#also. i have to point out there was a deleted scene in rwrb where henry called alex that. so.
bigswitchenergyy · 4 months
RWRB movie thoughts (SPOILER HEAVY!)
So, I watched it. Twice. And I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.
First off, non-spoilers - I loved this movie. I loved the energy, I loved the humor, I loved the chemistry between all of the actors. Taylor and Nick in particular had phenomenal chemistry and I can't stop thinking about them and firstprince and how beautiful it all was. I miss the boys already. 😭 SPOILERS!!
I'm gonna get the (incredibly minor) gripes out of the way.
We got cornbread!! But we didn't get "cornbread knows my sins" which I was a little bummed about. But the beauty of the scene as a whole absolutely made up for it.
The lack of the emotional kiss after the fight really bugged me, because to me, that kiss is the breaking point for them both. That's the "gonna love this stubborn shithead forever" moment, and it's all of the tension and pain and heartbreak poured out into a desperate, hungry, incredibly passionate kiss. going right from "tell me to leave" to the V&A felt a little like mood whiplash, but the V&A scene is so good I can get past it pretty easily
I wish we could have had more of their emails, the phone call where Henry begins to open up about his family, and more pet names. Especially more baby, considering how much that one word affects Henry in the book.
I know why Matthew did it but fuck Miguel, I miss Rafael and Liam
Now, for my favorite quotes/moments!!
"I'd break the sound barrier for you." when i tell you i fucking screamed into a pillow and sobbed
Zahra and Amy are the absolute fucking best and were truly able to shine in a way I didn't expect, I'm so glad we got so many great scenes
"I will brexit your head from your body" I know it was in the trailer but it's SO FUCKING FUNNY
The texting scenes were done so well?? I loved hearing their voices saying the lines and I loved the way they portrayed the long distance conversations. The turkey scene in particular is fucking cinema
The closet scene was SO good. Watching Alex's entire perception of the man change in a matter of minutes is so well done, and Henry realizing that Alex's feelings about it all were completely valid & apologizing is so 10/10
jesus fuck, PARIS. OH MY GOD. The cafe scene, the one where they're taking a walk, and then their first time having sex. It's so beautiful and emotional and i just... I was breathless watching it. It's steamy but it's just beautiful and loving and the way alex and henry are just so enamored with each other absolutely destroyed me.
"You don't know what that's like." "I'm learning." SOBBING
the entire new year's eve sequence was wonderful. Henry's so happy when he's with Alex and Alex is just so happy he's there, and then that fucking SHOT?? The way they're just staring at each other across the crowded room?? C I N E M A
The first kiss was STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOOK and it was MAGICAL
Nora is a queen and deserved more screentime but I LOVE her scenes with Alex. I think having her not be his ex in this version is a nice change too
And, of course, the motherfucking STORMING OF KENSINGTON. The boys acted their asses off and Nick in particular broke my heart so many times over
The leak. The leaaaaak. fuck.
"Hello?" "Baby." "Alex??" when i tell you i cried so hard
the piano scene 10/10
So, yeah. I loved this movie. I'm gonna be thinking about it for a long time, and I sincerely hope Matthew releases the extended cut & all of the deleted scenes and bloopers, because we NEED THEM.
I also hope that Matthew, Casey, Nick, and Taylor know how much we love this film and book. How thankful we are that these beautiful characters were not only written, but then able to come to life. I will forever be thankful for Alex Claremont-Diaz and Henry Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor (yes, i'm using his book last name LMAO) and for their beautiful love.
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meraki-yao · 2 months
RWRB Deleted Scenes: The Extend Paris Café Scene
The current café scene works in the movie, and damn it’s cute (I can never listen to “He is” without laughing) but as a scene, it has significantly less of a feeling of conclusion compared to other scenes. It works as it is, but it can also easily continue
Again we have no idea about this scene and we wouldn’t even know that there’s more if it weren’t for Matthew posting this photo
Tumblr media
Observation and comparison: in the scene in the movie, they just have two cups of coffee on their table; in the photo, they have glasses of I think red wine (which, by the way, is in the book) and they each have a meal. Henry/Nick’s shaking hands with an older lady who looks like the cook, but in the photo they’re clearly discussing the scene and not in character: Nick’s looking at Matthew. So this is strictly a behind the scene photo unlike a “shooting” photo, such as the kissing tree photo Matthew posted, where the boys were kissing so they were clearly shooting already
This was apparently their first day of shooting and I want to scream at how amazing their chemistry is
Then there’s this photo that I presume they took just after shooting outside of the café
Tumblr media
According to Matthew, the red mark on the corner of Henry/Nick’s forehead is not a bruise but a lipstick mark
Taylor/Alex is probably not wearing lipstick or at least not this shade of red, and given the point in their relationship it also doesn’t make sense for Alex to leave a mark somewhere so visible and for Henry to allow it
I read this speculation/theory on Weibo (yes I check the fandom over there out occasionally, no I don’t have the link, the Weibo system is complicated and I can’t be bothered to learn it) where they suspected that the old lady recognized Henry and kissed him on the forehead as a sign of respect or adoration or something, which might echo Henry talking about everyone recognizing him in the next scene
I didn’t really agree because, what the hell, straight-up kissing the prince like that has got to be against either etiquette or protocols, but then a few days later I saw a video of the actual Prince William visiting a café during one of his projects, and an ex-football star who was there and greeted him and kissed him on the cheek, so… eh I guess that question’s out of the way
I also questioned why would a cook in Paris show such affection to Henry, the prince of the UK, but then I think this could be explained by Henry’s popularity in universe. He is after all, “the Prince of England’s Hearts”, which isn’t something explored in the book: in the movie, Henry isn’t only a prince, he’s also a popular public figure in general. This point was not established in the book. So maybe it’s that.
But also, it’s possible that Henry knows this café and the owner, and they’re familiar, hence the affection? That would go against the point of “strangers knowing his name” but social logic wise seems to make more sense
Where is Alex in all of this? Obviously, he’s still there, sitting opposite Henry, but in the photo Taylor’s facing away from the camera and just looking at his dish so there’s nothing we can get from that. Is he just watching all of this unfold?  
Where does this scene end? I’m guessing, and this is just me guessing with barely any evidence to support myself: their dishes are served -> whatever happens with the cook -> maybe Alex and Henry talk about what just happened –> they start eating -> cut to walk in the garden
This is all speculation, we literally have no context for the scene and everything I’ve just written is quite possible over-analysing tiny clues, but we won’t know anything until PRIME RELEASES THE DAMN FULL PARIS SCENE
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meraki-yao · 15 days
This is gonna be really personal, and really venty and probably really selfish, and I’m most likely gonna delete it in the morning, but I feel like this is the only place I can talk about it, so I’m just gonna shout this into the void. If you’re not in a good space either, please stop reading and keep scrolling.
I’m not in a good place in my life right now. Truth be told my mental health has been shit since I was 7, but this is the worst I’ve ever been. Long story short, I was pressured into a college major that I didn’t want by family, and I thought I could pull through the four years of school, but it’s the first semester of the second year and I can’t handle it. I do not suit this major, nor do I find any purpose or joy in trying to deal with it. I hate it, I struggle with, yet it consumes all the time in my life. It’s been like this since the start of college, and it’s just getting worse. It doesn’t help that adults around me keep telling me how good this major is as a career and how I need to start looking for internships. It’s gotten to the point where I’m mentally and physically unhealthy, and I skipped school for the entirety of October without anyone but my sister knowing because classes gave me panic attacks. My parents aren’t people I can talk to about this because 1, they invalidate mental health issues as my fault for not trying hard enough because engineering and science came easy to them 2, they’re the ones who put me in this position in the first place. My sister listens but I help her more than she knows how to help me, and my friends are all busy with their own stuff.
I am seeking professional help on my own, I have bimonthly counselling which helps, and I recently started taking prescribed antidepressants. But for me to find a psychiatrist for a diagnosis on my life long issues and more meds, or for me to start looking into switching a major (which is a fucking arduous process where I am, fuck), I need to wait till I’m done with my exams which will be the last two weeks of December
So for the following month, I’m stuck, and fucked.
RWRB saved me in a way. I accidentally stumbled upon the trailer when it came out and suddenly I had a source of joy, a reason to keep going and keep looking forward to the next day. RWRB made me the happiest I’ve been since January of 2022. I can’t explain why, maybe it’s how I relate to Henry, maybe it’s how firstprince’s relationship is so beautiful, maybe it’s how it’s a rom com, I don’t know. But I have a couple of movies/shows that make a huge impact on my life, and RWRB is one of them. Waking up to something new, waking up happy with something to look forward to felt so good after so long of wanting time to just pass by me. I’ve haven’t watched a movie on repeat since I was 6 and repeating the original Lion King. I started this account because I had so many thoughts about the movie and I wanted to share them.
And I know it’s not the healthiest to hook all of my sanity onto a fandom/movie. But I’m not in a space where I can deal with my actual problems directly right now. And I do have other things in my real life that make me feel a bit better, but RWRB really has been the most effective/impactful one right now.
This is also the first time since Infinity War in 2019 were I followed a movie’s promo and release rather than discover it when all is said and done. And it happened to coincide with the strikes. Which again I’m supportive of and proud of the agreements they achieved, but the timing of everything just makes me so upset.
I thought that Prime would keep it going for a bit, especially after the strike resolved. And right now I’m not saying they’re definitively not doing anything. We don’t know that.
But I thought they would release a new deleted scene on 18th since that’s the date the last two deleted scenes were released, and it was the 100th day since release. When that didn’t happen, I thought they would release it on Thanksgiving. I lost sleep over waiting for it. But that didn’t happen either.
I got an anon ask who kindly but objectively explained the situation on the business side. And after reading and answering those asks…
I felt really fucking bad.
I kinda just lied down, panting and trembling.
It kinda felt like drug addiction withdrawal. Which is a morbid thing to compare it to, because if it weren’t for my myriad of problems this would just be a hyperfixation, but withdrawal is genuinely the only way I can explain my reaction (but to clarify I never actually did drugs)
And the following days I just had this ache and weight in my chest.
I think the reason my reaction is visceral is because RWRB is really my only, singular source of unbridled happiness right now. It’s literally the only thing I’m trying to hold on and stay afloat for, the reason I wake up in the morning. I thought Prime would keep going for a while with a relatively fixed monthly schedule of something new, but that broke off.
And that’s not to say that the fandom isn’t included in my RWRB happiness. I still fucking love the fanart and fanfics I come across.
But the jump from August and September to now, and my worsening issues because of school, it just hits harder.
I’m kind of at a lost right now. I’m getting worse in my own life with exams that I’ll definitely straight up fail (and I used to be a star student: I’ve needed academic validation my whole life) on the horizon, and I feel like I’m losing the only thing I held on to for the past couple of months.
I’m fucked and I don’t know what to do.  
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