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frownyalfred · 4 months
not to make everything about a/b/o (again) but I was thinking about the typical Martha and Thomas death scenes, and the one in BVS would be so much sadder if you added the lens of a/b/o to it?
some thoughts:
Chill shot Thomas first not just because he got in front of them, but because shooting an omega/pup would send an alpha into a rage so violent Chill would never have survived intact
Shooting Thomas wouldn’t have kept him down fully, but wounding Martha (his omega) would have split his attention, badly
Bruce’s last scent of his father is the acrid smell of pain and alpha aggression
Martha died trying to touch Bruce and Thomas, covered in blood. Did she manage to brush her fingers against Bruce? If she scented him, she left her dying scent on him. Literally trailing death down Bruce’s cheek or neck.
Bruce’s pup instincts would encourage him to curl up close with them and hide until the threat was gone. And that’s how the cops found him — they thought he was dead too, covered in blood and the scent of death.
Alfred lost two pack bonds in one night. As pack beta, it must have nearly driven him insane. No pack alpha, no omega. Just a shivering pup and him.
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saintshigaraki · 11 months
an a/b/o au where the reader is an omega in a long term established relationship with alpha getou and thinks nothing of how. touchy alpha gojo is with them. how getou lets gojo be so touchy with them. they don’t notice really when they start smelling like both getou and gojo and they don’t notice when gojo starts taking on a more. caretaking role. a comforting role with them. like an alpha would with their omega. they don’t notice because it all happens so slowly, so gradually. they don’t notice until they wake up one morning tucked in between gojo and getou and realize they can feel the faint stirrings of a new bond, one between them and satoru. and at that point it’s too late isn’t it? what’s done is done. shouldnt they just seal the deal? that’s what gojo and getou think, at least.
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theloveinc · 1 year
Being your little puppy/kitty/bunny hybrid self and going into one of your first, adult heats at your new owner's house... and not understanding why they won't mount you.
You do everything right, leak where you're supposed to leak, present when your pussy aches, build a small nest on the bed where you think it'd be best to mate or keep a baby...
But for some reason your owner doesn't seem to get it, doesn't seem to give in... ignoring when you pull at your little panties when you're face down, ass up in front of them at the side of their desk... shuffling you off their lap when you climb on their lap backwards and try to taunt them with your scent... even laying you down to give you a couple quick spanks when you nuzzle where they produce the most musk, or try to move their hand to right where it's wettest and you want it—
And you don't know what else you can do to show it!!!
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sigmahimejoshi · 10 months
Alpha, who is usually stone hearted and mean , can't say no to their omega. They'll omega can ask for something small, and they're already running to do it. If their omega is in heat, then, of course, they have to help take care of them!!
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suguwu · 9 days
i am not an a/b/o girlie but i am haunted by beta aventurine pretending to be an alpha and getting away with it
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So I finally did what my lovely anon friend has been begging me to do: new Feral Billy content!
“that tempers the steel of me” now available on AO3 for your perusal and enjoyment!
Tumblr media
With a primal scream that shook the cavernous walls and sent Hopper scurrying back towards the exit on his ass, the distraught young Alpha ripped his boyfriend’s body from the clutches of the Upside Down and dragged the Omega against his sweaty, dirt-streaked chest. His voice came out high and hoarse and raw, unlike anything Hopper had ever heard from the terse young man. Billy begged breathlessly for Harrington to: “Wake up, Steve! Please, Steve, please. Wake up, Omega.”
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thisteaistoosweet · 1 year
Tumblr media
Some BakuDeku Keychains I made for another zine.
(One was a double sided shaker charm and the other a soft plastic one sided one)
The shaker did not get funded but the other one did : )
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mxrvelouscreations · 1 year
[ Public place ] “Stay calm. I might have just started my heat.” (either Steve and robin or loki and fletcher)
Steve turned to look at Robin as soon as he heard his words, keeping a calm look on his face even though he was a little worried. "Let's get you back home," he replied, pulling the other in closer. "I'll keep you safe alright? I'm not going to let any other alphas get a sniff in," he added, "it's going to be ok."
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Let's do 26 from the Heat/Rut meme for anyone Wanda would like
Wanda had found herself attracted to John from their first moments together. It was a tough thing, finding a mate when you were trying to save the world but it seemed as though she might have finally found hers. She felt protected by him, felt that she would be safe, that she could let go around him.
"John... can I ask a personal question? I don't want you to think this is something that is coming from out of the blue," she mused, "it's something that i have been thinking about for some time."
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ihatebnha · 2 years
There was once this video or post talking about how you can tell where the writer is from/experienced when they write an a/b/o and whether or not Omega/alpha suppresents are hard to find and expensive or under universal healthcare ah
LMFAOOO this is so interesting, actually… though it’s funny because now I can’t seem to recall how suppressants have been described in all the previous a/b/o I’ve read (aside from like… one or two).
Maybe it’s just bc all the a/b/o stuff I read always ends up having smut it in, so therefore they’re never needed or… disregarded LOL, but now I’m kinda sad that I don’t get to think about it!!!
As an American, I feel like… I would describe suppressants as being prescription or even… over the counter but expensive LOL. Does that make it obvious?
Wbu, tho?
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frownyalfred · 2 months
Shoutout to the creator over on TikTok who’s doing videos on whether or not omegas can use heat blockers during Ramadan. You are braver than any US Marine. 
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saintshigaraki · 6 months
alpha getou would be THE WORST !!!!!!
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theloveinc · 1 year
mm kirishima tries stuffing his balls inside puppygirl!reader as a makeshift knot :(
He is … so stupid!!!!!!
So caught up in your mewling for him that he totally forgets puppygirls need a lil extra just to get them to the end. You’re begging and pleading from underneath with your cute, dark eyes, asking for it— pleasepleaseplease, Eiji, please!!!
And it’s not like he’s a virgin but he’s only been with human girls and boys before and has always been so damn fumbly w/ them….… being with you is the first time he’s really felt like a man and he doesn’t want to disappoint you so he just… tries… since he knows you can take it and…
…then you feel his chubby finger wiggling around in your puss trying to get his balls to sit right and it’s just… lmfaoooooooooooo…
(It gets you off but it’s not as good for you as it is for him, and you end up grumpy and he’s SO sorry because you deserve everything he has to offer and more, and next time he doesn’t know what he’s gonna do and, and, and—)
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The final chapter of “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight (I Need You)” has just been posted! 
Thank you so much to everyone who read, commented, left kudos, etc. It means the world. That was the best reception to a story I’ve ever gotten and I’m really going to miss how engaged everyone got. MWAH!
Tumblr media
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anemptynotebook · 7 months
Debating if I should reread the brutal angsty smutty omegaverse novel that made me bawl my eyes out
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mxrvelouscreations · 1 year
the natural conclusion: Heat calls for pregnancy. Get someone pregnant. /Piper and Leigh
Leigh had already text Piper to come over that night, knowing that it wasn't safe for her to leave her apartment. Her heat had struck, causing her to leave work early and make her way into her nest, trying to soothe the cramps in her stomach. What her body needed though was for an Alpha to come, which was why she had sent hers a text, hoping she would arrive soon to ease her suffering.
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