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Knight-Commander as Companion: Tena Armaru!
I'm hella late to this one, but I decided to jump on the bandwagon!
Tumblr media
Name: Tena Ju-Armaru
Race: Human (half Tian-Min, half Caldaru)
Class: Wizard (Elemental Specialist)
Appearance: A short (5'4, maybe shorter?), mixed, effeminate man, with Tian and Caldaru features: long, slender eyes, a broad, shallow nose, full, soft lips, and a round face, with warm brown skin. He wears a white shirt, black pants, a gold sash beneath a partial black corset, thigh high boots, and straps and armor elements beneath a bundled black cloak: a bracer over his right forearm, a band securing a heavy pauldron, a gorget, riveted pauldrons over his left shoulder, and a rolled left sleeve.
His portrait shows him standing in front of a burning house, grinning, his hip cocked, a ball of fire in his hand.
Favored Weapon/Equipment: Crossbow (he is a caster after all...)
Top Skills: Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (World), Persuasion, Use Magic Item
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (subject to change)
General Personality: Acidic, acerbic, melodramatic: Tena keeps everyone at arm's length and lets no one in. He is a shameless flirt, but is not wont to make himself vulnerable to any genuine emotional interaction.
What traits/values do they admire?
At the start, Tena admires ruthlessness, and vindictiveness: he has a lot of positive synergy with Calistrian reactivity. He believes in quick solutions to problems, and so values things like killing enemies outright, ambushes.
What traits/values do they disapprove of?
Tena disdains any lawful tendencies or excessive sympathy for the common folk: he believes that might makes right, and anything that contradicts this upsets him.
Are they affiliated with any deities?
He starts out affiliated with Calistria, but this can change to the Prismatic Ray depending on the outcome of his quest.
What do they think of their role in the Crusades, and of sharing the Commander’s Mythic powers? What are their reasons for joining the commander’s party?
He disdains the crusades and is worryingly interested in demonic activity, but appreciates the powers he gets as means to his own personal ends. He joins the Commander's party in act 2 because he tried to get in Drezen on his own to find something, but couldn't get past the demons.
Who are their friends among the other party members?
He is close with Wenduag, and has a strange acquaintanceship with Camellia and Daeran, though they disagree over demonic subjects
What about rivals?
He can't stand Seelah, Sosiel, Lann, or Regill. Weirdly (unless you know him well), he's kind to Ember.
Where do they hang out in Drezen? In the Abyss?
Tena hangs out near Horgus Gwerm, as if chatting with him. In the Abyss, he stands near Cam and Dae.
What are their idle animations?
Tena will raise his hand and conjure a ball of fire, playing around with it like a worm on a string.
If they’re taken to Areelu’s lab, what is their dream?
Tena dreams of meeting his mother again. He falls to his knees and hugs her, begging for forgiveness...
Do they advise the commander to abandon or keep their mythic powers?
Tena, regardless of one's ends, advises the commander to keep them, EXCEPT aeon path.
How/when do they join the Commander’s party?
He joins the party right before the assault on Drezen: Anevia says that a man approached the camp coming from the direction of the city, and he tells them that he needs to get inside the city, and will help the commander fight if that's what it takes. If you have him when you get the third mythic path level up, he reacts very favorably to demon path and azata path.
Describe their companion quest:
(I'll make this as brief as possible because boy do I have a tendency to ramble.)
After act 3 starts, Tena approaches you, telling you to speak to him outside Drezen. He tells you then that he's looking for someone that ran away to Mendev (he does not explain until act 4 that this was because Tena chased him to Mendev), and that the demons had a record of where he was, but spared him because of his contribution to the demonic invasion by housing cultists. He explains that for this alone he should burn. (This strangely contradicts his pro-demon philosophy: this is intentional!) When you go to the house, you see a sad pathetic man. Tena gives a dramatic speech and kills him, and burns his house down. As it burns, he tells you the truth: this man wronged his family, and that he needed to pay, but now he's not sure if he was right.
There is a counter: "Tena forgiveness" and "Tena vengeance." You want to push him in one direction or the other. In act 3, there are several triggers, such as after freeing Wintersun from Jerribeth's control: he'll ask if the people of Wintersun are responsible for the sins they committed under the illusion, and you can say something to the effect of "They were weak to let themselves fall under demonic control. If they really wanted to free themselves, they would have," OR, "They were victims of pernicious influence. They couldn't have known what they were doing." In his own quest, as the house burns, he can be swayed one way or the other.
In act 4, he expresses interest in learning the ways of the Abyss. You can take him to an estate in the Upper City, where a rich demon tells you kill some petty nobleman in the Middle City: in exchange, Tena will be given a title there. When you go there, Tena has a crisis of conscience: you get three dialogue options depending on which counter is higher. In all three, you get "Do what you think is best." If he's pushed toward vengeance, he'll kill the petty nobleman, and start a fight; if he's pushed toward forgiveness, he'll apologize, say there was a misunderstanding, and you leave (the upper city nobleman later finds you and tries to fight you). If he's pushed toward vengeance, you get to say something like (again, this is not peer-reviewed, I'm just pulling this out of my ass) "Remember why you came here: killing this man will give you the power you want!" OR you can make a diplomacy check to push him over to forgiveness. IF he's push toward forgiveness, you get to intimidate him to vengeance, or tell him to follow his heart: "You knew that killing a man for the sake of petty power is wrong."
In act 5, a nobleman shows up in Drezen. Tena whispers, telling you that this man wronged his family, too. You can confront the man in his house: if he's pushed toward vengeance, Tena will deliver a dramatic, voiced monologue, kill the man, and then burn the house down; if he's pushed toward forgiveness, Tena will deliver a dramatic, voiced monologue, telling the man to atone for his wrongdoing. In the former, he shifts to chaotic evil; in the latter, he shifts to chaotic good, and gets a portrait change! He looks up toward the sky, his hand raised, the fire replaced with a butterfly, the sash rainbow colored and the belt/armor silver, and the burned house is replaced with flowering ruins. Beauty in the wake of destruction: the land's redemption, if you will.
Are they romanceable? Describe their romance quest/scenes if you want!
He is! I won't get fully into it because I am NOT a game designer, but, essentially, after he approaches you at the start of act 3, you can bang him. This does NOT count as a romance start. When you do his act 3 quest, you get the option to hold his hand as he watches the house burn. This initiates the romance.
I haven't figured out everything, nor will I unless someone asks me, but it's kinda daeran-esque. His romance does reveal one thing: he is not an actual nobleman, but from a fallen noble house, having spent most of his life in poverty. He's a little Camellia-esque in that his romance like, adds a lot of depth to his character. It fits him!
What would their ending slides be like?
(Again, rough draft, I did this in like fifteen minutes)
After trawling Avistan for the men who wronged his family, Tena found not satisfaction but a hunger for the power that his victims once held. He descended once again to the Abyss, where he found comfort and success in the hierarchy of Alushinyrra. There are rumors of the Lady in Shadow's favored second, though whether he repeats the mistakes of demons before him remains to be seen.
After trawling Avistan for the men who wronged his family, Tena found peace in redemption. Swearing himself off violence, he became a devout worshipper of the Prismatic Ray. There are rumors of his adventure to Cynosure and Nirvana, where he met the goddesses that inspired him to renounce his wicked ways.
Any other fun facts?
If he's pushed toward forgiveness and you've finished his act 4 quest, he has a funny little reaction when Ember talks to Nocticula about redemption. No matter what, he bows dramatically before Nocticula and praises her beauty, which she dismisses with a laugh and a wave.
Provide some dialogue/bark examples!
Y'all know how he talks already lmao.
(Clicking on him) "Yes?" / "What is it?" / "I'm here."
(Attacking) "Calistria take thee!" / "In the name of Calistria, I smite thee!"
(Using an ability that doesn't work) "Hm. Perhaps try something else."
Provide some examples of companion banters!
Camellia: I understand that the Great Beyond requires balance, but what could the disgusting demons possibly contribute to existence? They're worse than bloodsucking mosquitos. Tena: I disagree. There's art in the things they create. The wild chaos of Alushinyrra represents the potential of minds unburdened by order; its architecture even defies the laws that govern all of creation. Isn't there beauty in that?
Regill: The others see you as no more than a flirt and a voyeur. I will not make the mistake of underestimating your potential. Tena: One of us is killing himself to defy the sweet taste of freedom. The other will live as long as possible. And I'm not the one with whitening hair.
Tena: You fell. The demons broke you. They did everything they could to keep you on the ground. Yet you rose, like a phoenix! Trever: You didn't see what I did. There's nothing glorious about living if you've lost who you are.
Tena: What's wrong? I would assume you'd like spice with your stew. Seelah: No. I'm just upset that someone as unpleasant as you knows how to cook.
Wenduag: The others think you are weak and frail. But I see your potential. Tena: Potential? Come here, little cat. I'll show you exactly where my strength lies.
Daeran: I imagine it must have been hard, wooing the beautiful fools of Taldor without height or strength to your advantage. Does wealth make that much of a difference? Tena: Hah! You forget: I don't have a tail for my creators to put those extra inches.
Sosiel: You spit such venom, yet, unlike the others like you, never denigrate my art. Why? Tena: My mother was an artist. And if you think that this kernel of vulnerability gives you the right to pity me, you should throw yourself on your glaive.
Ember: The others think you're mean. Even the rich ones are afraid of you. But I know the truth. I know you're sad, deep down. Tena: Sad? Why would I be sad? I have power, power I could never fathom, magic that defies all the rules by which I studied! There's nothing to be sad about except knowing that my enemies will have a swifter end!
Lann: You rich types think that money makes you better than everyone else. You haven't endured what we have. I'd rather have one mongrel at my side than a dozen nobles. Tena: In Taldor, the poor are forced to beg for alms from the rich. Underneath Mendev, apparently, the poor beg merely for the art of it.
Woljif: Hey. If you end up going a killing spree, hurting everyone who ever said anything mean to you, just remember: I didn't say anything when you took my crispy wing! Tena: Consider that crispy wing the first in a long line of acts of charity.
Arueshalae: I don't understand. The Abyss is evil. Why would someone born to a Desnan and Shelynite want to embrace evil? Tena: You had fame, power, success, and you gave it up because you couldn't stomach the cost of safety. I know what goodness costs people. I won't make the mistake of fearing dirty hands.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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people who make genshin outfit redesigns so they're actually sensible and less fanservice-y i hope you know you're awesome
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Eddie hated the gym.
No, not hated. Loathed entirely.
It reminded him too much of high school gym class, which reminded him of how gross and sweaty everyone got. No thank you. He'd much rather spend his time doing literally anything else. Paint drying sounded awesome compared to a spin bike.
Despite this though, he promised Gareth that he would go with him three days a week to help support his new year's resolution. It was a pretty boring resolution to make, everyone did it at some point, but Eddie was such a good friend that he went along with it. Gareth also might have bribed him with concert tickets, but it was mostly because he was such a good friend.
Eddie picked up Gareth in his van at 8am. I won't go if I have all day to talk myself out of it, Gareth had told him before officially starting. They greeted each other with nods and a grunt each, neither fully awake.
Walking in, they were met with too bright lights, the smell of old sweat and disinfectant permeating their senses. God, this already sucks and he hasn't even done anything yet. Eddie started chanting Metallica in his head to remember why he agreed in the first place.
After putting their stuff away, Eddie and Gareth made their way to the treadmills. In his half asleep state, Eddie completely forgot to bring his headphones, which made the repetitive walking agonizing.
To keep his mind occupied, Eddie let his eyes drift to the other people working out, seeing what other machines there were, signs for the areas of the gym (what the fuck is racquetball?) before landing on the single hottest man he's ever seen.
Hot Guy was using some type of weight machine, his biceps bulging under the strain, sweat running down his face and past his sharp jawline, and wearing the tiniest shorts he's ever seen outside of a dirty magazine.
Eddie stops in his tracks.
But he was still moving.
“Oh, fu--” cries out Eddie as his feet slide off the treadmill, face planting. To add insult to injury, the damn thing kept going and he hit his face on it again. Jesus H. Christ, he hates the fucking gym.
He lifts his head and tastes the metallic tang of blood in his mouth. Gareth jumps off his own treadmill to help him, a small crowd gathering around to see if he was okay.
“Hey, you, go ask the front desk for a first aid kit and something cold to put on his head.” Eddie looks up towards the voice and sees it's Hot Guy. Eddie closes his eyes and wishes for the ground to swallow him up, then and there, before he dies of embarrassment.
Eddie tries standing up only to be met with a firm, strong hand holding him down.
“Dude, no. You could have a head injury. Just take it easy,” Hot Guy says, determination on his face and punctuated with a small smile.
Eddie sits back down, cheeks flaming.
“Do you feel dizzy?” Hot Guy asks leaning down to look in Eddie's eyes. His eyes are like amber honey and he looks like a goddamn Golden Retriever in human form. Yeah, Eddie thought, feeling pretty delirious right now actually, but he swallows the lump in his throat and shakes his head. Eddie winces at the sudden sharp pain.
“Fuck, that hurts.” Eddie groans.
“Just take it easy, and stop moving your head. This might sting a little, but it'll help the swelling.” Eddie looks up and sees Hot Guy holding an ice pack and giving him a questioning look. It took a second before Eddie realizes he was waiting for permission to touch him with it. You can touch me with anything you want, big boy.
Shit. Apparently that wasn't just in his head.
“Um, ouch, my head hurts? Can't judge what a guy says when he's in pain.” Eddie smiles at him. Hot Guy looks back at him with a bemused expression and nods towards the ice pack, silently asking permission again.
“Oh shit, yeah, sorry. Proceed, sir knight in shining armor.” Hot Guy huffs a laugh at that and carefully presses the cold to Eddie's forehead. It does sting at first, but lessens as his body adjusts. By now the crowd has dispersed, leaving only Eddie, Gareth, and Hot Guy. Gareth was on the sidelines, silently watching this exchange, and looking at Eddie like he knew exactly what he was doing.
“I'm Steve, by the way. Sorry, I should've said that when I first came over,” said Hot Guy. No, Steve. Not really a hot guy name, but Eddie could work with it.
“Eddie.” They reached out and shook hands, a shiver running up his spine when Eddie's too cold hands met Steve's too warm ones.
Still holding hands, their eyes meet, and Eddie feels like he could take a deep dive in those eyes and thank whoever was listening if he drowns.
Eddie was the first to break contact. “So, you come here often?”
Steve smiles widely, showing all his teeth, and laughs. What a great laugh. Fuck, Eddie needs to get a grip. Blame it on the blood loss. “That's such a line.”
Eddie shrugs, pulling a strand of hair in front of his mouth to hide his smile and blush covering his cheeks.
“Maybe, but highly effective none-the-less.”
Steve keeps smiling at him, but looks away to check his head.
“Sure you aren't dizzy or anything?” Steve's eyes flick over his entire face, assessing the damage. Eddie notes that Steve checks his lips a few too many times when he didn't even get hit there.
“All good, dude. Can I get up now?” Eddie asks. Steve shoots up from a crouch like it was nothing, thigh muscles on full display due to the tiny shorts. Eddie wants to write a song as an ode to those shorts. Steve holds out his hand and pulls Eddie up with ease, bringing him into his space.
They stand there looking at each other, holding hands. One still too cold, the other too hot, but perfect together.
Steve breaks the spell with a small cough, looking down, and stepping out of each other's space. He has a small, shy smile, and Eddie wants to immediately grab and kiss him all over his dumb, beautiful face.
“You should probably call it a day. Make sure someone is around for the next few hours just in case there's internal bleeding.” Steve turns to Gareth and points his finger. “You able to do that? If he starts vomiting or gets really drowsy, take him to the ER.”
Gareth nods at Steve and takes out his phone to write down the instructions. Eddie blinks in surprise at Steve's assuredness. The guy knows his shit. Hot.
Steve must clock the surprise, because he just shrugs and says, “CPR certified.”
“I'll let you CPR certify me any day,” Eddie says with a wink. Gareth exasperatedly groans loudly, still typing away at his phone.
Steve's nose scrunches up with a wide smile, and turns his head towards Gareth. “Definitely keep an eye on him if this isn't how he normally is.”
Gareth rolls his eyes, sighing, “No, this is typical Eddie when he's trying to flirt.”
Eddie shoots a look Gareth's way as Steve does a full belly laugh. They all walk over to the lockers so Eddie and Gareth can get their belongings before leaving. Surprisingly, Steve waits and walks with them to the entrance as well.
“So, you never answered my question.” Eddie says, bouncing from one foot to the other. Steve smirks back at him.
“Which question was that?” Steve brings a finger to his lips, tapping them in mock thought. Eddie can't look away from the movement, causing Steve to smirk again. Damn you, hot bastard.
Eddie smiles widely at the theatrics and flicks his eyes up to meet Steve's.
“Do you come here often?” Eddie asks and moves one step closer, clasping his hands behind his back. Steve crosses his arms in front of him, but doesn't move back.
“Yeah, most days. Same time. Maybe I'll see you around.”
Maybe Eddie will start liking the gym a hell of a lot more.
Because he's such a good friend.
Thank for reading! You can entirely blame this is @sidekick-hero because she’s attempting to influence me into exercise. 
Happy birthday to @thefreakandthehair !!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!
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Tumblr media
Let’s Stay Here
warnings: fluff, not proofread, targaryen!reader, she/her pronouns used, reader is 18+
summary: having been born the second Targaryen daughter, you were used to being overlooked. however, there was one person who always had his eyes on you.
author’s note: this is purely self indulgent. I am obsessed with Harwin. also fuck house of the dragon I’ve got beef with that show now
When Rhaenyra had been named heir to the iron throne, you had been happy for her. Of course you had– you two were sisters, and although born a few years apart, you were close friends.
But with Rhaenyra’s naming, chaos had followed. Whispers in the halls of the Red Keep; sour looks from disapproving lords; passive aggressive comments from the queen.
Some days you felt as though you would explode if you remained in the castle any longer.
So, logically, you began to sneak out.
It was harmless fun at first; just seeing how long you could go without being noticed. The City Watch was relentless with their nightly patrols, and so it became somewhat of a game to evade them.
Over time, you became more bold. You would wear less to disguise yourself. You would stand closer to watchmen. A few times you even swiped trinkets and food from vendors in the street.
As all things do, however, it eventually became boring. What used to be exhilarating became mundane, and you once again ached for excitement. That excitement came in the form of one Ser Harwin Strong.
You knew who he was; his father was hand of the king, after all. And Harwin was certainly memorable by himself. You and Rhaenyra had whispered about him more than a few times before, but she had never been taken with him– not like you had.
So, when you finally spotted him one night in Flea Bottom, patrolling the streets in his armor, you couldn’t resist the urge to test your luck.
Grinning to yourself, you pulled off the torn cap barely hiding you hair and shoved it into the pocket of your trousers. With silver hair on full display, you started your trek towards Harwin.
He had his back turned to you as he walked down an empty alleyway. You cautiously approached, deciding to just walk past him to see if he would notice.
Your shoulder brushed his armor-clad one as you passed him, and instantly the knight reacted. His hand that had been resting upon the pommel of his sword gripped it, beginning to unsheathe the blade.
You just kept walking, until his startled “Princess?” stopped you.
You turned with a smile, curtsying to the knight. You saw as he tried– and failed– to mask a smile.
“Ser Harwin. Lovely night, is it not?” You spoke as if you were out for a stroll in the gardens at the keep. He shook his head, sheathing his sword and dropping his hand to the side.
“Forgive me, princess, but you shouldn’t be out here. Especially not alone.”
You hummed in agreement, nodding your head. “Would you care to accompany me, then? I’ve grown quite bored by myself. I’m sure you would provide great company.”
“Princess, I cannot– I must take you back your quarters.”
“You mustn’t. I am in need of some fresh air and excitement. My quarters have become quite stuffy as of late.”
He looked at you, and you could tell he was torn between his mischievous spirit and his duty. Deciding to make the choice for him, you took a step back.
“Well, Ser Harwin, I understand you must do your duty and return me to safety. However, I fear that you must catch me first. I hope that armor is lighter than it looks,” you teased before turning and running out of the alley. You could hear him curse and then the clanging of armor as he ran after you.
“Stop!” He called out, causing a few heads to turn as he followed you into a crowded street.
You laughed with glee as you slipped between people, turning your head every so often to catch a glimpse of Harwin’s gold cloak far behind.
As you rounded a corner, you were met with a dead end. You turned to leave, only to be met with the armor of a city watchman once again.
Looking up, you grinned as Harwin scowled.
“Hello again, Ser. It seems you’ve caught me.”
“It seems I have,” he grumbled, reaching for your arm. You willingly gave it to him, watching as his hand grasped your bicep. His grip wasn’t tight– but it certainly wasn’t lax, either.
He began to steer you back towards the castle, and you sighed. You easily could’ve evaded him longer than you had– you’d been doing it for years. However, maybe a part of you had wanted him to catch you.
Harwin had always been kind to you and Rhaenyra. He wasn’t like the other lords at court– he wasn’t fawning over your sister and vying for her hand. He was watching from afar– occasionally up close– and his focus wasn’t on her. It was on you.
“Forgive me if I speak out of turn, Princess,” he begins, and you nod your head absentmindedly. “But I cannot believe that the red keep could be so bad that you have to sneak out every night.”
You stopped, causing Harwin to tug slightly on your arm as he took another step. At your halt, he turned and looked at you with a grin.
“You can’t think you’ve gotten through the streets so safely all these years without help, Princess. I am better at my job than you think.”
“Why haven’t you stopped me before?” You questioned, resuming your walk.
“I have… noticed certain things during my time here. Certain things pertaining to you.”
“You’ve been watching me, then?” You replied, to which he chuckled.
“Everyone watches, Princess. Some more closely than others.”
“So it seems,” you responded. The two of you fell silent as Harwin steered you back towards the keep. It shouldn’t have surprised you that he led you right to the secret passage you had used to get out of the castle.
Smiling sheepishly, you removed your arm from his grasp and turned towards the passage. He bowed, giving you a quick “princess” before turning to head back towards the city streets.
“I’ll see you tomorrow night, Ser Harwin.” You called over your shoulder, causing him to stop mid-step. He didn’t turn, but you heard him chuckle as he continued on. You smiled to yourself as you watched him leave for a moment, before turning and slipping into the passage.
Your game continued from then on, except you weren’t the only player. You would deliberately search for Harwin, and he would always take you right back to the keep– but you two became closer as time passed. You would drag out your walks to speak to him for just a minute more. He would insist on hiding in the shadows for a moment so he could survey the nearby crowd, only so he could get closer to you in the darkness.
Eventually, you could no longer entertain your nightly trips to the streets of King’s Landing. You were being watched more closely as tensions within the castle rose. It didn’t help that Rhaenyra’s scorned suitors were now turning to you, as their first choice had been wed to Laenor. If they couldn’t have the heir, at least they could still have a Targaryen.
Your father became engrossed in finding you a match– just as he had done for Rhaenyra. Of course, you had already made up your mind on who you wished to wed.
“What are you thinking about?”
Harwin’s rumbling voice broke you from your thoughts of marriage and politics. You smiled as you rolled over in your bed to face the man beside you.
“Marriage,” you replied honestly, closing your eyes as he brushed a strand of silver hair behind your ear.
“Marriage, hm?” He spoke, his hand coming to rest on your cheek. You nodded, your eyes still closed.
“Which lucky lord shall be your husband?” He asked, and you reached your hand up, resting it atop his.
“No decision has been made yet. Perhaps a Lannister? Maybe a Baratheon?”
“You wound me, Princess,” he said, and you giggled as you opened your eyes. He was smiling at you, and you couldn’t help but smile back.
“Oh, how about a Tully?”
“Truly, you have no heart,” he told you, to which you laughed. You removed his hand from your cheek, intertwining your fingers.
“Of course I wish to wed you, my love. I could not imagine marrying another.”
“The son of the hand and the daughter of the king. I’m sure the king will be thrilled,” Harwin spoke.
“The king will be thrilled to be rid of me,” you replied, shuffling closer to him. “I am a burden keeping him from focusing on his heir.”
“You,” Harwin said, “are no burden. The king is lucky to have a daughter as great as you.”
“Flattery suits you, Ser Harwin,” you giggled. He chuckled and released you hand in favor of reaching over and pulling you into his chest.
“Tell me more of how great I am.”
“That would take years, Princess,” he responded.
“I have plenty of those.”
Harwin chuckled again, a deep and soothing sound to your ears. You rested your head on his chest as he slipped his fingers through your hair.
“Let’s just stay here forever. No eyes watching. No family quarrels. Just us,” you whispered.
“Just us,” he repeated.
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Cate, my dear cate can I have a blurb on the hot wife wagon wear except she works at the bau and anytime the sheriffs are like flirting with her it gets tiring for everyone on the team but in like a joking way and they're like "WE GET IT SHE'S HOT"
Spencer's usually the one to say something, to jump in and be the knight in shining armor because, even though he thought he hated confrontation, he hates people hitting on his wife more.
But he's with Hotch at another crime scene, so she politely told the deputy sheriff that she wasn't interested, he should focus on the case they were working on rather than continue pestering her.
Emily, Morgan, and JJ look just as unimpressed with him as Y/n does.
"We could always do something after this is over." He tries again, sitting on the corner of the table, clearly trying to be above her while she sits on a chair.
Morgan's glaring at him like Spencer would be and Emily scoffs almost every time he talks.
Before the deputy can open his mouth again, Morgan does. "We get that she's hot, but you're just embarrassing yourself now."
"Plus she's engaged," Emily adds, nodding to the impressive ring on Y/n's finger.
"And she's not interested." JJ continues.
Morgan patronizingly pats him on the shoulder. "You'll also do much better if you stick to girls in your league." He could have said something harsher, directly telling him that Y/n's too pretty for him, but he'd like to keep his job for another day.
Embarrassed, the deputy makes up an excuse about needing to go file some paperwork, and the four of them are left alone, quickly breaking out in laughter.
"Thank you, guys," Y/n says once they all stop laughing at the deputy's fearful face. "I don't even know what I do."
"It's men," Emily suggests.
"Mostly." She half-agrees. "Happens with women too, though."
"You're hot, baby." Morgan reminds her. "Life is hard for us."
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johnnytavish · 4 months
Can you please write relationship headcanons with könig 🙏🏿🙏🏿 I'm so desperate
A/n: sorry anon I got a bit carried away because he’s my lover.
Warning: Minors DNI after the NSFW border.
When I tell you this man is anxious, he’s ANXIOUS. König needs constant reassurance that he’s doing the right thing. He makes sure you are the top priority, going out of his way to make you happy and feel loved.
König is secretly an artist, he enjoys drawing and painting. If he could get away with it, he’d paint you for hours, his eyes soft while he studies your features.
Expect comfort when it comes to being with König, he’s 6’10, and the best damn snuggle partner ever. You had to buy an extra large blanket so he could keep his feet warm at night.
He’s only comfortable with you seeing him out of his hood. Because he was so bullied in his childhood he found it hard to believe that he was beautiful in your eyes. It means everything to him when you kiss his face, his cheeks, lips, forehead, anything. This man yearns to feel wanted.
König gets quite anxious in crowds, people are always tending to look at how absolutely giant he is, but it makes him feel better when you’ll hold his hand and bump against his shoulder.
König loves to give his S/O little presents, whenever it be small souvenirs from a time on tour to little chocolates and flowers he’d think you’d like.
When he breaks out of his bubble, he’s extremely intelligent and loves to spit out random facts. He spent most of his childhood readying fantasy books about knights and dragons, you jokingly call him your knight in shining armor.
König is a blusher, and gets super flustered when you show him PDA or sexual attraction.
He keeps a Polaroid of you in his breast pocket while he’s on missions, says it’s his best good luck charm. After he comes home he always greets you in a crushing hug, spinning you around in the air as your feet leave the ground.
König is super good with children, you don’t know why, but he’s very attuned to them. Maybe it’s because they have yet to see the horrors and bullying of the world. He usually always leaves them laughing, never wanting a child to go through what he did.
König tries to teach you little sayings in German/Austrian, sitting down with you and pronouncing the words slowly. He gives you a peck on the lips whenever you say it right.
NSFW (Leant more towards F!Readers)
König is a mountain, he’s big, really fucking big. He’s always very gentle with you, even when you tell him not to be. He cares too much to even think of hurting you.
What he refuses to do with his dick, he’ll do with his mouth. Like stated earlier, König is a people pleaser, and nothing makes him harder than hearing you moan as he’s eating you out.
The big guy is stupid strong, he can hold you up for hours, so it’s no surprise he likes to effortlessly pick you up with your legs wrapped around his hips and go to town.
He isn’t a talker, like at all. It’s embarrassing to him. However, he can’t help moaning and grunting. (Especially when you give him head)
He started off very timid when it came to sex, now he knows what pleases. He catches on quick and is a good listener. He was fast to learn where your clit was just based on your expressions and feedback.
König is a sweetheart, but we know he deals with a lot of trauma and anxiety. You couldn’t believe how many times he said sorry after having sex, even if it was for nothing. It took a long time to condition him to realize he had NO reason to apologize and it was a thing both of you wanted.
You’re usually the one that takes care of him afterwards. Rubbing his back after a hot shower. You wear his shirts afterwards and would kiss him until he was flushing red.
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fangirl-writes · 2 months
Exes and Ohs
JJ Maybank x Reader; Ex-Rafe Cameron x Reader; John B. x Sister!Reader
Warnings(s): female reader, swearing, violence, implied physical abuse (JJ’s dad), harassment
Request: Hiii<3 can I request a fanfic about yn being john bs sister dating jj and having rafe as her ex???ok so i was thinking maybe at a party rafe could be flirting with yn (because he’s obsessed with her ) and jj notices and they fight but it ends with rafe telling jj to keep you safe. Thanks<3
Notes: I put this taking place during the Midsummer’s episode of season 1. I don’t think this is exactly what you were looking for but I hope you enjoy it anyway.
Tumblr media
Your brother had roped you into a lot of stupid things in your lifetime, but this was starting to feel like the stupidest.
“John B, what the fuck are we doing?” You asked as he and JJ pulled the HMS Pogue onto shore.
“I told you, Y/N, I’ve got a plan,” he replied.
“Care to share with the class what it is?”
“You just gotta trust me on this,”
“The last time I trusted you, I ended up on the receiving end of a gun,” You said.
If he heard you, he gave you no indication, just marched through the grass with you and JJ in tow, bags slung over both their shoulders.
“I need you to get this to Sarah,” John B. said, passing JJ a note.
“Ooh, can I read it?”
“No, you can’t read it.”
“Who’s Vlad?”
“God, do you ever listen?”
“Hold up, are you macking Sarah Cameron?” JJ asked.
“I’m sorry, what?” You asked, leaning over JJ’s shoulder to read the note.
“Would you shut up?” John B. replied, blushing in the darkness.
“You’re making Sarah Cameron!” JJ exclaimed, incredulous.
“All right, man. Look, I’m doing it for everybody, all right?”
“You’re macking Sarah Cameron for everybody?” You said.
“No that’s not what I- look, it’s just...it’s like a business transaction, okay?”
“Classy,” you said and then silence, the judgement thick in the air.
“What?” John B. asked.
“Nothing,” JJ replied first, stopping and dropping his bag on the sand. “Thanks for being a team player, bro.”
“Hey, I didn’t say I wanted to mack Sarah Cameron, that’s all him,” he replied to you, throwing his white button up over his shoulders.
The conversation trickled out as John B. swung the tie around JJ’s neck and did it for him.
You made a mental note to bring this up with your brother again later and pulled off your tank top. You were wearing your swimsuit beneath it and tossed a (f/c) sundress over the top of it, discarding your shorts after it settled.
“So, I just give this to Sarah?” JJ asked, clarifying.
“Yes, just give it to Sarah,” John B. confirmed.
“Vlad? Really?” JJ mused, adjusting the bowtie.
“Shut up. Y/N, I’m gonna need you to distract Rafe.”
“Woah, what? Hold up. No,” JJ protested, frowning deeply.  “No way I’m letting Rafe anywhere near her.”
You rolled your eyes. Rafe was your ex-boyfriend who’d been less than a stellar partner while you were going out. He was obsessive, cruel, and manipulative. Not to mention a classist and a drug addict. 
It was only after you broke up with him that you realized how awful he’d been treating you.
Pro-tip: when your close friends and family tell you how shitty your boyfriend is, chances are pretty good that they’re right.
You stuffed your clothes in JJ’s bag.
He, of course, was your knight-in-shining armor. JJ was your shoulder to cry on and you were his. You two haven’t been dating long, but it feels a hundred percent better than any of the time you were with Rafe.
JJ treats you like a person. Rafe treated you like a trophy.
“Look, JJ, it’s just until you can get the note to Sarah and get out then Y/N can walk away.”
“You really think he’s just gonna let her walk away? Fat chance.”
“JJ, really?” You said, pulling the gun out of his bag.
“Yes, really,” JJ replied. “Especially now.”
“If you get caught with that thing in a pinch you’re going to jail,” John B. said, snatching the pistol out of your hands.
“Fine,” JJ said, pulling off his cap and tossing it to you. “But if Rafe gets handsy I’m coming back for it.”
“You won’t have to worry about that if you just give the note to Sarah and do nothing else to draw attention to yourself,” you said, shoving JJ’s hat into his bag and standing up.
“Ah, come on Y/N, you know me,” he said. “Completely inconspicuous.”
“Not exactly the word I would use,” You replied, about to take his hand.
But John B. caught your arm first. “Hey, I know this is going to suck for you, but this is for us...for dad.”
Your face was stoic and you didn’t meet his eyes. The gold was the thing your father had been searching for before he disappeared, the thing he thought he’d found. If there was even the slightest chance you two could get it...
“I’ll be fine,” you replied, making eye contact with him and smiling. “I can handle him.”
“It’s not you I’m worried about,” your brother replied, letting go of your arm.
You turned to JJ who smiled and held out his arm, “My lady.”
You smiled again, real this time, and took his arm. You could always rely on JJ to make you feel better.
“Hey,” John B. said, causing the two of you to look back at him. “No funny business in there all right? I expect you in and out. Got it?”
“Don’t worry I won’t bang your sister in a kook bathroom or anything.”
“Even though that’s a bucket list item for me.”
You couldn’t help but laugh as JJ tugged you forward, quickening his pace before John B. could either tackle him or throw something.
Up ahead, the midsummers party was in full swing. It was twilight, the outer banks cloaked in a hazy blue, and the building glowed with yellow light that sparkled against the kooks’ fancy jewelry.
Both Pope and Kiara were in there somewhere, no doubt hating their lives and if nothing else, you thought, at least this would probably get them out of it.
“Ready?” JJ asked you as you approached the building.
“As I’ll ever be.” You replied, breaking off from him.
“Hey,” JJ stopped you before you could go. “Seriously, if Rafe tries anything I’ll be right there, okay?”
You smiled, pulling him in for a kiss before saying, “I’ve got this. Rafe’s not stupid enough to try anything here.”
JJ didn’t look convinced but let you go anyway.
You disappeared around another side of the building, just close enough to hear JJ before he entered the party.
“I keep finding glasses halfway down the beach. Do me a favor, try to keep ‘em corralled, will ya? I thought you were security.”
You bit back a laugh and snuck through a side door, headed for a bathroom to touch up your hair and hopefully find some perfume to cover up the smell of marsh.
You slid into the bathroom, which was probably the nicest one you’d ever been in. It had vanity lights over each sink, a lounge area with full length mirrors, and soap that smelled like roses.
You dropped your clutch on the counter, pulling out your travel brush and raking it through your hair. You did your best impression of a kook’s basic makeup routine with some added glitter and called it a day, only having so much time.
You slid everything half-hazardly back into your bag and headed for the door only to be knocked in the face with it.
“Oh my god I’m so sorr- Y/N?”
“Kie!” You said, sighing with relief. “Have you got any perfume with you?”
“What? Why? What’re you doing here?”
“John B.’s got a plan. We’re back in the gold game.”
Kiara looked like you’d just told her pigs were flying. “You’re as crazy as John B. I’m not dealing with this right now-”
“Kie, wait, wait, wait!” You pleaded, moving in front of her before she could escape. “I don’t know what the plan is, but I have faith in John B. He has to do this...we have to do this. For our dad.”
Kiara looked like she was about to tell you off, but instead she sighed. “Fine. What do you need to do?”
“Well, JJ’s delivering a note to Sarah so I’m supposed to distract Rafe while he does so. Which, knowing JJ, he’s probably already in position so I need to get out there.”
“Wait, you’re distracting Rafe?” 
“Hopefully not for long, if everything goes right.” You replied, trying to leave again.
“Wait, here,” she pulled out a little vial of perfume and spritzed it on you. "You did kind of smell like marsh water.”
“Thanks. How do I look?”
“Like a kook,” Kiara confirmed. “Let’s hit it.”
JJ spotted you and Kie as you approached the crowd. He motioned with his head and you followed it to where Rafe was standing with Kelce and some other kook guys.
You nodded back at him.
He gave you one last worried look before turning his back and heading towards Sarah.
“Wish me luck,” you said to Kiara before heading that direction.
“Rafe!” You said, sweetly, causing the boys to turn.
Rafe was like a deer in headlights, mouth dropping open at the sight of you. “Y/N? What’re you doing here?”
You chuckled. “Kiara invited me as her plus one. I wanted to see some of my old kook friends again.”
“Did you now?” Rafe replied, falling back into his asshole role as he stuck one hand in his suit pocket and gestured with the other. “Cause I’m pretty sure the last time we spoke you told me you never wanted to see me or any of my upper class bitches again.”
You clenched your jaw under your smile. “I was in a bad mood. Usually happens when you catch your boyfriend snorting coke through wads of cash. Got any of the white stuff in your system tonight?”
“As a matter of fact, I don’t.”
“Good. Your dad would probably castrate you, not that there’s much to take.”
Rafe’s smirk dropped momentarily as a chorus of ‘ooh’s went around the group of boys.
“Funny. I don’t remember you complaining when I took your virginity.”
You blushed. More oohs.
“Funny. I don’t remember it at all.”
“Oh, yeah? How about I remind you?”
You pulled a face, façade dropping. “Fuck you, Cameron.”
“Well, if you insist,” he replied, taking a step forward and a flash of fear jolted through you before-
“Oh! Sorry about that guys.”
You let out a breath of relief as JJ stepped between you, effectively dumping a cocktail down the front of Rafe’s suit.
“I was just trying to deliver that mai tai you ordered. But, really, I’d say this is an improvement. I mean the wetness really shows off that nonexistent dick you’ve got.”
“Nice of you to join us, JJ,” Rafe said, recovering and grabbing him by the shirt. 
“Well, no time to talk now, I’m on the clock,” JJ said, always a better liar than you. “Maybe we can catch up later, huh? Until then, how about you guys help yourself to some hors d’oeuvres?”
“Funny, you’d show up right now. Just when your girlfriend was about to dump your ass and get back together with me.”
“Was she now?” JJ asked, looking at you.
You grimaced and shook your head.
“Ah, well, the lady refutes your story. Always believe the victim.”
“Victim? Oh no, she’s anything but that. She came waltzing over here in that little dress ready to stir up trouble,” Rafe said. “She wanted to cheat on you, pogue. What’ve you got to offer?”
"Well, you know that’s the funny thing-”
BAM. JJ’s fist connected with Rafe’s nose and he broke free of the hold, grabbing your hand and racing through the crowd of kooks.
“Thank god for you, JJ Maybank,” you said.
“Never should’ve let you near those dicks anyway. Should’ve just taken my chances on my own. I could take them.”
“Well, you might get your chance because they’re following us.”
“Fucking swell.”
You and JJ zipped through the lobby, stirring all of the fancy kooks to stand and watch the commotion. 
“Sorry! Sorry! Lovely dress!” You shouted as you passed people.
“Hey, JJ, come on!” Rafe yelled from behind you. “We just wanna talk, alright?”
JJ ducked into the nearest bathroom, taking you along with him.
“JJ, I can’t be in here!” You protested as he drug you through the men’s restroom. 
Where there were men.
“Ah, excuse me, guys,” JJ said, rattling the door handles on the stalls.
Shit, it probably did look like JJ was trying to bang you in a kook bathroom.
“Just really gotta go,” he said, cursing to himself when they were all occupied.
He squeezed your hand and tried to duck through the locker room, only to be cut off by Rafe. 
“Hey, man, what’re you doing in the locker room, huh?”
He immediately turned around and tried to head the way he came, but you were surrounded.
“JJ!” You shouted as a kook knocked him backwards, his hand slipping from yours as you stumbled into two boys behind you.
“Wow, that’s a cute outfit,” JJ said, stumbling into Rafe.
“Shut up,” Rafe replied.
The two kooks gripped your arms, causing you to cry out.
“Hey!” JJ said, trying to come to your aid, only to be grabbed and put into a headlock by Kelce.
“I know your not classy, JJ, but trying to fuck your girlfriend in a men’s bathroom?” Rafe clicked his tongue. “Now that’s just uncivilized. Y/N should be treated better.”
He caressed your cheek with one hand and touched parts you couldn’t defend with the other. You tried to bite him. “Fuck you!”
“God, you hear this guys? She really wants to get in my pants. Just obsessed with me,” Rafe adjusted his jacket and smirked as he turned back to JJ, who was still struggling against Kelce and fuming. “Now, as for you.”
JJ flailed and fought, but Kelce was stronger.
“Hold him still. What do you think? A four iron, right?” Rafe said, adjusting his hands like he was holding a golf club. “Keep his head still, I’m gonna line this up.”
“Very Rafe of you, Rafe,” JJ spat, struggling to breath. “Five on one?”
“JJ, stop talking,” you pleaded.
“Listen to the lady, JJ,” Rafe replied, smirking. “It’s very disrespectful when I’m trying to hit a ball. Learn your etiquette my friend.”
You struggled against the kook boys, but you were terrified. This was your worst nightmare, being helpless like this. And if they somehow hurt JJ and got you by yourself...
“Rafe, please, leave him alone!” You begged.
“Oh, the time for pleading is over, sweetheart,” He replied, not even looking at you. “You made your choice.
Fuck. John B. was going to get an earful from you for this. All because he had a hard on for Sarah Cameron. 
Rafe leaned down to get a better look at JJ. “And what a choice it was. Your face looks really bad. Starting to look like your dad a lot more.”
JJ spit in his face.
Rafe laughed, wiping it away with ease, looking almost impressed. “Oh, shit! You see how dirty this pogue, is, Y/N?”
The lights started flickering and you let out a sigh of relief as security entered the room.
“Gentlemen,” he said.
Kelce dropped JJ and pushed him away. You ran to him immediately, checking him over, but he assured you he was fine and focused on the security guard.
“Is there a problem here, guys?”
“Oh! Pardon me, officer. No there’s not an issue, I just-” JJ said before starting over. “Actually, yes. No, there is an issue.”
JJ Maybank. Always quick on his feet.
“Uh, we got a criminal trespass in progress here. Beep! Call it in, right? Blatant disrespect for private property,” JJ said.
The kooks looked like they wanted to react, but they wouldn’t so they wouldn’t get in trouble with their daddies.
“And! And I tried to screw this fine young lady-” JJ grabbed your arms gently, pulling you forward. You smiled awkwardly. “In this here bathroom. As you can see, I’m in violation of all kinds of shit, sir. But these young gentleman...”
JJ straightened Kelce’s collar, who immediately pushed him off.
“...uh, caught me, sir, and they’re about to take me away. And that’s what you should do, escort me outta here. All right.”
The officer, not caring enough to refute JJ’s bullshit (but brilliant) of a story, did as requested and led JJ out of the room. You quickly followed.
“Fix that tie, son,” JJ said, one last quip. “You’re lookin’ spiffy, too. You Powerpuff Girls have fun.”
“Better keep that girl of yours safe, JJ,” Rafe yelled back. “Or I’ll remind her how a real man feels.”
“JJ, don’t!” You said but he’d already ripped himself away and went back to fight.
Thankfully, the security guard was there to separate them all again.
JJ was spiraling, fast. You could see it in the way he stumbled as the security guy led him back outside. He was practically slurring as he assured the guard he could walk on his own.
“Let me just walk out by myself. Oh, Mr. Dunleavy, I see that you got your drink. Good, that’s really nice of you. I’m actually gonna down that,”
He did as he said he would and downed the drink (whiskey, presumably).
“Y/N, you want one? Here’s Mrs. Dunleavy’s. Little wine for you,” he handed you the glass and, desperately needing a drink, you swallowed it as fast as you could.
“Sorry, sir,” the guard said, ushering JJ away. 
“I really appreciate the discretion, Daryl,” JJ said. “It’s okay everybody! Do not panic!”
You couldn’t help but smile as you watched JJ (in his own way) ruin the party.
“Leave it to the men and women in uniform. Let’s hear it for them!” He started clapping and you started laughing. “Rose! You look like Lady Liberty. It’s good to see you again.”
“Let go of him.” Kiara demanded.
You cringed. Damn it. Kiara’s scene would be much more righteous and way less funny.
“You can’t just boot him! I invited him,” Kiara said. “I’m a member of this club.”
“And what about her?” Daryl (the security) asked.
“Oh, she can plus one with me, if she’s good,” Rafe said, smiling wickedly.
You wanted to vomit.
JJ, having enough, shoved Daryl back into a table.
“Sorry about that! And Y/N,” He said before dipping you into a kiss, which you happily returned.
When he put you back upright you were a little dazed and surprised by the action, but not upset.
Rafe looked upset.
That made you smile.
“Hey, mandatory power hour at Rixon’s, Kie,” JJ said. “Pope, you as well, all right?”
“Rixon’s cove. Let’s roll,” You said, sliding your hand into JJ’s.
You and JJ were high on trauma. And you didn’t give a fuck. 
You backed out of there like you owned the place.
John B., who had somehow slipped in unnoticed here at the end, greeted the two of you with a celebratory whoo-hoo.
“Colonel,” JJ said, saluting.
“Captain,” John B. replied. “M’lady.”
You mock curtsied.
“Mission accomplished, sir,” JJ said.
“Good, let’s get the hell out of here,” John B. replied.
You jumped on JJ’s back as Pope and Kiara joined you, all of your spirits rising as you disappeared into the darkness of OBX. 
“Later losers!”
And that was that.
You went to Rixon’s Cove, John B. finally spilled the beans about the gold and Sarah Cameron (well, not all the beans with that one, you were sure of that).
Now you were waiting in the van with Kie, Pope, and JJ while your brother hiked up to the Kildare Hawk’s Nest to get a map from Sarah. Which was even stupider than the plan beforehand.
Mostly because Kie was pissed, JJ was smoking weed to cope, Pope was stressed about getting caught, and it was about to start thunderstorming any second.
“Kiara, holding onto your grudge is like drinking poison and thinking Sarah will die,” Pope said.
“Exactly.” JJ agreed. “Unless its Rafe Cameron who threatened to rape your girlfriend. Then the grudge is justified.”
“I’m sorry, what?” Kiara said, momentarily forgetting about John B. and Sarah to be concerned about you.
You shrugged. “It’s not that big of deal. He’s an asshole. And he didn’t explicitly mention rape-”
“I can’t believe John B. made you face him yourself,” she said, a look of disgust crossing her face.
Ope, she’s circling back.
“I said I would, okay?”
“That doesn’t excuse it, it was his idea-”
“Kie, can we not right now, okay? You’re just pissed at him anyway,” you said.
She frowned but dropped it.
You laid your head on your boyfriend’s shoudler. “JJ saved me, as usual.”
“Ah, it was nothing, just a little alcohol to break up the party,” JJ replied.
“Wait, what exactly happened?” Pope asked.
“Well,” JJ said, ready to spin into a story of the night’s events. “Good ol’ Rafe was going to make a move on Y/N, but luckily I was right there to swoop in with a glass of...what was it a mai tai? I don’t know, but I dumped it all down the front of Rafe’s suit and started apologizing and shit, you know the good lies. Then he said some more shit about Y/N so I popped him in the nose - pop - and took Y/N’s hand and ran off. Rafe and Kelce followed us-”
“Wait, do you guys hear that?” Kie interrupted, sitting up and looking out into the darkness.
Thunder crashing was all you heard before-
“Please, somebody help!”
“Oh, wait no, I hear that,” JJ said.
The four of you bailed out of the van immediately and started heading toward the voice.
When you got to the hawk’s nest, John B. was on the ground and Sarah was crouched over him.
“Oh my god!” You cried out, running over there with the others in tow.
“Sarah, what happened?” Pope asked.
You slid on your knees next to your brother.
“I don’t know what to do. He needs help, Topper shoved him,” she said.
A fire ignited in JJ. “Where the hell is he?”
You leaned down and put your ear to his chest, his heart beat and you let out a sigh of relief.
“Someone call somebody!” You shouted, looking at your three friends. “911 or something, go!”
Pope took off first and JJ knelt next to you. “He’s gonna be okay, okay?”
Tears welled up in your eyes. “Come on, John B. You’re all I’ve got left. I can’t lose my brother to.”
“Pope come on!” 
JJ wrapped an arm around your shoulders as you cried. Not him. Not John B. Not after everything.
“JJ,” you whispered later when John B. was in a hospital bed with a concussion and broken wrist. “Don’t leave me...”
“Never,” He whispered back. “I’ll never leave you.”
This was up there for probably the worst night of your life. Maybe worse than the night your dad disappeared and Rafe was snorting coke on a coffee table while you were crying your eyes out.
But JJ was here now, just like he was then. Holding you like his life depended on it.
And Pope and Kiara were there, too, for a while, until Ward Cameron made the adult decision to call their parents.
He didn’t have JJ’s dad’s number, not that he’d have answered if he did. 
So JJ stayed with you all night.
He was there when Sheriff Peterkin made you tell her the truth. The whole truth.
And you did.
Well, most of the truth.
The gold was still your little secret.
“I’d like to offer you something, Y/N,” Ward said that morning. “I’ll tell your brother, too, when he wakes up.”
You eyed the man warily and exchanged a look with JJ, who squeezed your hand.
“I’d like to be your legal guardian, if you’ll have me.”
Your eyes widened slightly.
“I heard what you told the sheriff, and Sarah filled me in a bit, but I know how hard you kids have had it. I’d like to give you a roof over your head and meals on the table,” He continued. “And this way, you and John B. wouldn’t have to be seperated.”
The tears were starting to come back to your eyes. “I-I don’t know what John B.’ll say, but if he’s in, I’m in.”
Ward smiled. “Sounds good, kid. We’ll let you know when he’s awake.”
He stood up and went to go talk to the doctors about something or other (probably the bill you couldn’t afford without him) and you sat a little stunned.
“Your gonna go live with the Camerons?” JJ asked, quietly.
“Yeah, I...I guess I am.”
JJ squeezed your hand again. “But what about Rafe?”
You felt like a bucket of water had been dumped over you. Fuck. Rafe.
“He...he won’t be dumb enough to try anything while John B.’s there. And- And his dad is the one taking us in. He worships his dad...we’ll be fine.”
JJ’s jaw tightened and he kissed your temple. “Sneak me in your window?”
You nodded. “Every night. And you can bang me in a kook bathroom now.”
He laughed quietly, but you felt his chest rumble. It made you smile.
JJ would keep you safe. He promises it with every touch.
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elsmstrss · 14 days
ellie williams headcannon: protective gf :)
how ellie would be so protective of her partner <3
most def mistakes but it adds to the ambience ok !!!
tags: ellie x fem!reader , lapslock , headcannon , protectivegf!ellie , men are the # 1 evil in this (in general tbh) , ellie doesn't even let jesse breath in this , kinda long? idk
ellie was kind of infamous around jackson for being almost too protective over you.
whenever you two would be walking through the streets of the commune, she always had to be the one closest to the traffic. she would pull you a little closer to her side as you pass a group of men staring a little too long at you.
duties are technically on rotation in jackson but ellie always pulls some strings or even bribery so that you're scheduled on patrols together.
when that doesn't work out, she has an extensive (and arguably dramatic) conversation about when and where you are to meet her afterwards. "ok babe? right here, immediately. yeah?"
"yes, ellie"
god forbid your just fifteen minutes late, she'll rush to the gates, sweating (she definitely ran there), brows stitched together in worry.
she’d charge right at you, immediately noticing your slight limp and scoop you up into her arms.
“y/n what the fuck happened. jesse! what the fuck did you do??”
nothing is ever your fault in her eyes.
“els ‘m fine i just slipped on a rock by the creek…” you’d mumble, sheepish because you were maybe or maybe not trying to pick a wildflower that had caught your eye.
“what did i do!?” jesse would screech, in complete disbelief.
ellie would insist that she carry you all the way back to your shared room, ignoring your embarrassed pleas to let you down. “ellie, babe, i’m fine. i can walk. el!” it completely falls on deaf ears.
also! ellie refuses to let you sleep in any vulnerable positions. she always sleeps with her back to the door, shielding you from view if any intruders were to break in. you try and remind ellie there hasnt been any sort of crime like that in jackson since you've arrived but ellie never takes any chances when it comes to you.
she always wears extra layers when you're on patrol together so that if you ever get chilly, she can throw her jacket over your shoulders, wordlessly. you look up at her with grateful eyes and a soft smile, planting a kiss on her cheek.
"hey ellie! i'm cold too" jesse pouts. "boo hoo you're a grown ass man, deal with it" she would answer.
the community often holds little parties and get togethers in an old bar near the center of jackson. maria says it helps bring some humanity and warmth to the cold and harsh reality of the world they all live in now. you love attending said parties, being quite the social butterfly, eager to let loose. you often have to drag ellie to these things as she would much rather stay at home and cuddle but the truth is, ellie would never let you attend such things without her by your side.
once you both arrive, you instantly find dina and jesse, making your way over. ellie decided to stop at the counter and grab some drinks. she keeps an eye on you, leaning back on the countertop with one elbow, smiling softly from seeing you laugh at something dina said.
her smile drops in an instant when she notices a man tap you on the shoulder, leaning in a little too close than ellie would prefer. he whispers something in your ear and ellie watches you shake your head, politely declining the offer, but the idiot cant seem to take a hint.
the second ellie notices your demeanor change from bubbly to slightly uncomfortable, she's stalking over, drinks abandoned, shoving herself between you and the creep. "back off, dude" her tone flat, her glare mean, leaving no room for debate.
the second the creep slinks away, she's instantly on you, asking if your okay, taking your face in both her palms. you nuzzle into them and give her a small smile. "my knight in shining armor" you blink dramatically, teasing her. "whatever, dork. c'mon lets get some water in you"
anyways, you are the most important thing to ellie and your safety come before her own life. it's how she shows she cares, words often too difficult for her to express. you know this, even though it can be a bit much, which is why you always eventually let her have her way.
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pathetic-gamer · 4 months
Fashion in Fódlan: a very long, non-comprehensive, and entirely unsolicited analysis
The fe3h writers did a pretty solid job of creating three nations with clear social, economic, and political differences. The fashion stands out to me as doing exceptionally well at expressing those differences, and, just like in the real world, it works as a sort of socioeconomic barometer that helps tell Fódlan's story.
In this post, I'll break down the key clothing trends in the three regions and provide some light interpretations, largely related to $$
Please note that I'm NOT using this post to discuss historical inspirations. Also, not everyone from every region is included. In particular, anyone whose outfit is too much of just a riff on a class uniform (like the Ashen Wolves or the various minsters in the empire) is left out.
There's a part 2 now lol (church of seiros time)
1. Holy Kingdom of Faerghus: function IS fashion, baby!!
Fearghus, beloved land of ice and snow and spooky folktales about watering your fields with blood and ghosts living under the ground - you did not come to fuck around. You're here to protect the commoners and go back home to a stew that may, if you're lucky, actually have some meat in it. In this kingdom, you're going to dress warm and you're going to like it. Oh, you have some extra money? Gonna spend it on something for yourself? Better be using it for something useful, like keeping your plate armor in good condition. (Please note: Catherine, though being Faeghan, is excluded because she wears the uniform of the Knights of Seiros, not her own clothes.)
Tumblr media
High collars, long skirts - generally as little exposed skin as possible. (There is exactly one pair of bare hands in the entire kingdom. Mercie is getting a little bold 👀)
Fur cloaks/capes/gloves, or just fur around the cuffs and collars if they don't have a full fur cloak.
Tumblr media
Armor - every single man is dressed in armor, as is Ingrid. Most of the men have full suits of plate armor, but Felix, Rodrigue, and Ashe are wearing only gambesons (note the quilting in Felix's sleeve - that's what gives it away, imo). The folks in plate armor would have gambesons on as well (you can see Ingrid's underneath her breastplate), acting as padding for the plate armor. I think Gilbert is wearing plate armor with a tunic over it (a realistic historical practice).
Tumblr media
Fastening is accomplished with clasps and lacing, and there are relatively few buttons or adornments to be seen on the main garments - Annette is an exception, which will be addressed later.
Brief analysis:
Notice the economical use of fabric - their clothing tends to lie flat, with fabric being layered for warmth rather than pleated, gathered, or puffed. The folks in plate armor may spice it up a little with a sash of some kind if they aren't already wearing a cloak or cape. I'm assuming Gilbert's ~stylish tunic~ is keeping him warm well enough to not need a cloak or larger scarf. (Mercedes has a ruffles and puffier sleeves, plus a fuller skirt, but it's worth noting that she is currently part of a merchant house, and merchants tend to be wealthier and actually occupy a unique social class between nobles and commoners.)
Tumblr media
Note the colors, too. Greens, browns, and yellows are the cheapest and easiest dyes to make and use. That bright sort of tawny color that Gilbert, Annette, and Jeralt all have is easy and cheap. Gilbert's grey tunic could feasibly just be undyed wool. A true blue is difficult, but you'll note that the blue the people wear up here leans towards grey and green - could be that the dye is faded, or that it was never very blue to begin with. The only true blue is on Dimitri.
All of this reinforces the idea that Faerghus is not a rich nation, and the nobility don't live too far off from the common folk. The vast majority of the cost we see is actually their armor (worn by Dimitri, Dedue, Sylvain, Gilbert, Jeralt, Matthias, Ingrid, and also if we're getting all the way into it, Gwendal, Miklan, Lonato, and Baron Dominic as well), which is would have been pretty expensive. You'll notice they mostly wear grey armor with very little extra decoration, keeping the costs low. Ingrid, the poorest of the nobles in armor, also has the least actual plate. Felix and Rodrigue both have full cloaks, which most other people don't have (just Dimitri), but they also aren't wearing plate, so clearly that's a calculated choice.
That being said, even within these more economical fashions, we can still see clear differences between classes. Most noticeably, Felix (rich) and Ashe (not rich) have very similar outfits, but Felix's tunic/gambeson is lined with fur, while Ashe's is not.
Tumblr media
BTW I'm of the opinion that the Fraldariuses are the richest people in the kingdom other than the royal family, and I believe that specifically of their fancy cloaks lol
Tumblr media
so luxurious~
2. Adrestian Empire: look at my money bitch
Ah, the land of beauty and excess! I love to live in the capital and visit the cultural icon that is the opera and pretend that I'm not in Wealth Inequality Central. (Please note: Petra is not included, since she dresses according to Brigid's fashions. Also note: I fuck w these styles so hard, dude.)
Tumblr media
Short skirts (above the knee - Dorothea has a draped over-skirt thing, but her main skirt is shorter, and Manuela has leg slits instead of a short hem), low or square necklines, open backs. In general, we're looking at a lot of exposed skin. Forgot to include Cornelia in the pics, but she has this too.
Tumblr media
Tailored jackets with just SO many buttons. Hanneman fits into the tailored jacket category, but isn't included in the highlights by virtue of Not Enough Buttons. (Some concept art is included here to drive the point home.)
Tumblr media
Finally, there's this specific very specific double-breasted neckline thing (baby edelgard is separate bc i forgot to include her when i made the first image shhhh)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Brief analysis:
Adrestian fashion is all about displaying status and wealth, in this case through ornamentation, rich colors, uniforms denoting class/role, and also a fair amount of excess fabric.
Historically, fabric itself was one of the major indicators of wealth - in fact, certain historical styles very explicitly showed off just who was rich enough to afford, for example, a whole gown made from the same length of fabric, or even just an entire skirt panel with no piecing. In the Adrestian Empire, We've got excess fabric galore, tucked away into all those beautiful ruffles and bell sleeves, layered skirts, unnecessary capes, double collars, and puffy pants - and it's all in much more luxurious colors, too. In fact, I'm pretty sure the largest single piece of fabric on anyone in the game is Edelgard's cape, which is then also adorned with dozens of buttons and extra bits of fabric. It's almost definitely fully silk, both the outer layer and the lining. (And it's badass.)
Tumblr media
Look at all that fluff! Dimitri's cloak probably rivals hers in the size of the actual fabric itself, but his is likely a heavy wool (unlined, maybe?), plus has a lot of fur.
"Oh, but pg, there are capes in Faerghus, too!" yes, but in Faerghus, they live in the arctic /hj. Note the vast expanses of exposed skin down here in the empire - clearly, cold is not an issue. You'll also note that the cloaks in Faerghus were heavy and lined with fur; that's not the case here. Given the prevalence of tailored jackets and the dual colors on Ferdinand's cape, I'm guessing they're either a comparatively lightweight wool with a silk lining (typical for tailored suit jackets, nothing particularly noteworthy about that), or just fully silk. (Bernie's shawl is just cotton though, prove me wrong...) Hanneman and Manuela are exceptions, since they both have fur, but they live at Garreg Mach, not in Enbarr.
The jackets themselves, by the way, could be silk OR wool. Ferdinand's in particular (especially thropes) reminds me of early 18th c. waistcoats, which would have been full silk.
We also have much richer colors down here in the land of art and song. Red, purple, and black were all very difficult colors to maintain, and very expensive. The most expensive colors, in fact. Not gonna lie, as far as price per yardage goes, I think Hubert's outfit might rival Edelgard’s in expense.
A notable exception to the excess fabric bit is Bernadetta. However, her dress is in what is arguably the most expensive color, and is heavily decorated, so that's a reasonable trade-off, and I don't blame her. I, too, would go for a smaller amount of pretty purple silk embroidered with bright, beautiful gold and yellow instead of a bigger, more impressive-looking option. It's about the little things.
I do want to take look at Caspar, in particular. He's unique in that he's dressed in a full suit of armor. But, given that he's the second son and not set to inherit anything, unlike all his waistcoat-wearing friends, he isn't being held to some particular uniform, and even if he were, it's the ministry of military affairs. Of course they wear real armor. What's interesting is that his armor is a sort of rosy grey/brass, rather than silver, and he has a lot more decoration and flair than the folks with full armor in Faerghus, in both his throuses and thropes outfits.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Worth noting, btw, that we have exactly zero examples of actual commoners in Adrestia, other than generic NPCs. Dorothea belongs to that peculiar niche that is opera and acting, so she is expected to dress and act like a noble, despite not having a title or property of any sort.
Adrestia - and Enbarr in particular - leads the slow march of fashion across Fódlan, given that it's a cultural hub and is so much wealthier, while Fearghus slowly picks things up over time. Thus, we have Annette, who lives closer to the empire and has disposable income, having some decorative buttons and tassels and a mock low neckline.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's not nearly as much as the actual Adrestians, but she's picking it up!
3. Leicester Alliance: the beeeest of both worlds~
Oh, Alliance, you messy bitch. What we see here is a mix of everything, where some of them are influenced by Faerghus, and others by Adrestia (just like how some of them have kingdom-style names and some have empire-style names), and a few fit neither camp. There are clear reasons for similarities where they exist, though, so let's take a look! (Please note: Claude is not included, since his clothes are heavily influenced by Almyra.)
Tumblr media
Hilda and Lysithea have the frills, puffy sleeves/skirt, short hems, low/square necklines, and expensive colors of the empire (plus, Lysithea gets a decorative veil in dark purple. How ~fancy~). This reinforces the idea that Adrestia sets the standards for fashion: Hilda cares about fashion and keeps up with the times. Lysithea lives on the border and was briefly under the control of the empire, and thus is influenced by it. Mostly, though, I think it's about how she tries to seem older and tends to see Hilda as a model of maturity (lol), so she's following that example.
Holst's armor is quite decorative, similar to Caspar's, but what stands out to me is the fringe in particular. We see the exact same fringe on Caspar, Hubert, and Edelgard, but not anywhere else.
Tumblr media
Lorenz and Erwin are a bit of a border case, tbh! They both wear practical, full plate armor with little in the way of extra decor (other than Lorenz's rose and Erwin's little cape thing), but Jesus christ how much does it cost to keep it all so purple like that??? That's a blatant display of wealth that would impress any empire noble.
Marianne, on the other hand, would fit right in in Faerghus, with the old fashioned long skirt, high collar, capelet, and lack of extra decoration other than some pretty trim. Makes sense, since her territory is so close to the kingdom and she's clearly not interested in trying to stay fashionable.
Judith is dressed very practically, has some fun puffy sleeves and bright but inexpensive colors, has a short cape and gambeson (a short vest one, though). I want to say leans toward Faerghus, which makes sense since it's on the border and the house did at one point split off, with part going back to the kingdom.
Now we get to the only real, honest-to-god, never-owned-land-or-property, born-as-and-remain-now peasants/commoners: Leonie and Cyril. (Raphael was born into the merchant class and was able to support himself and Maya by selling his estate, so while we can consider him a real commoner at this point, it's not nearly to the same degree.)
Their economic status is obvious from their outfits: both have very practical clothes with no extra decoration, in cheap and easily accessible colors. Leonie's cloak wrapped around her waist is purely functional - she can use it when the weather calls for it, but it's out of the way of her arrows when she doesn't need it - and looks to be pretty soft, so likely is lightweight. She has a hint of some light protective wear (note the quilted sleeve) and the same front clasps as Felix and Ashe, so i think she's also meant to be wearing a gambeson, but it's shorter and less protective. Cyril doesn't seem to have any armor at all except for the shoulder protection - we can tell from the lack of center-front closures on his shirt and the shape of the cuffs of the sleeves that he's actually just wearing a tunic (or rather, two tunics on top of each other).
Tumblr media
Raphael also has a very practical outfit, but notice that his is so much more protective, probably because he has a little more money than the other two. He has very limited, sparsely placed plate armor, but he is covered head-to-toe in quilted cloth armor. He's ready to get some punching done, baby!
Our real outlier, however, is Ignatz... But you bet your bottom dollar I've got an explanation for that one, too!!!!! Mans is an artist and he has rich(?) merchant parents, he can do whatever he wants.
Tumblr media
Absurdly unnecessary lengths of (probably not very expensive) cloth? Sure. Fancy feathers that literally no one else gets? Why not! A billion buttons, half of which arent even keeping anything closed? Curly and intricate cloak fasteners probably made of some kind of cording? Sashes and tassels and a decorative sword??? Fuck it, we ball. I love this so much, it's easily my favorite outfit in the entire game and I would ABSOLUTELY wear it irl. I already have the right haircut and glasses and boots, I'm ready
4. In conclusion
These designs really are Fódlan in a nutshell. From the quiet wealth and functionality in Felix's fur-lined gambeson to the audacious luxury of Ferdinand's waistcoat to the unrepentant anarchism of Ignatz's entire vibe, we can see the history - and future - of the continent outlined right before our eyes:
Faerghus is cold, practical, focused on survival, and probably has the most even distribution of wealth. Leicester is a mix of remnants of the empire and kingdom, with clear wealth disparity but also a relatively high amount of social mobility and communal support systems. Adrestia has significantly wealth disparity, with nobles very disconnected from their people and instead busy politicking about.
Side note I know I said I wouldn't go into the historical inspirations, BUT I do think it's interesting that the men's clothing in Adrestia - particularly the tailoring - is similar to much later styles than the men's clothing in Faerghus, and the reverse is true of the women's sleeves and necklines.
Okay that's all, thanks for reading!
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delta-pavonis · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hellknight!Hob wearing this. Chest hair and tiddies out, full happy trail, all of it...
Of course, I think about that, and that inspires a ficlet. And then that ficlet turns dark. So... *shrug* *shoves new baby out in the world*
Rated T
The first time Hob sees Dream is when the latter has the audacity to enter the Morningstar's realm. He watches as the Dream King intimidates Squatterbloat into bringing him to the Palace. The demon is stupid and gullible, easily swayed, and Hob has a mind to bury his morningstar in the moron's fleshy head, but he would rather observe the visitor and his raven from the shadows.
Hob trails them, the straps of his armor expanding and morphing to cover his body with the mottled charcoals and midnights that are the palette of Hell. Squatterbloat leads the King in a circuitous route to their destination, passing a cell whose occupant not only commands the attention of the sovereign of the Dreaming, but whose pleading pains him. Curious.
He follows the pair of black figures beyond their guided tour, all the way into Lucifer's Hall, sliding unnoticed through the crack in the main doors. Hob is good at his job. He hadn't been successful at being a bandit and cutthroat in life for nothing.
Hob takes a place in the long shadows of one of the pillars and observes.
Apparently the Lord of Dreams and Nightmares is here in Hell to retrieve his helm, one of his important symbols of office. And of course it is some overly ripe idiot like Choronzon who has it. Sometimes Hob just wants to kill them all and promote new individuals to the positions of power, sometimes the house can't be cleaned, it needs to be razed and rebuilt.
But what is truly awe-inspiring is watching the battle between Dream and the Morningstar themself. The Dream King wins, although not handily. It makes the victory even more impressive. Hope. Of fucking course. Hob is quite sure that he has never seen the Lord of Hell so visibly angry in all his 600 plus years in the underworld.
Helm secured and confidence restored, the Lord of the Dreaming is proud and... well, he is incredibly beautiful. He is sharp angles in soft greys and blacks, luminous white skin draped in flowing ink, spikes of hair wafting against gravity.
Curiosity getting the better of him, Hob follows Lord Morpheus and his raven back outside. They walk slowly through the barren, twisted landscape, calculated and careful. Imperious.
Hunger ripples down Hob's spine. He wants.
The Lord stops, body going more still than death. "I am here in my official capacity as King of Dreams and Nightmares. You have followed me for long enough. Show yourself, fiend."
The Dream King's voice is so much deeper and darker than Hob expected and now it is directed at him and it goes directly to his cock. He decides to drop any pretense all at once.
Hob has no shame as he steps out from hiding, the shadow-plates sliding back and leaving him in what really amounts to a series of leather straps and a loincloth, buckled to accentuate the triangle of his torso and the strength in his chest, with sleeves from biceps to palms. The Knights of Hell need no metal protection - they shield themselves in darkness and guile - and so Lucifer Morningstar gives them intangible weapons: the ability to inspire lust and envy as much as wrath. He drops his physical weapon and holds his hands out to his sides.
"Dream King," Hob inclines his head. "I am not here to harm, nor am I here at the behest of my Lord, the Lightbringer." He meets the King's piercing blue eyes and has to grit his teeth to hold in a gasp at how sharply they cut into his breast.
That look trails from Hob's head to his toes slowly, then back up. Judging. Assessing. "So why do you dog my steps, Hellknight?"
He shrugs and takes a step forward. There is no reason for Hob to not be bold. He has long been dead. He has been a resident of Hell and served the Devil themself, has lived that fate worse than death, for almost seven centuries. He has, quite literally, nothing to lose.
So Hob nudges a the magic at his disposal into the cant of his hips, the tilt of his head, the purse of his lips. He lowers his eyelids and takes another step towards the luminous being of black and white before him. "I merely wish to look my fill before I can no longer."
"Bossss..." The raven flies a nervously tight circle above them. He is summarily ignored.
"You wish to more than look, Hellknight, for I can taste your dreams." The Lord of Nightmares snarls as he takes multiple steps to get into Hob's personal space. "You dare-"
Hob laughs loud enough to interrupt him and those ice shards widen in shock. "Oh, yes. I dare." He steps up once more and now their faces are within inches of each other. "How do you think the Morningstar trains their knights? Do you think there is anything you could do to me that would be worse than 700 years of this?"
The resonant chuckle that curls across Hob's skin should probably worry him, but he cannot muster such sense when he is watching the pupils of the Dream King's eyes bleed black outwards, eclipsing his eyes entirely, and wholly captivating Hob. "Lucifer Morningstar's sins often get in the way of their... creativity."
A pale hand shoots towards him and Hob braces for impact, for pain.
He gets nothing of the sort.
Fingers that are the coolness of a lake in summer skate with hedonistic gentleness across Hob's cheek. The palm cups Hob's jaw sweetly. Honeyed breath caresses Hobs lips before they are pressed together. Then he is being kissed with the fondness and warmth of a dear lover.
And that is when Hob realizes that he has vastly miscalculated.
Against his better judgement, Hob is lost to the tide of it. The softest touch of tongues morphs into lazy familiar licks, mapping Hob's mouth as if to memorize, immortalize.
The King of Dreams pulls away and Hob is left panting and hazy.
"I touch you, I kiss you, as I would a lover, as I would my beloved." The King whispers it like a benediction. Hob gasps at the horror that settles into the marrow of his bones. "And never will you feel it again."
And then he is gone.
Hob watches, frozen, as each stride the King takes covers miles. It is only when they have disappeared over the horizon, both Lord and Raven, that Hob realizes tears are streaming down his face.
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stevesbestgirl · 3 months
Would you ever write for tangerine 🍊 Cause I would disintegrate of joy
Tumblr media
Tangerine x f!Reader
1922 words
Warnings: major spoilers for the first third of Bullet Train- for real, this follows the plot super closely, so please watch the movie first (I super recommend), mention of a dead body, alcohol, Tan being a flirt, maybe a little OOC Tangerine, but really he's just soft on reader, pet names, sexual content, swearing, thigh riding, reader really just says "fuck it, he's hot"
Tumblr media
You gave a squeak of surprise as a disheveled-looking man crashed into the snack cart, pinching your fingers against the plastic seat edge. You ducked your head, stifling a curse.
“Hey, why don’t you watch where you’re goin’, mate? Bloody fucking hell, it’s not hard to watch out for a pretty lady, is it?”
You glanced sharply across the aisle at the man who had spoken, a chestnut-haired stranger with a neat mustache and sparkling blue eyes. The man who had bumped the cart muttered something in Japanese and continued on his way. While the girl staffing the cart was distracted, the handsome stranger across from you palmed two packages of cookies, tucking them in his coat and sending you a quick wink, as though you were in on the secret. 
You forced your gaze away, back to the open book in front of you, though you couldn’t stop a little smile, even sinking your teeth into your lower lip. 
“What is he, fucking blind or something?” he redirected his conversation back to the man sitting across from him, who had lighter hair and a darker skin tone. You stole another glance at the pair; they were wearing matching tweed overcoats, which was rather cute. You made a conscious effort to not eavesdrop, but he spoke to you directly again, “You alright then, love?”
Nodding quickly, you forced words out before you could fully process the fact that he was still talking to you, “I’m okay. Thank you- for speaking up, I mean.”
“Well someone’s got to, don’t they? Can’t have a pretty thing like you getting all banged up, can we?” That pulled a smile from you- a real one, which he seemed to appreciate, “Now that’s what I like to see.”
Your stomach was light at his attention and you found yourself wanting more of it, "What should I call my knight in shining armor?"
"Name's Tangerine." His companion made a comment you couldn't make out and received a glare, "And this here is Lemon. And what's your name then, sweetheart?"
“Do I get to pick a fake name too?” you teased.
Lemon laughed aloud, “I think I like her.”
Tangerine leaned across the aisle, offering you one of the offending snacks from the cart, waving away your protest, “You were reaching for something, weren’t ya? Before that prick came banging down the aisle.”
“Really, I’m fine, I promise-”
“Look love, I don’t even want this. If you don’t take it, it’s going in the bin.”
Reluctantly, you accepted his offering, though you raised an eyebrow, "If you didn't want it, why'd you steal it?"
Tangerine opened his mouth to reply, but Lemon beat him to it, "Because he needs therapy."
That made you laugh, "Don't we all." Tangerine glared at Lemon, like he'd stolen something from him. You smiled at him again, “Thank you.”
“You grateful enough to give me your name then?”
“Oi-” Lemon nudged Tangerine, “Sleeping beauty is awake.” And indeed, the young man with face tattoos seated beside Tangerine was coming around. You had assumed they weren’t together. 
Your heart sank a bit as they both redirected their attention, seeming to forget about you; you missed when Tangerine stole a glance back at you, having already resumed your reading. You didn’t have to make too much of an effort not to eavesdrop this time- they kept their conversation low, easily slipping under the constant din of chatter and the rattle of train on track. 
At least, until an argument started. Tangerine was the first to escalate and soon the pair were shouting numbers back and forth at each other, counting off some kind of tally. You decided that now was a good time to get yourself a drink.
The bar was unstaffed; you grabbed a glass and mixed yourself a drink, taking a seat by the window. You considered leaving money on the counter, but Tangerine had given you a dangerous little confidence boost. He was gorgeous- and he was trouble. He made you want a bit of both. You finished your drink as the train pulled into the station, leaving the glass on the counter and heading back to your seat. 
At least, you went in that direction, only making it down a car’s length through the traffic of disembarking passengers. Once the aisle cleared, you were left facing the only other person still standing, Tangerine. His brow was furrowed as he scanned the car, not seeming to find what he was looking for.
“Everything alright?” You stepped a little closer, almost bumping into him as he began moving forward, still gazing around.
His gaze snapped to you with such intensity that you started back, but he quickly softened, catching your elbow to steady you, “I was wondering where you got to, sweetheart.”
You gestured over your shoulder, “Thought I’d get a drink. Although maybe I should have waited for you- you kind of look like you could use one.”
“Er- yeah. One of our things is missing- a briefcase. You mind helping me look for it? Maybe I can get that drink on the way.”
“That’s awful about your things, of course I’ll help you look.”
“Knew I could count on you, love.” He captured your hand in his, warmth encapsulating your fingers and flooding your cheeks as he brought you with him down the aisle. “Now, it’s a silver briefcase, with a train sticker on the handle.”
You trailed after him, scanning the cars and finding nothing. By the time you reached the bar again, Tangerine was visibly frustrated, releasing your hand to smooth back his hair. 
You paused a second before resting your palm on his bicep, "Don't worry, we'll find it."
When he glanced at you, there was a glint in his eye, but his gaze flicked up over your shoulder. You glanced back; there was a man leaning up against the window, slumped like he might be sleeping. 
Tangerine took your hand from his arm and squeezed it softly, "Gimme a second, love."
He marched over to the man, giving his shoulder a shake, "You mind giving us a minute here, mate?"
But the man's head lolled, making his center of gravity shift. The body slipped from the seat onto the floor of the car, revealing a knife wound on the chest and dead eyes beneath sunglasses. Your gasp was lost under the curse from Tangerine. Stumbling back, you bumped into the bar, making the glasses rattle on the wall.
Tangerine didn't move to comfort you right away; he watched the way you struggled to look at anything other than at the body, the way you tensed when you failed. 
Then he approached slowly, his hands raised, "Alright love, I'm gonna need you to relax for me alright?"
"How are you so calm?" His eyebrows drew in, making him look rather guilty and your stomach twisted, "It's not really your briefcase we're looking for, is it?"
He planted his fists on his hips, blowing out a breath, "Of course it is." He sounded offended that you would even ask. "Let's put it this way: that briefcase belongs to a friend of mine. And if I don't get it back and return it to him, he's going to be very, very angry with me, understand love?"
"Oh my god, you're a thief."
"I am not a thief," he protested adamantly."I'm an assassin." And whether you like it or not, sweetheart, it looks like you're involved now." 
He expected you to cry, to be completely honest. Or he thought maybe you'd hit him- it wouldn't be the first time that had happened. But he didn't expect you to grin, "Does that mean I get a code name?"
"Er, sure." He cupped your elbow, "You're taking this very well. You sure you're alright?"
"I'm fine." You raised an eyebrow, "I thought you wanted to find that case."
Tangerine lifted a brow, seeming impressed, "How about pumpkin?"
"For your code name, love, keep up if you can," he grinned.
“I’m going to choose to believe you’re trying to be cute and not commenting on my weight.”
“Alright, fair. Clementine ain’t too bad though.”
“If you call me Clem, I swear-”
“Okay, okay, I’ll keep working on it.” He snapped his fingers, “Got it- Peach.”
You crooked an eyebrow, “I don’t hate it. Give it a go.”
The corner of his mouth twitched in that signature smirk of his just before he leaned in, pressing you against the bar with one hand on your hip and the other on the counter behind you. “C’mere, Peach,” he breathed the words up your neck, his nose tracing the line of your jaw before he cupped it in his palm, ghosting his lips over yours.
And then he smirked again at the way your lips parted in surprise, making heat rise in your cheeks, "Not bad, hm?"
"Alright Tan, you've made your point," you huffed, placing a hand flat on his chest.
He captured your wrist between his fingers, "And now we're getting cozy with each other." His voice was almost a hum, barely audible over the train, but you heard him clearly.
Your breath seemed to catch in your throat as you met those sparkling blue eyes and then his lips were on yours. His hands slipped over your waist to cup your hips, pulling you toward him as though he didn't already have you pinned to the bar. 
Not that you minded, wrapping an arm around his neck, you threaded fingers into his hair and held him just as tightly. His soft lips explored yours, surprisingly gentle compared to the way his hands were groping at your waist. 
He slotted his leg between your thighs, grabbing your hips with both hands, "We've only got a minute now, love, so I need you to do exactly as I say, understand?"
You nodded, the breathy affirmation leaving your lips not sounding much like you, "Yes Tan."
"That's a good girl," he breathed, sending sparks right to your core just before he dug his fingers into your hips, grinding you over his thigh. At the sounds of your strangled moans, he smirked, "You like that, Peach?" One hand left your hips to cup your jaw, his thumb grazing your lower lip as he lowered his head to your neck again, tongue tracing over the sensitive skin there and he continued to guide you along his thigh.
"Come on now, pretty girl, be a peach for me, will you?"
He chuckled softly at his own joke, his mustache tickling your neck, but the humor was lost on you as your breathing grew rapid, the pressure of his thigh between your legs making you gasp with each movement of your hips, guided by Tangerine's fingers on your hip, which were sure to leave marks when he let go.
You cried out, your hips moving in time with his guidance without your direction as you chased your release.
Biting down on the juncture of your neck and shoulder, Tan hummed, "This is only just the beginning, sweet Peach. Because you belong to me now." He slipped his thumb into your mouth as you rode his thigh, the taste of him on your tongue sending you over the edge.
"Tan, T-" convulsions racked your body as an orgasm swept through you, slackening your muscles and leaving you panting against Tangerine's chest.
He cupped your chin, stealing a kiss from your lips before he smiled, “Come on then, we’d better get moving.”
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euphor1a · 3 months
Yin to my yang | jjk
↬ pairing: jungkook x f!oc
↬ genre: best friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, hurt/comfort, fluff, smut.
↬ summary: “I don’t wanna sound cliché or anything, but you are the yin to my yang, y’know what I mean?”
Or, Jeon Jungkook was your knight in shining armor since the moment he entered your life. From being your rock during the toughest times, to being the most supportive and proud best friend imaginable, he was everything and beyond. Until now, that is, because you need to tell him how you feel before it’s too late, and the more you look at Jungkook, the more scared you are of messing it up. Little do you know that he’s on the very same boat.
↬ rating: 18+ (minors dni)
↬ word count: ~8.9K
↬ warnings/tags: character death, grief/mourning, mentions of controlling partner; explicit sexual content: profanity, dom/sub undertones, praising, dirty talk, pet names, breast play, fingering, cunnilingus, big d*ck!jk (cause yEAH), unprotected penetrative sex, creampie, rough sex, etc. — this is a work of fiction, and it doesn’t represent jungkook in any way!
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˗ˏˋ꒰ 🌺 a/n ꒱ this is something i’m really proud of /srs 🥺! happy holidays everyone, i hope this sweet little story reaches your hearts 💗! be mindful of the pov changes and flashbacks though (hope they are not too confusing)! and, enjoy! (banner cr.)
Tumblr media
[You, 9:42 pm] gguk? can you come over, please? 
[You, 9:44 pm] well, if possible…
He must be busy packing and preparing for next week. Your grip on the phone tightens at the thought, eyes taking in the intricate details of its protective case with a thrumming pain in your chest. This artsy case was made by Jungkook several months back. He’s always been amazing at painting and craft, and when he saw the trend of hand-painted phone cases, he just had to make matching ones for his and your phone. You remember the proud smile on your best friend’s face when you told him that you loved it so much.
“This is… perfect, Gguk. I’m at a loss of words. I love this. I love you.” 
He wraps you up in a tight hug, chin resting on your head as he rocks you both side to side. “I’m so glad to hear that, muffin. I love you very much too.” 
Letting out a shaky breath, you look up at the dark expanse of the night sky above you. The half-moon shines bright with almost no clouds around, paired up with countless stars embedded like diamonds on the dark velvet. It truly looks so mesmerizing, crafted with such care, as if nature knew which collective placement will be the best beforehand. A small smile curls your lips gently. It reminds you of his eyes. You can go on and on about how Jungkook has the most beautiful eyes. On the other hand, Jungkook strongly disagrees, debating that yours are much more hypnotic and gorgeous. A fond sigh escapes your lips, the heaviness inside your heart seemingly increasing.
Your right hand unconsciously takes hold of the yin locket placed right over your chest, which dangles from a silver chain. The yang one belongs to him, and you mindlessly wonder if he’s wearing it right now. When he bought these last year on valentine’s, he made it clear that he wants to wear them always and forever. Something you had agreed to do too. You can still vividly picture the wide grin plastered on his face during the whole ordeal.
An involuntary shiver runs down your spine when you remember how his hot breath had fanned over your neck, his long fingers closing the clasp of the chain before gripping on your shoulder. He was beyond happy and proud of himself. 
Within a certain distance between each other, the magnets inside the pendants lock them in; putting yin and yang where they belong — together. 
Tumblr media
Last year, on Valentine’s Day
“Yin and Yang, huh? God, that’s so cheesy,” you mutter shyly, avoiding his gaze at all costs. You’re certain if you look up at him, you’ll get that mushy feeling in your chest again. 
“Yeah. I don’t really wanna sound cliché or anything, but you are the yin to my yang, y’know?” 
“... Gross.” 
Jungkook smacks the side of your head playfully, mocking your tone, “Gross! Yeah, gross. That’s why you’re not looking at me. Because you don’t want me to see your kawaii ass happy eyes.” 
Shit, busted.
You try to change the topic immediately, knowing that he’ll most likely continue calling you out. “Why… why are you suddenly giving me this, Gguk? And today out of all days? Don’t tell me that you’re in love with me.” 
He groans at that, earning a snicker from you. “Relax, relax, I was just teasing you.” 
You don’t notice, but his shoulders droop subtly. Oh, how he wishes that you weren’t just teasing him. 
Done and over with small talk, Jungkook is quick to put the accessory on both of you. Before you can comprehend further, he’s standing just a few inches away from you, those pools of honey looking at you earnestly. “Ready to see the magic?” 
It’s like he knows how to make you weak in the knees. You just nod, not trusting your voice with this one. There’s this knowing smirk on his face you absolutely despise. God, you’d kill to kiss that smirk off his face. If you just lean in a little right now? Your lips will press perfectly against those pretty pink ones.
Broken out of your reverie, you blink rapidly, remembering why you two were standing so close in the first place. The yin and yang pendants he bought. 
When your eyes find his, you suddenly feel the urge to pull him closer and maybe touch your foreheads together. But you really shouldn’t. He’s still your best friend, after all. 
“Look how cool!” Jungkook squeals, eyes wide with astonishment and awe. You tilt your head down, watching the joined yin and yang gently dangling in the air between you two. 
Why does he gotta be so endearing?
As you look up to meet his eyes again, you freeze. Is he… leaning towards you? Swallowing nervously, you look down again, praying that he’s not able to hear the frantic beating of your heart.
“I think I should disconnect them. Unless you wanna stay like this.” There’s a certain suggestion in his tone that makes your stomach jump.
“Um— yeah. You should. I’d rather get stuck in a basement alone than what you’re saying.”
“Wow. And here I thought you liked me.” He pouts, his hands coming up to hold the yin and yang. 
“Don’t flatter yourself.” You try your best to look away from his hands but struggle to do so. Lord, why did you have to make him so perfect? 
You don’t know how long it has been, the only thing you know is that you are not going to look at Jungkook. You won’t look at his furrowed brows and his little pout, or his veiny hands that work hard to pull on the pendants.
“See how hard it is to separate them? Just like us.” Laughing amusedly for a moment, Jungkook refocuses onto the joined yin yang. He really is trying his best, using all of the core strength he can muster. You giggle, noticing that his face is turning red from the effort.
“What happened, muscle man?” You tease, hands covering his bigger ones that hold the yin and yang. He grumbles, lips forming into his signature pout — completely unaware of your heart that melts on point. Squeezing his hands in your hold, you huff, “At least let me try? You’ve tried for long enough now.”
Jungkook looks up to meet your eyes. “Fiiiine. Only because you’re being whiny and it’s distracting me.” 
Who is he kidding, again? Being this close to you affected him much more than he’d like to admit. And then you had to come even closer and hold onto his hands like he’s the most delicate thing ever. Fuck, are you doing this on purpose? Can you hear his heartbeat? Dang it, he probably looks like a fool right now. 
Slipping his hands out of your grasp hastily, Jungkook motions you to try. “Don’t chicken out now, will you?” 
“In your dreams,” you clap back, trying to turn the locked pendants in separate directions. He snorts, proceeding to criticize your approach until he hears a gentle click.
“F-fuck, how did you—” 
“I guess working out in the gym for hours didn’t really pay off, tsk tsk.” You pout at him in a provoking manner, eyes glinting as you lean down to touch his firm chest. Jungkook freezes momentarily, tongue wetting his lower lip while he watches you tuck the chain inside his hoodie. “There you go.”
He shakes his head, unsure if he’s relieved or disappointed. However, just as you start to retreat, his reflexes kick in, strong hands curling around your waist to hoist you up in the air. “You break my heart; I thought you liked that I go to gym.” 
Ignoring him completely, you shriek, “Put me down!! Oh my god, you’ll drop me. AAAAA!” You are unable to see the knowing smirk on his face as you writhe against his hold. “I swear to God, Jeon— you either put me down or you get kicked in the nuts.” 
“Mm. You may try,” Jungkook hums, face subtly resting against your chest. “But you keep forgetting that I’m the one here with a taekwondo black belt.” 
“Fuck you.” You frown at him. He really has a way to get on your nerves. Here you are trying to save yourself from further embarrassment, and he’s being a clueless dumb little boy about it. Oh, why is he like this? You’re quite sure that he can feel your pebbled nipples pressing into his skin. 
Jungkook snickers, loosening his grasp around you. “I’d love to, baby.” 
There it is again. The most infuriating shit-eating grin that Jeon Jungkook masters. You take a deep breath to compose yourself first, thoughts jumbled up from being this close to him.
“You’re so insufferable, you know that?” A huff escapes you, hands defensively covering your chest. You really hope that he didn’t register it. You’ll most certainly want the Earth to swallow you alive if he mentions anything about your—
“Don’t act like a diva.” Jungkook rolls his eyes in the cutest way possible, making you scoff.
“You’re talking about yourself, right?”
“Pffft, you wish.” 
Tumblr media
Friendship and love. These two are very different, yet strikingly similar. True friendship is about trusting each other intently, caring for them unconditionally, and being ready to help your friend through life’s hardships. Strangely enough, love itself consists of all these things… but you just feel them harder, almost like a fever that numbs your senses. 
Over the years, you’ve always thought of friendship and love very separately. But right now, you wonder if they are the different sides of the same card? Because the way you’ve been feeling for your best friend for more than three years now, sure isn’t how you should feel about a friend, best or not. 
The biggest possibility is that you have, in fact, fallen in love with Jungkook and it ignites strange emotions inside you, which are probably led by some crazy hormones you don’t even know about. As exciting and ecstatic that makes you feel, you can’t deny how the constant fear of losing him makes your heart clench uncomfortably. You simply can’t afford that, he’s the only one you have at this moment.
Oh Jungkook… if only… 
At first, your initial thought was that you’re just super attached to him after all these years. And that’s why you suddenly started feeling protective of him when Jungkook talked about a female colleague who impressed him by her skills, or the sweet barista girl who always flirted with him. 
But as more time passed, it slowly became clear to you that it was not because you’re attached to Jungkook as a friend. It was… much more than that. And the thought scared you. Because you knew that you shouldn’t feel this way for him.
After all, he isn’t just your best friend of almost six long years… he’s also that person who helped you through your toughest times and till this day, there is no one else in this world who can understand you like Jungkook does. 
The story of how you two met isn’t exactly what people will consider as convenient. But it’s something you are, and you will always be grateful for. For him, because you wouldn’t be here otherwise. His endless support and care are the reason why you are an aspiring geologist today, following your childhood dream. You wonder if your mum and papa are watching you from heaven, feeling proud of you as you’re doing something you’ve always loved.
Tumblr media
Six years ago, early March,
You sit in complete silence, yet you can hear the sound of your heart beating in your ears. For a moment, you just wish for this cruel world to take you away… just where it took your parents — your family, your best friends.
It’s been more than a month since you saw your universe collapsing in front of your eyes. And you couldn’t do anything about it. You were only able to tumble on the ground pathetically when you heard the policeman informing you about the car accident that snatched your world away from you. 
The sudden sound of the front door opening alerts you, making you sit up straight. Mr. or Mrs. Jeon must be here with the food supplies along with other household items a teenage girl would need. Mrs. Jeon texted you about it nearly an hour ago.
Mr. Jeon was one of your father’s colleagues, but they were very close friends outside of their professional relationship. With no immediate family left after your parents’ death, Mr. Jeon and Mrs. Jeon immediately took you under their wings. Though, you insisted that you live in your home, where you grew up, instead of moving in with them. You provided the explanation that you were already fifteen and some years later you would have to move away for higher education anyway; so, you wanted to learn how to be on your own. Both of them were hesitant at first, but they respected your wishes. Jeons had their own conditions, of course, visiting you thrice a week and providing everything they could possibly think of.
You are grateful, obviously, but deep down you can’t help but feel like a burden to the Jeon family. They have two beautiful sons, as you had learnt from your late father. He told you how amazing both of them were, especially the eldest one, Jungkook. Eight-year old yourself had felt stupidly jealous of this twelve-year old guy your father was praising. So, you pouted and complained that you were a very good daughter too. You remember how he chuckled, ruffled your hair and kissed your forehead. Following up with, “Damn right you are! My princess is the best!” 
A lone tear runs down your right cheek from that memory, and you rush to dry it with the back of your hand. This is not the time, you think, knowing very well that they’ll be knocking at your bedroom door soon. Surely enough, the sound of knuckles rapping against your door can be heard seconds later, stopping the train of your thought. “Wait a second,” you mumble, standing up and making yourself presentable.
Opening the door timidly, you look up, ready to greet Mr. Or Mrs. Jeon, but—
Who is this? Did someone break into your house? Is he carrying weapons? 
You carefully size up the tall guy standing in front of you cautiously. Sporting an all-black ensemble and with the visible part of a tattoo on his hand, he surely gives off the dream emo boy vibes girls drool over. However, that is just the start. When you finally meet his eyes, you notice just how beautiful he really is. Long and wavy black hair casually falling over those big doe eyes, striking jaw and a beautiful mole right under his bottom lip, skin so beautiful that it can make you jealous… He looks like a Greek god, crafted with love. You are so busy admiring that you don’t realize that Mrs. Jeon is standing right behind the stranger.
“____, sweet baby, how are you today?” 
You snap back to reality, noticing her right behind this… alluringly handsome stranger. “Oh! Mrs. Jeon, I’m– I’m alright, I guess. How are you?” 
She smiles warmly, “Do you still feel uncomfortable with calling me by my name? I’m good, thank you, sweetheart.” 
You nod wordlessly, indeed uncomfortable by the thought of calling a mother figure like her by her name. She reaches out to squeeze your shoulder. “C’mon, let’s head downstairs and meet your new friend.” 
Your body freezes, eyes locking with the guy who is now standing by your door frame. He offers you a shy smile, rubbing the back of his head and looking down nervously.
Tumblr media
It was awkward, to say the least. You were certainly sure that Jungkook’s mother had set you two up because you mentioned that you felt lonely. However, he was very kind and caring towards you from the start, even when you weren’t sure how to feel about him. He never gave you false hopes about how it will get easier for you like everyone did. Whenever you two were spending time together, Jungkook was always incredibly considerate towards your feelings. He held both of your hands whenever you were having a breakdown, never once asking for a reason, or telling you some bullshit about being strong. He would tell you that your emotions are valid, that grief is hard to handle, and you were trying your best, always making sure to buy you some comfort food later. It took you a few months, but you were starting to trust him, slowly letting him in until you two turned out to be inseparable within nine months.
Picnics with him on weekends was the thing that basically kept you going. He would take you to the best spots he knew around the town, treating you with his homemade sliders and cupcakes because you really liked those. Sometimes he’d buy you ice cream or hot chocolate depending on the weather. You remember walking side by side and holding hands. Jungkook often complained about how cold your hands were, but he held them anyway because he liked the fragrance of your hand cream.
You remember the sleepless nights spent crying in his arms. He let you sob into his embrace, rubbing your back soothingly as you told him how much you hated this world. He would hold you all night, whispering sweet validations while rocking you back and forth. Jungkook made you feel secure and loved no matter how worse you had been feeling on the first hand. You thought of him as your guardian angel. And you quickly realized how easy it is to love him. So, you did. Loved him with your whole heart, not knowing what that feeling would turn into. 
Tumblr media
Four years ago, On Jungkook’s birthday
You let out another hiccup, leaning onto your best friend’s firm chest for support. It’s presumably your first time consuming any sort of alcohol, and that too, mistakenly. After one glass of this extremely strong drink, you feel like the world around you is spinning. “I promise I ask– *hiccup* asked for a mocktail. I dunno what they gave– to me.” 
“Who gave you the drink, muffin? That asshole is gonna catch these fists, I swear to fucking god.” He pulls you closer protectively, his eyes scanning the crowded living room of his downtown apartment for an empty space. Jungkook needs to get you out of here. “Think you can walk to the bedroom? You can rest there for the rest of this party,” he murmurs into your ear, brushing a stray lock of hair away from your face.
“Yeah... I think *hiccup* so…”
“Okay. But hold on tightly, hm? You’re wearing heels so you need to be careful.” You nod, arms tightening around his waist as he guides you to the end of the room. But soon enough, you trip and hit your head hard against his back, a pained whimper escaping you.
Jungkook turns around immediately, cupping your face in his hands. “Are you okay, ____? Where is it hurting?” 
Extremely tired and not able to stand on your own anymore, you rest yourself against him. His strong hands hold you steady by the waist, your head falling back in the comfort of his chest. “Ugh… ‘m okay don’t worry, ‘m sorry Gguk… I– *hiccup* I don’t want to move.”
“It’s okay, shhh, I’ll take you.” Without any other word, he picks you up in bridal style. You wind your arms around his neck, nuzzling his neck affectionately and inhaling his musky cologne. People give you weird looks while Jungkook swerves through the crowd. 
Once inside his bedroom, he settles you down on his bed gently. You smile at him gratefully. “Thank you so much… and ‘m sorry for being such a bother.” 
“Shush and try to sleep. Your body has given up entirely.” He shakes his head, helping you out of your shoes. Soon after, Jungkook grabs a hoodie from a nearby chair and hands it to you. “Change to this. I don’t think that dress is… comfortable.” He points at the red bodycon you are wearing. 
“Oh. Um… I’m not wearing a bra underneath.” You lower your head immediately, clutching the soft clothing to your chest. From the corner of your eye, you notice how his ears are turning red. He opens and closes his mouth several times, failing to get any words out. It makes you even more flustered. 
The door to his bedroom files open suddenly, catching both of you off-guard. Jungkook’s girlfriend walks in with fire in her eyes, slamming the door shut behind her. “I literally cannot believe you two. I trusted you, Jungkook. I trusted ____ too, but I guess I have been too blind!” 
“What the fuck? Are you seriously implying that right now? Don’t jump to any conclusions, baby. You’ve misunderstood.” Jungkook is out of breath as he looks at Lulu, but her attention has already shifted towards you.
“She is underage, Kook! What the fuck! What were you two doing? Oh my god I’m — didn’t know that you’ve already turned into a homewrecker whore, ____.” 
“LULU! Watch your mouth!” Jungkook stands between you and his girlfriend, blocking her vision as she was glaring at you bitterly. Even though you feel numb, the burn of your tears is painful.
“I.. I was feeling unwell, so Gguk carried me here. I was just about to lie down and rest when you barged in, Lulu. Please don’t throw accusations without knowing what actually happened.” 
“Yeah. Definitely. I can see that. I should’ve asked Jungkook to distance himself beforehand when I noticed how touchy touchy you can get. But Jungkook? I really thought that you’re better than this.” 
He inhales a shaky breath, and from the way his hands form into fists, you know that he’s struggling to contain his anger. “Do you really mind calming the fuck down, babe? Because you’re not making any sense. We’re best friends, of course we will hug and hold hands and do stuff that best friends do! What do you mean by that phrase? You know damn well that I’ll never distance myself from her because of some insecure person’s paranoia! And you wanna know the truth? I thought that you were better than this too.” 
A pained mewl escapes you, your eyes blurring with tears as you feel the throbbing pain in your head increasing tenfold. Jungkook looks at you immediately, reaching for your side and holding your shoulders. “Hey, hey it’s okay, muffin, everything will be okay. I’m here. Shhh.” Those are the last words you hear before blacking out.
After who knows how long, you feel your senses coming back to you. The first thing you register is that your throat is extremely dry and burning. “Water…” you mumble almost inaudibly. But, when a cold feeling against your lips surprises you moments later, you open your eyes.
“Drink it,” Jungkook encourages, his hand holding the glass steadily close to your mouth. You nod before downing some of it, a sigh escaping you as the cool liquid soothes your throat.
“Are you okay, muffin? I was so fucking worried, gosh.” He places the glass on the bedside table, not once looking away from you.
“I’m sorry,” is the first thing you whisper, reaching for his hand and squeezing it in your hold. You’ve never felt more ashamed in your life before.
“For what? If it’s about the whole scene with Lulu– I swear—”
“For everything. I ruined your birthday party. I ruined what you had with Lulu. I ruined everything. I’m… I’m so sorry. Did you manage to talk it out with her?”
“We broke up.” His voice is strangely cold.
“Oh my god— I– Gguk I’m so sorry?! It’s my fault. Gosh, I… hate myself.” 
“I’m glad she broke up with me. And I don’t regret anything.” Jungkook smiles at you. “Try to get some sleep now, okay? It’s late.” 
“Gguk… what are you saying? I have seen how happy you two looked together– aren’t you, like, upset?” you press further, not believing your own ears. What is he saying? 
“You need to rest, muffin. We’ll talk about this later.” He stands up from his bed, and you just notice that he has changed into a simple gray tee and a pair of black shorts. 
“I won’t be able to sleep if you don’t tell me.” Your voice is surprisingly firm, a sigh escaping him. He takes a seat beside you on the bed, looking at you with gentleness in his eyes.
“Lulu… I was happy with her. Until she started to get really controlling. You remember how she was talking about telling me to distance myself beforehand? … Yeah. A month back she said that my friendship with you makes her uncomfortable. We argued and it ended up being a huge thing. She’s been quite toxic since then.” 
“Oh… I’m so sorry that you had to face that. And I’m sorry for being a problem.”
Jungkook grumbles, his face inching closer to yours until it’s hovering just a few centimeters away. “Say that again and I’ll shut you up. You’re one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I’m not gonna lose you for some stupid ass relationship!” 
You giggle at that, reaching out to stroke his jawline. “Stupid ass relationship? Says the man who can’t go a day without whining about some sort of intimacy. ‘It’s not my fault that physical touch is my love language, I feel lonely if I’m not being touched!’”
“You little minx!” Jungkook pretends to pounce on you, starting a playfight. You giggle and try to dodge his blows. He grabs a nearby pillow in response, hitting your head with it. 
“Oww,” you whine, falling back on the bed. That, however, makes him roll his eyes.
“Such a drama queen.” 
Tumblr media
Two years ago, Christmas Eve 
The warmth from the fireplace does absolutely nothing to make you feel warm. The hollowness in your chest feels bigger with all these festive decorations around, but thankfully, he’s still here.
“Listen, if you want me to fight that asshole you just need to say the word.” Jungkook pulls you to his chest, fixing the blanket you’re wrapped up with. You just shake your head and snuggle up to him. He only huffs, complaining, “Fine. Whatever. I’ll break his nose either way.” 
“He doesn’t even deserve that. I don’t want you to waste your time on him like me.” 
“Ooo, sick burn. That’s my girl.” He pats your back before checking the clock, sighing. “My family will come over soon though… Are you gonna stay here with me or go back to your apartment?” 
“I’ll go back to my apartment. And no, you’re not coming to drop me off. It’s literally a block away.” You detangle yourself from his embrace, folding the blanket neatly before fixing your sweater.
“I know you hate anything family related, but would it be really bad if you spend it with me?” He holds onto your hand, giving you those big, doe eyes. Another wave of sadness hits you and you look at your feet.
“I’m sorry Jungkook. I just… can’t. Plus, I promised my roommate that we’ll be having a movie marathon and loads of junk food. She hates Christmas too.” 
“We’ll still have our 3-hour call though, right? I’ll text you after midnight.” He stands up, hugging you tightly and dropping a kiss on your temple.
“Of course. That’s our tradition. There’s no way that we’re breaking it.” You smile, closing your eyes from the peace you feel. Jungkook always knows how to make you feel better, no matter how bad the situation is.
Tumblr media
Back to present
At this moment, you realize just how much you hate yourself for not telling him before. Could it have ruined your friendship? Maybe, maybe not; it’s impossible to tell. But at least, that way you wouldn’t have to cry over him a week before he’s moving away. To another country where he has many more opportunities as a freestyle dancer.
You should be happy. For all these years, you’ve seen Jungkook working his ass off, doing what not to follow his dreams. Although a part of you is immensely proud of him, it’s shadowed by the part which seeks his presence near you forever, refusing to budge. 
As you’re completely lost in your thoughts, you fail to notice the tall figure standing a few feet away from where you are seated. Rustle of clothes and soft padding sounds of naked feet drift closer, breaking you out of your reverie.
“Gguk. You came.” 
It’s hard to recognize your own voice as it rings in your ears. So broken and nasally that it makes you cringe internally. Gosh, how much did you cry? 
Plopping down on the soft blanket you had laid out hours ago, Jungkook shakes his head with a snort. “Why are you so surprised? We literally live in neighboring buildings, and I own a spare key to your apartment.”
With an affirmative hum, you wiggle closer to him, desperate to feel his warmth. A strong, tattooed hand wraps around your shoulders automatically, pulling you closer as if on instinct. Once settled, both of you sigh in unison.
“You were crying again, weren’t you?” The question seems a bit accusatory, but there’s only worry laced in his voice. 
Your chest tightens, Jungkook knows you like the back of his hand and lying most certainly won’t work. That’s why you opt to choose silence, nuzzling his shoulder for a moment before resting your head on it. The musky scent of him engulfs you like a tight hug almost immediately.
Jungkook huffs out a breath, his left hand cupping your cheek. Your eyes meet his enticing ones, stealing air from your lungs and leaving you slightly breathless. He hesitates to break the fragile silence between the two of you for several moments before giving in. “I promised that we’ll keep in touch regularly and do facetime when needed, didn’t I? I know it’s hard for you, hell, it’s hard for me too, but it hurts so much to see you like this. Please, ____. Be strong for me?”
“I’m trying my best,” it’s almost inaudible, followed by a mumbled admission, “I can’t live without you. I don’t have anyone else.”
Jungkook reaches out wordlessly, taking the hold of your other hand and interlacing your fingers together. The comfortingly gentle warmth of his touch makes your heart flutter, an involuntary shiver running down your spine. You notice how your smaller hand fits perfectly in his large and slightly calloused one’s grasp.
Inhaling a shaky breath, you cast your eyes down in an attempt to hide the emotions that might be displaying on the blank canvas of your face.
He has no idea what he does to your poor heart, does he?
But then, Jungkook brings your hand up to his lips, your whole body alight with anticipation as he drops a chaste kiss on your knuckles. “We’ll be alright. I promise,” he whispers against your skin, offering a half-hearted smile.
You can feel the way you are slowly crumpling under the pressure of your own emotions. A part of you yearns to tell him everything right here, right now, but another part, which carries the fear of messing everything up is enough to make your heart stop beating. 
Being in love isn’t as easy as people make it look like, you think, struggling to hold back tears that fight to break out. 
“Excuse me for a second,” you manage to choke out while standing up, dashing towards the bathroom. You don’t know if he has followed you or not, but you quickly lock the door, turning the shower on to muffle any type of sounds from you.
On the other hand, Jungkook stands in front of the bathroom door silently. His heartbeat is so loud that one might say that it’s gonna beat out of his chest. He’s anxious, fuck, he’s scared. What if you do something stupid? He’ll never be able to forgive himself if something happens to you.
He knows you and how your mind works. He knows that you feel like a selfish piece of shit for wanting him to stay here with you. And he hates that. He hates it because even after knowing exactly what you’re going through, he can’t help. 
There’s a constant battle going on in Jungkook’s system — a battle between his heart and his brain. The logical side of him still wants to move away and follow his dreams. Why? Because what if you don’t reciprocate his feelings? What if he’s just a friend to you? Will he be able to continue living his life normally if that happens? Will you be willing to continue this friendship? 
But, the part of him that is blindly in love with you, that wants to be with you forever, begs him to stay here and never let you go. He can’t possibly breathe air properly without you by his side. Maybe he sounds like a fool, but he doesn’t care. He needs to make a decision, and he needs to do it soon.
Devastating sobs wreck your body, your knuckles going numb from the pressure on them. You clutch on the sink for dear life, struggling to breathe properly as you feel the world closing in on you. Your head hurts and it feels like every single cell in your body is screaming at you. Do something, do anything. Please.
With the last ounce of strength you have left, you turn off the shower. Your sweaty palms slip on the door lock. So, you wipe them in a towel, fumbling with the lock again. It takes a while but the door creaks, announcing its opening. 
Jungkook wastes no time to get you out of the confines of the bathroom. His heart breaks when he notices your state, body shaking, eyes red and clothes soaked. “Muffin…” he trails off, his own eyes tearing up.
“I– I want to tell you something. Before you leave this damsel in distress behind for good. Just promise that you won’t hate me.”
“You’re not a damsel in distress! Shut up! And you think I can hate you? Wow. I don’t even know what to say.” A few tears escape his eyes, and you reach out to brush them away with your thumb.
“Why are you crying?” 
“Are you kidding me right now? Do you know how fucking scared I was? I thought— I thought—”
“Shh.” You press your index finger against his lips. Jungkook stops breathing for a second, watching you come closer. His hands wrap themselves around your waist instinctively. Your chest is heaving, wet clothes uncomfortably sticking to your skin as you lean into his touch. You let your lips press against his neck, his arms tightening around your sides. “I love you, Jeon Jungkook. And before you be a dumb little boy and say that you love me too, ‘m gonna tell you that I don’t mean it in a friendly way. I’m in love with you. I want you to kiss me whenever you’re in need of intimacy, I want you to cuddle me to sleep at night, I want to go out on our dream dates and cook our meals together, I want to be yours. Body and soul.” 
When you’re done whispering your confession against the sensitive skin of his neck, you realize that he’s still holding his breath. “Say that again.” He clenches his jaw, his heart rate dangerously high. 
“I love you. I want to be yours. I want to do cute couple shit with you and make everyone jealous.” The next thing you know is that you’re pressed up against the nearby wall, hands pinned over your head. Jungkook looks at you like he’s looking at a newly found ____, his breathing uneven.
“I love you too. So fucking much. I’m gonna make you mine and give you the whole fucking universe because you fucking deserve it.” 
You lean in to press your lips against his, to which he eagerly complies. Although it starts off as a cautious and sweet kiss, it doesn’t take much time to turn heated and incredibly needy. Jungkook growls, sucking onto your lower lip before prying his tongue inside the hot welcoming pool of your mouth. You moan immediately, euphoria coursing through your veins when your tongues start fighting for dominance. He wins the battle soon enough, controlling the pace while his hands explore your body.
He takes his sweet time to explore your mouth as well as the sensitive spots all over your body. Discarding your clothes hastily to feel your skin against him, he rips off your bralette. But you don’t care. You too, follow his lead and pull away slightly so that you can remove the layers of clothing from his body. 
Jungkook has you entirely naked except the yin necklace in seconds, his muscular arms throwing you over his shoulder in a frenzy and carrying you to the bed. You whine as you still try to pull off his pants, and he chuckles. 
“You’re unreal, baby. Look at you, so beautiful,” he coos, looking at your splayed form on the bed. The more he looks, the more it makes you feel shy. You cross your legs and cover your chest with your hands, closing your eyes and whining again. “No, no. Don’t hide yourself. Let me see you, please. I’ve waited for so long, baby.” 
You feel the bed dipping, his weight joining you on the bed as he hovers over you. You feel his yang chain dangling in the air between you two. He gently pushes away your hands and legs, leaving you bare and vulnerable under him. “You’re so pretty, my pretty little babygirl.” Jungkook notices the yin pendant resting next to your head, a wide smile blooming on his face. “Oh. You’re wearing it too?” 
“We promised that we’ll always wear them,” you whisper, fluttering your eyes open. Two pools of honey look back at you fondly, leaning down while placing the yin pendant on your chest.
“Yin to my yang.” He nuzzles your nose before touching your foreheads together. You smile, pulling him in for another kiss.
Jungkook trails wet, open-mouthed kisses over your jaw, neck and collarbones. You moan when he finds a majorly sensitive area. He lets his right hand massage your breasts, breathy whimpers falling off of your lips. His mouth sucks on the nape of your neck, wetness gathering between your legs from his ministrations. 
“Oh, Gguk…” Threading fingers through his hair, you pull him even closer, desperately wanting him as close as humanly possible. The groan he lets out vibrates against your skin. He finds your lips once again, fingers pulling and pinching on your hardened nipples.
“Fuck, oh god,” you moan when Jungkook briefly licks on your stiffened peak, gauging your reaction before diving in. He presses your tits together, hungrily licking and sucking onto them while kneading the soft flesh. 
“So responsive, fucking hell.” He mutters under his breath, his eyes trained on your movements as you writhe under him from pleasure. Your fingers are still buried in the strands of his dark hair, pulling on them for dear life. He grunts and groans, grazing his teeth teasingly over your nipple.
“Oh my god!” your body shudders, a sudden release catching both of you off-guard as you cry and moan in pleasure. Jungkook watches you ride out the high lustfully, a guttural sound leaving his throat.
“Already? But I didn’t do anything yet, baby.” 
You try to catch your breath, stuttering a reply, “Sorry– ugh, ‘m sorry— I didn’t know that I–”
“It’s okay, I liked it. It was sexy,” he nudges his nose with yours, fingers running up and down your sides. 
“It’s been so long since I’ve been touched like this… I’m sorry.” 
“Shh.” Jungkook shushes you, unlocking the yin and yang and letting your locket slide back on the bed. “Want to taste you.” Giving you one last kiss on the mouth, he continues to press butterfly kisses on your skin, following the path between your breasts. He smiles when he feels your hand reaching to intertwine with his. He places random kisses all over your tummy, inching downwards until he’s finally facing your mound. 
“You’re glistening, baby, already so wet and ready.” He hums, parting your nether lips and admiring the slick flesh hiding under it. “Fuck, I’ve wanted this for so long now,” Jungkook mutters, flattening his tongue against your core to lick a fat stripe.
“Gguk!” you whimper, thighs spreading further on its own accord. His nose briefly presses on the swollen nub as he provides you several kitten licks. 
“You taste so sweet. Like a muffin.” His voice is dangerously low, and it goes straight through your cunt. You shiver and mewl. If he doesn’t pick up speed, you might just lose your mind.
Thankfully, he himself is losing his patience. Jungkook enters your dripping cunt with his tongue. A groan escapes him when he feels your gummy muscles squeezing him appreciatively. 
He grunts, pushing harder and deeper, your essence filling his mouth. Your toes curl, and he softly brushes his thumb on your clit. You moan loudly, hips bucking up. As you try to move with him, tongue delving in and out, he thumbs your clit and rolls it in tight circles.
Your back arches, effectively pushing your pussy more into his face. Jungkook groans at the feeling. Your whimpers paired up with the sound of him eating you out bounces off the bedroom walls. 
Your hand tightens its hold on his hand, the spare one balling into a fist. He softly plucks his tongue out, eagerly licking you like you’re water and he’s been thirsty for a long while now. He leaves the warmth of your cunt to wrap his lips around your clit, sucking and grazing his teeth on it.
You pull on the bed sheets, and he gives your clit a soft bite. Before you can comprehend anything else, two of his fingers slide inside you. It’s a rather tight fit, but he’s not bothered.
“I’m gonna stretch you out so well, baby.” Jungkook purrs, starting to move his fingers in and out of you. The first few thrusts have your knees buckling even though you’re lying down. He somehow manages to brush most of the sweet spots inside you, a string of incoherent words leaving you.
“That’s right, it feels amazing, doesn’t it, babygirl? You feel so good around my fingers.” He increases his pace to see how you react, and he’s blessed with a needy whimper that has his dick throbbing in the confines of his boxers. 
“Please…” you close your eyes, craving more. You can feel his lips curling up against your skin.
“Please what? You have to be more specific,” Jungkook hums, teasingly running his tongue over your slit while his fingers halt inside you. You whine out of frustration, trying to move but his iron grip on your hips stops you from doing so.
“I need more. Please, Gguk… Oh—” He curls his fingers inside you, starting to move them again. His mouth latches back on your clit, coaxing a moan out of you. He scissors his digits in your cunt and you gasp. “I’m– I’m gonna come!” you cry out, head lolling back.
“Then do it. Cream my fingers like a good girl.” Jungkook grunts, adding a third finger inside your wet heat. The feeling has you screaming his name, eyes flying shut. “Look at you. Making such a mess and I haven’t put my dick in yet. Can you hear how fucking wet you are?”
You let out a wanton moan, your inner walls squeezing his digits as the squelching sound seemingly increases. He curses under his breath, suckling on your clit and keeping up the ruthless pace of his fingers. You shudder and writhe, his name falling off your lips like a prayer. Dangerously close to your release, you feel the pleasure coil inside your stomach tightening.
“Holy fuck!” Jungkook rests his forehead against your lower belly. Your cunt clamps down on his digits, heartbeat going crazy as you reach your peak without any warning. Chest heaving, you try to catch your breath.
“Look at me, ____.” 
You struggle to open your eyes, but eventually, you manage to meet his gaze. A whine escapes you when you see his chin glistening under the soft light of your bedroom. Adding more to your devastation, Jungkook extracts his fingers from your core, immediately putting them inside his mouth. 
“Gguk,” you whine, averting your eyes. He climbs back up on you, tapping on your lips with his index finger. 
When you look at him confusedly, he murmurs, “Open up.” Your cheeks heat up from embarrassment, realizing the reason behind his actions. You bite down on your lower lip, taking a deep breath before you finally part your lips eagerly. 
“Mmh!” you flutter your eyelashes at Jungkook and start sucking on his digits, the scene making his cock twitch inside his underwear. Tongue gliding across his fingers sensually, you let out several moans and whimpers, making him groan out of frustration.
“Stop giving me those eyes, baby, I won’t be able to control myself.” He grunts, removing his fingers from your mouth. He gets rid of his pants immediately. You gulp, noticing the massive bulge between his legs. Inhaling a shaky breath, you let your eyes take in the glory of his thighs, your pussy clenching around nothing.
“Like what you see?” Jungkook smirks, lips finding yours in a heated kiss. You cry out, holding onto his tattooed forearm for dear life. He grunts when he feels your wetness rubbing against his clothed cock. “So impatient.” His mouth catches your earlobe, his own hips starting to move against yours.
“Gguk… please, I need you in me.” Your voice is barely a whisper. With an impatient growl, Jungkook pulls down his boxers, his hardened cock springing out and slapping against your stomach.
A whine escapes you at the sight of his veiny, huge member. You rub your thighs together, watching the precum dribbling down on your tummy. He notices how flustered you’ve become, a chuckle rumbling in his throat. “I will ruin you babygirl, gonna fuck that innocence out of you.”
“Yes, fuck me!” You are straight up desperate at this point, cunt aching to feel him inside you. Jungkook huffs, suddenly remembering that he doesn’t have any protection with him. 
“Baby… I don’t have a condom.” His lips form into a pout, and you wonder how he can be so cute and sexy at the same time. 
“I’m on birth control.” Your reply is quick, legs wrapping around his waist to pull him closer.
“Fuck! You want me to go raw?” 
“Yep. Want to feel you.” Jungkook doesn’t waste another second, his hand gripping on his length to slide it along your wet slit. You let out another cry, eyes snapping shut. “Please don’t tease me, I can’t.” 
“Shh,” He shushes you, and soon enough, you feel the blunt, velvety head of his cock poking at your entrance.
“Oh my god!” A scream escapes you when he starts pushing in, his forehead resting in the crook of your neck as he waits for you to adjust. His girth stretches you out much more than you’ve experienced before. You writhe and whimper, feeling like it’s your first time all over again. A few tears wet your cheeks and Jungkook hurries to dry them.
“It’s okay, you’re okay. Relax, baby,” he murmurs against your skin, slowly sinking all the way in. “Let me know when you feel ready, okay?” He presses a kiss on your knuckles, threading your fingers together.
It takes you a while, but you eventually manage to adjust to the foreign feeling. Jungkook hisses when he feels your hips trying to rock against his. “Can I move now?” 
“Yes! Fuck,” your voice is heavy with need which makes him groan. He grips onto your hips, starting to pull away. Just when you’re thinking that he’s gonna pull out entirely, he slams back inside, eliciting a high-pitched moan from you.
“I’m sorry,” he whispers, “I’m so sorry, I don’t think that I can be gentle right now.” 
“Ahh– it’s– it’s okay, I like it rough.” 
“Good god.” Jungkook growls, hips slapping against yours rhythmically. You take a hold of his right hand, trying to wrap it against your throat. “Fucking hell. Is that what you want me to do to your cute body? Fuck! Such crude actions from an angel like you.” He gently grips on your throat, applying minimal pressure that has your head spinning. 
“Jungkook!” Your scream is muffled by the sound of his cock pounding into you. His eyes stay fixed on your breasts, that jiggle with each thrust of his length. 
He laughs breathlessly into your hair when you tense around his cock, his thrusts hitting your cervix, deeper than before. It doesn’t take long for the pressure to coil low in your body, your skin tingling with warmth.
You don’t manage another word, but you don’t really need to. Jungkook slips a hand between your legs, finding your clit with unerring accuracy and rubbing it in tight circles. You scream his name, writhing as the waves of bliss roll over you. Through the haze you notice that he is still inside your cunt, hard and throbbing. He kisses you fervently, hissing when he takes in your debauched state. 
“I’m not done with you yet,” he mutters, dropping his forehead to yours and ramming his cock into your pussy. You curl your arms around his shoulders, mesmerized by his darkened eyes and the way they are focused on you. He keeps his movements rough, but there is a new, fragile intimacy between you two.
You glue your mouth over his, your breaths mingling as you taste each other. Jungkook moans when you buck your hips, meeting him halfway and grinding your clit over his pelvis. His hold on your legs tightens and you know that he is close.
“____– fuck, babygirl, I’m going to come so hard.”
You rake your nails through his fluffy hair, nodding frantically. “I’m all yours,” you whisper, voice breaking. He gives a few more hard thrusts and shudders, reaching his orgasm with a low groan and coating your walls with his thick, milky load. The feeling sets you off as well and you bury your face in his chest, whimpering with each spurt and twitch.
Blood pounds in your ears as you stroke the length of his back, your cheek resting on his racing heart. Over stimulation makes you feel a bit dizzy, soft whines leaving your parted lips. Jungkook caresses your thighs and nuzzles your locks, panting slightly. It takes a few moments for both of you to shake off the high – you raise your head first and look up at him. His eyes are warm, expression content.
“Please tell me that I’m not dreaming,” He mumbles, cradling your body in his arms. 
Your eyes soften at his words, and you kiss his temple, reassuring, “You’re not, Gguk. This is very much real. We are together.” 
“Let me take you out on a date tomorrow.” Jungkook presses a lingering kiss on your chest. “And the day after tomorrow.” Another kiss. “And the day after that too.” Another kiss.
“Sure… I’d love to go out on dates with you.” You manage a smile, his warm breath fanning over your neck. Before you know, your eyes tear up, a sob tearing itself from your throat.
“Oh my god— what happened?! Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” 
You shake your head violently, taking his right hand and kissing his body art. “We only have six days left together… Isn’t it so tragic?” 
Jungkook frowns immediately, remembering that he’s supposed to leave for another country within a week. His heart breaks, arms clutching on your body tighter. “Baby…” 
“I’d ask you to not leave but that’s extremely selfish.” 
“No no, it’s selfish at all, sweetheart. I promise to have a long, hard thought about this. I– I don’t want to leave either. How am I supposed to survive all alone, now that I finally have you?” 
“Gguk… you don’t have to–” 
“Shh, let’s not think about it right now. Just… I love you so much, muffin. You’re my world.” 
“And you’re my universe, Jungkook. I love you too.” Your eyes glisten with unshed tears, his brown orbs looking back at you fondly.
You don’t know what the future has in store for you, but you do know that he is in it. That is everything you’d ever want.
Tumblr media
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11 — after school activites
Tumblr media
you weren’t the most religious person, but the sight in front of you is making you pray so the ground can open up and eat you.
contrarily to how you feel, a lot of people would kill for your situation; four of the campus crushes are completely swarming you and every single one of them is vying for your attention.
“so… did you guys do anything more than a kiss?”
“what the actual fuck, kaeya?”
“what was i supposed to ask?!”
you can hear the infamous brothers bickering on your left.
“how much did childe pay you?”
“ayato, play nice!”
the childhood friends from your right keep each other in check.
you consider fake fainting just so you can get out of this situation; your current situation with childe is already way too embarrassing, adding whatever this is into the mix just makes you wish you hadn’t entered this predicament in the first place.
as you were about to shut your eyes and suddenly drop on the ground to scare the boys, your knight in shining armor finally arrives.
“you’re scaring her.”
a deep voice interferes with the bickering of the four, their conversations come to halt as they look towards the direction of the interruption.
you feel your heart beating erratically against your chest, and when the older man comes close to shield you from the others’ further investigation, you pray once again hoping that he’s unable to hear.
this is your first time this close to the student council’s president, and you silently thank childe for bringing you.
the guy turns his head to you, nodding towards your way, “i’m incredibly sorry about them…” he smiles apologetically, before glaring at his friends for displaying bad manners to childe’s alleged girlfriend.
“it’s fine! don’t worry, they didn’t bother me.” you lie, smiling back shyly while gesturing at the boys.
you think that mona is finally rubbing off on you after all these years; while before you would have not hesitated to call them out for their unruly behavior, you find yourself lying through your teeth in attempt to appease zhongli.
“i like you already!” kaeya whistles, cheering.
“can’t you see that she’s lying?” his brother, diluc, snarks before muttering something along the lines of ‘that’s what you get for wearing an eyepatch’ under his breath.
“just because everyone can’t stand you doesn’t mean it goes the same for us,” kaeya bites back but diluc remains unfazed, as if this occurrence happens frequently with them.
a look of disapproval from zhongli is all it takes for them to shut their mouths, and you almost laugh at how submissive they are under your crush’s command.
“why childe?” ayato, whom you know as ayaka’s older brother, asks out of nowhere.
“looking at you, zhongli’s more of your type.” he continues and no one dares to move at this.
you could feel the sudden shift in the air around you. it became so much heavier, the oxygen you’re breathing feels unpleasantly still and damp— like it never went fully into your brain.
“are you using childe to get closer to him?” he points towards zhongli and you feel as if the air inside your lungs has been knocked out.
in the first few moments you have ever spent with ayato, so far you have gathered two things:
first, ayato is a major douchebag; he’s a complete gargoyle compared to his angel sister.
and second, does he know about your arrangement?
a snarl from your left comes defending you, “that’s low even for you.” and obviously tense kaeya says as ayato remains unmoved. you see thoma nudging the kamisato beside him, trying to pacify the quarrel that’s about to start.
“that’s enough.” your knight in shining armor says, his voice vibrating throughout the ground, “i called the four of you here to help around, not to bother one of our volunteers. now scram and do your jobs as student leaders.”
ayato finally backs down, shrugging as he leaves. thoma is quick to follow, although unlike the former, he mutters an apology on behalf of his friend.
kaeya takes a step closer to you to which zhongli responds with an intense gaze, but as the blue haired boy makes his intentions clear, the council president finally lets him through.
“don’t mind ayato, he’s probably joking around. besides, that’s just how he is with childe,”
“he’s doing bad as a friend then.” you respond curtly to which kaeya snorts at. “i really like you.”
the brothers take their leave, with the younger telling you he’ll see you again.
as you’re now left with zhongli, you start to notice the symptoms of nervousness all over your body. you begin to sweat buckets of water, your hands turning clammy, and your heart resumes to beating loudly against your rib cage. as much as you’d want to flee from the scene, you are unable to do so as invisible vines are holding you still.
“once again, i’m deeply sorry about them.”
“it’s fine! i… it didn’t bother me anyway, i mean.. it did kind of bother me but i didn’t take it to heart.” you manage to stammer out and great, now you look like an utter fool in front of him.
if your chances with zhongli were little before, now it’s reduced to zero.
“it doesn’t matter if you didn’t take offense in it, it doesn’t change the fact that ayato has overstepped his boundaries.” the older reasons out, he offers a polite smile— the one that you offer to a complete stranger.
he gestures at the path in front of you, telling you that he’ll take you on a stroll around the school premises to show you around.
“i take it that childe brought you here to help?”
“yeah.” you try your best not to grumble at the mention of the ginger.
“and you agreed? you must be a good person then.”
you try your best to refuse telling him the truth— i’m not a good person zhongli, the only reason why i agreed is because i was promised to see you— it was complete irony that the reason why you’re in this situation anyway was because of your lying nature.
so instead of telling him the truth like how a masochist (or just an overly honest) person would, you settled for doing what you do best:
“a good person for helping around or for going out with childe?”
cover up whatever your dilemma is with comedic relief.
you feel zhongli forcefully straighten up as he tries to hold in his laughter; he does not know if it’s appropriate to laugh at the expense of his friend.
“the former, i suppose.” zhongli answers, “but i’m happy that childe has found someone.”
you momentarily still, turning around to the older as you try to decipher what he meant.
“even if childe seems to be surrounded by people, he does still feel lonely sometimes. not even us, his friends, can draw him out in that box he made for himself.”
“i noticed how he didn’t randomly withdraw from conversations these days. we wouldn’t have known that it was because of you if childe hadn’t revealed his relationship,” zhongli adds, he offers a twinkling smile, genuinely relieved that his friend might have found someone for him.
you gulp your own saliva in order to lubricate your dry throat and not because you could feel another wave of guilt eating you whole.
whatever made childe less lonely was definitely not you.
“well, i suppose everyone feels lonely from time to time,” you decide to comment, trying to stir the topic away. the man beside you hums, “maybe.”
“do you?” you tried to resist the urge to ask but to no avail. “feel lonely, i mean.”
zhongli stays silent and you fear you might have asked him something extremely personal, but when he turns to you to respond after thinking of his answer, your worry went away.
“from time to time.”
“well, are you seeing someone?” the other’s eyebrow rises to your question so you immediately supply, “i mean, you know… so you could feel less lonely?”
“i am…” he clears his throat, “i am not seeing someone. and if i did, it wouldn’t be for the purpose to feel less lonely.”
the revelation surprises you more than you’d like to admit and you’re left wondering why you feel disappointed when in fact, you should be happy. you should be shaking from happiness in your position right now; you just found out that your crush for three years is readily available and is not seeing anyone else. although things are completely different now because while zhongli is single and ready to mingle, you were everything not.
in everyone’s heads, most especially zhongli’s, you’re already going out with his friend.
it’s almost funny that the reason why you’re in a fake dating situation right now ended up being a completely false rumor.
while you would normally jump at the chance of dating zhongli, you’re pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to do so without looking like a homie hopper. you honestly couldn’t care any less with how people would think about you, but you’re pretty sure you need to remain in zhongli’s good graces to actually date him.
plus, like childe would have said, you were already knee deep in this situation.
“besides, i find animals a much better company.” zhongli confesses and you feel your heart swell.
“you can tell a cat all your problems and it wouldn’t tell a single soul. you know their intent right off the bat; they approach you for food with no ulterior motives.”
“yeah, they can snitch on you to their cat friends though.”
zhongli chuckles.
“but honestly speaking, i find myself enjoying the company of animals more too.” you lie.
growing up, you never participated in the “are you a dog person or a cat person?” discussions because you weren’t really either— you have yet to make an attachment with one.
“i mean, i love my friends and all but sometimes you just need some peace and quiet by yourself.”
you see zhongli smile but only this time, it was genuine. as if you were now a level above than a stranger, the council president beams at you.
you feel a tug on your heart. (sure, you made him genuinely smile but did you really want it to be because of your harmless lie?)
“i’m glad you think the same.”
silence befalls between you two, and you relish at the quietness of your surroundings opposed to the ruckus earlier with his group of friends. he looks deep into your eyes like he’s trying to read your soul, trying to understand how your mind works and measuring the hours as he wonders if it’s the right time to bring up a topic.
“i volunteer at an animal shelter, i’d be happy if you could come visit sometime.”
you feel your heart soar as you realize that you were just personally invited by your crush.
“they have this old cat, she’s the kindest but she’s asleep most of the time.” zhongli’s voice reverberates through the ground, “you’d love her.”
“are you implying that she suits me well because i sit on my ass most of the time?” you jokingly accuse.
“i wouldn’t dare.”
you both pause for a moment before breaking into a fit of laughter; zhongli figures that you were refreshing, you knew when to take things seriously and when to jest. you’re a perfect match for his friend, because as much as he cherishes the ginger, he does think that childe needs a little bit of extra help in reading the room.
“what are you two laughing about?”
you hear a familiar voice interrupting your moment with zhongli.
“oh childe, you’re here.” you were the first to greet your ‘boyfriend’ and zhongli immediately follows suit. the redhead takes a step closer before putting an arm around your shoulders, pecking the top of your head as a greeting.
“should we call it a day and walk home?”
“ask zhongli.”
“ah, of course you two may go. childe is done with his duties anyway, and you’ve been a great help earlier today.”
“that was nothing! i felt like i did nothing much anyway.”
the ginger bumps his hips towards yours with such force that it almost ended with you on the ground. you sneakily pinch his side to which he almost yelps, “aH— you’re too humble, babe.”
“your extra hands were very much appreciated.” zhongli agrees.
“alright, mr. president. i’ll walk this girl home if you don’t mind.”
with zhongli quick to dismiss the pair of you, you were now on your merry way to the school’s gates to exit the premises with childe.
with childe’s arm draped around your shoulders.
“you have bad timing.” you angrily say.
“we were having a moment and like a huge cockblock you are, you interrupted us.”
childe snorts to your direction before retracting his arm from you. “you sure you weren’t imagining things?”
“fuck you.”
“that’s not what others would say.”
“you’re such a child!” you exclaim before marching forward in an insane pace. you put at least a foot of distance between the both of you and you hear him yell,
“hence the nickname, sweetheart!”
god, were you really supposed to walk home all the way with him?
Tumblr media
sitting down at one of the stools in the convenience store, you munch on the cookies and cream ice cream childe bought for you as you watch people pass by. you turn to him as he opens his mint chocolate flavored one.
“i still don’t understand why you like that.” you refer to the cone he’s holding.
“you wouldn’t because your taste buds aren’t fully developed.”
“you’re calling cookies and cream childish?”
you dramatically gasp, slapping your free hand over your mouth as you look like as if childe had insulted your entire clan.
“you named yourself childe and you think my ice cream flavor is the childish one?”
the ginger snorts before placing a hand on his chest as if hurt, “i’m offended that you think my name is immature.”
“it literally is.” you reply accompanied with a roll of your eyes.
quitness envelopes the both of you and the next minute is spent with eating your ice creams in silence.
“you sure you don’t want to try mint choc?” he teases.
you don’t reply, only scoffing at the idea of you biting into the childe-saliva infested ice cream.
“why did you choose childe?”
“out of all the names you could have picked, why childe?” you ask.
“ajax is a warrior who dies in the end of his own tale; i’d rather be called childe that be reminded by my impending death.”
the both of you halt from further eating the sweet in your hands.
“well that’s just stupid.”
at this, childe snorts.
“of course you’d find it stupid.”
“was that supposed to mean something?”
“nope, it’s nothing.”
the both of you resume at licking your ice creams.
“is that all? i’m sure there’s a deeper meaning to it.”
your fake boyfriend grunts, as if slightly annoyed with the barrage of questions you keep on asking.
“i’ll tell you the actual reason for another time.”
“what about you? is there more to it for your name?”
it was his turn to ask and you try your best not to snark at him.
“it’s just y/n.”
childe raises an eyebrow, attempting to prod you for more information.
“that’s just it, i swear.” you tell him truthfully, laughing at how simple your answer is. “i bet i’m not even the most interesting person you know.”
childe scoffs, “give yourself some credit,” he says as he flicks your forehead playfully. “you were the first one with enough guts to kiss me without consent.”
you hit his arm with your available hand, your eyebrows furrowing. “when are you going to drop that?”
you hit him in the arm again.
“okay, o-kay! i’ll s-stop!” he says in between laughter, before pointing at your face as he mutters ‘you should see your face’.
“we can give your name meaning, if you want.” the ginger says after calming himself down. this makes you raise an eyebrow at him; awaiting for whatever unseriousness that might come out of his mouth.
“y/n means someone who is bad at chemistry.”
everything stills and childe feels like he should run if he still wants to live.
he sees you raise your fist— a warning he supposes, that’s why he immediately tries to cover it up.
“—bad at chemistry at first but ends up being an expert because they’re hardworking?”
you scoff at how badly his attempt to make ammends with you went.
“i’m being serious with giving your name a meaning though.” the male beside you tries once more. he smiles, genuinely smiles. for the first time, you can see how he looks like when he’s happy, instead of the usual playful and chaotic demeanor he has.
“what about let’s make memories and associate your name with it?”
“that’s corny.”
childe grins, “and stupid?”
“and stupid.”
childe breaks out into a laughter and you can’t help but to crack a smile.
“but yeah let’s do it.”
Tumblr media
love equation [ prev / masterlist / next ]
embarrassed by your three year (and counting) long crush on zhongli, you suddenly claim you have a boyfriend. there enters childe, your crush's best friend and the one who'll either help with your lie or report you to the police for harassment. or in which caught up in a lie, you had no choice but to kiss the closest person next to you.
FEATURING: childe x she/her!reader, a little bit of zhongli x reader, other genshin impact characters! (they are too many to list)
TAGLIST: send an ask to be added! [1/2] @r0ttenhearts @afoxesgreed @kairxse @cameshitpost @xingqiusliegee @kalncallily @aiikalvr @rrasado @belovedxiao @kunisbeloved @raideneiari @multifandoms27-blog @xxyuixe @rifran @ode-to-spring @arraxthatsonjah @thedeadbitchwalking @miitchiji @kaoyamamegami @shrslair @ajaxstar @duckyyyx @kunikuzushicandegrademefr @dee-zbignuts @sashiette @goodthingimsam @bah1e @happycheesecakedelusion @diyonicus @blov3d @kavehmylove @jan-penakulu @tsunotaro-san @carmoronic @kunikuzushisbeloved @nottherealslimshady @tsukuyo-kou @lisaslittle-helper @xiaoyksa @keithsaccount @vampfishie @empathum @anneliese500 @katthehatt @dee-zbignuts @scaraslover @klementime @nachotrash @elouxia @crispynutduck @leafinapuddle @dazaiscum @divinekeira @slvdsjjk @alianaluvsu
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Tumblr media
EAH was one of my very favorite cartoons as a kid, and I've been enjoying it's renaissance very much, so REDESIGNS!!! (I've done a bunch over a couple months and put them on Instagram, but I figured I'd move them here cause Instagram sucks, so if you've seen them before over there that's why)
I think the original designs are aesthetically pleasing, but they're not super practical for the characters- case in point! Gay icon Darling Charming
I'm gonna put all my design notes under the cut so if you don't care about that carry on, have a nice day
Darlings original design is fun, but it doesn't serve an obvious purpose, at least not that I can see. She clearly wears armor on the outside of her outfit, the Marie Antoinette poof is a bit strange to me, and she has very little visually tying her to Dexter and Daring. I wanted to emphasize her secrecy, but also her passion for puzzle solving, riddles, combat tactics, ect. when she's around the people she trusts (as if the queer metaphor wasn't obvious enough)
Here are some details that just make me happy
-First, the hair. I knew I wanted to give the White Knight a more unique look, and I wanted to simplify it overall. I LOVE the original armor, but it would be a huge pain to animate, and I don't have the patience for that, so I went for a masquerade-ball-three-musketeers-vibe. The braided bun is still a fancy, regal style, but it's a lot easier for her to manage in her uniform
-I tried to synthesize the color schemes of the Charming siblings. They all have a pit of yellow, a bit of pinkish red, a bit of blue. The twins lean heavy into yellow and blue, with splashes of red where thematically appropriate. Darling doesn't really communicate with Daring much, so she has the least amount of red. I think having more muted colors in comparison to her brothers also emphasizes the fact that she's hiding herself. She is very much defying her family with her ambitions, and she has to work hard to keep it under wraps. Sort of related, I gave her a tooth gap, because it's a cute design detail, but also to act as a "flaw" to contrast with Daring. Daring's primary physical trait is his ungodly perfect teeth, so I thought it'd be fun to give her an "imperfect" trait, like Dexter and his glasses. There's nothing actually wrong with them, but it's a failure to reach the insane expectations that the Charming family has cultivated over the generations. Basically the Charmings are petty and I feel bad for the youngest generation.
-Speaking of concealment! There are a couple bits that I thought would be fun to hide throughout her outfit. First, the skirt is flowy enough and the shirt is positioned just right so that you can't tell, but she has pieces of leather armor on at all times. She saves the plates for wonderland. She also wears gloves to hide the callouses on her fingers from swordfighting! She also probably keeps knives in her hair somewhere. Pulling a small switchblade out of the base of her bun just seems like something she would do
-Final thing, I gave her a scar! From what I can tell, she's always been very rough-and-tumble, so I gave her a scar over her brow. She likes to pretend it's from a Mysterious Incident to mess with her friends, but really she was wrestling Daring when they were like, 4 and 6, and she bonked her face into a table. She got over it real fast, but Daring got a long lecture about it, and that's when he started getting over-protective about her
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euphoricimagination · 9 months
𝑾𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒕𝒆𝒂𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒕𝒆 𝒋𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒆𝒕
Feat. Osamu, Kenma & Sakusa
Warnings: None
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The school festival has always been chaotic for the team, some of you had to find a balance between helping the team stand and your own class. One of them was your boyfriend, since he was a great cook, he was asked to help both sides.
After the team finished in the stand, Osamu went straight to his class while you stayed with Atsumu walking around the school.
“Ya think we can get some free dango? Or maybe mochis?” asks Atsumu
“Why would they be free?”
“Because Osamu is working on that stand. I'm sure if ya ask him he will give ya some free stuff” says as if it was the most obvious thing ever making you roll your eyes.
“This is to gain money for his class, I'm not asking for free stuff” you chuckle at his pout “let's go to get some coffee, I'm freezing here”
“If ya were wearing more clothes on, ya wouldn’t be so cold, ya idiot” says flicking your forehead slightly.
“I was cooking in the stand, ya asshole! It was hot in there!”
“Whatever” says with a smile while taking off his jacket and putting it over your shoulders. As annoying as he can be, he cares and loves you a lot; after all you were dating his brother and he more than anyone knew how happy you make him “Here, I'm yer knight in shining armor. Thank me later”
You continue walking around after getting your coffee, fighting with him and laughing your ass off with his way of thinking.
It was relatively late when Osamu finished in his class stand. He was tired after all the work done and was craving your touch. He found you outside, laughing with Atsumu and Suna (who joined you at some point of the afternoon). He can't quite understand the feeling he has at the sight; he absolutely loves that you have such a nice relationship with Atsumu, but seeing you with his twin clothes instead of his makes him so annoyed.
“Hi sweetheart, everything ok?” he asks you while passing you a box of the leftover’s sweets
“Yeah, it was fun. How about you? Sold a lot?”
“Mhm. Let's go to my house, I'm tired” says taking the jacket off your shoulders and throwing it into Atsumu's head before walking away with you.
“Yah! What was that for! And where are ya going? We live together! Wait for me!”
“Fuck off for a minute, ya asshole!” says Osamu back at him before turning at you and putting his jacket on you “Let's go sweetheart, lets leave the idiot behind”
Tumblr media
Being Nekoma’s manager was rather easy considering that the majority of them were more in the responsible side. But that doesn’t mean that you were excepted from chaos. And that was confirmed by the call of Kuroo at 5:30 am.
He had to arrive a bit earlier for a special meeting with the coach, but he woke up late and barely got dressed on time, making him forget his gym keys and calling you for help.
To say you were annoyed was an understatement.
So there you are, opening the gym door at 6:00 am with an apologetic Kuroo behind you. Despite being beyond annoyed at the captain, you still are friends with him; but since you dressed up so fast, plus the fact that you stayed up until late chatting with your boyfriend Kenma, you forgot to put a jacket on, making you shiver.
“Here chibi, put this on” tells you Kuroo with a small smile “you can go and rest for a while, we'll wake you up later”
Without a second thought you took his jacket and move to the corner of the gym to sleep a little more. Sure, it wasn't the most comfortable position, but it'll will do for now.
You were so tired that you didn't hear the rest of the team enter, all of them frowning at the red thing in the corner. The frown, however, was much deeper in Kenma's face. Not only he was wondering why you were here so early, but also why were you cuddling in Kuroo's jacket.
“Hey, love” he whispers to you, caressing your head while you open your eyes “What are you doing here so early?”
“Kuroo forgot his keys and woke me up” you pout, unconsciously cuddling more into the jacket. Kenma feels something on the pit of his stomach that he never felt before. Is he angry at Kuroo for waking you up so early? Yes, he is, but there's something else. Is it the fact that you're wearing his jacket? He's never been jealous of your friendship with Kuroo, so why now?
“That idiot” he says making you chuckle. Even though you’re tired, you still can make up his little frown, followed by some redness in his cheeks while taking his jacket off “Here, Kuro needs it back, use mine”
“No he doesn't, he's literally warming up right now” you say with a smirk forming. He just sighs in frustration; he knows you know, nothing ever passes you.
“Please, don't make me say it” he begs now, passing you his jacket
“Say what Ken? What are you talking about?”
“Just use my jacket, okay? I gotta go” say with his face even redder, walking away to warm up. You knew exactly what was happening, so you took Kuroo's jacket off and immediately cuddle into your boyfriend's, more than happy to wear his.
You went back to your sleepy state soon after, but you could have sworn that you saw Kenma’s face break into a lovesick smile the moment he saw you happily in his clothes.
Tumblr media
You were walking through the school shaking due to the cold weather. The winter was getting closer, and for some reason the weather was already getting colder than ever.
Going to the gym, you decided to go and see if your boyfriend Sakusa could let you borrow his jacket. If you had tell someone about your plan, they will probably tell you you’re crazy. THE Sakusa? Passing you HIS jacket? The dude that refuses to touch others because of their germs willingly giving someone his jacket? Good joke.
But what they didn’t know it’s that Sakusa, the supposedly germaphobic student, had a extremely soft spot for you. No matter how many time you hug him out of nowhere or steal his hoodies, he can’t just get mad a you.
Entering the gym you noticed that the team was practicing before having an actual practice match, your boyfriend extremely concentrated in receives to even notice that the door opened. Not wanting to interrupt him you go and sit into the nearest bench, making Komori noticed you almost immediately.
“Hi Yn! What’s up?” he says getting closer
“Nothing much, just freezing”
“It did get cold out of nowhere, want my jacket?” he told you taking his jacket from the opposite side of the bench and passing it to you “Sakusa left his in the lockers and I don’t think he noticed you arrived”
“Sure, I don’t want to interrupt him”
You put on Komori’s jacket when he went back to practice, too cold to do something else. Minutes pass, more and more students arriving to see the team practice, making Sakusa finally notice the people around and therefore, you. His face unconsciously turns into a smile, which soon disappear when he noticed the bright yellow jacket on you. Didn’t he left his jacket on his locker?
“Hi angel” says sitting beside you after giving you a quick kiss in the temple “were you waiting too long?”
“A few minutes, but don’t worry, I love seeing you practice” you say passing him his towel which he received with a little smile. However, he can’t fully enjoy your presence knowing that you’re wearing someone else jacket, eyes slowly shifting to your body “Komori saw me first and pass me his jacket when he noticed how cold I was”
“Ah, I see…Wait me here” with that he stands up and quickly left you on the bench. Although he knew that you and Komori were close friends, admittedly he knew you first and introduced the two of you, it still made him feel uneasy. Is this feeling part of love? This annoyance by seeing you in his cousin jacket? “Here, put this on”
“But I have one on…”
“Yeah, but it’s not mine and I don’t like that” he helps you up and takes the jacket off, immediately putting his on so you don’t catch a cold “there, looks much better”
“Jealous much?” You joked
“Well, yeah. You’re mine angel”
Tumblr media
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