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aerith-jade 11 months
Yuu: Hey, Ace?
Ace: Yeah?
Yuu: I think I like Tsunotarou.
Ace: You mean Malleus?
Yuu: Yeah. Thoughts?
Ace: And prayers, dude.
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monarchofwings 6 months
Aceyuu is funny cuz Vil kissed yuu (on their cheek but still), Deuce and Malleus got to dance with yuu, Cater called yuu cute, riddle fixed up yuu's tie, and Leona slept in the same room as yuu. Like catch up Ace your way behind 馃拃.
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rains-asleep 6 months
鈥 鈥淗e was the first guy who ever made me feel good about being me.鈥
Featuring: Ace Trappola, Floyd Leech, Jamil Viper
When your bestfriend finds out why you care about him so much. You say the quote in response.
Tumblr media
Ace always had a way of making you laugh. Like a second sense, he picked up on your bad moods and did what he could to lighten your day. That鈥檚 just how he was. You two were mischievous as all hell, but deep down, you understood each other. Like platonic soulmates or more.
To Ace, you were the moon to his sun. The yin to his yang. Without you, he wasn鈥檛 even there. You two were a package deal, and that鈥檚 how he liked it. It was never you, and it was never him. It was always you and him, together. He loved you more than anyone in the world.
Maybe that鈥檚 why his heart skipped a beat when he heard that he was the first guy. The first one you felt good around. He had truly achieved his goal. He almost wanted to cry out of pure joy.
鈥淚 know you鈥檙e there, Ace.鈥 He yelped, whipping around to face you. 鈥淵ou were eavesdropping, weren鈥檛 y鈥斺
He engulfed you in a tight hug. 鈥淚 love you so much.鈥 Your friends whispered to each other as he uttered quietly. 鈥淎ll I ever wanted was to make you happy, and to know that I did鈥︹ your thoughts all faded.
鈥淎ce, I didn鈥檛鈥斺
鈥淭ime to go rub it in Deuce鈥檚 face.鈥 You almost missed the way he wiped his eyes. 鈥淪ee ya.鈥
. . .
Floyd always appeared to understand you. He鈥檇 hug you gently when he knew you had a rough day. He鈥檇 joke when you were in a good mood. He鈥檇 even skip work just to be there with you when you needed him most.
Floyd, in turn, felt safe around you. He could be spontaneous with his moods and hugs and you didn鈥檛 judge. He could cuddle into your chest and you鈥檇 welcome him. He could just be him, and you鈥檇 still love him. That鈥檚 what made him so happy with you.
When he heard those words, he wasted no time tackling you in a hug, muttering 鈥業 love you鈥檚. He nuzzled into your neck. It created quite a scene that caused his brother and boss to chuckle amongst themselves from afar.
鈥淔loyd, there you are.鈥 You wrapped your arms around his waist, pulling him closer. A simple action he always appreciated. You鈥檇 grown used to his public displays of affection, so this was no rare occurrence.
鈥淚 love you, Shrimpy.鈥 His voice was hushed, but loud enough for you to hear.
鈥淚 love you too, Floyd. Always have, and always will.鈥 You both stayed like that for a while.
. . .
Jamil let you be yourself, and while he claimed to judge you, you both knew it was nonsense. He helped you as his own choice. Not because he was forced, but because he genuinely cared about you. He let you cry on his shoulder even when he didn鈥檛 say anything.
To him, you were an escape from his life. You didn鈥檛 demand or need anything of him. All you asked for was his friendship, which he reluctantly offered.
He was in shock at your words. Had he really made an impact on your life? He didn鈥檛 even do much. Hell, he didn鈥檛 even do anything worth such a proclamation. Still, he felt warm at the sentence. You really thought that highly of him?
He left shortly after your explanation to your friends. This didn鈥檛 change anything between you two. He was still your friend, and you were his. All this meant was that you just cared about him a little more than most. Right..?
. . .
Taglist: @siphoklansan @identity-theft-101 @hollowedtime @anon-love-octa-trio
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yaksha-lover 2 months
I know I鈥檓 always writing for Malleyuu, but I also really love Ace or Deuce x Yuu ships because I feel like it鈥檚 objectively hilarious that out of all the rich/famous/royal/talented people at the school, Yuu ends up with just some guy. Ace and Deuce are so normal. Like imagine being them and your competition for your best friend鈥檚 love is literally some 100 year old dragon fae top 5 most powerful in the world mage who is also the future ruler of an entire Kingdom. And Yuu still chooses one of them??
The thought is pretty sweet, that Yuu would choose to be with their best friend because they know/love them and don鈥檛 care about any of the others that might seem more impressive. Maybe I鈥檓 just a sucker for friends to lovers, but this kind of love where your boyfriend is also your best friend is very cute to me.
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rs-wonderland 7 months
Ace: Me and Yuu are dating now.
Deuce saying all proud: Watch your s/o Ace! My mama said im a handsome boy~!!
Ace: Deuce,dude. Stop.
Yuu: he is right tho...
Ace: YUU!?
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mrs-schoenheit 1 year
Yuu : Do you want this handful of moss?
Ace: Why the fuck would I want a handful of moss
Deuce: Well shit you coulda just said 鈥淣o鈥
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maopll 5 months
Can I please request the Heartslabyul boys reacting to you 鈥榝orgetting鈥 to give them a good morning kiss?
Where's my kiss ?
| twisted wonderland !
Tumblr media
鈱:, a/n: good morning kisses are a no from me if I'm not in the mood. ain't nobody wanna give someone a stinky ass kiss 馃槶 but I'll do it for the sake of this fanfic <3
鈱:, warning: fluff
鈱:, pairings: ace, deuce, trey, riddle, cater w/ gn!reader
Tumblr media
You always give him a goodnight, good morning and a goodbye kiss. you've never forgotten to kiss him. if there are days when you haven't kissed him he will demand them no matter what the situation and you have to listen to him whims.
today you had other plans. what if you don't kiss him? you couldn't resist yourself after seeing other people do it too.
so here you are getting out of bed sneakily after not giving him a kiss. you went with your daily chores after you saw a dishelved ace telling you "Where's my kiss? :("
he looked like a three year old after having their candy stolen. you were trying your best not to laugh at his state but he caught onto your lips curling up.
he made it a point to you to always kiss him so why were you depriving him of his sole way of getting his daily dose of serotonin?
he annoyed you to have you kiss him and ofcourse you obliged! you just can't miss the feeling of his soft cheeks against your lips as you smother his face with kisses.
he is such a sweet boyfriend that he actually got really hesitant to ask you why you did not kiss him good morning. he thought maybe you were angry at him for whatever he has done and he got really tensed because he couldn't remember what he did to annoy you enough to not even kiss him :(
he slowly hugged you from behind and started apologising like crazy and he even said "love I'm sorry for what I've done I really am but please don't hate me too much to not even kiss me"
deuce may put up a good behaviour infront of others showing how perfect he can be but his behaviour of being like that absolutely melts in your arms when you kiss him. he is very different from how he shows himself to be in front of the public eye.
you weren't answering because you were trying your best to hold in your laughter but he caught on the way your shoulders were shaking and you definitely were not crying because he knows your acts and behaviourisms like the back of his hand
he is so mad at you now for trying to prank him like that
"I can't believe you [name] I'm going"
He didn't reject your kisses and daily dose of affection.
he is not thinking that much about how you 'forgot' to give him his morning kiss after waking up in his arms after cuddling so much with him last night
he knew it was another one of your shenanigans so he wasn't quote bothered by it until he has had enough
your kisses are like a lucky charm to him even if they may have some kind of placebo effect on him he still believes it's your kisses that makes him have a good day.
at the end of the day he returned with most of his energy exhausted because he had a pretty bad day because of you forgot to give him something.
"baby I know what you are trying to do...please kiss me I can't do it anymore"
you kisses him on his forehead, cheeks, eyelids, and lips and he wants more now.
you two shared kisses and cuddles for an hour until he has had his fill.
poor baby held whatever piece of patience he had throughout the day until he got to you.
he wakes up with your morning kisses but today he woke up a bit late because you did not kiss him
he was so agitated because he was getting late for his class by 2 minutes !!
how could you do this to him !
off with your head /j
he was genuinely offended and annoyed because you did not give him his energy boost for the day
he flipped at whoever crossed his way because you just committed a big crime
ace and deuce were scared of him getting so angry so they brought you infront of him to take matters into your own hands and they were too afraid of doing something that might make him render them immobile or something.
they left the school ground to leave you two alone to do your bidding...more like get his emotions checked
a kiss on the cheek was enough to turn his full face blushing red like the tart he was eating.
he coughed and said blush still evident on his face "I will accept this kiss as a form of your apology towards the behaviour showed me today...don't do it again [name]...please"
you heard most of what he said but that "please" was so soft cause he mumbled it but you caught onto what he said.
with a cheeky grin you continued painting his face with kisses
ace and deuce heaved a sigh of relief as their dorm leader finally isn't angry anymore
I definitely did not forget about cater
Usually you two have a kiss fight(?) in the morning. the first one who wakes the other one up with kisses has to have the other give them kisses for the whole day including cuddles and a whole lot of affection
usually you would win but today you were feeling devious so you got out of bed without kissing him. he was a bit awake but his eyes bust open when you cooly opened the door and went your merry way
he sat up straight and grabbed his phone ready to cancel you out on social media
how could you do this to him
so he pestered you throughout the day
he told you and practically gave you a presentation on WHY you should kiss him
you were soon growing tired
you wanted to prank him but looks like it's an uno reverse moment now
you finally gave in and kissed him which shut his yapping.
he was silent for a while but he soon recovered and returned your kiss
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auntietanuki 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don't separate Ace from Deuce and Yuu/Grim, he don't take it well
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twistedtalking 5 months
Can I ask for Ace, Deuce, and Jack realizing that a girl? In canon, please. If you only do gender neutral readers, then feel free to ignore this.
Here's my message for them:
"Hey Ace/Deuce/Jack,
I have something I need to tell you. I'm actually...a girl"
Thanks for asking!
It's been super fun to write this!
TW: Female Yuu/reader, Blood (menstrual), purposeful misspelling on Deuce's part, self harm (brief mention/didn't actually happen)
Now, let's see their reply,
shall we~
"Hah?! You're a what?!?!?!
B-but, I thought you were y'know, like Epel??"
...my best friend's a girl. My best friend's a girl in an all-boys school.
Okay, cool it, Trappola.
Just act like you knew all along.
"So is that all you wanted to tell me? That you're a girl? Thats old news. Yeah, I know that already."
(Prefect: So why were you so surprised when I told you?)
Act dumb, act dumb
"Me? Surprised? Pssh, nah"
Not THAT dumb, Trappola!
"Oh, okay, so you're a-
Mom told me to respect women, and you're a women AND I TOLD D**K JOKES TO A WOMEN!!!
Oh my sevens-" *Faints*
"Sorry to-
Well, I don't mean to-
Um, well I'm already interrupting you, so might as well tell you what I want to say instead of mumbling."
"Well, you know, if-
Ugh, Never mind.
What were you gonna say?
(Prefect: If what??
Tell me!!!
Well um, If you're ever need backup, just ask me, alright? We're a pack and-
(Prefect: Why would I need help? I mean, thanks for the offer but-)
Oh, so it's not your blood?
Well, that's good. I'm glad you can hold your own in a fight-
(OH! Jack, I'm not in a fight. But you're right, that IS my blood)
But you said you weren't in a-
Oh. Well...um, I'm not the best with this kind of stuff, but if you need help with...that, NRC does have a counselor. And...I'm here for you-
(Jack, It's not what you think! Don't worry. It's just...I'm a girl. It's just my menstruation period. Don't worry! Glad you care though)
Y-you're a GIRL?!?!?!
(Prefect: Yep! That's what I wanted to tell you)
Well, that makes sense. At least, more sense than you getting into a bloody fight every month.
Uh so, do you need anything?"
Bible verse of the day:
And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
鈥擯hilippians 4:19
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witch-craft-works 5 days
Ace when he gets in trouble with Riddle
Ace: Beetle juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle-
Yuu: Shut up! Are you crazy? we don't want that guy running around in here!
Ace: no Yuu he'll be on our side he'll help us! Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle-
Yuu: You are meddling with powers you do not understand. Cut the shit!
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michelletsw 2 months
Tumblr media
When it's raining
Walking out of the main building you see rain pouring down hard. Sighing since you left your umbrella at home and will have to walk home through it, until you feel someone grab your wrist. Looking over to see ace smiling at you "here jump on will make a run for ramshackle" he takes off his jacket and hands it to you. You get on his back and lean into him while holding the jacket over you both, he starts running down the steps and to ramshackle both of you laugh the entire way.
Tumblr media
Sitting in the botanical garden listening to the rain on the glass, your eyes closed while focusing on the rain you hear footsteps and open your eyes looking over you see jack sit down next to you quietly "it's relaxing like this" you hum in agreement and rest your head on his shoulder. The feeling of his tail softly brushing against you from time to time from wagging you smile and close your eyes again staying silent enjoying the peace of each others presence.
Tumblr media
The sound of pens scratching against notebook paper and pages turning while the rain taps on the windows outside, grims softly snores while passed out on the common room couch of ramshackle. You glance over and see sebek reading through his notes, his eyes glance up to meet yours "I quite like the rain" one of the few moments his voice is calm he looks back down to his papers. You close your text book with a sigh and stretch out your limbs, then scooting over close to him resting your head on his shoulders you feel he's stiff but slowly relaxs letting you rest on him.
Tumblr media
Walking back to ramshackle an umbrella in hand with a bag of tuna and other foods for yours and grims dinner. You stop seeing epel squatting down looking at something, you walk over to him placing the umbrella over you both looking down at him curious. "This weather's good for the plants since these little guys come out" looking at a worm making its way across the path he stands up and smiles at you. You to walk to ramshackle together talking about how good the weather is and sliding in fun facts about his home town.
Tumblr media
The darkness outside feeling more comfortable then most nights while the rain pours on hitting against the windows, closing your eyes for a moment while the smell of brewing tea fills the air. Placing a cup in front of deuce and then siting down on the couch next to him "thank you, I've always loved this kind of weather.." you sit on the couch drinking tea and huddling into blankets while talking about your day as a destress. The feeling of comfort around you while you listen to him rant about something ace did or how the weather makes him remember the good days of his past, injoying each other's company for the rest of the night..
Tumblr media
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aerith-jade 9 months
Ace, wearing a blazer
Ace: Hey, Yuu. Do you think I'm overdressed?
Yuu: Depends on the activity. For a prostate exam, yes.
Yuu: If you're going to a casino, I'd add sequins.
Ace, returning in a tshirt and a cap
Ace: Too casual?
Yuu: For an audience with the queen, yes.
Yuu: For an evening of passing a bottle of fortified wine around a flaming trash can, you look great!
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monarchofwings 5 months
Last Names.
Tumblr media
Summary: "In which Ace writes down last names that Yuu might have."
Warning: Ace thinking about Yuu's name for a little unhealthy amount of time.
Yuu, though mysterious is only the seemingly ordinary magicless Perfect of the Ramshackle dorm, nothing should be interesting enough about them to keep themselves in other's minds despite them being magicless in a school for mages. And yet despite this Ace help but let his mind be drawn to the Perfect.
Yuu. rather has a nice ring to it.
Yuu. Ace loves the name it kinda rolls off the tongue.
Huh? Oh, that's right.
One of the more interesting things about Yuu as stated before is that their rather mysterious. No one knows anything about them really and Yuu themselves doesn't give out any information either, they never gave out their last name only their first. He wonders what their last name is, does the world they come from even have last names? He mindless wondered if Yuu does have a last name, then what would it be? He grabs his pen without thinking and begins writing down what kind of last names Yuu might have.
Yuu Minh.
Yuu Dorkface.
Yuu Riess.
Yuu Idiot.
Yuu River.
Yuu Trappola.
"Ah.." Ace face turns a shade of red when he realises what he had just written down.
"oh? Falling for me now trappola?" Ace can particularly hear Yuu's teasing voice in his mind and he blushes even harder. He groans and buries his head in his hands. But he can't help but wonder if it would bother Yuu to take his last name, would they like it? Would they hate it? Ace doesn't know.
'well I do know one thing' he thinks to himself 'If Yuu does have a last name, then I wouldn't mind taking theirs'
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rains-asleep 5 months
鈥 鈥淲ell only fags don鈥檛 send.鈥 鈥 with Ace Trappola, Floyd Leech
You get added on Magicam by a bunch of boys who sexualise you and ask for nudes and you cry to your bestfriend about it.
Based off of actual events that happened to me
Tumblr media
. . .Ace Trappola. . .
鈥淚t happened again,鈥 you whispered in his arms. Only a few minutes before this, you barged into the first year鈥檚 dorm. It was a shock to the other boys in the room along with Ace. He almost wanted to kick you out, until he saw your state. Your eyes were puffy and your form was shaking slightly.
The other boys didn鈥檛 appear to notice your distress, teasing the ginger for his 鈥減artner鈥 coming to steal him away like always. As much as he wanted to argue with them, you were inevitably his top priority. So, he bit back his pride and stood from his bed. Leading you to the hallway to hopefully get away from the chiding.
He was bad with comfort. You both knew that. Nonetheless, he pulled your head into his chest. 鈥淛ust鈥et it out, 鈥榢ay?鈥 You looked at him and all you saw in his eyes was sincerity.
And that brought you two to now, where his shirt was slowly getting soaked with snot or tears. Probably both. 鈥淚t happened again.鈥 His mind swirled with possible reasons for your broken state before coming to the conclusion. Well, kind of.
鈥淲as it a boy? Did someone break your heart?鈥 You shook your head, hesitantly pulling your phone from your pocket. He put his hand on your head, attempting to soothe you as your hands shook around the device. You handed it to him and he unlocked it. With how close you two were, you both already knew your passwords, still vowing not to go through your phones without the other鈥檚 permission.
鈥淢agicam,鈥 you mumbled.鈥 His hand moved from your head to your shoulder, holding you close to him while using his other hand to find out what upset you so much. He clicked the first guy鈥檚 name he saw in your dm鈥檚 and felt madder and madder as he read through it.
All the messages were filled with him calling you hot and sexy, even despite you asking him to stop. At one point he even asked about your kinks, sharing his despite you pleading for him to stop. At the end of the thread, he asked for you to send nudes, and when you rejected him, he began to call you slurs.
The first year was pissed, to say the very least. Without an ounce of hesitation, he took note of the username before blocking the guy and hugged you closer. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 so messed up.鈥 A few stray tears fell from your eyes. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 deserve that, I promise you. Some guys are just the worst.鈥
鈥淚s that all guys want me for? Just nudes?鈥 Your voice was soft and shaky. You were trying so hard to not burst into tears. He pulled away to look eye level with you.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so much more than your body, you understand that? You鈥檙e perfect and anyone who bothers to take a second to know the real you would see that. People like that, they just don鈥檛 have brains. That鈥檚 not what everyone thinks, and it鈥檚 certainly not what I think.鈥
The air was quiet between you two after his short little speech, but you found yourself ready to cry again. This time, out of happiness.
. . .Floyd Leech. . .
It was a slow day in the Mostro Lounge, causing Floyd to be even more bored than he normally was. He situated himself on one of the barstools, watching his brother out of pure and absolute boredom. "I wish Shrimpy was here. They know how to make this less lame." His brother only chuckled as he cleaned glasses from behind the counter.
"Who knows, maybe they'll walk through the door right now." His brother groaned at his annoyingly calm demeanor. "Oh my, that was fast." Floyd whipped his head around and practically leaped out of the chair and strode over to hug you. He hadn't even noticed how hard you clutched him until his excitement died down. Neither of you noticed Jade leave from his post either.
He was about to pull away but he was stopped by you. An odd behavior that would usually be welcome, but in this situation, he felt bothered. You didn't even let him look at your face, not wanting him to know you were crying, but he felt it. How your tears soaked his shirt.
As much as people liked to talk about you two, claiming how Floyd probably treats you like a toy, he's always so gentle with you. Even in situations like this. Especially, in situations like this. "Hey, what's going on with you?" His voice was quiet, like he was trying not to scare you.
"I got asked for..." you didn't bother completing the sentence. Not when he shushed you and pulled you towards a nearby couch to sit down. This wasn't the first time you came to him for this sort of thing, but that didn't make it any easier for him. He hated seeing someone he loved so dearly become so crestfallen.
"I'll handle it later okay? That stupid bottom feeder won't bother you anymore." He knew it wasn't just him, afterall, if it was, this wouldn't happen so often. Still, he just wanted to make his Shrimpy feel okay even just for a little bit.
You could only nuzzle into him further and pray that this pain would go away. And maybe with Floyd, in due time, it will. He held you closer in his arms, rubbing circles into your back the way you did to calm him.
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demonichikikomori 6 months
The Queen of Card Tricks
Ace Trappola x Fem!Reader x Deuce Spade Word Count Tumblr: 2.5k+ Word Count Ao3: 10.2k+
Art by fm6fu4w94 on Twitter!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is a commission piece I am very happy to have been given the task to write. The timing couldn't have been anymore perfect haha. This was asked of me I think a few days right after complaining about the lack of ADeuce x Reader available for my eyeballs to really eat up. And now I get to make something! The full fic will be posted on Ao3 instead of Tumblr as a way to keep things nice and neat as I continue!
Here is the link to The Queen of Card Tricks!
The rest of the fic will be posted to Ao3!
Accidents happen. It's natural. It's human. But when being asked to help the Magishift team ended with a concussion, Headmage Crowley apparently had no choice but to ship you away to Royal Swords Academy for a few days to recover. But why? Ace and Deuce will do their best to help you find the answer while you're stuck at the Royal Swords Academy. And they're still at Night Raven College.
Tags: Reader is in a Sticky Situation/Suggestive Content/Gaslighting/ADeuce is Very Protective/Grim is Kinda Here
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The 鈥楥ard Soldiers锟斤拷锟 of Wonderland protected the Queen of Hearts and her castle. Carrying out orders diligently and putting up with the most ridiculous requests. No matter how cruel or demanding, the card soldiers were even willing to fold themselves in half for her sake.
You wondered how you found yourself in this situation, being honored with two 鈥楥ard Soldiers鈥 and a 鈥楲ittle Jabberwocky鈥 in this brand new world. You didn鈥檛 mind being followed around, doted on, protected鈥 You actually liked it a lot. Being the only girl in a school filled with a population made up entirely of the opposite sex, having two pseudo bodyguards nearby at all times was comforting. They didn鈥檛 view you like the other student鈥檚 did. You were just a friend. You were their friend and they wanted to make life at Night Raven College much easier for you. Someone has to cut you some slack, after all, it鈥檚 not like you knew this place existed a few months ago.
The beast separated its jaws, showing off his rows of razor-like teeth. He was exhausted.
Classes had finally ended for the day as Grim stretched, snapping his mouth shut as his big round eyes fell half-lidded from fatigue. Finally, you were free from lecture and assessment. But your work was far from done today. 鈥淚 wanna go back to Ramshackle for a nap鈥 Do you really have to help out today?!鈥 Grim huffed in displeasure as you scooped his round body into your arms. You nodded with your lips pulled back into a frown. 鈥淟isten, I already said I would! You are more than welcome to walk back to Ramshackle without me.鈥 You offered with your grip starting to loosen around Grim.聽
His little paws patted against the back of your hands as he let out a nervous laugh and gave you a crooked smile. 鈥淗ey, hey, hey鈥 I鈥檓 not saying I won鈥檛 go with you! That鈥檚 not what I鈥檓 saying at all!鈥 His voice cracked with fear, smiling nervously as two familiar faces entered the classroom.
A pair of card soldiers. The two of spades, and the ace of hearts.
鈥淵o, Prefect, your escorts are here.鈥 Ace smirked with his arms crossed over his chest, eyes glittering with mischief. Your heart lightened as he walked ahead of Deuce who smiled and waved with a soft 鈥榟ey鈥. His expression was gentle as always and his smile held a warmth you wished to feel forever. You were happy to see them both. 鈥淎nd I see the little freeloader is comfortable as always.鈥 The red-head leaned over the desk, eyeing Grim with a frown as Deuce collected your things from the table. It was an everyday occurrence without fail. After every class they found you, Ace picked a fight with Grim, Deuce carried your stuff to the next class or back to Ramshackle, then rinse and repeat.
But you had no complaints.聽
As you stood, Grim clung to your blazer with a growl as you smoothed out the back of your skirt. 鈥淎ny plans after class? If you aren鈥檛 busy, you should come back to Heartslabyul with me and Ace. There鈥檚 supposed to be an UnBirthday today.鈥 Deuce offered as you all left the classroom in a small group. 鈥淚 wanted to skip out and do something else. Apparently the Board Game Club is having a tournament. If you can beat Azul in the Game of Life, he鈥檒l make a contract with you! No strings attached!鈥 Ace offered up his scheme to coast through his life NRC much easier. As you slipped through the sea of bustling students in the crowded hall you chewed on your lower lip as the pair awaited your decision. A Heartslabyul UnBirthday? Or a Game of Life that could end in disaster?
Both suggestions sounded interesting, but you shook your head in refusal to both. 鈥淵ou know I would go to both if I could, but I made a promise to someone else today that I would help out at their dorm.鈥 You politely declined both offers as frowns started to appear on their faces. The four of you left the school building as the boys slowed down, letting you walk ahead a few steps alone, only to quickly resume their position behind you. While you carried Grim in your arms you could sense Ace suddenly growing annoyed with the revelation that someone else would be occupying your time today. 鈥淎 promise with who?鈥 Ace asked first, you could hear him scowling behind you. 鈥淚f it鈥檚 anyone from the snotty Pomfiore-鈥澛
鈥淎ce.鈥 Deuce looked just as upset as the red-head. Deuce鈥檚 voice cut through the rest of the rude comment with a soft exhale. But he didn鈥檛 look too interested in sharing those disapproving feelings with you. Not yet at least. 鈥淚鈥檓 heading to Savanaclaw.鈥 You explained with a small shrug as the pair seemed even more annoyed than the possibility of you going to Pomfiore. 鈥淭hey asked me to keep score during a mock match, so I鈥檓 heading there now.鈥 You explained and Grim started to whine in your arms as you made your trek down to The Hall of Mirrors. The pair seemed even more distressed hearing that your destination would lie among the beastly dorm of Night Raven College. It was as if you were a lamb being led blindly to slaughter. And they refused to accept you going with just Grim as backup. Ace let out a snarl and with a roll of his eyes he brushed against your shoulder.聽
His lips were curled into a pout as bright cherry red eyes looked you over. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e just too nice. Helping out the Magishift team? I don鈥檛 think they actually need it. They鈥檙e just a bunch of meatheads who can鈥檛 count higher than ten.鈥 Ace scoffed as Deuce attached himself to your otherside. 鈥淒id someone pressure you into helping them? Do we need to talk with them?鈥 Deuce offered with a much more gentle tone as Ace nodded in agreement. 鈥淭ell us who it was! We鈥檒l get you out of this no problem. Just give us a name.鈥 They wanted the answer of who held you at claw/fang point and demanded you help the Magishift team. You stepped into the building full of gorgeous mirrors, branching off towards pocketed universes containing different dorms. 鈥淒on鈥檛 make up your own stories! I really don鈥檛 mind keeping score. Besides, there鈥檚 not much for me to do back at Ramshackle other than play on my phone or chat with the ghosts. Ruggie said he would buy me dinner if I helped out today.鈥 You smiled and swiveled your head to face Ace and then Deuce. They looked worried. What could possibly be so scary about keeping score?
Well, what Ruggie forgot to tell you, was that you would be keeping score for a mock match between Savanaclaw and Diasomnia.
As you walked with Ace, Deuce and Grim, across the sandy plains of Savanaclaw; you could feel the burning tension rising above the sweltering heat. Deuce was frowning as he took a few steps ahead of you and Ace followed suit. 鈥淩eally鈥 This doesn鈥檛 seem like a good idea.鈥 The blue haired student spoke up, glancing back at you with knit brows. Though his concerns fell on deaf ears as you shook your head, adjusting Grim in your arms as sweat began to bead along your forehead. 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about me, it鈥檚 not like I'm playing on the field with them.鈥 You were starting to feel more and more uneasy the closer you got to the spectatorless stadium. Maybe this was a bad idea鈥 鈥淛eez, you wouldn鈥檛 know danger even if it smacked you in the face.鈥 Ace huffed as the pair walked into the large stadium first, as if they were guards taking in if the scene was safe enough for you to be a part of. The green turf was littered with different students of different sizes and shapes. All with stern or intense expressions. Either in yellow (with the exception of Epel) or dressed in lime green. Ready to win this match with only four bystanders to witness its glory. You could see Leona stretching on the ground with Ruggie and Epel whispering into his fuzzy chestnut ears. The trio were silently sizing up the dorm leader they would be faced against: Malleus Draconia. The fae clearly had no intention of stretching like the others as you caught his eye.聽
His attention was stolen away as he approached your small group in silence, happy to see you. And only you. You found Malleus to be a little strange, but you assumed that maybe it was because he wasn鈥檛 good at making friends. He found comfort in the singular human residing in Ramshackle since that was a place he wandered through before your arrival in this world. 鈥淐hild of Man鈥 What brings you here?鈥 He asked, looking into your eyes as if fishing for the answer himself. A small grin tugged at his lips as Grim remained very still, and very silent. 鈥淥h! Ruggie invited me to keep score for a mock-match. I didn鈥檛 realize it was against Diasomnia.鈥 You spoke carefully, having Malleus loom over your much smaller figure was intimidating. You knew he was harmless, but that was because you were鈥 You. 鈥淚 see, I鈥檓 glad to see you鈥檝e made it then. Although it looks like others may feel the same as I do.鈥 Malleus crossed his arms over his chest and tilted his head as his smile began to fade. His expression now looked disapproving. You gazed past him, noticing the field full of male students appeared less interested in the game and more interested in you. Their eyes scanned over your body, some smiled, some looked away, some winked, and some made crude kissing faces or slipped their tongues between their fingers.聽
You flinched away, your eyes turning back up at the fae as you felt your stomach twist into an uncomfortable knot. 鈥淚 see what you mean.鈥 You murmured with a wave of anxiety washing over you. Maybe this was why Ace and Deuce didn鈥檛 want you to come without them. Malleus smiled down at you, a hand now resting on your head as Grim started to growl. 鈥淚 won鈥檛 let anything happen to-鈥澛
鈥淎lright! Hands off! Or else you鈥檒l be known as the Prince of Sexual Harassment!鈥 Ace snapped as Malleus yanked his hand back, his eyes now wide with shock as he looked at the pair of much shorter students. 鈥淧lease go back to the field, the Prefect has to keep score.鈥 Deuce was much more polite as they both ushered him away from the sidelines. 鈥淲ho does he think he is..?鈥 Ace scoffed under his breath as Malleus鈥 lips curled into a pout as he turned away back to the Magishift field. 鈥淎nd he has a rat tail-鈥
鈥淎ce鈥︹ Deuce scolded gently as the three of you walked along the sidelines, grabbing the scoreboard and discarding your blazers. Maybe you should鈥檝e changed before coming? You could feel sweat pooling around the clinging fabric beneath your armpits and around the mounds of your breasts. 鈥淪hould we get water? I feel like this may be a long game.鈥 Deuce suggested while peeling off his gloves, his cheeks becoming flushed from the heat. 鈥淩ock Paper Scissors?鈥 Ace suggested and you jumped in with a smile with Grim sticking his paw in as well. 鈥淟oser goes to find water for the rest of us!鈥 The beast cheered as you balled your hand into a fist.
The four of you cast your hands into the small circle. You threw in paper, while Ace, Deuce, and even Grim threw in scissors. 鈥淎h-鈥 Deuce was choked up in shock as Ace began to laugh. 鈥淗ow the hell are you the only odd one out?!鈥 He backed away with a laugh as you felt as if you were the actual winner. You knew from Ruggie where the waters would be inside of the dorm. And you weren鈥檛 interested in watching the game anymore. 鈥淚 can go instead, it was my idea.鈥 Deuce offered with a guilty expression as you shook your head. 鈥淚t鈥檚 fine, I know where they are anyway.鈥 You shrugged as Grim latched his claws into your shirt. 鈥淚 wanna go too then. You鈥檒l need someone to help you carry the water back!鈥 He offered with a wide toothed smile and you playfully rolled your eyes. 鈥淵es, the four bottles of water that are so heavy for my fragile arms.鈥 You laughed as there was a shout from the field.
鈥淲atch where you鈥檙e throwing-鈥 You heard Ruggie鈥檚 voice laced with panic and someone shouting for you to duck. But once you turned your head back鈥
You were met with the solid metal disc colliding with your skull. You could feel the shock of pain as your vision went black for a second, voices now faded and distant.聽
Your body fell limp, and you hit the ground as dead weight. It was like you were trapped in a coffin, your stiff body was only filled with electric currents of pain as your head throbbed from the contact of the heavy, metal disc hitting you in the side of the head. You could hear voices shouting in panic as your vision grayed, staring up at the bright blue sky now free of cotton ball shaped clouds. It wasn鈥檛 long before that sky filled with black spots, blotching over the wonderful sight like spilled ink on paper. Soon, you were washed in that much more comforting sea of black, hearing your name called a final time.
At least the pain stopped, even though it was momentary.
-It felt like only a minute had passed as you groggily opened your eyes. Your head was throbbing and your vision was a mix and mess of muted watercolors. Much different than the stained blue sky. The image swirled and wobbled into view as you flexed your fingers carefully against the soft sheets beneath you. There was the distant sound of your phone ringing as you weakly lifted a hand from the soft cot to where you thought the night stand would be. Instead, your fingertips brushed over something soft. It felt like a knit material, and you heard the sound of your phone declining the incoming call. The ringing was replaced with a familiar giggle. 鈥淎re you awake? That鈥檚 good news!鈥 The voice was far too chipper for your tastes as you mustered the strength to turn your head. Your vision steadied to meet big brown doe eyes, silky black hair, lips that were rosy and red鈥 Skin as white as snow鈥 鈥淣eige鈥 Why鈥 Are you at Night Raven?鈥 You whispered in confusion while scanning him over. Then, you soaked in your surroundings. This was not the nurses office at Night Raven College. 鈥淗m? Right, you were unconscious鈥︹ He trailed off and slowly stood from the wooden stool he was seated on. He leaned over, his gaze melting into yours as he slowly peeled the blankets away from your body. 鈥淒ue to your head injury,鈥 You were wearing a girls uniform that did not belong to Night Raven College. 鈥淵ou are now a temporary student here at Royal Swords Academy!鈥
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