rowanthesorcerer · 3 months
thank you to @adorabledaylilly for the wonderful idea to make the cast of LL in the sims, i might make side characters soon but for now it’s Anisa, Sage, Felix, Rime and myself (because i wanna live vicariously and be friends with the scrunklies)
lemme know if you want me to post about their shenanigans or who you’d wanna see next. i’ll download more CC to make them better as well. i’m new to playing sims lol
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
also sorry the images are terrible quality, for some reason i take pictures of my monitor instead of taking screenshots, i’ll change that in the future too
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adorabledaylilly · 3 days
Help me take my cat to the vet
I've never done anything like this before and I know it's a huge ask but my cat, Pi needs surgery to remove one of her eyes.
The eye was injured before we found her 5 years ago and a vet said it wasn’t causing her any issues and wasn't caused by any serious underlining problems but recently it has started to swell and water. She is nursing it herself. She isn't laying prone, panting or hiding but she isn't eating well and I don't want it to get worse.
The issue being we are trying to move across the country by the end of the month because we are losing our home and can barely afford that let alone taking her in for a $300 to $600 vet visit and surgery.
I’ll have a more exact price on cost once we get her to a vet but for now it’s just an estimate.
I just feel so drained and helpless.
anything helps, even a prayer.
Thank you.
p@y pal - adorabledaylilly
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satoumafuyuss · 3 months
🕯🖤🕯 Pinterest Vibes Meme 🕯🖤🕯
I was tagged by @adorabledaylilly !!
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This’ll be fun
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I think it’s pretty fitting :3c
I taaaaag @fearsfalling and anyone else who wants to join..!
Feel free to ignore though ffhjgl
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oasislandingresident · 3 months
🕯🖤🕯Pinterest Vibes Meme🕯🖤🕯
Thank you for the tag @papermint-airplane !! <3
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I haven't opened my pinterest in a while so let's see
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Alright, this was fun! tagging the last 8 people in my notifications! Feel free to do this if you want to even if you're not tagged! And feel free to ignore if you dont want to do it but is tagged! :D
@adorabledaylilly @kfvarela @bellakenobi @mercury101 @tsims @thesweetsimmer111 @echoweaver @frostedshore
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miniculesim · 2 years
Hi, I love you hairs! I have pretty much all of them in my game lol. I was wondering if it'd be okay for me to use them to make default replacements? There aren't many clay hair defaults for toddlers. I'm not sure if I'll share them or only use them for personal use but I wanted to ask either way.
Hey adorabledaylilly! <3
Thank u very much for the cute message. I have no problem with this at all & feel free to share it if u want :D
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enstaries · 5 years
Take your time dear! Nobody wants you stressed about the blog and request. You're human and you have a life outside of this blog, no need to apologize for that. Stay healthy, I love you
omfghsaofhasd you’re so sweet tqsm for this message (╥_╥) in all honesty i still do feel like followers / people who sent requests do have a right to be >:-( about how i’ve practically stopped posting bc hhh my last 16 requests were from march 2018 and i just. haven’t written anything for a while
as the mod rn i see it as my responsibility to finish the last requests asap and then maybe ??? there’s a really high chance this blog will just die off bc enstars isn’t my biggest fandom anymore and after experimenting with oneshots and hcs i’m more confident in longer fics and might go back to my old ao3
in either case, i will take your advice on taking my time to produce the best i can for now! thank you aa i really appreciate it ily toooo
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ensembleimagines · 6 years
Fluffy headcanons for Chiaki with a S/O? QwQ also congrats on starting the blog!
thank you so much! chiaki is such a fluff ball, goodness gracious. you’re in so much luck since chiaki is one of my best boys, i’m nearly always overflowing with hcs for him! alright, lets get to it:
chiaki is, in his very essence, the ideal boyfriend. he remembers anniversary’s and important dates, shows up to any sort of function he can if his partner is involved, and truly loves them with all he has
he’d be very open with his s/o, and would of course want them to be the same way with him. he’d only date someone he trusts, and therefore wouldn’t hesitate to open up about things, and would be incredibly thankful to have someone to be so close with. he’d do anything and everything he could to help support and cheer up his partner in any and all situations, and is always patient and understanding, even if he can’t completely follow what it is upsetting them. he’s nonjudgmental and always available to at the very least, listen and be a shoulder to cry on
he celebrates anniversary’s way more often than he should, and you’d probably have to talk him out of counting each week of your relationship as an anniversary worth celebrating. still, he’s going to try to plan as many dates as possible, and sometimes won’t realize how tiring all of his arrangements can be. 
if you make him lunch he will actually tear up in happiness and thank you through a hug that just might land you in the hospital 
he’d get so concerned about making sure he’s a good boyfriend he’d start picking up silly advice magazines and sometimes even try to follow through on the ridiculous content
he’s not afraid to be affectionate in public, and will hug/kiss/pick up/ect ect his partner basically anywhere. of course, any sudden affection towards him in public will turn him in to complete flustered mess.
behind closed doors though, the embarrassment is a lot more minimal, and he’ll return any gesture with twice the enthusiasm. any effort his s/o makes to be physically close he’ll immediately return, and is incredibly partial to cuddling
he also really likes giving forehead/top of the head kisses, especially before he’s about to run out on stage. he’d consider his s/o a good luck charm after all, and would always be elated to have them by his side
hes always incredibly grateful for everything and is truly in awe he found someone who actually loves him back. he can never show enough gratitude and is constantly thanking his s/o for all that they do
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riayamazaki · 6 years
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