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In honor of the Ides of March, my favorite Tiktok
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The digital series, titled Animals in Therapy, is directed by Tim Hope and features real footage of endangered and at-risk species voiced-over by an all-star list of comedic talent such as Rhys Darby (Our Flag Means Death / Flight of the Conchords), Jessica Barden (The End of The F***ing World), Mae Martin (The Flight Attendant), Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh), Adrian Bliss (TikTok) and many more. Each digital short shines the spotlight on vulnerable animals such as Ground Pangolins, California Condors, and Eastern Rock Elephant Shrews, all sharing their challenges and anxieties in a group therapy-like setting. From California Condors venting about their dating woes in light of dropping population rates, to tropical fish sharing their less-than-ideal living accommodations inside of a plastic milk carton - the cheeky tone is brought to life by the comedic talent and provides an entertaining spin on traditionally serious topics. Animals in Therapy episode schedule: Thursday 8th September - “Self Care ft. Kakapo” voiced by Rhys Darby Thursday 15th September - “Imposter Syndrome ft. Elephant Shrew” voiced by Mae Martin Thursday 22nd September– “Forever Young ft. Axolotl” voiced by Adrian Bliss Thursday 29th September - “Self Help ft. Sikafa” voiced by Johnny Pemberton Thursday 6th October– “Flat Sharing No-no’s! ft. Porcupinefish” voiced by Rhys Darby (Golden Goby), Tim Hope (Birdbeak Burrfish), Julian Barratt (Black Sea Goby), Jessica Barden (Birdbeak Burrfish, Red-spotted Blenny, Thornback Cowfish), and Adrian Bliss (Axolotl) Thursday 13th October– “Dating Dilemmas ft. California Condor” voiced by Jessica Barden and Juliette Stern Thursday 20th October – “Meditation Techniques ft. Swimming Crabs” voiced by Hannah Pilkes and Lisa Gilroy Thursday 27th October – “Safe Space Invader ft. Javan Slow Loris” voiced by Jamel Johnson and Johnny Pemberton Thursday 3rd of November – “Stressed Out ft. Ground Pangolin” voiced by Julian Barratt Thursday 10th of November - “Group Therapy Sesh” voiced by Johnny Pemberton (Bonobo), Mae Martin (Woolly Monkey, Sumatran Rhino), Jamel Johnson (Leaf Mantis), and Julian Barratt (Hairy Frog, Grey Crowned Crane)
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Poseidon: I am Poseidon.God of the seas and ocean. For what do you summon me?
Y/N: Yeah. Sorry to bother you..I Just wondered if you could heat up my cup of tea?
Poseidon: Excuse me? Do you know who I am?
Y/N: Your the god of water.
Poseidon: God of seas and oceans! I dont do Tea!
Y/N: Yeah but water is water isnt it?
Poseidon: No!
Y/N: I mean its all part of the cycle. So surley its in your Jurisdiction.
Poseidon: Not when its in a mug!
Y/N: Well where do you draw the Line?
Poseidon: It has to be like a large body of water.
Y/N: So if I dipped my mug in the sea and then...
Poseidon: Oh your just winding me up now..!
Y/N: Id just like to know the distinctions.
Poseidon: Leave me alone!
- Poseidon dissapears -
Y/N: Jeez
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Since no one’s added this to tumblr yet imma have to
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Via Darren's Instagram Story (December 3rd, 2022) Link
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Saturdays are so positive!
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No one ever talks about the casualties of the parting of the Red Sea...🥺
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@adrian bliss/
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Happy Stab Caesar Day🔪
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The fourth wise man misses the birth of Jesus
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Stay tuned on 6th October for Animals in Therapy episode, only on On The Edge's Youtube channel!
Source: Globe News Wire
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