#and he can ask her for them back and use them for a bit if he needs to if she asks him a few questions to know why and that he's safe
dduane · 2 days
With regards to etiquette regarding authors and fan-works: how does this work with authors who participate in fandom subsequently writing authorized spin-offs or...whatever you'd call "I don't own this IP but I have permission to publish a thing"? Obviously "don't send someone fic directly so they can choose whether or not to engage" is a good rule to follow, but if you — as an example — read a bunch of Sherlock fic and then get hired to write a Sherlock novel, is that then legally problematic?
Let's first sharpen up the terminology a bit, so we can all be sure what we're talking about. The owners of a given IP may not necessarily be the ones tasked with the actual business of inviting others into the property to create new material in that universe. So for convenience's sake let's just lump the actual owners and the ones managing the IP on their behalf together as "the Licensors". The person/s allowed by the licensor to execute this new art, or to hire people to do it, is/are the licensee/s. (...It's actually a little more complicated than that, but let's leave it there for the moment.)
Now, about your first question: let me head first for a situation where I've been in the past, so I can tell you what I did.
Let's say someone who's read Star Trek fanfic—not exactly vast amounts, but some, a decade or so previously—goes pro and then gets asked by the licensor, "Hey, wanna write a Star Trek novel?" When that happened to me, I let my editor know that I'd read some Trek fic in my time, but would do my best to avoid any storyline that was anything like any fic material I could remember. And for a long time I had an informal agreement with Pocket Books—noncontractual, but one I adhered to rigidly—that I would avoid reading any Trek fanfic while I was writing Trek professionally, and would only read Trek material provided to me by the publisher themselves. (This habit has persisted for a long while, as—these days in particular—there's no telling when the phone might ring...)
Back in the day, this approach worked well enough to be going on with. For one thing, Trek fanfic was then way thinner on the ground than it is now, and (being printed pretty much exclusively in paper fanzines) was far easier to avoid. It also worked because I had no desire whatsoever to take the chance of borrowing anybody else's material to begin with. Then as now, I'd have felt that would've been seriously wrong—and anyway, I had more than enough ideas of my own. ...And it worked for a third set of reasons, peculiar to Trek.
Early on, the attitude of (first Paramount, then Gulf&Western, then... who came next? Viacom? Anyway—) the corporate owners was essentially, "We own this IP; nobody should be writing fic in it without our permission; if anybody gives us grief about one of our books being like something of theirs they wrote illegally, we'll come after them with the lawyers." This attitude was markedly not Roddenberry's (at least early on...). He absolutely knew about fic, saw it at conventions, and largely seemed not to mind. This weird dichotomy of stances contributed to an atmosphere in which ficcing fans were inclined to walk softly, try to keep from being noticed by the corporate levels, and (if they engaged with Gene on the subject) keep it very low-key.
Now around the same time I was doing my first couple/few Trek works, the profic/fanfic interface started to get spikier. This was at least partly due to the problems that followed Marion Zimmer Bradley's engagement with a fan writer in her Darkover universe. At least partly as a result of this, various pros' attitudes toward people ficcing in their universes noticeably hardened—the emphasis shifting from concerns about personal preference to sharper ones centering on the writer's potential legal exposure. (Though the two kinds of issue did sometimes get tangled together.)
So that bubbled along for a good while in the background, coming more seriously to the boil when the Internet became a thing, and fic started to percolate through it in newsgroups and mailing lists and (finally) onto easily accessible web pages; and most recently, into platforms like AO3.
And this is where the question of ease of access becomes a significant part of the equation, and the picture shifts equally significantly.
I can't help but smile at the phrasing "If you—as an example—read a bunch of Sherlock fic and then get hired to write a Sherlock novel..." Because though there may be some Tumblerini sitting at the bottom of the crater Daedalus or in the depths of Valles Marineris* who don't know about this, well, I'm a Sherlock fan... and this query is pertinent.
Let's say that Messiah comes, the King returns, and the BBC commissions Sherlock S5. And secondary to that, let's say that the production staff call my agent and say, "We hear you've got this hot licensed-property writer who's done work for all these different licensors. How about you ask her if she wants to write a Sherlock novel for us?"
And now we're up against it... because there's more than one kind of tie-in novel.
One is the kind where you novelize a script. Of agreeing to that I'd have no fear, because the boundaries of such work are tightly circumscribed. The writer's job in such a situation is to render the dialogue and visuals as gracefully as possible into prose, and otherwise to avoid unnecessary flights of fancy that might jar against the writers'/producers' creative vision. ...So if that was what they wanted, I'd pretend to think about it for a couple of days, and then have the agent call them back and say "Yeah, sure, let's do it." (And then the shrieks of delight would begin. Sometimes it's useful to live this far out in the country.)
But if they wanted an original novel? A new Sherlock story?...
I would have to say no. Because my AO3 bookmarks are hip-deep in Sherlock fics, and there is no way, NO way, I could say with my hand on my heart that I was sure I wasn't going to wind up, however accidentally, borrowing or restating something I'd seen of someone else's. If I accepted that job, and then (a year, two years, five years later) someone appeared with evidence in their hands and said, "You used a situation / language that's clearly mine", I would be utterly shattered.
And would it be "legally problematic"? You bet it would. Forgive me for not spelling out all the ways it could be Bad. But even if the situation was finally resolved in the friendliest way possible for everybody concerned, the fact of what had gone wrong would hang like a shadow over every other piece of licensed work I might ever want to do. (And there probably wouldn't be a lot of those.)
So realistically speaking, the ethics of the situation would make that a challenge I wouldn't dare take. I would walk away and try my best to keep to myself the annoyance that would follow. It'd be sad, but it'd be necessary: because the lines I expect to be drawn to protect me, I must also make sure will equally protect others. It's only right.
Anyway, thanks for the question(s). Hope I've sufficiently covered the ground; and HTH.
*I almost typed that as "Valles Marinaris". Yeah, the Solar System's biggest known crevasse now suddenly full of spaghetti sauce? I almost did that. Always proof your copy three times...
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motherjoel · 1 day
arms tonite (joel miller/reader)
Tumblr media
summary: basically its YOU who gets stabbed by the baseball bat. joel isnt good with feelings. david does not exist david cant hurt anybody. a bit of angst and a bit of fluff. also LOOSELY based on arms tonite by mother mother
a/n: yawlllllll it has been a MINUTE but i am back for some tlou cause i just really wanted to write for these characters i love so very much. i apologize if the timing of their travel is fucked, i truly have no concept of geography so we can ignore that.
wc: 3.5k
warnings: just general tlou gore, nothin too bad
You couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment you fell in love with Joel Miller. But as you lay here, Joel's hands soaked in your blood as he attempted to stop it from pulsating out of your abdomen, you knew it was love that you were feeling. It was supposed to be simple. After your brief stay in Jackson, the two of you were supposed to take Ellie to the fireflies. Yet, nothing seemed to be simple these days, especially not around this girl.
In the amount of time the three of you had spent together, you developed an unbreakable bond. Ellie became a sort of surrogate sister to you- you’d lost your family when you were just a kid during the outbreak and you never had the chance to become a big sister. At least not for long. And then there was Joel. You weren’t quite sure what he meant to you yet, but you’d be lying if you said you wouldn’t die for him. For both of them, really- a life without them wasn’t worth living. Of course, you never planned on telling them that.
The day started fairly nice- with Joel allowing Ellie to make her own decision about who would be taking her to the fireflies. Sure, you and Ellie would be fine with Tommy, but Joel had failed to consider the bond the three of you shared when making this decision. He was thinking of only himself and his fear- this is what you had told him last night after his fight with Ellie.
“What the hell was that?” you asked him after he stormed out of Ellie’s temporary room. 
“It was nothin’. Doesn’t concern you,” he replied, brushing past you as he made his way to the couch where he decided to set up camp for the night. 
“Um, it sure as hell does concern me, Joel. Are you seriously going to abandon us? After everything we’ve been through, after how much that girl trusts you, Joel!” you raised your voice a bit, trying to keep yourself from alerting Ellie upstairs. Those words stung him a bit. He didn’t see it as abandonment- he saw it as protection. After everything you went through together, he never once put himself first.
“She doesn’t know a thing about what this means,” Joel turned to you. “She- she’s just a kid, she-” he stopped himself, trying to gather himself. “I can’t bring her. I’m not capable, I’m slowin’ down and I just can’t. Do. It,” he exhaled, dropping himself onto the couch. 
“Wow,” you replied, softly sitting next to him. “You’re really underestimating yourself,” you sighed, Joel, lifting his face to look at you. “I mean, not only yourself but me, Joel. In case you’d forgotten, I’ve gotten myself through some tough shit. And Ellie? Man, she's the toughest kid I’ve ever met. Hell, she's one of the toughest people I’ve ever met,” you said, observing Joel’s worn face. “I mean… don't you think she at least deserves a choice?” you asked, hoping to convince Joel to come to his senses and realize who he was.
“I’ll take the couch. Bedrooms down the hall,” he grumbled before turning his back to you and lying down. There was nothing left you could say at this point, so you decided to spare yourself and make your way to the bedroom. The bed was pretty big. It could’ve fit two people.
The moment you saw Joel in the stables the next morning, you could feel your heart soar. Before he said a word, you knew he had made the right decision. The three of you squeezed onto the horse, Ellie sandwiched in the middle, and you were off. You and Joel sat in peaceful silence for a while, occasionally responding to Ellie’s rambling to show you were listening. Before you knew it, you were arriving at the so-called firefly base. 
“What the fu-” you started.
“Holy shit! Are those monkeys?” Ellie exclaimed, pointing at the crowd of animals before you.
“Must be from the old labs,” Joel muttered, a hint of interest in his voice
“Look at them go!” you giggled.
“First time seein’ a monkey?” Joel asked the two of you. 
“First time seein' a monkey,” you replied in unison, both awestruck. A smile crept onto Joel's face at this- the togetherness he felt in rare moments like this is what kept him going. 
You soon came across the fireflies symbol painted on a couple of signs, but no guards appeared nearby. You all dismounted the horse before making your way inside, guns drawn. You in the back, Joel in the front, and Ellie sandwiched between yet again. The building you came across was abandoned from the looks of it, with papers scattered about. 
“They just left,” Joel said, coming across a packing list among the scattered supplies. You suddenly heard a clang from another room, drawing your attention.
“Maybe not all of them,” you replied as the three of you carefully moved towards the sound. Your heart picked up its pace- whatever was in that room couldn’t be a firefly. Maybe a raider, you thought, which didn’t help your anxieties. Joel put a finger to his lips before opening the door, signaling for your silence. Relief rushed through you as you saw the source of the noise was just a few stray monkeys. It was only moments later that you heard voices- voices that certainly didn’t come from an animal. Peering out the window, the three of you saw a group of men, presumably raiders.
“Shit,” you murmured, instinctively grabbing Ellie’s arm.
“Out the back,” said Joel, leading the way for the three of you to make your escape. You ducked behind some sandbags for a moment before making your break to the horse. As Joel untied the horse, you heard footsteps quickly making their way over to you.
“Joel!” Ellie screamed as the man swung his bat at his head, hitting it on a tree and breaking it in two. While Joel dodged his attack you jumped on the man and banged him into the tree behind him before he knocked you back on your ass, banging your head on the ground. You’ve had your fair share of concussions, and you knew that's exactly what just happened to you. Joel quickly recovered from the first attack before grabbing the man, a wave of anger in his eyes as you’ve never seen before. His arm tightened around the man's throat, unrelenting in its strength. Struggle as he may, it wasn’t long before his neck was snapped. You remain on the ground, adrenaline pumping through your veins as you look at Ellie, shakily holding her gun. Her eyes darken as they shift down to your stomach. Your eyes follow hers and you finally see what she’s looking at. When the man hit the bat into the tree, it must've snapped in half. One half was on the ground a few feet away from you, while, unfortunately, the other half was buried in your stomach.
“Shit,” Ellie said, lowering her gun and walking over to you. Your hand reached down, adrenaline still pumping through your body, and you instinctively pulled the wooden piece out of your abdomen. You barely even felt it. Joel was silent the entire time, and you couldn’t quite tell what he was thinking. You threw it aside before noticing three more men coming your way. As fast as possible, Joel hiked himself up onto the horse and grabbed you while Ellie pushed from the ground before pulling herself up, you now sitting between the two. Joel didn’t let himself focus on the anxiety in his chest that blurred his vision- he needed to get you both to safety.
“Fuck,” you sighed, adrenaline wearing off a bit and pain seeping in. 
“Go!” Ellie yelled to Joel as you began to move. She grabbed her gun and shot backward at the men- she didn’t have the best aim, but it certainly deterred them from advancing anymore. Ellie kept peering over her shoulder, on high alert. If you weren’t putting all of your focus on staying conscious, you’d have noticed her slight tremble. You would have noticed Joel's body tense when your breathing slowed, his occasional glance over his shoulder. His erratic heartbeat as he tried to keep you talking.
“We’re gonna get back to Jackson and we’re gonna get some help,” Joel said over his shoulder. There wasn’t a hint of emotion in his voice- he was excellent at hiding how he truly feels. 
“No,” you uttered, using all of your strength.
“Sorry, no?” Joel questioned.
“Get her to the fireflies,” you whispered before your vision began to blur. Your lifeless body crumpled off the horse, Ellie attempted to hold on but it all happened too fast. The cold snow was stained red, the warm blood leaving your body melting the snow directly beneath you. Joel and Ellie quickly hopped down, one on each side of you. 
“Fuck fuck fuck,” Ellie panicked, hands shakily reaching towards your abdomen. 
“Ellie,” Joel said, voice laced with panic. He motioned for her to grab his pack while he placed his hands onto the wound, blood seeping through the gaps in his fingers. He had never felt so helpless in his life- at least, not since Sarah. That same shuddered breathing coming from a person he loves- he couldn’t bear it.
“Joel, what the fuck do we do,” she asked. Joel continued to silently work on packing your wound with an extra flannel he had in his bag.
“It’s ok,” you croaked. They immediately turned to you on the ground, almost stopping in their tracks. “Just help me to that house,” you said, motioning towards a house about 50 yards away. You were struggling to breathe under the pressure of Joel’s hands on your wound- it almost seemed useless, you were still losing blood like crazy. Joel tied the flannel around your waist to try to keep the blood from seeping out. Once he decided you were situated, he picked you up bridal style and led you to the house. When you arrived, they gently placed you at the entrance, Ellie staying with you while Joel made sure the house was clear. He returned to help you inside, lying you on an old mattress. You let out a small laugh as you got situated.
“What?” Joel asked, a hint of irritation in his voice. How could you be laughing right now?
“Don’tcha think it's kinda cute?” you asked as he fussed with your bandages.
“What’s that?” he asked gruffly, not exactly in the mood for your attitude.
“Oh, just that I might be dying in your arms tonight. I dunno, feels like a movie,” you said, your pale lips curling into a smile. He gave you a look, pausing briefly to peer into your eyes. You wordlessly pleaded with him to lighten the mood a bit, for Ellie’s sake. He didn't say a word.
“Joel, what the fuck do we do?” Ellie repeated herself in her panic.
“It’s ok. You guys go. Now,” you said. Joel's eyebrows furrowed at this. “You leave, go north. Go to Tommy.”
“Um, the fuck?” Ellie asked. “I don’t know what you think this is but we're not leaving,” Ellie said, frustration creeping into her voice. She looked hurt by this, and it broke your heart. Were you doing the same thing Joel had done just last night?
“The kids right,” Joel said as you turned to look at him. “You’re either comin' with us or we're all campin’ here for the night. No in-between” Joel finished. You pleaded to him with your eyes again, begging him to just give up on you. The two of them would be fine, you knew it. But you didn’t know the emotional toll it would have taken on the stubborn man in front of you. He was stubborn, but so were you. Only you didn’t get a chance to prove just how stubborn you could be before you couldn’t fight the darkness that crept into your vision. 
You woke with a start the next morning. You often woke in a panic these days, but the feeling was only further cemented when you realized you didn’t quite recognize your surroundings. The only thing you could recognize was Joel’s eyes on you, which brought you some semblance of comfort. When he noticed you awake, he rushed to your side. As much as you could imagine Joel to “rush.”
“Hey, you uh, awake. You’re awake,” he said softly, trying not to wake Ellie asleep in the corner of the same dilapidated room you’d been in for a while now. 
“It would appear so,” you replied, attempting to sit up a bit.
“Hey, hey, relax,” he put his hand on your shoulder, urging you to lay back down. “Your infections bad. We managed to trade for some penicillin but it's not gonna be enough. We gotta figure out how to get you back to Jackson,” Joel said, lightly lifting your shirt to look at the wound.
 You cursed the heat rising to your face as Joel's fingers brushed your bare skin. You’d never been intimate like this before, though this was barely intimacy. He hadn’t ever touched your skin like this- with such delicacy. You were fragile to him at this moment, and you needed to be handled with care. You hated being a burden, but you’d be lying if you said it didn’t feel nice to be taken care of for once.
You were too busy focusing on your own reaction to this gesture to notice Joels. His hands shook as he cared for your wound, wincing as he saw that it really wasn’t getting any better. He didn’t know what this meant- he wasn’t a doctor by any means, but he knew this wasn’t good. 
You were in and out of sleep throughout the next day or two, letting the dull, throbbing pain lull you into sleep. It hurt to watch Joel and Ellie worry about you, especially because there was nothing you could do to help. Your days felt numbered- the amount of penicillin was scarce and you weren’t feeling any better. You barely had the strength to keep your eyes open, much less speak. 
“Joel,” you managed to croak- you couldn’t even spare the energy to seethe at the pain pulsating throughout your body.
“Yeah, sweetheart?” he replied, kneeling next to you. He only called you sweetheart when he needed something- what did he need from you now? To live? “Whatcha need?”
“You’re special, you know that?” you whispered, a tear rolling down your cheek.
“And why is that?” he asked, wiping the tear.
“You really know how to make a girl fall in love,” you smiled- this isn’t something you ever planned on telling him, but as you lie there, vision blurring around the edges as the darkness caved in on you, there was nothing else you wanted to say.
Joel felt panic consume him when your eyes closed.
“Hey, hey darlin’, wake up for me, okay?” he pleaded. Ellie stalked over, panic heating her chest. “Ellie, grab her legs,” Joel said. It was like he was kicked into a new gear- he was going to do whatever it took to keep you with him.
You didn’t know where you were. The walls were unfamiliar and white- stark and sterile. The first thing you noticed was the couch in the corner of the room, occupied by your two favorite people. Joel sat upright, arms crossed and eyes closed. His brows were furrowed like he was having some sort of nightmare. Ellie’s expression mirrored his, as she lay on her side with her head resting on his leg, arms curled into her chest. Your heart warmed at the sight- he was becoming a father figure to her, as much as he didn’t want to admit it. You tried to sit up, failing immediately as pain shot through your body. You winced, perhaps a little too loud, as Joel’s eyes shot open. Ellie remained in a deep sleep on his lap.
“You’re up,” he acknowledged, almost like it was too good to be true. He carefully shifted his body so he could move Ellie from his lap and onto the couch before he stood to walk towards you. “She hasn’t gotten much sleep, be best not to wake her,” he said, leaning down to brush a hair from her face. Seeing him be this gentle with her melted your heart. 
“How, um, how long was I out?” you asked, lifting the sheets to see your wound. It was covered and clean, but you knew it was there from the way it throbbed.
“About a week. Scared the shit out of… the kid,” he said, sitting on the edge of your bed. He bit back what he truly wanted to say- you scared the shit out of him. But he wasn’t going to admit that you had that much of an impact on him. The second he lets others affect his life is the second he gets weak. There wasn’t a place for vulnerability in this world. “It was, a, uh, miracle that you lived.”
“Oh yeah?” your eyebrows raised. “Shit. I’m sorry for worrying… her,” you glanced at Ellie again as she snuggled into the couch. “How did I, um how did you guys get me here?” you asked. Your voice was hoarse from lack of use, but you tried to remain strong.
“We, uh, we gotcha back on the horse. Ellie led the way, I made sure you were safe, I mean, I just made sure you didn’t fall,” he replied, looking at his feet. “Took us awhile to get back, I… I didn't think you were gonna make it,” he replied, coughing to cover up the break in his voice. He was still in disbelief that you even woke up.
“Well, it looks like you’re stuck with me,” you laughed weakly. Then it was silent for a few moments, the two of you stewing in your thoughts. “You know, I think if it had been anybody else with me, I would’ve just died,” you remarked. Joel shook his head.
“Well, that’s not true. You’re strong” he said quietly.
“Well, yeah, sure I’m strong. But I can choose not to be. I honestly would’ve been fine to die if it was in your arms. But I couldn’t do that to you. Not… not again,” you paused, gathering your thoughts. “It’s just… you’re it for me, Joel. You and Ellie- you guys are it. And if I can’t have you guys, well, let's just say I wouldn’t mind staying asleep,” you confessed, avoiding eye contact.
“Ahem…” you heard Ellie clear her throat from her position on the couch. “Sorry, I have a habit of snooping, but holy shit you’re awake!” she squealed, bouncing over to you and plopping herself onto you in a hug. She knocked the wind out of you, and you may have cared if you weren’t so happy to see her.
“Hey, hey, easy on her now,” Joel said, pulling Ellie back from you a bit. He was still quiet, processing what you had just said to him.
“Ahhh, my sweet Ellie girl, how I missed you so,” you smiled, pinching her cheeks.
“Bullshit, you were definitely just dreaming about Joel the whole time. Must’ve been nice, sleeping that long,” she laughed. You ignore the first part of her sentence.
“Yeah, I guess I’m pretty well rested,” you smiled, ruffling her hair and pulling her into another hug.
“I’m gonna go get someone, a nurse,” Ellie excused herself from the room, leaving you with Joel yet again.
“I’m sorry if that was too mu-” you started before Joel cut you off.
“No, no, don’t apologize, sweetheart,” he said softly. It wasn’t a whisper- it was just soft. He’d been so soft with you. “I… I can’t say I don’t feel the same,” he looked down at his shoes.
“Oh, uh, you do?” you blushed. You felt so childish, like you were admitting you had a crush on him, but it was more than that. It was a partnership, a dependency- a loyalty to one another that didn’t need a label. Only, you couldn’t hide the way you felt anymore.
“Gosh, I can’t even tell you how it felt to see you like that. It should’ve been me, you know,” he said, disappointment evident on his features.
“Um, no, it shouldn’t have. Besides, how would we have gotten your big ass back to Jackson?” you giggled, grabbing his hand. His expression changed then as he looked down at your intertwined hands. “Joel, what does this mean?” you asked.
He chose not to respond with words- they were never his strong suit. Without a word, he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on your lips. It was soft and it was sweet and it was like nothing you had ever experienced before- not from someone you loved. You reciprocated, weaving a hand into his hair to pull him closer.
“Yeah, they’re just in here-woahhhhhhh!” Ellie yelled, giggling and running out of the room. Joel quickly pulled back and pinched the bridge of his nose with his fingers.
“That little shit,” he sighed.
“Well, she was gonna have to find out somehow,” you giggled, pressing a kiss to his bruised knuckles.
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Maybe a clingy and needy joel x reader smut please 😊 he can't take his hands off her and he can't stop fucking her, thank you so much ❤
Answer me • Joel Miller
Request?: Yes
PAIRING: Joel Miller x f reader
GENRE: smut
WARNING: nsfw, unprotected sex, mention of drugs that's it tho, cursing oc
Masterlist coming someday
Tumblr media
It’s been a couple of hours and Joels hands were still All over you. Your sweaty bodies were pressed against each other as you kissed for what felt like the millionth time.
You were like a drug to Joel, the antidote to his life. He craved your soul and your body more than anything in this world. Joel couldn’t get enough of you especially after he’s been gone from you for a bit of time.
Joel pulled away from your lips.
“fuck, I can’t get enough of you.” He muttered to you. One His large hand gripped your right thigh as he prepared to enter your aching heat for the 3rd time that night. You hissed softly at his fingers coming in contact with the beard burns on your inner from the action earlier that night, but it was replaced with a gasp as he felt his tip against your core.
“fuck.” You whined. Your back arched off the bed.
Joel pressed his lips behind your ear before licking a strip up your neck.. you moaned softly at the feeling but fuck, you needed more of him so badly.
“Joel please fuck me.”
A rough chuckle came from Joel. “don’t worry I will.”
He pushed into you. Your pussy stretched at his length entering you. No matter how many times you have had sex with Joel you never adjusted it.
You moaned out in pleasure.
Joel hand left your thigh and turned to your breast. He twisted your pebbled nipple between his fingers making you hiss.
A couple seconds later his length pushed into you. Due to you already being sensitive from the other two orgasms your walls fluttered around him.
Thrust after thrust Joel filled you. You tired your best not to be too loud but the feeling was too good.
“you like that huh? Like when I fill your pretty pussy?” Joel whispered in your ear. You tried to answer but it was all too much for you.
“No! Answer me.” Joel demanded. “tell me if you like it.”
Just as you were about to choke out a yes, Joel somehow thrust into you faster than before.
“Fuck Joel.” Tears were spilling from your eyes. You were starting to feel Joel in your tummy. It wouldn’t be long before you were coming to your orgasm.
“still having answered me.” Joel hand Left your breast, his hand snaked down in between your legs to your clit. He drew circles on them.
You hissed. The knot was starting to grow in your lower stomach at everything that was happening.
“im not letting you come till you answer me. “you like when I fill you up, make you cum around my cock hm?”
“Fuck.” You squeezed your eyes shut and tried to find the words.
“y-yes! Yes I love it Joel.”
You came soon after those words spilled from your lips. Joel didn’t stop, instead he keep thrusting until he empty out in to you with a grunt.
Both your panting filled the room. Joel pulled out of you. You groaned at the emptiness but settled when you felt Joel’s soft kisses on your shoulders.
He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close against his body. You both stayed silent for a few minutes just soaking up the moment between you two.
After a while you decided you were going to get up. You pulled Joel’s arms away from you and got up.
“where you going.” Joel asked. “im going to the bathroom. Gotta use it.” You laughed as Joel gave you a disgusted look.
“ok hurry up.” He sighed pulling the thin sheets over his body “I need to cuddle you so I can sleep.”
“Ok” you snickered and walked out of the room to the bathroom to do your business so you can return quickly to your needy man.
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jjsneo · 2 days
can u plesa write more for chenle i rarely see any good smut works for himmm😕😕😕
an: the lack of chenle smut on this app feels wicked. but chenle is my bias, so any excuse i have to post a chenle fic, i will always take.
late night driving | z.cl
Tumblr media
❯ summary: chenle swears he’s going going crazy with cabin fever inside your shared house — and there’s no way you’re saying no to a late night drive with the roommate you so desperately have a crush on. who cares if his original story was a lie and, secretly, he just wanted to be alone with you.
❯ pairings: chenle x fem!reader
❯ genre: roommates, friends to lovers, smut, so much fluff i have a tooth ache.
❯ words: 5.6k
❯ tags: 18+ minors dni!, smut, fluff, unprotected sex (wrap it up!), creampie, a lot of marking, bruising, oral sex (fem receiving), heavy petting, lots of kissing, reader uses she/her pronouns, chenle is smitten for reader, very slight mention of possessive chenle, chenle takes his friend for a drive with the intention of fucking her.
Tumblr media
It didn’t take much. Five words, to be exact.
The clock at the bottom of your screen reads 2:16 am when there is a low knock on your bedroom door. You twist your neck to look over your shoulder to yell for your roommate to come in.
Chenle pushes the door open just enough to stick his shoulder and head in. Dressed in a dark grey hoodie, light blue jeans, and his high-top converse; he already has his keys in his hand and is ready to bolt.
“You wanna take a drive?”
“Fuck yeah,” you say with no hesitation as you push your hands against your desk you were studying at. You grab the closest hoodie and pair of shoes before following him outside without another sentence exchange.
Sitting in the passenger’s seat of Chenle’s car, you watch the warm yellow streetlights create shadows on his face as he drives you both out of the city, looking for quiet roads with no other people around.
Low music flows from the speakers that were connected to his phone. The familiar lyrics to some song has him humming along as his foot steadies on the gas pedal. The beat is just loud enough to fill the comfortable silence.
With your head leaning against the headrest and arms folded over your chest, you roll your neck to look over at Chenle. His body is relaxed as he drives with one hand on top of the wheel and his other laying in his lap. 
His thick eyebrows slightly furrow as he pays close attention to the dark roads. The strands of hair curling ruthlessly around the edges of his forehead are messy, and they make the roommate in front of you look so fucking gorgeous, and he definitely knows it too. 
You take a deep breath as you cross your leg over the other, “So, why’d you wanna take a drive?”
He shrugs, stealing a quick glance over at you, “Was starting to feel a bit cooped up in that house.”
“Really, why didn’t you ask Jeno or Haechan to come with us? I swear I could hear them still playing video games?”
He raises his eyebrow at you. You and he both knew better than to disturb those two when they were five hours deep into a gaming session. 
“Okay, yeah, never mind.”
He laughs so hard that his nose scrunches up like it always does when he laughs genuinely.
The lampposts start getting fewer and farther apart the longer he drives. The only light in the car comes from the radio and the few random lights on his dashboard. 
“I don’t think I’ve ever been this far out of the city,” you say to break the silence.
“Well, I don’t drive as much but I know my way around. We’re pretty much out of the busy part now.” 
He leans forward in his seat as he presses on the brake for an upcoming stop sign. A sign in the road. Only left or right.
“Which way?” He asks. 
“Why do I have to pick?”
“I’m driving so you pick the direction.”
“Umm, okay, left then.”
He laughs to himself and it’s breathy, “always so predictable.” 
“Hey! I can hear you; you know!?”
He clicks his tongue and spins the wheel, one-handed. Your eyes follow as his fingers flex to grip back around the leather of the steering wheel once the turn is complete.
“Any idea in mind of where we’re going?” You ask, curious. 
He hums for a moment as he rests his forearm on the console between you, driving with his left hand on top of the wheel. “It’s pretty much just fields in this direction.”
Sitting up to get a good look up and out the windshield, you glance up at the night sky. It’s almost pitch black around here. Perfect. 
“Wanna drive for another minute or so; before stopping to look at some stars?” You offer. 
Chenle smiles as he turns his attention away from the road over to you for just a second, “Sounds good to me.”
You couldn’t help but flush in the darkness as you bow your head away from him. Warmth floods your face as your mind sticks to thoughts about him.
You and Chenle had always gotten along. A shared living room meant shared conversations; a shared kitchen quickly turned into shared meals; and your rooms being completely opposite from each other lead to awkward small talk. Often, Chenle appears in your doorway with offers of watching a new tv show with takeout from his favourite restaurant; or asking if he could just lay on your bed while you studied. 
You were good friends. Still, your mind couldn’t help but wonder if there was any possibility of something more. You adored him, honestly. 
Your gaze flicks down to look at his hand that was resting on the console. Staring at it, hoping it would just move at your will to get even closer; to touch you in any way possible.
Shaking your head lightly, purging the thoughts of his fingers and palms from your mind, you shift to look out the passenger window. The horizon starts to slow as Chenle presses his foot down on the brake to pull off the road, letting his car drive on the grass field that seems to go on for acres.
He puts the car in park and pockets his keys as you climb out of the seat, jogging a few feet away with your head craned all the way back to look up at the night sky. The light from the headlights casts your shadow as you spin on your heel at the sound of Chenle’s door opening and closing.
“I figured here was a good enough spot,” He calls out as he went around the back of his car to open up the trunk.
“Whatcha lookin’ for?” You asked as you throw your hand over your eyes to squint, trying to figure out what he was grabbing.
The trunk closes with a slam as he reappears with a white-knitted blanket in his arms.
How long has he had that in his car? 
You spread out the blanket on the ground before he lays himself down on top of it, letting out a groan as he rests one hand behind his head. He looks up at you. His dark eyes starting to dilate.
His free arm rises up with his hand making grabby motions at you, “Come on. Lay next to me.”
You couldn’t help but smile as you take his hand to sit down next to him. Instead of laying down right away, you sit with your legs crisscrossed, dropping his hand the second you’re settled on the ground.
Chenle lets out a small huff as he sits up a bit to lean on his elbows. His brows draw in a frown. 
“What?” You ask him.
He shakes his head. 
“I said,” he leans over to hook his arm over your waist, pushing you to lay flat on the ground, “to lay next to me.”
Your hair flares out against the blanket as he lays back down on his side to look at you. He’s situated a couple of inches lower than where you ended up, the side of his head resting against your shoulder.
“You’re ridiculous.”
“You didn’t listen to me.”
“Whatever,” you close your eyes for a moment as you roll your head to look up at the stars. “The stars are pretty tonight.”
“They always look like that.”
You huff, “You’re such a guy.”
“Excuse me?” He laughs as he tilts his head over at you.
You sigh as you rest your hands on your stomach.
“You don’t appreciate the beauty of everyday life. Yes, stars look the same, but we don’t see them all the time. So, they are pretty tonight.”
Chenle lets out another laugh, “I appreciate plenty of beauty every day.”
“Really? Like what?” You turn your head to look down at him.
“Jeno is a pretty guy,” he says without hesitation.
You let out a laugh as you agree with him, “hmm good point. Jeno is pretty cute.”
“But I’m cuter,” It sounded like a statement, but his voice got a pitch higher, almost like he was asking you a question.
You both nod your head as you look down at him for a second before turning back towards the stars, “Yes, Chenle, you are.”
He rolls onto his back but leaves his head on your shoulder to look up at the visible stars in the sky. 
He let out a huff, “I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be looking for. I don’t see shit.”
“Easy, I’ll show you,” you shuffle down to his level and flip onto your side to get your head close to his to understand where exactly he was looking. “Okay, over here. You see those cluster of staggered stars right there?” you raise your hand to point off to the right side of him.
“Maybe?” He furrows his eyebrows as he squints up at the dots in the black sky.
Taking a deep breath, you wiggle closer, body practically right up against his. Leaning over just a tad bit more.
“Follow my finger,” you turn your head to look over at him for a moment only to find him already looking at your face. “Chenle, come on.”
“Okay, okay, where?” He let out a sigh as he twists his head back to where your hand is.
“Right here,” your finger traces over the constellation. “Those stars are the Archer constellation.”
“The what?”
“The archer is another word for the Sagittarius constellation. I think that’s your zodiac—” your hand moves away from the set of stars realising you were being a bit full-on and obvious. 
Luckily, you could tell Chenle wasn’t paying attention. Feeling his breath on the side of your face and not looking at the stars or listening to anything you were saying. Thankfully, it was dark as all hell out here so he couldn’t completely see how nervous he truly made you.
“Chenle,” you sigh as he only hums back at you, “if you aren’t going to pay attention, why did you agree?”
Your noses are almost touching when you turn your head to look back at him. 
“Because you wanted to do this,” his voice is barely louder than a whisper. The answer is simple enough, but it speaks volumes.
“You’re the one who wanted to take a drive,” you try to deflect. 
“No. I just wanted to spend more time with you.”
You raise your eyebrows at him, “I thought you were going stir crazy?”
He bites his bottom lip as he slowly closes his eyes, realising you caught onto his tiny white lie. 
“Okay, fine, you got me,” he lets out a breath as he reopens his eyes.
You swallow nervously as you watch his eyes comb over your face as you fall silent once again. The only sounds now are the crickets and your breathing, but you could also hear the pounding from your own heartbeat. You felt like you were trembling from his gaze alone. 
The tension in the air is thick and heavy as the cool breeze blows past you. You want to break it, but don't know how. You don’t want to try and make a joke just for it to land flat and make the tension not only thicker but also awkward.
Feeling the need to break eye contact, your eyes fall down to follow the column of his throat down to his chest which is covered by the fabric of his hoodie.
“Please tell me I’m reading this right?” he asks you lowly; then he rolls over and lifts himself up onto his elbow to look down at you. 
You reach up to twist your finger around the string of his hoodie, letting your eyelids fall just a bit as you wrap the string between your fingers. You shrug slightly as you lick your lips, tilting your head to the side a bit.
“And what if you are?”
He doesn’t say anything else. This tension is definitely not friendly in any kind of way. Not with how close he is; with the way he is hovering above you. Not with the way you’re both breathing. And definitely not with the way you’re looking at each other.
“What’s stopping you?” You ask him, tilting your head back to look up at him. Your eyes search his, urging him on with your words to just take the bait.
Please. Take the bait.
His gaze flicks down to your lips before his hand comes up to rest on the side of your neck, leaning down to slot your lips together.
The kiss doesn’t last long. He pulls back just enough to look at you — faces still close enough to have breaths shared.
You want him.
Tilting your chin up to chase his mouth, you kiss him again and you both equally melt against each other. His thumb starts running back and forth against your cheek; and his other arm keeps him up high enough not to crush you with all his body weight.
“W-we-,” He pulls away, distracted by your boldness, only to be brought back to what was important as you use your hand to grab his chin, and turn his head back to you.
“Pay attention.”
His eyes blow wide as a smile begins to spread across his face before you’re pulling him back down to connect his mouth with yours again. 
Your body wasn’t trembling but tingling with the way his hands had started caressing your side as your mouths kept moving harder against each other.
A shiver runs through your body once Chenle’s hand trails down to your waist and under your own hoodie to glide across your stomach for a moment before going back to your side. Your arms wrap around his neck while your hand tangles itself into his hair. His clustered strands successfully keep your fingers against his scalp.
Accidentally, pulling on his hair, he lets out a groan and you can’t help but have a reaction of your own as you arch your back into him. 
Chenle shifts to move completely over you and your legs fall open without a second thought as he settles himself in between them. The kiss is growing more desperate and rougher with every passing moment.
He finally pulls away just enough to rest his forehead against yours. His nose brushes against the side of yours as you take a break to let air back into your lungs.
“I never thought you’d be into me,” Chenle breathes out, his eyes closing as he tries to calm his racing pulse.
“That’s ridiculous,” you reply as you lay your hand on the back of his neck to pull him back in for another kiss. Biting his lip when you pull away to speak this time, “You’re hot as fuck.”
You lean back up to kiss his jaw. “A complete loser, maybe…” you keep trailing up his jaw with every compliment you give him.
“…but a sweet and thoughtful, a confident and cute…” 
When you reach his ear, you couldn’t help but bite lightly before saying, “Incredibly sexy loser.” 
His entire body shivers as he pushes you back down, flat against the ground to connect your lips again, his tongue sliding into your mouth as a gasp flies out of you.
You don’t know how you found the consciousness to wrap your legs around his waist and use your heels to push him even closer, but you do, and his reaction is completely welcomed as he lets out another guttural groan.
Soft pants fill the air as you’re completely wrapped around each other. A whimper escapes every so often from your mouth as Chenle shifts upwards to place his arm by your head to tower over you. His lower body is grinding against yours and the friction feels amazing. 
“Chenle,” you moan out as you felt his fingers dance across the skin of your stomach again. The hand that isn’t keeping him upright almost never leaves your skin.
When he does pull away, his lips are red and swollen. Eyelids half-lidded, a red blush prominent on his cheeks all the way down to his neck. 
You did that. 
You made him like that. 
His thumb hooks into your sweatpants and traces the sensitive skin just under your underwear.
“I want to taste you.”
You squeeze your eyes shut as a whine comes out of your throat. “Oh, fuck,” you whisper and throw your head back. 
He didn’t even have to do anything, simply his words and pretty much him alone could pull such a reaction out of you.
You kick off your shoes as he pulls your pants down, along with your underwear in one fell swoop, tossing them to the side. You feel like you’re going to pass out any second from how worked up you are.
“You’re soaked, baby,” Chenle says as his thumbs rub circles into your hip bones. The cool air raises goosebumps to the exposed skin of your now naked thighs. “You okay with this?”
“Yes, just please,” you beg as your hands grip at his shoulders, trying to move him back to you.
He presses light kisses up your thigh, completely avoiding where you needed him. His nose brushes against your skin as he keeps moving upwards towards your stomach, raking up your hoodie and shirt to your ribs. His rough fingers start trailing across you as he makes his way up towards your boobs.
“Chenle, please,”  you moan, as his hands slid back down towards your hips. “Stop teasing.”
“Easy,” he lifts his gaze to look up at you. A boyish smirk is now plastered on his face. His lips touch your skin as he speaks, “I’ve waited months for this. And I sure as fuck think I deserve to take my time with you.”
You let out a shaky sigh, “Well, I need you to do something, anything!”
You try to push him by his shoulders to get him to move in the right direction, but he doesn't even budge. Instead, his thumbs dig hard enough into your hips that you knew there would be bruises in a few hours. Hissing but also throwing your head back, your fingers grip the fabric of his hoodie, and you could feel the smile on his face against your ribs.
“You like being marked up?”
All you could do is nod as his grip somehow tightens.
“Words. I need words.”
“Yes,” was all you manage to get out. 
“Good, ‘cause I intend to mark every part of you,” he says as he starts to move back down your body, finally going to the place where you really needed him. 
Your breath hitches when you eventually feel him lick a stripe up your folds. “You taste amazing. I’m never letting you have anyone else.”
Letting out a shaky moan as fingers raked through his hair, you say, “I don’t want anyone else.”
Twitches consume your whole body every time his nose hits your clit. Your hips buck every single time until he uses one hand to keep them against the ground.
“Stop. Moving.” He warns through tight teeth. 
But you couldn’t, not with his skin brushing up the insides of your thighs with his every move. Not with the way he glares up at you like you were his last meal.
The feeling of his tongue all over your cunt shocks your entire nervous system; whimpering, as his lips attack and suck at your clit, your hips moving wildly from the newest sensation.
“Fucking stop moving,” his voice had somehow gotten even deeper, and you couldn’t help but clench around nothing.
You whine when he lifts his head a couple of inches away from your pussy. His mouth and jaw shiny with your slick. “Gonna be a good girl?”
Your fingers start to shake as you try to keep them against his scalp. You nod dumbfoundedly. You would do anything to get him to go back to what he was doing.
“Yes, I will. Please, keep going. Please.”
Without another word, Chenle adds two of his fingers as his mouth goes back to your clit. Moans turn into yelps and whines turn into whimpers as you just bask in the feeling of having all his attention on your cunt.
Somehow finding the strength to pick your head up, you could clearly see Chenle grinding his own hips into the ground, giving himself some friction.
“Fuck,” you whine out as your eyes roll into the back of your head, letting it fall backwards again and hitting the ground with a thump. The sight of seeing him chasing some of his own pleasure while eating you out was enough to coast you straight into the beginning of your orgasm.
You could feel him smile against your wet pussy. His fingers keep their pace, but you swear he starts sucking harder while intertwining kitten licks to your clit.
“Chenle.” You moan, “Chen-, please. I’m-”
He doesn’t even give you a chance to speak as he starts to curl the fingers he had inside of you, resulting in your thighs beginning to twitch and tremble. 
With your back arching, you sing out his name in the most delicate moan as you crest over. His hands try their best to keep your lower body flat on the ground to let you ride it out. You could feel your voice starting to go raw from how good he was making you feel.
You can’t wait to feel him inside you.
Your chest starts heaving as Chenle slowly makes his way back up your body, placing kisses on every spot of skin as he rises up to your face. He has a stupid, dumb smile on his face as he ducks his head into the crook of your neck.
“That good, hmm?”
You’re unresponsive, all the muscles in your body starting to relax as he begins to leave small bites and kisses on the side of your neck. Your hands roam over his back as you try to piece your mind back together.
“Holy fuck,” you breathe out. You let out a chuckle yourself as you drag your nails against the hoodie on his back, “Yeah, it was that good.”
Your eyes open as you feel a new rush of need, watching his shoulders move while he tuns his tongue against the side of your neck. The feeling of his hard cock against your sensitive cunt, the same place his face was just a moment before, made you slide your hands down to the bottom of his top.
You need him to have less clothes on. You want to feel him just as much as he felt you.
You tug on the bottom of his grey hoodie, signalling to him you wanted it off. He obviously gets the hint as he rises to his knees while still in between your legs to pull the article of clothing off. His shirt follows a split second before it falls back down to its proper spot.
“Take off your fucking pants,” you order him as you pull up his shirt, trying your best to find the button and zipper of his jeans with your fingers still shaking.
He laughs as he sits on the back of his knees, “Whoa, chill. I’m not going anywhere.”
“Yeah, but you’re still not close enough,” you use whatever core strength you had left in you to lift your body up to kiss him once more. “You’re not inside me.”
He closes his eyes and lifts his eyebrows while swallowing thickly, “Fuck, okay.”
The second his cock springs free from his pants, your hand goes straight to it, stroking it as he sucks in a breath and almost doubles over. A moan falls from his mouth as your thumb runs over his tip.
His hand snakes back to your face to cup your cheek as he kisses you, slowly pushing you back against the ground. He knocks your hand away from his cock as he positions his body back on top of yours. Grabbing your thigh with his other hand to move your leg to wrap around his waist.
“Sure you wanna do this?” He mumbles breathlessly against your lips as he runs the tip against your pussy.
“Yes,” you slur, drunk on his attention.
Gasps come out of both your mouths when he pushes himself in. Eyebrows pinching as you tilt your head back. He takes that opportunity to dip his head and start kissing and nipping at your open collarbones.
“Oh my god,” you whimper. The stretch from his cock burns but also feels too fucking good. He is like the perfect size — made entirely for you. Your eyes roll into the back of your head once he fully stills inside you till the hilt. 
Chenle pulls his head away from your neck to rest his forehead against yours. His harsh and heavy breaths hit your skin as he searches your face for any discomfort, “All good?”
You nod, “Move, please.”
You don’t have to ask twice as he begins to drag his cock in and out of you. Hitting the perfect places every time he thrusts, each time mewls and whimpers of noise escape your throat without much thought.
You’re loud — you both are. You knew you were, so it was a good thing you were in the middle of fucking nowhere because there was no way you were going to silence yourself.
Your hands slip under his shirt and pull it up to his shoulder blades where you dig your nails into his pretty skin. He lets out a hiss as his thrusts get harder resulting in you creating even more scratches on his back.
“I thought I was supposed to be the one leaving marks,” Chenle huffs as he pushes his hips hard enough that there was an audible slap from your hips meeting.
“Then fucking do it.”
He doesn’t hesitate. He rucks your hoodie and shirt back up and over your bra and drops his head to start his work on the swell of your breasts. All you could do is sigh and wait until later to see the extent of his creation. The image of seeing all the bruises and marks on your chest makes your pussy flutter around his cock, resulting in Chenle groaning against your skin along with his hips stuttering.
“You can’t do that.”
“Why not?” You challenge and clench around him again to be a brat.
“Because,” he lets out through his teeth as he gave you one particularly rough thrust that makes your entire body rock against his, “I won’t last if you keep at it.” 
You keep clawing at his back as his thrusts don’t falter nor lose any force. The smirk on his face comes back. 
“And I don’t think you want this to end anytime soon.”
You don’t know if you are going to last much longer. The pressure of his body against yours, the hard yet rhythmic fuck of his hips, the bites and licks against your chest, not to mention the stretch in your cunt. 
Your mind was putty and Chenle was the only consistent and clear thought in it.
Your legs somehow get impossibly tighter around his waist as his finger comes to rub circles into your swollen clit. The only things coming out of your mouth are small and fast pants — with the occasional drop of his name — as your eyebrows furrow and your head throws as far back as it could go.
“You’re close,” he softly speaks into your ear, his pace never slowing. “I can feel you getting close.”
“Please, please,” you beg.
Chenle’s fingers quicken on your clit, as his other hand grabs yours to intertwine your fingers with his and place them next to your head. Your other hand grips his bicep as your thighs start to twitch again.
“Come on. Do it,” he presses his forehead into your temple, as whimpers and pleads start falling from your lips.
It feels embarrassing how fast you’re coming around his cock, but with how good it felt, you couldn't hold out any longer. His name is the last thing on your tongue as your second orgasm takes over all senses and muscles in your body. 
Chenle slows his pace but keeps moving as he mouths at the side of your neck, creating more marks as you’re high on pleasure from him.
“Welcome back,” he smiles into your skin after releasing it from between his teeth. His lips move to your jaw as the hand on his arm loosens its grip.
“Hi,” your voice is light and floaty as Chenle lifts his head to look at you. The sweat on his forehead makes his hair wet and sticks his bangs to his skin.
His face is bright red as you lift your hand to push his hair back, running your nails against his scalp.
“You feel good?” he asks as he was barely moving. His hips move back and forth just enough to feel something instead of him being still.
“Very,” you smile at him before slipping your hand out from his and using both of them to push him over onto his back with you in his lap, never disconnecting. “It’s your turn now.”
Chenle’s eyes widen as you lean down to give him one kiss, which he eagerly accepts before you rise to your knees to drag him half out of you just to harshly sit back down. You happily swallow the moan that comes out of his mouth as you start to bounce on his dick.
“Fuck, fuck,” he curses as you lean yourself back to rest your hands on his chest, wanting to make him feel as good as he made you.
His fingers dig into the sides of your thighs as you ride him, his own thighs starting to shake as his face scrunches up from pleasure. The feeling of his cock throbbing and twitching inside you makes you want even more — despite all that he already gave you. 
Your slurred name comes from his mouth giving you the power boost you need to keep up your own pace, ignoring the burning in your thighs. His eyes shut tight as his head rolls to the side. His short, blunt nails were definitely leaving crescent-shaped marks on your skin, but you’re too riled up to care. 
You lean down to kiss his jaw, as he sputters out curses and moans while you keep grinding down on his cock. Trying to give him a mind-blowing orgasm like he had given you, you clench around him.
“Oh, fuck. Fuck-” he cries out as his hands slide up to your waist, grip tightening as your mouth went up to his ear.
“Come, baby,” you duck down just enough to kiss the skin right under his ear. “Come inside me.”
You give him a low breathy moan that apparently pushes him just over the edge. His entire body stilling and trembling as you feel him come inside you. 
Gasps fly out of his mouth as he slowly opens his eyes. The look on his face is one of lustful intoxication. His hands come up to your face to pull you back over to his mouth to give you a kiss as he rides out his own high.
“Holy shit,” he mutters as you smirk down at him.
“You feel good?” You ask him the same thing he asked you.
He scoffs and blinks a few times, “I think I literally lost my mind for a moment.”
You lean over to kiss his cheek, beaming from the praise as you slowly raise yourself to slide his softening dick out of your pussy. Being careful not to overstimulate him with how sensitive he had to be. 
Before flopping back down next to him, you grab your phone from your discarded pants to check the time. Instead, you’re greeted with a few texts from your other roommates.
Jeno 2:37 am
Where are you?
Haechan 2:38 am
Did you leave with Chenle?
Jeno 2:40 am 
Could’ve at least let us know you were leaving, we thought you were kidnapped. 
Jeno 2:42 am
Well, have fun. 
Haechan 2:45 am
Use protection ;) 
You stifle a laugh as you toss your phone back to the side as Chenle looks over at you while slipping his boxers back on.
“What’s up?” He asks as he leans back on his elbows. His face is still relaxed and his eyes half-lidded, obviously still in post-orgasm bliss.
“Jeno and Haechan were wondering where we were,” you answer him as you go to find your underwear, but grimace when you feel something wet slide down the inside of your thighs. 
Biting your lip, you look over at Chenle, “You got anything to clean myself up with?”
He twists his mouth and squints his right eye as he tilts his head back and forth, “I got some napkins in the car, but… I have a better idea.”
You raise an eyebrow, “Which is? I’m not a fan of being sticky.”
Chenle smirks at you as he leans over to kiss you, pushing you down on your back again.
“Don’t worry, you’ll be clean in a few minutes.”
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anxieteandbiscuits · 2 days
Buck doesn't even question it when he pulls up to Eddie's house instead of his own apartment block. He has the go-ahead to return to work, but for some reason, the relieved joy he'd expected has been buried under a confusing mudslide of emotions that make his head hurt if he looks at them too closely.
He tells himself he's at Eddie's because he's returning the favour, paying him back for last year when Eddie had showed up on his doorstep with a six pack, a grin and his transfer back to the 118 paperwork.
Buck doesn't have a six pack, or a grin, or a vague date for his return because he hadn't even told Bobby about his cardiologist appointment today for fear of the news awaiting him.
But he knocks on Eddie's door anyway because he may be just Buck, but that's enough. Its always been enough at the Diaz house, and maybe that's what he should be appreciating after everything.
The smile Eddie gives him when the door cracks open is enough to ease most of the tightness in his chest. He remembers a similar smile two nights ago, the way it had blossomed so softly on Eddie's face, how it had lit up his eyes and rosied the apples of his cheeks.
Yeah, he's enough here.
"Dr Salazar told me to ask you how her diagnosis of repression was holding up," Buck says, pushing past Eddie, eager for the warmth of the living room. "She told me you'd know what that meant."
"You really need to learn to say hello," Eddie grumbles good-naturedly as Buck drops onto the couch with a blissful sigh. Buck cranes his head in time to watch Eddie's face do something complicated. "Wait, what'd she say?"
"She asked how her repression diagnosis was going," Buck sounds out slowly.
"Motherfucker," Eddie hisses to himself. Buck watches rapt as his cheeks fill with colour.
"Yeah, do I get to know what that means?"
Eddie meets his eyes, and Buck wonders if she was a bit too hasty in her dismissal of him because his heart does something worrying in his chest at the dizzying intensity of emotion on Eddie's face.
"Not yet," he murmurs. It sounds like a promise.
Buck swallows past the lump in his throat.
"Wait, you had an appointment today?" Eddie drops onto the coffee table in front of him, a beautiful concern simmering in his eyes. Buck flushes at the attention. "You okay?"
"Yeah," Buck nods, "I am more than okay. In fact, I'm so okay that I am free to return to work whenever I please."
"Okay..." Eddie squints at him. "Why do I feel like you're about to make our quitting the 118 score two-one?"
"I'm not quitting the 118," Buck sighs. "Not again."
"But?" Eddie prods gently.
"But," Buck drags a hand down his face, "I don't know if I'm quite ready to come back yet." He thinks he must be imagining the slight sag of Eddie's shoulders, can't help but wonder if its disappointment or relief if he wasn't imagining it.
"Its a big step after something like this," Eddie concedes.
"After your shoulder, you got cleared with Frank one day, and had a return to work date the next."
"Yeah, and we all remember how that turned out," Eddie snorts.
"Fair enough."
"Its natural to take a bit of time when you aren't ignoring absolutely every warning sign your body is sending you," Eddie tells him. "Bobby will hold your place for you, you know that. Hell, he'd hold it for a decade if he had to. And I might be a bit bummed without my partner around, but I'll live if its so he can take care of himself." Eddie's voice is unbearably soft in a way that makes Buck's skin crawl, its been doing that a lot around Eddie since he woke up. "Besides, I'm sure he'll be drinking my beer and crashing on my couch most nights anyway." Rolling his eyes, Buck huffs a laugh.
"It just feels weird, you know?" He shrugs a shoulder. "After my leg, I fought so hard to get back."
"Yeah, I remember," Eddie says dryly.
"Shut up." Buck shakes his head. "I fought so hard to come back and now I'm being told I can and I just..."
"It feels too easy?"
"Buck, you're so used to fighting." Eddie shuffles a little closer, and Buck does his best not to flinch at the spark that jolts through him when their knees knock together. "For everything. Ever since you were a kid, you were fighting for everything everyone else just had handed to them. Its hard to shake off a lifelong habit." Eddie tilts his head to catch Buck's eye, he was unaware they'd wandered away from Eddie's determined face. "But last time was different. You know that. You were different."
And Buck knows what he means. That Buck seems so drastically different to the Buck he is now, whatever software update he's at. The Buck who tied his worth to firefighting, who had no identity outside of it, who felt like he was always one step away from being left behind.
But he's also not convinced he's all that different. Firefighting is still his life. He has maybe one or two friends outside of the 118 family. And, yes, he knows that they're a family now, knows that not one of them would leave him behind. The past week has been proof of that. But who is he outside of the firehouse?
"I don't think I really know who I am when I'm not fighting fires," Buck whispers to the carpet.
It feels a lot like a shock of lightning when Eddie uses his pointer finger to nudge Buck's chin up.
"You're Buck," Eddie nods, conviction dripping from him.
And that's enough?
"You're an amazing firefighter, yes," Eddie's hand is still on his chin. "But you're an even better brother to Maddie and Hen and Chim. You're an incredible uncle to an incredible niece. You're the best of friends. You're Christopher's..." Here, Eddie pauses. Buck's heart thumps. "You're Christopher's," Eddie says decisively. "But more than all of that, you're Buck. And maybe that's all you need to be."
Buck grits his teeth when the familiar sting of tears has him squeezing his eyes shut. He takes a few steadying breaths, the ones the lung specialist had taught him when he could finally keep his eyes open for more than ten minutes. With every expansion of his lungs, it feels like his heart grows a little bigger too.
The bravery hits him out of nowhere.
"To Maddie, Hen and Chim, huh?" he asks, meeting Eddie's eyes. "What am I to you, Eddie?"
"Not yet," Eddie says softly. "Not just yet."
And Buck thinks he doesn't mind waiting for this answer.
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Omg I've got a request I've been sitting on for dayssssss. Could you do a request for either like Simon or könïg. Or whoever? Request would be for mothers Day. Maybe reader has twins and Simon or Konig wanna do something for the reader and twins get involved? Thanks you so kuch!
Thanks for this request!! I may do a König one as well for this later!!🩷🙃
The kids are Jack and Leia, and they are 5😊
Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Tumblr media
It was the morning of Mother's Day, and it was the first time that Simon actually got to be at home to celebrate. He wanted to do something special for you, to show you how much he appreciated all that you did for him and your kids. You were his rock, and the best wife and mother he could've ever hoped for.
He turned off the upcoming alarm on your phone, giving you a chance to sleep in, thus allowing him to carry out his plan with your twins without you seeing.
He walked into the kids' rooms and woke each of them up.
"Hey, kiddos, I need help making mummy's breakfast, yeah? Gotta be quiet, though. We don't want her to wake up before it's ready."
Simon lined the twins up in the kitchen and put on their little aprons with their initials on it.
"What are we making, Daddy?" Leia asked, bouncing with excitement.
"Gonna make chocolate chip pancakes. If you two are good and help Daddy out, I'll make sure you get some."
The twins cheered quietly, remembering their dad's words of keeping quiet to not wake you up.
"Alright, Jack, I need you to mix the ingredients. Leia, I'm gonna have you put the chocolate chips in the pancakes, okay?" Simon asked as he moved to gather all of the ingredients.
"You can count on us, Daddy!" Leia saluted her father, Jack following suit.
Simon saluted them back with a smile. "Alright, Riley's, let do this!"
The three of them got to work, Simon putting all of the ingredients in the bowl for Jack to mix, then pouring the batter bit by bit into the pan for Leia to drop little chocolate chips in.
Deciding to have a bit of fun while the pancakes cooked, Simon got a dollop of the pancake batter on his fingers and proceeded to boop each twin on their nose with it.
Leia squealed in delight, moving to rub her batter covered nose all over her dad's shirt. Simon chuckled and grabbed her gently by her torso and tickled her sides.
"No! Leia, I'll save you!" Jack exclaimed, running up to his dad, tickling the highest point of Simon that his little arms could reach, which was his thigh.
Simon, who wasn't ticklish in the slightest, masterfully faked laughter as he slowly got to his back on the floor, still holding Leia.
"Tickle him, Leia! Quick!" Jack called, as the two of them turned on their dad, tickling at him like crazy.
Simon had gone with it for a few minutes, pretending to squeal and toss and turn to avoid the tickling hands of his kids.
"Not today, little ones!" Simon wrapped each arm around a twin, pulling them into him for a bear hug.
He stood up and placed them both on the floor before checking on the pancakes. "Looks like they're all done. Who wants to try some?"
"Me!" They cried in unison.
Simon beamed down at his kids as he moved to put a pancake on a plate each for them.
"Alright, last step. We've got to go cut some flowers outside for mum. Do you think you guys can help with that?"
The twins nodded eagerly, and Simon took them out to back yard.
He led them into the garden to where he'd planted some flowers earlier that year as a birthday surprise for you. "Okay, kids, each choose a couple of flowers for mummy, I'll cut the ones you want, yeah? Then we will put them in a vase for her."
The kids had a blast picking different flowers for you. In your vase, there was an array of roses, daisies, and daffodils. The colors weren't exactly complimentary of one another, but Simon knew you'd love it nonetheless, and he didn't have the heard to tell the kids which flowers to choose.
With the tray being fully set up with chocolate chip pancakes, a glass of milk, and a small vase of freshly cut flowers, they made their way upstairs to you.
"Mummy!!" The twins screamed, seeing that you were already awake. "We made breakfast for you!"
Simon followed the two with the breakfast tray in hand.
You sat up straight and blinked the remaining bit of sleep away, a bright smile forming on your face. "Well, look at this."
The twins jumped onto the bed next to you, watching as Simon placed the tray in front of you.
"Chocolate chip pancakes? You two make these all yourself?" You teased as you looked at the beautiful set up front of you.
"Yup! Just Leia and I. Daddy didn't help at all!" Jack said with a wide smile, nodding his head eagerly.
Leia erupted with giggles as she fell back into her dad, who was standing at the end of the bed.
"Happy Mother's Day, hun." Simon said, winking at you. "Gonna take the kiddos to the play room so you can eat in peace. Be right back."
"Enjoy your breakfast mummy!" Leia called as her dad threw her over his shoulder.
"Yeah! It's gonna be great cause we made it!" Jack chanted, following his dad and sister out of the room.
You smiled to yourself and admired your little tray before digging into some of the best chocolate chip pancakes you'd ever had.
Simon returned a few minutes later and came to kiss your lips softly.
"Got you a little something, love." Simon pulled out a small box with a neatly tied bow on top and handed it to you.
You raised one brow with curiosity and opened the lid to find a small locket necklace. You carefully lifted it out of the box and opened the locket to find a picture of Simon and the twins.
You let out a small gasp and looked up at him with tears in your eyes. "Simon, I.. I love it."
The gift had more meaning than what was on the surface. In all your years with Simon, he'd never agreed to take any photos. The fears of his job were a constant worry, and he was reluctant to have anything linking him to you or the kids. You knew it was a huge step for him to have done this.
Throwing your arms around him, you pulled him close as you whispered a dozen thank you's to him.
"I love you, Y/n." Simon said as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. "Thanks for being such a good mum to our kids."
"I love you too, Simon." You said as you looked up at him. "This has been a wonderful Mother's Day."
He pulled away with a devious look, "Love, the days not even begun yet, kids and I have got a whole agenda for you. "
It was by far the best Mother's Day you'd ever had. Simon made sure of that.
A/N: thanks for reading!!😊🩷
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sublimecatgalaxy · 1 day
Can I has a Joel x reader request where he ends up picking her up along the way(saving her) and she just kinda sticks around. She's good at medicinal herbs and foraging. speaking of WHY ARE THERE NO CHARACTERS LIKE THAT IN ANY POST APOCALYPTIC SHOW/MOVIE like that should be a course. Idk I want it to be fluffy like a clicker or an infected is running at her and he gets rid of it
I love this idea for sure, I hope you like it :)
Tumblr media
"You're a fucking botanist?"
That was the first thing Joel asked me when he found me stranded in the country side of Wyoming, a young girl attached to his side when he looked down at the botany book in my hands and the array of flowers and twigs around me.
He almost shot me. Of course he didn't tell me that till weeks later, when we were finally settled in with his brother and the rest of civilization back in Jackson. He claimed that he thought I was infected by how much I was shaking but my claim was that it was nearly negative five degrees and my anxiety was skyrocketing as soon as I heard him step on a twig twenty feet away from me.
He saved me from freezing to death and getting mauled by a clicker and insulted my career in the same five minutes.
"Well botany was useless until the end of the world, huh?"
"I like to think that we were always useful, just not in obvious ways."
"Are you alone out here?" The girl asks with a kinder smile than the expression the mystery man is giving me, his eyes drooping low to look over me and my backpack to my left. She steps past the frightening man to step between the two of us, giving the man a hesitant but kind look before turning back to me.
"Yeah, just little old me." I shiver, teeth chattering as another blow of wind sweeps right through my bones, chilling me to my core. She frowns and pulls her jacket tightly around her chin before reaching into her pack to pull out a small blanket, tossing it onto the ground in front of me.
"Joel, can we keep her?" She asks as I scramble to wrap the blanket around my shoulders, already feeling ten times better than I did before.
"I'm not a stray dog." I giggle, looking at her with a teasing look and she nods bashfully, understanding how she came off.
"You practically look like it." The man mutters and I frown, heart panging as I lean down to smell my shirt and I have to be honest, it does resemble that of a wet dog.
"Ouch, when was the last time you showered, old man." I tease but his stoic expression sticks as his shoulders lift in a brief shrug.
"A week ago." He adds matter-of-factly and I feel envy swim in my belly at the thought of a snarky, unkind man like him deserving a hot shower, a shower that I would kill someone for.
"You guys are mean." I huff before looking to the girl with a smirk. "I like you." Before anyone else can say a word, Joel's eyes flicker past me and to the tree line and I feel my stomach drop at the frightened look on his face.
"Joel-" The young girl starts but Joel holds a hand up to her, taking a step towards me and I let him push me behind him and into the arms of the girl with a huff.
"I got it, Ellie." He mutters, holding the knife carefully in the air as the clicker approaches us and I look away in time as I hear the sound of the knife sheath itself into the skull of the monster in a split second. I take a breath, trying to regain my balance as I wobble a bit.
Between being scared by them and then the clicker, my heart needs a full restart.
"Jesus." Ellie whispers, head whipping in my direction as my butt hits the snow, head lolling between my knees while I try to catch my breath. Joel is in front of me in a moments notice with my backpack at his side, his hand carefully reaching out to rest on my shoulder, catching my attention.
"You okay?"
"She should come with us." Ellie whispers to him and he nods, reaching up to rub at his jaw as I feel my head start to spin, nausea bubbling in my throat.
"Yeah, she should." He whispers, pressing the back of his hand to my forehead before clicking his tongue, looking to the kid. "C'mon kid. Show her the ropes."
Ellie's laugh snaps me out of my thoughts, the fond smile on my lips returning to a normal thin line and I feel eyes on me as my head turns. Ellie and Joel are looking at me, forks in the air as they share a careful look and a laugh.
"What're you thinking about?" Joel asks with a curious, calm smile, a completely different expression than what he gave off when we first met. He's no longer stern and guarded around me, instead softening a bit and he's finally allowed himself to laugh around me.
"When we met." I shrug, nudging him with my elbow as I take a loud slurp of my soup, but the mellow tone is torn to shreds by Ellie's crude laugh, her spoon slapping down on the table while she looks between the two of us.
"You mean when you guys fell madly in love?" I feel my cheeks warm at her observation, an honest one at that, and I feel the butterflies return to my stomach as I sneak a glance at Joel who's blushing as red as a fire truck.
"Shut it, Ellie." He mutters and her eyes roll, hands raising in surrender.
"Oh I'm sorry for calling out the elephant in the room."
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i remember u posting a story on your old blog about harry fingering yn in the mirror and i am going to NEED you to recreate that. i will get on my knees and beg if i need to xx
Ask and you shall receive😋
Yn has no clue how she and Harry ended up in this position, sat in front of a mirror with her completely naked, Harry sat behind her with warm hands rubbing up and down her thighs. She’s been feeling a little self conscious lately about her body, especially her vagina, and Harry will put a stop to that right now. He rubs at her thighs until they start to relax, a small smile forming on his face as they do.
“That’s it, let Daddy see that pretty pussy,” he coaxes, hands warm on her thighs. A soft moan leaves her lips at his filthy words, butterflies fluttering in her stomach as she complies. Both eyes are locked on the spot between her legs as she spreads them, Harry groaning quietly as he takes in the beautiful sight. He can see all of her, the wetness that’s started to drip down from between her lips, the hairs that cover her pubic bone as well as part of her lips.
He can’t help but reach down there and spread them apart with his fingers, watching intently as her dripping hole clenches around nothing. “Fuck, just look at you. S’fucking gorgeous I can’t even think,” he whispers, just running a ringed finger between her folds gently, just in his own little world.
She gets impatient rather quickly, bucking her hips to meet his hand and snapping him out of his daze. “Daddy, please,” she begs, meeting his eyes in the mirror. He wastes no more time before sinking that same finger into her, pressing in until she can feel the cool sensation of his ring against her heated lips.
The moan she lets out is full of relief when he curls that finger and hooks onto her g-spot with purpose, pulling it out just to push back in and do it again. He keeps that up until she’s used to the feeling, adding another before he decides to speed up. The pace has her grasping at his wrist with a gasp of shock that breaks off into a moan, her legs attempting to close around his wrist. Her hips pull away a bit as the pleasure grows into something foreign, scaring her a bit.
He’s not having that at all, landing a harsh slap onto her thigh before pulling it back and killing it there. “Don’t you dare try and run. You’re going to take it unless you use your safeword, and I don’t hear that so I’m not stopping,” he rasps into her ear, the dominant undertone to his voice only pushing her closer as her moans get louder and her squirms get more frequent.
“Open your fucking eyes or I’ll stop right now. Look at how fucking beautiful you are taking my fingers like this,” he demands, the words getting softer as they bleed into more comforting ones. “Such a good girl, don’t know what I did to deserve you,” he finishes, and the stark contrast between his words and his actions have her locking down on his fingers with no warning, a strong orgasm tearing through her, a broken moan leaving her lips.
He praises her the entire time, his fingers slowing before coming to a halt as she begins to float back to earth. He’s murmuring praises about how she did so well for him into her ear, her head falling back against his shoulder as her chest heaves from the intensity.
When she notices that his fingers are still inside of her she slowly opens her eyes to try and meet his in the mirror, and the dark look on his face tells her everything she needs to know. He knows her limits and he plans on toeing the line of each one of them today. Before she can even begin to protest, he’s moving those same two fingers again, the sensitivity making her mouth fall open in yet another broken moan.
“No, baby. Not done yet,” he coos, kissing the side of her head all the way down to her shoulders as her moans turn into loud sobs of pleasure, taking everything he has to offer. “Such a good girl, letting me do as I please. We’ll be done soon and then I’ll really take care of you. Y’wont even remember all those nasty thoughts anymore,” he promises.
It takes no more than two more minutes of him praising her and keeping up that pace for her to be on the edge again, and when he lets go of her thigh and starts to rub tight circles onto her clit, she’s gone rigid and her eyes have rolled back into her head as her orgasm starts to wrack through her body.
She’s silent for a moment, her breathing stopped as he doesn’t let up for even a second, and then her body relaxes and a loud squeal falls from her lips as she begins to squirt all over them and the mirror. He’s rasping out praises mixed in with filth into her ear as she lets go like never before, and by the time she’s finished her body is limp and she’s on the brink of being unconscious.
He pulls his soaked fingers out of her and licks them clean, Yn’s mind just barely registering the lewd action. She whines softly when he moves from behind her, lying her down on the cool floor before crawling around to place himself in front of her. She’s still trying to catch her breath when she feels him spread her thighs once more, and then she hears him speaking, her eyes widening a fraction at his words.
“You lie right there baby, just gonna clean you up a bit,” he whispers, settling between her thighs before taking her clit between his lips.
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DPxDC: A Cry for help
Okay so I've been busy the past little bit because I'm prepping my cosplay for IEX on Saturday and I made the entire thing from scratch. I'm currently feeling like crying so Danny and Dani are too!
There have been reports of soft sobbing from all over the world, everyone can hear it no matter where they are but it's not loud it's soft. Eventually the JL is called in to take a look and Captain Marvel follows a trail of magic to a small forested area.
Inside the forest the trees and landscape seem to shift but the sobbing is also louder and it sounds like two voices instead of one.
Captain Marvel, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter go in since the others would either be too much or are extra vulnerable to magic.
Captain Marvel follows a trail only he can see and J'onn is hit with a wave of emotion.
"It's pain and grief and a deep sadness with just a touch of fear. But the minds are so young. Still children." Batman pulls into himself he hates when children are hurt and it seems like several have been.
They follow the path untill they come across two children with White hair and Green eyes faintly glowing crying above the body of a third even more inhuman person (Vlad.) The children are both bleeding green and the man's blood seems to have stopped as the blue of his skin appears to be fading away.
They interrupt the scene and the children whip around and try to stand and block the body from view but they can't seem to manage it.
"Why are you here? Haven't you humans done enough" the boy who looks 14 bares his fangs and it would be more intimidating if he had managed to stop crying and wasn't wrapped around the girl.
Captain Marvel is the one who steps forward recognizing them.
"I apologize your Highness but people all over the world could hear you crying and no one could find where it was coming from." The other three members exchange looks - Marvel recognizes these children? And they're some kind of royalty. Batman steps forward
"Can we ask what happened?" He asked gently, more gently then you would expect from someone so many criminals fear. The boy and girl exchange glances.
"The US government has declared all beings of the Infinite Realms as non-sentient and to be exterminated when possible." Captain Marvel let's put a string of curses as Batman reels back both from the language and the info. The girl chokes back her tears.
"It was just a normal day. I was out exploring in Amity with Danny when the GIW agents saw me. Daddy saw what was happening and got in the way. They chased us to a place near here and got a good shot in, Daddy covered us with his body and got hit. We took him here to attempt to heal him but it's no use" she breaks into tears again and the boy wrapped himself around her physically changing his body to do so. Wonder Woman was enraged at what had happened to these children and so were the others.
"The children are telling the truth. The GIW seems to be a government agency created to track down and experiment on their kind. It seems their blood can be used as an energy source." The JL heard projected into their heads and each fought to keep an expression of dismay or disgust show on their faces.
"Is there any way we can help your Daddy?" Batman asked
"No. Nothing can help him now" they boy responded "The weapon cracked his core," his voice broke "There's no coming back from that."
"Core?" J'onn asked. The boy perked up
"Martian Manhunter?" He muttered before sighing "Swear to not turn us into the GIW. A Vow" his voice rang with more then a request or order, something otherworldly and heavy. Captain Marvel is the one to make the vow
"We as Members of the Justice League and I as the Champion of Magic swear to you Crown Prince Daniel Janus Phantom of the infinite realms child of the Zone and to you Princess Danielle Phantom named grandchildren of the guardian of hope that we will not turn you over to the GIW and will seek to help you." The children stopped crying in almost shock and the others stood and wondered what was happening.
"We accept your vow Champion of Magic and hold you too it."
What had they gotten themselves into
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friendly neighbors ~ joel miller;the last of us
word count: 4149
request?: no
description: in which a bond forms between him and his new neighbor; one that can last even through the apocalypse
pairing: pre- and post-outbreak joel miller x female!reader
warnings: swearing, mentions of sarah’s death, joel and the reader shower together but it’s not completely sexual, but they do get very sexually flirty at the end
masterlist (one, two, three)
Tumblr media
"There’s a moving truck outside.”
Sarah was stood in the window as Joel came down the steps, the curtains drawn back as she was very obviously staring at the people outside.
“Sarah, don’t be nosey,” he said. “C’mon, gotta get you to school.”
“She’s really pretty.”
Joel’s curiosity was piqued at Sarah’s comment. He couldn’t help but come up behind her to peer out the window.
A big, white moving truck took up most of the view. An older man was carrying a sizeable box off of the truck and towards the front door, where a young woman was speaking indistinctly to him. Sara was right, she was pretty. And now she was living right next door for Joel to see every single day.
Sarah pulled the curtain shut, snapping Joel out of his trance. She was giving him a knowing look before running up to her room to get her things for school. Joel had to resist the urge to look back out the window to see if the new neighbor was still out there.
They were just closing up the moving truck as the Millers exited the house. Sarah gave her father another look before turning to call out, “Hey! Welcome to the neighborhood!”
The new neighbor’s head turned towards them and Joel felt his breath being taken away. She was incredibly gorgeous, and when she smiled at them he felt like the entire world around them had melted away. He was so lost in his thoughts about her that he didn’t notice she was approaching until Sarah nudged him.
“Hi,” she said as she reached them. “I’m (Y/N). New to the neighborhood, as you could probably tell.”
“It’s nice to meet you,” Joel said, shaking her hand. “I’m Joel, this is my daughter, Sarah.”
(Y/N) shook Sarah’s hand. Sarah commented, “You’re very pretty.”
Joel shot her a look, but (Y/N) just chuckled in response. “Thank you. So are you.”
“Is it just you over there?” Sarah asked.
“Sarah,” Joel muttered.
“Yeah, it’s just me. My dad over there is helping me move, but he won’t be staying.”
“You should come over for dinner,” Sarah offered. “Tonight. A welcome dinner to get to know your new neighbors.”
“Sarah!” Joel scolded. “Sorry, she’s...a little friendly.”
(Y/N) chuckled. “It’s alright. I appreciate the offer, but it’s a little short notice and I wouldn’t want to cause any issues for your parents.”
Sarah turned to look at Joel. He could see the devious look in her eyes, but also the look of hope. Joel loved his daughter very much, but she had a tendency to create little schemes in her head that involved Joel and any pretty, single woman within the general vicinity. She often told him it was because she wanted him to be happy after her mom had died, but Joel figured Sarah was longing for another woman to save her from the surging testosterone that was Joel and Tommy.
Most times, it was an embarrassing attempt that Joel would brush off and scold Sarah for. But this time, he was finding himself feeling more flustered than embarrassed. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t find (Y/N) attractive, or if he said the idea of having her in his house didn’t excite him a little.
She was his new neighbor after all. It would only be right to invite her over to welcome her to the neighborhood.
“Tonight is a bit short notice,” Joel said. He saw Sarah’s face fall for a moment, until he added, “But maybe tomorrow night. If you don’t have any other plans, that is. And it would be just the three of us, if that’s alright with you.”
(Y/N) smiled, almost shyly. “I’m free tomorrow evening. That sounds more than alright to me.”
“We’ll see you then.”
(Y/N) nodded. “I’ll see you guys then.”
Joel found himself thinking for the next two days about having (Y/N) over. It consumed his every waking second, and even when he fell asleep that night, he dreamt of her. Even Tommy noticed his absentmindedness, but Joel would be damned if he gave Tommy the opportunity to tease him, or to come over and ruin the night for him.
He got off work early that evening so he could start preparing for her arrival. Sarah had gotten home after school and started cleaning the place up. Joel could see the excitement and happiness on her face as she did, which was a very rare thing to see when a pre-teen is cleaning. He knew she was proud of herself for making this plan work. She certainly was not going to let him live this down if this all worked out.
Joel was trying to follow a recipe he had found online when a knock came at the door. “Sarah, can you get that?”
(Y/N)’s voice flowed into the kitchen, causing Joel’s heart to race. He mentally begged the oven, which he had tried to pre-heat nearly half an hour ago, to finally be ready.
“Something smells good.”
His heart skipped a beat as he turned to smile at (Y/N).
“You don’t have to lie,” he said. “Nothin’ is even cooking yet. It’s takin’ the oven forever to pre-heat.”
She was carrying a container in her hands with something that looked like food inside. She placed it on the counter next to Joel.
“I figured if you were making dinner, the least I could do is bring dessert,” she explained. She pulled the cover back to reveal the most mouth watering brownies.
“Oh, those look good,” Sarah commented, reaching around (Y/N) for a brownie.
“Hey, not before dinner,” Joel scolded.
“You’ve been trying to make dinner for an hour. I’m starving!”
Was it wrong to glare at your own kid?
“It’s the damn oven,” Joel muttered.
“Mind if I take a look?” (Y/N) asked.
Joel shrugged and gestured towards the oven. (Y/N) stepped around him and opened the oven, hovering her hand to test the heat of the oven the same way Joel had been doing. She closed the door and looked at the controls over the stove top. An amused smile crossed her face as she turned back to Joel.
“Ovens tend to heat up faster when you turn them on.”
Sarah chortled as embarrassment swelled in Joel’s chest.
“I swear I turned it on,” he said, trying to mask his embarrassment.
“Seems like you have to confirm the heat in order for the oven to turn on.” She pressed a couple buttons on the oven and it finally came to life. “Maybe we can have those brownies as an appetizer.”
Luckily, the oven mishap was the only hiccup in their evening. Everything else moved smoothly, much to Joel’s relief. The food was good and they kept up a good conversation in which they got to know (Y/N) better, and got to tell her a bit more about them. Joel noticed on more than one occasion how happy Sarah seemed during the visit, and he could feel that happiness inside him too.
After a brief argument over who should do the dishes, Joel and (Y/N) were in the kitchen washing up the dishes together while Sarah watched TV. (Y/N) washed while Joel dried and put them away. He tried not to be so obvious with his quick glances at her, but it was hard not to look. Even in the dim, nighttime lighting of his kitchen, she looked like the most beautiful woman in the world. He was really hoping that this could grow into something more than a friendly neighbor situation, but he knew he had to have patience. He couldn’t try to push anything after having known her for one day.
“Sarah’s a great kid,” (Y/N) said, breaking the silence between them. “You’re doing a great job of raising her.”
Joel smiled. “Thank you. She’s my world. I don’t know what I’d be doin’ if I didn’t have her.”
“I hope I can feel that sort of love for one of my own some day.”
Joel dared to ask the one question he had been dying to know all night. “Do you have anyone?”
She didn’t look at him as she shook her head, a sullen look on her face. “Actually, that’s kind of part of the reason I moved. I just...I had to get away from a pretty messy break up.”
“Oh. I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”
“No, it’s okay. I mean, I was the one who asked about Sarah’s mom over dinner and brought the whole mood down. I don’t think you could top that.”
Joel couldn’t help but chuckle a little. When he had told (Y/N) that it would just be the three of them for dinner, she thought he meant that he and Sarah’s mom were divorced and asked about her. The horrified look on her face when Joel told her that Sarah’s mom had passed away was enough to put both him and Sarah into a fit of laughter.
“It was just a lot of drama between me and my ex, and I couldn’t bare to live so close to him anymore when he was still trying to cause drama after our breakup,” she explained. “So I moved a couple towns over. It sucks because I’m away from my parents now, but I needed to get out of there. It’s what was best for me.”
Joel wasn’t sure if she was explaining her situation to him, or trying to convince herself of it.
He put away the plate he had been drying and walked back over to her. He placed a hand lightly on her back. When she looked up at him, he had to remind himself not to get lost in her eyes. She was just so breathtaking. He hadn’t felt this way for someone in such a long time; since he first met Sarah’s mom, actually. That’s how he knew (Y/N) had to be someone special. He just hoped she would feel the same way.
“It’s hard to be away from your family, but it sounds like what you did was best for you,” he said. “They can always come visit, or you can go to them. Hopefully, in the time that you’re away, your ex will stop with his drama bullshit and you can feel safe and happy in your old hometown again.”
(Y/N) smiled at him. “You have a way with words, Joel.”
“It comes with the parental territory. You wake up one day and just know the right things to say to make someone smile.”
He lingered next to her for a moment longer. His hand was still on her back, placed between her shoulder blades where he could feel the heat from her body radiating outwards. He knew he should move away, but he felt stuck in place. She wasn’t uncomfortable or telling him to move, which certainly wasn’t deterring him from just standing there and looking down at her perfect face for a while longer.
He was taken by surprise when (Y/N) fully turned to him and leaned up to press her lips against his. It took a moment for his body to react to what was happening, but once it did it reacted instinctively. He brought his other hand around the small of her back to hold her to him. His lips moved perfectly in sync with hers as her still wet hand found their way around his neck, one cupping his face while the other wrapped around to hold him close.
They were so lost in one another that it wasn’t until they heard someone clear their throat that they broke apart and turned to see Sarah standing there, a knowing grin on her face.
“Just getting another brownie,” she said. She reached into the container to grab the last brownie before sauntering back to the living room. “As you guys were!”
Joel felt his face heating up and he and (Y/N) untangled from one another. She turned away from him and he worried about what she was going to say next.
“I’m sorry,” she said, running a hand through her hair. “I shouldn’t have done that.”
“No, don’t be sorry,” Joel said. “It’s...It was fine. More than fine, actually. It...it was good.”
When she looked back, Joel could see that she looked more amused than embarrassed, like he expected she would. “Good is better than fine?”
He couldn’t help but chuckle as well. “It was better than both good and fine.”
“I don’t know what came over me. You were just so close, and you’re so nice and handsome, and you smell really good, and I’ve been thinking about kissing you since the moment I laid my eyes on you, which is totally inappropriate.” She cut herself off, a humorless laugh escaping her lips. “And now I’m rambling and I sound terribly insane.”
“You don’t sound insane,” he told her. “Actually, it’s very flatterin’ to hear that you’ve been thinking about kissin’ me all night.”
She gave him a hesitant look. “Really?”
“Considering the fact that I’ve been wanting to kiss you, too, yes it’s very flattering.”
Any last trace of embarrassment melted away as she looked at him. “You did?”
“Well, yeah, how could I not be thinkin’ that? You are probably the most beautiful woman that I have met in a long time, and you’ve got a beautiful personality to match it.”
She smiled, once again shyly, and turned away from him. Joel closed the space between them and placed a finger under her chin, tilting her head up to look at him. Her breathing changed then, and Joel had to admit that he loved knowing what exactly he was doing to her. He tried not to let himself get too cocky then, as he would probably take things a step further than kissing if he wasn’t careful.
“So,” he said, “what are we gonna do about this, then?”
“We get to know one another before we hop into anything serious,” (Y/N) said. “I think, considering our most recent dating history, that would probably be the best idea.”
Joel nodded. He could respect that. He didn’t expect (Y/N) to want to be in another relationship after what her ex had been putting her through.
“But let’s do that fast, because I really want to be kissing you again,” she added.
Joel chuckled and decided to oblige her request by leaning down to kiss her again.
20 Years Later
Joel was helping Tommy with some construction on one of the town buildings when Maria and her party returned from their usual run. His and Tommy’s attention were drawn to the figure on the back of Maria’s horse. Very rarely did the party come back with actual people, the last time being when they took in Joel and Ellie. Neither of the men could get a good look at the person as they were covered in layers of clothing to keep warm and their head was nearly pressed against Maria’s back.
“I found someone,” she called to Tommy. He quickly began to approach her, Joel following behind. “There were a few infected that had broke through and attacked her. She would’ve been dead if it wasn’t for us.”
“Is she bit?” Tommy asked.
Maria shook her head. “She might need some food and water, though. I don’t know how long she’s been out around here, but she doesn’t have any supplies with her.”
Tommy extended his arms to help the woman off of Maria’s horse. Joel was a bit surprised when he saw her starting to move. He was sure she had been unconscious when Maria arrived.
She slowly slid off of the horse and landed on her feet, Tommy’s arms around her to help steady her. She mumbled a soft, “Thank you” to him and repeated it to Maria, who nodded in response. When she stood, Joel finally got a good look at her face, and he gasped.
Her eyes found him, the same eyes he had gotten lost in 20 years ago in the kitchen of his old house. Her eyes widened when they landed on him. She slowly began to approach him.
“Joel?” she said. “Is it...is it really you?”
“It’s really me, (Y/N),” he said.
With his confirmation, she closed the gap between them and threw herself into his arms. Joel wrapped her into a tight hug, holding her to him and vowing to never let go. He could feel tears of happiness welling up in his eyes and, for the first time in a very long time, he allowed himself to cry in front of other people.
Joel and (Y/N) had been separated years ago when the outbreak first started. She had been visiting her family, trying desperately to get home so she could see Joel for his birthday. He remembered how many times she had apologized that day, but he assured her that she had nothing to be sorry about. They had plans for that weekend anyways, he had reminded her, so she could make it up to him then.
The next day, his entire world changed.
Joel knew in the back of his head that he should’ve looked for (Y/N), but he was engulfed in his grief over Sarah’s death that he found himself grieving for (Y/N) as well. There was no way she had survived, he decided after some time. He had to let her go, too.
But he couldn’t, and he didn’t. For 20 years, Joel held on to the memory of the beautiful neighbor that kissed him in his kitchen after only knowing him for a little over 24 hours. He dreamed of (Y/N) every night, never wanting to wake up from the sweet memories of her lips on his, her body against his, her beautiful eyes looking up at him.
And now she was back in his arms. He was afraid he was dreaming again, but if that were the case, he would be happy if he never woke up.
When he finally let her go, (Y/N) immediately took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply. That was all he needed to be sure that this wasn’t a dream.
“You two seem to be acquainted.”
The two broke apart to see Maria and Tommy looking at them, a mirrored smile on both of their faces.
“(Y/N) is...an old friend,” Joel said.
“Friend,” Maria said. “Sure.”
“I hate to break up this reunion, but Maria said (Y/N) might need some food and water,” Tommy said. “If she was attacked by the infected, she might need some medical attention, too.”
“I’m alright in that department,” (Y/N) said. “They didn’t hurt me too much. They just caught me off guard. If it wasn’t for you guys, I would’ve been Clicker food. But I definitely need something to eat, and maybe a hot shower. I ran out of supplies days ago, and the closest I’ve gotten to bathing is almost getting hypothermia in the river.”
“She can come shower at my place,” Joel offered. When Maria and Tommy both raised their brows at him, he added, “I’d feel much better having her with me.”
Maria turned her attention to (Y/N). “Are you okay with that?” (Y/N) nodded quickly. “Alright. We’ll have someone bring over some food and clothes for you for once you’ve finished your shower.”
“Thank you,” (Y/N) said.
Joel put an arm around (Y/N)’s waist and led her towards his home. Ellie was out, which he was grateful for. He wanted to introduce the two of them, but more than anything he wanted this time alone with her. He needed this time alone with her. He needed to remind himself that she was real, that all of this was real. He needed to feel her one more time to remind himself that she wasn’t just a dream of a far away time.
Joel grabbed her some towels and showed her to the bathroom. He barely had time to get a word out before she was on him again. Her arms around his neck, her lips against his in a rough, needy frenzy. He held her again, lifting her up so her legs were wrapped around his waist. He sat her down on the bathroom counter, holding her so tightly to him that he worried a little about if he was hurting her.
“I thought I’d never see you again,” she breathed against his lips. “I thought you were dead.”
“I thought you were dead, too,” he admitted. “God, I should’ve looked for you.”
“It would’ve been no use. The world was too chaotic back then, we never would’ve found each other,” she said. “God, I can’t believe it’s really you. I feel like I’m dreaming.”
“If you are, then we’re dreaming together,” he said. He slipped his hands under the layers covering her body, pressing his hands against the skin of her abdomen. “Fuck, you’re freezing. Let’s get you in the hot shower.”
“Will you come with me?”
She looked up at him so innocently despite knowing the not so innocent connotations that her words had. Joel could feel himself growing hard against his jeans. He growled in response, kissing her once more before they untangled  from each other to start the shower.
When she stepped under the hot water, (Y/N) nearly moaned in pleasure. It had been so long since she was properly able to clean herself, let alone since she had felt any sort of heat against her body. Joel stepped back to watch her wash herself, knowing she needed the cleaning more than anything in that moment. He watched as the shampoo ran from her long grown out hair down her body, and his eyes followed every movement of her hands as she began to lather herself up with soap.
Once she had finished cleaning herself, Joel stepped up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her flush against his chest. She sighed in content as his lips started to explore her neck and shoulders.
“Is this where you’ve been the whole time?” she asked. “Since the outbreak?”
He shook his head. “I only got here recently. It’s...it’s been a rough past 20 years.”
That was an understatement, but Joel wasn’t ready to tell (Y/N) what he had been doing to survive all these years.
“Is Sarah here?”
Joel tensed at the question. (Y/N) felt his tension and quickly turned in his arms to look up at him. “Oh, Joel, I’m so sorry.”
He shook his head. “It was the beginning of the outbreak. It was why I didn’t think to look for you. God, I was so stupid not to even try - ”
“You were grieving,” she cut him off. “I can’t blame you for that. I’m so sorry you lost her, and that we had to go so long thinking we had lost one another.”
Joel leaned down to kiss her again. Despite the years since he last saw her, and the fact that they had both been fighting through a fungi-zombie apocalypse, she still felt as soft as she had 20 years prior. Everything about her still felt so familiar to him. It was like they were picking up right where they had left off.
“You’re here now,” he said against her lips. “And I am not lettin’ you go ever again.”
She smiled. “I don’t intend to be let go. You can keep me as your hostage here for as long as you’d like.”
“Don’t tempt me. We may never leave my bed ever again.”
When she kissed him again it was heated and passionate. “Make good on that offer, cowboy.”
He wanted to. He really wanted to take her right then and there, with the hot water cascading over their bodies and the mirror already steamed up. But he knew she had to be fed first. She had gone days without eating or drinking anything, and the last thing he needed was her passing out on him, or worse.
“Get some food into you first,” he said. “And then I’ll get something else into you.”
She giggled and kissed him once more before turning the shower off. He couldn’t help but watch her with adoration as she dried herself off and wrapped the towel around her body. When she turned back at him, he could see the glint of mischief in her eyes.
“I’ll be waiting in your bed for that food you’ve promised,” she said. “Don’t be too long, or I might take care of my other issue myself.”
Fuck, I love her so much.
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wordsarelife · 3 days
like lockwood, best friends to lovers
Tumblr media
Pairing: Anthony Lockwood x reader
Summary: reader has to flirt to finish a mission. much to the dismay of Lockwood she is far too good at it
Warnings: flirting with sexual themes??
Shortages: f/n — fake name
A/N: okay sorry this got a bit out of hand and it didn't really end where or how I intended it to. let me know if y'all would be interested in a part two!!!
you walked down the steps. the red dress you were wearing fluttering around the middle of your thighs. your hair was styled, Lucy had curled it after she had done your make—up
“test, test” you whispered into the little microphone you were wearing in your hair, so it would stay hidden
“we can hear you, y/n” George answered and you could swear he was rolling his eyes “we tested it a minute ago”
“sorry” you muttered
“leave her be” Lockwood said to George. he would always come to your rescue, even if you didn’t ask him to. that’s why he was your best—friend after all.
you breathed in deeply and snatched a glass of champagne from one of the waiters trays, gulping it down in one shot. you checked your lipstick in the little mirror Lucy had packed into the small bag you were wearing, before your hands found your waist and pulled down the dress, so your cleavage was showing
you stepped forward and sat down at the bar, right next to the guy you were targeting
his hair was black and he was actually attractive if it weren’t for the people he had killed to create sources. it was just your task to find one of them though, or better put: to occupy the man until Lucy had found the source.
“hi” you smiled, turning your head and also your chest, so the man could get a good look at it
“hello” he grinned and you swore you could’ve thrown up then and there. “would you like a drink?”
“sure” you outstretched your hand “i’m f/n”
he took your hand and shook it “Sebastian, and i’m glad to share a drink with a beautiful woman” he slid the drink the bartender had just supplied, towards you
“thank you” you smiled, raising the glass and taking a sip from the alcohol
“so, what brings you here?” Sebastian asked, while his hand found its way to rest on your knee
you could hear Lockwood and George drag in the air through the mouths loudly, like Sebastian had just touched their knee
you tried not to react to their sudden sounds, but Sebastian was good at picking up your emotions it seemed.
"everything alright?" he asked, leaning even closer
"yeah" you smiled, trying to fight the uneasiness you felt because of his proximity "I'm not used to the company of handsome looking men" you tried to save the conversation and Sebastian seemed to like your compliment
you ignored Lockwood's scoff while you watched Sebastian lean back in comfort "well" he smiled smugly "I'm all yours, beautiful"
you could hear Lockwood and George gag at the same time, you would have liked to do the same, but Sebastian was still looking at you. "what a lucky girl I am" you laughed instead and patted the shoulder of the male, who, again, smiled smugly at the gesture
his hand wandered a bit higher on your leg and you could feel it close to the hem of your dress. you threw a panicked gaze in Lockwood's direction. discreet enough that Sebastian wouldn't notice. it seemed like he was occupied anyway, with watching his own hand make its way up your leg. with every inch it felt like you couldn't breathe
you just hoped that Lucy would be quick.
"what brings you here, pretty lady?" Sebastian repeated his question from earlier, to which he had never received an answer
"work" you smiled nonchalantly, trying to keep your composure. his hand was resting for now, that was good.
"what do you do?" he smiled
"I've worked for a few agency's for a while (truth) but after I lost my talents I settled down and changed to the office area of fittes (lie)"
you pretty much still had your talents, you were only seventeen, but now you where trying to look much older. this was achieved by the make up and the obnoxious and uncomfortable push-up bra you were wearing. it felt like they would fall out of your dress any moment. Sebastian seemed to like the sight of your décolleté a bit too much, you noticed, while his eyes wandered down to your breasts while you were talking. you would have liked to slap his head and tell him how impolite it was to directly look there, not only under normal circumstances but while you were talking as well.
you weren't used to that kind of disgusting men behaviour, even if you had lived with two of them for the most of your life.
you could stand in front of George and Lockwood just wearing a bra and they wouldn't dare and look. Maybe because George was like a brother to you and Lockwood- Lockwood was a gentleman
your thoughts wandered away from the conversation at hand and back to the brunette agency head, who alway managed to make you feel at ease. even on mission like this one, he was looking at you across the room and anytime you would catch his eyes, your breath would calm and you would feel safe.
also, he had promised you to come and save you if things went too far. he was your best-friend after all.
your eyes wandered back to meet Sebastians and you remembered what Lucy had told you. if you feel uncomfortable just put yourself back in control. so you leaned forward, so he could get an even better look at your cleavage. he stammered while talking but quickly continued normally. you took his hand from off your leg and interlaced your fingers. he wouldn't notice that you were actually trying to keep him away, he would see that gesture as you falling into his trap. that was what men always thought.
now that you were back in control, your mind felt at ease and you felt less like a little girl that needed to be saved. now you were a woman. and he, he was still a man, luckily.
"I travel a lot" you answered the question he had just asked you about your work "I check out different agencies all around the world. make sure that they are working right. we wouldn't want any rules broken, would we?" you fluttered your eyelids and watched in satisfaction what effect that last purposely chosen sentence had on him
"n-no" he stammered "are you alright?" you asked pitiful
"yes" Sebastian tried to gain back his composure and actually succeeded "but I must say, you're the most breath taking woman I've ever seen. everything is where it should be"
"oh my god" George muttered loudly, disgusted by the objectifying words the older man had just said about his friend
"I'm stopping this" you watched as Lockwood stood up from his place and George tried to hold him back. you knew that it was on you to prevent him from cancelling the mission. you send him a look that told him to sit down again and he eventually listened and scoffed
"thank you, Sebastian" you leaned closer, now speaking into his ear "you look more than daring yourself, if i'm allowed to say so"
"you are" he nodded leaning forward
now the moment had come. he would kiss you. you weren't sure if it would come to that point, but you had sworn to do it if it needed to be done to keep the mission from failing. a second before your lips connected, Sebastian was drown back
drawn back by no other than Lockwood. you were a second away from screaming at the boy, when you noticed Lucy across the hall. she had done it. the mission was completed. you no longer had to flirt with that scumbag.
"oh, Tony" you muttered in surprise, still playing a role
that was what you guys had agreed on. the moment Lucy would come back, Lockwood or George would interrupt the conversation and act like they were an old friend of yours who was in town coincidentally and had seen you sitting at the bar.
"f/n" Lockwood muttered angrily and you raised your brows, watching his expression "I'm sorry" he said turning towards Sebastian and outstretching his hand "Anthony Lockwood"
Sebastian took the hand he was being offered and shook it "Sebastian Keen" he said, still confused to what was happening
"nice to meet you. can I ask what you were doing with my girlfriend?"
"your what?" Sebastian asked loudly and you had almost joined in. his eyes wandered to you and you tried to stay in role, even if Lockwood had just completely changed your script
"my girlfriend" Lockwood repeated unnecessarily "were you bothering her? because it looked like that"
"no, she wanted-"
"yes, Tony" you interrupted, opening your eyes wider and letting them fill with tears "it's alright, dear" Lockwood outstretched his hand and helped you to stand up "stay away from her, you hear me?" he said threateningly
"I didn't harass her or anything. she's lying" Sebastian said angrily
Lockwood shook his head "doesn't matter, just don't ever talk to her again, alright?"
"sure" Sebastian shrugged his shoulders "she isn't that pretty anyways"
Lockwood interlaced your hands and walked you away from the man "she obviously is" he muttered to himself, but you heard him and had to smile at his words "you're pretty too" Lockwood turned his head to you while walking and smiled at your relieved expression
"I'm glad you didn't have to kiss him"
"I'm glad too"
"well, luckily your boyfriend was just around the corner" he smiled but you could see the sincerity in his eyes
you nodded, eyes glistening happily "yes, luckily he was"
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cranetreegang · 2 days
Like an Unquenchable Flame, I See You - Ominis x FemReader
It's happening.
Tumblr media
For your listening pleasure -> This Banger Song. And This Banger Song. AND A THIRD ONE FOR GIGGLES
Summary: A letter comes for the Fifth year, bearing a long awaited first date.
Word Count: ~5,200 words of pure fluff and romance
Warnings: kissing ;)
Read more of my Ominis Fics Here!
The winter’s pale afternoon light filters into the Astronomy Wing’s lounge through the half-mooned window and warms the chilled air. Other students chat around her as they use their free day to catch up on classwork. Her studies are strewn about on the table in front of her, but it’s a letter which captivates her attention. She holds the fine parchment in her hands, her smile failing to stay concealed as it spreads across her face. She’s read the letter several times since it first arrived this morning. Her name is written in beautiful penmanship at the top, followed by very direct instructions:
Meet me by the North Lawn near the fountain.
6 o'clock. Don’t be late.
The most intriguing part of the note is the signature. A simple ‘O’. She traces over the singular letter with a warm smile. His request has done nothing but occupy her mind. And she still has a few more hours to wait. She curses him, knowing he did this on purpose to keep her in such dire suspense. And doing it on a day with no classes, so she can’t even corner him is beyond clever if not a bit cruel. 
“Studying?” Natty’s voice pierces her lamenting and she doesn’t have time to hide the letter from Natty’s sharp eyes. “Ah, is it a note from Professor Fig? What does it say?” 
She’s tempted to lie, just for a moment, but Natty would see right through whatever excuse she comes up with. She closes her eyes with a sigh and hands the note over to Natty.
“Not from Professor Fig.” 
Natty raises a brow as she reads the letter. A wide smile comes over Natty as she takes a seat on the couch next to her blushing friend.
“Not from Professor Fig indeed. And I can assume the ‘O’ is for-,”
“Ominis. Yes.”  Her eyes are trained above at the swirling mass of clouds and constellations.
Natty’s smile grows bigger despite biting her bottom lip to keep it contained, “I am surprised.” 
“You are?” She turns her attention back on Natty.
“Yes. Surprised it has taken him so long to ask you on a date.” Natty giggles. 
She rolls her eyes with an amused grin, “It might not be a date. It could be that he just needs help with something.” 
Natty narrows her eyes with a shake of her head, “‘Help with something’? Not even you believe that. This is most definitely a date.” 
She takes the letter back from Natty, rereading it once more with a smile. 
“It certainly sounds like a date, doesn’t it?” She murmurs. 
“Well, what are you going to be wearing for this possible date? Surely not your school robes.” 
She frowns, “I-I haven’t thought about that. I mean, does it even matter?” 
Natty huffs, “Of course it matters! He may not see the difference, but he will know.” 
She hums in thought, her head nodding, “You’re right. I may have an idea then.” 
“Good! Now, for your hair…”
Natty is quick to press her assistance in helping the Fifth year get ready for her rendezvous with Ominis. By the time six o’clock is near, Natty is giving her final inspection, her eyes bright with joy.
“You look beautiful, my friend.” Natty squeezes her forearms with a giggle. 
“Thank you, Natty. You’ve been invaluable to me.” She slips on her coat and she starts to head out. 
“You can repay me by telling me everything tomorrow at breakfast.” Natty grins, waving to her as she leaves.
“I promise.” 
She’s practically skipping on her way to the North Lawn, her mind whirling with what Ominis could have in store for them. 
“Well, well. Someone looks nice.” Sebastian calls out as she’s crossing Central Hall. He’s angled like he’s heading to the library, not to her surprise.
“Why, thank you, Sebastian.” 
Sebastian’s eyes narrow and he stalks closer to her, “You know, Ominis was also getting all fancy, too.” 
“Oh? Was he?” She feigns confusion, but her gleeful face gets the better of her. 
He crosses his arms, “Yeah. He seemed pretty excited. If not nervous. Guess that means you two are going out, eh?” 
She meets his eyes despite wanting to look away from his accusatory stare, “Perhaps. Is that a problem?” 
He shakes his head, “Not at all.” His brows furrow and he shifts more towards her to say in a low voice, “But, it will be if you break his heart. I mean it. I’ve never seen him act like this before. So it must mean he cares about you. A lot. So, you better not hurt him.” 
She’s taken aback by Sebastian’s hostility. She’s quick to place her hand on his forearm with a nod, “I won’t, Sebastian. I care for Ominis, too. And the last thing I would ever want to do; is hurt him. I hope you trust me enough to believe that.” 
Sebastian’s harsh features melt away and he gives her a warm smile, “I know. And I do. Trust you, that is.” He sighs, like a weight has been taken off of him, and he pats her hand, “Well, you better go meet him. He doesn’t like waiting, ya know.” 
She steps away, giving a final wave, as she rushes towards the North Exit. 
The cold air greets her as she steps outside. She finds Ominis pacing by the fountain. He’s wearing a nice suit, but nothing overly formal. He’s put effort into himself and the thought makes her blush. He has something behind his back and as she nears, he’s quick to face her with his arms staying behind him. 
“Good evening.” He greets her with a smile. 
“Good evening to you as well.” 
He approaches her and reveals what he’s hiding, “These are for you.” 
It’s a bouquet of white flowers wrapped with a piece of twine at their stem. She takes them, already smelling their sweet fragrance before she brings them to her nose. 
“Oh, Ominis. These are beautiful.” She whispers. “I feel terrible. I didn’t get you anything.” 
He smiles, “Unnecessary. You being here is more than enough.” 
He shifts between his feet then takes a sharp breath, “I have a surprise for you.” 
“A surprise?” 
He nods, “Yes. You never cease to surprise me. ‘Tis only fair I attempt to do the same.” 
“May I ask what sort of surprise?” 
He smirks, “You’ll just have to be patient.” He reaches into his pocket and reveals a long piece of thick cloth. “If you wouldn’t mind turning around.” 
She raises a brow with a wide smile, “Oh?” She turns around, closing her eyes as she hears him walk closer to her. He places the cloth over her eyes and ties it into place. His fingers glide along her left arm until he’s able to slip his hand into hers. 
“No peeking. I’ll know if you do.” He then adds, “And before you make any smart comment, I’m well aware of the irony of our situation.” 
She giggles, “You must admit, it is humorous to think about.” 
He tugs her and she’s quick to follow. He walks with an easy pace and his grip on her is strong and secure. 
“And how do I know you aren’t leading me to the Black Lake to leave me for the squid?” 
His features soften as he grins at the reminder, “You’ll just have to trust me.” 
Her heart flutters at not seeing his smile, but only hearing it. 
“I suppose I will then.” She whispers.
She’s sure they’re heading towards the castle until he guides them to the left, following the path. She hears the pebbles scrap against stone as they stroll across the lawn. 
“Careful. Stairs.” He warns as he moves closer to guide her. She gasps at the first step being a more intense drop than she was anticipating. She tucks in at his side and wraps her other hand around his arm. They take each step together with him keeping her steady. 
“Last step.” He says.
Her foot lands on something softer than stone. Dirt, perhaps. With the crunch of snow underfoot, it’s hard to tell. He keeps walking them forward and she hears the rustle of leaves before she feels them fall on her shoulder. A fire crackles next to her then hinges whine as he opens a door. 
“More stairs. Don’t worry. I got you.” 
It’s strange being so dependent on someone for something as simple as stairs. An activity she’s done a hundred times now seems scary and unknown. Each step she takes down is akin to stepping off a cliff. Without Ominis holding her so firmly, she’s sure she would’ve fallen several times by now. She does rather enjoy leaning on him though. An excellent excuse to be close to him. To feel his strong grip around her hand which gives her encouraging squeezes after every few steps.
She’s aware they’re inside somewhere dank and wet, but it’s short lived. They’re back outside and he takes her down several flights of stairs on a broken, dirt and snow-covered path. She hears rushing water ahead. The birds sing their last song for the day and the bugs chitter as they welcome the frigid night. She catches hints of the flowers he gave her and his arboreous cologne as well as the cool damp air from the river. 
Her heart flutters not only from him but from her lack of sight. The world feels vastly different like this. While she’s somewhat aware of where they’re going, it’s the mystery which sets her blood ablaze. 
“You’re nervous.” He states more so than asks. 
“A bit. It’s strange. I don’t think I’ve been here before. Even if I have, it’s all so foreign. But exciting as well.” 
“Good. It’s not much further.” He squeezes her hand as he leads her across a bridge.
“May I get a hint on where you’re taking me?” She asks after they cross a second bridge. Brush and grass rub her legs and catch her clothes as they pass and the snow is more predominant here.
“Patience. We’re nearly there.” He teases. 
She hears hints of water lapping to shore and she wonders if her earlier remark about the Black Lake may be true. He leads them off the path and they traverse through overgrown foliage until the ground softens beneath her boots.
They’re most certainly by the lake. 
He chuckles at her stiff posture, “I promise, I’m not letting that giant squid have you for dinner.” 
She giggles, “So we are by the lake then. How interesting.” 
He continues to lead her along the beach, curving away from it until he stops. 
“We have to step up here.” He says while taking the step himself. He helps her up and takes her a few steps forward. He leans closer to her to whisper, “We’re here.” 
His hand leaves hers and she longs for his warmth as soon as he departs. He unties the blindfold and she slowly opens her eyes. She gasps at the sight before her. 
Under a tree with red leaves, is an old, teal rug with a gray blanket on top. The rug has seen several seasons by how worn it looks. Surrounding the whole nook, are stacks of rocks of varying heights. There’s some sort of charm in place as the area is noticeably warmer and the snow halts at the stacks of rocks. 
She looks around and the castle is in front of them, its windows starting to glow with golden light. The lake is tranquil with waves stretching along the lonely beach. A rolling fog settles over the water, and if she were here alone, she’d find the atmosphere eerie instead of so inviting. The half-moon casts its incandescent light upon them between the gaps of dark clouds looming in the sky.
“What is this place?” She wonders. 
Ominis smiles, “Somewhere private. For the most part.” 
He pulls out a wrapped bundle from his pocket then gestures towards the rug, “I hope you’re hungry.” 
He throws the bundle and in the blink of an eye, a whole picnic spreads out on the rug; candles and all. She stares at Ominis in a bit of disbelief. His hand takes hers, as if knowing she’s in shock, and he leads her towards the picnic. They sit down next to one another. The warm glow of the candles makes the whole nook feel even more secluded as it shields them from the dark night surrounding them.
“I must say, I am certainly surprised.” She whispers. 
His cheeks grow red while he passes her a plate, “I’m glad to hear it.” 
She grabs one of the pieces of food and pops it in her mouth with a satisfied hum. She’s not sure how he was able to have an entire meal enchanted to be just as warm and fresh as when it was first prepared, but she’s not about to complain. They chat about whatever comes to mind. Their conversation flows all the way to dessert. She spins her spoon around her empty bowl before she shifts her gaze over to Ominis. 
“So, Gaunt, do you take all the girls here?” She smirks while she places her bowl away. 
“No.” He says rather sternly. “I mean, no, I haven’t taken anyone here before. Not to say that I’ve done this before. I-I haven’t done-, I haven’t been with-,” His brows furrow as he rambles. 
She places her hand on his arm, “I’m sorry. I was being facetious. This is all so lovely, Ominis.” 
He eases and spares her a smile, “I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I was told this was a nice place to…,” 
She cranes her head, “To what?” 
He shifts in place, his brows pinching together and his lips pursing as he sorts his thoughts. 
“May I ask something of you? It’s alright if you refuse.”
“Of course. Anything.” 
He angles himself to face her, “Would you allow me to touch your face? I’m aware of the oddity in the request. And you won’t upset me if you refuse. I know we’ve spent a great deal of time together, but I’m afraid I’m missing a very vital piece of you. And, I only wish to know you better. ” 
She smiles at how nervous he is and how much he’s trying to hide it. She moves herself closer and grabs both of his hands. She guides his hands up then leaves them hovering just over her cheeks. 
“You may.” 
He takes a deep breath then presses his fingertips to her face. She closes her eyes as his cold fingers trace over her features in near reverence. He starts from her forehead and trickles down until he reaches her chin. He traces back up, spreading his fingers out to cover nearly all of her face.
Ominis chuckles to himself, “I used to do this with Sebastian and Anne during our first year.” He smiles as the memory plays out in his mind, “They made it into a game. Would make me guess who was who just by touch. Going so far as to spin me around several times to ensure I couldn’t figure it out. But, I always did.” 
“How could you tell who was who?” She wonders with a smile.
Ominis goes over the bridge of her nose, “Sebastian would scrunch his nose every time. While Anne,” he moves his hands down to her lips, “she would be grinning like a mad-woman.”
“Very clever.” She smiles, making him do the same. 
He travels over the contours of her face. His lips parting every so often as he memorizes every detail. His fingers brush along her hairline and tucks away any stray hairs in his path. He feels every minute detail of her. The pinch of her brows. The subtle creases around her eyes as she smiles. The raised skin of a scar from a victorious battle. All important for him to memorize. For this is who she is. 
He forces himself to lower his hands away from her, lest he keep her the whole night with his probing. 
“Well? Did I pass your inspection?” She smirks with an amused lift in her voice. 
“With flying colors. You’re beautiful.” He admits, making her let out a soft gasp. “But, I knew that already.” 
Her heart jumps into her throat at how peaceful he seems. 
He turns his head back towards her, a question just on the tip of his tongue. His easy smile shifts into a frown.
“What is it?” She wonders.
“I have something else to ask you.” He whispers. 
“Anything.” She says just as quietly back. 
His eyes are ahead with a coldness which rivals the winter’s breeze. The candles’ light extinguish while he gathers himself and she’s left with only the occasional light from the moon.
“What do you see when you look at me?” 
She opens her mouth to reply, but nothing comes out. What words could she possibly use to describe him? None of them seem enough to explain how utterly celestial he is. And she doubts he wants to hear platitudes about his beauty. With how his body has grown rigid, she suspects there’s more to this question than meets the eye.
“What do you mean?” She wonders. 
His lips purse, “I mean exactly that. What do you see when you look at me? Do you see a helpless, blind boy? A friend? A fellow student? Or someone of status? Someone from the proud Salazar Slytherin bloodline. Tell me. What do you see? I wish to know.” 
She stares at him and he can feel her eyes roaming over him. He’s silent as she moves towards him. He suppresses a jolt when her fingers brush against his shoulder. 
“The first thing I noticed was how you carried yourself. Proud. But, not in an arrogant way. You’re confident. Sure of yourself. I admire that about you.” She moves up his shoulder, skirting around his jaw and ear to get to his hairline.
“I noticed your hair next. Neatly done. Not quite brown, but not blonde either.” She brushes through his hair and he shivers. 
She smiles as she continues, “I saw right away how brilliant you are. Your tongue, sharp and deadly. But, you also listen. Truly, listen.” She moves to cup his cheek, her other hand joining in. Her thumbs brush over where the corner of his lips are. “Your smile. While you rarely show it, I love your smile. All forms of it. The mischievous one after you say something witty. The triumphant one when you’ve discovered something, or figured a problem out. This one.” She comments in a quiet voice, making him blush further. “It’s soft. And it makes me happy when I see it.”
“I most like these dotting your face.” She touches the dark beauty marks on his pale skin. “They remind me of stars. A constellation upon your face. It’s beautiful.”
“Then I saw your eyes.”  She brushes underneath his eyes. He shuts them and she grazes over his eyelids. “You may think it silly, but I find your eyes to be my favorite part about you. They’re beautiful. Like the moon hidden behind an overcast sky, they hold so much. When you smile, it makes them shine. When you’re troubled, it’s like there’s a storm. And you make me feel like you see me. You see my true self when no one else seems to.” 
His eyes open and his lips part, his chest rising and falling in heavy breaths as her hands cup his face. He holds her wrists, letting the rawness of her emotions wash over him.
“I see you, Ominis.” She whispers. “You’re all I see.” 
His breath hitches and he shuts his eyes once more to contain himself. 
“That was… not the answer I was expecting.” He murmurs, his eyes slowly opening. He lowers her hands from his face and holds her hands between them. 
“I asked what you see, not as a means to hear your flattery, but because I’m not… I come from a family line obsessed with Pure-blood status. For me to be interested in you, goes against everything they stand for. You would be deemed a passing infatuation in their eyes.” 
“And is that what I am? A passing infatuation?” 
He shakes his head and his face contorts into near pain, “No. You are many things, but not that. Never that. Not to me.” He sighs, his hands squeezing hers, “It is because I don’t want this to be just some impermanent moment between us that I’m telling you any of this. I want to be more. I want to be so much more with you, but I can’t, with good conscience, allow such a thing to happen unless you know the truth.”
“The truth?” She shifts in place at the growing distress radiating from him. She can only hold his hands tighter while he continues. 
“My family values status. Above all else. They would never approve of you, nor my relationship with you. Not to mention my cecity. You may not comment on it, but it is an incumbrance. I will never be able to do the things others are able to. There are numerous caveats and drawbacks associated with me. And I’m no fool. I know you would have a much more pleasant experience with any of the other boys in our class. And I could never promise you that things would get easier, or if you would ever be truly happy with me.” 
He fully faces her, his jaw set and his shoulders back, “But, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try. I would spend all of my days to ensure your happiness. To give you everything I am, and ever will be. That is the only promise I can make to you. Even though you deserve more. You deserve so much more.” 
His hands are tight around hers. His whole body is rigid and the slightest breeze is sure to shatter him. 
She mulls over his words and how serious he is. 
“Do you care about me?” She finally asks.
He’s taken aback, but he nods, “Yes. Of course. I care deeply for you.” 
She smiles, “Then, that’s all I need. I don’t need anything more than just you, Ominis. You’re all I want. And I would gladly give you everything I am, as you would for me.” 
His lips part and his face falls, “No. You don’t understand the gravity of the situation.”
“I understand perfectly. Just because you believe I would have an easier time of it with some of other boy, doesn’t mean that’s what I want. I want you, Ominis.” She insists.
He shakes his head, his features stern, “You cannot fathom what my family is capable of.”
“They were willing to cast the Cruciatus Curse on me, their own son! Imagine what they would be willing to do to you, given the chance. I would never forgive myself if they hurt you because of me.” He cries, his voice breaking and his head falling to hide away his anguish from her. 
Her heart breaks for him. She’s not sure what to say to mend his hurt; his pain. So, she says nothing. Instead, breaking from his tight grip and wrapping her arms around his neck. 
She presses herself against him and whispers, “I am so sorry, Ominis.” 
He’s surrounded by her warmth. It reverberates through him and he’s quickly engulfed by her embrace. He buries himself into her neck and his arms are tight around her waist. 
“I don’t want to lose you.” He whispers, his voice wavering.
His admittance sends a wave of pain through her. She holds him closer like he would vanish if she didn’t keep a tight enough hold on him.
“I’m here. And I’m not going anywhere. That’s my promise to you.” 
A whimper escapes him and he pulls her further into him. 
“You make it seem like it’s possible.” He murmurs. 
“Isn’t it?” 
“They will come for you. If only to punish me. They will use you. I-I…,” 
She strokes his hair, “And whatever they may throw at us, we’ll deal with. Together. Because I’m not going to give up on you, Ominis. I won’t give up on us.” 
A pitiful laugh vibrates from him, his fingers digging into her clothes, “Sebastian’s right. You do make everything feel possible. Even the impossible.” He sighs, taking in her sweet scent and her warmth, “I believe you. No matter what happens, as long as we’re together, I’ll be happy.” 
She smiles, “So will I.” 
They hold onto one another until a light gets her attention. Her mouth opens in awe and she parts from him, but she doesn’t stray far, keeping their hands placed on each other’s arms.
“Do you feel them?” She wonders. 
He hears the buzzing around them. Floating and gliding by like specks on the breeze. 
He nods, “Yes. What are they?” 
“Fireflies. All around us. They’re glowing so beautifully.” She says in reverence.
She watches the fireflies drift close to them while his attention is all on her. She’s calm. A haven he finds himself always seeking. 
The heat of her gaze lands on him. Warmth spreads across his body like an unquenchable flame. He can’t stop the way his heart beats faster just knowing she’s here, with him. 
He turns his face more towards her. They’re close to one another. So close, she feels his breath upon her skin. His hand travels from her arm up to her face. He strokes her cheek as he whispers her name. She holds her breath, her heart frantic, as he moves closer, unable to resist her any longer. His nose brushes against hers then finally his lips finds hers. 
The kiss is tender, but he feels so much. His mind floods as he intertwines himself with her. He can feel everything she is as if it were his own. It’s so beautiful what she feels, and it’s only for him. 
She sighs, breaking the kiss and leaning her head against his. 
“W-What was that?” She pants. “I felt like I was… like I knew exactly what you were feeling.” 
He panics, stroking her cheek to soothe her, “I apologize. I-I didn’t mean to-,” 
“Ominis.” She cups his cheek and he feels her calming warmth rush back to him. “I’m not upset. I’ve just never experienced anything like that before. Was it you?” 
He nods, “Yes.” 
She smiles, “And that’s how you feel?” 
He nods again with an even quieter, “Yes.”
She captures his lips without warning. Like picking up a beloved book, her mind opens for him. She’s electric, sending currents and sparks rippling across his skin. His hand moves into her hair, tangling his fingers in her locks. His other arm wraps around her back to keep her flush against him. He feels her hand on his neck and another latching onto his shoulder as if to ground herself. 
He has to part this time, his breathing labored and his heart thumping madly. She presses her palm against his chest to better feel his heart beating in time with her own. She cups his cheek and he leans into her touch. 
“Are you alright?” She asks.
He lets out a shaky breath then brushes his nose against hers, his forehead pressing against hers. 
“Yes. It’s amazing. I feel you so much stronger now. To feel you like this. I don’t want to ever lose it.” He admits. 
“You’re a Legilimens, aren’t you?” She whispers. “I’ve read about them in Divinations.” 
He frowns, almost turning his head away from her if not for her hold on him, “I am. But, I never use it on anyone. Well, not really. Not in the sense that I’m prying into your mind to find your darkest secrets. It’s only to ‘read the room’, as they say. I can’t always pick up on the nuances in speech. It helps me be more ‘intuitive’, as you put it.” 
She smiles, “How amazing. You truly are amazing, Ominis.” 
His heart flips in his chest and he kisses her with a near whimper. 
“I must confess,” he says, “I have always been able to sense you better than anyone else. It’s like you're amplified. I can feel you from across the classroom, sometimes from across the castle if I concentrate hard enough.” 
Her eyes widen, “Is that so? How fascinating. I wonder if it’s because of my… disposition with Ancient Magic?” 
“Might be. Might also be that I’ve been utterly captivated by you ever since you blasted Sebastian off the platform on your first day in Defense Against the Dark Arts.” 
She giggles, “That long?” 
He smirks, “Are you surprised? You have half the school charmed by you. Even the Professors.” 
“You would know.” She teases. “Although, I wouldn’t mind delving more into your ability sometime.” 
“You don’t mind?” His head tilts and the look of shock written on his face makes her swoon. 
“Not at all. 
She kisses him, and a smile spreads across both of them, “But, that shall be for another time.” She leans back with an amused grin, “I assume you wish to spend the night here.” 
His whole body tenses and he shakes his head, “N-No. Not unless you wish it. That wasn’t my intent. T-That’s not why we’re here, if that’s what you’re worried about.” 
She giggles, “I thought that’s why you brought me here to Lover’s Cove was for that exact intent.” 
“No, no. That’s not… You knew this was Lover’s Cove?” He pales.  “How did you even hear about this place?” 
“Well, Leander has been kind enough to offer to take me here. Twice. And I have heard the rumors of it being somewhere by the lake.” She laughs at Ominis’ scowl and she rises to stand. “But, I would much rather walk with you back to the castle. It’s a pleasant night for a stroll.” 
He smiles and stands, offering his arm to her, “Shall we then?” 
She wraps herself around his arm and they walk along the sandy beach and under the starry night sky, whispering sweet nothings as they go. 
And as they arrive at the entrance to the dorm, he cups her cheek once more to capture her lips with his. The kiss is far more hungry than the ones before. It leaves her breathless and giddy as he pulls away with a smile.
"Thank you." He whispers.
"Whatever for?" She wonders, her voice hazy.
His thumb traces over the fullness of her warm cheek, "For being so stubborn. The night would’ve gone far differently if it weren’t for your tenacity. So, thank you. For not giving up.” 
“Never.” She seals her promise with a kiss. 
Ominis basks in the moment. Perhaps this will only be a passing infatuation. Or, what he more firmly believes, the beginning of something phenomenal. Whatever may happen, he knows, without a doubt in his mind, they’ll overcome anything which stands in their way.
AN: fun fact, this is an actual place you can go to in the game. I found it as i was looking for a date spot, funny enough. no idea if it's called Lover's Cove, just thought the name fit pretty well with it. Here's an image of where it is below in the red square:
Tumblr media
Also, me finding out about Legilimency AND that Salazar Slytherin was a proficient Legilimens himself, was like finding Breaking Bad level of meth on the street. I HAD TO DO IT!!
I will abuse this knowledge...
And me adding it in this chapter is like "That's a surprise tool that'll help us later :)"
Tumblr media
Also also, the idea of fifteen year olds talking like this just makes me laugh.
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axailslink · 2 days
Shuri Udaku x Jabari tribe FEM reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warning: Vulgur language, fingering, and a bit of original character personality from the first movie.
A/n: You all can thank my geeky side for this fic I found the second pic and just made some shit up.
Summary: Truthfully not really story based I just needed a reason to practice writing smut on my own accord.
Snippet from the fic: “ "Speak. Up." Shuri fidgets reaching for your hand but you glare at her daring her to touch and see what happens. "Please touch me" you hum in satisfaction but you wonder just how much more you can make her say ”
Your eyes are on Shuri the whole time she speaks with M'Baku she's a beautiful woman one who when you first met was full of vengeance and truth be told she definitely had your attention then so much that your waking nights were just thoughts of her and what you'd allow her to do to you. Truthfully it's a little sad how a woman you've only seen every so often can just run free in your mind like this without a key, card or permission. You're so in your mind that you don't notice M'baku giving you your orders "Y/n I hope your ears are working fine" you nod "yes they are" he bites on his carrot of course to drag this embarrassment out but you truly don't mind he gets a light laugh out of it and honestly the man needs one after putting up with Shuri's always serious attitude. "Then why are you not following her?" You quickly catch up to an already disappearing Shuri who seems to be walking rather fast when you're used to a normal paced stride. "Prince-" she doesn't even let you finish because of how wrong you are "queen" you do love a woman that'll correct you but good Hanuman she's a bit much. You take the safest bet and call her "panther if you do not mind my question I have to ask what is my assignment?" She stops walking and stares at you in the dark hall "are you all just this incompetent and forgettable?" You can't help but take this to heart because who in the hell does she think she's talking to? Definitely not you. Surely not. You bite your tongue "no I'm a bit out of my head my apologies" Shuri seems surprised seeing that you don't argue with her even though what she said was a bit much and bitchy but you know better than to argue with the queen of Wakanda especially with how heartless she's become.
The path that you and Shuri take is one completely familiar to you from the trees to the way the ice thickens on the ground it's only when you're there that you realize it's your home. "Oh?" Shuri turns to you and finally states your orders that you would have known if you weren't so zoned out by her threatening beauty earlier "there's no more room for people there and M'baku being the dear friend he is has asked you to provide shelter for me while we work to restore the beauty of Wakanda." You gawk for a moment because how in the hell did you miss such an order!? The queen is going to be living in your house you can't help but feel nervous now your house is never nasty or dirty but now nothing seems fine now you're wondering if the curtains have dust on them or if you washed those last dishes good enough but Shuri pulls you out of those thoughts just as quickly as they arose when her soft voice starts to shake from the cold biting air "are you going to invite me in?" You quickly open the door and invite her in offering her something warm when you both get settled she's on the couch and she's almost cute as she holds her cup of warm herbs to her lips with both hands but you block those thoughts out of your mind as you walk up the stairs to find her something of warmth. That suit looks swell but you can tell it was made in a hurry and from her voice wavering earlier she surely didn't make it with thoughts of being in the mountains. You grab what you hope she can fit and come back downstairs "you seemed cold earlier this may be warmer would you like a blanket too?" Shuri isn't surprised to see someone worry about her that's all everyone's been doing since Namor started the war but now that it's over and people are still seeing her as weak it can get a bit irritating. "I don't need them" you look at the furs in your hands and then her suit "you obviously do vibranium does a lot of things and protects a lot of people however I don't remember it being able to keep you warm. You are in my home and I will not be responsible if you die of frostbite but please be my guest." You gently toss the furs on the couch beside her and walk back upstairs Shuri is of course taken back by such lack of care when you speak to her. You're not afraid to say what you really want to and she likes that because with anyone else they just say what she wants to hear or what they know won't upset her. You don't she likes that. This prompts her to glance at the furs and then her suit before she places the glass in her hands down.
Shuri undresses herself slowly unzipping the suit of hers and she's careful as if a tug with too much strength might rip it. You're doing the same in the privacy of your room except you cover yourself in a blanket instead of a robe since you gifted Shuri your handmade robes. Finally undressed and comfortable a loud knock makes your heart pound "yes?" Shuri opens the door taking this as an invite inside but thankfully you're already covered with your blankets when she does the only thing her pretty eyes can see are the dips of your collarbones and a bit of your exposed leg. While on her you can see a lot more the robe is heavy on her you can tell she's not used to carrying that much weight so she's holding most of it in her hands while the rest wraps around her. The fur looks beautiful against her skin it's wrapped around her neck but then it takes a swooning dip in-between her breasts you honestly can't help but stare but as quickly as you do you look away. "Thank you" you nod but Shuri doesn't leave she's staring at you too admiring your scars "how many of those do you have?" You furrow your brows unsure of what she's talking about "oh I have many furs and they're all ha-" "-scars how many scars do you have?" You nod and look down at your body before turning around and showing her the ones on your back.
You don't notice Shuri's moved from her place until you feel a cold finger trace over the scars on your back you let out a quiet gasp but Shuri's intrigued she moves your hair to better see them now. "They're beautiful" you smile as you grab your blanket and pull it over your chest "thank you" Shuri hums as her hands rub down your sides "my queen" you can't deal with this kind of touching from anyone especially not Shuri Udaku. "My apologies you're just so beautiful to me" she pulls her hands away and you swear your warmth goes with her "I don't think you should touch me like that." Shuri nods while you continue to stare at the wall "I once again apologize for over stepping boundaries you offer me your home and your furs and I just take advantage of that I'm sorry." You nod as you feel your bed lighten a bit. You're ridiculous her touch is something you've craved yet when you get just a bit of it you allow her to stop you swallow trying to push away your nerves "I'm beautiful to you?" You ask as she makes her way to your door barefoot "yes... I think so but it's possible I could just be missing home and... Other things." You nod pulling the blanket over your shoulders "I'm sure there's no woman like me at home." Shuri smiles to herself "you are so right about that."
"I know because no woman you know would do or risk what I'm about to" you turn towards her now your feet dangle off the edge of your bed as you let the fur blanket pool around your waist exposing your naked body to Shuri who doesn't let her eyes leave you. You can feel that stare of hers looking at every part of you from your round breasts to your bare feet her stare is one you can't avoid one that makes you warm without even trying. To even the air now Shuri drops her furs at her feet exposing her naked body she walks closer to you now and it's your turn to admire. You stand in front of her and take the time to just look for a moment and to your surprise your stare has the same effect hers does on you and you can tell as her chest rises and falls as her body silently begs you to touch it but you don't not right away. You let the cold air bite at her as you size her up glancing at every piece of ink upon her skin. You've seen the hand one and the one on her neck but never have you noticed these new ones but you always imagined what lay beneath that suit of hers and to finally see it you're amazed.
The tattoos paint her skin they're beautiful.
Finally you trail your fingers from the tattoo curling around her shoulder to the one wrapping around her waist she shivers from your touch you're not sure why so you come to a stop whispering to not ruin the moment "do you want me to stop?" She shakes her head "no." You continue letting your hands gently caress her skin and moment after moment you get more comfortable and so does she as you start to leave kisses on her tattoos. You find your way to your knees in front of her and she watches expectantly but you tease because you want her to beg or ask nicely. You kiss your way around her pussy avoiding it as if it's not staring at you begging to be touched screaming at you as it drips from nothing but the soft touches of your lips and hands against her body. You're convinced she hasn't been touched like this in a while because she's so needy you can see it on her face but breaking that face of hers proves to be a bit more complex than you would think. The room being filled with nothing but gasps and light moans finally changes when you mumble against her skin "do you want me to touch you?" Shuri nods but that's not the answer you want you want words and you're going to get them. These sweet whimpers and gasps are pretty but nothing compares to begging and crying. Especially with Shuri's pretty eyes you just know she'd look amazing crying before you and begging you to touch her. Crying goodness maybe one day but you won't go that far... No. Not today. You give what you consider to be a light tap on Shuri's ass but it doesn't prove to be as light as you thought when Shuri cries out "shit." "I'm sorry baby but I want to hear you. Can you speak up or can you only use that pretty voice of yours when you're commanding someone else to do something?" Shuri mumbles "I want you to touch me."
Just to be a bitch you say "I'm sorry?" Shuri speaks up repeating herself but it's still not enough for you so you use two fingers to tease her wet cunt gently patting it letting your fingers get covered in her liquids and letting her get riled up. "Speak. Up." Shuri fidgets reaching for your hand but you glare at her daring her to touch it and see what happens. "Please touch me" you hum in satisfaction but you wonder just how much more you can make her say "touch you how my queen?" You keep your fingers still now gently but firmly pressing onto her clitoris "I want you..." She pauses as if to muster up the courage before finishing her sentence "I want you to touch every part of me I want you to do whatever you want to me." You're the one at a loss for words now but you don't stay like this. You pull her to your bed and make her sit down on the edge propping her legs up "I want to hear everything I want to hear your moans your gasps and your cries can we do that? If I see you thinking about covering your mouth I'll leave you just like this needy and craving an orgasm. Uyaqonda? (Do you understand?) Shuri nods earning a hard smack on her thigh "yes."
You take the time to admire her pretty pussy everything about her is pretty her lips her eyes her hair her thighs but this... What sits in front of you waiting to be touched as it leaks holds a beauty that the goddess Aphrodite herself must have gifted. you rub her thigh and she sighs but seeing her obviously irritated only makes you smile as you suck on her clitorus causing her body to hitch not expecting that so suddenly but you only hum loving the way she's currently trying to stay still. Yeah you've got to get rid of this whole not doing what she so obviously wants to do thing it's holding her back and can ruin this moment for her you don't want that so you give her a little motivation slipping two digits inside of her wet pussy causing her to let out a sweet whimper. Pulling away from her clit for just a moment you tell her "don't be shy you can ride out your orgasm reach your high as you please shit you can grab my hair but I want to see that you're enjoying this too... Okay?" Shuri nods "yeah I...yeah." you're not rough with her from the get go no you ease into it starting off gentle massaging the inside of her walls occasionally curling your fingers causing them to hit the right spot just where she seems to love it because she gets louder when you do this and her body lifts off the bed trying to fuck herself on your hand. It's cute seeing how when she's near she doesn't run away from the feeling instead she runs to it head first. That's good it lets you know that she's comfortable now but letting her be comfortable for too long can be boring so you of course have to change it up getting faster and rough with her using your free arm to keep her in place as she gets louder and finds it hard to be still fucking herself on your hand. The sounds coming from both of her lips are sinful and just like you imagined her moans are beautiful and remind you of a melody but the rasp behind them itches your brain just right and the lewd wet sounds coming from soaking pussy only encourages you to continue.
You watch with a smile on your face as she bucks her hips into your hand "mhm c'mon baby" your encouraging words bring Shuri to her climax. When she looks at you her expression immediately reads embarrassed but you lick your hand clean watching her as you do to show that none of that matters right now and she surely has nothing to be embarrassed about. "You want me to run you a bath?" Shuri nods and you get up dusting your knees off "princess" earlier she corrected you and you wonder will she do it again? "Queen" you hum as you run her some hot bath water and she follows behind you. "You seem embarrassed" Shuri shrugs "maybe... it's just been intimate in a while and I don't think one time did enough for me." Oh... You're surprised but not all too much you knew from the start she could go rounds and that's great because you have a box of toys with her name on it. "So what? You already staying the night we could let this water cool hm" Shuri nods as she glances at your lips just for a moment she hopes you didn't see her but you did and you smile "you want to kiss me?" Shuri stares at your lips now licking her own at the thought of yours on hers. "Can I?" "No. Not if this is casual I don't kiss hookups. They don't deserve it." Shuri nods as you turn on your heel to walk out of the bathroom but Shuri's voice cutting through the air makes you pause in your steps.
"So what if it's not casual?" Did you just touch your way into a relationship with the queen of Wakanda? Yes. Yes you did.
A/n: gentle reminder I do not write smut so please be respectful and think of that before you comment. 😀
Taglist: @verachii @mocha-aya @shuriszn @lolas-bunny @lucillele @shuri-lover @quintessencewrites @yamsthoughts @saintwrld @rxcently @lunax0654 @karimwillia @adeola-the-explorer @garbagesleepschedule @bratydoll @trixielwt @6-noir @annoyingtidalwavequeen @atssukoo @shuri-my-love @inmyheadimobsessed @letitias-fav @rxcently @iwillbiteabitch
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pondreid · 1 day
I was thinking about a concept where reader and spencer are dating but the bau doesn't know, and reader meets emily/jj and they hit it off and maybe they can introduce reader to the rest of the team without knowing that they're dating spencer, just all cute and fluffy and stuff lol
Thanks for this ask :D I loved this concept!! This felt a bit rushed though so apologies if it doesn't make sense
Warnings: alcohol, that's about it. (LMK if I missed anything!)
Word Count: 1853
Oblivious - Spencer Reid x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Being a student it was rare that you got a free night to go out with your close friends, so when they asked if you wanted to go out tonight you jumped at the chance. You stood in front of your mirror, checking your outfit one more time before you got ready to leave.
“Hey, Spence, are you sure you’re alright with this? I know it was short notice and we planned to have a movie night but-”
“Y/N, you don’t need to worry. We can have movie night another time, you barely get to see your friends so I want you to enjoy it.” Spencer said, his hands firm on my shoulders as he stared into my eyes. A small smirk grew on his face before he said, “Just make sure you don’t go home to your old apartment again.”
He was referencing a night you don’t particularly remember, where you essentially got blackout drunk and forgot that you had moved into Spencer’s apartment. You playfully scoffed at him and pushed his hands off of your shoulders.
Your phone buzzed with a text to let you know that your taxi was outside the building, so you kissed your boyfriend goodbye and headed outside.
The bar was especially busy tonight, bodies packed close together almost forming a wall between the entrance and the bar. You’d already been here for 2 hours and your friends had long since found themselves someone to leave with. You should’ve expected this, of course, being the only person in your immediate friend group to be in a relationship. A few men and women had made advances to you over the course of the night, but none as persistent as the man sat in front of you. He pushed a drink towards you, encouraging you to take a sip and laughing off your attempts at rejection.
“All due respect sir, but I’m really not interested. I would appreciate it if you would leave me alone.” Once again he chuckled to himself and shifted closer to you. He opened his mouth to speak when he was interrupted by a woman that you didn’t even notice was stood right next to you.
“She said no, now leave.” As he looked up at her, he visibly cringed and apologised, swiftly leaving the two of you alone. You turned to face the woman, confused as to how she’d managed to send him running with a tail between his legs with only 5 words.
“Hey I’m Emily. I’m sorry he was bothering you, he tried to hit on me and my friends earlier.” She pointed to 2 blonde women sat at a table near the back wall.
“If you want, you can come sit with us.” You gladly accepted Emily’s offer and walked over the to their table while Emily stayed at the bar, presumably ordering the table some more drinks.
“Hi, I’m Penelope, this is Jennifer. Can I just say you are really pretty. And where did you buy that dress? It is amazing! Oh, we didn’t get your name.”
Jennifer seemed to laugh off her excitement like it was normal for her. You found it endearing if not a little bit scary. Still, they seemed like nice people so you began to introduce yourself.
After a while of talking (and plenty of alcohol), you called yourself a taxi. You hoped they would invite you out with them again, their group dynamic intrigued you and you could definitely see yourself becoming good friends with them. The cold air bit at your exposed skin as you waited with Penelope for your cab to arrive.
“Hey, I should get your number! We should definitely do this again sometime, maybe then you could tell me more about where you got that dress. I mean seriously, most stored these days don’t even…”
You don’t remember much of the conversation after that, the tequila shots finally catching up with you. You do, however, have a pounding headache as you wake up in your bed the next morning. You slowly open your eyes and look over to the cabinet on your left, where you saw some water, a banana and a note that read:
“Hey baby, I’m really sorry but I got called in for a case early this morning. I didn’t wake you because you need your sleep. I left some things for your inevitable hangover, and make sure to call me as soon as you wake up. And remember to stay hydrated!! <3”
You smiled to yourself at his cute note and dialled your number in you phone. It rang once before he picked up. 
“My head feels like it's being smashed repeatedly against the wall”
“Good morning to you too, Sunshine. Did you drink your water?” 
“I was just about to, but your note said to call you IMMEDIATELY so..”
“You won’t get out of this on a technicality, drink up”
“Fine, fine.” As you reached over to get the glass, you heard a quiet “Reid” in the background of your phone call. “There’s a development in the case?”
“I hope so, so far we have nothing. I promise I will call you later, okay?”
“Yeah, sure.”
“I love you Y/N/N”
“I love you too”
You spent the next 6 days busying yourself with coursework between your phone calls with your boyfriend. You loved that he was saving people, but sometimes you wished you got more time with him. Luckily for you, Spencer had called to tell you that the case was over and he was on his way back. 
Spencer had fallen into a light sleep on the jet sofa shortly after informing you of this. Across the jet, the rest of the team sat around the main table discussing their next night out.
“Oh! We should invite Y/N!” Penelope exclaimed.
JJ and Emily nodded in agreement, as Garcia pulled out her phone to ask you. You accepted, delighted that they would ask despite not knowing you that well. Of course you kept in touch with Penelope as she was the only one with your number, however you hadn’t spoken to Jennifer or Emily since that night so you were excited to see them again.
When Spencer got home, he saw you eating what looked like leftover Thai food on the sofa.
“Oh, Spence, you’re back!” 
He dropped his go-bag by the door and took his seat next to you. As he wrapped his arms around you, you felt your body fill with warmth. You never realise how much you his his touch until you feel it again.
“I’m really sorry baby but the team are going out later and I said I’d go with them. I know you probably wanted to spend time with me, so if you want you can join me!”
“Spence, it’s okay I’m going out tonight as well. Do you remember those girls from the night out I told you about last week?”
“Oh they invited you out? That’s great!”
“I know right! I’m about to head over to Pen’s apartment to get ready, I was waiting for you to get in.”
You arrive at her house about half an hour later, your dress and shoes in hand. Emily opens the door for you and brings you into the bedroom. JJ and Penelope were doing their makeup in the ensuite, as you walked in you overheard their conversation.
“... so Will and Henry are having a boy’s night. I do feel bad because I’ve been gone for a week but the minute Will…” 
The more they spoke, the paler your face got. Jennifer had a husband and son, you knew that. You did not however know that they were named Will and Henry. Dispute being with Spencer, you had not met any of his friends yet. He did, however, speak a lot about them, meaning you knew their names. How it took you until now to realise that the girls you had met in the bar were the same people from the team that was like Spencer’s family, you did not know. It was quite daunting knowing that you were going out with Spencer’s close friends, but then you thought: maybe you could have some fun with this. Spencer doesn’t know that you’re going to be there, and the look on his face when he sees you will be priceless. You can picture it now, his jaw slack and the blood rushing to his cheeks. It was for this reason that you decided to keep quiet about being Spencer’s girlfriend for now.
It wasn’t until you were queuing outside the club that you realised that maybe this isn’t how Spencer wanted to introduce you to his friends. They were, after all, his family. What if he was mad that you kept this from him. No, Spencer wouldn't get mad. Disappointed? Definitely. But not mad. And it’s not like you knew all along, you only found out an hour ago. As you overthink your decision, the queue moves forward and you, JJ, Emily and Penelope enter the club.
It’s now or never.
A man waves you guys over to the table he is sat at with 3 other men. While you walked over, you tried to guess who was who based on the many descriptions Spence had given you. You could tell who was Hotch immediately. Despite smiling and talking to the man next to him, he still had an air of seriousness about him that somewhat intimidated you. You presumed Rossi was sat next to him, and he was much older. Of course that meant Derek was the 3rd man at the table, who had waved you over.
When you took your seat at the table, you heard Spencer audibly gasp. The whole group turned to look at him, and his face looked exactly how you’d pictured.
“I- uh what, I mean, what are you doing here?”
“Pretty boy you know her?”
Hotch and Rossi merely chuckled while looking between you and Spencer, clearly being able to tell by Spencer’s reaction what was going on between you.
“Wait, Y/N, you know Reid? Why didn’t you say?”
Perhaps you should’ve thought about how the team would react, because you felt like you were currently being interrogated. Each member was either looking straight at you or at Spencer, and you could feel them trying to profile you.
“Spence and I are-”
“We’re dating!” Spencer yelled, interrupting you mid-sentence. “Y/N is my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for a while now.” He turned to look at you. “You didn’t tell me this is where you were going?”
His tone didn’t sound disappointed, nor was it accusatory. You couldn’t figure out how he was feeling, but you supposed that was down to not being a profiler.
“I didn’t realise until I heard JJ mention her family. I thought I’d surprise you.” Spencer said nothing, instead opting to smile at you and grab your hand, “ I was definitely surprised, but I’m happy you’re here.”
Silence falls upon the group for a few moments until Penelope speaks up.
“Tell us ALL about how you guys met.”
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parkerslatte · 2 days
Right Person, Right Time
Eddie Roundtree x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2.1k
Summary: Y/N is friends with The Six, but she is a little closer to a certain bassist in particular. She can always sense that something is wrong. When Eddie has a conversation with Camila, Y/N is there to reassure him that she is always there for him and it puts things into perspective for him.
Tumblr media
Eddie: There’s a lot to say about Y/N. 
Karen: We all met Y/N around the time we started our first tour. She was just starting out as an actress.
Warren: Y/N? Y/N was great,man! When she wasn’t on set she would join us at the studio. I tried teaching her drums once.
Eddie: She was…the best person I’ve ever known.
Y/N L/N stepped through the threshold of the house she knew and loved so much. Everyone was expecting her so she dumped her bag near the bottom of the stairs and walked through the house. It was eerily silent. Typically she heard shouting and arguing or the sound of instruments.
“Hello? Guys?” Y/N called throughout the house. 
Y/N turned a corner and was surprised with the sound of yelling and streamers being thrown in her face. 
“Oh my god!” She exclaimed. 
Eddie, Karen, Warren and Graham stood there with smiles on their faces. Y/N smiled at them and raced over to hug them. Warren pulled her into a hug first and held onto her tight, next was Graham, who’s hug was short and sweet before he took his place next to Karen. Next was Karen.
“I can’t believe you left me alone with these boys!” Karen spoke and she hugged Y/N. 
“Next time come with me, escape the testosterone for a bit.” Y/N joked with her.
The final person to give her a hug was Eddie. He stepped up to her and gave her a tight hug. His arms  wrapped around her waist as he lifted her up from her feet and spun her around. 
“Eddie! Put me down!” Y/N exclaimed as she gripped onto him. 
Eddie smiled and placed her back down on her feet. Y/N smiled at Eddie and he slowly released her and stepped back. 
“How have all of you been? It’s been months.” Y/N questioned.
Warren steps closer to her and slings his arm over her shoulder leading her through the house, “You’re the one who’s just home back from a big movie set, tell us about it.”
“It was great! It was a lot more tiring than I thought it would be though.” Y/N responded. 
“Just think about it, Y/N L/N, Oscar winning actress!” Warren said as they sat on the couch. 
“That’s a goal for later in life.” Y/N laughed. 
Eddie sat down next to her and Y/N unconsciously leant into him. 
“But if you do go to the Oscars, I’ll be your plus one right?” Warren questioned, taking a sip from his drink. 
“Hey, why do you get to be her plus one? I’m the one who invites her to all the rehearsals.” Karen cut in. 
“She met me first!” Graham exclaimed. 
As the three began arguing, Y/N sat back and watched, an amused smile gracing her face. Eddie looked down at her. 
“You’d bring me, right?” He asked, bending down to whisper the question into her ear. 
“No doubt about that.” Y/N resplied, turning to face Eddie. 
Eddie smiled and reached to take a sip of his drink while the three continued to argue.
Eddie: That same year I was at the Oscars watching Y/N make her speech for best supporting actress. I was so proud of her. 
Warren: I still can’t believe Y/N didn’t take me.
Eddie: It wasn’t long after Y/N won an Oscar before we were on tour. I asked her to come with us. Having Y/N around always made me feel better. But she was going to work on another film. 
“Call me when you get the chance. I want to hear all about the excruciating bus journey.” Y/N says as she hugs Karen. 
Y/N hugs the rest of the band members one by one until she gets to Eddie. She reaches up and locks her arms around his neck, giving him a tight hug. Eddie reciprocated the hug and held her tightly. 
“I’ll miss you.” Y/N mumbles into his shoulder. 
“I’ll miss you too.” 
“You’ll be fucking amazing.” Y/N says and she pulls away. 
With one last wave at the band, Y/N steps over to allow Camila to say goodbye to everyone. Camila bids goodbye to everyone, however once she gets to Eddie she simply gives him a smile before walking over to Y/N. Y/N furrows her eyebrows for a moment, thinking the interaction was strange but the thought quickly leaves her mind as the buses pull away. 
Eddie: She could almost always tell what I was feeling. That’s why she surprised us on the tour I think. 
When Y/N walked through the doors to the party, all eyes turned to look at her, including the eyes of the people she had come to surprise. 
“Y/N?” Warren exclaimed and rushed forward to greet her, “What are you doing here?”
“I have a few days where I’m not wanted on set so I’ve come to surprise everyone.” Y/N shouted over the music. 
“This is a great surprise!” Karen said while passing Y/N a drink which she accepted gratefully. 
Y/N slumped down on the couch and fell into conversation with her friends. Despite having close friends outside of this group, she never felt at ease as she did when she was surrounded by them. Falling into conversation was easy and didn’t ever stop until the early hours of the morning. 
Y/N hadn’t even finished her drink before another one was thrust in her hand. She quickly finished off her first drink before starting on her new one. 
“Where’s Eddie?” Y/N questioned upon noticing that she hadn’t seen him yet.
“Not sure,” Warren replied, “He wandered off a while ago.”
Y/N looked around the party, “I’m going to look for him.”
Y/N got up and looked around the room in search of Eddie. Many people dragged her into conversation as she looked around and she had to find the most polite excuse to end the conversation before she got sucked into it. 
Looking around the room once more, she found Camila quickly walking away from the balcony doors. 
“Hey Camila!” Y/N says, weaving her way through people, “Have you seen Eddie anywhere?”
“Um,” Camila says, looking around, never making eye contact with Y/N, “No, I haven’t, sorry Y/N.”
Y/N eyes her suspiciously before nodding, “Okay, if you find him, let him know I was looking for him alright?”
Camila smiled at her, “Will do. See you later Y/N.”
Y/N smiled at Camila before the woman left her. Y/N’s eyes drifted up to the balcony doors which were firmly closed. Before she even knew it, Y/N’s feet were taking her over to them. Y/N pulled the doors open and stepped out onto the balcony and into the cool night air. 
Y/N looked to the source of the voice and smiled at the sight of the person she had been looking for. 
“Eddie.” Y/N says, flinging her arms around him, careful not to spill her drink.
“What are you doing here?” Eddie asked.
“I have a few days off from shooting so I came to surprise everyone.” Y/N responded, pulling away from the hug to take a swig from her drink, “I was sitting with everyone before I realised you weren’t there so I came looking for you and- are you okay?”
Y/N cut herself off to ask Eddie that question. His smile didn’t quite reach his eyes and he looked like he was trying his best to hold back tears. 
“I’m fine.” Eddie lies.
Y/N’s eyes softened, she reached up to Eddie’s face and wiped away the single tear that slipped down his cheek, “Eddie, I’ve known you for years, I can tell when you lie to me.”
“It’s nothing,” Eddie says, “At least it is now.”
Y/N placed her drink down on the floor before she wrapped Eddie in a hug, “Does this have anything to do with Camila?”
Eddie didn’t answer but that was enough of an answer or Y/N. 
Y/N pulled away slightly, placing her hands on either side of Eddie’s face, “You don’t have to tell me anything Eddie, but if you ever want to talk about it, I’m just a phone call away.”
“That’s the problem,” Eddie says, “You’re a phone call away but I wish you were just here with me or I was with you.”
Y/N leaned forward, resting her forehead against Eddie’s, “Eddie, I wish that were possible but you and I both know it isn’t.”
“I know, but I miss you.” Eddie says, closing his eyes. 
“I miss you too,” Y/N says, her voice barely above a whisper, “So much.”
Eddie gave a tight lipped smile before pulling Y/N closer, he buried his head into her neck and the two stood like that for a while. 
Eddie: I think that was the night that put everything into perspective for me. 
Karen: Everyone could see that something was happening between Y/N and Eddie. Graham and I were taking bets on it.
Warren: Honestly I thought they were screwing long before the tour.
Eddie: I realised that day that night that Y/N was the one I wanted to be with. That feeling I would get when I was with Y/N was love. I was in love with Y/N and I hadn’t realised it. There was a point where we didn’t have shows for a couple days so I went to see Y/N. Billy wasn’t happy but I didn’t care, the only thing I cared about was her.
Y/N lay in her garden, enjoying her final day off before she finished shooting her movie. She flipped the page of her book while taking a sip from her drink. 
“Y/N?” A voice broke the peaceful silence. 
Y/N turned and came face to face with Eddie. Her eyebrows pulled together confused. 
“What are you doing here? You should be on the other side of the country.” Y/N says, getting up from her chair. 
“I needed to see you.” Eddie says.
“Are you okay?” Y/N asked concerned. 
Eddie nodded, “I just need to tell you something.”
“You do know that phones exist right?” Y/N joked but once she realised that Eddie was serious she stepped closer to him, resting her hands on his upper arms gently.
“Are you sure that you’re okay?” Y/N questioned. 
Eddie: As soon as she asked me that the second time, I couldn’t stop myself. I kissed her.
Y/N let out a sound of surprise as Eddie’s lips connected with hers. His hands held onto her waist, pulling her closer. Y/N didn’t do anything, she was shocked. 
Eddie pulled away and looked at Y/N, her face remained expressionless. He was afraid he had just messed up another friendship. 
“Y/N…” Eddie mumbled, “Please say something.”
Y/N didn’t, her thoughts were running at a million miles an hour. Y/N slowly reached up and rested her hands on either side of Eddie’s face.
“Y/N, please.” Eddie said, barely audible.
Y/N leaned forward and connected their lips once again, her fingers ran through his hair. Eddie gripped onto her waist tightly and pulled her close until there wasn’t a single gap between them. 
Eddie: (laughs) I still remember that day like it was yesterday.
Eddie tapped Y/N’s thigh and she jumped up wrapping her legs around him. Eddie carried her into the house and set her down on the kitchen countertop. Eddie pulled his lips away from Y/N briefly. 
“Y/N, I love you.” Eddie says, his thumbs brushing across her thighs. 
Y/N smiled, “You want to know something, Eddie? I had no clue I felt this way about you until you kissed me. It just feels right, like we should have been doing it all along.”
Eddie smiles and Y/N swears it is the most beautiful smile she had ever seen. 
“Well then, let’s make up for lost time.” Eddie says and connects their lips once again. 
Eddie: I proposed to Y/N six months later. 
Y/N L/N: Over twenty years later I still feel like the young woman I was when we shared our first kiss and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
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peaky-shelby · 14 hours
» summary: in which an arrogant and talented football player (the best of his time as some say) and a focused and harsh critic of a journalist are gonna have to find a way to co-exist.
» chapter 13: back to the start
» Writer's note: this chapter was especially hard to write Because we are so close to the finish line and i don't want to end 😭😭😭 hope you got tissues with you!! See you at the end!
» Taglist: @moonchildohh @formulahoe @princetongirlll818 @mavieesttriste16 @kiwisa @godessstela @hummusxx @kodzuvk @pink-manz @corbyns-smile @ippid @jayruiewo265738 @blueanfield @mrs-bellingham @sorceresski @sooblovebot  @okayymochi @army7g @j-rbps @heli991113  @markhyucksmells @chaotic-taco-collector-blog @i0veless @photmath @http-isabela @rainytelevisionfilmwagon
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Tumblr media
“You and Mason figuring things out again, ha?” he questioned, ones they reached the outdoor venue and hid behind a wall, so no one would see them. Taylor snorted at the comment, she could hear jealousy all over his tone, she could even feel him staring at her. She turned around to face him.
“Back to being an asshole again, ha?”
“You sure he won’t be looking for you right now?”
“What are you doing here?” she asked but the question sounded more stupid out loud then it did on her mind. Of course, he was here, he was supposed to be here with the French team. It would be weird if he wasn’t. She looked at his leg “I mean why are you not locked up in a hospital or something with that horrible leg.”
“Same reason you are not locked up in your bedroom after writing that horrible article.”
She laughed, an evil laugh. She bit her tongue annoyed, crossing her arms and looking away because that was a low blow and it seemed like they were back to their old ways. The times when they bit on each other like cats and dogs and scarred one another deep.
“I’m not doing this.” She said and walked past him. He grabbed her arm, forcing her to turn to him again, pulling her close to him. He had missed her skin, her perfume, her aura. He wished she’d go on calling him a piece of shit if that meant she’d stay for another minute with him and ignore Mason Mount. He moved his hand up her arm, making sure the contact gave away his dirty thoughts. Because he wanted her to know, he still thought about her under him or over him.
She looked at his hand, memories swarming in her mind like flies of all the times he’d done that in Paris. Kylian made a step forward, leaking his lips and looking up and down at her. She looked different. The fire in her eyes was gone, like she had no will to fight him at all.
“How did you do it?” she asked suddenly. His eyes lifted up to hers, he wasn’t sure what she meant. She pulled her arm away, replacing his touch with her own by putting her hand over where his used to be. “I can imagine but I want to know for sure. Why didn’t she release the article about us? It was ready! It would have been front page. The biggest headline. So why, did it never break out?”
“Why does it matter--”
“Because it does!” she snapped. “So, tell me, or this conversation is over.” He hesitated. Hid his hands in his pockets. She examined him, her suspicious getting confirmed while she looked at him. “How much did you give her and what else did you promise her because it couldn’t have been just money!” he didn’t respond. She went closer, slapped his arm “how fucking much, Kylian?” she asked louder, tried to hit him again but he snatched her hands—
“Arrêtés!” he yelled, his eyes staring right in hers and she tried to push him away but he pulled her closer instead, their chest bumping onto each other. She looked at his lips, it was an instinct. She craved him as much as she hated him. He angled himself so he’d have access to her lips if he wanted to, if he needed to. “I told you before you left that I’d stop it and that’s what I did. The how is not important.”
“My savior” she mumbled but there was so much irony in her voice, it made him distance himself, take a good look at her. He narrowed his eyes.
“That’s what you have to say?”
“I have a bomb over my head for the rest of my life, what do you want me to say? I Left because I was ready for it to explode and now, I have to look over my shoulder, listening to all these endless rumors—”
“You left because you wanted to ran away—”
“Yes, and you made sure I have to keep running by ‘protecting’ me—”
“Protecting you?” now he would be the one to get defensive, regretful of thinking even for a moment that he could show his true emotions for his ex coach “Don’t give yourself so much credit, I did it for me, as I do everything, hasn’t that been your complaint ever since you met me?” She didn’t answer. “I mean imagine, talented player, can’t hold himself together around an assistant. Pitiful, I’d say!” Something broke inside of her, something she didn’t know she had. He bit his tongue, tasting the poison before speaking he next words “At the end of the day it’s not my fault if you go on fucking footballers and the story comes back around—”
It was a hard slap. He’d be lying if he said that he didn’t expect it or deserved it. When he looked up again, he could see her eyes, swollen, red and tears under them. He had been the cause of that, same way she had been the cause of his aching cheek and it seemed that all the two were capable of was hurting each other, even when they wanted to help.
Tumblr media
Trish could hear her ringtone, she knew her phone was somewhere in the bathroom stall, definitely not in her dress pocket anymore. No, that space was filled by Jude’s hands instead while he was leaving his taste on her lips, kissing every corner of her mouth. She was tied on him, pinned against the glass walls that separated the stalls and breathing him in. How did they find themselves in these situations, she didn’t know but she liked it. She opened her eyes to search for the device but a moan left her lips immediately after as she felt Jude sucking on her neck, making her forget what she was looking for in the first place. The phone went silent for a moment, the ringtone echoed again and she tried to untangle herself from the tall beautiful man but he held her tighter, his lips finding hers again.
“let it ring.” He whispered in her mouth.
“You’re being needy.”
“Bite me,” he responded quickly.
Trish laughed “Metaphorically or Literally?”
Jude pulled away only so she could see the sneaky grin on his face “both.”
Trish couldn’t hide her smile as dived in his neck, left bites on his veins. Despite their need to stay locked with each other, the phone didn’t seem like it was going to give up. Trish groaned on his neck and jumped off, she ducked and found the phone under the toilet. As she got up, Jude put his arms around her, to keep her close while she answered the call but she pulled away just seconds later, and turned around to face him, a terrified expression in her eyes.
“Oh my god—” she whispered before hiding her mouth in shock.
Tumblr media
“I’m sorry..” it was an honest apology. It came a few minutes later after he had spoken his brutal and offensive words. She had turned her back on him, he was looking at the floor, his hand over his aching cheekbone. She sniffed in her tears, wiping them with the back of her hand. Perhaps this is how it would always be between the two, hurting and healing each other simultaneously. She nodded, knowing that she must have said worst to him at some point, so did she really have any right to be mad at him? Well… even if she did, she had no strength to. His warmth came like a veil around her, as he walked closer and embraced her from behind, his head lost in her hair. He whispered the words that she’d never admit out loud: “Tu m'as manqué.” He kissed her neck, the way he used to in her small apartment, in the city of love, the moments of sin and weakness that they shared. She let him, he kept going, she ached to turn and face him, kiss him, taste him. His fingers crawled slightly under her shirt, the skin to skin contact making both of them dizzy and she was so close to letting go of her defenses, sinking into him, an ocean that if she could breath underwater, she’d stay in forever.
She turned, their lips inches from each other, it’s that moment before jumping in the water, you know it’s gonna be cold and endless, it scares you.
She moved away, behind her stood a breathless Trish and a worried looking Jude. Something was wrong, she just didn’t know what. Trish hesitated, like the words were stuck on her lips but she couldn’t find the strength to speak them. Taylor noticed the way that Jude had his hand placed on her shoulder. She moved closer to them, losing Kylian’s warmth completely. “What happened?” Trish never said it. Her eyes were loud enough. “Is he ok?”
“In the hospital.” Said Jude.
“Beth tried to call you—” taylor looked in her bag for her phone, she tried to open it but the battery had died, typical.
“Fuck!” She threw her phone back in her bag and walked away, heading to the parking lot for her car. Her heartbeat echoed in her mind. Jude stepped in front of her, his tall figure blocking her view .
“You’re not driving.” He said strictly “I’ll take you and Trish to the hospital.”
Kylian watched the scene unfold, feeling helpless yet again. He followed them to Jude’s car, only stopping when they got in. He stood by the window. “let me know how he is.”
“I will.” She said, part of her wanting him to come with her, to hold her if the worst case scenario were to come true. He gave her hand a light squeeze and he stepped back to let the car leave.
Tumblr media
Lily Wilock, was a vibrant girl. She had long black hair, curly, like her mother’s Beth. She didn’t know a lot about the world yet. She hadn’t known any heartache in her life either, but there was something about this night. Everyone had a worried expression, the bright hospital lights were hurting her eyes and she wanted to sleep but even her mother’s hug felt weird like she wasn’t completely with her. She knew her dad, Charlie, was somewhere in one of those white rooms, sleeping because he needed more help than usual and these rooms were more relaxing than usual rooms, or at least that’s what she was told. It was the sound of quick footsteps that had her turning her head as she sat on the black couch in the hall. That’s when she saw her sister, running, Trish was with her, she was always funny. And a man that she had met a couple of times—she liked him because last time she saw him, he ha picked her up on hos shoulders and she felt like she could see the whole world from up there.
“How is he?” Asked Taylor and lily looked up at her, biting her finger while watching at the grown ups. The tall man walked up to her, kneeling in front of her so they were the same height and smiled, waving, taking her attention off the conversation that Taylor was having with her mother.
“Look at you, all grown up. You’re almost taller than me!”
Lily laughed, blushing and hiding her face “Am not!” she said.
“Yes you are look!” he moved his hand between them, making it look like hers was higher than his and the two of them laughed. It was a loud laugh that came out of lily, one that you don’t hear in hospital hallways. Taylor looked at them, remembering that she had to put a mask on for her sister. She went and knelt next to Jude, forcing a smile on her face.
“He says I’m tall!” complained Lily.
“Does he?” asked Taylor, the color of her voice coming out sadder than she meant it to.
“Look how tall you can be—” Jude picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder again and spinning her around. Trish sat next to Taylor, patting her shoulder. And she had to go against every emotion and need in her body, to not start crying because she knew exactly what was going to follow.
Tumblr media
Trish and Jude left a few hours later, if she was in her right mind, she would have questioned them leaving together. But she wasn’t. At some point she drifted off to sleep with lily in her arms. Her mind was awake, ready to hear the alarm, but her body had given in and there was something about listening to a little kid breathing in her sleep. She opened her eyes when she felt a slight tickling on her cheek, she thought it’d be Beth and almost jumped of the couch but it was someone else. Dressed in his hoody, black sunglasses to hide his eyes and a mask to cover his features. No one else could recognize him, but she knew his touch all too well.
“Ky?” she whispered.
“You came.”
“You called.”
Taylor smiled, she looked at Lily who had found a hiding place in her arms and at Beth who was sitting in the end of the couch, head laid on her hand. Kylian smiled at Lily. “She’s cuter in person.” Taylor hummed in response, rubbing her eyes. “You wanna go get some coffee?” he asked and she nodded, carefully moving away from lily and getting up, she told Beth she’d be back in just a few minutes with coffee for the both of them.
Taylor was still wearing her mini dress, but Jude had left his jacket for her. Kylian would have offered his hoodie if he wasn’t scared of being recognized. They walked in silence, their fingers almost brushing as they walked. Taylor ordered their coffees but Kylian handed his card to the barista before she had time to pay. The barista took a good look at him but didn’t say anything. The two of them made their way back to where they were before, Kylian took the opportunity and interlocked his hand with hers, making her stop and pulled her in a private corner they could be alone for a minute. He moved his mask down and she took of his sunglasses because she needed to look at them. He leaned his forehead on hers, giving her any energy he had. She held his hand tighter and let her body drop on his chest, he rubbed her back, silence. That’s where the two of them thrived, that’s where they understood each other the most.
“Have you heard anything about Luna?” she asked suddenly.
He held back his smile “she’s thriving.”
“I miss her.” She paused “can you tell your friend to send some pictures?”
He stroked her hair behind her ear. “I’ll tell him.”
“thanks.” She answered and lowered her head. He noticed, sorrow returning.
“He’ll be ok—”
“Don’t say that.” She said quickly.
He hesitated “what do you want me to say?”
So many things, she thought. He brushed her hair, kissing the top of her head. “I don’t know.” He moved his hand to her cheek, lifting her head and kissing her temple, then her cheek, then the corner of her lips and she could taste the salt all over her skin.
The two started moving again, Kylian putting on his disguise like before, hiding his face and walking back to Beth but her entire body froze as she made the turn. Beth was up, standing in front of the doctor, head low, her whispers echoing in the empty hallways, lily laying on the couch, cuddled with her knees, still sleeping. Taylor’s knees couldn’t hold her up, her hands couldn’t hold the coffee cups, she dropped them, dropped herself on the floor too. Kylian tried to keep her up, pulling her hand but he didn’t insist. He let her crumble and he had never heard her making these sounds, these broken sounds, a low scream, combined with sobs and mumbling. She held on the fabric of his shirt, making a fist with her hand as she trembled, so fragile, he thought. So fucking fragile.
Tumblr media
How do you move on from such a loss? When the hand that has been holding you through everything, turns cold. Only thing she can remember from that night is moving between different embraces, the sound of cries, hers and Beth’s. The doctor’s eyes. No one tells you about that, how the doctor’s eyes get imprinted in your brain, stay in you thought every time you try to think about the one you lost. No one tells you that even when you’re in the funeral, ready to say goodbye you think about them as if they are alive, expecting them to call as soon as the reception is over. You save a seat for them in church because you were used to saving it for them your entire life. And your last conversation remains on repeat in your head, analyzing every last word, lingering on everything they said.
“Why do you stay? You’re not even happy there.” He told her, the night before the party, the night before he left.
“I’m content.” She lied, now she whished she hadn’t. Her father coughed, it was a rough cough, she should have known.
“You’re settling.”
She looked at him, thinking about his face now, she could see all the signs, the circles under his eyes, his torn lips, his weak color. She could have saved him perhaps, if she wasn’t lost in her thoughts. “Maybe I am. But at least I’m home. It’d be the same in Paris.”
“Paris scares you for all it’s possibilities.”
“Paris scares me for all it’s dangers.” She admitted, looking down at the blanket that she had hidden under, pulling one of the loose threads, scratching her nail against it. “Should have let go of football when god told me to.”
“Since when do you believe in God?” he asked, almost laughing. “had to drag you in church when you were a kid, you weren’t a fan of it when you were a teenager either—“
“People change.” She said, but she was smiling because she knew how stupid she must have sounded.
“Yeah they do. When they are looking for an excuse.” She looked up at him, her smile fading away. “you’re forcing yourself out, telling everyone it’s your decision while convincing yourself it’s your only decision.” He always had the most brutal truths under his tongue, she pulled harder on the thread “No one tells you to turn back to PSG, but you could have a career in this and you are not chasing it—” he coughed, his voice getting raspier “I’ll always blame myself for you missing your first chance—”
“Now it’s your choice.” He moved closer to her, placed his hand on her heart “it could beat forever and it would never be enough unless it’s in the rhythm you want it to. Don’t let it die in silence.”
Tumblr media
Silence. There was so much silence as she stared at his coffin, little lily holding her arm and leaning on it, a reminder of what she was left with to protect. He was gone now, and the only thing Lily had left of him was Taylor, that gave her a sense of responsibility. For the afternoon, lily and Beth went to stay with Beth’s mother, she told them that she could pass by there at night but she wanted to home first, change. In reality all she wanted to was to be alone, think about everything and sink in her sorrow, in hopes that she’d find the bottom at some point. She parked the car right outside of her house, paying little attention to her surroundings. She got out, playing with the keys in her hands when she noticed a familiar set of shoes, and she looked up, she held her keys tighter. She was happy to see him.
“Jude gave me your address.” She nodded. “I would have come to the funeral too but I didn’t—” she raised her hand to stop him.
“It’s best that you didn’t. last thing I needed was paparazzi trying to get a picture of you. There were already whispers about Bellingham being there, I can’ imagine what would happen if you showed up.” She said while walking closer to him. She noticed he was holding a paper bag in his hands and his eyes were soft, she tried to remember if she had seen them as soft in the past. She let out a breath, like she had reached sore after a long way out in the water. She let her body fall on his chest as he shielded her with his arms. “my eyes are dry.” She mumbled “didn’t think that was possible.” He rubbed her back and lowered her head to her ear.
“wanna go inside?”
“yeah.” She whispered and the moved away to get to the door. She unlocked it, stepping in the house, expecting to hear her father’s footsteps running down the stairs, lily screaming her name, Beth cooking in the kitchen. It was empty. No sounds, no movements, just ghost. She told Kylian to leave his coat on the hanger behind the door and walked in the kitchen, ignoring the chilling silence in the house.
“Coffee or tea?” she asked, keeping her mind occupied, as she left her bag on the kitchen counter and opened the cupboards. Kylian came in a moment later, examining the art on the walls, the decorations, toys all over the floor, lily’s he imagined. There was so much color, so much coziness that he felt like he was trespassing to a home he was never invited to.
“tea.” He said, still looking around the kitchen. He could almost imagine the whole family in this room, laughing, teasing each other, a little sad that he never got to experience it with them. His thoughts halted when he heard Taylor hissing and cursing, he looked at her. She was holding her thumb rubbing it and he imagined she had burned herself. He moved closer, coming up behind her while she rumbled about how much she hated this kettle and she always told her father he must buy a new one. Her words fell sort as soon as he embraced her, pulling her to his chest to comfort her and he could almost hear the tears coming. She grasped his arm, her nails almost digging on his skin and he lowered his head to her neck, his grip getting tighter as more sobs escaped her mouth. Weak sobs at first that turned to heartbreaking noises, similar to the ones she made at the hospital. She used her other hand to rub her face, turning around and finding solace in his hug. He picked her up slowly, walked with her to the couch.
“The tea” she whispered.
“I’ll get them.” He said as he sat her down on the pillows and used the spare blanket on the edge of the bed to cover her. He went back in the kitchen for a few minutes, returning with the cups and leave them on the coffee table before finding his seat next, she moved a little forward so he’d sit behind her. He threw his arm around her, bringing her closer to him and she got comfortable on his scent, feeling slightly lucky that he happened to be here, that she was able to feel his skin on hers. She closed her eyes and breathed out a sigh, sniffing in her sadness. He kissed the top of her head and let her cry, without saying anything. He reached for one of the cups and held it in front of her, helped her take a long sip. He was wondering if she had eaten anything in the last 24 hours, he doubted it. He let the cup back on table and brought her even closer, tucking the blanket so she her body wasn’t exposed to any coldness.
“just when I think I’m out of tears—” she wiped away some with her palm, her voice coming out rough. He drew circles on her arm under the blanket and lowered his head, so he could kiss her ear. “It feels like it’s never going to end.” She said, a sob breaking her sentence, her moved her closer to him.
“It will.” He whispered. “it’ll get better.” She gazed at the wall, her mind felt empty.
“It’s not about me I’m more worried about, you know.” She admitted. She moved a little, only so she’d be able to look at him. “it’s lily.” Kylian didn’t know what to say to that, there were no right words. “I met him, I lived him.” She smiled “he was my everything for a long time, what sucks is that she…” she paused, trying to breathe through the pain “she won’t know him.” More tears came rolling down, she shrugged her shoulders “she won’t know what it’s like to have him screaming your name on the bleachers, when he—” she sniffed “tries to be angry but fails—” she laughed at the memories. He watched her carefully, stroking her hair while she spoke “and you know Beth will do a great job but she should have… she should have gotten the chance to live a life with him the way I did.” He wiped the tears for her this time, she leaned on his touch, hyperventilating. “what if she forgets him?”
“that won’t happen. At the end of the day, she’s got you for the rest of her life to remind her of him. Right?” It was so confusing that he’d ever let this woman as close, it was an unfamiliar feeling that he couldn’t translate. How much he cared about holding her together, how he wanted to cuddle her until the storm passed, there was a warmth on his chest, a realization that was settling right over his heart about how he felt about that woman. “have you eaten anything?” he questioned and she shook her head. He went to get up but she pulled his sweater.
“please.” She mumbled and he stayed where he was, didn’t move at all, if that’s what she needed, that’s what he would give her. She turned her head so her nose would be pressed against his chest. And they stayed like that for a while, tangled with each other. He felt her calming, her breathing stabilizing, she’d hold his fingers, play mindlessly with them. An electricity washed over him when she brought his hand closer to her lips and kissed it, he closed his eyes, blocking out any dirty thoughts because it wasn’t the time. “where’d you get that?” she asked suddenly and he looked at his hand, she was rubbing her thumb over a long scar he had on the back of his hand. Kylian smiled but shook his head.
“Can’t remember.”
“Did you get a cat at campus?” she interrogated her finger now brushing over a scar on his arm, that he had forgotten was there. She tilted her head back, forcing herself to smile at him “or was it a lady?”
Kylian laughed, bending his head on hers “nah haven’t met one with nails as sharp as yours yet.” Taylor snorted, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the closeness. Maybe he could help her forget for one night.
“then it must be a cat.” She hummed “I only know one that hates you as much.” Kylian bit his lip, he didn’t want to tell her, as if he would be admitting to a crime. “you said you gave her away.”
He didn’t respond. He stared at her closed eyes, waiting for her to open them so he could look in her soul. He stroked her chin with his thumb. “I said I’d try.”
She smiled, leaning closer to him, their noses brushing against each other. “Is it that hard to find a cat a home these days?”
He dug his hands under her hair. “had to be sure they deserved her.”
She finally opened her eyes, the two of them looking one another like they were about to kiss for the first time. “why didn’t you tell me?”
“I felt like I was stealing her.”
She shook her head, looked down at the threads of his sweatshirt and started playing with one of them “you could never steal anything from me. Seems I keep on giving everything to you.” He lifted her chin with his index finger, so he could lock eyes with her again. She smiled “how is she?”
“I told you, she’s thriving.”
“Buying her the most expensive cat food, are you?”
“Taking her out for walks and all that shit.”
“Do your new girls like her?”
“They never stay around too long for them to find her.”
She scoffed, he noticed the spark in her eyes returning “does she hide under the bed?”
“You remember the high cupboards in the kitchen?”
She hummed
“She stays there all day.”
Taylor placed her hand on his chest “does she sleep here like she used to when you’d come in the apartment?”
He held her hand “some nights.”
“You didn’t have to keep her.”
“elle me fait penser à toi.” [she reminds me of you.] He confessed in a warm breath that hit her face, his gaze remaining focused on her eyes. For all his fear of making eye contact, he didn’t look away even for a second, neither did she. A smile creeped on her face, he wondered if he understood what he said, the familiar heat he used to feel around her returning. Sher leaned in, connecting her lips with his, a sort, emotional kiss, a taste, a slight brush. Then they pulled away, not too much, just enough so he’d look in her eyes.
“Tu m’as manqué aussi” she said in a low tone, balancing her head on his. He couldn’t hide his smile when he heard her speak his language, he wished his could, he wished his hands were tied behind his back as well, so he wouldn’t give in to his thoughts. He didn’t have time to do any of these things because she kissed him again, this time with more force, like she was trying to steal something from him.
“Taylor…” he mumbled in between her lips. She didn’t stop. She climbed on him, getting as close as she could and he had no strength or will to push her away, he wanted this as much as she did. But something in him screamed that it was wrong, that she was too broken and he was taking advantage of it. His hands slid down to her hips, trying to put some force, so she’d stop. She moved back only an inch. He held her face. “you’re too vulnerable”
“I know exactly what I’m getting myself into…” He closed his eyes, remembering of all the times they said this to each other. Of all the times they used it as an excuse. “promise” she added, leaving a peck on his lips “I need you ky.”
He leaned in, sucking on her lips, giving her what she asked for. “are you sure?”
She nodded quickly, leaving a sloppy kiss on his cheek. Her fingers crawled under his shirt, making their way round his biceps, remembering his shape, remembering him. He kissed her, the spot right under her chin, remembering the feeling of her skin on his lips and she locked herself on him for a moment before getting off him, slowly, dragging his hand with her, signaling him to get up.
He did. Their fingers interlocking. He pulled them up to his lips, leaving a trail of kisses as she walked with him to the stairs that led to the bedrooms. He followed, silent, calm and intrigued, she could lead him anywhere and he wouldn’t complain. The reached one of the closed doors. She stopped in front of it, turning to him, he trapped her between him and the door, kissing her again, realizing how much he actually missed her. She pushed down the handle of the door, un-trapping herself and stepping backwards at her room. Her space. There was something different about being in her family house, like he had only seen a version of her in the apartment she was renting in Paris, like she had only let him in halfway through until now. She kept walking until she reached her double bed, a curtain hanging from either side. They stood in front of it, as if they had never touched each other again, like it was the first time.
In a way it was. A chance to go back to the start, when their bodies burned under the same sheets. He made a step closer and she reached for his jumper. He stopped her, his hands covering hers. “no rush” he whispered and moved her hands away. He didn’t care about his own satisfaction, even though he knew he’d get it, he wanted to be sure that he’d get her as high as possible, tonight wasn’t for the both of them, it was for her. His fingertips, caressed her cheekbone, her eyes closed, she was enjoying it. He took his time, moving his finger around her face, until he reached her lips, where his thumb dragged her bottom li. It was dry, it was colorless, he wanted to change that. So he kissed her, she tried to fasten it, but he didn’t let her. He searched for the buttons of her black cotton dress, started unbuttoning it from the bottom-up while his lips gave life to hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him deeper, forcing the kiss to last longer. She pulled his jumper again, pulling it off him, over his shoulders and exposing his muscular arms. She let the clothing item drop on the floor and stepped on it as she got closer to him, he returned to her neck, his favorite place in her body, pleasing her any way he knew how. “jump” he whispered in her neck as he instantly picked her up on his arms and sat with her on the bed, kissing the exposed skin in between her dress. His lips in between her breast working like a drug in her mind. She’d let herself in his mercy for the night. He took of his shirt, uncovering himself and she got drunk simply by the sight. She leaned on him, clinging onto him while slid the dress off her shoulders and let it fall off. Still taking his time, choosing his kisses carefully, making sure every inch of her body was touched and shivering. He picked her up and maneuvered his body, so she’d be laying down and he’d be on top. He pushed her up on the bed, so her neck would be comfortable on the pillows and toyed with the thread of her bra, debating whether he should take it off yet or not.
He chose not to, instead left kisses all over body, from her collarbone to her breast, to her stomach, he knew the way like the back of his hand, like it was home. He heard her whimpering, eyeing her before continuing his trip by kissing her thighs, both of them. There was something different about the way he was holding her this time around. Like the time apart changed their little dance. And she couldn’t pin point the difference yet but she liked it. He came back up, pulling down his pants with his one hand, she helped.
And they continued touching and kissing, getting to know each other’s bodies again, until the could both feel it was time to get lost in each other. He could feel him in between her thighs, hesitant, looking in her eyes, asking for permission that she gave freely with a nod. He lowered his head to her neck and before entering her he whispered to her ear “Ma petite mort.” And then he slid on her, pushing a moan out of her lips that filled the room, echoed in the walls of her childhood bedroom that has changed over the years to mirror who she was as she’d grow up. It took her a while in the haze for her to translate his words—
“is that what love is to you?”
“I think it’s fair to say it weakens your consciousness. Has you dying and awakening repeatedly.”
“How did you say it?” she bit on her bottom lip.
“la petite mort”
Except he didn’t say La. He said Ma. Such small difference. Such heavy confession.
Her eyes opened as realization hit, while he was still inside her and hidden in her neck and her body felt so light in that moment, so fragile. And she wished she could confess the same to him, find a way to tell him she felt the same way. He lifted his head from her body, looked in her eyes, she pulled his head down so she could kiss him, let him taste the words she couldn’t tell out loud.
Next morning the sun creeped in through the curtains that they had let open during the night. He woke up with her body still laying on his, still asleep and as fragile as he remembered it. He checked the time and knew he had to leave soon, catch the flight back home—odd, if he was meant to go home, why did this feel like home as well? He gazed at her rosy cheekbones, how her face was squeezed on the pillow, her chest going and down as she’d let out a fragile breath, he gazed at her like she was a painting, meant for his eyes only. He kissed her nose and moved away, searching his clothes around the room, he put on his pants and his shirt. Picked up his jumper and left it on the bed for her. He leaned over to her, leaving another kiss on the eyebrow and she moved slightly, awakening from the hypnosis he had put her under.
“I have to go.” She reached for his arm, holding it gently. He kissed her, one last kiss. “we’ll talk.” He spoke in her lips. She nodded and let him distance himself. When opened the bedroom door, she sat up and put on the jumper he had left for her. She wanted to go behind him, tell him a proper goodbye, but she was terrified that if she did, she wouldn’t let him go at all. She slowly walked out of the bedroom, listening to him picking his stuff when suddenly she heard voices—“shit” she mumbled and ran downstairs.
Kylian was standing by the front step, laughing at something, talking to someone. She had to get to next to him to see her little sister talking. “lily, where’s Ma?”
“In the kitchen.” She said with her tiny voice. Kylian looked at taylor, a little embarrassed at the situation. Taylor didn’t really know what to say either. “What’s Mbappe doing here?” she asked. Taylor opened her mouth slightly, searching for the right words.
“I wanted to make sure your sister was ok.” He said quickly, then he kneeled to her height. “I’m a close friend” he explained.
“Lily!” Beth came in the living room, holding glass of orange juice. Taylor looked immediately at her, regretful of the circumstances “Oh—” she mouthed but held herself from saying anything else. “Sorry, I didn’t realize—” while the grown ups were occupied feeling awkward about everything, lily ha gone closer to Kylian, put her hand in his ear and whispered
“can we be friends too?”
Kylian smiled, the awkwardness melting away as he looked to the little girl’s eyes. He nodded “you can come to Paris with your sister one day.”
“I’m not as good in football. Mark talks about you all the time, he even has a notebook with your face on it.”
“Is mark your friend?”
She shook her head, hiding begin the doll she was holding. Taylor stepped closer. “we’ve got a little crush on mark you see.”
“Oh—” he laughed “do we? Well, what can I possibly help with that? You think he’d like it if you have him autograph of mine?”
She nodded, smiling. Taylor went and found a piece of paper quickly and a pen, giving both to Kylian. He signed even wrote a message for mark and gave it to lily. They took a picture together and he excused himself, said he had to go to the airport. Taylor showed him to the door, the two of them standing out of his car.
“Thanks for that.” She smiled.
“Uh don’t think about it. I know what it’s like crushing over a Wilock girl.”
“Technically she is the one crushing over him.” She corrected. Kylian pulled her closer y the long sleeves of his jumper.
“I’ve left a bag for you. In the kitchen. It’s some gifts by the boys.”
“They still think about me?”
“Some more than others.” He smirked.
“Did you tell them about…?”
“No. I thought best to tell them in person and I wasn’t sure if you wanted too either.”
“Thanks. Yeah, you can tell them when you get there. Tell them I’ll be ok.”
“I will, because I know you will.”
She stroked his cheekbone, grinned. “last night was nice.”
“Yeah” he licked his lips and chewed on his bottom one.
She kissed his cheek, her lips lingering on his cheek “fly safe.”
He kissed her back and got in his car, driving away.
Tumblr media
For the rest of the day she had to answer calls and messages, condolences and everything that she had been ignoring. After the 10th call, she felt like she was she was a robot, reciting the same thing over and over again. People she hadn’t spoken to in years were calling, telling her how much they loved her father, some of it felt so fake to her, she wanted to yell at them.
She plummeted herself on one of the chairs in the kitchen table, shutting off her phone and throwing it on the table. “I don’t want to talk to any more of them.”
“Then don’t” said Beth, while she was mixing the soup. Taylor looked at her.
“What are you making?”
“Chicken soup.” She glanced at her “do you mind fixing the table? Dr. Rhodes we should try keeping a routine for Lily’s sake.”
“Yeah…” she nodded and got up. Then she noticed the bag on the middle of the table and sat back down “god I forgot about this.”
“What is it?”
Taylor untangled the bow and opened the bag “Kylian gave it to me, I don’t know.” She put her hand, searching for the random items and took out a dozen pictures. “Bloody hell…” she looked at them, her heart melting at the memories. They were pictures of her and the boys. Pictures of when they won against AL NSSR, or when they had a water fight on campus. She sensed the heat of a tear under her eye. A picture of her and Neymar, looking like dorks. A picture of her in her blue Dior dress, next to Ramos. She let out a laugh. Beth turned to her, letting down spoon she was trying the soup with and went closer.
“Are these from Paris?”
“Yeah.” She said. She looked back in the bag, found a napkin, she picked out and realized—“I’m gonna kill him.” She whimpered, she didn’t mean it of course, all she wanted to do was kiss him. She read the names on the napkin, remembered writing them herself, the first night that she went out with the whole team. The jokes the shared, Neymar being a little too flirty. Kylian staring at her, a gaze that at that point she couldn’t decipher but now she longed for every time she closed her eyes.
“You look happy.” Said Beth, taking her out of her thoughts. She turned her attention to her, confused. Beth dragged back one of the chairs and sat down next to taylor. “Love the dress” she said as she picked out the picture with her and Ramos. Taylor forced a smile and looked back on the bag, there was as shirt in the bottom, she took out, it was with the psg colors, her name on the back, number 16 under it. She was bawling, but these tears tasted differently. “Aw sweetie.” Beth moved her chair closer to taylor and cuddled her like any mother would. She rubbed her head.
“The night before he left, he told me I should go back and I told him I couldn’t because I had him here and I couldn’t leave him—” she could hardly breathe “and now he’s gone and I got you and lily, I can’t leave you either—”
“Hun, listen to me—” Beth pulled away, forcing taylor to look at her, cradling her face “you are not gonna stay here for us.” Even she was crying now “Lily doesn’t need you to stay. She needs you to show her what life can be. She needs to see her older succeed in all the ways that you have. You know how proud I am that she’s got you to look up to?”
“Why do I always have to let go of something in order to get something else? It’s not fair—”
“Oh love…” Beth stroked her hair, her expression filled with compassion and love “unfortunately life is that way sometimes. And possibly this won’t be the last time you’ve got to make a choice like this but as your father would tell you—whatever will be, will be.” Taylor rubbed her nose; she was a mess. “As long as we are terrifying of wanting, that’s when life gets us down. Losing Charlie, it will haunt me forever, but he always cheered for us to get what we wanted, didn’t he? He was such a believer in knowing what you want, with no fear or embarrassment. Always sad that you were so scared of admitting to your own wants.” She smiled, kissing her temple “go to Paris. Be with him, be with the team, whatever you want and that’s when you’ll find balance.”
Taylor nodded and fell in her arms, in the back of her mind, thinking it was her father, that was holding her. She sank in the thought.
Tumblr media
When everyone went to bed, she stayed in the living room, she had the lights low, the fireplace open. She was looking at the pictures, her t-shirt laid on the couch, while her computer stayed open on the table, on a booking website for airplane tickets. It was a simple and she’d go back, not necessarily to stay but to get a taste, she if she wanted or even if she could stay. She let down the pictures, leaned forward on the computer and clicked it.
No one said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard.
Tumblr media
IM SORRY I PROMISE I NEVER MEANT FOR THIS STORY TO HE SO SAD ITS THE CHARACTERS 😭😭😭😭😭 god this one was a hard to write but i do hope you liked it!!! As Always your comments are welcomed and needed, especially now that we are so close to the end. The plan is for only two more chapters but it all depends to how long ch14 will be. What do you guys think now that it's ending? What has been your favorite moment and what do you think will happen? Will these two finally be happy in the city of stars 👀✨ keep an eye out for all the hints. Ending has already been revealed. Love you all so so much!!!
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