeling as he smirked. he moved his hips slowly. His cock moving in and out of you as you whined.
He breathed in sharply as he felt you clench around him.
“ Mierda” he moaned as his hips began to move faster
You moaned with each thrust as his hands gripped and rubbed your hips
Your breasts bouncing with each movement as he cursed under his breath. His head slightly up as he closed his eyes in pleasure
Your body was burning with pleasure as your hands gripped the bricks on the wall. Your legs feeling like jelly as Miguel pumped his cock into you
“So … tight” he groaned lifting one of your legs as you whined loudly
You moved your head to the side as you saw his cock move in and out of your tight pussy. Your eyes widening to the feeling of his thumb rubbing your clit
You whimpered into your hand as he fastened his pace. His cock pushing deeper into you with each thrust
“ you like watching me fuck you don’t you?” He said with a pant as he moved his head to yours. His lips latching on yours as he pressed you closer to him. Your leg feeling sore from the way he was holding it
You didn’t care. You liked this sensation as you moaned into his mouth. Your hips rocking with his as you felt that hot feeling in your core
“Miguel ..” you managed to say as you faced the wall again. Panting heavily
“ not yet” he turned you around as his dick pulled out
Of you for a second, before slamming back into you. You yelled with a Moan as he began to thrust into you
Your hands wrapped around his neck as he gripped your hips. Holding them as he watched you bounce on him
You thought you saw stars as your eyes began to water, “ Miguel … I think I’m going to-“
“I am too” he whispered into your ear as he kissed your neck. Your breathing picked up as you heard his moans in your ear. Those lewd sounds of your skin slapping into each other echoed in your ear as you closed your eyes, your hands moving to his back as your nails dig into his skin
That fire in your whole body beginning to spread as Miguel growled into your ear
His last thrust making your body jolt in pleasure as he pulled out. Your cum all over his cock as his seed spilled over your stomach
You breathed heavily as your hands moved back to his arms
A pant left his Mouth as he moaned softly rubbing the last bit of cum out of him.
You whined to the feeling as his lips met yours. A soft sigh leaving him as he looked into your eyes, “ You did so well”
You smiled to his praise as you kissed him again. Your flushed cheeks feeling warm as he smiled against your lips.
You never thought this mission would turn into a steamy one. Your thoughts were almost too mushy as you laid your head on his shoulder. A soft chuckle being heard from him as he picked you up.
“Let’s get you cleaned up mi amor, we still have a job to do after all”
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So I finally watched that new Disney movie called Wish this Saturday (November 25th) and uhhh 💘
Also it's the first of December 🎄🥳
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His arms in that shirt. “Now I’m definitely gonna need you”. His arms almost popping the buttons off of his sleeves. SOMEBODY SEDATE ME
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i can’t take this anymore
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So Pedro is just not wearing shirts anymore?
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lostfirefly · 10 days
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Two different personalities..
But I like it 😁
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I've only read Naruto for 3 days... and I'm already down bad for him
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theghostinyourwalls · 13 days
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I love him so much
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stxrmylxve · 6 months
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Duff Velvet Revolver Era 😫
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