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✧.* tw — mdni, smut/minimal pwp; dbf! alejandro vargas, oral ~ male receiving, cowgirl ridin’, like one sentence in spanish lol, a glimpse of breath play, lots of dirty talk, degradation. this was requested by that one anon, you know who you are 💋
Tumblr media
Summer was supposed to be a relaxing break, a time to unwind and enjoy your final moment of peace before starting your senior year in college that September. Yet, it seemed like life had other plans when your father announced that one of his old combat buddies would be spending the summer with us following his retirement. After serving twenty years in the Mexican special forces, he was desperate for a vacation and your father, god bless his heart, welcomed him with open arms. 
A wave of dread washed over you the day he arrived, the two older men immediately forming a bubble over their conversations. They spent their time reminiscing about their service years and the countless adventures Alejandro had faced after your father went into the reserve. You often kept to yourself during those first few days, avoiding Alejandro at all costs.
It wasn't that you hated him. There really wasn't much to hate; he was a good man, kind-hearted and compassionate, the type of man to offer up his own shirt if you desperately needed it. You had a tumultuous history with him though, etched into every interaction as if there was an unspoken tension simmering beneath the surface. Alejandro was a fiery, no-bullshit individual, and you weren't exactly a pushover either.
You often found yourself arguing over the smallest things— from who drank the last beer, to what movie to watch, or even how you organized items in your bathroom that you were forced to share with him for the next few months. That one in particular seemed to be the most popular argument between you two.
"Eres tan terco," Alejandro snapped one evening, his frustration flaring. You had been arguing for the past ten minutes over your outfit. It was simple: a plain crop top and shorts. Definitely something that you've worn before around Alejandro and your father, but this time it seemed like he just wanted something to argue over, especially with your father not around to mitigate. "You can't leave the house like that, go change."
"What are you? My dad?" You retorted, your voice dripping with sarcasm. You took a step closer to the older man, index finger poking at the center of his broad chest. "I can wear whatever the hell I want, I'm a fuckin' adult," You bit back.
Alejandro's eyes narrowed, his jaw clenching tightly as you challenged him. The close proximity between the two of you only added fuel to the fire, you could feel the heat of his breath against your face from how close you were.
"Is that right?" His voice was low, laced with restrained anger. The tension in the air thickened, and his brown eyes locked onto yours. "Such an adult that you're throwing a tantrum right now? Can't take simple fucking orders?" Alejandro's voice dropped to a dangerously seductive tone, voice thick with an unspoken challenge. 
"I can take orders," You replied, brows furrowed as the gap between you grew closer. You resisted the urge to slap him. "Just not from the likes of you."
Something within him seemed to snap, his body coming alive. Without hesitation, Alejandro captured your lips in a passionate kiss, the intensity of his desire seeping into the exchange. One of his hands instinctively grabbed at the back of your head, keeping you close as his other arm snaked around your waist, pressing your body impossibly closer to him.
The kiss overwhelmed your senses; your sense of taste, touch, and scent flooded by Alejandro's presence. A low, guttural groan escaped his throat in between the kiss, your fingers tangling themselves in his hair, pulling him closer. He dipped you back, his tongue eagerly dancing with yours, swirling and twining together in a sensual battle.
"What the fuck—" Your breath came in ragged gasps as he pulled away. His lips were bruised and stained with a mixture of your saliva. His eyes darkened as he clung to your body, large hands roaming freely over every curve and contour.
"On your knees," Alejandro hissed, unable to resist his urge to consume you much longer. You kneeled to the ground, flenching at the harsh hiss of his zipper coming down before he unsheathed his cock.
You licked your lips in anticipation, meeting his hungry gaze with big, pleading eyes. "Stick your tongue out," Dutifully following his command, Alejandro slapped the head of his cock against the flat of your tongue, the heavy weight of it causing you to flinch. The hunger in his brown eyes burned bright, your mouth salivating as he slid his cock into your mouth.
Alejandro couldn't hold back a moan as you took him into your mouth, hips bucking harshly into your mouth in search of more of your touch. As your tongue swirled around his cock, his eyes remained locked on you, unable to tear away from the sight of you being so obedient to him.
His hands reached down to hold the back of your head, providing rough guidance as he lost himself in the sensation. 
His head tilted back, eyes squeezed shut as he released another low growl of satisfaction. "Good fuckin' girl," He moaned, completely overwhelmed by the incredible feeling. "Take my fuckin' cock like a good girl."
Your hands pawed at his scrotum, massaging his balls with a gentle touch with one hand as your mouth worked wonders on him. Your other hand stroked closer to the base of his cock, wrist twisting and turning as your head bobbed up and down. You were eager, desperate to please him as your motions stroked the flames of pleasure burning within him. Alejandro's cock twitched at the back of your throat; with each thrust of his hips, his cock slid deeper than your throat.
His moans grew louder, his muscles tensing beneath your fingers as his orgasm approached. His grip on your head tightened, actions growing more dominant and less restrained as he desperately chased his release. 
"Mierda—" He spoke through gritted teeth, chest heaving as he struggled to breathe. "G'na cum— G'na cum down this pretty throat—"
You moaned around his cock, the vibrations of your throat sending him into a frenzy. His body trembled, "You'd fuckin' like that— Little fuckin' whore—" Your core tingled between your thighs, aching to be touched as his cock nestled into the back of your throat. He was so close. "Swallow every drop— Holy fucckk—"
Something within him finally snapped, a long guttural moan of satisfaction rumbling from his throat as he spilled his seed down your mouth. You flinched at the impact, tears stinging your eyes as you struggled to swallow with his cock still in your mouth, the walls of your throat constricting around him. He glided his cock from your mouth slowly, unsatisfied desire still shimmering in his eyes.
"Let me see," Following his command, you opened your mouth, sticking your tongue out completely. Alejandro hummed in appreciation, "Did such a good job f'me, so proud of you." You rubbed your thighs together, the seam of your shorts catching your clit just right if you pressed hard enough. 
"C'mere," Alejandro helped you off the ground, guiding you over to the couch. He sat on the couch, man-spreading with his cock standing proudly, evidence that he wasn't done with you yet. Motioning with his eyes, he ordered you to strip. 
Your clothes couldn't have been ripped off fast enough, Alejandro's hungry gaze burning into you as you stood bare and exposed to him. He motioned for you to straddle his lap, the slick coating of your folds staining the tip of his cock as you shifted your head above him.
His lips hooked onto your neck, trailing a searing path down your neck, nipping and sucking, leaving marks as a reminder for later. He guided your hips, slowly easing his cock inside of you. The tightness of your walls was maddening, the slow rocking of your hips sending shivers down his spine.
His cock was hitting all the right spots inside of you, particularly brushing against the squishy ultra-sensitive part within you that made your walls clench tighter around him. He watched as you unraveled in his arms, the pace of his hips increasing. The sounds of your moans, his grunts, and the slapping of skin against skin echoed through the room; accompanied by the slick sounds of his cock thrusting in and out of you.
Your head rolled onto his shoulder, barely able to keep up with his relentless thrusts. "That's it," His deep voice filled your senses, husky with desire. "Be a good girl and ride me."
Your hands found a place on either of his shoulders, rocking your hips just enough to almost where it was just the tip of his cock before slamming your hips back down. "Ale—" You purred into his ear, the whisper of his name making his cock twitch against your gummy walls. "I'm so close, Ale— G'na cum, need ya to cum with me— G'na cum all over yer fuckin' cock—"
His hands gripped your hips firmly, trembling beneath you as he tried to sync his thrusts with you. "Cum f'me, mami— Cum all over me— Wanna feel ya cum on me—"
One of your hands grabbed at his dog tag, fingers curling around the thin silver necklace. You leaned back with a smug smile, watching in delight as Alejandro relished in the heat of the moment. Your grip on the dog tags acted as reins, allowing you complete control over the situation. 
"Don't stop— So fuckin' close," Alejandro moaned, the tightness of the dog tags straining around his neck cutting his airflow off minimally; losing complete control by the way your cunt was gripping around him. Your knees ached from bouncing so much, your movements growing sluggish with your impending orgasm. "G'na cum again, fuckk— G'na fill this pretty pussy full— So fuckin' tight— Fuckk, such a whore f'me—"
Your moans and gasps filled the air; it was as if time had frozen completely. Your body trembled with the force of your orgasm, his spunk spilling into you; you could feel it seeping out from the sides of your cunt. 
You collapsed against Alejandro, beads of sweat clinging to your forehead as you kissed the crook of his neck. Your muscles were weak, your throat dry and aching from the intensity of your orgasm; you had never screamed louder before.
"What was that about not being able to take orders?" You teased. Alejandro rolled his eyes, pulling you in for another passionate kiss. Neither of you took notice to the front door unlocking.
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Tumblr media
The saniest pussydrunk agenda — COD edition.
Ghost lifts his mask just enough to expose his mouth, holds your wrists to your thighs and won't stop eating you out until you're begging him to, or manage to kick him off.
Soap believes that slow and steady wins the race. Talks through it, moving his head away to dirty talk and then laughing when you buck your hips back up.
Price eats pussy as foreplay each and every time— its a set rule in his bed that you cum from his mouth at least once before he fucks you. Spends a lot of his time kissing on your thighs before getting to it.
Gaz doesnt stop until you squirt. You know when he starts laying down towels that he's going to make a whining mess of you, very very proudly.
König eats pussy for his pleasure. Loves your taste, smell, the feel of you cumming on his tongue. Maybe its selfish, but his love for going down on you is mutually beneficial.
Alejandro eats it from behind. Has a deep obsession with listening to your muffled moans as he ruins you, your face pressed into the pillow and back arched.
Rudy is a firm supporter of 69. What's better than getting to taste that sweet pussy of yours? Feeling your mouth around his cock at the same time, its a win-win.
Horangi aches for you to sit on his face; full weight, ride his face until neither of you can breath. He's the one to hold you down on his face even after you've cum, just to savour you.
Keegan spits on your pussy before lapping at it. Messiest pussy eater of the lot, he has no shame when it comes to drool and the lewd noises he makes when eating you out.
Valeria delivers sharp slaps to your pussy as she goes at it. Mixing pleasure with pain, she will bring you to the edge just to put you in your place.
Farah goes stupid when your hands are in her hair, guiding her face into your pussy so she can treat you exactly where you need her. Loves when you tug at her hair as you reach orgasm.
Alex only just pulls your panties to the side when eating pussy. He's eager, and has no time for undressing you when he's craving your taste so desperately.
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ghostslittlegf · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@vhenan_virabelasan on instagram
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dilfdotgov · 29 days
Tumblr media
Soap, whos an attention whore and will do anything and everything as long as your eyes are on him. Plays the ever-so-hated game of 'look away and I stop; when he's eating you out, forcing you to watch every movement he makes. The second your eyes roll back or your back arches enough to obscure your view of him? He's stopped and your rolling orgasm has faded enough to almost bring tears to your eyes.
Maybe it's why he loves mutual masturbation so much. Of course he always aches to be the one touching you, but knowing you're getting off to the sight of him alone? It turns him into a lost cause. Stroking his cock as you touch yourself across from him, trying to time your orgasms together as you look into his eyes- heaven on earth for Johnny.
And then there's the likes of Ghost, who doesn't crave attention like Soap does. In fact, he'd rather have your eyes trained on yourself: let yourself take in every inch of him while holding eye contact with yourself in the mirror. His hand on your chin, holding your gaze steady as you watch your reflection get fucked into bliss by him.
His lack of desire for your attention on his ministrations results in a beautiful few nights spent blindfolded. You hand yourself over to Ghost, trust and all, as he takes each and every last one of your senses and melts them together with his. Not knowing where he's going to touch you next, how he's going to fuck you dumb- making you feel his lust rather than see it.
Or Price- who likes the attention of others: not just you. He shows you off, a hand on your ass when you walk together. Never one to police how you dress either, because he knows the sluttier you look, the more bitter his ownership of you tastes to those lingering eyes. He wants the world to know just how good he can make you feel- its almost a moral obligation.
The arrogant tone to his voice when he answers the phone while he's seated deep inside of you. Covering your mouth with his hand as he rolls his hips into you and talks ever so casually to the phone about paperwork and whatnot. The look in his eyes when, after a few minutes of silence on your end, he uncovers your mouth and uses that hand to rub your clit at a pace that has moans dripping from your lips like poison.
And lovely Gaz, who focuses on you and you alone. His mind indifferent to your focus- you could be doting on him or letting him use you as he pleases, the only thing at the forefront of his mind is making you cum once more than he did the last time you were together. Pushes your boundaries in the best ways, all in the name of his attention being on you and yours being on how blurry he can make the world before you tap out.
He's definitely a huge fan of toys, sees them as accessories to pleasure, never competition. Will hold a vibrator to your clit as he fucks you with such a ruthless pace you're seeing stars. Handcuffs your wrists to the bedpost, locks you down and forces as many orgasms out of you as he can just to see those pretty blissed out eyes of yours as he's cleaning you up.
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sundolls · 2 months
Tumblr media
‧͙ ⁺ ˚ * ・ ༓ ☾ cods dirtiest secrets.
John Price fantasises often about sharing you with his boys. Having always been a man that takes care of his own, he can’t help but extend the generosity when it comes to the pleasure he knows you could grant them, and them to you. Each time you train with another member of the 141 and he notices a touch that lingers, or their eyes dropping a little too low for a little too long, he can’t bring himself to feel mad or jealous. All that washes over his mind is the filthy thought of ruining you together, ordering his men to strip you of your ability to even think for yourself. You’re his, and he’s a boy with a toy he wants to show off— what better way than to put at display just how perfect you feel?
Simon Riley would like to train you into something at his disposal. You already belong to him, so why not ruin for your anyone else? corrupt your pretty little mind into something he can take residence at. He's like to turn you into a sweet little cockslave for him: just a dumb plaything to use when, where, and how he pleases. The urge to take care of your every last need is overwhelming, take care of your rent and expenses, give you every last drop of attention one could need: and in return have you a permanent fixture in his home, ready for him to take.
Kyle Garrick has an album hidden in his phone, full of pictures capturing your most intimate moments together. Within those many pictures, are a few of you asleep; pyjamas ridden up your body to expose skin aching to be kissed. Gaz fantasises about exploring the canvas of your body as you sleep, and ultimately waking you up with his mouth planted against yours and cock rocking deep inside you. He can see it happening at the expanse of his imagination; see the expression on your face shift from surprise to pure ecstasy. He can hear the sleep coating your words, tired moans and sweet touches that fuel his fantasies of pleasing you even in the dead of night.
John MacTavish has an thing for lingerie, but more especially the lingerie you don't know he has. Something about the dirty secrecy of cumming into a pair of panties you've left behind at his house and forgotten about sets him off. Soap is hyper-aware of the panties you're wearing, can't help but stare when he can see them peeking at the waistband of your pants: his eyes burn scars into your ass. Shushes you with a bite to your inner thigh when you ask why he prefers to eat you out by only pushing your panties to the side.
König needs to feel attached, but aches for physical receipts of your grip on him that are a little unorthodox. A desperate masochist at heart, König savours the moments where pain leaves a mark he can stare at the next day. In his desperation for physical evidence of your nights together: he harbours a fantasy or two of you drawing blood. Be it through a bite to his shoulder, your nails digging into his muscle or even, if you were so obliged, carving your name into his skin as if he'll forget it.
Alejandro Vargas knows that starting a family in his line of work is the worst decision to make; but the pure fantasy of breeding you out is his kryptonite. He has to have a clear mind when fucking you, otherwise he fears his resolve will snap and Ale will waste no time cumming as deep inside you as he can. He aches to have you cockwarm him after cumming in you just to feel himself plugging you up; ensuring it takes.
Keegan Russ loves your tears. Something about the sight of your cheeks stained with ears, eyes red and voice broken as you cry for him: it's addictive. Whether they are a result of his cock deep down your throat, or his hand sharp across the flesh of your ass: if he can bring you to tears, that's orgasmic in its own regard. His most favourite thing is to make you cry, his pretty thing all teary-eyed and upset for him: all he wants is to kiss away your tears and then make you cum hard enough to cry again.
(ssry if my english isnt perfect)
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thekeystothebasement · 9 months
Hallo! could i have maybe hcs for 141 + Alejandro & könig with a female s/o who's into breeding kink?
A/n: Enjoy this late and very filthy Christmas gift!
Captain Price:
You couldn't keep your dirty secret any longer, not with the way he was mounted on you, his mouth working on leaving marks on your neck
Your words were meek and breathless but that didn't stop the sounds from reaching his ears.
His body went rigid and his eyes wide, he pulled away from your hold, his chest heaving heavily as he looked down at your embarrassing state.
You had your hands covering your face at your confession.
Price would make you repeat your words in a snarkish tone. A wide grin on his face as he pins your wrists above your head
"I...c-cum inside me...please."
Price would let out an obnoxious laugh before he starts to rail you again in a mating position.
You would wrap your legs around his waist, securing him and locking him into your pussy.
The first time he listened to your pleas and cummed inside of you was life-changing.
The feeling of your wet cunt greedily milking his balls of his cum made him rethink everything he knew about himself, maybe he had a breeding kink as well.
What made him feral the most was watching his cum pour out of your cunt, with a growl his cock was inside of you once again.
"Your loose cunt is wasting my seed, princess," his harsh words make you whimper. "Am I going to have to buy you a plug to keep my cum from spilling out?"
He teases you about your kink constantly
He'll let some snide remarks escape him, sometimes around his men that will leave you red.
Likes to see you begging and crying for his cum, to mount you and breed you like an animal
"Please daddy, I want your cum."
Expect him to constantly indulge your kink because his favorite thing to do is to stuff you full of his cum and stuff a plug inside of you
He can't help but feel prideful knowing you're running around the compound with a womb full of cum.
Ghost bullies you constantly for your kink
Snide remarks here and there, not caring for who hears because, at the end of the day, it's his cum that is stuffed inside of you.
The only verbal confirmation that lets you know that you aren't the only one with a breeding kink are the dirty phrases that he spits at you when he's pushing himself deep inside of you.
"Can't wait to you see round with my children."
"Take my babies, that's the only thing a slut like you is good for."
Seeing his cum inside of you makes him feral, it's his way of claiming your body
Loves to see you beg for his cum, if you don't he'll leave you before your orgasm hits, leaving you whining and sensitive. Probably says something harsh like, "Don't act like your the only slut that wouldn't kill to carry my kids."
Ghost doesn't play around, especially with a breeding kink it makes him territorial.
Constantly feeds into your breeding kink because of how easily jealous he can get.
Soap looks in your direction?
You are already bent over the table with his cum pouring down your thigh, his fingers trying to pump his cum back into you, berating you for wasting such precious seed.
Mean ghost takes it a step further and buys infant boy onesies and fuck you over them, growling into your ear to give him a baby boy.
Soap will happily indulge in your kink
Will tease you about it in front of others, some sexual comments like "Wait until my bonnie tits start leaking milk, you won't see me eating any of that military shit."
Loves to cum inside of you because of how your pussy squeezes him dry.
Loves to take polaroids of your stuffed cunt, his cum oozing down your lips. Also has some polaroid selfies of himself eating his cum out of your cunt.
He may or may not show the others the polaroids he has, bragging how his lass loves to milk his balls and begs for his babies.
As much as he loves to breed you, he also deep down wishes you do get pregnant because he'll love to have a kid running around, a product of your love.
Soap loves it when you beg for his cum, to give him your babies.
When he fucking you, he likes to suck at your nipples, and nip at them. Loves it when you whimper and cry at his teasing, telling you he's preparing you for the baby.
Loves to breed you in the doggy position, which drives him feral.
A weird kink that he developed because of your breeding kink is seeing you dressed up in cow lingerie. Especially if you do end up getting pregnant and seeing your engorged breasts with milk spilling through the bra makes him absolutely feral.
Soap definitely has a mommy kink, calls you mommy when he breeds you.
You both accidentally learn you have breeding kinks
You both fuck raw
Although Gaz is diligent and always cautious, Gaz never wears condoms, too lost in the heat of the moment to even have the patience to find one and open it.
Both of you are just very horny people to care about the consequences and just go feral for each other.
It was bound to happen eventually, with how careless you both were during your love-making, it shouldn't have been a surprise when Gaz finally forgets to pull out.
Lost in the way your warm walls suck him in and squeeze around him so tight.
Your legs lock him in place, pressing his body closer to you, not leaving him any room to pull out, not like he would if he could. Your cunt was just too good to even think about pulling out.
Your eyes snap open at the feeling of warm liquid spurting inside of you. Your wide eyes meet the closed-eye euphoric expression on Gaz.
His breathing was heavy, and his eyes shut closed at the feeling of your warm cunt squeezing around his cock, milking him of his cum.
He stays inside of you, controlling his breathing before he finally opens his eyes and gives you a dopey smile.
He pulls out slowly, his eyes mesmerized at the sight of his cum spilling out your wet folds, watching as the white fluid run down your thighs, his cock twitching to life again.
Seeing his cum pour out of you awakened something inside of Gaz. Primal urges seen in animals, he felt the need to continue to stuff you with his cum, claiming you as a mate to bear his children.
Your thighs twitch at the feeling of his cum spilling down your sensitive folds, the warm liquid burning you with a desire you've never felt before. The look Gaz was giving you confirmed you both wanted the same thing.
Eagerly plunging his cock into your pussy, fucking his cum back inside of you, his thrusts sloppy but full of lustful desire.
You both keep fucking until your cunt can't hold anymore of his cum. Until every thrust into your poor aching cunt has the cum spilling down the sides of his cock, piling on the sheets.
"That will knock you up real good, eh?" his laughter filled your ears as you swatted at his chest with a bashful look on your face.
Alejandro is a very passionate and attentive lover so he had suspicions of the kink you had buried deep inside of you.
Every time he neared his orgasm and voiced it, he noticed the way your pussy tightened around his cock, your hands gripping onto him harder as if you tried to lock him in place, your way of silently pleading with him to cum inside of you.
After seeing you get along with his nieces and nephews, he was finally going to indulge your breeding kink he knew you had that you weren't aware that he knew. Maybe if he was lucky he'll knock you up and start a family of his own.
Something was different, your lovemaking was more passionate and feral. His thrust was full of vigor, and the tip of his cock felt like he was bruising the entrance of your womb.
"I'm gonna fuck my cum into you," he growled. His eyes didn't miss the way your eyes rolled to the back of your head, your cunt already greedily trying to milk his balls dry.
Chants of 'yes' spew from your mouth as you held onto him for dear life.
"Make you a mami" he sneered, his fingers bruising the skin on your stomach. "You'll look so beautiful with a round stomach, carrying mis ninos."
"Please!" you cried, his words fueling your kink. "I want your babies," you begged.
Spewing his cum deep into your cavern, he pulled out unaware you had squirted against him, his cum inside of you was enough to bring you over the edge and spew your juices onto him.
"Look at you full of cum," he teased, watching as your legs twitched at his rough hands gliding up to your cunt, "What a dirty perra." (Bitch)
When you tell him about your kink, he is absolutely flustered.
Konig usually repeats what he is going to say over and over in his head, his words already decided and prepared with his raspy and rushed tone to voice them, but when you confess to him you want him to cum inside of you, until his cum is oozing out, and with a quiet whisper that you want his babies, words begin to start spewing from his mouth
His words come out stuttered, and his sentences are never complete before a new rush of thoughts starts to spill from his mouth.
"Are you-...b-breed?..inside of you???...my babies?" his voice quivering with each word.
You give him time to pace around, watching as his hands' clench and unclench rapidly, he stops at random intervals to look at you and the innocent smile on your face, your eyes eyeing the obvious bulge in his pants before he begins to pace around again, german phrases and curses rapidly leaving his lips in hushed screams.
After he somewhat calms down, he looks at you with hunger in his eyes, his eyes roaming your body. He'd gently push you down on the mattress and hover over your body, his cock rutting against your thigh. "Are you sure Liebling?"
"I want your babies," you whisper into his ear, teasing and further pushing him to insanity.
He's quick to start thrusting inside of you, your clothes ripped to shreds as his balls slap against your ass.
He'll growl into your ear, whisper how you will look beautiful with milk running down your breasts, the changes your body will face if your womb accepted his seed.
When he cums inside of you, he doesn't pull out right away, instead, he cherishes the feeling of your warm cunt squeezing him, milking him of every drop.
Pushes you to the side, his cock still inside, and snuggles with you, your pussy fluttering against his semi-hard cock.
Your back against his chest, his hands kneading your breasts, his mouth sucking at your neck and muttering praises against your skin.
He'll lazily thrust his hips when he thinks he can feel his cum spilling out of you.
Loves to keep his cock inside of you for as long as he can after he's done breeding you.
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soapisahimbo · 10 months
NSFW ABC - Alejandro Vargas Edition
Tumblr media
Ah yes, Alejandro! I asked you guys if you wanted to see Alejandro or Soap first, and while there weren't a whole lot of responses, the majority leaned towards our beloved Colonel Vaquero!
Contains heavy smut elements, so minors stay away!
Up next will be Soap MacTavish, but until then, I hope you enjoy this! Let me know what you think, and what else you would want to see!
warnings: senseless smut, alejandro may as well be gomez addams at this point, hinted at female reader, far too detailed for my own good, please help me
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex):
He will spend an exorbitant amount of time just kissing you, slowly and deeply, as a way of bringing you both back to reality. If you want to take a shower after, you're the one who needs to bring it up, because he is utterly at peace with just laying there with you for the remainder of the day or night. If you mention it, he'll hum out a "of course, querida" against your lips and lift you up in his arms even if you insist that you can walk (careful now, he might take it as a personal challenge to make sure that you can't next time).
Will keep kissing you while in the shower, and it feels a bit like kissing in the rain. You try to wash him off as best you can, but he won't turn around to let you scrub his back, not wanting to part his lips from yours any more than he absolutely has to. He will be diligent with washing you off, though; maybe a bit too diligent. His hands tend to wander when he has you like this, and you might need to keep him in check if you don't want to go for another round. If given the chance, he'll be down on his knees with his face between your legs and insist that he just can't help himself - "the things you do to me, cariña."
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s):
If you were to actually ask him how he felt about your body, he might see it as a cause for concern - are you doubting yourself or his feelings towards you? - but he'd grin and say, "My sweet, there's no part of your body that doesn't drive me wild." He is by no means lying, but when push comes to shove, if he really took the time to think about it, he'd come to realize that he has a specific weakness for your neck and chest. Your neck is where he buries his face and leaves the sweetest, most simmering kisses, and your chest is where he rests his head and marks you up the most when he has the chance to. He likes to plant his lips at your neck whenever he greets you, and licks and bites all over these spots during sex.
As for himself, he takes great pride in knowing that he's strong and capable, and that you like what you see. He's rarely fully clothed when at home with you and likes that you watch him whenever he walks by. He's probably most proud of his shoulders, chest and abdomen; loves it when you run your hands over them, when you trail kisses on the way down and when you leave scratches in the heat of the moment. He'll absolutely melt if you place your hand, or a kiss, over his heart.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically):
Wants to be as deep in you as he can be when he cums, pushing his hips against yours as if the closest he can get still isn't close enough, and he wants to stay inside you like that for a while to savour the heat. He wants to fill you up, and he wants to do it properly. He sees it as something intimate, as something between true lovers, and will ask you if you feel it, deep inside you.
Especially when coming home to you from a mission, he'll make sure to cum in you as many times as he can, almost as if to make up for all the times he hasn't been able to, to remind both of you that this is where he belongs. Once he's pulled out, he'll almost want to cover your hole with something so that it won't leak out; he wants you to carry it in you for as long as possible.
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs):
When the two of you started dating, you took it slow. Neither of you were in any rush, and he wanted to be sure that both of you really wanted this. He was flirtatious, but courteous; bold, but respectful. He'd give you a taste, then step back to let you think on it and see how you felt about it. The last thing he wanted was for you to feel pressured.
One night, you had invited him over for dinner and the two of you were simply chatting, sitting up close and cuddled in the couch with some drinks and dessert, soaking in the coziness of the moment. He told you he needed to excuse himself for a moment, planted a sweet kiss on your lips and headed to the bathroom. Nothing was out of the ordinary, until he turned to dry his hands on the towel and saw something hanging on the edge of your otherwise empty laundry basket. Before he realized what he was doing, he held a pair of black lace panties in his hand. He found himself running his thumb over the fabric that would rest against your most intimate part and his mouth watered.
For the rest of the evening, he felt like a child that knew he had done something bad and was waiting anxiously for his parents to find out, but you were none the wiser. Once it was time to call it a night, he gave you a loving goodbye, perhaps a bit more heated than usual, and left you flustered in the hall. It wasn't until he walked through his own front door that he nearly had a crisis, because in the back pocket of his jeans were the panties. That night, he sat in his bed with them tightly gripped in his hand, conflicted and unsure. He swallowed hard and ran his fingers over the fabric again, then held them to his face and gently inhaled the traces of your scent still left in it. He couldn't bring himself any further than that, and shoved them back into his pocket. He laid down, still fully dressed, and stared up at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep that night while the scent of you still lingered in his nose, and his dick sat rock solid in his pants.
He secretly returned the panties to you the next time he visited you - a full week later (he had smelled them a couple of more times while he had them) - and that just so happened to be the first time you had sex with each other.
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?):
He's got quite a bit of experience - he's been a popular man nearly all his life. He hasn't been the type to mindlessly sleep around, but he has had few passionate nights with strangers, and a few relationships that he, at the time, had hoped would've been true love. None of them turned out that way, and after a particularly bad breakup, he sort of locked that thought away in the back of his mind. Stayed pretty much celibate up until he met you, and once he had you and knew for a fact that this was real, he sure took his sweet time finding out how to make you tick.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying):
He's not at all picky; he just wants to see your face. Even if he's taking you from behind, he'll turn your head so that he can look into your eyes and kiss you. He likes being able to grind deep into you, and having your legs wrapped around him, so any position that can give him these things is highly favoured.
He will of course give you what you want - if you have some favourite positions of your own, he'll be sure to follow your lead to make sure that you're having just as good of a time as he's having (if not greater). He's not going to hold you back if you want to take control; if you want to go for a ride, he'll simply grin and lean back to watch.
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.):
He absolutely loves laughing with you, and more often than not he'll have you grinning like a love-struck fool (don't worry, he looks like one too 99% of the time). He loves it if he can get a proper raucous, full on belly-laugh from you, the kind that'll have tears forming in the corners of your eyes.
He flirts with you nonstop, as if he's still trying to seduce you even though you're already naked and in bed with him. He'll tell you all sorts of seductive and dirty pickup-lines, switching regularly between English and Spanish. He's the type to walk in through the front door, or into the room you're in, and rock up to you like he's just laid eyes on you at a bar for the first time and plans to take you home for the night. He's got a bit of a cheeky sense of humour with you and he'll keep the dirty talk up for as long as the two of you are coherent.
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.):
Thick and black hair running down the center of his abdomen to his groin. He's a bit of a hairy man overall, and doesn't do much to fix it. Might give it a trim every now and then, just to make sure it doesn't turn into a jungle. He washes himself regularly and thoroughly. Other than that, he doesn't give it much thought unless you point it out.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect):
Alejandro is nothing if not a passionate man; he wants to take everything that you can give him, and give everything he can in return to you.
But sometimes he just needs to love you, and be loved by you. Be it after a tough day, or having been away from you for an extended period of time, or just the burden of his line of work in general. There will be no flirting, no jokes, no teasing - any and all words he can muster up will be about how much he loves you and how he never wants to leave your side. He wants to be strong for you, to be your protector, but if you return those words and that same sentiment, if you tell him he's yours, that you love him and that he's safe with you, he might cry.
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon):
Almost never. Not because he doesn't have urges; he has plenty of those. He thinks about you and he misses you when he's away, but he won't touch himself, for two reasons mainly.
First, focus. He has a will and determination of steel, and if he's on a mission, all of that goes into doing his job. Frankly, even though he thinks about you every day, he's too focused for any thought to cloud his mind - getting distracted doesn't belong in his line of work. It becomes a type of motivation for him in a way, because the sooner he gets through this, the sooner he can come back to you.
Second, conviction. He has an almost religious belief that that's to be shared with you, to be given to you. His pleasure is yours to have and yours to take.
The few times that he actually does touch himself will be the rare times he can get you on a phone or video call, and you can actually talk for more than ten minutes. But even then, those times are usually used for a more emotional reconnection and satisfaction rather than sexual.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks):
Body worship to the highest degree. If you by any chance have any sort of insecurities about the size of your body, or the way you look, or the way you move, he will purge those thoughts out of your head. Funnily enough, that's not necessarily the reason he does it - he's just so in love with you and your body that any notion that it would be any less than divine practically doesn't exist to him. He'll sing your praises as if in a church, it's like you don't even get the chance to feel insecure about yourself. If you worship him in return, his mind will be fully occupied by you, and he won't be able to think of much else other than how lucky he is to have you and how honoured he is to have you treat him this way.
Loves leaving hickeys and bitemarks on you, and wants you to scratch him up, and if he's feeling extra spicy, he might blindfold you - "no distractions," he says. He would probably lose his mind if you dress up for him in pretty lingerie, and you might give him an actual heart attack if you give him a lap dance of any kind. Use that information wisely.
L = Location (favorite places to do the do):
You're pretty sure that you've christened practically every surface in every room in your home and he's no stranger to having you for dessert on the kitchen table, but he prefers the more cushioned areas, like the bed, the couch, and the lush carpet in your living room. The bed is definitely his favourite, because he feels like that's where the two of you can be the most at peace - it's where you can lock the rest of the world away and really just spend nothing but time with each other.
He doesn't really want to take any chances outside the safety of your home - just the idea of you getting caught and someone else seeing the two of you in such a vulnerable state (as well as your naked body) makes him uncomfortable.
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going):
You do this thing when he scratches your scalp or back, or gives you massages; you usually sigh out in a groan as you melt into his hands, but he swears up and down that you're purring, and for some reason it drives him wild. He'll fuck you extra gentle just to hear you make that specific sound. You think he's purring when you massage him, though, so you don't bother to counter him. If Spanish isn't your native tongue, but you use it to flirt with him, he'll get an intensely mischievous glint in his eyes and ask that you keep talking like that.
He wants to treat you with the utmost respect and care, but as mentioned before, by God, if you surprise him with lingerie or treat him to a lap dance, you will practically hear something snap in his mind.
He's a sucker for your touch, too; run your hands over his arms, trace your fingers along his skin just above the waistband of his pants or your hands over his abdomen under his shirt, play with his hair at the nape of his neck and you'll have him turned into absolute putty for you.
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs):
He won't ever cause you any sort of harm, or speak to you in a way that is anything but loving. If you tell him that you want him to slap you or choke you, he'll be horrified that you would even think he'd be capable of doing such a thing to you. A loving smack on the ass is as far as he'll take it.
He'll also never want to invite anyone else to join you in the bedroom; he wants that to be between you and him only.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.):
You would think he's seen the face of his maker with the way he looks at you when you go down on him. He lets you set the pace, mumbling and groaning as you work him up. He'll stroke your hair out of your face, maybe hold it up in a ponytail if it's long enough, but he does very little to control you. He starts to slur when he gets closer and will try to warn you when you pick up speed, throws his head back then goes dead silent and stick stiff for a moment until he cums in your mouth with a loud groan. If you keep sucking on him, you'll give him full body shivers and he'll let out an almost startled moan as he starts swearing and telling you to slow down - "ah, calmate, c-calmate, baby, it's- mierda, baby, slow down!"
No matter what you tell him afterwards, he will return the favour. There doesn't even need to be a favour for him to return; it's practically a principle at this point to have you cum at least twice on his tongue before he actually fucks you. Wants you on his face and will hold on to you like a vice, leaving you very little room to wiggle and barely a chance to get away from him. This is probably the thing he's the absolute boldest with; he'll tell you straight up how badly he wants to use his mouth to make you cum and lick his lips, he'll do a 'V' with his fingers and mimic a lick between them from across the room when you make eye contact, he'll stick his tongue out and stare at you through his eyelashes as a drop of saliva drips down the length of it to the tip while you're out and about and no one is watching. Is it just you or is it getting hot in here?
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.):
He wants to take his time with you, but that doesn't mean he's taking it slow. Racing hearts, heaving breaths, dripping sweat; regardless of if it's fast or slow, he wants it hot and heavy. It's just shy of overwhelming, but you wouldn't have it any other way.
He'll be slower and more sensual when he feels that the moment is more emotional - when the two of you have shed tears at his return home and you need to catch up on lost time.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.):
If it wasn't clear by now, Alejandro is no "one-and-done"-kind of guy. Quickies are very rare; they only really happen if you were already undressed and something happens, like he gets a phone call from Rodolfo, Laswell or 141 and he needs to get going, but he doesn't want to just leave you. Firmly believes that sex deserves time in order to be truly emotionally and physically fulfilling, especially between established lovers.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? Etc.):
He'll throw some daring pickup lines and wink your way and maybe tease a bit while you're out and about, but other than that he wants to keep it inside the walls of your home. He's not afraid of trying new things, as long as it's between the two of you and as long as no one will get hurt.
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?):
Which one of you will tap out first? Because that's kind of what dictates how long you go on. Sometimes it's you, sometimes it's him, but all in all, you can expect to get at least 2-3 rounds out of him (or 1 really long one). How many times you cum during those rounds may or may not be irrelevant (which is often why you're the one to tap out first, and you're pretty sure he does it on purpose).
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?):
Cariña, reinita, preciosa - toys? When he's right there? No, no, no. "Mi corazón, since when do you need those? Am I not enough?"
He's joking, of course. He's got a massive grin on his face when he says it. If you need or prefer using toys, then he's not one to turn it down, but other than that he wants to be the one to bring you to climax. If you have a toy or two that you use while he's away, he won't fault you, but prepare for an endless amount of teasing when he returns.
"Isn't this just so much better than some piece of silicone? Can your toys ever replace this, huh?"
He's going to need some convincing if you want to use a toy on him, though. Maybe if you disguise it as a sort of challenge, or tell him very sweetly that you just want to try something, he might give it a go. But it's not going to be something that he'll think about often.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease):
The two of you can tease each other endlessly while out in public or hanging out at social gatherings, sure, but once you're behind locked doors and within arms' reach of each other, you're done for. He doesn't have a whole lot of patience to drag it out anymore than he already has, and if you try to keep him at bay to keep teasing, he might actually have an aneurysm. Don't drag it out too much, it's not good for the blood pressure.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.):
He's not necessarily loud, but he sure is vocal. He's always talking, breathy groans and moans into your neck and ears, he mumbles your name and numerous praises and sweet nothings. They vary in tone, from deep gruffs to some lighter and breathier sighs, but he never really goes higher than that. If you want him to shut up, you'll have to shut him up yourself. He likes hearing you, though, and if you're ever trying to stay quiet, he'll admonish you, tell you to let it out. If you stay stubborn, however, he might take it as a personal challenge.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character):
He really isn't that much of a jealous person - he trusts you with his life and he knows that you would never do anything to betray him. But there sure is something that rears its' ugly head inside him when he sees other people look your way, or when he sees other men approach you when he's not there with you. He knows that they wouldn't dare get near you if you were standing next to him, so the cowards try to shoot their shot when they think he's not looking.
And this ugly thing with its' head whisper in his mind, "go over there and show everyone who they belong to," "rip those clothes off and let everyone see how well you take them." But he settles with simply sauntering up to you, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you into a searing hot kiss, right in front of their dumb fucking faces, pushing his tongue into your mouth and all. Once he pulls back, he turns to glare at them. They usually don't stick around for long after that, and he'll lean in close to you and tell you that he wants to go home now, because he might not show everyone how he does it, but he sure is going to take you.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes):
Solid 6-6.5 inches, damn near perfectly shaped and just the right thickness to hit all the sweetest spots inside you. A bit thicker in the middle, giving you a delicious stretch every time.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?):
Pretty high; he'll give in easily to you, but he needs just as much time with you not having sex. When he comes back home to you from longer missions and deployments, there will be about a week of you spending a whole lot of time in bed, but then it calms down a bit and leans more towards sweet cuddles and gentle kisses. You're still quite active and passionate, but the calmer moments in between are just as valuable and important.
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards):
It might actually take him a while to fall asleep. He wants to check in on you first, and make sure that both of you are clean and comfortable. Once that's done, however, he'll wrap you up in his arms and hold you close as he closes his eyes and drifts off.
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lilywastaken · 6 months
⇝ chica linda .
Alejandro Vargas x Fem!Reader.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SUMMARY: You give Alejandro a massage.
WARNINGS: AFAB!Fem!Reader (no use of Y/N!), NSFW !
A/N: blaming this all on @lucyisdoingfine because I have been thinking about Alejandro and Rudy for hours thanks to our conversations 😔 enjoy the actual word vomit that is fucking Alejandro on the couch <33
Also on ao3!
save a horse ride a cowboy-
Tumblr media
"Ay, mi amor."
The sounds that were leaving your husband were nothing short of graphic, his built body trembling beneath you as you worked on his muscles, trying your best to keep him from falling off the sofa every time his mind went numb.
"That good?"
"Si, Dios- yes." You watched him shove his head into the pillow, a shiver running down his spine as you put pressure on a specific point in his back. "Hng…"
"You're so fucking tense, Ale. It's ridiculous. Why're you so stressed?" You cooed, stopping momentarily to lean down and press a soft kiss to his name, smiling at the muffled moan that left his lips.
"Me?" You replied, adjusting yourself on the seat you'd taken at the small of his back, resuming your work. "Do I stress you out?"
Alejandro screwed his eyes shut as he felt your hands continue to roam his sculpted back, the feeling of your plush thighs pressed against his waist enough to push him over the edge.
"You're sitting half naked on my back, nena… Of course you're stressing me out." He grumbled, a moan interrupting him as you pressed onto a knot between his shoulders.
"Stressing me out that I can't just take you right now." You giggled at the desperation that filled his voice, finishing with the stress in his back and running your hands over the countless scars that littered his tan skin, letting yourself collapse on his back.
"You need to relax. I can take care of you." Your arms sneaked around his upper body, smuggling your face between his shoulder blades, peppering kisses over the rough skin. "Can't I, Ale?"
"Pero, mi vida-"
"Shh. You're always the one taking care of me, shouldn't I get to return the favour?" Your hands burrowed their way out from under him and started running down the sides of his torso, taking your time in feeling the toned muscles beneath your fingertips. "C'mon, turn around."
You lifted yourself off him so he could move underneath you, grunting until he was lying on his back, flushed face and darkened eyes meeting yours.
"Hi." You greeted with a coo, hand coming up to cup his face and run your thumb over the apple of his cheeks. "So handsome."
A sleazy grin pulled at Alejandro's lips, his ego getting stroked every time you gave him a compliment, especially during moments like these. "Ven pa'ca."
His hands gripped at your thighs as you sat yourself back down on his lap, leaning down to press your lips to his, your own hands grabbing at his shoulders and slowly making their way up to grab at his hair.
"Mi chica linda…" he murmured against your lips, grinding his crotch up onto your clothed cunt. "Thank you."
"Thank you?" You repeated softly as you pulled back, arching your back so you could mimic his movements and slowly rub yourself on the tent in his boxers, lying your head on one of his wide shoulders and gazing up at him, growing warm as he moved his head to stare at you through half lidded eyes.
"Mm, for taking care of me." He purred, hands landing on your ass and tugging at your underwear, snickering as he pulled at the elastic and let it snap back against your skin, slowly starting to pull them down as he ceased both your movements.
"You're my husband, Ale. Gotta make sure you're well taken care of." You raised your hips to make it easier for him to get rid of your panties, returning the favour by pulling his boxers down enough to let his cock spring out, mouth watering at the sight of it slapping against his tummy. "God, I always forget how big you are."
He chuckled, letting out a hiss as you took it in your hand, running it up and down and rubbing your thumb over the head as his thick pre started leaking out. "Need a reminder, nena?"
You rolled your eyes at his never ending cockiness, letting go of him and moving yourself to hover over him, both of you letting out a moan and groan respectively at the feeling of the head of his cock prodding at your entrance.
"Dios, come on." His fingers dug into your thighs as he tried to press you down, but a swift slap to his chest got him to snap out of it.
"Calm down…" you murmured, running your fingers through the coarse hair that littered his upper body. "Taking it slow, okay?"
You saw the frustration fill his face at the thought of having to wait even longer to have you sat on his cock, so you slowly started to push yourself down on him, a soft moan leaving your lips as you felt every last inch of him pressing against your walls.
"Fuck, Ale!"
"Mírate, amor…" He breathed out with a groan, hand hitting the top of the sofa and gripping the fabric, keeping himself from just moving you both and absolutely wrecking you from behind like he always did.
"G-give me a second, Ale…" You whimpered, rolling your hips in order to adjust yourself to his size, your wetness dripping out and soaking his pubes and balls. "God, you feel so so good…"
"Con calma…" He whispered, hands caressing your thighs as he urged you to take it slowly, pressing himself up a bit to both help you take him and create some friction.
"I can do it…" You doubled over and arched your back so you could bounce up and down on his cock slowly, unlike all the past times Alejandro had gotten you to ride him as fast as you could, wrecking your insides and rendering you dumb.
"Yeah, there you go." He growled, hands helping you move along his cock, his hands gripping your love handles in hopes that that would ground him enough to keep himself from losing it. "Good girl, esa es."
God, you loved how perfect this angle felt, it let you feel every vein and ridge of his cock pressing against your walls, the head of his cock easily battering against your cervix every time you were pulled down.
"Hng! Got- Fuck, faster-" You whined to yourself as you started to feel that familiar knot forming in your tummy, legs shaking as you tried your best to go a bit faster, screwing your eyes shut in concentration.
"Need me to take over, amor?" Alejandro let out a breathless chuckle, slapping at your thigh to watch you tremble as you tried lifting yourself up.
You wanted to shake your head, to continue until you were both sweaty and cum-lax, but you knew that you didn't have as much stamina as he did to continue, lying yourself on his chest and nodding your head, mewling against his sweaty skin.
"Yes, please…"
You cried out as his open palm hit your ass this time, both of them grabbing at your cheeks and spreading them, using them as leverage to slam up into you the way he knew both of you liked, laughing out heartily as he watched your eyes roll into the back of your head.
"Así? You like it?"
"Mhm, yes, god, yes! I love it, Ale!"
The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the living room, the sounds that were leaving both of you nothing less than pornographic.
The feeling of your husband's cock wrecking your insides was amazing, tears filling your eyes as you felt the knot inside of you get ready to snap, the pleasure filling your body immeasurable to the point where your brain shut off.
"C'mon, mi amor. You can do it. Ya sabes, I'm not finishing before you." He cooed into your ear, peppering kisses over your sweaty face as drool pooled down onto his chest. "Ay, my dumb girl."
Your mouth opened in a silent scream as you finally got pushed over the edge along with his dirty talk spoken in that beautiful voice of his, your cunt clenching around his cock and soaking it in your juices, most of them running pooling down onto the sofa and covering his balls.
"Carajo, you've soaked me, mi vida." He laughed, pressing your ass down onto him with one hand while the other tangled itself in your hair, moving your head up so you could slot your lips together, drool and spit being shared in a desperate kiss as you rode out your high and Alejandro continued slamming into you chasing his own.
"Where do you want it?" He moaned out as he let you go, holding your head in place so he could continue covering your face in sloppy messy kisses, your lipstick that had rubbed onto his lips staining your own face. "Dentro?"
"Inside!" You spluttered out, tears running down your cheeks as he groaned out, spilling into you with one final powerful thrust.
The feeling of his spend gushing into you was enough to make another orgasm run through your body, both of you clinging to each other as you enjoyed the warmth and pleasure you were sharing.
"Como te amo…" Alejandro sighed out as he pulled you closer to him, wrapping your arms around your waist and letting you cockwarm him until he deemed it enough. "Mi chica linda…"
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little-skywalker · 2 months
Hi could you please do sex pollen with bass or Alejandro Vargas or both with an inexperienced female reader please
Anon? anon who is bass?? i couldn’t figure out who you meant so, here it is, i did it with ale ;)
Tumblr media
Alejandro Vargas x Reader
Warnings: unprotected sex, p in v, sex pollen, squirting, age-gap, another fic of Ale taking our virginity cuz we love that shit!
A/N: i actually loved writing this lol, it was fun. you know english is not my first language, so there might be some errors, but i hope y’all like it 💗
Tumblr media
You don’t remember exactly what happened. The mission went wrong, and you followed colonel Vargas into the woods, trying to scape from enemy fire, accidentally running into some bushes full of strange colorful flowers that you had never seen before. Then it all went blurry.
Now, two hours later, you’re on base again, feeling really weird. Your whole body is sensitive, as if it has been set on fire, heavy breaths escape your lips and a thin layer of sweat starts to appear on your skin. How are you supposed to deal with it? you don’t even know what is going on, but you try your best to stay quiet while a nurse examines all your vital signs.
“You’re fine” she says after making sure that you don’t have anything that could possibly affect your health. “But it seems that you’re under the influence of some… natural aphrodisiac. So i’d suggest you to, y’know, relieve all that sexual energy, it will make you feel way better.”
Natural aphrodisiac? oh, so now you finally understand why your poor pussy is so wet, clenching around nothing and practically begging to be fucked. It makes sense. However, you don’t have a problem with masturbating a few times until the effects wear off. So you thank her, and then make your way out of the medical bay, walking straight to your own room.
But you didn’t expected to run into you colonel again. Those flowers should have affected him the same way as you, that’s for sure, what is he doing in the hallway? he should be inside his room, doing god knows what to help himself with that issue.
“Sargento” Alejandro calls you, forcing you to stop dead on your tracks, even though both of you are not in the mood for talking. “What did the nurse told you?”
“She said i’m fine. It’s just the effects of a natural aphrodisiac what’s making me feel so weird.” you answer, smiling at him, trying to play it cool. “Why? do you have the same?.”
“Si” he nods, but you don’t hear the rest, all of your concentration is now looking at his pretty brown eyes, his lips, his stubbly jaw, his broad shoulders, his strong arms in that tight shirt, and that obvious bulge inside his cargo pants.
He’s always been a good looking man, you won’t deny it, but right now? he’s fucking sexy, radiating a strong masculine essence that makes your knees go weak and the heat in your belly grow more intense. Almost as if you were a bitch in heat.
All of your shyness is gone, and before you know it, you’re grabbing his hand to guide him into your room, not even caring that he’s way older than you, a colonel who is supposed to be your superior. The arousal clouds your mind, not being able to think about anything else than getting pounded by him all night until you can’t remember your own name.
And Alejandro knows he shouldn’t be so eager to fuck his sergeant, but how can he tell you no when you look so pretty and so damn needy?
Once you’re both inside, with the door locked and the lights on, he pins you to the wall, kissing you passionately as his big hands roam your clothed body. Something new to you, considering the fact that you had never been touched by a man before this.
Should you tell him that he’s about to be the your first sexual experience? maybe, but you don’t wanna ruin the mood, so you just let go, feeling your tongues dancing with each other, running your hands over his strong chest.
But, as much as you’d love to keep kissing, the heat caused by the aphrodisiac is now unbearable, forcing both of you to pull apart and take your clothes off. And it could be part of the effect of those annoying flowers, but when you finally see his muscles, his tan skin covered in sweat, and that big veiny cock springing free, your mouth waters and your pussy throbs, clearly enjoying the view.
“Like what you see, mi amor?” he asks teasingly, and you just nod. “Cause i really do, who would have known my sergeant had such a pretty body? huh?”.
Now that Alejandro sees you all exposed for him, admiring every detail of your being, he’s sure that you’re the most beautiful girl he has ever met. If he had known what was he missing on, he would have pushed you into those bushes way earlier.
You don’t really know what to do next, you’re flustered and too inexperienced, so when he notices your hesitance, he gently guides you to the bed, telling you to lay on your back and relax.
Alejandro kisses your neck, and then slowly goes down to your tits, playing with your nipples between his teeth. It’s almost like a torture, you want more than that, involuntarily bucking your hips to get at least a little friction, anything.
“Just fuck me already, please” you beg in a high pitched voice, desperate to feel him inside you.
“Such a needy little whore” Alejandro says, mocking your pathetic cries. But you don’t care, even less when he drops to his knees, prying your legs apart to have a good look at your perfect pussy before devouring it like a starving man.
He licks and bites at your slick folds, savoring the sweet taste, dives his tongue into your hole and goes up to your clit, sucking hard. It feels really nice, better than any of those times where you played with yourself at night, and it’s not long until you’re moaning, feeling that familiar knot in your lower belly while tugging at his dark hair.
You cum easily, arching your back off the bed, almost crushing his head between your trembling legs. But that doesn’t stop him, he keeps eating you sloppily until you ride out that first orgasm.
When you come down from the high, Alejandro is already on top of you, holding your legs on his shoulders, guiding his cock to your tiny wet hole. And, without a warning, he slides inside on a singular hard thrust, making you scream at the new sensation.
He’s big, so the sudden stretch is a bit painful, but once you get adjusted to his girth and he starts moving slowly, your pained cries turn into whimpers filled with pleasure.
“F-faster Ale, please, ah- god-“ you moan into his ear, going literally stupid on his cock that you can’t even say a simple sentence.
“Yeah? you want me to destroy this pretty little pussy?”
He starts thrusting harder, pounding your tight heat in the most delicious way, hitting that sweet spot inside you over and over. It’s good, way too good actually, and you can’t help but writhe under him, digging your nails on the nape of his neck.
Another orgasm is near, you know it, and he can feel it too by the way you’re clenching around his cock.
“That’s it, preciosa, you’re taking me so well” Alejandro growls, one of his large hands going down to find your clit, rubbing it fast in circular motions. “Cum for me again, come on.”
His words, mixed with the stimulation and the way he’s ramming into you, is just what you need to see stars. You come undone once more, feeling the intense pleasure in every inch of your body, moaning so loud that probably the whole base heard.
“Fuck, look at the mess you made” he says, looking at how your sweet juices are coating his abs and pubes. Did you just squirted? hell, that’s new, you didn’t knew you could do that.
Alejandro doesn’t take long to reach his own orgasm, thrusting a few more times until he’s cumming inside, filling that pretty pussy of yours with his thick seed as he bites your neck, letting out an animalistic grunt.
You both stay like that for a minute, too fucked out to move, catching your breath. And you’re feeling better, but the effects are still not gone at all.
“That was amazing” you say, stroking his beard, pulling him in for a quick kiss. “Can we do it again?.”
“As many times as you want, preciosa.”
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angelltheninth · 7 months
Fem!reader being fucked by Simon, John, Konig and Alejandro at the same time.
Oh you are daring Anon, and you got guts.
Pairing: Simon "Ghost" Riley, John "Soap" MacTavish, König, Alejandro Vargas x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, rough sex, blowjobs, handjobs, spitroasting, dirty talk, name-calling, praise, marking, cum marking, hair pulling (for Reader), sharing is caring
A/N: If there's someone who thinks they would walk after this you've got legs of steel. Reblogs, comments and stuff like that is greatly appreciated.
Tumblr media
One was more then enough for you, bot having four hard cocks to serve was a whole other story. A very horny, hard, mind-numbing story.
"Doing good pretty girl? You need to let my buddy know he's doing well." You could feel John's lips form a smile against your pussy as Simon's cock plunged into it. It was hard to talk though, with your mouth full of John's cock. Your head bobbed up and down on his length, swallowing his cum as best as you could. Two pairs of strong hands held you, Simon's around your hips, John's around your thighs.
"Mi vida, please, don't forget about me." Alejandro's hand smoothed through your hair, cautiously pulling your mouth off John's cock and towards his own hard cock.
"How could I? You're right... ah... in front of me." His hand smoothed your hair behind your ear as your lips closed around his cock, sucking with gusto, "Good. Fuck me harder." You sloppily mumbled, your words barely understandable with having your pussyhole, your clit and your mouth fucked at the same time.
Simon was more then happy to oblige with your request, his hips smacking loud against your ass, John sucked and pressed his teeth against your clit, sending shockwaves through you, while Alejandro went with slow, deep strokes into your wet mouth.
"How hard can you handle sweetheart?" Simon's growl made you shiver with anticipation, "I could break you all by myself. I want to break you, put you back together, all for this pretty, tight, sloppy cumhole." His dick throbbed inside of you, Alejandro's too, pulling out just fast enough to give you a facial, his lower lip caught between his teeth at the sight of you wearing his cum.
You could hear John chuckle, feel him too, "König, don't just stand there, can't you see out princess is craving more? Simon, can you help her sit up?" John pressed kisses all over your pussy while Simon did the same to your neck as he gently held you by your shoulders, his cock, oozing with cum, slipping out of you.
König marched in front of you, his cock hard and in front of your face. He grabbed your breasts and squeezed them together, his cock pushing in between them, getting his cum to flow over them, "Such pretty tits, perfect for warming my cock, soon to be painted over by my cum. You're so pretty. Pretty girl."
"Good girl." Alejandro walked to one side of you, Simon to the other.
"Not yet. Let me get my cock in first ok?" John maneuvered, from under you, leaning back on one arm, the other balancing on your hip. The tip of his cock pressed against your entrance before you rocked back onto it, your pussy needing something to fill it now that Simon wasn't there.
With little control he started thrusting up at you, making you moan and whimper uncontrollably, your body shaking from the pleasure.
"Careful. If you break out pretty toy what are the rest of us gonna do?" König pressed his thumbs over your hard nipples, concern evident in his voice despite the fact that he was currently fucking your breasts.
"I haven't had her pussy in months. My cock needs a proper welcome." His arms wrapped around you, hot lips pressing needy kisses over your back, "I missed you so much pretty girl. My pretty girl."
Simon growled at John's possessive word, grabbed your head and pushed his cock in, "Yours? That's a bold statement when she's got a mouthful of my dick!" Simon was normally more gentle but he obviously missed you too, a lot. You felt Alejandro's warm hand take yours and guide it to his cock. You ran it down to his full balls, feeling how heavy they were, the same could be said with Simon's, slapping against your chin with every thrust.
Actually you could feel the same from all of them, wildly thrusting, hammering, cum leaking, shooting into you, onto you, all at once: John into your cunt, Simon in your mouth, then Alejandro, and König over your breasts, leaving al five of you breathless and satisfied.
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imperihoe-writes · 29 days
The Quiet Ones
Tumblr media
Colonel Alejandro Vargas / fem!Reader
Summary:  When the reader's assignment in Las Almas draws to a close, Alejandro finally makes a move.
Content:  secret identity, sexual tension, pining, food as a love language, heavy PDA, car sex, grinding, fingering, rough non-penetrative sex ↳ callsign for the reader is Schwalbe
Word Count:  7.5k (70% pining, 30% pure filth)
Notes:  My dear anon, every day we stray further from salvation and this idea only sped up the process. I loved it. Thank you for requesting this beautiful man. I feel like Alejandro would be the type to spoil his partner all the time, just because he can and loves to see them happy. I've been writing away at this the whole week whenever I had a little free time at night, I hope you like it! 🤍 NOT FOR MINORS.
Translations at the end of the story! 💫
"Oh my fucking god," she whispered, eyes glued to the tall and handsome man on the other side of the airstrip. 
The Colonel wore dark green today, with a heavy tactical vest and combat boots that were caked all over with mud. His sunglasses perched on top of his head, black hair slicked back a little but the late time of day and humidity had done a marvellous job of bringing back some natural curl. He looked good. More than good. Fine. Hot. Ready to eat. 
And he was coming their way, fast. 
Schwalbe hastily slid on some sunglasses, happy that the blue mask over her mouth and nose would do the trick and conceal most of her undoubtedly blushing face. Alejandro was talking rapidly to Rodolfo over the radio as he approached, Spanish smooth and sexy and dear lord she was so fucked. 
The last time she'd seen the Colonel had been during an emergency evac of the 141 boys and some Los Vaqueros soldiers, with her flying the helicopter. Fun times. Not a situation where one could properly appreciate the sex appeal of a man who seemed to age like fine wine. And was that-
Before she had any opportunity to embarrass herself, Lieutenant Ghost stepped forward and the two men shook hands firmly. There was true familiarity there, the kind that you can only get from being shot at together and coming out the other end more or less in one piece. 
"My favourite fantasma, back to haunt me, eh?"
"More like savin' your ass as usual," Ghost replied drily.
Alejandro laughed, then turned towards her. 
"And who is this, Lieutenant? Am I doomed to never see the faces of my team these days?" 
He ducked down a little to look into her eyes, obscured as they were from the sunglasses. Their faces were very close for a moment, and she could smell the dust and leather on him before her hand closed around his outstretched one. 
Alejandro was grinning and she smiled back behind the mask, then her gaze flickered to the small patch of beard she'd noticed only moments ago. Right there next to the corner of his mouth was a tiny sliver of silvery grey hair, interspersing the otherwise tidily trimmed black beard. 
Now that his lopsided smirk morphed into a confused but polite smile at her silence, the grey was less noticeable.
"Sergeant Major Schwalbe," she said softly, mouth dry.
"Welcome to Las Almas," the dark-haired man said, then released her and straightened back up. Mourning even that innocent contact, Schwalbe followed the two men to the SUV waiting for them. The aircon inside was bliss, and she released a tiny breath of tension as her back hit the soft leather of the backseat and eased her tense muscles.
Las Almas was a big deal, being assigned here repeatedly meant that she was considered to be among the best and most reliable. Schwalbe tried not to let it get to her head, but the spark of pride in her chest helped with the usual anxiety of being thrust into new places.
Lost in thought, she stared out of the tinted window, watching the city move by quickly. Children ran along sidewalks, and an elderly man with an impressive moustache sold divine-smelling street food that had her stomach cramping tightly as they rolled past. 
Schwalbe glanced at the two men in front, who'd been holding quiet conversation the entire time. That in and of itself was highly unusual for Lieutenant Ghost, who most often preferred to observe quietly instead of participate in banter. Perhaps with the exception of Sergeant Soap. He really must be fond of the Colonel-
Dark eyes already watched her in the rearview mirror. Curious and piercing, even as Alejandro continued speaking and driving along like it was nothing. 
Schwalbe felt her face grow hot but knew that there was no way he'd be able to see her stare back behind her gear. Perhaps it was cowardly, but she just couldn't bring herself to take off the sunglasses, especially knowing that she would have to face his intense stare without a barrier of protection if she did. 
And by god, that man was handsome. His eyebrows were drawn together in concentration, full mouth a straight line and she wondered if she would be able to find more of those charming patches of silvery hair if she had the opportunity to look more closely again.
"Tell me, what does Shwalbee mean?" The Colonel asked suddenly, his pronounciating a little off but infinitely sexy. 
"Schwalbe," she corrected him quietly, smiling behind her mask. As if he could sense it, he smiled a little as well. "It's German. A type of bird, swallow in English, if you've heard of it?"
"Known for flyin' low, 'specially when storms come through," Ghost grunted, arms crossed over his wide chest.
The Colonel snapped his fingers a little in recognition. 
"La golondrina! An old friend of mine has them tattooed on his neck, stands for freedom, no?"
"Among other things," Schwalbe huffed in quiet amusement at his enthusiasm.
"Pretty birds," Alejandro said, winked and then turned his eyes back on the road. And though she knew it was just meant as a throwaway comment since he didn't actually know what she looked like and couldn't compliment her on anything, her stupid heart still fluttered like she was fifteen.
The days and weeks that followed were packed full of meetings revolving around the two different missions that the Los Vaqueros and 141 had a shared interest in. Since Schwalbe was technically only there on a loan from SpecGru, she didn't always have the clearance required to attend in-depth consultations with Laswell and Price over video chat. 
That had bothered her the first one or two times it had happened, but then she'd started to see the upside of it: It gave her more free time to roam the foreign base, sleep in longer or go out later. 
Her own training hours were rather tame in comparison to that of the many soldiers permanently stationed here, and she found joy in driving out into the desert to teach promising new talent how to fly small planes and helicopters under severe pressure (and stay alive with the help of hair raising off-the-books manoeuvres).  
And sometimes, when she was especially lucky, the Colonel would be around the same places that she was. 
He was always surrounded by some of his men, serious when the need called for it, but most often joking or laughing. His eyes crinkled up in the most charming of ways whenever that was the case, easing the severity of his expression. 
Just now, long fingers pushed back a mop of thick black hair and, not for the first time, there was a distinct lack of a wedding ring on Alejandro's hand. Sure, that didn't have to mean much, but it made fantasizing about getting bent in half and ruined by him a tiny bit less shameful.
Schwalbe watched him in secret from a few tables down almost every day, pushing around the food on her plate and listened only half-heartedly to the chatter around her. Ghost was content to eat in silence by her side, and never commented whenever she let out another wistful sigh like the supportive friend he'd slowly grown into over the years.
It didn't stop the Lieutenant from throwing her meaningful and heavy stares every once in a while though.
"I can't," she'd told him only yesterday with a firm shake of the head, and the Englishman had only tilted his head in consideration.
Today, the Colonel kept throwing glances their way, eyebrows drawn together in concentration like he was trying to solve an especially hard riddle. Schwalbe stared back, secure behind her tinted glasses. 
The green alarm clock digits shone back at her with grim determination, hardly ever moving forward. 
4:25 AM. 
Damn it all.
She'd been awake for over half an hour, heart racing after a nightmare that had slipped through her fingers like smoke. The faintest memory of screaming and blood lingered, but Schwalbe wasn't sure if that came from memory or her overactive mind.
Sighing deeply, she sat up and dangled her feet over the edge of the bed, careful not to wake the other woman sharing their small dorm room. The floor was nice and cool, and she tiptoed out of the door towards the general direction of the kitchen. 
With the base quiet with no one up and about yet, Schwalbe was determined to follow her cravings and stuff herself with at least three chocolate muffins. 
Patting her stomach, she grinned to herself as she turned into the dark room, moved through the stainless steel appliances and countertops and then opened the glorious object of her desires.
The fridge light bathed her in cold blue hues, and she had to stand on tiptoes to reach the dessert shelf.
"Ah, supongo que teníamos la misma idea."
The raspy voice right behind her almost gave her a heart attack. She bumped into the fridge door and almost sent several glass bottles of milk and juice flying, but both Alejandro and Schwalbe barely managed to hold them upright in time.
"E-excuse me?" She stuttered, face aflame at his proximity and her clumsiness.
The Colonel drew his eyebrows together in a frown, his heavy gaze taking in her entire body slowly. Suddenly, the tiny shorts and tank top didn't feel like proper sleeping attire anymore, and Schwalbe fought against the urge to cross her arms in front of her braless chest.
"Who do you belong to?" He asked, before muttering something under his breath. The only words she could pick out were 'tourist' and 'kill them' and for the first time ever, Schwalbe felt deeply irritated with the older man. Belong to? What the hell?
"I don't know what you're implying," she said, voice quiet as usual but firm. "But I don't appreciate getting snuck up on in the middle of the night. I think I'll go back to my room now, Colonel. Good night."
Alejandro's eyes widened with every word she spoke, roaming over her face to find... What? A lie? Had she smeared chocolate around her mouth?
Just as Schwalbe pushed past him, clutching another muffin because why not, Alejandro's hand shot out and curled around her bicep, halting her in her tracks. She wasn't quite annoyed enough not to bodily react to him, his calloused fingers so firm and warm on her own skin that it made her heart beat faster.
God, who had given him the right to look this good this early? Alejandro's hair was impossibly soft and hung into his eyes a little, grey sweatpants low on his hips. She swallowed.
"El pájaro sabe cantar," he murmured, voice as warm as his hands now and so smooth that Schwalbe wanted to bottle up the sound and keep it forever. "I'm sorry for not recognizing you straight away. And excuse me for making assumptions, but it wouldn't be the first time that one of the guys brought back a beautiful woman for the night."
"What?" Schwalbe asked, completely flabbergasted. The Colonel released her, now that there didn't seem to be any immediate danger that she'd run, and straightened to his full and considerable height. From this close, she could see the small laughter lines around his eyes, and the blue light from the fridge made the grey patch in his beard gleam. 
Dark eyes drank her in hungrily.
"You must confess," he said, grinning. "I had quite the disadvantage here."
What on Earth was he talking abou-
Schwalbe's eyes widened and then her hand flew up and over her face on instinct, obscuring her nose and mouth as she continued to stare at Alejandro.
He frowned, clearly unhappy with her.
How could she have forgotten? She wasn't wearing a mask. 
Sure, sunglasses would have rendered her blind in the darkness, but Schwalbe never left her quarters without the soft piece of cloth. She'd grown so accustomed to it, that it always took her several days while she was on leave to get used to the feeling of a vulnerable face again.
"It's okay," the Colonel said quietly, brushing one hand through his hair. "I will never mention it to anyone if you are uncomfortable with me knowing."
The tiniest hint of sadness had crept into his voice now, and it made her feel bad. Was it really so terrible that he knew what she looked like now? It's not like he was a complete stranger. Ghost had seen her face multiple times, but never had she felt so... raw. Like an exposed wire about to burn through and ignite everything around it.
Slowly, Schwalbe lowered her hand again and chewed on the inside of her cheek. A habit she'd picked up as a child and never been able to drop. 
Alejandro watched the movement with great interest, and at the first taste of blood in her mouth, Schwalbe abruptly stopped. 
"I don't mind," she squeaked, embarrassed. 
The concentrated, almost greedy look was replaced by a grin. Schwalbe wanted to grab his handsome face with both hands and just... squeeze? Pull him closer until they kissed? Climb him like a tree? All of it felt very tempting, the longer the darkness in his gaze ate her up whole.
"Good, because I don't think I would have been able to forget. Anyway, what are you doing up this early, pequeña ave?" His gaze dropped to the chocolate muffin in her hand, and he frowned deeply. 
Feeling oddly defensive over her choices, she straightened her shoulders and tried not to squirm too much under the interested tilt of his head. 
If she didn't know better, Schwalbe would say that the Colonel was checking her out. Impossible. Right? He was Alejandro Vargas, not some wet-behind-the-ears recruit, eager to have a go in an empty barrack. Right? 
Although, it's not like she wouldn't have thrown herself at him right here on this cold kitchen floor if he'd asked. Did that make her into the newbie with an appetite for superiors or something? What a strange thought.
"I'm indulging in my cravings, Colonel," she said. Some of them, anyway. "And these are actually pretty good."
His eyes had dropped to her mouth for a split second, and she smiled, unsure about the ever-deepening frown.
"That's not food," he growled, dismissing her words with a wave of his hand. "Just some trash from the grocery shop that will leave you addicted to sugar at ungodly hours of the night."
"I couldn't sleep," she said stubbornly, scowling now.
"Because you're addicted to refined sugar."
"What? That's not even true!" Schwalbe laughed, finally putting her muffin on the countertop and crossing her arms over her chest. Goosebumps rose along her arms from the slight chill in the air. 
"Every day, you get the sweetest treat that the lunch lady has on offer, and then you eat Ghost's dessert, too. I believe that's the first sign of a problem right there."
Her eyes widened, and Alejandro made a jerky motion with his body like he'd been about to take a step closer and then aborted mid-movement. 
At her laugh, a grin formed on his face. 
The Colonel looked so different like this, up close and relaxed and not surrounded by anyone else demanding his attention for once. Schwalbe wanted to stay here with him, even if it meant having to defend herself against these totally false claims.
She patted her stomach in mock-offence.
"Are you calling me soft, Colonel? Is this some kind of intervention to keep me from going out of shape?" Her quiet voice was teasing, and she tried so very hard to keep the laughter in.
"No," he said, almost a growl in the back of his throat and fuck, that was hot. Alejandro opened his mouth to say more, dark eyes firmly on her face. Just then, the kitchen door swung open and another Los Vaqueros soldier she'd been training the other day sauntered in sleepily, groping for the light switch.
The sudden glare of the harsh light was like a rude awakening to both of them, and Schwalbe hastily turned her back to the young man, before he had a chance to get a good look at her. 
Only now did she realize how close the Colonel and her had been leaning towards each other, how the warm smell of his skin and sleep had lured her into his orbit. The soldier behind them let out a startled gasp and Alejandro glared at him with so much annoyance and squinted eyes, that the poor lad backed out of the still-open kitchen door. 
A rapid stream of Spanish, Schwalbe only caught apologies, followed.
With a sigh, the Colonel pinched the bridge of his nose, then looked back down at her with a serious expression.
"I will take you to Las Almas for some real food, yeah? You can even have some sweet things, but at least they won't come out of a factory then."
Schwalbe tried to swallow back her nerves and rolled her eyes instead. 
"I hope you know that you will be paying since I'm the one perfectly content with my free snacks at base."
Alejandro threw his head back and laughed loudly, then grinned back down at her.
"You didn't think I'd let you pay, did you, guapa?"
As more time passed between that strange encounter in the kitchen and now, Schwalbe started to question if it had ever actually happened at all. 
The only indication that things were a little... different now, was that the Colonel's eyes would find her form almost as much as hers did with him. He'd stare across the yard, or wave from his SUV when he passed, or watch her pull up her mask discreetly to eat.
She knew that he was absolutely swamped with two missions at once, and that everybody always seemed to want something from him at all times of the day, but it still left her a little crestfallen. Their shared assignment was coming up fast, weeks of preparations slotting into place. 
Soon, she'd most likely be stationed elsewhere, and who knew when she'd have the chance to see him again? The thought put such a damper on her mood, that even her trainees started to notice and Ghost kept throwing her more and more glances each day. 
As she stared more or less subtly at the handsome man three tables down, the Lieutenant nudged his chocolate pudding towards her. Not my favorite kind, he'd told her a while ago. I prefer Caramel Fudge.
A dessert was a dessert to Schwalbe, so she happily ate his. 
"He asked for your unredacted file, you know," Ghost grunted, following her gaze. "A little while ago."
She almost dropped her spoon.
"And you're telling me this now? What did you tell him? Did you give it to him?"
Ghost actually looked offended at that. "Obviously not. I told the daft fucker that if he wanted to see your face he should just ask you."
"He doesn't- that's not why he would want to read my file!" She protested, cheeks flushing hotly behind her mask. 
"The unredacted one," Ghost reminded her, eyes rolling as he threw the Colonel another cool look. "He knew about all your previous assignments 'fore we came here, including the last Las Almas job. Bet that's why he asked for you specifically when Price put together some suggestions."
"He never mentioned it."
Ghost shrugged. "I'm not surprised."
Schwalbe glanced over at the Colonel and was pleased to find him staring as well. 
He looked between her and Ghost unhappily, hand clenched on the table as his boys around him laughed and talked, Rodolfo at his side. 
Feeling stupidly brave, reckless and oddly horny all at once, she pushed her mask up much higher than usual, letting it rest over her nose before shovelling another chocolate pudding spoon into her mouth. Grinning, she shot him a thumbs up, and his eyes widened for a fraction of a second, clearly caught by surprise.
Then he grinned back and mouthed not real food at her, which made her giggle and shrug her shoulders, before digging in again.
The next day, Schwalbe declined her dormmates's offer to hit the town with some of the other soldiers, glad to have the room for herself for a little while. She'd just snuggled back into bed with a romantic book and a glass of cheap red wine when an insistent knock sounded at the door.
Thinking that the other woman must have forgotten something on her way out, Schwalbe just called a quiet come in and turned to the next page.
"Am I disturbing you?" The raspy voice of the Colonel asked, and her head shot around to him so quickly, that it was a miracle she didn't crack her neck. 
They stared at each other for a moment, his dark eyes roaming over her spread out form on the bed, then her room. She hastily sat up and pulled her short sleeping shorts down her thighs a little more, chucking the book onto her comforter.
"N-no, not at all," she said, cursing herself for stuttering as soon as his attention was back on her. Alejandro seemed to fill out the room with his mere presence, dark blue shirt clinging tightly to his chest and arms, black army pants snug around his waist and thighs. 
He looked dangerous and capable and so fucking sexy that Schwalbe wanted nothing more than to reach out and pull him between her legs, propriety and work ethics be damned.
"I wanted to ask if you're still available tonight," the Colonel said, shifting from one foot to the other but smiling faintly. "Don't think I forgot about our little agreement."
"I-" Schwalbe began, tongue-tied. Yeah, alright. She kind of had lost hope that he'd ever mention their kitchen encounter again. "I'm free tonight. Didn't want to go to the bar."
"Me neither," he shrugged, then pushed his hands into his pockets. "I noticed you didn't come for dinner."
She vaguely gestured to her wine and book set-up. "I was too busy."
"Busy," he echoed, eyebrows drawn, then snatched up the book from beside her and looked it over. "It's not in English!" He complained, and Schwalbe sent up several prayers of thanks over that fact. The two vague people embracing on the cover were mortifying enough.
"It's not." She confirmed, lips pressed together. Then she stood, and pushed him down onto her bed with both hands, until Alejandro sank into her soft mattress and blanket, looking up at her with an unreadable expression, still holding her book. 
Schwalbe swallowed and removed her hands from his shoulders, then took an awkward step back, more aware than ever how exposed her face felt and how much bloody skin her outfit revealed. It would be so easy to slide into his lap right then and there, or push herself between his spread-open legs and-
"I'll get changed," she choked out, hastily grabbing a random assortment of clothes from her small cupboard and disappearing into the bathroom without another look at him. 
"What is it about?" Alejandro called after her, and she could just imagine him turning pages, trying to decipher or recognize words.
"Aliens," she shouted back, splashing her face with cold water and brushing her hair, before changing into fresh underwear for good measure. 
"And what do they do here on Earth?"
There was a definite note of amusement in his voice. Braver, now that she didn't have to face him directly as she answered, Schwalbe bit back a grin.
"One of them falls in love with a human and they start a scandalous affair that has all the alien girls jealous."
She closed her jeans and turned, tying her hair up into a messy high ponytail that would never pass military regulations under normal circumstances. As Schwalbe entered her room again, the Colonel was lounging back on her pillow, idly tracing over random post-it notes she'd stuck into the book, with little comments or exclamation marks. 
When he saw her standing there, he abruptly sat back up.
"You look lovely," he said, serious, then stood and walked past her, holding open the door. Caught off-guard by the remark, Schwalbe hesitated for a moment, chewing her cheek as she glanced at the mask on her nightstand. 
Alejandro said nothing as he watched, and with an internal what the hell, why not, she left the blue cloth lying there and joined him in the empty corridor. His long fingers sprawled out over her lower back for just a moment as he gently turned her down to the left, then they walked to his car in silence, thankfully not passing anyone.
Now that she was up and about, there was a definite pang of hunger in her stomach - and if she was being honest with herself, not only for food. The Colonel looked handsome, beard neatly trimmed with the first signs of grey in stark contrast to the black, eyebrows serious and mouth soft. Jesus Christ, and the smell of him. Clean, like he'd showered before picking her up but also spicy and warm, like a mulled wine in front of a fireplace. 
"Where do you plan on taking me?" She asked, voice softer again, now that there was a chance they could be overheard. He shot her a long glance and an easy smile.
"This little street vendor in town makes the best chalupas you'll ever try. He's been selling on the same corner since I was a little boy, and his granddaughter makes fresh churros and honey-roasted almonds."
"I don't think I ever had chalupa before," she admitted, trying to imitate the pronunciation.
Alejandro opened the passenger door for her and watched her climb in before shutting the door behind her. He rounded the SUV, and Schwalbe wiped her sweaty hands down her jeans, heart racing.
He climbed in as well, then the engine purred to life and they were flying down dirt roads towards the city.
"It's kind of like a taco," he explained, buckling himself in with one hand, then checked if she'd done the same. "But better, trust me."
"And not made in a factory," she teased him gently, and he laughed.
"No, guapa," he chuckled. "Definitely not."
They didn't talk much for the rest of the ride, content to watch the dark landscapes fly by as soft music played from the speakers, occasionally disrupted by static. Schwalbe was highly aware of the Colonel, his proximity and dark eyes that flitted over to her every once in a while. 
He parked them down the street in a parking lot with a gate guard and helped her jump out of the car once more when he'd pulled into their assigned spot.
She wanted to protest that she was more than capable of jumping down herself, but then his eyebrows were drawn together in that concentrated frown once more and his calloused hand closed around her own and she couldn't find it in herself to complain. It's kind of gentlemanly, she reasoned with herself, as Alejandro locked the car and put his hand on her lower back again to steer her in the right direction.
Las Almas was a wild mix of colourful street lights, graffiti, and people. And though the city was and had been plagued by conflict for so long, she found the sandstone houses and crowded streets beautiful, peaceful and alive as they were that night. They blended into the crowds going in and out of tiny bars and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, smells and noise all around.
Schwalbe spotted a few men with weapons down a darker alley, and she saw that Alejandro noticed as well. He shook his head and grabbed her hand, pulling her away with tense shoulders.
She felt sorry for him, for the obvious love and care he felt for a place that others viewed as a lost cause. Gently, she placed her much smaller hand onto his forearm, and the Colonel looked down at her with stormy eyes and a set mouth.
"It's a beautiful night," she reminded him quietly, and he rolled his head over his shoulders a few times before smiling.
"It is," he nodded, then pulled her past some kids playing tag and toward a tiny stall on wheels that housed an ancient-looking grill. Schwalbe vaguely recognized the impressively oiled and twirled moustache from somewhere, as the old street vendor turned towards Alejandro and her. 
The divine smell hit her like a ton of bricks and she was too busy trying to translate the small menu on the cart to notice Alejandro's fond gaze. 
"I can order for you if you would like," he told her gently, and when she nodded gratefully, the two men launching into a familiar sort of conversation. After a few seconds, the Colonel turned back towards her. "Are you vegetarian? Do you want some extra spice?"
"No, meat is fine. And spicy as well."
As he continued to order for them and watched the old man prepare their meals like a hawk, Schwalbe looked up at him, still clutching his hand. Alejandro looked softer here, not surrounded by grey walls and soldiers. The street lanterns bathed him in a pretty glow, and she wanted to listen to him talk in Spanish for hours. A younger woman brought over a tiny paper bag that was already soaked in grease, and Schwalbe grinned as she took it from her.
Alejandro shot her a look. "Some of them are for me."
"We'll see," she teased, as the warm scents of sugar and oil and chocolate wafted up towards them. Alejandro laughed, then dropped her hand to pay the old man, waved off the change under exasperated protest and picked up the container of chalupa for them. 
They ate on a bench nearby, watching people as they went past, some of them more or less drunk and others talking loudly and passionately into phones. It was a nice night, with a cool breeze that brought some relief to the hot humidity that had been plaguing the area for a week now. Alejandro bumped his knee into hers after a while, smiling. 
"You didn't exaggerate how good this is," she said around a few bites, and he puffed out his chest in pride. 
"I know," he quirked his lips. Then his face fell a little. "Listen, I- I wanted to ask you something. You don't have to answer me if you think it's inappropriate."
"Okay?" Schwalbe said, fishing out her first churro and biting into it with gusto. "Shoot."
Alejandro watched her lick some grease and sugar off her fingers.
"Are you and Ghost... together? Even just... casually, sometimes?"
She almost choked.
"The Lieutenant and me? No!" Schwalbe laughed, genuinely perplexed. Was it not very much obvious who she wanted to ride into the sunset here? "We have known each other for a long time, and he has become someone that I can rely on and vice versa. We're friends."
Alejandro murmured something under his breath that sounded a lot like thank god, then one big hand suddenly closed around the back of her neck and the underside of her ponytail, the other cupping the side of her jaw and cheek. The Colonel leaned in close, ducking a little so their faces were on the same level. His nose brushed along hers and dark eyes burned holes into her soul.
Schwalbe's breath caught and then he whispered her name, her actual name, like a prayer and like a question all wrapped in one, waiting. 
Her head swam from his proximity, his warm breath so close to her mouth and then, recklessly, she decided to just do whatever the hell she felt like doing. 
Even if everything went south, she could just refuse another assignment here and never have to see his handsome face again. But at least for this one night, she could and would have him, if his needy expression was any indication to how he felt. 
She pressed her mouth to his, sugar and spice between them.
Alejandro groaned and pulled her closer by the neck, his thumb stroking the front of her throat. Schwalbe dropped the bag of sweet treats and buried her hands into his thick hair, beard scraping against her chin and cheeks as he kissed her more urgently. It was good and hard and everything that she had hoped kissing Alejandro would be like.
A loud whistle and the cheers of a few drunk ladies stumbling past brought them out of it, Schwalbe's breath just as heavy as his. Her face and neck felt hot where he had touched it, and he watched her from behind lowered eyelashes, eyes urgent.
"Want to go for a drink?" He rasped, and Schwalbe shook her head, jumping to her feet and pulling him up by his hand as well. 
"No, I'd rather be alone with you."
Alejandro's eyes widened for a moment, as he let himself be dragged after her, then he laughed.
"Siempre los callados," he murmured darkly in her ear, though it didn't really seem to be directed at her. His thick arm wound around her waist and he pulled her in closer as they crossed the busy street, music from the bars blaring and people shouting along to it. "Back to base then?"
Tempting. The thought made her give in to the urge to kiss him again and so they stumbled against the brick wall of a convenience store that had drawn their shutters down for the night. She felt drunk off of him, his scent and the taste of his mouth and the way his thumbs curled around her hip bones, then slid into the back pockets of her jeans to squeeze her ass firmly.
Panting, they parted again, and this time it was Alejandro who dragged her back to his car so quickly, that she had to jog to keep up with his long strides, laughing. He nodded towards the guy manning the parking lot, showed his ticket and then pulled her into him as they stumbled along, fumbling for his keys. 
Alejandro opened the passenger door for her again, but she just pushed him into the side of the SUV and pulled his head down until she could suck his lower lip into her mouth. He groaned as he crushed her against himself, the hard muscles of his body flexing under hers as he groped for the door handle of the backseat instead. 
One insistent grab on both of her upper thighs was enough, then Alejandro bent down a little and picked her up. Schwalbe hastily closed her legs around his waist, holding onto his shoulders as he slammed her door shut with his shoulder and somehow managed to turn them. 
Her back hit the soft leather of the backseat, and Alejandro released her long enough for her to crawl backwards and make some room for his much larger frame. They were both breathing heavily, with him still standing at the open door, clutching the frame of the car. 
"Come here," she demanded, and his eyes were little more than black pools of ink underneath his drawn-together eyebrows, as he leaned his forehead onto his arm for a moment, never letting her out of his sight. Then, as he seemed to have taken her in enough for his liking, he crawled into the open space between her legs, turned around only for a moment to slam the door shut behind them, and plunged the interior into darkness. 
He was onto her between one breath and the next, hands sliding underneath her tanktop and massaging both breasts roughly, mouth sucking into the side of her sensitive neck. Alejandro lowered himself between her legs, forcing them open wider with his muscular body. 
Schwalbe moaned softly, hands in his hair as he rubbed himself against her, the pressure between her legs growing.
Fuck, she had fantasized about this moment for weeks, and now that it was actually happening against all odds, she felt like she was having an out-of-body experience.
But Alejandro was much too large for the space, bent in half on top of her, letting out tiny huffs of frustration as she arched back into him desperately, sucking at his lower lip.
Schwalbe pushed him off, and he immediately backed away, breathing harshly and looking worried for a moment, but then she pushed him into a sitting position and climbed into his lap. He groaned as he gripped her waist and ass, pulling her closer and over the hard dick straining against his trousers, grinding them against each other. 
Her breathing came quickly as she ripped off her top, and he fumbled around with the clasp of her bra for only a moment before she was completely exposed to him. Hair wild and tickling her shoulders, she steadied herself on his shoulders for a moment, but then he already latched onto one of her nipples, sliding deeper into the leather seat and pulling her flush against himself. 
Schwalbe squeezed her eyes shut at the sensation, the way his beard scraped along her collarbone and the underside of her boobs as he squeezed them again and sucked harder. 
She said his name softly, and he groaned into her chest, hips jerking up and into her core.
Grinding down into him, she put her cheek on top of his soft hair, letting him take over her body however he wanted. And Alejandro wanted. 
His hands couldn't get enough of her, his mouth sucking bruises into her chest as he dry fucked her through way too many layers of clothing. The stimulation against her clit left her wanting for more, and perhaps impatiently, she started pulling his belt free between them, pushing him back as she worked.
He watched her like a shark, chest heaving as her fingers closed around his hard cock, flushed and drooling with precum already. Alejandro helped her push her jeans down, toying with the lace of her panties as she awkwardly shimmied around, knocking their legs together.
She giggled throughout the whole thing, and he smirked back at her, spread out lazily against the black leather. 
When she was finally able to climb on top of him again, she immediately ground her soaked lace panties against his exposed dick, making him roll his eyes back and hold onto her hips for dear life. 
Schwalbe rolled her hips experimentally, the close contact so much better, the heat between them delicious. His thickness pushed her panties aside eventually, and then it was just soaked skin on skin, his cock dragging through her folds and over her clit and ohmyfuckinggod he was huge. 
"I don't have anything," she whined, desperate as she writhed against him.
"Condoms?" He asked, dazed and when she shook her head no, he thumped his head against the headrest, groaning in frustration. But then he slung his arm across her lower back and pressed her closer, her thighs aching from how far she was being stretched right at her core. 
Alejandro braced his feet on the floor more firmly and then he was rutting up between them with hard, precise thrusts that dragged over her clit and entrance in a way that made her want to forget about safe sex and rules and everything if he could just thrust into her-
He kissed the underside of her jaw, then buried his face into her neck as he pressed himself against her, his free hand gripping the leather behind him to steady himself. The air in the car was hot and smelled like sex and them and Schwalbe's head swam from being stimulated on so many fronts. 
Alejandro whined into her skin softly, and she felt herself gush all over him, beyond caring as she jerked her hips down into his lap as best as she could in his iron grip.
And then his thrusts stopped almost entirely, only one, then a second that were the harshest ones yet, and he spilt between them with a deep groan, sticky semen coating her lower belly and pussy. 
She felt hot all over, tingles shooting up her legs and fingertips as she watched him at the height of his pleasure, hair mussed and undone. 
Her own orgasm wasn't far, she could feel it, but when she gave an impatient twist of her hips Alejandro hissed, overstimulated.
"Hold on," he growled, then sat up straighter so she wasn't pressed down right on top of his dick anymore. His hand snaked down between their mess, middle finger pushing through her and over her slick entrance, easily gliding in.
They both moaned at the way she gripped him, spongy walls greedy. He pumped his finger in and out for a second, watching her face as she clawed her fingers into his shoulders, staring back. Then another finger joined the first, stretching her wider.
Schwalbe could do little more than kneel over him as Alejandro thrust them in a little more harshly, the ball of his palm against her clit until he was as deep as her body would allow. 
He picked up his pace, eyes never leaving her face in the minimal light of the parking lot, tinted windows blocking out the world beyond the two of them. Was there anyone or anything out there that would have mattered as much as this man, anyway? The way he curled his fingers and breathed quickly whenever she whimpered made her want to say no.
A third finger nudged her, and she tensed for a moment. Alejandro was slow and careful with that one, easing it in and out slowly until her pussy was stretched and ready for him. 
His thumb rubbed slow circles over her clit and lower lips, and then his head rolled back with a cocky grin. The hand slid lower until it rested over his thigh, fingers almost entirely removed from her.
"Come on, ride me," he coaxed her in a dark, honeyed voice. His other hand slapped her butt lightly, before grabbing the same cheek and massaging the soft skin there. It made her clench around the tips of his fingers and Alejandro licked his lips, waiting. 
Well, he didn't have to tell her twice. And though her thighs trembled from strain and pressure, Schwalbe was a trained soldier. Once she had set her mind to something, she achieved it. And right now, all she wanted to do was ride the Colonel's finger so well and dirty that he'd start bringing condoms everywhere he went, just in case.
So she did. Flexing her abdomen and thighs she ground down and bounced up so recklessly, that the SUV trembled slightly. She slid her own hands down her stomach, meeting his in the mess between them, before rubbing her clit harshly, fast, like she was just riding one of her toys in the privacy of her home instead of the thick fingers of the man who would put his life into her hands in a couple of days. 
Schwalbe mewled and panted and Alejandro groaned, then leaned forward and sucked her tits again until she shattered around him, leaking all over their fingers and his pants and possibly the expensive leather. Aftershocks wrecked her, but she kept going, uncaring about how loud or wild she must appear until a second, smaller orgasm swept over her like an electric shock.
She collapsed forward and into his chest, and Alejandro gently withdrew his fingers from her, then slung both arms around her shaking body, kissing the side of her head and breathing in the smell of her hair. Her heart raced, thumping in her chest wildly and both their breaths were harsh in the quiet interior of the car. 
"Wanted to do that since the first time I had you sprawled out in my backseat," he growled into her ear, tightening his hold. 
Tumblr media
TRANSLATIONS (they are fixed now, sorry 🥺) fantasma - ghost Ah, supongo que teníamos la misma idea. - Ah, I guess we had the same idea. El pájaro sabe cantar. - The bird knows how to sing. pequeña ave - little bird guapa - pretty/lovely (used in the beginning stages of a relationship or between friends) Siempre los callados.. - Always the quiet ones.
I can't believe how much this story grew, but I think this was my favorite piece to write for quite some time now! What do you think? 🖤 You can also check out my COD masterlist that I always keep updated, in case you want to read more!
Until next time! - A ✨
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rodeo-star · 9 days
mdni, tw smut. cod men & their preferences: boobs versus ass.
he's absolutely, disgustingly shameless when it comes to your breasts. he couldn't help himself, pawing and kneading at your perky tits at any given opportunity regardless of where you two are or who may be around to see. once you two were alone, he'd tug you onto his lap— burying his face between your breasts, not even hesitating to tear your shirt and bra off your body before squishing his face against your chest. 
he'd lap away at your cleavage, rough hands kneading at the underside of your breasts while he grinds his aching hips against yours. his tongue would repeatedly flick against your sensitive nipples, teeth lightly nipping at your breast as he twirled and tugged at the other nipple with his hands. he'd eagerly rotate between giving both breasts attention, your back arching into him as he overstimulated your nipples.
"lemme fuck yer tits, angel," he'd groan with a mouth full of your tit, lips latched around your areola and his eyes pleading for you to nod your head in agreement. his hips would be grinding harsh against you, bucking up into your clothed heat in a frenzy, a thin sheen of his saliva coating your tits beautifully. "please, baby— needa cum all over your pretty titties—"
simon 'ghost' riley, keegan p. russ, alex keller, könig, gary 'roach' sanderson, phillip graves, logan walker, kim 'horangi' hong-jin
he's obsessed. regardless of what you're wearing, he'd be hypnotized by your ass. you'd often catch him staring audaciously during team meetings— an example bvious strain in his combat pants. he'd have to whisk you away into a private space when the meetings are over, pressing your chest against a wall with a firm grip on your hips from behind.
he'd unbuckle your pants quickly, yanking them down to the middle of your thighs before pulling his own down. his bare hips would rut harshly against your bare ass, nails digging deep into your love handles— he'd have to fight tooth and nail to not let a strangled moan escape his lips at the sensation his cock caught between your ass cheeks.
"f-fuck, baby girl," he'd hiss through gritted teeth, landing a rough smack to one of your ass cheeks, his intense gaze laser-focused on the way your cheeks just swallowed up his cock. you could feel the warmth of his breath against the back of your neck, a shiver running down your spine as he whispered in your ear: "g-gonna make me cum from this alone— ya gonna lemme cum on this pretty ass, right?"
john 'bravo six' price, john 'soap' mactavish, kyle 'gaz' garrick, sebastian krueger, rodolfo 'rudy' parra, alejandro vargas, mace
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saniest · 24 days
Tumblr media
The Saniest breeding agenda — COD edition.
Ghost isn’t aware of his breeding kink until he almost doesn’t pull out when fucking you. The thought lingers on his mind long after, realising just how desperately he wants to feel himself release inside of you.
Soap is very open about his breeding kink, finds cumming anywhere other than deep inside of you a waste, and vocalises that agenda well. Always begs to let you finish inside.
Price is a man for the sight of his cum leaking out of your pussy afterwards, will finger it back inside of you in an attempt to not waste a drop that could breed you out.
Gaz stays inside long after cumming, plugging you with his cock to assure not a single drop leaves your pussy. Will stay inside of you as long as he can, and probably then get hard again to breed you once more.
König is never finished after just one round: has a theory that he can only breed you out properly if you’ve both cum more than once: will fill you until you can’t hold him any longer.
Alejandro genuinely drains himself inside of you, will push the both of you to your limits and keep fucking you until he’s cumming dry. Anything in the name of putting a baby in you.
Rudy has a thing for leg locking— wants you to make sure he can’t pull out, lock your legs around his waist until he cums deep inside of you, nothing to do but breed
Horangi researches the best positions to breed you in, will take you in multiple positions over the night, tries to see which feels deepest so when he cums he knows he’s getting it as deep as he can.
Makarov holds a hand over your stomach as he cums inside of you, rubs at your skin as he imagines it full of the results of this night together— an ultimate claim on you.
Keegan is hesitant to breed you out until he actually gets close, and then becomes ravenous at the prospect of melting together with you in such a way— cums harder than ever before and takes it as a sign.
Valeria definitely buys a strap where she can actually fill you up, breeds you out no matter the counter-productivity. She makes you hers one way or the other.
Farah thrives off the dirty talk, and there’s a lot of it. Sweet nothings mixed with bites of how she’s going to fuck a baby into you, words can do just as much as actions.
Alex uses his mouth to leave marks all over your body, alongside the semi-permanent mark of him fucking you pregnant— loves to see his bite marks fade yet the swelling of your stomach linger.
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blingblong55 · 18 days
Use me-Alejandro Vargas NSFW
Tumblr media
Based on a request:
The way you write is undoubtedly amazing but the way you write nsfw Alejandro is near magical. With that being said, I'm in need of your art, if you're keen to do it😫 Alejandro x f!reader nsfw - dog tags baby, I need them used obscenely. I need those tags dangling in readers face, I need them being used like reigns because 'salva un caballo, monta un vaquero' , Alejandro ventures too far south for far too long?? USE THEM TAGS LIKE A LEASH. *clears throat* I kindly thank you for your time of day, I will now leave this establishment.
F!Reader, MDNI, 18+, smut, f!ingering, P-in-V, unprotected!sex, cowgirl!position
A/N: Straight to it...
Your legs parted by his own, lips on yours, the wet kisses filling the silent room. His dog tags tease your bare chest. "Mi amor, look at how wet you are." He chuckles, his fingers rubbing your clit. You close your eyes and enjoy the pleasure he is giving you. "Ale...fuck baby" your hands guiding his fingers. He continues to kiss you, lips trailing down to your sensitive neck. Your moans made him want more, your lips and touches had become an addiction he couldn't shake off quickly. The way your hand tugged on the chain of his dog tags, choking him and bringing out the masochist in him, he smirks and leans in.
"You keep doing that and I'll show you why they call me a cowboy," he whispers seductively in your ear, the hot of his breath tickling your skin. Your eyes meet, passion and lust filling the gap between you two. Once his two fingers stretched your tight cunt, you knew he was beginning to prepare you for his size. The wetness of your cunt makes it easy for his fingers to slide inside of you each time. "Oh mi chula, look how easy you are getting for me," he teases the tip of his dick on the entrance of your pussy. Your hips move, "More...more..please." Your desperate words mix with your needy moans. He lets out a deep chuckle, "What a dirty slut, mi chula." he kisses your breasts and licks your hardened nipples.
He turns you over, now he lays on his back while you begin to guide the tip of his dick to your now needy cunt. A small gasp as his thick dick enters you, he grins and looks up at you. "Take it easy, mi chula." his hands guiding your hips. "Feels good?" he asks you, your fingers playing with the chain on his neck, you nod. "Good," he gives your thighs a few slaps and increases his speed. Your tits bounce at the rhythm, he moans and you pull on his chain. "Kiss me, Ale," you request and he smiles.
Your lips meet his. His tongue teases your bottom lip, "Mi amor," he whispers, kissing you. Your tits on his chest, his dick pounding into you, his balls hitting you, filling more of the room's silence. Your moans and his groans, letting the others outside listen to the pleasures you both gave the other. His thrusts become sloppy as he gets closer to cumming inside of you, his pre-cum leaking from you. "Fuck..." his hand cupping your face aggressively, "Don't you dare look away from me now." he notices you rolling your eyes back. You nod and try to keep eye contact, he grins and gives your ass a good slap.
His hands fly back to your hips, slow but rough thrusts as his seed fills you up. He moans, his head thrown back to the pillow, you continue to ride him, your hands on his chest, your hips swaying back and forth. "Ale" you whine a moan. He looks up at you and places his chain around your neck, he pulls you closer and gives your lips a long and passionate kiss. "You are such a good little girl for me." he kisses you once more and lets you rest on his chest.
A/N: I literally don't know where to go from here...
Tags: @lucyisdoingfine
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lucyisdoingfine · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sweet fantasy
Gaz, Alejandro, Rudy, Valeria, and Graves x fem!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
WARNINGS: Pure smut here, swears, a singular spank, praise, begging
RATING: Just your typical god honoring mw2 smut 😋
SUMMARY: The types of fantasys the mw2 gang have about their girlfriend at the right and very wrong times
Tumblr media
Kyle 'Gaz' Garrick
Red light
You look gorgeous. Utterly stunning bent over the bonnet of his newly cleaned car. Your hands grasping onto his forearms for some form of support against his sharp thrusts. He has never seen a better sight. You whimper ever so slightly at feeling of his hand making harsh contact with your ass. The action make your walls enclose on him, the rather wet, lewd sounds that radiate of the two of you indicate your close. His hips are starting to stutter, "C'mon baby, you feel so fucking good." he isn't going to last long either at this rate. "Fu-fuck kyle!" Oh god you sound fucking intoxicating, so intoxicating he almost forgets that it isn't real. He's in fact driving, just a little over the speed limit.
"Holy shit" he thinks to himself. How long has he been daydreaming? He could've ran a red light, hit something and he wouldn't even know. So lost in the idea of bending you over his beloved car. He remembers now. He's on his way home. Home to you and your plush lips, your perfectly curved ass. Holy fuck he's missed you.
Alejandro Vargas
Tan lines
You always loved the beach. The beaming sun, the sound of the soft waves and the tan lines you would get afterwards would always make you feel nostalgic. Alejandro always loved going too. He adored how the sun would (without fail) always hit your face in the most flattering angle and how you insisted on buying a new swimsuit every time you went. Its not his fault his girlfriends new choice was a lingerie worthy bikini. He simply can't stop the wandering thoughts of him softly kissing your neck with you sat on his lap. Those tiny jean shorts would be long gone, thrown on a near-by lounge chair. Between continuous soft kisses you manage to giggle out "Ale- what is someone sees!" your soft moans make him think differently to your protests, he just continues to move his hands edging closer and closer down your body. He attempts to soften your worries with enticing coos of encouragement "C'mon honey, we both know no ones gonna see. Sólo quiero hacerte sentir bien mi amor."
Before his wandering hands could move any further hes rudely awoken by his favorite sound. "Hi baby, this the right one?". You. You were holding out a cold beer waiting for him to grab it. God you looked even better in the flesh. Were his pants this tight earlier?Before he could get lost in his thoughts again his grabbed the bottle out of your hand, the cool glass making a nice contrast to his warm hands. Hes so glad you bought that bikini, it always gave you the best tan lines.
Rodolfo 'Rudy' Parra
Counter tops
He was loved coming home knowing you were there, he always wondered what you were doing while he was gone. More often than he would like to admit he would always think about him pouncing on you as soon as you got home. His favorite was the idea of him bending you over in that cute little apron he got you for your birthday. Just the thought of you coming undone due to his doing made his breath catch in his throat. On a rather long drive home his mind began to wander once again.
The only thing he can see is you. You're once perfectly done hair is now ruined and your lipstick is everywhere but your lips, unless you count his. His stained lips make quick work making love bites across your neck, between the kisses he manages to breathlessly pant "Fuck. You're so beautiful amor, you know that right?" His fingers finally enter you after what feels like hours must have only been about 15 minutes of teasing. "Oh god Ru-Rudy!" Your moans sound like a soft melody to his ears he wants nothing but to drown in the noise of them. "You want me to go faster sweetheart?" A rhetorical question he already knew the answer too. You mange to moan out a soft chant of "P-please" to convince him but before your convincing can work he's jolted awake.
Instead of your chaste smile hes met with his best friends menacing one "Sweet dreams my friend?". He didn't realize how much you had an affect on him. He is never gonna live this down.
Valeria Garza
Dream come true
Look what she's become, what she's become for you. She's killed people with her bear hands, those same hands that are currently teasing the ever-loving shit out of her rather needy girlfriend. God she loves how you look right now. So ruined from a simple make-out session and a few grazes across your thighs. Lipstick long gone, tears brimming at the sockets and (her favorite) her t-shirt bunching just above your thighs to show your newly bought underwear. She knows what you want and by no means she intends to give up this easily.
"Plea-please val, i need you!" She murmurs a laugh at your futile attempts of begging, the sound muffled due to her lips being occupied with wet kisses along your stomach. "C'mon honey, you can last for me cant you? Sé que puedes ser mi niña buena". Her lips place a good distraction from her fingers slowly trailing their way to your clit. She teases the nub just to steal a whine from you.
Right as her index finger is about to finally enter you... "VAL!! YOU HOME BABY?" She silently curses the person who stole her away from the moment. Wait she was home alone wasn't she? Her guard is safely lifted back down as its the very girl wandering her very daydreams, you. She very well intends to make her dreams come true tonight.
Philip Graves
New mattress
His favorite sounds hit his eardrums. The sound of your sweet, ever-loving voice seeping in through the small cracks in his brain. He can just imagine your innocent like expression looking up at him through water lined lashes, squirming underneath him. He always thought you looked the cutest when whining for him to just "ple-please move". He couldn't leave you begging for long. Not when you look so pretty, so so pretty all for him to selfishly devour. His thrusts began to quicken with every little moan you made. He placed a chaste kiss upon your forehead before groaning out "C'mon baby jus' a little longer." I mean who could blame him when you decided to wear his favorite sundress this morning.
His rather dirty thoughts of you laid out plush along the pillows are interrupted rudely. "We have your mission reports sir, like you asked?" That's right. He's at work, not fucking his girlfriend across the new mattress. He's stuck here all alone, nothing but his callus hands to satisfy his thoughts. He finally responds with "Thanks, that'll be all" and a quick nod. He can't wait to come home to you, he's gonna break that god damn mattress.
Tumblr media
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pure temptation
COD - alejandro vargas x fem!reader
summary: colonel alejandro vargas cannot resist the mayor’s daughter [18+] wc: ~2.1 k masterlist
Tumblr media
warnings: NSFW, age gap (f!reader in her 20s and alejandro is in his 40s), erotica, oral (f! and m! receiving), slight spanking, squirting, unprotected sex, creampie , some proofreading mi chikibaby, ale <3  muñeca/muñequita is a pet name (at least in latin america), it translates to doll/little doll! coronel translates to colonel. i’m a native spanish speaker so i included a few sentences in spanish that i added a translation for. i didn’t do too many so it wouldn’t distract from the reading :)
Tumblr media
The one temptation Alejandro tried to deny himself was you. He knew it was wrong to feel a deep need for the mayor’s daughter. While Los Vaqueros didn’t need permission from your father to operate within Las Almas, there was still a respected alliance. How would it look if he was caught with the mayor’s daughter? Alejandro was older, with enough responsibilities to keep him occupied. He couldn’t risk the scandal. But, had he not given so much of himself to this town? To the people? Alejandro deserved this. He deserved you. He'd been alone for so long.  
You grew up in Las Almas. It was a place you were proud to call home, especially now. All the work done by Los Vaqueros to rid the place of El Sin Nombre had paid off. You had never met them until the night of your father’s victory party at the plaza. That’s when you crossed paths with Coronel Alejandro Vargas. You were a little flustered when introduced to him. He was tall with broad shoulders and a self-assured presence. He wasn’t like anyone you’d met before. When he leaned in for a hug and a kiss on your cheek, he lingered a little longer than what was considered polite. You didn’t miss the way his hand slowly slid away from your lower back, as if he didn’t want to let go. It was difficult not to steal glances at him throughout the night. You imagined those arms of his being able to hold you up while losing himself completely in your body. 
You’d been so good your entire life. The perfect daughter, friend, neighbor – whatever it was, you were. Your dad never let you out of his sight, saying it was for your own good. None of the men in Las Almas were good enough for his daughter, according to him. You were tired of sneaking around with boys who didn’t know how to please you. Coronel Alejandro Vargas looked like he knew exactly how to please your needy body. Your father would pop a blood vessel if he found out you were attracted to Alejandro. That wasn’t going to stop you. It wasn’t hard to figure out the schedule of Los Vaqueros’ weekly runs into town for supplies. Your sundress was short and flowy, reaching the top of your thighs. You walked over to the local store, hoping to catch Alejandro before they left. As you rounded the corner, a hard body collided with you. 
“Careful, muñeca.” A deep voice said as firm arms wrapped around your waist. 
You looked up to see Coronel Alejandro Vargas staring down at you, an amused expression on his face. He made sure you were balanced before letting you go. 
“Sorry Ale— I mean, Coronel.” You responded, your skin tingling. 
“It’s alright, you can call me Alejandro.” 
You smiled,” Okay. It’s nice to see you again, Alejandro.” 
“Where’s your father? Did you come here by yourself?” He asked, concern in his eyes.
“He’s in a meeting. And yes, I’m here by myself.” You gave him one last bright smile before walking around him and into the store. 
Through the store windows you could see him speaking to a few of his soldiers. You saw him take a few steps towards one of the Jeeps then walk towards the store entrance, and back again. He looked conflicted. You wondered what he was thinking until you saw him motion the soldiers into one car, leaving the other to himself. Finally alone, Alejandro leaned against his Jeep. His face concentrated and determined. You ignored Alejandro as you exited the store and kept walking towards the direction of your house. A few long strides later and he caught up to you. 
“Muñeca, I think it's best I take you home. It’s too dangerous for you to walk these streets.” 
“I appreciate it Alejandro, but I think I’ll be okay. You took out all the threats, remember?” You teased. 
“Not all of them, let me take you home.” He said as he reached for your grocery bags. 
It only took him a few minutes to drive to your house. Your heart raced once you saw both of your parents still weren’t home. 
“Thank you so much for the ride, Ale. Can I thank you with a cup of coffee?” You asked as your fingers lightly brushed his arm resting on the center console. 
There was no mistaking what you were implying by that question. Alejandro glanced at your fingers tracing a pattern on his skin before looking into your eyes. It only took a few seconds before he answered. 
You had just closed the door to your house before he pressed you against it, his hard body molding perfectly to yours. 
“How long until your parents are home?” 
“Two hours maybe?” You managed to breathe out. 
“Just enough time then.”
Your heart raced,” For what?” 
“Do you trust me?”
You paused for only a moment,” Yes, I do.”
Alejandro’s hands ran up your arms, leaving goosebumps in their wake. He reached for your chin with one hand and gently tilted it up while his other hand pressed against your rib cage to keep you against the door. You were dazed with want until he finally pressed his lips against yours. You’d finally gotten your wish. He was here, in the privacy of your home, devouring your mouth like he wanted to commit the shape into his memory. You parted your lips and flicked your tongue against his. Alejandro moved to grip your throat, his tongue becoming rough but his hand holding your neck so softly. Your hands could feel his defined muscles while you rubbed up and down his chest. He broke away and pressed your hands against the bottom of your dress. 
“Lift it up.” 
Your head felt heavy while you managed to lift your dress right above your panties. He stopped your hands and traced the seam of the silk material with his long fingers. You were felt heat between your thighs, wanting Alejandro to alleviate the ache. Alejandro’s fingers moved the silk to the side and teased your slick entrance. 
“Will you let me taste this pretty pussy?” 
“Please, oh God.” 
Alejandro dropped to his knees while warm hands slid up your thighs to remove your panties. He groaned once he saw how wet and luscious you were.
“Better than I imagined,” He whispered. 
Alejandro hooked your thigh around his shoulder and dragged his nose against your inner thighs. He licked up the stickiness from your lips before lapping at your entrance in hard strokes. You began to rotate your hips in small circles, wanting his tongue anywhere and everywhere. Alejandro’s firm tongue thrust into your entrance and you cried out in surprise. Your hips moved faster to rub your swollen clit against his long nose. Your hands gripped your dress tightly, desperately wanting to run your hands through his hair. He ate like he was starved. Alejandro came up for air before quickly lapping at your clit.  His moans of pleasure vibrated against you. 
“Dios, Ale!” 
Alejandro’s tongue swiped up to flick repeatedly against your clit. He kept up the same pattern, sucking your sensitive clit or thrusting his tongue inside of you. Your legs trembled from the pleasure but you managed to find the strength to hold yourself up. Your hips sped up their movement, grinding on his nose. He couldn’t resist spanking your ass, loving the way it recoiled back into his palm. The air caught in your lungs, your mouth opened in a silent scream. Alejandro once again fused his mouth to your clit and began to give light bites and licks. The pain mixed with the sweet movement of his tongue was too much for you. Your body tensed from the rippling sensations of your orgasm. He groaned, his tongue quickly lapping at your entrance once you began to squirt. It felt like eternity until your body stopped shuddering.
Alejandro caught you by the waist as he stood up. “¿Estás bien, muñequita?” [Are you okay, little doll?]
You breathed in deep for a few moments before responding,“ Yes Ale, fuck. That was so good.” 
Your hands tugged his head in close to kiss him again. He was quick to slide his tongue against yours, having you taste your sweetness. You savored the wetness clinging to his mouth and chin. Alejandro gripped your thighs around his waist and made you lead him to your room. You could feel his hard cock pressed against your naked pussy as you grinded against him. You made him sit on the edge of the bed the moment he carried you in, your mouth watering for a taste of him. You dropped down to your knees and unbuckled his pants, getting nervous from the size. Alejandro’s cock was warm and hard against your palm, his slit dripping salty precum. He groaned from the licks and kisses you gave starting at the base to the tip of his cock. You took a deep breath and swallowed as much as you could, one of your hands rubbing the length you couldn’t reach. Each suck caused you to hollow your cheeks as tears gathered in your eyes from the tight fit in your throat. His hands ran through your hair, gathering it at the top of your head to be able to see your face. 
“Muñeca, that feels – fuck. Don’t stop.”
You knew he wanted nothing more than to fuck your throat from how tightly he held your hair and how hard his thighs were clenched. Your scalp tingled slightly as he let you get used to the size of him. He tasted clean and warm and indecent. How would people react if they knew the mayor’s perfect daughter was on her knees sucking off Coronel Alejandro Vargas? The sounds of need that came from him only encouraged you to suck faster. Alejandro pulled you off a few moments later, your lips wet with saliva. 
“Enough, I want you on the bed.” 
Alejandro helped you take off your sundress, palming your tits in his hands. You climbed on the bed while he took off the rest of his clothes. He grabbed your hips and brought you right at the edge of the bed, at perfect height to his waist. He spread your thighs wide and lightly slapped his cock against your clit. You cried from the motion, your hands grabbing onto the sheets. 
“¿Lo quieres, muñeca?” [You want it, doll?] 
“Sí, Ale.” 
Alejandro dragged his tip from your clit to your entrance, gathering your slick to sink inside of you. Your back arched the moment you felt him slide in all the way, so long and thick. He paused for a few moments, his groan loud. 
Alejandro’s voice thick with lust,“Eres tan bella.” [You are so beautiful.]
He kept one hand on your tits, alternating between squeezing and pinching your nipples. The other hand gripped your thigh as he set a pace. Every slide in and out created a rhythmic friction inside of you. You felt intoxicated, he reached so deep inside of you. The slight sting from the stretch of his cock only adding to your pleasure. You trailed one hand down your stomach to reach and feel where Alejandro pounded into you. It was incredibly hot and sticky. He moved his hand from your chest, over your fingers to play with your clit in small circles, his hand keeping the pace. You shivered from the sensation, clenching tightly around him. He gave a rough, sloppy thrust and stretched your thigh out even more. You couldn’t even recognize your own voice, your gasps and whimpers so desperate. Alejandro dragged his cock out completely before pounding back inside of you. Your tits jiggled with the new thrusts and you rubbed your clit faster. 
“Feel so fucking perfect,” he grunted out. “I want you to come. I’m – i’m so close.” 
His hips slapped roughly against your thighs, his fingers moving yours away to play with your swollen clit. It didn’t take long for you to shatter completely from another orgasm, tightening around him in waves and squirting all over your joined lower bodies. Alejandro’s voice was raspy as he moaned, his cum filling you completely. He didn’t stop his thrusts right away, wanting to mark you from the inside until you felt completely stuffed. His sweaty body joined you on the bed at last, your bodies limp from the pleasure. 
“Dios,” he started,” I never imagined it would be like that.” 
You managed to look at him, a lazy smile on your mouth. 
“I didn’t either.” 
You both laid on the bed, petting and kissing every inch of each other’s skin. After a while he reluctantly got up to leave, promising to see you soon. 
“Maybe you can show me around the base, Alejandro?” 
“Sí, I think you’d like it.” 
Alejandro gave you one more tempting kiss before walking out the door. You knew you’d see him again very soon.
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