#and once called the police because she heard shouting
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the crooked kind
Tumblr media
▹ — joel miller x platonic!f!reader
▹ — summary: you were sarah’s best friend, and you reunite with joel years after outbreak day.
▹ — a/n: erm. i love him. again not my best writing but i love this concept sm. also yes now i know there is an audience for father figure joel u will be getting so much of him
▹ — warnings: reader had major family troubles, pre-outbreak & post-outbreak, father figure joel, reader is injured, stab wound, referenced raiders/hunters, bill being hostile as usual, frank being a sweetie
∘₊✧───── ───── ───── ─────✧₊∘
25th September, 2003.
After a long shower at the Miller’s house, you got changed and went downstairs to face them, the same anxiety you always felt when this happened arose in your chest. They were in the kitchen waiting for you, matching frowns on both Sarah and her dad’s face. You smiled tightly at them, grabbing the box of food Sarah held out for you.
“Guys, it’s fine! I can’t stay here forever.” You told them lightly, trying to lift the heavy mood that always fell over the three of you when you had to go back to your own house.
“You could! Couldn’t she, dad?” Sarah asked, turning to her dad and knowing the answer before he even said it.
“‘Course you could, kid. You know you’re a part of the family.” Joel supplied, making it even harder to maintain the certain and confident front you always put on when it was time to leave.
You heard the tires of the truck pulling up outside their house, and the truck door slamming shut as Tommy stepped out, his frown matching Sarah and Joel’s, too. He grabbed the box of food from your hand and put it in the bag on your back, clapping a gentle hand on your shoulder and squeezing as you smiled at him.
“Time to go,” you said, and rolled your eyes with a watery smile as you looked at the sulking expression Sarah wore, “C’mon, Sar. I’ll see you at school tomorrow!”
Nobody responded to your words, and their silence clearly conveyed their thoughts, but what about tonight? You were all aware of how much your family disliked when you stayed at the Miller’s but sometimes, you’d rather face their anger when you returned than any extra time at your own house. Aside from the people who lived there, you also never knew if there would be any water, which is why you always took a shower before leaving the Miller’s. You’d likely be back by this time next week, but it never made leaving easier.
You had once tried to stay at your best friend’s for longer, going on a few weeks, but when you had returned to your house to grab some more clothes, your parents had kicked off. Shouting, screaming, throwing things, the likes. They had yelled in your face that they would call the police on Joel, say he had kidnapped you, was keeping you away from home.
The last thing you wanted was the man who was essentially your own dad going to jail because of you.
It’s better this way, you had decided, because there was no other way. You were lucky your parents let you out of the house at all at this point. Every time you took a bundle of clothes stuffed into the bottom of your school bag you were chancing your luck, but you just couldn’t help it. Staying at Sarah’s gave you the experience of a loving family that you so badly wanted. A warm house, cooked food, and working water didn’t hurt, either.
“Let’s go, kid.” Tommy said, giving you a tight lipped smile. He didn’t want you to go back, either, but neither Miller men were willing to let you walk there. Tommy took you home every time, all of you knowing that Joel was much more likely to snap if your parents showed their faces.
“See you guys later! Happy birthday for tomorrow, Joel!” You waved at Sarah and Joel as you headed out of the front door, throwing a wave behind you and hearing them call out their own goodbyes.
You and Tommy sat in silence for the first few minutes of the drive, before he glanced in your direction, saying, “Listen, if you need anything, give us a call. I’m gonna be out tomorrow but Joel will be about. But hey, you need a bit of extra muscle? I’ll be there.”
You smiled at him, thankful to have such a supportive family who had your back at every turn.
∘₊✧───── ───── ───── ─────✧₊∘
Joel sighed as he gripped the steering wheel in his hand, waiting for his brother to finish up the paperwork he had to sign. When Tommy finally approached the truck, Joel turned to him with a dark look, annoyance clear in the curve of his eyebrows.
“Listen, Joel, I’m sorry!” Tommy told him immediately, reluctantly pulling his seatbelt over his chest and holding his hands up as if he was surrendering. “That fucker said her name and I just snapped, man.”
Tommy must have seen the way Joel’s face dropped, because he felt anxiety warm up in his chest as Joel said your name, his expression telling them both that something was very wrong. He remembered the crease to Sarah’s eyebrows when he had finally gotten home, the way she’d told him that you hadn’t been in school, and she felt like something was off.
“She wasn’t at school today.” said Joel, his eyes almost unfocused as all the possibilities for the why flashed in his mind, he completely missed the way Tommy’s jaw set.
The sound of guns going off in the police station sent both of their heads whirling around in alarm, with Tommy reaching back for the box that was kept under the driver’s seat. “What the…” he mumbled, eyes flashing with the fire that had started across the road. It was when they started hearing the helicopters and dozens of military and coppers swarming the street that the two Miller’s realised something was very wrong. “Shit, Sarah!”
∘₊✧───── ───── ───── ─────✧₊∘
23rd May, 2013.
Your arm was throbbing with pain, and you were sure something was fractured at the least. Not to mention the warm red blood that was dripping down from your shoulder, basically the only thing providing you with any heat in the all-encompassing cold. Or maybe all the blood leaving you was what was making you feel so cold. You weren’t sure.
It was the first time in a while that you had left your QZ, and you were ambitious, aiming to travel all the way to the Boston QZ with as little trouble as you could manage. Of course, you hadn’t counted on the people, the raiders and hunters who tried to kill you to steal all the supplies you didn’t have. You were lucky to make it out alive, really. You hadn’t felt very lucky for a long time.
It had been at least thirteen hours since you were attacked, and you knew you wouldn’t make it much further. Already, you were feeling lightheaded, woozy, like the ground was reaching up for you, but you powered on, seeing the glint of a metal fence up ahead.
The wiring at the top told you that it was electric, which you wouldn’t have been worried about if the buzzing didn’t echo in your ears, meaning it actually had electricity.
You pushed lightly against where there was a gate, a keypad there to unlock it. These days, you wouldn’t be able to bet on it being a simple 1, 2, 3, 4. Clearly, this was somebody’s home, and they didn’t take lightly to intruders. Your head dropped against the metal, the metal warm from the sun, and you were glad that only the barbed wire at the top was electric.
Your luck clearly hadn't lasted very long, as you heard the sounds of two guns clicking, the safety turning off.
“Who are you?” A man’s gruff voice asked, and you moved your head from the fence to look at the man stood at the front, “What do you want?” His striking blue eyes tore through you, looking for any sign of a threat, but you didn’t pose much of one in your current state.
“Jesus, Bill, let the girl in, she’s gonna die out there!” A friendlier voice called out, approaching the two men already stood in front of you.
“Or, she could kill us in here.” Bill said, eyes not moving from where you stood, narrowing as you put your hands up in a motion of surrendering.
Your eyes fluttered for a second, and you nodded at the man, understanding of his caution. “I—I’m just looking to get to the QZ. Boston.” You spoke, voice dry and cracking, having only been used when you had yelled out at the people who had attacked you, and that was hours ago. You were dehydrated, tired, and hurt. “Could you point me in the direction?”
“She’s not gonna make it that far.” A woman, who you hadn't noticed approaching, said, eyebrows raised as she looked from the other newcomer to Bill. A part of you knew she was right, knew that you probably wouldn’t make it another fifty steps of the way, but god, you’d come this far, and you really didn’t want to die.
“Bill.” The man prompted, eyebrows raised as he gestured toward the gate. “Just let her in, you can always… shoot her if she tries anything.”
“And I will.” Bill threatened, glaring at you even as you nodded in agreement.
“I’m not infected,” You supplied, because it was the best you could do, “Got a nasty stab wound, little while ago.”
Bill grumbled, sending the man who was trying to help you back into the town for something, and he continued his annoyed mumbling even as he opened the gate, tapping in a code and holding his gun up to your head as you took a step forward. You stilled, eyes following him as he approached, gun still raised, and held a tester to your neck, only huffing as it flashed green.
“Come on in, honey.” The kind man said, approaching your side and helping you stumble your way into their safe haven. You swayed, even with his help, and he frowned at you.
“You sure about this, Bill?” asked the other man, who hadnt spoken before now. You hadn’t really taken much notice of him, too focused on the people speaking to you in hopes that the world might show you a bit of kindness.
“Joel?” You croaked out, eyes going wide and your legs becoming numb as you stared at the man in shock. The guns immediately rose back up to your face, and they glared at you suspiciously, with the man who had been helping you stepping aside with one look from Bill, even if it was with some reluctance. “Joel— It’s you, I can’t believe it’s really you.”
They all stared at you, none of them daring to speak for a few moments. The woman stared at Joel, trying to communicate with him through eye contact alone.
“She—she fixed it. Didn’t she?” You said numbly, feeling like you were going to pass out, but unable to take your eyes off of the cracked watch that sat on his wrist. Sarah had told you her plan for his birthday, even if you’d never gotten to see it in action, but it was broken again.
Recognition seemed to seep into Joel’s eyes, and his gun lowered slightly. He said your name like a question, like your face was an answer he couldn’t work out.
In a single moment, his gun was dropped to his side, and he surged forward, pulling you into his arms. You held onto him just as tightly, or as tightly as you could manage with your fucked up arm, and blinked away tears as you squeezed your hands together behind his back.
His hand held the back of your head, keeping you close to him as he let out a breath. “Fuck.” He said, the words watery with tears you were sure he refused to let out. “I was sure you were dead. The houses on your street were on fire, I—…” He trailed off, pulling away to hold your face in his rough hands.
You forgot all your pain for a moment, eyes full of tears from something else, something like relief, “I got away, my—my dad was arrested and my mom went to get him. When I got to yours, you were all gone.”
He swallowed guiltily, eyes looking over your grown face. You looked so different, so… you looked like an adult.
You looked around at the town, wondering which one belonged to the Miller’s, “Where— where’s Sarah?”
Joel flinched, hands squeezing your cheeks once more, before he shook his head, looking away before he pulled you back to him once again.
“Oh.” You gulped, swallowing down the grief you had already felt for the Miller’s that rose back up, trying to sweep you away.
“Can somebody explain what the fuck is going on?” The woman asked, the first of Joel’s group to speak up since your unexpected reunion. She looked between you and Joel and the two men, as if one of you could answer all of her questions.
You looked up at Joel, and he felt like he was going to be sick, the memories of you doing that before the world had gone to shit hitting him like a brick to the face. He remembered the way you would smile at him, a grin that matched Sarah’s, like the two of you were born as sisters, and not just chosen sisters.
“I…” You began, stepping out of Joel’s arms to face the group and explain, but that wave of nausea hit you, the adrenaline from finding Joel seeping from your body, leaving you feeling like you were about to step into death’s doorway. “Okay, um, let me—”
Joel stepped forward, and you fell into him, with him picking you up like he used to do with you and Sarah before. It hit him then, with how you were heavier, and how he hadn’t done this for anyone in years, but he still managed.
“I—I’ll explain, after.” He said, the words echoing in your ears as your eyes fluttered, the last of your long-winded fight or flight leaving you as you rested in your dad’s arms, feeling like perhaps you’d wake up in the bed beside Sarah’s, and everything that had happened in the past decade would have been nothing but a dream. “Frank?” He prompted, letting the man lead him to wherever he thought would be best suitable to patch you up.
That sickening feeling crept up on Joel again, the situation being horribly reminiscent of outbreak day, almost like your weight was Sarah’s own, and his shaking fingers being from fear and not shock. He hated it, that the feeling of regaining a daughter was so similar to the loss of his other.
He felt a hand on his shoulder as he followed Frank, and glanced to his side to see Tess, and allowed himself to feel the slightest comfort at the nod she gave him.
Your eyes blinked open, and you looked at him through bleary eyes, “I’ve missed you, dad.” You told him, not missing the heartache in his eyes as he looked at you, but he smiled. It was thin, watery, and barely there, but you saw it.
“Kid, you got no idea.” He sighed out, focusing on getting you fixed up before he could start crying.
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❣️! Unpredictable!❣️
Tumblr media
Pairing : Max verstappen X Cherrie!
Word count : 6.2k
Summary: in which Cherrie is a unpredictable chaotic mess and max stresses over her like a mother hen.
Max could say with a hundred percent of his heart and soul that he loved Cherrie more than life itself. It was the kind of love that made him dizzy . The Kind of love where if anything were to ever happen to her, he would kill whoever had done it and then bring them back to life just so he could kill them again.
She was his life. His lover , but most importantly she was his best friend.
Ever since they were teenagers and met at go karting, the two of them had stuck side by side and bonded immediately, it was hard to tear the two away from each other's side after that.
And max has grew up beside her, watching his best friend become more and more beautiful with each year that passed. His once platonic and innocent feelings turning anything but.
He had watched her go on a date once when they were both eighteen years old , filled with nothing but anger and jealously when she told him that she might give the guy a second date too.
That was the last date that she ever went on with anybody but him.
He had told her, more like demanded her , not to do it again. She hadn't looked surprised at his shouting , merely smugly smirking at him and asking him if he wanted to be her boyfriend instead .
He did. He told her so and that was it.
They had been together ever since and there was not one day that went by that max ever doubted his love for her.
But the only thing that really got to him was how much the love of his life enjoyed giving him mini heart attacks with her sudden announcements and abrupt ideas.
He had always known that Cherrie was a crazy adrenaline junky . He was too. It was something that they bonded over but Cherrie ... Cherrie liked to push it to the limit all the while doing it casually as though she didn't make his heart fall out of his ass each time.
Because when you loved someone, you worried about them , constantly . But his girlfriend actually gave him reasons to worry and stress and max was almost certain that she was going to give him grey hair within the next year.
Exhibit A: This morning.
They were at a airfield with some of the other drivers , having been invited to check out all of the different old planes and to see how it all worked out.
Max thought it was interesting and was enjoying checking out the exterior of a old army plane when he suddenly felt like it was too silent around him.
The sound of his girlfriends usual chatter and her loud opinions no longer meeting his ears like they usually did .
Immediately he was alarmed. It was too quite , Cherrie was someone That you heard before you seen.
She was an absolute loudmouth so silence …was not a good sign.
Snapping his head around him as he tried to spot where she had gone to , frowning when he couldn't see her by him anymore .
He looked over at lando and charles who were a little further down being shown a military helicopter , he walked over to them quickly .
Worry written across his face "where's Cherrie gone? I turned around and she's disappeared again!" He said to them a little bit annoyed by her sudden vanishing act.
This not being the first time that she had just gotten some ideas of her own and buggered off , leaving him on his own without even telling him.
Because apparently Cherrie thought that he was psychic and that he would automatically know where she had gone.
Like that time in france when they had been looking around a museum with their friends when he turned around and noticed that she was no longer there.
He had spent hours panicking and looking around France for his missing girlfriend , having been on the urge of calling the police for possible kidnapping when he had started to be tagged in photos on all of his socials.
He had opened his phone just to see multiple pictures of Cherrie at Disneyland on her own, happily walking around with Mickey Mouse ears on her head as she has the time of her life without him.
Max couldn't believe it. Apparently she had gotten bored of looking at paintings and decided to ditch him for Disneyland . Without even telling him!
At the time max has been furious with her. Picking her up from Disneyland with a scowl on his face as he scolded her like a pissed off parent that couldn't control their unruly child.
But the more time she did things like that, the more he had gotten used to it. Because it was such a Cherrie thing to do.
But he loved her. So the worry and panic never left him no matter how many times she did some insane shit . It always put him on edge .
So her going missing at a air base? Yeah , that was more than enough reason for him to worry.
Lando looked over at him in confusion , having thought that he already knew.
So he casually told him "oh . she's gone to jump out of a plane."
Max's reaction was instant . Gasping loudly as his eyes widened in shock.
"What? My girlfriend is jumping out of a plane and nobody thought to tell me?!" He shouted in disbelief , immediately turning to the man that had been showing them around .
"Can you take me to her please? I can't believe this!" He exclaimed , Getting More worried as he followed the man over to the part of the base where they apparently did skydiving sessions for guests .
Groaning to himself , wishing that he had known that they did something like that before he agreed to come. Because if he had known, he would not have allowed Cherrie to tag along.
Not his crazy girlfriend who wasn't afraid of anything and had no problem with throwing herself out of a plane .
In fact she enjoyed doing anything that she could possibly die doing.
Because she was clearly bat shit insane.
"God. Please tell me that she hasn't gone up there yet? I don't want her jumping from a plane .." he whined stressfully as he looked around him, hoping that she would pop out and tell him that she was just kidding and that she wasn't going to jump out of a plane.
Unfortunately for him and his poor heart , the man just shook his head with a smile . Nodding up to the sky above them casually .
"Sorry son, she's already up there . About to jump any minute I think .." he informed him.
Max looked up to the sky, heart pounding in his chest as he spotted a plane so high up he could barely fucking see it.
Seeing Charles and lando come up to him from the corner of his eye, both of them excited as they gasped and squinted up to the sky trying to see her.
Lando pulling out his phone to film her, grinning as he said to him. "Let's hope she remembers to pull her parachute."
Max death glared at him , going even Paler at the thought .
"Shut the fuck up. Oh my god!" He gasped as he looked up and suddenly saw a dot jump from the plane .
Squeezing his eyes shut as his heart dropped down to his stomach , shaking his head fearfully.
"I can't watch! Fuck! Oh my god!" He could only repeat feeling genuinely sick at the thought of it all going wrong and something happening to the love of his life .
He felt someone pat his shoulder comfortingly while lando just laughed and whooped loudly at her.
"Yeah Cherrie! You're flying!" He yelled out happily , still filming her as she began to get closer to the field now , her parachute making it an easy ride down.
Max warily opened his eyes again and sighed in relief when he saw Cherrie safely on the ground again, a ecstatic grin on her face as she babbled on about how amazing that was .
"I wanna do it again!" She shouted gleefully as the man helped untie her , grinning over at her friends happily.
Max immediately shook his head, glaring at her as he stomped over to her quickly , the panic slowly leaving his body now that she was in reachable distance again.
"Absolutely not! Cherrie! What is wrong with you?!" He exclaimed to her.
Pulling her into his arms and squeezing her tight , Cherrie just giggling as she hugged him back just as tightly.
"We came here to look at the planes ... not jump out of them! Five minutes. I don't look behind me and you disappear! Do you enjoy giving me a heart attack Cherrie?!" He ranted to her , pulling away to smack the back of her head . Shaking his head at her scoldingly .
Cherrie just grinned and leant up to give him a kiss, max sighing against her lips knowing that there would be no changing her ways.
"Sorry baby. I just got bored . I was thinking that we could jump out of the -"
Max cut her off before she could start suggesting they jump out of anything else .
"No more jumping out of anything today. Or any day for that matter. Just no!" He snapped at her . Steering her away from the field before she could get anymore ideas.
"I would like you to live a long and healthy life Cherrie. How can that happen if you keep doing things like this when I turn my back?!" He continued to lecture her, wrapping his arm around her waist and keeping her close to his side so she couldn't run off on him again.
Cherrie paid his scolding no mind, used to his worry. Instead she just meant her head against his arm and smiled , kissing his shoulder gently.
"I love you." She simply told him with a smile ,
Max just sighed exasperatedly , giving up. "You're so lucky that I love you as well Cherrie. Because you're going to make me go bald. And that is not a good look for me." He replied , leaning down to give her another kiss. Just thankful that she had her feet on the ground again.
Exhibit B : the day at the fair.
Cherrie had dragged them all along to a fair taking place the day before their big race. The rest of the drivers happily tagging along as she excitedly pulled them over to do games and rides with her like an overgrown child.
She had been on the teacup ride with lando while max talked to Charles about the race tomorrow, both of them discussing how they felt about the new track as they leant against the barricade them separated them from the field where the monster truck show was taking place.
"Do you think you could drive one of those? They're even bigger Up close!" Max heard Lando exclaim as the drivers gathered around ready to watch the show.
Charles shook his head with a grimace "I don't think so. I'd probably tip the whole truck over. Never mind crush cars and jump over them like that. Look at the size of the wheels! They're like- the size of a house!" He dramatically said as they watched the massive green monster-truck slowly come out onto the field.
Max hummed in agreement , nodding his head. "I agree. I'm glad that I'm not the one driving it." He laughed before glancing over at lando, expecting to see Cherrie beside him .
The two having been going from stall to stall and ride to ride together .
Only lando was on his own and Cherrie was no where to be seen.
Max straightened up in immediate worry, frowning over at him in confusion as the speakers loudly announced that the monster stuck was going to crush a line of cars and jump over them too. The crowd yelling in excitement around them as the monster truck revved it's loud engine.
"Lando! Where the hell is Cherrie? I thought she was with you?" He called over to him worriedly , glancing around the crowd to see if he could spot her pretty face .
Lando just looked at him strangely , just as confused as he was . "Huh? She just told me that she had something to do and that we'd see her soon." He relayed what she had said to him .
Max frowned "see her soon? What the hell-"
He couldn't even finish his sentence before he heard the other drivers gasp loudly , Charles's voice the loudest as he exclaimed in shock.
"Is that Cherrie?!" Pointing towards the driver in tbe monster truck .
All of them watching as she reversed the truck and then sped towards the cars , flying over them and making everybody gasp as the massive truck wobbled side from side on the enormous wheels.
Looking like it was going to tip over only for it to spin around and head back to the cars, this time crushing them as the truck rolled over them. The crowd clapping and screaming in excitement.
Max could only Gape at the familiar helmet covered head driving the monster truck casually , his mouth dropping open in shock.
"Oh my god. Why is my girlfriend driving a death truck?! It's literally named the grim reaper! You know why-" he inhaled sharply , heart racing in his chest as he watched the love of his life speed around in a truck the size of a fucking house .
"Because she's clearly trying to kill me!" He almost shouted not knowing why he continued to be surprised by her anymore.
Half an hour later and Max's stomach was in pieces, clutching at his face in horror after all the tricks and dangerous stunts he had just watched his girlfriend do around the field like it was just another Monday for her.
Watching with wide eyes as she casually got out and waved to the cheering crowd , jogging over to them as she took off her helmet to display a excited grin .
Waving at them like she hadn't done anything out of the ordinary.
"That was fun!" She panted as she wiped the sweat from her face and smiled at them.
“I've never done that before! But I think I did good!" She added as an afterthought .
Much to Max's horror who wondered what the hell was wrong with his girlfriend .
Inhaling shakily as he swallowed down the nausea he felt at watching the love of his life in a truck that could crush cars , never mind people.
"Cherrie..." he could only sigh . Blinking at her slowly in disbelief . "You said you were going on the rides." Was all he could say. Still in shock.
She just laughed , slapping at his shoulders like he had just told her a funny joke.
"I never said what ride though did I? Did you see me fly over those cars? I almost tipped the truck upside down but I managed to do it! My heart was racing so fast! So much fun!" She gushed to him. Oblivious to the heart attack she had induced to her boyfriend .
Max just Continued to look at her in silent disbelief , shaking his head at her.
"Yeah.. I saw you." Was all he murmured . Sighing in defeat as he just took her into his arms and hugged her to his chest. Closing his eyes and just being grateful that she was alive.
"You're absolutely crazy Cherrie . You need to- you need to tell me that you're going to do stuff like this. Otherwise you're going to kill me. Then we can't be together anymore cause I'll be dead." He rambled to her as he pulled her down to sit on the grass instead, not trusting his shaking legs to keep him upright after yet another scare from her.
Cherrie just gave him another kiss alongside a innocent smile. Looking like butter wouldn't fucking melt .
"Sorry. I'll tell you next time. But you thought I looked cool right? It felt cool." She gushed , unbothered by the panic she had caused.
Max sighed , reluctantly nodding his head yes. "Very cool . But please ... no more.." he groaned .
Exhibit C: the circus .
The two of them were enjoying the circus together with the rest of their friends , max grinning as he watched them unveil a large metal ball that the motorbikes would zoom around , practically defining gravity with their speed . It was really dangerous and fun act to watch.
Max was having fun and actually enjoying himself for once as he watched them ask the audience for a volunteer to stand in the middle of the ball while the motorbikes would be speeding around the person , a really risky act .
Max grinned , taking a sip of his drink . "I wouldn't dare to it. One wrong move or even the slightest turn of their wheel and it could all end in tears. I read a story once about this man who did this and he ended up having the bike cut him up when the driver couldn't pick up enough speed to be upside down and instead crashed on-top of the poor guy, really injuring him." He told Cherrie seriously , glad that he wasn't the one doing it.
He then turned his head to look at her, ready to tell her more horrific details of what he had read when his stomach dropped down to his ass as he saw her putting her hand in the air to volunteer to do it.
He slapped her hand down with a gasp "what are you doing?! Did you not just hear a word that I said?!" He snapped at her in disbelief , trying to get her to put her hand down.
But it was too late . The man had already spotted her waving enthusiastically at him and called her up to them excitedly .
Cherrie beamed excitedly, trying to get up from her seat while max tried to pull her back down.
"No! No! Please! Cherrie don't-" he hissed at her in panic when she managed to slip out of his hold and get up on the stage.
Max felt like he was going to be sick. Lando nudging his shoulder with a amused grin.
"This is going to be great. Hopefully she doesn't sneeze or something." He joked before looking away when max just glared at him for his unhelpful teasing.
"Why does she do this to me? I can't- there's still time to grab her-" he went to get up so he could run on the stage and drag her as far away from that wheel of death as possible .
Only for Charles to tug him down with a rolling of his eyes. Max seeming to be the only one panicking .
"Calm down mate! They know what they are doing. She's just having fun!" He said to him while filming her as she skipped inside the metal ball happily.
Max scoffed , watching Cherrie closely . Biting at his nails worriedly .
"She can't have fun if she's dead! Why can't she enjoy squad bikes or - or bowling?" He whined as he sunk into his seat in stress. Heart pounding again.
Lando looked at him in amusement "bowling?"he laughed loudly .
Max ignored him. Instead focusing on his girlfriend , only to gasp as the motorbikes filled the wheel with her, covering his face with his hands fearfully as they kicked off and started driving around her, going around and around while she just stood in the middle of them with a grin. Clearly enjoying herself .
"She's fucking crazy! Fucking hell!" He groaned out loudly .
Letting out a loud sigh of relief when it was over . Shaking his head at her disapprovingly when she just skipped back over to him with a pleased smile on her pretty face .
Jumping into his lap and giving him a kiss as she beamed at him .
"How fun was that?"
Max side eyed her , sighing in relief that she was safe in his arms again.
"So fun that I forgot to have fun." He just muttered while squeezing her tightly . Refusing to let go of her till the show was over.
Not trusting her not to volunteer for something else too.
Exhibit D: while he was at work.
Max was doing a interview by the dock with his team, answering fan questions and doing a game of this and that when he heard a familiar , loud voice screech his name over and over again.
Snapping his head around in all directions to try and locate where she was this time , frowning to himself when he thought about how she had told him that she was just going to hang around in the mclaren garage with lando for a bit while he was busy.
He should have known that his girlfriend never did what she said she would. He was just glad that she was still in hearing distance , meaning that thankfully she hasn't just left without him because she was bored again.
The two of them had a long conversation about the mini strokes that she kept giving him with her random and chaotic ideas. Max having firmly told her that she needed to inform him of her crazy plans in advance so that he could prepare himself for what he was about to see.
He had also begged her not to leave the country without him too. Not understanding why when she got a little bored , her first instinct was to get on a plane and do something outrageous , like the time she went to Texas to go be a cowboy for the day.
While max had been oblivious , still in Bahrain getting ready for his race . Only to see a photo of Cherrie on Instagram of her on the back of a horse in full cowboy style, hat , boots and all.
'I thought I would be back by the time your race started." She had genuinely told him , nothing but innocence in her voice as max picked her back up from the airport at one o'clock in the morning , not at all impressed with her .
But then she had smiled at him so beautifully and starting to excitedly show him videos and pictures that she had taken on her sudden day trip away. And all of Max's anger had faded when she pulled out a cowboy hat that she had gotten for him too.
"You can come with me next time and I can show you around now that I've been." She had told him excitedly , leaning over the console to give him a kiss.
She was absolutely unpredictable but max loved her for it , even if she did like to take years of his life with her antics.
Like now. As he glanced up to the high rise building opposite then only to see his girlfriend hanging over the ledge while waving at him happily , shouting his name loudly .
His heart dropped. Eyes widening as he placed his hand above his eyes so that he could see her more clearly from the sun that was beaming down on him.
"What are you doing? Get down!" He Shouted up to her in panic , eyeing the drop from how high she was, dangling over the edge like it was nothing.
Completely forgetting that he was in the middle of filming a video, he placed his hands on his hips in worry . Watching her warily as she leaned even further over and smiled at him .
"Can you get me a McDonald's when you're finished please? I'm really hungry!" She screamed down to him casually as though she wasn't a hundred feet in the air. One fall away from her plunging to death.
Max blinked up at the tiny dot of his girlfriend in disbelief .
"You're going to fall Cherrie! Please get down!" He shouted back at her , stressed .
She just shook her head at him "not unless you feed me!" She countered back to him , laughing at how he much looked like a stressed mother hen, hands on his hips and all.
She pulled out her phone and quickly zoomed in to take a picture of him. Giggling to herself .
He groaned loudly ,quickly nodding his head in agreement . Just wanting her to get down.
"Okay! Okay! I'll get you the whole Damn menu babe but please get down before I have a heart attack!" He called up to her worriedly .
Cherrie just give him a casual thumbs up , laughing triumphantly.
"Okay! Thank you!" Was all she said before disappearing from the edge of the building making him let out a loud sigh of relief .
Shaking his head to himself as he turned to look back at the camera that was still filming him, pursing his lips with a exasperated look on his face.
"She's an absolute menace ." He breathed out to them, chuckling a little now that his heart rate was beginning to lower back to normal now that he knew she was safe again.
"She's very lucky that I love her because that.." he laughed "is grounds for divorce." He said jokingly .
The cameraman gave him a smile , amused at the couple .
"But she's not your wife. So wouldn't it just be a break up?" He said to him.
Max just smirked and let out a laugh, looking over to the building opposite the harbour and watching Cherrie finally come skipping out of the door , her jacket laying over her head like a child trying to stop her head from burning in the heat  , fanning a large paper fan in her face that she had gotten on her little day trip.
"She will be soon. She's crazy but she's my crazy." Max told him simply as he pulled off his cap from his head and threw it at her head as soon as she was close enough to catch it .
He gave her a pointed look towards her sunburned cheeks that he just knew she would be having him rub aloe Vera on later .
"What did I tell you? I told you to put on sunscreen and a damn hat. You're gonna look like Charles’s Ferrari now ." He told her with a grin as he watched her reluctantly put the hat on.
Reaching behind the camera to where his drink was, uncapping the lid and quickly gulping the redbull down with a sigh.
She looked over at him , unbothered. Simply smiling as she leaned down on her knees to get closer to the water, dipping her hand in the water to try and cool down a little .
"I look ugly in caps max. I don't suit them." She simply replied , looking over at him from her shoulder , his cap hung low over her face .
Max frowned at her , looking offended as though she had told him that he was the one who looked stupid in hats. Not her.
"No you don't . You look gorgeous as ever. But you'll look even prettier if your skin isn't peeling off your face so keep the cap on Cherrie. I meant it.”He told her firmly, knowing how easily she burned and how much she whined and complained like a baby when she did.
She just smiled at him, shaking her head.
He had no doubt that she would take the cap off as soon as he looked away. But he bathed in her pretty smile never the less .
"Love you." He muttered to her as he got back in his place , ready to continue his last piece of filming for the day. Giving a nod to the cameraman to let him know that he was ready.
Cherrie frowned at him, pouting like a child as she sat down on the wooden floor and hung her feet over , swaying them up and down above the water lazily .
"But you promised me McDonalds!" She reminded him, unhappy that she wasn't being fed after giving up her fun time on top of the building for him.
Max just sighed , laughing underneath his breath at her lack of patience .
"Five more minutes. Then we'll go. Just be quiet and play some games for now." He murmured to her as he pulled his phone out of his Jean pocket and passed it over to her.
His phone full of games that he had downloaded for times like this when he needed to distract her for a bit.
Because the love of his life had the attention span of a child and the only way to get her to sit still and not run off to do something crazy, was to give her food and let her play games on his phone.
It was ridiculous. But he loved her anyways .
She may have behaved like a over active, adrenaline addicted child most of the time but at least she wasn't Boring.
She kept him on his toes and gave him insane memory's to tell their friends and family, so it wasn't all bad.
Exhibit E: the tile on the roof.
Max had been stood in their back garden for a while now, arms crossed over his chest with a frown as he squinted him at their roof unhappily .
"I think a few of the tiles have fell off or broken and it's causing a leak upstairs. Only a small one but .." he sighed , scratching his head .
Lando, who was staying over so that he and Cherrie could game all night together on twitch , just hummed around the straw of a cocktail that Cherrie had made for him. Laid out on one of their sun loungers , relaxing by the pool peacefully.
"But it's bothering you." He finished his sentence , laughing a little at how much of a stressed out dad max looked like. He was just missing a patio to inspect now.
Max just hummed in agreement , looking away from the roof with a sigh .
"It really is . I was gonna call someone over to fix it but Cherrie told me not to. Something about not wanting strangers in our home . Which I get but how the hell else are we going to fix it?" He rambled to lando, slightly annoyed with his girlfriends refusal to let him call for help.
He blamed it on her dad. He had taught her to do everything on her own. Now she was miss independent who didn't need no man to do anything for her.
Which was why he should have predicted what she was about to do next.
"Where even is she anways-?" He couldn't even finish his question about her disappearance before he heard lando gasp out a laugh. Looking up at something behind him.
Max quickly spun back around and looked up to the roof, eyes going wide in disbelief as he watched Cherrie casually sit ontop of their roof with a bucket and tiles by her side .
"What the fuck are you doing?!" He almost squealed in panic at how high up she was, balancing on broken tiles like it was nothing.
Cherrie just waved a hand at him like he was an annoying fly bugging her, sticking her tongue out between her lips as she concentrated on fixing the roof.
"I'm fixing it. Won't take me very long." She simply shouted down to him.
Max gasped as he watched her get up on her knees and lean over to grab something , not at all bothered or scared that she was hanging onto a dodgy roof with fucking crocs on!
Max felt like he was going to faint.
Placing his hands over his face stressfully , chewing at his lip as he looked up at her worriedly .
"Cherrie if you fall ..." he inhaled sharply, too panicked to even finish the very thought.
The love of his life just laughed , not scared at all.
"I won't fall max. Plus if I do I'll probably only break my arms and legs. It's not high up enough to die from… unless I break my neck maybe ..”She casually mused, focusing on the broken tile in front of her.
Max went pale.
Lando giggling from the sun lounger as he filmed her with a amused grin. Used to seeing her do shit like this by now.
"That doesn't make me feel any better! I would like you unbroken thank you!" He shouted at her , stressing the fuck out.
Cherrie finally glanced down at him, wiping her hands on her shirt carelessly to get rid of the dirt .
"So you wouldn't still love me if I was broken into a million pieces?" She called down to him , grinning as she teased him by standing up on the roof, pretending to wobble.
Max squeezed his eyes shut in panic , gasping. "Oh my god! Get the fuck down! How did you even get up there? We don't have any ladders yet!" He exclaimed in disbelief , squinting one eye open to make sure that she was still okay.
She just shrugged her shoulders at him "I climbed up the drainpipe . Butttt..." she sang happily "I fixed it now!" She announced to him proudly, making jazz hands at the newly fixed roof tiles .
Max just hurriedly nodded his head, flapping his hands to the ground . "Fantastic baby but get down! I meant it Cherrie! Please! Just be careful!" He shouted at her , shaking his head to himself when she disappeared from his sight and climbed back down the drainpipe again.
Turning slowly to look at a giggling lando, max placing his shaky hand over his pounding heart and sighed loudly .
"She's going to kill me." He said matter of factly "a cat only has nine lives. She’s already took about seven just this year.”
Lando giggled , pulling a face at him in confusion .
“But you're not a cat?" He stated the obvious.
Max just rolled his eyes and laid himself out on one of the sun beds, needing to lay down and calm down again. Preferably drink some alcohol too.
"Same thing. She's shortening whatever lives I have left. If I ever have a heart attack you know exactly who to blame." He muttered.
Side eyeing his unbothered girlfriend who was singing happily along to the radio as she took off her clothes before throwing herself into the pool, splashing him with water .
Sending him a cheeky wink making him stick up his middle finger at her, huffing when she just laughed and swam away.
Christ. Why did he have to fall in love with a crazy one?
So, she drove him crazy and she worried him like he had never been worried before. But that was love and that was something he never wanted to stop feeling.
He wanted her craziness forever . He really did.
So while she was sleeping peacefully beside him in bed, the only time that she was ever quiet and still.
He slipped a diamond ring onto her finger with a soft smile on his face , gently kissing her cheek as she slept away obliviously .
Tucking his face into her neck and wrapping his arms around her waist , their legs entangled underneath the covers . He sighed in bliss.
He gave her a week before she finally noticed the engagement ring on her finger. Looking forward to seeing her go about her usually craziness without a single clue.
Taking a photo of her sleeping with her hand against his chest, zooming in on the sparkling ring on her finger as he took a picture . Sending it to the rest of the drivers groupchat .
'How long till she notices the ring and marries me?' He sent to them casually .
The chat quickly blowing up with both replies of excitement , shock but most of all amusement. All of them well aware of how oblivious the love of his life was.
She had once gotten a tattoo while on a drunken night out with her friends when she was nineteen , a tiny little heart on her ass cheek.
She hadn't noticed it till two months later when max finally pointed it out to her and asked why she got it done.
Her reaction had been priceless.
He had a feeling this time would be no different either.
Two weeks. Charles predicted .
Two months . Lando replied quickly .
Never. She walked past Elton John who was wearing a bright pink hat and diamond sunglasses. She's never going to notice . Sorry mate. You're going to be waiting a while. Daniel sent a laughing emoji with his answer .
All of them replying around the same thing.
Max just smiled to himself and shut off his phone, leaving them to go crazy over the group-chat about his secret proposal .
I'll give her two weeks to see the ring otherwise I'll tell her myself . Max thought to himself before cuddling back into her side , sighing contently when she squeezed him tightly to her in her sleep.
She may have drove him crazy and he was definitely going to go Grey quicker because of her but man , did he love her.
She was crazy. But she was his crazy. That's all that mattered to him.
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jogetsobsessed · 19 days
Electricity - Paul Lahote x reader
This is a longer one, I plan on writing a small blurb based on the ending! -jo:)
The waves were crashing against the jagged rocks that stood above the waterline of the second beach. There were different groups walking along the coast, and a particular family, one that had stopped at the market before heading out to the beach, caught your eye. 
It was a younger couple with their two young children. A baby was strapped in a carrier to the woman's chest, happily kicking its legs as the mother cooed down at it. The father was a few steps ahead keeping up with the toddler. A little girl with bright blonde pigtails bounced as she ran ahead. Collecting seashells and stuffing them in the pockets of her pink polka dot raincoat as she went along, every once in a while turning back to show her dad the newest treasure that she had claimed. 
It was a picture-perfect image, one that made your heart swell. You had never had that as a child, your parents split just months after your birth. And in an unusual situation, they each took a child. You remained in the care of your father while your older sister was in the custody of your mother. 
But you never did mind, and you feared that you would never get to experience that with your future family. 
You grew up in the woods. Running barefoot clad in jeans and second-hand t-shirts coming home when the street lights turned on, dirty like a feral child. The children that you were surrounded with when you were younger had the same spirit as you. All of you ran together, creating your own realities that didn't have anything to do with the real world. 
Growing up spending more time on the rez than in town was frowned upon for most non-members of the tribe. But you were one of the rare exceptions. After your father became a single father to an infant while also being the chief of police he turned to one of his longest friends asking for his help. 
This ended up being a best-case scenario because you were then placed into the care of an elder in the Quileute community. She ran an informal home daycare, helping out members of the community when they needed it. 
There you grew up alongside a group of kids who accepted you from day one, even though you weren't from the reservation. It didn't matter to them, children are not born with the biases that plague the minds of adults. 
The lot of you ran wild and were known all around the reservation for being thick as thieves. You all did everything together, one person's experience was everyone's experience. The ups and downs of living in a small community, family problems that no children should have to experience, and more. 
Many nights were spent jumping out of your bedroom window and riding your bike to the reservation crashing it in the front yard of whoever house you were spending the night at. Crawling into the dog-pile sleeping arrangements where you always had your best nights of sleep. 
The friendships that you made as a child filled the void of absent family members. You made time for your father but no matter how hard he tried you could never be his top priority, since the town you called home and the surrounding communities relied on him. The pain in his eyes was always present when duty called and he had to leave you, but you knew that he felt better when you spent time with your friends, he hated leaving you alone. 
The door crashing open tore you away from the window and brought your attention to the front of the store. The bodies quickly ran into the couple rows of shelves and you knew who it was immediately. 
Not wanting to rain on their parade you acted oblivious, shouting out your usual greeting for customers and rolling your eyes. 
There was some rattling and you heard hushed arguing before four bodies jumped out shouting. Not even caring at your lack of a reaction, all four doubled over in laughter. You could have sworn your eyes were going to roll into the back of your head but you were used to their stupidity by now. 
Slowly they all came out of the laughing fits and came up to the counter, Jacob hopped up on the counter and you gave him a quick shove off, Embry and Quil laughing at your actions. Paul leaned against the counter, opposite of where you stood, with Embry and Jacob mirroring his actions and Quil hopping on the counter this time. And when you didn't march over to push him off Jacob started to bitch, causing you to roll your eyes at him again while Embry was the one to shove him this time. 
“Come on Y/N what are we doing tonight, we were talking about driving into Forks and going to the drive-in?”, Quil said as he absentmindedly organized the postcards in the little display stand. 
“Yeah they are showing Dazed and Confused, way better than that romcom crap that they show all the damn time”, Embry laughed. 
“Why the hell do you even know what a romcom is?”Jacob teased. 
They began to argue and bitch at each other, Quil chiming in when he found it possible. You watched the argument waiting for them to be done when a rough hand tapped yours. 
Paul was still standing on the other side of the counter in front of you, one of his fingers was ever so slightly grazing your own. 
This was normal for both of you. The feelings that you had for him were mutual, though you would never admit it. Terrified at changing the dynamic of the group when you inevitably break up because the fairytale of high-school sweethearts doesn't work out more than it does. And staying friends with him was more important than the love that grew each time you saw him. 
You gazed at him, letting out a breath you didn't know you were holding in. This always happened to him too. Sure you felt safe around any of the boys and trusted them all, but in the past year or so something changed about the way you felt towards Paul. And it wasn't because of your crush, since that had been around well since you entered your teenage years. 
Maybe it was because Paul had been the one tasked with explaining the existence of the shifters since you had accidentally found out when you witnessed Jared and Paul getting into it over something stupid one of them had said to the other one summer evening while you were sitting on the porch at Paul's dad's house. 
This was during the time when your friend group was split. 
Jared and Paul had been cast out, spending more and more time with Sam Uley after they underwent inhumane transformations at record speed. You had hardly recognized Paul when you saw him after a few weeks of not seeing him. His long hair was gone, and his physique was impressive, and a tattoo now decorated his arm. And when you saw Jared a few days later, he was the same. 
They both had given you the cold shoulder at first, but you weren't going to put up with their crap. They could have their little catfight with Quil, Embry, and Jacob but that was none of your business. Something must have happened that you had not been let in on, which pissed you off but you weren't going to lose friends over it. 
So you split your time between the two groups now, seeing them only on separate occasions, never telling the others that you were hanging out with the opposite group. 
So there you sat on Paul’s father's porch, it had been a normal day and then something was said and the day was ruined. 
You had watched in horror as both of their bodies contorted and spun and their human forms were gone and giant wolves appeared in their place. As they snapped and lunged at each other you stood up from the porch and sprinted to your bike. Pedaling as fast as you could all the way out of the reservation and to your house. 
Ignoring calls from both of them for a couple of days until Sam Uley showed up at your house. He held a bag of Harry Clearwater's famous fish fry that he was delivering to your father. No doubt running the errand for the old man to get the opportunity to talk to you. 
You didn't know him the best, only hearing more about him in the recent weeks when Embry was referring to him, Paul, and Jared as hall monitors on steroids. 
So as you tried to stick to your death glare towards him you relinquished after he asked several times for you to come by Emily’s, guilt-tripping you saying that Emily missed seeing you since you had stopped helping her out with working at the market.  
That night Paul had sat you down on the back porch and explained that the legends you had grown up hearing as you crashed the bonfires as children were in fact true. It was a hard pill to swallow but you felt a sense of importance being one of the few interested in the secret. 
Over the next few months, you watched as the rest of your friends went through the transformation as well, being able to comfort them when they wanted nothing to do with the other boys. 
“Y/N please tell Jacob that he's an idiot”, Embry pleaded. 
“Jake, you’re an idiot” 
“What the hell Y/N?”
“And Embry you're an idiot two, the both of you are idiots”, Paul and Quil both let out hoarse chuckles as they tried to stifle their laughter, at the two idiots with their jaws dropped. “And besides I can't do anything tonight, as soon as my shift’s over I’m out of here. My sister got here today. Charlie’s making me be there when he gets home from picking her up”. 
“Ah, that's right Isabella is making her grand return, how long has it been, four, five years?”. Quil wondered. 
“Try seven or eight”, Paul answered before you had the opportunity. You hummed in response and you began your end-of-shift duties, counting the money in the till since you were the closer. Greedy hands tried swiping some money as you counted and placed it all in the envelope. Handing the sealed envelope to the most responsible of the bunch which was Paul after he was given the strict instructions to hand it directly to Emily you bid your farewells as you hopped in your car and sped off towards town. 
The old wooden clock slowly tickled by as you sat on the worn-down couch waiting to hear the familiar sound of the worn-out brakes of your father's squad car pulling into the driveway. Your phone was lighting up every few seconds indicating new text messages coming in, no doubt from the boys and Leah begging you to meet them at the drive-in. 
There was no use in telling them no, none of them took the answer “no” very well. And even if you wanted to meet them, your dad had asked you to be there when your sister got here, and he hardly asked you to do anything so you felt like you couldn't bail this time. 
Picking at a loose string on the couch you were dozing off when finally the squeaky brakes could be heard signaling a sign of relief. 
Spend a few hours catching up with your sister and then meet the pack at the drive-in and catch whatever movie was playing after Dazed and Confused. 
The door pushed open and you pushed yourself off of the couch, preparing mentally for the awkwardness that was about to ensue. 
The last time that you had talked to your sister was over two years ago. A phone call that had ended sour, led to the two years of radio silence. Neither of you wanted it to go on that long but you both inherited the trait of being stubborn from your mother. 
“Bell’s I’m sure you remember your sister, It's been a while though”, your father laughed with a dry chuckle as he passed by you heading into the kitchen leaving you to stare at your older sister in complete silence, except for the distinct sound of a beer being cracked open. 
“Hey”, you cringed at your own voice, sounding so weak. 
“Hi”, she matched your tone, looking very uncomfortable, more than she usually looked. 
Luckily you were saved by your father who waltzed back into the living room and headed towards the stairs, calling out for Bella to follow him. He motioned for her to head up the stairs while he looked back at you, eyes pleading for you to follow them. It was awkward for all parties involved. Groaning you grabbed the handrail to head up, his hand patting your shoulder in thanks. 
A few weeks had passed since your sister had arrived in town, and luckily she had found a few friends in Forks to occupy her time, but most days you were still forced to spend some time with her and show her around at your father's request. 
She wasn't the biggest fan of the reservation, since she felt uncomfortable. However, it wasn't often that she joined you when you went since a particular pale boy took up most of her time. 
To say that you weren't Edward Cullen's biggest fan was an understatement. 
He was awkward and gave you the creeps. The way that he stared at you was like he knew something about you that you didn't even know yourself. Plus you found it slightly concerning that Bella was spending so much time with someone that she hadn't even known for a couple months. 
Plus whenever you brought up the reservation he instantly became rude and annoyed, even though he too had not been living in Forks long enough to truly have an opinion. 
Bella had dropped you off at Emily’s house since your car had puttered out on route 110 when you were driving to Port Angeles to pick up some groceries you couldn't get in Forks or on the rez. 
Being at Emily’s house was your own personal heaven. Everything there seemed perfect even when it wasn't. The smell of baked goods met your nose every time you pushed the door open and within seconds Emily would pull you into a bone-crushing hug. Many days were spent sitting at the old creaky dining room table. The grooves and scratches that decorated it and showed the years of wear were familiar under your fingertips. You could trace one line and know where the pattern was going to lead. 
Today was no exception, you were sitting at the table grazing on some of the goodies that Emily had been working on, talking about nonsense and listening to the soft melody that was floating out of the old radio that rested on one of the many cluttered shelves. 
None of the pack was in, Sam had sent them on various missions and errands to keep them busy and out of trouble, so it was one of the rare moments where it was almost silent. 
That was until a familiar orange truck came to a screeching halt outside. As soon as you caught a glimpse of it your anxiety spiked, your sister had no reason to be here. Emily shared a similar look of concern as she set down the bowl of muffins that she was mixing and came around to meet you at the table. 
Glancing out the window you saw your sister stumble out of the truck after Embry and Jared, looking like she had just seen a ghost, or maybe a werewolf. 
The boys ran into the house as if nothing was wrong, crashing into the table and snatching some goodies for themselves. Bella slowly made her way up the stairs. 
She had dropped you off and picked you up a few times, but she never left the driver's seat of her Chevy. 
“Who’s this?”, Emily asked in an attempt to break the ice since the two had never formally met. 
“Bella Swan, who else?”Jared mused smirking at you knowing that this whole situation had your skin crawling. 
Bella knew about vampires, you were sure of it. 
The amount of time that she was spending with Edward was inevitable. But you were trying your hardest to make sure she didn't find out about the wolves. She didn't need to be involved in both supernatural worlds. 
Vampires were not something that you knew much about, the basics were necessary since the legends of the tribe reference them. The questions that you had were extensive but you always played it smart and refrained from asking them since any mention of the leeches got the pack all worked up. 
But now you knew your weeks of trying to keep her in the shadows were for nothing. As you learned that your sister had stormed into the Black’s house demanding to see Jacob. 
He was trying to distance himself as well since Bella was getting more comfortable in Washington and was beginning to ask questions that Jacob couldn't answer due to Sam’s gag order and the looming threat that you placed…answers equal his murder. 
Bella had gotten pissed since one of her only friends was ignoring her and decided to find out why for herself after Jacob completely stopped returning her calls. 
This led to her finding Jake outside talking to the pack, and Bella inserted herself into the conversation and argued with Paul before punching him in the face. That led to Paul phasing and then Jacob phasing to protect her.
Bella had been traumatized, rightfully so but now you were in a predicament because she knew, and you were going to have to admit that you had been hiding something this big from her. 
Your sister moved closer towards you, standing next to your chair, taking the muffin that you were extending towards her. No words were exchanged between the two of you as Jared and Embry continued to spill the secrets of the Quileute tribe. 
You were so caught up in the bickering boys that you hadn't noticed Sam waltz in until he was all over Emily. The sight of true love made your heart swell. 
The sweet moment was quickly ruined by two pairs of feet stomping up the steps of Emily’s front porch, the two tanned boys shoving each other and pushing through the open front door. Paul strutted towards his usual seat at the worn table, right next to you. 
He looked past you and towards your sister, uttering a quick sorry. The tone of smugness made you want to gag at how idiotic he was and you could have sworn you heard Sam whisper a quick “oh my god”. 
Jacob was grinning as well, that was until he spotted Bella. You could have sworn your heart was going to pound out of your chest. The awkward tension in the air felt like it was going to strangle you. You didn't dare to look at your sister, even though you could feel her eyes staring at the back of your head. 
Luckily you were saved by the man of the hour after he motioned for Bella to follow him. As she pushed herself off the counter her hand found its way to your shoulder, and the look of anger and disappointment on her face affected you more than it should have.
She disappeared back the way she came and you let out a breath you didn't know you were holding. Your head was now resting against your folded hand, trying to calm yourself down. A hand was immediately on your back, rubbing small circles. 
The electricity that you felt let you know immediately who it was. Paul was now standing behind you, even though you didn't even remember him standing from his seat next to you. You couldn't see it because of your closed eyes but no one else dared to speak in the room because of the anger that was displayed across Paul's face. 
“What the hell are you saying?”. 
“Bella, will you just shut your mouth, you are throwing a fit for absolutely no reason. Last time I checked the world did not revolve around you”. 
“It's called common sense Y/N, you knew this secret about people that we grew up with”.
That was it. 
That comment was what had caused you to start charging across the front yard towards her. And if you hadn't been at Emily’s and the pack wasn't standing by you would have given her the punch to the face that was so deserved. 
But you hadn't been so lucky since the minute you took off charging Paul's arms slung around your waist and pulled you in tight. 
Jacob had moved Bella to the side, but it was for nothing since you quickly relented and held up your palms signaling that you were calm. Although you had calmed down, you weren't done laying into your sister. 
“Bella as much as I’d love to come over there and beat the shit out of you for thinking the world revolves around you I won't. You had no right to know, it not only puts you in danger but it puts the pack in danger as well. And also you didn't grow up here so you can shut your mouth with that nonsense”. 
It was silent for a second except for the soft sounds of the forest that blanketed Emily’s house. That was until Jared's voice broke through the air. 
Bella was at a loss for words, for once. Instead of bickering back with you she huffed and puffed for a second before saying something to Jacob. She hadn't whispered it but she was far enough away that you could only make out a few words, most of which were not in favor of you. 
But you didn't care, Bella meant nothing to you. You had found your own family and she had found hers. 
 Since Bella found out about the pack the two of you had been at each other's throats. 
At home, when the two of you were together it was only a matter of time before you began bickering. Charlie had picked up on it and asked you both what everything was about. But it wasn't like you could explain to your father that you were arguing because she had a supernatural boyfriend and you had a supernatural best friend of a different species and they happened to be mortal enemies. 
You know the usual teenage sister drama. 
More and more of your time was spent on the reservation. It got to the point where you were spending days on end at Emily’s or one of the boys not even going home to get more clothes. 
Quil’s grandma had offered for you to move in with them years ago and these days you were truly wondering if the offer stood. 
Because even though Emily offered you the guest room every night you were starting to feel bad, like you were a barnacle stuck to the side of a boat. 
“Do you want any help Em?”. Soft music was playing on the radio in the corner of the kitchen, the house decorated with beautiful flower arrangements that Emily had put together the night before. All of them had bloomed in her garden which she had been buzzing about since she planted them a couple months ago. 
“If you could make the salad that would be amazing my darling Y/N ''. There was a hint of teasing in her voice. Something that the two of you had picked up on, seeing how it amused the pack to see the two of you interact as a fake couple. 
Sam had been annoyed at first but Emily had straightened him out, lecturing him on how she knew he was strong enough in his masculinity for Emily to have fun and joke around with her friends. 
She made Sam apologize to you which was a sight that the entire pack was cruising around to see their leader do what his girlfriend said to do. 
“Of course dear, I will be right on it”, you replied giggling. 
Emily and you spent the next couple hours enjoying the silence before the pack burst through the door ready to eat the dinner that Emily had so graciously prepared. 
After the meal everyone migrated out back, most of the boys opting to play an impromptu game of soccer. 
Sam and Emily were snuggled together underneath a blanket on the old outdoor couch that sat on Emily’s porch. You sat on the porch swing, using your left left to slowly rock yourself back and forth as you watched the game. 
Unintentionally you found a thread sticking out of the cushion on the swing and started to absentmindedly pick at it. You were so caught up in it that you didn't notice the dip on the other side of the porch swing until an unnaturally hot arm was placed around your shoulder, 
“Destroying Em’s property over there are you?”Paul's tone was teasing and if that wasn't clear enough the smirk on his face spelled it out clearly. 
“Keep your voice down, you're gonna work Sam up”, your tone matched his. Both of you peering over at the happy couple lost in their own romance, they looked like a pair of high school kids, sneaking kisses and sharing giggles. 
Slowly you laid on Paul's bare chest and snuggled against him, gladly accepting his radiating body heat. 
This wasn't abnormal for the two of you, sharing such a vulnerable position. 
Sure, you snuggled against the other boys when you were cold, but never like this, never so intimate. 
With Paul, it was different, the connection that you felt with him allowed you to be so vulnerable and comfortable with him. It was an unspoken connection, neither of you acknowledging the sparks that you felt. No doubt the other boys had teased him about how soft he was when it came to you. 
Months had gone by. 
Bella was practically living at the Cullens. 
And you were couch-surfing on the reservation. 
Charlie was dealing with his own mess at the department and you didn't want to risk running into your sister at the house for the sake of your own sanity. 
It was summer time so neither of you ever being home was a red flag to him, but you knew that you were going to have to come up with some excuse once the leaves started to change. 
It was a particularly hot day when you had drug out the kiddy pool from the back of your car. It had been stashed there all summer, something you impulsively bought on a trip to Port Angeles. Never really intended to use it, that was until temperatures soared into the hundreds. 
Emily’s house was kind of the home base for the pack and had become your home base too. That's why you didn't feel weird about dragging the inflatable pool to the backyard and setting up camp for the day, even if Emily was out of town visiting family for the weekend. 
The pack was all supposed to be doing jobs around the reservation, helping make sure everyone stayed cool, so you figured no one would bother you and you would be able to have an afternoon of peace. 
Which worked out for a couple hours where you were able to just float and relax in the tiny pool. 
That was until you got drenched by someone splashing you. 
Aggravated you tore your sunglasses off ready to tear someone a new one, stopping when you realized who it was. 
“You're lucky it's you Lahote”. 
“Yeah…yeah make some room”. Paul didn't wait for you to even react and start to scoot over, instead taking matters into his own hands, pushing you gently to the side so he could recline to the best of his ability in the tight space. 
“Your damn body heat is gonna turn this into a hot tub”. 
“There is literally no need to be so dramatic”. 
You were facing each other, his feat extended past the side of your body while yours was pulled towards your chest. It was a defense mechanism, you were fine being in close proximity with Paul. But for some reason being in the kiddy pool suddenly had you the most self-conscious you had ever been around him. 
And if it wasn't like he had not seen you in a swimsuit before, I mean at this point with your relationship with the pack all the guys including Paul had “accidently” walked in on you changing. 
This felt different. 
The tension was building between the two of you. 
Maybe it was because it was so hot outside or because of the difficult year you had experienced but you felt as if your judgment was a bit clouded. 
Because as Paul scooted closer you matched his actions. 
Suddenly the two of you were face to face. 
You were frozen, not sure of the next move. 
You wanted to kiss him, you really did. But you weren't sure of his feelings towards you. 
That was until he finally made the next move and his lips found yours. 
The rush of euphoria was instant, there was something so satisfying about the kiss. It was like the electric sparks that you had been feeling for the past year were now met with a constant electric current. 
You were the one to break the kiss, instantly hiding your face to conceal the blush that had spread across it. 
Paul stayed still. 
You gave him a few seconds waiting for him to say something…but he didn't. 
And when you moved your face to get a good look at him your heart sank. 
He looked angry. 
And he didn't just look at it, he was all worked up, trying to control his breathing, his shoulders moving up and down at a rapid pace. 
He was gonna transform. 
“Y/N get out of the pool”. 
You were frozen with fear, his tone was so icy. He never spoke to you like this.
“Y/N get out of the pool now”, he practically growled the words. 
It was as if some invisible force flung you backward, you couldn't even process what you were doing. 
One minute you were sitting staring at the man you were in love with and the next you were stepping backwards in horror as you watched his clothes shred and his tanned skin be replaced by silver fur and then he was gone. 
Leaving you all alone, destroyed. 
It had been five weeks since you had seen or talked to Paul. 
It was as if he completely disappeared, just vanished off the face of the earth. 
Although you knew this wasn't the case because none of the pack members seemed too concerned, dodging all your questions when you brought him up. 
It was unbearable, to spend any amount of time with any of them. 
You knew it was because they all had some big secret that they wanted to tell you, but couldn't. 
And frankly, it was just making you mad at this point. It's why you never wanted to get romantically involved with any of them, because of this. 
One day you had reached your breaking point though. 
It was early one weekend morning, one where you had actually slept at Charlie's for the night since you had been feeling awkward on the rez. And you had sent a text to Quil asking if he wanted to get breakfast at your shared favorite spot on the reservation. 
His text back simply contained one word; “Can’t”. 
And when you texted Jared and Embry you were met with the same response. 
So you did the unthinkable. 
Pulling your clothes on and making yourself look more presentable than normal you put your car in gear and drove to an unfamiliar house. 
The only reason you knew where to go was because you had been with your father once when he needed to stop by it really quickly. 
You had intended for the drive over to be a time to think about what you were going to say without having to say that all your friends were being assholes and you just don't want to be alone for the day. 
But instead, you cried when a song came on the radio that reminded you of your said asshole-ish friends. 
So now here you were fixing your makeup that had run down your face giving yourself a monitor pep talk to prepare yourself to be the bigger person. 
Finally getting out of the car and walking to the front door you reluctantly knocked.
Within a flash a ghostly person was standing in front of the glass door, looking at you at first with curiosity and then pity. 
Luckily you didn't have to say your friends sucked, he just knew. 
The Cullens had welcomed you into their home with open arms. 
Something you never would have suspected considering if they only had one hater in the world it was you and if there were no haters in the world then you must be dead. 
But that was before, you had put most of it behind you. 
Choosing to see their positive qualities and attributes and not focusing on the negative. 
Being in their home was such a stark contrast from being at Emily’s 
The atmosphere and the way everyone interacted, which was one of the downsides to the Cullens house, felt so formal compared to Emily’s and you felt so out of place. 
But regardless you made yourself as comfortable as possible, attempting to repair your relationship with your sister. 
On this day in particular most of you were upstairs, lounging in the living room, light conversations taking place, nothing too heavy to disrupt the calm environment. 
Until Edward shot up from his place next to Bella on the loveseat. His brothers followed immediately, his sisters following just moments later. Bella and you remained seated, unsure of what to do. 
She opened her mouth and started to speak but a loud snarl caught both of you off guard. Bella looked perplexed but you knew right away who it could belong to. Jumping off the couch you 
The Cullen-Hale siblings were crowded around their front porch, blocking your direct vision but it didn't matter you knew who it was. 
sprinted downstairs. 
“She doesn't want to see you”
“You need to leave” 
“Get off our territory mutt”
Pushing past the stone-cold bodies shielding your view felt like a mistake. Because there he was. You could see some of the anger leave his face the moment he saw you but it returned as soon as Emmett's hand found its way to your shoulder. 
“Get your hands off her”
“Not happening, you need to leave”
“I’m giving you three seconds” 
“He’s not gonna listen to you mutt” 
“Take your hands off my imprint right now or I am not going to have a care about whatever the treaty says” 
Time stopped still. 
Have you heard him correctly? 
Did he just call you his imprint, I mean there was no way. He had to have been lying. You had been around Paul practically every day since his genes kicked in, minus all the times you had been arguing. 
And not once did he tell you anything about you being his imprint, in fact, he got off the topic every time you brought it up. 
No one dared to move, besides Paul who was heaving his shoulders up and down, trying to fight off the impending shift. 
Carlisle moved to say something to Emmet, something you couldn't hear but whatever it was it made his hand swiftly retract from your shoulder. 
This time Carlise came up next to you whispering, “You better go with him Y/N”. 
How you wished to be a fly on the wall. You wished you could see what was going on right now in Emily’s backyard. 
Paul and you had decided it was neutral ground, and that way if Paul got worked up the pack could hopefully talk him off the ledge. They were all inside, on Sam’s order but you had no doubt that they were listening to every single word that was being said, or better yet the words that weren't being said. 
You had sat down on the porch swing almost five minutes ago, Paul leaning against the railing opposite of you. He had opened his mouth as if to speak within the first ten seconds of being outside but no sound came out. 
“Paul, are you going to say anything?” 
He fiddled with a loose piece of wood sticking out the front of the porch railing, clearly embarrassed by the whole situation. 
It was something new. 
All of your years of knowing Paul you had never seen him like this. Embarrassment actually looked good on him, it was such a stark contrast from his confident cocky self, this whole thing was truly a humbling experience for him. One that you no doubt would be teasing him for once you moved past this awkwardness. 
“I wanna start with I’m sorry” 
“Why did you do it?”, your tone was accusing. 
“Do what?” 
“Paul don't act stupid” 
“Y/N please this is what I didn't want. I didn't want you to find out and then everything we had…our friendship would be ruined”. 
“Is it because you don't like me like that, like the way that imprinters like their imprints?”. 
Your eyes fought to see him, but he refused to look at you. And with the slight nod of his head, you felt your heart shatter. 
Slowly you started to push off the swing, ready to collect your bag from inside, but you didn't make it off the chair. His hand was clamped around your wrist, stopping you. 
His other hand found its way to your cheek, guiding you to look at him, wiping the loose tears away. 
“No, no baby, I mean Y/N I didn't mean it like that”. The hand felt surprisingly soft on your cheek, giving you instant relief. Looking up at him all you saw was fireworks. 
Your childhood crush, the man that you have loved since you were a child, was meant to be yours. Even the universe agreed. 
“Y/N I have been in love with you since we were fourteen years old, but I never said anything because I didn't want to hurt you. I don't know how to be in a relationship. My mom left when I was a kid, you know that whole story. And I don't have a good track record with relationships so far. I messed all of them up, and I would never forgive myself if I messed this one up too. I don't know if I could physically take it”. 
He was crying now. 
They were soft tears, slowly sliding down his tanned skin. He was pouring his heart out to you, and you had never felt so special. Everything in your life had been leading up to this moment. The moment when the universe aligns for you. 
“We can go at your pace, you don't need to commit to anything you don't want. I will do anything and everything for you, I will move heaven and earth for you, I will walk to the East Coast and back to pick you up if you ask”. 
Now he was rambling. 
“Paul I love you too”.
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queen-ofthe-nerds10 · 8 months
Charlie Swan x reader- The step-mum
Warnings: verbal abuse/adult language, slight Bella bashing, slight age-gap, pregnancy
Description: Being a step-mother can be hard especially to a teenager and when a baby comes into play it can be so much harder
AN: Set in between new moon and eclipse
Tumblr media
You loved Charlie Swan. You had met him when you broke down by the side of the road when heading home from work. It was dark and you were slightly scared when you heard a car pull up behind you, Charlie had been your knight in blue armour riding a broken down police cruiser. You then dated and got married within two years and in that time you had only met his daughter, Isabella, twice, once a year into dating when she came to stay for a couple days and then on your wedding day.
Having only met the girl twice when she moved to forks it was very awkward. Isabella, who preferred to be called Bella, was quiet, shy and standoffish when she first moved in and Charlie wasn’t that much better so you felt like it was up to you to get the pair talking and relaxed. You tried your hardest to make Bella feel at home but everything you did never helped. Bella didn’t like you no matter how much you tried so you just gave up trying and left the girl to her own life and only really got involved when Charlie needed you too. But the biggest problem was that Bella blamed you for everything, if something went wrong with her car she blamed you, if something happened that she didn’t like she blamed you and worst of all when Charlie banned her from seeing Edward Cullen she blamed you.
After Bella had ran away to Italy Charlie had hit the roof, he had gone from panicking, to scared, to anger all within an hour and all you could do was stand there. So when Bella arrived back in forks with Edward Charlie had been angry and banned Bella from seeing the Cullen. There had been a massive argument between Charlie and Bella which you had tried to calm down but it ended with Bella calling you a bitch and running to her room.
It had all calmed down slightly since then and you had talked to Charlie about letting Bella see Edward somehow but he was not budging from his ban which was very understandable but it didn’t help your relationship with the girl. But you were trying to get Bella to at least be civil with you and that’s what led you to today.
Charlie was currently at work and it was just you and Bella in the house and you had planned to cook her tea and talk while you ate in hope that you could build some kind of relationship with her because you had some big news for the pair of Swans.
You had been feeling off so you had spoken to some friends who had suggested you take a pregnancy test which you did and it turned out to be positive. After going to the doctors to confirm the pregnancy you still hadn’t told Charlie as you wanted it to be special for him but you knew that it couldn’t be special while the house felt like a war zone.
You cooked Bella’s favourite meal and once it was ready you shouted up to her room and then started to plate up the food. You placed the food on the table and waiting for a couple of minutes before shouting up the stairs again but Bella never came down. You waited for about an hour, eating your own meal before it became cold with the full plate and empty chair in front of you. Once you had finished you put the left overs into tubs that then went into the fridge and then went to sit on the couch and watch some tv waiting for Charlie to come home. You didn’t have to wait long for Charlie and once he had walked through the door he ate and then you went to bed.
(The next morning)
The sun had just risen when you were awoken by your stomach turning, you jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom and you only just made it to the toilet in time. The fast movement must have woken Charlie up because he was fast to follow behind you to hold back your hair and softly rub your back. “Honey, you ok?” He asked gently when you had finely finished, he helped you sit up and grabbed a glass to fill with water. You nodded slowly, taking the water and drinking some before you answered, “yeah, I’m fine, it’s normal at this point of the pregnancy.” You didn’t even realise what you had said before you heard the clang of your toothbrush against the sink, Charlie had picked it up to give to you but dropped it in shock at what you had said.
“Pregnancy?” Charlie asked quietly staring wide eyed at you, you opened your mouth to say something when a screech caught you off guard, “what?” Bella must have heard the commotion and exited her room to hear the word Charlie had said, “your pregnant?” She asked screaming loud, her face turned red with the anger that ran through her veins. “You can’t be pregnant!” She shouted staring at you from the door of the bathroom. Charlie still hadn’t moved or spoke since Bella made an appearance so you stood up and smiled slightly at your step-daughter before speaking softly to the both of them, “I wasn’t really that sure how to tell you both but I found out I’m pregnant on Monday, I’m about eight weeks a long,” you smiled, stepping forward towards Charlie who’s eyes had began to well up with what you hoped was happy tears, “Charlie, are your alright with…” you were cut off by your husbands lips meeting yours.
Charlie pulled away holding your waist softly, he had a massive smile on his face and a couple of tears running down his cheeks, “this is amazing!” He said hugging you close before he turned towards his daughter who was stewing with anger in the doorway, “isn’t this great Bella? Your gonna be a big sister.” Bella’s jaw dropped, there was silence in the house before Bella began shouting at the top of her voice, “Great! Great! This is not great!” You sighed slightly leaning into Charlie’s side when he pulled you closer to him, “a baby will ruin everything, you shouldn’t even be married to the gold digger,” she pointed at the with a shaking finger, “and now your having a baby with her.”
You knew that she could go further but the Swan was cut off by her father who shouted loudly, “don’t speak to her like that, Bella!” Charlie kept you in his arms looking at his daughter who had become quiet, “this is an amazing thing to happen to us and you need to except that,” Charlie looked at you with loving eyes and then looked back at his daughter, “(y/n) is my wife and you need to speak to her with respect, you’re already on thin ice with the whole running to Italy thing. Do not make that ice thinner!”
Bella huffed at her fathers words and stormed to her room, you heard her door slam shut and it shook the house slightly. Charlie sighed and turned to you with his arms wrapped around you, he smiled and hugged you tighter. “I can’t believe we’re gonna have a baby” he breathed placing a kiss on your head causing you to smile. You didn’t care if Bella didn’t like you because you had Charlie and now a baby and that’s everything you needed.
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fandomnsfw · 5 months
Pack Mom - Derek Hale x Reader
Tumblr media
Pairing: Derek x Reader
Prompt: You’ve always been the mother figure to everyone in the pack but when the pups start calling you mom they also start treating you as Derek’s mate, awkwardness and confessions ensue.
Warning: Smut! and other shit! :D 
You hopped out of your newly bought Mustang, you knew the pack would be shocked at your new car but the moment you saw the sleek black vehicle you knew it was the one. Your last car got trashed in a car chase with the Calaveras but you dug into your inheritance and decided to get something nicer. The moment one foot stepped out of the new car Stiles was on you with a million questions.
“Ohh my god when did you get this!? How does it run!? How much was it!?” You rolled your eyes but answered all of Stiles’ question calmly because you adored Stiles he was like a brother to you.
“Wow that is one beautiful car.” You heard a gruff voice say from behind you, you knew who it was but you turned around anyway with a nervous grin.
“I know she runs amazingly!” You exclaimed cheerfully which made Derek crack a small smile.
“Did he just smile?” Stiles stared at Derek with wide eyes.
“Yes Stiles I have the ability to smile.” Derek deadpanned.
“How come I’ve never seen you smile at anyone except Y/N? Well unless you count that deputy at the police station who you flirted with. Why don’t you smile at me?” Stiles rambled his arms flying around in an exaggerating manor.
“I smile at Y/N because she is about 5 times more attractive and 100% less hyperactive spaz.” Derek replied easily but when he said you were attractive your mind went blank, your heart started racing rapidly and you knew your cheeks were most likely bright red.
“Ooo Derek and Y/N sittin’ in a tree K I S S I N G fir-”
“Stiles shut up before I rip yo-”
“First comes love!” Erica popped up out of nowhere and started singing along.
“Then comes marriage!” Liam exclaimed as he burst out the door with a grin on his face.
“Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!” The three of them shouted together, at this point you knew your face was bright red so you buried your head in your hands willing it to go away.
“Then comes a divorce because she finally realises how grumpy Derek is.” You heard a cheerful voice at which made you look up to see Peter.
“Derek’s not grumpy.” You huffed at Peter which made everyone turn to you.
“Oh so no divorce?” Peter smirked knowing he’s caught you red handed.
“No! I mean-We’re not…And he’s not-Fuck my life!” You screamed storming into the house the pups soon following behind you.
You sat down next to Isaac and Liam as soon as the pack meeting started, they were both sat very close but you knew it was because contact made them calm. As Derek went through everything he needed to you stared at his chiselled face, the abs that you could see through his tight shirt and his ice green eyes as they darted to and from each pack member who asked question.
As the meeting came to a wraps Liam already had his head on your shoulder and Isaac had his on your lap you glanced at both of them smiling but knew you had to move if you wanted to get started on making dinner.
“Liam honey I need to go start on dinner.” His head shot up, nodding before running off to play video games with the boys.
“Isaac sweetie I need to go make food.” You giggled when he nuzzled into your lap more, you ran your fingers through his hair softly before looking down at his face realising he was sleeping. You lifted his head gently and set it on a cushion once you had moved. His face twisted in one of a lost puppy and he reached for anything he could.
“M-Mama..” He whimpered as his hand touched mine. Suddenly you were aware almost all the packs eyes were on you. You wanted to be embarrassed but you couldn’t be because it didn’t feel weird to be called that by the pups.
“Can I ask why everyone feel like that is something to gawp over?” You snapped in a motherly tone which soon made them lower their heads. As so finally got round to making tea you could hear Isaac shouting at the tv which you assumed to be because of a video game, suddenly Jacksons voice cut through the conversation.
“Aww is mama’s boy losing? Why don’t you go-”
“JACKSON JOHNATHAN WHITTEMORE!” you screamed as you shot out the kitchen door straight into the living area. Jackson froze and dropped his controller.
“Apologise right now!” You shouted as everyone seemed to freeze. Derek seemed ready to jump in but you knew he didn’t need to.
“Sorry Isaac..” You dipped his head slightly as if he’d been scolded by his mother.
“Now who’s a mama’s boy?” Stiles snorted which made your eyes shoot to him.
“Mieczyslaw Stilinski! Get in this kitchen and help me make food!” Everyone stared at you wide eyed making Stiles flush.
“How the hell did you pronounce that so perfectly!? I can’t even pronounce it and I’m his best friend!” Scott exclaimed as everyone stared at you then Scott. You ignored Scott question and followed an embarrassed Stiles into the kitchen.
After you finished making dinner you had the pack set the table and carry the excessive amount of food to the table. You all sat down, staring at the various foods you had made. You sat to Derek’s left and Scott was on his right. You noted that everyone let Derek eat the first bite which was normal because he was the Alpha but when everyone stared at you, you looked to Derek for help.
“Why is everyone looking at me?” You asked confused by everyone’s actions.
“The first person to eat in the pack is the Alpha then his mate, then the Alpha’s second.” Lydia stated calmly as she smiled over at you.
“But Scott is Derek’s second not me?” You replied, your left eyebrow raised slightly.
“But your Derek’s mate. Right?” Isaac asked from the seat next to you.
“What?” You looked back to Derek who was staring at Isaac with the same confused look.
“Guys we’re not dating…” Derek shifted awkwardly in his seat as he spoke it made your heart clench painfully at the fact he was uncomfortable with the idea of dating you.
“Oh sorry the idea of dating me seems so farfetched to you.” You growled at him making everyone freeze for what felt like the millionth time tonight.
“That’s not what I was saying Y/N.” Derek stated softly as he stared into your Y/E/C eyes.
“So what were you saying Derek?” You sneered and everyone seemed to shrink into their seats.
“Well I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable with everything they were saying…” He whispered his voice trailing off slightly.
“In what world would anyone be uncomfortable with dating Derek Hale?!” You screeched staring at him like he’d grown another head.
“Well if you wanna play that game fine! In what world would anyone be uncomfortable with dating Y/N Y/L/N!” He retaliated harshly.
“So then why aren’t you guys dating?” Liam spoke up softly, everyone turned to look at the youngest of the pack his head held high as if he’d knew he’d said something smart.
“Because Derek doesn’t like me the way I like him and you know this!” You whisper yelled to Liam but realised that you’d said it loud enough for everyone to hear.
“You like me?” Derek asked making you turn your attention to him, your face now bright red.
“Can we talk about this after diner please? I’d like to at least enjoy the food I cooked before you flat out reject me.” You mumbled softly before pushing the food around your plate. You looked up to Derek who was now out his seat. Before you knew what had happened you were yanked out your seat, one of his arms firmly wrapped around your waist and the other hand cupped your cheek.
“Do you like me?” He asked again with more heat and curiosity in his voice, his green eyes stared into yours making everyone else disappear. You nodded softly as your eyes flicked from his to his lips. His lips met yours in a soft yet passionate kiss, after a few seconds of small kisses that stole your breath away you were pulled out by the sound of Isaac’s voice.
“Ew it’s like watching your parents make out.” You pulled away flushing slightly before looking up at Derek who sent you a pantie melting grin which made your knees weak.
“Can we eat now I didn’t slave over a hot stove to eat cold food?” Stiles grumbled which made me turn to him with a raised eyebrow daring him to take all the credit.
“I mean let eat this delicious food mama made and then make sure to give her a foot massage later?” He grinned over at your cheekily.
“Stiles shut up or I will rip your thr-” Derek stopped mid-sentence as you shot him the same look.
“I mean let’s eat then put on Y/N favourite film?” Derek mumbled his eyes wide.
“See now you’re getting it. Okay time to eat.” You giggled pressing a gentle kiss to Derek’s cheek.
After dinner you all put on a film and cuddled on the giant L shaped couch. Everyone was touching in some way with and Derek in the middle of what could only be classed as a puppy pile. You could stop to scared thought that this could just be another one of your dreams about Derek but every time you count your fingers and thumbs you had ten altogether. You buried you head into Derek hard chest which was surprisingly comfortable. You drew shapes absently on Derek’s chest as your listened to his heart beat. Every now and then it would rise and become louder but other than that it was a calming tempo.
Eventually everyone started leaving until you were the last on left in the newly re-built Hale house. You shuffled about as Derek walked you to the front door. As you were about to put your shoes on Derek stopped you grabbing your face and kissing you with so much emotion and roughness you knew your lips would bruise. When he pulled away, you let out a small whine from the loss but opened your eyes to look into his.
“God I’ve wanted to do that all night but I felt like I’d scar the pups.” Derek sighed softly as he started regaining his lost breath.
“Derek…What are we?” You asked softly as his hands made circles on both cheeks.
“You’re mine and I’m yours.” He responded calmly, his hands slipping into your hair. When he gripped your hair slightly you let out a whimper now thoughts of him claiming you, his eyes glowing red as he made you submit, made their way into your head. You soon started to feel your panties grow damn which as soon as Derek took a deep breath through his nose you knew he smelt because his eyes changed from icy green to crimson red.
“Stop.” He growled as your arousal got worse as his red eyes stared into yours.
“I can’t stop the fact that you turn me on Derek.” You chuckled softly, biting your lip so stop another whimper escaping when you felt his hand grip your hair tighter.
“You smell so sweet.” His left hands moved to grip your hip as he drew you closer towards him.
“If you don’t leave now I’m going to take you upstairs and claim you.” Derek growled into your ear, his fangs grazing against the shell of your ear.
“Then do it.” You panted as his mouth moved to your neck.
“You sure that’s what you want I mean we only star-”
Before he could continue rambling you grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him down for a bruising kiss. Both his hands gripped your waist in a tight hold but you didn’t care if he left bruises it just meant that Derek wanted you that much he couldn’t control himself and to you that felt empowering.
“Yes I’m sure I want Alpha to claim me.” You whined softly as you pulled away from the kiss.
He didn’t answer with words instead chose to growl at my choice of words, there was something extremely attractive about his red eyes and growls that went straight to your core. You step back from him and pulled off your baby blue summer dress you were currently wearing, leaving you in your underwear, a strapless nude pink bra and matching panties. His eyes roamed over you hungrily as you made your way up the large set of stairs, swaying your hips seductively as you went. He was soon chasing after your almost fumbling like a horny teenager to get his shirt off.
Once you reached his room, you crawled onto his bed on all fours. He made his way over to you gripping your hips tightly. His right hand slowly made its way down your back pushing softly on your shoulder blades so you were face down with your lace clad ass in the air. You giggled shaking your ass at him playfully making another feral growl emit from his chest. He playfully slapped your ass making you playfully moan at him. You knew at this point you were so wet that your panties were likely soaked. His right hand made it way down my back to my ass before skimming over your lace cover pussy.
“Jesus you’re so wet.” He groaned as if this fact caused him and his dick physical pain.
“Mhm because Alpha makes me wet.” You gasped as he moved your panties to one side and ran his index finger through your wet folds.
“What does Alpha’s little kitten want?” He whispered as his lips gave small kisses to your ass cheeks which made you whine softly.
“Want Alpha’s tongue.” You managed to whisper, your hands gripping the sheets tightly in anticipation. Instead of responding he ripped your panties off, his tongue delving into your pussy as soon as the shredded panties were thrown away. You let out a breathy moan as his tongue dipped into your hole, fucking you roughly with his tongue before moving his attention to your clit giving slight kitten licks making you whimper before trying to push back on him. His hands gripped your hips keeping you firmly in place as he continued his ministrations on your dripping core. Soon his fingers entered the mix, his two fingers slowly pushing in and out making your moans louder. He started sucking on your clit making your orgasm start towards the edge.
“D-Derek am gonna’ cum.” You stuttered out barely able to even form the sentence but these words only made his finger go faster and his licks and bites get rougher. You finally felt yourself fall gripping the sheets, his name repeatedly falling from your lips over and over. Finally as you started to come down his attention stopped and you were flipped onto your back.
“Would like to stop now Y/N?” He asked as he hovered over your body his shirt gone along with his jeans leaving him in boxers with a very large noticeable hard on showing. He tucked some of your Y/H/C hair behind your ear, his actions soft and loving making you smiles up at him tiredly.
“No I want you to make love to me.” You smiled at him lovingly as he leaned down kissing your forehead. He nodded as he grabbed a condom from the nightstand, carefully rolling it on. He lifted your legs gently wrapping them around his waist, his tip now teasing your entrance. He looked at you one last time as if asking once again if this was okay but instead of answering verbally, you brought him down for a reassuring kiss. He entered you slowly your back arching softly as you gripped onto his bicep with one hand, the other gripping the sheets. You had only had sex once when you were 17 but he was a lot bigger than the guy who took your virginity. He stopped as soon as he was fully inside of you he looked down to make sure you were okay.
“You okay baby?” He asked softly caressing your face.
“Y-Yeah this is only my second time ever having…” You drifted off yours cheeks flushing tenfold.
“You should have told me I’d of prepared you more!” He whispered yelled his voice full of panic and apologies.
“It’s okay Der I’m fine now you can move.” You whispered bring him down for a chaste kiss.
He looked uncertain with your words but you moved your hips up letting out a gasp followed quickly by a moan. You moved your arms to rest around his neck pulling him down for a slow yet passion kiss as he began with slow thrusts that made you moan into the kiss. He supported himself on one arm and used the other to run his fingers through your L/S hair. He kissed the corner of your mouth as his thrust got harder but not faster. His lips placing a trail of kisses to your neck.
“Shit Y/N…Feels good.” He moaned huskily into your ear.
Your moans were gentle and worn out as you felt yourself building again. When you clenched around Derek slightly brought his hand down to draw circles against your clit. His panting and gasps getting heavier as his thrust became more uneven and messy. His other hand gripped the sheets as he felt you finally cum around his shaft.
“Derek!” Your voice shouted out as you felt yourself cum for the second time.
“I’m cumming…” He gasped as he thrust into deeper than before, making you rasp out a quiet moan. As he came his thrust became more uneven and slowed down before coming to a stop. You were both panting as he took the condom off. He tied it throwing it into the bin before he collapsed next to you. He pulled the covers from under both of you making sure your naked body was covered as he drew you in until your head was on his chest.
“I love you Y/N.” He whispered as he kissed your head, running his fingers through your hair.
“I love you too Der.” You murmured before you felt sleep take you.
I guess being pack mom isn’t so bad after all.
-> Part 2
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anzelsilver · 6 months
Growing up in the Harrington household, Steve loved exploring the giant house when he was a child. He loved finding it's secret crooks and crannies, discovering more and more awesome hiding spaces to prepare for future hide and seek games for when his friends would come over.
That ended when he got stuck in a gap behind a counter and a wall and his dad had to call the fire department to wedge him out. Still, Steve had a lot of fun playing knights and princesses with his various babysitters and nannies up and down the stairs and in the loft. And when he got too old for sitters, his friends would come over and they'd hang their legs over the loft while taking sips of beer or when they were feeling really rebellious, his dad's whiskey.
After the fall of '83, the house felt emptier and emptier. His parents were hardly around, his friends (his old friends who he is glad to have gotten rid of) don't come over anymore, Nancy can't stand being in the last place she saw Barb alive. The place she knew was Barb's resting place in another dimension.
Coming back to this vacant storage closet (because that's all it was at this point) year after year, concussed, bruised, and alone, Steve loathed this place. What good was all this space with no one to share it with. What good was coming back here when no one would welcome him.
It wasn't until Dustin insists on coming over to watch movies that his house starts to feel warm again. And with Dustin came Lucas and Mike. And with Lucas and Mike, came Will and Max. And unfortunately, those brats didn't take no for answer.
Then the summer from hell passes and now he has Robin coming over constantly to do the same, or have dinner or impromptu sleepovers and she leaves her things in the guest room. Fills his bathroom with her toiletries and toothbrush. And when Dustin complains why he didn't have a designated toothbrush, Steve goes out and buys him one.
It's home again. Even if his parents only come by every few months to spend a week before flying off on another business trip, Steve doesn't feel as disappointed because he has people now that will fill his home with sound and laughter and noise, noise, noise. The most joyful thing Steve's ever heard were the voices of his most loved friends bouncing off those empty walls.
It was a no brainer, then, to offer his home after Vecna split Hawkins wide open. To offer it as a home base for the Party, California gang and Hawkins gang all together once more. To offer it to the Munsons after Eddie is allowed to be released into his uncle's custody until his name can be cleared by the government lackies Hopper seems to have a rapport with.
He and Robin tell the group they will run ahead and clean it up a bit before they all descend, maybe pick up some groceries, whatever was left of them anyway, from town. Get lunch set up or something.
The closer they get to Loch Nora, the more emergency vehicles they see.
'Was there anything on the news about this area?' Steve asks. Robin shakes her head, trying to look over the vehicles to no avail.
There's a cloud of smoke in the distance. The plumes get bigger the closer they get to their destination. Steve starts to sweat. He honks the horn, desperate for the cars in front of him to move, to let him through. Robin grabs his hand and holds it, 'Stop, that's not going to help, it's just a coincdence. I'm sure everything's fine.'
Steve doesn't seem to hear her. He turns a hard left, driving over the divider. Robin shouts at him but she may as well be a thousand miles away. There are police sirents behind him but he pays them no mind. He has to get home. He has to see.
The dark, black, billowing cloud grows larger and larger as they approach, red and orange glowing underneath that ridiculously makes him think of candy corn. Why is he thinking of candy corn, someone's house was on fire.
He wrenches himself out of the car, not bothering to turn off the engine and runs towards home, too many vehicles are in his way now, unless he wants to run them over, the only way to get closer is on foot.
Someone attempts to grab him but he pushes them away. He can feel the heat of the fire now and only stops when his home is now in full view.
The Harrington house blazes angrily with fervor. The sky alights with red lightning and the flames seem to dance in response to it, like the fire itself was alive and it was trying to consume everything it could as fast as possible.
Steve falls to his knees and just stares. There's muffled yelling going around him. A policeman or perhaps a soldier yelling at him to get back, Robin yelling back, 'It's his house!'
It washes over him without sticking. 'Like a duck,' Dustin once told him, 'Ducks have an oil in their butt they produce that they spread all over their feathers using their bill to keep the water from absorbing, making it easier for them to swim.' Steve had laughed while at the same time gagged in disgust, 'They make oil in their butts? Gross!' They had been sitting in his father's study that day, on Dustin's insistence. It's Steve's house, he should be allowed to sit in any part of the house he wanted, was Dustin's convincing argument.
There wouldn't be any more arguments in his father's study. There would be no more movie nights in the living room. No more dinners with Robin or impromptu sleepover where Robin would go to the guest room and then eventually make her way into Steve's bed.
There wouldn't be any future pool parties or barbeques. No showing Erica the best hiding spaces to jump out and scare her brother. No showing Eddie how they could sit on the loft, legs hanging over the ledge, taking sips of whiskey. Barbara's resting place desecrated.
Robin had slipped her arms around his neck, her face buried into the back of his shoulder.
'Don't do that, Steve. Don't do that. It's okay, you can stay with me, we'll find a new place. It's okay.'
Oh. He had been talking? What was he saying?
He tunes back in and hears himself speak, 'Sorry. I hated this place. I'm sorry. We can't use it anymore. I hated this place, I'm sorry.'
He did. He had. He despised this place. Back when it was always empty. Back when it didn't feel like home. How many times had he fantasized.
So of course, it's only fitting that when it finally starts to bring him a sense of belonging, a place that held his love for the family he had chosen, a safehaven for his most cherished friends, that it all burns away.
Like waking up from a nightmare, he gasps in a breath.
And sobs.
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sufferingstarlight · 2 months
The Mix Up (part 3)
Tumblr media
Info - regretful Tim, Timothée living a party lifestyle, mention of drugs and alcohol
I woke up with a pounding headache. I felt ill. I could hardly remember anything last night except for the perfection of Hernando. I grumbled to myself as I checked my phone.
There were no pictures of me in the one’s y/n had posted. I frowned. I had been unhappy but I hadn’t wanted to completely ignore her.
I shakily checked my texts, and my heart dropped. I saw the first couple words of her message. I gulped and pressed it.
“Timothée, I am so hurt by what you did. I have wanted a child for so long and you know that. I’m sure you can add two and two together and figure out why I wanted an alcohol free party. You avoided me the whole time. Who do you think I wanted to spend my last day with? I’ll miss you but I am very hurt.”
Last day? LAST DAY! I remembered what she said now. She was leaving to go to a different state. Had the doctor approved her already?
I struggled on a flannel and cut off jean shorts. I probably looked ridiculous. I was running to her house. We lived within walking distance of one another. I felt like puking from my activities the night before, but I couldn’t stop.
I skidded to a stop in front of her house. The for sale sign was hammered into the front lawn. I rushed to the door and banged on it. No one answered and my knuckles were bruised. I sat on her steps and searched her socials. She was updating as she drove. She…..hadn’t even said goodbye to me.
I slunk back home. I slept off my hangover, hoping this nightmare would end when I woke up. It didn’t.
Four years of on and off contact. At least I got to see the baby when she had him. He was perfection. Small, adorable, and from what I saw on social media, incredibly well behaved. I stopped paying attention after he’d turned two. I couldn’t handle it. Every time I saw Hernando visit it made me sick. She hadn’t asked for me to visit even once.
I started a bachelor lifestyle I’d never wanted. I slept around, partied, smoked weed, and made friends that only cared about my well paying job because I was a spender when I was under the influence.
I hated my life, but on social media, I pretended I loved it. I tried hard at work to fund this lifestyle. I’d actually got a promotion but it felt empty. I wanted a partner and children to spend money on, but I didn’t have those things.
One day, when I was groggy and hung over, I was floating through the grocery store. I felt like I’d stared at a box of cheese itz for an hour. Suddenly someone or something was yanking on my shorts.
“Hello sir,” said the small boy politely. He looked vaguely familiar but I couldn’t place him.
“Oh hello,” I said, trying to sound coherent.
“Could you give me the box on the top, you’re very tall,” he asked.
“Oh, sure,” I said and reached up. “Why do you need the one on the top?”
“It’s on the top, it has to be the best,” he shrugged.
“Good logic,” I chuckled. I handed him the box.
“You’ve got the same hair as me,” he said, his head quirked to the side.
“I guess we do,” I said, fingering a curl.
“Do you like bagels?” He asked, completely changing the subject.
“I love bagels,” I said.
“Then can you show me where they are? I’ve never been to this store before, and they’re my favourites,” he explained.
“Okay,” I said. I began to walk. To my surprise the little boy took my hand. My body felt warm in a way it hadn’t in years. His little fingers in my large palm. I could’ve cried.
We were examining options when I suddenly realised how bad this might look. If his parent came along and saw a strange man with their son, what would the police say? I’d been too out of it and taken with the his sweetness to think of it before.
“Hey buddy, where are your parents?” I asked. At almost the same time I heard a shout.
“James,” called a voice. I turned to see someone I didn’t imagine I’d ever see in this grocery store again.
Y/n was racing forward with a cart full of food. She looked stressed, and slightly older, but gorgeous as always. She hadn’t even looked at me but when straight the little boy and picked him up and cradled him.
“You need to stop running away Jamie,” she said desperately.
“I found a man who likes bagels!” James said excitedly. He pointed to me. When y/n finally turned her head, her mouth fell open in shock.
@rebellsgf @justagirlwhoneedshelp @urmomsgayforme5 @xoxoloverb @mxciscastleintheair @dayafied @princessofthereach @imnotoverlyobsessive @patronsaintofthetwinks @softhecreator @mariaelizabeth21-blog1 @timotheechlamett @oddlyenoughiamweird @misswestfall @ailee-celeste @timolaurence @lovelyrocker @shika1200 @reddir14 @regulusblackrings @starberry-cake @shewasthelimit @jack1n @gatoenlaciudad @unlabled-person @dragonqueeneliza @http-isabela @justrandon @venomsvl @redrumkhaleesi @kazbrekkersangel @whatever-comes-to-me @sunflowerchild27 @histvgirl @skassh @jsgszeidbdod @koolkid21 @itsamusical4lifee @milliesObsimp @peachycupotea @s-we-e-t-t-ea @moonstaroyalty @robertpattinsOnswhOre @reggiesroaches @sexylifestylesblog @starsval @wandasbae616 @shaiw20 @thepowerthismanhasoverme @vanessa-boo @syirnge @korydickson @fix5idiots @cat04 @iloveneilperry @sstardragon @carolinglovelies @cocainecross @melthetreelover @livresjaunes @queenofbeingdepressed @roseboysareprettier @valsarchives @meetmyothersouls @monangekisses @saegusnake @generousspirit @timotheel0ver
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specialagentlokitty · 15 days
Noah Stilinski x teen!reader - to keep you safe
Tumblr media
So I was wondering if you could please write an imagine of Noah stilinski x teen reader. Where the reader has abusive parents and one night, since she's friends with strikes and knows about the supernatural, Noah goes to pick her up to take her to his house since stokes jeep is broken and can't go pick her up, and he heard yells and hits, so he goes in an ya know, takes her parents to the police and then takes her to his house and after that night when she wakes up screaming and Noah comforts her, he resides to adopt her. - @inlovewhithafairytale 💜
TW: mentions of abusive parents!
Glancing at your phone, you set it aside as you turned to carry on doing your homework.
Stiles was getting his dad to come pick you up and bring you over to the pack meeting since he couldn’t, but the sheriff didn’t want text you himself as it could’ve been misinterpreted.
If anything, you were slightly glad that Stilinski decided against letting you know he was coming, because if your parents saw that the sheriff was coming they would be furious with you.
And they were already mad enough since you got home slightly late after school because you were stuck in some traffic.
You could hear them about downstairs, banging around and making a lot of noise as they slammed everything closed.
It put you on edge slightly, but it made it easier to pinpoint where they were, and you were hoping that they would stay down there.
But it didn’t last for long because you heard shouting of your name, so with a heavy sigh, you got up to go down the stairs.
Stilinski didn’t even need to open his car door to hear the shouting coming from inside.
Cautiously he got out, holding his hand to the radio on his shoulder, and he crept closer to the house as the shouting got louder, along with the sound of things being thrown and smashed.
He heard your voice cry out, and he immediately radioed for backup before running to the door, kicking it open.
“On your knees!” He yelled.
Your parents spun around, and seeing him with his gun aimed at them and they got in their knees.
“(Y/N)?” He called.
There was no response, but he could hear your heavy breathing, and the sound of something being moved.
You were refusing to come out of wherever you were hiding yourself, so he cuffed your parents, keeping them in his eye line as he looked around a doorway.
You were stood at the other end of the room.
“Hey kiddo, you alright?” He asked.
You nodded your head, but you refused to look at him.
He waited, spoke to Parrish who came to help, and he made sure your parents were out in the back of the police car before coming back.
He had to carefully walk over the broken glass, and he made his way over to you.
“Hey there kiddo…” he whispered.
He crouched down, and he looked around at all the glass and the broken table next to you.
“What happened?” He asked.
“Fell.” You murmured.
“By accident?”
You shrugged a little and he sighed softly.
“Are you hurt (Y/N)?” He asked you.
“Nothing too bad, I can deal with it…”
“Let me see.”
You showed him your arm which as a decent sized cut on it, but it wasn’t bleeding much, and your face where you had a bloodied nose, and a forming bruise on your cheek.
He nodded his head and shield gently at you.
“Alright, we can handle this. We may need to go to the hospital though for that arm.”
“We can’t please I can’t afford it.”
“Alright, I’ll see about getting Scott’s mom to come to you.”
You nodded and he stood up, going to speak to the other man before he came back over to you.
“Come on, I’m not leaving you here, where’s your bag?”
You pointed to the other end of the room, so Stilinski walked over and picked it up before coming back over.
“Come on then, we’ll come by tomorrow and get some more clothes alright?”
You trailed after him, getting into the front of his patrol car, keeping quiet as he drove to the station.
He let you wait in his car while he went to deal with your parents.
Once everything was ready and he had done what he needed to do, he came back out to the car to find Malissa there and tending to your arm.
“How did you know we were still here?” Stilinski asked her.
“Scott was driving past, he didn’t want to scare (Y/N) so he didn’t come over, but waited for me.”
“Scott was here?” You asked.
“Yeah, he was driving through to come home.” His mom smiled.
You nodded your head a little, and when she had finished with your arm you got back into the patrol car and waited.
Stiles’ dad spoke to Malissa for a few minutes before he took you back to his.
“Is stiles home?” You asked.
“No, he’s at Scott’s, I think he’s going to stay there so you can have his room for the night, is that alright?”
You nodded your head.
You had been here loads of times, having grown up with the two boys, so you knew how to find Stiles’ room as you set you bag in the desk.
His dad walked over and stood in the doorway.
“How long as this been going on?”
“I don’t know, it’ll be fine tomorrow though.”
“You’re going to go back?”
You shrugged a little.
“Don’t have a choice, gonna have to go home at some point Mr Stilinski.”
“You can stay here for as long as you need, you know that right?” He asked.
“Thank you, but I’ll be okay.”
“Alright, we’ll in the morning we’re going to have to ask you some questions but I’ll be there the whole time.”
You nodded and he left.
You didn’t both to change, you simply just dropped on the bed to go to sleep.
Sleep didn’t last for long, you dreams twisted to nightmares and everything felt all too real.
Your screams made Stilinski jump from his skin and he shot up, running straight up the stairs to the room you were sleeping in and ran in.
“Hey, hey I’ve got you.”
He picked you up, cradling you against him.
“It’s okay, you’re alright. It’s just a dream, it’s a dream (Y/N).”
He held your head to his chest, and he held your tightly.
“Come on, wake up…”
Your eyes snapped open, and your struggled against him so he let you go, and you stared at him in fear.
“It’s alright, you’re safe here. You’re safe okay?”
You stared at him, tears falling down your face.
“Don’t let them hurt me…”
“I won’t, i promise, alright? I’m not letting them hurt you ever again, come here.”
You let Stilinski hug you, and you sniffled a little, and he sighed to himself, resting his back against the wall as he held you.
You were clinging to him for dear life, as if you were to let go and you would be in danger.
So when you fell asleep, he stayed there for a little longer to make sure you were in fact asleep before quietly leaving, but keeping the door open and light on.
Heading downstairs Stilinski ran a hand down his face and sat at the table.
He couldn’t let you go back there, and he couldn’t let you potentially fall into the wrong hands either.
You needed people you felt safe with, and you felt safe with him and stiles.
So there and then he decided he was going to do what it takes to adopt you, to keep you in his care for good
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wxnderless · 3 months
♡ - making the choice to move back to tokyo, [y/n] finds herself being forced to take care of the nekoma team after just leaving seijoh’s boys volleyball team. her brother, kuroo tetsuro, signed her on as manager right when he heard the news. now she must juggle her manager duties and her personal matters, as they coincide with another due to the nature of her position.
Tumblr media
chapter nineteen — warnings; mentions harassment and stalking, violence, swearing, mentions of police
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“kuroo!” matsukawa shouted at the running boy. “thank you guys for coming. and for telling me. let’s go, i’m not sure if he’s in the gym or not. i haven’t checked my phone.” the three boys began running to the gym. kuroo threw open the door to see yamamoto and kai holding kyotani’s arm behind him, while the coaches were on the phone with who they assumed was the police. “fucking let go of me!” kyotani snarled as he struggled against the two’s hold. “kid, stop resisting, the police are on their way.” coach naoi informed. kuroo rushed over to the two and pulled them away from the blonde. he was quick to throw a punch at the boy, successfully knocking him down. kuroo kneeled above him and gripped his shirt. while pulling the blonde up, he spoke, “keep away from my fucking sister.” he spat onto kyotani’s face and slammed him into the ground. during this, naoi quickly ran to pull kuroo off, who was now slamming kyotani repeatedly. kuroo was repeating ‘disgusting pig’ and other insults while throwing more punches towards the blonde. “enough!” naoi finally pulled kuroo up and away from kyotani. “kuroo i suggest you leave.” naoi spoke roughly, a tone he has never used before. kuroo only scoffed and shrugged his coach’s hand off. “hey, let’s just go to [y/n].” makki walked up to kuroo with a sympathetic look. “yeah… yeah. okay,” kuroo looked to the ground and walked out.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tetsuro, makki, and mattsun entered the kuroo residency and were immediately greeted by worried and slightly angry mother. “kuroo tetsuro, why did i get a call from your coach saying you beat a kid?!” “it’s not like he didn’t deserve it! he’s been harassing [y/n] again!” kuroo exclaimed with scrunched brows. “what?” “yeah! kyotani’s been harassing her again! he came all the way to tokyo just to find her!” “[y/n], honey, is that true? i thought you were staying home because you felt sick? i thought he was dealt with now…” your mom looked at you with pain in her eyes. “you didn’t tell her that it’s happening again?” tetsuro’s voice softened and almost sounded hurt. “i didn’t want to worry you. you’ve already got so much going on with the new job and… i just didn’t want to add on more stress.” you faced your head down, trying to ignore the stares of everyone. “you wouldn’t have added any sort of stress! sweetheart, i want— i need you to tell me these things.” your mom pulled you into a hug and tetsuro joined. makki and mattsun stood there, unsure of what to do. they felt like they were intruding on something personal and intimate. as your mom and brother pulled away, she looked over at the two boys. “and you two are…?” she furrowed her brows in curiosity. “oh uh— i’m hanamaki takahiro.” “i’m matsukawa issei, we’re friends of [y/n].” the two bowed slightly and gave light smiles. “oh… so you’re the seijoh boys, correct?” they nodded their heads. “okay well uhm— come in, please. i’ll get you all some drinks and snacks. take a seat wherever you’d like.” she thinly smiled and left the room.
“are you okay?” mattsun asked as he sat next to you with makki on the other side. “i’m fine… i just— i want to get over all of this. i’m tired of running away whenever i see him. i want to, for once, stand my ground and tell him to just fuck off. i’m so upset that i can’t just— i can’t just stick up for myself. everyone’s fighting my battles for me and i feel so guilty. i feel so shitty. i’m so sorry.” you cried into your hands. tetsuro kneeled in front of you, “you don’t need to apologize or feel guilty, you’ve done nothing wrong. we’re not fighting your battles for you, we’re just being there for you.” your brother’s eyes teared at the sight of you. “yeah… we care about you and we want to do this all for you.” “and you don’t need to immediately get over him. you can take all the time you need.” the boys comforted you, mattsun and makki both rubbed your back while kuroo gave your knee a pat. “the thing is— i am over him. i don’t have any sort of feelings for him other than disgust. i just can’t get over what he did and what he put me through.” you wiped your eyes and sniffled. “well he did horrible things, even that will take time to heal from.” makki’s voice was low and quiet. “i’m back with snacks and drinks… i wasn’t sure what you all liked so i just got a bit of everything,” your mom smiled sheepishly, unaware of the intense conversation. she wasn’t used to guests unless they were kenma or yaku. “this is wonderful, thank you ms. kuroo,” makki and mattsun both bowed their heads. “oh it’s no problem!” she waved the boys off politely.
when the boys finished off the snacks, your mother spoke, “[y/n], sweetie… we’ll need to talk.” she looked over at the boys. “i’ll walk you guys to the station,” kuroo guided them towards the door and left.
Tumblr media
{series masterlist} {previous} {next}
❥ fun(?) fact(s) ; kuroo’s actions are loosely based off of my friend’s own actions. (except i saw my friend pummel my ex)
❥ kenma and yaku are okay, they only got hit twice
❥ kuroo skipped practice
❥ kuroo is now aware that their feelings are ACTUALLY real and is freaking out more bc he doesn’t know wtf to do since ken and yaku already confessed their feelings towards [y/n].
(ps !! i made a tag for this <3 it’s ‘♡︎ the lovers’)
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shel1de3 · 2 months
The Bathtub
Tumblr media
pairing: Eddie Munson x Reader
word count: 4113
tw: swearing
At the police station, you sat with Jonathan at the officers desk, as Nancy went to get ice for his face. 
You kept taking small glances at Jonathan who was hunched over and handcuffed, looking gloomy. Trying to lighten the mood, you tried to make a joke of the situation, “I really liked when he punched you in the face and you weren’t fazed at all, and then punched him twice.”
“Y/N.” Jonathan sighed, not in the joking mood.
After a few seconds, Jonathan started to softly chuckle. you looked over at him starting to laugh too, making Jonathan laugh even louder. “You really pummeled his face in.”
Jonathan could only nod, as he continued to laugh. The laughter died down again once you both remembered where you were and why you were there. Once you had gone back to your solemn mood, Nancy had returned with a rag full of ice. “Found some ice.”
“Thanks.” The three of you sat there awkwardly as Nancy held the towel up to Jonathan’s face looking at the desk, Jonathan just stared at her, and you stared at the ceiling feeling the most awkward. “Everything okay?”
“Yeah, everything’s fine.”
Looking between the two as they stared at each other, you grimaced, deciding to let them sit alone. Slapping your knees, you started standing up, “Well, this has been fun, but I’m going to talk to my favorite receptionist.”
“Hi, Florence, how are you?” You asked, once you reached Florence’s desk. Florence just gave you a look of ‘are you serious’
As Florence and you were gossiping about the drama that’s been happening at the police station, Joyce walked in with Hopper not too far behind her.
“Thank god you’re finally here, what took you so long, Hopper?” You asked, trailing behind the two adults.
All you got in return was, “Not now, kid.”
“Jonathan!” Joyce called out once she saw her son. She then was able to take in the bruises all over his face and hand. “Jesus, what happened?”
“I’m fine.”
“Why is he wearing handcuffs?” Joyce shouted at Callahan.
“Well, your boy assaulted a police officer. That’s why.” Callahan tried to explain, but Joyce wasn’t having any of it.
“Take them off.”
“I am afraid I cannot do that.”
“Take them off!”
“You heard her, take ‘em off.” Hopper intervened, having enough of the shouting.
“Chief, I get everyone’s emotional here, but there’s something you need to see.” Powell said.
The officers started walking out of the building with you trailing behind them. Noticing the young girl, Hopper stopped in front of you before pointing at the chair you were sitting in previously giving you a pointed look. You just huffed and turned around to go sit.
They came back inside, setting a box of the stuff that was in Jonathan’s trunk on the desk in front of all of them.
“What is this?” Joyce asked going through the box, seeing all the stuff they bought to trap and kill the monster.
“Why don’t you ask your son?” Hopper replied, “We found it in his car.”
“Why are you going through my car?”
“Is that really the question you should be asking right now?” Hopper said, leaning onto the desk. “I want to see you in my office.”
“You won’t believe me.”
Hopper leaned in closer, talking softly like he didn’t want the other officers to hear, “Why don’t you give me a try.”
In Hopper’s office, the three teenagers explained everything to Hopper and Joyce; you even showed them the picture you had of the thing.
Looking up from the picture, Hopper asked, “You say blood draws this thing?”
“We don’t know.” Jonathan answered for them, looking between his mom and Hopper.
“It’s just a theory.” Nancy added, as she looked down still unsure that they would believe what they were being told.
Joyce took Jonathan into the hall to talk to him alone. You looked up at Hopper who was looking at you with a stern face, thinking it was because he didn’t believe them, you tried to plead with him, “Please believe us Hopper, we’re telling the truth. Look at what it did.” You pulled up your pant leg to show your ankle that was covered in gauze, that was starting to get bloody again from all the walking you’ve done.
Hopper’s face softened a bit at the injury, he then looked back up at you giving a sigh, “We do, we believe you.”
“You do?” You gave him a look of surprise, turning to look at Nancy who had the same look. Standing up, you took the few steps to Hopper to hug him. “Thank you, thank you.”
Patting you a couple times on the back before grabbing you by the shoulders to get you off, “Alright, alright, sit back down. I’m going to grab the first aid kit to clean that up.”
“That’d be great.” You sighed sitting back in your chair, but the three of you stopped talking and looked towards the door hearing Callahan and some lady shouting. Stomping towards the door, Hopper opened and walked out to go deal with the shouting.
The five of you now stood around Hopper’s car across the street from the Wheelers’ home. You watched as people in suits took boxes of stuff out of their house and brought it to their cars. Hopper watched with binoculars to get a better look at what was happening. Standing behind Jonathan, you looked next door at your house where you could see your mother peeking through the windows with the phone to her ear talking to someone. You could also see that she looked extremely worried, you knew it wasn’t for the Wheelers, but also believed for the first time it wasn’t for your family's reputation.
“I have to go home.” Nancy muttered, worried about what these people would do to her family.
Without taking his eyes off the house, Hopper replied plainly, “No, you can’t.”
“My mom… my dad are there.”
“They’re going to be okay.” Nancy didn’t listen to him and started walking away, Hopper followed after her grabbing her arm. “Hey, hey, hey! Listen to me!”
“Let go!” Nancy shouted, trying to rip her arm away from him, but he held on.
“Listen to me. The last thing in the world we need is them knowing you’re mixed up in all this.”
“Mike is over there-”
“They haven’t found him.” Hopper cut her off, pointing to the sky where a helicopter was slowly flying around. “Not yet, at least.”
“For Mike?” Nancy asked, completely shocked at how much everything escalated and how far Mike was in all of it.
Dragging her back to the car, they all got in with you sitting in between Nancy and Jonathan. Once you all got in Joyce and Hopper turned around to face you, so you could all come up with a plan of what to do next. “Look, we need to find them before they do. Do you have any idea where he might have gone?”
“No, I don’t.” Nancy insisted, still in shock at everything that was happening.
“I need you to think.”
“I don’t know. We haven’t talked a lot. I mean, lately.”
“Is there any place that your parents don’t know about that he might go?” Joyce asked, understanding these kids better than Hopper did.
“I don’t know.”
“I might.” Jonathan muttered, interrupting Nancy’s stuttering. “I don’t know where he is, but I think I know how to ask him.”
During the ride to the Byers’ home, you could only keep your mouth shut for their whole conversation. You felt bad that you couldn’t help, but you don't know these kids anymore. You haven't had to babysit them in awhile. You haven't been friends with Nancy since your parents weren’t able to force you to be friends anymore; and yeah, you’re friends with Jonathan, but that doesn’t mean you hang out with Will since he has his own friends. You just hope they get the kids home safely, and if that happens, you promise to never let them out of your sight again.
Once making it to the Byers’ house you all quickly got out of the car and followed Jonathan inside. Making it a couple feet into the house Nancy and you stopped, taking in the state of the place, looking a bit trashed with Christmas lights hanging all over the place. You had seen the Christmas lights before, but now there were more and also a hole in the front of the house that someone tried to cover up themselves.
“Whoa.” The two girls whispered at the same time looking at each other with confused looks. Noting everyone walked by, you continued after them to Will’s room where there were lamps all over.
You all looked around the room for the walkie talkie you came here for, when Joyce called out that she found it from under Will’s bed.
You moved into Jonathan’s room to have more room, Nancy and Joyce sat on the bed, while the rest stood around. Nancy started talking into the walkie talkie trying to get a hold of Mike. She continued to call for Mike, but there wasn’t a reply. 
Getting annoyed, Hopper took the walkie talkie from Nancy’s hands to try and get them himself. “Listen, kid, this is the chief. If you’re there, pick up. We know you’re in trouble and we know about the girl.” They still weren’t getting a reply, but Hopper kept trying to convince them. “We can protect you, we can help you, but you gotta pick up. Are you there? Do you copy? Over.”
Still getting nothing back, Hopper set the walkie down, turning back to everyone else. “Anybody got any other ideas?”
As you all looked around at each other Mike’s voice finally came through, “Yes, I copy. It’s Mike. I’m here. We’re here”
Hopper made the four of you stay behind at the Byers’ house, while he went and got the kids to bring back. It became dark outside, which spiked their anxiety even higher as you all sat on the couch waiting in silence not knowing what they should say. Finally, you heard a car screech into the driveway and the headlights go across your faces. You each stood up quickly walking over to the door.
Joyce opened the door running outside with the three teenagers following after. Once out there, Hopper and the kids started piling out of the car.
Nancy saw Mike come out of the car, so she started running to him shouting, “Mike. Oh, my god! Mike!” bringing him into a hug. “I was so worried about you!”
“Yeah, uh, me too.” Mike replied, confused on where this Nancy was coming from since she’s become more distant.
Looking up at the other kids, Nancy took notice of the girl that Joyce and Hopper had told them about. “Is that my dress?”
As they all walked into the house, you patted each of the kids on the head which was your way of comforting them. They all looked at you confused as to why you were acting this way as they’ve barely seen you since they reached the age of not needing a babysitter. The girl was the only one that looked up at you with an awkward smile, to which you returned with a sweet one. From here on out you are sticking to your promise to yourself and watching over them like you were their babysitter again.
Now that you were all in the house, you sat around to hear the kid’s side of what they knew. Which turns out was a lot more than the people older than them.
“Okay, so, in this example, we’re the acrobat.” Mike explained holding a picture he drew to help him explain everything better. “Will and Barbara, and that monster, they’re this flea. And this is the Upside Down, where Will is hiding. Mr. Clarke said the only way to get there is through a rip of time and space.”
“A gate.” Dustin added, to try and simplify it.
“That we tracked to Hawkins Lab.” Lucas said
“With our compasses.”
The four of you sitting on the couch listening to everything just looked at the younger kids in complete confusion at everything you were just told. Seeing your confused faces, Dustin tried to simplify it even more. “Okay, so the gate has a really strong electromagnetic field, and that can change the directions of a compass needle.”
“Is this gate underground?” Hopper asked, interrupting the dumber-downed explanation.
“Yes.” The young girl, which you learned is named Eleven, whispered to Hopper.
“Near a large water tank?”
“Ho-how do you know all that?” Dustin stuttered, asking the question you were all wondering.
Mike answered for him, looking down at the table, “He’s seen it.”
“Is there any way that you could… that you could reach Will?” Joyce asked in a pleading voice, “That you could talk to him in this-”
“The Upside Down.” Eleven reminded her.
“Down. Yeah.”
She only nodded, before Nancy followed wanting to know about her friend. “And my friend Barbara, can you find her too?”
Everyone stood around the table watching as Eleven tried to reach Barbara and Will. She had her eyes closed with a picture of Barbara in front of her and static coming from the walkie. You all sat in silence waiting for something to happen. The lights around you started to flicker and the static became quieter.
Eleven opened her eyes, looking at Joyce in silence before finally muttering, “I’m sorry.”
“Wh-wh-what’s wrong?” Joyce questioned, concerned about what that means. “What happened?”
“I can’t find them.” Eleven started tearing up, becoming upset that she couldn’t help them.
You all dispersed, letting Eleven take a break, but once Eleven walked into the bathroom you all sat around the table, as the kids took turns explaining to you what was happening with Eleven. 
“Whenever she uses her powers, she gets weak.” Mike started the explanation.
“The more energy she uses, the more tired she gets.”
“Like, she flipped the van earlier.”
“It was awesome.”
“But she’s drained.”
“Like a bad battery.”
“Well, how do we make her better?” Joyce asked, since this kid was the only way to find where her son was.
“We don’t.” Mike answered. “We just have to wait and try again.”
“Well, how long?” Nancy insisted, but all she got was an ‘I don’t know’ from Mike.
Seeing how tired Eleven is, you tried to advise the group against pushing her, “Maybe we shouldn’t force her to do something if she’s drained, what if that could hurt her?”
“The bath.” Eleven muttered from behind you.
You all turned to look at her confused. “What?” Joyce asked, wanting more of an explanation.
“I can find them. In the bath.”
Dustin decided that their science teacher, Mr. Clarke, would be their best option on finding out how they could make a sensory deprivation tank which is apparently the best way for Eleven to connect with the Upside Down; or at least, that’s what you got from what they were all talking about, science is not your best subject. So now, you all watched from your same spots around the table as Dustin called Mr. Clarke. It seemed to take some convincing, but Dustin was able to get everything he needed to know from Mr. Clarke and wrote everything he was being told down on a notepad.
“I’ll see you on Monday Mr. Clarke, bye.” Dustin hurriedly hung up the phone so he didn’t have to answer any of Mr. Clarke’s questions on why he needed this information. Once he set the phone down, Dustin looked over at Joyce, pointing the pencil still in his hands. “Do you still have that kiddie pool we bobbed for apples in?”
“I think so, yeah.” Joyce looked over at Jonathan who confirmed what she was saying.
“Good, then we just need salt. Lots of it.”
“How much is ‘lots’?” Hopper asked, making Dustin look down at the notepad with his calculations.
“Fifteen hundred pounds.” 
“Well, where are we gonna get that much salt?” You question as everyone looks at each other shocked by how much salt they’re going to need.
Hopper came to the realization that the schools would have the amount of salt they needed, so you all drove to the school in separate cars. You split up to get everything you needed to make it all go by faster. You went with Dustin and Lucas to set up the kiddie; which was a bigger struggle than you thought it would be. Thankfully you got it standing up straight by the time Nancy and Mike came in with the hose to fill the pool with water.
“Colder!” Lucas yelled over to Nancy and you as he took the temperature of the water, so you or Nancy could change the direction of the faucets. “Warmer!”
“Jesus this kid.” You shook your head as you chuckled.
“Why do you think I needed a break from them?” Nancy laughed with you.
“Try babysitting Lucas and Dustin together.” You rolled your eyes, remembering the times you had to have the two of them together. “They never stop screeching.”
“Oh, I know, they’re all in my basement all the time. I can hear them throughout the whole house.”  Nancy scoffed, knowing exactly what you had been through.
Looking down at the ground for a moment with a soft smile, you then turned to face Nancy, “Will’s always been my favorite.”
“He is a great kid.” Nancy gave you the same smile. You take notice of Nancy saying ‘is’ instead of was, because both of you know that they’ll find Will. You stood in silence for a moment, both of you tearing up slightly, before Lucas broke the quiet by yelling that the temperature was perfect.
Nancy glanced over at you before looking at the ground, hesitantly asking, “Hey, why weren’t we ever friends after 6th grade. I tried to be, but it seemed like you never wanted to be friends.”
You kept looking at the ground not knowing if you wanted to tell her the real reason. You felt bad since Nancy did try to be nice to you for the longest time, but you just continuously shot her down. You decided that you could finally tell her the truth. “Um, to be honest, I’ve always been a bit jealous of you.”
“Jealous, wh-why?” Nancy was in complete shock at hearing that, never expecting you to ever be jealous of her.
“Yeah, I mean, my whole life my mom compared me to you, and would always say that she wished I was more like you.” You let out a humorless chuckle at the many memories of your mom berating you. “She was always yelling at me ‘Why can’t you be nice like Nancy’ or ‘Why can’t you be smart and get good grades like Nancy.’ The latest one, since you started dating Steve, is ‘If you were more like Nancy, you could be dating someone as respectable as Steve, but instead you get someone like that trailer trash, Eddie.’ It doesn’t even matter though, she’d find some reason to make me feel less than.”
“If it makes you feel any better, I’ve always been a bit jealous of you too.” 
You shot your head up to look at Nancy completely stunned. “Why the fuck would you be jealous of me.”
Laughing at your vulgarity, continuing with what she was saying, “Reasons like that, that you just don’t care what people think and you do what you want without care of what everyone will say.”
“Well, when you grow up with parents like mine.”
“You’re mom seems like such a bitch.” Nancy said, barely getting out the last word as she started to laugh. You started to laugh too, in slight shock from Nancy swearing. 
Calming down a bit, you looked over at Nancy in admiration. “You know Nancy Wheeler, after this whole thing, you are actually so badass. Way more than me, I’ve gone to Eddie crying these past few nights.”
“You really think so?” Nancy had a big smile on her face, thinking that’s the best thing someone has ever said to her. You just gave her a big nod with an equally big smile. “Thanks, Y/N.”
“No problem, Nance.”
“If you two are done with your gossiping, the pool is about to overflow!” Lucas screamed, interrupting the nice moment you were having. Quickly, the girls turned to turn off the faucet trying to contain your laughter.
Jonathan and Hopper walked into the gym with barrels full of bagged salt that they poured into the pool until there was enough for Eleven to be able to float in it. Once it was ready, Eleven put on the safety goggles covered in duct-tape that Joyce made, so it would be pitch black. Hopper and Joyce helped her into the pool, and she laid down, floating. The lights in the gym started flickering, before they finally went out letting everyone know that she was in the Upside Down.
“Barbara?” Eleven whispered, after a few moments. Eleven started breathing heavily and the lights began to flicker again.
“What’s going on?” Nancy asked, once the lights went out again.
Mike answered quickly, “I don’t know.”
“Is Barb okay?” Nancy yelled out, leaning closer to Eleven. “Is she okay?”
Eleven started repeatedly saying, “Gone” and screaming the last few. Nancy started crying, putting her hand over her mouth to try and stay quiet. You put your hand on her shoulder and gave it a light squeeze. 
Joyce was trying to tell her it was okay, while her and Hopper held her hand, trying to console her. Eleven was finally able to calm down before whispering her next words, “Castle Byers.”
Joyce gasped when Eleven said her son’s name. “You tell him… tell him I’m coming. Mom is coming.”
Eleven repeated what Joyce said and in reply a weak “Hurry” came through the walkie talkie in Will’s voice.
“Okay. Listen, you tell him to… to stay where he is. We’re coming. We’re coming, okay? We’re coming, honey.”
Once she was able to get the message to Will, Eleven started breathing heavily again. She quickly sat up from the water, taking the goggles off, Joyce grabbed her into a hug at the edge of the pool to comfort her.
Nancy and you sat in the hall outside of the gym, you both sat on the ground holding your knees up to your chest. Nancy kept her eyes on the ground, while you took short glances between Nancy and the ground not knowing what you should say.
“I’m sorry.” You finally said, “I’m really sorry about Barbara.”
Nancy kept quiet before letting out a weak, “It’s all my fault.”
“No, no, it’s n-”
“Yes, it is, it’s all my fault.” Nancy continuously nodded her head, tears starting to fall rapidly down her face. “I’m the one who left her alone, so that I could go have sex with Steve Harrington and now she’s dead because of me.”
“It’s not your fault, it's that thing. It’s the one that took Will, and it’s the one that killed Barb. So instead of sitting here blaming yourself we’re going to kill it.” 
Continuing her nodding, but now with determination, Nancy stopped pitying herself and instead put her energy into the idea of killing the monster that killed her best friend. “You’re right, I want that monster dead.”
“Yeah, that’s it!” You cheered, before your face turned into one of disgust recalling what Nancy said before. “Also, Steve Harrington.”
Nancy could only laugh at the way you said Steve’s name with the most disgusting tone. Going back to your sitting position before, Jonathan walked in seeming stressed out. He came over and sat down the same way the two girls were sitting.
“We have to go back to the station.” Nancy told Jonathan, coming up with the way that you can kill the monster.
“Your mom and Hopper are just walking in there like bait.” You added with a bit of intensity.
“That thing is still in there.” Nancy started tearing up again. “And we can’t just sit here and let it get them, too. We can’t.”
“You still want to try it out?” Jonathan asked, seeing where the two of you were going with this.
“I wanna finish what we started. I want to kill it.” Nancy responded, turning her head to Jonathan.
You jumped up, rubbing your hands together. “Let’s finally kill this piece of shit.”
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joyaphoria · 8 months
Tumblr media
with the flowers (23)
part twenty-three: the final chapter.
pairing: suna x f!reader
summary: if a teacher had been the one to catch suna dangling on the edge of inarizaki’s roof, he definitely would’ve been in trouble. except it wasn’t a teacher that caught him, it was you—the school whore. yea, he’s starting to wish it was a teacher.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
it’s an image trapped within his mind.
the shock that gets him first, that has him stumbling backwards, his heart thumping in his ears, his pupils getting bigger, smaller, bigger.
then he’s on his knees, and the smell of lavender is suddenly too strong as he doubles over and throws up, the flowers crumpled beneath his knees.
“what the fuck, what the fuck?” and he’s mumbling it over and over, his chest heaving as his eyes remain on the soil beneath him, never once daring to look up.
he doesn’t know how long he knelt there, watching the dirt, until someone behind him screamed. it was even longer until he heard the faint sounds of police sirens in the distance.
suna rintarou was stuck in the void.
going to school had never been a struggle for suna.
his mom understood enough why he wanted to stay home, but a week is longer then necessary, she said. in a year, you’re gonna wish you didn’t stay home and sulk during finals.
even then, suna hadn’t listened to her. it wasn’t until she’d gone so low as to say, “y/n wouldn’t want you to fail in school because of her” did he react.
and as much as suna had yelled at his mom, throwing plates and breaking vases, he knew that she was right. you had said it yourself; don’t cry over me, rin.
fuck, he thinks. i look like my fucking dad.
but now people are watching him, and not in a good way. they aren’t staring because he’s incredibly hot, and they want to climb all over him, but because he isn’t wearing his facade.
his usual bored expression is now fully-resting, his eyes daring, a warning to those who would be willing to come up and speak to him. to ask him to confirm what’s been on the news for over a week now.
he turns to glare at those who stare too long, and they quickly take interest in their shoes.
he can only do so much though, because the moment he’s seated at his desk, the talking starts.
i heard he fucked that whore.
you mean the same whore that-
yes! but don’t say it out loud.
suna takes out his books, placing them on his desk.
say what? that she-
suna’s body freezes as the image resurfaces in his mind, and the bile rises in his throat. his mind is all over the place, and all he wants to do is shut it off. his vision is blurry, his head light but heavy at the same time, and he’s loosing feeling in his limbs.
the world is heavy. the world is gone. his chest has become a void.
he doesn’t realize he’s on the floor until his name is being called, and someone is shaking his shoulder. he claws at his chest, panic over taking him as he swears that his shirt is getting tighter and tighter. he’s gasping for breath, wondering if this is how it’s gonna happen.
is this how he’s gonna go out?
but then someone with an abnormal accent is calling his name over and over, repeatedly requesting his attention. “rin?”
his vision focuses on tsumu’s damaged locks, hovering over him as he waves a hand over sunas face. when he finds him responsive, he looks back up to his right, shouting at another student to go and fetch the school nurse, quicker.
suna’s lip trembles, and he brings a hand to cover his face when he finds the light far too blinding. “did you hear, tsumu?” he mumbles, wincing at the throbbing in his head. “did you hear what happened?”
“i know, rin, just stay with me yea? yer head made some pretty rough contact with the floor,” he explains, urging the students to move faster, to ‘find out why the fuck the nurse is takin so damn long’.
“i wasn’t enough for her, i’m never enough for anyone,” suna sniffles, aware of the thick fog settling over his brain, a feathery light feeling overcoming him. 
“yer enough fer me,” atsumu teases, and if suna werent so heavily dazed, he’d think that was panic lacing the cocky facade that the faux blonde usually wore.
“i thought she loved me,” rin whispers, finding that he was an awful lot more tired than he thought.
“no — keep your eyes open, suna!” atsumu shrieks with all the panic of a child. “shit- yer head, it-it’s — someone get that fucking nurse! for fucks sake why are ya guys standing around? do something! FUCKING MOVE—”
why couldn’t he be enough?
its the middle of the night, the next time he hears you. your voice comes from his window, but suna doesnt open it. he knows. he knows.
“i miss you, rin,” you say, your voice muffled by the glass, “let me in, please.”
no, he thinks. he’s not going to. he’s never going to let anyone in ever again. he’s past that, and hes tired of getting hurt.
but he couldnt let you in anyways, no matter how bad he wanted to. its all in his head, isnt it? you aren’t really here. you’re gone, and he can never have you back.
then again, did he ever really have you?
suna was already overcome by guilt as is, because he skipped the funeral. for about a week now, he ignored the phone when hanako called, and refused to answer the door when she showed up at his house. he doesn’t know if it’s because she was just desperate to get her hands on the journal you left for him, or if she was just very, very concerned, but he was positive that it was absolutely the former.
even if she did manage to get a hold of him, suna would never give it up. he felt oddly possessive of the tear stained journal, something that you left for him and him alone. it felt too intimate to give away, no matter the situation. he didn’t want to let it go. it felt like the only kind of proof he had to say that you were real; that what happened between you guys, was real. 
he’s lost enough. he won’t lose this.
another two days later, suna’a fallen into a sort of routine when it comes to the knock on his bedroom door, signalling another visit from hanako, though for what, he’s not sure.
unlike usual, his door simply opens, and suna has to take a second to recognize the woman that proceeded to enter his room. your mother.
“i hope you don’t mind, suna,” she enters politely, and he slumps backwards onto his bed. “your mom let me in.”
he’s seen pictures of her before, both on your accord, and by the pictures framed around the house, but the lady that entered suna’s room looked different.
it’s as if she aged multiple years, her face twisted into a frown that suna was sure she must’ve slept in. she wears a pair of grey scrubs, and has a large paper bag in hand.
but god, she lost her kid. he couldn’t even begin to imagine how horrible it must’ve been for her.
suddenly he’s racked with guilt for ignoring hanako, so caught up in his own feelings and mood that he didn’t stop to think that they definitely had it worse.
“i’m not gonna stay long, if that's alright,” she smiles, sitting down on the edge of his bed as if she were his mother, showing up to comfort him.
a sort of uncomfortable silence settles over the two of them, before she leans down to pick the bag back up off the floor, and pulls out a familiar beige toned sweater, with forest green sleeves. he sits up straighter then, and it doesn't go unnoticed by your mother, who chuckles, an almost pained sound.
"i take it it's yours," she asks, though it sounds more like a confirmation than a question. "i figured it might be."
she places it down on his bed next to her, and suna has to hold himself back from picking it up and holding it to his nose, to search for the smallest hint of you, if anything at all.
your mother goes quiet, then asks, "who were you to my daughter, suna?"
the hairs on the back of his neck rise up, and his posture loosens slightly. all this time, all the denial of being anything to you, all the fear of accepting you until it was too late, it makes him question everything.
does he really deserve to claim you now? because you're gone, does that make it okay? it feels so wrong, so disgusting to only want to accept you because it would be even worse to turn away a girl that he knew wasn't going to come back.
"you were friends, right?" she interrupts, and when suna looks at her, he feels his heart drop. its fear, and dread. the face of a mother who has less than an ounce of hope left, begging him to lie to her if it means it'll be what she wants to hear.
"my baby, she never brought anyone home. never talked about girl friends or making plans. i—" she hesitates, and looks away just as suna catches sight of a teardrop making its way down her face. "i was never there for her, and, and i'm so afraid that she was alone, that nobody was there for her, and then, then i heard you've been coming around and i hoped, i hoped it meant that she had someone, she, she..."
but she's right. you were alone, you didn't have any friends, and the one friend you did have rejected you constantly, and made you feel like you were a taboo to be hidden. suna is so overcome with hurt and guilt, that he has to wince to fully stop himself from bending over and concealing the pain in his chest. right now, there's someone who means a whole lot more.
"she wasn't alone, ma'am. she did keep to herself a lot, but she had a few friends. i and a few guys on the volleyball team, aswell as a few in her class. i promise, y/n meant a lot to all of us."
she nods then and stands up, making her way to the door before turning around. "thank you, suna," she whispers, just loud enough for him to hear. "i know you're hurting with us, and i'm thankful that my baby had you at her side."
she nods her head slowly, but when suna meets eyes with her again, he sees it. understanding. she knows the truth, knows that he's lying, but she wants that. he knows just as much that the only thing that will get them through this is a lie, one that will free them of the guilt that would only kill them alongside the grief.
they're all liars. they're all ignorant, and suna realizes that he's just the same. they're gonna tell themselves that they did their best and it was meant to happen, because the only thing worse than losing someone, is the painful awareness that you possibly played a part in their downfall.
she looks away and walks out, shutting the door behind her. suna picks up the sweater almost instantly, pressing it hard against his nose, his bottom lip trembling when hes met with the plain scent of laundry detergent. tears begin to pool in his eyes as he continuously, feverly presses his nose all over the sweater, so so hopeful that there's something, anything to—
he folds into himself and wails out, the pain in his chest overcoming him as he bears the weight of another lie he's engraved into the graveyard of his heart, another painful understanding that you're not coming back, and you've left him with nothing.
it's two weeks later that suna finds himself on that roof again, the one from the very beginning, where he supposedly saved your life by first saving his own.
he wonders now, if the universe is like that: oddly contradicting. if he really, really tells himself that he's going to jump but ends up not doing it, will it save your soul? will you go to heaven or whatever good is waiting on the other side?
he sits on the edge, sighing deeply, inhaling the scent of fresh air. if he pretends to jump but stays, will it save you again? if he jumped off but caught the ledge, would you claw your way out of your grave to hug him, to congratulate him on saving his life?
he contemplates it, really does, but he knew from the start he wouldn't. he never trusted himself with anything, and he found it insane that you really put your life in his hands that day, that you let him blindly decide if you would see the next day.
he doesn't want to think of the consequences if he were to mess this up, so he gets up and steps away from the ledge, turning and walking back to the roof door. he doesn't want to make any more decisions. he doesn't want to decide who lives and dies, who stays or comes back. this time, it's your turn.
he's already saved you once, so maybe this time he's going to let you save him.
he decides then, to tell himself another lie. that if it were that day again, and suna were instead the one watching you tease the ledge, putting his life in the hands of the school whore, that you would've done what he did. you would've turned around and saved his life, and he would've been wholly indebted to you.
it's the last lie he will engrave on his heart, the last lie that will get him through the grief and pain. the last lie he will tattoo onto his soul, that will push him to live his life under the illusion that he owes it to you.
he'll find you again one day, and thank you for allowing him to believe that lie; for carrying the weight of his guilt and shame, even in your grave, for as alone as you always were, you will continue to be.
Tumblr media
— finishes this story literally exactly two years later.. sorry
— reblog, reply & ask, i will see them all !! (well mostly the asks but yeah)
— thank you so much for all the never ending patience and support with this story, for putting up with my horrible schedule and two year hiatus.. love u guys frl
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brakke-dino · 5 months
Leave me alone part2
Around a month had passed, he was doing good. He had portioned out the muesli bars to last him as long as possible. At one point in the first week he knew he heard police, as there was a faint sound of barking aswell as they were shouting his name. With seeing this he knew he wasn’t deep enough, so spider had ventured deeper into the forest for some more hours. After he hadn’t heard anyone for a while he set up camp up in a tree. He made a little fort in the tree it was small but just enough for him to sleep, he used garbage bags to water proof the roof. He had a rain water system but even if it didn’t rain there was condensation that drips on. He was happy with his knew home.
The Sullys houses
At one point the Sullys and Quaritch joined together to find spider. the toll it was taking on the kids that spider had ran off, after school they would ride their bikes around to see if they could spot him around the neighbourhood. On weekends they would all go to the woods where someone saw him on a push bike. It was this weekend where they finally found something, Kiris bike under the bridge. Lo’ak was the one to find it, they knew he went off the path finally they we’re getting somewhere. It was still early so they left the path.
They had been walking all day Lo’ak had his bike, Kiri wanted to ride her bike but she said it gave her a feeling. They all sort of spread out to find him, it was 3:00pm when Jake said it was home time. Kiri was walking back then she saw something a red packet, a muesli bar packet. “ guys over here” Kiri yelled. Moments later they were all there inspecting the rubbish. The initials L.S on the rubbish it was supposed to be Lo’aks muesli bar, they kids had to put there initials on all of there lunch and resses to stop them from stealing each other’s snacks. They knew it was spider, Kiri marked the tree.
They made there way back home. All the kids ran upstairs. They all had maps in their rooms marking places with signs of spider and possibly were he could be. They all met in Kiris room to discuss where they should look next, They got it close to the river.
Spider running away hurt, it showed how strongly he hated him that he would rather live homeless then with him. Quaritch didn’t know what to do leave him were he is happy with the Sullys, or finally get to have custody of him and raise him like he always wanted to do. The decision was hard so he thought he would let Spider pick, he already knew spiders answer and it hurt that he knew the kid wouldn’t even second guess. After all he did run away all because he didn’t want to be with him.
Quaritch couldn’t make it this weekends search threw the forest. He got a phone call ‘Jake’ Quaritch answered, he was happy. They finally got somewhere, finding something they managed all that without him there. It made him sad and angry but realised how much he had fucked up the kids life in just a month. Maybe spider was better off with the Sullys but Quaritch still wanted to at least hang out once a week or something. Mind due this plan can’t be made if spider isn’t even here.
Spider spent most of the days improving is house and trying to catch a fish in the river close to the tree he was sleeping in. He would try catching the fish by pegging his pocket knife in the water at the fish, he had been successful around 7 times now but he swears the fish are getting smarter. That night as he was about to fall asleep when he remembered Kiris envelope, being honest he was scared to see what was inside. What was inside brought tears to spiders eyes, a stack of photos of him growing up with the Sullys and funny pics of them together. His favourite would be them all standing pulling funny faces. He pushed the top through a branch on the wall it hung there, spider fell asleep staring at the picture.
“Spider!” Kiri called. Spider sprung awake, was she really here still looking. how far had she walked to find him? Spider watched from the trees as she inspected all of his stuff on the floor, then she looked up.
“SPIDER!! Omg is that you I can’t believe I found you!” Kiri yelled she was so happy. Spider jumped down and gave her a hug. Spider was disappointed he was found, but glad Kiri found. Spider realised he really wanted to go home, he was sick of muesli bars and fish and really shit night sleeps.
“Let’s go home now spider please” Kiri begged. With that Spider grabbed all his things and started walking with Kiri, Kiri walked with an arm on Spiders shoulder. they made it to the path, talking the whole way. Kiri was so happy with spread to Spider. They made it to where Spider stashed Kiris bike, Spider was shocked to see the bike gone. They continued walking down the path, they finally reached the road. They were going home.
Hope you enjoyed part 2 @today-or-tumble @nashichiyo @naavispider @yesthisismycurrenthyperfixation sorry it took to long. There may be a part three on the Sullys reaction to seeing Spider is back maybe Quaritch to. If you have any questions please ask. Once again thank you for reading hope you enjoy 😊
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hairstevington · 4 months
flowers and ink (part 4)
Eddie Munson x Steve Harrington
Summary: Eddie and Steve are officially gonna go out. But where?? Thankfully, their friends are invested and ready to help.
(part 1, part 2, part 3, link to Ao3)
Word Count: 2K (bit of a short update, but next one will be longer!)
Warnings: Tattoo artist/Florist pairing, modern day au, Eddie is a SIMP, oh hi Gareth!, codependent Stobin, hot messery, just a bunch of cute shit throughout tbh
A/N: I'm back! Shout out to @gregre369 for 1) being a top fan and 2) suggesting this date idea. You are an MVP, dear reader &lt;3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Okay,” Eddie said with a firm nod. “So, now we just have to decide where to go, right?”
They heard a heavy sigh from the phone on the table, followed by the noise that iPhones make when a call is disconnected. 
“Damn,” Steve chuckled as he put his phone back in his pocket. “I was hoping we could use her as a lifeline or something.”
“That’s probably why she hung up,” Eddie retorted. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone sigh that loudly before in such a genuine way. Like, she’s really done with us.”
“Yeah, I hear her sigh like that about once a week,” Steve responded. “You get used to it.”
Eddie hoped that he’d be around these two long enough to get used to it, but maybe he was ahead of himself. They still had to plan a date. 
“Probably my fault,” Eddie said, shrugging. “For assuming you two were together.”
“Oh, that?” Steve asked, unfazed. “No, that happens all the time. It’s my fault for constantly forgetting that we look like a couple.”
“You really do,” Eddie replied with a smirk. “But it’s all cleared up now, right?”
“Right,” Steve agreed. He brought his hand back up to run through his hair. “And now we’re alone, so we just have to -”
“Hey, wait!” Eddie interrupted. He ran to the counter and grabbed Steve’s wrist, then pulled it down and turned it so the palm was facing up. There were splatters of ink smudged all over his hand. “Don’t want you to get this in your hair.”
“Oh, shit,” Steve said once he saw it. “Must have been from my little project this morning.” 
“Oh, yeah?” Eddie asked, coyly. “What were you working on?” Steve took his free hand and reached over the counter to grab the rose from Eddie, but Eddie pulled his hand away. “No way, you’re not getting this thing back.”
“You like it that much, huh?” Steve teased. He leaned back to standing again, then flipped his hair with a quick jerk of his neck, revealing more ink behind his ear. 
“Dude, you -” Eddie almost laughed, but wasn’t sure if they’d reached that point in their relationship yet. “You got some more right here.”
Eddie took his index finger and traced it where the spots were, then presented the blackened pad of his finger in front of Steve’s face. 
“Aw, shit,” Steve groaned, half annoyed and half amused. “Now you’re inked, too.”
“I think I’ll survive,” Eddie responded. He rolled his sleeves up to reveal his arms almost entirely covered in tattoos. “Not the first time, won’t be the last.” Steve followed the designs up Eddie’s skin, entranced, then nodded. 
“Okay,” Steve said, holding his hand up and away from everything around him to avoid spreading the black ink any more than he already had. “I’m gonna go to the sink in the back and take care of this, but I’ll text you in a bit and we can set something up, okay?”
“Sounds good,” Eddie agreed. He had to get going anyway, because he had an appointment coming up. Although, he was pretty sure it was some kind of prank call because the name was clearly fake. Dick Johnson. Yeah, okay. 
He walked back to Ink About It, still clutching the rose, but doing so delicately so as not to ruin it and/or get more ink on himself. 
Eddie was bluffing before. Sure, he was used to being around ink and getting tattooed, but he always wore gloves. It was a hassle to get the stuff off his skin generally, he just couldn’t help but tease Steve about it. Now, he looked like he just came from the police station and ran away before they could finish fingerprinting him. 
He could make that comparison because he may or may not have had experience being fingerprinted. 
He opened the door and saw Dick Johnson in the flesh - waiting eagerly with a grin.
“Munson!” he said, jumping up.
“Gareth!” Eddie greeted back, surprised. “What the hell are you doing here?”
“What do you think?” Gareth replied, walking over to Eddie to give him the kind of half-assed bro-hug that guys do. Eddie instinctively hid the rose behind his back as they embraced, then realized how stupid that was. 
“Sorry, I don’t know why I’m trying to hide this,” Eddie said, holding the rose up. 
“Yeah, why were you?” Gareth teased. 
“I dunno. It’s new.”
“Oh shiiiiiiit,” Gareth said, smiling. “Is Heart-Eyes Munson back?”
That was a joke from high school. Heart-Eyes Munson. Eddie didn’t tend to fall for people, but when he did, he fell hard.
“He works at the flower shop across the street,” he explained. 
“Well, that’s fucking cute,” Gareth noted. 
“Tell me about it,” Eddie said, rolling his eyes. He couldn’t believe how much he liked Steve already. “Well, Dick Johnson, I’m going to put this with the others and then we can get started.”
“Others?” Gareth asked, extremely amused. “This man has sent you others?”
“Shut up,” Eddie replied, biting his lip to keep from smirking. 
Steve underestimated how hard it was to get ink off of his skin. Seriously, he scrubbed his hand and neck raw and he could still see the dark splotches. 
Still worth it though, because he’d turned Eddie into a flower guy. Not only that, but their crushes on each other were officially out in the open, and a date was in their near future. 
Steve loved the dating part. Once he knew someone was interested, the rest was easy. He just had to figure out where he’d take Eddie first. He usually went for coffee, but he felt like they were past coffee. Maybe a drink at his favorite bar. Or, they could go to the park. Was that too gay?
Maybe. But also, they were gay. So it was on brand. 
Steve dried off his hands and neck (which were now bright red and therefore no less ridiculous-looking) and headed back out to the front counter to resume working on the pruning he’d been doing before Eddie came in. 
There was ink on the shears. God dammit. Back to the sink.
This time, he brought his phone and dialed Robin so he could talk to her, because this job was a whole lot better with her around, even just on the phone.
“You’re both idiots,” she answered.
“We know,” Steve replied. “It gets worse.”
“How? What did you do this time?”
“I got ink everywhere,” Steve admitted. 
“Jesus Christ,” Robin groaned. “Do I have to come in on my day off and fix it?”
“No, I can fix it. But you should come in on your day off to keep me company.” Robin chuckled in response. 
“You know what the worst part is?” she asked. “I already picked up my keys.”
“So, what are you in town for?” Eddie asked as he set up for Gareth’s tattoo.
“We’re playing at this bar downtown tonight. I was actually gonna ask if you were free to come see us?”
“Hell yeah!” Eddie replied with enthusiasm. “Even if I wasn’t free, I’d make time. I’m glad to hear you guys are still playing.”
“Yeah, we stumbled a bit after losing our star guitarist,” Gareth teased pointedly, “- but we got back on our feet eventually.”
“Sorry about that,” Eddie muttered. He’d left the band after graduation so he could skip town and get a fresh start. Abandoning Gareth and the others was the only thing that gave him any hesitation. He missed it, obviously, but he liked his new life. It was stable.
“Water under the bridge, my guy,” Gareth responded casually. Eddie knew there were no hard feelings, but he did regret losing touch with his old buddies from high school. “Anyway, you should bring Flower Boy tonight.”
“His name is Steve.”
“Yeah, I’m gonna call him Flower Boy,” Gareth smirked. Eddie put the needle to the skin, and felt Gareth twitch just a little. “I’d love to meet the man who turned my dear old friend into a total sap.”
“I’m not a sap, okay?” Eddie insisted. His focus remained on the sword he was outlining on Gareth’s forearm. “Fuck you, I’m tough as shit.” Gareth chuckled. 
“Right, my bad. Anyway, are you gonna bring him?”
“I dunno, I’d have to see if he’s free,” Eddie said with a shrug. “We also haven’t technically gone out yet.”
“Dude, seriously?” Gareth asked playfully. “Shit, now I really want to meet this guy.”
“Yeah, seriously,” Eddie chuckled. He knew how ridiculous this whole thing was. “I think he’s gonna plan something and then text me, I dunno.”
“Or,” Gareth suggested. “You could beat him to the punch and invite him to a kickass show at a bar.”
It wasn’t a bad idea, actually. They could drink, listen to music, and if the whole thing turned out to be a bad match then Eddie still got to see his old friends. 
“Okay, fine. I’ll text him as soon as I’m done with this,” Eddie said. 
“Cool,” Gareth replied. “Hey, you really wanna impress this guy?”
“Hmm,” he said with a mischievous smile. “Then I think I have an idea.”
“Ummmmm you coulddddd….” Robin said as she sat on the counter. “Take him to that one-woman show that’s playing downtown.”
They’d been shooting date ideas back and forth for like an hour. They ran out of normal ideas after ten minutes, and since then it had gotten unhinged. 
“God Robin, if you want to know about that show so bad just go to it yourself,” Steve replied. 
“No, because what if I hate it?” she asked. “Who puts all that work into a show and then refuses to advertise what it’s about?”
“I think she’s banking on people going just to find out,” Steve answered. 
“Well, yeah,” Robin agreed. “But I’m not about to spend money to watch something cringy or boring or - god - what could one person have to talk about for that long?”
“You once talked to me for three hours about why the movie Pitch Perfect should have been gayer,” Steve reminded her. 
“Yeah, because Beca and Chloe were obviously in love,” Robin responded plainly. “And, for the record, two of those hours we were watching the movie.”
“Fair enough,” Steve replied with a smile. He remembered that night fondly, actually. He’d seen the movie before so it’s not like he was missing anything. Plus, wine was involved. 
“So, it’s a no on the one-woman show?” Robin teased. 
“No chance in hell,” Steve confirmed. His phone buzzed in his pocket, so he took it out and was happy to see a text from Eddie. He read it, intrigued. “Or, we could go see a band play at a bar downtown.”
“Did he text you just now?” Robin asked, jumping off the counter. “Oh my god!”
“Calm down or I’ll start freaking out, too!” Steve said as he opened the message and started responding. He and Robin had this thing where their emotions tended to mirror each other. When one got excited about something, so did the other. Some might call it codependency, but they’d had no issue with it so far. 
“Okay, so getting a drink with the guy sounds decent enough. Casual, fun, low-stress,” Robin reasoned. “You gonna go for it?”
“Yeah, I guess so. It’s tonight,” Steve said, typing a response. 
“Aw, well I’ll miss our movie night, but it’s not like we won’t see each other,” she joked. “Besides, this is important.”
“I already asked if you could come and he said yes,” Steve explained. 
“Oh, thank GOD,” Robin cheered. “Because you know I gotta see this.” She peered over to look at the text exchange between Steve and Eddie and then burst out laughing. 
“What?” Steve asked. She waited until her laughter died down to respond.
“He asks you out, and the first thing you do is make sure you can bring my gay ass,” she explained. “You are such a doofus, but god I love you so much.”
He finished out his shift and then they went home to get ready together for Steve’s first date with Eddie. 
Maybe in most situations it would have been weird, but at this point Eddie was well aware that he was getting into a package deal. 
Here goes nothing.
(part 5)
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cleoluvrr · 6 months
The Last Days of Summer XI (Rafe Cameron x Heyward!OC)
Tumblr media
Warnings: violence, underage drinking, drug use, verbal abuse, jealousy, forbidden relationship, enemies to lovers, gaslighting + manipulation
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Stuck in a situation she never dreamed of, Neriah Heyward blurs the line between Kook and Pogue; Rafe Cameron a witness.
word count: 7.2k+
It had been barely a couple weeks and I already feel like a damn fool for a plethora of reasons.
John B Routledge had been released from county jail; all charges dropped. A free man once again. And while I was happy for him, I felt nothing but anger and disappointment. For in his place is Rafe Cameron.
Rafe’s face had been plastered all over the news the moment John B was released, accused of the murder of Peterkin. Nobody had seen or heard from Ward’s son, besides me. He called me saying something about Sarah and Wilmington, but I hung up because he sounded drunk and frantic. I told him to call me back when he calmed down, but he never did. That was when I found out.
Turns out he had been arrested for first degree murder and probably an array of other charges. He was rotting away in some cell in the county jail, his father was MIA from what I’ve heard, and my brother and his friends were out celebrating.
I hadn’t left the house since I saw the first news report for anything but school, unable to stop beating myself up. I hadn’t told Londyn anything, but she could tell something was up and was practically itching with concern. My brother hadn’t been home long enough to notice my change in mood, though I doubt he would ask if he was.
Then at school Monday morning, all I could hear though the halls was the news of Ward Cameron’s death. I had never been more confused in my life at the ever-evolving situation. 
‘Rafe was framed.’ ‘Ward Cameron killed himself.’ ‘Mr. Cameron killed Peterkin.’ Whispers upon whispers talking about the events of Sunday night. Ward Cameron confessed to the murders of multiple people, including the sheriff, and then blew up his boat with himself inside it to evade police capture. They released Rafe that same day, apparently. Though, I hadn’t heard from him since that phone call on Friday.
I called him about ten times, four times on Monday when I got home and throughout the week. I even walked past Tannyhill on the way to Brye’s house, but it didn’t look like anyone had been there in a while. I stopped at some point, realizing that he was going through more important things that didn’t involve me.
My phone rings on my nightstand, the sound pulling my eyes away from the window where the moon shines through. I roll over, eyes widening at the name on the screen.
“Rafe?” All hear on the other end is soft breathing and no verbal answer. “Rafe, is that you? Hello?” I tried again.
“Neriah…” He says, voice calm as he trails off.
“Rafe? Oh my god!” I jump out of bed onto my feet. “What- Where have you been? What the hell is going on? I’ve been worried out of my mind!”
My heart nearly falls out of my mouth at the sound of his voice on the other end and I have to stop myself from yelling, parents sleeping not too far away. So many questions race through my mind that I can’t even pick one to start with. 
“Calm down, Neriah. I’ll explain everything.”
“Uh, I would sure fucking hope so!” I shout angrily into the microphone. “Do you know how many times I’ve called you? You got fucking arrested, Rafe Cameron! Then your dad blows up his goddamn boat and you disappear for days!”
“Calm down-” I cut him off.
“Don’t tell me to calm down!” I say, pacing around my bedroom.
“Calm down, Neriah.” He says again, more firmly this time. “Come outside.” He hangs up the phone after that, not giving me a chance to react.
I huff, slipping on a pair of spandex shorts and a zip up before quietly exiting through the back of the shop. I shut the door quietly behind me, shivering at the cool air against my practically bare legs. I peek around the corner and spot Rafe leaning against his blue Ford truck. I yank my head back behind the wall, taking a deep breath before entering his sight.
I walk towards him slowly, the sound of the gravel beneath my beat up shoes capturing his attention in the silent night. I wrap my arms around myself, all my anger from a few minutes ago dissipated as soon as I saw him for myself. Our eyes lock and are unable to pull away from each other.
I reach him, stopping a few feet away from the car. I look around to make sure nobody is out being nosy, especially not my parents.
“God, I missed you.” Rafe says. He moves forward the few feet that I did not, pulling me into a crushing embrace. The scent of his cologne seeps into my nostrils and I remain tense in the warmth of his arms.
I relax the longer he holds me, hesitantly returning the hug after what feels like an eternity of one-sided awkwardness. I hear him breathe in deeply, welcoming the smell of me to enter his nose as if he couldn’t go any longer without it. We stay like this for a second too long and I clear my throat, the sound clear over the crickets hiding in the grass.
“Can you explain what the hell is going on?” I mumble into his hard chest.
“You know what happened.”
“Yeah, I do.” I say, pushing him off me gently. “But I need you to tell me.” He sighs but nods,  running a hand through his hair.
He pulls me to the other side of the car, opening the passenger door for me. Before I can get in he grabs me again. He presses me against the frame and kisses me deeply, the sound of him inhaling through his nose filling my ears. I close my eyes, hand resting on his waist as I enjoy the familiar embrace. He smells like Versace Eros, as always, and his lips are even softer against mine than I remembered.
He pulls away after a few seconds, allowing me to get into the car and closing the door before getting in on his side. He pulls around the corner and parks behind an abandoned building, not too far from my house but far out of view of prying eyes. He stops the car and gestures to the backseat. I get out and move to the back, Rafe following after pulling something out of the glove box.
“I know you’ve probably been going through a lot but you could’ve at least texted me or something.” I say when he opens the back door. “Do you know-”
He kisses me again as soon as he joins me in the truck, cutting me off as his hand finds home on the small of my back. His other lands on my hip, pulling me onto his lap without disconnecting from my lips. I make a sound of surprise that is swallowed down by him, our teeth knocking together awkwardly.
I try to back away and he follows me with his head, noses smashed together as he holds me still.
He pulls away, trailing wet kisses along my jawline and repeating how much he’s missed me during each breath he takes. He pulls me impossibly close, bodies pressed together so tightly that my lungs stop expanding fully from the lack of space between us. 
“Rafe, stop.” I whisper breathlessly, trying to regain my composure as he continues the ministrations on my neck. “We need to talk.”
“We’re gonna have so much time to talk, I promise.” He mumbles into the column of my throat.
I gasp at the feeling of him reaching up into my hair and pulling my head back, exposing more of my neck for him to mark up. He brushes his lips down further, the soft skin leaving kisses along my collarbones. I feel his hair ticking the bottom of my chin as he nips at the thin, sensitive skin of my chest. 
The thought of him leaving bruises on my skin sends shivers of excitement down my body, which are turned into ones of worry when I think about what will happen if anyone sees them. My parents, Londyn, Pope. 
My hand reaches up to thread the back of his hair with my fingers and I reluctantly pull him away, the boy chasing after my neck with his lips.
“Rafe…” He looks at me with dark eyes. I can’t tell if he’s annoyed by my stopping him, or if something else that I’m far too embarrassed to even think about as I sit here in his lap. “Seriously, we need to talk. Now.”
“Okay.” He barely nods his head, his hands moving down to my thighs and away from my head. “I have a question for you…” He prompts. 
“I think I’m the one asking the questions here.”
“I told you we’ll have time for that later.” He chews on his bottom lip. “I have a question, seriously. Answer me seriously.”
“Okay, Rafe. What is it?” I say sighing. His hands gently kneading into the meat of my thighs has me slightly distracted, breath hitching every time they move up a little higher than I expect.
“Would you run away with me?” I throw my head back in laughter at the question, my voice filling the otherwise silent truck. “I’m being serious, Neriah. Don’t laugh at me.”
He looks unamused when I raise my head back, jaw clenched tightly as he fixes me with his sharp eyes.
“You’re being serious?” I ask incredulously. His fingers dig into my thighs a little deeper and I wince internally, the feeling only lasting as second before he lightens up.
“Yes, I’m being serious. I just said I’m being serious, so I don’t know what you’re laughing at me.”
“I’m sorry, Rafe. “ I pout at him, pushing his hair out of his face gently. “That’s such a random question. But no, I wouldn’t.”
“Why not?”
“Are you serious?” He opens his mouth to say something, but I cut him off. “Let me rephrase that. I’m in my senior year of high school, I hopefully leave for college next year, and as much as I would love to get the hell off this island, I would like to do it with a plan in mind.”
“You don’t think we can make a plan together?” He sounds absolutely serious, which has me worried about the impact the death of his dead has had on him.
Run away with him? We aren’t exactly madly in love and trying to escape our oppressive parents. Kildare may be a shit island, but I have a life here, and so does Rafe. And as much as I’m letting myself trust him and turn over a new leaf, I would not rely on him to come up with anything sane; especially not after the events of the past week.
“Rafe, I mean a reasonable plan. A real plan.” He scoffs at me, the expression one of offense.
“I have a real plan!”
“Rafe, I have my whole life ahead of me, and we literally just started dating.”  I shake my head at him which only seems to irritate him more. “Many of those days were spent alone because you were MIA. Not to mention you were just up for murder.”
“I didn’t kill anyone!” He shouts. I flinch my head back at the raising of his voice so close to my face.
“Okay, Rafe, I believe you. I do.” I say, hands placed on his shoulders and I lightly massage the tension out of his shoulders. “But you’ll have to forgive me if I’m more than a bit opposed to what you’ve just asked me.”
He throws his head back against the seat, poking his tongue through his cheek once again. He sighs heavily before tapping my thigh twice. He looks at me blankly, eyes swirling with something I have a hard time deciphering. 
When it comes to Rafe, he is two things. Extremely easy to read, or impossible to read. I can always tell when he’s high or intoxicated from his inability to cloak the emotion behind his dilated eyes and his need to spill every thought in his head out of his mouth. But at this moment, he is stone cold sober. Reading him when he’s like this is terribly hard and I haven’t yet mastered the skill.
“It’s okay, I’ll figure it out.” He says mysteriously, the sentence left far too open for my liking. Suddenly he smiles brightly at me. “I have something for you.” He says, reaching down near the floor of the car.
He pulls out a medium sized, white bag with a muted pink bow. My eyes squint at the boldly printed Pandora across the front. He pulls out a small ring box first and my heart starts beating against my chest so hard I think it just might escape.
“Rafe, I hope you aren’t about to propose to me because if you are,” I watch nervously as he opens the box. “I have some bad news for you.”
He pulls the jewelry out of the cushioned case and I almost gasp. The ring is shaped like a tiara and is absolutely covered in crystals that look far too similar to diamonds for my comfortability. He grabs my right hand gently and slips the ring on. He looks at it on my finger fondly, smiling down at it glittering in the moonlight.
“Rafe, get this shit off my hand before I freak.” He shakes his head at me, chuckling at my reaction. “Are those diamonds? Rafe, are you crazy?”
“It’s just cubic zirconia, calm down.” He kisses the finger decorated by the ring. “A tiara for my princess.”
“Rafe.” I look down at the piece in awe. “I don’t know what to say.”
“You don’t have to say anything. Think of it as an apology for my behavior.” He pecks my cheek lightly, lips brushing against the skin as he speaks. “You deserve everything in the world for giving me a chance.”
“When did you even have time to buy this?” I ask. He shrugs and reaches back into the bag.
He pulls out a larger, flatter black velvet box. He opens the box and pulls out a necklace. It’s a dainty silver chain with an RC pendant dangling from the middle. The initials glisten under the moon in a way similar to the ring. He opens the necklace and places it around my neck, clasping it behind my neck. The pedant sits right in the middle of my chest, the metal cool against my skin.
His smile gets even wider at the sight of me wearing it, the letters of his name and the fresh red, purple marks adorning my neck bringing him much joy.
“Rafe, I can’t wear this.”
“Why not?” He asks, a smile still bright on his face. “No one knows we even talk, I’m sure they won’t connect the dots just yet.”
I slap my palm against my forehead, cursing to myself quietly. 
How do I explain the origins of the gifts to people? The ring I can hide, but there’s no way I can get around my friends or family asking why I have a big, fat RC sitting on my neck. My parents may not care that much, I can thank my brother for their lack of curiosity in my mostly uneventful life. However my brother would have me under interrogation. JJ would too if he got to me first.
‘Where’d you get that?’ ‘What does that stand for?’ ‘How did you afford that?’ I can hear the barrage of questions now, the image of me sitting under a bright lamp in an interrogation room while JJ and Pope play good cop, bad cop with me heavy on my mind.
“Do you think I can walk around my neighborhood wearing this without someone noticing?” I say worriedly. “Without my parents noticing?” 
“I’m sure you can come up with something.” He shrugs, reaching up and fiddling with the necklace’s pendant. “You’re a smart girl.”
“You stress me out so much.”
“I’m sorry, baby. I don’t mean to.” He pecks my lips sweetly two times. “Those are real diamonds, by the way.”
The weight of the piece on my neck tripled as the words left his mouth. I almost rip it off and shove it back into the box it came from.
“Do not buy me anything else, Rafe Cameron.” He hums with a light, closed mouth smile dancing on his lips.
“We’ll see.” He says playfully. “When I see pretty things all I can think of is my pretty girl wearing them.” 
I have to force the grin from creeping its way onto my face, biting down on my lip harshly to prevent myself from exposure. I hear the blood rush into my ears and If not for the color of my skin, he would surely see the blush on my face. Though that did not stop him from figuring me out, the back of his hand reached up to feel my burning hot cheeks as if he just knew what I was hiding. 
His smile gets even wider, skin stretched across the beautiful set of teeth residing in his mouth.
“Why would you ask if I would run away with you?” I bring up the topic again to remove the attention off of me, thoughts racing through my mind. “You were pissed when Sarah ran off with John B, so what makes it any different if we did it?”
The smile drops right off his face, teeth hidden between the curtain of his lips once again as he remains quiet. He huffs through his nose, bright eyes riddled with irritation from the mention of the brunette boy that’s dating his younger sister.
“John B is a no good Pogue that corrupted my sister’s mind.” He shakes his head. “I’m better than him, I have more to give you than he could ever give my sister.”
“I’m also a Pogue.” I point out. He shakes his head again and reaches to twirl the ends of my braids with his finger. “You can pretend that I’m not, but you see what side of town you’re on. I am also friends with John B in some capacity.”
“I told you don’t hang out with him anymore. You aren’t like them.”
“What is that supposed to mean?” I say scoffing.
“You’re better than them. You’re smart, and kind, and not a criminal.” He explains. “You’re even better than I am, and I love that about you.”
“That doesn’t make me not a Pogue, Rafe.”
“I know that, but you are more than just that.” He places a hand on my cheek softly, thumb caressing the skin beneath it. “So many of them are just that and nothing else. They have nothing going for them. Being born a Pogue isn’t their fault, but they don’t even try to change anything for the better. But you? You want to get the hell off this island and make a life for yourself, and that makes you different.”
“What about my brother? He works just as hard as me.” He chuckles dryly.
“He can’t stop running around with people that couldn’t care any less about his future, so what about him?” I sigh and shake my head at his words, knowing that I somewhat agree.
“What would your plan be?” 
He hums in response as a way to ask what I mean, eyebrows pinched and raised.
“If we ran away together, which I’m not saying will ever happen, what would your plan be?” I peel his hand off my face and hold it in my own. “You’re nineteen with no job, I haven’t even finished school yet. How would we survive? Where would we live? Do you plan to live off daddy’s money forever? Because it will run out at some point, Rafe.”
“My dad left Cameron Development to me. He taught me how to run the company, how to be the man of the house.” He says with a firmness. “I handle business, I know how to take care of my family.”
“That’s not what I asked.” My voice is inching on the edge of an attitude. “And are you sure it’s you taking care of business? Or have you left it for Rose to deal with.”
“That greedy bitch doesn’t know how to do anything right.” He practically growls out. “I know what I’m doing, Neriah. It’s not for you to worry about.”
I don’t know what the grift is with his stepmother but mentioning her seems to only make him angry, her name something of a trigger. I’ve never asked what happened to his real mom, but I don't think that conversation would go any better than this one.
He still doesn’t really answer my question, and I feel the conversation turning into more of an argument than anything else. I sigh loudly and squeeze his hand tenderly. 
“Okay, Rafe.” I say.
We’re interrupted by Rafe’s phone ringing in his pocket, the sound of it replacing our voices. He pulls it out, rolling his eyes at the name on the screen. He declines the call, opting to text the person instead. I assume It’s because I’m in the car.
He goes back and forth with the person for a few minutes, one hand texting and the other moving up and down my leg from my knee to the top of my thigh repeatedly. His thumb sneaks under one of the legs of my spandex, the finger brushing back and forth for a moment before he pulls it back out and continues his previous movements. I shift slightly in his lap, the feeling of his skin on mine making it hard to keep completely still. If he notices my maneuvering he doesn’t acknowledge it, the phone shining against his face taking all the attention off me.
He looks frustrated with whoever it is he’s talking to, throwing the phone down on the seat roughly. He sighs deeply, running a hand through his locks. I use my thumb to wipe away the crease in his brow. He looks at me fully, grabbing my hand and holding it against his mouth in a kiss. I feel the displeasure radiating off his body in waves.
“What’s wrong?” I ask curiously. He shakes his head, grabbing his phone again and gripping it tightly. His jaw ticks in vexation, the blonde’s short temper with whoever was on the other end of the device clearly getting the best of him.
“Sorry to cut this short, princess, but I have to go handle something.” He kisses the spot where my necklace sits, skin burning from the contact, before zipping up the jacket to my neck and throwing the hood over my head.
He drops me off back home, handing me the Pandora bag as he helps me out of the car. After pulling me in for a tight hug and kissing me on the top of my head, he got back into the truck reluctantly. I wave as he pulls off into the night, sneaking back into the house the way I escaped.
When I get into my room, I take off the ring and place it into the box it was gifted to me in. I lie down under the warm covers of my bed, playing with the jewelry hanging around my neck with a smile on my face.
Tumblr media
“Where’d you get that?” A voice says, the sound capturing my attention.
I look up from my phone to find Pope standing in front of me. I raise my eyebrows at him as he takes a seat across the table. I hadn’t seen him in a couple days and I was surprised he still remembered where he lives, let alone that he has a sister.
“Get what?” I respond, voice monotonous as I look back down at my phone.
“That.” I see him point at the necklace draped around my neck through my peripheral. I reach and to fiddle with the pendant when he points out the ring too. “And that.”
I’d been wearing the necklace confidently for the past few days since I got it, able to hide it behind the collar of my uniform during school and under the necklines of hoodies when I was home. My parents hadn’t asked or hadn’t noticed, and Pope hadn’t been home in so long I’d be surprised he remembered what I looked like, let alone notice if I was wearing a new piece of jewelry.
I was dumb enough to let myself forget to hide it, the low neck of my top leaving nothing to hide the necklace from plain sight. I wasn’t planning on my brother so suddenly showing up to the house as he chose to spend most days with his friends at the chateau lately.
“My friend gave it to me.” Is the most vague I can be without blatantly lying to him, something I try not to do when I can help it.
“What friend?”
“You don’t know them that well.” I say trying to brush him off. 
“What’s their name?” He keeps pushing, leaning forward and resting his hands on the table as he stares at the jewelry.
“Don’t worry about it.” I snip at him. He hums, looking into my eyes curiously.
“Is it the same friend that keeps leaving bruises all over you?” I avert my eyes at the question, opting to watch the people walking around outside the Heyward’s where we sit. “So it is.”
I had also clumsily forgotten about the fading bruises Rafe left all over my neck in the car that night. I thought that they had disappeared enough that they’d be undetectable, but my brother was clearly too observant to let it slide.
“What are you talking about, Pope?” I choose to play dumb with him in hopes that it’ll get him off my back for now, but that rarely ever works with him. He knows me too well.
“You don’t think I noticed those bruises on your neck the night I came home? After Midsummers?” He looks severely unamused and my heart is beating against my chest so hard that he might just be able to hear it.
No, I didn’t think he noticed. I should’ve covered them up better.
“I didn’t know it was any of your business.” I say. He scoffs and tilts his head at me as if he can’t believe what he’s just heard.
“I don’t care about your hickies, Neriah, you’re eighteen. But I’m not supposed to say anything when my sister comes home with random bruises on her neck like someone tried to strangle her? Or on her arms and wrists?”
“I don’t ask what you do when you disappear for days at a time, do I?” I’m met with silence. “You have your life, and I have mine.”
“You come home with mysterious bruises, sneak out of the house and don’t come back until its past dark-”
“You literally do the same thing-” He cuts me off just as I did him.
“But I’m not the one trying to hide it, am I?” He shouts, slamming his hand down on the table. “And now you come home with some jewelry I’ve never seen in my life and refuse to tell me who it’s from.”
“It’s none of your business, Pope, just as I keep telling you.” I say, chuckling humorlessly. “I don’t understand why you’re making it such a big deal; it’s just a necklace.”
“A necklace from Rafe Cameron!”
My heart drops into my feet and my stomach begins to churn violently at the mention of the person that gave me the piece of jewelry. My mouth is glued shut for a moment, my brother and I staring each other down outside of our parents’ shop. I leave my face blank so as not to expose myself, but I already feel far too exposed. I lick my lips and squint at him slightly.
How did he know? It’s Rafe’s fucking initials, of course he would know.
“You’re being ridiculous.” I laugh dryly as he stares at me frustratedly. “How did you even come to that conclusion?”
I contemplate completely denying his accusation, but decide not confirming it is the better choice. If I lied to him and he found out about it, not only would he have my head and likely never trust me again, but he would surely tell his friends as well. Having Pope on my case is punishment enough.
“You went to Midsummers with him-”
“Not by choice, you know that.” I say cutting him off.
“You went to Midsummers with him, you sneak off with him in his truck, which I have to find out through people in the neighborhood sending me pictures of you talking to him not even twenty feet away from the store.”
“I’m not allowed to talk to people just ‘cause you don’t like them?” He gapes at me in disbelief.
“He jumped me, Neriah!”
“Yeah, Pope, I know. I was there both times.” I look at him incredulously, setting my phone down on the table. “Need I remind you I was the one that saved your ass?”
“So you should understand why I’m pissed.” He says and I nod at him.
“I understand, I just don’t really care because what I do has nothing to do with you.”
“It has everything to do with me!” He bangs on the table with his closed fist angrily.
“No, it doesn’t.” I reply flatly. “Just like how everything you do in your free time has nothing to do with me, what I do has nothing to do with you. I’m not understanding what you don’t get!”
“I’m just supposed to let my sister walk around with that motherfucker’s name on her neck after he punked me?” He asks vexedly. “That in itself is him punking me again, and you’re letting him do it.”
“I’m not letting him do anything!” I raise my voice at him.
“So what do you call it?” He crosses his arms with a face painted in irritation. 
“I call it wearing a necklace that was gifted to me.” I say flatly once again.
“Oh, that's all?” His tone is smart and I roll my eyes at him. “It doesn’t mean anything else?”
“Pope, how do I put this…” I trail off, thinking about my words carefully. “You never take into consideration how your family feels when you disappear without a word for days, or how our parents feel when you throw away opportunities that will greatly impact your future to go be a criminal with your friends. You are clearly willing to ruin your relationship with us for them, so why would I care about you being a little pissy because I’m talking to someone you don’t like?”
He doesn’t answer my question but I can feel the rage radiating off his body across the table. I feel like I’m about to cry but I don’t let it show, opting to mirror his look of anger.
“He’s not a good person, Neriah. He’s a thief and a murderer.” Pope forces the words out of his mouth, teeth grinding down on each one. “He’s already hurt you, what’s to say he won’t do it again? I thought you were smarter than this?”
“He’s not a murderer, and what constitutes a ‘good person’ is subjective.” I say firmly. “Whatever happens between me and him is our business, unless otherwise stated. And I’m not stupid, I know what I’m doing and I really don’t need your input on my decision making.”
“He killed Peterkin, Neriah!” Our argument is beginning to draw attention to us, the people walking by turning their heads to watch us in curiosity. “He steals from our family and kills people to get his way; he’s dangerous and you shouldn’t be around him.”
“You literally watched his dad confess to the murder and then blow himself up his boat. Like, front row seats. Yet you still try to find a way to blame Rafe for it.” I stare at him in bewilderment. “And he has never stolen anything from our family, unless you’re withholding information from me?”
“His dad stole the gold from the Royal Merchant, Neriah. Gold that Denmark Tanny left for us.” I look at him, absolutely puzzled. 
“That ship John B’s dad was looking for? Denmark Tanny? As the owner of Tannyhill?” He nods. “What does Denmark Tanny have to do with us? Or that ship; what are you talking about?”
“God, there’s so much you don’t know.” He says running his hands over his face. “Denmark is our ancestor, Riah. He hid the gold he took from the Royal Merchant for his son to find but he never found it. Then we found it! But Ward stole it from the well before we got a chance to do it first. That was our gold, Neriah, and he took it from us.”
“What?” Is all I can muster up.
This conversation has taken a turn I wasn’t expecting.
“When I went down to Charleston I was basically kidnapped by this crazy white lady and her ancestor was the captain of the ship that Denmark Tanny was on, She was talking to me about some key and I didn’t know what she was talking about so I asked Heyward, and he told to ask Mee-maw. Mee-maw said that the key was his and that we’re related to him-”
“Pope, please stop.” I say. His talking halts abruptly at my request and he looks more confused than I do. “This sounds like a really cool story, really. But, and I don’t mean this to offend you, you sound like a crazy person.”
“It’s true! You can ask Mee-maw or dad!” 
“Pope, I’m not saying I don’t believe you, because I do. I’m saying that you sound kinda insane right now and you need to calm down.” I exhale deeply as I think about my next words. “Even if all that is true, and I’m not saying it isn’t, that has nothing to do with Rafe. His father’s actions are not his, and Ward is dead now.”
“You aren’t understanding me, Neriah…” He says. I shake my head, phone buzzing on the table. The screen lights up with a text from Rafe and my brother makes a sound of disapproval when he sees the name. “Is that your boyfriend?”
“Listen, Ward is dead. John B is back and out of jail, and you guys are free to do whatever it is you wanna do. Go enjoy that! Rafe is the absolute least of your problems right now.” 
“How is he the least of my problems when he’s basically branded you?” He says. My jaw drops, my face covered in bewilderment at his choice of language.
“Excuse me?” I finally closed my mouth after a few seconds of staring at him in shock. “What the fuck did you just say? Branded me… What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”
“You don’t even see it do you?” He continues, not even caring that he’s offended me in the slightest. “Why do you think he has you walking around town with his name on your neck? Do you think it was just a thoughtful little gift?”
“Pope, you need to stop talking.” My voice is dangerously calm. There’s a long list of nasty things sitting heavily on the tip of my tongue but I swallow them down, preferring to end the conversation before it gets any worse.
‘Branded me,’ he says. What the hell is he talking about? It’s a necklace with random letters on it that nobody will give a second glance to. He’s acting like I have Rafe Cameron’s Bitch tattooed across my forehead, like I have a hot iron mark of his name burned into the spot where the necklace sits.
I feel offended that my brother thinks I lack autonomy, like I can’t take off this necklace if I want to. I wear it because I can, not because I have to. Rafe doesn’t own me or make me do anything I don’t want to, and it rubs me terribly wrong for Pope to say something like that as if it wasn’t up to me to wear the damn thing. It only makes me more angry for him to think that anything I do with Rafe has some kind of hidden agenda.
I like Rafe, so I’m wearing his necklace. I shouldn’t have to face interrogation and be called a piece of property in so many words just because he doesn’t like it.
My phone buzzes on the table again, this time a call instead of a text. Before I can reach for the phone, Pope staches it up from the wooden surface. He swipes right and accepts the call. I jump out of my seat as well, moving to take the phone away from my manic brother.
“Stay away from my sister, you piece of shit!” Pope yells into the microphone.
“Pope, stop! Give me my phone!” I reach for the device in his hand and am met with a stiff arm to the chest.
I think I hear Rafe say something of a ‘hello’ to my brother, which only seems to vex him more.
“Fuck you, bitch.” Pope spits at the boy over the phone. “Are you trying to mess with me? You’re using my sister to-”
“Nobody is using me, Pope.” The boy ignores me, pushing me away again when I reach for the phone.
I don’t know what Rafe says this time, but it sends Pope into a rage. He says nothing for a moment, staring blankly at the large Heyward’s sign as his chest heaves. His eyes cut to me and if he weren’t my brother I’d flinch from being at the receiving end of the look I’m given.
“I’ll fucking kill you, Rafe Cameron.” He says lowly and my eyes widen a bit. “Dead under water just like your daddy.”
“Okay, Pope, you’re done.” He doesn’t resist when I snatch the phone out of his hand. “You need to calm down because you’ve really lost your mind.”
“Yeah, Pope, go calm down.” Rafe says loudly. I almost hung up on him for that but restrained myself.
“And you shut the hell up.” I tell Rafe, bringing the phone to my ear. “Don’t provoke my brother, you’re already on thin ice.” He chuckles lightly in my ear, the sound only annoying me further.
“He’s the one that provoked me.”
“I don’t care, Rafe. Don’t do it.” Pope watches me carefully, silently seething as he listens to my conversation.
“Sorry, princess.” He says still chuckling. 
“What do you want?” I say shortly. I wave my brother away and he rolls his eyes, storming off down the street. I watch as he picks up a rock and throws it at an unsuspecting garbage can.
“Do you wanna go to the mainland with me this weekend?”
“Oh you’ve lost it too, I see.” I almost laugh at his question.
“What do you mean?” He sounds genuinely confused and I actually do let out a sharp laugh.
“What do I mean?” I say. “My parents don’t even know we’re together and you think they’d let me go to the mainland with you? You’ve really lost your mind.”
“Well you don’t have to tell them.” He suggests and I laugh again. “What’s funny?”
“You! You’re very funny.” My laughter dies down after a few seconds of silence on the other end. “Go to the mainland for what, Rafe?”
“I don’t know, I just think it would be fun.” He says, humming. “I can show you around Charlotte, or Chapel Hill. We have property up there, Y’know.”
“I’ve been to both of those places before, Rafe. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” I’ve spent plenty of weekends in Charlotte with Londyn and visits with extended family. I visited Chapel Hill early in the summer for a college tour as well, it was my dream school.
“Well, you haven't been there with me.” He states matter-of-factly and I feel like he can hear me roll my eyes over the phone. “Please, princess? It’ll be fun, I promise.”
As much as I like him, going out of town with him is absolutely off the table. There was no wasn’t a lie in the world I could tell my parents that would convince them to let me go, and the truth would have them locking me up in my like Rapunzel.
“What am I supposed to tell my parents?”
“You can figure it out, can’t you?” He hums. “Have they asked about the necklace?”
“No, they haven’t but I think they’re too preoccupied with Pope and the shop to even notice.” I sigh, sitting back down at the table I was at previously. “Pope did, but I’m pretty sure he figured it out on his own before I even said anything.”
“Pope knows about us?”
“Well I didn’t outright confirm it, but yes, he knows.” I say. “So, if my parents ask, I’m not lying to them about us. They’re mildly wary about you but my dad kinda liked yours before everything went down. As long as you don’t do anything stupid, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”
“Are you saying we don’t have to sneak around?”
“I’m not saying we should be flaunting each other, if that’s what you’re asking.” I clarify. “My parents may not hate you but Londyn will have my head if she has to find out through someone that isn’t me.”
My dear friend would have a heart attack if she found out what I’ve been up to. I’ve been pushing off telling her for a while, one-hundred percent sure she’d be anything but happy about my decision. If anything, she would think I’ve been brainwashed and tell her parents about the Midsummers incident, the stalking, and the phone calls. I definitely couldn’t tell her the means of how I ended up giving him the time of day either.
‘He shoved me into the back of his truck after chasing me through a dark parking lot’ doesn’t sound like something a sane person would say when telling their best friend how they ended up with their boyfriend.
“Who cares what she thinks?” He scoffs from behind the phone.
“I care.” I say flatly. “I’ll let you know about the mainland thing later, okay?”
I was already set in my answer of no, but I know he won’t accept that. He was used to getting what he wanted, and I’m what he wants. Hearing ‘no’ is something that isn’t normal for him to hear when most kook girls throw themselves at the richest boy on the island. He knew I wasn’t one to give in to whatever he wants immediately, but he still tests his luck in hopes that maybe I will someday.
I hear him chuckle quietly over the speaker at my words.
“You know I won’t take no as an answer, right?” He only proves my point and I roll my eyes.
“Rafe, you’ll take whatever answer I give you.” I tell him annoyedly. 
I end the call abruptly, setting the phone face down on the table and exhaling loudly through my nose. The device vibrates again and I lazily grab it, one-hundred percent sure of who the sender is without looking.
RC: I’ll see you soon. Be ready.
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devildomwriter · 1 year
Obey Me As Tumblr #21
Tumblr media
MC: My best friend just called me to ask what color he should wear to prom and I was like “umm?? Idk??” And he goes “well we have to match, so like what color is ur outfit?” But he never asked me to go so I was kinda confused so I told him “hey, yeah since when are we going to prom??” And the line goes silent for a bit and he very quietly whispers “shit I forgot to ask you.”
Leviathan: If you think about it the whole process of singing the birthday song and cutting the cake is extremely satanic
Leviathan: No but seriously imagine it this way
A small gathering of people huddle around an object on fire, chanting ritualistically a repetitive song in unison until the fire is blown out and a knife is stabbed into the object
Solomon: You must be fun at parties
Mammon: Do you ever eat something and think “man I don’t even want this”
But then you just keep eating it
Raphael: Are you living or are you just jumping around from one obsession to the other to run away from yourself
Belphegor: What are you the coping mechanism police or something
Asmodeus: One time my brother was being stupid so I said
“Well you can’t spell stupid without u”
And he got really angry and shouted
And I just stared at him for a rly long time
Diavolo: How do we even decide what our favorite colors are, are our brains just like “I like green because yeah”
Luke: “Oh you sing? Are you a good singer? SING SOMETHING FOR ME RIGHT NOW!”
Leviathan: “Do you draw? You do? DRAW ME”
Like no
Asmodeus: “You act? CRY FOR ME RIGHT NOW”
Satan: “You speak that language!? Say something in it!”
Belphegor: “You murder? KILL ME RIGHT NOW!”
Lucifer: The last one seems more doable
Satan: So, today a girl in my class asked what the word procrastination mean and I said ‘can I explain that later?’ And my teacher laughed for like five minutes and when he stopped the girl whispered ‘I don’t get it’
Solomon: Someday in the distant future humans will once again be capable of hearing the phrase “what is love” without also feeling the primal urge to respond “baby don’t hurt me”
Asmodeus: So at that point, people will say “baby don’t hurt me” …no more?
Diavolo: Beautiful set up, perfect follow-through. Great teamwork everybody
Mammon: So on the bus this morning we stop at a red light and this lady gets off then goes about a half block down and then we saw her freeze and run after the bus
Mephistopheles: I love the use of the word entire as in she could’ve just left the leg of the baby but no she left the entire baby
Belphegor: Have you ever finished a test in 30 minutes and no one else was even close to being done
I’m either really smart or I fucked up entirely
Thirteen: Nailed it or failed it
MC: There are rowdy troublemakers in the alley behind my apartment I’m gonna open my window and scream at them
MC: I screamed at them
I didn’t scream any specific words I just kinda screeched and it got silent but then I heard one of them say ‘what the hell was that, fucking Satan?’ and I just screamed again and let me tell you this is a good way to get rid of people
Satan: Well done
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finn-wolfhard · 1 year
okay can you write anything for sub eddie like anything that's not just a blurb I'm dying here
Hope this is ok, anon! x (requests here)
My Little Bitch <3
pairings: Eddie Munson x fem! reader (female anatomy, she/her pronouns)
Warnings: sex and everything that comes with sex so 18+, Eddie being a lil nervous bitch boy lolz thats a warning in itself coz prepare yourself x
words - 1,534
Walking into his trailer, something you had done a hundred times before, with your backpack ready to receive, you shouted “Eds, its y/n”.
“uhh..two seconds!” You heard a shout from his bedroom. Rolling your eyes, you sat on the couch in his living room and started counting your cash. 
Eddie appeared, looking nervous. “how much, Munson?” You enquired.
“500 should do it.” You were the resident drug dealer at Christian Academy and you got your supplies from none other than Mr Munson. 
“cool, I’ve got it all here” your relationship was very professional and purely consisted of transactions. You were picking up weed and eccies and were swiftly presented with them in all their colourful, bagged glory, “thanks man.” 
You visit Eddie once a week to pick up, Tuesday at 9pm when his uncle is at the bar. You could do business in peace, and then leave. You were sure his neighbours thought you were a prostitute, but that was better than them ratting you out to the police for what you were really doing in there. You stuffed the goods into your backpack and got up to leave when you noticed Eddie’s hellfire t-shirt on a chair.
“what’s that? Some rock band or something?” You hadn’t seen the logo before and were into the same type of music Eddie was “any good?”
“er, no thats, thats nothing, just some silly club I have at the school its nothing” Eddie realised he had said more than he wanted to.
“a club?” You picked up the shirt and gave it another once over. “you made this?” 
“yeah, uh, its really nothing-“
“you have a club? In your high school that requires you to wear a shirt like this? What does your club do? Rituals?” You scoffed at it and put it back down. Eddie was visibly embarrassed and went to open the door for you. You, however, wanted answers. 
“So? What do you do?” You pressed, standing grounded in your spot by the chair.
“You’re not gonna like the answer” he said, looking at his feet, then back to you. 
“try me.”
“we, uh, we play this game called dungeons and dragons and-“
“dungeons and dragons? So you’re a satanist cult?”
“NO! No we’re not,” he laughed nervously, “we just play, thats all.”
“so you’re a massive nerd then? interesting, Munson, I thought you were a dork but this just takes the cake.” You smirk at him and his face goes red. He protests, arguing that the game is ‘cool’ and you just wouldn’t know because you’ve never played it. 
You weren’t going to lie to yourself, there was something about Munson that made you want to know what he was like in the sack, as crude as that was. Maybe it was his Brian May hair, or his rings, or his Tatts - but you knew that a big part of the sexual attraction was that he was nervous, and nerdy, and seemed intimidated by you. You knew that if you could get him to bed, you’d have him wrapped around your finger. hell, had he even seen a pair of boobs in real life before? Would he know what he was even doing? Does he rent adult films or have playboys under his bed for when he’s stroking his cock at night- 
This was the most conversation you two had ever had. As stated before, your relationship was purely business. But this could also be your chance to answer the questions you had about him. After this, you would know, and that would be it and you could move on. 
“then teach me” you move closer to him. He looked more nervous than before. His eyes were wide. This wasn’t the first time you had walked up to someone and confidently implied you wanted to fuck them. This was, however, Eddie’s first experience of the situation. 
“w-what?” He stammered.
“show me how cool you are. Show me how you’re not just a big nerd who plays some silly game with a bunch of highschoolers” you put a hand on his chest and lean in. You kiss him and you know instantly that he’s out of his depth. Sure, he’s kissed girls before, some drunk rocker girls outside the bar after his band finishes their gig, but they were drunk and sloppy, and no match for a girl like you. 
The next thing you realise is that he doesnt know where to put his hands. well, he does, but where does he put his hands on the hottest girl he’s been with? The nerves were piling up now. You placed his hands on your lower waist and pull away. “Am I going to have to show you how to do everything?” His face flushed red. The answer you wanted was yes but you also took pleasure in teasing him. 
You placed your thumb on his lower lip and dragged it down. Then you put it in his mouth to suck on - which he did like a good boy. His eyes stared into yours, they were asking what you wanted him to do next. You kept the eye contact while you slid down to your knees. You started undoing the buckle on his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and slid them down a bit. You saw his dick, aching for your fingers to touch it. The tip was red and the slit was wet with pre cum. Still maintaining eye contact, you lightly licked the cum off his head and then swirled your tongue around it. You could feel his body tense as you slowly took a big lick down his shaft. Eventually taking him into your mouth, and bobbing your head a couple times, he started to thrust into you, hungry for the pleasure you were giving him. You put your hands on his hips to stop him. You were setting the pace. Not him. 
You remove your mouth from him and stand up again. 
“bedroom?” He wasted no time in pulling up his jeans and walking you through after you made your request. 
His bedroom was reasonably messy and he had to move a couple things off his bed. He sat down, looking up at you standing. You pushed him so he was lying down and you were straddling him. Giving him rough kisses and palming him through his jeans. His dick was hard as ever and you needed it in you - not before you received something in return for the best head of his life. 
You got off him, helped him up off the bed, and started undressing. He watched in silence and you made sure you moved achingly slow. His eyes were burning into you. You got back on the bed, brought your knees up and parted your legs so he could see all of you. 
“do you want to taste?” You asked him, teasing. He slowly nodded and kneeled at the side of the bed. You were sure he wasn’t going to know what to do. His tongue was on you, cautious at first and not really knowing where to put it, but then he found your clit and you let a moan escape your lips. He now knew where to aim. He sloppily licked your clit and would occasionally lick up your entrance then back to your clit again. You put your hands in his hair and threw your head back when he started sucking. It was bliss. He was good at it. His fingers on his left hand gripped your thigh while his right hand was pulling from the top, getting a better surface area and exposing your clit more. When you couldn’t take it anymore, your stomach tightened and you felt yourself cum. Euphoric. And he still kept going. Pushing him off you, you made him stand up and pulled out his cock again. You gave it one last suck and regained your position on the bed. You were soaked and your entrance was pulsing for him. He took his dick in his right hand, propped up on his left, and slowly slid it in you. You both sucked in your breath, and he started moving. Slow at first, the picking up the pace, you had your legs over his shoulders as he pumped in and out of you. 
“tell me how good I feel” you ordered him, and a slew of words left his mouth.
“So good. So so good.” His eyes were screwed shut and you let your head fall back again as you arched your back, “oh fuck oh shit its so good”.
“Do you like this pussy? Huh? D-does it m-make you want to cum, eds?” You were barely able to get it out, and you could tell that he enjoyed the fact he was making you unable to speak. His dick was making this confident, dominant girl speechless. 
He slowed his pace and breathing and let out one final ‘growl’ as he came inside you. You were both breathless and you lay there for a bit, regaining it. 
“that was good, Munson,” you said “answered my question”.
“what was your question?”
“that you’re a little bitch in bed.”
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