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kitxvoss · 8 hours
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I had to go out and tell his enormous entourage - wife, kids, parents, siblings, friends -- it’s a life cut short but certainly well-lived. And you know, I don’t know if I was...if I was feeling envy or...jealousy, but I have to admit I wish I had even a small part of what he had.
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soaptaculart · 1 year
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Been replaying the AA trilogy these past few weeks and I forgot how much AA1 Edgeworth is just the character of all time
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moonshadow-thoughts · 8 months
Do you ever feel like you miss out on life, because you are not able to socialize the way most people do?
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butclarkkant · 3 months
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pedro, leon and fernando by steve marais
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gunthermunch · 2 months
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[Transcript under the cut]
Pierce: hi how are…you. umh. have you seen this Max guy? 5’4, brunette, evil.
Lucas: hey- Max likes this one! Elsa: speaking of which, should we go back to the boys? we lowkey ditched them Lucas: haha! yeah let's- Lucas: um. they're gone Elsa: weird… i guess they must be getting punch or something. Lucas: oh i want punch
Pierce: brown eyes, probably had a blunt in hand…? Pierce: …could be two.
Elsa: hey so, I’m sorry for doubting you the other day. You seem way more confident and grown lately Lucas: hm? Elsa: about the farm! I’m sure you’ll handle independency just fine Lucas: oh… chuckles would you believe me if I told you I’m actually not ready at all? Elsa: but… I thought you wanted the farm? Lucas: I do! But, it’s not just about the farm- I mean yeah that too but everything has been… like many slaps in the face over and over. My brothers leaving, opa’s death, and… everything that happened between me and Max. I don’t fear them, I fear how… a week is never the same as the last one. All this time, all these months and maybe… years? I’ve been just- really trying. Elsa: and you’re doing so good Lucas Lucas: maybe… but i wish things could stay like this forever; you, Pierce Max and me. Elsa: Max too? Lucas: i can live with him not liking me, i just want to be his friend. Lucas: but now… we graduate and we part ways. it's just how it is Elsa: but yeah. i'm not making any sense Elsa: no, Lucas, i get it. I… I need to go to the bathroom Lucas: sure
Elsa:OUT OF THE WAY!!! Elsa: Pierce! Pierce: oh hey, i kinda lost- Elsa: I messed up big time AGH!- I told Max the other day he should just tell to Lucas about- STUFF because he doesn't deserve to be lied to and i contributed to that and- I thought Lucas could handle the truth but I was so wrong! He’ll crash and burn, Pierce! Pierce: sigh why you keep shielding him as if he was a child? he deserves the truth but- Prom night, Elsa? Elsa: WELL Lucas should have known way before this! where the HELL is Max! Pierce: I have no idea. Elsa: FUCK! Pierce: alright calm down, breathe, go back to Lucas and maybe keep dancing? Have fun? Elsa: Pierce i don't… Pierce: just forget about this. Max must me on that nearby party he mentioned Elsa: alright… but if you find him, text me. Pierce: got it
Elsa: hey i'm back! Elsa: wanna try-hard slow dance? Lucas: i would love to
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shadowthief-101 · 2 months
Do NOT read until you finish the newest season of Lego Monkie Kid!
Somebody on Discord pointed out that MK’s monkey form looks like a mixture of both of his dads (Wukong and Macaque)… essentially it appears he has a mixture of both of the celestial monkeys furs and designs, not necessarily just one. Though at this point it’s still hard to tell as he hasn’t spent much time in this form.
Like fr it looks like he has Macaque's fur and Wukong's facial markings. Coincidence?? I THINK NOT!
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twinkle-art · 1 year
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autumnillustration · 10 months
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Lady Joanna - by Sunryder (Ao3)
With HotD trailers dropping everywhere, my GoT obsession has grabbed me by the neck and won’t let go. I feed my obsession by reading fanfic, naturally. And then we see the results from caffeine-fueled, GoT-soundtrack-powered, fanfic-focused art frenzies.
The Lady Joanna series by sunryder over on Ao3 is a definite favourite of mine, hands down. All hail the strangest friendship in all the Seven Kingdoms.
We’re given an anti-social Lord and a young noblewoman who desperately wants to become a knight. I just love the unconventional nature of their friendship (and its a nice parallel to the complimentary nature of Jon and Stannis’ little-explored dynamic in the show). Both dutiful and honourable, but one’s more likely to bend first before breaking. And I just love how sunryder tackles both Stannis and Joanna; their dynamic is so well written.
There’s only two parts to Sunryder’s Lady Joanna Series so far, but I’ve loved every word of it.
... And the stories have been left at such a point that one can’t help but think of how this version of asoiaf could go… so naturally, my imagination got the better of me, and we have this little fan art series to explore that.
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innit-inc · 5 days
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Blorbo combination. Get beebo'd
The lord would NOT give them one more chance
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maskedryder · 3 months
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kenkenhoes · 11 months
Pairing: Kit Connor x !reader
Pronouns: UUU
Warning’s: just really scary fluff..
Summary: ..slay
Pov: first person
Tumblr media
Unfinished sentences..
“Eh just one please!” I mumbled out while my head is in my phone looking at the met gala outfits. I was in a coffee shop near by my apartment,
“here’s ur brownie” the lady shoves the brownie in me face taking my attention off my phone.
“well can I actually have some napkin-“
“NEXT!!” She cuts me off causing the guy behind me giggle.
“okay bitch” I whisper snatching the brownie from the lady, while walking to my table I was able to see who was behind me..
I put my hand on my face in embarrassment that such a man like that saw THAT.
Anyways I try to ignore it while I start texting my friend. 
Then I get the “Bitch come get me NEENOW!!” Message making me stand up and get my stuff. Only to get stopped by the same red head,
“Um here!” he hands me the napkin.
“Uh thanks but I already..” I giggle out moving a side to show him the CRUMP left of the brownie making him laugh as well in embarrassment.
“Well it’s alright we can make used to it!” He wipes the crumbs off the table sanding them to the floor making the lady in the front groan,
I put a hand over my mouth trying not to laugh at the red head just froze in fear.
“i um i think we should leave” he whispers as I whispers a yes with em
We laugh so hard as we run out of the coffee shop “yea I’m pretty sure we’re band” I say out of breath.
“Most definitely” he pulls his head up from the floor of laughing, looking directly into my eyes as I do the same.
“Um ur eyes are bea-“ he says breaking the silence but then gets cut off by my phone.
My friend blows up my phone.
“Oh m- maybe you should go it seem very important” the red head says taking my attention.
“Oh um there fineee” I put my phone back in my pocket.
“You sure I mean it was in all caps” he jokes,
“Oh no they just do that because it makes messages entertaining to text” I wave off, ignoring the dings I’m getting.
“Well I was just saying that you have-“ he starts again but this time getting cut off by my friend calling now,
“I’m sorry I gotta..” I pull out my phone out in embarrassment “I’m literally going to kill you I am!” I whispers,
“UM YOU MEAN I’M GONNA KILL U???” they yells out in being offended.
“first of all who do you think you are going out and getting a boyfriend without me”
“what are you even talking about right now” I whisper yell.
“ur location..”
“yea a fucking coffee shop”
“literally everyone goes to a coffee shop t to get there main character moment” they sign.
“ur obviously trying to get that whole meets lover at the coffee shop kinda vibe you get me”
“no I’m actually a bout to vibe around too much and hang up”
“wait boo don’t my ex is hereee” they sobs
“wait really..” Say turning around seeing the cute red head standing there without a problem.
“Okay Imma be there..and I an the main character already��” I hang up and turn around.
“sorry about that”
“no problem it be like that sometimes” he smiles and puts his hands in his pockets.
“wait do I know you from somewhere..” I say remembering that smile.
“well um-“
“oh hold on damn it I forgot I have to go”
Seeing disappointed in his eyes I give him my number on a piece of paper, “I feel as though I’m just getting cut off back and forth today” he jokes taking the paper with a smile.
“noooo” I yell running a way to my car.
still feeling him grazing at me..
Okay the end
I would like to say thank you also for all of the likes it really means a lot to me I’ve been trying to make some imagines but I haven’t been having a lot of ideas 😭
okay I’m done now ig🙄

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harlan-briggs · 4 months
Gay sex in 2022
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soaptaculart · 9 months
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Sebastian has to age out of his school uniform at some point right
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necrophatic · 1 year
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butclarkkant · 3 months
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by vratko barcik via
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tiny-evillious · 19 days
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HAPPY MIKU MIKU DAY! Have a bunch of Mikuling emojis and some friends! 
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