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One of my favorite artists got into AI to continue her webcomic and that’s the scariest nightmare I have ever had in my entire life.
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Here’s AI used correctly: Snoop Dogg in 20 Classic TV Series
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All AI artwork was done by Larry-Fine-Wine
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“ The Awakening of Spring‌ “ // Armanico
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wolfsheart-blog · 15 hours
Thanks for being one of the few wolf related blogs that isn’t exclusively AI art! I love wolves but I don’t want AI fabrications of them. Chefs kiss to the pics and gifs you post.
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Thank you! I’m very appreciate real photography
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this is an earnest and honest plea and call in especially to fandoms as i see it happen more - please don't use AI for your transformative works. by this i mean, making audios of actors who play the characters you love saying certain things, making deepfakes of actors or even animated characters' faces. playing with chatGPT to "talk" or RP with a character, or write funny fanfiction. using stable diffusion to make interesting "crossover" AI "art." i KNOW it's just for fun and it is seemingly harmless but it's not. since there is NO regulation and since some stuff is built off of stable diffusion (which uses stolen artwork and data), it is helping to create a huge and dangerous mess. when you use an AI to deepfake actors' voices to make your ship canon or whatever, you help train it so people can use it for deepfake revenge porn. or so companies can replace these actors with AI. when you RP with chatGPT you help train it to do LOTS of things that will be used to harm SO many people. (this doesn't even get into how governments will misuse and hurt people with these technologies) and yes that is not your fault and yes it is not the technology's fault it is the companies and governments that will and already have done things but PLEASE. when you use an AI snapchat or instagram or tiktok filter, when you use an AI image generator "just for fun", when you chat with your character's "bot," you are doing IRREPARABLE harm. please stop.
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The Important Pundit’s Tales...OF TERROR! – Mattie Lubchansky
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leoba · 2 days
Manuscripts, Humanity, and AI
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Image of a manuscript, generated in MidJourney by Suzette van Haaren
(a few words originally posted on Twitter on March 27, 2023 and then on my blog. It’s resonating there so I thought I would post it here too.)
I’ve been trying all morning to figure out what bothers me about these Mid journey-generated manuscripts without simply sounding like a Luddite, and I think I finally have it.
It’s because my interest in manuscripts is almost entirely about the humanity behind them. Who made them? Who used them and why? What happened to them after they were made? Where are they now? What did they mean in the past and what do they mean now?
A computer generated book doesn’t have any of that context. I’ve talked about the uncanny valley with regard to digitized manuscripts, and this is that, one step further. It’s one thing to digitize a manuscript in a way that elides its materiality, and a whole other thing to create manuscripts that don’t exist materially at all.
I think there are potentially interesting ways to use AI in my work. I’m interested in structure, and have been part of a project, VisColl, to develop models and software to build models of manuscripts. Could AI be used to combine structural models and digital images to create photorealistic imagery of existing manuscripts? Imagine an AI reconstruction of manuscripts cut apart and distributed by Otto Ege. Could it even generate pages that are lost as semi-realistic placeholders?
Just a few thoughts. I’m less interested in generating realistic looking manuscripts than in the potential to leverage the technology to help us understand the use and history of manuscripts that exist in the real world.
Added: If you’d like to hear me talk more about manuscripts and humanity, check out Coffee With A Codex, a weekly 30-minute program both live and posted to YouTube where I present a show-and-tell with books from the University of Pennsylvania’s premodern manuscript collections, and Inside My Favorite Manuscript, a weekly podcast I do in my own time where I talk to people who love manuscripts about manuscripts they love the most.
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acapelladitty · 2 days
🔥Dealer's Choice!
🔥 Unpopular Opinion: All those folk who are fucking around with writing/voice/art AI's, even if it's just for a 'laugh', are directly contributing and giving information to something which I feel is genuinely quite insidious and dangerous.
Any automation of creative pursuits is truly wretched and when all their favourite writers/artists/actors stop creating because they've become somewhat obsolete and totally scunnered with the whole situation then I legit hope they have enough smarts to snuff out any notion of complaining about it.
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“ Spring “ // Daniel Greenwood
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“Poster from the 1920s advertising horse boxing, two horses punching each other, detailed realism”
Generated by OpenAI's DALLE
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The Monster and the Ape | 1945
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