hadeantaiga · 2 days
Yeah if it wasn't clear, I am 100% in support of transunity. It's a good thing!!! We need to be allies of each other!
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backwardsflow · 4 hours
I got polls so now I wanna know:
I'm not asking which ones you use necessarily, just which ones you think are neat!
Of course, reblog if you like and put your favs in the tags if you chose "other"!
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transenbyconfessions · 10 hours
I’m Agender and I tell peoples I don’t care about pronouns.
But I do care. I just feel alien to He/Him, feel guilty when using She/Her out of sheer past habit, They/Them feel like I’m many peoples and I just want to be me (It also doesn’t translate well to my main language because even plurals have gender.) and the Xe pronoun and the likes just doesn’t feel right.
So I’m just stuck in a cycle of discomfort either ways and it feels like a toxic pool of my own making.
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morsobaby · 7 hours
You deserve to live. You deserve to love and be loved. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be you. You deserve better. You're here for a reason, your existence is not a mistake. You deserve to be safe. You exist. Thank you for that
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palatteflags · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Naven Nuknuk from Epithet Erased based Ace, Aro, and Agender flags! ^^ For an anon! hope you like these~~
Want one? Send an ask~ -mod Jay
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rolo-potato · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Based off of the original Chat Noir by Tarokujo Art (Artists Facebook, Ko-Fi, and Twitter links here)
I cut Chat out with the website PhotoScissors and then added the ace, agender, and nonbinary flag behind him to use as icons, but I figured I would post them for people to see! I made pastel versions of the ace and agender flags since Chat's ears tended to blend in with the black bars normally.
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cha-c-san · 2 months
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Gender thoughts with no satisfying conclusion :l 
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raspberryroo1312 · 7 months
Tumblr media
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catpop12343 · 10 months
Reblog to give a trans girl a really cool sword
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mywitchcultblr · 8 months
Tumblr media
I'm still in the closet and still doesn't have money to escape from this place, but celebrating pride in secret. Okay to reblog
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sparklemaia · 9 months
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file under “no gender, just vibes”
(also, bbys, you have a right to bodily autonomy, make yrself at home in your body however that looks for you, gender is a choose your own adventure and I’m rooting for you, ily)
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genderpunks · 18 days
met my new endocrinologist. they are a nonbinary person in their 50s who uses they/them pronouns only. they have graying hair on their temples. they just look, sound and act like a person. older nonbinary people are everything. older nonbinary people don't understand how much they mean to the world. thank you, we love you
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queerblue · 2 months
Pronouns are words used to refer to yourself and others. I, We, You, Your, He, She, They, You're, Theirs, His, It, Herself etc are ALL pronouns, it's very hard to speak English without using them. Singular They/Them has been used for centuries. The word "You" used to only be used for groups, see how language evolves.
Cis and Trans are Adjectives which are describing words. Cis is not a slur or a pronoun. Cis is a Latin prefix that means "On the same side of" whereas Trans means "On the other side of."
Puberty Blockers were first created in the 80s to stop children from starting puberty too early. Children can get their period as early as 7 years old and a child shouldn't have to go through that. The effects are completely reversible, all the child has to do is stop taking them whenever they're ready and they'll start their puberty again. You only have a problem with puberty blockers when Trans kids use them.
No doctor is performing gender affirming surgeries on under age children, there's so much that you have to do before even being approved for top or bottom surgery (or any kind of gender affirming surgery), it's also very expensive, none of this would ever be performed on a child.
Drag Queens reading stories to children or dancing for them isn't any different than hiring a professional to dress up for your child's birthday party or going to Disney World where everyone is dressed up and playing characters. There is absolutely nothing inappropriate about Drag Queen story time. Drag Queens wear far more clothing than literally any of us. If you're fine with taking your child to Hooters or to a sports game with cheerleaders but you have a problem with Drag Queens... You sexualize Queer people and say it's inappropriate for us to be around children yet you have no problem with over-sexualizing women if it's for your entertainment and you have no problem with your child seeing it.
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myth-the-sapphic · 3 months
Shouts out to the folks getting misgendered during the holidays, and to all the folks who have to listen to their family’s spout homophobic and transphobic shit. I love you. Remember the bathroom is a great place to take a five minute break and no one will question you. I’m thinkin about you and I hope the holidays aren’t too stressful and you have some peace. I see you.
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 💙💗🤍💗💙
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fiapple · 3 months
as a bisexual with a complicated gender identity, i just think that's so sexy and intellectual of me actually. if you are also a bisexual with a complicated gender identity just know we should be sharing a nomination for a nobel prize rn.
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luciaeverblack · 3 months
Tumblr media
Repost if your friends are gay nerds like mine are
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