#actually autistic
I am on my knees begging, begging people to remember disabled people in the LGBTQ+ community this month. Please don't leave us to die.
COVID never ended and it made many people immunocompromised. Wear a mask at Pride events (and other places too). Yes, even if it makes you uncomfy or doesn't match your outfit.
Some anti-trans laws are specifically targeting mentally disabled people, arguing that we're not capable of making decisions about our own bodies and thus should not be allowed to medically transition. Include us in discussions about trans legislation.
Disabled people already face high discrimination in work and housing, and it's worse for those who are LGBTQ+. Stand up for your disabled and LGBTQ+ peers.
Some disabled people with caretakers can't come out because the people they depend on aren't safe. Support closeted LGBTQ+ people.
The insurance companies that always find a reason not to cover gender-affirming surgery are the same ones that always find a reason not to cover medication or therapy or mobility aids. Have some solidarity with disabled people who have to fight against the same greedy pigs you do.
It breaks my heart seeing so-called leftists throwing their disabled siblings to the wolves. You like to say that you'd punch a Nazi, throw bricks at police cars, fight tooth and nail for the rights of LGBTQ+ people... But the moment it concerns disabled LGBTQ+ people, you drop your support like a rock. Your hypocrisy is disgusting, and it's going to kill many people in the LGBTQ+ community this Pride month unless you take a moment to realize that, whether you like it or not, some of us are disabled and we don't deserve to die for that.
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Communication Cards for meltdowns and Shutdowns
Lil Penguin Studios/Autism Happy Place
Lil Penguin Studios
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theadhdgoblin · 2 days
Tumblr media
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silvermoon424 · 3 days
hey, as a fellow autistic/ADHD person who works in offices, i just wanted to say that "office culture" is hell for neurodivergent people and i'm sorry you got called out while you were already trying your best to function in that environment.
i've found it's genuinely hard for us to win no matter what we do (at my last job i got in trouble for talking TOO much because i was trying to get along with everyone) and although it's discouraging to get reprimanded, you're the one at a disadvantage and it sucks that they don't recognize that and accommodate you better.
anyway, i just wanted to show some support and remind you that you're not alone (also here is an cermet to hopefully make you smile)
Tumblr media
Can I just tell you how validating this is? Thank you so much. At literally EVERY SINGLE job I've had I've been reprimanded for being "lazy" or "slacking off" for looking at my phone, reading a book, etc when in reality I'm recovering from a burst of focus/work or I'm under-stimulated.
What pisses me off especially is that I do get my work done, I just don't work consistently for 8 hours a day straight and require frequent breaks- far more than the two 15 minute breaks and unpaid lunch break that most jobs allow. It's blatantly obvious that these standards were devised by neurotypical people for neurotypical people. Well, I would say that, but studies show that neurotypical people are more productive with more breaks, too.
I'm sure you know how exhausting, belittling, humiliating, etc it is to constantly have your working habits be questioned by neurotypical managers who don't and will never understand you. And even if they are on the understanding side, their managers will still write you off as "lazy" and "unprofessional."
This whole capitalist system is literal hell for disabled and neurodivergent people. Ableism runs so deep in our culture and this is just one small facet of it.
Anyway, thank you for the Kermit pic, I love him so much <3333
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cane-you-dig-it · 1 day
unfriendly reminder that hans asperger was a literal nazi who decided that lsn autistics are the only ones who deserve to live. if you didn't know, now you do. if you did know and still call yourself an "aspie" go fuck yourself
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awetistic-things · 3 days
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autisticspirit · 2 days
Aiden do all Aiden laundry by self Aiden happy happy happy happy Aiden no able do laundry by self no help Aiden do by use roll chair like rollator help many many many!!!!!!!!!
Aiden no do laundry by self ever now can maybe!!!!!!!
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as an autistic person I am offended by the fact that no one thought to recommend Stardew Valley to me. It IS the autism game. Even more so than minecraft.... So, this is my recommendation for any autistic person who follows me and enjoys video games to try Star Dew Valley.
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system-of-a-feather · 16 hours
Question to other autistic and/or dissociative folks, do you guys ever wonder if you hear music in your head more clearly / vividly / loudly than most people? It's not something we can have full control over but we can at times very easily get caught listening to our "internal radio" that we literally can't hear or process sound of whats going on around us.
It's one of those things that is hard to compare verbally though like trying to see if we all "see the same red"
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daloy-politsey · 3 days
I’ve seen some people respond to governments restricting trans affirming care for autistic people with statements like “autistic people have higher IQs” and “I’m autistic and I have a biology degree” and I’d just like to say that autistic trans people with low IQs and no degrees also deserve to medically transition should they choose to do so.
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havesword · 20 hours
I feel like we don't talk about how autistic men are considered "creepy" and "dangerous" for being autistic enough. The "scary guy" who doesn't quite fit in, can't make proper eye contact, makes awkward remarks, mutters to himself under his breath, misses social cues, and sometimes is a bit greasy? There might be a reason for that.
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crazycatsiren · 3 days
Honestly, hissing and growling like a cat to express displeasure on speechless days works for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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autie-j · 23 hours
Aaaa shoe feels too loose, unties it and reties it
Now it's too tight, unties it and reties it
Now it's too loose again, unties it and reties it
Now it's too tight, unties it and reties it
It's too loose again, unties it and reties it
Ahh, there we go...now the other one feels wrong (repeats the process)
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theadhdgoblin · 3 days
Tumblr media
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silvermoon424 · 17 hours
There was this one Tumblr post I read a while ago that was talking about how, when you grow up as a neurodivergent person (autism/ADHD/etc), you constantly face rejection and get called "weird" or whatever for showing authentic parts of yourself. And eventually you just stop showing those parts of yourself around most people and learn how to mask so you can pass as neurotypical.
I feel this so hard. For so much of my childhood I was the "weird girl" who faced reprimand and criticism from both my peers and the adults in my life for being "too much." I distinctly remember one time, when I was like 11 or something, I made an off-color joke and one of my friends said I had a "sick mind" (which was actually super extra looking back on it because it really wasn't edgy or anything??? But I also went to Catholic school sooooo). And eventually I just did my best to fit in or pass beneath notice.
I've just been thinking so much lately about how hostile society is to neurodivergent people in so many different ways and it's so disgusting.
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autismvampyre · 1 day
ok but human decency feels so fucking good
like, someone not blaming me for having a meltdown and respecting my disabilities and still sees me as a person, not just a nuisance?? i cry every time
someone respecting my pronouns and calling me it? im melting on the floor, im so happy i might sob
people who don't understand but are still respectful and willing to learn? they make my day, nay they make my fucking year
it's so easy to be hateful, selfish and dismissive, but kindness is so much more valuable. i remember who were kind and respectful to me and it still keeps me going years later. be kind, be respectful, listen to people and treat them fairly because it makes a difference, it really does. you make the world so much better just by having empathy
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