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please help out where you can 馃枻馃枻
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Autistic Traits
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Disability doesn't have a look.
Queerness doesn't have a look.
Neurodivergence doesn't have a look.
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Let鈥檚 clear some things up!
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This is the rainbow infinity symbol. It鈥檚 the symbol for autism, and autism alone, as it was created for AUTISTIC Pride Day!
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This is the rainbow butterfly! It鈥檚 intended to be an ADHD symbol. It was made by an allistic ADHDer, purely out of spite for autistic people who stated the rainbow infinity symbol was theirs. It鈥檚 not just that the creator is anti-autistic; it鈥檚 that the design was purposefully created to be similar to the rainbow infinity symbol, making it so that the anti-autistic bias is a key part of its design.
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This is the black butterfly! It is also an ADHD symbol. Except this one wasn鈥檛 designed to spite autistic people.
The black butterfly is still somewhat similar to the autistic symbol, but that鈥檚 a-okay! ADHD and autism are similar! It makes sense that the symbols would be similar, within reason. The difference lies in if it was made similar from a place of negativity, or a place of desired solidarity. And the black butterfly is free from any negative intentions towards autistic people and their symbols.
Please take this information into consideration while using these symbols!
鈥 an autistic ADHDer 馃┓
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non verbal autistic people are just as valid as fully verbal autistic people.
level 2 and level 3 support needs autistic people are just as valid as level 1 support needs autistic people.
early diagnosed autistic people are just as valid as late diagnosed autistic people.
low masking autistic people are just as valid as high masking autistic people.
autistic people who exhibit "stereotypical" autistic traits are just as valid as autistic people who do not.
autistic people who like "childish" or "childlike" are just as valid as autistic people who do not.
self-diagnosed autistic people are just as valid as autistic people who are professionally diagnosed.
poc autists are just as valid as white autists.
afab autists are just as valid as amab autists.
physically disabled autistic people are just as valid as abled bodied autistic people.
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Working with Autism PDA (pathologic demand avoidance) by "strewing" (setting up an activity that u want to do for your later self even thought PDA wont do it right now)
Doing this removes barriers from doing the activity for later when the stress and pressure to do it has released without executive dysfunction of setting up the activity
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I saw you mention that you bring up autism to your therapist but they seem to brush you off with "it overlaps symptomatically with ADHD".
Well, this is true, but for anyone else not sure or struggling with this question: What is the difference between autism and ADHD? Do I have one or both?
Firstly: the overlap is huge, so being brushed off as "this is just ADHD" is bad practice in my opinion.
The main thing that seems to be ignored is the why of the overlap. What is the underlying reason behind the trait.
ADHD is a dopamine deficiency neurological disorder that affects attention, focus, executive function and more. The overarching traits can lead to very very similar traits as autism.
Autism is a social and language neurological disorder (or whatever term you wish to call it) that can affect attention, focus, executive function and more.
So, what to bring up to a therapist?
"I do this thing because..."
That sentence means a lot.
Both my husband and I have struggled with friendships our whole lives. From the outside, that is a classic autism trait.
However, I (autistic) struggled because I do not understand social interaction, social rules, or boundaries at a young age, and people ostracised me from groups because I seemed odd.
I learnt to adopt other people's actions in order to look NT.
My husband (combined ADHD) can make friends easily. He understands how to interact. He's charismatic, charming...all of it.
He's also too much. He will get in your face, talk about his hyperfixations for hours, pace mid conversation, can't stay still, will forget birthdays, parties, appointments, he won't call you or interact because he forgets etc.
Friends abandon him.
So, this is more than the traits. It's the why.
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woof bitch
ok in all seriousness, animal noises are a valid vocal stim, and a lot of us in our system make animal noises, and if you do, it's valid. it's not weird, or childish. a lot of autistic are animal lovers and connect with animals more than human, so like.. bark bark, meow, squeak. 鈽 - The Dreamdrop System
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On a scale of 0% eye contact to 100%, where are you? I have a natural aversion to eye contact but mask it sometimes when I feel socially obligated.
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You know what I find personally annoying about AIs?
Not professionally as a kinda-techbro. Not morally as a human being. Not ethically as someone who trying to be a decent person. Not semantically as a philosophy major. Just personally?
The same behavior y'all hate in people like me, you adore in a chatbot.
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Hi everyone,
A few days ago, I posted about Autistic burnout. And a lot of you related to it. I wanted to share with you some ways to recover from burnout. These infograps explain:
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These first two are about the cause of burnout along with ways on how to recover from it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
These next two are a 鈥減lan鈥 you can make that can help you with recovery. The article will be linked below and goes into more detail. I hope many of you find this helpful.
Burnout Recovery
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pascal and i have matching cardigans :]
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you are valid !!!
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