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vanemando15 · 11 hours
A New Life
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pedro Pascal x Actor Reader
Word Count: 6k
Rating Mature - 18+ ONLY
Genre: angst 
A/n: It’s been a minute. I took a little break from writing. Life has been busy but as soon as I saw Pedro at the Oscars I immediately got inspired to write this fic. Thank you to the amazing @musings-of-a-rose for never allowing me to quit and helping me with this.
Warnings: Just like ao3, “creator chooses not to use warnings.” If you click Keep Reading, that means you agree that you’re the age to handle mature themes. Also by clicking Keep Reading, you understand warnings may not be complete in order to avoid spoilers for the story. 
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The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind. The apartment was pitch black. You had cried yourself to sleep as soon as you got in. After the emotional roaster that you had been on, you finally decide to get out of bed. Walking in a daze, on autopilot you made your way to the kitchen, where you realized that this was no longer how the home that it once was before. After making some coffee, you started packing all your stuff into luggage, waiting for your agent Chloe to come to help you. This time, there was no music pumping or him grabbing you to dance while you were cleaning or cooking. It was just you, alone, in a quiet apartment that you and Pedro once shared.  
After so many years spent together, now that it's over, you were left feeling confused and, honestly, lost.
Ring… Ring… Ring… 
Your phone was blowing up with text messages from Pedro.
Text Message - 11:29 a.m. Pedro - A, please answer me
Text Message - 11:30 a.m. Pedro - A, you left last night without letting me know. 
Text Message - 11:31 a.m. Pedro - A, I know you're upset but please answer me to let me know you're ok.
Text Message - 11:32 a.m. Pedro - Please answer me! I’m worried about you.
Text Message - 11:33 a.m. Pedro - I love you.
You angrily grab your phone and throw it against the wall, letting out your emotions with a loud scream.
“Anna! Are you ok? What happened?” 
Chloe, your agent, opens the door of the apartment and runs towards you, seeing you collapsed on the floor, chest heaving, and in tears. 
“You called me last night. Said that you were heading back from Calgary. Did something happen with you and Pedro? What happened? Why is Pedro calling me to see where you are?” 
Chloe brought you up from the floor and sat you down on the sofa as she went and grabbed some water to help calm you down. 
It was real. It really happened. All the hurt, all the pain was being turned into rage, bubbling up inside of you.
How can you move on from this?
Four years ago……
You never thought you'd give up your stable job in Miami to pursue acting. Being an award winning actress was something you'd always dreamed of, but taking the leap was never in the picture. When one of your good friends told you about an opportunity for a role in a show you took the chance and went to audition for it. They offered you the role on the spot, which was the final push you needed to give your dream a chance. After a couple of roles, you were excited when you got a small part in a new show called The Mandalorian. It wasn’t a major role, but you were to interact with the Mandalorian and bounty hunter, Din Djarin, who is played by Pedro Pascal. You had no clue who Pedro is, but you do know you're more than excited to be in a Star Wars series.
Prior to filming the scene, you were to meet up with Pedro to quickly run through your lines and placement. As you were preparing hair and makeup, he popped into the trailer to introduce himself. 
“Um, hi. Are you Anna?”
“Hi! Yes I am.”
“Oh hi! I'm Pedro. It's so nice to meet you.”
He extended his hand and as you were presenting yours a shock came between the both of you at the touch of his hand sending you jumping out of your seat.
“I'm so sorry! I guess I have too much static in my clothes."
He ran his hand through his hair nervously but covered with a beautiful smile that made your cheeks warm up.
“I just wanted to wish you good luck today and hope to talk to you more."
“Thank you for that. I hope so too."
As he attempted to walk out he slipped on the stairs to the trailer and hit his back on one of the steps. 
“Oh my God! Pedro, are you ok?" You went to go help him, but he quickly got up and acted like nothing had happened.
“No no no, I’m  good, I just wasn’t paying attention! See ya!” Embarrassed, he quickly left the trailer and shut the door. 
You smiled and giggled from just what had happened but carried on finishing hair and makeup before they called you up. 
After a long day of shooting, your scenes were done and finally were heading home where a bowl of cereal and a pair of pjs were calling your name. As you were getting closer to your car, you noticed a strange person pacing themselves back and forth by it. He was wearing thick square glasses with a dark blue long sleeve crew neck sweater, khaki shorts with colored stripe socks, and sneakers. If that didn’t give out sketchy stalker vibes then what will? The nerves started kicking in as you started reaching for your pepper spray inside your purse. 
From afar you started raising your voice to give a fair warning.
“Umm hello, whoever you are! I just want to let you know that I have pepper spray in my purse and I'm not afraid to use it?” 
“Hi Anna! It's me, Pedro."
Relieved but a little confused, you looked around expecting to see someone else. But the only people in the parking lot were you and Pedro.
“Ummm, hiiiii! Were you waiting here for me or someone else? Because I saw that you were walking back and forth by my car?”
“Shit, sorry to scare you like that. I mean yeah I was actually waiting for you”.
Taken back by what he just said “You were?”
He started laughing but in a cute flirtatious way. “Actually, I asked my assistant to ask when you were done filming so that I could track you down. I wanted to see if I could take you out for dinner."
Shocked, you let out a small chuckle. "Are you serious? Why me? Wait - how long have you been waiting for me?"
“Half an hour." He replied.
“Pedro, you should have gotten my number!" You laughed.
His fingers brush his mustache nervously .
“I think we clicked this morning and we hit it off when we were shooting. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you so I had to track you down."
“I think we hit it off as well. But next time get my number. Don't be getting all stalker mode.”
He let out the biggest laugh that made you smile.
“So is that a yes?” he asks as he puts on the cutest puppy face to try and convince you.
“Oh no, how can I resist that puppy face? Of course I would love to go out to dinner with you."
He took you to a Cuban restaurant in LA because you had mentioned to him during takes that you were home sick and missed your mom’s cooking. Not wasting any time you ordered a rum and coke as soon as the waiter came in. Not sure if this was a first date you were in sure need of liquid.
“Rum and coke?” Pedro asked.
“Yes, it's my go to drink and plus I'm a little nervous,” you replied. 
He chuckled “Nervous? Would it be weird if I'm kinda nervous too?.” 
Shocked and taken off guard you quickly lift your glass and chug half of your drink. 
Well this should be fun, you thought. 
“So tell me why are you single?” he bluntly asked you as he picked up his beer. He looked so relaxed asking you such a personal question.
“Straight to the hardcore questions I see, Mr. Pascal.” You jokingly tell him. 
“Life has been complicated for me and the cards never aligned with me. It’s hard to find someone to settle down with in this city.” you explained to him.
Pedro pushes his glasses back “Well….. maybe we can change that.” 
“Maybe we will.” as you looked at him while taking your drink. 
The night went on as the both of you were telling jokes, talking about each other's lives, interests and you come to find out that the both of you have a lot in common. Flirtation was on high alert between the both of you. 
While waiting for the check he popped open his phone and scooted close to you and brought you close to him. He turned on the camera of the phone and put the selfie mode and the both of you got together cheek to cheek and took a picture. 
“What is this for? Just in case you murder me and you have an alibi? Plus do you know that you are taking video and not camera?” you joked. 
“Oh crap I always do this wrong.” He quickly changes the photo mode and takes the picture. As he took out his wallet to pay the bill he presented his other hand to you and said “To answer your question I want to take a picture of us because it would be something that we can look back on as a reminder of our first date.” The biggest smile came from you as you believed he was hinting something to you.  
The two of you made your way through the neighborhood towards your apartment complex. 
You arrive at your doorstep, turn to him with a twisted smile, not sure what to do next. 
“Well this is my place. Thank you for tonight Pedro. I really had a good time tonight.”
Pedro smiled at you “I had an amazing night too, Anna. It feels good to go out with someone new that I can get to know and maybe more.” As he inches closer to you the keys from your purse slipped out as you were searching for them. Pedro grabbed them and his wrist accidently brushed your ankle and you instantly gulped, his touch made you weak in the knees.
He presents you your keys and his hand brushes your palm as he places the keys on your hands “I believe you need this.” 
“Clumsy me,” you blush. 
Pedro slowly approaches you once more “Just a little clumsy but it's cute.”
He places a soft short kiss and slowly retreats back a few inches and the both of you are stuck looking deep into each other's eyes. Without hesitation, you grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into an intense kiss. His energy matches yours by the roughness and gentleness that the both of you were having. He gently grabbed your neck and pulled you even more to him and the kiss grew to become more passionate. The both of you fall back against your apartment door. Your hands glide through his curls. You tease him by slightly biting his lower lip and in return he wanders his hands all over your body. The intensity was getting fierce between the both of you. When all of a sudden-
“Umm excuse me Miss?” The apartment complex security interrupted the moment. 
Your lips departed from his and the both of you started giggling as Pedro placed his chin on your forehead to brush out the embarrassment as the both of you waited for the security guard to leave.
Letting go of his hand, you placed a soft kiss on his cheek “I gotta go but thank you again. I hope for more soon.” 
You open the door, walk in and slowly turn back to him “Good night Pedro.”
Your life was never the same after that date. 
While your relationship with Pedro flourished, so did both of your careers. After the first season of The Mandalorian, Pedro went on to do several movies while you got several acting jobs that gave you the status per the tabloids of “Rising Stars to Watch”. After 2 years in the business you finally scored your big break in the role of a lifetime. You were cast as a series regular in Law and Order SVU. Filming for the show was done in New York which meant that you had to move from Hollywood to New York. This was a secret that you wanted to share with Pedro but you were waiting for the right time to share it with him. 
New Year's Eve 2019…
Pedro’s best friend Oscar invited you and Pedro to spend New Years with them in his apartment in New York. This was going to be the perfect opportunity to share the good news with Pedro. On the night of the party right before the clock struck 12, you pulled Pedro to the side and finally told him about the casting news and he couldn’t control his excitement. He grabbed you and twirled you around as the clock was striking 12 and in that moment he told you the words that you were waiting for him to tell you. 
“I love you A.”
You ran your hand across his little curl that was hanging in his face and you repeated the words back to him, “I love you.” and he gave you the most passionate kiss. 
He asked you to move into his apartment because he didn’t want you living alone when he had a place that he could share with you. Moving in with your famous boyfriend was a big step in your relationship but you felt that things happened for a reason so you accepted his offer to move in with him. 
One of the things that you loved and respected about Pedro was that he didn’t share his personal life events in social media. But he was so excited that he asked Oscar to take a picture of the both of you and in that moment, he posted the picture with a cop and heart emoji next to it. 
For the next three years, New York was your home for personal and work. Life for you was going exponentially well. Hard work was finally paying off when after two seasons you received your first Emmy nomination for your role in Law and Order. As your professional life was increasing in fame you were in an amazing relationship with an amazing man. Pedro was becoming the leading man in Hollywood with roles from The Bubble to The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and he became the top notch actor when he was cast in the leading role of a lifetime as Joel Miller in The Last of Us. 
Crazy schedules between the both of you became the new norm for the both of you. Even though you had gotten used to the hectic schedule, it was taking a toll on your relationship and the spark wasn’t there as it used to be. While he was in Calgary filming, you had decided to go visit him because you had the weekend off. You wanted to speak to Pedro about the concerns you had. 
It was a cold spring day when you arrived in Calgary. You had called his assistant to check his schedule so that you could surprise him. They led you to his apartment that he was staying at in Calgary and you just waited for him to arrive. It was going to be a while until he arrived so you took advantage and took a nap. 
The next day….
You were awoken by the sound of a key entering the door knob. You quickly react and look at your watch and it shows 6am the next day. What had turned out to be a couple of hours ended up being the next day. You were only going to be there 3 days and you just lost one whole day. 
As he walked towards the living room he saw you on the sofa and was shocked by your presence.
“Babe? What are you doing here?” 
Slowly getting up from the sofa, you gave him a kiss to greet him. “Well, I came to surprise you and I had asked your assistant what your schedule was and she had told me that it was only a couple of hours of shooting so I decided to wait here for you. I laid down and I fell asleep.” 
Pedro looked tired and just wanted to go to sleep. 
“Yeah we had a long shoot and we finished a couple of hours ago. I just came straight here.”
Bothered by his response “Did your assistant tell you that there was something for you at the apartment?”
“I mean they did but I didn't know it was you. Why didn’t you just call me?” 
“Well you barely called or text me today, Pedro, or I would have just told you.”
Pedro slumped himself into the sofa and didn’t look at you. It had been almost a month since the last time the both of you had seen each other. 
You got up and faced him: 
“Ok something is going on. Pedro, is something wrong with you? Are you ok?”
It was in that moment as tired as he was that he told you that he thinks that the both of you need space. He felt at the moment that with everything going between the both of you and careers that it was best that you take some time apart to concentrate on your careers. Asking when he came to that realization and he expressed that he had been thinking about it for a couple of months but didn’t want to break your heart and never had the moment to tell you. Unexpected by the words and really shocked that he wanted to end the relationship, you didn’t wait to react. You quickly grab your stuff and leave the apartment without saying a word to Pedro and head back to the airport to catch the first flight back to New York. 
You hadn’t shed a tear yet since the bad news and you were just building it up inside until you arrived at the apartment. 
Current day… 
“Ready to go A?”
“What? Umm yeah. I'm just grabbing my purse.”
Slowly passing your finger on the frame that held that selfie picture from your first date. The last tear you would shed comes down your cheek and was quickly wiped away as you place the frame back on the stand. 
“I’m ready. Let’s go Chloe, I need to get out of this place.”
Four years of memories all cramped into luggage. You took one last look at the apartment as you unclipped the apartment key from your keys and placed it on the table stand. Not leaving a note was the best thing you did. Before you shut the lights and closed the door, you took one last look and quietly said “Goodbye old life” and shut the door. 
3 months later ……
Award season had commenced and you were busy attending the majority of events. Solo of course. Pedro hadn’t mentioned to the media about the breakup and neither did you. Every red carpet you attended, when a question was asked about him, you would just lie and say he was busy filming in Calgary and that was the reason he couldn't attend. With every question that was asked about him, you would swallow your emotions and try your best to not let it get to you.
The Emmys finally arrived and it was the event you had been anticipating. It ended up being the best night of your life because you won the Emmy you were nominated for. While everyone was expecting Pedro to be there, you brought your assistant as your date to the awards show. Looking beautiful in a gorgeous gown, you walk up the stairs to the podium to accept your award. In your speech, you were able to thank everyone - friends, family, cast, and agent, but no mention of Pedro. You returned to your seat where you would look at your phone which had endless missed calls and text messages but the one text or call that you really wanted never came in. Disappointed as you were, it wasn't going to let you drag the night. Arriving back to your hotel at 4am from celebrating in the after parties, right before you jump into your bed, the phone dings with a new text message. When you take a look you were surprised by who it was:
New Text Message 4:30am - Pedro - “Congrats A! You deserve it. All my love. P”
The message was there staring back at you. Should you text back? Should you not? Every single question arises from this one text from him but in the end you shut the phone off and went to sleep. 
The next two months you were filming in Venice for a new movie with Bradley Cooper. Keeping busy keeps you focused and not thinking about Pedro. A month into filming you had seen Pedro’s instagram that he was also in Venice filming a new commercial for a video game. But while the temptation was there for the both of you, neither one texted or called each other to meet up. While the gossip columns were creating rumors that there was an off screen romance with Bradley Cooper, and that he was your rebound from Pedro, you were always to laugh when you would hear such ridiculous rumors. 
You were asked to be a presenter at the Oscars, which was an amazing and exciting opportunity for you. Looking your best was your number one priority. Valentino had called you up and wanted to dress you for the event which made you excited, but also more nervous about going. When they presented you a rough draft of the dress, you were amazed by the presentation of the dress and how it showed off all your curves, which was exactly what you were looking for. 
A week before you were told that the last batch of presenters were announced, lo and behold, Pedro Pascal is one of them. In the height of his fame, between all his projects, of course he would be a presenter. A knot in your stomach came about from the news.
Will he speak to me? 
Will he bring someone? 
Oscar Day…
Oscar prep day was mayhem. You spent the whole day prepping. Immense pressure was building up as this was a once in a lifetime event and you wanted to look your ultimate best. Nerves were starting to creep as you settled in behind the SUV. Your hands were slick with sweat from nerves of going to this and at the same time seeing Pedro for the first since the breakup. As the SUV arrived at the Roosevelt Hotel, you felt like throwing up. Not only were you nervous about being here, you were tormented by the fact of running into him after so much time. As the driver walks around to open the door, one word pops out as you slowly whisper to yourself.
The door is open and the whole audience looks at you and starts screaming and shouting your name. As you walked to the carpet you put on the biggest smile and wave to the crowd. 
Chloe had prepped you on what to do and where to go on the carpet. It felt like a video game that you had to battle through and get to the finish line. The finish line was the champagne carpet. Making your way through the red carpet, you took pictures with your fans and made your way through the interviewing portion. Still feeling overwhelmed and starstruck, the nerves kick into high gear when you arrive at your first reporter. The typical questions were asked:
“How are you doing?”
“Who are you wearing?”
“Who are you excited to see?”
The first two sets of interviews went by like a breeze. The champagne carpet was getting closer and closer as you finished each interview. No personal questions had been asked, but you were dreading the questions that would come from Entertainment Tonight. They would typically ask gossip questions and it wasn’t so much about the fashion. The interview started smooth:
“Anna, you look stunning. One of the best dressed of the night! I’m sure everyone’s jaws dropped as soon as you walked on the red carpet.”
“Well, thank you for that. It’s all the work of my amazing team that helped me get ready.” 
“Are we riding solo tonight?” - the question she was dreaded to be asked.
“Well, by date if you mean this nice Bulgari necklace that came along with the bodyguard then no I am not riding solo.” The interviewer laughed at your response and followed up with another question.
“Speaking of solo, there has been speculation that you and Pedro were possibly back together since the both of you are here today. Is that rumor true or should we put the rumor to rest?” 
You instantly cringed.
“Well I didn't know that he was coming tonight. Whatever happened between myself and Pedro is for us to keep private. It was a mutual decision to just stay friends. I am sure we will bump into each other tonight and we will be able to catch up. I know he has been busy the past couple of months so it will be great to see him.”
The reporter turned to the camera while you stared at her in the background “Well guys, there's a shot for you now. Good luck to all.” You giggled at her comment as she turned back to you.
“Before you go, I want to congratulate you on the movie you are doing with Bradley Cooper.” 
“Oh thank you.”
“I heard there was a romance. With everything that has gone with your personal life, how did you get ready for this role?” 
“With everything that has changed in my life the past year, whether professionally or personally, I have been able to use that experience and incorporated that into this role. Filming this movie has been a learning experience and being around veteran actors like Bradley has helped me become a better actor.”
“Well, that is going to be an amazing movie and I cannot wait to see it! Thank you so much and have a great evening.”
The interview concluded and a huge relief fell off your shoulders. The champagne carpet was next and then you are home free. The Champagne Carpet was just all photographers flashing lights and screaming your name to take different angles of you. Carefully, you walked to where there was a star placed on the floor which was where you were to stand. Everyone was completely mesmerized by your appearance. The stunning silk red beaded dress hugged all your curves. The dress featured a leg slit that was bound to make people’s jaw drop. To finish your look, you wore a matching necklace along with a pair of red stunner heels. As you posed for pictures, the paparazzi started screaming for your attention.
“Lady in red! Hey Anna over here!”
“Anna! Anna! Over here please!”
Feeling in the moment, you didn’t care who was calling your name. You made sure that every angle was taken of you and your gorgeous dress. 
As you were finalizing the last couple of shots, a change of phase was done and all of sudden the name you didn’t expect to hear was starting to be shouted. 
“Pedro! Pedro! Pedro!” 
With a smile on your face as pictures were taken of you, you just felt frozen and wanted to quickly get out of there. There he was, a few feet from you. You felt your blood was rushing from your head to your heart. Seeing him for the first time since the day you ran out of the Calgary apartment reminded you that whatever life you had shared with him in the past was just the past.
Taking a quick glance you saw him looking remarkably handsome. His hair was slicked back. He was wearing a fitted black tailored tuxedo with a white stand-collar shirt. Rings? Were those rings he was wearing? He reminded you of Dieter Bravo role with the rings. He had a ring on his left hand like a wedding band. Did he get married? Your chest started to compress on thinking that thought and not knowing if that was true. Did he come with a date? His wife? 
In a split second, you swallowed a sigh of relief.
“Javiera, big smile! What is it like coming with your brother?”
“Javiera! Pedro! Over here!”
Chloe noticed that you were trying to get out of there and quickly called your name before you cracked under pressure. You noticed from the corner of your eye that Pedro was starting to head to you and Chloe grabbed you so fast to take you out that Pedro didn’t catch your attention. 
“Anna, everything ok?” Your eyes wandered again back to Pedro as you saw him still taking pictures.
“Yeah I’m fine. Let’s go inside.” You nodded your head as it made you believe your flat out lie you were telling yourself. The last thing you wanted to do was to give the press newsworthy gossip. 
Luckily, they placed the both of you in different areas in the theater so there was no interaction between you. During the ceremony, you would engage and fangirl with all the celebrities that you met. Despite trying not to cross paths with Pedro, you had an overall good time at the ceremony. 
Few hours later, after the ceremony 
If there was an after party that one had to be invited to, it was the Vanity Fair party. You made your way through the carpet and into the party. Once you were given directions and you were inside the party, you headed straight to the bar to grab a drink.
“Rum and coke please?”
As you were waiting for a drink a strong hand grasped your wrist. You instantly turned and were taken back by who was in front of you. 
“Oh shit did I scare you? I'm so sorry.” Pedro directed you. 
Completely off guard, you grinned at him. In that moment, you really wanted to fall into his arms and give him the biggest kiss, but held back. Though you were still hurting from the breakup you were still in love with him. 
You laughed “No way! You didn’t scare me.”
He started getting giddy and sounded nervous as he complimented how you looked. As the place started getting crowded, Pedro moved closer to you.
“How have you been? I know we haven’t spoken since that day. I have been wanting to reach out but I figured you didn’t want to talk to me.” 
Looking directly into his eyes and not wanting to let your emotions out, you respond to his comment to be as real as it could get.
“I've been fine. Keeping myself busy with work.” 
“I noticed. Your movie with Bradley looks amazing. I’m really proud of you. You have come so far from being an extra on Mando.”
You gave him a meaningful smile. The music started getting louder and it was getting difficult to talk or hear each other. Pedro got even closer and now he was inches from your face. He slowly moved his lips over to you and whispered “I would like to catch up with you if that’s ok with you? Save me a dance ok?” 
It was clear both of you wanted each other.  As he gradually touched your arm a shock came across the both of you. 
“Ouch! Are you ok A?”
Rubbing your arm from that tingling sensation you laugh and smile at him.
“I guess we always shock ourselves.”
The party was electric. Champagne was flowing from wall to wall. Award winners were showing off their new accessory to everyone who was in attendance, while you enjoyed partying it up on the dance floor. Pedro was sitting close by and his eyes were on you as you danced with everyone in your vicinity. You knew he was watching, so you took the chance to dance the best way that would attract his attention. His close presence wasn’t going to let you ruin your night. The DJ was on point with the music that they were playing when all of a sudden the dj drops “Let’s Go Crazy.”
Shit, Oh no! This is one of his favorite songs!
Right when the first verse commenced, you felt a strong grip grab and turn you around.
“Can I have this dance?” You nodded. He grabs your wrist and pulls you into him. The both of you sway to the rhythm of the music. You place your arms around his shoulders, bringing you closer to each other. Everyone is for sure looking at the both of you. As the music continues, both of you had your eyes locked on each other. Things were heating between the both of you. His lips looked so delicious and you want to take a bite of it. The tension between you was orgasmic, making you breathless when the song abruptly ends.   
“Can I kiss you?” He asks. You nod your head up and down. He lays his hand on your side and brings you closer and places his lips on yours. It had been seven months since you last kissed him and yet this kiss felt like the first time he kissed you on that first date. 
Backing away from him you realize this was wrong. 
“I miss you A,” he quietly told you.
Seemingly confused, you let go of hands. He was probably talking nonsense. It was clear that the both of you wanted each other and alcohol was not helping the situation. He inched closer towards you again and glided his hand down your back, his fingers warm where your skin was exposed, pulling you closer to try and kiss you again. 
“I can’t do this.” 
Picking up your dress, you headed outside to get some air. The air felt crisp as you placed your hands on the edge of the balcony rail looking out to the flashing LA lights. Your chest started compacting. Breathing was becoming shorter. The lights were starting to become extremely bright and you were losing sense of what was going on with you and started to feel like you were going to faint. 
Were you losing your mind? 
Were you having a panic attack? 
Did you drink too much? 
Don’t make a scene at the Oscars. You can’t be on the front page. 
Placing your hand on your chest, you quickly tried to calm yourself when suddenly Pedro saw and quickly ran towards you. 
“Hey, hey! Look at me. It’s me. It’s me. Breathe, baby girl! Breathe, baby girl!” He slowly placed his hands on your cheeks as you looked into his eyes to calm down. The breathing started to slow back down, the flashing lights started to dim and come back to normal. Pedro grabbed you carefully and sat you down as he went to grab you some water. After a couple of breaths, you felt reality slowly coming back to you. 
He hands you the glass and sits next to you. 
“Are you ok?’’ 
You nodded. 
“What happened? Did I do something wrong? Was it the kiss?” 
“No, no. The kiss was ….” you paused and turned to look at his gorgeous face. “It was amazing. It reminded me of when we first kissed. But it just felt wrong.”
He slowly grabs your hands and your fingers intertwine with his. 
“I miss you, A. What I did was a mistake. I shouldn’t have let you go.” His eyes are pleading and wide just like a lost dog wanting to be loved again. 
Your heart starts to race. “P, I don’t think I can do this again.” 
“Why not?” As he continued to plead to you. “You don’t love me anymore? That kiss that we had back there showed me that there is still something between us. Don’t you want that again?” 
“Pedro, you decided to end this relationship. When I came back to New York I cried for you. I didn't know what to do or how to feel about myself.” Your heart starts racing even more and the tension is rising but you didn’t want to make a scene in front of people, so you hold yourself together. 
“Look. I didn’t come to this event hoping to see you after all this time. I just can’t deal with this. You're just too late Pedro.”
As you start to walk away from him, he grabs you once again. “You don’t mean that A,” he tells you with his glossy eyes. “I wasn’t thinking right when I told you that.” He doesn’t make eye contact with you. “I was just tired and overwhelmed by everything going on with my life. This show is brutal and kicking my ass but I want it to be perfect. I just lost myself in it. Everyday I woke up and I felt out of place. I feel empty inside and it's because you aren’t with me.” 
Visually upset, you rush towards him. “P, you could have talked to me, told me how you feel. I could have taken days off from the show to be together. But you didn’t do that. You just decided not to be with me. Four years! Four years of growing and experiencing life moments together and all for what? I don’t want to be with someone that can’t be open and then leaves them high and dry when things become difficult. I just can’t do that and I'm done with this.”
Wanting to get out of there, you quickly pick up your dress and started heading back towards the party, when you feel a hand pulling your shoulder around, spinning your whole body the opposite direction. His lips pushed against yours and his hands rested on your cheeks. You pull back after what felt like an eternity and look at his face. What you saw were sad eyes that made your heart ache. “A, I need you, I love you and I’m sorry.” You just needed to say it back. 
Say it. 
Say it.
You need him, you love him and you forgive him. 
But you don’t want to get hurt again. You slowly give his hands a slight squeeze and let them go.
“I love you P but I just can’t.” Your voice cracks as a tear finally gives way and slips down the side of your face as you walked past him, leaving Pedro all alone in the balcony as you disappeared into the crowd.
General Taglist
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lucy90712 · 2 days
Hi love!
I saw your requests were open so I wanted to make a little request for pedri x reader where the reader she is the photographer of the team and she’s newly hired and lets say pedri is an f boy and they have some sort of affair during the champions league or something ( I know Barcelona isn’t in the champions league but just for the sake of the imagine) and she’s supporting him throughout all the completion but he keeps her hidden from the public eye and once the competition is over, or the season is over, pedri never finishes things w reader and is out and hanging out with another girl and the reader feels very used and just pure angst! Something a little sad please!!
A/n: decided to make this a headcannon as I was really struggling to write it as a fic also I added a little plot twist at the end 
Warnings: mentions of sex (no smut)
wc: 780+
- getting to do photography for a football team had been your dream job since starting to take photos professionally so when you got bored by Barcelona it was a dream come true 
- all of the players were really nice when you joined but Pedri was always the nicest and tried his best to make you feel at home 
- people warned you that he had a reputation as a fuck boy but he was so sweet to you that you couldn't see how he got that reputation 
- after the first champions league match you and Pedri hook up for the first time and you talk about becoming a thing but not putting a label on it just yet which you were fine with as you wanted to take things slowly anyway 
- never did you think about what people said about Pedri as you couldn't imagine that he could be so manipulative to treat you so well and then drop you so you just thought that he had changed and was ready to settle down with a real relationship 
- throughout the champions league you go to every match even when you don't need to just to support him 
- you keep things out of the public eye completely which means no affection in public places which you don't mind because Pedri always seems to make up for it in private
- the one thing that bothers you is that he also doesn't tell his friends and tells you not to tell anyone that you don't really trust which annoys you because you want to be able to tell people about the relationship and how lovely Pedri actually is 
- when the big matches come about the two of you always celebrate together back in your hotel and each time is better than the last but as much as you like the sex you just like getting to be around Pedri as he makes you feel so happy and loved 
- after the team win the celebrations go late into the night and you don't see much of Pedri but when it came time to leave he finds you and brings you back to his hotel room for a different kind of celebration 
- that night he is less romantic and affectionate but you don't think anything of it as you out it down to him being full of adrenaline still 
- the next morning before you leave to go back to your hotel Pedri breaks things off between you which shatters your heart within an instant as you really thought that he might be the one you spend the rest of your life with 
- after a few days of staying home crying your friends convince you to go out with them and let loose so you agree despite not really wanting to go 
- at the club you see Pedri making out with another girl like nothing had changed and it made you feel even worse 
- suddenly you understand what people said about him because it becomes clear that he used you to have someone to support him through the tournament but once it was over he dropped you like those months together meant nothing 
- fuelled by sadness and anger you start to talk to Gavi in hopes to make Pedri jealous but after talking for a while you didn’t care about Pedri anymore 
- Gavi quickly became your boyfriend and because Pedri never told anyone about the two of you Gavi didn’t think twice about dating you even though you mentioned that things happened between the two of you 
- when you first hang out with the team as Gavi’s girlfriend Pedri is actually hurt for once as he broke things off with you because he felt himself falling for you and he didn’t like that but seeing you with his best friend made him regret not letting himself settle down with you 
- it takes a while for Pedri to accept the fact that you are with Gavi but he knows he has to because he was the one that let you go and he can see that Gavi makes you really happy 
- you will forever be the one that got away for Pedri and occasionally he will think about what life would have been like if he never called things off but instead he has to watch you be happy and love your best life with Gavi
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pbnmj · 2 months
Tumblr media
when will marvel hire me so i can finally make the greatest spider-to-spider communication of all time canon
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thebleedingeffect · 5 months
Okay sadly probably no writing for tonight the phil lore is making my brain spin so hard and I only have the mental capacity to play minecraft smh
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chaethewriter · 1 month
You're dead to me [2]
dad!Jake Sully x human!daughter!reader
Tumblr media
In which Jake Sully leaves his life on earth to settle down with the Omatikaya people as Toruk Makto. Having a family that consists of four kids with Neytiri, everything seems to work out just fine, but what if the past comes back for him? And his babygirl is right there in front of him?
warning: english isn't my first language, daddy issues, idk how one lives with zero gravity, barely proofread
Word count: 2,3k
previous chapter
next chapter
What actually took six years didn't feel like that to you at all. One moment you closed your eyes as you were put into cryosleep and after what felt like one second passed, you got woken up from your deep slumber. The claustrophobic space you are in makes something inside of you itch. Good thing you were into cryosleep, you couldn't have survived sleeping in this tube every night for six years in a row. Once your tube was pulled out of the wall, you immediately feel yourself floating. So this is what space felt like.
"Drink and eat lots, since you will feel very weak!", a loud voice echoes through the room as one by one everyone left their cryosleep. You float through the room with a smile on your face as you hold onto handles, lockers, anything to keep your balance. An excited scream could be heard from behind you, it was your friend Raja. "You are not dead I see," she jokes as she floats towards you, her arms wide open to invite you in a hug, "this is honestly insane, I can't believe that we are actually doing this!" You wrap your arms around you as you share her excitement, "I know right? We worked so hard for this, I can't believe this is happening." You met Raja on your first day being at the resistance base. She shared her passion for nature with pride and you always admired her for this. A cough is heard behind your back and Raja looks over your shoulder to see who it was, "Seb!" she squeals as she carefully gets out of your hug, floating towards their other friend to engulf him in a hug. You watch as Raja and Seb share their excitement with each other. They really didn't age at all while being in cryosleep, such an interestingly concept it was. You float towards them, holding onto Seb's shoulder to keep your balance and not pass out, because damn they were right. You feel so tired and weak. If you weren't in space right now you probably would have fallen to the floor. Your limbs felt like cooked noodles, you really needed to eat. "The trio is back at it again to cause havoc!!" Seb ruffles your head, your hair tangling in between his fingers as he did so. The three of you were the inseparable trio. While you had a group of friends you hung out with, you three always just stuck together like glue. It may have been the fact you bonded over being reckless warriors, thriving on the thrill and action, or the fact all three of you were top students, but that doesn't matter. Raja and Seb are your partners in crime til death do you all part. The two are engaged in a deep conversation, but you didn't bother to listen or chime in. You wanted to explore, and see what you worked your entire teenagehood for. Grabbing onto the handle against the walls, you made your way towards the huge window, were also most of the crew was floating around. You had to see this for yourself, you had to believe it with your own eyes. What if you were still dreaming?
"Excuse me, Pardon me!", still not used to not having any gravity, you keep bumping into other warriors. A 'watch where you're going!' was screamed your way, but you paid no mind to it as you had more important things to do. Floating past the last person that kept you from seeing outside, your eyes immediately widen at the beauty that lay in front of you. A planet, looking exactly like earth, right in front of you. It was beautiful, the true meaning behind mother nature. You bring your hand towards your cheek to pinch yourself, was this real? Were you truly experiencing this? When you pinched yourself so hard, leaving a red mark on your skin, and you didn't wake up you knew this was real. You were knocked out of your senses pretty quickly, as everyone was told to dress up, eat and get together in the common area. Where that was? No idea, but what you knew is that you were excited as hell. You basically swam through the air towards the lockers, where your supposed gear would be. The sight was probably incredibly silly, you thought, you probably looked like a swimming frog. Yet you didn't care about the stares that were given you. The only thing on your mind was to see Pandora with your own eyes— not out of books, notes you had to read, or drawings. You left without telling Seb or Raja, but you would probably find them, considering you're going to the same destination and those two definitely weren't to miss.
You float past all the lockers with nameplates, looking for your name. You were told that they were in alphabetic order. Last name. You could never escape him, could you? You proceed to float, using the lockers to pull yourself up and speed up towards the lockers that start with 'S'. Upon floating in front of the name that haunted you every day, you sigh and slam the locker open. Clothes sealed in recycled plastic, a pair of shoes, and an oxygen mask. Fortunately, it wasn't those old aquarium-like masks. When you learned about those you thought they were ugly as hell: a head in an aquarium. Those were designed like gas masks. Was that the best way to explain them? They only covered the mouth and nose part to breathe properly, it didn't cover the entire face anymore. You flash a skeptical expression towards the clothes in your arms. They were dark colors, dark colors in a hot amazon-like forest? If it were up to you, you wouldn't have chosen a little more, bare, clothes. For the sweat to at least dry up and not soak in the clothes. "Weird choice of clothes, right?", Raja appeared next to you, out of the blue, making you flinch. You quickly managed to cover it up and compose yourself, "I'm gonna end up looking like a crab while fighting a villain, kind of embarrassing." she laughs at your reply and grabs a hold of your forearm, "come on let's go change. Seb already went to change!" And with that, your friend pulls you with her. Changing your clothes was kind of awkward. The room was a big space where all women changed next to one another. It gave PE class vibes. You felt sticky and disgusting as you changed out of the clothes you wore for six years. Wearing fresh, clean clothes is always better than nothing. The material feels nice against your skin, and very cooling. As you look in the mirror, fixing every detail to look as neat as possible. You roll your sleeves up just a tad bit and tried to loosen the corset-like clothing piece around your upper body. It doesn't look exactly like a corset, but it's one of those clothing pieces that have a corset built into it. The mask is hanging against your hip, ready to be used 24/7 once you stepped foot on Pandora. The pants were a little wide thankfully, enough space to move into. "What is it with the corset though? Who wears a corset while fighting?" "Maybe it's bulletbroof or something?"
After this whole ordeal in the dressing room with some people whining about the clothes being too hot, while others were second guessing if the outfit was nice to fight in, you finally made your way towards this common area. There everyone was awkwardly sitting, what one could call sitting in space. Everyone was given a granola bar to snack on and a sealed bag with a sweet drink in it. You leaned against Seb, as you were too tired to use your strength to hold onto anything. Eating the bar and sipping from the overly-sweetened drink, you listened to the peptalk your superiors were giving you all. It was something about protecting Pandora, RDA and the forest Na'vi, but you really were too tired to listen. It was most likely the talk they did every time before you went into cryosleep. If you missed anything you could just ask Raja or Seb about it.
What almost felt like a decade to you, actually took just a few hours before you finally landed on Pandora. During the landing all, maybe twenty of you in total, were seated as you braced for impact. It wasn't too bad, it was like a plane landing. Before the doors opened, the duffel bags you took with you were placed on your laps. For your instance, the bag with the wrapped katana you got from your lieutenant was handed to you. You put your mask against your face, pressing it down and securing it as you breathe in the oxygen from the earth. Red lights flash through the area you're in with the others as the secured door lowers to the Pandorean ground, revealing the beauty of mother nature. You rise from your seat as your seat belt was already unclasped. Without waiting any longer, you rushed to the outside world in a heartbeat. Watching your surroundings, it seems like you landed on the resistance base. Unlike the RDA base, which you saw during your learning process, this one was more integrated with mother nature rather than destroying it to make space. It was so organic, so natural. A team was already waiting for your arrival, all standing in a row as you lock gazes with a Na'vi. Unlike the things you were taught about Na'vi clothing, this one was wearing human clothes. Could this be what one would call an avatar? The same situation your dad was also in? You start thinking he was your dad, but it didn't look like him at all. You knew avatars were supposed to look like their 'owners'. Even though it was supposed to be your dad's brother's avatar, they were twins. One would ask 'you don't know what your dad's avatar body looks like?', but honestly as you said many times you tried to pull away from the hauntings Jake Sully got you. The insecurities, and issues you got from his betrayal, his departure. It truly hit you like a truck. Questions would pop up like:
Were you enough?
Was there something wrong with you?
Why didn't he come back to you?
You couldn't take talking about your dad's new life. Selfish one may call it, then you were selfish in their eyes. You didn't care. Wanting your dad, is that selfish? Missing your dad, is that selfish? Angry because your dad wanted a new life without you, is that selfish? You yearned for him, yet despised talking about him. That's why you don't know what he looks like, what he is up to. You just know his history: put into the avatar body from his brother to follow military orders. From only caring about getting a paycheck to protecting the natives. He was crowned with the name Toruk Makto as you were taught. Mated to Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at'Ite, daughter of the Olo'eyktan and Tsahik. When you first heard about this, you felt sick to your stomach. Reality hitting you even harder at age thirteen. It was already bad enough to know your dad left you, but also getting to know that he settled down while you spent your time waiting for him? You remember running out of the classroom when a superior taught you this information. This was also how you got in contact with Raja and Seb. They comforted you while everyone else thought of you as weird, weak. They were the first people, besides the superiors that came in contact with you, that came to know about your dad being Jake Sully, about the struggles you got after he left. Yet, they didn't laugh at what you thought was exaggerating. They listened carefully to your words as the tears rolled down your cheeks.
'We were attached to the hip, what went wrong?'
'Did I make him unhappy?'
'Was I too much for him?'
'Was he looking for something more rather than being a single dad?'
You spilled your insecurities to them and they never uttered a word about it to someone else. You will be forever grateful for them. You were so lost in thoughts, getting slightly emotional at all these thoughts about your dad, until a hand rested on your shoulder, "and last but not least, you must take her with you. She's our best warrior, Norm. She will need to stay on the battlefield, closest to the war." So Norm was his name. A pretty goofy one if you had to be honest. The avatar named Norm stood at least 10 feet tall as he looked down at you, literally. You just reached around his crotch area, which is kinda embarrassing because imagining running into his front. Hopefully, he likes to travel in his human body more. "Then that's settled, Oel Ngati Kameie." His hand rested against his forehead, slowly bringing it down to his chest. You flashed him a kind smile in return, ready for whatever adventure you will come across, "Oel Ngati Kameie."
But only if you knew.
"They have arrived, they will help us."
"They're sky demons! All the same!"
"I used to be one as well, yet I had a change of heart. Please accept the help they will offer us, for our people, for our family, our fortress." his hands grip hers, intertwining their fingers as he spoke to her in private, away from the children. He opened his mouth again, pressing his forehead against hers, "please, Ma Neytiri."
A/N: first of all, thank you all so much for the positive feedback. I honestly didn't expect it I'm gonna be fr😭 it gave me enough motivation to write part 2, so here it is, earlier than expected. I hope you enjoyed <3
also i hope no one noticed me accidentally posting the draft cause that was silly
Taglist (I couldn't find everyone):
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queenimmadolla · 6 months
hope you're taking requests cause hear me out: what about reader waking up from a nap and eddie goes to hug her and realizes that she's really angry because she had a nightmare where he cheated on her with another girl. He's like wtf and she's like yeah you know what you did asshole (except he doesn't). Pls i am so in love with joseph quinn that i've been thinking about this all day 😩
I can't blame you, I think about him all day, too. This one was quite easy for my fingers to runaway with. Hope you like it!
Tumblr media
𝐈𝐧 𝐌𝐲 𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐬
(Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader)
warnings: little bit of angst, imagined infidelity, plenty of comfort and fluff.
Tumblr media
Your eyes glare daggers at the back of Eddie’s head, simultaneously willing him to look at you while also kind of wanting his hair to spontaneously combust into flames. You were curled up on his bed, bundled up in blankets with your head pressed into one of his flat ass pillows. You’d been awake for a good ten minutes, having ‘accidentally’ fallen asleep when Eddie brought you over after school and you immediately settled into his bed with the excuse that you were simply resting your head and would not fall asleep on him, fully knowing that was your intention from the moment you’d sealed your fate last night and watched The Dark Crystal again. You’d stayed up until almost 3:00 a.m. to finish it. But it wasn’t your fault! You couldn’t be blamed, it was due back at Family Video and your mom planned on dropping off the rentals on her way to work so you had to squeeze in one last watch, for Fizzgig.
You were regretting it now as a mixture of anger and anxiety swirled deep in your stomach, you’d had a bad dream, a nightmare. Not anything gory or violent, although you thought you may have preferred to have Freddy make a shish kabob out of you or even Jason shanking you with his machete, anything over seeing Eddie cuddled up with a girl who most definitely wasn’t you. The longer you stare at the back of his head, at the frizzy mess of curls while he scribbles fervently in his DnD notebook on the ground, back leaning up against the bed, the more you think about the evil scene you’d been forced to witness in your own damn dream. It felt so real, and you hated it.
You’d been on your way out of the school, easily maneuvering through the crowd also headed for the school entrance to flood out into the parking lot where you knew Eddie would be waiting for you by his van. Only he wasn’t waiting for you. He had Roxy Campbell—the pretty, stupid Volleyball player who made her interest in Eddie ridiculously clear despite the fact that he was yours—pressed up against his van. It was obviously an intimate moment, you could see her stupid, pretty blue eyes staring coyly up at him through her lashes as he pressed his forehead to hers, whispering something that made the corners of her lips curl up into a flirtatious smile as she reached a finger, you wanted very desperately to break, up to twirl a lock of his hair around before she grasped the back of his head and yanked him down to meet her in an open mouthed kiss.
Your eyes had shot open the moment you had felt your dream heart plummet from its place in your chest to a deep, dark cavern you didn’t know existed in you. Your actual heart was beating wildly, tears already prickling at your waterline regardless of having just woken up. And despite your biggest fear coming true in a hellish nightmare, your Eddie wasn’t making out with Roxy by his van. Yet.
You’d allowed yourself to just lay there as your anger brewed, mind racing with various scenarios regarding what the dream could have meant; all of them coming to the conclusion that Eddie fucking sucked. The girls on the Volleyball team were well known for their asses, mainly because of those ludicrously tight, booty shorts they wore, but your ass was significantly better than Roxy’s and you both knew it. Along with being with Eddie, it was one of the reasons why she despised you and you were proud of that. So why would Eddie want her instead of you?
Think of the devil, Eddie glances over his shoulder, his dumb beautiful, baby cow eyes lighting up the moment he realizes you’re awake.
You scowl back and hiss out, “Bitch.”
Then you yank the blankets up just below your nose and roll onto your other side, leaving your back to him.
Eddie’s mouth drops open, eyes wide in disbelief at the sudden anger you were directing at him. The fuck did he do?
“Excuse me?” He closes the notebook, before tossing it and his pen aside as he stands and leaps onto the bed. You pay him no mind, scowl deepening as you’re jostled by his actions. Eddie doesn’t let that stop him; despite how tense you forced your body to be, he drags you into his arms, attempting to cuddle you.
“I didn’t quite catch that, wanna repeat it for me?” He mumbles, nuzzling his face into your neck as he presses a kiss just below your jaw. You refuse to budge, aware that he’d heard you in the first place. When you don't respond, Eddie just keeps pressing kisses to your skin, nose brushing up against your neck as he begins to trail kisses up towards your ear. “I said say that again, baby.”
But you refuse to comply, it was obvious he was daring you to repeat your insult, goading you to give him a reason to snap. Normally, you loved to play his games, but you weren’t in the mood now.
“‘Lemme alone, don’t act like you don’t know.” You demanded, voice muffled by the blankets but you knew he heard you when he went taut and then he pulls away, a ring covered hand grabbing your shoulder to press your back to the mattress, forcing you to stare up at him.
Eddie’s eyebrows were pulled together in exasperation as he glowers down at you. In any other circumstance, you’d find him and your current position ridiculously hot but right then you could only feel satisfaction at having got on his nerves. Serves him fucking right.
“Okay, what the fuck is your problem?” Eddie cuts straight to the point. He’d tried playing nice, but he knew you; knew you wouldn’t succumb to his seduction, encouragement or coaxing and he knew he didn’t have the patience to wait around for you to eventually tell him what had you so upset because you were prone to holding everything in, happily hanging on to any grudge you could develop, so there was a legitimate chance that you’d just never tell him and hold it against him instead of working it out. You loved to self-sabotage but he wasn’t about to let that happen.
“You!” You lower the blankets, reaching a hand to push him off of you. Eddie was much stronger than you, though. He didn’t budge, still glaring down at you as you try to wiggle away.
“Me?” Eddie’s annoyance morphs into confusion, nose scrunching up as his eyes squint, “What did I do?”
“You kissed her!” This time when you shove at him, Eddie’s body gives away, he allows you to scurry off the bed, though you didn’t do much but crawl towards the dresser, back pressed up against it as you turned to face him, expression still set in a scowl. Despite your current brattiness, Eddie couldn’t help but think about how fucking cute you looked all worked up. Your hair was a mess, but that just made him want to tangle his fingers in it, and your lips were pursed in a pout that he was fighting to not kiss away.
Speaking of kisses, “What?! What are you talking about? I haven’t kissed anyone but you!”
“Roxy!” You spit out, body heating up with your anger.
“I have never, ever kissed Roxy. Nor do I want to, where is this coming from?” Eddie moved to sit on the edge of the bed, legs spread out as he leans his elbows on them, watching you with careful eyes.
“You kissed her in my dream,” you knew the moment you said it, he’d probably think you were being irrational but you didn’t care. He wasn’t the one that had to imagine the person he loved kissing someone else.
Eddie’s exasperation returned, “You’re mad at me for something I did in your dream?” See? You knew it! He was making it seem like you were being childish and maybe you were but, again, you didn’t fucking care!
“How am I supposed to control that?! It was just a nightmare!”
“If it was a nightmare, then why did it hurt my feelings?” You snap back and Eddie softens, he had chalked this all up to you being bratty but it was obvious to him now that you were genuinely upset about it. He could see how glossy your eyes were, and now he could make out the hurt beneath the rage. You’d had a nightmare about something you were insecure about, you were hurt by a version of him—trusting and loving all versions of him—so you lashed out and here he was being an asshole instead of comforting you.
“Dreams mean things, Eddie! This one was a-a bad omen! Or something! Clearly, you want her or you’re interested in her, or there’s some sort of underlying issue!”
“Oh, there’s definitely an underlying issue,” Eddie sighs and stands, making his way over to crouch near you and you tensed further, like you were waiting for him to confirm that you were right and that makes him feel even more guilty, “the love of my life believes there’s a chance that I’d want someone else when I’d rather die and go to my own personal hell where I’m forced to watch a cheer squad composed of clones of Principal Higgins’ in a pep rally, that never ends, than be without her.”
You want to be angry, you really do because the moment your anger is gone you’ll just feel silly but you can feel the tension easing away from your body and you play with your fingers, refusing to meet Eddie’s eyes, “. . . Really?”
Eddie hooks a finger under your chin, tilting it until you’re forced to look at him and you can see the sincerity and love in those pretty, chocolate eyes. You’re positive you’re melting. “I’m in love with you, only you. Told you I’m gonna marry you someday, and I mean that. Besides, Roxy tries to steal Jonathan’s seat in front of me during History sometimes and I’m now keenly aware that she doesn’t wear deodorant or any alternative so I promise you, baby, she is not and has never been your competition. No one compares to you. Even if she did smell decent, you’re the only person I’ll ever want, ‘kay?”
You launch yourself at him and both you and Eddie go crashing to the floor behind him, though he breaks the fall for you, arms winding themselves around your waist to hold you tight against him as you pepper kisses all over his face. When you pull away, you admire the kiss stains, left behind by your lipstick, that map his face and he’s staring up at you, looking absolutely love sick, if he were a cartoon character, his pupils and irises would be heart shaped. You were wrong; Eddie doesn’t suck. He’s the most loving boyfriend to ever exist, and he’s yours. And your Eddie, in the flesh, is better than any Eddie that can exist in your dreams.
“I love you.” You smile, leaning down to nuzzle the tip of your nose against his before giving it a kiss.
Eddie’s hands finally get to tangle in your hair as he angles you down for a kiss, if it can even be called that. He’s smiling too much for you to even do it properly but you don’t really mind. “And I love you. I’d fuck up that other Eddie though, no one hurts my girl’s feelings and gets way with it.”
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raribella · 8 months
dream a little dream of me | e.m
summary: Robin and Nancy realise that you are suddenly avoiding sitting at the D&D table where you usually sat, and someone else gets to hear about your very steamy reason behind it.
pairing: Eddie Munson x fem!reader
genre: suggestive goofy fluff
involves: reader being a pining MESS, a wet dream and some descriptions of it, suggestive ending, some teasing coming from Eddie.
word count: 2k
note: my first Eddie Munson fic is finally out! I wrote this between yesterday morning and today, and, I clearly did get carried away, as I said before I didn't intend for this to be longer than 800 words. I tried to finish and post this as fast as I could because your excitement got me excited! And I got honestly pretty proud of it, so please do tell me what you think. Mwah! 🫶🏼
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You inhaled sharply, holding your breath a little as you entered the cafeteria. Scanning the place with your eyes, you found the usual, daily 40-minute chaos every student was allowed to – each social group was at their usual sits, some also divided from freshmen to seniors. And while you let a long huff of air out through your mouth, your eyes met with his figure, putting his tray dramatically on the Hellfire table – your usual table –. You felt like holding air onto your lungs all over again, or at least running to the closest bathroom, if not away from school itself. You desperately wanted to call in sick and run away from Eddie Munson, that was your provisional solution.
It felt all so real, the way you felt under him as he slowly and lovingly ran his hands through your soft, warm skin. The tips of his fingers were slightly calloused from all the guitar playing and they provoked goosebumps as he layed his beautiful hands on your belly. His perfectly plump lips added soft little moist spots in between your breasts as he layered kisses in there. His hair was tickling your neck and your legs were starting to tangle in each other.
Your eyes were tightly closed, and as you forced them open in an attempt to come back to your reality while starting to walk back around the tables with your own tray in your hands, you caught a glimpse of Robin and Nancy talking at a separate, small table. You were quite literally just about to walk past them in the direction of Hellfire, but in an outburst and with your heart racing, you walked a few steps back and threw yourself on a bench, sitting beside Robin. "Hi! hey, you guys I haven't seen you here! how's everything going?” Your voice sounded higher than normal, squeaky even, and you didn’t give your girlfriends any time to answer. “Nancy, you got your cover published, right? I’m so, so happy for you! How are you feeling?" though trying to feign any normality, you babbled all too quickly, both girls looking stunned at your sudden entrance, Robin frowned her eyebrows and glanced at Nancy, who was already looking at her with her own eyebrows arched and wide eyes. You noticed while your friends were having a tiny little debate through stares, and Nancy turned back at you. "y/n, why..." she pressed her lips together in a friendly smile "why are you sitting here? as in why aren't you at the hellfire table? I really don’t mean to be rude but… We don’t normally talk at lunch."
You almost winced. Fuck! You just can't be near those boys right now, you couldn't look at Eddie while he acted discourses, entertaining and basically ruling everyone at that table, not after last night. See, you screwed yourself when, in those typical situations, you dreamt about your friend who was starting to look a tiny bit cuter in your eyes. Except it wasn't simply any dream. You had a wet dream with your best friend who was starting to look cute in your eyes.
Damn it. His breath felt hot in your collarbones while your own was starting to sound gasped, both getting heavier by the second, the air getting thicker as you crossed that fine line between friendship and something else, as Eddie kissed that fine line away and you held back moans to hide how good it felt to finally do it.
Robin noticed a pang of guilt in your eyes as you turned back from a quick – but not so discreet – stare at your geeky friend group. "listen, I just- today. I just can't! I just can't look at Eddie!" you whispered the last part, still emphasizing it. Nancy turned her head slightly to the side as Robin couldn’t help her brain to process things way too quickly for her own good, she snapped “did you guys have a fight?!” 
“No!” You nearly screamed right back at her, starting to feel overwhelmed. It’s not that you didn’t trust your friends enough to tell them about this, though since she got with Jonathan Nancy tuned down on the boy-talk significantly, and Robin was more used to just pining, claiming it was simply safer for her that way. Y/n, though, was really just feeling so guilty and at the same time so scared she was suddenly starting to see her friend that way.
Seeing him. The sight of him hovering on top of her, all of his tattoos on display just for her to see and touch. His back muscles flexing as he lowered for each kiss or each thrust. The view of his arms and broad shoulders as he ducked down, engulfed in you and the passionate moment. The little times you would allow yourself to open your eyes just a bit and you were met with his. The way he smiled at you in the middle of the sheets. It was all so real you could spend hours redrawing the beautiful sight of Eddie Munson, your best friend, and dungeon master, on the bed with you, in your dream.
You let out a sigh, losing count of how many times you have done it since you woke up that morning. “Look, girls, I…,” you were met with the curious and supportive gaze of Nancy and Robin, who were silently ushering you to say whatever was bothering you about Eddie. “I had a dream last night and it just crosses a lot of boundaries and I just can’t face him right now, really”
As you explained yourself, trying your absolute best to make your friends understand what you were talking about without explicitly saying it, Eddie was not so subtly staring at your current table for a while now. He had noticed a few minutes prior when Robin spoke a little too loud that you were talking — probably gossiping — about him, the boy was notably worried because for starters you hadn’t sat amongst them that day, which already wasn’t usual at all, plus he was really excited about how he had unraveled the next events from his campaign, and he wanted to talk about it. Jeff noticed the frustrated frown on Eddie’s face and followed his gaze until his eyes reached your back as well. He nudged Dustin, both starting to convince Eddie to just go ahead and ask you if anything was wrong, not before smirking to themselves.
Eddie indeed had walked away from his table and was getting near you, Robin and Nancy’s faces were melting from interest to a slight panic, eyes widening again. But, too invested in venting about the problem at hand, you hadn’t noticed that, nor the reason behind it, not before it was too late. “Who can’t you face right now?” You heard his voice coming from behind you, widening your own eyes this time around.
Gosh, his voice. Hearing his voice for the first time after dreaming about it being so raspy and loud while muttering sweet nothings in her ear was hard. Your mind had no trouble taking you back to the vivid moans you heard in your dream – you were the cause of said moans –, while hearing him singing sometimes with Corroded Coffin, or even quietly in his room, his voice would already provoke palpitations in your heart nonetheless, but never in such scenarios, never so intimate, never so dirty.
You jumped from your sit, looking startled in the direction of the object of your probation for the day. Damn it, he was glowing, You were at a loss of words, gulping as an answer to his question, you knew damn well that you would only stutter if you so much as tried to come up with anything slightly convincing. “As a matter of fact, she was talking about you!” - Nancy stated calmly as if she knew just what she was doing Robin’s eyes went wide but soon she smirked in understanding. You were, apparently, betrayed by your own friends, gawking at them for a few seconds before turning back at Eddie. 
“Yeah she dreamt of you, actually,” it was Robin’s time to speak, making you run both hands through your face as Eddie wondered, “A dream?”. You pieced two and two together thankfully fast, but although you understood where the girls were coming from, this was not the right time or situation to indulge in confessing any bubbling feelings, so you went with the option Robin gave you earlier.
“Yeah, I dreamt that we fought! And you were a real di- a real prick to me about it! Okay?” You arched both eyebrows and tilted your head to the side, trying your best to muster any confrontation. You were terrible at it, and the only thing on your mind right now was how the first word that came to your mind to describe Eddie’s “bad” attitude in your dream was “dick”. What the fuck. Shit. You couldn’t be serious. You were starting to sweat. 
“...Wait but are you mad because of a fight with dream me?” Eddie nearly sounded concerned this time around, talking about his dream self as if he was referring to a whole other persona, maybe an evil twin or something like it.
Dream him. His touch, his breath, the sight of him, how he sounded. This was killing you.
You felt a pang of guilt at the way he sounded though, frowning slightly before looking back at Nancy. She wore a friendly scolding expression, lips pressed together. It was unfair to him that since you couldn’t control your silly little brain and its damned dirty thoughts, you’d simply ignore Eddie as a solution. 
As you fell silent for a little long, Eddie touched your arm softly. “can we…?” He nearly whispered softly motioning somewhere else with his head, indicating he wanted to talk to you with a little more privacy. Your friends giggled, you’d remember to  — playfully —  confront them about this later. Later, because right now Eddie was being all worried and soft, and this was killing you.
You left the cafeteria, and Eddie was still with his hand in your arms as he stopped in front of you, his hands made their way down to yours as you rested your back on a wall, gulping again. The hall was really quiet, Eddie started speaking again, looking at you with those soft, big brown eyes. “Are you actually mad at me? Come on, what can I do about it? How can real me compensate you for the way dream me acted, hm? What did I do?” It was funny, though, the way he wasn’t even being ironic about the whole fight dream and how he was willing to make things right. If you weren’t so worried and build up about the whole real situation, you would’ve laughed.
"No, Eddie, you didn’t do anything wrong, I… We didn't fight, we…" Every little stop was a nervous, deep breath. Eddie seemed to be really focused on what you were trying to say and as you fell into silence again, he noticed you trying to wet your dry mouth with your tongue, your gulp, the way you were gripping both his arms, your closed eyes, and eyebrows pressed together. Your generally flustered complexion. Eddie Munson was repeating for the third time, but he could put two and two together, especially when he himself has acted that way about you before, he was just better at hiding it.
“What did we do then, y/n?” His voice was more stern this time, and you looked at him quickly, opening your eyes that started to wide almost involuntarily this time, he was smirking. your mouth fell into a small “o”, and his smile only widened at that. He caught onto you. Shit.
Eddie didn’t contort his face into one of disgust or run away from you as you has imagined earlier today, though, no. He was still there, both of your hands were still with a tight grip on his arms, nearly hiding his bat tattoos, his right hand was still on yours as the left one flew to cup your cheek. The damned bell rang. It felt like you were dreaming and then woke up all over again. Eddie kissed your forehead, “You know… you could stay a little later after we’re finished with Hellfire today, tell me a little about the dream. I can still compensate for dream me, I hope.” And with a wink, he just mixed into the chaotic crowd of students going back into class.
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4everrmore · 4 months
hii! i’ve read you wanted requests, so here i am, sending one !
i had an idea, angst, a xavier x fem!reader fic inspired on the song ‘mirrorball’ by taylor swift, you can do it however you want, and if you don’t like the request, feel free to ignore it !!
MIRRORBALL - xavier thorpe x fem!reader
a/n- idk if this goes w like the storyline cus i said he dated bianca in freshman year but tbh idc if it's incorrect cause i can write whatever i want🥱 btw reader is shorter than xav
word count: 2k
i'm still trying everything, to keep you looking at me.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you've been xavier's closest friend since forever. it was always the two of you against the world. if something happened to you, he was always there. and vice versa. you loved to watch him paint, mostly focusing on him, not his art. after all, he was a work of art himself. you swore you could drown in his forest green eyes, and the way they would crinkle when he smiled, his dimples showing up as well. and besides his looks, he was one of the most caring people you had ever met. you'd think men like that only exist in books, being a result of someone's imagination, but he was real. he was so, so real and you could not believe it. sometimes, it even left you puzzled. maybe it was all an act. what if he's got some dark , weird secret? like.. he's actually an alien sent on earth to spy on humans. or maybe you're making him up. you're actually in a dream, and you'll wake up soon. but no, it wasn't like that. you woke up millions of times, and he still existed. you woke up every morning to find him at the breakfast table, eating cereal, and waiting for you to complain about your sleep, or to tell him what you've dreamed about last night, or to just enjoy each other's company in silence.
freshman year at nevermore. oh, the love-hate relationship you had with it. it was invigorating , meeting new people and all that. but it was also when you realized you had feelings for xavier. it all started when he first got a girlfriend- bianca barclay. a siren. and as if it wasn't enough, she fitted in all those stereotypes about sirens- she was beautiful- screw that. she was breathtaking. everyone could fall in love with her. even if they didn't want to. ever since then, you started doubting yourself. would xavier ever even look at you in a more-than-friends way? wait. why are you even having these thoughts? it's not like you liked him.
it was exactly like you liked him.
but nothing changed, though. at least not at first. but after 3 months in the relationship, you'd notice him getting more distant. to the point where you would barely talk. maybe once a day, and that was it. when you heard that they broke up, you wanted to check up on him, you really did. but you didn't know what to say.
when wednesday addams arrived to nevermore, you felt replaced. your best friend found another best friend. although many would say she doesn't care about him, and that it's all one sided, you saw how well the two of them got along. and it did not sit right with you. it wasn't like you hated wednesday. but you missed xavier a lot.
when the rave'n dance finally came, you went with some guy you barely knew. you put on your best dress, and although you felt quite stupid, you only did it for xavier. a lot of the things you recently did were just for him. wearing the clothes you knew he liked, doing your hair as he liked, listening to the kind of music he listens to, knowing he'll see it on your spotify status when he's on his laptop. to be honest, you just wanted to catch his attention. you danced the night away and every 30 seconds you would look in his direction, to check if he even noticed you. but his eyes were fixated on the floor .the fucking floor. even the floor looked better than you? come on, xavier.
you were all over your date, and he thought it was quite weird. you've never really talked until then. at some point, he got tired and left. so you decided to sit down. and of course, you took your spot close to xavier. you were used to him saving you a seat at every table, but now that was gone. now, you had to win your spot back.
what you didn't know was that xavier had his eyes on you the whole evening. and he was planning to talk to you as well, but he did not know how. when you sat next to him, all he did was stare at you. no words. maybe it was because of how stunning you were, but he wouldn't want to admit it.
seeing as he's decided to completely ignore you, you finally left the dance as well. as you were climbing up the stairs towards your dorm, tears started running down your face. maybe it's all gone. you two weren't meant to last. not even as friends. when you finally got in your room, you closed the door. carefully, you took off your dress and went to take a shower. after that, you put on your pajamas and plopped onto your bed. you started crying again.
i've never been a natural, all i do is try try try.
weren't you enough? why couldn't he just love you? you, not bianca, not wednesday. only you. and it's been more than a year, you should be over him. this had to end somehow. so you decided to text him. usually, you wouldn't do something like that. you weren't exactly a bold person. but you were angry, sad and unfortunately, in love. so you did it.
<<come 2 my dorm>>. you texted, to which he replied with <<rn? aren't u at the dance?>> you didn't have the nerve to explain everything to him , so you just said <<yeah rn>>
so you stood there and waited for him. it was after about 20 minutes when you realized he was not going to show up. so those thoughts made their way back into your head. you went to this dance just to see him. hoping, deep down, that it'll all go back to the way it was. you wore your highest heels, your best dress ,you were shining. and it was all just for him. not for anyone else. it's always been this way.
suddenly, a knock shook your thoughts away. actually, five anxious knocks. you rushed to the door and opened it, only for it to reveal a blood covered xavier thorpe.
"holy shit! what happened to you?!" you asked, worried.
"i'm fine, stay calm. it's just paint. someone thought it would be funny to pull a 'carrie' on us tonight." he replied, breathing heavily. you nodded and signaled for him to come in. he took a look at your face. "have you been crying? w-why did you text me to come over?"
"uh..yeah. 's kinda hard to gather my thoughts with you covered in fake blood in front of me..but anyway. i wanted to talk to you. about us. what happened? you've been ignoring me these past weeks. you know, ever since you broke up with bianca and wednesday arrived to nevermore." you softly spoke.
"what?! i've been ignoring you? you haven't said anything to me!" he started getting defensive, raising his tone.
"yeah well maybe i didn't get a chance to, since you've been up wednesday's ass all the time!" you didn't mean for this to turn into a fight, but you couldn't help it since you both had short tempers.
"don't bring wednesday into this, y/n! you always act like it's never your fault, like you're oh so innocent! you think it didn't bother me that you haven't said a word to me this month? fuck this shit." he spat, and headed towards the door, but you grabbed his hand. you couldn't stand him leaving again.
"wait! i've lost my only friend for god knows what reason, and i'm so sick and tired of questioning what the hell happened to us! i hate seeing you talk to everyone else but me, i even hate drawing, cause it used to be our thing! and what makes this even harder is that i'm in love with you, for fuck's sake!" you said without thinking.
"wait..is that why you acted so weird when i first started dating bianca?" he asked. you just nodded. you could feel your face getting hotter and hotter as the seconds passed and if you were to speak, you probably would have had the most embarrassing voice crack of the decade. "i- i'm so sorry. i don't even know how to put this. truth is, i have loved you ever since i've known you. but you know i wasn't always the best at expressing my feelings. at some point, i figured the feelings weren't mutual , so i tried moving on. that's why i started dating bianca. but it didn't work. you were still the only girl on my mind. you're my girl, y/n. you always will be. and i admit i started pushing you away. it was all just a part of my process of getting over you. it still didn't work. i'd be lying if i said i didn't miss you. i'd be lying if i said you weren't the only thing i've looked at tonight- screw that-not just tonight, but every day. i'd be lying if i said i don't love you anymore. i want things to go back to normal." he finally confessed. the words you've been waiting to hear all this time.
"i love normal." you laughed with tears in your eyes, going in for a hug. "and i'd love to be friends again. maybe even more than friends."
"well yeah. best friends is more than friends." he deadpanned. your heart dropped. were you seriously getting friendzoned right now? "shit! i'm just messing around, you know that." he added, as soon as he noticed the look on your face.
"i think you have something to say to me." you grinned.
"do we really have to make this cheesy?" he laughed.
"very, very cheesy."
"alright then. y/n y/l, will you give me the honor of being your boyfriend, and most importantly, your best friend?" he asked in a humorous tone, and you nodded, then immediately got on your tip toes to kiss him.
and there it was, that feeling you've been yearning for your whole life. everything fell back into place. and god, it was amazing.
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angelltheninth · 9 months
Hey!! If ur request is open can i request a Arcane characters You know all of them when the reader wakes up after sex and then cant walk properly? Like thyre But and buddussy hurts? Ehheeh👀 but feel free to ignore!! No pressure ^v^✨
This is for everyone who wants to get banged into oblivion by these characters. And I think that's a lot of people.
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Silco, Sevika, Finn, Grayson, Viktor, Jayce, Ambessa x Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, rough sex, morning after, teasing, love bites, marking, domestic fluff
A/N: Let's be real this would be a dream come true for so many.
Tumblr media
Jinx would find it really funny. She'd tease you endlessly for the whole day, but also offer to kiss it better.
You don't really feel like you could go for another round with her for at least a week. But the gesture was nice even if you suspect that she only offered to see you blush. Jinx would be really proud of herself that she actually managed to fuck you silly and promises to do it all over again once you're up for it again.
"You're walking real funny there sweet cheeks, are you that worn out? Ah, I thought you have more stamina than that. Maybe we should work on that a little after I kiss it better. You can't take it? That's not what you said last night haha. I wasn't kidding about the kiss though, come here."
Tumblr media
You begged her for it and she more than delivered. Vi would lay back and watch you wobble towards the bathroom before quickly running up to you and picking you up in her arms.
She'd take care of you for the whole day in order to make up for being so rough you can't walk properly. Would give you a long full body massage to get you to relax while whispering softy in your ear about how much of a good time she had last night.
"Was that a bit much for you sweet stuff? Hey if you can't walk right I've got no problem carrying you around all day. Then again I don't really need to excuse to cling onto you now do I? Come on, up we go, getting some breakfast. I think it's safe to say we both worked up quite the apatite last night"
Tumblr media
Caitlyn would only fuck you that hard if you ask her really nicely. Oh she knows you want it, but she wants to hear you say it.
She'd leave a lot of kiss marks on your inner thighs. Would spend the better part of the morning kissing them all over again and the rest of the day pampering you. She'd get some grins and chuckles from her subordinates when they see the way you're walking next to her.
"How are you feeling darling? Was that too rough for you? Hmm, I'm glad you enjoyed it, I certainly did. Look at all these marks, I just want to kiss them better all day. But we have work to do sadly. Heh, yes I fully expect them to comment on this. Don't worry, I'll make them take on some extra paperwork if they tease you too much."
Tumblr media
Silco would enjoy watching you walk like that around his home and around his office.
He doesn't fuck you like that often but when he does you have trouble walking for days, especially if he knows that he has you all to himself for a long amount of time and he can really indulge in you. He will gently run his hands across your body, stopping at your thighs where he will spend a bit more time before moving downwards, massaging and kissing his way all the way to your toes.
"Sweetheart... you're having trouble walking huh? Understandable, you enjoyed yourself a lot last night didn't you? Come here, you can rest on my lap. No one's gonna walk in don't worry, and even if they do, I'll just send them away. I can lock the door if you wish. But then I fear I might be too temped to do it all over again. You know how much I love fucking you in my office."
Tumblr media
Sevika would do this kind of thing a lot. Sometimes even multiple times a day, in fact its even better when you're still so sensitive.
She'd love to brag about it, but not with words but by having you walk with her. Other people can clearly see how thoroughly fucked you are but they also know that they can never have you. Sevika would fight anyone who makes you uncomfortable.
"Try to keep up with me sweetheart, people are staring. You're right, I do let them stare. But only because it lets them know that I'm the only one that can fuck you into oblivion. And kiss you like this. Don't worry though, I'd never let them touch you."
Tumblr media
Finn would have you walking like that like you're on display, with all of his love marks there for everyone to see. But much like Sevika he wouldn't let anyone touch you.
However he would definitely love having you in his lap while he's talking business to other and teasing you at the same time, slowly and sensually running his hands over your body, making you wish you were alone so that you can have a repeat of last night.
"Sit over here kitten, I want to have you close today. Sorry about them, they've had a very long night. I know you loved every second, so did I. Your ass hurts? Haha, oh don't worry, I'll kiss every part of you better once I get you alone. And then I'll make it hurt all over again."
Tumblr media
Grayson only does it when she knows she'll have Marcus cover a big part of her shift so that she can take care of you and cuddle with you afterwards.
On days like that she doesn't bother with wearing much clothes and neither do you because you know how much she loves seeing you with bite marks all over your inner thighs and shoulders. She likes having you sit in her lap early in the morning while she reads the newspaper, after which she'll take you into the shower to help you relax, while being careful not too overstimulate you further.
"Don't worry about work today sweetie, we got all day, just for the two of us. Of course I want to take a day off for you. Yes I know that the entire department will know why but frankly I don't give a damn. I get a whole day to cuddle and kiss you."
Tumblr media
Viktor loves to sit back and watch you stretch, groaning as you try to rub the ache from your muscles due to the night before.
He takes a long time to get out of bed himself, preferring to stay in bed for most of the day actually and cuddle. He's massage every part of you that aches, sometimes getting just a bit too close to getting you going again before he pulls back.
"Morning darling. You're looking well. You might want to get something for your throat though, you were screaming pretty loud last night. Ouch! What? I'm only telling the truth. It was my fault? I suppose. Let me make it better then."
Tumblr media
Jayce fucking loves making you walk funny. He can't help but get a smug smirk on his face when he sees you almost fall over when you try to get out of bed only to have him pull you back down to him.
He'd kiss you all over, slowly tracing his fingers over your body, tracing the marks he made the night before. He'd wrap his arms around you and carry you while you have your legs wrapped around his hips and he kisses your neck, slowly smoothing his hands over your back.
"You're looking well babe. Was last night too much? Oh? Glad to hear it. I'd love to do it again, you know I would, but let's take care of your first. No, not like that! You have such a dirty mind! I do love it, you know I do. Hey stop squirming, I know you're ticklish but let me pamper you a little will you?"
Tumblr media
Ambessa would wear the fact that you can't walk straight like a badge of honor, beaming and smirking about it all day.
As much as she'd like to do it all over again she also knows that you need a break. She'll give you a nice massage while you're in the bath and continue it on the bed, laying you on your stomach, her hands running across your body, making you groan and moan when she presses just right. Of course she wouldn't miss her chance to tease you either, promising to make it even better next time.
"Do you know how much I love seeing you this way sweetheart? Shit, as much I want to fuck you again I think you need a little break first. We can cuddle a little, then a bath, and then I'll use my hands on you. I knew your mind would go there, I love how dirty you can be. All the more reason to take a bath later."
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wow-unbelibubble · 2 months
Don’t Think About It (pt2)
Tumblr media
genre🍾. friends trip au, enemies-ish (not really) to fwb to lovers? (Im going to try my hardest to piss you guys off 🫡 wish me luck)
pairings ⛸ conflicted donghyuck x oblivious reader
warnings 📢 mentions of / alcohol consumption, groping, sexual tension x100 AND smut/⚠️ Oral sex (giving, and receiving) Penetration, Building Arousal, big dick Hyuck 💪🏽😎. Use of nicknames, degrading, and praising.
Note: I spelled checked this like 3 times so if there any mistakes- take it up with my lawyer. Also there should be a part three, but I have absolutely no clue when that will be out. Haven’t even started it yet.m. I don’t know the word count because I wrote this in my notes and I don’t know how to check…
Anyways have fun!
One more thing! If you see any mistakes or spelling errors please comment so I can go in and fix it. Or if you have any suggestions don’t buy shy; lmk!! 😘
Tumblr media
Haechan loves attention, he loves when he can see everyone’s smiling/laughing face when he makes a stupid joke or does something ridiculous.
He loves when people ask about his day, or his past. It made him feel wanted or needed.
But specifically, he loves your attention. When you two first met, you were closed off to him. Borderline avoiding him. He couldn’t exactly pin point why. You always snicker at his jokes. And if the friend group asks him a question you always looked at him, with your eyes full of curiosity. So why avoid him? Or his efforts to approach you? Why not interact with him?
That’s when he found out what else he loves… bickering. He loves when you and him got into arguments. It’s seemed to be the only way you two would really talk to each other. Your browse furrow together, and your eyes set on his. He can’t help but grin at your annoyance. But when he bickers with you he gets your attention. And that’s all he’s ever wanted.
Your attention
Tumblr media
sweaty, frustrated, tired, what else could explain this feeling?
You wake up sexually frustrated- from a wet dream actually, you couldn’t exactly get the friction you needed after your… moment with hyuck last night, instead trying to find comfort in sleep. You kept thinking of the words he said that started it all, that stupid suggestion he made was making your head run.
Was he serious?
Did he mean it for real?
Or was he just drunk enough to just say whatever he could to get into your pants…???
Would you even care if it was fake?
You would’ve been happy just to have some action after months of pathetic nights with you trying to get yourself off alone. College has been so stressful- like you expected of course, but you needed relief and Haechan against your body was oddly reliving.
However your intimate fantasy was cut short from a knock at the door of the room your staying in. Sitting up in the bed with a loud huff. You feel and uncomfortable amount of slick in your pants. And you wiggle is discomfort. You let out a yawn and stretch, your body shaking lightly in exaggeration. The person in the other side of the door taking the sound of life as a good enough response.
“Y/n, sorry to bother you, I know it’s early.. I really don’t want to bother you, but the rest of the group arrived late last night. And we are going to get food… or breakfast technically, I mean you don’t have to come but-” you hear a familiar mumbled voice at your door. Even if you didn’t recognize it. You would’ve known it was mark, as he always overly explains himself.
You slightly giggle through your tiredness. “You can come in” you explain, after checking to make sure you where fully clothed. The door opens to reveal mark still in plaid pyjama pants and a thin white T-shirt, his bag lunched over his shoulders. You look down to see slippers placed on his sockless feet. You fight the urge to cringe at his toes. You look up to see a figure push through him. It’s sihyun. She leaps onto the bed landing next to you, after successfully manoeuvring around mark. “I missed you” she says but you can’t tell if she’s talking to you or the bed. Her head currently stuffed into the mattress. “The drive up here was the worst!” She adds turning her head to look at you lazily. You smile and her expressions. Patting her head as your way of saying ‘missed you too’
Shihyun is one year younger then you but when you met her through Johnny, you two instantly got along and you can proudly say she is now your best friend.
Johnny could never 👎🏽.
You turn back to mark who is sheepishly snickering at shihyun’s state “How much time do I have to change?” You ask finally dragging yourself off the bed. Shihyun immediately rolls over and spreads out her limbs taking up the whole bed as soon as your on your feet. “10 minutes? Everyone is ready. They’re in the living room listening to haechan babble on about how we all need to drop out of college and just live together, and our only income being only fans”
You playfully roll your eyes. Laughing along with the other too. Your laughter increases when you see your best friend laughing into the mattress. ”he’s probably just trying to make Johnny laugh so he can ask him to pay for his food later” He suggest.
You giggle again turning to Shihyun again. Her eyes are closed now, too tired to hold them open anymore then back to the boy now leaning up against the door frame “Ok, I’ll be ready in five minutes tops” you joke, mark smiles and nods with a sarcastic expression. Them turns on his heels to retreat to the living room of the airbnb you all rented for the trip. Shihyun remains on your bed as you run to the bathroom and quickly clean yourself up then come back to throw on comfortable clothes. You can’t help but think about haechan, how you should go about you day around him after last night… he seemed to be even minded enough when the guys came home last night so he couldn’t have been that drunk.
But a part of you can’t help but want to avoid having to talk to him again. How would you even bring up the topic without it being awkward…? Or should you just pretend it didn’t happen?
“What’s up with you?” Shihyun is now sitting up to get a better look at your expression. You turn to her pulling your crew neck down your waist. “What do you mean?” She makes a face at your responds. “I can practically hear the gears turning in your head” she jokes, finally removing herself from your bed. “I’m not the only one, you look drained and agitated” you argue, lifting your finger to circle around her eye bags. She grabs your hand and drags it down. “I got here so late last night, so tired I fell asleep on the living room floor, of course I look dead” she giggles. “Don’t change the subject, what’s going on with you?” She levels her eyes to yours.
You think for a moment. Shihyun is your best friend, you shouldn’t lie to her. But at the same time, she would absolutely flip out hearing that you and Haechan almost had sex last night. Especially since she always jokes about the sexual tension between the two of you. She also would talk about it until her tongue fell of. And considering you are about to be around Haechan all morning… you weigh your options carefully.
“Is it a boy?” She asks scanning your face for a reaction. You look at her with a sheepish smile that you tried your hardest to hide. “IT IS!” She slaps you shoulder in excitement. You wince and rubbed at the sore spot. “It’s… about hyuck-“ “HAECHA-?” She tries to confirm, slapping her hand over her mouth in disbelief, hoping she heard you right. “Would you shut up” you look over at the door that remains closed. But hear faint conversations coming from the living room. “What happened?” She whisper yells, grabbing your jaw to turn it back toward her. You swat it away like there’s a fly near you. You smile at her shocked expression still present on her face. “It’s a long story”
“We have time” she claims, getting comfortable. “No actually we definitely extended past 10 minutes” you pick up your phone and get up from the bed, ignoring shihyuns groans of annoyance. “We have negative 3 minutes” you add. Sliding on your shoes and heading for the door, hearing Shihyun follow behind you, giggling to herself. Probably imagining the worst right now.
He got quiet. Really quiet. As soon as you walked into the room with Shihyun, his mind went blank, just for a moment. Of course he thought about what to say to you all night, or how to go about the rest of the trip. He definitely didn’t want to ignore it that’s for sure.
He wanted you and he wasn’t afraid to admit that to himself. Allowing him to feel every emotion you make him feel. But for some reason he’s nervous. Maybe embarrassed.
Did he move to fast?
Are you uncomfortable with him now?
Your eyes meet his almost as soon as you entered the living room, before quickly looking away to greet the rest of the group. He could see the red hue that appeared on your face. And he smiled to himself for a moment.
This did not go unnoticed, Johnny was the first to notice the change in haechans demeanour, knowing the reason behind it all. He grins to himself.
Yuta notices second. Only because he was in the mists of a conversation with him about investing in a new motor. His eye follow haechans to your frame. Renjun is the third. He notices your attitude first, the way you got nervous and looked away from the couch. Then he looks at haechan. He could practically taste the thickness in the air. Yejun, mark, and jisung are arguing about butts for some reason. To busy in the debate to notice the atmosphere. Yuta speaks First of course.
“What’s going on? Did you two finally fuck?”
You glare at him, his comment making you go red. Your quick to respond and haechan follows. “No” “sorta” “yes”
Shihyun butted in last, with a ‘as a matter of fact’ tone. Haechan looks at her then then to you and you mouth a sorry his way. His smile grew wider. “You two? Really?” Renjun laughs in disbelief. You feel like crawling into a dumpster, behind a hooters, and crying until your completely dehydrated. “We did not have sex. Y/n just feel In love with me last night.” That earned a laugh from everyone including you.
“What can I say it’s my charming personality” he adds quickly lifting the awkwardness of the situation like a pro.
Haechan was always good at that, he always knows what to say go get people to react the way he wants, in almost every situation, it’s dangerous.
“The only thing charming about you are your friends” renjun adds helping diminish the fire. haechan deadpans to Renjun who decides this conversation should happen another time with less people. Though he will take a note to talk to you about this later. Everyone laughs at haechans reaction to Renjun’s joke.
“Daaaang, me personally dude, I wouldn’t take that” yuta sucks air through is teeth as if something was stinging him. “your such and instigator. Shihyun sticks her tongue towards Yuta, who returns the act with ease. “Let’s go we’re gonna be late.” You add nudging Shihyun to stop being childish. She whines and grabs at her arm in ‘pain’
“YOU HAVE TWO LEGS!! SO YOU HAVE TWO BUTTS” everyone looks over at jisung who suddenly got up to yell at yejun, who is only arguing to get a reaction out if him. Everyone looks over as he realizes how quiet it was then sits back down quickly in embarrassment, covering his face with his hands. Everyone burst out into laughter clearing the air. Some even landed on the floor, out of breath.
When you arrived at the ‘dream cafe’. You all order in pairs of two, before sitting down, connecting a booth and a table to make enough room for all of you. “Okay, here’s the plan for the trip.” Johnny begins pacing his pastry down along with his lemonade. “At 1:45 we are going to winter wonderland. Me and mark got the ice skating rink for like an hour. Then we can do the other rides and what not..” he pauses to ensure understanding and the group nods in unison. “Then we will get back to the lodge by around 5:10, we could go out to eat or barbecue-“ “BARBECUE” most of the group interrupts.
“Ok, then we can stay up all night and drink, jaemin, jeno, chaewon, Taeyong and Kai are probably coming over as well. Maybe a party?” He finishes his plan slash question with a bite to his strawberry crape, almost spitting it out because it’s to hot. “Sounds good to me” Renjun voices and we all verbally agree.
Should’ve mentioned this earlier but that whole time, haechan was staring into your soul, reading your expressions and watching you struggle to act like you don’t notice him. Your eyes shift to his every so often. Wtf is wrong with this idiot, he is so obvious. You feel your phone buzz in your pocket. You look at haechan who’s making a face. Your eyes remain on him as you pull out your phone. Everyone continues to go over plans for the rest of the week, while you look down to read his text.
|| Michael Donghyuck -
Are we not going to talk about last night or…?
Your roll your eyes in disbelief. You look back up at him. He’s now looking between him and his phone urging you to hurry up and respond.
yeah hyuck, let’s talk about us making out in front of the whole group?!
|| Michael Donghyuck-
We need to pick up groceries for the bbq right? Talk then?
|| you-
yeah that works…
|| Michael Donghyuck-
don’t leave me this time yeah?
You don’t look at him again. But out the corner of your eye, you can see he’s still watching, looking for any sign of disgust or discomfort about the topic of you two sleeping together. However your eyes land on Renjun’s who’s eyeing you like a hawk. You give him a questioning look.
“Y/n, come grab the rest of the food and drinks with me” he doesn’t even give you time to answer, he stands up urging you to follow, so you do.
“You wanna update me on what’s going on?” Renjun asks almost immediately.
Renjun is also your friend.. obviously, why else would he be here.
He always gives good advice and is always there when you just want to vent. Same goes for the other way around. You are a good listener, and he doesn’t exactly trust the other idiots with his problems. So without much thought you decide it would be best to tell him the truth.
The whole truth
Half the truth
Some of the truth
“Me and haechan made out…. He was drunk, and I was getting there. We almost went further but mark and Johnny got back”
He nods with a slight ’holy shit’ look to his face. You two wait at the pick up area for all the orders. Renjun leans up against the counter and rests his head on his palm. “Did they catch you?” “No, but Johnny suspects” you answer looking over at Johnny from the other side of the cafe. Then seeing donghyuck talkin- teasing* Jisung for spilling a sugar pack all over himself. “And when you said ‘almost’ to mean you would still sleep with him now?” You shrug, avoiding his piercing eyes.
“Did it mean anything?”
Wow renjun! Get straight to the point. Could’ve at least tried to beat around the bush for more then a second. The worker that took your orders placed down a couple orders, including your iced drink. You pick it up and drank some, while waiting for the others.
“What do you mean?” “I mean do you like him y/n, you and hyuck are friends right? Don’t you think this will ruin things between you two?” You think again. Trying to use your beverage as a means to not answers these direct questions.
You open them close your mouth a couple times. “Y/n, do you like him?” You almost spit out the liquid in your mouth. Some spilling from your lips as you rush to find napkins and clean it up.
“What’s with all the questions renjun, I didn’t even answer one of the others yet-“ “yes you did.. with your eyes” he points at his own for exaggeration. You look over at the barista who’s now walking away with an judgmental look on his face.
“I don’t want him to hurt you, and I don’t want you to hurt him, not saying either if you are bad people, just don’t wanna ruin a friendship. You know?” he explains. “Look, if your just looking for sex, maybe you should wait till tonight and find some guy” renjun puts all the drinks, including yours into a holder and you grab the food. Beginning to walk back towards the table. “I’m sure it won’t be hard to find a man willing to fuck you-“ “who says I was just looking for sex?” you ask in a not so joking tone. He stops halfway. “ wait so- huh? Y/n-“ “I don’t know what I’m looking for, I’m kinda trying to figure that out” you defend. “So then maybe.. don’t do anything with heachan until you do figure it out” you think for a second and nod in agreement and he smiles.
“Jisung could you pass me some surgar please?” Yejun asks, obviously teasing. He glares at her. “On second thought, i think id be better you don’t touch them again” she adds. Earning a giggle from you and the others. Haechan’s eyes look for your laugh almost immediately bring him back from his thoughts.
“Do you wanna die?” Jisung asks- threatens* and you laugh again. This time he joins you. “What are you ganna do? Spill the poison pack too?” “Hyung knocked into me! It just happened to be open-“ “but why were you holding it above you head?” She asks. Only to remind him that he was trying to eat straight sugar. “How could you guys let her tease me like this?! The food was taking for ever and I’m a growing boy!”
“Jisung you had to crouch to get into the cafe… and you are completely cramped in your seat… you literally can not grow anymore” “yeah well how would you now? Huh?” He pouts, Crossing his arms and leaning back into the booth. You lean back with him mimicking his posture and pat his shoulder. “Yejun, should we remind you of the flour incident?”
She gasps and placed her hand to her chest in disbelief. “Y/n! Your supposed to be on my side!” “Well she’s not, she likes me more-“
“You two are literal children” rolling your eyes with a smile. “You aren’t much different y/n” you turn to Yuta, Reacting almost the same as yejun. “You and him bicker the exact same way” he says gesturing towards Haechan.
“That is not true, I don’t bicker! especially not with idiots” it was haechans turn take the offended pose. “Your so cruel y/n! How could you say that to me!?”
“Guys the nearest market is like 10 minutes away. Walking” you all turn to Shihyun, who you didn’t realizes was looking for shopping places with mark. She looks up from her phone to make sure someone heard her. Seeing as everyone is paying attention she continues. “There’s a liquor store like 15 to 20 minutes away, walking. If we are having a party we need plenty of food, and drinks” you nod in agreement, Looking over to heachan. He’s already looking at you.
Of fucking course.
“We should all send $30 to the barbecue team and $30 to the alcohol runners, that way we are all spending $60, that should add up to more then enough. Then the rest of us can prepare the Airbnb for more people.” “Sounds good. Me and y/n will go to the market.” Haechan declares almost immediately. Earning some side eyes and a couple smiles. “Bet. Then me and yuta will get the drinks! I’ll text some friends about the party but no posting on social media. Close friends only” yejun adds. “Why only close friends?” Jisung asks. Kind of annoyed she didn’t want him to run and get drinks with her.
Yejun rolls her eyes jokingly. “You want a bunch of random people at the Airbnb we all have to pay for?” “Oh right” “yeah” she giggles at his reaction.
“Ok so we should go shopping now, meet up at the lodge the we will all ride to ‘winter wonderland’ together?” Everyone agrees.
“Alright send a list and cash apps in the group chat.”
That’s how you ended up here. Walking back from the market, in the cold, arm to arm with Haechan.
In silence.
Awkward silence.
He holds three full bags of groceries and you hold one Because he snatched one from you, refusing to allow you to hold both. You were confused because that’s the only interaction to had the whole shopping trip. The rest was silent. Now walking back, your head is a ticking time bomb right now, because if he doesn’t say anything in the next couple minutes your going to throw yourself off the small bridge You two are currently walking across.
Maybe he is trying the nicest way to explain that he was just drunk and that you should forget about it. Or to say he’s changed his mind. Or to ask you out. A part of you, that you will never allow to make an appearance, wants it to be the last option. Because the was he was looking at you in the cafe-
Was that a question? You turn to haechan who’s looking down at you in confusion. You slow your steps and he follows. “Yeah?” A confused, curious look covering your face. He smiles. Taking in your features.
“Did you hear me?” He asks, matching your expression. “No?” You stop walking completely. He takes a couple more steps before realizing your actions and follows once more. Turning to you completely. He watches Watching you look up at him. Your lips pouting in confusion while your eyebrows furrowed. He watched you for a moment. He wanted to kiss you. He knows he definitely wants to kiss you.
did he say something about last night? And you weren’t listening? Too busy thinking about… HIM!? You fucking idiot.
“Are you cold?“ he repeats
“No, yes- well it is cold outside.. So I mean I guess” he chuckles watching you find yourself again. “You want my jacket?”
“What? No”
Yes the fuck you did, but not because it was cold, because it was his.
He looks offended “what!? Why not? What’s wrong with my jacket!?”
“It’s cold hyuck, your wearing a t-shirt under that…. Why would you want to give me your jacket?”
He pouts. “Have you ever been in a relationship? Or watched a k-drama?” You stare at him blankly, not bothering to answer he stupid question. “Thats what they do”
“They?” You ask
“They” he repeats
you continue staring. “That’s what people in a relationship do y/n” “relationship?” You smile as he instantly regrets his choice of words. Readying yourself to tease him. “Situationship” he corrects himself. “Oh, is that what this is?” You ask, pointing between the two of you. With a grin on your face. Usually it’s you that flustered.
“Is that what you want?” He grabs your the hand you had between the two of you. He’s grinning now, stepping closer, and making you flushed.
That came out of no where.
You look at him, Distressed. You open your mouth to answer. But closed it again when the words clog up in your throat. You see his expression change instantly. “Did you- did you want to forget about last night?“ he asks, wondering if he’s been reading your signs wrong. He lets go if your hand a slightly backs away.
“Why would I want that?”
“Why do you always answer my questions with a question?” His voice came out slightly irritating.
You roll you eyes. “I don’t want to forget- you know-” he waits, definitely wanting to hear you say it. “I mean, I’ve been stressed, and I need relief… so I guess I still want to.. you know-“
“-Hm?” He needs to hear it.
“Have sex”
A smile reappears on his face like magic. Haechan never reads the signs wrong. He’ll never doubt himself a again. Stepping forward once again And lowers his head a bit. “Just friends helping each other out?”
that’s not all you want.
You make me mad…. You dumb bitch.
You can’t read the expression that takes over his face when that left your lips, but then it disappears and a smile replaces it. “So you do want to continue what we started last night?” He wraps his other arm around your waist. “Now!?” He rolls his eyes. “Cute” Placing a quick kiss to your lips. Your eyes Widen. Not even giving you the chance to reciprocate, He turns on his heal to continue walking.
That only leaving you more confused.
“Wait, are you flirting with me?”
“have been for the last year, but thanks for noticing” he answers with his back to you.
The rest of the walk was filled with random conversations and comments, Heachan obviously wanted to make earlier but was too scared. He really was trying to make things less awkward. And you were trying to find the best way to tell him that you don’t want this to be ‘just two friends helping each other out’ but on the other hand, he is the one who said it. maybe that’s what he wants.
When you both made it back to the Airbnb it was 12:00. The lodge was cleaned (for the most part) drinks and snacks, that the group had already had laying around were spread out around the ‘party’ areas. You set the snacks you two bought along with them, then put the juices that will be used to mix with the alcohol and the bbq meat in the fridge. Almost everyone was out by the pool, making sure the heater was working. Johnny ended having to call the owner of the place to figure out how to turn it on. And the rest was getting ready for ‘winter wonderland’. While you were in the kitchen, adding the seasoning to the meat so it could marinate while you were gone.
“Are you not going to get dressed? We need to be ready by 1:30“ you turn around to see heachan. He was wearing wide leg jeans and a black and brown stripped hoodie. His hair is naturally swayed to the sides and he’s leaning up against the door frame, studying your face. “I just finished washing my hands” you answer before turning back around to avoid the face he makes confused as to why your staring at him, for so long. He smirks in realization.
You turn the faucet off and dry your hands. When you finally turn around to give him your full attention, you lightly jump to see how much closer he’s gotten. “I know we just talked about this, but I have some more questions about our agreement” he bends down a bit. You peek over his shoulder to see if anyone has stumble into the kitchen. “Here? Now?”
“Mhm” he gnaws on his bottom lip, moving his head in front of yours so you’ll look at him. His eyes flicker between your eyes and your mouth. A picture you feel as if you’ve seen too many time before. “Ok… What is it?” You look away, trying your best to sound nonchalant. “If we fuck, we have to promise to remain honest with each other” you turn to him with an expression that he can’t help but laugh at. “What does that mean?”
“I mean, if you happen to catch feelings for me, you have to tell me, deal?”
What if you already did?
“And if I catch feelings for you, I’ll tell you. That way we can end it”
End it?
“We both need this right? I mean I trust you, and I’m assuming you trust me.. right?” You nod in agreement. “So deal?” You think for a moment. He leans forward, placing his hands in the counter behind you, caging you in.
“So like friends with benefits?”
“Let’s not call it that” he slightly shakes his head.
“Why not?”
“You really never watch tv shows do you?”
You roll your eyes again
“This isn’t a tv show” you argue. “feels like one”
“Ok… whatever. No feelings” you agree grabbing his hand from the counter behind you to shake it. He laughs at your seriousness. Though he wanted to correct you. He never said no feelings. But something in him wouldn’t let the words leave his mouth.
“but that might be pretty hard considering your already madly in love with me” you joke, hopefully hiding the thoughts that are playing In Your head. You get fidgety, feeling as if he could read your mind.
He laughs- scoffs* with his tongue poking the inside of his cheek. “Real funny” you laugh at his response.
You two stare at each other for a moment. Sharing a minute of silence.
“So… why do you want to have a friends with benefits relationship…. With…. Me?” You ask. Curious eyes now following his when he tries to look away.
“I thought we weren’t calling it that.”
“What are we calling it then?”
“Two friends helping each other out”
“Hm…ok fair… Are you not going to answer my question?”
“I’m a 22 year old guy in college y/n, I’m horny 24/7, and your a women. It just works out” he shrugs off your question and ignores your piercing eyes.
Your smile drops to deadpan at him. Unhappy with his answer “There will be other ‘women’ at the party tonight, so why me?” You push.
“Does it matter?” He argues, looking between your eyes.
“It does now” you argue back, crossing your arms dramatically.
So stubborn, you both thought at the same time.
“Y/n” you turn to the entry way of the kitchen to see Yuta and Yejun at the door, holding bags of liquor and beer and what not. “Pop open the fridge for me please” She continues, ignoring your position with Haechan, and the fact that he was so close to you just now. Not Yuta though, he watching the two of you like a hawk. He looks at you then to haechan then giggles to himself.
Haechan watches You run to open the fridge, helping her make room for the beer bottles. Yuta places the others on the counter. “You guys are so obvious. Your telling me you two haven’t fuck yet?” Yuta asks his irritated friend, who hasn’t moved from his spot against the counter. He looks over at you, laughing at yejun’s jokes while talking about plans for later tonight. He then turns back to yuta.
“Im trying to”
Yuta nods in understanding. He grabs one of the whiteclaws from a pack of 12. “What’s stopping you? You can’t turn her on like I can huh?” He smiles, pleased with he joke. Haechan elbows him in the rib earning a high pitch yelp. “Your really funny yuta, I’m sure everytime you enter the room she’s as dry as a bone. I wouldn’t blame her either, especially when your drinking a fucking whiteclaw.” Yuta looks between the man and his drink, offended.
It’s haechan’s turn to be pleased with his comment. He leaves yuta standing in pain, physically and emotionally, to walk towards your figure. Yuta mutters an ‘asshole’ as he watches him drag you out of the kitchen, leaving yuta to help yejun with the drinks
You flinch at the sudden contact and the fact that your being man handled down the hallway and into the room the girls and you will be sleeping in. “Your not planing on doing this now are you?” You ask turning around to see haechan closing your bedroom door behind him. “I have to get ready-“ “I can’t wait anymore” he interrupts.
He slowly begins walking towards you. “We are going to be at that stupid amusement park until five and I don’t think I have it in me to wait that long” he continues. Haechan wraps his arms around your waist pulling you as close to him as possible. “I wanna taste you” blush instantly crawling up you face at his blunt comment. you quickly place your hands over his chest and push slightly. He groans in annoyance. “You don’t have to say it like that, it embarrassing” you look out the window to avoid the smile that creeps onto his lips.
“Am I making you nervous?” He asks, stepping closer again. “No your making it weird” “how so?” “I don’t know…” you think for a moment, trying to find the right words. His hands find your waist once again. And he dips his head down to connect your lips to his. Not caring for your explanation. “You have no idea what you do to me y/n” he mumbles between kisses. You lean into his touch. Wrapping your arms around him. “-no idea what I had to do last night to get myself off” his lips travel down your lips to your jaw. You hum in Acknowledgement, letting him know your listening. “Wanted you under me” he adds. You whimper. Mostly because he found the spot in the crook of your neck that makes you go crazy, but also because his words are truly effecting you. “You left me- ‘s unfair” he trails off. You don’t think he’s really thinking about his words much anymore, Being driven solely by the desire to feel you against him.
You move your hands from around his shoulders to lift up his chin. Pulling him away from your neck. “I’m sorry” you respond playfully, with a smile. Holding back a laugh. He sounds so desperate.
“Let me make it up to you?” You suggest and he eyes you carefully, his curiosity urging you to continue. You keep eye contact with him, when he feels your hands undoing his belt. You push him towards the end of the bed, sitting him down. He curses under his breath seeing you slowing fall to your knees. He hands move from your waist to your face. Gently holding your cheeks. “You’re making me crazy” he informs
“I’m making you hard” correcting him, you slightly pull down his jeans down just enough to to see a clear outline of his bulge through his boxers. “Same thing” he mumbles.
he’s watching you- looking at you like your an angel, coming to answer all of his prayers. You stare at his bulge for a second. He’s big, bigger then you thought when you felt him the day before. He’s not even fully hard yet. He gets impatient (as usual) and pulls his boxers down to the same length of his pants. And he watched you eye his cock, as it lifts up after being freed from confinement. Looked like You were Worshiping it.
He moves his arms behind his head, to pull his hoodie over his head, tossing it on the bed behind him. Not wanting the fabric to get in the way. Revealing his slightly toned stomach.
He could see thoughts racing through your mind. Staring at him, Basically drooling. “You could just compliment me you know?” He say confidently. “And raise your ego higher then it already is? No way” your words barely at a whisper. “That’s ok princess, I can see it in your face” you give him a look, the nickname stirring something in you lower stomach. You then bring your hand around the base of his cock. He lets out a small groan, Basking in the sensation of finally feeling you.
Watching him throw his head back at such a simple touch is making your underwear wet, you squeeze your thighs together, doing your best to ignore the aching between them. Slowly your fist begins to slide up and down his length. Your other hand holding onto his thigh. “Tell me what to do to make you cum” you’re talking to him but your eyes remain fixed on his member. You haven’t done this kind of thing much before so you wanna make sure you do a good job. “Just keep touching me please” he’s slightly embarrassed at how whiny he sounds. he lifts your head to look at him. “And look at me” you nod, keeping your eyes trained on him.
Your hands feel so good jerking him off. He’s not gonna lie, it’s been some time since he’s been with a girl. Not like he couldn’t if he wanted to, it’s just that Finals are really hectic and he can’t ever find time for himself. So, he’s pretty sensitive right now. At least- that’s his excuse. It’s definitely not because it’s YOU that’s touching him.
He’s pulled out of his thought when he feels your wet lips against his tip. His hips jerk forward at the feeling and he accidentally slides further into your mouth. He almost came right there. “Shit, I’m sorry” you try to mumble an ‘it’s ok’ but fail miserably. Only sending vibrations up his dick. “Fuck y/n”
You slowly take him in your mouth. Trying to relax your jaw. Hearing his breath hitch is motivating you to make him feel ten times better. You take him as far as you can, until you feel him at the back if your throat. The feeling making your eyes slightly roll back. The sudden act causing haechan to grip your hair. He’s not tugging, just holding for balance. You begin moving up and down his cock. Wrapping your tongue around him.
God he wanted to fuck your face and cum down your throat. Your hand pumping the base you couldn’t get in your mouth and try your best to keep your eyes open and on him. But he’s not looking at you- he can’t. He’ll cum. His head instead falls back in pleasure. You continue to bob your head. slightly speeding up over time. “That’s good baby, keep doing that”
closing your eyes, trying to focusing on not gagging around him as you take even more of him. “Shit shit shit!” He pushing you further onto him, causing you to gag once around him and he twitches in your mouth. You feel hot streams glide down your throat, as he comes down from his orgasm.
His hips are jerking into you, and you take it, take all of him. Swallowing everything he gives you. You continue milking him dry making him hum but halfway through it turns into a moan. Some of his cum dripping down the corners of your lips, and you slowly slip him out of your mouth, keeping eye contact. you eyes look so innocent even though he’s watching your Saliva and his juices mix around your lips. The scene so unholy, He could cum again. “God- Your so messy baby… so pretty” hands brushing hair out if your face.
you hum at his compliments. He then moves his hands to use his thumbs to wipe your pretty mouth clean. Bringing you back to your feet and into his lips. “So fucking pretty” he repeats. you climb into the bed and straddle him, being carful not to touch his sensitive cock. You smile against his lips. “What?” He asks confused at your sudden giggles “you came really hard” you playfully inform.
“It’s been a while” he rolls his eyes, connecting your lips once again. He picks you up by your thighs and turns both of you over. His fingers digging into your soft skin. You yelp softly and his strength. He promises himself he’ll kiss any marks he leaves on you later. Your back now pressed against the pillows on the bed. “It’s my turn to make you cum hard, yeah?” His hand slides under your hoodie and grab at yous tits from over your bra. You whimper at his sudden behaviour. “Gonna make you cum s’hard” his hand garbing at the back of your thigh to open your legs. then sliding it under the waistband of your bottoms. His palm feeling up against your core through your panties. “Wow” his voice came out as a gasp. He looks down for a moment then back up at you. You look away quickly and your fell your face get hot.
“You must really like me huh? Your soaked” His lips find your neck. Two fingers circle the fabric above your clit, slowly, making you whine. He’s teasing and your on the verge of breaking. You move one hand from his shoulders to grab his wrist “Hyuck-“
“behave.” His voice suddenly more husky and low. You look at him surprised, but move your hand to place it back on his shoulder. “Stay still” you huff and his command. “Could you not be a menace for once?” You complain. Then close your thighs around his hand. “Can’t help it, your fun to mess with.” He slides his hand out if your pants then leans in for a quick kiss. “Wanna hear you begging for me… can you do that for me angel?” you exhale at his words. You nod, “good…. Open” you are ready to open you legs for him so he can pull your sweats off, but stop almost immediately.
“Ya! Are you guys ready to go? We gatta leave in ten minutes!” You hear mark yell from what you assume is the kitchen.
“Fuck” you whine
“Fuck” he groans
He leans he’s forehead against yours for a moment then giving you another quick peck on the lips before turning his head towards the door.
“One sec!” He yells back. You flinch at his voices, forgetting your right under him. He turns back to you and laughs “sorry” you giggle at his Sudden mood change “it’s ok”
“I can be quick?” He offers “it’s ok we don’t have time” you sit up but he pushes your middle back into the bed. “You haven’t cum yet- Can’t leave you hanging” he argues.
you let out another laugh “I left you hanging yesterday- now where even. We have ten minutes and m’not even dresses yet” you add sitting up once more and he rolls over next to you in defeat. Haechan watches you get up form the bed and towards the bathroom after grabing a bad from your suitcase. He smiles at it, laughing at the fact you still haven’t unpack your things.
He adjust himself and his clothes back to normal and sits on The bed waiting for you to return from the bathroom. Ready to smother you in apologies and promises to make it up to you later.
Then he hears a knock at the door. It opens before he could answer. He was about to complain to the person about coming in without a response- but then he sees Shihyun at the entrance.
This Is her room after all.
She enters the room looking up from her phone, surprised to see haechan on the bed she will probably be sleeping on tonight. she makes and face. “If you two fucked on this bed you better tell me now so I can change the shee-“ “-we did not” he rolls his eyes and she nods in approval and continues to the bed and takes a seat. “What the hell are you doing?” He asks, confused as to why she’s in here when they are going to be leaving soon.
She puts her phone down and turns to him in the most dramatic way. “ME? First of all! This is MY room! So I should be asking YOU that question, second, only you responded when mark called for you three, so I came to check up on y/n, Johnny told me you two were probably getting it on in here, and to leave you be, but I needed my charger anyway, and that’s the third point.” She finally takes a breathe before bending down under the nightstand to unplug her phone charger. “Three?” He asked “who else isn’t ready?”
She turns to him. “Renjun is in the room across the hall trying to figure out how to get the projector to work, just in case we decide if a movie night. Ya know?”
He nods. “I can’t watch movies with you, you always fall asleep and snore-“ he teases, she scoffs “I wouldn’t be sleeping if you didn’t always pick boring movies” she retaliated. “You always play stupid cheesy k-dramas when I’m in the mood for horror”
“You just don’t have taste” he argues “in movies and in men” he adds.
you come out if the bathroom, dressed and ready to go, only to walk in on Shihyun and haechan on opposite side of the room with pillows flying across your face. “You asshole!” “Skank!” Some kind of pillow fight.
You roll your eyes and walk out of the room with your phone. They follow after you. But only after hearing a smack, then haechan yelp, then Shihyun giggle. You snort as you continue to the living room to join the others.
“Okay, we have two cars, so how about the girls take one car, and the boys take the other? Renjun and Shihyun drove up here so maybe they shouldn’t have to drive for the rest of the trip” mark suggest. Renjun nodding his head to him as a thank you. “Why are we splitting up gender!? I wanna hang out with the girls! I trust Noona’s driving more then Johnny’s” Jisung complained holding onto your arm dramatically. “That’s ok Jisung you count as one of the girls anyway.” You joke. The whole group all snickered at his expression. He rips away from you. “I change my mind”
“No poor baby gurl! Don’t leave us hanging!” You continue, earning more laughs “Noona how could you treat me like this?” “I wanna be a ‘baby gurl’ too!” Yuta demands latching into your arm replacing Jisung. Renjun rolls his eyes and gets into the bigger car, joining Johnny who’s looking up the directions in the drivers seat. “Too bad! I’m already her baby gurl!” Jisung drags yuta off if you and take his place one more. “Wow” you roll your eyes. “I kinda wanna go with you guys too” mark announces. Looking to yejun who smiles and nods in agreement “What!? Then so do I” haechan adds. He grabs ahold of your hand, Looking right at you. His eyes look innocent, completely different then a couple moments ago. “How about we just see who fits?” You suggest.
“If Jisung is coming, there’s only one more place in the smaller car.” Yejun informs. “But just to help you guys out, Shihyun is driving which means, she gets the aux.” she adds. “Oh-“ yuta mutters. “You know what, I think I’ll just go with Johnny” he slides into the big car to join the two boys already in there. “Yeah you know what, I didn’t bring headphones and I don’t want have to listen to promiscuous by Nelly furtado featuring timbaland one more time.” Mark agrees and follows yuta.
“Shihyuns not driving? You are, and thought we were sharing the aux” you correct, sending a confused look her way. She winks. “I know” then giggles to herself. “But mark will just play ‘hold tight’ by Justin bieber. And yuta would distract me by criticizing my driving.” You laugh and Jisung and haechan join you. Jisung hops in the front next to yejun. Shihyun is already fast asleep in the backseat.
“Wonder what she would’ve said about me if I decided not to go” heachan thinks aloud. You ponder for a moment and snort. “‘Hyuck would just listen to Michael Jackson the whole time’” you mimic yejuns voice. “See that’s true but she wouldn’t call me hyuck, she would say donghyuck” he retaliates but your already climbing into the back seat of the car. He follows you. Only to find that you waking Shihyun move to the middle.
Did that upset him?
Yes No
While driving you look out the window looking at all the things Shihyun points out, making sure she knows your paying attention so she doesn’t throw a tantrum, but haechan on the other side of her seems quiet. Too quiet. When she finally falls back asleep you look over to see her leaning up against haechans shoulder. He doesn’t seem to mind though, he’s looking out the window lost in thought. you smile to yourself before looking about out your own.
Haechan is so sweet in his own little way. You wonder if he enjoyed what had happened earlier. He seemed to. So did you, even if you didn’t actually get that far, your sure he know what he’s doing. I mean come on… he was able to Find your clit- through your underwear. You body tingles in the places he’s touched you. Chills run down your spine at the thought of him going further with you.
God you wanted to feel him inside you.
You wanted him to hold you. This feeling is so foreign, you and Haechan where friends who would bicker about every single thing. Also arguing or play fighting. You never really thought about how close you two are. Or the fact that you two know so much about each other. It never crossed your mind that your relationship with him wasn’t hate.
You blink twice when your phone buzzes in your pocket. You lift yourself of your seat, to quickly grab it from under you. You open your notifications.
|| JenO -
Heard you and hyuck got together?
You look up to look and see if anyones eyes where on you. Yenjun and Jisung were taking quietly up front, too quiet. But that’s not what your worrying about right now. You look over at Shihyun who is still fast alseep on haechans shoulders. But haechan is no longer looking out the window. No now he’s looking at you. The concern on your face rubbing into his. He mouths ‘you ok?’ And you nod with a tight smile before turning back to your phone. He couldn’t see your screen anyway.
|| you-
Where did you hear something like that?
|| JenO -
Oh come on y/n, I can tell youre hiding something even through text.
|| JenO -
fine, Shihyun mentioned something about you two
|| you -
Ofc she did
|| JenO -
Relax y/nie
|| JenO -
Not planing on telling anyone, just want to know if my close friend finally got laid.
|| you -
What’s finally supposed to mean huh? 😡
|| JenO -
Was it good?
You sigh and rest your head on the head rest on the back of your seat. Thinking. Not if it was good. But if you should tell him. You trust Jeno like you trust renjun. Maybe a third opinion might do you well.
|| you -
It was good
|| JenO -
Sick, so what is it? Like fwb? Or just a hook up?
|| you -
It’s not friends with benefits…
|| JenO -
So a hookup?
|| you -
I don’t really know
|| JenO -
You fucking idiot, 😂 come on y/n what do you mean you don’t now?
|| JenO - typing
|| you -
Shut up Asshole. I’m figuring it out! You have no right to talk especially since I know about what’s happening between you an Shihyun!
|| JenO -
Shut up asshole. That’s fair I guess. 💀 We’ll be there in like an hour. And you guys get back around 5? I’ll see you then.
^ you laughed JenO’s message
You turn your phone off and try your best to fall asleep. You feel Shihyun’s weight shift and now she’s leaning her head on your shoulder. You smile at her and lay your head on hers.
“Noona” you open your eyes to Jisung, standing out the car door in front of you. He’s reaching over your frame, which is really small compared to his. “Hm?” You question through you sleepiness.
The ride back was quiet. Iceskating and the rides definitely tired you out. Especially the ones that went too high off the ground, making you light headed- So did the bickering between Jisung and yejun, Which seemed so different from the tone they had with eachother on the ride there, they were talking calm and nice to each other but as soon as they were out of the car, they began arguing over who could get on the most rides. Later on, Mark decided to bring up the 2 butts debate again over lunch and landed you here. In the back seat, drained.
“Can you lift your arm?” Jisung asks, his voice at almost a whisper. You lift both arms waiting for his explanation. You then hear you seatbelt click. You look out the car windows to see you made it back to lodge already. You look next to your car to the right and see two others. Probably Johnny’s and the rest of the group. When the seatbelt is off of you, you turn to see shihyuns head back on Haechans shoulder, both of them also fast asleep. “Noona, are you too tired to walk? Do you want me to carry you inside?” You look over at the boy who’s putting your shoes back on your feet for you.
“Huh? No, I’m ok. But maybe carry hyunie in? She’s pretty tired.” He nods “she’s also snoring” he adds. you bite back a laugh and so does he. Jisung backs up to give you space to slip out to the car. You walk around and open haechans side of the door. His body was leaning up against the door when you opened it. He would’ve fell out if the car if it wasn’t for the seatbelt that’s around him. He jolted out of his slumber at the sudden feeling of falling. Then his eyes find your playful ones. You try holding back your laugh but fail.
Jisung walks around the car and into the house with Shihyun in his arms. When you turn back to the boy in front of you is out of the car ready to pounce. “You’ll regret that” “hm really?” You ask sarcastically. And he pokes the side of his check. “Yeah really” a smile creeps onto his lips. It’s not dark out yet but it is dimmer then Usual. The sky clear of clouds and still. No wind, or rain, just cold air. You don’t realize but he was watching you intently, as if trying to read your mind.
Is she upset?
She probably unsatisfied
You fucking asshole
You share a moment of silence. It was Awkward but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, you felt comfortable. You wonder if he’s comfortable too. You look at him through the corner of your eye. He’s leaning up against the car, looking in your direction.
Well that made you nervous.
Your mind drifts back to his words
‘So fucking pretty’
‘Wanna hear you begging for me, can you do that for me angel?’
You shift on your feet at the thought of him talking to you like that. You pinch yourself in the arm when your mind starts to wonder how it would be like to date him. Now that you two aren’t alway bickering- you finally see the way looks at you. You pinch yourself again to remind yourself that this is purely pleasure- sexual pleasure. The act doesn’t go unnoticed by the boy in front of you.
“You ok?” You turn back to him quickly, when you hear his voice, a lot closer then you thought he would be. “Yeah? Why?” You look him up and down. His hands are stuffed into his pocket. His hair still swayed to the sides, some thin strands falling into his face.
“You seemed upset in the car…” you’re about to tell him it’s nothing but he continues “if it’s about me leaving you hanging earlier, I told you I wou-“
“Nonononono no! That’s not what happened” you cut him off. “Jeno just texted me, and I was surprised, that’s all” “hm” he nodded his head, but he wasn’t convinced, and for some reason the topic of you and Jeno, stirred something in him, especially since you didn’t clarify what he texted you.
“Well, they got here 2 hours ago. They texted the group chat about grabbing more stuff for the party” he informs pulling out his phone to see the texts from jeno and jaemin. He watches you read the text. He can’t help but hope you would show you text with jeno ti him.
“More stuff? What else do we need?” You ask, mostly to yourself. He watches your eyebrows pinched together, and is mind found it’s way back to when he had you in the bed. He can’t focus now, his mind full of… you.
He begins to mindlessly trail off.
“Well taeyong wants to have a movie night, so their probably getting more snacks and we also need ice.” As he’s Explaining his hand comes up to softly rub your shoulder. You look at him and you can see that his mind is elsewhere. His eyes aren’t focused on anything in particular and his sentences are trailing off. “Hyuck, Are you tired?” You ask him in the softest voice he’s ever heard from you.
“Hm?… no” his mind begins to slow down when he hears you call his name. “You seem tired” you push. He slides his hands down your shoulders then hold your hands.
He’s lost again, looking at your hands connecting between your bodies “Hyuck?” He interlocks your fingers with his.
“Yes?” He looks at you in the eyes now. “Are You ok?”
“Mhm, Just thinking”
That was the most irritating answer he could have given you. “Don’t, don’t think, okay? Do you wanna lay down?” He stares at you for a moment. “Nah I’m good, parties gonna start soon-“
“Fuck the party, you look like you’re about to pounce on me but for real” you laugh but it doesn’t reach your eyes. They are filled with worry. “You need to lay down”
“I’ll lay down if you lay with me?”
It was supposed to be a demand but it came out as a question. “Ok I can do that” you nod slowly with a smile. His heart aches at the sight of you holding his hand, pulling him inside. Where you see Chaewon and Kai are leaned up against the kitchen counter. When Chaewon sees you too she squeals in excitement. “Haechan! Hiii” she goes it to hug him, he barley hugs back. His eyes only fixated on your hands. She waves it off, assuming he’s tired. Which is true. “Y/n! Hey baby!!” She say in a flirty way. You snort and hug her with your free arm. She definitely notices that yours and heachans hands are connected but chooses to ignore it. You wonder why. “Long day huh?” You nod then turn to Kai who’s drinking a bottle of beer. “You guys started drinking?”
“Yeah?! Pregaming! Barbecues are the best when your drunk, especially the movie!!” You laugh when she grabs he whiteclaw from the counter.
Drunk my ass. How much alcohol is in there .0001%?
You laugh. You were ready to greet Kai, when you feel haechan begin to pull you away from the kitchen. Without an argument you wave them a goodbye and follow haechan down the hallway opposite from your room. “Hyuck? Are we going to your room?” “Mhm”
He practically kicks he door open. You finally let go of his hand to take in the structure of the room he’s staying in. “Lay down” you turn around to see him undressing himself. “Okay” You sit in the bed. Your back leaned up against the headboard. Everything smells like him. It’s a bit overwhelming, but in the best way possible. You watch him take his hoodie off throwing it to the side, undoing he belt to throw it along with it. “Are we going to have, you know-?” You ask and watch him turn to you. “Do you not want to?” He paused his movements. “I do” you correct him, your voice almost muted. Your eyes leave his to find something- anything else to look at, then bringing your knees up to your chin and wrapping your arms around them. He nods at your reassurance.
He returns to his previous activity, tugging his pants down on the floor.
“Do you want me to take my clothes off too?” You question, trying your best to calm your nerves.
Why is he so quiet all of a sudden. It was like a switch.
“No” he said bluntly “wanna undress you myself princess” he dips into the bed with a smirk. You let out a exhale at the nickname. He seems back to normal again.
“If you don’t wanna do this now, I’ll stop, no problem”
“I do”
“You do what?”
“I wanna do this”
He face lightens with your words. He licks his bottom lip. His memories taking him back to see you on the floor with him inside your mouth. His cock twitches at the image. He begins to climb over you.
You lay down fully until your head is propped up from the pillows. “Wanna make you cum so much baby” he crawls up your Frame until he’s hovering right above you. His knees dug into the mattress on either side of you. “Feel bad about leaving you like that” he leans down just enough for your noses to brush against each other, before finding your neck.
He’s found that this is his favorite place to be. “I told you to forget it” you warned. Your eyes remain on him, and you hold his face with you palms. “Can’t” he stays, in between sucks against your neck. You impatiently lift his head slightly to connect your lips. Placing your hands on his shoulders, He smiles against you, But depends the kiss, allowing your head to fall back into the pillows. His hands move to your waist, lifting your hips off the bed slightly, before hooking his fingers onto your pants to dragged them the down your legs.
You gasp into the kiss. He takes your pants off completely, Licking your mouth for entrance, which you grant him immediately. You hear your pants hit the ground somewhere near the closet door. Assuming he threw them. He begins to pull anyway but you follow him, Chasing his lips. He lets out a breathy chuckle “Wanna hear you say my name, you can be loud for me right?” His hands caressing you thighs gently. His words, his hands, his gaze- god It’s turning you on.
“Yeah” you breath out. He smiles, reconnecting your lips. “Good girl” his hands finding your waist again. Lifting up your top to grope your tits. His disconnects your lips again. You groan in annoyance, but it turns into a moan when he lifts up your top completely, along with your bra to latch lips onto your nipple. Your hands move from his chest to his hair. Gripping onto him and pulling lightly. The act having him groan into your chest. He pulls away to quickly discard your top and your bra. Then His hand travels down you abdomen and into your panties.
His fingers play with your folds for a moment before using you fingers to spread them. You close your eyes at the thought of him actually touching you where you need him most. He allows his middle finger to circle around you clit. The act making you hips push into his hand for more. “So small under me, god I could spilt you in half” you shiver under him.
You body pushing further into his touch, the fact that your body is telling him all of your secrets, what makes you tick and what makes you moan, is making him unbelievably hard. Your moans are like music to his ears. “Hyuck” you whimper.
“Yes baby?”
“Please hurry” he moves his head from you chest to look up at you. Your eyes closed. Eyebrows furrowed in frustration- he loves it.
“I’ll do anything you want, just gotta hear you say it love” all this nicknames are making your head spin. And you curse yourself for being so effected. “I want you inside me” you mutter the words so low, he almost didn’t hear them. But he did, he just wants to hear it again.
His elbow is propped up against the bed. His other hand working circles around your clit, using His finger to collect the wetness around your hole as lube.
“Hm?” He smirks watching you, every twitch if your face. “Look at me” he demands. You open your eyes to meet his. You wonder for a moment if you asked him to kiss you again, would it be weird?
“Want you inside me please Hyuck”
He smiles, trying hard to remember that this is just sex, no feelings. But he can’t help the words the leave his mouth next.
“Anything for you” as if he read your mind, he places a peck to your lips, lingering there a second too long. The finger that’s as abusing your bud, now making its way around your entrance, At a painfully slow pace. You open your legs wider for him. And he bits his lower lip, trying not to laugh. “Yeah? s’that good?”
“No? Whats wrong angel?”
“Hyuck don’t tease…. please just…”
“Please what?” He asks.
You wanna punch him, and you would if your body didn’t feel so weak and fragile. You whimper. Sliding one of your hands to please your aching instead. His hand quickly slides out of you and wraps his hand around your wrist, stopping your attempt. “Nuh uh, use your words love”
“Hyuck, please just finger me” you finally let out. To embarrassed to keep your eyes open. “God your so sexy” he frees your hand to find his way back to your pantries. Haechan sits up to pull your panties down your legs and tosses them to the side. You close your thighs together. “Y/n” you open your eyes to find his. They seem darker and more serious, the you’ve ever seen them. “Can’t make you feel good down here if your legs are closed” you nod. ”right”
“Wanna see your pretty little pussy” Your legs open for him before his sentence even finishes sounding. He smiles at your obedience. He looks at you for an uncomfortable amount if Time, you begin to freak out.
Then he inserts his middle finger into you. Your sucking him in, and you feel so hot down there.
“Holy shit”
that’s all he could let out. Like I said it’s been a while since you’ve been active in your sexually life. Your watching him stare down at where his finger is being squeezed in. He adds another. Earning a small whine for him. His fingers start to slowly pump in and out of you. Earning moans from your pretty mouth. He leans back towards you. Pls sing his face over yours once again. “Gonna make you cum on my fingers… then My tongue, the my cock, okay princess?” You exhale and try to nod but your mind is full of the thought of haechans dick inside you. “Gotta make sure I won’t hurt you pretty baby. Gotta stretch you out a bit, okay?”
You nod, though your not really listen to his words. His free hand sliding up your body to your face. Caressing your check. Looking at you like your The only girl in the world.
To him… you were.
“words baby”.
“Yes” you agree even though you can’t really remember what he said. “Good” he wants to kiss you again, would that be weird? This is just pleasure right? Does kissing count?
He shakes it off and moves himself until he’s on his knees leaning back slightly to get a good look at you. He watched his fingers work inside of you, curling every now and then. Which is making you moan, loudly. So he keeps doing it. Wanting nothing more then to hear you tell him he’s doing a good job. “Is this good baby?” He asks picking up the pace, “mhm s’good” his thumb runs circles around your clit, your hips shoot up, chasing the feeling and he can tell your close. He lowered his head to place kisses around your thighs. Then his body slowly adjusts until he’s lying on his stomach. His kisses trail down your thighs until he reaches you core.
Haechan places a kiss to your clit, making you shiver and stutter your hips into his face. He doesn’t complain, instead he takes his fingers out to completely devour you. You moan and yell his name. He subconsciously begins to grind into the mattress.
He continues to abuse your pussy. When you grab and up at his hair he almost cums in his pants. His finger find their way back onto your cunt and working their magic.
He’s paying attention to every part of you. Watching your reactions and accommodating to them. You feel yourself getting closer and closer. His begins speeding up his fingers and his tongue. Every now and then curling them continuously. Your hips start bucking and the back of your neck feels hot. “Your doing so well” he coos against you.
You can feel it coming. You cover your mouth and face with your hands to stop any embarrassing sound form leaving your lips. He’s definitely not happy about that, but he sees the way your body is twitching. It makes him smile, knowing got you to cum just from his fingers an mouth. He continues slowing, laping at your sex. He’s savouring everything that pour out of you. working on your clit to help ride out your orgasm. “Don’t hide from me y/n, I hate that shit”
You shake your head and slowly close your thighs around his hand. “Y/n” he chuckles, removing his hand from your cunt. His other hand garbing you wrist and pulling em away from your face.
“Look at me.” He tried to say it in a soft voice, but it came out as a demand. When you open your eyes to look at him, he brings his fingers to his mouth, sucking in your release. “Oh god” you mutter. You are so out of breath and your eyes can’t focus properly but the sight could make him cum. He smiles onto his fingers. You know your face is red right now and it’s killing you. “Your so fucking cute” he closes in slowly kissing you, but this felt different, it felt real. He pulls away. And you look up at him, with a innocent look.
He stays like this for a moment, watching your eyes and listening to your breathe. waiting for it to even out. “Hyuck” “yes princess”
“Please fuck me now”
He surprised at how openly you said that. You Kept your eyes on him and your voice didn’t break once.
So fucking hot. But as much and he wanted to he couldn’t.
“Can’t. Not yet” He shakes his head sitting back into his knees. “Gotta make sure your ready.” He’s about to crawl back down, to no doubt eat you out one more time. And as much as you want that, you can’t wait anymore.
You sit up onto your knees as well, wrapping your arms around his neck, his face turns back to yours. “Please, I’ll take it” he just looks at you. He’s never expected this kind of behaviour from you and it’s driving him crazy. His eyes fall onto your lips. “Yeah?”
“Hyuck, I wanna ride you.” His hands find your waist immediately. Pulling you onto him and placing his back against the headboard. You straddle his waist, a little taken aback at how he can carry you so easily. When your situated on top of his boxers, your can feel him under you, He’s so hard and you wanna feel him stretch you out.
“You can’t just say things like that y/n shit” he places his hands on your hips and moves you so that their rolling over his cock. The friction on your already sensitive core- Him using you like this is weirdly turning you on even more. Your lips find a place on his neck, sucking at his sensitive skin. The groans he lets out are beautiful, and you want nothing more then to hear them again.
His hands remain on your hips but his thumb finds you bud to run circles over it. Your hips buckle down into him. He lets out a whimper and you almost came right there.
“Mmmh Hyuck, please let me feel you!” You allow your hands to run up and down his abdomen. Haechans pulls you away from him, his palms placed on your cheeks. “Fuck Im gonna ruin you” you Lean into his touch, continuing to rock against his dick.
“If you want to stop at any point in time, you tell me. Do you understand?”
You ignore him. Pulling his boxers down to free his cock. It flys up and smacks his stomach.
You want him in your mouth again.
But you also want him inside your walls.
“Y/n I’m serious” he lifts your face look at his.
“Haechan, I’m not made of glass” you argue grabbing at his base, making his hips fly up into your hand. “You might as well be” he moans. Placing his hands on your hips to ground himself. His lifts you slightly and you place his tip at your entrance.
“Wait!” You freeze at the sudden interruption. Looking up at his in fear that he’s changed his mind. “I don’t have a condom on” he informs and you roll your eyes.
“Haechan, I’m on the pill” he sighs in relief.
“Call me haechan, one more time. I dare you” he is voice stern and serious. “Hyuck” you correct your self. It made you giddy that he notices when you don’t call him by his nickname.
When you finally allow his tip to push into, you immediately feel a stretch you’ve been dying for since the new semester started. “Shit”
As soon as he top touched your entrance he could feel how wet you were. The slick dripping down his length, he thought he might cry. It’s taking everything in him not to destroy you right now.
You slowly lower yourself onto him. Taking him an inch at a time. It did hurt a bit, but the feeling of someone- HIM inside of you was intoxicating. And the only reason it hurt is because you haven’t had something like this in such a long time. The Ecstasy could make you cry. “So fucking tight” his head falls back onto the headboard with his eyes closed. He’s taking deep breaths through his nose, trying to stay calm. Your so small, so warm. He can feel your walls clenching and fluttering around him.
when he’s fully inside of you, you pause. You can feel you legs shaking already. You can feel blood rushing to your clit when it makes contact with his skin.
Your hands placed at his shoulders and you stare down at where he disappears inside you. You want to move so bad, but you can’t seem to focus on any-
“Take your time” your hear him say. You look back up to see him smiling at you. A reassuring smile that makes him so kissable… is that weird? “You okay” he asks. His eyes furrow together at the way your looking at him. He sees you fighting a battle against yourself in your mind “Just…. Thinking” you say between a moan when you begin to move your hips around. He bites his lip at the feeling. “Don’t think about it, do whatever you want princess, I’m all yours”
You pause for a moment longer, then move your hands slightly to hold his neck. Your thumbs on his jaw affectionately caressing his face. “Wanna kiss you… can I kiss you?” You feel him twitch inside you, and you moan again at the feeling. He smiles “don’t ask baby, told you I’m all yours” you continue to stare, as if you didn’t hear him. He leans forward to place a peck on your lips to help you get started. Then leans back so you’ll follow him. This kiss feels so different, so real and full of emotions, you just couldn’t pin point what emotions where being expressed.
You begin working your hips on his cock, he groans into the kiss, one hand gripping your thigh and the other on your hip, gently massaging the area. Helping you grind into him. He’s so big, so thick. Every time you move you can feel every inch of him. He can feel your wall throbbing around him, causing him to rut up into you. “Hyuck” you mubbled between his lips. You aren’t kissing anymore, your mouths are just on top of each others.
Everything seems so sensual. His hands massaging your body. You felt so loved, even if that isn’t what he’s giving you, that’s all you felt. He’s so relaxed, watching your every move. Waiting for you, making sure your ready and comfortable. You wanna make him feel good. You don’t want him to hold back.
“Want you to fuck me”
You pleaded. Holding your breathe while waiting for his responds. “Oh yeah?” He teased, he didn’t even fight the smile that spears in his face. All you could do is whine and nod your head. He smirks and places another kiss to you lips. “How do you want me to do it?”
“Just, just make yourself feel good- want you to use me” his hips unintentionally jolt into you. You Hiss at the feeling of his tip hitting your soft spot. “Shit, sorry.. You can’t just say shit like that y/n”
You lower your head to hide your face. “Please Do that again” you plant your face in his shoulder. And he does, he grabs your hips and slowing begins to fuck into you. He’s so fucking turned on. He was ready to take it slow, if that’s what you wanted but when you just came out and said that, something in him turned.
“Your so fucking filthy” he spoke between breathy moans. you sobbed into his neck in responds as He begins to bounce you on top of his cock. Making sure your pace meets his thrust. “Wanting me to use you? Shit- your so dirty” it feels so good, he’s hitting places you’d never even new where there.
So deep
“My pretty little slut hmm?” He coos in a condescending tone. “Does it feel good?” You nod into his shoulder and he slows down his movements.
He grabs you ass, shifting both your weight. When You open your eyes to see him on top of you, and your back against the bed. “Need your eyes in me princess, you can do that, I know you can” you shake your head. But he doesn’t give you the Chance to complain. He pulls his hips back just enough until only his tip is inside you then fucks back into you. His pace was brutal. “Is this ok baby?” He said, hoping he doesn’t sound to whiny. Your walls continue to flutter around him and he can’t focus anymore. He’s on his knees. His hands find themselves on the back of your thighs. Using them to help him pound into you. Your skin is so soft and your thighs are so plump. His eyes watch your closed one’s then they shift to your breasts; Bouncing so beautifully.
“Want me to slow down?” He asks leaning forward, folding you in half as he did. You open your eyes to see him looking back at you. Your walls clench and haechans hips stutter. “No, no feels good don’t stop. Please don’t stop”
He smiles. Leaning in for another kiss. “Wasn’t planning on it” he leans back again to get a full view of your body. Then he looks down to see where he’s disappearing inside you, your all over his sheets now, the sounds of his balls slapping against your ass fill his ears. He places your legs over his shoulders and places his hand on your lower stomach. “Can feel myself here, can you feel me here baby?”
The feeling of him touching himself through your stomach pushed you over the edge. Your eyes roll back and you swear you saw stars. You feel your back arch into him and Your muscles tense. Your legs and waist twitches aggressively.
He feels your walls spasm around his cock. He watches you come undone, below him. He last one more powerful thrust before emptying himself inside you. He falls forward, catching himself with his hand to make sure not to fall on top of you. The feeling of his warm release inside of you is making your mind go blank. He slowly pulls out of you, you cringe at the felling of his cum leaking out you. But he loves it. He watches it drip down towards your ass. He’s proud of himself. Looking back to you, he see that you’re eyes are still closed gnawing at your lip.
“You ok baby? he caresses you face and places a peck you to lips. He laughs when he sees your lips pucker, he places another peck on the corner of your mouth. You try to sit up but his pushes you back down. “Want me to run you a bath?” You roll your eyes.
“Aftercare?! From you? Unbelievable” you joke through your tiredness and it’s his turn to roll his eyes. “I heard women don’t like to be touched after sex? Do you want to be alone?” You sit up again to look at him. “No, don’t leave me” he nods with a smile. He’s glad, because he really want to stay near you. He wants to hear your voice and feel your touch against his for the rest of his life. But we won’t ever say that aloud.
“I’ll start a bath, and I’ll clean you up so you can sleep, sound good?” He gets up pulling his boxers back on and grabbing the rest of the clothes in the floor and throws them in a bag. “You mean… you’ll take a bath with me?” You question.
He turns to look at your frame on the bed. And you feel a bit of déjà vu. “Do you not want me too?”
You giggle “if it means I don’t have to clean myself then I guess you can bathe with me”
He rolls his eyes. Those words felt like a reminder, that this is just ‘two friends helping each other out’.
But you don’t want to think about that. Not when he’s holding you in the bath like this. Not when he’s telling you how well you did, and gently cleaning your body.
Not when he helps get you dressed, putting you in one of his t-shirts, and apologizing for accidentally hitting your breasts.
Not when he lets you lay down on his bed while he plays a stupid k-drama on his laptop.
And Not when you swear you heard the words “I love you” when you fell asleep in his bed- in his arms.
The only thing you could think of was what started all of this the the first place. The words he said to you yesterday- that stupid suggestion replaying in your mind.
••• yesterday night •••
“Pretend you’re in love with me” the words surprisingly leave his lips easily, not stuttering or hesitation. Probably due to the alcohol.
“What!?” You ask, almost positive you didn’t hear him properly. You turn from the tv and place the beer in your hands down on the coffee table, he follows.
“Just for one night. I mean come on y/n, we always act as if we hate each other but we both be know how much we care about one another right?”
You stay silent. He wasn’t making any sense. He decides to explain his thoughts to you. Even if he knows they wouldn’t make sense to you. You would never understand how he feels.
“You know everything about me y/n, my favourite shows, foods, what makes me laugh, what I want for my future- what makes he serious- everything. And I know everything about you. We’re not strangers, and this trip is supposed to help us relax and feel better about our lives right? So just for one night? Act like you love me as much as I love you” he turns to face you completely now. You watch his eyes, looking for a hint of playfulness, or the sound of his laughter when he tells you he’s kidding. But it never comes, he just stares at you.
You laugh, but it doesn’t reach your eyes. Your not sure if it’s him or the alcohol talking.
“Are you out of your mind!?” You ask pressing your palm against his forehead to check for an unusual temperature, in responds to his ridiculous suggestion.
“Only for you”
(Part three)
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j-0ne25 · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Day 13 of CHRISTMAS EVEL (13/12/22) // BTS — Blood Sweat & Tears
CONTENT INFO: minho x afab reader, bestfriend!minho, vampire!minho, human!reader, nonidol!au
WARNING: blood (obviously but not too explicit), switch!minho, switch!reader, fingering, piv, unprotected sex (pls don’t be stupid), praise kink, hints of free use, name calling (angel, doll, good girl)
The characters do not portray any of the skz members in real life, the names are just used for fiction. Also minors do not interact, this post contains mature themes. By clicking on “read more” you consent to nsfw content.
Tumblr media
“Why on earth did you decide to make a grapefruit smoothie?! You really want me to suffer, don’t you, Y/N?” Minho complains while you’re busy taking a seat next to him on the sofa.
“Chill, it’s already dark outside, just go hunting,” you tell him.
Usually, he just goes out at night, flirting with strangers in order to bring them to a narrow alley for their little unexpected plot twist – his teeth on their neck instead of only his tongue. He sucks their blood out until the last drop he can get, just enough for them to fall into a sleep slumber and wake up the next day with a swiped memory.
But it’s exhausting. Minho is an introvert after all, he hates talking to people especially when it’s just for such a minor inconvenience – getting rid of his hunger.
“Don’t want to,” he says, before he adds, “but probably should.”
Once you’ve downed the rest of your smoothie, you throw the blanket aside in order to scoot a bit closer to your best friend. “Why don’t you just use me?”
Minho’s head snaps in your direction, eyes almost bawling out while he’s processing what you’ve just said. “What?!”
“You heard me– just use me, use my neck, Mr vampire,” you wink.
Minho sighs in annoyance. “Don’t call me that, I’ve told you not to.” You chuckle at his reaction. It’s always so easy to tease him after all.
“Do you want my blood or not?”
“T-That’s not the problem and you know it, Y/N.”
“Yeah, I know. You don’t want to hurt me, blah, blah. But at the same time you always assure you never hurt your victims– they just faint and fall asleep and to be honest, after all these weeks of work I could use a good sleep.”
His warning is quiet but still audible, “Y/N, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.” What is he referring to? You’ve told him already, you know what to expect.
“I know, I do know. Now just get to my neck before I change my mind.”
“Are you really sure about it?”
“Yeah, Minho, I am,” you reassure him, already moving on top of his lap, as you’re now straddling him.
“W-What do you think you’re doing?” He asks. “Making myself comfortable,” you say, “or is it wrong this way?”
The view confuses him even though it’s all he’s ever dreamed of, you on top of him, offering yourself just for him, Minho being your first, allowed to ruin your innocence – of course all things considering the vampire thing, of course nothing else, okay? He’s aware you’re experienced when it comes to other… joyful things in life.
“N-No, not wrong, it’s alright. Just relax a bit, yeah?”
You nod, slightly tilting your head for better access. It takes him a few more seconds to lay his mouth on your sensitive skin, until his sharp teeth greet you and enter your flesh. A stinging sensation shoots through your neck and you grip onto his shoulders, until a moan escapes your lips, a pathetic attempt to deal with the feeling – a mixture of pure pain and irresistible pleasure.
Minho witnesses it but mistakes it for something else at first, immediately disconnecting his mouth from your now reddened and bloody skin, “Should I stop?”
“I-I thought you wouldn’t be able to stop? Is something wrong with me?” His sudden stopping confuses you, makes you a bit insecure if you’re honest – all while you’re trying to ignore the growing arousal between your legs. 
“No, it’s not that– it’s more that there’s another feeling present, taking over my desire for blood.” Minho’s gaze darkens and with the way he’s looking at you know, something tells you he knows something you’re not aware of.
“W-What other f-feeling, Minho?” You stutter, keeping your eyes glued on his, looking for any signs.
“Lust,” he breathes out.
You’ve always thought Minho had the darkest eyes whenever he was starving for fresh, red blood but the shade they have turned into now – it shocks you whilst sending an exciting sensation straight down to your core.
“I’ve told you, Minho,” you whisper so quietly, “you’re allowed to use me, I want this just as much as you do.”
That’s all he needs for permission, as he smashes his lips onto yours and you can taste a tiny bit of your blood but you don’t mind.
It’s beyond hypnotising, you can’t seem to find a way to describe the feeling of his mouth dancing with yours, his hands gripping your hips, as you grind on him, synchronising with the rhythm of the kisses. Like a starving man, he shoves his tongue inside your mouth, colliding with your own. 
In an instant, your best friend’s hands leave their place – after all you’ve allowed him to and Minho is nowhere able to stop, this desire is so much stronger than his one for blood – slowly making their way between your legs. 
“Oh, no panties, just like I prefer, angel,” Minho chuckles, as his fingers disappear under your legs. Pushing your skirt up first, he then smears your liquids over your folds, all whilst getting back at hungrily kissing you, drowning out every moan you exhale.
The feeling is even more captivating, since he doesn’t waste any time, already sliding two of his digits inside without an ounce of complication thanks to your literal eagerness between your legs. 
“Feels so good, Minho, you’re so good at this, keep going,” you praise him, closing your eyes shut to deal with the tingling sensation slowly spreading through your whole body. When his thumb finds your clit, starting to add circling motions onto it, you know you’re close.
A few second later, you climax on top of him, all over his fingers, as you chant his name like a mantra. Minho slowly and carefully pulls his fingers out again, licking them clean, whilst attentively keeping eye contact with you.
“You taste so good,” he says and you’re not sure ic he’s still referring to your blood. “Why don’t you show me what a good girl you can be and ride my cock, hm?”
Eager for more – it’s all you’ve waited for for so many years – you help him out of his pants, shifting your weight so he has better access. His prominent erection springs free, the tip nicely covered in precum and you nearly drool at the sight.
Getting back to your previous position, you take your time gliding down on him, inch after inch filling you to the brim and for a moment you halt in place, needing to get used to the feeling of his thickness inside of you.
“You’re so big, Minho,” you breathe out, “you think you can fill me up all nicely with your cum, hm?”
You start with a slow pace, Minho helps you by roughly grabbing your ass, kneading the soft flesh. As you keep bumping your hips up and down, he senses you struggling to take him, so in an instant, he grips your body tighter and spins you around, making you land on your back. 
All whilst making sure to keep your bodies connected in the most intimate way possible. Blood, sweat and tears caused by pleasure are ruling over your whole frame now, desire, lust and passion possess your mind.
“Why don’t you let me do this, angel?” You hastily nod, allowing him to take over and so he does – his thrusts are steady but sharp, brushing over that particular spot inside you, as you roll back your eyes..
“Such a good girl for letting me use her, what an obedient doll you are, all for me,” he whispers, as he picks up his speed, pounding into you with no sign of mercy.
“You’re gonna cum i-inside me, Minho? Please– need it,” you beg, seizing your hands around his neck, playing with the hair at the back of his neck.
“Your wish is my command,” he says, before he reaches his climax, hot spurts of cum painting your walls white.
“Maybe you should always ask me first from now on, whenever you’re hungry, Minho.”
Tumblr media
If you enjoyed the story, please consider reblogging it and sharing your thoughts with me! I’d appreciate it a lot! :) You can also buy me a coffee here, if you feel like it. Please don’t ever feel obliged to do so, but I’d highly appreciate it!
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© j-0ne25 2022 | copying, translating or stealing my work is prohibited
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hiraeth-maximoff · 9 months
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: nope, just fluff
PAIRING: Sparrow!Ben x Umbrella!reader
A/N: English isn't my first language sorry If I made any mistake :)
Third part of the drabble Drunk Ben. Thank u for your comments, hope you enjoy it.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Ben wasn't happy about the things of last night .
Maybe it had been because of the way Lila had told him, she had teased him so much while she was telling him what he had done the night before with you.
"control your husband or I'll throw him out of the roof Y/N" Five had advised you.
Ben was drinking, memories of the night became clear and holy shit..
He really had done a lot of things with you last night.
His heartbeat increased as he remembered your vows. "But you are the one I choose, I belong with you"
His face blushed as he remembered the wedding night, you beneath him as you moaned his name.
In one night Ben had lived what he could never live and it was all because of you.
And he was upset, so upset but not with you, but because of what Lila had said.
"Y/N only played along because she was drunk so don't bother with her, squid boy"
"Ben" you called him "I know you're upset, I'm sorry, okay? I just wanted you to have some fun before you di..
“was it real?” he snapped out of his trance, he was only wearing his jeans, too hard to concentrate with that abdomen, which hours before you had tasted with your tongue.
" What?"
"Was real what happened between us last night ?" now he was close to you, very close, you could see the hickeys on his skin.
Did you think about his question, had last night meant something or was it just the euphoria of the moment?
"it was real to me Ben" you didn't care if he made fun of you, you really wanted to and you would do it again without thinking.
Because suddenly, Ben was everything you wanted.
Ben gave a small laugh and when you were ready to say what a jerk he was, he kissed you, just like he had a hundred times last night.
"It was also very real to my doll" he whispered against your lips caressing your skin under your shirt.
"I thought I wasn't your type" he smiled remembering the discussion in the morning
"you are. my. type. Y/N" he assured you between kisses "enough to have made you my wife"
"great, because I wasn't going to give you a divorce" you joked making him laugh
"I wouldn't dream of that"
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captaincryolicious · 5 months
Stay with me
just a little angsty drabble based on a dream i had last night. maybe it's a little toxic but in the end, scara is just really troubled (also, cw. use of scara's real name)
Tumblr media
You had no idea why you ended up in what seemed like the darkest corner of Inazuma City, cornered by a very aggravated man. The darkness that came forth with midnight was daunting, but the violet gaze that rested upon you was even stronger as it held you in its grip effortlessly. His eyes were burning with unkempt emotions, often so carefully concealed until they spilled over – like now. 
Conceal. Don’t feel. Don’t let them know. That’s what he lived by. As a shallow puppet void of emotions, he went through his days. Even you, his close companion, his lover, barely ever witnessed a change in his demeanor. Merely two exceptions existed; there were days where he willingly showed you his softer side, and days where all his pent-up emotions flowed over, taking the shape of anger and frustration. Today was one of such days, and Kunikuzushi had dragged you all the way through the darkness to have you alone with him.
Because you were the only person he trusted, which was a blessing and a curse.
     “It’s you,” he said lowly, staring straight into your soul. “Ever since I met you, I've been feeling things. You shattered my perfect charade of being emotionless, you stir things within me that should remain untouched.” 
     “Kuni–” you began, but he rendered you silent with a sharp movement of his head, his dark purple bangs dancing slightly. He was frustrated with you, blaming you for the things he felt – things he didn’t even want to feel to begin with. Yet, when his hands landed on your shoulders, his touch was surprisingly gentle. 
     “You frustrate me,” the male breathed out, but his voice held no malice like his eyes did. “I despise human emotions, so what you do to me is torture.” 
He often placed the blame on you, and you knew all too well that it was you who awakened what he had concealed so well. You brought cracks into the apathetic mask he had so carefully fabricated as he long ago swore to never feel again. You were a threat to the scarred part of him, and the damaged being inside of him wanted nothing but to have you leave so he could be safe again. 
But then there was the part of him that had grown significantly ever since you met him. The part of him that longed for a companion, that wanted to trust you and let you close. The part of him that was learning to accept what he was feeling. Emotions were so foreign and scary for him, especially when he thought back to all the pain and misery he had been through. It was a miracle he even let you in. 
But it happened. Only around you, he dared to be vulnerable. Only you were allowed near him during his emotional breakdowns, allowed to see him like that – weak, out of control. It wasn’t at all pretty, for his anger was unbound and reckless and unfairly taken out on you. Yet, all the same, you were also his lifeline in those moments. He played a complicated game of push and pull. He wanted you gone and he wanted you near. He didn’t know what to do with himself and he didn’t know what to do with you. 
     “Do you want me to leave?” you carefully asked, like you always did when Kunikuzushi had another outburst of emotions. 
     “No, don’t go,” he commanded, and you saw the panic that flashed in his violet eyes. 
The grip he had on your shoulders grew in tension before he let go and opted for cupping your cheeks instead. He coaxed up your face and made you look at him – as if you didn’t have your eyes on him already – and your heart wrenched upon seeing the sheer anxiety that raged behind his harsh eyes. Despite being together for some time now, you still had no idea what happened to him in the past. Whatever it was, it left him damaged and you had to deal with the ruins of a man. 
     “Then I’ll stay,” you said, like you always said. 
You smiled at him, hoping that it would somehow reach his troubled mind. His emotional outbursts were quite tough on you, and staying strong and pretending you weren’t hurt by the way he acted didn’t come easy. But you always tried your hardest for him. You knew from the beginning how easily he could be triggered, yet you still decided to indulge in the growing relationship. It was a battle you fought together against his unkempt emotions. 
Calming down gradually, Kunikuzushi pressed a kiss to the corner of your mouth before letting go of you. The look in his eyes said I’m sorry, even though he never spoke those words aloud. The whirlwind of emotions that had his being rigid with stress had subdued a little. Another wave of helpless anger had passed. He reached out and held your hand tightly, as if he was afraid that you would change your mind and walk away from him. You wouldn’t, as you promised so often. 
You loved him, so you would get through it.
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madwomansapologist · 5 months
Hello gorgeous !
Could you write an soulmate au ( seeing colour )with billy and stu but the reader is from our time line and we meet them and the gang , and when when they are alone we just confess we know everything and them nsfw happens ?
Bonus if we have a ghostface tatto on our inner tigh 🖤
You look like you seen a ghost | Billy Loomis and Stu Macher
Tumblr media
thanks for your request my love! I take some time cuz I was sick and it was also my first time writing for slashers, hope I did well :) also: IF BAD WHY HOT???
Masterlist | Rules | Taglist | Personal blog | More Billy Loomis and Stu Macher | AO3
Ꮚ requests are open
synopsis: it was just a normal school day until you saw your favorite movie brought to life. You may not know how that was possible, but you do know everything that is happening. And, damn, you shouldn’t think that it will be a great experience but it is better than lying to yourself, right?
warnings: this is about two slashers so... blood, disrespect towards others lifes and a lovely, bloody and kinky make out session. a little bit of knife play, but just a little. and some swearwords, i made the reader a little bit offensive. actually: if you are reading about a slasher you should know that those warnings would be like that so....
Tumblr media
It was a weird dream. No. Not a dream: it was a really weird nightmare. The moment you wake up the memories we’re already vanishing, but that ferrous taste didn’t leave your mouth even after breakfast. The thing was that the dream had something more than just black and white. Everyone just see those two color until they meet their soulmates, so you are not exactly sure if you are just confused or with you really saw it.
You saw blood on your dream and it wasn’t black.
Even tho you we’re focused on trying to remember your dream, the real life called and you need it to respond. School. An essential part of everyone’s life, but somehow everyone would create and excuse to stay at home. You weren’t in the mood to go to school and spend hours listening to boring monologues about your teacher’s divorce, but you had no choice. 
Armed with headphones, you walked to school. At the school street you could see your friends, they tend to stay in front of school until everyone arrives, but it seens like the whole school had just decided to stay outside the building.
Before you could say anything, Stacy put her hands on your shoulder. “Guess who just died.” You blinked, surprised by the way she said it. “I don’t know who died but I know that a guessing game is not a great way to share the news.”
James hugged Stacy from behind, laughing at your response. “Darling, that was kinda creepy.” Stacy rolled her eyes. “Shut up”, she said. “Casey Becker was murdered last night. Murdered.”
“Wow” you said. “I am so sorry for her and her family. But, well, I don’t want to be rude, but who is Casey Becker?”
“What?” Stacy murmured. “You know her. We have science and math class with her. The blonde girl. Well, you don’t see color yet, so... the one with fringe, we watched Halloween with her and her boyfriend on the cinema. Do you at least remember Steven Orth?”
You shake your head, walking towards the building. “I really don’t remember her. Probably I am just a little bit confused.” You don’t remember Casey Becker, or Steven Orth, or watching a movie with them. You do remember hearing that name before, but not the girl. Embarrassed, you chose to lie. “I’m just having a horrible migraine, I almost can’t think straight.”
“Okay”, Stacy said, not really believing anything you told her but also not really sure if you we’re lying. On the school hallways, already on a new subject with James, Stacy stopped talking in the middle of the setence and pointed to a locker. “They are already making a memorial.”
Roses, bouquets, notes with heartbreaking messages decorated what before was Casey Becker’s locker. It was so kind and affectionate that even without knowing the girl who just died, you got sad. But when a person moved and you saw a picture of Casey Becker, sadness was nothing to you.
“She is Drew Barrymore.”
“What?” James asked. “Who?”
“She is Drew Barrymore”, you repeated. “50 First Dates, Charlie’s Angels, Santa Clarita Diet. Its a joke?” And then you remembered where you heard the name. “Its Scream’s birthday? Well, you guys get really creative. I almost believed.”
Stacy touched your forehead. “Dear, what the hell are you talking about? Who is Drew Barrymore? Did you take medication for your migraine?”
“You are really into the character”, you responded. “Fine, I want to be the helpless victim.” Stacy and James shared a look. “Are you fine?”, James said. “Do you feel dizzy?” 
The alarm sounded.
“I have english class now” you waived to them. “See ya later.”
When you disappeared around the corner, James turned to Stacy. “It is a normal part of girls... you know, special moment of the month?”
“No, James” Stacy rolled her eyes. “Act crazy is not a normal part of menstruation.” She finished the way to her class alone. “And I am the creepy one.”
Tumblr media
As you already thought, the teacher was using class time to talk about his divorce. Not a single lesson. And he still surprised that his ex-wife didn’t want to be with him, that men simply can't shut up.
Drawing something on your desk, what you shouldn't but you we're so bored that you almost didn't realize what you we're doing, your mind flew a little bit. Thinking about how weird it was that everyone knew about Scream's birthday except for you, Ghostface was one of your drawings.
Distracted, you dropped a pen. When you bend to grab it, another hand touch it. You look up, your mouth already moving to thank with the person, but no sound could be heard. You we're almost drooling yourself because, damn, that was Sidney Prescott.
It was like the movie came out of your and decided to go to school. It was her. The hair, the smile, the cheeks. Sidney Prescott was sitting beside you.
"Are you okay?" Even her voice was the same. She look like Sidney more than Nave itself.
"Thanks" that was all you could say. After grabbing the pen, you glance at your hands and count how many fingers you have. Ten. Not a dream. Ten fingers means that you are wake up. "You really look like Nave Campbell."
She smiled at you. Sidney Fucking Prescott smiled at you. "I don't know her, it was a praise or a offense?"
"A praise", you sit straight, tyding up your hair. "She is a actress. Did you ever watched Scream?"
She shaked her head. "Never ever heard about a movie with that name. Do you recomend it?"
Okay, that must be a really awesome coincidence. No way that she is Sidney. It is just a girl that looks like her. Things like that happen everytime. You even know a girl famous for looking like Selena Gomez. Just a coincidence.
"It is a movie for people who loves movies. Do you like horror? If you do, then you gonna love it."
"I do" she looked at the teacher, just making sure that he was still talking about how his ex-wife take his dog. "Whats your name? I don't remember seeing you."
You said your name to her. "I need it to change my class schedules, probably we didn't have a class together before. Whats your name?"
"Oh, I didn't even knew that it was possible. It is really nice to meet you, my name is Sidney Prescott. Whats your next class? Mine is history."
Okay. Just a coincidence. A really weird coincidence. Maybe she is just playing around. She is a copy of Nave, she probably just heard people saying this her whole life and decided to joke about it a little. Just a coincidence.
Things still kinda weird. Talking with her, you just remind something Stacy told you. She said that you, her, Casey and Steven had watched Halloween together on the cinema. What is weird because you never watched Halloween on a cinema. You watched it home, on a streaming service. And you also remember that Drew was on Alien so no one need to act like she didn't exist to make a joke about her appearing on Scream. And also, how could you leave your phone at home?
"And then he said: If you don't know anything, you probably just need to study more. I mean, hello, I would know if you did use your class to talk about english."
Moving to next class, that you both have together, silence didn't had space to exist.
"He is so strange. Why does he thinks that we would know something about a divorce? Just go to a therapist", she laught at your commentary. "Or to a lawyer. I am pretty sure that taking someone's dog is not a legal thing to do."
Sidney and you sit, the teacher was talking to a student about notes. "Would you like to do something after school?", you asked.
"That would be really nice", Sidney touched your arm. "What about watching a movie? My house will be empty, we could make popcorn and grab some junk food."
"That would be perfect."
Tumblr media
"You can choose the movie while I make our lunch" Sidney said, walking around her kitchen and thinking about what you both could eat first. "You're welcome, feel free to choose whatever you like."
"Do you feel like watching what type of movie?" You scream to her at the living room, opening the shelf with all her movies. A breeze made shivers go up on your spine. Its a cold house. "Can you borrow me a sweatshirt?"
"Of course" Sidney reply. "My room is upstairs. Open the second drawer."
You opened her room and found everything, to the furnitures to the clothes, absolutely the same way as the movie. The phone ring downstairs. She really loves to use her looks to make fun of people. What would happen next? Ghostface gonna try to kill her?
You opened the second drawer and took one of her sweatshirts. They smeel like roses. You felt so warm now, a house surrounded by trees can be really cold. Walking around her bedroom, you breath in and let the calm enter you body.
Then you heard a scream.
And a crash!
"Sidney! Are you okay?"
The noise didn't stop. Things we're being break. You heard slaps, angry screams, something heavy beating against the floor.
A baseball bat was standing beside the bedroom door. You didn't even think twice, you grab it and run down stairs. And you saw something that you couldn't explain. Something that you we're trying not to see. Something that should be impossible.
You saw Ghostface choking Sidney Prescott.
Exactly like the first scene we're they fight on the first movie. Exactly like Scream, from 1996, we're Billy Loomis and Stu Macher we're trying to kill Sidney Prescott.
It was... It was real.
Absolutely no fucking way this could be real. 
 It is just a bad dream.
You beat his back with the bat, releasing Sidney's from the killer. You pushed her, making her rise while trying to breath again, and beat Ghostface one more time.
"Are you fine?" Sidney didn't asnwer, but you both couldn't stay there. She grabbed you hand and push you upstairs, running to her room. "We need to get out of this house."
"Oh, I assure you need to" Ghostface screamed, getting up on the first floor.
Sidney locked her door and you both put furnitures in front of it. The door shake with him using his whole body to open. He was screaming and cursing, but Sidney was way smart to stand up without doing anything to protect herself.
"We can use the window", she said, already opening it.
You looked down, seeing that a fall like that would end up with some broke bones. "Better then die, right?" You we're not so sure, but when she agree with you it was like a little confidence bost. "And if we thrown your matttress?"
Sidney dropped everything that was on her bed and you both guide it to the open window. It was difficult, but it fell on the right place. Without even thinking, you helped her. It was just a dream, after all.
Standing on the window's jamb, she was scared to jump. "That is the only way", you told her.
And then, that horrible sound made of offenses, pushes and beats stopped. Ghostface was running towards you both, trying to grab Sidney to finally kill her, and you did the only thing you could.
You pushed her.
"You fucking cunt!"
It happen so fast. In a second you we're almost following Sidney out of the house, the next your hair was grabbed and you we're thrown on the floor. Your head burned and, with closed eyes, you felt him above you. Something cold, something sharp, touched the bottom of your neck.
It is just a dream. Just a weird dream.
"Open your eyes" Ghostface laughed. "Not so brave now, uh?" He pressed the knife, not cutting your skin but scaring you so bad that you stopped breathing. "I said open your eyes!"
Wishing you could wake up now, you did open your eyes. Ghostface mask was right above your face, his eyes on the same line as yours, and it was impossible to not look direct up on them.
And you saw red.
Part of your view still black and white, but a lot start burning. The red blood on his hands. The orange wallpaper, the yellow lighting. Everything was warm and soft and amazing. Everything was beautiful.
And then you realized what that means.
"You" he said. Not an offense, not an order, not a question. Just a word. Ghostface, you are not so sure if it was Billy or Stu, slipped the cold knife around the skin of you neck. "You", he said, again, and you we're not able to understand if that means something good or bad. The knife got down, he slipped it until the tip was pressing against your belly. You couldn’t breath. His other hand hold your face and it almost felt carefull. One finger slide against your lips. "You look like you seen a ghost."
And Sidney hit him with the same baseball bat you used to save her.
"You fucker!" Sidney screamed.
You don't even remember rising up from the floor. Or going down stairs and getting out of her house. You don't remember when the cops came or when they took you to the police station. You don't remember when you're parents took you home. You don't remember washing yourself or changing your clothes.
All you could thing about was how the words seens so beautiful. And how the image of a ghost didn't leave your vision.
Tumblr media
Part of you thought that you would wake up and everything would be normal again. But the moment you enter the living room and heard the news, noticing how that voice sounds exactly like Monica Geller's voice, you understood that everything that happened to you was real.
You don't know how, but you are into a movie. Your favorite movie on the whole world. And without even noticing, you put yourself on a killer's aim. Of course you couldn't be in a romcom. No, it has to be a slasher. What a lucky girl.
Your parents we're so worried about everything. They didn't let you go to school, what was something that you didn't mind at all, and they look like they we're suffering from a heart attack. You stayed at home, beside them all the time. You felt so bad for them that you almost forgot about the colors you are seeing.
At night, a cop called your parents. You didn't listen to what he said, but your parents said that it was important: the killer was arrested. They drove to understand how everything would work now, if they will need to do something and how the judgment would work. And, yes, they leave you at home. Alone. At night.
Something didn't feel right, the movie didn't work that way, but the movie didn't have you. So you stayed. Alone. At night.
Tumblr media
A movie was playing on TV, but no one would dare to say that you we're watching. Laying on the couch, all you could do was to think about everything that happened.
Even tho you are so worried about, well, being on a different dimension or whatever that happened for you to be on a fucking movie, that part of you was muted by the part that just wanted to look at everything and see colors.
It is so great to watch the lighting. How it shine and burn and how the yellow seens to fly around it. Or to look at the mirror and see the color of your hair. See your eyes. Your skin. Your nails. Everything is so colorfull and delicate that you almost cryed.
Watching your nails, the natural rose tonality, you didn't heard when the door of your bedroom, on the second room, opened. Almost sleeping, you didn't even notice the crack of the degraus. So distracted, you didn’t realize that you we’re being followed when you entered your kitchen to eat something.
That's the problem of seeing so many great things: your ears stop working.
You opened the refrigerator, but there was nothing great there. You closed it and opened again. Nothing change. You grabbed and apple, the most sweet thing you could found, and turned to get back to the couch.
The moment you passed the door that separated the kitchen from the living room, a hand pulled you and make your back crash into the wall. You hold your breath, at the same time you could feel your whole body shaking. Another time, you felt the cold tip of a knife against your throat. It was more rude, more playfull, like the person behind the mask enjoyed to see your throat being pressed.
"Hello, princess", Ghostface said to you. His other hand was against the wall, at the same line as your head, and you could felt his body bending over you. "My turn to see those beautiful eyes."
You we're scared like hell, but you know that if you found your soulmate you wouldn't kill them. You only wished they think the same way. So, slowly, you look at him.
And what you saw was cold. The blue of your TV screen. The shapes of the tile. The green walls. Your shorts. It felt like you we're drowning. Warm and cold became one. No more a world made of just black and white.
And that made you more confident.
“Whats stopping you, Billy? Are you scared?”, you mocked him. “Or this is you, Stu? I tought you would be more creative then just throwning me against a wall with a knife against my throat. Not my first time and I am not impressed.”
Ghostface seens to freeze. He lower his heigh, making his face stay right in front of you. You could heard him breathing. "I prepared to you a set of jokes! All you needed to do was wait. How could you do this to me?" He take his mask off, releasing Stu’s face from the fabric. “Don't be so rude, dear, that gonna break my heart.”
“I hope it hurts you as much as you rocking my head againd the wall did to me.”
“It was supossed to be a surprise” Stu explained. "I was trying to create a good first impression."
"Didn't work, Shagy."
“You gonna understand it in a few years”, you swallowed, the knife was touching you again. “Where is he?”
"Seens like I made a good first impression, Shagy. You should learn something from me" Billy came out of a dark corner. He was wearing another Ghostface fantasy, but without the mask. "Hello, doll."
"I tought that I was a cunt" you remind him of last night. "Gonna try to cut me and give up like a fucking pussy again?"
"You should wash your tongue with soap."
"And you should try to stab yourself. I promise that it would be really fun." You smiled. "At least for me."
"Damn, she is..." Stu stopped talking. He look at you like you we're a secret combination he was trying to memorize. "Perfect."
"I told you", Billy come closer. Stu had his hand at your right side, Billy did the same at the left one. You we're like a noisy prey: say whatever you wanted, you still a prey. "And she knows how to defend herself too. My back still hurts, doll. You shouldn't be so mean to me."
"Drop the knife and I can think about being nice", you demand.
Without hesitation, Stu responded: "Explain how you know our names."
You thought about it. Not so sure, you choose to be honest. "This is a movie."
"This is a famous movie on my reality. Don't know how I end up here." They would never believe on you. "You both are trying to kill Sidney because of an affair her mom had with your dad. Casey died after saying that Jason was the killer on Friday 13th, but it was his mom. She almost survived, almost. Honestly, you should try therapy. You would save money, time and lives."
Stu and Billy looked at one another. They know that it was impossible to someone to know all of that. "It is a great movie?" Stu asked.
"It is. I am kinda of a fan. I even have a tatoo." You said, sure that it would make them interest enough to forget about the knife. And you knew that you we’re right when you saw Billy's eyes shining. "Show me."
“No!” Stu shouted. “Show me.”
“I will show for you both.” You said, looking at Stu. “If you drop the knife. Now.”
"As you wish", and Stu did it. It almost fell on your feet, and it might be your a optimism talking, but you think that he new that it wouldn't hurt you.
You pulled up the fabric of your skirt and show them the tatoo on your left inner thigh. It was a little Ghostface with a bloody knife. How ironic.
Billy came closer and touch your skin. His fingers slipped across the tatoo, touching more than only the painted skin. “So” Billy said with a smirk, mocking you. "Are you a fan?"
"Don’t flatter yourself.”
Billy’s hand hold your thigh, his fingers cherish your skin but it didn’t change how possessive the act felt. He wasn't just touching your thigh, he was holding you. “It seens like you are the one flattering me. You know our names, our faces, our stories. You even have us on your body. And don’t forget the fact that the universe itself decided that we should be together.”
“You talk a lot” Stu complement, his mouth against your ear. “But you didn’t scream. Or run. Or fight back. Does that dirty mouth of yours just bark?” Stu touched your face, his nails scratching your cheeks, and you didn’t deviated. “All you had to do is say no. Say you don't want it. Say you don't want us.”
But you couldn’t.
Billy pushed Stu aside and hold your waist. “I saw her first.” He pulled you closer, almost pulling you off the floor, and your chest joined his. “Did a cat got you tongue?"
You tried, but you couldn't respond him. You just closed your eyes.
When his lips we’re almost touching yours, Stu grabbed him by his clothes and took you on his arms. “Not my fault if you are slow.”
Stu hold your face, and he was faster than Billy. His lips meet yours, his tongue explore your mouth, his hands slide by your body. Stu leaned over you, so your only option was to cling to him.
Bewitched, being separated from Stu thanks to their inherent competitiveness between then both was disappointing.
"My turn."
Billy was more agressive. He didn't leaned over you, he pulled you close. Holding your thighs, Billy lifted you off the ground and made your legs cling to his waist. Billy laid you down on the couch, fitting between your legs, and the kiss that took your breath away ended so that he focoused on your neck.
"My parents," you said, trying to recover your sanity. "They could see us."
"They won't." Billy licked your neck. "We planned everything, doll. It was supossed to be a surprise, but thinking about that skirt you choose to wear tonight I think that your we're waiting for us."
Billy was squeezing whatever part of your body that he could.
"You will not exclude me." Stu said. His voice was weak, Stu was enjoying that little show of yours.
You sit on the couch, and Stu sit beside you. He kissed your face, your neck, your shoulder. His hands grabbed your thighs, your waist, your chest. Stu was whorshiping you.
And while he explore the your upper body, Billy knelt between your kness. He took off your underwear with his teeth, nibbling the soft skin of your thigh and licking where the tatoo was.
Billy's was having fun doing you. His tongue was dancing into your legs. You grabbed his hair, moaning direct into Stu's lips.
"Fuck." Stu groaned. "How can you be so perfect?"
You put your hand inside his pants, grabbing his cock and jerking it off. The little moans he let escape from his mouth made you felt even hotter. "You can thank me later."
Kissing your mouth, Stu took off your blouse. Licking everything he could, he smirked. "I will."
Billy sucked you with so much pleasure that you started to ride his face. You could feel his nose rubbing against your clit and you knew his face must be soaked, but it didn't seem to bother him. "I want to feel you."
When Stu touch your clit, rubbing that sensitive spot, added to Billy's tongue, you couldn't do nothing but to cum loudly.
Still shaking, you kissed Billy's wet face while making Stu cum in your hand. With a smile, you got up and walked towards the stairs. "I will wait in my room."
They got up immediately.
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Messages from your Inner Teen/pre-teen
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Haven't done a ridiculously multi-piled PAC in awhile, so here's one as a treat. I'm going to try and make the piles as succinct and to the point as possible.
Tumblr media
PILE 1 Channeled song: Nice Out - Kilo Kish Your inner teen feels like they are fighting A battle alone on some level. Like you neglect that part of yourself- or you are in a lot of conflict about how you feel about that part of you. I heard constant conflict actually, it seems like your inner teen feels like you're ashamed of yourself. Like you think you're suddenly "better" than who they could ever want to be. You can't just forget who you were, progress is the ability to look back and know you were wrong, but growth is the ability to love yourself regardless. They feel like you are moving on without honoring them, without having any peace with that part of yourself. Like you just want to sweep them under the rug. That's not fair. "Do you think you're better than me?" is what I keep hearing. I feel like you were abandoned and neglected as a teen, so why are you furthering that cycle? If everyone else abandoned and neglected and had pent up anger at that version of you why should you follow suit? How can you fix this issue? Second Channeled song: ON GP - Death Grips "When did you become such a conformist?" When is the last time you fought against those who seek to silence you. The last time you actually spoke out of turn at the people who disrespect you or cause you harm. Why do you seek to always turn the other cheek? Your inner teen feels like you have left them alone to face this huge painful burden. The burden of silence, the burden of isolation, the feeling of loneliness and worthlessness that courses through them. The thoughts that run through you head when you're alone, when you have too much down time, or before you go to sleep. You can't hide it with work, or illusion forever. They are trying to help you heal yourself. You need to begin facing your inherent darkness. Merge with this part of yourself, integrate them. They deserve to be integrated. You cannot pick and choose the parts of you that you'd like to keep and rid yourself of when it comes to your experiences and lessons in life. This commercial just came on, I'm tripping out. OMG. It was saying something about "I will always protect you, I will guide you when you need strength" ---------------------------------------------------------
PILE 2 Channeled song: Tale of 2 Citiez - J Cole TW GR**M*NG MENT As I was pulling cards and the High Priestess came out this part of the song came on where J Cole says "Last night I had a bad dream, That I was trapped in this city, then I asked is that really such a bad thing?" I feel like you guys definitely have a strong connection with your teen self. I also feel that ur inner teen could communicate with you through dreams. You could also still be a Teenager? Your inner teen wants to warn you that you are being plotted against. I do feel a lot of you already know who it is. They have a long term plan going against you that you need to stop feeding into. I also feel that you have strong plans for your future and your inner teen wants to remind you to have mercy on yourself. You're allowed to have flaws. There is a spiritual death ahead of you, keep your head high, find self acceptance, true self acceptance and learn to trust yourself. Be aware of developing paranoia surrounding your friends. The only real enemies I'm seeing here is some kind of possible man or love interest of some kind? Possibly a father for some. A gr**mer for others. Advice from your inner teen: Just remember your power, remember to have faith in the people you love and don't be afraid to listen to your shadow self. I feel like in general, that you should maybe listen to yourself more often when it comes to the intense feelings that aren't anxiety/paranoia. I really recommend this group do some grounding and maybe disconnect from people for a bit.
--------------------------------------------------------------- PILE 3 Channeled song; Pro: Lov: Ad: - Sweet Trip I feel so weird and dissociated tapping into this pile. I feel like so many of you are still in contact with abusers? Some of you are even still dating them. I feel like this pile has neglected their emotional maturity, health, and wellbeing in pursuit of money or material things. For some of you it could be school, or a career. I feel like some of you could be in a Career path you hate that isn't even for you and your inner child is like dude what the fuck. I feel like y'all don't exactly know who you are and you almost don't care. Like it's easier for you to just not give a fuck and move on. Or for others it's like your grasping and begging and pleading to know who you are but to no avail. I feel like some people in this group could have a Dissociative Disorder. You guys might need to really choose to put some connections to rest. This older man needs to go for some of you it could be a Father or BF. For others it could be an overbearing mother! You kind of just put up with this manipulative bullshit out of necessity, but I think there's an opening soon. Get more rest, you will escape. Don't trust anyone with your plans. Some of you need to develop more self confidence and learn to tell people to fuck off and set boundaries. Your inner teen seems most concerned with you escaping an abusive situation or connection.
Advice from your Inner Teen: Learn to stop focusing on lost time, you have to learn to live more in the moment! Don't focus on what failed, look at what succeeded! Have a little more empathy for yourself, and have more gratitude for everything you've accomplished.
Tumblr media
PILE 4 Channeled song: Biking - Frank Ocean I feel like your inner teen feels like you forgot where you came from. Some of you on the other hand don't realize where you can go and are stuck in the past. Like, maybe you had a really good experience in highschool and adulthood has been problematic/traumatic. While others of you are finally thriving and have completely thrown the past behind you like it meant nothing. Y'all developed confidence and a sense of self protection super well, meanwhile your emotions are severely underdeveloped and you could even rely on manipulative tactics to have your emotional needs met. I feel like there was something really horrific that happened to you and you shove it down as far as possible. Its like you almost can't bear to remember your past. I feel like your inner teen feels angry, this song's sample is literally "forgive me for struggling" I feel sick to my stomach from the emotional distress. Please have more empathy for yourself, you can't run away forever.
Advice from Inner Teen Have more awareness of what you've tried to hide from yourself, it won't be as hard to integrate as you think. You've done so much inner work and it seriously shows. You've already planted the seeds for success in integrating this part of yourself. :)
PILE 5 Channeled song: Dead to me Kali Uchis ;; Plants - Crumb I feel like this group is really conflicted about a current relationship? I feel like there's a tendency for selfishness. To maybe not consider the other party, or the urge sometimes to just throw everything out the window when it isn't exactly as you desire. It's like you can just be so wishy washy, I feel like this wishywashiness could come literally from your inner teen. That there's some unmet need they have, and it's leaking into your day to day life. I also feel that some of you are really hooked up on a shitty ex and not giving your current partner your all. It's like you're just so flip flopped on the entire situation and you feel so confused and unsure. Appreciate what you have, who you have, remind yourself the rough moments can be learned from. Stop enacting those cycles onto others. It's time to heal that wound. You never deserved to be treated like that, you don't have to become like them in order to feel safe. How to help your inner teen heal Make a choice, walk away from situations, people, relationships, and people that disrespect you and start putting more work into the relationships that do good by you even if they're flawed. Stop constantly wondering about if the grass is greener on the other side, let go of that ex. It's time to make a decision, like seriously, make a decision. Don't do something you'll regret. Take tiem to actually think it over.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- PILE 6 Channeled song: S.D.S - Mac Miller You are far to intelligent to keep putting yorself in the position to be a victim to other people's bad intentions. So why do you keep doing it? Your inner teen is tired of you letting other people take advantage of you. Maybe when you were younger you were a little spicier, you weren't afraid to speak up or lash out when necessary. You ignore these shadowy aspects of you in favor of the ability to view yourself as pure and innocent. I'm just going to be honest, there's a victim complex here, and you can be very backwards too. You'll stab people in the back before they can get you. It's like you don't want people to know about this part of you. You're so very hyper aware and hyper-critical of yourself. You don't have that shadow under control like you think you do babe. It's time to be honest with yourself. I feel that you have a temper, you can be prone to dismissing or ignoring other people's thoughts and feelings just like other have done to you. Your inner child wants you to be real with yourself. You know you're talented, you know you have a crazy future ahead of you. I know you feel like nothing makes sense or fits in but by living from this weird broken lens you're further losing yourself. Quit waiting to be saved. Save yourself. Reminder from your Inner Teen A lot of this group is probably some Aquariuses. You guys are creative, the pain you experienced and weathered through as a teen helped you become who you are. Your less likeable, manipulative, and even aggressive traits are part of who you are. You can still be a good person and have made mistakes. People lie, people cheat, people steal, they can still become better people. My ear is ringing like a bitch right now. It's like part of you is lost because you're scared of who you were.
Tumblr media
Sorry for posting this at 5 AM but lately I can't be fucked to take posting on this app on a normal person schedule seriously and I just feel like posting it now. Thanks for understanding.
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𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐨𝐧𝐞
Tumblr media
Summary: A break up mess between Trent and Y/n.
Warnings! : This fic contains cursing, mentions of alcohol and light drugs*
Note: This is a mini series, not sure how many parts there will be but I hope you enjoy it <3 + I love listening to Raye while writing angst !
“I think we should break up” He said.
Your heart sank at his words, is this real? It feels like a dream- no, not a dream, a nightmare.
“Wow” You scoffed.
“What do you mean by wow?”
“I don’t know what to say Trent”
You sat in silence for a while, you felt numb. You knew this was coming but you were still in chock, watching the man you loved for years saying he wants to break up, throw away this relationship that you had since you two were young? You heart was shattered.
“Do you not love me anymore?” You sniffed, tears began to run down your cheeks as he looked at you with his brown eyes, brows furrowed.
“I still love you Y/n, you know this but I don’t think it’s working.” Trent spoke.
“What is not working Trent?” You whispered.
“Us” His voice breaking from his words.
Ouch. You never thought your relationship would end up like this but how it’s been recently, you knew it began to come to an end.
“Well, uhm I guess I’ll pack my things then”
“It’s late Y/n, stay the night please” Trent pleaded.
You really didn’t want to stay the night but you did. It felt strange sleeping beside him, you knew when he’d fallen asleep due his breathing slowing down and you hate that it comforted you. Eventually you managed to get some sleep and tried to forget about the situation you’re in.
You woke up surprisingly early in the morning and rubbed your eyes that felt stuck together probably from all your crying last night. You noticed Trent trying to hold you into his arms in his sleep, but you pulled away. What an idiot. Your boyfriend, now ex boyfriend forgot he broke up with you last night. You find it all funny and laughed quietly. Right now you just wanted to get away from him, you had nowhere to go but figured you could stay at your friend’s place for a few weeks until you find your own place.
You spent the whole day packing your things, it felt really strange but you decided it was for the best. At least it was what Trent wanted. He was at the training ground all day so you had your peace for a while, until he came home. Adele blasting on full volume in your headphones as you relate to the lyrics a little too much as you felt a tap on your shoulder, making you jump.
“Oh my god Trent don’t scare me like that!” You blurted looking at him.
“Sorry Y/n” He said looking back at you.
“I just wondered where are you going now? You can stay here if-“
“Trent” You snapped.
“You think I’d want to stay here after everything? You broke up with me remember?” You mocked, feeling all emotions come back to you, tears spilling down your face.
“Don’t be like that Y/n” Trent mumbled.
“Don’t tryna gaslight me Trent, you wanted this. It was your decision you can’t do this to me right now”
“Do what?”
”Telling me to fucking stay? You know you tried to hold me in your arms this morning, clearly your mind isn’t at the right place. Are you sure with your decision?” You cursed, catching him off guard.
Whilst he remained silent you continued to pack the remaining things in your once shared bedroom.
When you were done you looked around, so many memories, you tried to have a ”it is what is is” mindset but that couldn’t take away the pain and emptiness you felt at the moment. You loaded up your car with your things and went back inside one more time to say goodbye to him.
“So I’m all done now, happy?” You shared.
“Okay” He said.
“Okay” You went on.
“I’ll see you I guess” Trent said with sadness in his eyes.
“Yeah” You answered, not sure what to do next but to leave him.
You sat down in your car driving away from the house you once were a happy couple, but it also felt like an escape. Now Escapism. by Raye started playing and the lyrics hit you. “The man that I love sat me down last night and he told me that it’s was over, dumb decision.”
You cried the whole journey to your friend’s place, when arriving at her house you just crashed down in her guest room, crying yourself to sleep.
Months had gone past since your break up, you found an apartment, you were still not sure how to feel but you just went on with the flow, you started to hang out with old friends that was not involved in Trent’s friend group, trying to avoid him at all costs. You’ve been so busy with work, the only thing that broke the never ending cycle was going out clubbing every weekend drinking, trying to forget Trent, but we all know you couldn’t. If you were the one who broke up with him you wouldn’t have felt this way but now he broke up with you.
The week had come to an end and as usual you planned going out. You put on a tight black dress and some heels. Your phone buzzed and you guessed it was your friend waiting for you outside.
“Hey girl, you look stunning!” She praised.
“Thank you Zoe, you look stunning too!” You beamed back at her.
”So where are we going tonight?” You asked her, making sure you don’t end up at a place where you might bump into Trent.
“Oh just a club in Liverpool, I think we went there on your birthday last year” She responded, your eyes widened at her answer.
”No, no we can’t Trent might be there” You cautioned.
“Y/n stop overthinking, he won’t be there and we will have fun, okay?” Zoe claimed.
She was right, you were overthinking and even if you met him you wouldn’t be interested, or would you?
You and Zoe arrived at the club, met up with your other friends and here the nightmare begins. You saw him, the one and only person you didn’t want to see.
“Zoe, I saw him, swear” You panicked.
“No Y/n you’re delusional” Zoe said.
”Let’s get some drinks, it will take your mind of off him” She assured.
The night went on well, successfully you hadn’t bumped in to Trent yet and you were relieved by that because you were way too drunk to interact with him right now. Your vision started to get blurry but you kept drinking.
“Woah, you seem a little too gone Y/n” Someone said, the voice was familiar and you feared the worst.
“Trent?” You bellowed.
”Let’s get you out of here” He advised.
“What? No, I’m having fun” You spoke.
“You’re drunk”
“Yeah, no shit” You snapped.
The moment that sentence left your mouth you felt Trent take your wrist dragging you out of the club, your drink still in your hands.
He started the car, you couldn’t process everything that was happening in your head. You took a sip of your drink mixing it with a pill you find in your purse, trying to escape all the feelings.
“Lipstick smudged like modern art, I don’t know where the fuck I am or who’s driving the fucking car, speedin’ down the highway sippin’, mixin’ pills with the liquor ‘cah fuck these feelings” Once again the lyrics haunted you.
”You shouldn’t be doing that Y/n” Trent said whilst he was trying snatch your drink away from you. You didn’t hear him, you were too caught up in your own world.
“Hey, you had enough love” He said, sounding more worried this time.
“Don’t tell me what to do, I’m not yours anymore” You said quietly.
“What did you say?”
“I said I’m not yours anymore” You slammed, thinking back this was just like the arguments you and Trent had before you two broke up.
You fell asleep after too much mumbling from your drunk thoughts. You woke up feeling someone lifting you up into their arms, you looked up at him and cried “Trent I’m so sorry”
“Shh, it’s gonna be alright” He whispered.
He laid you down in his bed, letting you undress yourself and put on one of his t-shirts. You were now thinking about that you left Zoe all alone in the club, but you sent her a message.
You: I’m at T’s house, talk to you tomorrow x
You noticed that Trent had gotten into the bed, you turned off your phone and decided to get some sleep.
“I left everyone I love on read, spilling secrets to the stranger in my bed, I remember nothing so there’s nothing to regret, other then this 4-4 kick drum pounding in my head”
Part 2 coming soon… Let me know your thoughts ! 💌
Part 2
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