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“That is therapy!” LOVE ON TOUR – Los Angeles (11/2)
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HE'S A 10 BUT,, he's overseas
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boyfriend! itoshi sae hc’s
— gn! reader, established relationship, teeth-rotting fluff
(a note from dia!): i’ve had this in the drafts for so long but i never got around to posting this ‘cause i went thru like 15 different writing blog phases & they’re all no longer here so,,, i do plan to publish my other hc’s of the other boys too 🤞
Tumblr media
( 糸師冴, Itoshi Sae )
as an international football player, sae is more often than not traveling to various countries! to uhhh kick around a ball and y’know all that fun stuff 😁👍
but regardless of how happy you are for him achieving goals in his dream career— this means that he has very little time to come back home in his sparse free time (not that he wants to anyways)
facetime = carrying ur guys’ entire relationship fr
tries to ft you as often as he could but with his busy schedule, you guys usually only ft while he’s getting ready to sleep
sae’s so shameless about screenshotting pictures of you so no matter what mundane thing you’re doing in the background while you’re fting him
you just constantly see the notif banner pop up on your end that “sae <3” took a facetime photo
“did you just take a picture of me cooking ramen? 😐”
“yeah, what are you gonna do about it? come take my phone to delete it?” he’s such a little shit
he has an entire album dedicated to just these ft screenshots <3 ‘cause he’s secretly sappy like that but also to use against you so it’s a win-lose situation
to make your long distance relationship more entertaining, you both do those interactive netflix movie nights or game nights often too! skribbl.io is a reoccurring one for game nights
fair warning: sae is absolutely shit at drawing, he said so himself that he doesn’t know how to do anything else EXCEPT play football??
“sae, what are you even trying to draw?” you queried your boyfriend, in an attempt to receive hints to gauge out the shaky pixelated lines on your screen.
peeking at your phone, which was propped up against your laptop, it became difficult to choke back the laughter bubbling at the back of your throat as you took notice of the infamous red-haired football player's concentrated expression on his face.
“shut up, i’m trying to draw. you’re ruining my concentration.” sae’s monotone response had you immediately recoiling your head back in a fit of laughter. you can envision see sae rolling his eyes at you before a familiar banner appears on your screen, notifying you that he had taken a facetime screenshot.
“did you just screen— what the hell? that is not what a starfish looks like, sae!”
on movie nights, when he’s feeling homesick and a little nostalgic, you both watch chibi maruko-chan because it’s his favorite show :( he’s so cute
at one point, you forced sae to download locket so that you both could send each other pics thru homescreen widgets 🫶
ngl sae doesn’t have much to send except for the views of madrid during his jogs or the occasional post-workout gym mirror selfies
he didn’t get it at first but now he loves looking at what you send!! he doesn’t tell you this but he wants you to send more of ‘em so he can save it (whipped)
he talks SO MUCH shit ‘cause he’s lwk dramatic as hell and best believe it that you’re the first person he phones or texts when he gets aggravated
most of the time it’s abt either his teammates or the members of other football teams too!!! he’s fake like that 🤥
sae <3: istg if my teammate doesn’t bitching about how he never gets the ball as if he is competent for any of my passes, i’ll blacklist him from my passes for the rest of the game
you: hello??? how are you even texting me during a match rn?!?!
you’re almost his personal diary atp
sae’s not too big with expressing himself verbally, so i don’t think he’s too big on affectionate nicknames or just nicknames in general :( unless he’s being a sarcastic piece of shit BOOO
he def prefers to call you by your name because he thinks it’s much more intimate!! since your name is, well, apart of you
but i personally do think that sae’s love language is gift giving so he likes to send packages with various souvenirs that reminded him of you while traveling. he also likes to send over his clothes too!! he even sprays his cologne over ‘em too :(
you both have matching rings ‘cause i said so. he wears it on his pinkie!! subtle but still classy 🤞
he’s very sentimental about it, even got the inside of the ring to be engraved with your initials but would rather be buried alive than admit that you ever 💀
because you can’t attend every match, you make sure to watch it if it’s aired and sae will always, without a fail, stare into the camera and kiss his fist, right on the pinkie where the ring would usually sit. he has to take it off before he plays ‘cause it’s not allowed for safety reasons 😢
when he’s being interviewed by the press, occasionally there would be an interviewer asking about you or your relationship in general— sae will always shut down these questions
NOT B/C HE’S ASHAMED OR WANTS TO HIDE YOUR RELATIONSHIP but even you think the reasoning is stupid— he wants to protect your privacy and he’s a firm believer that “only you are his and he is your’s” so there shouldn’t be anyone else prying
if there had been one aspect that sae despises about his career, it’s absolutely the noisy press. with multiple microphones in his face and the various reporters pushing to get to him, the red-haired football player was now contemplating if he should just grab and throw one of the damned microphones.
“itoshi, will your partner be attending your game later this week? they were recently spotted at the airport so we were curious if—”
as a response, a more visible frown etches itself on the football player’s lips, his voice dropping an octave as a warning: “yes, my s/o will be attending but you shouldn’t pry in matters which don’t concern you.”
as the conference began to come to an end, sae received no more questions about his relationship— the way he likes it, just you and him, nobody else.
his fans know that he’s off limits and in a committed relationship ‘cause he loves you 🫶
also b/c he reposts the posts and stories you tag him in— which most are pictures of him holding you close with that cocky little smirk he has 😕
but other than that he doesn’t actively use or post on social media besides for promotional uses 😭 the only other thing on his socials are the reposts
on the super rare occasions sae does post you himself, it will be to either drake or 21 savage 🙂 the epitome of romance i tell you
what is romantic of him though is that he will always hold the door for you or carry your bag
he won’t even say anything too, just walks in front of you to reach the door first or takes your bag off your shoulder to sling it over his own
sae will always walk on the side of the road when you both are walking on the sidewalk 🚶🏻‍♀️it’s so afkskkf i hate how the standards are to the literal FLOOR!!!! 😒
if you try to walk on that side specifically, he grab you by your elbow and drag you to the other side (tough love, huh)
“stay on this side, it’s safer. you’re literally asking to get run over by a car right now 🙄”
makes the biggest show of rolling his eyes at you whenever you do this
i think that sae has a thing for manicured nails, like he’s super fascinated with the process in general— his reasoning that it’s calming to watch
also just really likes the variation of what you could do on your nails— long, short, colorful, decorated, etc.
when he’s available, he insists that you take him along to the nail salon or your nail technician just so he can watch and he also pays for your nails
ensuring he arrived at the correct address for the café that he would be meeting up with his partner, sae glances down at the digitial map displayed on his phone screen. after double-checking, sae enters the establishment in search for a familiar figure at one of the tables. the establishment was very scarcely populated and quiet— perfect for him to not attract nosy strangers on his date with you.
“sae! over here!” you excitedly waved him, gesturing to where you were seated at a booth. sae sped up his walking pace to sit beside you before the vibrant color of your nails caught his attention.
grasping your fingers gently, sae eyes the neutral-to-maroon ombré color. he brushes his finger gently over the embezzled gems glued onto your manicured nails to not ruin the design, “did you just get your nails done? it’s a nice color.”
“the red reminded me of you so that’s what i asked for!”
he didn’t know that it had been possible but, at this moment, sae just fell a little more in love with you.
sae’s family absolutely adores you— his parents more than anything but rin is just mostly indifferent to your presence whenever the two of you are around each other 😒 moodiness runs in the itoshi blood ig
his mom regularly calls you to come and eat dinner to gossip with her and she gets super offended if you can’t make it (sae gets this from picking up on gossiping convos his mom has about the neighbors when he was a kid)
his dad is just happy that one of his sons has someone they love
his parents always involve you in sending care packages to sae and you always make sure to add a little extra more of his favorites like green tea bags or salted kombu that he can enjoy it with rice or while out of the country
sae knows that you do this because you always attach a handwritten sticky note with cheesy encouraging phrases
you don’t know this but he keeps the sticky notes you’ve attached in his care packages all organized inside of his desk
he’ll probably never tell you even on his deathbed
overall, a 10/10 boyfriend if you ignore his snarkiness 🤗
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sugarcoatedstarkey · 19 days
Drew and Chase's ex part 2. Drew feeling a 'little' pissed that he wasn't included in the flash forward (let's say he filmed something for it) and seeing everyone speculate that he won't be in season 4. And then out of spite that none of the cast have neither confirmed or denied the rumour in interviews he decides to fuck yn in one of their trailers while filming season 4 and that is how they all find out 😂
And since they wanna be chill with Chase I would say either Jonathan's or Austin's because they're good friends.
Leftovers p2
Tumblr media
(Gif credit to owner)
Pairings- readerxdrew starkey
Summary- follow in from part 2, read above.
Warnings- unprotected angry kind of public sex, hair pulling, choking, fingering, hand job, language. (18+)
A/n- hey anon, I changed it up a little. Just found it easier to write it prior to season 4 filming. I hope you don’t mind! Let me know what you think 🥰 also this is unedited atm but needed to post as my drafts are being so weird and I can’t open word doc.
Part 1
"Okay, but if I’m in season 4. Why is no one saying yes in the interviews?” Drew argues, he’s pacing the living room floor.
The vein in his arm is protruding from the way his fist is tightly balled up. “Why am I being told not to say anything?”.
You knew if you weren’t over, half his furniture would be turned upside down and his knuckles would be bruised. He didn’t know how to calm himself down when you weren’t around, he usually bottled things up until they tip him over the edge.
You watched as he hung up the phone and brought his arm above his head to throw the phone. “Drew” you sing, his eyes meet yours.
All the anger that had been radiating from him vanishes, he drops the phone onto the couch and walks towards you. Taking a seat next to you, he grabs your face and kisses you. “Thanks for being my anchor” he smiles, your heart skips a beat.
“Do you still want to go to this party JD is throwing for end of season 3? We don’t have to, I mean I know how angry you are” you question, you didn’t really want to go.
You both had been seeing each other on the down low since the night you had sex, so exactly 5 months. You had planned on speaking to Chase but with Drew being busy with interviews and you working in the office until late most night, no one’s schedule ever matched.
That was until you got a text from Chase inviting you to the party, neither of you had hard feelings. You had seen photos online of him with other girls and assumed he had moved on, but you just weren’t sure how he would react to the two of you getting together.
“Oh, we are going” he states, he has a look of mischief on his face but he’s standing and exiting the room before you can even question what’s running through his brain.
2 nights go by and you’re stepping out of a taxi, dressed in a black and white checked dress that meets your knees. You had a good amount of cleavage on display and the waist was snatched.
You and Drew had decided to come separately, not wanting to draw attention to the two of you if paparazzi where to find out about the party. Lucky it was on the down low, and you go unnoticed.
“Hey!” JD yells, he wraps his arm around your shoulder and pulls you through the house. He guides you to a bar and grabs you a glass of wine. “So good to see you Y/N! Chase is here somewhere”.
Just as he finishes his sentence you see him walk through the door, he gives you a bright smile and walks over. “Hey!” He greets you, giving you a soft hug and kissing your cheek.
You had only seen each other once since the split, thankfully the second the hug ended, you knew you no longer had feelings for him. You just hoped he felt the same way, you didn’t want to keep you and drew a secret anymore.
“How are you?” You question, taking a sip of the white wine JD had given you. The sweet taste danced over your taste buds.
Conversations begin to flow between the 3 of you and soon the whole cast is gathered in a circle, catching up and chatting about new projects. You said a few things about your own work, but really you just listened.
You still hadn’t seen Drew, you kept checking your phone to make sure he hadn’t bailed. You knew how angry he was, you tried to keep him calm but the second you left his side it just hit him, and he’d search the interviews online.
What seemed like an eternity later; he strode on in. Dressed all in black and frames on his face. He waved at everyone, but you could tell he was anxious. He didn’t like not knowing the future.
“Drew!” Everyone cheered, you waited your turn until you could hug him and say hey. You could feel his lips linger on your cheek and his fingers dig into your hips as a way of saying ‘missed you’.
The rest of the night went by in a blur, you saw Drew occasionally, but he was off talking to everyone. You could see him talking to the show runner and the conversation must have started to get heated as Drew’s fingers kept running over his scalp and his jaw was tense.
You didn’t want to interrupt so made your way to a bathroom, you would do your business and then go back out and see if you could grab his attention without having to go over and interrupt the conversation.
A couple of minutes went by, and you opened the door to leave the bathroom, but Drew stood at the entrance. His hands grip your shoulders and push you softly back inside, closing the door behind him.
He grips your jaw and presses his lips to yours, needy hands touching all over your body. Pushing you up against the cabinets, he helps you onto the countertop. Pushing himself between your parted legs.
You wrap your arms around his neck, his hands caressing your hips. Pulling you close to him as he lets his tongue explore the inside of your mouth.
The music outside is drowned out by your heartbeat rattling in your ears, your skin was on fire from his touch. You could feel his erection against your clothed pussy, you needed him right there and then.
“Can I touch you?” He breathes, you nod your head. Taking a moment to catch your breath, he reaches between the two of you. Pulling your panties to the side, he pushes you back slightly.
Angling you to lay back against the mirror, nodding for you to bring your feet up onto the countertop, when he’s finally happy with the way your sat. He runs his fingertips between your soaking folds.
An almost pornographic moan leaves your lips, he chuckles into your hair. You can’t see his face, but you know he’s smirking at how easy it is for him to get you wet. He pushes two fingers inside of you, your mouth gaping open.
“Dre-w, should we be doing this?” You breathed, your walls fluttering around his fingers. You could feel your self-growing wetter, the movements of his fingers becoming fast and sloppy. You don’t doubt that you have covered his hands with your juices. “Hell, yeah we should baby”.
You don’t argue with him, you’re riding your high in JD’s bathroom. Zoned out to the world, grinding your hips into his hand as he brings you over the edge. Your orgasm washing over you with a sense of release, your moans are hidden by his mouth on yours.
You’re reaching into his pants to grab his cock, pulling it out of its confinements. You use your arousal to pump your hand up and down his shaft as he sucks and bites down your throat.
One of his hands fisting the back of your head and pulling you head to the side to give him better access. “Fuck”.
“Feels so good”
“So good, I need to be inside of you”
He’s rushing to undo his zip and doesn’t give you time to move position, he’s pushing inside of you with ease. You let out a yelp when he grips your hips and pushes you down onto him harshly. “Fuck, harder Drew”.
“How hard?”
He was still cautious with how he treated you in the bedroom, not wanting to upset you. You had told him a million times he could carve his name on your skin, and you’d still suck his dick. “Make me scream baby”.
He pulls out of you, repositioning you to lean over the countertop. He gives your ass a slap and pushes inside of you again. Bunching your dress up to your hips so he can get a good view of his cock drenched in your juices.
“Oh shit, please Drew harder” you beg, you grip onto the counter. He grips your hair and pulls you back against him, moving his hips inside of you as he reaches around to kiss you.
His hands caress your body, groping your tits. Reaching down to massage your clit, his other hand grips your throat tightly. His eyes are watching the way your own roll to the back of your head, he’s so close to coming just from the way you looked euphoric right now.
“Your so fucking perfect”
“Your mine”
“We are telling Chase”
“I need everyone to know your fucking mine”
You’re coming hard around him, screaming his name out. He places his hand over your mouth to muffle it out slightly, he holds you firmly against him as you shake around him. Your walls pulsating around his cock, milking him until he’s completely dry.
The anger that had once been raging inside of him had gone, he was satisfied and happy. The feeling of you in his arms had him humming with delight.
“Did you mean that last part?” You questioned; he nodded his head. Looking at you through the mirror. You have him a soft smile and turned your head to give him a kiss.
“No way”
You both jump at the voice behind you as Austin stood at the door, his eyes wide as he takes in the scene in front of him. He steps out without saying another word and closes the door behind him.
“I mean, at least it wasn’t chase?” Drew laughs, he slips out of you and helps you clean up. You’re both trying to work yourselves up to get out of the bathroom and to speaking to Chase, it had to happen now. If Austin knew, it was only right Chase did.
“So why did we just have sex in JD’s bathroom?”
“Just me being pissed off with what’s going on with season 4, kind of wanted to just let some steam off. I mean, I’m pissed no one has just said yeah, he’s in the next season.”
“I’m just being salty”
You nod your head in understanding, you would be pissed to if your cast mates pretended like you weren’t going to be in the next season.
“Guys, Chase is coming” Austin barged through the door and pushed you away from one another. He leans against the counter and nods when Chase came up to the door. “Sup man”.
Chase looked between the 3 of you and quirked his brow, peering over your shoulder at the bathroom counter. “Not doing drugs, right?” He laughed nervously.
You all laughed, it was awkward, and your heart felt like it was in your throat. You were nervous and it made it even worse that Austin was in the room, but as though he could read your mind, he pointed his finger to the door and exited.
“What’s going on guys?” Chase questions, he noticed the both of you being awkward. He could tell someone wanted to say something because you both were still in the bathroom waiting. “Chase, man I need to tell you something”.
Chase nods his head and looks at you, you know he wants to ask if you need to be in the room but when he looks back at Drew, he turns to look at you again.
“So those pictures online?” Chase states, no doubt talking about the pictures that those teenage girls had posted online 5 months ago. “Are you seeing each other?”.
Drew looks over at you, making sure you’re okay with him answering. “Yeah” you whisper, you know you shouldn’t be nervous. Your both adults, these feelings honestly can’t be helped, and Chase would know that.
He had to deal with his old feelings with Maddi when you started dating, he was still getting over her and you were fine with that. You gave him his time and he came around in the end.
“Oh shit” Chase breaths, he runs a hand through his hair. He chuckles to himself; Drew can tell your even more anxious now.
His eyes fall to you as you sway on the spot, picking at the skin around your nails. “I’m sorry man, I’ve been meaning to talk to you”. Drew states, he puts his hand on Chase’s shoulder.
“I’m sorry Chase, we did mean to talk to you” you start, your about to add that you didn’t want him to be upset and that you both weren’t walking around hoping to be photographed together but he stops you.
“Hey, hey. It’s totally fine” he says, there was a slight hesitation when he says fine, but his caramel eyes meet yours. “I promise, I mean sure it’s a shock, but we ended things months ago” Chase finished, he gives you a soft smile.
“I’m happy for you both”
He pulls Drew in for hug and gives him a rough pat on the back, you can feel slight tension from them both. Unsure how to react to each other, Chase was understanding. Yes, he felt a little strange that his ex was now dating Drew who had become a close friend of his since season 1.
But if Y/N could deal with Chase having had feelings for Maddi then the least he could do is deal with the two of them becoming a couple. So, he pulled you into a soft hug and before you could pull away. He brought his lips to your ears.
“He will be good for you”
“Thanks Chase”.
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faeryarchives · 6 months
everything's going to be all right
alternate title: there would be times you just feel so exhausted and overwhelmed by not being able to keep up with the things happening around, and they are there to help you along the way
Tumblr media
⚘ silent company; you tend to distance yourself from everything during burnouts - the things you used to love, work and social life. having someone to accompany you in silence can make you feel that it is okay to feel tired and not to be okay all the time and that it is valid to take a rest from the busy world. they would just lay by your side doing their own thing like reading, sleeping or surfing the net + definitely the type to hold your hand time to time and keep you close to them ❤️
— riddle rosehearts, leona kingscholar, jade leech, idia shroud, silver, malleus draconia
⚘ adventure time; if you feel so unproductive even by doing your favorite hobbies, why not discover new things you can possibly enjoy? 100% sure they would try to do even the most random things with you just like knitting, painting by numbers, swimming and many more. every once in a while, going out and being enthusiastic on the things you never taken up before with someone you love might lit a spark again inside 💛
— ace trappola, deuce spade, floyd leech, kalim al asim, epel felmier, sebek zigvolt
⚘ me time; its time for you to focus more on yourself, and there is absolutely no way for you to disagree. they want to make you feel that sometimes it is okay to spoil yourself after reaching an achievement and not to overwork thy self. baking together, having skin care routines, pranking people and mini concerts in the comfort of your room - what could be a better feeling than having the best time feeling goofy with your lover right? 😉
— trey clover, cater diamond, ruggie bucchi, azul ashengrotto, vil schoenheit (1), rook hunt, lilia vanrouge
⚘ learning about boundaries; don't get me wrong, they would listen when you open up to them on how you are feeling and tell that you are also just human - it is normal to feel that way. but sometimes you need to put boundaries to not biting off more than you can chew and that it is okay to say no. it maybe hard but by letting you pushing the pause button first and spending your time with them away from the stressors in your life makes you feel more at ease. when you are ready to jump back in - they would assist you to by regularly keeping an eye on your activity routine to lessen the possibility of you being overwhelmed 🥺
—jack howl, jamil viper, vil schoenheit (2)
I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF U GUYS STILL RECOGNIZE ME 😭 but still um hi aerie here sorry for disappearing without any notice 😖 its just for a month i feel like i can't keep up with the things i love before including writing and i really don't want to just post stories or fics without giving my all so i went on a break
it actually went great~ i am still adjusting to my college life and i found friends i can really trust and very glad for! now i am currently fixing my schedule so i can write small drafts about the future stories on my list <3 + i haven't open my inbox for a month sorry about that 😭
so that's it for now and as usual i hope you enjoy the update and love you all mwah 💕
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utahlive · 1 month
No episode today (i have a test i gotta study for booo) :( However in usual “no episode today” style, I’ve got some behind the scenes stuff! (+ answering asks). I’m really glad you guys like hearing about this part of the blog :D
It’s a little long so I’m putting it under the cut
So my latest method of answering asks is to write a quick outline/reply and save it in drafts (as opposed to what I was doing, which was copy pasting asks into the notes app and writing replies there. dont ask whats wrong with me; I dont know). Anyway this specific comic had its first ‘script’ (shoutout to @/ghostburface for the ask)
Tumblr media
I usually draw out what I imagine happening and then add text to hit the points im aiming for, but I did the opposite in this one. I had a lot of trouble figuring out the actual visuals for this one
(For the record I tried to find the original price of the glasses on the las Nevadas merch page but it wasn’t there. I remember losing my mind over the price tho)
Tumblr media
attempt/draft 2 (sort of) since I wasn’t sure about the layout. I was really hoping to just have three panels (as you can see by the “if 3 that would be epic” note above)
Tumblr media
And then I transferred it digitally! I did go over the script in DMs with my friend so it ended up as it did I did see one person pointing out the whole “rose colored glasses” thing (shout out to you fr !!). I had a lot of meaning I was going for with this one but I have a hard time finding a middle ground between “so obscure its not there” and “way too obvious”
I also wanted to answer some asks (as per usual :3 because I love talking with you guys)
Tumblr media
I wish he would grow it out!! However as anyone who’s gone from short to long hair... the awkward phase is NOT pretty. I did hear on one of his streams he might cut it when the EP comes out rather than the album. because he’s a coward (but I can’t blame him)
Tumblr media
who doesnt feel like ripping up their pillow though, amiright fellas? Shout out to all the utahlive fictives out there (I’ve heard of reported sightings). Would love to talk to you guys some day <3 It still baffles my mind that this blog leaves any sort of lasting impression on people (for reals though, I hope you guys are ok!!)
Tumblr media
this one isnt directed at me but I just think its funny you say this because summer 2022 I went to the Winchester house with my friends, but we all decided it wasn’t worth the price so we just checked out the gift shop and walked around the outside for about two hours. it’s actually very pretty! super cool architecture
Tumblr media
this one is under the “what would you recommend I get at the gas station”
It’s also not a question but I think it would be funny to let you know I wrote and queued that post (and the other one posted that day) at like 5am I don’t know how I missed it because I usually check my posts the next morning before they get posted I know it’s bad I’m trying real hard to get my sleep schedule to be normal (this post is sponsored by melatonin tablets)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I assume you’re talking about the mcytblr sexyman poll?? Im already making predictions and bets in my head on this one but Ill be fighting for MY meowmeows till my last breath
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sevencolorsatlast · 1 month
Playing Uno With Creator [Drabble + Tierlist]
Hello! I'm back again with another post! And, this time, kind of an experiment but my ask box is open if you have any thoughts to share!
I'm also drawing something related to this post, so stay tuned :3
Other Notes: Default SAGAU / GN!Reader / Drabbles + Tierlist / 200+ Words
Tumblr media
Your presence is usually pleasant for your beloved followers. They often don’t have a problem offering you their assistance or teaching what they are interested in. Some are busy, sure, but they free their schedule to assist you with something important. 
One day, you have an idea. You want to make the a deck of Uno, you asked Albedo for help with what you had in mind by showing rough drafts of the drawings you did (no matter how horrible they are, he is impressed by your idea). You can’t bring a deck from your world so you need to make the first one in Teyvat, right?
Since TCG is popular, you know Uno is going to be popular in Teyvat too. You can feel it. Albedo starts working on the designs during his breaks and shows them to you, seeking approval for what designs he has in mind. After skimming through his sketches, you picked the one that’s similar to the deck. He starts polishing the chosen sketches and starts asking how the rules work. You said you’re working on the manual, telling him the rules are pretty simple compared to TCG which has dice and other rules that the player has to keep in mind. 
While waiting for your deck to be completed, you also tell this to your followers who usually hang out with you and they all said they can’t wait to try out your card game. Their Creator’s casual/party card game.
Once your deck is created, you tested it out with your followers by inviting them (you decide if they are alone or in a group). You always explain the rules first and hand them the manual if they get confused.
The first time they play with you when you invited them [Tierlist]
Tumblr media
(I have an explanation on some characters but I will explain them if you send an ask! As previously mentioned, this is an experiment post of mine so feel free to share some thoughts. I'm interested hearing about the tierlist hehe)
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lovelybucky1 · 4 months
NSFW Alphabet- Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw
Tumblr media
this has been sitting in my drafts for months and i just realized i never finished it so here you go <3
warnings: gender neutral reader, mentions of penetrative and oral sex, mentions of semi-public sex, dom/sub dynamics, mentions of unprotected sex, mentions of m!masturbation, mentions of mommy/daddy kink, mentions of aftercare, 18+ minors dni
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)- he’s a sweet boy. he’ll take his time and care for you and make sure you feel safe and comfortable and he’ll hold you in his arms until you likely fall asleep, because how can you not when he’s so warm and comfortable?
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)- his favorite part of his body is his mustache. not only does it look good and pay homage to his dad, he loves to drag it over his partners skin. rooster is definitely a thigh and leg man, he loves to dig his fingers into them for leverage and hooking them over his shoulders while he fucks you.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)- there is nothing rooster loves more than when his partner cums. the sound, the feeling, the taste, their thighs squeezing around him, all of it. he gets off on getting you off, and he can ignore his own need until you’re good and satisfied.
D = Dirty secret (a dirty secret of theirs)- rooster likes to sub. he’s a classic switch, and while it’s not that much of a secret when his eyes light up when he sees you and he follows you around like a lost puppy. most people don’t expect a navy pilot to like being submissive, but rooster thinks confidence is insanely hot.
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)- rooster has a fair amount of experience. most of his experience is from when he was in flight school and started to find his look and his confidence, which proved to work out very well for him.
F = Favorite position- his partner on top. he loves to watch them ride, especially when they’re confident enough to take what they want and go at their own pace rather than having him guide, which he doesn’t mind. being on the bottom keeps him free to touch, kiss, grab, and scratch wherever he wants.
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)- rooster has two moods. passionate, deep, tender love making, and playful, experimental, laughter-filled sex. he loves to be intimate with you and share moments of deep connection, but he always loves to make you laugh and that carries over into sex.
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)- keeping with the 70s style, rooster doesn’t shave much down there. he keeps it trimmed, doesn’t let it get too long, but he is almost never bare. it makes you crazy when you see his happy trail when his shirt lifts up, because you know exactly where it leads.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)- rooster loves intimacy. if he loves you, he’ll show it with his body during sex. even if you aren’t in love, rooster is intimate. he loves the connection, loves fucking face to face so he can look into your eyes. he doesn’t do casual hook ups often, but when he does, he’ll make you feel like the only person in the whole world
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)- rooster has needs, and if you aren’t around to fill them, then he’ll take care of it himself. he doesn’t do it in excess, usually a couple times a week depending on both of your schedules. sometimes he watches porn, other times he doesn’t, but he always finishes saying your name
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)- deep down, rooster just wants someone to take care of him. little things like calling him a good boy, and kissing his forehead makes him melt. rooster loves when you take charge and tell him want to do so he doesn’t have to think, and he’d happily do anything you told him.
L = Location (favorite places to do the do)- literally anywhere. he’s not picky about where you go and what you do, as long as he gets to have you. you mostly do it in the bedroom, simply because it’s convenient and private, but bradley is no stranger to the occasional storage closet and bathroom stall
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)- call him a simp, he won’t deny it. everything you do turns him on. he loves you so much, and with that comes complete and utter adoration. the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you get dressed in the morning, the way you get undressed. every little thing gets him hot under the collar, and sometimes it’s embarrassing and inconvenient, especially in public, but you like to use it to your advantage.
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)- bradley is a pretty adventurous guy. i dont think he has many hard limits, and he’s open to trying most things as long as you have a conversation about it beforehand. he doesn’t get into anything too extreme or messy, though.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)- bradley loves to give head. it’s his absolute favorite thing in the world to be between his partner’s legs and make them cum over and over again, all for him. he likes to receive, of course, and he’d never turn down a blow job, but he’d make sure he took care of you first.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)- bradley can be whatever you need him to be. if you need it rough, he’ll make sure you won’t be able to walk straight. if you need it soft and gentle, he’ll make sure you feel every stroke in and out.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)- he absolutely adores them. he always wants you, and whenever you’re around, he’s at least a little hard. he’d happily drag you off to some secluded area to have a few moments alone with you, just to take the edge off until you get home.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)- like i said, he loves quickies and when he wants you, he really wants you. he knows that there are times and places when that kind of activity is prohibited, but isn’t that what makes it fun?
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)- bradley works out, he’s in good shape. physically he could go all night, but he usually taps out after two orgasms. that doesn’t mean that you have to be done, though.
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)- bradley doesn’t use toys. he thinks they’re a hassle and much too complicated for his taste. when he’s going solo, he prefers his hand and his fingers for pleasure.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)- bradley is a huge tease. he likes to mess with you and wind you up, to get you needy and begging if that’s the mood for the night, or at the very least, get you thinking about him. he always gives you what you want in the end, though.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)- he is loud. dirty talk, moaning, groaning, swearing, whatever noises you can think a person could make during sex, bradley does. in the bedroom, you love it, but when you’re being a bit risky in public, you find yourself having to cover his mouth, which he certainly doesn’t mind.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)- bradley likes to be taken care of. he’s a mommy’s boy with his fair share of daddy issues. he can be clingy and needy at times, but if you up for playing that role, he’d be the sweetest boy for you.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)- we’ve all seen the beach scene. he has nice abs, has some big squishy pecs, and you know he has a nice ass. he likes to work out, especially when it keeps him looking like that.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)- like i’ve said before, bradley always wants you. it doesn’t matter the time or the place, he’s always thinking about getting his hands on you. his sex drive goes down when hes under a lot of stress, naturally, but even then, he’d never turn down some stress relief.
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)- it depends on what you did. if it was an intense scene that requires some aftercare, he’d absolutely stay awake to take care of you. if it was a slow, gentle lovemaking session, though, he’ll be out as soon as he cleans up
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not-poignant · 3 months
Tumblr media
It's that time of year again! Hammered out a modest (for me) word count of 472k over the year, with December's reflecting my overall burnout. Finished Falling Falling Stars, started another story to get addicted to (Underline the Black and friends), and overall it's been a great year for emotionally authentic writing! (My yearly wordcount does not include: worldbuilding, outlining, planning, multiple drafts (only the first draft of a chapter is included), or half-chapters since I *only* count completed chapters. It's a bit unconventional, but having a monthly wordcount where I only count completed chapters has been working for me for years now!)
This has been the first year in a little while that I haven't hit 500k, which I think reflects both a desire to spend more time relaxing and resting between writing, but also being absolutely smashed with a lot of new medical diagnoses and appointments, and being often too burnt out to write at all.
Next year doesn't look much better on the medical front, and may indeed be a lot worse. Being diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), T2 Diabetes (50% of the people with my permacancer get T2 diabetes which only goes into remission upon removal of the tumours, but my tumours are inoperable, so my T2D can't go into remission) and possibly Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) on top of all my other disorders each came as huge blows. One of the saddest being learning I may never be able to take ADHD meds again, and having to stop after a very amazing 3 months where I could schedule writing ahead for the first time in my life, and plan a holiday for December.
There will be no more Schedules going forward, that was sadly a 'medicated ADHD' blessing, and it's gone now. :(
So going forward into 2023 I don't know what writing I will be doing or what I will achieve. I don't know if I can continue writing the way I have been, and if I get an official confirmation on the PAH (so far it's only CT confirmed), and only have around 5~ years left to live, my writing future could look very different indeed.
But it's business as usual in the meantime.
This year I am the most broke I have ever been on the medical front (I have no health insurance, and only some of our healthcare is free, which doesn't include psychiatry, or the calibre of therapy I need, and now that I need to see a private pulmonologist and possibly engage in lung rehabilitation, things might get pretty awful pretty fast). I have never been more grateful to all the folks who have supported or who are still supporting on Patreon or who have given to Ko-Fi.
I love everyone who is in this little community, but for the ones who kept me financially afloat so I didn't drown, thank you.
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toots-senpai · 1 year
Twitter's better than this job.
Author: @toots-senpai
Fandom: five night's at freddy's/fnaf
Pairing: freddy x afab reader x monty
Rating: R 18+
Word Count:3.5k
Authors Note: so reader is dumb but it’s fine. we’re in a horror universe also i havent edited this i am finishing this in therapy cause i have a bunch of fica in my drafts lmao. enjoy! think the layout may have turned weird, sorry.
Warnings: robot/monster fucking!, creampie, fingering/fingersucking, dp, exhibitionism?
Tumblr media
It's a friday night in the pizzaplex, the animatronics are on complete free roam and tonight it seems like all the security guards are being lazy tonight in the break room. Being a worker for the pizzaplex does have it's perks, but being a mechanic means a good pay and just overall working here at the pizzaplex gives you nice co-workers and actual food for the workers besides their pizza. The elevator takes you down to parts and service with the animatronics and you know you have to do their small usual check up before you get your nightly check off paper. It's usually when you come in a little late and have to change into your uniform at work that the other mechanics schedule lines up with yours, slipping in the elevator besides you and the animatronics before you get to even start doing their usual tests or get down to the lower level for that matter. Besides him accidentally pushing you when you got in because you weren’t payi g attention to them slipping in the elevator, a cocky laugh hiding underneath his ego probably.
"You know Y/n.. you make quite enough money on Twitter to be working this job." The silence is the elevator is now deafening and all you do is pop your gum back at them with a scowl as per usual and get the animatronic tasks done before the elevator finally get to the normal level and you can grab the paper for all the other handling for the night. His comment does not go un noticed by the animatronics but no one addresses his comment besides Monty you verbally scoffed at the worker. When the elevator hits the floor you’re done with your animatronic check in and now you’re finally able to grab the list. Chica waa right around the corner, bubbly and messy of pizza and garbage already.. you figure you'll clean her later before the end of your ship so the morning people don’t have to deal with the ‘scary pizza chicken’. You have lights to work on tonight, not just the animatronics. It's around 3 by the time you're almost done. At least a fourth of the pizzaplex's lights haven't been recorded before the long weekend and now the last fourth of it is to check the animatronics rooms and platforms. Everyone is gone from their rooms and Freddy's mirror lights and the convenience counter are the only thing remotely wrong in that area. You had begun to re-put back in the lights when the door slides open beside you. Freddy standing from outside of the door gave you a bit more light that you needed and Freddy shakes his head at the darkness of his room.
"You are hurting your eyes superstar! You must have lights on when preforming tasks!" He says behind you as he turned on the overhead lights. You squint from him turning them on, all this light work had your eyes sensitive and squinting did no good at protecting your sensitive eyes. You didn't mean to start crying of course but regardless, painful tears slipped from your eyes. You wish Freddy wasn't as observant as he is but wishes don't come true anyway, Freddy's glance locks with your tears and the bear is now worried. Profoundly apologizing for coming in the room and whatever else he's attempting to apologize for but you just laugh at him.
"Freddy, I've been working on the lights all night.. my eyes are just sensitive." You assure him with a small smile wiping your eyes. He dims the lights behind you and you go back to his vanity lights.
"There was only one out." He states softly as he sits down on his couch.
"Yes... but the superstar needs his lights yes?" You joke at him which causes him to look away with his brows furrowed. He's probably watching Monty pointlessly pace in the hall from his semi closed curtains but it isn't something for you to pay attention too. Not when you're putting lights in a high voltage mirror. It's quiet in the room besides Monty's steps outside and the soft turning of lightbulbs. Freddy's favorite thing to do is probably break the silence.
"Y/n what do you do outside the pizzeria?"
"What do you mean by that."
"Twitter." He states and now it's your turn to furrow your brows at him before he asks what Twitter even is. You sigh and tell him about the social platform and you can probably now comfirm that Freddy's favorite thing to do is break the ice around him, no matter how thin it is. "How do you make money on Twitter?" He asks and all you do is turn around in his spinny chair and look at him, lips in a pout.
"You want the truth or you want the sugar?" You ask and he shrugs.
"No Freddy, do you want to know what I actually do on twitter or do you want it simplified?" He takes a second to process.
"The truth-"
"Porn. Accounting..."You trail off finishing the last light bulb.
"Yes Freddy."
"But if you make so much doing that, why work at the pizzaplex?"
"Freddy, I don't mean this harshly but I'm not too comfortable talking to you about my sex life."
"But you brung it up?"
"You asked?"
"So answer my questions." He states before Monty slides in beside you two, jaw slack and if you looked hard enough at him he’s panting with excitement but you’re just trying not to shock your finger.
"PORN?" He yells quite loudly to you respond with being startled and letting your head drop on the table with a sigh.
"Monty, before you even get started on your questions i'm just going to let you know I don't do it anymore. That’s why I work at the pizzaplex." You say, standing up but Monty blocks your way.
"You mean to tell me, you could be making money doing porn, and you're working this shitty job instead?"
"I actually very much like this job!"
"You're making less money than the security guards are!"
"Yeah, I have no idea why you would willingly chose it over tons of money, aren't you complaining about not paying your bills-"
"Listen you two, to be quite honest, I don't get off on the thought of random guys fondling me for money-"
"Then just do it your-"
"No shit Monty, but people don't pay that much for shit they do on the daily." You cut them off walking past Monty finally, the door sliding shut behind you. You start walking to check the convenience counter and restock the toy counter when Monty scares you from behind with a tap on your shoulder.
"So then do it with someone you trust."
"What like my fucking brother Monty? I don't have guy friends or anyone willing to-"
"I would-"
"Legitimately, how? You don't have a-" You didn't realize he's corned you until you look up at your surroundings. The back if your knees are pressed against the side stage and a cold animatronic hand runs down your clothed side, finger locking in your belt loops and tugging the tight bands away from your hips with a small snap of your waistband.
"Lesbians don't need dicks." He teases pulling at the belt loop again. Your belt was attached and you always kept your belt tight so your pants don't ride down but your belt does nothing against his mechanic strength but tighten against your hips. He easily pulls the side of your pants open to look down at the color of your panties before you shove the animatronic back with all of your effort. He moves by himself mostly though watching as you complain at him.
"I'm not posting you on Twitter for one!"
"I don't have to show my face-" He trails off behind you as you walk away to the reward room.
"People will know you’re an animatronic!"
"Not in dim lighting." Freddy startles you once you're in. You sigh in annoyance rolling your eyes.
"I'm not stupid y'know. I'm not going to criminalize myself for letting either of you fuck me. Or for that matter for the thought of society, be fucked by an animatronic."
"But money."
They both said at the same time and you grunted. "I have a job to do!" Before walking away. The daycare usually is your space of comfort but the lights are already turned off in the daycare and honestly Moon will probably go away in the morning, right now you want nothing to do with him or any other animatronic. Instead you try to focus your attention on Chica thinking about cleaning her but instead you're met with the metal Freddy's chestplate.
"I think incorporating a robot hand or hands.. into your Twitter video will prove for more views and money!"
"Freddy, I can't risk losing this job because of money-"
"All you've eaten is Fazbear corporate junkfood and you get paid by the hour. If you WANT to live the material life, you have to take risks. To be a superstar, you must be surprising!" Freddy frowns.
“Does it look like I want to live a material life Freddy? I just want stability, proper tax work that’s halfway done….” Eyes locked up with Freddy's reminds you that compared to Monty he doesn't corner you, instead he has a reasonable distance between you two but instead of the 'i push all of my emotions away' Monty, Freddy stands in front of you with eyebrows furrowed and his arms crossed. He doesn't want to push you but maybe the other mechanic had a point. Maybe it's a dominant trait of his to make sure your well fed and well payed but he isn't going to back down from this, not unless the security doors open and you walk out besides him or he gets.. what he wants honestly. Monty walks in to the lobby and his eyes lock on you two. Their gaze is sharp and Monty's steps towards you and the sound is too much like a ticking time bomb that honestly the tension might make you explode. Instead you just reach your arms up and let the doors open in front of you to slip into the main floor animatronics at your tail.
Honestly this job is more of a decoy per say, of course your family found out about your side job and actually they had the audacity to say you were making too much money. Last thanksgiving was a very interesting argument to say the least. So interesting that instead of looking at them you just kept walking, going to the bathroom where you figured they wouldn’t follow you while the voices of your family repeat in your head. I mean, they did stay only to just the outside but they still gave you your privacy giving you the time to think over before your head exploded.
When your family brought it up they made sure to probably use the most overdramatized versions of excuses to get you from posting on the internet, even telling you that your sick grandmother will fall and die at the sight of it but you know she isn’t stupid and probably has already seen it. Later that night she winked at you while she was getting put into the family van and all you could is sigh, the same as now. Maybe it was the excitement of going against your parents or just the overall excitement of getting fucked but you can’t seem to find a reason not to anymore. They are right but you have to put the thought out there that your brain must be jumbled at the thought of having animatronic fingers stuffed in your mouth or nevertheless anywhere else. So much that as you wiped, the toliet paper full of your wetness spilled off your fingers a bit and once again all you can do is just sigh again. Animatronic steps walk into the bathroom and you flush the toilet and walk out of the stall with a pout at them.
“Do you guys have nothing better to do than bother the poor engineer?”
“Real engineers get paid more.”
“For someone that gets paid so little all of my bills are paid.” You seethe washing your hands as Monty steps behind you. His hands hover over your hips and the cool metal hands runs up the back of your uniform before they rest on your shoulders. Their led animatronic glares reflect in the mirror above you and this sink is not so sturdy for Monty to do anything but he does anyways. He pushes your hips into the sink and runs his tongue on your neck, the fabric and plastic of the tongue was foreign against the crevice of your neck and your body shivered. “I-I don’t even have my phone-” You attempted as your body shivered and your knees shook.
“I do.” Freddy said and the two laughed a bit down at you when Monty flipped you around. You wondered when he grabbed your phone but you don’t get the chance to think about it fully when Monty grabs you by the chin and makes you actually face them, locking eyes with both of them and locking your thighs before Monty ran his hand fully up the inner thigh of your jeans. They’re looking down at you as if you were prey, waiting for their chance to strike.
“Remember that this is all a game of trust in the end right, we’re smart enough so that you won’t lose your job.”
“Mhm, you’re just making more money.”
It was almost like the devil was talking live in the metal of these bots, convincing voices at the back of your head while the cool metal of Monty’s other hand pulls your shirt from the tuck under the waistband of your pants. The flashlight from the recording video in Freddy’s hand is on your body as Monty pops open the buttons to your pants and your shirt, pulling them off with too much ease and Freddy helps by putting the discarded clothes in the sink with his other hand, neither taking their eyes off of you. Your soaked panties weren’t even mentioned but instead torn off as his fingers dipped into your folds. A shocked whine as the cold green metal of his finger disappears into your cunt makes your hips jump and your wetness drips down his palm like honey as he scissors you cunt open. Digging up on the spongy spot.
It must’ve triggered something in Freddy to just place down your phone by the face so that the flashlight lit up the ceiling and your camera faced your back. Your hair hung over the camera as you threw your head back from Freddy’s new touches along with his hand over your mouth. His fingers pinch at your nipples while Monty’s curl inside of you and your thighs shake at the new sensation, your eyes pulled shut and a heat flashing over your skin. If it wasn’t for the sink partially holding you up your knees would be on the floor but instead your arms are holding you up from Monty’s shoulders and your breathy whimpers echoing through the bathroom even under Freddy’s hand. Your head is spinning, focusing isn’t the first thought to come to your head but instead your thought is on how they look down at you while they play with your body. You’re senses are wavering as the bathroom starts to reek from your sweating body.
You’re close, shaking and throwing your head back as Freddy’s face goes into your chest, latching onto your nipple while using his other hand to toy with your other breast. A muffled gasp is the only warning you get when you cum over Monty’s fingers, you shake with overstimulation and the boys watch attentively as they help you ride it out. They’re very grateful for this ‘show’ you’re providing them with, the fact that they finally got the cute engineer under their claws riles them up more than you’re making them. You think that maybe the both of them are just waiting to be caught being this risky because you have to physically pull them away from your body. Your bra is unclipped and quickly forgotten as Freddy grabs it and shoves it in the other sink but you’ll never forget the look they have over you now. It almost makes you 100% certain that they’re in this for the risk as Monty flips you around and Freddy grabs the camera in front of you. There is no amount of prep in the world that could’ve stopped you from shrieking when you were penetrated, you could’ve never expected the hot thick cock that was sliding into your vagina even belonged to Monty but Freddy standing beside you, another large monsterous cock has on edge no doubt. Your mouth waters over the sink like a dog in heat as he eases himself to the hilt of your cunt in one smooth painful thrust in. You’re soaked, dripping off of Monty’s extremely unexplained almost boiling dick, the pleasure is overwhelming as you suit him to fill your pussy as you moved your knees to take more of him with that whine they seem to love.
Freddy moves Monty back and now Monty’s in one of the bathroom stalls, back against the barrier of the wall connected to the stall doors. This stall is maybe too dim you think as Monty pulls your hair back. The flashlight is too dim to probably pick up more than your flesh but you can’t focus on the phone anymore when Freddy pokes his cock at your entrance. It’s drooling with precum and you couldn’t even push away with the hold Monty has on you. The metal of his arms have no hassle holding you up and in a few seconds you’re accounting debut is being put into action as Monty slips out of your cunt. Cock heavy and dripping of your juices is curved to press against the rim of your ass. If you weren’t the beautiful sex worker you are, they would be ripping you to shreds when entering you but instead there’s only the pain of the stretch and then the euphoria of spilling your wetness on both of their cocks. It’s too good to be true your head thinks as you moan softly under Monty’s hand that has switched places with Freddy who’s placed down the phone on the tin of the menstrual bin and has pulled up your leg to let the camera get a better view of their fat cocks smooshing together inside and outside of your ass and cunt. They rub on each other slightly as the they pull out and push back in, once they gain a steady pace it doesn’t happen. Instead your guts are being rearranged for the first time in ages and your thighs quiver and your tongue slips out of your mouth underneath Monty’s hand. When his fingers enter your mouth you squirt a bit too hard, sucking on the metal of his fingers through the quivering orgasm. The sound of your squirt spilling on the tile embarrasses you but spurs them on more. Monty shoving his fingers down your throat as they both attempt to bottom out with each one of their thrusts. Freddy is the first one to accomplish his goal of bottoming out but that also means he nuts first unfortunately. You don’t expect his cum to be as hot as it was as he spilled into your womb but it was almost burning the sensitive gummy flesh of your cunt but he doesn’t pull out not until Monty follows, spilling into your ass after fully bottoming out inside of you. A couple of breathes is all you need to recuperate as they pull out, fat loads of cum seeping out through both of your holes and you cant help but moan at the feeling your back arching as the push the cum back in with small pushes of their twitching dicks. They leave you in the bathroom with your recording phone after cleaning themselves up. To be far, getting caught isn’t part of the agenda but you weren’t done with this video, you have to clean up their mess and your fingers have always gotten your twitter views going.
The weekend rolled in a little too much money, your parents complaining and ironically your grandma dying. Thankfully your family didn’t blame it on you, at least they have morals but you on the other hand probably don’t. It wasn’t too long that everyone at work had seen your video and now it’s monday and the other engineer doesn’t have to slip through the elevator due to be late today. There’s a silence but your usual gum popping breaks it.
“In the bathroom? I mean, good for you but when did you manage to sneak two guys away from everyone, especially the animatronics. Don’t they have like… heat ray vision?” You had to laugh, god what an idiot of a co-worker.
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hoerachas · 4 months
Ok hello friends, at the request of multiple people, I am going to make a little reblog guide for Tumblr !!!
This is all in good spirits ok ? I know lots of the Twitter population are unsure of the workings of this website, and to be fair I had a time when I used to not understand it at all. Please don't take this to heart, if you know this all then it's probably not for you.
Ok so first I'll start with mobile (the version I use almost exclusively)
Tumblr media
So you have a post !!! Wow this post is interesting, I agree with this post, I like what this post brings to the table ! For whatever reason, you like this post, and you want to share it !!! Well the best way to do that is to click the reblog button !!!
You see that little button there, it's used for this function on most social media !!! Looks like the recycling button !!! I couldn't get a good screencap of it, but on mobile you can press and hold that button, and you get the option to swipe it onto any blog you want !!! (Depending on how many you have. It only shows up to 3 as an option on mobile so if you have more than 3 it might get wonky) but that is a way to get a one click reblog !!!! No fuss, no mess, no hassle, just on your blog in less than a second !!!
This is very handy if you don't intend to add tags !!! And if you want a quick version with tags, that's something you can do on desktop ! But we'll get to that.
If you want to do something other than a no tag quick reblog on mobile you just click the button and this shows up !!!
Tumblr media
So you're here !!! You have alllll these options to add onto the post before you reblog it !!! The most important usually is the tags, you can add whatever tags you want, but be mindful !!! On Tumblr people tend to read the tags people put on their posts, and now these tags are automatically sent into the notes of both the person you reblog from, And the the original poster !!! So it's best to think first about your tags before tacking on something rude or inappropriate !!! You aren't alone on this website !!!
See the dots in the top right corner ? There are lots of options there !!!
Tumblr media
So here you have more control !!! You have the default here, post now. That's what quick reblog does as well, and honestly if you don't add tags I recommend fast reblogs over this, it's just less tedious.
Next is queue !!!! The queue function is. Honestly elusive to me. But if I am to believe that it is to be trusted, then you can set a timeframe, and an amount of posts between 1 and 50 that will leave your queue automatically at the set time, spread out evenly. You can add as many posts to your queue as you want !!!
You can also schedule posts !!!!! For the memes !!!! Is there a silly post that has a specific date that makes it funnier ? Schedule it for the next time it happens !!! I see ops use this for series they have often, but I've never personally used this feature.
Drafts are for when you want to edit something ? I honestly keep things that people put info on in there, never to escape. Like references for art or videos I want access to.
Now we move on to desktop !!!
Tumblr media
Same post right ? If you want a fast reblog option you can download xkit !!! It has many features, most of which I don't actually know bc I very rarely use desktop.
With xkit, once you turn on fast reblog, you can hover over the reblog button, and...
Tumblr media
This shows up !!! It gives you the same reblog, queue, and draft options. It also lets you add tags !!! It's even more convenient to you than it is on mobile !!! Gives you options !!!
If you want to do a two click reblog though, it looks something like this !!!
Tumblr media
There's not much here for if you don't want to add onto the main post, at least looking at what fast reblog can do. If you want more options click on the little arrow next to the reblog button
Tumblr media
And still at this point there's just post privately and schedule here. You also have a preview button. But yeah I feel like if you install xkit there's not much use in the multi click reblog. But I am a mobile user first and human second so take that as you will !!!
That's the tutorial from your resident stayblr pr person !!! I'm doing this because I have the work experience needed (read: I have used my entire post limit of 250 posts on like. 5 of my friends posts in a day before)
Ultimately this is a place where reblogs spread posts. Likes have no use whatsoever, but I'm not really here to yell at you to reblog more instead of liking.
Reposting is significantly more work than it is to reblog. Just don't do it. It gives engagement to the creators you enjoy the work of if you reblog, and it fosters an environment that we want on this website.
Reblog from creators !!! It makes them want to stay and keep creating !!! And fandom would be sad without them !!!
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inevitablysomber-dark · 5 months
Idea (Lloyd Hansen)
Warning: Sexual themes, dubiously consensual themes. MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! Minor DNI!
Tumblr media
Summary: Lloyd has bullied you throughout your childhood, but it seems that he's taken a different approach at vying for your attention in university.
Author's Note: This is something that I've been sitting on for a while, I found it in my drafts and since I'm not really working on it at the moment, I figured I could just share the outline and see how it's received.
Bully!Lloyd Hansen x Reader
You've known Lloyd since grammar school, and for the longest time, he'd taken it upon himself to be your personal bully through high school. 
The Bullying got so bad that you were sure you developed some kind of PTSD from it because everything about him triggered fear in you. 
His Presence 
His Voice 
And in High School, his cologne.
When your senior year hit, you were more excited than anyone else to leave and move on to University. 
For the previous 4 years, you'd busted your ass to make sure you would end up at a school that you knew Lloyd wouldn't attend. You drive intensifying with every insult, prank, or joke on your behalf.
And you did it 
You got accepted to Harvard University on a partial and conditional scholarship.
Before moving out to Massachusetts, you have all your ducks in a row.
Classes registered, check 
Work Study enlisted, check 
Part-Time Job employed, check 
Extracurriculars researched and ready to apply, check
You refused to repeat your childhood. Being the shy little lamb that you were, you thoroughly planned to break out of your shell and become a fierce bobcat, 
The first week was hectic, but you expected and prepared for this, it took about a month to catch your footing in your schedule, and by the second month, you were growing and thriving into the adult you'd always hoped to be 
Lloyd wasn't there to ruin anything, so you worked tirelessly to make sure you had the best experience you could at college. 
You even experienced fun outside campus, at bars, parties, and houses. 
Unfortunately, the fun didn't last. 
While in line waiting for your usual drink, Someone called out your name as if it were to make sure it was you. 
The voice was eerily familiar, so you turned to ensure your ears were deceiving you. 
Unfortunately, they weren't 
It was Lloyd, and he greeted you as if you were old friends, as if he didn't spend his childhood making your life miserable. 
Lloyd got to Harvard, full-ride, on a football scholarship. 
You were fucking livid. 
Of course, your luck was shit enough to have your bully follow you into University. Still, you figured, if you hadn't seen him till then, you couldn't bump into him any more often, right?
Since that unfateful day, it was as if the stars were aligned to ensure you bumped into each other more often. 
Every day, you were constantly bumping into each, and he spoke to you as if you didn't hate his guts.
 When the school year dragged into the next semester, you keeled over when you realized you had 3 classes with him, and in each of those classes, he made sure to sit next to you and engage. Including himself in your study sessions. 
As time went on, although you didn't realize it, he was overtaking your life; you were hanging out and attending parties. 
Lloyd seemed to genuinely enjoy your company, and his strong presence made it difficult to deny him. Unfortunately, because of this, you end up shrinking back to your shy and timid self.
He also started getting a bit more handsy. 
Tickling you more often, long hugs, cuddling, even giving what he likes to call "playful hickeys" because 'they don't mean anything; I'm just messing with you 
The whole thing just made you so uncomfortable. 
One day you were both watching a movie together, and Lloyd somehow snuck himself between your legs and decided to press his lips to your neck to give you another "Playful Hickey" You tried to push him off, as usual, trying to provide the movie with some attention, but he didn't budge 
So you just gave in like you always did, but something about this time was different; he wrapped his arms around your body and squeezed you tight.
He adjusts himself a bit, and you can feel his hardness against you the next thing you know.
You still praying it was an accident, but it's not. 
He starts grinding his crotch into yours, building friction, removing his lips from your neck and gently placing them on yours.
How did you get here? 
You couldn't stand the man, and now he was using your body to get off?
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ayazure · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You as a barista !
Genre : genshin geo characs x you, fluff(?)
About : Genshin geo characters buying from your workplace, but they seem to be starstruck by you ✧
Warnings : gn!reader
Tumblr media
He's definitely the college student (with a hectic schedule) who's a regular at the cafe.
Y'know the one who usually studies there and grabs a coffee, all that pizzazz.
Since he's a dedicated regular, you know his usual orders. Caramel macchiato ! Though, he orders americano sometimes.
From your knowledge, you'd think that he's there everyday just to study, but in fact he uses that excuse at times, just to see you.
How you work diligently, how you beam a polite smile at customers despite your tiredness. How you swiftly whip up the coffee and drinks. He adores them all<3
He found himself catching feelings for you at one point. Hesitantly, he left a note with his phone number in the table. Alas, you thought it was a scratch and threw it along with the paper cups.
He was wondering why you didn't bother to contact. But he remembered that he was a stranger to you and you sending a message to him was a wishful thinking.
Actually, relationships seems tiring to him. You changed his mind though ! And he wants to try and start one with you ♡.
He's currently taking it slow by striking up conversations with you and visiting the coffee shop often. He's hoping that you'd notice him and his feelings one day.
" Good afternoon y/n, and yes the usual please.. Ah btw I would like to point something out.. With this, I certainly hope that I don't sound weird but your hair looks nice today"
She's a friend of yours ! The type who would come once in a while to check in on you and support your job.
As for her usual order/s, she indulges in anything tea related, also boba !
While in the cafe, she gives you tons of updates about school and helps you with needed requirements–may it be thesis, research or group activities.
You'd say that it's okay since you know how busy she is recently. Especially that she's a part of her family's opera troupe and also multiple clubs. Regardless, she insists a whole lot.
Since you've been such a dear friend to her (understanding her likes and being appreciative of her talents and culture) she feels that she had the need to help you in any way.
She absolutely adores you ! She finds your diligence and hardworking nature to be the most admirable about you. When she passes by, she cheers you on with all her heart.
"Y/n dear !! Yeah, just finished my dailies at the theater club. Oh yeah, here are photocopied notes for the exams next week. My drink's on the house? Don't you dare, you don't have to pay me back I promise! Well, I guess you can attend my performance at the end of the month, deal?"
Asks for your number the moment he orders for the first time.
No worries though ! He doesn't mean any harm and he certainly isn't a creep. He just blurted it out because he's in awe !
You turned that one down politely and he apologizes for acting rashly.
When he gets the smoothie he orders and settles down, he turns beet red. Of course, his companions would tease him all day about it.
The next day, he would come back. Although hesitantly as he spent 10 minutes debating with himself to go in or not after the catastrophe. He ends up entering and you didn't mind at all since he's a valued customer now.
When there's not much people in the cafe, he won't hesitate to converse with you and talk about silly but funny topics.
"Goodmorning sunshine ! You look good today ! I mean.. uh the coffee shop looks dazzling as always, I mean you too. But anyways, I'll have a peach fruit tea."
Tumblr media
This has been in my drafts for quite a while now ^^; That's why I decided to finish it at 2 am... (Again, my motivation only comes at these hours). I'll do a part 2 (w/ Noelle, Ningguang, Gorou and Zhongli) next time<33
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ggukkiereads · 2 years
Hello!! Just a few days ago I stumble upon your blog and I'm wondering if you have some recommendations for Hybrid AUs, much appreciated if it is an OT7 and completed, but if so I will still be so thankful. (I just need some cure from the stress that modules brings) Thank You in Advance (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
🌷 Hello! welcome to my mini fic-reading land. I’ve actually received asks for Hybrid AUs (I pinned the requests in the navi) but I just have a very messy draft.
But to help you with your stress, I think I can share a few of my ongoing reads (sorry they won’t be complete but they’re OT7). But, I added completed ones I could remember too (●'◡'●)
*note: will edit this later and organize this per member - maybe add other fics I’ll remember*
Tumblr media
Fic Recs | BTS Hybrid AUs
→ A Place Called Home @agustdakasuga -  OT7 x Reader
series [27/27] | 88k | Hybrid AU, Poly AU, Soulmate AU, Romance Humor | Fluff
Having saved your own injured hybrid, you were determined to try and help any other hybrid that crossed your path who needed saving. But being a vet in a small hospital wasn’t enough for you. You wanted to do more, you wanted to make a difference. You wanted to give them a home.
→  If I Can Never Give You Peace @candlewaxandp0lar0ids - Jungkook x Reader
series [3/?] | 17.6k+ | Mafia AU, Enemies to Lovers | A (so far)
It starts like quite a few stories do, in your world. Girl meets boy, who happens to be a hybrid, girl buys him at an auction where hybrids are sold, boy falls in love with her, girl gets bored of him. Then it’s not so typical anymore, when the boy ends up forced into illegal fighting rings, until he makes a wrong move and her father decides he needs to be killed.
Where does that leave you? Well, you’re the one who handled Jungkook’s fight and generally organized his life, and, when the girl’s father, your boss and mafia leader, tells you he wants him ‘put down’, you’re the one who has to get it done. Except, instead, you let him escape, and everything turns out fine.
🌷ggukkienote: I am so hooked on this (because I am a sucker for Mafia AUs too). This is such a great story and the OC is really different from the usual OCs. Very interesting.
→  Eunoia @wishesunderthestars -  OT7 x Reader
series [15/?] | 100k+ (I just assumed this, masterpost doesn’t have wc but it’s 6k per chapter or more?) | Director!Reader, hurt/comfort | fluff, eventual smut
You are a world famous director and you have dedicated your life to your job. You have everything you could ever dream of; wealth, recognision, talent, your friends and family. But loneliness ins’t cured by success. So what happens when you somehow rescue seven hybrids? Can they fill the void?
→  Restitution @cloudteawrites - OT7 x Reader
series [7/?] | 48k+ | slow burn, poly, mystery, romance
when an estranged uncle leaves you his massive fortune you wonder if the universe is playing a joke on you. when that fortune comes with seven hybrids, you know for sure that it is.
→ Lacuna @barbika1508 - Jungkook x Reader
series [42/42] | 324.3k | Hybrid AU, check for TW | Fluff, Angst, Smut
Lacuna - (n.) a blank space, a missing part
Y/N just wanted to go back home, to enjoy her peace and quiet away from problems and people. But typically, her luck strikes as she stumbles upon a horrific scene of two guys mistreating an already beaten down hybrid. Will she take matters into her own hands and help him? Or let someone else help along the way???
🌷 This is on AO3 and I got a recent ask about author’s tumblr.  So if you prefer AO3 you can check their profile
→ A Hundred Percent Human by wrienne- OT7 x Reader
series [12/?] | 88k+ | Hybrid AU, fluff, angst, smut |
In which you (reader) are forced to take care of seven hybrids in a twist of fate. Drunk and down on life, you finally decide to deal with the house and the unsavory business your mother left behind. However, to your shock, you find that seven very different hybrids are included with both the house - and the business. Seven hybrids you never even met before - even less agreed to take care of.
🌷 This is on AO3. I don’t normally reco AO3 since my blog is focused on tumblr fics but someone sent an ask about this so I’m including it
→ Inferiority Complex @starlightauroras-writes - Jimin x Reader
series [10/?] | 88k+ | political themes, themes of abuse (hybrids) | A, S
You had never liked hybrids. You disagreed with their very existence, and you never wanted to have anything to do with them. And then one day, you discovered a hybrid who was more scared of you than you were of him, and everything changed as you realised you were the only hope he had…
→ Sanctuary @chimchimsauce - Jimin x Reader
series [16/16] | 20k |  Wolf Hybrid!Jimin, Barista!OC, feat sanctuary staff Taehyung, hurt/comfort | F, A
YN is a young girl, bright and ambitious, but due to her busy schedule, she's been unable to make any real friends. When an ad for Saint Mary's Sanctuary catches her attention, she never expected her life to be changed by a certain hybrid named Jimin.
→  Summer Nights @marginalmadness - Jungkook x Reader
series [4/4] | 23k | Hybrid!Fantasy, Romance | F, S
A freak weather anomaly leads to a chance encounter with a rabbit-hybrid, and your kind nature results in you gaining a small, fluffy lodger, who questions your taste in television shows. It’s won’t be for long...will it?
→  Risk it All @/httpjeon - Jungkook x Reader
series [5/5] | 8.3k  | hybrid au, alpha wolf!jungkook | A, F, S
ripped from your family, you find yourself in a warehouse filled with predators. just your luck, you’re right across from a caged alpha wolf.
🌷 (I linked Chapter 5 because for some reason others couldn’t find this chapter so they thought it’s still incomplete)
→  Outro Love is Not Over @kiirokero - Hoseok x Reader
series [12/?] |  Daycare Teacher!Hoseok x Single Mom!Reader
You are the single mother of a beautiful 6-year-old golden retriever hybrid who you named Yunho.  But you’re a human.  You can’t show him the ropes of being a hybrid, and you can’t teach him things the other moms can.  So, when a handsome German Shepard hybrid comes into your life, helping you and guiding Yunho in a way you can’t, you can’t help the cozy home he sets up in your heart.
→  It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right @imaginethisbts - TaeKook x Reader
two shot [2/2] | 11k | dom/sub themes, heat cycles | S
What’s better than one dogboy lover? Two dogboy lovers. But when Tae and Jungkook seem unusually clingy, it can only mean one thing. That time of the month has snuck up on you and your dogboy lovers do not want to share.
🌷 Also try their other Jungkook hybrid series Out of the Blue
→  Peculiar Park @daydreamindollie -  OT7 x Reader
series [9/?] | 38k+ | imagines, slice of life | Writer!Reader, Psychologist!Reader, imagines | fluff
you’re a successful hybrid writer and psychologist who takes in seven hybrids on one stormy night after finding one of their pack stealing from your garden
→ Yeouiju @nomseok - Namjoon x Reader
one shot | 33.7k | Mythical AU, Hybrid AU (if you squint), suspense | A, F, S
you find an ancient stone in the middle of the mountains and bring it home with you, oblivious to the consequences of taking a dragon’s yeouiju.
→ Beautiful Stranger @/nomseok - Taehyung x Reader
one shot | 19k | circus AU | A, S, F
your dream is to take care of animals for the rest of your life in the big city, making sure that they’re cared for. but you stumble upon a malnourished, rare tiger in your local circus, and you can’t help but want to take care of him.
→ Evolution of You and I @readyplayerhobi - Jimin x Reader
one shot | 10.2k | kind of epistolary (letters), chat, childhood friends | F
For 15 years, Park Jimin has been in your life in some form. From childhood penpal’s to the closest of friends now, you can’t imagine your life without him even if you’ve never actually met him in person. It doesn’t help that you’ve fallen for him, even across the distance that separates you. But what happens when you finally meet up and you discover he’s been keeping something secret?
→  Fish are Friends @httpjeon - Taehyung x Reader
one shot | 10.2k | seahorse hybrid!taehyung | A, S, F
after moving to the seaside, there is a dreadful storm. when all is clear, a man washes up on shore…only he isn’t quite human.
🌷 you know seahorses mate for life and it’s the male that gets pregnant? Interesting huh
→  Pink Panther @gimmesumsuga - Seokjin x Reader
one shot | 13k | boss-employee | F, S
The one where your boss, Kim Seokjin, tries to show you how beautiful you are.
→  Ragdoll @ausblack - Jimin x Reader
series [17/17] | Hybrid AU, College AU | F, A
As you were studying to obtain your medical & veterinary degree, your professor came up with the idea of organizing an internship - where you found yourself side by side with a sick hybrid that needed nothing other that complete care.
→  Jagged + Catnap  @opaljm - Jimin x Reader
one shot + sequel | 18k |  jaguar/black panther!jimin, sand dune cat!reader, mutual pining, friends to lovers, established relationship (sequel)| S, F, slight A
The pretty little sand cat hybrid Jimin has been in love with for the past year experiences her first heat and Jimin would love nothing more than to be the one to guide her through it and breed her with his kittens.
🌷 there’s also a possible spin-off for Taehyung (Eye of the Tiger)
→  Owner @jessikahathaway - Jungkook x Reader
series [6/?] | 17.4k | Fake Dating AU, Hybrid AU, based on Kimi Wa Petto (Japanese anime) | F, S, A
With your mother hounding on you (no pun intended), you decided to get a little help from a hybrid, who was also in need of assistance.
→ Loving Him Was Red + Somewhere Only We Know @userseok - Jungkook x Reader
series [3/?] | 12.8k+ | enemies to lovers, childhood friends (sorta), college au, jock!jungkook, unrequited love (for OC) | S, F, A
you’ve been chasing after jungkook for years. after a harsh verbal altercation between both of you, you decide to leave him alone and pursue a relationship with someone who seems genuinely interested in you, thinking he would never return your feelings.
Tumblr media
I would like to recommend the catalog of these writers:
@ditttiii - so I realize I’m following them on AO3 when I realized the fics looked familiar 🤭. They have an ongoing series called Enchanted to Meet You which you might want to check out if you like Soulmate AUs too! I recently reblogged a Jungkook two-shot comfort fic (hybrid au too) so I recommend going through their masterlist!
@aroseforyoongi - who I discovered because of Gossamer (KTH). It was completed but I think it’s up for re-write/re-post? You can try the others:
Navy Blue - Jungkook [completed]
Forever Yours - Yoongi [one shot, prequel to Navy Blue]
Let Me Love You- Jungkook [one shot]
@magicalsalamander - another favorite author of mine I just feel like I’m reading a great tale every time I start on a series or one shot. They have great fics with supernatural themes too
Rabbit on the Moon - Jungkook | if you’re in the mood for police officer Jungkook [6/6]
The Act of Persuasion - Seokjin | if you are in the mood for Single Dad AU x Arranged Marriage too [one shot]
Firefly that Guards the Fox - Taehyung | if you are in the mood for mystery [11/12 - just epilogue left]
Kitten’s Little Flame - Yoongi | if you like BF to Lovers between dragon and a cat [6/6]
There’s more so please check their Masterlist
@hollyhomburg - I just love Of Fire and Love (hello dragon!yoongi and baby!jungkook? 🥺) But you can check:
their masterlist of all their hybrid fics
Dance to This series which I’ve added to fic recs based on an ask about stories that include members/readers with disability.
Don’t care if it Hurts - Jimin | this is probably my favorite (again I’m a sucker for Mafia AUs) , guard dog hybrid!jimin [12/13, just epilogue]
@angelicyoongie - I got hooked after reading their stories on AO3 but they have tumblr too! Check their masterlist for ongoing hybrid fic (Abundance - OT7)  but these are completed ones:
Desolate - Yoongi, grumypy cat hybrid [14/14]
Out of the Woods - Namjoon, wolf hybrid, strangers to lovers [3/3]
@worldwidebt7 - if you like webtoons! I read parts of Jungkook’s webtoon and I think currently we’re on Yoongi’s story. Access it here
@jincherie - One of the first hybrid fics I remember encountering is Inheritance (MYG). Other fics:
Perihelion - Hoseok, college, roommate, enemies [2/?]
Butterfingers - Namjoon, teacher au, this is cuuuute READ IT if you’re looking for something fluffy [one shot]
4 o’ clock - Taehyung, single dad au (I included this in the singel dad fic recs too) [3/?]
Under the Bridge - Jungkook, found jungkook under the bridge [one shot]
@whitesparrows97 - a writer I discovered because of a Yoongi soulmate fic but I found that they also have other hybrid fics:
Cat’s Cradle - Yoongi, bestfriend [5/5]
Underdog - Taehyung, shifter, brought home what she thought a stray dog [5/5]
@foxymoxynoona - and what would my reco be without foxymoxy? So they have tumblr but their works are on AO3. I’ve listed their current works here but I didn’t include their completed works which are must-reads:
Sugar Fairy - Jungkook, mating, adopted hybrids [48/48]
A Sea of Indigo - Jungkook, ex-fighter [48/48] ⭐⭐⭐
@therealmintedmango - They have a whole masterlist of their hybrid!au fics. I recently finished Kingdom Come and I always remember Jimin from King (for some reason)
@joonbird - check their Zodiac Hybrid Masterlist of one shot per member
Tumblr media
There are more (usually one shot per member) but I’ll probably put them in another Fic Rec List for Hybrid AUs. Sorry this list is kind of all over the place (not even organized per member 🤭). But good luck with your modules and I hope these help!
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risingshards · 3 months
Intro and my series/WIP list!
Why hello there new writer followers! (And non-writer followers you're welcome too ofc)
I'm Chiral, and right now (and for the foreseeable future!) I mainly write webnovels. I am a former editor at a children's book publisher and currently a freelance editor and librarian when I'm not writing. I have a degree in creative writing as well. My main series is called Rising Shards, and it's a lot of genres mashed together!
Rising Shards
Genres: LGBT, slice of life, romance, fantasy, comedy, adventure
Synopsis: When Zeta Faleur suddenly grows fangs and creates a literal thunderstorm in her room, it can only mean one thing: She's a Cani. At Rising Shards, a Cani boarding school, she meets Oka Ohri, a kind hearted girl who she forms an immediate bond with.
Fresh out of ending a very bad relationship, Zeta isn't sure she's ready for her blossoming feelings for Oka, but as she works through those, she also must learn how to use a bloodsaber, fight monsters, fulfill requirements for a complicated scholarship, make new friends and new enemies, as well as keep up with all the other oddities in Cani life, she also has to learn if she's ready to move on from her sad past with her ex on her way to a potentially happier future with her crush.
(But Zeta and Oka aren't the only main characters, there are tons more because I really like writing stories with tons and tons of characters. This is really my heart and soul story, and my heart and soul story said to write something about lots of LGBTQ characters in love ;3)
Comparable stories: I'd say it's similar to Little Witch Academia, Adachi and Shimamura, Kase San, School Zone Girls, and Persona. It's also been compared by readers to the Owl House as well!
Update Schedule: New chapters Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays!
My side series is called Rising Shards: Evy & Stella, and it's a spicier 18+ story about two major characters from Rising Shards having a ✨spicier✨ time together.
Rising Shards: Evy & Stella
Genres: LGBT, slice of life, romance, comedy
Synopsis: After a fateful wintry evening, Stella Faleur and Dr. Evy Diast navigate their newfound relationship, as well as their complicated pasts.
Update Schedule: New chapters every Wednesday!
While my web novels are my priorities and my passion projects, I do have some other projects I'm working on and some ideas for stuff I'd like to do. I'm gonna keep this part updated as this changes, as my more nebulous story ideas change a lot.
My WIPs:
The Exiles Revisited: My first drafts of Rising Shards were a completely different story in every way, and eventually I split the original idea into its own thing that I called VERSUS. I dunno if that'll still be the title (Originally it was called Serrate, then Rising Shards, then Versus, then Exile Rebirth) so for now I'm calling it EX2023 while I figure it out. This was a web novel I tried on Amazon's Kindle Vella service, using backstory in the Rising Shards universe, the more like Star Wars-y tier events in the world.
I was looking at the furthest draft that the old version got and am wondering if instead of my usual "just bench the last draft and start from scratch" tactic with manuscripts, that maybe I just need to do a deep set of revisions on this. My workshop group seemed receptive to the project. Then if I can get it polished, maybe try to tradpub it or have it as a web novel probably on Tapas. I do think it'd be cool to have a series taking place before RS that gets tradpub treatment then I can be like "Oh yeah print readers: read Rising Shards which happens after EX2023 so if you want some juicy spoilers read Project ZERO may get folded into this, but I still wanna do a "from scratch" project that I'm thinking will be BKFI.
My maybe could be something someday things:
Falling Shards / RS universe expansion collab series: In Rising Shards, I mainly focus on the school for girls, but there's also a sibling school called Falling Shards for the boys (at present in narrative the school is working on a dorm for enbies/other genders so I don't wanna give the impression it's heavily binary enforcing), but I really rarely give any focus to the boys' school, and I think I just kind of suck at writing boys now so I think it'd be cool to find someone someday who after I bounce ideas off of and give them the overall world lore/rules to just let them go nuts and write stories at the boys' school and have more Cani adventures going on. A collab project wouldn't necessarily be this but Falling Shards seems the most immediate gap in the world that would be the easiest to fill. I'd had some ideas kicking around for this that I don't know if I'd be the best writer to handle outside of some big picture rules and such. And then maybe a crossover event would be fun. :3
Project Big Kid Fantasy: Yes that is what I'm calling this very very very early idea for a project at this point. IDK why but calling it "Project BIG KID" is really making me giggle. The seed of the idea is just to try a tradpub focused manuscript in the adult fantasy realm. For this I need to do some research because I haven't read a lot of adult fantasy in print recently so I wanna know more about recent fantasy books before being all "HEY FANTASY PUBS GET A LOAD OF THIS!" (presents something unpublishable because I didn't do any research)
Benched WIPs:
Project ZERO (On hold, taking a breather from this): Me attempting something for tradpub again despite my saltiness towards tradpub due to working in the industry/the general slog of trying to get something published that way. ZERO is me trying to write in a more "mechanical" way that plays more by the rules of what publishers are looking for from what I've seen (starting with a more concise narrative following the beat sheet) and right now the premise is basically globe trotting adventure story but in a high fantasy world with scifi elements. A lot of this one is for my writing workshop group, as I wanted something that like. I dunno. More fit in with what the others were bringing than my fluffy GL webnovel lol.
1996: There's more to the title but I wanted to do a series with like 800 bizarre garbage repetitive content each with a bizarrely continuing title scheme for the sole purpose of having a point where someone lists all the titles like "what is this". I may do this one at some point still.
So thank you again for following and I can't wait to see what you write too!! (Also I post a lot of anime and other random reblogs on here just a heads up in advance lol)
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kyufilms · 1 year
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤ ⌗ treasure ―︎ college life
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
wc + genre/trope + cast + warnings ―︎ 3k words worth of slice of life: college au edition. ot12 nonidol!treasure. not proofread. lowercase intended. like, one mention of alcohol & an implication of needles, but i think that’s all?
request ―︎ hey jia 💜 i was wondering if i could request one of those bulletpoint lists for what you think ot12 treasure would be like as college students?
director’s notes ―︎ hi anon! i lost your ask (and numerous others) bc tumblr was being stupid, but i managed to save part of the original draft for this one in my notes app, so ty for requesting this <3 college au’s are one of my favorite tropes of all time, and i love college-centric stuff in general, so i might’ve gotten a little carried away bc i thought about this concept a lot,, even before i got the request :] i tried to use a variety of fields of study when assigning them to members (since i didn’t want to fall back on something music or performing arts related for everyone), though i had a little bit of trouble with deciding how to place certain members since i was still brainstorming while working on this </3 i also kinda cheated with junghwan’s bc it felt kinda hard to assign a field of study to him as he’s younger than me. i’m not fully happy with this because i feel like i strayed at some parts, and i could’ve worded things better, but lmk what you think! hope you enjoy :>
Tumblr media
⌗ choi hyunsuk / 최현석
i could go on for literal ages about my reasoning for this, but i can totally see hyunsuk studying fashion/apparel design.
sometimes he loses his focus in his general classes & ends up sketching out a new idea mid-lecture out of boredom, but he works even harder so he doesn’t fall behind.
at this point, he knows all of his friends’ measurements by heart because he always manages to convince bribe them into modeling the clothes he’s working on, whether it’s for an assignment or something he’s making for fun.
he loves trying out new styles & customizing all of his own clothes. he most likely has an instagram page to showcase all of his fits & his customization work, while his saved posts are organized into lookbook folders & inspiration boards.
if inspiration strikes, he’ll stay in the design studio as late as he can & won’t rest until he’s satisfied with whatever pieces he’s been working on. showing up to the first lecture of the day w/ a cup of coffee in his hand is pretty common for him.
he works part-time at one of his favorite department stores, which benefits him since it means he gets first pick when they get new shipments and he gets an employee discount on his own purchases. he probably offers sneaker customization services to earn extra money on the side too.
⌗ park jihoon / 박지훈
i feel like jihoon would have gotten into college with a sports scholarship or smth but chose to study broadcasting.
in class, he’s simultaneously proactive & serious, asking all the questions he wants to, no hesitation at all. he’s committed to trying his best to stay on top of his studies.
he’s definitely juggling a lot, but he wants to enjoy college life while being dedicated to his future, so he’s trying to find a way to make things work around his busy schedule.
as a member of the soccer team, he climbs the ranks pretty fast. he’s scary good, so no one’s really all that surprised when he gets bumped up to the position of team captain in his second year (or when they find out he has a fanclub 💀).
he works part-time at the shopping center; specifically at a smoothie bar that just so happens to be right across from where hyunsuk works. the two of them usually hang out or annoy one another whenever they’re on their breaks.
on top of the other stuff jihoon’s got going on, he’s also part of the broadcasting club. he always seems to know what’s going on, so if you need the details on something, he’s your guy. he could probably recite the morning announcements with his eyes closed if he really wanted to.
⌗ kanemoto yoshinori / 金本芳典
yoshi’s main focus is studying education because he wants to be a teacher, but he also minors in the fine arts :)
everyone you ask will tell you that he suits his major perfectly. he’s got a perfect balance of patience, care, and drive to work around whatever problems that come his way.
he’s a babysitter in his free time; half because it’s a job where he can be somewhat flexible with his availability so it works w/ his schedule, half because he simply adores kids.
when it comes to balancing his job with school, he sacrifices some of his sleep here & there, but he’s very thorough. he gets shy, but if he needs clarification, he’ll ask for it, and he’s actually pretty good at explaining things too.
maybe it has something to do with his major, maybe it doesn’t, but yoshi’s responsibility isn’t something that goes unnoticed. whether it’s school-related or not, it’s easy to see that he can keep his cool even when in stressful situations.
once in a blue moon, when his friends succeed in dragging him out to a party on a night he’s not working, he’s almost always the designated driver, but he doesn’t really mind it. he doesn’t really like to drink to begin with, so making sure that everyone gets home in one piece is fine by him.
⌗ kim junkyu / 김준규
i can’t really explain how i came to this conclusion, but i feel like junkyu would do well if he was studying psychology.
in his first year he was probably a dorky but adorable freshman with an undecided major. people seem to find that his clumsy, shy personality only adds to his charm, so it’s not surprising that he has admirers.
when he gets a little bit confused in class, his usual choice is to bite his tongue rather than ask a question. junkyu won’t ask for help until he reaches a certain point, he opts to keep trying on his own until it gets too much for him.
more often than not he gets roped into things by his friends. sometimes it’s a party that they want him to go to, sometimes it’s being hyunsuk’s model for new clothes. willingly tags along every now and then when yoshi’s babysitting, solely because the kids are sweethearts.
he’s stealing even more hearts as a resident assistant in his second year. despite his shyness, he’d end up being close with all the residents. it’s hard not to like him; he makes people feel comfortable. most of the time he’s laid back & has a hard time saying no, but he still tries to be responsible & enforces the rules, even if he doesn’t always like it.
ngl, he may or may not have applied for the RA position at first because he’s a homebody & he thought he could use it as an excuse to stay in the dorms since his friends always try to drag him out. still, he’s someone you can always rely on. he might joke around & act like he’s annoyed, but he’s not. he likes to make himself useful if there’s an opportunity.
⌗ takata mashiho / 高田ましほ
in my mind, mashiho would’ve gotten into uni on a full-ride sports scholarship & winds up studying sports medicine while double minoring in kinesiology & culinary arts.
all of his professors are quite fond of him. he’s another one of those students that actively participates in the lessons, and it’s clear he always tries extra hard, especially since he’s at school on that scholarship.
he might not be insanely tall, but don’t let his height fool you, he’s the basketball team’s secret weapon. his skills are insane, & he’s a different person on the court, so each game’s exciting; he always goes beyond expectations.
honestly though, if you thought jihoon was busy, you should see mashi. he might not have a job, but he’s got so much other stuff going on outside of sports & his studies, everyone’s a little bit curious as to how he balances all of it.
popularity check ― somehow, everyone seems to know mashi. he’s campus crush material & he’s got the fanclub to prove it. when he’s not studying or practicing for a game, you might find him with the dance club or the theatre kids.
overall, he just exudes good vibes and confidence, and that’s probably why so many people are naturally drawn to him. when he’s out, he can be the life of the party, but it’s pretty easy for him to have a good time just kicking back with friends. it’s hard to imagine someone not liking him.
⌗ yoon jaehyuk / 윤재혁
this is based off of that one fancall but jaehyuk studies both business administration & economics :)
even before people find out what his majors are, they’d already take a liking to him since he’s such a sweetheart. hearing what he’s studying only impresses others more.
i feel like he’d be part of student government. i could also see him giving the freshmen tours of the campus once he’s in his second year of studies, and he probably continues to do so every other year after that.
he’s got smarts to spare !! i feel like he’s that one person who’s always at the top of his class. he probably doesn’t even need to ask questions for clarification because he reads ahead of the current units they’re working on in class.
im 92.7% convinced he’d be the ultimate favorite student to any, if not all, of his professors. he’d always be prepared when he comes to lectures, and i feel like all the professors would genuinely enjoy reading through his thought process when they grade any of his work.
i could see him working as a student tutor on the side, though idk if it’d be for money or extra credit. it’s an easy but equally convenient way for him to review topics while simultaneously earning extra cash or extra points. even if he wasn’t getting anything out of it, i still think he’d enjoy helping other people better their understandings.
⌗ hamada asahi / 浜田朝光
i had a lot of ideas for asahi, but for simplicity i think he’d study art; specifically w/ a focus in animation.
something tells me he’d be part of the gifted program for fine arts. idk if it’d necessarily work like a scholarship, but i don’t think it’d be an easy program to get into. he’s getting the recognition he deserves for his talent.
when he’s in class he takes simple notes so he gets the general information he needs, but something tells me that he’d go back to redo them later on so that they’ll look nicer. it also helps him study, since he’s revisiting all the materials.
he probably has a bunch of sticky notes with doodles on them in his textbooks, & i feel like he’d doodle on his notes a lot too, but it’s not because he’s bored/distracted, it actually helps him focus & allows him to remember things better.
i feel like college is an even greater self discovery kind of experience for asahi more than any of the others. since he’s so introverted, people probably say that they hope he’ll learn to express himself outwardly the same way he expresses himself through his art. his friend group helps tho, so he’s working on redefining his comfort zone :]
for some reason, i can’t really see asahi having a job while he’s a student. he’d either be so wrapped up in art & studies that his free time kind of blends with them, or he’d keep to himself & his small circle of friends until he falls into a new hobby (which, unintentionally, would be music, but jihoon’s trying to convince him to join the soccer team/club).
⌗ bang yedam / 방예담
the idea of yedam not being involved with music at all feels foreign to me, but i could see him doubling up & studying music alongside communications.
he probably got into college through the gifted program for music, but he chose to study communications as well just to be practical and have some sort of backup plan.
yedam’s the type who stays in the studio more often than his dorm room. he’s always coming up with new song ideas, so his voicenotes app is full of little snippets of things that he came up with throughout the day.
if you happen to see him on campus, you’ll find that he listens to music more than half the time. he’ll always have a pair of headphones on him, whether they’re being worn over his ears or just hanging around his neck.
another popularity check ― the music department’s pride and joy. everyone on campus knows him, mostly because he always performs at events like the school festivals & talent shows. yet another person with a little fanclub behind him; his voice just seems to pull people in.
performs every week at an open mic night that a local coffee shop hosts. he’ll even take requests when there aren’t many people on the performance roster. definitely has a yt channel; sometimes he’ll sing originals while other times he’ll sing covers. half the student body is subscribed.
⌗ kim doyoung / 김도영
i was so dead set on this one pls i feel like doyoung would probably study biology & follow in his family’s footsteps as a pre-med student :]
campus!! crush!! somehow he’s the perfect balance between being a sweetheart & being a huge flirt. his busy schedule tends to have him all over the place, but that’s also how he gained popularity on campus.
probably gets involved with student government because of jaehyuk. he wasn’t really about it first because he already had a lot going on as a pre-med student, but he enjoyed it too much to give it up once he got a taste for it.
doyoung’s prepared for the worst; he’s like a walking first-aid kit & nurse’s office. definitely the person hyunsuk goes to ask for bandaids after accidentally poking himself one too many times while trying to design a new piece.
i’m convinced he’d be a teacher’s assistant. i don’t have an idea of which of his professors he’d TA for, but i know for a fact that he’s charmed all of the other students in the class and the professor themselves. the type to leave give people little hints/tips on what to study for while grading their papers if they didn’t necessarily do so hot.
if you’re ever looking for him on campus and he’s not assisting or sitting in the back of a class grading the papers, there’s a good chance you’ll find him in the library. he’s an assistant there on top of being a TA (and the head librarian always jokes about how they’d never seen so many people come in to study until doyoung became a library assistant).
⌗ watanabe haruto / 渡辺春虎
haruto’s studying music production & composition; he got in through the same program as yedam.
asahi’s roommate. he helps asahi get comfortable around others & is partially the reason why music is now one of asahi’s other hobbies outside of art.
rather than having a youtube channel like yedam, haruto posts on soundcloud for fun. he probably goes by an alias, but the stuff he puts out is semi-popular.
he likes to goof off & work on songs with his friends. at first he’d just mess around by himself & show asahi, but then he met yoshi & mashiho, so nowadays you can distinctly hear four different people in several tracks on haruto’s computer.
he’s not employed while he’s studying atm, but one of his professors mentioned that the campus radio station is looking for people to play songs & fill up the regular slots between the radio programs, so he’s been debating on whether or not he should apply for a position.
that one person who everyone’s unintentionally intimidated by. he does really well academic-wise, but he can be a little bit antisocial, so he doesn’t talk as much around people he’s not close to. others tend to find him hard to approach since he’s so tall istfg his responses can be short & they mistake his blank expressions/rbf as him judging them since they can’t really tell what he’s thinking by the look on his face.
⌗ park jeongwoo / 박정우
jeongwoo has absolutely no clue what he direction he wants to go in, so he hasn’t declared a field of study yet.
roommates with jaehyuk. junkyu’s had to drop by and tell them to knock it off on more than one occasion because they’ll get too loud without realizing it.
he’s on the basketball team with mashiho, but during the off-season you’ll probably find him goofing around on the field with some of the other people in the soccer club.
knows he has to pick a focused area of study sooner or later, but he’s not really sure what he wants. he’s kind of testing things & looking into a new focus every other week to try and find something that sparks his interests.
works part time at is probably on the verge of being fired from a cafe, but he’s usually only taking peoples’ orders, manning the register, or doing dishes. atm, his boss is just keeping him around since he makes up for his not-so-great coffee skills by bringing in a crowd, but he’s trying his best.
a bit of a social butterfly. despite not knowing what he wants to study just yet, the fact he’s made friends in several different departments has helped a lot. everyone on campus, regardless of their major, has probably seen jeongwoo lingering around their building once or twice, and whenever someone initiates conversation he’s always polite.
⌗ so junghwan / 소정환
junghwan’s still in high school & trying to decide what he wants to do in the future.
he’s sort of interested in a few different fields of study, but he wants to see what they’re like before he makes a final decision on what he’ll go into.
all his friends that have already graduated have been pestering him about going to the same university as them when the time comes for him to enroll.
though he’s not done with high school yet, several schools have already been keeping an eye on him & his potential. there’s been buzz about how some places want him in their sports programs; some are even talking scholarships.
he’s a full-time student as of right now. junghwan’s too busy studying for the college entrance exams to be working at the moment, but he’s a bright kid. his teachers are pretty sure he’ll pass with flying colors; they surely won’t hesitate to give him recommendations if he asks.
he’s probably asked jaehyuk or doyoung to help him study for his upcoming exams just to be prepared, but it’s somehow become a group-study thing because everyone else either tags along or invites themselves to the session. still, he’s grateful. they try to help him as much as they can & tell him not to worry so much since he’ll do just fine.
Tumblr media
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masterwords · 2 months
Tumblr media
Summary: Derek misses Hotch while he's working at the Seattle Field Office.
Pairing: Hotch/Morgan
Warnings: mentions of sex (not graphic)
Words: 1.7k
Notes: Pure, unadulterated cute. I sprinted out the entire barebones rough draft in 20 minutes and did my best to flesh it out but there just isn't a lot of substance here. It's just sweet, adorable, idiots in love...pwp but the cute no smut version.
“You've been gone for fourteen days...” Derek moans, spinning around in his chair. It's way too late to still be in the office, he knows, but it's the only time he gets to talk to Hotch who is 3 hours behind him in Seattle. The time difference feels surreal.
Short and fast, that was what they'd said. They needed someone to fill in and run the Seattle Field Office while they found a new leader, a week tops. They already had someone in mind. Except that person bailed, and now they're back at square one and well...the BAU has Derek to keep them in line, so Hotch has been over in the Emerald City for fourteen days and counting.
This isn't as bad as his station in Pakistan, but Derek had lulled himself into a false sense of security. It wouldn't happen again. That was an aberration. They'd tried to tap Hotch for Section Chief, and he always wound up right at his desk in the BAU like he belonged there.
But fourteen days...two weeks...that's when a short trip starts feeling an awful lot like something with real permanence.
“I think they've got their eye on someone,” Hotch says absentmindedly, pouring over a stack of employee evaluations that were turned in to him that day. He doesn't even know these people, he's just signing off on things. Putting his signature out there on things he can't exactly back up. It's not his usual prerogative, but these are desperate times. He's just a suit in a chair. Except he knows the truth...they love him here, they've wanted him back since he left and someone thought maybe bringing him here might remind him how much he loved this office too.
And he does. It's been a breath of fresh air being back in Seattle. But he can't live here, his family won't follow.
“I just want you home.”
“How has it been with you and Jack?”
“Great. He's great, he listens to me, we've been playing lots of games and eating lots of junk food...”
“What? When the cat's away...”
That's not true. Derek hasn't fed Jack any junk food, that's been all Jessica who stops at the grocery store every day before picking Jack up for school and brings them some kind of treat. Ice cream, candy bars, sugary breakfast cereal, She eats her feelings. She also doesn't like when you point that out.
“How much longer?”
“I don't know.”
Gifts started showing up in Seattle on the third day. Nothing major. Just lunch, a burger and fries delivered to Hotch's desk from The Athenian.
“Sleepless in Seattle?” Hotch texted and Derek sent back a little red heart. He had enough to take back to the hotel and eat for dinner as well, though it didn't make it that far in the end. He ate his dinner at his desk as well...one of those days.
Never one to be outdone, he made sure coffee and pastries were waiting for Derek when he arrived at work the next morning.
And so it went, each exchanging little gifts of food and flowers from three thousand miles apart. Hotch hadn't even considered what he would have to eat in forever, Derek had it scheduled every day like clockwork. Jessica called it twisted. “Here I am gaining ten pounds with all the ice cream I have to buy myself and you two are playing cross-country footsie. It's disgusting.”
The next morning there was a chocolate croissant and a coffee waiting for her at her desk. Neither of them told her who was responsible and it didn't matter, it made her day. She was in on the game.
Donuts were sent to Jack's classroom courtesy of Voodoo Donuts. Hotch had to make a trip down to Portland to meet with another SAC and figured why not. Jack's classroom would get a kick out of the wild colors and silly little voodoo doll shapes, and he got to spend an hour waiting outside in the rain in a line that stretched around the block. Some might grumble at that, but Hotch likes the rain and he loves not being cooped up inside of an office building. Sure, he was cold and miserable, but he was also happy. (And out quite a pretty penny when all was said and done, shipping a box of donuts across the country fast enough to keep them relatively fresh wasn't cheap.)
He got a hot drip coffee and a fresh maple bar for his troubles.
“Seventeen days...” Derek whines. He's temping his roasted chicken, which he should have put in earlier, he knows that dammit. He's angry when it's still ten degrees below where he needs it. That's at least another half hour, they're going to be eating late again. “I miss you.”
“I miss you too.”
A bouquet of bright orange tiger lilies shows up at his office around mid-morning on a day when Hotch has been feeling rather under the weather. He's had a headache for three days, the kind that makes your jaw tight and your teeth sing. It could be his sinuses or maybe dehydration, maybe it's just his body telling him it needs a rest. He hasn't had a day off since he arrived in Seattle, not really. They're no closer to finding someone to take over than they were the week prior, no one wants the job. The flowers make him smile in spite of the way his tight jaw clicks and groans like rusty old machinery.
“Thank you,” he says when Derek calls later. At their designated time. “The flowers are beautiful.”
“So are you...” Derek says quietly. “That tie looks nice. Is it new?”
“I found it at a little consignment shop on my lunch hour a couple of days – wait..”
He looks up, and in the doorway to the unit Derek is standing with another smaller bouquet of flowers in his hands. Peach and white peonies, the color of a sigh, the gentle color of a spring sunset. He looks like a kid ready for his prom date. Hope is smeared across his features.
“Twenty-two days...” he says, handing Hotch the flowers. “I know I shouldn't be here, but I thought sneaking into your hotel room and surprising you there might get me shot.”
“You're not wrong.”
Hotch shouldn't leave, he knows he has too much to do but he hasn't had a day off in twenty-two days and one night isn't going to cause irreparable damage.
The next day, when he calls in sick because his headache has reached its crescendo and he'd much rather lie in the hotel room with Derek all day than go sit at that desk. They make good use of room service, barely leave the bed. The view from the room is picturesque, a full and un-obscured view of the Puget Sound from over the top of the concrete jungle. Not even a crane gets in their way.
They drink their coffee on the balcony, smelling the briny air before heading back to the bed. They make love enough times that Hotch loses count, showering and sleeping and eating briefly between. He loses count, but he also loses the headache somewhere along the way and he'll take both of those things gladly. Twenty-two days apart had created a hunger in them that neither had realized until they were here sharing the same air, the same timezone, and this time (unlike Pakistan) there were no hard feelings to work through. Just making up for lost time the best way they knew how, with hands and lips and a Do Not Disturb sign hanging from the doorknob.
“So...what the hell is a consignment shop anyway?” Derek asks, still thinking about what Hotch said about his new tie while popping a strawberry into his mouth. Hotch hums and hunts for something to watch on the TV. They'll barely pay attention to it anyway but the noise is nice. It drowns out the way that neither one of them seems to be able to keep their inevitable moans in check. And why should they have to? It's been three weeks since they've even been in a room together, so if they get a little carried away between the sheets who can really blame them?
It isn't just about sex, they take short cat naps in their love-warm sheets and they do talk a little, too. Just enough. But they've been talking so much lately, it's all they've been able to do, that it doesn't feel very important. While they sit and visit over meals and drinks, Derek leans against Hotch, keeps one hand anchored on his thigh or his shoulder or his back at all times. And Hotch makes no attempt to break away. Time will do that for them soon enough.
“It's a secondhand store. I found something for you, too.”
Derek wears his new cashmere sweater back at Quantico when he returns from his whirlwind surprise trip and everyone notices. It's the color of rich, deep purple-almost-black plums and the way it sits against his warm skin is breathtaking. Penelope can't stop touching him. Running her hands up and down his arms. It even smells good.
“It smells like Hotch,” he says when she comments on it later. She purses her lips and doesn't really know what to say to that. She's rarely speechless.
“He really knows you.” She'd looked up the tag, gasped and nearly died of sticker-shock, and then tried to remind herself he'd purchased the thing secondhand. Or, he claimed to have anyway. She wouldn't put it past him to tell Derek that just to ensure that he wore the damn thing.
“I would hope so, after all this time.”
“How much longer? We all miss him. It's not fair, those stinky Seattle people get him and we're stuck here without our boss-man.”
Derek smiles and glances at his phone, ready for it to ring. Hotch said he'd be the one to call tonight. “Soon.”
“That's what you said last time.”
“And it's what I'll keep saying until it's true. Now get outta here so I can talk to my man in peace.”
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