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Simone Signoret, Yves Montand, and Marilyn Monroe at a Beverly Hills Hotel. Beverly Hills, California, USA, 1960. Bruce Davidson. Gelatin silver print.
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Asher Angel photographed by Ben Cope for Nylon Manila. Asher wears full look and jewelry by Versace
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...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL (1979) dir. Norman Jewison
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Philip Seymour Hoffman
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Look I watched Supernatural. I am a firm believer that sometimes actors' opinions aren't valid, actually, and you have no obligation to agree with how anyone is telling you that you're supposed to be interpreting things, even if they did contribute to creating it. (This is what Death of the Author means btw.)
But the sheer ego required to look at a comparison to a different relationship that was brought up, unprompted, as the vibe both actors discussed on Day 1 and made their intention for the season and go "well I don't get it because one of the characters is literally doing a whole other much less sympathetic thing, and that means all the fans making this comparison are definitely just poor little meow meow-ing their fave beyond recognition." Like dude. Maybe your interpretation of what is "literally" happening is an interpretation, and not the only objective way to understand the story and character motivations?
Like honestly... how bad do you think these actors are at their jobs that they were both actively aiming for a specific vibe and failed so hard it's not even a remotely plausible reading of the text? You still don't have to agree with the comparison, but dismissing the entire concept as an ice cold and unsupported take because "death of the author" and it not lining up with your personal interpretation is not you understanding the text better or whatever. It's just vanity.
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MADELYN CLINE photographed by Royal Giblet for SCMP Style (2023)
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"Remember," he said, "I'm looking for Victor Tungelbend and I'm going to make him a star. If anyone sees him, you must tell him." [...]
He strode back to the door.
After he had gone the chattering flowed back like a tide.
"Make him a star? What'd he want a star for?"
"I didn't know you could make stars...I thought they were like, you know, stuck to the sky..."
"I think he meant make him a star. You know, him himself. Turn him into a star."
"How can you make anyone into a star?"
"I dunno. I suppose you compress them right up small and they burst into this mass of flaming hydrogen?"
"Good grief."
Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures
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Sunday mood
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"I believe God gives each of us a purpose. To the horse, it's to run across the prairie. For a cowboy, it's to ride."
The Rider (2017), Chloé Zhao
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There is the line I say about Emilia, “If she should come, she will call my wife. My wife? What wife? I have no wife.” I mean, extraordinarily modern, I mean, as contemporary as you could possibly be. Nothing that says this was written 400 years ago. 
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this was such a special moment🥹cannot believe this is real life rn
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Asher Angel photographed by Ben Cope for Nylon Manila. Asher wears full look and jewelry by Versace
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there’s a real lack of Kirby Reed fics out there, so may I request top!Kirby Reed x fem!Reader smut? If not, maybe just some headcanons of their relationship?
cherry flavoured - k.reed
cw // soft dom! kirby, sub! reader, slight somnophilia, cunnilingus, prior consent, sub space, crying during sex, praise kink, begging, mommy kink — let me know if i’ve missed any
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kirby let out an exhausted sigh as she crawled into your shared bed, draping her arm over your waist pulling you closer to her ready to fall asleep after a long day.
you shifted slightly pushing your bare cunt along her thigh spreading your slick along it making her smirk. she moved you onto your back, she lifted one of your thighs onto her lips spreading your pussy open.
a mewl left your lips as the cold air of your bedroom hit your puffy, cum slicked pussy and kirby tsked at the sight as she moved to lay between your legs.
her tongue flattened on your cunt swiping up to your sensitive clit making your hips buck as a quiet moan left your mouth. kirby repeatedly the action scooping your release into her mouth and she hummed against you.
your eyes fluttered slightly at the pleasure and your fingers tangled into her hair as she looked up at you through her eyelashes, “hi .” you muttered sleepily, enjoying the view before you.
“hi, princess.” kirby replied, pulling away from your core for a moment to kiss your lips, “missed me so much, you had to take matters into your own hands, hm?”
you nodded with a pout, “m’sorry, mommy. it’s just you were gone all day and i missed you.”
“s’okay, my girl.” kirby muttered, noticing that you were getting upset due to just waking up, “not mad at you.”
a small smile appeared on your lips and kirby pecked your nose softy before dipping back down to your cunt, wrapping her lips around the sensitive bundle of nerves sucking softly.
a loud moan escaped your lips as your head fell back at the blissful feeling that filled your body, “make me feel so good, ma’am. better than my own fingers.”
kirby smirked proudly plunging her tongue into your tight hole making you whine already sensitive to the feeling.
your hands attached to kirby’s arms that were wrapped around your waist, holding you still as she worked you up to your orgasm.
“getting close.” you breathed out, gripping onto her as the coil in your stomach tightened, “gonna cum, please.”
kirby’s lips never left your cunt, building up the pressure more and more as loud moans fell from your sweet lips. kirby watched as your bare chest rose and fell rapidly, and your eyes screwed up in bliss.
“gonna cum, mommy. please let me cum.”
kirby didn’t really understand why you were begging — knowing no matter how mad she was, or how disobedient you had been, kirby always let you cum.
small tears fell down your face as you tried to push off your orgasm waiting for your girlfriend’s permission.
“baby, you can cum. don’t need to ask.” kirby whispered and you let out an exhausted cry finally letting your orgasm wash over you.
kirby sat beside you, brushing your hair softly waiting for you to come back to her, “you’re okay, my love. did so good for me.” she whispered reassuringly.
you’re fucked out eyes opened slowly as you glanced up at her, “was i good?”
“oh, baby…” kirby muttered, leaning down and pecking your forehead, “you did amazing for me, you’re my best girl.”
you smiled softly at the praise nodding cuddling into her legs, “don’t get too comfortable, angel. gotta get you cleaned up, okay?”
and before kirby could even get off the bed, you had fallen back to sleep. the blonde woman smiled adoringly at your sleeping frame, falling in love all over again as she watched your chest rise and fall softly.
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