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leinyy · 2 days
Tumblr media
U cannot tell me this is not something that would come out of their mouths
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
Neige: are you a princess?
Y/n: *looking up at him covered in dirt, leaves and twigs while strangling Ace* I just kicked one of your little fuckers across the map! do I look like a princess?!
Neige: *is distracted by their pretty eyes*
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fuzzybonefluffy · 7 months
Azul said that you behave like a grandmother of first-year students
Azul: gently taps on the table MC/You: taps back Adeuce: what are they doing? Jamil: Morse code Azul: aggressively taps on the table MC/You: slaps on the table TAKE YOUR WORDS BACK-
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leonahateaccount · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@brainlessrot <3
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malleusgethomeplz · 2 months
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reinbouxsworld · 10 months
Tumblr media
eng trasnlation vs jpn translation on ace and mc meeting
honestly thats all i cant think since i started eng twst
Tumblr media
i love them.
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natsukicookies · 11 months
Kalim: My friend died when we couldn't remember his blood type. As he died, he kept saying "be positive," but it's hard without him
Yuu and the others: ....
Jamil: *is done with life*
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mieira12 · 18 days
Twisted stickers pt 2
Tumblr media
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epelys · 7 months
texting: ace trappola
Tumblr media
genre — fluff/crack, smau
notes — g/n reader, reader is ramshackle prefect, platonic/romantic, short
a/n — i love ace trappola so much but i feel like he could call his friends his babes
Tumblr media
trapoola — 12:28 am
did you get the answer to number 9 on the history homework
yuu — 12:28 am
ace what the fuck stop fishing for answers it’s 12 in the morning
trapoola — 12:28 am
MORNING?? i think u mean noght because the sun isn’t even night
also please give me the answers train is going to kill me
yuu — 12:28 am
we are not about to fight because you think 12 am is night and not morning 💀 when the clock goes to am it makes a new day, acey
trapoola — 12:29 am
yuu — 12:29 am
GO FISH OFF OF EPEL OR DEUCE im going to bed
trapoola — 12:29 am
did you forget what dorm epel is in. ALSO DEUCE IS ASLEEP 🙁
yuu — 12:31 am
i think epel is just ghosting you he’s texting me 💀
Tumblr media
trapoola — 11:53 am
this class is so boring i’m gonna combust
trapoola — 11:56 am
is it because i dropped ur textbook in the trash can then put it back on your desk without cleaning it
because if that’s why i’m sorru 🙁
yuu — 11:57 am
trapoola — 11:57 am
Tumblr media
yuu — 4:37 pm
come over to ramshackle and bring deucey i’m bored and want to play mafia
epel jack and sebek are already here and we don’t have enough people pls pookie dookie
trapoola — 4:38 pm
yuu — 4:38 pm
i wouldve invited deuce earlier but i knew he was with you and you would’ve came along 😒
trapoola — 4:38 pm
buy one get one free sale 😘
yuu — 4:39 pm
ur uninvited and we are playing just dance without you
trapoola — 4:43 pm
Tumblr media
taglist —
@trappolaces @pastelmages @ineligible-indefinitely @granzreichsgoldenberry @ventisaircurrent
want to get on the taglist? send an ask through my ask box or by dm!
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spadecentral · 7 months
👁 Everyone is Staring at Yuu | TWST
>> requested: yes, an anon >> a/n: none
Tumblr media
>> masterlist: ramshackle (misc.) >> summary: on an outing with the first years, you notice more than a few eyes watching you >> reader prns: they/them >> warning(s): none
Tumblr media
"Dude..." Ace whispered to Deuce. "Everyone's looking at us really weirdly."
"Watcha lookin' at, huh?!" Epel sneered, sizing up a Octavinelle student.
"U-uh, nothing! Not you, of course!" They said in a rush. "Not that you're not worth looking at just uh-"
"Really now?" Epel seethed.
"Epel, let it go," Jack said, sighing. "C'mon."
"It is highly unprofessional of you to start a fight with another student!" Sebek yelled over at Epel.
"I'll show you professional when I shove my foot up your as-"
"Epel!" Jack pulled back the boy by his collar. "Sebek, disregard him."
The Diasomnia student scoffed. "Such a small threat wouldn't phase me. I am Waka-sama's personal guard, after all."
"I don't think they're looking at us..." Deuce whispered back, looking at the students staring.
In the middle of the group was Yuu, with Grim perched on their shoulder. The prefect was chewing on some jerky that they had on them, occasionally giving a piece to Grim.
"...I think they're looking at Yuu." Deuce completed his sentence.
"Woah, you're actually being smart for once?!" Ace exclaimed on an intentionally loud volume.
"It's not like you're much better, Ace." Yuu smirked, handing Grim a piece of jerky. "You're an idiot. But you're one of my idiots, so don't worry, heh."
Ace blushed a little before turning around and huffing. "Where are we going anyway?"
"I would like to know that as well! I can not slack off on my duty to protect Waka-sama! I should be back soon!" Sebek agreed.
"Oh just down to Sam's! I need some stuff and I've been saving tokens for weeks." Yuu replied. "And why do I feel so many eyes on me? Like this is creepy."
Grim looked up from his piece of jerky around at the people Yuu seemed to be talking about. "I dunno... Hey! Why are you starin' at us?!"
"U-uh... Nothing, nevermind." The called-out student stammered.
"It's alright, don't mind Grim." Yuu motioned for the student to come over with their hands. "C'mon."
Nervously, the student shuffled their way over to Yuu and the other first-years.
"Uhm... see... you're ...aquaintances? I don't know if that's the right word... but you seem to be familiar with the dorm head of both Savanahclaw and Diasomnia," They said, staring at the floor. "And no one's really ever talked with either so much as once, so you're kind of a... celebrity, I suppose."
"Me, a celebrity? Hah!" Yuu laughed. "I mean it is true that I'm friends with Leona and Tsunotarou, but surely more than I have talked to them."
"I wouldn't be too sure, Yuu." Jack nudged them.
"Yeah... the Diasomnia dormleader is kind of... scary."
"How dare you call Waka-sama scary!" Sebek yelled.
"Sebek, calm down. I don't think Tsunotarou minds." Yuu sighs. "You can go now."
"A-ah, alright!" The student scrurried off.
"So... you're a celebrity now, huh?" Ace teased, rubbing Yuu's with his fist.
"Don't forget about me, the Great Grim! That's my henchman!" Grim puffed his chest. "So if they're a celebrity, I am too!"
"Ace... I don't think I'm a celebrity," Yuu sighed. "Although I suppose it would be nice..."
Tumblr media
>> twst masterlist: @trappolaces | @ch3lun | @oseathepebble | @ventisaircurrent | @epelys | @pastelmages | @tulipluvlettr | @xxhome-is-where-ria-isxx | @atlasnessie | @sapphicxslvt
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tezret · 9 months
Gendered Terms
Ace: Hey Yuu, can I use a gendered term?
Yuu/Reader/MC: uh, sure
Ace: Fuck you
Yuu/Reader/MC: Where’s the gendered term?
Ace, smirking: In your mom
Yuu, charging up their Gun like Yūko from Ichijou:
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leinyy · 17 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m in love with this low quality twst manga scenes
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
Y/n: *on the phone with Trey* come pick up your son.
Trey: my son?
Y/n: your son. *annoyed and yells at ace* Ace! Don’t you fucking eat your kidney stones! You just had them removed!
Trey: you mean your son.
Y/n: Ace! Get that out of your fucking mouth! *looks at their phone* oh he’s my son? Ace! Treys on the phone!
Ace: Dads on the phone! *running to take the phone*
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fuzzybonefluffy · 8 days
Yuu with prosopagnosia p5
Yuu: Oh, look, there's Idia coming. Ace: No, this weirdo doesn't leave his room. You've confused him with someone else again. Yuu: ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ Ace: What's not… Oh shit, this is really Idia-senpai! Yuu: I understand everything, but it's hard to confuse a human torch with someone.
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la-lolita · 2 months
may I request the first years saying cringy pick up lines!
- Why did you say that? … heh.
Tumblr media
ᰔᩚ Cherry’s note¡ - HSJSBSJ THIS WAS FUNNY NGLLLL- I hope you like this one Yako! I loved writing this one and I hope you love reading this! (˵ •̀ ᴗ - ˵ ) ✧
ᰔᩚ Characters¡ - The first years • Gn reader
Tumblr media
“Aside from being hot, What do you do for a living?” Ace asked with a smirk. He really believed this would make you blush, he even spent some time on the internet looking for pick up lines to make you all blushy and stuff.
Heh, he knows you will blush, and then he’ll be able to tease you and all- why are you looking at him like that?
Ace is confused when he sees you look at him weirdly almost judgmental and like you wanted to laugh at him, it’s as if he said a joke.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked.
Something is wrong, you should be blushing instead of making him feel like an idiot- YOU’RE supposed to be the idiot!
“Ace… That was hella cringy.. Don’t say that again” You said and continued walking.
As for Ace… He simply stood in place feeling like an absolute idiot….
He is never trusting the internet again..
“OI COME BACK HERE IDIOT!” He said and ran to catch up to you.
Tumblr media
“Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?” Deuce said flirting.
Normally he would definitely not say stuff like that, he would rather go chill with things but at the same time he is nervous and isn’t sure how to ask people out. Especially when that person is asking out is someone he has been crushing on for so long.
Therefore to avoid any mess ups, he decided to look up for some pick up lines. This should go well no?
Well… no-
“What? Pfft- Where did you get that from?” You giggled a bit. You didn’t mean it in a bad way or in a judgmental way. It was just sort of funny but genuinely cheesy in all.
He was red from the embarrassment “O-oh, s-sorry-" “I’d like to go out with you.. Don’t worry” you interrupted him with a smile.
”Huh? Wait really!?” He asked surprised. He was expecting for you to not be interested anymore because of that stupid pick up line.
You nodded “Yup! And although that was a cheesy way to asking me out, it was kind of cute… Tell me what time and day we’re going out once school ends alright? Bye Deuce!” You giggled and walked to your next class.
Now Deuce was relieved and extremely excited as well as flustered. Now he just has to more careful when it comes to searching things on the internet… Perhaps ask Rook even though he is weird…
”Oi man why are you red?” Ace asked as he walked towards Deuce “You sick?”
Deuce shook his head “No! It’s just that um… It’s kind of hot in here! That’s all!” He said and smiled.
Ace shrugged “If you say so. Hurry up or we will be late!”
Tumblr media
“Feel my shirt. Know what it’s made of? Boyfriend material” Where the words that left his mouth oh so confidently.
Truth is, he has been wanting to talk to you. Perhaps make you fall in love with him since he has a huge crush on you.
He wants to seem manly and confident around you. That’s what every person likes in their partner no? He doesn’t like to be viewed as a petite, weak, soft boy. No, he wants to be strong.
He thought maybe flirting will help! So he searched up some pick up lines. He could just easily ask Rook considering how Rook is a person of poetry and romantic pick up lines and such, but then perhaps something so romantic and soft wouldn’t exactly help.
He wants to say something sort of flirtatious, bold, something that will turn you into a blushing mess.
And he made great research or thats what he thought and found the perfect pick up line. Sure it was rather hard to walk up to you out of nowhere but he must man up! He can do this!
But even though it said that this pick up lines does work; instead of seeing your red face he instead saw you make a confused expression.
“Okay?” You said confused and giggled.
Epel turned red in embarrassment. Gosh his plan didn’t work! He must look like and idiot now!
“U-uh… S-sorry for randomly saying that! Great sevens this is embarrassing” he muttered the last part.
Your eyes widened “Oh no! Don’t worry! I think it was rather cute! Eek! Look at the time! I have to go to my next class. See you Epel!” You smiled and left.
And so you left, leaving him alone. He was blushing. Although he didn’t want to be seen as cute… It was still rather flattering coming from your mouth. It made him feel butterflies.
However he is determined to keep trying to ask you out! He cannot give up now! You finally talked to him! Next time he will choose a more safe path by asking Rook for some help…
Tumblr media
“I'm not so good at holding conversations… is it OK if I hold your hand instead?” Jack asked awkwardly.
He was actually trying to be confident about it and flirt a bit with you but gosh he feels like an idiot. He isn’t exactly an expert in flirting, if anything he’s a bit awkward.
Jack would rather be more physical like pet your head or help you with things, put his arm around your shoulders, hold you. Words were never really his way of showing affection.
But then he figured maybe he should try something new? He tried to come off with some pick up lines. All of them were cheesy until he thought of one that wasn’t too bad. Maybe it will work? Who knows…
But now he knows considering the face you are making. You want to laugh at his stupid line huh? Yeah, he is never trying this again.
You laughed “Hahaha!!! Jackkkk! What was that?” You continued giggling “That was very cheesy! Hehe… But it was sort of cute at the same time” you said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
Jack furrowed his eyebrows and crossed his arms “I am never using pick up lines again…” he mumbled.
And he was right… He never did it again :,)
Tumblr media
“I’m studying to become a historian. I’m especially interested in finding a date” Sebek said.
Poor boy just wanted a date with you. Despite being loud and rather strict when it comes to people getting close his master; he is soft in the inside and can get rather nervous or scared. Especially when it comes to things he has absolutely no experience in.
He is nervous to ask you out on a date. It took him a long time to even accept that he has feelings for you. I mean you? A human? How could he ever like a pathetic human? But yet it happened.
So he asked Lilia for advice and some help on what to do. Master Lilia is experienced, he knows a lot of things including relationships. And so Lilia gave him a few pickup lines he was sure would work.
Yes, Lilia was aware that the pickup lines were cheesy, however that could also be a good starts no?
“Uuuuh… pfft-" you giggled softly. This caused Sebek to freeze… WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING!? HUH!? WHAT IS SO FUNNY!? DID HE SAY SOMETHING WRONG!? WHAT!?
“That was so unexpected from you Sebek” you said after calming down a bit “Although I must say that was a bit cheesy..” you smiled.
Sebek kept staring at you for a second “…. HUH!?!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN!? MASTER LILIA TOLD ME THAT-"
“Ah! That makes sense now!” You said. Lilia loves causing some mischief and stuff. It would be a bit understandable too considering how back then romantic pick up lines were so cheesy thus telling Sebek that it would work.
“Well, even though it was cheesy… I accept your!” You exclaimed happily.
“Eh- … EEEE!? WAIT REALLY!? YOU ARENT FOOLING ME RIGHT HUMAN!?” Sebek yelled. His face was red. He didn’t know what this feelings was. His stomach would turn and his face would get red, he could feel a rush of excitement go through his body.
You laughed again “I’m not joking silly! Here, how about we go on our date later tonight at the end of school? I’ll he ready and you can choose the place!”
“O-oh! Sounds good” Sebek agreed and tried to calm down.
Perhaps… it wasn’t so bad… huh?
Tumblr media
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malleusgethomeplz · 2 months
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