#Wednesday x Enid
lilgodeep · 2 days
Tumblr media
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gmarseln · 3 days
Enid: “Sleepy” is so much cuter than “tired”. Everyone needs to stop saying “tired” and start saying “sleepy”!
Wednesday: I am so sleepy of your shit.
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Enid, getting a call: Hello?
Wednesday: Hey, it’s Wednesday. I’m at a payphone-
Enid: Trying to call home.
Wednesday: Yeah
Enid: All of my change I spent on you.
Wednesday: What-
Enid: Where have the times gone?
Wednesday: Enid
Enid: Baby, it’s all wrong. Where are the plans we made for two?
Wednesday: Are you done?
Enid: Yes, haha, what’s up?
Wednesday: I’ve been stabbed, I need you to come pick me up.
Wednesday: I feel like this is on you.
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cadmium-bear · 2 days
Enid: You stole a stuffed dragon for me.
Wednesday: I would’ve stolen you a whole toy store.
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tanuki-pyon · 2 days
Tumblr media
AU where Enid is Really Fucking Unlucky and she's always about to die but Wednesday has visions of every single death so she keeps preventing Enid from dying
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enidsinclesbian · 2 days
Tumblr media
Wednesday then said, “Fetch.”
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just-an-ari · 1 day
Tumblr media
transmasc wednesday to celebreate trans visibility day!!! (so glad to see all of my friends this one day a year)💖
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darkfogfox · 3 days
Enid sneezing in the middle of class (everything is blooming around campus and Enid's nose had been suffering) 🤧
Tumblr media
Everyone else trying not to react (Enid has cute sneezes) ☺
Tumblr media
Wednesday plotting to take out every soul in that room who reacts to her gf's sneeze 🔫
Tumblr media
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usiel21 · 2 days
Protective Wednesday Part II <3
(Wednesday and Enid are walking downtown in San Francisco, Enid's arm shoots out to stop them in their tracks)
Enid: (With wide eyes) Oh God
Wednesday: Why have we stopped? (Wednesday's eyes follows to where Enid's is looking too)
Enid: It''s Nathan
Wednesday: Nathan?
Enid (Closes her eyes) He used to bully me in normie school, they would steal my things, pour paint on me, they used to call me "Cry Wolf" because of... (She stops, tears already brewing)
(She takes a deep breath and reopens her eyes) It's okay we can... Wednesday ?
(Wednesday is no longer beside Enid, her eyes dart around until she finds the goth... with a short sword pressed to Nathan's throat)
Enid (Eyes brewing with pure, infatuated adoration and then sudden realisation) No! Wednesday!
Wednesday: (With a gleeful sneer) Go on, cry wolf, i fucking dare you. (Pressing the tip of the blade deeper into Nathan's throat, she leans in towards his ear as Enid is now within several steps of them) The ONLY reason you aren't choking on your own blood is because she is here, she is pure and good and precious, everything that i am not, and i won't defile that with your death, consider this mercy.
Nathan: (Terrified, nods vigorously, before scrambling away with only a nick to his throat)
Wednesday; My apologies, amore mia, he isn't the first boy i have attempted to murder to defend what i consider mine.
Enid: (Fully Swooning) I can't believe you just nearly... for me (Gulps Nervously) Wait the first?!
Wednesday: (Turns around sharply and walks away) Come, Mia Lupa
Enid: (Running to catch up) WEDNESDAY! THE FIRST?!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
The sharpest weapons tempts the raven.
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notheoneforlove · 1 day
Enid: My throat hurts
Wednesday: your fault, you are the one who screamed last night
Wednesday: I am failing to see the problem here...
*After a few hours*
Enid: Can i get a hug?
Enid: Pleaseeeee 🥺
Enid: I love you so much pleaseee
Enid: I will do anything for you.
Wednesday: Are you still mad that I beat you at your game?
Enid: noooo?? But you still cheated-
Wednesday: oh god-
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Wednesday: That's it, I'm going to take you out
Enid: Great! It's a date
Wednesday: I meant that as a threat
Enid: See you at 5! Don't be late!
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gmarseln · 2 days
Wednesday: There's nothing to be afraid of, Enid. I..tolerate you. I don't bite.
Enid: Yeah but do you stab?
Wednesday: ...I don't bite.
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Wednesday, texting: You are my moon and stars. I only ever think of you, from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep. Even in my dreams you are my saving grace. I cannot take it any longer, I would cut off my hand to hold yours for a single second. Would you, please, go out with me?
Enid: ok
Wednesday: That’s all?
Enid: Maybe I’m a whore, not a writer. Let’s do this.
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ghostfacegangsta99 · 21 hours
*Enid giving Wednesday a hug from behind*
Wednesday: You have 3 seconds to let go
Enid: Not going to happen
Wednesday: Sleep with your eyes open tonight then
Enid: Ummm
Wednesday: You will regret not letting go
Enid: Love you more
Wednesday: You're a weirdo and it's disgusting
*Enid hugs Wednesday tighter*
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Wednesday: is something burning?
Enid: just my desire for you
Wednesday: Enid our house is on fire
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