#and make up our mermaid characters and what they look like and where they live and their super OP magical powers
Entering my mermaid era
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sinnamonpork · 4 months
Dabihawks fairy tale fusion where they get transported into a series of random disney movies by a quirk. Instead of being the main couple in the story, they are the side characters who needs to get the main couple together in order to get out. Cue various shenanigans of our resident dumbasses trying to wingman for their lives.
Natshig in a rapunzel world where Dabi is mother gothel and Hawks is the captain of the royal guard lol.
"Oh fuck you let Shiggy get out of the tower."
"You said Natsuo was already on his way!"
"That didn't mean you should let them loose, you fucking dumbass!"
dabihawks during the lantern scene almost burning the boat they are on trying to spy on the two lovebirds and is the reason why the kiss didn't happen.
Next on the list is a fuyurumi aladdin au, with Dabi as jafar and Hawks as the genie. Dabi is very offended because how dare the quirk assume that he'd like to overthrow his father's country, the old bastard can have his crusty ass kingdom. Dabi doing the trials instead of Rumi - bc the girl was too busy thieving and simping for princess Fuyumi - and having a shouting match with genie!Hawks when he finally got to the lamp because why the fuck is this cave so complicated??? Do you want me to die??? Hawks looking at Dabi with a flat stare and saying "That's exactly the point of the traps, Dabi.". I just want them in the "A whole new world" sequence stalking the two on their own carpet and realizing that they aren't paying attention to fuyurumi anymore. They're having their own date up in the clouds, surrounded by sweet music.
The next fairy tale they went to is a Cinderella au todobaku, with Hawks as the fairy god mother and Dabi as the cat that chases the rats in the movie. The moment Hawks realizes who Dabi turned into, the hero laughs for so long that they almost missed the ball bc fairy god dumbass was too busy heckling Catbi. Dabi is very upset in that one because why is his baby brother in a shimmering blue gown while he's stuck as a furball in the very muscular and very warm arms of Hawks, getting carried around their whole time there. They didn't really need to intervene that much on that one except for stopping Bakugou from exploding Deku when he realizes the glass slipper can fit on the green haired boy. Shouto is very upset when he saw the two together and kissed Bakugou right there and then. (Izuku is terrified for his life in the background, the poor boy doesn't know what's happening.)
When they thought they were about to go home, imagine their surprise when they get transported into another world but with themselves as the main character. Cue The Little Mermaid au but with dabihawks. Haha imagine if Prince Eric was a completely different person, probably Chisaki, and Dabi turning back around when he saw the dude drowning. He doesn't care if he gets stuck in this world forever, he's not about to save the creep (hell would freeze over before he kisses the man.). So what if he was expecting to perform cpr on Hawks, no one would know how disappointed he is that he didn't get to save the hero. Pirate captain!Hawks seeing Dabi sulking on one of the stones and immediately recognizing him just from the eyes alone. They spend the rest of the day on the seas together and had a kiss by nightfall with Rumi and the crew singing "kiss the boy" in the background.
They wake up back in canonverse, now with new realizations and information on one another, yet not giving a fuck and continuing making out because they already had a taste of it once, the both of them can never let go of the other now.
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system-of-a-feather · 4 months
Hi! What is a substitute memory (if you don’t mind my asking)?
asdfalkaklj I actually haven't called upon my brain to define this in a bit so it might not be the "cleanest" definition, but what I'm assuming the bingo was referencing was substitute beliefs (broad term) and specifically when those beliefs are presented with "substitute memories"
Substitute beliefs are concepts / aspects / understandings of self and events that aren't exactly what is actually true / real / accurate but reflect it in a way that it is often easier to handle, accept, and bear for the person with the trauma.
Thats a mouthful, but a simple example would be say... someone's trauma was nearly drowning - they might then have an alter / develop a substitute belief that "I am a mermaid" or have the idea that being underwater like that was wanted because they are "spiritually a water creature" or that the drowning nearly happened BECAUSE they were confused and thought they were a mermaid rather than due to malice / neglect. In both cases the context of that memory might be reframed with a sort of substitute buffer to cover over the hard aspects of a shitty situation to make it more palatable
Those are more "extreme" examples because I can't really think of a more mundane example - but its a common defense mechanism people with DID and other people who were traumatized at a young age kind of do to sort of buffer the blow of being aware of the shit that's happened without necessarily having to deal with the entire reality of it.
I just got vague vibes from back there that it's fine to share, but the Riku subsystem was trained to be our sisters attack dog to a pretty extreme point of her manipulating dissociative barriers she knew of and as a result XIV has always really taken a lycantropic form, particularly when put in aggro mode and while he is aware he is not "actually a werewolf" it actively leaks into his day to day life and it is a really quick "blur" over topics that if dug more into could cause things to be uprooted that we aren't quite ready to.
Similarly, there are substitute memories that can happen where the memory of an event itself might be too hard to "digest" and as a result some people get similar but "slightly off" memories of things that didn't happen. I've seen this mostly talked about in terms of introjects and them developing memories related to trauma the body did experience but instead in the frame work of their source rather than the actual real lived body. Rather than remembering and processing feelings of neglect with your actual parents in reference, the part may still have the feelings that stem from a real trauma and experience the body had, but instead process it in the terms of "people who don't really exist" which makes it easier to operate and handle in an environment where it might be difficult to do that with the real people (often living there still and what not)
In substitute [anything] its really the brain just kinda blurring the details and shuffling around the lines to make it look like something easier and nicer to look at than the reality. It's usually similar to what ACTUALLY happened but often with a few details that are weird / wrong / obviously not real (ie, characters don't exist, werewolfs dont exist, mermaids don't exist, etc.)
It's been a while since I've seen it brought up so it might be a bit off of an explanation but hope that makes sense?
It's easier to process "I'm a werewolf" than process the implications of having been through mental abuse and directly trained as an attack dog for another's benefit.
It's easier to believe that the time you nearly drowned is because you were a "delusional kid and forgot you couldn't breathe underwater" than it is to address possible neglect or malice intent of someone who is supposed to be close to you.
It's easier to (not necessarily for the fictive themselves, but often for the rest of the system) see the struggle of their system member Sasuke processing the trauma of Itachi's betrayl than it is to see and process the betrayal of trust that the sibling you live with and have to see daily.
Substitute beliefs and memories are also often on a sliding scale of how seriously and literally the affected parts / people experience them and how real they actually feel, so theres a lot of variety.
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minzart · 2 years
Im living for rsa overblots make yuu suffer more pls 😔👀
With pleasure~
Ok ok so. I Know the overblot boy is usualy the representative of his dorm character
However consider: Dorm Leader Zazul
Bc Cheka exists and I think it's funny
After the disaster that was "Alice" overblot Yuu went straight to the nursery, and next day they sent a message to their friends, lo and behold, hours later they receive a message from Idia warning of their friend arrival... togheter with Shroud's attempt at concern, boy doesn't know how to comfort and hades less so
Their new friends were at class now
And with the subtitle of a truck they heard from a new "roommate" that some troublemakers from NRC were causing a ruckus out there, yup, their friends no doubt
Hours later Ambrose enters the nursery with six beaten up teens that spare no thought to jump right into Yuu's broken ribs
Less than a week and they have already beaten another overblot, looks like a curse
The firsts years are very protective of Yuu that Grimm decides to stay with them, just in case, it's not like Yuu can defend themself without magic... WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVE OTHER FRIENDS-? !
Anyway, they spend the next few days healing and receiving many gifts from very worried dorm leaders with the occasional visit from the first years from time to time and a surprise visit from some dorm leaders when they can pass the first gate... or just invade the school like Leona and Malleus Idia and hades have a score, Yuu has so much time to spend that they pass it talking via chat with Idia, the only one whose online most of the time
Chapter 2: lion king-> twst Zazul's overblot
After finaly healing most their wounds, Yuu introduces Grimm to their new friends, a little bit of tension, but nothing to worry about
The next overblot occurs when RSA is holding a event that two dorm leaders have to prepare, and this year's are "Alice" and "Zazul", the latter is running on spress coffee with two hour of sleep per day
Hoping to make sure everything is running perfectly ok, "Zazul" decides to approach Yuu to:
1)make sure the monster cat won't ruin anything bc last week accident was enough to give this boy paranoia
And 2) keep tabs on "Alice" so the boy doesn't overblot a second time
He doesn't notice that his paranoia and stress is making blot and when one thing goes wrong right before the finale, he loses it
"We can fix it in time, it's ok"
"W-we can find a substitute, calm down or you'll-"
And there you have, a perfect overblot that almost costs Yuu their life if Grimm wasn't there, though Yuu did Kin "Zazul" in the stress meter
In the aftermath Yuu makes sure to be there for "Zazul" most times, even if the boy say he doesn't want pitty Yuu keeps coming back and most times is just to chat or... hear his problems... why is it so easy to open to this student?
Chapter 3: little mermaid-> Rielle's overblot
Rielle is a curious soul that took an instant interest about this mysterious magicless human who has a monster as a familiar and defeated two overblots in a roll
And oh how he's amazed when he discovers that this magicless human is nice AND FROM ANOTHER WORLD, he's a chatter box once he takes a liking on you and his friends tend to try and distract him or else Yuu's ears are gonna burst
Rielle has a love for the unknown, his first year he couldn't belive everything new he learned about the surface
Tho his father is hell bent on getting his son's ass back to the water, it's a safer option, in his father's eyes, as he's a prince and in constant danger out there
And that's what causes him to overblot, he doesn't want to go back, he wants to be selfish for once in his life and be where he wants, the fear of his father's disapproval and wrath, his desire to stay in land, to not lose the firsts true friends he has drive his mind to a panic and everything goes black
His friends went to find Yuu the second Rielle burts, and the battle begins
"Rielle calm down or you'll hurt yourself! "
"But you will see us again! We can stay in touch and-"
"LIES- they always go away..."
Rielle remembers to wake up in the warm embrace of his friends, Yuu included...
This time Yuu wasn't the one who got hurt, they friends were
Rielle recovers and has to explain himself to his father... it's not a pleasant talk but, for the boys surprise, his father gives him one more year at land, then, he's going to go back to the ocean, like him or not
The boy doesn't understand what is this feeling when he looks at the strange magicless student some days, maybe it's just the warm felling of seing a friend, or maybe it's because they are so close now... or maybe... oh "did it really took them to beat your ass for you to notice this now?! You were giving them heart eyes for weeks!" His friend smacks his head
Chapter 4: Aladdin-> "jasmine"'s overblot
"Jasmine" is constantly under pressure to chose a wife and be the next sultan, he has constants reminders of his position and is getting tired of it
No wonder that one day Yuu finds him at the town trying to get away, it's an easy chat, the boys is tired, but nothing too worrying, what does worried the magicless students is the amount of magic that he uses to get away from the pressure
The boy trys his best to eliminate the blot but... it's not enough, slowly he transforms, slowly he gets more and more tired, he can't carryout tasks anymore, he just wants to fly... away from... from everything
He's overwhelmed
"You don't understand... it's... it's like a cage, I know my future and there's no running away, life is no fary tale"
"No, I don't, but I know that there's better ways to resolve that than... than this"
"Why do you even bother?"
"Life is too short and I swear it if you cut this shorter I'll never forgive you"
"And what makes you think I care?"
Not too bad at the end, many tears and many truths told, the boys is just exhausted, his father stops sending him constants reminds by the headmaster's wish
"Jasmine" feels guilt of how hurt Yuu is in the aftermath, he lears about how Yuu has survived before an dis rather intrigued to hear their stories, they talk and talk until Yuu's fully recovered, they become rather good friends in the end...
Chapter 5: Snow white-> Neige's overblot
Neige remembers Yuu quite well from the VDC, they become friends quickly once the boy finds out that Vil's VDC "manager" is in RSA now
They talk and... mostly run from his fans, courtesy of Yuu not wanting to deal with this shit, Neige is touched by Yuu's little gestures, this interaction is refreshing for the boy
"So... what did you think of VDC?"
"Not gonna lie to you, I prefer Vil's choreograph over yours, but that may be bc I saw his hard work"
"I-is that so..."
"N-not that I belive your group didn't work hard! It's just, it's more easy to sympathize with the one I saw over the one I didn't even heard of y'know?"
"No no I understand, I... I think I didn't gave my all either in that performance. Vil is aways so hardworking, I wonder if I can ever be like that one day"
Days pass and things happen, Yuu almost prevented that overblot, almost, if only his managers hadn't got him in a mood, the pep talk, the dismissing, the dwarfs didn't helped either..."don't worry, just look pretty and it's enough", "look cute Neige", "you don't need to worry your little brain Neige", "look at him, tripping again, don't worry Neige, everything is forgiven"-
"Please, just once- TEACH ME HOW TO BE BETTER!"
The dwarfs are scared, Neige never looked so pissed
Yuu was summoned by the headmaster as fast as possible
"Your wish is my command!"
"But we c-can't! He's our friend and we can't hurt him-"
"If we don't, he will die or you will, pick one or go, he wants to vent and be heard, so for once, let him breathe"
For the first time, beige was apprehended for his behavior, he never felt so relieved, it maybe not the best of times but... maybe it's a beggining?
Chapter 6: Hercules-> "Hercules"' overblot
"Megara" is the dorm leader, he asked Yuu with help, since he heard of Yuu's friendship with NRC's students and hopes of getting some info about their tactics of Magishift
"Hercules" is a weakling first year, he has a surprising force but his fisic is unappealing, he wants to get a better form so he can show off, so he trains non stop
Yuu happens to notice this a little bit too late, the boy is exhausted but wants to continue, and he does, and he overblots as a result
Yuu has to make sure he's hydrated and eating well after he wakes up, slowly the boy learns to treat himself kinder and that everything as it's own time, he doesn't need a better form to see his friends, he will try again but... this time is for himself and not for the others, and this time, he'll take it slow
Chapter 7: Sleeping beauty-> Aurora's overblot
"Aurora"s the dorm leader of his dorm, he's quite charming and for exudes an aura of grace and calm, however he spends his time alone, liking to roam in the areas with the most trees and hum songs to himself
However the one who truly commands is the vice dorm leader who is a childhood friend or a brother to him, treating the boy like a child unable to deal with his own decisions, unable to handle a real world that "Aurora" can and is handling very well, but his vice refuses to acknowledge it, after all, what does a boy who lived in isolation could possible know about teh outside?
Yuu meets him at one of those nights, exiting the infirmary, the have a night walk, the boy can't help but hum a familiar little song that Yuu joins in, the part ways as good strangers and who knows, maybe they will meet again
That causes the vice to go furious with the boys, becoming more strict and at the end, "Aurora" can't take it anymore.... he overblots
"Why... why can't you trust me with anything! I'M NOT THAT NAIVE I KNOW WHAT CONSEQUENCES ARE"
"Leave him to me, I'll take care of this. Oi! Your majesty! Do you really know what consequences are? Bc this doesn't look like it!"
When I tell you the war zone that school had become, because at this point the NRC boys were well versed at entering and getting out of RSA and boy did they came at a convenient time
They make peace... well Yuu does, the NRCs are desperately trying to get out the fuck out of that school bc they already suffered enough with overblots for the rest of their lives
Now to make the SGS part, the spirits of the great heroes are going to make a more sustainable appearance next time!
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readingrobin · 28 days
Tumblr media
Since I was caught up in the Magical Readathon this month, it gave me the opportunity to pick up my pace a bit reading-wise. Managed to get into those sweet double digits when it came to how much I read and the majority of them were great. It started off on a high note, but I think by the end I was getting into some very lukewarm reads. Nothing too terrible, since I didn't manage to DNF anything this month, but it's always disappointing to end a month with a whimper rather than a bang.
Total Books Reads: 11
Total Pages Read: 3,520
Books Read:
Murder for the Modern Girl by Kendall Kulper (3.5/5) (Review)
All the Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace (3/5) - A sea faring journey is just what I needed to get in the mood for a summer that feels not too far off. I will say, this book definitely lives up to its promise of adventure, due to its tense, bloody action and introduction to a world with a interesting magic system, though I did find myself constantly confused and unable to really visualize soul magic. I think the book's greatest strength is its setting, where each island holds its own kind of magic and traits. Though we didn't see every island, I'm sure the rest will be left for the sequel to explore, there was enough to sate me for this particular journey.
When it comes to our main crew, I think I have to echo some other reviews by saying Amora comes off as the least interesting. Bastian has his charm and inner turmoil that he tries to keep behind a mischievous facade, Ferrick, his foil, a bit more straight laced and focused, while also having the neat featuring of regrowing limbs, and Vataea, a mermaid with a sultry, yet scary strength. And Amora is…just there. She's the princess, our main character, the one who believes she alone can save the kingdom, which somewhat makes me feel like she views her crew as nothing more than lackeys and sidekicks who are but tools to help her get to each destination while she does the most self-sacrifical work. I know she's meant to be a stubborn royal who was most likely raised to believe so, but it still doesn't exactly put her in the best light to the reader.
The writing itself kept my attention, but the plot had the standard twists and formula one finds in most YA fantasy. Nothing wrong with a formulaic plot, but there should be some sort of window dressing or aesthetic that keeps it from fading into the background with all the rest like it. My mind was starting to expect certain plot beats, only to go "ah, there it is" when the shoe inevitably dropped.
Mage and the Endless Unknown by SJ Miller (4/5) - Not gonna lie, this graphic novel gets rough. If you're up for seeing a little mage constantly facing some sort of traumatizing event from the terrifying creatures he meets on his travels, well, this'll certainly do it for you. The artist really has a knack for drawing unnerving, rigidly detailed creatures that give off a Junji Ito vibe. The contrast of the amount of gore, violence, and disturbing visuals offset the more friendly and cartoonish looking mage, giving the idea that one of these things doesn't belong in this setting. Though upsetting at points, there is a glimmer of hope to this comic, one that offers a sense of peace and rest. The comic does have a physical release coming out, but you can read it now on the magecomic website.
Elatsoe by Darcie Little Badger (4/5) - It's odd how I went into this book having both some expectations, mostly due my friends and everyone else lauding it extensively, and no expectations at all. This pretty much happens whenever I'm 3-5 years behind reading the latest hot titles. But Elatsoe really does live up to its clout. The world has a somewhat normalized take on the paranormal, where vampires, or "cursed" individuals, magic users, and faeries are a known part of the world, interacting with society with life pretty much going on as normal. Well, aside from the string of mysterious deaths that seem to linger around a small town in the middle of Texas. It presents a setting that is both familiar and yet holds a bit of intrigue in a sort of alternate Earth containing all the history of our world with just some extra bits.
I loved the incorporation of Lipan Apache culture in the story, giving it an identity all its own and more weight to its events. The theme of oppressors actively displacing and sacrificing the oppressed to survive and further their own needs will always be haunting, especially when tied to the history between colonizers and indigenous peoples. Little Badger gives an equal amount of lamentation for the crimes of the past and present, while also celebrating the endurance of culture and its teachings that are passed down throughout the ages. 
A big plus for making Ellie's asexuality just a casual feature of her character rather than making it an entire plot point. As an asexual person, I'm glad to have any normalizing representation that's more than an entire story where the protagonist has to repeatedly defend and validate their sexuality to other people. Here, it's just a part of her being, no big thing, and that's the way it should be. 
Nettle & Bone by T. Kingfisher (4/5) - I've been hearing a lot of good things about T. Kingfisher and how I would really jive with her work. Well, diving into a story with a main character that has trouble really understanding the world around her while also bringing together a group that may qualify as one of the odder found families definitely wins me over.
I think what really endears me to this book is how much I appreciate Marra as a character. I love how, despite how constantly and profoundly out of her depth she is, she is still determined to do anything to protect her family. That, while she is surrounded by people who, on the surface, are more exemplary and powerful, she is capable of working marvels. What makes her stand out among other royal heroines is that her abilities are not tied to skills she earned through her title or some kind of destiny, but a certain domesticity she finds comfort in and developed all by herself. Marra is a self made woman, wanting to make herself of use to others instead of sitting around, waiting to be used as a chess piece. I think there's something amiable in depicting a sort of power in the mundane, that, with enough determination and love, could be as strong as any weapon or magic.
The writing style makes it so immersive as a dark fairy tale. Kingfisher always nails the tone of a scene, whether it be unnerving, reflective, mysterious, or tinged with a hint of humor. There were some elements I think could have been expanded upon. I wish we got a little bit more characterization from Prince Vorling other than what we got as second hand accounts. Most of the time, he never really felt like a threat, just something far away and not really tangible, despite his lingering marks on Kania. I really wanted to see more of that Goblin Market as well. So very ripe with fantastical possibilities.
The Moth Keeper by K. O'Neill (3/5) - O'Neill, throughout all of their work, knows what it takes to make each of their worlds atmospheric, engaging, and magical. It's mainly through their artwork, which is just totally immaculate here. The night scenes, will covered in a dark, expansive sky, still have a certain glow about them, coming from Anya's lantern and the ethereal presence of the moths. The adding of animal characteristics to the characters also bring about a certain kind of charm, though I wonder if there was a purpose behind these designs beyond aesthetic. The art itself make it worth checking out, but I don't think it ultimately saves a story that seems somewhat empty.
I think, as I was reading, I never felt totally ingrained in the world. It seemed almost aloof in nature, not really explaining certain things or leaving other elements up to interpretation. I mentioned the story seeming somewhat empty, which kind of makes sense for one that has a desert setting and deals with feelings of loneliness in a community and isolating yourself. But there's not really much else that compensates for that space, not in depth worldbuilding or interesting character dynamics. The message is a reassuring one, that your responsibilities in your community shouldn't be a source of isolation, but rather a way to get closer to them. It's a simple, reflective story, which is fine, but I think I was expecting more out of the premise.
The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells (3/5) - Wells certainly has a penchant for emotionally aloof and antisocially prone main characters, but I'm all for it. In a world devoid of humans and populated by a slew of humanoid creatures, the story offers a setting completely alien to the reader, which leaves a lot up to the imagination. At first, it was somewhat difficult for me to properly visualize all the differences between the species. The book already has an appendix for how to differentiate between the Raksura and the Fell, so it would have been helpful to have another that focused on the other races in the world.
I don't know if this is just me, but I thought that it was somewhat odd that, despite possibly coming from a similar ancestor, the Raksura are an all sentient, rational thinking race among all their classes, but the Fell are a mostly animalistic hivemind species aside from their rulers. It kind of made for a messy parallel and I think was to make the reader empathize more with the Raksura and showcase the Fell as entirely evil with no capability for civility. I suppose it certainly helps side with the heroes as the two constantly slaughter each other, but it makes for a pretty boring antagonist that is simply evil scary monsters just because. The story seemed like it had a few opportunities to go deeper than that, as Cloud has a history with them and Wells has shown that she is capable of more nuanced storytelling, but fell off about halfway through.
I wish there had been more time set aside for Cloud to truly learn about his people and reflect on his place in their society before they thrust him into the hierarchical issues and the disputes with the Fell. Cloud has only just found his people for the first time after losing his mother and siblings as a child, wandering alone and hiding what he is from others, and I don't think we get a lot of him reflecting on what that truly means. Also, imagine going through all that, and discovering that your main purpose in that society was basically to breed. Again, may just be a personal thing, but I know that would certainly lead to an existential dilemma for me. Personally, I'm not a fan of society structures as, "you're born as this class, so obviously you must serve that role forever" seems too dystopic for my tastes. Wells subverts this with Chime in a way, but again, doesn't really tap the full ramifications or intrigue behind it.
The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country Vol 1. by James Tynion IV and Lisandro Estherran (5/5) - It's very rare that I find a Sandman-affiliated comic that I don't like really. I love this world and all the terrifying sorts of beings that live within it. I know Tynion more for his young adult Wynd series, but know that he's very capable at writing horror and Nightmare Country certainly proves it. This comic takes Sandman back to its horror roots, following the Corinthian as a being with teeth for eyes other than him has been stalking a woman in her waking life for some time now. This volume serves as a good setup to the story, getting all our main players in, bringing back some familiar faces and introducing some new ones. With how the story ended, I'm really interested to see where exactly it's going to go.
Vespertine by Margaret Rogerson (4/5) (Review)
Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Córdova (3/5) - I feel very lukewarm about Labyrinth Lost. It wasn't a particularly bad book, I think it's just one where I've read similar stories before and they were told in a way that was more gripping to me. I didn't really connect with the simpler writing style, or connect with any of the characters. I think the only elements that I was really interested in was the magic system and the environments of Los Lagos. I'm always a fan of the trope of the tempting feast, the one meant to lure you in with delicious food and fascinating company, only to trick you into eating dirt and keep you there forever. It's a portal fantasy staple, really. 
It may be just a me thing since I was breezing through this book so quickly, but the pacing felt a bit off at times, with the action starting and stopping so often, especially towards the end. I think what really threw me off about the group is that we don't really have a strong trio of characters between Alex, Nova, and Rishi. Usually in fantasies that usually follow a group of three characters off on a typical quest, there's some cohesion to them. They may get off to a rocky start, but eventually they really start to work well as a unit and become stronger for it. Here, the group doesn't really feel like a stable triangle, as they usually range from being incredibly snarky and antagonistic towards each other (Alex and Nova at the start, then Rishi taking over that job from Alex as the two start to get on better) or being completely devoted to each other (Nova warming up to Alex, as well as Rishi being a constant supportive force and that's it). I wish Rishi got some kind of quality that made her more of an asset to the team other than Alex's best friend and love interest. She literally just fell into the portal to Los Lagos after Alex on accident and really doesn't serve a function other than backing Alex up. It doesn't make her that memorable as a character and it's a little disappointing.
I know there's plot reasons as to why they don't really feel like a great team but the twist towards the end probably would have hit a lot harder if they were. 
Other than that, the family dynamic was a great element of the story, which makes it a bummer that we don't really see more of them. I know the sequel follows Alex's sister, which would probably focus a bit more on that aspect, but I don't think I gel enough with this writer or the overall story to continue.
The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson (2/5) - Though I may not have liked this book very much, I will say that I appreciate that it introduced me to an interesting aspect of history that I had not known before, such as the Pack Horse project and the Blue Fugates family. I'm a real big fan of pieces of history that slips through the cracks and lead the way for improvement in societies that were disadvantaged, which was one of the aims of the Pack Horse project. To know the dedication of librarians in this context, to be introduced how they would travel in dangerous conditions to bring people books and magazines that would either give them a relief for their hard lives, or help them learn new skills that would help them contribute in new ways to their families or communities was a much welcome lesson.
That's probably the only praise I can really give this book. I wasn't a fan of how this book centered on the constant sense of tragedy that lingers around Cussy May. It seems that, no matter how little good she experiences, she can't hold onto it for long or it's overshadows by the many, many horrible things that happen to her. Numerous sexual assaults, medical assault, losing so many people. At some point, it almost feels manipulative that we're constantly supposed to feel bad for Cussy, but at some point it gets to be too much to take seriously. Did I feel anger at all the injustice she faced? Sure, as any rational minded person would. But when the only thing your character experiences is constant hardship without any slack, it gets to be real repetitive and boring. And that ending was just the cherry out a cake made out of frustration and emotional exhaustion.
When it came to the author's treatment of race in the book, I'm just gonna say that it's a bit messy in certain scenarios. Framing Cussy, a person with blue skin, as someone who is somehow treated more poorly than the few black people in the community, was, I don't know, probably not a great choice. The scene with the doctor's Jamaican servant (you can tell she's Jamaican because the author makes sure to lean hard into the accent), who doesn't even let Cussy into his house or provide her a drink when he asks her to, just felt a little tone deaf. 
While I'm glad this books highlights the importance of literature within a community, as well as how wealth and information disparity leads people to become more disadvantaged, misinformed, and generally have harder ways of living, its tone and content just felt a little overbearing.
Average Rating: 3.5/5
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weirdmarioenemies · 1 year
Tumblr media
Name: Laura
Debut: Mario Artist: Paint Studio
Mario Artist: Paint Studio is a game released for the N64 Disk Drive in Japan, it’s a very interesting little art tool, but more pertinent to our interests, it contains REALLY weird and wacky creatures!
3D World is a game mode that lets you explore 3 fully three-dimensional worlds filled with creatures to photograph and observe in motion! There’s Sea World, with realistic marine creatures (as well as a mermaid for some reason), Jurassic World, with Dinosaurs (and a Pterosaur!) near a volcano, and last, but DEFINITELY not least, Planet Mars! Filled with very wacky cartoon aliens of all shapes and sizes! Drastic tonal shift compared to the other 2 worlds, you just see these weird guys get in their daily cartoony antics!
Among these, one character stands out from the rest, shining through in pure bliss, I am talking about Laura!
Where to begin! The fact she is called Laura, a very real human girl name, despite being a funny egg with a propeller, immediately makes her extremely charming. But she won’t stop there! Look at her house!
Tumblr media
She lives in a giant funny bird! It looks like one of those drinking bird toys! The eyes being lovely windows, and the beak being the door! It opens and closes to let Laura in!
Tumblr media
This sets the tone for what’s important to her, to be funny and silly! Right behind her house, is a slide! Which she goes down on every time she comes out of her house! First thing she does! 
And the fun doesn’t stop here! After this slide she goes to a second slide! She can’t get enough slides! This second one will drop her near a garden with a big lovely colorful flower!
Tumblr media
Doesn’t she look like the most joyful organism ever? She’s having a blast!
It is important to note she’s constantly going “wahoo!” and squeaking while having fun in these slides, she’s having the time of her life! And she does every single day! After going down the two slides, she goes back up to her funny bird house. Another wonderful day in the life of Laura! Don’t you wanna live like her too?
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omeniscient · 11 months
— Our Life : Beginnings & Always [ Pokemon AU ]
A universe where Pokemon are common in the world, including in our very own Sunset Bird !
Tumblr media
It isn’t until MC and Cove reach the age of thirteen that their parents surprise them with a pair of Pokemon eggs for them to take care of and hatch together.
Cliff had always planned on surprising Cove with a Pokemon egg once he was old enough to properly care for one. It was difficult for him not to abandon his plans and get him an egg then and there when they first moved into Sunset Bird, but luckily Pam and Lani were there to stop him and remind him that Cove was a bit too young to be caring for a Pokemon, especially with how he had to be used to living in a new location. Speaking of the moms, Pam and Lani were a bit more on the hesitant side before coming to an agreement after many discussions held between them and MC. 
MC and Cove’s dedication in watching over these eggs was unrivaled; something that anyone in the neighborhood could see clearly.
It wasn’t long before the eggs hatched and turned out to be Eevee’s!
And they were an accurate reflection of their trainers with how clingy and close the eevee’s were. That gave Liz more fuel to tease MC and Cove over how their eevee’s acted like them.
Nobody was surprised when later down the line, Cove’s eevee evolved into a Vaporeon. 
The one eeveelution that prefers beautiful shores and a water type? Perfect for the ocean boy, who enjoys spending as much time as possible at the beach. His adoration for his Pokemon partner only grows after reading one of its pokedex entries that states that Vaporeon’s tails are mistaken for a mermaid’s. 
The MC’s eevee evolves into their own preference. Although if it evolves into a Sylveon, Cove will definitely make some type of comment in regards to how eevee’s evolve into Sylveon as a chance to compliment MC on how great of a friend they are.
On a day when MC and Cove are hanging out at the hill behind MC’s house, Cove discovers a white flower Flabebe nearby the white linen poppies he was admiring. It reminded him so much of his favorite flower that he couldn’t help but catch it.
When MC and Cove are older and venture out to do some exploring, they run into a wild Sobble.
MC can’t be blamed for pointing out the many similarities between it and Cove, specifically when he was younger. Cove of course, trying to hide his amusement, can only respond with a, “Really?”
Without wasting another second, MC ends up catching it and names it after Cove. That gets an affectionate, unreserved laugh at your choice. If MC sticks to that name decision then Cove will call it by Junior instead, and if MC takes back the name then they change the nickname to something similar to Cove.
MC isn’t the only one to catch a Pokemon that day as Cove ends up with a Popplio!
Recall the events of the Happiness Moment? You can bet that Cove’s newly evolved Brionne during that is helping him out because Brionne cares deeply for its companions, and the MC is incredibly close to Cove so MC’s happiness is something important to it. Cove’s surprises are joined by Brionne’s cheery dances.
While MC does nickname their own Pokemon, Cove’s naming skills aren’t the best or most creative. He still goes to base names on what the Pokemon look like. But if MC ever suggests a name for him then he’ll gladly use it.
Bonus !
Here’s some of the Pokemon that I think other characters would have ;
Cliff would definitely have a Mantine and a Floatzel; the latter often is out of its pokeball whether at home or with Cliff during his work.
He has had a Mantine since he was a teen and it was a Mantyke. However, he caught a Buizel once he was older and Cove was born, so the Buizel became a sort of house pet / Pokemon. It cares for Cove as much as Cliff does, always there to keep him company when he was younger and needed a swimming buddy.
Lee would have a Delcatty, an Altaria, and a Jigglypuff on her side. Maybe even a Miccino perhaps. Her Altaria and Jigglypuff love to join in on singing whenever Lee is singing. 
Derek would have a Cinderace for certain, most likely owning a Scorbunny since he was thirteen. It would definitely be there to play soccer with him when he’s practicing alone and simply be his support.
Liz would have a Furfrou with a Debutante trim, especially during Step 3 ( matching hats! ). I imagine the Furfrou was a part of the family that the moms promised Liz could have once she was old enough to care for Pokemon. 
When she starts to aspire to be an architect and work on her degree, a Smeargle most likely joins her team. It enjoys helping with making designs, as best it can, and she either has a Timburr on her side or works with them.
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babyjakes · 1 year
forever and a day | 46. daddy and willa's day.
〈 disclaimer: this blog posts content not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. minors are strictly prohibited from viewing, sharing, or interacting with this blog. for more information on this blog's commitment to protecting minors, read our full statement here. 〉
← last chapter | series masterlist | next chapter →
Tumblr media
summary | a story in which america’s favorite captain gives a new life and family to a five-year-old girl who has suffered well beyond her years at the hands of hydra.
characters | dad!steve rogers, girl/willa rogers (original character)
warnings | AU similar enough to OU to include spoilers to many Marvel movies (Age of Ultron and beyond). action and fight scenes with violence and killing. injuries/mild gore. mature themes related to and semi-graphic depictions of child abuse/neglect, past CSA and CSM, and their aftermath (emaciation, wounds, scarring, etc). medical abuse and experimentation. ptsd/trauma symptoms in a child (developmental discrepancies, de-humanized behavior, detachment, extreme fears). medical treatment of CSM and other aftermath of abuse.trauma-informed therapeutic treatment of ECT. minor mentions of disordered eating. themes relating to abuse of power/authority and immoral interrogation tactics including SA (with brief depictions.) evil!Tony Stark.
Tumblr media
“I wanna be where the people are. I wanna see, wanna see ‘em dancing…”
Willa’s wide eyes never leave the screen as Ariel sings the familiar tune, her little body vibrating softly as she hums, curled up next to me on the plush white sofa. So far throughout the film, she’s shifted her position several times, sucking in breaths of discomfort along with her movements; it’s glaringly obvious that she’s in pain. But she hasn’t said anything to me about it, so, for now, I’ve decided to leave it alone. Not wanting to upset her, I figure it won’t be the end of the world to wait for the film to finish to address the elephant in the room.
As the song continues to play, Willa hums along quietly against me as my hand reaches up to find her hair. Slowly and gently, I begin to run my fingers over the smooth locks. The child relaxes slightly against me at this contact, and though I want to stay present in the moment, I can’t keep my mind from wandering. What’s hurting my Willa? What’s wrong; what happened to my sweet little girl? Though it very well could be just a stomachache from the food, I highly doubt it. Eggs, berries, and bread are all very mild in nature and I can’t imagine them causing too much discomfort for her.
I still don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but I can’t help but think that it must have been something more that Tony did, something that Willa’s trying to keep from me. The fact that she’s in pain is obvious, but that’s simply because she’s a child and children don’t always have much capacity to conceal their feelings. I can just tell that she’s holding herself back as much as she can, and it breaks my heart. I hate how she feels like she always has to keep everything inside; I wish I knew how to make her feel safer in coming to me for help.
“Are mermaids real?” a soft voice breaks me out of my thoughts. Looking down, I see that Willa has turned herself on my lap to look up at me. Gazing down at her softly, my hand shifts from her hair to her cheek.
“No, I don’t think so, sweetheart… well- actually, I guess I can’t say for sure,” I correct myself. While the logical answer to that question is of course a negative, my mind travels back to the aliens taking over New York, and with that situation in mind, it’s hard to say that anything’s impossible.
“Have you ever seen one?” the girl asks innocently, her eyes wide with wonder as she talks about the magical creatures.
“Nope. Not in today’s world, and not back in the forties, either,” I tell her. She frowns at the news, and my heart sinks at having disappointed her. “But that doesn’t mean they’re not real. I’m sure they live deep in the ocean, just like Ariel. I was asleep when I traveled to the bottom of the sea, so maybe I missed my chance to see them,” I try in hopes of lifting her spirits.
“The bottom of the sea… that’s where the fishies live,” Willa notes. I nod.
“Yep, just like Flounder and Sebastian.”
“F'ounder. A-and S'bas-stin,” she tries to repeat back. Smiling at her, I can’t help but soften up at her adorable speech. The happy moment is quickly interrupted, though, by a wince of discomfort surging through the little girl. With her eyes still locked on mine, her cheeks turn red, and her eyes widen slightly as she realizes she’s been caught.
“You alright, pumpkin?” I ask gently, not wanting to frighten her.
“Mhmm,” she hums quickly, her rushed response only giving her away even more.
Sighing, my eyebrows draw together in concern. “Sweetheart,” I coo softly, “what’s goin’ on, Willa-bug? You’ve been shifting around the whole movie; it’s clear something’s bothering you.”
The poor thing’s bottom lip begins to quiver anxiously as her eyes break away from mine, searching for a way out of the situation she’s found herself in. “N-no… ’m fine,” she insists slowly. As she leans back on my lap, I can feel her little body slowly beginning to shake against me. Poor doll.
“Kiddo, if something’s wrong, you can tell me, remember? I’m here to help you, to make things better. You just gotta talk to me,” I try.
“I-it’s nothing,” she denies weakly. “’m fine. S-sorry.” Her little apology at the end makes my heart sting. Sighing again, I nod, wishing I knew how to help her open up. Getting Willa to ask for or even just accept help has been like pulling teeth since day one. It makes sense, given the circumstances she came from, but it still makes things unnecessarily difficult as her caretaker. All I can hope is that with time and help from the therapist she’ll soon be seeing, maybe things won’t have to be this way forever.
“Okay doll,” I give in, not having the heart to push her any further in the moment. “Just remember, it’s okay to come to me for help, alright? It’s what I’m here for,” I remind her; relaxing a bit, she simply nods, seeming relieved to be in the clear.
Willa turns back to face the screen where a new scene has begun in the movie, once again falling into a trance as she’s captivated by Ariel and her story. Rubbing my thumb gently against the little girl’s cheek, I close my eyes, taking in a deep breath. Somehow. I’ve gotta figure out what’s hurting her, somehow.
Tumblr media
“What would you like to do now, sweetheart?” I ask as the credits roll. Willa sits up beside me as I pull her over so that she’s resting on my lap once again. Reaching over, I grab the remote, shutting the TV off. The child rubs at her eyes sleepily, then raises her arms up for a big stretch. “You sleepy?” I tease lightly, my fingers coming down and gently poking at her belly. She giggles, shaking her head as she snuggles back up to me.
“Not s'eepy,” she says, but her voice is slow and slurred, maybe suggesting otherwise.
“It’s only two in the afternoon, you goof,” I chuckle at her softly. “We got the whole day ahead of us still. You wanna take a nap?”
“Nooo-,” she protests quickly, her eyes suddenly becoming like a puppy’s as she peers up at me, blinking innocently. “Wanna stay with you. Daddy and Willa’s day,” she adds, and I feel as if I could just melt.
“Okay baby,” I agree, brushing her hair back behind her ear and giving her a squeeze. “Daddy and Willa’s day. I like the sound of that.” She hums contently against me, her head falling slightly to the side to rest against my chest. “What d'you wanna do now? We have the whole afternoon to ourselves.”
Two green eyes gaze shyly up at me, and a familiar look forms on the child’s face. It’s the look that tells me she has something she’d like to say, but even in such a light, playful moment, her fears are still getting the best of her and she’s unable to speak. I soften my expression towards her, cupping her cheek in my hand and tilting her head slightly up at me. “What’s up, sweetheart?” I ask encouragingly. Willa bites down on her bottom lip nervously, a thin line of tears building up in her wide eyes. “Hey- oh darlin’, it’s okay,” I murmur, saddened by her overpowering timidness. “What’s on your mind, sweetie pie? We can do anything you wanna do; it’s our day, remember?”
“P-play?” the little girl whimpers quietly, her body instantly flinching back in preparation for a blow. Her simple answer breaks my heart; how broken she must be inside, to be so scared to ask for such a small thing.
“You wanna play? Of course we can, Willa. You don’t have to be scared to ask to play; I love playing with you, sweetheart.” Relaxing slightly at my positive reaction, Willa nods, sniffling as she blinks the tears out of her eyes. “And we have a whole bunch of new toys in your room, remember? What d'you say we go and check them out?”
The little girl nods shyly and I give her a smile, securing my arms around her as I rise to my feet. Placing her on my hip, I make my way back through the apartment to the bedrooms, opening up Willa’s door and stepping inside. “The whole gang helped out in picking stuff, so I honestly don’t know what all’s in here,” I admit as I flip on the light switch, a subtle warm glow illuminating the space. Bending down onto my knees, I place the child onto the floor, sitting cross-legged in front of the crates. Willa stands quietly beside me, peering over the two boxes.
Guessing the little one is too nervous to go any further alone, I start pulling things out one by one, explaining to her what each toy is while placing them on the floor between us. “Here’s a Captain America doll. This one was not my doing,” I tell her with a chuckle.
“That’s you, Cap'ain 'merica,” Willa says quietly, pointing at the figurine’s face.
“Yep. Don’t know if they got my features quite right, but close enough,” I comment, raising an eyebrow slightly at the doll’s unevenly printed eyes. “Here’s a set of alphabet magnets. We can put those on the fridge, if you want,” I suggest.
“A'phabet magnets,” the little girl repeats.
“Mhmm. Oh, and here’s a set of playing cards. They all have Thor’s face on them; he was very excited about that,” I roll my eyes playfully. Willa giggles beside me, taking the box in my hand.
“Thor!” she cheers happily, her little finger pressing onto his face on the cover. “Look, there he is! My f-f'iend’s on there!”
“Yeah, you’re right, doll. He sure is,” I smile lovingly at the girl’s elation. “Y'know, you could probably find anything and everything with Thor’s face on it,” I shake my head. “He signs deals with the strangest companies, I swear.” Continuing through the first crate, I pull out the next item, and Willa’s eyes quickly lock on it. “Hey, look! These are finger paints,” I mention, looking over the box. “Skin-safe and washable, too. That seems important.” Having set the playing cards down, I hand the box to the now empty-handed girl, and she looks over them in wonder. “We can make art with those,” I explain. “Kind of like your markers and crayons, but these are more fun because we get to make a mess.”
“A mess!” Willa squeals quietly, her eyes lighting up. I can’t help but smile at her sheer adorableness as I put the few other toys back that we had looked at. This seems like it’s the one she’s most interested in.
“We have a giant art pad here, too, so we can make a really big mess,” I add, pulling out the pad of paper. Holding it up next to Willa, it’s almost as tall as the little girl herself.
“Really big mess,” she agrees, clutching the paints close to her chest. “Finger paints! With Daddy,” she beams, almost jumping with excitement.
“Alright, kiddo,” I chuckle at her, reaching a hand out and messing her hair slightly. “Let’s get to it, then. Finger paints it is.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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detectivereads · 2 months
Let’s Buy the Land and Cultivate it in a Different World vol 1 by Rokujuuyon Okazawa
Tumblr media
A friend of mine let me borrow their books of this series, and I was instantly hooked. I love isekai and I have read other books that are like this series, dude gets transported to different world, he gets a bit of land and wants to live a quiet life, or he goes off adventuring and doing stuff that in his old life he would never be able to easily. Nothing is wrong with this type of story line, but as things progress in the plot, the MC gets a harem, and it turns into more romance less than about farming or adventuring. Again, nothing is wrong with it, but the size of these harems gets big, and I think it turns into a different story. Now I like harem stories as much as the next person, however I do think there should be a limit.
However, this book isn’t like that, he’s only focused on one wife and one wife only, which I find rather sweet. The main character does get temped with other women, but he stands proud and strong with his wife. The other women are not trying to get with him either.
The story starts with 9 people transported to a new world, one that is at war with demons, so the humans have been summoned to become champions to help with the fight. Each of the 8 people has a special power or skill but our main character Norio Itonami has none, or so the mage of the king says.
Norio actual met a god who picked him to be his champion and this god gave him a skill so powerful the mages of the king are to weak to sense it so it comes up with nothing. Now the king of the land thinks ‘okay this guy a dud so not my problem’ and in turn the king informs that once summon there is no way to send them back to their world which upsets the rest of the champions.
So, Norio is trying to make the best of a bad situation and ask for some land that he can call his own, which the king was more than happy to give and tells Norio you are no longer my kingdom’s problem, do what you want and leaves Norio alone.
Norio starts using his gift from the god to make fields for crops and fishes to get food, this is when we meet our female lead, Platte, a mermaid. At first, she comes off very arrogant, looking down on land creatures, but she is upset now that she won’t be able to bare the shame to go home after being caught by a land creature, so she chooses to stay with Norio.
Now Platte helps Norio out on the farm. She is skilled with potions, and she is a huge asset to the homestead. Then we discover that she is a foodie, she has never tried land food and she love it and is more willing to help with the farm. Norio wants to gather more supplies from the local forest, they come across a dungeon where there is a bunch of monsters and loot (Norio gets a super powerful sword). Then we meet a new character, the undead lich king, who Norio names Sensei.
Norio tells both Platte and Sensei that he came from another world, and he was given a gift from a god which Sensei freaks out, Sensei tells both Norio and Platte about his backstory, how he came to the area because the monster population was getting out of control, but by the end of the visit the three of them became friends.
Before the end of the first book, we met one more character who is a force to reckon with, a dragon named Veel, who, after a fight, pledged her loyalty to Norio.
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uhhi-there · 3 months
Tumblr media
+18 MHA Fantasy AU!! *Repost*
An Overview:
Here in Musutafu, things are a little different. It is not uncommon to speak with ghosts, to see dragons flying ahead, or to hear mermaids singing. You see, this world is a fantasy realm in which many creatures reside. There is no limit to the wondrous beings you will witness - all just before breakfast! And what are you? Are you a witch? A hybrid? A fae? Where do you reside? The mountains? The stream? The forest? It is up to you to decide! There is no limit to your creativity.
Must be 18+ and actively replying to a thread at least once a week! Characters will also be played 18+.
- All fantasy creatures, including hybrids, are welcome. Just make it what you want it to be!
- As mentioned, there really is no limit to creativity. This server already comes with a few built-in locations, but they can easily be expanded for better worldbuilding. If you want to be a fairy who owns a flower shop, go ahead! Or a witch who lives in the woods? Awesome! You can have your very own location for that. *Roleplays will be kept in threads for easy organization, though.
- This server offers both SFW and NSFW options by hiding NSFW channels from those who are not comfortable with that content! The server is still rated M, so the occasional raunchy joke in general chats will be tolerated, but overall will be kept completely SFW so that way it is suitable for everyone!
- The server will be capped off at 20 members, which creates a more intimate yet relaxed community. This also gives everyone the chance to play as many characters as they wish, really! (Right now there is a cap of three characters per person with the ability to gain a new character each week, but this is really only a buffer so that everyone who joins can get their dream character as their main.)
- The server owner is a college student, so trust me when I say: life happens! I do want this to be an active server so I would like for everyone to be replying to threads weekly. However, this will be a more relaxed environment where we can all just enjoy talking about our favorite characters and writing about them with each other!
- If you’re looking for an admin position, this is available. All I really ask is that you know how to use the bots decently to assist anyone that may need help.
Overall, this server hopes to be a relaxing spot to pop in and write about our favorite characters. If you want to join, or just want to check it out, click the link!
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roleplayfinder · 3 months
MHA Fantasy AU Discord Server:
An Overview:
Here in Musutafu, things are a little different. It is not uncommon to speak with ghosts, to see dragons flying ahead, or to hear mermaids singing. You see, this world is a fantasy realm in which many creatures reside. There is no limit to the wondrous beings you will witness - all just before breakfast! And what are you? Are you a witch? A hybrid? A fae? Where do you reside? The mountains? The stream? The forest? It is up to you to decide! There is no limit to your creativity.
Must be 18+ and actively replying to a thread at least once a week! Characters will also be played 18+.
- All fantasy creatures, including hybrids, are welcome. Just make it what you want it to be!
- As mentioned, there really is no limit to creativity. This server already comes with a few built-in locations, but they can easily be expanded for better worldbuilding. If you want to be a fairy who owns a flower shop, go ahead! Or a witch who lives in the woods? Awesome! You can have your very own location for that. Roleplays will be kept in threads for easy organization, though.
- This server offers both SFW and NSFW options by hiding NSFW channels from those who are not comfortable with that content! The server is still rated M, so the occasional raunchy joke in general chats will be tolerated, but overall will be kept completely SFW so that way it is suitable for everyone!
- The server will be capped off at 20 members, which creates a more intimate yet relaxed community. This also gives everyone the chance to play as many characters as they wish, really! (Right now there is a cap of three characters per person with the ability to gain a new character each week, but this is really only a buffer so that everyone who joins can get their dream character as their main.)
- The server owner is a college student, so trust me when I say: life happens! I do want this to be an active server so I would like for everyone to be replying to threads weekly. However, this will be a more relaxed environment where we can all just enjoy talking about our favorite characters and writing about them with each other!
- If you’re looking for an admin position, this is available. All I really ask is that you know how to use the bots decently to assist anyone that may need help.
Overall, this server hopes to be a relaxing spot to pop in and write about our favorite characters. If you want to join, or just want to check it out, click the link!
You can also message me on here for a link. Thank you!
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wolfkitty42 · 7 months
Welcome to the Monster Mash!
...If you couldn’t tell, I could not think of a better way to introduce this weird, hidden village monster AU. Based off a roleplay with a friend, this is me taking some extra time to spend with some of the villagers!
“Oh? Were you looking for someone, little one? Hehe, I’m Miss Yae. Want to have a chat?”
Tumblr media
Meet Yae Miko, the owner of Yae Publishing Agency and village leader! While this foxy woman may appear normal at first, her demeanor makes her a clear leader among the monsterfolk. From publishing and exporting new books to organizing annual festivals, Miko has expertise in far more fields than one might expect.
“Hiya, I’m Xiangling! Nice to meet you! Want some food? Wanmin Restaurant’s daily special is half off right now!”
Tumblr media
Xiangling is one of the brightest teenagers in the village. Known as a junior culinary genius, she is very popular among her peers. Being a “were-bear” Xiangling will turn into a bear on nights with a waxing moon phase. This doesn’t discourage her from cooking, and often her friends will be recruited to help clean the damages afterwards...
“Hi... I am Qiqi. What are you here to purchase?”
Tumblr media
Qiqi works at Bubu Grocery and Pharmaceutical Goods, the local shop. The shy zombie can often be seen sipping coconut milk while she mans the front desk. Qiqi does not have many friends in the village, since most of them grow up when she doesn’t. But she has learned to accept the coming and going of friends, and quickly forgets the older ones. At least right now she can stay with Dr Baizhu and his snake Changsheng.
So how can you come into this? Well... I’ll be opening my asks so people can request interactions between characters and the reader. 
Introducing, the Reader. They are a mage and will be referred to with gender neutral pronouns. Reader has lived in the village for the past few years and already knows all of the village members. 
Along with requests for interactions, you can also suggest things for the reader to do. You can suggest they visit a location or talk to a certain character. They are in your control, basically!
Location List
The Hidden Village: Surrounded by tall cliffs, a wide plaza is interspersed with canals for aquatic monsterfolk to swim through. 
The Apartments: An apartment building owned by Miss Yae. Most of the people in the village live in the large complex. 
Bubu Grocery and Pharmaceutical Goods: A grocery and pharmacy owned by Doctor Baizhu. Most of where everyone gets their groceries and occasional prescriptions.
Wanmin Restaurant: An open-air eatery. I already introduced Xiangling, so I don’t really have much to say about the restaurant. Haha... Um...
The Library: A small building where books are kept. The librarian Miss Ganyu also keeps a schoolhouse there during the spring and summer seasons.
Yae Bookstore: Did I mention Yae Miko owns like, 80% of the property? Well, welcome to the bookstore! (Where Xingqiu gets his little fingers worked to death while writing...) The bookstore owns a printing press and exports many original books.
The Channels: Where the sirens and mermaids hang out. This is also used as a transport sidewalk for most aquatic monsters.
Character List
Yae Miko (Kitsune)
Xiangling (Were-Bear)
Qiqi (Zombie)
Baizhu (Snake person ((SNEOPLE? steven universe arc...)) )
Ganyu (Adeptus)
Xinyan (Half Siren)
Mona Megistus (Oracle/Mage)
Shikanoin Heizou (Spiderman)
Yun Jin (Siren)
Kokomi (Mermaid)
Diona (Catfolk)
Xingqiu (Vampire)
Sayu (Mage)
Feel free to suggest more characters to be added. I mostly just add whoever I think can chill together RELATIVELY peacefully.
So, send any requests for our lovely reader to visit a location or say hi to a character! Or ask for a character introduction card if you feel like it. I’m happy to do more.
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Julerose AUs
Tumblr media
No matter where, in any universe, I'm yours.
These two background gays and their wholesome vibes are almost single-handedly keeping me in the miraculous fandom, I swear to god. You could put these two in anything that isn't Miraculous and it would be all the better for it.
Such is the nature of many conversations I've had with @le-chiggin-nuggie over the years, coming up with AUs that these two could (and rightfully should) be the stars of. I'm posting some of our favorites up here in the hopes it will intrigue and inspire- we've had a lot of fun coming up with them, and writing little bits for them, and I want to share that with you guys here.
Description of each AU under the cut:
Starting on top left and going clockwise...
Carnaval Clandestin. This is an idea of mine that I'm currently writing a full story for. I've seen a few of circus-ey type AUs, and I am absolutely trash for spooky carnival stuff, so I decided I'd throw my hat in the ring. These performers may lean heavily into shock value and creepy stuff, but it's all in good fun. They don't mean any harm, really. Juleka in this AU is the mysterious head clown, nicknamed "Reflekta." She has shapeshifting abilities and can look like anyone else, and takes no small amount of pleasure in using her abilities to scare the living hell out of patrons. Rose, or "Princess Rose," as she likes to be called, is a budding alchemist who sells novelty and remedial potions out of her snake-oil caravan.
Pirate and Fairy. This is what you get from trying to overanalyze Peter Pan, a stupid book which has no cohesion and makes even less sense than Wonderland. Pirates and fairies are a fantastic combo, however, and since Juleka's mom is literally a pirate and Rose acts like she was pulled out of Cinderella, that's what this picture is. I just drew a simple, generic action scene, no actual story behind it. This just seems like the logical conclusion for a high fantasy or DnD AU, but anyone can do what they want with this. Nugg's also suggested Rose as a mermaid, I know Princess!Rose is popular, and all of them work just as well.
Teen Titans Crossover. This is a favorite of Nugg's, putting Rose in the shoes of Starfire and Juleka in the cloak of Raven. Pretty self-explanatory here. Others may have their rosters, our reasoning is such: Kim is Beast Boy and Max is Cyborg, and sometimes they're paired off as well. Nathaniel takes Robin's role, Alix is X, Chloe's Terra and she LIVES, Marinette and Adrien are Jinx and Kid Flash, and everybody else is everybody else.
Death and the Vampyre. This one came about after listening to too much Steam Powered Giraffe. "Delilah Morreo's" throwaway line about the eponymous vampire queen being friends with Death, coupled with familiarity with Discworld's interpretation of Death, led to this idea. Perhaps Juleka is a vampire who's been stuck in her castle for hundreds of years, explaining her dated clothing. Perhaps Rose is the chipper "new" Death, who does the duty with pep and respect. They meet. Sitcom antics.
Angel. Nugg's idea, and a very interesting one. It's forbidden for celestial beings to fraternize with mortals... but that's not stopping Rose from playing favorites. A bit of good luck to brighten Juleka's gloomy day, perhaps, or some divine inspiration on her music. If she were only able to be seen by her... That's the setup, the rest is up to the prospective storyteller.
Different Heroes. Nugg's currently in the process of writing a story involving a full new set of Kwamis. Rose, or "Princess Oz," holds the Lion here whilst Juleka, "Corbeau," holds the Raven. Given how that last season ended, the side characters may need new kwamis anyway. And making Rose's new miraculous a crown and Juleka's a capelet? *chef's kiss* Immaculate.
Wonderful. Here's one we don't see around too often in any fandom- a crossover with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Gotta love those classic madness vibes, and it's so old that which Wonderland you use is like a sliding scale from Disney Animation to American McGee. That, and I've been on a total Alice kick ever since I found the Royal Ballet production online, which everyone should watch at the earliest convenience.
Well, that's seven AU ideas to inspire art from everyone! Many thanks to @le-chiggin-nuggie for their contributions and for being an incredible fount of creative ideas. All these ideas are free to use or change however you want. And Happy Pride, everyone.
(Image Id: A circle of seven drawings depicting Juleka and Rose in each of the described AUs, surrounding a bubble which reads "In any universe, I am yours.")
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A Twst sci-fi au that is inspired/is in an among us like universe.
Ok, I think I got everything? @minzart
There are still imposters and humans. However the non-human characters in twst are still their respective races. Our Savanaclaw boys are still beastmen, Octavinelle still mermen/merpeople, Diasomnia still (mostly) fae/fey, you get the idea.
Well, not exactly.
In this au most of our twst boys are imposters (you'll find out why not all of them are imposters in a moment). I'm going for a kind of uncanny valley vibe where they do look like humans/beastmen/merpeople, but aren't actually that.
Imposters can take the shape of other races without issue and doing this is their natural way to live. Some have take certain preferences to which race they mimic, which has given the imposter race unofficial 'subspecies'—nicknames really—called beastmen imposters, mermaid/mermen imposters, and even fae or fairy imposters. Most of the time, when an impostor chooses their first form to take, they don't change it again. (This explains why our twst boys still look like themselves, and if for one reason or another they need to look like someone/something else, they can just shift back)
One of the few things that is different from an impostor and their mimicked (e.g. who or whatever they have mimicked) is that their eyes' sclera—if their current form has eyes—will always be black.
Nobody knows where the imposters came from. It is suspected that they simply boarded a ship that had landed on what was thought to be an uninhabited planet, and spread out from there. The first know reports of them were received from a number of different ships within the timespan of a few days to a few weeks.
All imposters are incredibly smart, it's what let's them blend in with the crew on a ship and not get caught. Nowadays, if you encounter an imposter on a ship—whether or not you realize it—it is more than likely that they are not new to traveling within a group of other races.
Thankfully, imposters don't eat just humans. They can, but usually it's only the particularly hostile imposters that do. Those kind of imposters are usually a little less than sane (none of the twst cast fall into this category, don't worry) or absolutely starving. They can eat other kinds of meat as long as it is raw, if they eat cooked meat it can make them nauseous.
Like when choosing a form to take, each imposter has a preference for what food they eat. Some will prefer raw steak and others prefer fish, it's unique to every imposter.
Most will try to avoid eating crew members, ever since the imposters snuck onto the ships they have figured out that as long as they don't eat any of the crew, they more than likely won't get caught.
Imposters tend to either travel alone or fall into groups of 2 to 3, however there are exceptions to this. If an impostor or imposters are... docile enough, they can and/or will adopte other kinds of races into their group.
Despite most imposters being relatively peaceful, their less than good first impression left them with a (metaphorical) bright red label on their name marking them as extremely dangerous.
Due to this, most people who are in a position of power have aimed to catch and experiment on at least one imposter. With the main goal of trying to weaponize them.
The impostors are not only in danger of getting thrown off a ship through the air lock, but also in danger of getting kidnapped by officials of the Galactic Empire (or whatever is running the show here is called) to be experimented on.
This is where Yuu and most of our non-imposter twst boys come in.
It is their job to make sure that the impostors don't get snatched and weaponized by official hands. They are apart of a group that prioritizes their safety, however, if they know an impostor can handle a situation they don't step in unless it is absolutely necessary.
It was founded by someone who wanted to protect the imposters (or at least those who deserve it) from an undoubtedly horrible fate. No normal citizen knows about the group, only the Galactic Empire's officials and people who deal with mostly illegal business do.
The Galactic Empire ever-so-fondly calls the people apart of the group I.N.2
Imposter Number Two.
The difference between a normal person and an I.N.2 is their pupils. I.N.2's, due to having two (screens/chips/contacts/etc.) implanted into each of their eyes, have white pupils (because why not? :p).
These implants let an I.N.2 see how dangerous an impostor is or can be. At the edge/corner of their vision numbers will show up when they are looking at an imposter, showing things like how dangerous they are and how hostile they are.
(At some point I'll draw what the eyes for imposters and I.N.2s look like, it'll probably soon lol)
(I'm still debating if I want magic to be a major thing or not. I'm mostly leaning towards having magic still exist, but it can only be used in small proportions for select people–unless it to someone's unique magic or it's people like Malleus and Lillia who are both fae and very powerful. Sebek might also be adapted to using magic, just not nearly as powerful as Malleus or Lillia, but better at it than most people with it. Imposter or not, if someone has magic then they have magic I guess?)
Here is a list of our cast:
Riddle - Imposter
Trey - Imposter
Cater - I.N.2 - Human
Ace - Imposter
Deuce - Imposter
Leona - Imposter
Ruggie - Imposter
Jack - I.N.2 - Beastman
Azul - Merman
Jade - Imposter
Floyd - Imposter
Kalim - Human
Jamil - Imposter
Vil - Imposter
Rook - I.N.2 - Human
Epel - Imposter
Idia - Imposter
Ortho - Mechanical/robot Imposter
Malleus - Imposter
Lilia - I.N.2 - Fae
Silver - I.N.2 - Human
Sebek - Imposter
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findroleplay · 7 months
Calling all my fantasy lovers 🫶 I am looking for somebody to write this particular plot. 18+! I am advanced literate, novella style. So i’m looking for writing partners who are able to do the same. I want long replies and intense world building and enthusing about our characters and creating freaking moodboards and playlists and literally spend so much time throwing headcanons and squealing in excitement?? It can literally be any pairing (mxm, mxw, wxw) I prefer realistic face claims too. I personally have no triggers, everything is open. NSFW isn’t required but it’s welcomed! Gore and violence will happen so it’s essential to be alright with that. This is just a loose plot I created, we can add more details in to make the world perfectly unique! Any creatures in the fantasy world ( vampires, sirens, mermaids, fae, demons, gods, dragons ) Anyways, here’s the plot!
the master of death, a universal title that’s haunted the kingdoms for centuries. the tales of death coming in the shadows to snatch up their newest victims, travelling through the mist, through the wind. the god of death. a single touch could kill. muse a, the greatest thief to survive the deep trenches of poverty. with no family, they’re all by themselves in a kingdom that thrives off the rich. muse a gets caught stealing off somebody involved in the royal courts, the penalty? death. or, a dangerous bargain. the royal family give muse a the option to become their personal assassin, seek out the master of death, the god that collectively steals and destroys lives. for centuries, they’ve tried to capture them but the hunters/huntresses either never return, or come back without a shred of sanity. problem is? the master of death has no traces. they’re like smoke in the wind. muse b ever bemused by mortals attempts to bring them to their demise. groomed from a child to be the perfect solider, muse a sets off on their quest after years of training so diligently. when by odd chance, muse a finds their way into the realm of darkness, where muse b resides and rules, muse b grows increasingly infatuated by muse a’s bold attempts to take on a god despite their mortality. muse a is taken prisoner, under the court of death themselves. muse b wants to seek vengeance on the mortal kingdom for past crimes against the gods, deities and followers of the dark kingdom. muse a must come to terms that what they were led to believe, was entirely wrong. muse b isn’t a complete bastard who destroyed realms for entertainment, but to stop the pending catastrophic war between realms. muse b is a villain but they aren’t the villain muse a should be worried about. muse a and muse b spend a majority time bickering, the protagonist and the villain come to a stand still when simmering rage turns to deep longing and attraction. muse b makes a deal with muse a, they will spare their life if they help take down their common enemies. give me the angst, the enemies to lovers and the muses bickering, but what makes a better team then a vengeful villain and a determined assassin who has nothing to lose?
interact with this post and i’ll be running to your messages!
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ariainstars · 2 years
The Beauty of Disney Pixar’s film “Luca”
Reblogging after I found some mistakes in my original entry.
Written by a native Italian. 😊😉
I already wrote about how the infamous „Bella Notte” scene from Lady and the Tramp irritates me; though probably well-meant it couldn’t be more cliché and, consequently, incorrect.
Tumblr media
In return, 2021’s Luca feels like an overdue answer to the idea many people all over the world have grown up with when it comes to Italy’s culture and mentality.
It starts with the opening titles.
„Un bacio a mezzanotte” is a 60ies Italian classic from Quartetto Cetra, not exactly known outside of its own country. The text „Do not fall for a midnight kiss” seems to make no sense story-wise since nothing happens in the movie where it would fit in. But it anticipates where and when the story takes place, and in my opinion, it’s a wink at „Bella notte”, which is incorrect Italian and drives the idea home that Italians have nothing in mind but making love at night. „Un bacio a mezzanotte” has a humorous, down-to-earth approach on romantic love; like Lady and the Tramp, Luca is set in the Fifties, but while the first sets up stage for a love story at night, the quartet’s song has the exact opposite theme.
Luca is not a Disney musical; the songs we sometimes hear in the background are not the annoying, trite Italo-pop you sometimes overhear in other movies but actual songs Italians of that generation grew up with, sung by e.g. Mina or Gianni Morandi, which are hardly known outside the country.
We see no romantic couple and there not the slightest hint at „amore“; Giulia’s parents may even be separated since she says that her mother lives in Genova. The major themes are friendship and family.
The setting is not in Rome, Venice, Naples or Florence like one would expect but in Liguria, a not so well-known region. (Portorosso does not actually exist but the cities of Cinque Terre look a lot like it.)
Instead of the infamous spaghetti with meatballs, the characters eat actual Italian food like trenette al pesto, and Massimo shows Alberto how to correctly eat them with a fork.
Nobody plays the mandolin (an outmoded instrument which in Italy you will probably only find in some museum); instead, people listen to or hum Italian opera.
There is no silly, incorrect Italian like in Lady and the Tramp; when the characters do speak in their native language, it is spot on.
None of the main characters have the „Italian trademark” look with curly black hair and mustache. Giulia is a redhead, which is rather uncommon but I guess she was meant as a bow to The Little Mermaid, from which Luca borrows some of the story beginning.
Portorosso’s bully is the selfish and mean show-off Ercole, a guy with slick black hair who loves his Vespa more than anything (except looking down on people). Our protagonist Luca is a stranger to the town; his looks do not fit common cliché about Italian guys, and he is a gentle, slightly shy dreamer.
Luca loves astronomy; one of the worlds’ most famous astronomers was Galilei, an Italian.
Instead of a bunch of cute dogs we meet Macchiavelli, a sullen, fat, lazy cat.
The movie has a melancholy but hopeful ending, not a happy end.
If Enrico Casarosa meant to make the world at large understand what the beauty of Italy’s mentality and culture truly is, he has excelled. No wonder so many fans are already asking for a sequel.
As a native Italian, I must say I am quite satisfied with this authentic and lovingly told display of what being Italian actually means; a rehabilitation the often maligned country, in my opinion, might actually have needed.
Tumblr media
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