#and i’m clearing my drafts out now
freensrcha · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
'But a guy like you, it's no fun when you don't give in.'
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your property
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vayvaov · 3 months
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I’m sure they don’t talk about the game just gossiping
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Some Daemon/Rhaenyra things from F&B
Tumblr media
“Enamoured of her uncle” 🤭
“Daemon was ever attentive of her”
“He brought her some exotic gift on his return”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“The Prince was notably cool toward her children, especially his nephews Aegon and Aemond” - He’s so real for that, love him
“Daemon spent long hours in her company, enthralling her with tales of his journeys and battles. He gave her pearls and silks and books and a jade tiara said once to have belonged to the Empress of Leng, read poems to her, dined with her, hawked with her, sailed with her, entertained her by making mock of the greens at court, the "lickspittles" fawning over Queen Alicent and her children.” - Daemyra mocking Alicent and her kids is also so real of them, because same: fuck the greens
“He praised her beauty, declaring her to be the fairest maid in all the Seven Kingdoms. Uncle and niece began to fly together almost daily, racing Syrax against Caraxes to Dragonstone and back.” - LISTEN I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH OKAY
“Give her to me to wife” - 😭
Tumblr media
“An eye for an eye, a son for a son. Lucerys shall be avenged” — DAEMON LOVES HIS STEPSONS, NO ONE WILL CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE
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pixlatedvampire · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I love this disaster bard sm you don’t even know 💕
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garoujo · 8 months
imma sign off for a bit to catch up on some anime ‘n manga cause my head hurts from writing all morning ^^ so i gotta refuel for a bit — be back later tho <3
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He’s gotten so tall and it’s making me emotional 😭
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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chequemerci · 2 years
Ace Shitty!!
Ace Shitty who has trouble trouble recognizing his queerness because he doesn't feel sexual attraction to guys and mostly feels sexual attraction to girls because he's “supposed” to 
Ace Shitty who sees nudity as nbd because like sure it's a sex thing, but no one actually thinks it's that big of a deal right? 
Ace Shitty who’s more comfortable with Lardo than any girl he’s dated/been interested in before, because he knows she doesn’t expect him to do anything he’s not comfortable doing
Ace Shitty who doesn’t come to terms with his sexuality until well after graduating law school because he’s always seen himself so strongly as an ally 
Ace Shitty!! That’s all!
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kuiinncedes · 1 year
love getting distracted during lecture overthinking the shit out of something probably no one will actually notice/think about/care about 🤪😍
#liike i gotta go back and do most of the lecture notes bc i lowkey stopped paying attention sldkghf#wait i drafted a text to my friend that i haven't sent bc i didn't wanna dumb this block of words on her if she doesn't want to hear it#about what i was overthinking what i am overthinking but like less now lol#for context if anyone cares lol we have winter set for glowstick club and it was kinda chaotic everyone signing up at practice tuesday#and i made an impulsive decision that i wanted to sign up for two songs bc one of them is glowsticking/stringing and one is#with another prop and i wanna explore the props yaknow#*clears throat* here is my drafted text lmaoo#Is it dumb that I’m like overthinking signing up for two winter songs so much XD#not really even for like concerns about like being able to learn and do two but like since anyone else doing two is a choreographer right#so like I still feel like I can’t do two ((even tho i asked one of the artistic directors and he said to go for it sklfdjdk))#bc I’ve spent my life past like middle school trying not to stand out in any way slkglhdfs#((might take that part out that's a lil uhhhh questionable 😂))#it was kinda bad i really was like eating myself up over it during lecture i don't even know why lmaoo#like literally can i not they said it was fine and i'll be able to do it or whatever#i think my main thing is that i'm the only newbie in two and i'm the only one with my name actually signed up for two#bc choreographer names are in a different place#but like no one else will probably notice or think weirdly of it except me yk i'm just terrified of like .. standing out being noticed 🤡#in middle school when my friends called me an overachiever and the whole culture at school just making it seem like a bad thing#so i stopped overachieving 😍 and like tried not to be noticed in that way i guess anyway damn that's really uh yeah lmao anyway#i feel like there's so many times where i made an impulsive ish decision and then overthink it and regret it after sklgfdjsl#even tho it's not even anything badddd ugh anywayyyyyy lol#jeanne talks#sorry for the freakign word dump lskdghsf i'm gonna try to fix my word dump from last night see if i can post some writing lol 🤪#yo this is not that bad ok midnight jeanne brain went off a lil bit tbh
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brockachu · 1 year
hey y’all ever think about how the new narrative (at least in the league, and a little from some sabres fans) is that the sabres can finally get a true rebuild done, shaking off the haunted vibes from jack, but using what he was traded for. and it’s just like. he was supposed to save the franchise right? and there is so much budding hope in the sabres i’ve seen recently.
like some ppl are already projecting tuch for next captain. the sabres seem to be developing krebs pretty well & he’s def getting more play than he would’ve in vegas. they also have a 1st & 3rd round pick from the trade that could go so many ways to rounding out that increasingly youthful roster.
and the irony is that jack maybe did finally save the franchise. by leaving.
#ooohhh ooohhhhh aily is in their jack feels again excuse me excuse me#it’s just so bittersweet. as an eichs narrative obsessive#the funny thing for me is knowing i Really did not care that much before#i was specifically pointedly dispassionate about the 2015 draft class bc i just refused to partake in the weird nationalist feud#the mcdavid vs eichel was so Weirdly patriotic on both sides and i Hated it. also i just have Never cared for the Next One gimmick#didn’t like it on crosby didn’t like it on mcdavid. trying not to let it affect my opinion on bedard as the next big name nhl projected 1oa#tho we’re still 2 drafts off from the bedard scramble. lord protect any other child in that draft projected near him#anyway i could’ve gone his whole career not giving half a fuck about eichs until the surgery hubbub happened. whoof#even while on hockey hiatus i followed a handful of hockey podcasts just to know a general idea of what was going on even if i didn’t watch#puck soup got me digging up the eichs narrative even before i was back to following the canucks roster and whatnot#but boy i tumbled right in and dove deep on the eichs narrative. here i still am just chilling occasionally coming back with shiny rocks#i’m always gonna side with an individual over an org unless it’s real clear the individual is fucking awful (see: kesler)#i just. would like to see jack have his moment please. i know it is absolutely good enough that he is healthy & playing well#but we all know players want and expect more for themselves. i want eichs to get his moment. i want eichs to get to be indisputably right.#tbh i’m exporting some personal shit on it. i want eichs to get the clear unequivocal vindication that i am not sure i’ll ever get#as i’ve noted on my pinned post i’m going through a lot and it’s been escalating and escalating for like 2 years now. since the pandemic#and i just. every day i have to confront that shit sucks and i will likely never get an apology or anyone admitting i was right or anything#if i’m lucky i will get out of this chunk of time with more coping tools and less unresolved trauma and maybe a lawsuit settlement which#i don’t personally believe in financial litigation for trauma but it is the only system we fucking having in this hell capitalist ‘democrac#i am just. exhausted. and disappointed. and angry. and sad. and exhausted again. and holding it together with will & gritted teeth#the most i can wish for is that the process of ~all this~ pans out sooner than later. it could be resolved in the next couple months#or it could take a literal nother year. at most 2.#and i’m not just holding it together for me. i’m holding it together for fucking everyone.#bc i get to process and reprocess all of this at least 3 times. once for me. once to translate for my parents. once to explain to my sibs.#it’s not anything i can pass off to anyone else. but it’s also fucking impossible feeling like a single linchpin keeping this entire shakin#train together. i reiterate i am so exhausted. even when i can delegate some things i still have to go back to make sure it gets done#bc everyone is so used to me just fucking doing everything that they forget they were supposed to take a task for me#anyway anyway so yeah. i am outsourcing my emotions to some hockey and i would like a win please#i would like something i can point to and say ‘see? that worked. i can do that.’#i know it will be ok eventually. but i am asking for a sign. i am asking for a beacon. please
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Hey Hey. Just gotta say. You draw Edgeshot and Jeanist so fricken well. I especially love it when you draw Edgeshot with hair bun. Fricken love it. So cute. I also love the Edgeshot and Jeanist drawing you did on the sticky note. They are just so fricken adorable. Much love to you and your artwork! 💞💞💞💞
Thank you so much!! This means a lot to me thank you! You’ve made my day 🥰❤️❤️
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I also never really pointed out how sad it was when Nina had to say goodbye to everyone all over again. So basically she lived in her dimension, she didn’t come back to this Earth because once she was strong enough power wise to summon her dead loved ones spirits, she didn’t want to go back to the world where they were dead. And she was still in denial much like Wanda was in WandaVision, so she made versions of everyone alive too so that it was just like her normal life but everyone was alive and safe. So somehow someone contacted her in her realm and convinced her that she couldn’t live in her fantasy world forever, and she needed to come back home and face reality, even if it was hard.
So once she accepted that all these people were dead, she had to say goodbye to them all over again, but she got some closure being able to say goodbye to her loved ones. She finally got to tell her mother how strong she became and her mom got to tell her how proud she was of her. She got to thank Isidora for always looking out for her, she got to tell Kavya that she never thought she was lesser and Kavya got to hug her little sister and thank her for always believing in her. She got to apologize to Evgeni for killing him, he finally got to tell her that it wasn’t her fault and that he still loves her no matter what. She got to thank her dad for always protecting her, and fighting for her to his last breath, and he also got to tell her how proud he was that she doesn’t give up and that it’s okay for her to move on with her life. Then she got to see Wayde one last time, they didn’t really say goodbye again since they had said their last words to each other the last couple weeks Wayde was alive, so they just hugged and waved to each other so they could see they both still wore their rings.
Finally she got to thank Nadia for being the only person to care about her for such a long time, and Nadia told her she was happy she could save even one person from that place and she was glad it was her. And Nadia informed her that all the other hundreds of people that died in the explosion or killed by the Facility were in a peaceful place, and they were all happy for Nina and grateful that she doesn’t forget about them so that maybe their deaths weren’t for nothing
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westernsunshine · 10 months
The largest bee I have ever seen is in my kitchen right now and is very much not happy about it
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eternal-reverie · 10 months
i think i caught up on all those unanswered asks
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crushedbyhyperbole · 5 months
Flash Bang
Tumblr media
Pairing:  Bucky x Reader
Summary:  How to win an argument with Bucky Barnes?  Flash your tits, of course.
Words: 1.2k
A/N:  Just an idea that amused me enough to end up on my fic inspiration list.  I wrote it as part of my Suncatcher set (a series on AO3 but here on Tumblr the fics are not grouped together).  Reader is empowered and part of the Avengers.  All fics in this set are set after CA:CW and I completely ignore the existence of Infinity War and End Game.
Warnings:  Smut, some angst, arguing, moody Bucky
***18+ content - minors do not read or interact***
Tumblr media
Bucky is raging.  You can tell by his deep scowl, irritated nasal sighs, and the repeated twitch of the muscles in his cheeks as he grits his teeth repeatedly, clenching and unclenching his jaw.  He won’t even look at you when you try to talk to him – he listens but doesn’t respond.  Even dazzling him with your beautiful light refractions hasn’t worked.
It’s stupid, you think, the argument you had yesterday that saw him sleeping (or not, possibly) on the sofa, and followed you both into today.  You haven’t even gone on the mission yet and he’s already acting like a petulant child.  It’s funny, in a way.  You’re usually the one who flips your shit, and Bucky is the one who calms you down. He’s the big chill to your little chaos, except where your safety is concerned.
“Can we talk about this? Please?”  You stand next to him while he impatiently waits for the coffee to finish pouring from the machine.  You can tell he feels trapped, torn between the coffee he wants and avoiding a discussion with you.  “Bucky?”
He huffs out another nasal sigh.  He heard you but is still not prepared to interact.
“Ok, I’ll just talk.” You say, jumping up to sit on the counter next to the coffee machine.
Bucky drums his fingers on the counter in yet another display of frustration.
“I’m an Avenger, same as you.”  You have said this to him about twenty times since yesterday but you say it again because it’s the truth.  “I get drafted for missions, same as you.  I go on missions with you, I go on missions without you.  This mission is just another mission without you.”  You reach for him, attempting to lay your hand on his shoulder but he flexes away, making it clear that he doesn’t want to be touched.
“Not the same.”  He grunts and you feel like this is a victory. They’re the first words he’s said to you since last night when he actually told you that he forbade you to go on this mission.  Like he fucking owned you or something.  Of course you had seen red and it had turned into an all-out argument.
“How is it not?”
Another nasal huff. “You’ll be alone.”
“And?  You do it all the time.”
“That’s different.”
“How?  Because you’re a man?”
“No!”  He turns to you and fixes you with a withering gaze.  “Romanov goes on solo missions.  It’s not about your sex, it’s about your experience.”
“How am I supposed to get solo mission experience if I don’t go on solo missions?”  All the while you spoke, you tried to keep your tone even. Now that he was communicating, you didn’t want to piss him off again.
“I offered to go with you, and to hang back.  As backup. It was a compromise.  You said no.”
“Do you not trust me?”
“Of course I do.”
“Doesn’t seem like it.”
“What I don’t trust is my luck.”
“What’s your luck go to do with it?”
“Doesn’t matter.”
The machine had finished pouring.  Bucky scooped up his cup and took a sip as he stared you down.
“So you’re going to keep acting like this until I’m back from the mission safe and sound?”
“Not even then.”
“You want me to give in say that I won’t do it?”
“That’s about the size of it, yeah.”  He started to leave the kitchen, announcing the end to the discussion.  But you weren’t done, and you had an idea.
“I love you.”  You grinned, fumbling with your top as he walked away from you
“I love you too, which is why I won’t budge on this.”  In the doorway, he pauses and turns.  “What are you doing? Oh-”
Bucky’s eyes go wide and his mouth falls open as he takes you in.  Your top and bra are pulled under your breasts so you could flash him, nipples peaked and firm.
“Really?  You’re gonna do me like that, huh?”  He can’t hide his smirk.
“Do you like what?” You cup your breasts and jiggle them for him, biting your lip as he moves towards you.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
When Bucky lunges for you, you shriek with laughter as you try to tuck your breasts away and jump down from the counter, but he catches you by the wrists and spreads your arms, baring your breasts to him fully.
“Don’t try to hide them now.”  He looks hungry, eyes darkening in the best way possible.  “I see what you’re doing.”
“But you’re falling for it.” You grin.
“You’re evil, you know that, right?”  He lifts your wrists and releases them onto his shoulders as he slots himself between your parted knees and fondles your exposed breasts.
“I do.”  You look at him from under your fluttering lashes as he leans in for a kiss.
It starts slow but within seconds he is moaning into your mouth as he tries to devour you.  All of the hurt and frustration pours out of him as passion as he paws at your hips to bring you flush against his arousal.  He doesn’t even try to pull your leggings down, he just tears a hole in them right at the crotch, making your gasp.
He fumbles his fly but frees himself successfully and sinks into you without warning, bottoming out with a groan.  He rests his forehead against yours, cupping your face to keep you with him as he starts thrusting, repeatedly burying himself in you to the hilt.
You both have tears in your eyes as you climb the dizzy heights of pleasure and it’s him who closes his eyes first if only for a moment, blinking the tears away before he grits his teeth and pounds you harder.  When you come he lets himself go, his last few thrusts sloppy and punctuated with soft grunts.
You cling to each other in the aftermath and when he meets your gaze again it’s full of love and sorrow.
“I can’t lose you,” he says.
“You won’t.”
“You can’t guarantee that,” he brushes some stray hairs from your forehead, “it would be just my luck that the best thing to ever happen to me would be taken away because I didn’t fight hard enough to protect it.”
He rolls his eyes and steps back, his softening cock slipping from you, leaving you empty. “Go on the mission,” he sniffs, “but if it goes wrong that’s the last solo mission you do, so help me god, I’ll be going with you even if it’s in a fucking convent.”
You don’t say thank you because you don’t need his permission, but it makes things a hell of a lot easier that he’s not going to keep giving you the cold shoulder.  “Will you go over the mission brief with me, just to make sure?” You wanted to reassure him in any way you could that you were prepared.
You grin and go to tuck your breasts away.
“Leave them,” he says with a cheeky glint in his eye, “I’m not done with you yet.”
You squeal with laughter as he picks you up, wrapping your legs around his waist and carries you to the bedroom.  You’ve got a day’s worth of tension and arguing to fuck out of each other, and Bucky is eager to get down to business.
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buckyscombatboots · 5 months
Monstertober Day 8
Careful what you wish for 🕯
Tumblr media
Pairing: Incubus!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Initial Somnophilia, dub con, kind of rape, insults/degrading language, biting, scratching, marking, mentions of blood, womb tattoo/sigil, dumbification, aphrodisiac, vibrator, p in v, overstimulation, cunnilingus, demon summoning, beefy!bucky, condescending!Bucky, dark!bucky, praise, fluff
Nicknames: Angel, Doll, sweetness
Word count: 2.5k
A/N: I’m so sorry this is late, I was extremely busy on Halloween with teacher training and university work. But this concludes Monstertober, I have some exciting things planned for November.
༻𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐓𝐚𝐠 𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫༺
Tumblr media
Candles…You look around your floor surrounded by heaps of softly glowing candles, their flames waning and brightening again and again as the flame danced in the draft of your room. “Check.” you murmured, casting your eyes back to the grimoire’s aged pages; squinting in the darkness of your room trying to see the faded ink more clearly “stupidly complicated pentagram that took me multiple attempts and almost two hours to draw. Check.” You huffed glaring down at the pentagram drawn in white chalk on your floor, the edges smudged ever so slightly from where you’d repeatedly rubbed it away, only to redraw it wrong again. “An offering.” The book had not specified the offering that you had to provide for the demon, it simply said offering in intricate calligraphy “,how very helpful.” Grumbling you crouched to your knees, placing the grimoire down and scooping up your pile of “offerings” depositing them at random in a small circle inside your pentagram. Your offerings, if you could even call them that, consisted of a some loose change you’d found under and behind furniture, some candies you had lying around from halloween that the children hadn’t taken, a lock of your hair and a deeply personal item—which was the only clear instruction in the list, and you had chosen your trusty pink vibrator. Looking at the pink vibe on the floor made you want to crawl out of your skin in embarrassment, but it made the most sense since it was very deeply personal.
You picked the book back up and seated yourself in the centre of the summoning circle, you could feel your heart rate spike as you glanced down at the page for the summoning words. Your hands shook, palms growing cold and sweaty as you began “Heed my call, hear my cry may it lead you to me from your realm far away. I command you to my side so that we may make a contract.” You bite down on your finger drawing blood and swipe it across the floor “See me now and let me see you.” You blow out the candles around you and wait. You gulp as you sit cross legged in the dark, waiting. The sound of your breathing and your blood rushing makes the silence unbearable.
Nothing happens.
After sitting there for five minutes, you climb to your feet defeated. Tears on your waterline as you throw the book to the floor and flop into bed. You felt so stupid for even thinking that something like that would work, you feel the full weight of your adrenaline rush crashing to ground as curl under your covers rocking yourself to sleep s you mentally prepare for the rent payment tomorrow.
The blown out candles relight simultaneously as he steps out of the red swirling portal “You called?” He looked down expecting to see the person who summoned him, but he found the chalk pentagram staring back at him. He bends down, picking up the book you’d thrown harshly to the floor with a frown. He dusts off the grimoire, tracing the embossing in the leather cover with his blackened fingers, turning down the heat of his brimstone skin so the book doesn't burn. From the corner of his eye he catches your body shifting under the covers. He sets the grimoire gently on your chest of drawers and pads over to your bed “Wake up my little sleeping Angel.” He whispers in a gravelly tone, forming an ‘o’ with his reddened lips and blowing a stream of cold air against your ear lobe making you stir. He seats himself on the edge of your bed trailing his hand across your sleeping form “You’re wearing too much for my liking. Let me help you with that.” He threw the covers off of you and turned you more on to your back so he could peel your baggy shirt off, moving as quiet as a mouse. You were left only in a pair of panties, your comfortable pair that you wore when you knew no one would be seeing them, Bucky smiled at them thumbing the fabric adoringly. He ran his fingers across the middle of your panties till a soaking crease was visible. “Already so horny for me, naughty little human.” Bucky pulled down your panties, taking them into his hand to see the clear, sticky proof of your arousal. He tossed the panties already able to smell the thick scent of your arousal, he knew he had to taste you. He dipped his head down, running his tongue through your folds, groaning at the taste of you. He decided there and then he was going to claim you as his. He sucked on his fingers, getting them wet, before inserting them inside of you. Your walls drew him in, clamping so tightly around his fingers that he could barely move them. His hardened cock twitched as he imagined sliding into you, pounding you awake watching as your pleasured cries turned into pleas for him to stop. He had to stop a wicked grin from spreading across his lips. “You’ve been neglected for so long, Pet. Bucky’s gonna change that don’t you worry sweetheart. Who would neglect such a pretty pussy, so fucking tight.” His fingers start to glide through your spasming walls as they adjust to the thickness of his fingers. He targets the spongy spot inside you, debaucherous wet sounds filing the sleepy silence of your room. He paused as a soft mewl left your lips, your body shifting and your fisted hands tightening their hold on your pillow. He continued his ministrations even as your eyes fluttered open and you finally came to, your pleasured babbling pausing. You stared, horrified at the man sitting at the edge of your bed. Your eyes travelled up to the black horns on his head that looked like a ram's horns then down his red eyed that even in the darkness stuck out like a sore thumb, they shone like road studs in headlights stealing your attention before he opened his mouth displaying sharp, white teeth “Thanks for summoning me, Angel. I can see why you needed an incubus. You seem to be very pent up, but I can fix that for you.” His deep melodic voice made the initial stress you felt drift far away. You gaze drops downwards following the muscle of his neck down to the imposing bulk of his shoulders and arms, the rise and fall of his burly chest becoming hypnotising as his scent reaches your nostrils a mix of myrrh and musk that has your head swimming making you completely forget what he said. The feel of his rough palm cupping your cheek anchors you “I said, thank you for summoning me, Angel.”
“I didn’t summon an incubus. You- You have the wrong house.”
“No need to be coy. It’s fine to need a bit of help.”
“No, I genuinely didn’t summon an incubus. I wanted to Summon a demon that could help me. I'm working two jobs, I’m exhausted, the cost of everything is rising and I just can’t anymore. I'm running myself into the ground. I must have summoned the wrong type of demon.”
“Ah, that's Ari’s department. I’d contact him, but he’s a bit busy with a few cultists. So I guess you’re stuck with me for the time being, but I can help you in a different way, Doll.” His other hand reaches to the side of him and heat floods your cheeks as your eyes lock on the pink vibrator he has between his fingers. He pops it into his mouth like a hard candy and sucks it a little before spitting it back into his palm, pressing the button to turn it on “Nice and ready for you.” He chides, slipping his fingers out of your tight heat replacing the emptiness with the warmed, whirling vibrator. You feel your stomach constrict in pleasure as he guides the pink bullet in further with his fingers, positioning it right against your sweet spot. Shooting you a knowing smile as you sob your walls fluttering around his fingers as you convulse “Such a good girl for me, coming all over my fingers.” Bucky coos taking the vibe out from inside you bringing it to the head of his weeping cock moaning as he rubs it against his precum leaking slit, pumping his length with his other ashen hand “Time for you to take me sweetness.” You try to scramble away from him but he was much quicker than you, sensing your fear before it had even registered inside your brain. His warm rough palm seized your thigh pulling you back in position.
“It won’t fit! You’re going to tear me in two. Please can you just forget I summoned you.”
“Oh, Doll, that’s not how this works. You summoned me, I have duties to fulfill and in exchange for said duties I get your soul. I’m not leaving, this will not be forgotten. Regardless, you need to breathe; I’m not going to ‘tear you in two’ that sigil on your womb will make sure of it and make it pleasurable whilst I do. So calm down for me, I don’t like it when humans make my job more difficult than it has to be so behave and you’ll be rewarded.” His threats wrapped up in a sweet tone making it seem as if he wasn’t patronising you. Despite this you began to calm down, wrapping your legs around his hips and controlling your breathing. Your eyes drifted down his muscular torso, focusing on the intricate tattoo like patterns on his skin to relax your mind. The tattoos brought you down to the deep ‘v’ line of his pelvis and back to his veiny member which he was prodding to your entrance. You were pulled out of the trace-like state that his prominent veins had put you in, as he bottomed out in you until your walls were stretched taut around his meaty shaft. He stays still until the burn subsides, watching as your eyes gain a hazy, spaced out glaze and your mouth drops open in an inaudible moan. He pulls out and thrusts so hard into you that your bed scoots under the force, the sound of skin slapping skin echos through your small room as Bucky snaps his hips into you pushing himself deeper and deeper each time, his movements are slow yet rough making you feel every inch of him as he fucks into your tight heat. A surge of heat spread all the way from your hips to the sole of your feet and the tips of your fingers, you felt almost drunk on pleasure, every single thrust of his hips renewing the heat. Your whole body tingles as he presses the vibrator to your clit “God!” You scream as your legs wrapped around his waist begin to shake.
“Oh no sweet little Angel, God isn’t here. In this room, right now, I am your God. You worship me. I give you pleasure.” He purrs, swirling the vibe on your pulsing pearl as he angles the tip of his cock to hit your sweet spot over an over, drawing the orgasm building inside of you to the surface making you cum with a whimpering cry.
The sound of your blood rushing in your ears filled your senses as you came down from your high, even as you came back to your senses you felt much more distanced from reality; your body felt as if it was submerged in a warm bath, and slowly but surely you were sinking below the water. Your break was cut short by Bucky continuing his thrusts, his hand pressing the vibrator to your now throbbing clit didn’t budge—he instead pushed down more harshly on your clit making your legs quake uncontrollably “Hnng! Please!” Was all you could force out before your tongue became useless, lolling out of your mouth. You came again with a shout, clawing Bucky’s back with your nails as you threw your head back into the pillow, your back arching even further into the air. You came so hard you forgot how to breathe, a heavy weight crushing your chest, as you slumped back into the mattress trying your hardest to breathe Bucky finally removed the vibe from your raw little nub. His palm flattened against your stomach where the sigil was placed rubbing a slow circle that set your nerves on fire, before he brought his hand up to the bulge in your stomach and pressed harshly with his thumb tearing a whimper from your throat.
“Fuck you can see me inside of you, Angel. I’m all up in your guts rearranging them. Turning you into the perfect little cock sleeve, gonna make sure I ruin you for any other man. Oh wait, you won't be taking any other man after me. Because; You. Belong. To. Me.” Her punctuated every word with a rough thrust, bashing your cervix which would usually hurt but whatever he did gave you a supreme, otherworldly amount of pleasure “the sigil is almost full, one more orgasm and my seed should be enough to fill it. Do you think you can take it?” He questions a small smile gracing his lips as he awaits your answer, but all you can do is mumble “So fucked out that you can’t even form a sentence, your heads probably so empty right now, my little fuck doll. It’s okay, you don’t need to think, Angel, let me do that for you; can’t expect a dumb little human like you who can’t even read the pages of a very clear, simple book correctly.” His hand slithers up your body towards your neck, wrapping around your throat before he starts to apply pressure—observing as your body begins to melt into the mattress. His thrusts continued and paired with the lack of oxygen bright flashes of white flicker across your vision. All your nerves began to thrum as you felt another orgasm coming, your wall clamped around him as you got closer to the edge. You could feel his cock twitching inside you, he released your neck allowing air to flow back into your lungs as he dipped his head down to your shoulder inking his teeth into your skin. The overwhelming sensations of lightheadedness, pleasure and pain threw your senses into orbit as you came your pussy squeezing his cock as you raked your nails across his back hard enough to draw blood. Bucky gave a few more weak, uncoordinated thrusts before he painted your insides with a wanton moan gripping the pillow hard enough for it to tear. You could barely comprehend your surroundings, you felt as if you were made of air and if Bucky let go of you you’d dissipate. Your heart hammered against your rib cage, as you stared up at Bucky’s handsome face; his sweat darkened hair glued to his forehead. He let out a chuckle, his hand caressing the sigil at your womb “Happy Halloween, Angel. This is the last one you’ll ever have to spend alone. The contract has been made and now, you belong to me. Forever.”
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