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Gerade die drei !!! Serie fertig geschaut und Aaaaah sie war soo gut 🤩😭😭 Werde sicher mal kohärentere Gedanken posten, aber ich hoffe sie machen eine zweite Staffel!!!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Okay here‘s the promised list of German nicknames.
Feel free to Tag other German speaking characters if you repost , I could only think of König at the moment.
Masculine words will be in blue, feminine in red. Gender neutral in green. I also put a few swear words and general German language rules at the end, including why talking in gender neutral is impossible in German. I tried to explain everything as simply as I can.
And while I‘m at it, let me put it out that, even if it‘s super obvious, you can mix up the nicknames, so even if you have a fem reader you can use fem AND gn nicknames. It may be obvious but I still wanted to point it out.
my (be)loved : mein liebster / meine liebste
my love/my dear : meine Liebe / mein Liebling
(however, if you were to say for example : „my dear y/n” the German translation would be : „mein lieber y/n / meine liebe y/n”)
In the same sense, "The Love of my life" would be: Die Liebe meines Lebens , even if the reader is masc. or fem. It‘s confusing, I know.
my treasure (a very German nickname) (and to a certain degree it means 'dear' as well) (you can also use it for 'honey'): mein Schatz. You can also use just 'Schatz', e.g. : „Schatz, kannst du das für mich holen?” (translation: "Dear/Honey, could you get this for me?")
baby (yea Germans use it too) : Baby/Babe
my bunny (albeit in English a very uncommon nickname, it is very common and normal in Germany) : mein Hasi / Hase / Häschen (i will explain the words with 'chen' at the end)
my angel : mein Engel / Engelchen
my bear (again I think a very uncommon nickname in English, but pretty common in German) (but I also have to mention that the nickname my bear is not something youngster use, it‘s more of a people in their 40's & 50's type of thing now) : mein Bär / Bärchen
you cutie : du süßer / du süße
you are cute : du bist süß
if you want to JUST say 'cute' or 'adorable', you can use one of these : süß / niedlich / knuffig (although knuffig is a extremely cute/adorable endearment and would most probably be used only in private) (and yes you can say „du bist niedlich / knuffig” if you wanna say 'you are cute‘ too)
a nickname that women use for their men or men for their men but rarely men for their women (probably because the men are usually the taller/bigger ones) is 'big one' (I will give the translation for the 'men for their women' regardless) : mein großer / meine große . This is mainly used when the one person is worried about the other person, e.g. : „Alles okay mein großer? Alles okay meine große?”, (translation: 'Everything okay, big one?')but I‘m sure it can be used in a normal and/or s3xual manner as well. I have also heard people call their dogs & kids „mein großer / meine große”, so do with it what you will.
little one: kleiner / kleines
To mirror the "Big one", you could also say little one, a different little one from the previously mentioned nickname. Because the "Big one" is actually "My Big One" so "My little one" would be : mein kleiner / meine kleine. I know it‘s a bit confusing but please bear with me. It‘s all about the situation. If, e.g., König says "Little one, sit down" you would write "Kleiner / Kleines, sit down". However, if in a situation he says sth like "My little one, are you injured?", the version w german words would be "Mein kleiner / Meine kleine, are you injured?“. Not that much difference except the fact that the fem version looses the s at the end, I just wanted to point that out.
good girl : gutes Mädchen (but technically you could also use : braves Mädchen)
good boy : guter Junge (other version would be : braver Junge) (to elaborate : brav means ‚well-behaved', but to translate good girl/good boy, both gut&brav can be used, so pick your fighter)
from here on out, I‘m gonna quickly translate a few nicknames which are usually not used in Germany but you can because at the end of the day it’s free game. And let me use this moment to clarify that even though all of these words are gender neutral, it is gender neutral towards the reader, that means the words themselves have a gender. But since the gender is not directed towards the reader but the gender of the other word, be it an object or living being, it is considered gender neutral. I‘ll try showcasing it with the first example.
my pearl : meine Perle (the word Pearl in German is Perle and it has a gender, it is feminine. However, when using it as an endearment or nickname, it is counted as gender neutral) (I previously mentioned the nickname 'my angel‘ and it is in the same category. Angel in German means Engel and it‘s masculine, but as an endearment it‘s gender neutral) (I could get into the why‘s and elaborate but I feel like it would cause unnecessary confusion).
my sunshine : mein Sonnenschein
my flower : meine Blume
my world : meine Welt
my one and everything : mein ein und alles
Okay I think I am done with the nicknames? If you have any specific nicknames you‘d like me to translate let me know. Also just an fyi but you can use all of the nicknames without the 'my' before it. Like, you can make a character call the reader just „Blume” or just „Engelchen”.
Now let me elaborate on 'chen‘ that‘s at the end of some words, like 'Bärchen', 'Häschen' or 'Engelchen'. Simply put, it cute-ify‘s the words. You have Bär (Bear) and Bärchen turns it into, loosely translated, 'little Bear'. The 'chen‘ at the end makes it sound more endearing and fitting for a lover, yk? You should also be aware that you cannot really add 'chen‘ to anything. I mean, of course, you could turn Regen (Rain) into Regenchen, grammatically it would be correct and it can be used as a nickname but no one would do that so it just stands out and is weird, you feel me? But hey if you wanna use that in your fanfiction, go ahead. German speaking folks will just raise their brow at it.
Now onto the swear words. Some you‘ll be familiar with if you know König‘s Voice Lines, but I still added them nevertheless.
Fuck you : Fick dich
Fuck : Fuck (Yea we just took that over from the English folks…, don‘t use just „Fick” from „Fick dich”, it is a smart move but incorrect)
Shit : Scheiße
Kiss my Ass : Leck mich am Arsch (which translated actually means lick my ass but the translation for Kiss my Ass is still „Leck mich am Arsch”)
Son of a Bitch : Hurensohn
Daughter of a Bitch : Hurentochter (though Hurensohn has become gender neutral and the more commonly used one, so you can use it when your character just got hurt or is actually insulting someone, regardless of their gender)
Asshole : Arschloch
Bitch/Slut : Hure, Schlampe
Translated it means Dog, but it’s used like how you‘d use Bitch : Hund / Hündin (tho Hündin is more popular) (Hündin is a female dog but like Hurensohn, it has become somewhat gender neutral)
Idiot : Idiot, Blödmann, Schwachkopf (though I do have to mention that Blödmann and Schwachkopf (at least I feel like?) is mainly used by little kids while adults just stick to Idiot)
Just a few swear words. What‘s next on the Agenda? Oh right, simple German rules.
Let me start off by explaining why gender neutral is so hard or impossible in German. To all of our writes here, you can ABSOLUTELY write a fan fiction, be it a 4 chapter type of thing or just a few bullet points, with a gender neutral reader if you stick to the gn endearments (could be from this list or some other). However, in real life, it works a bit different since you have to use other words to communicate with others. Let me explain it by using an example.
Someone who‘s a teacher would introduce themselves as "Hello, my Name is First Name Last Name and I‘m a Teacher". In German however, it is a bit different since the German word for Teacher is Lehrer & it means male Teacher. Female Teacher would be Lehrerin. There is no gender neutral Teacher, it‘s either Lehrer or Lehrerin. Same goes with anything else. Be it a Doctor (Arzt/Ärztin), Police Officer (Polizist/Polizistin) or a construction worker (Bauarbeiter/Bauarbeiterin). And yes, as you‘ve noticed, the female versions all end with a '-in', that‘s a good & easy way to recognize them. And even if you‘re not talking about Jobs, your gender and the other words' gender will change the way word are conjugated, and thus it makes it impossible to talk in gender neutral terms.
Next thing on the list is the way words are written. Just like in English, Names of people & places, food, nicknames etc. are all written down with the first letter being big, the rest being small. In the German language it does have a bit more importance than in English, since the difference helps us tell what is a place/person & what is a adjective etc. For example, we have this lovely sentence "In essen essen gehen." I just wrote that incorrectly so you could see my point. The correct way of spelling would be "In Essen essen gehen" (transl: Going to eat in Essen). Essen is a city but when written in small captions, it‘s the verb for eating. And don‘t get me wrong, most Germans can tell apart what word is the place/destination even if everything is written in small letters simply by the order of the words. And it‘s not like König fanfictions are all written in German, heck it’s always a few words which is FINE. So let me tell you that writing all German letters in small captions is FINE, us Germans still know what the hell is going on. This is just something I have noticed and thought I’d mention. But, again, if you write all in small letters it is not the end of the world, it’d only be 98% correct and there isn‘t really a German out there who’d be all "Aw gawd damn, they wrote all letters in small captions so now I cannot enjoy this work from the author anymore." Again, it‘s all cool, I just wanted to point it out. Stuff like nicknames, names, are all written in first letter being big. I have made sure to pay attention to that on my list.
I think I‘m done? I don‘t think I forgot anything. Again, if there are any specific nicknames, words or sentences you‘d like me to translate, hit me up. And I literally mean that, like you don’t have to worry about „Oh god will I annoy them?“, because I genuinely enjoy doing stuff like that. I can also proofread German words/sentences, just let me know what to check.
Have a good day/night & I hope this was helpful ✌️
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vincent Cristovah Stradwick
Wohnort: Illinois, Chicago
Zitat: “My fighting's no stunt, kid. I'm too strong for them to stop me. As you said yourself once, I am very good at being what I am. These things merely now and then make me suffer.”
Über mich: So far, he has been lucky enough to pass completely as a human so far especially when they removed his identification eye for a false. —
„No one is more dangerous than he who imagines himself pure in heart: for his purity, by definition, is unassailable. A little sincerity is a dangerous thing and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.”
Vincent Cristovah — (criminal smuggler who is being watched by the police, was being catched a lot of times, also a motivated fitness trainer and owner of two dogs, loves to ride races with his motorcycle by night)
wire: VincentCristovah
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Alone || Greene, Was The Colour
Tumblr media
Natalia was bestowed a job, when she had been restless, and bugging everyone, she was allowed to look out for the whisperers, shooting them down before they could get to the group, and she was always a pretty good shot, by her standards, anyone else would call her perfect.
"You don't shoot anyone unless it's cleared, I don't want my kids to grow up without a father, cause you were pretty sure." Natalia told Rachel.
That was until an explosion in one of the stairwells, went off.
"Aunt Nat!" Judith called, but she was already running. 
"What's going on?" She asked, grabbing the girl, but that question was answered when she saw the whisperer, who's face had been burnt off, slowly and painfully dying, from the electrical tripwire.
"They're coming, they're coming up." The girl whimpered.
People acted fast to block the door to the stairwell, making sure they couldn't get up and in, but Judith still hadn't left it, she refused to leave it, so Natalia waited with her, and then Evie joined her.
"Lydia's gone." She told her mother.
"How long ago?" Natalia asked, still holding Judith.
"I'm not sure, we were with all the kids, then she said she was gonna go look for another book, and she never came back."
"She wanted to go help, there's nothing we can do now, except hope she's okay."
"Jude, come on, let's go back." Evie encouraged, but she didn't budge, holding her small sword, steady.
"I- I can't, I don't wanna." She answered.
Evie looked at Natalia unsurely, but she just sighed, waving the teenager off.
"She's alright." She answered quietly.
"Mom, are you alright?"
"Evelyn, sweet girl, you're hovering, don't. If I wasn't fine, I would say other whys."
"I know, it's just that-"
"Evelyn Baker, stop worrying about me, you're the kid, I'm the parent, relax, it's all fine, go play with the cat."
"But I don't wanna play with the cat." She moped.
"Eve." Natalia stared at her.
"Fine." The shuffle of her feet told them that they were alone, again.
"Harsh, Aunt Nat." Judith commented.
"The girl needs it, sometimes, she works herself up into these frenzy's and then her brain stops working, she get's careless but also becomes a nuisance, sometimes she needs a bit of tough love to remind her that she's not gonna die and neither are the people who love her." Natalia explained.
"My mom's not back yet." Judith looked at her hands.
"I've noticed that." Natalia looked at her. "Unlike Mich to stay away for so long."
"She found this group, and they needed help, and my mom's a good helper, I encouraged to- to help them." Natalia could see clear as day that she was struggling to find her sentence. "But- I just miss her, and I want us all to be together again."
"Do you know when she'll be back?"
Judith shook her head.
"No. But the people needed her to go far away, to help. I don't think she's gonna be back for a while, but I miss her."
"I know, lovey, I miss her, too." Natalia sighed, hugging the girl as her tears filled. "And she misses you, too, she hates being away from her kids, just as much as I do. But, we'll figure it out, and in the meantime, you and RJ are gonna stay with Uncle Daryl and I, and the kids, and we'll wait for your mom to get back, together, and she can tell us all about how she found these people, to help the person who's been missing for a long time, now."
Judith's eyes snapped to Natalia' in a knowing stare, but all that was returned was an wink, and then they focused on the door, once again.
When the whisperers couldn't get through the barricaded door, they took the extreme measure of trying to axe the door in.
"They're not up yet, but they will be." Gabriel spoke into the radio, to Daryl.
"Yeah, right on it. But Luke's duct taping a bunch of wires to a tape deck so...."
"Tell him to hurry the hell up." Natalia spoke into the radio, high jacking the conversation.
"My prayers are with you." Gabriel followed up.
"Gonna need 'em. And will do." Daryl replied.
Dog was barking at the trespasser, aggressively.
"Go get Dog." Father Gabriel told Judith and Natalia, who instantly listened, bringing him away, to stop the noise.
Soon, Luke had got the music going, and the walkers floated towards it, away from the tower, and then, the evacuation could begin.
"Girls, you protect your brother, alright, I wanna be able to tell your daddy that you're better archers than him, got it?" Natalia told the twins.
"Got it, Mommy." Daisy nodded at her sister, both of their bows were in hand.
"Yeah, we're lucky to have you and Daddy as parents and teachers, not a lot of the other kids have two parents." Bambi looked at the children around her, as if they hadn’t heard her whatsoever.
"Bambi Elizabeth!" Natalia chuckled, with a shocked expression. "Come on."
They had made it out into the woods, and after a while, Gabriel had joined them, with Aaron, Alden, and another familiar face.
"Maggie?!" Natalia gasped so harshly, she nearly passed out.
"Nat!" The woman turned around, that usual, large grin on her face.
"Maggie!" She ran to the woman, hugging her so tightly. "You're back." She smiled.
"I am."
"I've missed you so much!"
"I've missed you!" She pulled away. "Last time I saw you, you were eating for three, where are the twins, I wanna meet them, and Evie!"
"About that." Natalia laughed. "There's actually four people you gotta come see."
"What do you mean?" Maggie asked her.
"Turns out... you do actually have a lot of free time between raising three kids..."
"Don't tell me..."
"Kids, get over here, and bring your brother." Natalia called.
"Natalia, you didn't." Maggie's jaw had dropped.
"Well." Natalia picked her son up, after the twins walked him over. "Maggie, meet, Daisy Caroline, Bambi Elizabeth, and Archie Carl Dixon."
"You and Daryl had three kids." The woman looked between the kids and their mother. "After the meltdown you had the first time you were pregnant."
"Mommy?" Daisy asked, looking at her for a factcheck.
"In my defence, two of them was on a special two for one deal, Kids, meet your Aunt Maggie."
Maggie got on her knee's in front of the two girls.
"They're, Nat, they're beautiful, they're mini you's." Maggie laughed, taking in the girl's beauty's.
"I know, I'm so proud of them." She grinned. "I made them, me, in my womb, all by myself!... And this one." She set Archie back down.
"Oh..." Maggie looked at the baby. "This is Daryl junior."
"Yeah, you'd think he carried him for nine months, then went into labour for two days, the way Archie stole his whole face." Natalia said with fake bitterness.
"Mommy blames Daddy for Archie, but he has Mommy's hair, like us." Bambi told the woman.
"I can see that, what happened there, it was so long... and straight."
"Well, this one..." Natalia pointed at Daisy. "Decided to discover scissors at the age of four, and cut this one's..." She pointed at Bambi. "Hair... so I thought that the best way to fix the situation, was to cut all my hair off."
"Uhmm" Maggie bit back a laugh. "I mean, you look great."
"Shut up."
"But, you good?" Natalia could see Maggie's eyes following the stiches along her face, and the cast on her arm.
"Just got caught up in a lil accident."
"Mommy went into a coma, and Daddy thought she was gonna die." Daisy told the truth.
"I think Aunt Maggie needs to meet the rest of her friends, let's go find Dog, yeah, and wait for Daddy to get back." Natalia covered her daughters mouth, walking away with a wave to Maggie.
Things had gone just as Natalia expected, when Maggie and Negan reunited, not great, at all, and in normal Negan character, he did nothing to soften the blow.
But Maggie had risen above, and ignored the man, though Daryl and Carol had been the ones to take Maggie and her friends to Hilltop, or at least, what was left of it.
It had taken them a while to get back, compared to everyone else, as Maggie needed to gather the rest of her group.
Daryl had returned to Natalia pissed off, bitching about the man named Cole, Maggie's new friend, he had already made his mind up that he didn't like the guy, and that meant Natalia shouldn't either, apparently.
He also wasn't too happy to see the state Alexandria had been left in, since their time away, it had turned out, that the whisperers first place to look for them, had been Alexandria, and thorough they were, during their search.
A week had passed since their return, and Daryl had dragged Natalia out for a trip, away from everyone, especially their house full of kids, seven to be exact.
Their trip started with Daryl getting into a fight with his pedal.
"First you take me out to hunt, when you know I hate hunting, now your bike won't even start." She stood, unimpressed, watching him.
"Baby, can you just be quiet and let me do it." He told her, with a smile, and a gentle tone, his way of being patient. "'Sides, its gonna be fun, an' you need a break, after getting up at fuckknow's- O'clock to break up arguments, settling nightmares, and putting Archie back to bed."
"I need sleep."
"Yeah, an this gonna knock you right asleep, after a long day of hunting."
"I hate hunting." She repeated.
"But yer so good at it." He hopped on the pedal once more, and it started up. "Here we go!" He clapped his hands together. "Alright, baby, c'mon."
"The pet names are my thing, you using it every sentence is starting to creep me out."
"M'showing you I love you." He told her, when she got on the back of his bike.
"Don't lie to me. You're jealous cause that new guy you hate so much, as well as Negan, are both around, and you don't like the way they've been eying me up."
"So you've been noticing, too." He defended himself.
"Daryl, I'm tired and married, not blind. But, also, I don't give a shit who's looking at me, cause I don't care about anyone else or what they got going on, long as they're breathing, that's good enough for me."
"Still, they don' needa be staring like that, not in front of kids, either."
"You have serious issues, this is where your daughter gets it from, by the way." She rolled her eyes, her arms around his waist.
"Can' hear ya over the engine" He ended the conversation, driving away from their home.
"You are such an ass."
"Hey, you like my ass."
"You're not supposed to hear me over the engine." She threw his words back at him.
Daryl let out a chuckle, as he set off on the road, heading towards the woods, for their hunting trip.
Eventually, he had stopped the bike and they got off it.
Natalia continued to sulk, whilst he buried his bike under leaves.
When he saw her, he rolled his eyes, approaching the woman and cupping her face.
"Nat, cheer up, ain't gonna be bad." Daryl told her, kissing her when he finished his sentence.
"New Doc said I wasn't allowed to smile, it could open my stitches." She replied.
"His names Alex, and he never said that." He kissed her again.
"Did, too."
"I ain't arguing with you like you argue with the kids. An' you weren't too worried about popping yer stitches when you were laughing like  a Looney."
"Yeah, then he told me about scarring." She huffed. "And frankly, I don't like to admit it, cause I am a very humble and modest person, but being pretty is my thing, it's what I'm known for, being pretty."
"Yer known for being scary as fuck, Nat." He corrected.
"Yes, which all relies on me being pretty, I can't be scary without being pretty, and I can't be either if I look like the bride of Frankenstein." Natalia said, without thinking about her word choices, but she saw it on Daryl's face when he knew exactly what it meant.
"That's what yer so scared of? A few scars, you don't want people thinking yer damaged goods, or my wife?"
"No, baby, I didn't mean it like that, come on, that's not fair."
"You couldn't have made it any more obvious about what you meant." He turned away from her, walking further into the woods.
"Daryl, stop it, you're taking it the wrong way."
"I ain't taking anything in any kinda way, I'm listening to you, and what you said." He twisted throwing his arm in anger.
"There was nothing wrong with what I said! And it wasn't even about you! So I'm a little vain, so what? That shouldn't be an insult to you."
He scoffed, turning back around, marching ahead, once again.
"Daryl. stop it!"
"We're supposed to be hunting, shut up before you scare them all away." He snapped.
"Wow." Natalia sighed, trailing behind as she shook her head.
Eventually they had found something, an half eaten wolf, it's intestines spewed all over the ground, in front of them, and for a brief moment, it had reminded Natalia of her dream-coma, her daughter's body, over and over and over again, she tried to blink it away, instantly diverting her eyes to look at Daryl.
"What now?" She asked.
"Was thinking about giving the river a try." He replied.
"Really?" She furrowed her brows. "We haven't been in that area in... a while."
"Got a problem with it?" He instigated.
"No, nope, river sounds fine."
They had walked along the familiar path, for a while, before Natalia needed a break, she slightly leaned over as she tried to catch her breath.
"You alright?" Daryl asked her, standing by as he watched around them.
"Yep, just... just give me a second, please."
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing, just the fact that I was in a mine explosion, last week, and still haven't fully recovered."
"Y'need to go back?"
"No, just give me a second."
Daryl's shoulders dropped as he watched her, approaching carefully to lay a hand on her back, rubbing in circles.
"Nat, why don' you sit down." He told her.
"Daryl, I said to just give me a second!" She swatted at him.
"We can sit down for a bit, you need it, look, you were right, I shouldn't've dragged you out here-"
Natalia eased herself back up straight, walking ahead.
"We take any more time, and it'll be dark by the time we actually find anything." She called back to him.
"Natalia, just stop." He flapped his arms out, dropping them again.
"Leave me alone, we're here to hunt, so let's hunt."
He gave up, following her, he always internally kicked himself for giving in on everything, and yet, he never stopped.
After a while, they had actually sat down, so they could eat, Daryl had packed them food, whilst he made meals for the kids, neither Evie or Lydia liked or could cook, and Natalia had banned Carol from the house.
"I really didn't mean what I said." Natalia picked at her food, refusing to look at him. "I'm sorry I even said it, but I didn't mean to insult you, really."
"I know." He nodded at her.
"And...." She bowed her head in embarrassment, or was it shame? "I'm sorry for ruining your day... by being a bitch."
"S'nothing." He continued to watch her.
"No..." She gulped. "You were excited about coming out today, to get me away from it all back there, and I've done nothing but throw a tantrum like a toddler and be mean."
"Nat, yer fine." He shrugged off her apology.
"No, I'm in the wrong, you can say it, Daryl, you can call me out when it's necessary, I deserve it."
"I don' need ta." A small smile slipped onto his face. "You take it out on yerself, enough.... But I get it, y'know, I get why yer upset-"
"It's not an excuse." She cut in, hugging her knee's.
"I know." He chuckled. "But... y'deserve to be upset an' angry, an frustrated, I get it, but stop actin' like yer just kicked Dog, some words ain't gonna ruin ma life." Then he thought about it, when he saw her look the other way to him. "Nat, nothing you say would ever make me leave ya, unless that's what ya really wanted. But you can throw any insult at me, I ain't going nowhere...I love ya, too much to leave an' never see ya again. So stop thinking I'm gonna perish every time ya tell me to fuck off."
"Perish?" Natalia turned her head.
"Bambi taught me that word." He smirked. "She's reading the thesaurus at the moment, bin making a list of her favourite words to show ya when she's done."
"We have really smart kids." Natalia laughed.
"No surprise, their mama finished top of her class."
Natalia pouted at the fact he had remembered that.
"Come on, it's getting dark, we should find somewhere to camp for the night." He stood up.
"Wait." Natalia looked around. "Are we..."
"Come on" he grinned, helping her up.
She let him pull her up, linking their fingers together as they headed in the direction of their old Cabin.
When they had reached it, they had to work together to remember where Daryl had set the traps, but they had eventually reached the door, that was left wide open.
The pair shared a look before making their weapons comfortable in their hands, sharing a look before silently entering.
They walked around the house, but hadn't found anything or anyone, not even an walker.
"Did we close the door?" Natalia asked, when she left the twins old room.
"I did it." Daryl replied, walking around the kitchen. "Oh..."
"What?" She asked, walking towards him.
"Think I know who it was." He handed her a note.
"Oh..." Natalia's eyes flew down the paper, reading it. "Leah decided to swing by, but she's joined a group, least she's happy." She shrugged, dropping the note back down. "So... got the house to ourselves, got time to kill, whatcha wanna do?" Natalia asked, looking up at him through her lashes, slowly undoing her belt of weapons.
"I dunno" He lied, setting his crossbow down, as well as the backpack. "Alex say anything else about popping yer stitches?"
"Since when do I listen to anyone?"
"Can think of a few times." He stepped toward her, caging her between himself and the counter.
"Hmm, I might need a refresher." She placed her hands on his shoulders, smirking up at him.
"Jump." And she did, being sat on the counter.
He bowed his head, kissing her hard, and she responded, her hands moved to around his neck, and then her fingers were in his hair, holding him close to her. His own had rested on her thigh, pinching and squeezing at the flesh.
"This what you had in mind?" He asked, leaning his head against hers as he caught his breath.
"Yep." She pulled him in again.
The hand on her thigh was drifting higher and higher, till he was flicking the buttons of her jeans open, the ones he had to help do up, due to her cast.
She bucked her hips at the anticipation of his touch.
"Patience, baby." He let out a huff close to a laugh. "Lift yer ass."
She did as he said, slightly leaning forward as he yanked off her offensive clothing, though he left her in her panties.
His kisses had trailed to her throat as he began to rub her through the fabric.
Natalia smacked her head against the cupboard as an moan escaped her lips.
"Careful." He grunted, into her skin, his free hand cupping the back of her head, but he hadn't let up in the slightest.
"Don't stop." She sighed.
"Naw, got a better idea." He lifted his head, kissing her forehead, though his fingers hadn't stopped, he hadn't kissed her again, she was about to open her eyes to see what he was gonna do, but then they screwed up tighter, when her panties was pushed aside and he licked along her slit.
"Daryl, fuck." She groaned at not only the shock but how good it felt.
His arms wrapped around her waist as he continued to lick and suck, drawing out mewls and whines from the woman.
Her sounds hadn't deterred him, though, or made him pick up his pace, it almost felt like punishment, if it wasn't so pleasurable.
"Taste S'good." His words vibrated against her, sending her even further to that edge.
And when he started pumping his fingers in her, her body convulsed as she let go of her release, and he lapped it all up, like a dog in heat.
"Oh, god." She whimpered, breathless.
He stood tall, once again, she opened her eyes to look at him, and then her cheeks flushed at how fucking shameless he was, as she dripped from his chin.
"What?" He asked, wiping at it, then he did something that near made her climax, again, he sucked his finger clean.
She scrambled to reach for his belt, struggling to undo it.
He kissed her cheek before helping with the removal of his own jeans and boxers.
"S'fucking beautiful." He cupped her face with one hand, the other was using her wetness to slicken up his dick.
"Shut up and fuck me." She pulled his face in, so she could kiss him again.
"Yes, Ma'am." She bit his lip as he spoke. But he did as was requested, he slid himself into her entrance.
He grunted as she let out another whimper.
He slowly pulled out, before slamming back in, relentlessly.
"Mhmmm." She threw her head back once again, not caring about the headache that would ensue.
He didn't say anything, this time, but his hand was back behind her head as he continued his pace, chasing his own high.
He kissed down her neck, once again, as his thrusts got more desperate, marking her.
"They gon' know what's fucking mine, don' even wan' 'em looking at ya." He scoffed as he imprinted on her.
"Mhm, Daryl, all yours." She chewed at her lip, her eyes rolling to the back of her skull.
It took great strength to pull out, but Daryl had surprisingly managed it, but he had managed to hold on till she had her second orgasm of the day.
Natalia pushed his own hand away, so she could finish him off, it was the least she could do, though she was limited to only one hand, but it hadn't seemed to matter to him, when his seed had splattered all over her bare legs, she'd think it was rather pathetic if she wasn't so in love with him.
"Oops." She commented, swiping a finger at the liquid, getting her revenge when she sucked her own finger clean, looking up at him, at his stone faced expression, she was pretty sure he was holding his breath, too.
She then lifted her tank top over her head, wiping at the rest of it.
Natalia then hopped off the counter, letting her boobs bounce that little extra, as she got to the ground.
"Think it's time for bed." She smiled, taking his hand and heading towards their old room.
"Uh huh." He gulped, following, he always followed her, and he always will.
As they walked down the hallway, she swung her arms around his neck, kissing him as she led him backwards, he responded, kissing her back one hand on her hip, the other gripping her ass.
When they had reached their room, he lifted her, throwing her on the bed.
"Daryl!" She laughed, sitting up on her elbows, her legs bent at the knee.
He got on the bed, crawling up her body, laying himself between her legs, his arms supporting him as he open-mouthed kissed her.
She couldn't help smiling as she returned it, she felt like she was in heaven, everything about him clouding her senses made the bed feel like a cloud.
He had gone back to kissing her neck, then her collarbone, peppering kisses all the way to her chest.
"Glad these are all mine, again." He murmured, squeezing at her right breast as he licked, nipped and kissed her left one.
Natalia let out a giggle, her back arched, and her hand was in his hair, once again, massaging at the scalp, whenever she realised she had been pulling at the root.
But soon, she had enough, flipping them over, so that she sat on top of him.
This time, she caged him in, her hands on each side of his head.
He looked up at her, taking in her beauty, his beautiful woman.
But then he let his eyes stray down to her lower abdomen.
He wet his lips as he traced the scarring, but her hand stopped him, quickly.
"Don't ruin it." She told him. "Don't ruin a good night."
"Nat, I ain't ever thought u wern' perfect, even when you took a dip in that walker sewage shit for a few cans."
She rolled her eyes, but didn't say anything in response.
"I don' get jealous, cause that'd mean I don' trust ya, an' y'know I do, we bin partners fer years, since Georgia, an' I always trusted ya. But what I don' like, is having ta share the same view, I ain't never liked sharing my things, an' I don' like those fuckers lookin' at yer." He brushed her hair over her shoulder. "There's a reason people give ya shit, cause they don' believe the stories 'bout ya. Yer beautiful. Too beautiful to be living in a world like this. Least now, people ain't gonna question what they hear." He traced the stitches along her cheek, with such care and gentleness, which didn't look like him at all, except for when he was with her.
She shuddered at the touch, closing her eyes.
"An' still, yer the most graceful, precious, beautiful-" He repeated what seemed to be his favourite word of the night, once again "- person in this whole damn world, an' anyone who's seen yer In action, they're the ones who share what you've done, twins told me how you have a fan club, kids in their class didn't believe them when they told them that The Natalia Dixon was their mom, despite them being your carbon copies, you're legendry. You missed out on all of Hilltop and kingdom's people rallying at me, just to ask if you were good. No one think's yer weak, 'specially people who know you. You look fucking badass, yer still hot as shit."
A small smile crept onto her face.
"You're a liar, Daryl Dixon, when you told me you were bad at words." She bent, capturing his face, kissing him, deeply.
"Lied to ya, 'bout most things."
"Oh, really, now? Do care to share." She sat up again, adjusting herself on top of him.
"Can't. Classified stuff."
She raised a brow, as she waited.
"Fine, you remember when ya had that dinner with fucking Milo, an' Eve."
"You were making fun of me fer never havin' a girlfriend... an' you said "She'll come around someday, you deserve to be happy, something bullshit about romance an' being happily ever after."
"Get on with it, Prince Charming."
"I said "Maybe." to shut you up. But I knew that you were that girl, an' I knew that the answer was yes or no, no maybe, cause if I didn't have you, I'd never know what love is. But you were too busy with Eve's bio dad. I was jealous then."
"I knew it!" She laughed, kissing him.
"He was doin' better than me, I couldn't even compliment you without debating with the idea of leaving Alexandria and never returning."
"I told you a bunch of times that I was never interested in him." She scoffed.
"Yet he still gotta kiss you first."
"Actually, if you remember, I kissed you first, then him... the same day, but still, you were first, and I was just being nice to him that time, he didn't get the full Natalia Moore experience."
"The Natalia Moore experience?" It was a turn for Daryl to raise a brow, his lip slightly raising.
"Yeah, y'know." She bit her lip, rolling her hips slightly. "Usually, you gotta be naked to get the full effect, which few have managed, it's a rare prize to win." She rolled them again, the small smile turning into a full smirk.
"Yer telling me." He adjusted himself under her.
"Yeah, had many attempts, but you gotta be a certain type to win." She bounced slightly, earning a grunt from the man under her, when she sat back down.
His hands had returned back to her ass, massaging the skin.
"Yeah... y'know I got a type." She placed her good hand on his chest, holding his side as she continued to wiggle around, ever so slightly. "Ruggedly handsome, but like in the way where he doesn't care what he looks like, typa man who gets shit done, accent, the accent's important." She finally raised from him, leading his dick to her pussy, and fell back down with a deep sigh. "He- he's got this sexy look about him, that...when he walks in the room no one can help but just stare at him, and the thing about it, he doesn't even realise, cause he doesn't care." She struggled to talk and breathe at the same time as she continued to move up and down, but she didn't stop. "And he's just the coolest mother fucker I've ever met, get it... mother fucker, cause I had his kids... three times." She rolled her hips extra slow as she grinned widely at her own joke.
"You're fucking awful." He shook his head, grabbing her hip hard, turning them over, once again.
"What? Its true." She wrapped her legs around him. "But, my absolute favourite thing about him, is that he carried rings around with him, everywhere, in his pocket, for a girl he was too chicken-shit to admit his feelings to."
"Stop." He growled, hiding his face in the crook of her neck, as he thrust into her, and she swore to God, that he was blushing.
"No! It's so cute!"
"Shut up." He told her, preventing her from talking, by kissing her, fucking into her fast now, hopefully so she'd stop thinking about his humiliating crush on her.
And to his delight, it had worked, when she pulled away, gasping and whimpering loudly, reaching her third climax of the night.
When they had finished, and got cleaned up, Natalia snuggled into him, kissing along the tattoo of her name, his arm slung over her.
"I never thought I'd find someone who'd love me as much as you make me feel loved." She admitted, quietly. "Or find someone who'd be the father that my kids deserve, makes them lunches, safety backpacks, and remembers what they're reading." She scrunched her face up as she thought about it. "I got so fucking lucky."
"Ya didn't get lucky." His voice was raspy, as he spoke, gently trailing his fingers up her arm. "Y'just gave me a chance."
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anabanana-romanova · 7 months
Why? Because there are some loose ends, historical inaccuracies and plot holes that need fixing
Last Dance of the Romanovs: I would change Alexei to being slightly older and Anastasia to being slightly younger for historical accuracy. Would also change the 1916 at the back to 1917 cause that's when they were arrested. I would also make it so that Anastasia doesn't get shot at the end, she has mire interaction with her sisters and Tatiana comes back to drag her out, but theguards fire at them and drag them out. Then when Maria Feodorovna is reading the letter we see the Romanovs getting shot behind her for continuity
In My Dreams: change Anya to not being so timid and more sassy and spunky, looking at Vlad behind the chair and stating "I can see you." (Also throw in her sayings "spacebo" instead of thankbyou when Dmitri hands her the glass
Learn To Do It: Much more of Anya being an absolute prankster. When Vlad sings "you three tantrums and terrorised the cook! Ha!" The ha is replaced with Dmitri yelping as he opens a book and a fake spider springs out and Anya is cackling. She then continues to pull faces at him until Vlad says "but you'd behave when your father gave that look". Anya getting randomly angry during the Queen Victoria section bothers me, so I'd make it so they were obviously tired and at the end of their wits. When she's bickering with Dmitri, he flicks her/pushes her/anything to be a bother when Vlad says "continuing on" which makes far more sense. Anya and Dmitri doing the crazy WALTZING begins with Anya throwing him around and then he throws her around and then spins her and it's like a "oh hey we can actually... get along????" And then Vlad interrupts with the polka. Would also add more traditional Russian dances including Dmitri doing the Cossacks dance because yes
My Petersburg: I'd make this much more focused on Dmitri and would use this as an opportunity to express what it was like for the working class in Imperial Russia (this is important 1 for explaining Dmitri's behaviour and 2 it explains why history wants Anya to live bear with me.) I would actually love it if he was an ethnic minority (probably Jewish) for the contrast between what Vlad has told her and what Dmitri has told her. The actual song wouldn't be so mich about Petersburg, but what Dmitri's dream city would be: equality, no poverty, hot food and beds and baths, you get the gist. It also gives us a glimpse of the puppy dog wide-eyes Dmitri we see in Paris.
A Secret She Kept (Anya giving him the diamond) pretty much everything stays the same except Anya really contemplates giving him the diamond and when he sound her he finishes with a massive hug and buries his head in her shoulder. At the end just before the change to the station, Dmitri does his excited "I'm going to take a bath in a real bathtub!" And does a little excited jump
Paris Holds The Key: Dmitri is staring wide-eyes the entire time and is having the time of his life. During the funky instrumental bit before the mini solos when they're standing in the middle, Vlad gives Anya and Dmitri chocolate and Dmitri steals the rest of the bar. At the end when they split off Dmitri says he's going back to have a bath and lad remarks to not use up all the hot water and not eat all the chocolate as Dmitri runs off and all we hear is hysterical laughter
The Nightmare: When Dmitri runs in the door opens with a bang and Anya screams and buries her face and pleads for him to not hurt her (cause she doesn't realise that it's Dmitri) and he sits on the floor and comforts her as she cries into his shoulder. Then he helps her onto the bed and we have In A Crowd of Thousands. (Also I would bring back the oversized button up because that was so mich better sorry not sorry)
After the Ballet: I'd complete scratch Everything To Win and replace it with a different song (more on that later) and would bring back the movie section where Dmitri goes in instead of Anya. We don't see them conversing but we hear them and we see Anya's reactions to the revelations of Dmitri's plans. When he inevitably is thrown out, she yells at him, says something's along the lines of " you are the scum of the earth" and "you broke my heart", slaps him then storms out. Then we have everything go black except a spotlight on Dmitri and his song which is essentially him realising what he has become and lamenting about he has now become the tormentors of his childhood and how he's realised too late that happiness doesn't come from money but from love which he hasn't felt for literal years. Behind him, through the doors, we see the silhouettes of his life experiences: his mother's death, his father's arrest, him protesting, etc, and eventually we see him dancing with Anya before it goes back to black. At the end he makes up his mind to get the Empress to see Anya if it's the last thing he does because it's the only thing he can do after what he's done. He then has the whole dramatic argument and gets slapped again and then finally drags her to the apartment where Anya throws a book at him and he backs out and yeah
Still/Neva Reprise: ok this one is the reason I have some of my changes. Last Dance of the Romanovs continuity so that she can scream "back in that cellar in Yekateringburg all over again" without it being a massive pothole because shE GOT SHOT AT THE BALL????? And also, her knowing about the real complicated truth of Imperial Russia and FINALLY being able to remember Nicholas II saying "I am my father's daughter but u am not my father" and when he asks her if history really wants her to have lived she says "yes" And he asks why and she says something along the lines of "so that I can heal the wound my ancestors left in Russia" (idk something like that) just because it bothers me that we completely brush over the fact that the revolution happened for a reason and it makes her more sympathetic towards Gleb. And then the rest is the same except the dress, we bring back the og movie dress because the red dress is pretty but wth why do we have late 1700s skirt with a post 30s bodice? Sleeveless dresses didn't come around until the 30s???? ITS 1927????????
Finale/The Kiss: OK THIS SCENE BOTHERS ME SO MUCH ITS SO CUTE BUT IT BOTHERS ME BECAUSE Dmitri never apologises to Anya to her face. It's just "ugh I can't be with you goodbye" and she's like "you literally used me and haven't apologised to my face but I LOVE YOU" NO SHE WILL COME RUNNING AND RUN INTO HIM BECAUSE HE WAS GOING BACK TO APOLOGISE AND THEY TALK ABOUT THE THINGS AND THAT THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND DMITRI APOLOGISES STRAIGHT UP WITH NO EXCUSES and then Anya kisses him and they hug again and Anya says "let's run away together to the countryside and well have fresh food and real baths and a warm bed" and it would be so cute. Anya also wouldn't leave without leaving a letter for Nana in which she says thank you and that she'll be back again soon and we have the classic "it's the perfect ending!" "No, it's theboerfect beginning" line from the movie. Then the actual finale we have Anya changed into a causal blue dress (like the movie dress) and she and Dmitri run down the stage with suitcases and hats and they waltz and he spins her around again and they kiss on the last boom at the end and yes
Anastasia RomanovA not Romanov
She's assessed as Her Imperial Highness or Your Highness NOT your majesty because she's not the Tsarina
Just more bonding with the sisters an Anya in all the dead flashback scenes
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baizhoobies · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Heiii ~ ! Welcome to my blog for anime + genshin fanfics! Please check under the ‘keep reading’ to view all of my rules/guidelines before requesting!
Masterlist coming soon…⁺˚⋆。°✩₊
SIDE NOTE: this is not my primary tumblr blog. If you reply in the comments of a post of mine and see a response from another account, that is my main blog @trippyreptile ! For some reason it won’t let me reply with a secondary account…but we move !
Tumblr media
About Me
Bram | 20s | They/Them | INFP
Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, Leo rising
Real life woodland cryptid
Poe kinnie
Fukuzawa my husband, Kunikida my wife
Writer and occasional artist
Main Rules
This is an 18+ based account, but includes 16+ safe themes (such as fluff, comfort, etc)
All NSFW posts will be tagged in a colour and bold, e.g. ‘18+’ so there will absolutely be smut in that specific request. Minors DNI.
I will include which fandoms I write for below, but my mains are Bungo Stray Dogs and Genshin.
Please be patient between requests, I am a working person and will be writing requests and Comms between shifts !
I am dyslexic! Despite proof reading my work, I may miss grammatical errors or typos, please just read over them - I try my best to get it correct, so my work will at least be readable!
I will also be accepting match-ups in a future event so stay tuned!
I am smut and kink friendly! I am happy to write most genres and themes unless it falls under my ‘will not write’ category which I will disclose below.
Tumblr media
Fandoms I Write For:
Bungo Stray Dogs
Genshin Impact
Black Butler
Attack on Titan
Will Not Write:
Pedophilia, scat, incest, vore, non con/ dub con, homophobia, transphobia, racism, and ableism
Characters I will not write for include: children (unless platonically), Mori (from BSD) Diluc (Genshin) - !
I’m not saying I wouldn’t write it as such, but I am not that familiar with the theme of yandere, adding it here because I’m not saying no, but I’m not necessarily the blog to request yandere headcanons or fics!
Favourite Characters I Write for:
Kunikida, Fukuzawa, Ango, Ranpo, Lovecraft, Poe (BSD)
Baizhu, Alhaitham, Zhongli, Lisa, Pantalone (Genshin)
Italy, Germany, America, Britain, Romano, Prussia (Hetalia)
Sebastian, Grell, Undertaker (Black Butler)
Reiner, Erwin, Miche, Hange, Levi (Attack on Titan)
Tumblr media
Okay that should be it! I will update a masterlist once I have a few works going! I am excited to write and do requests! Muchhhhh love to everyone !
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sleepdeprivedqueer · 1 year
Anime boys that I just know have a happy trail
Portgas D. Ace
It's literally mentioned in my fanfic Dancing In The Rain
It doesn't matter how many times he shows up in One Piece without a happy trail, he has one, there is no denying it
I do have a feeling that he would shave it though but with a little love and perseverance he could and will most likely keep it
Just imagine Ace on the deck of the Moby Dick doing heavy chores like carrying heavy boxes around and just sweating
Drops of sweat rolls down his chest and down to his lower abdomen and some even get stuck on the happy trail like how water gets stuck on a web
No one can convince me otherwise
In the history of anything
Could convince me
The first time I laid my eyes on this man's stubble face
Nothing screamed louder than "happy trail!"
This man is literally built for one, he has the body for one
I have a feeling he probably has bigger titties than Zoro
And you're going to tell me he doesn't have a happy trail!?
You must be smoking something because there is no way
I refuse to believe
He can most likely use it to seduce woman, I have no doubt that he does
Trafalgar Law
Man probably shaves it
Either that or it's trimmed very close to the skin where it seems like a stubble just starting to form
He looks a emo teen that never grew up in pre time skip and and with how teens look now with the full in fucking beard this man had to of had a nice happy trail at some point
He had to of kept it pre time skip but during those two years he must of been sniffing something while making medicine or something to get the feeling to shake it
All that I know, is that his S/O will have to beg for him not to shave it
Red Dead Redemption
Every man in this game has a happy trail, unless your Trelawny or the Italian man that took Jack, or most of the men in Saint Denis
I really don't think I need to uhm
Explain this but I have a feeling I have too
Not only am I convinced that he has a happy trail, but he also has chest hair
And that chest hair thins out into a line that forms into a happy trail all the way down his stomach and to his lower abdomen
Like I said, I feel l need to explain very much or anything at all so there you go
Carlos Oliveira
Have you seen this man
For those of you that have not
He literally has the hair of a fluffy and shaggy dog
He has the facial hair of what you would expect from a modern nice dog man in the west or maybe in the mountains wearing a flannel over a normal shirt
To add too it it's most likely a sleeveless flannel
Hell he's probably more of a mountain man that a western man
But anyways!
There is a literal mod for RE3 remake of his shirtless and not only does he have chest hair
But it also thins out like Miche's does into a happy trail down his stomach and lower abdomen
Just like Shanks and hell Miche too, he screams happy trail
But unlike the rest he gets his caught on a belt whenever he wears one
And he looks like he has a dog boy personality and in fact he has one so he does whine
Yomo Renji
Another one that screams happy trail
He has a stubble in his chin
If I remember correctly and you can fact check me on this
Ghouls aren't known to grow facial hair, so the fact that he has a stubble
It could mean he could have a happy trail
He has the body for one
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madewithspice · 2 years
Morningg, I was wondering if I could get some random thoughts/headcanons about Miche?
Miche Zacharius Headcanons:
Heyy and hell yes. It’s about time Miche got his appreciation.
Tumblr media
Miche is one of those scary looking men but really they’re big softies. He’s definitely a big romcom fan or anything with a good romance story. I think that his favourite trope would be soulmate au. Cuddling and Disney films is his idea of a wind down weekend.
Being the huge man he is, he 100% has back pain or neck pain or some type of pain after all that ducking under doors. That calls for massages. Imagine sitting on his toned back, just hands running over his shoulder muscles (*drools* is it getting hot or is it just me? 😏)
Speaking of ducking, he automatically leans down whether it’s to speak to you, listen or to kiss you, he’s already bent his knees for you.
Miche collects charms that remind him of you so you can add them on to the bracelet he bought for you for your one month anniversary. It was a cute idea but everything reminds him of you and now you have three bracelets, filling up the fourth.
He is impossible to surprise. Surprise dinner? Nope he’s already smelt the dish before you’ve gotten halfway through it. Ambush via hugs? Sorry but you could never catch him with his guard down. He can always smell your distinct perfume. Sometimes he purposely lets you “surprise” him, just to see you smile.
Okay, enough of the love crap, it’s time to get real. I will bet my entire family that this man has a hidden embarrassing tattoo. It all went downhill when him and Erwin decided to get drunk as a relaxing weekend. Erwin came back with the MacDonalds slogan under his foot and Miche decided to match with his childhood dog. Unfortunately for him his pup was tatted with a neutered label so I guess Miche is neutered now 👀
He cracks his knuckles like it’s nobody’s business. Levi hates it and once kicked him in the knees so he lost his balance and held him in a headlock until he agreed to never do it again near Levi. That’s 1-0 to the short people.
Miche has the messiest room from all the Vets. You’d think it was Hange but how their room be messy if they’re never in there? Miche’s room is just littered with food wrappers, drink cans, dirty laundry and the occasional “ frozen” sock if you catch my drift.
Miche drinks coffee like it’s his religion. But despite being the avid coffee drinker, he’s not picky. He’ll have anything as long as it’s caffeinated he doesn’t give two shits. Lattes, iced coffee, flat white, what the hell are those? He doesn’t understand all the words and doesn’t care either. Just get the man some coffee.
Miche can’t stand the smell of cigars and refuses to attend meetings if one of the higher ups had a puff or two before hand. And also, weirdly he doesn’t like the smell of chocolate. The sweet odour makes him want to hurl.
Alcohol might be a distraction for some (*cough* Pyxis *cough*) but Miche doesn’t drink. At first I thought maybe he’d be a bourbon fan but the more I think about it, the more I see him as saying no to alcohol.
Miche has a habit of slapping arses. He is that person who slaps your butt when you’re walking in front of them on the stairs or bending over to get something. He’s well known as the butt slapper among the Vets and his most common victim is Gelgar.
Husband Miche would be great with fixing bits around the house, making dinner and watching the kids - just don’t tell him to clean up! Or expect him to. He’s very good with his hands and has even planned out tree houses to build for his kids. He’d be such a sweet and doting dad. Overall Miche, he’s great.
I hope these are up to your standards. Thank you for requesting. - Kiki.
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mlmxreader · 1 year
Don't Think Like That | Bridget Von Hammersmark x m!reader
anonymous asked: Hello there could you write "I love you, doesn't that matter at all?" whit an m!reader and Bridgette Von Hammersmark?
She's my best girl and I need more content whit her <3
Also thank you very much in advance!
summary: you want your last thoughts to be of her, but she's not going to let you think about dying just yet
tws: smoking, mentions of death
Winter was coming, the air was so cold that even five minutes out in it without proper gear would and could result in colds and flus and shivering for hours on end, with frost coating everything; hiding out in the woods wasn't any fun, but thankfully, your girlfriend Bridget had a little safehouse where you and your men could go. Part of the allied forces, you had been marched into the city during the spring, and although people had been expecting wintery conditions, they didn't expect anything like this in the slightest; your men were cold, and when Bridget welcomed them into her home, she made sure that there was enough firewood to keep everything nice and warm for you all.
But while you were snuggled up to her beneath a thick duvet and a blanket that was ever so soft and ever so warm, you couldn't help but to swallow thickly. "What'd you do if I gets shot and killed?"
"I'd mourn you," Bridget replied, "I'd mourn you until my last breath, Scharfschütze."
You nodded, knowing that it was a strong possibility; while she was working on your side, about to go and help a group of Americans in a few weeks, spying on behalf of the allies... you knew it was all too possible that you would never see her again. A sniper, you knew that it was possible that you could easily be shot at any given time, any given moment. Your days together were numbered.
"Maybe we should escort you," you started, "y'know, make sure that you at least safely meet the Americans."
But Bridget cleared her throat, and moved so that she was leaning on your chest, tracing it with the tip of her index finger as she shook her head. "Mein Mann... can you stop worrying for eins moment?"
You smiled, reaching up to tuck a stray hair behind her ear as you licked your lips and allowed your gaze to drop to your dog tags hanging around her neck. "It's my job to worry."
"Not right now," she insisted. "Later... I haven't seen you in so long, I want to be with mein (y/n), not the army's... be the army's (y/n) later. Bitte. Für mich."
"Es tut mir Leid," you whispered, gently tracing her jaw as you nodded. "I'm all yours, Schatz."
"Danke," Bridget leaned down, capturing your lips for a quick moment. A smile came to her as she pulled away, holding your chin as she studied your features as if she wanted to remember them until she had been dead for a hundred years. "Are you hungry? You've hardly eaten since you've arrived."
You shook your head. "We've lived off of less... we'll be fine."
But Bridget wouldn't accept that as she got up and made her way over to her wardrobe, digging through it until she found a small box; she smiled to herself as she brought it over. The perk of being famous was that her rations meant she could have extra treats, and there was no one she wanted to share them with more than the man she loved so dearly.
She placed it on your thighs, sitting on the edge of the bed as she lit up a cigarette and gestured for you to open it; inside wasn't much, just some cheese and some chocolates, but it was more than you had had for years. Since you had joined up in thirty eight.
You looked at her for a moment, wishing that you had a camera that would give you a picture of that exact moment; her smile, her hair slightly messy, your dog tags hanging around her neck. She didn't look like a film star, she didn't look like some immortal being; she looked like Bridget. She looked like the woman you always thought of when you passed by a zoo and remembered your first date. She looked like the woman who could make you laugh so hard that you had tears in your eyes and your stomach ached. She looked like the woman who could kick your ass and make you thank her for it.
She looked like your Bridget. And all you could hope for was that, if a fascist was going to shoot you, your last thoughts would be of her. Your last words would be a soft "I love you, Bridget" as your life was ripped from you.
"Eat," she told you. "You're starved, eat."
"I love you, doesn't that matter at all?" You asked with a soft laugh. "Can't I just take one look at you so if I get shot, this'll be the last thing I see?"
"Nein," she replied, "you mustn't think like that."
You smiled, maybe she was right.
if you liked this fic, REBLOG IT - you SHOULD reblog it; spam likers WILL be blocked. as will blogs that refuse to reblog or to give feedback. if you don't wanna reblog, then you'll get blocked; reblogging is the BARE MINIMUM. don't just "like", REBLOG
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miammey · 8 months
HI MIAM YOURE PROBABLY BUSY BUT I NEEDED TO RAMBLE ABT MY HD! RANPO AU AND DMS DONT WORK ATM SORRY!! Anyway, I've been thinking of some ideas that I have yet to actually decide on, and I thought, since you're THE hunting dogs blog + I tagged in the first chapter of the fic, why not talk about it with you??
(you're free to ignore this Ik I'm annoying, please tell me if I'm ever distracting/annoying you from smth, I can't really tell myself hihi)
First off is, I was thinking of finishing the first bach of chapters (10 or so) before publishing it to AO3, since it's common for me to loose motivation after about a month.
TERUKO & RANPO BEST FRIENDS ----- I've already talked to you about it once but, THE POTENTIALL AAAAAH CHILDISH MENACES!! Their nonexistent dynamic is so important to me<3
RANPO AND JOUNO BEING BIG BROTHERS TO TACHIHARA!! Honestly, Ranpo would be more of a "fun irresponsible" older brother, but he still cares about the boy a lot (*cough* arm scar from protecting Tachihara *cough*) and Jouno pulls them out of trouble:)
RANCCHOU HALF-SIBLINGS??? It's a little thought I had this afternoon, I mean, I always confused them when I was watching the trailer even though I knew that was Tecchou: very surprised at first, but become EVEN MORE besties after they find out; Ranpo not being scared on missions alone in the ADA because he knows Tecchou is somewhere in the shadows ready to strike, Ranpo constantly helping him with strategic situations??? They weekly prank the Hunting Dogs with the "who is who" game, methinks.
RANPO AND JOUNO HAVING A FRIENDLY RIVARLY??? It started when they met, now it's as mich of daily occurence as Suegiku bickering, because they're both cocky and very smart: they keep trying to out-do each other but it's more of a "smart kids who will be there for each other when needed" kinda way; maybe Jouno brings him lunch if he's working full-time at the ADA one day???
RANPO AND FUKUCHI RANPO AND FUKUCHI PLEASE!!! It's so sad how I already have Fukuchi's downfall planned out and Ranpo is going to come out of it more scarred than ever: spoilers aside, their relationship is really sweet, to the point that Ranpo's 2nd nickname is "The Captain's Lapdog", and has the same reaction to praise from him as he does with Fukuzawa back at the ADA.
yeah so this might be a lot sorry mey I'm just excited to speak with you about this:)
And you’re not bothering me, don’t worry!!!
AAAAAAAA I love the idea of Ranpo and the Hunting Dogs!!!
Him being Tachi’s big brother figure is so cute!!!
TECCHOU AND RANPO HALF SIBLINGS!!! Idk if anyone would be confused about who’s who because Tecchou’s like a whole head taller than Ranpo, but I still LOVE the idea
ALSO RANPO AND TERUKO BESTIES HECK YEAH!! They would be a nightmare, I love it so much
And a rivalry between Jouno and Ranpo would be so cool!! They’d have interrogation battles at least once a week, they end up cracking the poor criminal in less than two minutes, poor sucker’s terrified
FINALLY RANPO AND FUKUCHI!!! Aaaaaa Fukuchi’s betrayal is gonna CRUSH him, oh my god
Honestly, talk to me about this AU as much as you want, the more you talk about it the more I love it
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crybaby-ink · 11 months
Tumblr media
30, they/them, infp-t, libra cusp
Tumblr media
i’m married and you’ll see me talk about my husband as ‘mr. crybaby’. we have 2 dogs and a bird. our apartment looks like it’s owned by children who somehow got their hands on real people money, and i wouldn’t change anything about it.
i got that good-good adhd/autism brain with a nice sprinkling of epilepsy on top, so i’m just kind of all over the place. just a little off. not all there all the time, but still mostly nice! i’m just tryin’ my best lmao
i also have a side blog, @the-italicized-oh that is mostly for music and aesthetics.
likes: hozier, reading, fantasy, coloring, stickers, plushies, hoodies, snails, volcanoes, dr pepper, noah kahan, bop-it, brains, the spill canvas, sunshine, pasta, fidget toys, enamel pins, dungeons & dragons, fall out boy, blue sour patch kids
dislikes: the cold, black coffee, big silverware, rain, country music, eggs, driving at night, the fact that i’m allergic to cats
Tumblr media
fandoms: attack on titan*, blue lock, chainsaw man, fullmetal alchemist, genshin impact, hunter x hunter, haikyuu!!, jujutsu kaisen*, my hero academia*, tokyo revengers*, trigun
faves: reiner, miche, zeke, shidou, gagamaru, yoshida, kishibe, mustang, havoc, zhongli, tighnari, leorio, kite, tsukishima, kita, akaashi, geto, yuuta, nighteye, mirio, aizawa, shinsou, endeavor, akkun, takemichi, mitsuya, angry, nai
Tumblr media
i’ve been writing on tumblr since the pandemic, but i’ve been writing in general since i was a kiddo. i am not known for finishing projects that i start, but boy, am i able to daydream like a motherfucker. you will find all kinds of subject matter in my writing, so just… be prepared.
writing do’s: fem!reader, gn!reader, fluff, smut, dark content!, kink, bdsm, age gap, a/b/o, pseudocest and hard inc*st, dub-con, non-con, piss, multiple/threesomes/gangbangs, pain play, daddy kink, mommy kink, fem-dom, bloodplay, monsterfucking, snuff, body horror
writing no-no’s: male!reader, underage, p*dophilia, scat, pregnancy, babies/kids
Tumblr media
this is an 18+ space. i realize that i can’t stop every minor from getting to my stuff, but if you won’t stay away, at least don’t interact with it, for the love of god
as stated in multiple places, i post and support dark content! if that’s not something you can deal with, it’s time to turn around
keep any racist, transphobic, homophobic, fatphobic, ableist shit away from me
please don’t come into my inbox acting crazy. i wish i could say i’ll ignore you, but honestly, catch me on the wrong day and i will probably stoop to your level and mouth off. i really don’t want those vibes on my blog, but i’m only human, so just do us both a favor and keep any negativity to yourself.
just don’t be a butthead, okay?
Tumblr media
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toruvi · 9 months
holy shit ley I just went to check my mailbox and your package was in there since yesterday and omggggg!!!!!
it’s like the best thing ever to have rn that I feel like absolute dog poop (I was in the hospital on Friday and I may have gastritis so that’s fun) BUT AHHHHH THE EREN MIKA AND ARMIN PRINT ARE TOU KIDDING ME !???? ITA PERFECT AND I LOVE THEM SO MICH 🥹🥹🥹🥹 also the Levi photo card thingy !!!???? GOAH IM SO IN LOVE WITH IT AND IM ADDING JIM TO MY WALLET RN!!
I had no idea how big the sick of this shit stickers were but omg it’s so perfect for my bottle (it was meant for my coffee bottle but now I’m not sure if I’m allowed to drink coffee without my stomach acting up so I neeed to find alternatives sadly!) BUT AHH IM STILL PUTTING HIM ON THERE EVERUTJING IS SO PERFECT I LOVE THEM AND YOU!!! 🥹🫶🏻🫶🏻
AHH ALEX i'm so happy it arrived safely! i hope you're doing okay now holy shit that sounds like so much to deal with :( PLS take care of yourself!! <3
I'M HAPPY YOU LIKE THE PHOTOCARD HEHE and yeaaah the stickers are kind of huge FGJKHDFJK i might resize them to make them a teeeeeeny bit smaller since I'm thinking of outsourcing them! BUTTTT I'm glad you love everything waahhhh TYSM FOR THE SUPPORT AS ALWAYS ALEX ILU <3333333333333
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pvremichigan · 1 year
You seem so cool and despite us being mutuals I have NO FUCKING IDEA how our muses would meet/interact and also I am a Weenie™ circa 2014 rp community so I just don't know.
Love reading your stuff tho, 10/10 for that. Mun you also seem like a sweetie again its just on me and my very common anxiety over approaching new people lmao we are all dogs at the dog park looking longingly at the Other Cool Dogs™
Lmao I am so cool
JK JK FHAIFJJWJD listen. Mich (assuming that’s who you want but this applies to everyone) has met some of the strangest people that she would never dream of associating with just by random interactions. I don’t mind plotting but the BEST way to kick things off is to just throw people at her and see if she attacks or not. Aka, see what happens. Like science!
ALSO PLEASE COME FORTH because I have been in this dog park staring at others for too long. Even dogs I’m close to I have trouble approaching and sending stuff. I understand the anxiety fully, trust me. I won’t bite I’m pretty sure so please come on down!!! I’m ALWAYS open to new interactions. ALWAYS.
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herzlak · 2 years
Let's talk about Tatort 2022...
Alright, due to personal reasons 2022 is going to suck and I'm anxious to only think about all this. This will be drifting from one depressive episode into the next featuring anxiety attacks and borderline-ish stuff. BUT there's Tatort and Tatort 2022 is gonna be fucking LIT.
ARD giving us a treat by starting the year with TWO Tatort episodes. January 1st is Stuttgart, which I'm not rly into but the critique so far is good so... Then there's January 2nd with Dortmund "Gier und Angst" AND I'M SO HYPED. This episode is gonna be Pawlak centered and I love Pawlak. There should be a fair amount of Rosa too, couldn't be better. Also WHUMP. And hands down, Rick Okon is superior at those sad, heartbreaking scenes. Last episode I cried just because of his facial expression, anywAyS-
Then only two weeks later shit's about to blow because we're going back home, y'all! Tatort Münster fucking finally! "Des Teufels langer Atem" is something I'm extremely hyped for because it's "Alle für einen, alle für Thiel" to quote Tittelbach. Family content. Everyone sticking together. Thiel whump - yeah okay, that's gonna break my heart, BUT STILL! Alberich (and Boerne hopefully?) is gonna take criminal paths and there's gonna be her and Vivian Peters roasting Boerne. I miss badass Alberich!! I miss Alberich in general. The rest of the lot too. And I desperately need more Mirko content.
Only ONE week later the epic return of Germany's most depressed gays. "Das Herz der Schlange" and that shit's gonna hurt. Yk I feel like Tatort is giving us a lot of hurt and whump in 2022.
Tatort Dortmund is literally killing us, folks! Another episode coming up in February. "Liebe mich" sounds like some Bönisch x Faber drama. Also: I don't think Pawlak's personal drama will be solved within one episode only so...
TATORT MÜNCHEN, Y'ALL! I hate Fasching, but I'm soo excited for a Faschingstatort. "Kehrhaus" is gonna be amazing, that's it. Good chance Kalli will dress up or something, remember how hyped he was for the Oktoberfest?? Yeah some good gay dads and their son content hell yes.
Let's talk about March!!! March 6th is Tatort "Propheteus" time and I'm pretty sure Boerne will finally get his shit together and comfort Alberich at least a little. AND LOOK AT THOSE BEHIND THE SCENE PHOTOS CHRISTINE ALREADY LEAKED!!! Hyped as fuck tho the storyline is wylddd. Gonna be messy but great and there's a dog.
Yeah by the way... Tatort Münster "Recht wem Recht gebührt"!!! Yep three episodes this year, fellas! Gotta be great!
Summer should be Tatort München "Flash". They're serving... Love it.
The year ends with Tatort München as well. As a period drama Downton Abbey fan I'm super hyped for "Krimidinner". That's gonna be the best Christmas present ever!
BUT that's not it! Cause there's a lot of episodes coming that we know about, but that don't have a date yet. Look...
TATORT KIEL, FINALLY! I'm deprived as shit. My bi ass needs more Mila content. Also: I love Mila's and Borowski's friendship whatever relationship. "Borowski und die große Wut" has been shot in 2019 already and it's finally gonna air... Mila looks like a fucking snack omg AND THE STORYLINE IS COOL, THERE'S GONNA BE WHUMP YAY! Next two up are "Borowski und der Schatten des Mondes" (apparently the first Tatort Kiel to air in 2022) and "Borowski und das hungrige Herz". Second one is still pretty blurry, there's gonna be kink and sex stuff for all I know. But the second one leaves me screaming because it's affecting Borowski privately and I always love them. Aaand it's already known that Mila is gonna have his back (at least for a bit).
TATORT WIEN FUCKING FINALLY, IT'S BEEN MONTHS!!! 2021 was too little old married couple content. "Alles war recht ist" already sounds so nice idk I'm just happy to have them back!! But Heinzi is gonna be an annoying brat again so let's see what Eisner says about that lmao.
Last but not least there's gonna be more Tatort Bremen. Idk when, idk what. What I know (and that breaks my heart) is that the next two episodes are only Linda and Liv. Because for wHaTeVeR rEaSoNs Dar Salim said NOPE. Gahhh I'm such a sucker for Liv and Mads, just the trio in general actually. Liv and Linda are great yk, but I want Mads there too...
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potatocornflakes · 8 months
My flatmate is a great girl I'm sure. But I'm having problems with her. We love together since November 21. So a bit over a year now.
She is 2 ½ years older than me. And we don't see each other often. I just recently realised that is not a coincidence but it's mor that I am avoiding her. When she is home my trips to the bathroom are less and I barely go in the kitchen so I rarely eat actual meals when she is home and just eat snacks like chips and chocolate and stuff. It's okay if she has her door closed but so often its not. She just keep her door wide open. Why does she do this.
Everytime we talk I feel like she looks down on me. She thinks that I'm a cute little child and everytime she asks about my guests that came over I feel she judges them and me. And I don't like that.
Her stuff is lying around everywhere. Our bathtub is full of her dirty clothes. Our wardrobe? Sometimes I can't get to my side of it because she has so mich stuff standing Infront of it. On our kitchen table and our chairs is so much stuff from her. No wonder we don't eat there.
Every communication to our landlord goes over her. But we are equal renters and I even pay more. But when our landlord(?) wanted to come over because our dishwasher was broken wich he apparently knew before me, because she texted him before I even knew, I had to be the bad guy and stop him from coming over. (He is kinda a weird guy and kinda sexist and we are both really uncomfortable with the idea of him in our flat.
I am really deeply afraid of animals. I was able to stop her from getting a cat or a dog. Some day she got two bunnies. She asked me two days later when if that was okay for me. Because I was standing in her room and saw them when I talked to her. It was okay for me. Because they were in her room.
Then they ended up on the balcony.
And now they are in the kitchen. So let's just ignore the fact it's really really unhygienic to have them there. But they take alot of space in our already not so big kitchen. But we can't get to all our cupboards without moving their cage. It's also really weird for me because every time I'm in the kitchen I feel like their staring at me. Besides the smell? I can't stand the smell. The worst part is tho sometimes she lets them walk around freely. At the beginning she closed the kitchen door. Wich was kinda sign for me because we never close that door. But she doesn't do this anymore. And I'm really afraid of animals okay. Even if these bunnies are cute I can't go out of my room right now knowing their not in their cage. I am afraid and I am really uncomfortable.
Her alarm is so loud so Annoying and she takes a really long time to turn it off. Normally I have to wake up before her so it doesn't bother me but on my free days and weekends. I hat it and despise it because if my day already starts bad then how am I supposed to make it a good day. She watches TV still with her door open and the TV really loud. And I don't know how to complain.ike I know our walls are thin. But i don't hear that well and it's too loud for me.
the thing is everybody of my friends and family know this but everythime she asks me if something is okay, or if something bothers me, especially with bunnies I always so. "Nah, it's okay. Doesn't matter m doesn't bother me at ally don't worry" it's every time 100 percent a lie.
I can't communicate my feelings to her. I can't. I want to. But I can't. So she keeps on spreading and taking up space and the only space I can feel safe in is my room. But only quiet. I afraid she'll hear me and I don't know why.
I know I'm probably not a perfect roommate either but I'm happy when I move out in 1½ years and get my own place.
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mtchmbrc · 1 year
Get to know me!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
There are seven billion people in this World, and I am different, we are all different. I can say that, I am nothing without God and I am nothing without purpose in this world. Now, I am writing about myself, I'm here to introduce myself, share about my life and what I'm planning for my life. I'm from the family of Isidoro and Ambrocio. I'm Mich Daryl Ambrocio Isidoro but you can also call me Chi but not Daryl. I am pure Filipino and I am single. I'm single because I was too young to be in a relationship. I'm from Atulayan Sur and from Bagay too, but I'm currently staying at Atulayan Sur, Tuguegarao City Cagayan. I graduated at John Wesley College. I am sixteen years old and turning seventeen by January next year. I am studying at St. Paul University Philippines. I feel happy and thankful because my classmates are friendly and my teachers are kind. My motto is "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." I am an introvert person. When I was young I used to mingle with other people but now, I am a home person. My life is just school and home. I often mingle with people unless i need to. I have many weaknesses, but I'm trying my best to overcome it. I am trying my best to be a better person. My Father is a businessman. My mother is a office staff. They both love their work. I have two brothers and I am middle child. Being the only girl, I am the most responsible from my brothers. I wanted to guide and teach my younger brother to his studies and take care of them. My favorite foods and drinks are spicy seafoods and foods, takoyaki, ice cream, milktea, iced coffee, and fries and you have no idea how it makes me happy whenever I eat them. So let's talk about the things, I think I'm good at. I'm good at drawing, painting and capturing images of animals and the environment. I am good at painting and I'm proud about it. I love paintings because I can express my ideas and feelings there. I was always into arts and most of the time mobile games. Also, I love dancing and listening to music. I have two dogs, you can call them Ara and Luna. I am a creative person and I like learning new things which I always enjoy. My ambition in life is to be a successful woman. That's it. Nice to meet you all.
The way I see myself ten years ahead of now is not something I often think about. To tell you the truth, it scares me a little to know that in one short decade I will be twenty seven years old, and that my years of youth are coming to an end. Yes, my learning in SPUP is vital to where I am leading to, but one thing I'm certain of, is that if God gives me the opportunity to get to that age, I will make the most of my years and put all of my effort to become a successful, happy woman. A vision I've always had of myself years ahead of now is a wealthy veterinary woman, and is a world-wide well known Doctor of Pets. I'm sure that with perseverance and the help of the people I love, as well as God’s, I will have the chance to achieve this. Also the way I see myself ten years ahead of now is I already have a job and I thought about living in Canada with my loved one. In Canada, I will build a house, my dream house and continue to be a veterinarian there. I like in Canada because they say it's beautiful there and I can move well because no one cares about my life there (like chismosa).
Well, for me this is the best choice because before I choose this strand, I was so afraid and confused at first. I didn't know if it is right for me to be in this strand. But yeah, I chose STEM because I want to take veterinary courses in college. I chose this strand because there is a lot of opportunities here and maybe one day I'll change my mind and I have a lot to choose from.
The course I will take in college is Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). Because I want to be a successful veterinary and this is my dream job. Well, this is probably a little obvious, also because I love animals.
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