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demon-lover-669 · 19 hours
Y/n: so I was thinking…
Ace: you wanna spray paint Crowley’s car
Y/n: exactly!
An hour later Ace has broken one of the car windows
Jack: how?
Y/n: I may be on the same wavelength as him but that doesn’t mean I can explain his or my crazy
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This is NOT an apocalypse yuu fic. Sorry if you clicked on this and got disappointed.
Yuus pronouns are he/him
Chacter: Ace
Notes: this is kind of open ended. I have to write in stealth mode now so it would take a while for something more. You guys eat Mexican food in this because Mexican food is the closest thing to heaven on Earth.
Someone's been stealing your cologne. On another note, your best friend is starting to smell like you.
Someone's been stealing your cologne.
It wasn't really noticeable at first, but after throwing away your second bottle in three months, you began to get suspicious.
The colonge you wore was strong, so it wasn't like you had to spray it a whole bunch of times to get it to stick. Just in the morning when you woke up and after PE.
You knew you weren't doing it any more than that, so where the hell did it all go?
You sighed. You were too tired for this. Morning classes had been currently kicking your ass. Well, they had always been kicking your ass, but it's been worse these past few days.
Grim was being a little shit. That bit hadn't changed, although according to Ace, Grim actually actually acts worse whenever you step out of the room. So Grim was somewhat saving you from annoyance at 8am and a headache. Small mercies.
Oh yeah.
Speaking of Ace. He'd been acting weird lately.
it wasn't strange for Ace, or any of the first years really, to spend the night at Ramshackle. Showing up in your dorm and staying there like a particularly determined cockroach seemed to be your dumbass friends first reaction to any real minor inconvenience.
Want to get away from your overbearing house warden for the night? Ramshackle.
Need a quiet place to study? Ramshackle.
You just spent one whole day without seeing your precious young master and need to stake out the one place he goes to get away from you? Ramshackle.
All in all, you were pretty used to waking up from one of your weird ass dreams about that one time you and your friend ate an entire Little Cesear's pizza in a church parking lot at the crackhead hours of the night, only to sit up and find someone duct taped to your wall, perfectly pasted out. While the perpetrators were peacefully sleeping on the floor under them. Curled up with one of the spare blankets that you keep laid out for this exact reason.
Or they're, you know, under your bed.
(Seriously Epel what the fuck)
So Ace being there? not suprising.
Ace being there alone, without at least Deuce there to babysit his ginger ass? Weird, but bound to happen sooner or later.
But Ace being there almost every day? Even after Riddle himself came knocking on your door once to drag him back to Heartslabyul? Yeah. No sorry, something was up.
Your mind races as it tried to come up with possibility after possibility, only to wind up with answers that didn't hold much substance to them, and could easily be disproved.
Riddle was being more overbearing lately?
Nah, if he was then deuce would've mentioned it. Also, you can't remember Ace showing up on your doorstep wearing an iconic heart-shaped collar recently. So that was a no.
Ace finally got fed up with all the weird noises Deuce makes in his sleep?
Possibly. But Deuce had spent the night over at Ramshackle just last week, and Ace made no obvious signs that he was having trouble sleeping right through the absolute wild shit Deuce was saying while unconscious.
He just slept better over here?
Your eyes immediately darted towards Grim and the ghosts.
Yeah, that idea was out.
So, with a little too much resolve, you took a deep breath and buried your face in your gloved hands as you sighed.
You could feel yourself sink down into the couch that took you what felt like forever to build. Oh yeah, and overpriced fabric you bought at the school store. Can't forget about that.
The fire crackled and Grim stopped his argument with the ghosts to look at you as you ran your fingers through your hair. Whoops.
You looked over at them with a face that you just knew showed exactly how tired you were with this.
Don't get the wrong idea here. Ace was certainly a handful but he wasn't really exhausting, he was quite the pleasure to be around actually.
When he wanted to be that was.
You don't know why you started thinking so hard about this. Maybe because exams were coming up and you needed a distraction.
Or maybe it was because he was being rather sweet on you lately. Well, as sweet as Ace could get.
You sighed again, and flopped your head against the back of the chair.
You should probably go to sleep.
Listen. Ace didn’t mean for any of this to happen. It just did and he doesn't know why.
He thinks it started when he woke up at Ramshackle after he stayed over dor the weekend and realized he forgot to bring his uniform shirt.
No big deal really. He could just grab one of your and return it the next day.
He thought.
Seriously, you didn't even notice! He'd probably have it returned by tomorrow morning!
He thought.
He thought until the compliments started rolling in.
The first one came from Cater, when he leaned in and asked if there was a new trend going around with sandlewood.
He was confused to day the least.
Then came Epel. Who asked to borrow whatever scent he was wearing to cover the flowery perfume he was wearing while still staying on Vils good side, since he would still smell nice.
Ace was getting a little creeped out at this point.
Then Jack of all people came up to him, sniffed the air like the dog he was, and nodded approvingly before walking away.
Ok. What the hell is going on?
He knew damn well he didn't wear sandalwood. And although the compliments were nice, save for the occasional passive aggressive ones from some upperclassmen with a stick up their ass, he still didn't know what to do with them.
So he did the only thing he could think of, and went to a mostly private area and started smelling his clothes like a weirdo.
Waistcoat, blazer, tie, they were all fine.
His shirt however, was what made him pause.
Oh yeah. This wasn't his.
If he stayed there for a minute longer with his friends shirt up against his nose like some sort of serial killer, then that was between him and the seven.
No one else needed to know.
True to his silent promise, he put in the request to riddle to saty another night at Ramshackle and all but ran over there.
He needed to return this ASAP.
But when he actually gets to your little run down dorm, he immediately stumbles on what to do. He didn't bring another shirt with him, so he would be taking your clothes either way.
Ace briefly considers turning back.
Ace then remembers its almost curfew and he'd have to face the wrath of one riddle rosehearts if he actually went back to the dorm.
Deuce can cover for him.
He better cover for him or ace was gonna snitch on him for eating an entire tart after he smoked weed with that epel kid.
Oh look, more blackmail! Nice.
And so, mind officially made up, he walked (strutted) up to the front door and knocked on it three times.
Inside, he could he the who knows how old staircase creak as you rushed down, and he could smell the savory scent of those weird sandwich things that you liked cooking.
("Perfect, what the hell is that?")
"You don't know what a taco is?")
Ace could feel himself smile.
Yeah, he made the right choice coming here.
The door swung open and that belief solidified.
That food smelled glorious.
Ace swears, whoever invented those taco sandwich thing is a damn genius.
And you looked ok he guessed.
You were still in your school pants, always eing a little too lazy to switch those out for regular ones when the last bell rang, but you did replace your shirt and blazer with a soft, expensive looking sweater that probably came from Crewel.
Crewel had taken pity on you in the first week of school and agreed to tutor you after class. And then you ended up teaching him about one of your friends dogs, whose specific breed didn't exist here.
From that point on, it was pretty clear that everyone's number one nightmare teacher had a favorite. Although you swore up and down you never got any special treatment.
Ace looked at the sweater again.
Yeah. Ok yuu. Ok.
You gave a little lazy smile and waved him in, not bothering to make sure he followed as you made your way towards the kitchens.
Judging from the lack of noise in there, Grim not included, you were alone tonight, which Ace could only sigh in relief about.
Sometimes, at least once a week, he would see Jade and Ruggie either walking around the dorm one second and then somehow seeing him in the kitchen the next (Jade), or rummaging through your spice drawer as you pretended not to notice the few extra jars of chili powder that mysteriously went missing afterwards (Ruggie).
He never knew why you never stopped him. You had less money than he did for sevens sake!
Ace never dared to ask these questions to you out loud though, just accepted that you were disgustingly nice and moved on with his day.
Now, he was grateful that you were so disgustingly nice, because this food was amazing.
There were plates and bowls in the middle of the table, all filled with some type of food.
A big plate of tacos that were stuffed to the brim with different kinds of meats and vegetables and cheese.
A bowl of tomato rice, which ace watched grim barely hold back from lunging at.
A bowl of mashed beans with melted cheese on top, which ace didn't touch, he was sure they were good! But he just didn't eat them that night.
And all kinds of other foods that he didn't try to pronounce. It was in some language that the schools translation spell didn't work on.
Aces plate was loaded, and you sat right across from him, Grim eating on the other side of the table. The room was warm. Everything smelled nice. He could see the garden you and Jack were attempting to grow just outside the window that was once broken in.
It all felt so...nice.
He think this is where it started.
Because you never did get that shirt back.
Ace knows what's going on. It took him a minute to come to terms with the fact that you were a boy, the fact he liked boys, but he knew what was going on.
He'd had a girlfriend once, he knew what he was feeling.
And he didn't know what to do with it.
Ace didn't want romance right now. He wanted to run wild, as wild as he could with Riddle around every corner. He wanted to pull pranks, he wanted to puss off deuce, he wanted to learn how to use his magic, and he wanted to make friends.
He wanted you to be friends. You don't even have a guaranteed time left here. So why, why was he catching feelings?
...it fine. It's all fine. He can shove this down and ignore it.
He tells himself he'll just ignore it.
Ignore it while he sleeps just beside your bed.
Ignore it while you (even rarely) get to have dinner alone.
Ignore it while he steals a sweater or two, sweaters you didn't get from Crewel.
Ignore it while he riffles in your drawers looking for that bottle of cologne that got him so many compliments, the cologne that you also wore.
...Ace sighed.
He really sucked at lying to himself like this.
"I just don't know where it's going. I don't use that much, do I?", you weren't really desperate for an answer, you were just getting confused.
You only used that cologne on your wristes and your neck, with a occasional sprits one a shirt if you were trying to make an impression, which, you never really were.
So where the hell was it all going?
Vil just pursed his lips and leaned back from where he sat across from you. Sighing like he always did when he didn't have an answer but could just feel it on the tip of his tongue.
"I don't know what to tell you, I'd be happy to lend you some of mine, for a few favors, of don't look at me like that, just look after epel for a few hours while I'm not there and we're good"
You sighed.
"I don't need to borrow any, thanks, it's not that big of a deal, I just want to know if Grim is dumping it or one of the guys is using it or something"
Vil blinked. Like something in his brain just clicked into place.
"I could...ask Rook to look into it.."
"...Did you just make a pun?"
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blackopals-world · 5 months
Crewel: Ive decided that I won't punish you pups.
Ace and Deuce: Thank god.
Crewel: The Prefect will.
Yuu:(In the distance) Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dumbass!
Crewel: God, help you.
Ace: Please just whip us or something!
Deuce: Am I Dee or dumbass?
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little-missy-mei · 3 months
[Ramshackle Dorm]
*Yuu, sliding a photo across the table*
Yuu: I want you to beat the living shit out of this person.
Ace: Dude, this is a photo of you.
Yuu: Lilia cooked for me.
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luxthestrange · 5 months
Cakes Heartslabyul has given to Yuu Part 1
Riddle Rosehearts:
Tumblr media
...Give him time Riddle stans he new to love-
Trey Clover:
Tumblr media
It was bound to happen one these days in the kitchen-Jk jk! This is trey cake!-
Tumblr media
...Yes he knows it looks like a wedding cake... it's for a reason
Cater Diamond:
Tumblr media
He will USE any chance to just flirt with you huh-Yes he learns to bake if he knows you got a sweet tooth
Ace Trappola:
Tumblr media
...there is no other cake, you knew how he was when you fell for him
Deuce Spade:
Tumblr media
...Deuce I will destroy anyone who hurts you
Should this come back tho?~Cake Series Twst edition?
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rs-wonderland · 2 months
Deuce kills a mousquito: Ah! They are so annoying!
Ace: If people killed each other bc they are annoying, Riddle would kill me the first day i came in here.
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lightofpilgrimage · 3 months
Filipino Yuu ft. Leona Kingscholar and Cheka
Yuu: walang hiya ka Leona! Iniwan mo sarili mong pamangkin!
Cheka tugging yuu's sleeves: Big sis, is there something wrong?
Yuu: oh no baby. So, what do you want to do? Big sister still has class so I want you to behave while at there. Got it?
Cheka: Got it!
Yuu: *Gently carries Cheka all around*
*at the cafeteria*
Deuce: oh! Hey Yuu!
Ace: Haha you look like a nanny right now-
Yuu: Ace, please get us our lunch. I will be staying here with Cheka.
Ace: uhh alright
Yuu: cheka, eat the veggies.
Cheka: Nyo!
Yuu: If you don't eat your veggies, you won't become strong to fight the sigbin.
Cheka: Sigbin?
Yuu: Yes. A very terrifying creature in my homeland. It is said to come out at night to suck the blood of victims from their shadows. It is very scary and ugly!
Cheka, Deuce, Grim and Ace: 😟😟😟
Yuu: that's why, we eat our vegetables to make ourselves strong and defend ourselves from the Sigbin.
Cheka, Deuce, Grim and Ace: *Eats the vegetables*
Grim: Hey yuu... are sigbins really true
Yuu whispering: yes. There are two sigbins here in night raven actually.
Grim: What?!
Yuu whispering: you and Leona
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melveres · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
kissing homies gnight 💯💯💯
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chunhyangg · 4 months
Imagine he's playing basketball, then he looks at you and say "this one if for you" then he misses
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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missoceanblue · 16 days
Ace secretly wonders why he even let his feelings play him right into your arms.
Tumblr media
At first, it was pure entertainment. Making fun of your unknowing nature of this world, pushing at every button he could. Yet each didn't open up a reaction, at least one he wanted. He wanted impulsive action, of angry blind rage. He believes, that's why he stuck to your side.
With each of your interactions, when you had calmly told him and Jui- Deuce about your plans, how to possibly defeat the mine monster. It ended up working! He couldn't help but swing you around in his arms, a beaming smile full of adrenaline lining his face. Of pure joy.
When he realized, he set you down, clearing his throat and quickly insulted Deuce. Hoping you'd wipe it from your memory. You seemed to blow it off, a tiny smile on your lips at the sight of them.
Maybe, this is what he gets for hoping. The next day, when he had come stumbling to the small, ramshackle dorm you stayed in, he was served some left over tea you had brewed, perhaps to help you sleep. He looked away from your face, the peaceful look on it making his stomach flip. He hated how calm you were.
" Ace? I assume it was from adrenaline, but it was the nicest hug I've gotten in awhile." A pause, a more tense smile, " Thank you, even if it was just the moment," he eased your thoughts? Just from a hug? He, Ace Trappola, the boy who could only distract, who could only change the subject, comforted someone. Just by an automatic reaction.
He doesn't know what, but that interaction changed his view of you, and maybe that's why your eyes lightened.
" since I don't have a place to stay, how about we share a bed. I'm slim enough, I won't even move ~" The slimy guy he is, he couldn't even face the change.
Tumblr media
A week later, his heart thumped, beated, the person who took him in, the person who has calmed him, was insulted by an ignorant, selfish tyrant. He couldn't take it, within a moments notice all he could feel was the rage in his veins, and he took a swing at the boy, his dorm leader, nonetheless, it has already been done.
That was the moment he knew he fell for you, because he did not look at anything but you. The way you gasped, holding your hands up to your chest. Clear eyes seeming to see him for the first time. He was the first to fall, but that meant he had a headstart.
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student-in-devildom · 6 months
1 Braincell shared by 3
Yuu: I don't have a favourite that's absolutely ridiculous
Ace: Are you sure about that? It doesn't look like it
Yuu: shut up I am very certain
*says yuu as they're hugging deuce closer to them and petting his head*
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demon-lover-669 · 2 days
Y/n:*grilling and drops a burger patty*
Ace: *picking it off the grass eating it*
Y/n: what the fuck?
Deuce: he loves lawn Patties
Ace: if only I wasn’t so allergic to the lawn…
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rainybeebs · 1 month
Non-verbal/overstimulation things
Featuring: Duece Soade, Ace Trappola, Jack Howl
Genre: Comfort?
A/N: Neurodivergent things
Tumblr media
The week before winter break, Deuce had been asking if you would join him and his mom for the holidays. In truth, he wanted to introduce you two. The two people he loves most in the world together. It would be his Christmas wish. You indulged him, and let him whisk you away towards his hometown.
Somewhere along the way to his house, your voice got caught in your throat. You couldn’t speak, or make any sound for that matter. You were panicking as his neighborhood came into view. How would you explain to your boyfriend you’re unable to speak when you’re about to literally meet his mother?!
You felt his hand reach for yours. “You okay? You’re spacing out.” You could only nod and hope he didn’t pry. Deuce never did pressure you to answer straight, he understood the struggle to answer something. Though, that didn’t stop his worrying as you got out of the carriage and began approaching his house.
He was always more observant when it came to you. It was something he got teased for a lot by Ace. He never released your hand, wanting to make sure you were steady. Then his phone chimed.
I can’t speak
“Y/N, what do you mean? What’s going on?” He squeezed your hand.
It started in the carriage. I just lost my voice completely.
“Hey, it’s okay. Do you wanna stay out here for a while?”
What about your mom?
“You’re my top priority right now, whatever is best for you, we’ll do.”
. . .
Another day, another unbirthday party you got dragged to because Ace didn’t wanna be alone. Everything was not fine. Ace was gone and you were very much overwhelmed. Too much noise, too many people, everything was just too much to handle.
You tried to find him, but everywhere had more people than the last spot you checked. You ended up running into Trey and Cater. “Heyyy, N/N! How you liking the party?” You opened your mouth but no words came out. You just ran away from the two on the edge of hyperventilating, leaving the two to question if they should follow or not.
You didn’t even know where you were going. You just knew it couldn’t be there. “Y/N ACK—” you collided into Ace himself. You both fell onto the ground, with Ace cushioning your fall. He was about to tease you or perhaps get mad until he noticed the unsteady breathing.
He caught on quickly to what was going on and worked to calm you down. “Hey, hey, hey. Breathe. Just focus on that right now, okay? Copy me.” He made up a few exercises on the spot and they seemed to help just fine. He waited until he knew for a fact you were okay before holding you in a warm embrace.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you there.” It was one of the few moments Ace was dead serious. Because deep down, he felt horrible that he was to blame for you being in such a state.
. . .
It was a pretty common occurrence for Jack to suggest studying together. He enjoyed spending time with you, and he could knock out schoolwork. It’d truly a win-win. There’s never been any issue with the location, until he got injured in spell drive practice and suddenly would only hang out in his dorm.
When you have sensory issues, everything about Savanaclaw is hell. The heat, the fur, the horrendous smell, it gets overwhelming. Jack knew this and said you two could just wait until his injury healed. So why were you going to his dorm? Because you missed him and wanted to see him.
You came to regret your decision when a group of beastmen decided to pick a fight with you. The heat if the savanna setting was getting to you and you could hardly process what they were saying. Without warning, one of them tried to swing at you only to be stopped.
“They’re with me. Leave them alone.” You looked up and saw Jack holding the beastman’s fist. The group disbanded and your boyfriend turned to face you, ready to lecture you. Just as he opened his mouth, you fell into him. The heat was too much and combined with all the yelling from the group, you could barely stand.
He could only sigh and pick you up, taking you to his room to rest. As it happened, Jack was planning on going to your dorm since his injury healed rather quickly.
When your body returned to normal and everything was in order, he lightly scolded you. “I’m sorry, I just really missed you.” He glared at you for the excuse, but his tail swishing behind him betrayed him.
“Be more careful. You know what these guys are like, right?” It was so tempting to just kiss him and shut him up, but you decided on just pulling him into a hug.
“Thanks for saving me, Jack. I love you.” Thump thump thump. Was that his tail or heartbeat? Who knows
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blackopals-world · 1 month
how does the rest of the cast treat harpy yuu? does harpy yuu gossip with the flamingoes of heartslabyul and the peacocks of pomefiore, does she attempt to unionize all of the birds in NRC to overthrow crowley?
To be frank, Harpy!Yuu is a bird of prey which makes anything smaller than them fair game. As in food.
Thankfully they won't eat flamingos due to their bright coloring or peacocks because they have too many feathers for their taste. They do like hanging out with crows though but can't communicate (this depends on Yuu's breed.) They can call the crows to attack Crowley on command.
There are several versions of Harpy!Yuu, one of which is the hen harpy. Think of them as a big fluffy chicken. Another is the raptor which is a predator like a falcon. There is a third known as lovebird harpy but I'm not getting into that one today.
The students react differently depending on the species of Yuu.
Tumblr media
The Heartslabyul boys are rightfully afraid of Raptor Harpy!Yuu. Riddle especially doesn't like them due to them attempting to eat a hedgehog when they first met. The only reason they still come to Heartslabyul is that Ace and Deuce are entertaining to watch.
Hen Harpy!Yuu is better for them. They enjoy the garden and will bask in the sun during tea time. They are a bit of a mother hen to the boys and constantly try to keep them out of trouble. Riddle isn't a fan of having a wing shoved in his face when the Harpy decides it's nap time
They fit right in. Harpies are rare but there are one or two living in the dorm. Unfortunately, they aren't compatible species. Like owls and crows, they don't get along. That's why they spend time with Jack and Ruggie more than other harpies. It's about mutualism.
Jack was afraid of the harpy at first but they became good friends who enjoy racing together. Ruggie uses them for pranks and stealing food like a seagull. Leona will chase off the nosy bird whenever he's eating and when Yuu's eating he'll chase them off to eat their food. They are like a lion and a vulture. When he has to babysit Cheka he will sneak the cub under Yuu to convince them to watch him. I works but Leona has to fight to get his nephew back every time.
A big cuddly bird like them has a lot a trouble from Ruggie who will startle them when their nesting just to get an egg. Ruggie is like a fox in a chicken coop. Every encounter ends up with him covered in feathers and scratches.
Jack is protective of the hen due to Ruggie constantly bullying the poor chicken. He worries a lot about them losing feathers and an instance of them breaking a blood feather led to panic then he had to pull it for them.
Leona likes using the hen's wings as down feather pillows. Their warm and soft which is enough for him. Whenever they try to escape Leona threatens to turn them into a real pillow by plucking their wings bald.
Yuu loves flying over the waves but the lounge doesn't suit them. They like fish and enjoy catching food.
Azul makes use of the harpy as he can. They are good at fishing using a net, not that fish is in short supply. He had hoped the harpy could at least sing but they aren't a songbird and don't sing for free.
Jade enjoys studying the harpy. His favorite so far is seeing the harpy eat. They don't need to cook their food and he watched as they gutted a fish and swallowed it whole. It was horrifying. Jade was amazed and has since showed everyone. Yuu however had to stop due to it not being good to eat fish bones constantly.
Floyd enjoys using his raptor friend for when he gets into a fight. He once got bored and picked a fight but when he got punched the bird tackled them mid-flight.
They are not a big fan of swimming outside of floating on the water. The lounge is at least safe, mostly.
Azul is not allowed near their wings without permission. He always wants to takes their best feathers for quills. Yuu let's him take a limited number due to their high quality.
Jade is an egg thief who tries to get his hands on one to cook. Yuu is willing to peck his glowing eye out if he doesn't just ask for an egg. But where is the fun in that?
Floyd loves a game of chicken chasing. Spook the hen into a frenzy and turn then into a tornado of flying feathers.
They don't always get along but the hen still stays around. It's not all bad. The food is good and when the boys aren't agitating it's nice.
Polly doesn't want a cracker, Polly wants fresh meat. The dorm too hot for them but the water helps keep them cool so they stick with Kalim
Kalim loves his birdy friend. The harpy is very patient with him and lets him do as he pleases. The raptor learned to tolerate the constant touching. Kalim will at least race with Yuu on his flying carpet so they don't get bored.
Jamil has boundaries at least. He takes advantage of the talents of the harpy to find lost objects. He pays in food so the harpy is always willing to help.
Polly wants crackers, lots and lots of crackers!
Hen Yuu loves Kalim and doesn't mind the affection. Will willingly let him dye their feathers. Kalim at least asks for feathers so he can turn them into earrings and necklaces.
Jamil likes that Yuu likes to clean since they are more domestic than feral like their Raptor counterpart. Yuu also helps cook.
During the winter Hen wraps her wings around the boys to keep them warm with their fluffy feathers.
Yuu only comes to steal nesting material from the peacocks and fabric scraps. At least initially.
Vil isn't a fan of the foul fowl that causes trouble. The bird enjoys ripping up his curtains to decorate their nest. He had to relent eventually when he made a deal for help with the nest if they stop. This ended with Vil being covered in dirt and twigs. He refuses to help again.
Rook started to hunt the Harpy like game fowl until Yuu took notice. They managed to strike a deal where they help each other hunt. Like a falcon and their handler Yuu tips Rook off to the locations of his prey. In exchange Yuu gets snacks.
Epel uses the harpy as an escape. When Vil is looking for him he grabs the bird by the talons and they fly off. They are partners in crime now and steal material together.
Is a thief as well but doesn't steal. They collect discarded fabric and fallen feathers.
Vil took interest in the pretty bird and chose to help them. He found clothes that would suit the harpy since pants aren't easy to put on when you have bird talons. The harpy stuck to Greco-Roman-style robes but they were too plain for Vil. He found small gold chains and beads to decorate their wings.
Rook is sensible not to startle the hen. He likes watching and studying them through. He is kind enough to tend to their wings. Removing broken feathers(to collect), preening, and cleaning. In response, the hen likes to try to preen their human.
Epel is used to chickens but this is one big chicken. That being said he knows what those feathered furys do. He is wise to not cause trouble around them. He would never fight in front of Yuu.
The harpy feels at home here. Perfect nesting spots and the language is familiar. People are very afraid of them as well.
Idia is scared of harpies. They are known in stories for earing people and everyone knows that. Sure he's never met a human-eating harpy and Yuu probably doesn't want to eat blue fire but he's sure he'll be eaten.
Ortho is curious about the harpy but the harpy doesn't notice him. They don't interact.
The hen finds the technology of the dorm disarming. They don't care for sparks, fire or metal. Is to dark here. So they flew the coop.
Idia is less afraid but still won't be caught near the bird and Ortho does the same.
The perfect place to rest. The gargoyles seem to agree. Feels right at home among the crows.
Lilia hadn't met another harpy in a while and enjoys talking to Yuu. They fly together after dark.
Sebek is constantly about to get a talon to the face. The harpy doesn't like his attitude and will attack.
Silver and Yuu don't talk often but Yuu will rest in a tree while Silver sleeps under the shade.
Malleus is Yuu's ally. Birds and lizards stick together. They actually share an interest in gargoyles unexpectedly due to Yuu nesting and high places so often.
Yuu doesn't fit but still enjoys the dorm.
Lilia loves to tease the hen and gets hit with a wing flap when they get mad. Yuu does come by to cook sometimes with him.
Sebek doesn't know that chickens have a pecking order. When he speaks out of turn or yells he gets a wing smack or the hen will pin him down until he submits.
Silver is so calming that Yuu will sleep next to him while basking in the sun.
Malleus has good vibes. Yuu trusts him to tend to their feathers. When Yuu's mother visited to have them watch her egg Yuu trusted Malleus to help tend to a nest. Egg sitting doesn't come naturally to him since he would rather light a fire under it and bury it in the ground like a dragon.
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little-missy-mei · 3 months
Ace, wearing a blazer
Ace: Hey, Yuu. Do you think I'm overdressed?
Yuu: Depends on the activity. For a prostate exam, yes.
Yuu: If you're going to a casino, I'd add sequins.
Ace, returning in a tshirt and a cap
Ace: Too casual?
Yuu: For an audience with the queen, yes.
Yuu: For an evening of passing a bottle of fortified wine around a flaming trash can, you look great!
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luxthestrange · 5 months
TWST Incorrect quotes#230 FORMATION B
Ace*Running fullspeed towards the first years*DEUCE!!,JACK!!,EPEL!!,SEBEK!?!, YUUKEN!?!
First Years Relaxing in the campus after a hard pe class
Yuuken: So loud...
Deuce: It's too hot right now for your craziness...*Is drinking a cold beverage*
Ace*Slides across the grass and paints looking up at them* A GUY IS FLIRTING WITH YUU!?
First years:
Tumblr media
First Years: YES SIR!
Yuu is spotted Talking with Azul calmly, Then Ace and Epel run to them and hug your sides crying
Epel*clinging to your shoulders*WHO IS THIS MAN!? -THAT NIGHT THAT NIGHT!?
Yuu*With a dead look not even tearing their eyes from Azul*..what-seriously what?...
Azul:...*Looks also weirded out*
Sebek*Comes in with booming voice*Could you not touch them so casually, please...YOU HOMEWRECKERS!?!-The hu-Yuu has sword practice with me now...Let's go home Yuu...
Yuu*Smilling at Azul*Ignore them..., So you just have to go straight ahead, That's where The twins are...
Azul*Smilling back but ...feeling pity for you*Thank you so much My friend*Turns on heels and heads in the directions you gave him*
First Years*Dumbfounded...as Jack, Deuce, and Yuuken come out with bats*Huh?...
Yuu*Turning around slowly with a strained voice and icy glare*...OKAY, SERIOUSLY WHAT IS THIS? COULD YOU STOP EMBARRASSING ME.
Yuuken*Blinking 'innocently' and pointing his finger at the others*Mhh?~
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