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idkimtiredanddumb · 9 months
Steve’s awful stuffy parents who never cared what he did so long as he maintained their image as The Harringtons come home early because something weird and terrible is happening in Hawkins and they should make an appearance and find their son in the living room, COVERED in grime and blood with a bat of nails by his side and a skinny messy haired metalhead boy on his lap SURROUNDED by kids calling him mom 
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sorrowlessfield · 19 days
don't mind me Disco Elysium fans, I'm just looking at the fascist vision quest on the Dialogue Explorer and going quietly insane
Endurance - There's a lever in front of you. Pull it, and atomic fire blankets your beloved Revachol. Millions die in an instant. But you are spared. You, and the voice in the payphone.
Pain Threshold - That voice... so warm and sweet...
Inland Empire - No-no, not the voice! Make it stop...
Endurance - While the world burns, the two of you, together again, ride an aerostatic into the sunset. Maybe it will work this time? Spare Revachol and you'll never hear from her again. Will you sacrifice a second chance at love to keep Revachol safe?
Interfacing - An involuntary twitch runs through your hand, almost like reflex.
You - Wait, can Kim be in the aerostatic too?
Endurance - Fine... The three of you, all together, ride an aerostatic into the sunset. The question remains: Will you sacrifice love to keep Revachol safe?
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sethdomain · 1 year
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you know i’ve been STUCK at HOME for like a weeks or so, its not because im lazy eating meat or candy but im really STUCK at HOME because of covid, i just really want to go outside so im not HOME STUCK and ride my bike and get my sweet ass calf hard muscled again, but guess what im STUCK at HOME! ugh so annoying, i wish i’am not HOM– *get shot*
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ynnadart · 23 days
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i haven't seen any art of their combined dreams so i drew it myself :)
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nooo why contact the cannibal stepmother when you could have tried to speak to gepetto or cinderella or elodie!!
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aq2003 · 1 year
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S02E01 // S04E06
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Akari sees Ingo babysitting the little Sneasels and decides to make Ingo a little #1 Dad mug out of wood as a joke. 
In a classic case of miscommunication, Ingo takes this to mean that Akari views him as a father figure now. And, naturally, he decides to take this role Very Seriously. Akari thinks he’s just leaning into the joke for a while but then he just. Never stops.
He outright calls Akari his daughter, all casually while in public, and Akari finally realizes that she accidentally got herself adopted.
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devouringyourson · 5 months
i like to poke and prod at will graham and louis de pointe du lac's sense of self in a similar fashion because at certains points in both nbc hannibal and iwtv they're defining themselves in contrast to lestat/hannibal the villains of their personal narratives while simultaneously ignoring the similarities that attract them to these estranged lover figures. louis is in his will series 2b era at this point in his retelling where he's trying to convince himself he's contrastingly different to lestat and distancing himself from any culpability or amoral actions like ah yes but I feel bad when I ate all those people and really loved claudia :((((( yeah will wanted to take abigail fishing or whatever like join the club mate
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karkalicious769 · 1 year
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I am literally never going to get over the fact that, not only did Tenma keep the outfit that his son literally fucking died in (and Tobio got hit by a truck, there must have been so much blood), but he styled Atom specifically with Tobio's appearance on the day that he died in mind. The boots don't come off, they're a part of him.
Every day I am amazed all over again by how fucking hard in denial Tenma was. No wonder he made a robot replacement of his son — robots don't age. He can just keep his robot son in the house and live in a perfect bubble with his son until the day he dies.
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greenmeanqueen · 7 months
on the basis of three episodes I’d rather have Otto (has kept the realm running for years) and Alicent (lots of empathy, a natural politician) run the country over Rhaenyra (sympathetic to her situation but she’s more than a bit petulant and entitled) and Daemon (an actual sociopath who’d go on a suicide mission because he’s too proud to accept help). the show is definitely giving the Targs the hero edit despite that though. I’m very glad at least that they’ve swerved hard away from the evil stepmother trope of the books. Alicent would’ve been perfectly legally and politically justified to push Aegon as heir from day 1 but a 21st century audience needed it beat over the head that she’s good and kind so she’ll stand by Rhaenyra’s claim for now even if it doesn’t really make sense to say it’s her birthright when by thousands of years of Westeros precedent it definitely isn’t. And yet people STILL think she’s a scheming bitch. Media literacy is in the gutter.
thank you for your ask!!
for all my gripes with otto, there is a political acumen about him that viserys lacks with his people-pleaser tendencies; he understands the system, which is why he can manipulate it when he wants to. he has the extra experience with managing someone who is not very good at their job, which is objectively true of viserys. whenever there's a tough decision to be made, viserys swerves hard to avoid it. i love how HOTD has been really showing his darker side when being confronted with very reasonable duties of a ruler and lashing out, while also refusing to fully try and rectify the messes that he himself has made. he just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper in the hole, committed to "everything's gonna turn out fine because i say so". and otto kind of has to work around it, not just for his own desires, but also so the realm doesn't fall apart.
alicent is similar with her developing soft power, she can carefully choose her words and is starting to get results (which are actually quite benevolent at this point, trying to bring rhaenyra and viserys back together, and to help rhaenyra keep her position). i think episode three was excellent in portraying the growing fundamental conflict of soft power vs. hard power, the latter being what rhaenyra and daemon exemplified. R & D are fire and blood; angry, entitled, merciless, a bit reckless. and they get to walk around like badasses covered in blood while the hightowers are shoved aside, the "inferior" westerosi to the "superior" targs. maybe that was the point, because the hightowers will have their day (and i'm lowkey here for it???).
it's really unfortunate to watch alicent just not be able to win among the audience; she could literally sneeze and someone would cuss at her and/or criticize that anyone would want to say bless you. and you're so right, she has a legitimate leg to stand on in the succession which is why we have this whole conflict in the first place! in alicent's own words, "what mother wouldn't?" but she's not pursuing it because she has a heart, despite popular belief. she and otto may both exercise soft power, but she is NOT her father.
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treesofgreen · 8 months
Hot take from someone who grew up in an abusive, violent home with a mother that found her own refuge in religion and thought she was saving her children's souls if not their minds and bodies when she was actually holding our heads under water: Ed has been consciously and subconsciously denying his desires his whole life not to please Izzy, or to conform to "Toxic Masculinity", but for his mother.
I think not enough weight is given to just how badly a well-intentioned parent can fuck you up for life, especially when they are the safe one, the better one, the one who is hurting you the least in the moment, the one you feel you need to protect even though you are the child.
Ed's mother tells him earnestly, sincerely, kindly that fine things aren't for them. Aren't for him. God says so. And when someone speaks that way about God? God comes first. Over themselves, over you. And you should know your place, never forget your place. Who are you to argue with god? Who are you to argue with your mother's faith in god even - especially - when you don't believe it yourself? How can you take what consoles her away? How can you ever be free of her faith when it was so important to her and she whispered it to you so sweetly it made itself a home in your bones, entwined with your father's violence?
And you'd love nothing more than to scrape it all out and give into your yearnings but that would be a rejection of your mother, who suffered so much (your own suffering does not matter, then or now - it does, but that's what you tell yourself whenever you think of your mother).
Ed has spent a lifetime locking parts of himself away in a little bitty box because of his childhood trauma. Stede has the key.
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bluebear-d · 4 months
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1x01 In Throes of Increasing Wonder // 1x07 The Thing Lay Still
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Someone on Facebook asked if Nandor and Guillermo are in love
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*Sad tuba noises*
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eileenleahy · 2 years
okay now that im settled. i think. denial isnt about the absence of acknowledgment its about refusing to accept the implications. in the first stage of grief you know the person is dead youre just denying it because of the baggage admittance would come with. i do think cas was aware he felt something for dean and pined. but i also think he denied himself acceptance for the absurdity of it all. tmwwbk im an angel youre just a man HELLO. and you can STILL be in denial after acceptance
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azertyrobaz · 2 years
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That’s how the season ended, right? I’m (still) in denial.
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drc00l4tt4 · 17 days
I'm glad most Melvin Sneedly enthusiast all agreed that yes, his parents fucking suck and we hate them
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