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Esteban: It's nice to be wanted you know.
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Drive To Survive season 4 [07/10] → GROWING PAINS
When I have workouts, especially in the morning, it just ruins my whole day. Just makes muscles tired, sweat a lot. Franz is a really nice guy, and, you know, I like him, but at the same time, he’s really strict. I don’t like training, but I have to, so… I just have to survive it. - Yuki Tsunoda
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Bucky and Alpine :) A little bit different style this time
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docileeffects · 1 month
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estebanocon We were just two little kids from Normandy with an impossible dream. And now we will be teammates in Formula 1. Welcome to the Alpine family Pierrot, let’s make our team and our country proud 🇫🇷 @/pierregasly
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A man, his cat and his metal arm
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abuckygirl · 5 months
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“If you’ve got some clever espionage skills you’ve been hiding, now would be the time. Or maybe you could be the very best cat and go down to the bodega, pick me up some more aspirin...”
Alpine AKA The Best Girl in Sentinel of Liberty (2022)
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instagram au 🖤p.g
this is a part 2 of the leclerc!reader x pierre gasly insta au <3
leclerc!reader x pierre gasly
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f1waggupdatess: pierre and kika have separated. Does this have anything to do with y/n ? Only time will tell.
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pg_fann: kika will definitely be missed around the paddock :(
fan37: I feel like it definitely has something to do with y/n.
obsessedkiera38: kika kind of seems a lil bit pissed off ? Idk I’m just sensing that vibe…
Naomihamilton_44: yeah her message seems a bit like idk 🤔
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y/nleclerc: paradise 😚😚
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arthur_leclerc: did you drown Charles yet ?
y/nleclerc: Iv been tempted…
leclercgenes16: y/n your glowing 😍😍
yourfriendsuser: you look unreal 😍😫
y/nleclerc: thankyouu bébé ❤️
alpine4ever: isn’t that Pierre’s shirt in the second photo ? I could be wrong but it looks like his
username_1: guys pierre broke up with his girlfriend and now she’s wearing his shirt, what’s going onnn man 😫😫😫
user29: 😍😫
Tumblr media
pierregasly: all love and peace ❤️
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gaslypierreee: y/n swimming up to him… SUS AS HELL
leclerclover16; I’m praying him and y/n are together but at the same time I feel so bad for kika 😭❤️
user272: we see what your tryna do pierre 😏
y/nleclerc’s story
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Tumblr media
pierregasly: people will have there opinion on this and that’s okay. Je t’aime mon bébé ❤️
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y/nleclerc: je taime 🫶🏼
charles_leclerc: I’ll crash into you if you hurt her:)
pierregasly: yes sir 🫡
lorenzotl: ❤️
arthur_leclerc: cringe
pierregasly: you are one to talk 🤨
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Alpine said “I’m gonna help my dad fight”
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life-spire · 2 months
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See more like this.
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Esteban: Ooh, somebody has a crush.
Pierre: Pfft, I don’t have a crush on Lance I just think he's cool, it’s not like I stay up at night thinking about him.
*Later that night*
Pierre, very much awake: Uh oh.
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Hello Neighbour
Pairing: DILF!Neighbour!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Next Chapter: Part 2
Tumblr media
warnings: fluff, Dilf!Bucky (yes he is definitely a warning)
a/n: hey so this is just a concept which came to my mind and if you would like to see more of them, maybe there will be more 👀 for now, meet Bucky Barnes, your neighbour.
"Becca wait!" the three year old Barnes was chasing Alpine across the corridor. The two finally came to a stop in front of an apartment and Bucky followed quickly. Before the three could go back and before Becca could explain her random urge to run after their cat, you opened the door.
"Oh- um- hi there." The three outside your door momentarily closed their eyes as they took in the delicious smell coming from your apartment. You smiled to yourself.
"S-sorry miss, my cat, then my daughter were running while I was trying to catch up and they stopped here, I guess Alpine could smell the delicious fish you're cooking. Sorry for disturbing you." Bucky cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his head, standing up properly.
"That's alright" you chuckled. "Glad to know Alpine approves my cooking." the kitty cat purred softly, and the curious young girl looked at you with her bright blue eyes.
"Becca come on lets-"
"Did you all move in recently?" you asked the man.
"Yeah, this is more of a temporary adjustment before we find a better place." Bucky closed his eyes trying to realize why he would say that. "Not that I'm saying this isn't a good place, it's great, well maybe not great, but-"
"Daddy stop, you embawassing me" the kid announced and you couldn't help but laugh.
"It's alright, I get what you mean. Hope this place treats you nicely. Even if it's temporary."
Maybe the place wasn't so bad, had some good neigh- as in good qualities, Bucky thought.
"Would you all like to come in for lunch or dinner sometime?"
"Oh we don't wanna bother-"
"Yes pwease." Becca beat her father to it, and already made plans.
"Becs!!" she looked innocently at her father. "Gosh, you're such a smarty pants."
They were all so cute. The dad- okay control your emotions, and don't stare- you told yourself. You could see a small smirk on the man's face as he caught you staring.
"I'm Bucky, by the way. And this is Becca, and that's Alpine." You gave them your name with a smile.
"Lovely to meet you all." Becca waved at you as Alpine and her hurried back to their place. Bucky stood there a little longer. Not exchanging words, just looking at you with a charming smile. Becca got her eyes from her dad, you noticed.
"Well I guess I'll see you soon then, neighbour."
"You too, neighbour." With that Bucky made his way back as well. You couldn't help but look at him while he walked towards his apartment. He turned back and your cheeks heated up, being caught again. With another gorgeous smirk, and a barely there wink, the man went inside his flat, and so did you.
"You were right Becs, this is a nice place."
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Daniel, Mick and Pierre showing up to Alpine headquarters to sign contracts:
Tumblr media
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Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes
Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty
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Started talking the other day about what kind of villagers the drivers would be in animal crossing so OF COURSE i had to draw it 😸
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