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snaileer · 2 days
How A Ghost Town Dies
They say that if you drive down Interstate X, take the exit off of Elmerton, there’s an abandoned town.
Amity Park, they called it. ‘A nice place to live’ said the lopsided sign at the edge of the road.
‘ I’m still here’ says the graffiti on the back of the rusted metal, visible only in your rear view mirror.
They say that the town was once a city. That the long empty houses were once full, the stores once busy and the roads once clean. But by now the woods have grown back into the property lines anyways, blurring them with sidewalks cracked by roots and gates opened by creeping vines and crawling rust. Trees have sprouted thick in the middle of roads and a canopy of leaves like the cover of streetlights.
There’s no way this could have ever been a city; ‘But it once was’ they say.
When people walked the streets and children played in the yards, there was life.
There were flowers and laughter and voices on the wind.
They say that something happened.
That something changed.
It was not quick. As death rarely is.
But still.. there was an instant, where things changed. Though it wasn’t just one moment that anyone could tell you, only that it did.
They say that monsters attacked, that creatures no one could explain suddenly appeared.
They say there were protectors who fought the monsters. People who fought back, if they were people at all.
They say that’s what killed the town. The fighting.
Streets mangled by craters and walls burned by battlefire.
They say it’s still alive.
Oh there is no life, no people or children playing in the streets, though you may hear their voices on the wind.
There is no life, but it is still alive.
It must be.
Because they say that if you drive through town theres a building. Half-collapsed and charred, old metal still screwed into the side of the awning.
They say that as you enter, you’ll hear the sound of pounding footsteps down the stairs or hallway, like a child running in.
They say that if you stand too still, you’ll see your breath puff in front of you even on the hottest summer day.
They say that you’ll see the flicker of green eyes in your peripheral and the flash of black hair disappearing around a corner.
They say that if you enter the basement, there’s a hole in the wall, and from the moment you step down the stairs, a scream lingers in your ears.
Not everyone hears it, and those that do, rarely want to.
You’ll leave the house feeling chilled, tired, and afraid, though you couldn’t explain why.
And as you talk to your friends about one thing or another, you may feel a listening ear over your shoulder, eavesdropping for snippets of the world outside of the small town roads.
And they say that as you turn back on the roads, and make your way back to the highway, you’ll feel that listening ear fade away.
And they say that if you bother to look back, you might even see someone standing at the town line, watching you leave.
That’s the thing about a ghost town.
To be a ghost town, it must first die.
And when it does, when it truly becomes a ghost town, it becomes a part of a different world and it becomes unchanging to ours.
Where no one new ever truly stays.
And no one left behind ever truly leaves.
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lord-of-0blivion · 2 days
We all have seen bat bait Danny. I'm a bit tired of it personally, so I propose:
While conducting an investigation on the town of Amity Park, batman discovered two unusual characters.
Danny Fenton
Danny Phantom
After some intense observation... he discovers... that they both are the biggest little shits™️ in the world.
He the procedes to delete both of them from his [Possible Allies] folder on principle alone.
He does not need any more of that type of chaos in his life.
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polter-heist · 2 months
Dp x Dc prompt 7
(most likely a limital!amity park)
a feud between Amity Park residents and the Justice League but it's one sided.
any time an Amity Parker goes out of town and ends up in a location where the Justice League gets called or any member gets called, an Amity Parker Will Take Care Of It.
Amity Parkers have dropped-kicked Lex Luther, ganged up on the Joker, punted Mister Mind, and more.
The Justice League and Villains are desperately trying to find out What Their Problem Is for different reasons.
When confronted, the answers vary but a concerning consistency is "If our dead teenage superhero can take care of world-ending threats by himself, we can take care of the little things."
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nerdpoe · 2 months
hmmmm tiny prompt idea i lied it's kinda big
For whatever mystical reason, Batman, John Constantine, and three other Justice Leaguers go to Amity to assess the ghost issue.
While there they talk to the Fentons, and meet their starstruck son, who has a very similar name to Phantom, the obvious vigilante that refuses to ask for help, and his face is pretty much exactly the same.
Oh, Phantom is dead and this kid is alive? Well lots of Batman's kids have pulled that same shit. Weirder things have happened.
Cameras don't work right around the kid, recording equipment shorts out with static, and he keeps slipping up and using his powers. It...really isn't hard to find out Danny Fenton is THE Phantom.
So, since it's so obvious, they kinda assume everyone Knows but isn't saying it to make the kid feel like he's doing a good job at being secretive.
Then they learn about the Anti-Ecto acts, and they're like.
"Oh, that makes sense, obviously the town would ban together to pretend this kid isn't Phantom if literal torture is what awaits him. BTW, let's go ahead and take steps to get that shit removed how did this even get through?"
But then shit get's weirder?
The Fentons sit the supers down and rant and rave about how Phantom is a Kill On Sight threat, and force their son, their bright cheerful son who wants to be an astronaut and talked about space with Batman for literally forty minutes, to fucking listen in.
They're talking about how they've shot him, stabbed him, beat him with blunt instruments, how they measure the effectiveness of their weapons against ghosts using him as a template, and detail how they intend to dissect him and study him while he is sitting right there, looking like he wants to vomit.
And now it isn't so cute, because the Justice League members think that this whole town has banded together to punish this small child for existing. This same small child who has been limping and keeps giving different excuses for it, and when said kid notices their side glances musters up a shaky smile, clearly trying to Not Acknowledge the rant by his own goddamn parents.
Meanwhile Danny's parents are like, super proud that their very squeamish son is listening to their science presentation and putting on a brave front for the superheroes.
So like, who would snap first? Constantine, or Batman? Or one of the other Justice Leaguers? One of the Batkids listening in through the coms?
Idk it's a long explanation but like yeah, that's the prompt.
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p0ssym1lker · 6 months
A random amity park citizen VS gotham villains was not a fight the batclan thought he would experience but it's what's happening
Currently the joker is getting beaten with a thermos? The persom also seems to be angrily ranting at the downed man.
Last week they walked through fear gas and threatened Scarecrow and red hood reported seeing them wander around unafraid in crime alley.
A background check showed nothing. Some self defense classes, part in a sport club but nothing that would explain this.
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mewzaque · 6 months
So you know how every high school/ college develops a “shrine” at some point in time? Something that started as a joke, that people just kept adding to? I believe that the first shrine of an amity park college dorm would be dedicated to the Box Ghost.
It starts as a joke, obviously. Someone leaving a sign in the recycling room that says “Boxes for the Box Ghost” and stacking a bunch of cardboard boxes under it. It’s funny, and it’s not hurting anyone, so people leave their unbroken boxes under the sign.
Then the boxes start disappearing before the rest of the recycling.
Then the boxes start disappearing almost immediately after their placed.
People start thinking “oh, some jokester must be taking the boxes,” but then a group places a box at the empty shrine and, after lingering for a few minutes, they see a pair of gloved hands reach out from under the floor and take the box.
Donations to the shrine skyrocket.
Eventually, the Box Ghost shrine is covered in drawings of boxes, and all cardboard boxes in the dormitory go straight to the shrine.
Then Phantom shows up.
The people are concerned, is he going to destroy the shrine? Have all of these donations made the Box Ghost stronger, more evil somehow? Phantom approaches the shrine, and
The people rejoice.
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lalamyfootupyouraft · 5 months
People don’t use that Danny is a ghost king enough in Bat/DC crossover fics, more specifically what it entails.
I wanna see Ra’s try to mess with him only to have Danny demand him to bow and he has no choice but too.
I wanna see Damian feeling inclined to respect Danny as soon as he sees him.
I wanna see Jason get therapy and help from Danny for his once upon a dead ass.
I want Billy and Danny team up to cause confusion and chaos with deep understandings of each other’s struggles with powers.
I want the aliens from dead and gone planets to see their species in the Infinite realms and realizing that it’s not all lost, and that the younger ones can make a connection with their origins.
I want him and the Justice league team to team up and destroy the G.I.W for their horrible laws.
I want the Justice league to realize that while it may break their world view and minds, they are talking to a child, one that died and came for help.
I want ghosts with humans to trade things that make them happy. I want their obsessions fulfilled with little to no damage caused to the ones around and them.
I want Danny to realize he has options to leave if he feels unsafe, I want amity park to feel seen for their problems.
I want any dead lifeform to feel inclined to either respect him, or baby Danny because they sense that he’s a essentially a ghost toddler.
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obsessedwithstarwars · 5 months
Meme or TikTok of “There is no war in Ba-Sing-Se”
Except it’s a random student filming Mr. Lancer (or it’s the weatherman) calmly saying “There are no ghosts in Amity Park”
with Team Phantom fighting a group of ghosts, the GIW, and the Fenton parents in the background.
It goes viral. Honestly could work with anything. Scooby Doo theme song would be funny. Casper The Friendly Ghost. Or Ghostbusters cause who y’a gonna call?
A certain Bat hears about it and decides to investigate. Or send one of the Batfam to investigate.
Or Bruce Wayne himself decides to come with his kids and Vlad Masters has a heart attack and Team Phantom just want him to go back to where he came from because one billionaire is ENOUGH
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randomhuman45 · 10 months
Here's Some More Danny Phantom Memes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lordgrimoire · 7 days
A prompt for y’all
The Justice League begins recruiting people for non combat rolls, technicians, medics, cooks, mechanics, logistics personnel, what have you.
Amongst the sea of applicants are nearly a dozen hailing from a small town in Illinois, called Amity Park, a town that was in none of their records.
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phandomfic · 8 months
Hello, DC Xover but with a really protective Amity Park and Rouges. Like reeeaaally protective.
Like imagine year or two after Danny wins against Pariah Dark and Amity has pretty much come to love and defend THEIR hero like a proud Mama Ghost Bear. The rouges that fight Danny constantly have all, by this point, realized that not only was/is he protecting the town he was/is also protecting THEM from the GIW/Parents by getting to them first and sending them back to the GZ. Even when THEY ask for help with something in the ghost zone he answers regardless of whether it has to do with his city. So now although they still ‘spar’ with him he is basically theirs now fuck you very much and obviously they need to protect him he lives with GHOST HUNTERS for ancients sake.
Add in to it with the fact that the Justice League never answering Amity’s calls for help and the GIW still being absolutely horrible and pretty much all of Amity Park is willing to throw hands with any form of government that wants to try to start shit with them and/or Phantom. The ghosts don’t actually have much info on the rest of the world so this government team of “heroes” is obviously just better ghost hunters then the GIW (their idea is reinforced by the fact that Amity Park citizens shit-talk about them) so the rouges are like hyper aware of paying attention to Danny cause they need to be READY to get their ghost boy evacuated instantly if these “heroes” ever come to town.
Like Amity Park and Danny’s Rouges have collectively decided that Phantom is their child hero and for everything he’s done for Amity Park and the GZ they are all willing to go toe to toe against Supper-dude/red-leotard lightning man/insomniac-furry/Wonder-Tiara or whatever the fuck they’re called (Amity doesn’t care what they call themselves and the Justin-Leakers or whatever lost the chance to correct them when they ignored all their calls for help).
Like imagine the Justice League showing up in Amity Park and instead of the usual welcome and reactions, they get every Amity Park citizen going into DEFENCE MODE including the Rouges.
Imagine how that would look to the Justice League for a quick sec.
They walk into this city to check out the situation/meet with Amity’s Hero cause they have NOTHING to go on since this city has no online presence (thanks Tucker) let alone anything on their hero (thanks Technus) as if it’s all been wiped from existence (looking at you Desirée) when they stumble upon a ghost fight.
It’s a minor spar to Johnny, Shadow, and Kitty cause they just honestly just need to blow off some steam and even Phantom seems to understand that cause he’s not hitting as hard as he usually does.
The Justice League however can only see a 16 year old (not human cause they are all obviously not human and holy fuck none of them have heartbeats omg the rumours that this city is plagued by the undead is true) fighting and flying and dodging like an absolute professional while he holds his own against two other vaguely human creatures and an honest to god living shadow creature.
Before any of the Justice League can react or offer help though, a civilian (and wow there are a lot of civilians not running or panicking watching this fight) spots them and just has a look of pure HORROR before they scream at the top of their lungs “THE JUSTIN-LEAKERS ARE HERE!!!”
The Justice League cause “what did they just call us??????”
The citizens cause 1) they didn’t come when THEY called for help so they must be here on behalf of the government which means they’ve probably only have the Fentons ‘research’ aka their hero is very much IN DANGER RIGHT NOW 2) cause they have a bone to pick and they are about to unleash rage but only once they figure out how to get their hero to safety.
The ghosts cause omg these are those actually good ghost hunters we’ve heard about we need to notify the others and get Phantom out of here yesterday
Phantom cause wow I finally get to meet the other heroes and I heard some of them are actual aliens from Tucker and Sam this is going to be so cool but also they picked an awkward moment to come visit the city. Hopefully Johnny, Shadow and Kitty will understand and rap this up early and do this spar once the other heroes have left.
Then suddenly everyone (except the Justice League) is moving. The citizens locked eyes with the 3 undead rouges and mutual understanding passed between them.
The rouges are suddenly yelling “EVAC NOW!!!” And it echoes across the city. More of Danny’s rouges come speeding out of nowhere and basically tackle drag him to to ghost zone while the others form a tight ring of defence around their ghost boy as they fly. The citizens have formed a massive wall of bodies blocking off the heroes from following and are those glowing pitchforks on fire??? Where did those even come from??? Amity’s Police force are suddenly just THERE and already in full body armour with Laser Guns??????? pointed directly at them and just wow that is a teenager holding an honest to god bazooka.
What follows is literally the most confusing stand off the Justice League has ever faced cause “are we seriously not going to address the fact that your hero was just kidnapped by your city’s main rouges?” “Why are they all in defensive stances facing us??” “Did they just call Bats the insomniac-furry??? **wheezes**”
Like the JL would just be *pure confusion* while all the citizens are just PrePared to hold them back long enough for the ghosts to get Phantom back to Hel. Danny’s Rouges are delicately explaining to Phantom that this is not an attack from them they are just getting him to somewhere safe since these humans are here to hunt him and not to worry cause Amity’s humans are willingly acting as a distraction so they’ll get to Ghost Zone before they can catch up (thank Skulker for the wording and also cue Danny being both fuzzy happy cause his rouges and Amity care about him and sad boy cause the Heroes believe his parents research).
I find great joy in the fact that no-matter WHAT the Justice League says or does the people and ghosts of Amity Park would take it as a threat. “You want to recruit our hero? Yeah right you just want to use him like a weapon/to take him away so you can sell him off to the government/ghost hunters for study.” “You want to learn what’s going on in the city? Sure not like we had already called and detailed what was happening like a few thousand times before.” “You want to ‘HELP’? Sure you do and The Box Ghost hates boxes.”
Like nothing they say would help their case and they’d have to hightail it out of there fast cause everyone from Amity Park child to grandma are hell bent on getting them out of their city and most importantly away from their hero. The Justice League would barely (if at all) get even a glimpse of Phantom before the citizens/rouges are shielding him and dragging him away.
Sure the Justice League might come back as civilian ‘tourists’ but honestly Amity Park and the ghosts have probably dealt with sooo many undercover ghost hunters that they treat anyone who visits as a possible threat to their ghost boy so even then they’d probably only get close enough to call out to Phantom before either they’re dragged off or Phantoms dragged off leaving the heroes with absolutely no time to even talk or get a detailed description of Phantom. It’d be this one giant game of keep away and it’d be hilarious.
Just overly protective rouges and citizens.
Even Wes would be cowed enough to know that if he tries ANYTHING it’d be complete and utter social-suicide not just among his peers but among the entirety of Amity Park so he would probably see a tourist or hero and just straight up sprint the other way just so no one can call him out on ‘giving up Amity’s Ghost’.
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mightydragoon · 7 months
Amity Park citizens canonically commit tax fraud
Welcome to my TedTalk
Doctor’s Disorders:
Tumblr media
Jack: Oh yeah and why should we trust you?
Tumblr media
Betrand: Because I’m with the government and we can audit your taxes if you don’t.
Double cross my heart.
Tumblr media
Mr Lancer: And what makes you think I want to co-operate with the feds
Tumblr media
Operative K: Because ghosts are a constant threat to your student body.
Tumblr media
Operative O: And because we're with the government and have access to your tax records.
Tumblr media
Mr. Lancer: What do you want to know and how fast do you want to know it?
Amity Park says fuck the government and taxes.
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nelkcats · 5 days
Not a Dog!
A competition was set up to award the best dog between Gotham and Amity Park, probably because the judges were quite aware that the two cities were a little crazy and decided to unite their competitions.
Damian bragged that he shouldn't be participating since obviously Titus would beat everyone. Jason snorted and commented that Dog was much better than Titus and would win the competition easily, the rest of the siblings walked away from the discussion, but Dick felt left out and called his friend.
Beast Boy, better known as "Gar" wasn't too happy about Dick using his favor to make him pretend to be a dog in a pet contest, but he agreed. Dick signed him up as his own pet while Jason and Damian complained about how silly the idea was.
When Gotham competitors list was released on Amity, Danny noticed that one contestant had a green dog and smiled. He could compete with Cujo! His father told him something about wanting to compete too but the halfa denied and said that he needed a dog for that.
On the day of the competition the judges tried not to flinch at the two obviously green dogs and a contestant who had decided to enter with a peculiar type of dog, they decided to judge them as best as possible. A rivalry ensued between all the contestants while Danny tried to avoid looking at his father's eyes, why was he participating with a fridge?
To everyone's surprise, none of the dogs won. The winner was Jack Fenton, with his very alive and aggressive sausages. The judges couldn't disqualify him because "hot dog" was technically a type of "dog" even if they didn't know how it was possible, and Jack taught the hot dogs a few tricks.
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a-lemon-boy · 13 days
people from amity park are feral
I fucking love fics when people from amity park go to Gotham 'crime fucking central' City, and they are the craziness thing to happen.
A joker attack? They just collectively beat the shit out of him and his goons. They don't even fight them in like an actual fight. It just chaos. Fucking lightsavers, tackling, kicking the shins, biting. Their's no dignity left for the joker and his men.
The riddler? Someone just punchs him to hard and he's down for the count. That mans dead.
Scarecrow? They jus goesn't breath in the fear gas and hits him with a pan or something.
they are the menaces of Gotham now. Danny doesn't even be phantom in Gotham, he's just a normal guy to these people. It just danny and his classmates. The villains have never known peace since. And the poor bats or trying to find this feral group of children, who seem to have no safe for themselves.
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ghostboybrainrot · 28 days
DPxDC Ghost Zone Amity AU Part 2
Part 1   Part 3  Part 4  AO3
Edit: I finally got around to adding this to AO3, link above.
Wow! I am completely blown away by the reaction the first part! It’s the first fic idea I ever posted. Thank you so much for all the likes and messages. I have a lot of ideas for this AU but I‘m new to writing so please be patient. I also would love to hear anyone’s ideas.
Batman wanted to see the portal himself. Because of course he did. Nosy idiot couldn't let them handle it. And John Constantine just knew the bat was gonna make things harder on him.
"Can you disable it?" Gotham's knight asked.
"Of course not! This is some sci-fi bullshit and I don't do sci-fi. I do Magic, thank you very much.”
"You said you could sense death coming from it."
Constantine ran his hand through his hair, frustrated.
"Yeah but that doesn't mean I know how! This shouldn't be possible. And it radiates Death, capital D. This isn't just a device that has been exposed to death. It's owned by the Dead.
A grunt was all Constantine got as a reply, as the knight continued to examine the machine.
"Do you know where it goes?"
"To the DEAD! Haven't you been listening?! You know the Underworld? Hereafter? Netherworld? Hell with two L's? Hel with one L? Purgatory? Pandemonium? Hades? Tartarus? Any of these ringing a bell?"
Batman does not dignify the outburst with a response but he turns toward Constantine for the first time since they entered the building, narrowing his eyes.
"Which one?"
Constantine waved his hands noncommittally, "Eh, could be any of them. Could be ALL of them. They aren't completely separate. Like different branches of the same company. Different regional managers but all equally shitty.
Batman grunts again, turning back to the swirling mass. After a moment, he starts to fiddle with something on his belt. Constantine couldn't see what he was doing but he already didn't like it. Every time the bat investigated something that Constantine thought was better off left alone, his day would inevitably get MUCH worse. For the millionth time, he wonders why he bothers to associate with these idiots.
Batman pulls what he was messing with from beneath his cloak. His grapple gun? Constantine took several steps back. Nope. Nope, he definitely isn't gonna like this. 
Instead of firing the gun, Batman slowly pulled at the hook loosening the wire until he had roughly 10 ft of it coiled in his hand. Then without any hesitation, he approached the swirling green, tossing the hook inside. It promptly disappeared, quietly, as though it had simply sunk into murky water.
They both waited. No sound could be heard except the ambient buzzing of electronics coming from the large machine. Batman stood a few feet from the portal, watching the line intensely. He had braced himself as though he expected the line to snap taut at any moment and pull him in. After roughly a minute and no such thing happened, Batman slowly reeled in the line feeding it back into the gun.
The hook came into view, no worse for wear. None of the green substance lingered on it. After briefly examining it, Batman clipped it back to his belt. Constantine was slightly disappointed that it hadn't come back ablaze or melting, only because it would help him narrow it down. Having it come back unscathed didn't really tell him where it led. Then again the fact that it wasn’t instantly destroyed from coming in contact with the portal was probably a good thing.
"I think you gotta put worms on the end if you wanna catch something Bats." Constantine joked. He knew the man wouldn't react but couldn't help it. 
To his surprise, John heard a chuckle from directly behind him. It startled him but he did his best to not show it. He knew who it was and didn't want to give him the satisfaction.
Boston Brand, Deadman, slowly floated into view in front of the magician. He was watching Batman but directed his comment toward John.
"I was expecting the Bat to get dragged in! A little disappointed if I'm bein' honest." Deadman laughed.
"I'd be lying if I didn't feel somewhat similar. When'd you get in?"
"Not too long ago," the ghost said conversationally, "I did a quick lap around the crater. Phew! That thing is huge!"
"No kidding? I hadn't noticed." The magician snarked, pulling a cigarette out and placing it between his lips. He wouldn't light up in here. He wouldn't want to piss off the Bat but the familiar feel on his lips brought him a small amount of comfort.
Batman seemed to have noticed Constantine's one sided conversation. He turned to stare at the occultist, his eyes narrowing again. 
"Who else?" Constantine grumbled.
Suddenly, without warning, he felt a cold wave rush over him as the ghost phased into his body. He felt his mouth open, his cigarette fell to the ground, and a voice that wasn't quite his own spoke.
"Hiya Batman! Long time no see! I heard you guys could use a little help?" John's face grinned without his approval. The voice coming from John had a Brooklyn accent and was entirely too cheerful for his liking.
Batman nodded, unsurprised by the English man’s sudden accent and demeanor change. He gestured over his shoulder toward the machine.
"What can you tell me about this device?"
"Umm..." John's legs brought him a little closer and his hand came up to his chin as though he was thinking hard. "I mean it's definitely spooky, I get kindof a weird vibe from it but other than that. Meh." He shrugged. "Not really my area, Bats."
"Does it seem dangerous?"
"Honestly? I don't think so. Like Constantine said it definitely radiates Death but not like in like in a scary way. Hard to describe. Feels kinda like a nap after a long day, ya know?"
Batman didn't respond. There was a good chance he didn’t know. Constantine had never know the man to take a break. Did he even know what a nap was?
"Would you be willing to investigate?"
"Ya mean like go in? I suppose. Not like I'm getting any deader. Ha!"
As quickly as it appeared, the cold sensation that gripped him vanished and John Constantine's body was his own again.
"Bloody ghost! You made me drop my cig." He bent down to retrieve the cigarette, brushed it off, and put it back in his mouth. John hated when Deadman did that. Which was probably the reason he did it. He could have just asked John to translate. Or better yet ask him to magic Batman's eyes so he could see the ghost! But Boston loved to see John frazzled. As annoying as it was to be on the receiving end, John couldn’t begrudge the ghost his fun. He knew how lonely it could be being dead in the land of the living. No one even knowing he was there. Constantine may not be dead but he’d been around it enough to know how isolating it could be.
"Sorry John!" The ghost called back goodnaturedly, already heading toward the portal. "Wish me luck!"
The ghost flew through the portal and the room was quiet once again. Batman couldn't see the ghost had disappeared but he followed John's gaze toward the machine and waited. Accurately guessing he had already passed through.
After a short moment, Constantine wondered if he had enough time to go outside for a quick smoke. But before he could decide, Deadman's head poked back through the swirl of green. The rest of him followed close behind, looking exactly the same as when he left.
"Well?" John asked impatiently.
"Seems safe enough. It leads to another portal on the other side. No monsters or anything."
Batman spoke up, "What's he saying?"
Constantine, taking a page out of Batman's book, ignored the knight continuing to address the ghost. "And? Where does it come out?"
"That's the weird thing. I think it's just a garage."
That’s all I have for now! Let me know how i did and what you think should happen next.
I have a lot of ideas on what happens to GZ Amity, and coincidentally humanity as a whole, as a result of it getting stuck. I like to think that over time this creates a whole subspecies of liminal humans and GZ Amity ends up giving a solar(ecto?) punk vibe.
Jack and Maddie are LOVING living in the ghost zone. After the initial shock, and a short adjustment period, they throw themselves into their research just as hard as before but instead of focusing on weapons they focus on researching the properties of the ghost zone. They use what they learn to better the lives of the residents of the town.
Amity Parkers don’t leave when they die. Old Evelyn Baker is still there like 300 years in the future. And because no one leaves, the town expands.
Blob ghosts wander around the city like stray cats. People treat them like pets. The Fentons create a blob collar especially for ecto-pets that is designed to stay on despite their semi-intangible nature. Using that design they are able to make equipment that will automatically phase WITH the user without having to dedicate extra energy to it.
I like the idea of Vlad coming around eventually. I think it would be funny for liminal!Amity Parkers gaining a resistance to overshadowing. And because Amity isn’t really part of the US anymore, his vast wealth doesn’t really do him any good. So here he is sad and alone. All his plans have failed and his power is rendered almost entirely useless. He can still overshadow people in the living world and the US is still a capitalist hellscape so his money is good there. But without any sort of end goal it loses its appeal. Eventually, he’ll come crawling back to Amity. 
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p0ssym1lker · 3 months
Imagine dannys class going to gotham and they get held hostage by the joker
Only for one of his random classmates, who the joker was holding a gun to, go fucking feral and start smacking the joker around
His goons can't do shit without possibly hurting their boss and eventually the fight becomes more of the joker trying to get this kid to stop biting him
The bats and Danny just are in absolute shock
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