#and the other reason is bc i wanna remember being little and cared for and spoken to nicely and how i saw the world
uncertain3teeth · 3 months
ite shut your assholes listen up bc i HATE when ppl slander my mans blitzo so this is my take
imo i think blitzo is slowly getting character development and i think ppl dont get that fire he caused not only set his crush on fire on accident and he blew up leaving him with scars but also his ther died in that fire and he blames himself for her death and his sister hates him probably for that reason so he also feels guilt for that and his dad idk where he is now but he also hates him too so blitzo being an ass all the time is him just hating himself and thats understandable
and also when he thinks that stolas doesnt like him and only wants to fuck him he is prolly thinking of how when he liked fizz and he wanted to confess to him but the accident happen so he is afraid of liking ppl bc he also doesnt want anything bad to happen again bc when ppl have trauma like that they avoid anything dealing with it like i had trauma with school bc my shit cousin abusing me and shit from elementry school and up until 11th grade and she also controlled where i go and forced me to hate my mother AND now i avoid anything related to school and after 11 grade i dropped,,,i think ppl shld think of blitzo in a psychological way bc yes hes an ass but he has a reason for it and i dont wanna hear any pussy weak ass ppl say "but its still wrong" be openminded cunt and actually take a look at what is happening
also trauma that blitzo had takes literally time to fucking recover from and thats why he is reserved as hell like he can care he does like you saw in episode 7
also little blitzo said he wants to be big in the circus but as he grew up that didnt go well bc of what happened so he went to killing ppl bc its probably an escape and also killing ppl is probably reflecting his hatred for himself so he takes it out on other ppl and OUU also i think since maybe since his mother died bc of what he accidentally did i think him killing ppl is also some sort of control thing like he can control when someone dies bc since his mother died out of his control on accident he yk does that or maybe he just wants kill ppl bc its a connection to the mother in a certain way i feel like his mom maybe taught him how to fight maybe idk but yeah thats also my theories
and also something i want to add is that the reason i think he wants to be in a poly relationship with millie and moxxie is bc its a healthy relationship and he craves the caringness of it but he doesnt want to reveal it bc hes afraid of being vulnerable and he is also jealous bc moxxie and millir is probably a walking reminder of what he wanted with fizzarolli but couldnt so he masks it by being evasive and everyone knows how blitzo is and everyone is use to it so nobody pays no mind and the fact he still likes horses and has horses in his office all around is also bc it reminds him of fizzarolli bc of them playing together so its a coping mechanism for him to keep that close ALSO i think the reason he dated verosika is bc of mommy issues and also he seemed to have a good relationship with his mother and willing to help her and since the dad is an asshole i think he is close to his mother bc yk remember the picture and stuff so maybe dating verosika is why bc its what he was use to
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aericrys · 6 months
can you write a one shot of beach or party sex with any twice ship but it has to be based off “moonlight sunrise” bc this soooooong 😫🫶🏼
I’ll trust you aeri with this idk if that makes sense @writers-ex
in honour of tzuyu’s birthday being today !
“Cheers!” clinking their cans together, Momo and Tzuyu both took a swig of their beverages. It was actually rare for the two to hang out on their own but for some reason, Momo wanted Tzuyu to herself for awhile. She’d spent all day being showered by love for her birthday by the other members so an hour or two alone couldn’t hurt, right?
Tzuyu notices Momo scooting closer but doesn’t say anything, after all, Momo was known for how affectionate she could be at times.
“You know, you growing up makes me feel old.” Momo chuckles, gaining a laugh from the taller girl.
“Why’s that unnie? I’ve been growing for quite awhile now, haven’t I?”
“Yeah, I know but, 24? Damn…” Tzuyu giggles, setting her drink down after taking another sip. A comfortable silence falls between the pair for a minute. Tzuyu notices Momo’s hand on her thigh but, again, says nothing.
It was just her unnie, they’d showered together before for gods sake- why should she worry about her hand slowly dragging against her skin? It’s not like anything would happen.
“Hey tzu?”
Tzuyu smiles warmly at the nickname. “Hm?”
“Do you remember that one night we had together years ago? On your 21st birthday?”
moonlight sunrise
Tzuyu blushes, of course she does, how could she forget?
“You said you wanted to feel more like an adult since us unnies always treat you like a kid.”
Momo’s stood on her knees behind Tzuyu, slowly running her hands up and down her arms, leaving goosebumps on the younger’s skin.
“I remember.” Momo smiles, pressing her cheek against Tzuyu’s with her voice a little lower, sending chills down her spine. Tzuyu could barely focus on the wildness going on outside the confines of her room. How is she supposed to care about everyone doing shots in honour of her when Momo’s so close?
baby, come be my starlight
“I know we never really spoke about it again after that but…”
moonlight sunrise
Momo whispers. “I wanna taste you again.”
oh baby just to make you stay…
Tzuyu bites her lip. “But unnie… what if we get caught?”
moonlight sunrise
Momo starts trailing kisses down Tzuyu’s neck, smirking as she makes no moves whatsoever to stop her. “You know I’ll make sure we won’t… it’s stayed our little secret hasn’t it?” A soft sigh of pleasure spills from Tzuyu’s lips, how was she already laid back against the pillows?
baby, let’s do it all night
“C’mon tzu, I know you want this as much as I do.” Tzuyu whimpers softly in response, cheeks flushed as she lets Momo pull off her shorts and underwear. Momo was right, Tzuyu wanted this just as much, if not more, as Momo did. “Just say the word and I’ll give it to you.”
moonlight sunrise
“I… I want you unnie.”
I guarantee I gotcha
Momo smirks, wasting no time to dive between the younger girl’s legs, licking and sucking as if her life depended on it. Tzuyu’s moans and cries went unheard as her birthday party raged on without her, her members celebrating, unknowing of the scene unfolding above them. Though she wasn’t part of the rap line, Momo was incredibly skilled with her tongue, pulling those cries out of Tzuyu with each curl of her tongue. The younger girl tasted so sweet, Momo couldn’t help but moan at her taste, the vibrations doing wonders for Tzuyu.
Tye pleasure was dizzying for both of them, Momo swearing she was in heaven as Tzuyu’s milky thighs squeezed around her head. She was almost suffocating and she loved it, sucking on her clit to show her enthusiasm.
“U-unnie i- I can’t take much more..” Tzuyu squirmed, her hips bucking wildly at the slightest touch.
“Yeah? You gonna come for me Tzu?” A loud moan was all Momo received in response, the younger’s thighs beginning to shake by her ears. Momo’s jaw had begun to ache but she didn’t care, trying to lap up as much of Tzuyu’s essence as possible. Her breaths came in short, clipped pants the closer she got, knuckles turning white as she fisted the pillows.
“M-Momo unnie!”
Stars collided behind Tzuyu’s eyelids, her back arching off the bed as she came. Her mouth was open in a silent scream for a moment before a series of loud moans followed. The older girl watched in awe, greedily gathering the white sticky mess on her tongue whilst Tzuyu’s body continued jerking all over the place. She only stopped upon Tzuyu’s request, her hand gently pushing her head away. Licking her lips and wiping her chin with the back of her hand, Momo came up to hover over Tzuyu, lips meeting hers in a slow kiss that tasted like a mix of peach iced tea and Tzuyu’s juices.
“Happy birthday.”
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upsidedowngrass · 1 year
one of my favorite details about liam is the fact that he is very nice!!!! but he does NOT seem to get manners
his whole motive thruout season 2 is that he wants to save the others. from the looks of it, he doesnt CARE about the revenge part that much. like yeah itd be nice to stop the guy that physically harmed and killed you bc he did that, but thats an afterthought really - and i didnt interpret liam trying to kill airy even as an attempt at revenge so much as an extremely irrational and extremely stress-induced method of trying to make sure his friend + the others DIDNT get sent to the plane. his main priority is repeatedly that he wants to stop this from happening to anyone else. the only time he mentions himself is when saying that he 'cant live the rest of his life not knowing WHY this happened' (thats paraphrased) but that is immediately followed up w concern for this happening to other people
ofc, he also thinks he literally Has Nothing so the lengths he goes to to save the others CAN be interpretted as not things he would do if he thought he could go back to normal but at that point, thats just extremely specific speculation and i dont think thats supposed to be whats conveyed. some situations wouldnt even be necessarily related to him not having anything, so much as related to helping the others. he still throws himself into everything after "remembering what its like to have a life again." even when he realizes that he doesnt HAVE to have lost everything, he still cared and wanted to help the others more
i think he wanted closure, yeah, but he really did want to save the others. the scene of him helping julien is there for a narrative reason, after all (though i dont wanna get into that bc id go on a tangent about narrative choices in ONE). hell, hes the only one to try to get charlie out of the way of the stakes! (not that the others didnt try, but i feel like the intended take-away of liams general nature is fairly clear)
anyway, liam is nice!! he cares a lot abt others and doesnt want bad things to happen to them, and hes ok with bad things happening to him if it can help them.
but he does NOT understand a lot of social etiquette, or the concept of being polite.
my favorite example of this is the whole discussion abt going to go see bradley. when the restaurant gets shut down, liams first thought is to go 'sooooo. you dont have work, right?' when liam realizes he cant pay for the laptop, he just kinda. 'i dont have any money.' and stares at bryce like a cat looking at your plate of sandwich meat, waiting for you to inevitably give them some
this isnt even ONLY after the 7 months, theres hints of this trait before then! when amelia is talking abt stone making her team when the challenge, he just goes 'yeah sorry.' then talks abt how texty won their teams challenge, pointedly when texty is RIGHT there. liam doesnt even say goodnight back to owen! (this ones less impolite than the others but i think its silly to include)
it should be noted tho, that while this ISNT present before and after the plane, it DOES show up more prominently afterwards, and this could very much be the stress! but looking at WHY its more prominent afterwards also feels like it points more towards this just being How He Is.
all of the things hes kinda impolite abt? are things where he is TRYING to be nice, or arent unkind inherently. hes going to talk to bradley? well, doesnt bryce want to come? driving him there is more efficient anyway. oh you have work? well now you dont! so now things are easier! staying here isnt gonna make the restaurant reopen anyway! (liam also probably does NOT have the same weight associated w jobs that bryce does, since liam hasnt had a job in a capitalist society in 7 months. its probably still subconsciously there, but not at the forefront when the plane is still out there). i crashed your car? well, i think the lives of others matters a little more. you can get a new car, but if something happens to airys contestants WHO KNOWS whatll happen to them
a lot of it, i think, is made more extreme by stress and trauma, yeah, but these are patterns in logic that seem to already discard manners as being that relevant. and i, autistic, chose to view that as something hes just Like. hes not a dick and he doesnt ever mean to be! but also if someone can do something fairly minor to do something more important, why does he NEED to be polite abt it?? whats the POINT you get the same message across! and thats assuming he even REALIZES these things are "impolite," based on a lot of his interactions w vryce, i legitimately dont think he realizes how he acts could sometimes be considered 'impolite'
where bryce is knowingly kind of rude sometimes and doesnt care (though is STILL kind, he is just more blunt and uninterested in sounding nice, which i could do an entirely different essay on the autism of), liam seems to not really notice manners, nor does he think theyre very important to consider, and i just. really love that about his character :)
this is the kind of guy that, if you stubbed ur toe, hed probably not say 'oohh, sorry :(' and hed just be 'dang, that sucks' and move on
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arospaghetti · 3 months
i didn't wanna tack this on my last reblog bc its so long and i didnt wanna take away from ranboos speech either but. theres some specific parts my brain has latched on to from that.
first off being bazoingas, them acknowledging how busty their vtuber and people's art of them was hilarious. i love seeing him explore his identity more, i love that he's comfortable enough to do that. it gives me hope and courage to do the same, and i see a lot of myself in ranboo in terms of gender identity and expression. and something about the phrase "young queer kid" and how we helped that queer kid makes my heart sing. like. they were a young queer kid. they were scared at one point. just like me. just like a lot of us. but if he can make it this far, maybe we can too
and although the whole thing is mostly addressing what the community has been doing wrong recently, i melted when he mentioned how much he appreciates us. bAcK iN tHe dAy, before live streaming and especially twitch became so popular, there was always such a big barrier between the content creator and their audience. you knew your favourite CC appreciated you, sure, but you were always aware of that barrier and how it would always be there. now tho, for better or for worse (thafs a different topic that im too migrainey to tackle rn) that barrier has become a little.. transparent? i guess? it's more like glass now. it's still there, and you're still aware of it, but it has become so much easier to make a real connection with your audience as a creator, and vice versa.
seeing ranboo talk about how he has fun with chat and appreciates us.. it makes me happier than i can accurately describe. ranboo always seems genuinely excited to meet fans and is so active in their own community. it's one of the things about them that charmed me when i was first getting into their content, is how much they clearly loved their community.
but it also makes me sad how much he's been having to correct the community lately. i wont pretend im not part of that issue at all, bc im not perfect and ive definitely broken a rule or two or crossed a boundary once, intentional or not.
but ive been stepping away from ranboos content recently. part of it was not being into their new content as much, as im not a huge fan of horror (but that has been steadily changing for me) but a lot of it was the community. ive watched a lot of great fandoms and communities go sour because people cared too much about the wrong things. i don't want that to happen to something/one that has helped me so much.
but i don't want to end this on a bad note. one of my favourite parts of being a boober is the community (and the name). ranboo fans are some of the most creative, supportive, passionate (even if the passion is misplaced) and welcoming people ive met. even though its easy to forget, especially with what's been going on lately, i try to remind myself and others that there are good people in this community. they can be funny and witty and talented and inventive and observant and so many other things!! this community is filled with good people!!
and at the end of the day, we're qll here for more or less the same reason.
we like ranboo. we enjoy his content and his personality. for a lot of us, ranboo has helped us through some dark times, and led us to make some great friends. some of us are here from the old enderian-platonic-husband days and some of us are here from generation loss and some of us are here for the variety horror games and some of us are just here for minecraft content and a million other reasons. ranboo has charmed their way into the jearts of me and many others. some of us consider finding ranboo to be one of the best things to ever happen to us.
ive never been good at wrapping up these things but ig ill end with. remember where we all came from, and why we're all here.
whether you're a long term fan, a new boober, or have stepped away as the content has shifted, we all were impacted in some way, hopefully positive, by this creator. he's helped a lot kf us, whether it's with mental health, starting our own content creation journeys, inspiring us to make art or mess around with how we present ourselves, or just made us laugh with their jokes and offhand comments, we're all here because of ranboo.
and idk about you, but the fact that so many people can and do come together all because of one person.. that's pretty fucking beautiful to me.
basically, live, laugh, love ranboo. <3
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moon-swag-tourney · 4 months
please tell me about your blorbos/myshows i have questions
these are all the series/characters i want to hear more about,,, don't fret if your blorbo isn't on here, some of them i just don't want spoilers for, and others are from things I'm already a fan of!
this is. kind of long bc im curious about a lot of things. but if you spot your guy in here feel free to send me an ask or respond to this!! also this is just in alphabetical order lmao
The main things I'm looking for are:
About the character
The premise of the series theyre in
Please assume this has spoilers, btw!
Aruru Otsuki - Revue Starlight
tbh I don't understand what kind of franchise revue starlight is so that's my first question. But I also see that a lot of people love her and i wanna know what's up with that!! i heard a lot about her experiencing potential found family trauma and that's always interesting to see
this is kind of a weird one bc tbh bayonetta is rlly popular as is, and it's something i've been wanting to get into for awhile, so my main question is: is it inappropriate for minors or could i watch it and if so what's the best order/sequence to watch the games in??
Cure Moonlight / Yuri Tsukikaga - Heartcatch Precure
tbh im just gay on this one. but I saw a lot of love for her even when she had zero propaganda so i wanna know what makes her so beloved by the precure fans?? and tbh if the precure she's in isn't too long i'll probably watch it
Hisoka Mikage - A3!
I'm gonna let you guys on a secret. this dude is the reason I wanted to make this. he only had one submission but on top of being a long one the amnesia storyline just appeals so deeply to me please tell me how I can absorb info about him and/or watch canon events of him oh my god
Judith - Tales of Vesperia
i think i mentioned it in the ask about her but she's seem interesting!! and im always down for some sapphic storylines!! a lot of it is just that ive heard the tales of vesperia name but never really knew what it was, but off of the descriptions i do have i could enjoy it and wanna hear what exactly it's about?
Moonlight Cookie - Cookie Run
i've. tried to get into cookie run before. but i just couldn't bring myself to care. so i guess my question is can you guys please tell me about how she's a lesbian, as someone who has zero bias whatsoever (lying i am a lesbian) and also just what appeals to you about the story so i can maybe give it a second shot?
Sigma Klim - Zero Escape
listen im all for mastermind plots, even if I know the plottwist going into it. ive seen fanart of 999 from an artist i've admired for awhile and it looks like it could be interesting but i don't know what the series is about so please tell me if you don't mind,,
Sirius Gibson - Witch's Heart
im a sucker for games with different endings, and also a sucker for small indie games that have a lot of passion put into them. i'm not actually sure if that's what this, but that's what i assume it is, and it looks interesting enough to give a chance either way? but i don't
Ursula Callistis / Shining Chariot - Little Witch Academia
so uh. fun fact. one of my siblings actually tried to get me into little witch academia once! and then we never continued bc i guessed the plot twist of the teacher being shining chariot, but that was very early on before i'd really gotten attached to anyone. what im trying to say is if you can pitch the writing and/or characters of this that would be epic sldkjf
Vanitas of the Blue Moon - Vanitas no Carte
i honestly can't remember what appealed to me about em off the top of my head, but it mightve been that one post with the gifs going a bit more into the lore of the story? as of now im just a sucker for the aesthetic but i wanna hear more about the premise to see if its my kind of story sdljf
Yue / Yukito Tsukishiro - Card Captor Sakura
i actually have friends who are fans of ccs! well. friends of friends im not super close to but it still counts! i wanna hear more about them bc tbh i both think he could be interesting and im sure said friends would appreciate it :'D i also just don't know a lot about ccs premise though, if you'd like to offer that instead!
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quodekash · 7 months
i went to bed instead of watching abaab and i woke up and im ✨sick✨
its not the plague but i have a sore throat and im really congested and i feel like a dump truck ran over me and poured all the bin juices in my brain, but its fine cos im here, im queer, and threezo are near
CONTENT WARNING: if youve seen this episode, youll be aware that there will be discussions of rape, sexual assault, and pedophilia. if any of these topics are triggering for you, please take the measures you require to stay safe, and please call emergency services if you require help, and talk to someone you trust. remember: you are not alone, and there will always be people who love and care for you, but you havent yet met some of them. stay safe everyone, i love you
i cannot for the life of me remember how the last episode ended so its lucky that they have little summaries at the starts of episodes cos otherwise id have no clue whats going on
hang on, dont they still need to go to work?
i cant remember what day it is and what they were doing before cher got that phone call but still
dang it ive already had a cup of tea today but i think i need another one
Tumblr media
THREEZO HELLO (ft jack's luscious hair on the side there)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
okay, yeah, fair
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
awhh thoop is cryinggg
bro is in desperate need of a hug
Tumblr media
i love deep platonic bonds
especially when its found family
Tumblr media
**gasp** despicable!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hes so prettyyyy
Tumblr media
and hes also so prettyyyyyy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
am i crying? yes.
im crying a lot
i love threezo so much
Tumblr media
the grip these two have on my mental health and sanity--
have i rewatched this scene four times? yeah. do i now kinda just wanna curl into a ball and sob for a day or two? yeah. unfortunately i have to keep watching the episode
okay so its literally like six hours later now, ive tried having two naps, ive had three cups of tea today, as much medicine as i can have, and the sickness has done nothing but get worse which is just so fun but the only reason i wasnt watching abaab is bc i was trying to sleep and that's just not happening so im continuing the episode now
the commentary is gonna be very little tho btw bc im having trouble making coherent thoughts through all the conjestion clogging my brain
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the way they smile at each other is so 🥺🥹
Tumblr media
sorry, last week i couldnt stop talking about the freaking pomegranate i was eating, today i cant stop talking about how sick i am, ill try and shut up about it and just watch the episode lol
Tumblr media
idk much about the mother
Tumblr media
look, i hate cops and law enforcement
but i even more hate thoop's stepfather
and law enforcement, unfortunately, have a lot of power, but thats fortunate in this situation bc they can force him to shut up which is nice
Tumblr media
oh, wouldya look at that. i was right.
im not happy about it. its freaking horrible. and its even worse that it happens every day in every single country and state and city and suburb and yet nothing is being done about it.
um. yeah. thats all i can think of to say.
holy hell thats freaking disgusting
i hate this so much. not that they included this in the show, im really glad they included it because it's freaking disgusting and not talked about enough, especially in mainstream media and stuff. i just freaking hate that rape exists and people have to put up with it every single freaking day of their freaking lives, and NOTHING is happening to fix this freaking disgusting issue
this episode is a lot heavier than i was expecting and idk if anything im saying makes any sense because im too sick for this and the things that happened are making me even more sick
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sobbing, i cant do this, theyre too sweet
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
as per usual, your hair is on fleek today, my friend
he's angry at laem, but his hair is perfection
Tumblr media
the perfect way to get someone to shut up: shove food in their mouth as fast as possible (im using this at some point) (also how the hell is his hair so pretty i love his hair too much. i think i always spend more time talking about jack's hair than i do talking about the actual episode)
gun's mother has such a sweet sounding voice but her words sting like poison, jeez
Tumblr media
side note: look at three and zo's knees pressed together gjfngjbhfgbh
Tumblr media
wait so. bad buddy exists as a series inside the msp universe. simm exists as a series inside the abaab universe. what's next??
Tumblr media
the frame changed suddenly, kluen was looking down slightly earlier and now he's looking right in nuea's eyes (yes i had to include jack's hair in the screenshot, so what?)
Tumblr media
side note: i love all of jack's ear piercings (and his hair) so much
(ive now used all my 30 photos for this post so you just have to deal with that. on the bright side, the final photo was of jack's beautiful face and beautiful earrings and beautiful HAIR)
i love this friend group so much, theyre all just sitting in a circle in their gaming chairs supporting cher as much as possible in their own little ways and its so sweet and so happy and gfbhbrhgb
ignore your bfs phone calls only to show up at his house with food
"promise me no matter what happens, we will fight it together" RGHBKRDFHGKRBDFHB
"(talking to himself) if your mum knows about this, she will hit you to death, cher" "know about what?" "she gave me only one heart and i gave it all to you" "youre as cheesy as i am" IM DYING WHAT THE HELL THEYRE SO SWEET
theyre so soft with each other what the hell
"i just want to hear it from your mouth-" AND CHER CUTS HIM OFF WITH THE SOFTEST KISS EVER??? (well, not ever. no one can ever kiss as softly or lovingly as freaking akk, but that's neither here nor there) THAT ONE TINY MOMENT IS GONNA PLAY IN MY HEAD FOR AGES NOW OMG
keep the pants on please guys
oh thank goodness they finished the episode before it got to that, i appreciate that
im desperately hoping that next episode will be mostly fluffy happiness bc i cant take much more of this seriousness, especially not if my sickness persists (which i really hope it doesnt, id love to be functioning this week)
um yeah. that was that. i hope you enjoyed that? sorry for all my ramblings about being sick, i just really hate being sick.
once again, i hope youre all safe and healthy, if you're not, i hope you can find a safe space and people you trust, please contact someone who can help you if you need it. i love you all, have a great week :]
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clanwarrior-tumbly · 2 years
first ever request so I'm not sure if I'm being specific enough but
could I request something with the main iswm crew and maybe Mack finding out that the planet the colonists are being transported to is actually alien!readers home planet? (with reader's kind welcoming the colonists and crew with open arms) ((if that's too many characters, you can just pick which ones you want to do))
Slerapy anon
At first he’s stunned that you were an alien this whole time. You did a very good job masquerading as a human.
But does it change his opinion of you as a captain and friend who never gave up on him? Absolutely not.
He’s so excited to meet the rest of your species! And eager for the colonists to rest on the shores of your home planet.
Prior to disembarking you sent a simple request to your people: Never, under any circumstances, are they allowed to call the human named “Mark Iplier” ugly. That word was banned.
You've heard that one too many times from other rude aliens, and your species isn't gonna make the same mistake. No sir.
When Mark finds out about the extra step you took to make him feel more welcomed, he smiles.
And he beams with such pride as one of your planet’s leaders gives him a medal..and then you a medal..and then him a medal..and then you a medal..and that one female crew member a medal.
There’s no one he adored more than you, his alien captain.
Mack (Head Engineer)
On the other hand..
"I KNEW it!! You were an alien all along!!”
Of course, why wouldn’t you know how to reroute power or other troubleshooting measures on your own ship? ‘Only an alien disguised as a human captain wouldn’t!’ He thinks. That’s why he insisted on taking over and treated you so harshly when you refused. He was paranoid.
Now that the truth’s fully out, he plots a revolt against you for “espionage”. 
Yet...nobody takes his side. They don’t really care and are just happy to reach their destination in one piece.
You lowkey get offended when Mack assumes you wanna enslave the colonists, so you explain that your people were hosting a festival to celebrate their arrival--and that the two species have been communicating long before this trip. It’s why you orchestrated this trip at all.
When he finally meets them, he remains hostile but soon sees how genuinely kind they are and realizes how wrong he was.
Then he stumbles into your cabin in tears, begging for forgiveness.
Ngl she was a bit surprised.
She thought the planet you chose was uninhabited and simply had all the suitable conditions for human life.
But the scouting crew discovered an alien civilization and that’s when you reveal your true form to her, smiling as you explain it’s your home and all of them are welcomed.
“We’re a kind species, CC. We’ve been in contact with humanity for a while about establishing a society together. I just..didn’t wanna scare you guys so I stayed quiet.”
Although a bit miffed you kept this hidden she forgives you, still proud to call you her Captain.
“You kept them all safe, and that’s what matters. I’m eager to meet your friends and family, Cap.”
“Aliens??? Hm.....do they have high-tech explosive weaponry we can trade?”
Barely bats an eye at the big reveal that his captain’s an alien.
You find it suspicious, especially when you remember the timeline he betrayed you for that exact reason.
When you catch him alone you ask him what he genuinely thinks of you.
“I was shocked, yeah but..shit, you led us well, Captain. Probably better than any other human could’ve. As long as your kind doesn’t try to uh..probe us, it’s all good.”
You’re a bit nervous about what he’ll think, but he just smiles lightly and reiterates his little poem (from the end of part 2).
“Alien or human or..anywhere in between, you are still a child of the universe. So beautiful to behold. I look forward to the exchanging of our cultures with your species.”
And he just walks away and resumes his duties.
What a guy.
Wug (bc I love him he deserves a spot here)
"You??? Alien???? Alien like Wug????? :DD" 
He's so happy when you’re comfortable enough to reveal your true form to him.
But at the same time feels bad for assuming you were human when you first met him.
You let him come onto your transport as you arrive on the planet's surface, showing him around.
"WOAH!!!! Wug find planet pretty..but not as pretty/handsome as [y/n]!”
He’ll use his translator to talk with your species, and after seeing how benevolent they are he might coordinate a meeting with other Wugs.
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sapphickittykatherine · 2 months
i just wanna talk for a sec about arthur. disclaimer: i adore him. he's my blorbo boy. however, he definitely does get prince privilege with regards to both the narrative voice of the show and the fandom. i'd like to point to this post as a jumping-off point:
if you're anything like me, you might need cw: lancelot slander
Tumblr media
ofc my bias towards lancelot has affected my view of this in absolutely no way whatsoever lmao
i understand that arthur was raised by a power-hungry tyrant - although, one who was said to care for his kingdom even before his own son... - and that being brought up with privilege goes to someone's head. this is why i excuse his dickishness in early seasons. he's going to grow! that's what merlin is there for! by season 5, however, when he has not only not grown but actually gotten worse, you have to question why everyone - including merlin - still praises him so much. he still oppresses magic. he still upholds the inequality of the monarchy. (another disclaimer: i adore fictional stories about monarchs and royalty etc. nothing wrong with liking them!) yet still, people praise him for the absolute barest of minimums. this man will be like, "yeah i don't think we should leave our citizens to die actually :)" and everyone will act like this is some incredibly brave moral stance. "we shouldn't tax our citizens to the point that they starve, or execute innocent people without a fair trial. probably." and the crowd goes wild!
basically every character who isn't a stuck-up noble with their head in the stratosphere thinks this. yet arthur is the one who gets praised for it. why? because he has the power to actually do something about it? the guy actually fights alongside his knights rather than hiding in his castle, which makes him better than the other knights. bc logic. "he's such a great guy!" he's bordering on a mediocre guy with bare-minimum moral stances. and that's okay! he's allowed to be a stuck-up royal prat! he's a medieval prince with a tyrant father, for goodness' sake! but this worship of him - not just by characters, but also members of the fandom - is weird tbh.
how the aforementioned post ties in to all this exactly: lancelot. there is a reason, dear pinterest user, that lancelot is the bravest and most noble of them all, rather than arthur. arthur fights to defend his kingdom, first and foremost. he is the crown prince, and later the kin. if not for the seemingly infinite supply of knights and citizens of camelot, thanks to this being a show, he would have no kingdom to rule if he let everyone die and all structures be destroyed! he wants peace among the kingdoms - great. again, a highly bare-minimum stance, though. you remember when uther signed a peace treaty with a bunch of other kingdoms, even though another king was mad he couldn't get rich off war if that happened? uther the pure-hearted. on the other hand, people like lancelot are just commoners. he wants to risk his life not because he's defending the kingdom over which he presides, but because he doesn't want a bunch of people who, honestly, have very little to do with him, suffer or die like he saw happen to the people in his village. "arthur risks his life for his friends!" the guy has, like, three. i should hope so. not to mention lancelot does the same 💀 for arthur (1x05), for gwen (2x04), for merlin (4x02).
lancelot is literally just one example. if you don't want to, it's chill - it's literally just a work of fiction lol - but maybe try to assess arthur sans privilege. even once. do i think that arthur is better than uther and other tyrants? obviously! do i think that's a particularly high bar? ...
he's a dick with a heart of... bronze. maybe. good for him.
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1-up-chump · 9 months
The day mk abandoned the kung fu death tournament high eastern fantsy aesthetic and then copied the Dcu/mcu aesthetic
Is the day mk fuckin died. It started with the cash grab crossover, then the dlc guest characters, and now this convoluted inconsistent assassination of characters.
sin\del (was supposed to be manipulated by dark magiks from q=uan chi. Was never fuckin evil and never killed jerrod bc SH/AO KAH/N DID AND THATS SCREWING HIS CHARACTER OVER TOO all for some mommy dommy milf fantasy which is absolutely from a "hetcis man's" gaze dont fool yourself)
ku\ng la\o (turned him into a second banana cocky type and just keep killing him for shock value when before he kinda never got this treatment. He was is and always WILL be li/u kan/g's equal in skill and warriors heart)
ra\iden (a LITERAL GOD who was so strong he was only bound by the rules of mortal kombat and the elder gods and his soft spot for mortals and loyalty to protecting earthrealm, kind and wise. Turned into a supposed dEmi-GOd who was willing to use the realm that was his charge as a fucking bargaining chip to a man who's more untrustworthy than shan/g ts/ung, he's hardly around OR he's suddenly not as powerful until he remembers he can obliterate ppl with lightning, he's a cold hardass who's so alien to mortals emotions despite being around them longer and basically raising one like his own son)
li\u k\ang (turned into basically every shonen protagonist ever type levels of character development, gets fucked over in the romance department Although kit/ana has her fair share of problems with writing too, becomes a god in the most deus ex machina way possible and is so intrusive to kun/g la/o and his legacy to meddle with the great kung lao like some sort of savior bs)
sha\ng tsun\g before aftermath (having his whole ass character trashed to the side for some milf dominatrix fantasy in 9 is the only reason i fucking need here lbh)
son\ya (her whole character is stale and practically revolved around the fact she fucks and marries a dude she's so incompatible with just bc of "we need the original characters to make next gen characters we dont care if they're compatible lol" literally has an accidental pregnancy literally divorced jo/hny and then fucking dies, and then comes back anyways "but its the version fans like right oh btw shove in the fact that Son/ya's purpose is to malke cas/sie and thats it shes just mom character now but #gurlboss am i right plz buy game")
ja/x (gets traumatized to hell and back for very little payoff used as depression fetish exploitation, at least his tower ending is great despite the "#woke" bs, his daughter however has the most fucked ending to basically erase herself to make j/ax happy like???? Sonya literally has an avengers/justice league ass tower ending all peachy keen but the black woman cant have any happiness huh mmm sure ok yeah.)
Jacq/ui (honestly im not too into her character but when i heard about her tower ending it pissed me off so much and made me hate the writing even more like oh some characters get basically whatever they wanted no consequence but some characters are doomed to be fucked??? Like hello favoritism MUCH?!? -coughhanzosgodofwarripofftowerendingcough-)
with new characters added that have so much potential but poor execution (i mean seriously you wanna tell me ce/trion and kroni/ka actually killed the elder gods THE ELDER GODS AKA THE BIG POWERFUL DIVINE COUNSEL but have trouble with making rai/d/en and li/u fi/ght and kill each other??? Let alone try to kill one at a time??)
I do like some things like kolle/ctor and ge/rus and cet/rion like i like those characters but by god cetr/ion was wasted potential you cant drop her brother was fucking shinn/ok and then proceed to basically make her some weak errand girl who i feel in the end is making fun of the "divine feminine gaia" aesthetic like the writing wants her to be the bad guy but also sympathetic in the dumbest way possible and she sounds like someone on Twitter who just learned about the concept of "balance" and slaps buddha quotes incorrectly
Also i never cared for shin/nok until recently when i was like "hey wait no his concept kinda slaps actually"
At the end of the day we all have our opinions i guess. And mine is: mk new timeline is written by people who like superheroes movies when mk should be written by people who like kung fu movies
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idyllic-affections · 3 months
the way kaveh unknowingly invalidates reader's feelings im about to
Tumblr media
he obviously doesn't mean to. he never wants to hurt his younger sibling. he's just so caught up in his guilt and he clings onto that visage of faranak being the mother she was before everything (cuz deep down he's still that child that was left on his own to take care of himself AND his younger sibling omfg.)
ALSO READER JOINING HARAVATAT INSTEAD OF KSHAHREWAR JUST MAKES SO MUCH SENSE AND IDK WHY.. i just think kshahrewar, by watching their brother as they grew up, is more of something out of passion, you know? and. reader, having to grow up keeping things to themselves, i feel like they'd go for a darshan that focuses more on logic?? something that's not as innovative or creative, but more of facts and analytic.
basically bc kaveh's heart > brain and reader's heart < brain 🥺...
(maybe maybe bc they think they don't wanna be associated with smth connected to their mom since she was from kshahrewar as well i think or maybe they think even if hey did pursue it they'll never be as good as kaveh because of how different their minds are im CRYINGGG AGAHHGHHHHRR)
also because i see so many clips of "shameless" (that nextflix show, reminds me of kaveh n reader but,, yk,,, less chaotic), you mentioned that faranak wouldn't feel bad about it until later on?
well, what do u think would happen if faranak suddenly vists sumeru as a 'surprise' with her husband, asking kaveh if she could take them to fontaine (either temporarily or not, up to you) to 'make up' from all they missed out on because they're younger and there's still a chance (to redeem herself as a mother?). it's just a recipe for a disaster.
also its unrelated but i think alhaitham caring for kaveh's little sibling is so sweet 😭😭 thinkin about how alhaitham cares so much about kaveh that it extends to his lil sibling .. dies.... uueueueueeuieiie 😭😭😭
ANYWAYS i thinks thats all now i will stop 😇 ty for ur time ily /p mootie i swear ,, ur feeding my brain worms
HI HI HELLO AGAIN i love seeing you in my inbox btw 🙏🙏 please send me your silly brain worm thoughts whenever you'd like 🙏🙏🙏🙏
he ofc doesn't mean to :((
he loves his little sibling probably more than he loves himself and can't fathom ever doing something to knowingly and intentionally hurt them. but as you've said. his inner child is still so unhealed and he's still clinging to the image of what his mother once was rather than the poor parent she became. and what he fails to realize is that [name] has never known faranak as anything but a shitty mother. they were far too young to remember her being a good one. he doesn't realize it, but that's all they've ever known her as--a poor parent. he knows she was good once, but they don't. and he doesn't realize that. this is probably the root of the growing distance between them, i think.
AND YES EXACTLY YOU GET IT.... i think [name] was probably a very artistic and kind child, but as they grew up, their desire to work with their hands gradually decreased until there was none left and they likely found themselves reading more as a kind of escapism or maladaptive coping method. their passion has long since been snuffed out by the pain they've gone through, and architecture... it's a work of passion. they can't do something like that, not anymore.
if kaveh wears his heart on his sleeve, then theirs must be in something of a prison. because why should they let themselves be hurt again? there's no logical reason for them to put forth all their love and kindness, so they don't.
they've had to learn to be logical. haravatat simply provides a better environment for them to foster that protective layer of logic and reason.
AND GODJSKSGSNG MOOT...... "they'll never be as good as kaveh because of how different their minds are" OHHHHH YOU!!!! I LOVE THIS on one hand, they don't want to live in either faranak's or kaveh's shadow (and they also don't want to be recognized as her child), and on the other hand, they don't think they could ever match kaveh in any way shape or form.
oh. it would be a fucking disaster if she did that. i think, by that point, their anger would have gone from the kind of hot boiling "wet" sort of anger (which you know, involves a lot of visible feelings... crying, yelling, that kind of thing) to just. cold frustration. everyone would have expected a more visceral response, but they just give her a plain and cold "no." HNBSNDBDNBNV
YES SOBS EXACTLY alhaitham is not "taking sides" by caring for [name]. he cares for both of the siblings equally, albeit in different ways (teehee silly haikaveh enthusiast pushing their silly haikaveh agenda /hj /lh)... he isn't picking sides. he understands both kaveh and [name] from an objective pov. he believes they are both valid in their feelings. but what alhaitham also understands is that both of them are failing to see one another's own perspectives; kaveh remembers faranak as a good mother, while [name] does not. but he chooses to meticulously care for both of them anyways, because he knows neither of them are quite ready to sit down and really talk about it, so it falls to him to make sure that neither of them lose themselves in their trauma.
so he continues to care for both of them, piecing them both back together with tender attention and care that most haravatat scholars fail to display...... cries. they've both got unhealed inner children but alhaitham is there to help fix it........
alhaitham is just the peacemaker fr and i don't think ANYONE would expect that of him
kaveh and [name] just end up becoming such polar opposites and it has me losing my mind AUGHGBFNF.....
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dekusleftsock · 1 year
Okay look, let’s legit talk about krbk and izuocha/tododeku for a sec here. If you follow/have read my shit before, I’m a big bkdk and togachako shopper. If you have a problem with that, just click off it’s not that hard. Expect bkdk and togachako opinions in this post. Now without further ado, let’s talk about the relationships in these three ships.
Now, honest to god, the least toxic community out of those three is tododeku and that’s probably bc it just isn’t as big as the other two. But what I WILL say is that you guys mischaracterize Katsuki, todoroki, and Izuku the most out of all three.
It’s the one ship that I legit can’t tolerate, no actual logical reason, I just find it annoying for no reason lol. But my personal feelings, don’t really matter here! We’re talking about the actual relationship stuff.
So, what makes this ship interesting? Well I’ve got to say that it’s the fact that todoroki is the first person to teach Izuku how to save someone who does not want to be saved. He was the first person who he had to make them save THEMSELF and WANT TO BE SAVED, and that’s a major part of Izukus development. It makes him start to question the villains of society, are they really all bad? Is it possible to save them? He also had a subconscious bias as he was once apart of the “can nots” of society. Quirkless, disabled, or useless quirked people kind of fit here. Same with villainous quirks. With all of this in mind, it made him look at shigaraki and legitimately think about how to save him. Todoroki taught him that part of hero work is also saving people psychologically.
Todoroki learned a lot from deku in how to accept himself as he is. “It’s your quirk not his!” Was something that stuck with him and continued to do so after the sports festival. He was also todoroki’s first actual friend. And btw, no matter how much y’all wanna say it, todoroki is NOT in the deku squad! Todoroki is friends with Katsuki and Izuku mainly, they are their OWN friend group outside of bkg or deku squads, remember that. Part of todoroki’s development as a character was being friends with BOTH of them, so I’m sorry, but if you hate Katsuki, todoroki does not like you. Just as deku doesn’t. Katsuki is a man with a burning temper and explosive personality, but he is also a positive burning sun in both of their lives.
Tododeku together is amazing, all about making each other be better in silent but nice ways. They’re also socially awkward buddies >:) But what he is not is a replacement for Katsuki. He is not mean, never is never will be. Nor is he jealous and vindictive towards Katsuki. You could probably say that he sees him as a one sided best friendship along with him and deku. (Those titles are actually reserved for uraraka and kirishima but whatever, not the point. Let todoroki live) But it’s also not canon so we’ll just make that a funny hc that’s kinda implied lol.
And I’ll finish this little analysis of them off with, I do not care about who you like shipping with Izuku, but if you actively make Katsuki or todoroki vindictive towards the other PLEASE GOD ADD THE TAG ON AO3 “OOC TODOROKI SHOTO” BC IM TIRED OF READING IT- This whole analysis has been to say, that you can not make todoroki a replacement for Katsuki. You just can’t. And that goes for any Katsuki ship or Izuku ship, they can’t live without the other. So please god stop mis characterizing them. It’s getting REALLY OLD really fast.
Now let’s move onto kiribaku. I’m saving izuocha for last bc they’re the least controversial and I won’t have to do as much work to write them out lmao. Anywho, kiribaku! I actually enjoy this ship sometimes, it’s not my favorite, but it’s still pretty good in my book.
I think the ship is cute and important for katsukis development, as him, kaminari, sero, jirou, and even todoroki call him out on his bs. They were the first friends he really had that weren’t afraid to say “you’re an asshole” to his face even if he yelled at them. They simply didn’t care. Hell, on the second day Katsuki met kaminari, he literally fucking called his personality flaming hot garbage, and jirou even teased him. The class just didn’t tolerate his bullshit. Even deku was like “what the fuck is happening IM the one who gets teased, not him” because unlike before, Katsuki was in the hero course at UA.
He didn’t HAVE the enablers from his teachers or his classmates like he did before. Aizawa didn’t take his shit just like kirishima didn’t take his shit. And this where their relationship truly starts.
Kirishima is exactly what Katsuki needs, someone who can take his quirk, calm his temper, and will call out his bullshit. He’s both a good friend and not an enabler, exactly what he needs. He’s also got a powerful quirk, something that Katsuki at this stage has to see so that he can make the close relationships he needs. He’s pretty much deku in his mind except without the same history and a powerful quirk. Dynamic wise at least.
But just like tododeku, it’s what he NEEDS at that moment. But, unlike tododeku, kiribaku as a relationship itself is enabling Katsukis quirk discrimination. You could even argue that their relationship itself is based in the fact that Katsuki projects deku onto kirishima.
Their friendship and relationship is amazing, but if Katsuki didn’t put some distance between them, it simply wouldn’t show his true development. Kirishima was a walking example of the early part of their first year and middle school life, Katsuki and kirishimas relationship is inherently built on Katsukis flaming hot garbage takes. I legit believe that kiribaku would be MORE toxic than bkdk because of how kirishima indirectly enables Katsukis behavior.
The reason why y’all have been so starved for content unless it’s a movie or an ova is bc horikoshi KNOWS this and so does Katsuki. He KNOWS his friendship was built on seeing kirishima as an enabler for his actions. Katsuki needs to focus on healing his relationship with Izuku more than hanging around kirishima. But y’all aren’t ready for that-
Okay, controversial opinions over, it’s izuocha time.
Izuocha is actually great. I love the ship! She’s exactly what Izuku needs, someone with unquestionable, undoubtable, support and love for Izuku. From day one she believed in him. He doesn’t NEED to prove anything to show that he is worth love and appreciation. Uraraka is the support that deku would have needed in middle school or before that would push him to become a hero REGARDLESS of a quirk.
Izuocha is key to Izukus journey into becoming a hero, so lets just put aside ofa for a moment to talk about it. Lets say Izuku never ran into AM and instead had uraraka as a flame of support at aldera, maybe even before junior high. Because what Izuku would have needed to become a quirkless hero would have been three things: money/gear, training from the right person, and undoubtable love and support. He had none of those things though. Inko never believed in him, his only friend bullied him due to misunderstandings, and all might rejected the very idea of it happening. Three of the most important people in Izukus life DOUBTED HIM, completely and utterly. Even iida thought he wasn’t taking it seriously and that he would never get in. All of the other challengers thought that he was just gonna be useless competition. Unlike everyone else in his life, Izuku never had to earn love and support from uraraka.
And it’s funny how he still ending up having the same things that made him a hero AFTER getting into UA. He HAD the gear (a quirk), he HAD the training (all might), and he HAD the constant support and love from uraraka that he never had to earn. She TAUGHT HIM that he was worth something no matter what. He never had to fight a villain to prove he was something for all might, or sift through years of Katsukis issues just to earn that friendship again, or show that he had the intelligence and support to inko. He was simply allowed to exist as he was to uraraka.
And this support is not just for Izuku either, because he taught her to think about the heroes, who saves the heroes when they’re the ones in danger? Just like how todoroki taught deku how to save someone psychologically, deku did the same for her. He is a key part of her hero journey. He taught her the things she needed to know, they were entirely about lifting each other up. Away from their worries, just them being able to believe in themselves and each other.
But, that’s the early stuff. This information is.. a little out of date, don’t you think? I mean, we had ALL this tension build up from toga vs ochako 1, all about Izuku and ochako (kinda), all of this tension lead to Ochakos speech and then.. nothing. 342 frankly, should have been the confession, because all of the tension that horikoshi had been building was there and then he just let it go. For seemingly no reason. Story wise at least. Or you could make the argument that it was also building tension, okay then, what about 348? THAT chapter should have been about revealing feelings yet it wasn’t. That’s why this information, with how romantic it sounded when I described it, feels so untrue now. And I feel like izuochas also see it, they feel it and know it deep down, yet a lot of them choose to be ignorant and continue to not update their information.
That’s my problem with this ship. They were cute at first, something I wouldn’t totally reject seeing. Hell, I even looked at fandom content of them, but now it just feels like nothing. It isn’t going anywhere, because guys, their development is done! They need to be with their character foils, bkdk, shigaraki and deku, and togachako. They NEED to do the development with THESE characters. They aren’t gonna be canon, because if they were, shigafo’s fight would be about ochako and Izuku, not Katsuki.
And that’s what all three of these need to understand. I know y’all have been starved for content of them, I get that, but the reason you have been is because of the narrative with them simply being done. The development is over. This is how stories work. Take for example, peridot, from Steven universe. Her character arc was done, and I remember seeing su fans getting upset at the lack of peridot content. But she was done. Her arc was over. The same goes for here.
Get over yourselves, please. These characters are not as important to each other as much as you think they are.
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jjunis · 2 years
Tumblr media
ghosting — 21. selfish and stupid
a/n: and here it is, the second part of this mess. there's a little bit of fluff if you squint your eyes, but it's mostly just angst so... yeah here we go.
warnings: controlling/abusive parents, public humiliation?? bc this old man sucks, some physical abuse, people being aggressive, a lot of swearing as per usual, hyunjin and hyuka are the only men we trust in this household
word count: 2.6k
previous | masterlist | next
taglist (open): @viscoolreal @strawbrinkofdeath @msxflower @startlinejjuni @gorechoi @helianthes @dear20cm @whereisgyu @paragonofroyalty @m00nylup1n @b1u3hour @joti17 (✨) @solarswonderland @rlajjunie @shanice-1104 @nshitae @beomgyugyu @jeondolly bold means i couldn't tag you for some reason! and those with a ✨ are part of my permanent taglist 🥰
Tumblr media
That's how you feel when you notice everyone staring at your dad as he barges in, pushing an appalled Yeonjun out of his way.
You take a deep breath.
"Stay here, ok?" You tell your friends before making your way to the entrance, where your dad is causing a scene.
"I'm here, I'm here, I was about to leave," you bluff, trying to get him to calm down.
"What did I fucking tell ya? You should be home by 11!" He snaps at you.
The music stops, making it easier for everyone else to hear you getting berated by him.
"Appa, I told you, I was about to leave. It's not 11 yet. Besides, you told me it was okay if I got home late tonight… We talked about this the other day, remember?" You remind him, trying to keep the conversation low-key, but he's not having any of it.
"You know your curfew. I don't care if you think you're an adult now, I'm still paying your bills, the least you can do is show me some respect."
"But I–"
"And why are you dressed like that? What's with the short dress?"
"It's not that short, it–"
"You look like a failed whore! This is not what I raised you for!"
"STOP TALKING BACK!" He grabs you by the arm and abruptly pulls you closer. You can smell the alcohol in his breath, and you can feel everybody's eyes on you. "God, you're just like your mother. Stubborn piece of shit. What did I ever do to deserve this?"
"Can we please just do this outside?" You ask quietly, and he laughs maniacally. His grip on your arm tightens and you wince.
"Sir, with all due respect, this is a private property and you just barged in uninvited." You hear Beomgyu right beside you. His voice is stern, and you know this won't end well.
Your dad scoffs at him. "Who the fuck are you supposed to be, kid?"
You gaze towards the boy who's defending you. "Beomgyu, it's fine, just leave," you tell him, but he shakes his head and stares at your father.
"Choi Beomgyu, sir. Haven't seen you in a while." He even bows after introducing himself.
"Ohh, Choi Beomgyu, huh? I knew I recognized your weird little rat face. Ha, and here I was, thinking I'd never have to see you again. Life's funny, isn't it?" Your dad retorts.
"Yes, it's hilarious," Beomgyu deadpans. "Now please, I don't really wanna have to call the police on you, sir. Y/N already told you she was about to leave, she'd get home just in time if you would've waited a little longer. There's no need for all of this, so if you wouldn't mind…"
"Go ahead, call the police then. I wanna see what they'll have to say about your little party over here."
Calmly, Beomgyu grabs his phone and unlocks it, but Taehyun reaches him just in time and forces him to put it down, offering him a warning stare.
"What the fuck are you doing?" Beomgyu hisses, bewildered by the sudden interruption.
Taehyun whispers something back, and though you can't make out the words, it sounds kind of aggressive. The older boy scowls at him and opens his mouth to say something, but Yeonjun steps in and pulls him back.
"Dude, don't," is what you think you hear the host of the party saying to him.
With Beomgyu out of the way, Taehyun comes closer to you and your father.
"Hi sir, good evening. I'm sorry, Y/N actually wanted to leave earlier, but I held her back for a little bit 'cause I wanted to dance with her. I rarely go to any parties, as you might know, so I really wanted to be around my friends tonight. I didn't mean to make her go home late or anything, I was actually going to drop her off at home myself so you and your wife wouldn't have to worry about anything." He's a lot more polite — and friendly — than Beomgyu.
Taehyun knows your parents adore him. He's the son your father always wanted, but never had. He didn't want a weak, sensitive girl like you, he wanted a strong, obedient, well-behaved smart boy, just like Kang Taehyun. That's your best friend's advantage. He could charm his way — or your way — out of most situations with your parents at this point.
"Ah, Taehyunie, I didn't know you'd be here!" Suddenly he sounds friendlier, and even lets go of your arm. You lose your balance for a second, so you stagger backward and Taehyun gently places a hand on your shoulder to hold you in place. "You understand I just want my daughter to be safe, right?"
You can feel the heat of the red marks of his fingers on your arm, you just hope they won't bruise. You also notice how Beomgyu takes a step closer to you, with Yeonjun still holding on to his shoulder, but you gesture for him to stay where he is. He doesn't like it, but stands still.
"Yeah, sir, but you know I'll always make sure she is," Taehyun says with a beautiful smile on his face. You know he's fuming inside. "Actually, on second thought, maybe she could sleep over at my house tonight? See, my mom asked me to bring her over for lunch. She's making Y/N's favorites tomorrow, so it'll be easier if she's there already. I promise she'll be back home, safe and sound, before the sun even goes down."
Your dad narrows his eyes, thinking about it for a moment. "Okay. But I'll have a barbecue next weekend, I'm gonna need you to come over and help me with that. Do we have a deal?"
Once again, Taehyun smiles. "Absolutely, sir. Wouldn't miss it for the world."
"Alright, tell your mom I said hi, Taehyunie! And you go with your friend, then." He waves dismissively at you. "Text me when you get there, though. I'll be waiting."
You nod, staring at the floor. "Yes, sir."
Finally, your father leaves, muttering words you don't really understand. He's drunk and not making sense, after all.
You don't need to look behind you to know everyone's staring as if he's completely insane — and they're not wrong. Your heart is racing, you feel like you're about to explode, you can feel everyone's eyes boring into the back of your head.
"Alright, guys, nothing to see here. That's enough, go back to the party!" You hear Yeonjun trying to disperse the crowd while you try to fight back your tears, and Arin goes on to help him on that task, inviting people to go grab something to drink.
Taehyun pulls you into a tight hug and you rest your head on his shoulder.
"I'm sorry about that, I just needed to get him off of you. Sorry I didn't get you out of here quickly enough," he says and you shake your head.
"It's not your fault. Can we just go?"
"Of course. Come on." He kisses your forehead and releases you from his embrace.
The music starts playing again, and before you're able to even move, Beomgyu steps in, after quietly standing there for so long.
"'Don't be fucking stupid', are you fucking serious, Kang Taehyun?" Oh. So that's what Taehyun told him. "You just let this asshole humiliate her in front of everyone!" He gestures frantically towards the door.
Taehyun defensively stands in front of you, staring directly at the older boy.
"What was your big plan, Choi Beomgyu? Call the police? Are you fucking serious? Do you really think that would be any better? Do you think it would work? You were only pissing him off even more, have you lost your damn mind?"
Beomgyu's glare grows darker, his eyebrows furrow even further. "What did you just call me?" Yep. Choi Beomgyu. No honorifics, not even the one you'd use with a stranger. In a situation like this, it could sound absurdly disrespectful.
"Oh. Sorry. Hyung." Taehyun's sarcastic tone could be noticed from the other side of the planet, you're sure.
Suddenly you feel like this isn't about you anymore.
Beomgyu approaches Taehyun menacingly, as if they're about to exchange some punches, but they both just keep staring at each other as if their heads might pop at any given moment.
"So what? You're gonna keep buttering up that idiot for the rest of your life? Is that what you call protecting your friend? Doing whatever that dude wants to get him to like you in return? I didn't think you could be so fucking selfish and stupid," Beomgyu spits and you notice the effect those words have on your best friend.
Taehyun's jaw is clenched, his eyes are practically burning Beomgyu's face, his fists are ready to be put to use. You wanna interrupt this whole thing, you truly do, but you're frozen in place.
He laughs sarcastically. "Oh, I'm selfish? Ha, now that's rich. Yeah, well, at least I never left her hanging when she needed me the most, I never made her feel inferior and worthless when she was on the fucking edge and just needed a friend to talk to, unlike your lame selfish ass did multiple times."
"STOP!" Lia's voice overlaps the tension as she steps into the scene, pushing the boys away from each other so she can stand between them, and you're thankful for that, because you're sure they were about to get physical.
"Noona…" Hueningkai's soft voice calls for you just a second before you're engulfed by his arms, and it's only then that you notice you're silently crying up a storm. Still, you bury your face on his chest, making his costume wet with your tears.
"Both of you, stop it. She doesn't need anyone else making a scene tonight. Just cut it, we're all grown-ups here." You've never heard Lia sound so firm and so damn pissed off, and it's kind of ironic how the first time it happens, it's to defend you, of all people.
"Quit it, you fucking idiots. I don't wanna hear a single peep from either of you," Ryujin interjects, sounding like an angry mother. At least she's not being as loud as the boys were. "This is not about whatever beef you have from years ago. Do you think this is a goddamn competition? Well, newsflash, both of you are being grade A assholes right now and should be embarrassed for acting like stupid kids when you're adults. What is this, are we back to middle school? Yeonjun, get your friend out of my sight right now, before I lose my fucking temper. Hyuka, take Taehyun home. Y/N is crashing at mine tonight."
Hueningkai nods, but doesn't let go of you yet.
At the same time, you hear your best friend trying to say something.
"But noona–"
"Not. A. Single. Fucking. Peep, Kang Taehyun. I'm taking her home with me, and you'll cover for us if her dad tries to reach out. That's final. You've done enough, I don't wanna see your face anymore tonight," Ryujin cuts him off. "Hueningkai, hurry up."
The youngest sighs and plants a kiss on the top of your head before he finally lets go of you. Neither of you says anything, but you slightly bow your head to thank him silently. Before you can even feel the absence of his arms, someone else embraces you.
"You okay?" Hyunjin murmurs as you wrap your arms around his body. You nod, but there are still tears streaming down your face, like a fucking waterfall.
You feel horrible. There's a weight in your chest, as if your heart suddenly became the heaviest thing in the world. First your father, then Taehyun and Beomgyu fighting in front of you, partly because of you, while you were all alone, pathetically watching in silence, wallowing in your own anxiety. Even with the music playing, you know a lot of people still heard the whole thing. How could they not, when everyone was being so loud? If you felt humiliated before, you can't even find the words to describe how you're feeling right now.
"Hyunjin, just–" Ryujin is about to tell him to leave, probably, but he doesn't let her finish.
"I'm driving you home," he informs, holding onto you tightly as he gently rubs your back. "I'm only leaving you two when I'm sure you're safe and sound."
She sighs, but doesn't fight back. He was originally the assigned driver of the night, after all, and you know he's the only one of you who didn't drink a single drop of alcohol.
In the end, she knows he may sound kind of stupid sometimes, but he's just as protective as she is when shit goes down, and it's safer to go with him than just getting in a taxi.
"It's okay, Y/N. We got you," he says in a tone you can barely hear over the music.
"Thank you," you mutter against his shoulder, where your head is currently resting.
You muster the courage to let go of Hyunjin, and he cups your face to gently wipe your tears.
"Come on, this princess has cried enough. I don't want my Daisy to get dehydrated from crying so hard, hm?" He says playfully, but also affectionately, and offers you a cute little smile. "It's over now, we'll take you to Ryu's house and you'll be okay."
You take a deep breath and nod at him, trying really hard to calm down.
When you finally turn around, you notice Beomgyu's already far away at this point, surrounded by Yeonjun, Soobin and Arin in a distant corner of the room. All four of them look dead serious, and Soobin seems to be the one talking the most, while Beomgyu hangs his head low and anxiously jerks his leg, but you obviously have no way of hearing them from that far. Taehyun and Hueningkai are gone, too, and you don't know whether you should feel bad or angry about your best friend. You decide it's best to leave this thought for later.
Lia, however, is still around, and she sheepishly approaches you.
"I'm sorry about that," she says.
Is she apologizing on Beomgyu's behalf? Or is it for yelling at them? Or maybe she's just showing sympathy for your pathetic situation?
"Thank you for stopping them. I… couldn't move," you explain in a shaky voice and she shakes her head.
"No no, there's nothing to thank me for. Just… Just take care, okay?"
You nod.
"And, um… here." She takes off her leather jacket and wraps it around your shoulders. Hyunjin helps her with that, adjusting the piece of clothing on you. "It's cold outside. You can give it back at the next meeting, or the next class we have together."
"No, Lia, I–"
"No, I mean it. Please," she insists. "If I feel cold I can borrow something from Jun."
You sigh and give in. "Thank you." Maybe it's her way of paying you back for helping her the other day. "Can you tell Yeonjun I'm really sorry, please?"
"I don't think you're the one he's mad at, but I'll let him know. I'll see you around, okay?"
"Let's go, babe." Ryujin's voice sounds a lot softer now. "And thank you for helping, Lia."
You leave the house with your arms linked to Hyunjin's and Ryujin's, still feeling your heart race. Hopefully, you'll find some peace at Ryujin's place tonight.
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landmine904 · 11 days
@mostpowerfrog I MEAN. aside from my last post being insanely wrong, i was like also kind of right but i must admit i didnt expect it to be this cute <;3 good work on this thing !! and by this thing im talking about vampire x hunter if it wasnt clear ;;
let me ummm dump about the whole thing here real quick. so overall, its great !! and like it feels like it hit me way harder cuz of how long the wait was between the updates so i was just like getting residual hype in the background from wanting it to be complete and then when i saw u actually post about it was all like: It's feasting time. and like it was so worth !! the story doesnt need to be super complex to suck me in but it still had like really interesting elements to it that like make more sense now considering the direction u went
like, for some reason i expected it to be more wrapped up even tho i kno thats not really your style so i didnt even consider it going this direction BUT that also means my first post may be more true further into the story like arcen questioning his whole motivation for this and the whole bannon clan and also more stuff about vance and and. ugh this is also one of your strengths where combined with the exposition and worldbuilding and characters and the small bit of story we get to see it really makes it seem like theres a whole world with a grand long story to tell if we were to ever explore it which is SO COOL but at the same time kills me a lil bit knowing ill never have like 300 chapters of your comics ...
that leads me to ask, do you have a lot of ideas for your comics that dont make it in or do you just have this small story you wanted to tell and then had to come up with all the stuff around it to have an excuse to make it? like, "ok, cool design just dropped. i wanna have him fight some other guy cuz its cool." and then coming up with a motivation for the mc and the whole story? or is it more like you already had some plans for characters and a story like this and then just had to execute it?
but umm yeah i def like this more than tenfold rings EVEN THOUGH tenfold rings has the same strengths and it was still great but this feels like you took that in stride and then made a more polished pilot for a potential longer story, aswell as having like way more of a settled(?) artstyle... ?? ok at this point im just saying words but i mean its even more flowy and the pacing is suited exactly to my taste and the paneling is really cool and the art is kind of like janky on purpose? like working with a pen with no line weight change or tapering and then allowing some parts to look super off-model to exaggerate the characters better while still having a lot of cool perspective shots and composition, n then also not trying to make aspects look too polished like some lines in the background will be going to the middle of nowhere but the overall composition and look from afar is so strong it doesnt even matter (it kind of makes it sound like an insult but this is great i tell u bc i spend way too much time focusing on polishing some random thing no one will care about) so basically you kno where to put your strengths and what people will actually pay attention to so you dont have to spend too much work
the action for me is also way more readable i remember being a little lost in some panels of tenfold and it wasnt exactly focused on action so it didnt matter too much but everything in vxh is readable and that makes the action scenes feel like ... awesomesauce swagaliciousness !! ive gotta say i aspire to learn your ways because therses so many cool small things i keep noticing on rereads that you did with the art and i especially love the paneling and use of contrast IT JUST LOOKS SO GOOD !!
im sorry though that you had to fight thru artblock n burnout to just get it out, def fine with you doing whatever for your next projects as long as it makes you feel more comfortable with creating the stuff and without burning yourself out n all that :v whether its more pilot comics or some longer form thing or some other medium idc!! u can probably tell im insanely rabid about your art so ill literally take whatever you make. and this is like supremely strange to me because im never obsessed with anyone elses art so i guess you somehow managed to scratch that itch no one else could thus far :O
so overall thoughts: vampire x hunter SUPREMELY goated and you should feel good about it forever. and good luck with every endeavor you ever pursue in the future forever +maximum
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levmada · 10 months
oh since we’re on the topic of eren, i want to know. as a levi stan yourself, what are your opinions on eren? am i the only one who absolutely despises him? i think there was a point in the plot where he just lost my sympathy. he went from a traumatized little kid to a power hungry piece of shit in a heartbeat. the man is selfish by all means and i’m sure there’s some “deeper meaning” but even after finishing the manga, i just cannot find any sympathy for him. is it just me?
hmm you’re definitely not the only one who absolutely despises him but i’m not one of those people. (also i’m glad u read the manga bc i can talk about spoilers.)
eren is the most confusing character imo in just about every way. i wanna start with season 4 and rule out the interpretation that he was ‘acting’ being cold and cruel and overall murderous (like in liberio). he’s always been like that. ever since he was a kid he was ‘looking up at the sky’ and pretty much waiting for something to happen, hating the walls. and besides what sheltered (based on what we see of grishas parenting) 9 year old commits cold blooded murder two times? both being that type of kid that would do that, but for a girl his age he’s never actually met? mikasa killed the last guy bc it was life or death but eren was wayyyy too comfortable murdering those men, whether they were sex traffickers or ordinary bandits.
so he’s always been That Way. during the 57th expedition, levi literally said that eren is a monster, and not bc he can transform, but that NOTHING will keep him in a cage. fighting the female titan in stohess? bro already had a bloodlust. “it was like i wanted to die.” “IM GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!!!!” the difference between eren’s bloodlust toward the titans in s1-s3 and onward is him learning that there are other people out there and it’s actually the people stopping him from being free. the whole world hates their island. eren wasn’t satisfied by reaching the sea by itself because he wanted more and more, combined with his desire for revenge.
however: eren cared about his friends. that’s why he was so determined for the rumbling test not to be an option when he was 18, it would’ve meant historia becoming a mindless titan (i think? i just remember historia would’ve been harmed) and he was genuine during the cart scene when he didn’t want anyone to inherit his titan. he meant it when he said he’d always wrap mikasa’s scarf, and he DIDN’T mean it when he said he hated her in s4. that part was acting. idk if i have to drudge up every moment that proves eremika care about each other (shipping aside).
anyway, and when he learned sasha died? he knew it was going to happen - the overall ‘timeline’ of aot is very linear. remember all the flashes of the future at the end of s3p1, the start of s3p2, the start of s2? there are other moments but i’m getting off topic - and he’d laughed bc that’s how eren expresses tremendous grief caused by his own worthlessness. same thing happened when hannes died in s2.
so eren cared about his friends.
hell, arguably eren cared about every innocent person. when he learned he was gonna kill the kid in marley (totally blanking on his name rn sorry), he kneeled in front of him, crying and apologized. that’s another reason i think that the aot timeline is linear. that for 2,000 years, this was set to happen (hence the title of the first episode and the episode where eren goes to paths with zeke). so in a way, EREN is a SLAVE to no one but himself. he didn’t know any of that until he kissed historia’s hand and got all the memories of the future.
about that: when eren kissed historia’s hand and saw the future, he saw up until the moment he starts the rumbling. he didn’t see that his friends would fight him. he didn’t see that he’d lose. i think that’s more proof eren cared about his friends. he knew about sasha, but he couldn’t stop her from dying. when he learned everything that was going to happen, he became so detached bc he knew it was all inevitable.
the person eren is, he would stop at nothing to get ‘freedom’. at his core, he’s malicious and like you said selfish by all means, but he’s not a psychopath either. he thought he had good intentions, and then he had to fully embrace the monster he is. he went from going fucking ballistic at reiner and bert and screaming that they weren’t human anymore to becoming inhuman himself. he’s so fucking complicated.
AND THEN. the final chapter. eren knowing the future must’ve included his knowledge that he sent dina to kill his own mom and start this story. eren knew that he MADE grisha kill rod’s family and steal the founding titan. (more reasons he became detached.) he tells armin that paradis will know peace thanks to 80% of humanity dying, but armin in eren’s last moments acted like he was thankful despite knowing how shit that excuse is, and eren must know it too. a few years of peace and all that environmental damage for what? when the world recovers, it again will try to kill paradis. HELL in the extra pages, we see paradis become a fucking fascist military state. eren didn’t activate the rumbling to protect his friends. eren tried to avoid it to protect his friends.
but it was inevitable. and at the end? he’s a slave to himself. he’s a selfish, immature, pathetic and malicious little brat, the same as he always was. he doesn’t want mikasa to forget about him boo hoo bro. but did he cry about it in front of armin bc eren had any control of beginning the rumbling, sasha dying, etc. and he’s just that horrible? or bc he had no control, and he pushed armin and mikasa away to save them from himself. that could be pretty open to interpretation i think?
so all that said, do i think it’s wrong for u anon or anyone else to hate him? lol absolutely not. even tho i don’t, that’s one of the main themes of aot. there is no black and white. everyone has their one intentions and reasons, and some you can understand, but forgive, some you can understand and can’t forgive, some you can not understand and can forgive. me personally, i can find sympathy for eren, i can understand, but his actions are still unforgivable (even if you simply counted him making that jab at levi that one time on the airship about the letter🔪/hj).
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cg-saturn · 7 months
hiiii! I not really big on opening up to anyone but I tink I need some advices. a while ago me an my ex broked up and while I am glad we not together and I'm very happy wit my current partner and is way very healthier, my ex knew about me being agere and took care of me when I was feelin smol, but my current partner don't know an this is really botherin me. ik that he proly won't care, but I'm scared to tell him cuz I scared he gonna leave. I thought I could keep it to myself and just be smol when is just me, but the other night I regressed when we were watching justice league unlimited (bestest show eva) and I tink I did good at actin big but I feel like I has to tell him bc ik this is gonna happen again an I don't wanna hide who I am. I sorry for dumpin this out but I dunno who else I could ask for advice on this from. tank you for listening and for your entire blog, it been a really big help for me to know that I'm not broken for being agere and it's ok to be smol
Heya kiddo! First and foremost: you are not broken for being agere.
I feel like I get asked pretty often how to ‘come out’ as a regressor. There’s no right or wrong way, as long as the timing is right and you’re ready to have that talk. It can be nerve wracking for sure, but the good news is you can be open about your emotions once it’s out there! It can also take a lot of anxiety off the partner when you tell them- maybe they’ve regressed too, or they’ve noticed and haven’t known what to do, and now you can openly talk about it!
We luckily live in a day and age where if your partner has questions, there are tons of resources to find some answers! Agere isn’t gross or strange, it’s most commonly a coping mechanism when someone had something happen that made them grow up too quick. If you’re comfortable enough, sharing that can help explain why it happens when they inevitably ask- but if you’re not ready to talk about it, you can always say ‘I’m not ready’ and come back to it later in life.
It’s probably a good idea to come up with ways your partner can interact with you before you bring it up, because the second most common question someone has is ‘how do I act when you’re in that space?’
Different people have different levels of comfort when it comes to being ‘hands on’. Do not start off expecting them to be perfect! Caretakers spend a lot of time basically playing guessing games- especially when they’re new to it. If you’re able to stay ‘big’ enough to still care for yourself at first, you can teach your partner things that make you happy. Bring up your favorite books, snacks that make you small, shows, games, things that you like to be called (like kiddo or little one), anything that’s easy to remember. As time goes on, they’ll learn your ‘tells’ and get better at coming up with things on their own, but it does sometimes take a bit for even the most excited new caretakers to actually get a footing.
I also want to offer that my dm and askbox are both always open for first time cgs looking for tips! I’ve been on both sides of agere, and I know how challenging it can be to try and navigate the craziness, but I also know how worth it everything can be when my star is sleeping soundly with their paci and stuffies. All relationships take a little work, but if you both spend the time learning about each other, it will be worth it.
I’m wishing you the best of luck little one, I hope this goes well for you! I’m extremely proud of you for being honest with yourself and knowing that this is who you are! There’s no shame, no reason to hide it! Go enjoy life, stop and smell the flowers, and be who you are. You deserve to be happy!
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ssreeder · 7 months
ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod it’s HAPPENING this is NOT a DRILL
anyways I’m in bed hacking up a lung and delirious on cough medicine, so this leekie reaction episode is brought to you by Rikodien, our sponser for this evening :D
saw the chapter title and instantly began mentally rubbing my hands together like a greedy little gremlin I’m so EXCITED
oh shit not the suicidal sokka era… man pls just *kachow* back together like an overstretched elastic band bc codependency is wayyyy better than this shit come on dude
okay but like… sokka taking on zuko characteristics due to zuko being out of commission was Not what I expected, and yet I cannot say it’s entirely surprising
toph my bestie, the loml, an actual angel, yes INDEED why DOES sokka want to murder quon surely there’s a REASON
not the zuko situation… rasu baby pls hold strong I Cannot have you being captured
aang. it’s times like these where I have to take deep breaths and remember you are 12 years old bc otherwise I will SCREAM
actually side note, but I would be really interested to hear 1. your feelings on iroh 2. your feelings on iroh IN THIS FIC, bc I personally am not a huge iroh fan for a multitude of reasons (sorry not sorry) so I wanna know how I’m supposed to read him in this universe (also just love hearing your thoughts and opinions but also no I don’t we’re divorced shut up)
thank GOD general how has some brain cells fr
suki is the real mvp of this chapter, she has the patience of the saint I honestly could never. FINALLY THE TRUTH YAYYYYY IM OH SO HAPPY TO HEAR SOKKA FINALLY TELL THE TRUTH
goddammit. why are they teenagers the emotions are just always so HIGH ugh I hate hormones. suki was doing so well ;-; (I don’t blame her or anything but DUDE COME ON)
aang and sokka friendship >>>>>
ykw I’m just gonna leave those typos. I think they accurately convey my excitement.
sreedie. istg if pt 1 of the zukka reunion is sokka just WATCHING THROUGH A WINDOW IM GOING TO MURDER YOU
oh thank fuck he’s through the window. love you sreedie <3
not iroh just observing sokka go feral as a picture of absolute passivity lmao
okay I know this is a serious moment but I’m really enjoying the liab trivia night that sokka is hosting rn
I am actually,, extraordinarily pleased with how this chapter went. so uh.. no notes (ignore the several hundred words of notes above)
my heart was POUNDING and now I need to rest and recover. love ya sreeds <3
LEEKIE YOURE SICK?!?! (It’s been like almost two weeks so I hope you’re better) the audacity.
I think it’s hilarious how much of a reaction that title got heheeeee I’m funny.
Sokka spent 90% of RIA trying to get Zuko to stop doing what Sokka is spending 100% of ITF doing lol. It’s called progression damn it
Oh gosh my thoughts on Iroh? I don’t know where to start. I kind of want you to read Iroh how you want in this fic & see if you can figure out my feelings about the man from that? Hmmm? Call it… playing hard to get ;) ((just because we’re divorced doesn’t mean we can’t still play games))
Some people were mad at Suki for leaving after Sokka told her everything but seriously she is like what? 16??? Lied to & manipulated by someone she cared about & then told pfft there’s someone else. Nahhh girls allowed to have hurt feelings & she is allowed to want to bitch slap Sokka for that. (Just because Sokka is hurting doesn’t mean he gets to hurt others sorry buddddddyyy)
Hahaha Sokka did a really good job being there for Zuko but a terrible job keeping their closeness a secret haha: <3
LEEEEEKKKKKIIIEEEEE ok I don’t love you because you’re a lightbulb smashing ex wife but I do hope you’re feeling better & if now I’ll toss some soup through your window <3 (ok I still love you byyeeee)
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