#also if anyone is wondering (no one is) i've sunk into bandori hell i would literally die for 25 girls but i still love enstars a lot!!!!!
enstaries · 5 years
Take your time dear! Nobody wants you stressed about the blog and request. You're human and you have a life outside of this blog, no need to apologize for that. Stay healthy, I love you
omfghsaofhasd you’re so sweet tqsm for this message (╥_╥) in all honesty i still do feel like followers / people who sent requests do have a right to be >:-( about how i’ve practically stopped posting bc hhh my last 16 requests were from march 2018 and i just. haven’t written anything for a while
as the mod rn i see it as my responsibility to finish the last requests asap and then maybe ??? there’s a really high chance this blog will just die off bc enstars isn’t my biggest fandom anymore and after experimenting with oneshots and hcs i’m more confident in longer fics and might go back to my old ao3
in either case, i will take your advice on taking my time to produce the best i can for now! thank you aa i really appreciate it ily toooo
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