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its him.. the april fool...
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Rainy autumn 🍂
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|| part 1 || part 2 || part 3 coming soon... ||
man sabo really thought he'd get away from ace that easy, huh? well tough shit buddy you just got the attention of one of the most stubborn men on the seas. i do wonder how this'll play out now that sabo's cornered... hehe >;3
textless versions below the cut for those who want to look at. pictures <3
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(skipped page 5 due to. y'know. it not having any dialogue)
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when dean and castiel supernatural have gay sex it’s so good it makes dean cry
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What if we just... didn't like 'em like that?
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second round of 3L/LL drawing requests! :)
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𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐧𝐨𝐰 | 𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐞 𝐦𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
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summary: alone in your family’s winter cabin, you feel like you’re being watched by something inhuman. and when a stranger turns up on your doorstep, begging to escape whatever’s out there, you have no choice but to let him in.
warnings: 18+ mdni! this is another dark fic, babes, so please proceed with caution. dubcon/noncon, mentions/implications of murder, blood drinking, monsterfucking, oral sex (m receiving), fingering (f receiving), unprotected piv. if any of this seems triggering to you, please do not continue reading. you are responsible for your own media consumption.
wc: 4.8k
a/n: remember the game ‘until dawn’? it’s one of my favs. i‘ve been wanting to write more vampire!eddie lately, so i decided to cook up something winter-themed and a little spooky. if you’ve played the game before, you know the vibe i’m going for.
Tumblr media
When night falls, it starts to snow. You wouldn’t be able to see it if it weren’t for the light on the front porch; the first few yards of land stretching from the lodge are bathed in its brightness, but further out, the dark creeps in and swallows the snowy landscape whole. 
The tip of your nose burns from the cold, your body alive with shivers—but you’d needed a smoke. So here you are, mouth pursed around your cigarette, watching the snow fall in heaps of blurry white. Your free hand is stuffed into the pocket of your hoodie, curled into a fist for more warmth.
Your mother’s worried voice pierces through your thoughts: Are you sure you’ll be okay? Staying here alone? What if something goes wrong?
She’d left for the airport with the last of your family members early this morning. Your flight departs tomorrow afternoon, so you’re spending a night in the lodge by yourself. It should make you uneasy, you think, if your mother’s worry were any indication. But you find peace in the silence of the old log cabin, empty corridors echoing sounds of the fireplace crackling and the force of the wind hitting the windows. Plus, you can smoke without a lecture from one family member or another. 
Craning your head back and exhaling a puff of smoke upwards, you watch the cloud disperse into the frigid air. Calm crawls outward from your center, a warmth from within that reaches its tendrils to the very ends of your limbs, the tips of your fingers. You shut your eyes briefly. A hot bath and a frozen pizza sounds like a good plan for the night. Maybe you could even crack open the novel you’d brought with you for the trip — you hadn’t had time to read while your family had been here. 
You step forward to reach the edge of the porch, where the wooden railing has collected some of the snow being swept in by the wind. The end of your cigarette hisses in protest as you push it into the melted ice. You slip the butt of the cig into your pocket to throw out when you get back inside, and just as you give the front yard one final glance before heading in through the front door, you hear something. 
Out where the trees are weighed down with heavy deposits of snow, there’s something moving. You can’t see what it is, exactly, but you can see where the branches are shaking with movement, lumps of snow rustling and dissolving like powder as it falls. You watch for a moment, body frozen in place with your hand on the doorknob, as something shudders upward through one of the trees. You can’t catch what it is, exactly, but you track its movements with the rustling of the branches. The porch light flickers.
“Fuck no,” you mutter to yourself. Wrenching the door open and rushing inside, you make sure to lock yourself in. It was probably an animal, you tell yourself, but adrenaline pumps through you nonetheless, like jolts of electricity; your shivers from the cold are overtaken with tremors of fear. 
What if something goes wrong? 
Your mother’s voice rings out in your mind again. As if to rid yourself of the thought,  you shake your head, rubbing your eyes with the heels of your hands. You’re tired, you decide. And being out here alone is creepy. That’s all there is to it—you’re being paranoid. 
Still, it does make you feel better to turn on every light in the cabin.
Your appetite isn’t quite there, but you put the frozen pizza in the oven anyway. It gives you something to do. After you busy yourself with tidying up the living room and putting on some records to keep you company, the uneasiness that had settled in your system earlier has slowly faded away. You hum along to The Cure, folding up blankets and dropping them into a wicker basket by the sofa, fluffing pillows and doing the little karate-chop trick your cousin had taught you once. It definitely looks… Different. You’re not sure if you’ve done it right. You cut the pizza up into uneven slices, eat one standing up by the stove. The rest you leave for later, when you might get a midnight craving.
Cranking up the volume when “Pictures of You” starts playing, you gather a change of clothes and amble into the bathroom to get the bath running. It takes a good while to get the water hot enough, but you’re selfish with it, since it’s just you. Once you’re satisfied, you ease yourself into the water—it does everything for the remnants of your frayed nerves, relaxing your every muscle immediately. You let out a long, heavy sigh. Your eyes fall shut.
Even behind your closed lids, you can sense the lights flickering. Light, darkness, light. Your shoulders rise with a shaky inhale, eyelids fluttering open again to examine the room. It’s perfectly lit, same as before.
Then begins the scratching. The… Walking.
Steady, rhythmic thumps sound out from above. The roof creaks under heavy footfalls, squeals when something drags against the asphalt shingles. You’ve gone cold again, even as steam rises from the piping-hot bathwater, your hair clinging to your temples with perspiration. 
Though you’re not sure what you’re expecting to see, you look up at the ceiling, eyes moving to follow the noises. They start far-off, but as your blood rushes in your ears and your muscles tense till they burn, the thumps and grating scrapes grow closer and closer until they eventually stop.
Right above the bathroom. 
Oh my god, you think. This is it, huh? This is my horror movie moment. I’m fucking dead. It’s over. 
It’s so silent for so long that your ears start to ring. Your vision even feels blurry after staring up at the ceiling for so long. 
You yelp in surprise when something hits the bathroom’s only window, loud and heavy enough to sound sizable. Now that’s certainly enough to get you out of the bath, your body moving on pure instinct to rise out of the water and clamber towards the towels, wrenching one up to wrap it around your shaking body. You dry off in a hurry and throw on your sweatpants and a shirt, taking a bit longer than you’d like because of your shaky hands. And just when you think you can’t get more terrified, your body a live wire wrought with energy, the doorbell rings. 
It rings again. And again. And again. Whoever’s on the other side must decide that the doorbell doesn’t work, because they switch to knocking instead. It’s a persistent rhythm that they punch into the wooden front door, loud and clear in the lodge even with the record player blasting. 
“Shit,” you hiss under your breath, jaw clenched hard. “Lullaby” blares from the speakers; the familiar track does nothing to calm your nerves as you creep out of the bathroom and towards the kitchen. For a knife, naturally. You pick out the biggest one, steel glinting in the lamplight as you pass through the living room like a specter, skulking to the door in silence. This is stupid. This is so stupid. I’m dead.
You’re suddenly thankful for your foresight — not a window in the house is left uncurtained, the blinds drawn tight to block visibility.
When you finally reach the door and peer through the peephole, your breath catches in your throat. Dread pools in your belly at the sight of a man on the other side; he looks to be around your age, dressed poorly for the weather in jeans and a dark sweatshirt. His hair is a messy mop of dark curls, snow caught in the wind-swept locks. And he’s shivering, breath puffing out around him as he lifts his fist and raps against the door again. You’re watching him but you still manage to jump a little at the noise.
How are you supposed to handle this? It’s the type of situation that you hear about on the news: Lone Girl Snowed in at Family Cabin, Gets Brutally Murdered and Disemboweled by Handsome Stranger: The Dangers of Good Samaritanism. 
You’re still clutching this obnoxious kitchen knife in your right hand, white-knuckled and practically vibrating with nerves, when the stranger yells out, “Hello?”
He pounds on the door again. “Helloooo? I need some help—my car broke down just down the road. Fuck, it’s cold out here. Can you help? Please?”
He listens while you watch from the peephole. You’re barely breathing. 
“I know there’s—I know someone’s home,” he calls out, “I can see the lights. Please, I just need to use the phone.”
That’s his last bid for help, you think. He brings his hand up to his face, pinching the bridge of his nose in obvious distress. His eyes look panicked, frantic. He lingers on the porch for a few moments, then finally, he gives up and turns to leave. 
And that’s when, stupidly, your resolve breaks. You unlock the door and pull it open a crack—just enough to peek your head out. You hold the knife just out of view. 
“Hey,” you call out, and he turns towards you immediately, disbelieving. “I can call someone for you. Just… Wait out here, okay?”
The man nods quickly, hands lifting up, his palms facing you. “Sure. Whatever you can do. Thank you, thank you so much.” 
You give him a tight smile and nod once before shutting the door again. And making sure to lock it. 
The phone is hooked up in the kitchen. You drop the knife onto the countertop and lift the phone from the receiver, dialing the police department’s non-emergency line. This is a small town, mostly a vacation spot, so the police don’t have much to do aside from helping tourists like this guy—they’d be quick to get to the scene, you figure. It’s a Monday night. He won’t have to wait out there long.
As expected, it’s a brief call that ends with the operator assuring you that an officer is on their way. You thank her, feeling much more at ease now that you’ve talked to someone else, and hang up. 
The man starts pounding on the door again.
You jump like a spooked cat, shoulders rising. “What the fuck? It’s been five minutes.”
A little annoyed at the persistence of his knocking, you huff as you approach the door again and open it with a yank. 
“They’re sending a—”
“Fuck! Thank god, holy shit, there’s—something’s out there,” the man pants, casting periodic glances backward at the landscape behind him. It’s dark, darker than it was when you’d come out here to smoke, and you can’t see much past where the driveway would be under all the snow. Your mind flashes back to what you’d seen in the trees, the sounds on the roof, the banging on the window. Based on the night you’re having, you believe him immediately, even though the logical side of you wants to think he’s crazy. 
“Something? What’s something?” You try to ignore the way he’s getting closer to the door; your hand squeezes around the doorknob. You could shut it on him now, you realize. You could close the door and leave him out here to wait for the cops to come, and if there’s actually something out there, if he’s not just batshit insane, you’ll be safe. 
“I-I don’t know, just please, can you—can you let me in?” 
There’s that look in his eyes again. The panic. He’s like a deer in headlights, panting and shivering and squeezing his fists at his sides. 
I’m such an idiot, you think, and you open the door for him. 
He rushes inside, an endless stream of thank you thank you thank you leaving his lips. You lock the door and your mind goes back to the kitchen, where the knife still sits on the counter. 
“What the fuck was that?” The stranger cups his own face with his hands. His eyes nearly bug out of his head as he paces in the foyer in his snow-covered boots. “There was—fuck, it was—”
You interrupt him. “I saw something earlier. It was… In the trees. And then I heard something, too. What did you see?”
“I don’t know,” he says. “I don’t fuckin’ know, it was this… Shadow… Person? I can’t explain it, it was fucking insane, a-and there was blood.”
“Blood?” You shriek. 
“It’s—that’s what it looked like. There was blood in the snow.”
You know you locked the door, but you check again. “The, um… The cops are on their way.”
Your car will be fixed, you want to say. Maybe they can save us, you want to say. You bite your lip.
“Good,” he says. He’s still panting. 
You glance towards the kitchen. “Wait here,” you tell the stranger, pausing for his nod of agreement before you pad over the hardwood to the other room. In the kitchen, you find the knife and grab hold of it, though you’re still not sure what to do with it. Is it unreasonable to take it with you? Do you seriously need to threaten this stranger because you’re freaked out? 
“How long do you think they’ll take?”
His voice is so close. You hadn’t even heard him approaching, but when you spin around to face him, he’s standing right on the other side of the kitchen. Not shaking anymore. 
“God, what the fuck? I told you to wait there,” you snap. He doesn’t really react, just drops his gaze to the knife in your hand. 
“What’s that for?”
You flush. “I was scared earlier—when I was hearing shit. When you knocked.”
His eyes linger on the knife as you clutch it in your hand. Truth be told, you’re not sure if you want to put it down right now. You should put it down, shouldn’t you? He’s not threatening you. It’s what’s outside that you should be worried about. 
But he’s starting to scare you.
Something’s different about him now. He’s not shaking, sure, but there’s something else. He seems calm. Eerily so. It’s a stark contrast from the way he’d acted in the foyer a minute ago. 
“Is it for me?” He asks suddenly, stepping forward with the question. You back up until your hips hit the edge of the countertop. 
“No,” you lie. 
“You sure? You’re not scared of me?” You shake your head.
He stalks across the kitchen, making a bee-line straight for you. Your heart is thudding against your ribcage so rapidly you think it might burst, chest tense with anxiety. When he makes it to you, he reaches for your wrist and closes his fingers around it. He gives you a harsh squeeze and the knife clatters to the floor, your body jolting at the sound. “Then why,” he asks, “would you need that?”
Your blood has gone cold in your veins. And the source of it all is where he’s gripping your wrist, his hand so cold against your skin it almost burns. 
Now is the first time you get a good look at him. He looks rough. Like he’s been freezing the entire night. His skin is so pale he looks sickly, and even his lips have gone nearly purple. You feel guilty for a moment, thinking that had happened because you’d made him wait outside. But the longer you look at him, his dark eyes boring into your own, his grip on your wrist unyielding, the more you get the sense that he’s… Unearthly. 
“Earlier, I was asking when you thought the cops would get here,” the man says, sighing. “Wanted to know how long I’d have with you.”
He lets go of you and uses his newly freed hand to reach up to your cheek, fingers splaying out over your jaw. “And when they get here, I can kill them, too.”
Kill them… Too. 
Your eyes go wide. Your breathing stutters. “What?”
He laughs, a humorless little chuckle that makes you feel stupid and patronized. “You really aren’t the smartest.”
“You can’t do that,” you sputter, trying to squirm away from him, but he grabs your hips and slams them back against the countertop. “You can’t k-kill me. I helped you! I let you in.”
“That’s the fucking problem, babe.” He laughs again. You catch a glimpse at him while he does, and you notice the sharp, pointed ends of his teeth. But before you have time to process what you’re seeing, he grabs a fistful of your hair and yanks your head back, baring your neck out for him. There’s a sharp sting at the spot where your shoulder meets your neck, and then you feel his tongue lave over that same spot. Warmth pools out of the wound, gushing hot into his waiting mouth. 
“Oh my god,” you hear yourself say, and your voice sounds so small, so helpless, you can barely recognize it. You listen to the sounds of him drinking your blood, gulping loudly every time he builds up another mouthful. Whether it goes on for five seconds or three hours, you can’t tell—a sort of trance comes over you as you’re helpless under his towering frame, completely at his mercy. You think of nothing but the sensation of your blood leaving you.
When he’s done, he detaches from your neck and licks the wound dry. Out of the corner of your eye, you see him wipe his mouth with the back of one hand, his other reaching over to guide you to look at him. His fingers pinch your chin. 
“You taste good,” he says, like it’s the most casual thing in the world. Like his lips aren’t stained red with your blood. Like his teeth aren’t stained red. “Bet you feel good, too. Tight, probably, you’re so scared.”
He smiles down at you almost affectionately, his eyes far less sharp now that he’s had something to drink. He looks almost drunk, lids half-shut, pupils wide. And his skin isn’t as ghostly—he looks flushed with energy, his cheeks dusted with the prettiest shade of pink. Even his hair looks like it’s fallen into place, and now you’re finding yourself in a predicament, because bet you feel good, too rings out in your empty head until you’re letting him lean in to kiss you hungrily. It’s the kind of kiss that’s claiming, his hands squeezing your hips, his fangs brushing your lower lip until it breaks the skin. He licks at the leaking wound until you’re whining, your hands outstretched to grab onto his sweatshirt and tug him closer.
“Oh, you’re so good,” he murmurs against your skin when he breaks away to kiss the length of your jaw. “You’re gonna make this easy for me.”
You shouldn’t want to make it easy for him, but you do. The fear you’d felt moments ago changes form,  contorts into something different; your cunt clenches around nothing as he kisses down your neck and licks some more blood clean from your now-healed wound. You inhale sharply, just barely holding back a moan, and he notices, his hips rocking forward to press up against you. 
“Think you should get undressed,” he tells you, pressing a final kiss to your neck before he backs away and leaves you to it. 
Under his piercing gaze, you lift your shirt over your head and toss it to the floor. You hadn’t put on a bra earlier; the sight of your bare tits makes his mouth water. Your sweatpants come off next, and when it’s time to hook your fingers under the fabric of your panties, he reaches out to swat your hand away. 
“I’ll do it,” he says. He lets his palm smooth over your hip, his touch much warmer now than it had been earlier. He kisses you, slow and deep, and when he pulls back, he’s guiding you forward with his touch on the small of your back. “There’s a couch in here, isn’t there?”
There is, and you lead him to it, in a trance. The fire is somehow still blazing in the living room when you get there. It’s warm and peaceful, a soothing balm to the eerie energy from earlier in the night. You go to lie down on the couch, but before you can get too far from him, the stranger pulls you back to him by the arm. His fingers press hard into your skin.
“You need to do something for me first,” he says, expectantly. You feel numb and stupid, but not too numb and stupid to know what he wants—you nod and lower yourself down onto your knees. He smiles at you fondly. “Perfect.”
He tugs off his sweatshirt and you undo his jeans. When you finally muster up the courage to reach into his boxers and work his cock from them, your breathing shudders. He’s so hard it seems painful, the head of his dick flushed a dark, angry red. You’d never seen a dick that looks heavy before—now you have.
“You’ve got it, gorgeous,” he murmurs when you lick a stripe up the underside of his shaft. Your tongue lingers on the head, darting over his slit to collect the precum that had seeped out. It makes him dizzy, the needy way you lick at his cock like it’s going to sustain you. Maybe you think it will. Maybe you think he won’t kill you.
When you finally close your lips around his length, you take it so deep that it genuinely surprises him. His brows pull together as a low moan rumbles in his chest, one hand falling to grab the back of your neck. 
“You’re good at this,” he says. He lets you suck his cock for a few precious minutes, admiring the sounds you make: slurps, moans, gasps, gags. It feels great, it really does, but he’s mostly enjoying the sight of you like this. So scared that you’ll do something as depraved as this. Or maybe you’re not scared—that wouldn’t surprise him, either. Maybe you really want to do this with him.
It definitely seems that way, because when he tugs your hair until you get the hint to get off his dick, you whine, your eyes all round and glassy. 
“You didn’t do anything wrong,” he assures you, though you know his words are laced with faux-sympathy. “Just wanna fuck, I need to hurry up.”
He sits down on the couch and spreads his legs wide, patting one muscled thigh to encourage you to sit in his lap. And of course, you obey. You turn your back to him and sit down with your legs spread over his, your back pressed against his chest. He kisses your cheekbone. You lean into his touch on instinct. 
“God, you’re so sweet,” he hisses. His hand moves to cup the mound of your cunt through your panties; you moan when he drags two thick fingers over the imprint of your pussy. The fabric is soaked, you can tell. He chuckles into your ear. “I’ll do you a favor, since you’re so good.”
Pushing the fabric of your underwear to the side, he dips a finger between your folds. He plays with the well of wetness at your entrance, your cunt so leaky his fingers are soaked in an instance. Still, he takes his time, even in spite of the fact that he’d said he didn’t have any. The rough pads of his fingertips graze over your clit, all puffy and swollen with arousal, and your hips buck so strongly he lets out another laugh. His free arm snakes around your waist to hold you still. 
When he finally sinks a finger in, you think you might die just from the pleasure. It’s just one finger, but the sensation has you nearly dizzy; he lets another finger slip in, too, and you’re done for. Any semblance of caution you might have had left in you is gone, because now you’re truly enjoying this, his fingers deliciously rough in the walls of your needy cunt. You’re so wet that his fingers make obscene squishing noises every time he fucks them into you, making a mess of his entire hand. 
“Hear that?” He asks, though there’s not a doubt on his mind that you do. “S’all you, sweetheart. So fucking wet. You have no shame, hm?”
You shake your head, sputtering out, “N-no, no…”
He just laughs again, working his fingers into an upwards curl that has fireworks exploding behind your closed lids. It’s clear to him that he’s found something blindingly good for you, so he fucks into that same spot again and again, hurtling you ever-faster towards your release. And when it hits you, the moan you let out is ragged, desperate, pleading. You gush around his fingers as he keeps finger-fucking you. He only stops when you rock your hips backwards against him, the round flesh of your ass brushing against his cock deliciously. 
“Ah, fuck, you’re needy,” he breathes, though his cock twitches at your attention. “You’re gonna take me just like this, yeah?”
“Y-yeah,” you say, voice hoarse. You nod and nod and nod, body otherwise limp as he manhandles you right where he wants you. He leans further back into the couch and spears you open on his cock in one fluid motion, pulling you down into his lap until your ass is flush with his pelvis. “Oh shit,” you pant, “oh my god, oh my god…”
You can’t see his face, but you can hear the sharp, ragged breaths he’s taking in. The grunts caught in his throat. The curses under his breath. He lifts your hips for you and slams them back down, his cock splitting you open once again, the head prodding so deep you can feel it somewhere in your guts. 
It’s a rough, animalistic way to have sex: him slamming up into you, grabbing you to pull you down further when you can’t do it yourself. It’s hard to move as quickly as he wants you to, so he doesn’t let you do it for long—when he gets impatient, he delivers a stinging slap to your ass, grabbing at your waist with a punishing grip.
You’re not sure what you’re feeling, but you know it feels good. The pain, the pleasure, even the fear. You let him use you as he wants, his release rapidly creeping up on him. “Fuck,” he growls, the gravelly tone sending shivers dancing through your overstimulated nerves. “So good, you’re so good, you’re making me come already—shit, holy shit…”
You feel his controlling grip falter, his hips rocking into your ass one last time before the warmth of his spend paints you from the inside. You’re gasping for air, your pussy raw and aching; he doesn’t make any effort to move you when you lean backwards against his chest for support. Sweat has both of your bodies slick.
The haze of what just happened wears off slowly as you lie there, your hands curled around his forearms in a comforting grip. But the longer you stay there, the more fear begins to prickle up within you again. You realize that you don’t even know his name—you don’t know who it is that just fucked you and drank your blood. You don’t even know if he’s going to kill you.
Right on cue, there’s a knock at the front door. It’s silent in the house, the last song on your record long over, so you can hear it clear as day. 
He—the man you don’t know—stiffens under you. 
“Fuckin’ forgot about this guy,” he grunts, sounding deeply irritated. His voice is heavy as if he’d been dozing off with you in his lap. “Stand up for me, sweetheart? Thank you.”
You watch him gather his clothes and dress himself again, but you’re too tired to do anything but climb back onto the couch. Too tired… And scared. Your sense is returning to you, the reality of what he’s getting dressed for creeping up to the forefront of your mind. When they get here, I can kill them, too. 
Once he’s dressed in his outfit from before, he approaches you on the couch. You’re still naked and flushed from sex, but you pale a little when he leans in. “Don’t be like that,” he coos, “we just had so much fun.” 
You frown, but he pulls you in for a kiss anyway. “I’ll be right back, okay?”
Body sinking into the couch cushions, you watch him turn and walk towards the front door, his footsteps so silent it’s like he’s hardly there. The door creaks open, and his voice sounds out from the foyer. 
“Hey, officer, thanks for coming. We’ve been dying for your help here.”
Somehow, you doze off while he talks at the front door. You don’t hear the altercation that ends with a dead cop on your doorstep. And you don’t smell the blood on the stranger in your cabin when he wakes you, hours later, to bend you over the couch and fuck you from behind, his teeth sinking into the back of your neck: sharp, brutal, aching.
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Good game Technoblade, rest easy king ❤️
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PRINCESS MONONOKE 25TH ANNIVERSARY Released July 12th, 1997 • dir. Hayao Miyazaki
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Tumblr media
Leosagi flufftober - Day 4 - Interlock fingers
I know this is cheesy. But it's like- a beautiful coincidence I just think about a lot when i draw them.
The possibilities~
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Sleepy Moony from a magma just now ^^
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stunner ♡ (for anon ♡)
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We started together. Let’s end this together. PARTNER IN CRIME (2022)
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In Your Arms
Tumblr media
Yesterday <- || -> Kinktober Masterlist
Day Twelve: Threesome w/ Jaehyun & Mark
Word Count: 6,525
**a uni au with bisexual!jaehyun, bisexual!mark, and this does involve member x member to a certain degree
Tumblr media
Up until this point in the night, you’d not wondered if coming to the NCT frat’s Halloween party was a bad idea. You’d been having fun, but now, you were second-guessing your decision.
At the moment, you were busy wiping fake blood off your throat and chest after one of the drunk frat guys had thrown a water balloon filled with the stuff at you. You didn’t think anything of it when there was a soft knock at the door, when Mark cracked the door open and peered inside.
“Woah, what happened to you?” He asks, slipping inside, shutting the bathroom door behind him. 
You’re not sure what his costume is. He’s wearing sweatpants and a band t-shirt, a hat sitting backwards on his head, and he’s not wearing shoes. Maybe he’s not even dressed up.
“Fake blood.” You smudge at your chest, glancing up into the mirror to catch Mark ogling your tits. When he looks up a second later, realizing that he’s been caught, he smiles sweetly, his expression so genuine that you can’t even be mad. “Have you seen Jaehyun? He told me he was going to get me something else to wear.”
You neglect to tell Mark that the reason Jaehyun, the third in your inseparable trio, is fetching you something clean is because he was there when the fake blood balloon hit. He took the brunt of it as, at the moment when it hit, he had been fucking you, pinning you against the back wall of the pool house, not that it had done much to keep you out of sight. Someone had clearly spotted the two of you and decided to interrupt with the balloon.
“Yeah,” Mark folds his arms across his chest, leaning back against the bathroom door. “I saw him.” 
“Shit,” you groan under your breath, as you shove the tissue down the front of your top. The sticky liquid--whatever it is--has dripped down between your boobs. You don’t really care if Mark watches; he’s skinny-dipped with you and Jaehyun before, so he’s already seen it all.
“Can I ask you something?” Mark asks. 
Distracted as you are with cleaning yourself up, you don’t even think before telling him to ask away. You don’t look up at him in the mirror as you reach a hand down your top, palming your tit so you can do your best to wipe at the underside.
Mark shifts with his back to the door, the wood creaking a little. 
“So,” he says casually, “How long have we both been fucking Jaehyun?”
For a moment your world splinters. What did he just say? 
“What did you just say?” You abandon your cleaning efforts, turning to fully face Mark. 
“How long have we both been fucking Jaehyun?” Mark repeats. “I know you’ve been at it for a few weeks with him at least, like, you’re not as sneaky as you might like to think. I have eyes. And ears. His bedroom is right beside mine.”
You’re not sure what to say. 
For one thing, you hadn’t wanted Mark to find out that you were fucking Jaehyun. He was the other third of your trio, and with you and Jaehyun together it would shift the dynamic if Mark knew. So you had done your best to keep it a secret. It’s not like you were dating Jaehyun, but Mark might feel excluded. 
Only now do you realize that Jaehyun had apparently been doing his very best to keep Mark feeling included.
Or, maybe, you realized, it was you that he’d included after the fact.
“How long have you...?” You trail off. “We started about four months ago. The second night of the All-Day All-Night Sun and Moon Birthday Extravaganza and Bonfire.”
That whole thing had been a mess. Haechan and Taeil’s birthdays were only about a week apart, so they decided to throw an enormous birthday party for themselves. Originally it had been a one day, 24-hour event, but those set hours expanded to fill three days of endless chaos and drinking. 
It was night two bordering on day three when you and Jaehyun and Mark were all drinking together. The party had mostly tapered out for the night. A few of the guys were still drunkenly singing karaoke inside. The three of you were sitting outside on a picnic blanket, drinking around the dying embers of the bonfire. Mark passed out at some point, his head pillowed on Jaehyun’s thigh, and you and Jaehyun had kept drinking and giggling together over silly nothings, until suddenly Jaehyun kissed you.
It had taken you completely by surprise, but it wasn’t unwelcome. Even though you hadn’t been sure about his feelings towards you, you’d been crushing on him since almost the beginning of this friendship two years ago. So when he pulled away, with a high flush in his cheeks, you’d dragged him back in.
But when Mark had grumbled something in his sleep, shifting his head on Jaehyun’s thigh, you’d both broken apart, remembering that you weren’t alone. And maybe it was the heat of the kiss simmering under your skin or maybe the drinks you’d had, but something inside you evaporated your brain-to-mouth filter, and the words just flew out when you asked, “D’you wanna fuck?”
Jaehyun had been nice enough to carry drunk Mark inside, leaving him in the care of the karaoke-ing boys before he snuck you up to his room. 
That mini-episode of the All-Day All-Night Sun and Moon Birthday Extravaganza and Bonfire hadn’t lasted terribly long. But it was good. A highlight of the three-day party.
Which is why you’d done it again and again.
Mark stares at you now as you’ve made your confession. “Four months ago? Impressive.”
“And what about you?” You press him for an answer.
Before Mark can voice his answer, there’s another knock at the bathroom door, and the door is shoved open, knocking Mark forward.
“Oh, sorry, bro,” Jaehyun apologizes as he slips in, oblivious to the mildly tense atmosphere between his two lovers. To you, he says, “Here, you can wear this.” 
He holds out a shirt to you, one of his favorite baggy ones that will definitely fit you like a dress. You know you should put it on now, take off the probably ruined outfit you’re wearing, but Mark is still staring at you.
“Jae, Mark knows about us.” You say the words quickly while holding Mark’s gaze. “And he told me that you’ve been fucking too.”
Best to just put it all out there in the open, you decide.
You expect Jaehyun to do one of three things. One, he might just flat out deny it. Two, he might say that one of you is lying to the other. Three, he’ll admit that he was sleeping with both of you.
Jaehyun takes the unexpected fourth option.
“Yeah, and?” He looks back and forth between you and Mark before he thrusts his hand out towards you, still holding the shirt he’s lending you. “Are you two not fucking? I thought this was an all three of us kind of thing?”
You wonder how many times tonight you’re going to be so caught off guard that you’re speechless. First was the balloon of fake blood splattering across you while Jaehyun was balls-deep inside you. Second was Mark’s little bombshell. Third is this. 
Mark actually laughs. “What?”
“Yeah,” Jaehyun deadpans. “Like, I thought I was being obvious with both of you, but I also thought it seemed like you two were hooking up too. If you’d seen yourselves, you would get what I’m talking about. Always cuddling, touching.” He looks right at you as he says, “Mark’s definitely jerked off thinking about you.”
“Dude!” Mark spins around, slapping his hand against Jaehyun’s arm. 
Jaehyun hisses, gritting his teeth. “What? You think I can’t hear you through the wall? Just come over instead of touching yourself alone; you know I’m always good.”
They begin to bicker back and forth, but you’re not listening. You’re still computing, wading your way through this flood of information. You know Jaehyun’s right. You also know that you probably should’ve seen it before now that they were hooking up too. 
You think of all the times that you’ve seen Mark wrap his arms around Jaehyun, tucking his nose against the elder’s neck. The number of times you’ve come over in the morning to walk with Mark to class or to take them both out to brunch, and you’ve found them both in Jaehyun’s bed, looking extremely comfortable. You think of the time you walked through the front door of the frat house to find Jaehyun on a beanbag chair, his legs spread with Mark kneeling between them massaging Jaehyun’s thighs, both of them staring at each other. At the time it had seemed like nothing; there were other members of the frat around.
But you think too that you can see what Jaehyun was saying about you and Mark. You do cuddle with him. You do sometimes fall asleep in Mark’s bed, but that’s never been anything sexual. Not really. You’ve skinny dipped together, wrestled together across the living room floor for the TV remote. You’ve helped him shower the one time he was so drunk he puked all over himself and desperately needed to be cleaned up. You’ve both seen each other naked several times. You’ve kissed his cheeks, he’s touched your ass. All of these things that didn’t seem like anything at the time. But now everything is reframing, the images in your mind lining up, and you see the bigger picture. 
Mark gasps in surprise when you suddenly lurch forward, grabbing his shoulder to turn him towards you, and you connect your lips with his. 
It’s not a well-coordinated first kiss. Your mouth bumps against his teeth, noses knock together. The kiss is more of groaning in pain into each other’s mouths than a proper kiss. 
“There,” you sigh as you pull away from Mark. “Now, we’ve all kissed.”
“I don’t think that really counted,” Mark says.
Jaehyun snorts, raking his fingers through his hair. “Right, I think you two might need to kiss again.”
So you do. This time Mark kisses you first, as if to prove to you that he’s a good kisser, that the first kiss was just a one-time mistake. This time he’s smooth with it. There’s no pain of facial features hitting together. 
“Alright now,” Jaehyun says after a moment. You feel his hand on your shoulder, pushing you back gently from Mark. “I think that’s enough.”
But Mark’s hands have drifted up to your chest, giving the curve of your tits beneath your dress a good palming. He doesn’t seem eager to let you go, moaning a little in protest as Jaehyun tries to make you stop again. 
“Stop it, we’ll have plenty of time for this later.” Jaehyun says, and you hear Mark moan even as he pulls out of the kiss. It’s only as you blink your eyes open a bit dazedly that you see why Mark made such a sound. Jaehyun’s fingers are at the back of Mark’s head, threaded tightly through a sizable chunk of Mark’s hair. 
“Later,” Jaehyun repeats, and not a moment too soon. 
Someone takes up knocking on the bathroom door. Only then do you seem to fully snap back to reality, remembering the fact that you’re in a bathroom in a frat house, that this is a Halloween party. The knocking grows louder and more frantic, paired with a drunk whine of “Let me in!” over and over. 
Jaehyun opens in and a drunk girl stumbles in, ignoring that the three of you are in there. You grab both Jaehyun and Mark by the hand, dragging them out of the bathroom to leave the poor girl alone. 
So, with your chest still sticky and your dress somewhat stained from the fake blood, you rejoin the party with your two best boys. Neither of them stray too far, all three of you are caught in the same orbit—hands sliding over waists, hands brushing, a lingering glance, bodies pressed together in the heat of the crowd of dancers in the frat’s backyard, Jaehyun lowering his head to Mark’s throat to lick up a bead of sweat while he looks right at you. 
Someone brings out more of the fake blood water balloons. They’re launched into the crowd, lobbed from overhead. Some are dropped from the windows of the house’s upper floor, some are possibly from the roof. Soon, the ground is slick with it, the crowd covered. Everything looks like a nightmare, but the party rages on. 
When Jaehyun kisses you, tasting the fake blood on your lips, he smirks and dives back in for more. “I think it’s raspberry jam, maybe,” he says, trailing his lips down your throat. From behind you, you feel Mark do the same, his tongue at your shoulder, licking up a splatter of red. 
You don’t care if people are watching, not when you have Jaehyun’s mouth on your collarbones, Mark sucking at the spot where your neck and shoulder meet. Mark’s hands are on your hips, his body fitted up right behind yours. You know people can see you, people who have only known the three of you as the inseparable trio, not as this new three-headed sexual entity you’ve become tonight. 
You don’t care that both of your boys’ hands wander, sticky and red over your body, smearing your skin even more, bringing the dress to a state of ruin that you know you’ll never be able to bring it back from. 
When it gets to the point that you’re gasping, sighing their names, clutching at the pair of them while you grind back against Mark, Jaehyun decides to call it a night. 
“Come with me.” He murmurs the words against your lips, but then his hand glides over your shoulder, reaching behind you to touch Mark too. 
Jaehyun takes your hand, and you take Mark’s. He leads the way through the crowd, weaving the way back inside, up the stairs, heading for the bathroom this had all begun in tonight. 
Mark locks the door when you’re all inside. No interruptions this time. 
Jaehyun turns the shower on, letting the water heat as he pulls his shirt over his head. Mark mirrors Jaehyun. Shirts disappear, chests revealed, the sticky drips of the jelly blood run over their chests, one long trail of it even reaches Jaehyun’s abs, and it’s Mark that goes for that. 
You watch him drop to his knees in front of Jaehyun, raising his pretty dark eyes to look up at Jaehyun’s face when Mark’s mouth touches skin, his tongue flat against Jaehyun’s belly. 
Jaehyun lifts his arms up, tucking his hands behind his head with a low moan, his eyes closing as Mark locks higher, tracing the taste all the way to the source at Jaehyun’s throat. 
“Get in the shower, hyung,” Mark commands, his lips on Jaehyun’s skin. 
Jaehyun’s pants are gone in an instant. He nearly stumbles over them in his hurry to step backwards into the glass shower. 
Only then do you remember that you need to undress too. You’re not just here as a spectator. You’re a very willing and eager participant in this show. 
As you begin working your fingers down the laces of the corset top of this dress, Mark strips away his last layer. His ass is always so perfect, round and cute, you’ve wanted to sink your teeth into it on multiple occasions, and judging by the current bruise in the shape of a mouth that adorns one cheek, you wonder if someone has. If that someone is Jaehyun, maybe. 
Your fingers work a little faster, jerking at the laces as you watch Mark follow Jaehyun into the shower. He presses up against the elder, their bodies flush together when Mark pins Jaehyun to the wall, his mouth moving with feverish intensity across Jaehyun’s chest and throat, kissing higher and higher until Jaehyun’s head is tipped back against the wall with Mark’s face buried in his throat. 
“Fuck, Mark,” Jaehyun moans. His fingers clutch at Mark’s shoulders. “Right there.”
At last the last of your laces is loosened, and you slide the dress down your body, shimmying it over your hips until it pools at last around your feet. 
“Me too,” you beg as you join them at last under the shower’s warm spray. You press yourself up against Jaehyun’s side, and he pulls an arm away from Mark to loop it around your hips instead, his throat vibrating with another moan as your mouth joins Mark’s. 
It’s a little too crowded with both of you at his throat, and you each move at the same time to free up a little space. You claim Jaehyun’s lips, his mouth opening for you to dive in and explore, while at the same time Mark sinks to his knees again. 
You’re too preoccupied with the way Jaehyun’s tongue is tangling with yours to take much notice of what Mark is up to. Only when you feel his hand on your thigh, when you feel his other hand bump against your belly do you break the kiss with Jaehyun to look down. Jaehyun takes that opportunity to moan, swearing around Mark’s name. 
Mark has his lips around Jaehyun’s cock, suckling prettily at the tip. His hand on your thigh massages, drifting higher and lower again, driving you wild as his fingers approach the deep heat throbbing between your thighs, only to massage back down your thigh again. 
Jaehyun kisses the side of your head, his fingers brush your jaw, drawing your attention back to him. When your lips meet his again is right when Mark finally stops teasing, and his fingers glide right along your slit, offering your clit some of that sweet friction you crave. You gasp, and Jaehyun just smiles into the kiss. 
Mark is good at multitasking, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. He’s always busy, involved in multiple clubs as well as the frat. He can juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, and you’ve never understood how he’s able to do that so easily, but it impresses you. And that ability at multitasking has never impressed you more than right now as Mark sucks Jaehyun off and swirls his fingers smoothly against your clit, dipping his fingers back further occasionally to pick up some of the wetness gathering at your entrance. 
When Mark finally does sink his fingers inside your hungry cunt, you have to break away from Jaehyun, a loud moan forcing its way from your lips. Both of them laugh as the sound echoes off the tiles, and you hide your face against Jaehyun’s shoulder. 
“Do Mark’s fingers feel good, babe?” Jaehyun teases. “Wait til you feel his cock.”
Mark looks up, his lips pulled into a smirk while he takes a moment to just jerk Jae off, licking his lips while his eyes meet yours. “Not to brag, but Jaehyun loves my cock, so I’m sure you will too. He’s always crying and begging for more when I’m in him.” 
Mark’s grin shines brighter when he feels your pussy give a throb of arousal around his fingers. 
“Do you like that?” He asks, stroking his fingers along your walls. “Thinking of us together? Bet you didn’t imagine Jae was the one taking it, huh? Can you imagine him with his cock leaking across his belly, pink in the face from begging me for more. He’s a cockslut. Right, hyung?” 
Jaehyun huffs out a laugh, only slightly amused at Mark’s story. “Don’t act like you’re not the same exact way sometimes, Markie.  Need to be filled from both ends or you’re not satisfied, isn’t that right? Gagging around my fingers while I fuck you?”
The visuals they’re giving you are too much. You can picture it all in your mind, layered over the present image of Mark holding his tongue out as he swallows Jaehyun’s cock down again. 
That’s when Jaehyun starts to take a more aggressive approach to Mark’s blowjob rather than his passive stance before. He rocks his hips forward, his hand letting Mark’s hair tenderly while he fucks Mark’s mouth. 
You don’t blame Mark for slipping his hand away from you. His slick fingers slide down the back of your thigh, holding on instead of fingering you. Your cunt throbs, hungry for attention, and you could touch yourself but why do that when there’s two men here with you? For the moment, you decide, you’ll focus on Jaehyun along with Mark. 
You consider dropping to your knees too. Sharing Jaehyun’s cock with Mark, mouths meeting around The shaft or the tip, both of you getting your faces painted with his cum. You can imagine it, but Mark’s sunken into the bliss of Jaehyun’s cock ramming down his throat, so you leave that to him alone. 
Instead you pay your attention to another spot you know Jaehyun has a weakness for. 
His sensitive nipples were something you found out about long before you started hooking up. One day hanging out with him and Mark, Mark had playfully twisted Jaehyun’s nipple through his shirt as retribution for something, and Jaehyun had moaned, his whole body twitching. He’d tackled Mark to the ground shortly after that, pinning the younger man beneath him and telling him in a voice just loud enough for you to hear that Mark knew how sensitive his nipples were, he couldn’t believe he would do that to him when they were in public. Maybe you should have known then that there was something a little more than just friendship between them, because Mark had followed that up with a laugh and touching Jaehyun’s ass in a pretty suggestive way before Jaehyun crawled off of him. 
Since that day, you’ve taken advantage of the knowledge of Jaehyun’s sensitive nipples several times. Tonight you do as well. 
“Really?” He groans when you drop your hand to tweak his right nipple, and he says, “You're both so—“ 
Whatever you and Mark are both so, you don’t find out. Jaehyun’s voice cuts off in a moan as Mark presses his mouth all the way down around Jaehyun, swallowing around him, his nose pressed against Jaehyun’s abdomen. 
You kiss down Jaehyun’s chest until your tongue meets the pert bud of his left nipple, your fingers still working over the other one. 
Jaehyun moans, short bursts of the sounds, quiet enough that with the shower running you doubt anyone outside of the bathroom can hear, but it’s near-constant. He presses his chest away from the shower wall against your lips and hand, your teasing ministrations at his nipples, driving a blush high into his cheeks and ears. 
Your tongue flicks over his nipple, his hips rocking forward, driving his cock down Mark’s throat. Your best friend takes it so well, his throat open and eyes lifting to watch you and Jaehyun. His hands brace on Jaehyun's thighs. 
“Mark, Mark,” Jaehyun moans, his fingers spreading across the back of Mark’s neck. “Want you to swallow it for me, bro. Be a good boy.”
And then he’s cumming. His abs go taut, his eyes close, he presses his hand against the back of Mark’s neck while he pushes his hips flat against Mark’s face. You hold your mouth against his chest, still lightly swirling your finger around the other nipple. 
When Jaehyun’s hand falls away, Mark starts moving again, sucking slowly, bobbing his head on Jaehyun’s cock. Jaehyun moans softly, his hips rocking gently to match Mark, until Mark finally pulls back, and Jaehyun’s soft cock slips from his lips. 
He stands quickly, reaching for you, his hand against your neck bringing you in for a kiss. As you angle your head slightly, as Mark leans in, you realize you can see some of Jaehyun’s cum dribbling from Mark’s lips. What you don’t realize until he’s already kissing you, is that Mark’s mouth is still full of Jaehyun’s cum. 
Mark’s tongue darts out between his lips, sliding against yours, teasing you into opening your mouth. And the moment you do, Mark seals his mouth against yours and pushes Jaehyun’s cum from his tongue to yours. It’s a stickier kiss than you’ve ever experienced, the taste bitter but sexy on your tongue. Mark pulls back enough that Jaehyun can see the sticky, creamy press of your lips, the passage of cum from tongue to tongue. It’s filthy and strange and hot. 
You kiss him until the cum is gone, until your lips tingle, and Mark slows the kiss. You want to reach for his hand, or Jaehyun’s, or both of them, and bring their fingers between your thighs. But they get distracted with each other again before you can do it. 
As soon as Mark is parted from your face, Jaehyun lands a hand on his shoulder. 
“I told you to swallow it,” Jaehyun tells him. 
Mark nods, his eyes crinkling as his smile grows. “Yeah, but you have to admit, that was so much better, dude.”
“Really, you’re gonna call me dude when your mouth still tastes like my cum?” Jaehyun asks, tightening his hold on Mark’s shoulder. 
Mark sticks his tongue out, a childish response, but Jaehyun darts forward, sucking Mark’s tongue into his mouth. 
Mark’s cock bumps against your thigh as he twists, the tangle of your three bodies together beneath the shower’s spray meaning there’s not a part of any of you that’s not touching the other two. 
“Hyung,” Mark’s voice comes out as a whine. “Dude, touch me or something.”
It’s you that slips your hand in between your bodies, fingers sliding over the last remnants of fake blood, the majority of which has been washed off by the shower you’re all not really using. Mark moans when your fingers circle the base of his cock. 
Jaehyun’s hand explores around behind your back, sliding against your hip, over your bottom, and then down between your legs when he fills you with two of his fingers. 
“You’re so wet right now for us, babe,” Jaehyun murmurs the words against Mark’s lips, but you know they’re meant for you. “Which one of us do you want to fuck you?”
Mark groans, pushing away from Jaehyun’s chest. “You just came, dude! Don’t be fucking selfish with her.”
You want Mark. That would be true even if Jaehyun wasn’t the one who’d just been given an orgasm, if he wasn’t still soft against your hip. Mark’s been setting your senses wild all night, like a series of fireworks embedded deep inside you. 
“Can we move this from the shower?” You ask, then say, “Then I want Mark. But I can take both of you, Jae. Don’t want you to feel left out.”
Mark nods. “Right. Shower sex is hot, but I don’t know about a threesome in here. Sounds a little too slippery and dangerous.”
So the sex is put on pause for a couple minutes. The three of you shower off, rinsing away the last of the fake blood. That’s not to say that hands don’t wander, that lips don’t chase shampoo suds down your neck to your chest. 
Mark watches as Jaehyun palms your tits, claiming to be “washing” you while really he’s mostly just teasing your nipples. 
You’re clean first, stepping out of the shower to wrap a towel around you from the linen closet just inside the door. Mark’s next, grabbing a towel that he wraps loosely around his waist. He stoops to grab the clothes piled on the floor, and then he’s crowding you toward the door. 
“Better hurry, bro!” Mark calls as you get the bathroom door open. “We’re not waiting!”
You and Mark hurry across the hallway to Jaehyun’s bedroom. Mark dumps the dirty clothes on the floor in here, then he drops his towel. You let yours fall as well. 
“God, forgive me,” Mark groans, staring right at you. “I really love your tits.”
You laugh, spreading your arms as Mark approaches. He crouches slightly, arms wrapping around your waist, his mouth going right to your tits, and when he lifts you, you wrap your legs around his hips. 
Mark moans against your chest, holding one arm secure around your lower back while he brings his other hand to cup your tit, squeezing gently while his mouth covers the nipple of the same breast. 
You sigh his name, combing your fingers through his hair. 
In his arms like this, with his lips sucking sweetly at your tit, you feel like you’ve made all the right decisions tonight. Mark walks backwards towards Jaehyun’s bed, sitting down heavily on the edge when his knees bump into the bedframe. 
You can’t resist grinding against him, not now when you’re sat in his lap, his cock rubbing right up against your slit. “Mark,” his name falls, breathless from your lips, “Need you to fuck me.”
He hums against your chest, kissing from one breast to the other, and he loosens his arm from your waist to bring that hand up to your chest as well. Mark presses your tits together, his lips passing back and forth between the nipples, and your mind is going slightly haywire from that and from the way that you’ve found the perfect angle to grind against his cock—your clit rubbing right against his tip, precum leaking from him making the glide even easier. 
Neither of you hesitate to continue when the door opens behind you. You can hear the party still going outside, down below you in the house, but when the door shuts again, the sound diminishes. 
Jaehyun settles down on the bed beside Mark, and you turn to look at him. His skin is all pink from the shower, hair dripping down his face. His cock is half-hard again, resting against his thigh as he looks at you and Mark. 
“Should’ve known I’d find you buried in her tits, Mark,” Jaehyun says. “He’s always been obsessed with them. First time we met you, before we were even friends, he was going on and on afterwards about how pretty your boobs looked. Talked about titty-fucking quite a bit with Jungwoo, if I remember right.”
Mark pulls one hand away only long enough to flip Jaehyun off, before he’s brought it back to your chest. 
You laugh. You wouldn’t mind Mark titty-fucking you, but first tonight you want him to properly fuck you. 
“Jae,” your voice is husky, half a moan at all times as you continue working your clit against Mark’s cock. “Can you grab a condom?”
“Of course, babe,” he agrees, leaning up to press a single kiss to your lips before he’s moving away, over to the desk drawer where he keeps his condoms, lube, and refined selection of toys. When he returns, Jaehyun kneels on the floor in front of Mark. He taps your bottom, presses a hand against your hip, and you get the message. You tip Mark backwards onto his back so you’re over top of him, your hips lifted away from his cock now. 
He pulls his mouth away from your tits, complaining a little as your heat has pulled away from his cock. But his complaint dies on his lips as soon as Jaehyun’s hand wraps around him. You hear the tearing open of the condom’s packaging, the foil wrapper being tossed away, and then Mark moans, his head tipped back on Jaehyun’s bed. Your tits still hover above his mouth, and honestly, you’re a little tempted to lower your chest, to smother Mark a little with your tits. 
Jaehyun works the condom down over Mark’s length, jerking his hand over his erection until Mark is rocking his hips up off the bed, ready to bury himself inside you. 
You’re ready for it too, but before Jaehyun helps either of you out with that wish, you feel his fingers pressing inside you. 
Jaehyun stretches you around his fingers, his lips brushing against your ass cheek. “Gotta stretch you well for him,” he says. 
Mark lifts his head, again devoting his lips to pleasuring your tits while Jaehyun fingerfucks you. Under the combined power of the two, it’s not long before you’re trembling, your body pressing back on Jaehyun’s fingers, craving the orgasm that’s at his fingertips. He’s got you stretched well enough for Mark, you know he does, he’s just teasing now, and you cry out for it, telling him you just need to cum. 
“Then cum for us,” Jaehyun says, his voice deep, and his tongue brushes right around where his fingers enter you. 
Your pussy sinks down around Jaehyun’s fingers until you meet his palm. You want more. Want it deeper and bigger. You need Mark. 
Jaehyun knows exactly what you need, pulling his fingers away, and immediately Mark’s tip is there against you. He lifts his hips without a second of hesitation, driving his cock right into you. Your body flashes with heat and tingling pleasure, cumming as soon as Mark enters you, and it’s so good, cumming as he fucks your tight pussy, your walls hugging around his cock in a warm welcome. 
His mouth falls away from your tits. All you can do is pant and moan, lifting yourself up to sit down fully on his cock. Your thighs feel a bit like jelly, but you work yourself down on Mark’s cock, riding your hips in circles and rocking in his lap, grinding on him in just the right way that he’s in constant exhilarating contact with your G spot. 
A second orgasm quickly follows the first because of that. 
Mark takes over then, his hands on your hips as he cants his hips off the bed, thrusting up into you while you drape yourself forward over him. 
“Kiss me,” he tells you. “Want you to kiss me.”
You turn your head to the side, lips seeking Mark’s though the first connection is a miss with your lips landing beside his nose when he gives a thrust that nearly knocks you off-balance. But then your lips find Mark’s, and this is so much better than your first kiss with him from a few hours ago.
Jaehyun touches you both. You can feel his hands along your thighs, your ass, your back. You feel it too when the back of his hands brush your thighs while he touches Mark. You can hear the change in pitch in Mark’s moans when Jaehyun touches him in ways you can’t see. 
Mark’s hips lift off the bed, again and again, thrusting roughly into you as his orgasm approaches. You can feel a third one rising in you as well, your belly going tight, and your clit feels so sensitive as Jaehyun reaches around you, thumbing at the swollen nub. 
Marks breathing picks up, panting against your lips, your kiss barely more than lips just brushing while you each feel the first effects of your orgasms, tendrils of pleasure spreading through you before the final burst. 
Jaehyun pinches your clit, and you feel your orgasm bubble burst, the knot in your belly releases, and you rock down to meet Mark’s rapid thrusts as his climax catches up to him too. He fills the condom, moaning your name and Jaehyun’s, fucking you through his orgasm with slower rolls of his hips until at last he drops his ass down against the bed and stays there. 
You pull off of him, slumping onto the side. You’re so sensitive that you shudder when you close your legs, but Jaehyun’s there, soothing kisses along your thighs, over your belly. He kisses higher and higher until his lips meet yours. 
Distantly, you’re aware of Mark getting up, disposing of the condom. You think he leaves the room too, but your awareness doesn’t stretch quite that far. He’s back before you’re finished kissing Jaehyun, and Mark settles back down on the bed, getting comfortable with his head on one of Jaehyun’s pillows. He’s dressed, blinking sleepily. 
You leave the room too, going to pee before you come crawling back. Jaehyun’s left a shirt out for you to put on, but you skip it, just crawling naked back into bed beside him. He’s in his underwear, looking up at the ceiling, and as you lie down, you reach for him, your hand sliding over the front of his underwear. 
“Stop,” he says, brushing your hand away. 
“But what about you?” You reach for Jaehyun, but he captures your hands. “You didn’t get to cum again.”
“I’m fine, I promise.” He lifts your hand to his face, kissing your knuckles. “You’re clearly done. You should sleep. Mark’s already halfway there.”
Mark makes a little grunt of acknowledgement. 
“Go on,” Jaehyun prods you gently, and you roll onto your other side, tucking yourself up against Mark. 
Jaehyun leaves the bed for a moment, quietly moving around the room. He turns the light off, locks the door, he lays a blanket over you and Mark before he settles back down behind you. 
“Next time,” Jaehyun tells you, rubbing a soothing hand up and down your back. “Next time we’ll fuck you together. How’s that sound?”
It sounds like a promise, like something to look forward to. You’re exhausted tonight, well satisfied with everything that’s transpired, but you can’t help letting your mind wander to all the different possibilities now that there are three of you. 
You tuck your head against Mark’s shoulder, settling against him while Jaehyun continues rubbing your back. 
In this moment, wrapped in their arms and their comforting presences, you’ve never felt stronger about the two of them. They’re your best friends, in the most absolute and true way. Adding sex into the equation with them just seemed like the natural next step, just building on this solid foundation you’ve established over the last couple years. You love them, wholeheartedly. Not necessarily in a romantic way, but in the way that feels like soulmates, like no matter what happens in the future, no matter if your paths diverge, if this sexual relationship doesn’t continue, you will always love them in the purest way. 
Overcome with that feeling, you just need to let it. 
“I love you both,” you tell them, your words a little distorted by your cheek against his shoulder. “There’s no one else I would do this with.”
Mark makes a small happy sound, wrapping his arm around your hip, mumbling back easily, “Love you both, too.”
Jaehyun is quiet for a moment, a thoughtful silence, one that makes you wish you could see his face right then, but you’re comfortable so you’re not moving. And you’re glad you didn’t shift because a moment later you feel the heat of his presence against your back, and then his lips leave a kiss against the back of your head. 
You hear the soft sound too as he lifts his head away from yours and leaves a kiss on Mark’s cheek. 
“I love you two.” And there’s a depth, a weight behind his words that make you wonder, how deep is his love?
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