#and then they turned out to be like. a nonblack person using the n slur constantly in dms. pepperidge farm remembers
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re: professional writers implementing the n slur in the story, what's the nuance between okay and terrible? though i get it wouldn't go above okay...
Tumblr media
First, don't jump on Vinca or anon, because they made interesting points and I want to continue this portion of the conversation!
So there's a key difference here, like y'all are saying: the first question asked how I would feel if a white author wrote Black characters saying the n word to each other. That's a dynamic that is intracommunal, that I would not trust amateur and many professional white writers to do, not at all.
To put it bluntly: what you're asking about here is the hard "-er". There is a difference in usage (not that nonblack people should be using either term!)
When someone is using the hard "-er", there's no ambiguity about it. It's being used as a slur, point blank. You understand as the viewer/reader that they're being violently racist. It's supposed to elicit a negative response. So Vinca, when you mentioned how it upset you that a white NPC threw that word in GTA at a Black character, you were supposed to be mad! You were supposed to turn around and be like "who the fuck are you talking to??" (I hope you beat their ass, it's GTA for God's sake. And the new game's in Florida? It'd be weird if it weren't lmao)
There's a lot of professionally made, historical media where it's used- 12 Years A Slave comes to mind most viscerally. Can't really make a movie based off an autobiography of a Black man (Solomon Northup) who experienced/witnessed slavery, r*pe, and the human trafficking and mutilation of Black bodies without mentioning the racism of those perpetuating it. It was an integral part of such a violating experience, part of the dehumanization.
So if you're writing something with racists, it wouldn't be "wrong" per se. White people can write about White racists. That being said, you shouldn't have to let the whole word come out to drive home the severity. Have some tact! You're going to look quite sus if I see the hard "-er" all over your work, especially if nothing else in your writing (or about you as an author tbh) suggests you understand antiblack racism outside of "they used a slur!"
The writing should drive home just how deeply in danger your Black character is, and how they're feeling- racist white people rarely just say that word suddenly. Their behavior is gonna indicate that a Black person is in danger, often long before that word drops. I've walked into rooms before and clocked the threat in seconds. And while the use of the slur is very much White history too... I'm not sure that a white author can depict the response of a Black character without having Black peers and having done their research and understanding more than just "they were racist!" Think about your Black readers- they're going to certainly feel some type of way seeing it! If Black readers feel like it wasn't handled with care or understanding for the character or them.... 😬😬😬😬
In summary, If they're not... Aware enough or educated enough on antiblack racism and how we have to navigate these situations- and trust, it will reveal itself in the writing- no, I do not think white authors should be wielding such a strong word to drive home their point.
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turtle-trash · 3 months
Different anon but essentially, you looked at Black people using aave: African American vernacular english, having fun on a post and decided it was OK to screenshot and imply they were all hostile people, or using "cruel" language. It's racist to assume Black people having fun on a tournament poll(which people have been actually cruel with) are threatening just because you are not familiar with the language. If you can recognize that White women refer each other as bitches and sluts out of familiarity and friendship you need to extend that kind of understanding with other languages(yes aave is a language). If you personally do not feel comfortable using such language, thats fine, but thats how other people talk you cant control that. But it goes to show that you guys need to stop stealing aave just to make yourselves appear more threatening or angry or as an interntet joke. Because nonblack people steal it so much you guys have desensitized yourselves the ability to recognize when actual Black people are just being friendly. Case in point: your "my brother in christ" post? The original phrase that white people stole to turn into a meme was "my n*gga in christ". Hence why we ask you guys to stop using "my brother in christ" memes. But even then the original phrase still means "friend". N*gga is a slur, but Black people can use it to refer as "homie" or "friend". Yall can't. Context matters. And now we are at the point where people are accusing the polls to be botted which hate to tell yall it ain't that important. Someone brought this up but if reylos didn't care to bot these things why would anyone care for two characters hardly anyone knows. But other than that, the constant association of equating Black people to bots on this website is racist and its annoying that keeps on happening. That's not even how bots work. You truly want to work on being a better a person, go learn this stuff: research. I can't even blame the other anon that just sends you a "you're just racist" message. I had the time to send this. But more often than not yall drain us because every day with this stuff. You feel exhausted through this experience alone? Imagine going through this and the racism everyday in every fandom space when you just wanna have fun. You gotta put in the effort yourself sometimes
Ohh Kay give me a sec. I need to process this (i don’t do vry good with long blocks of text with no spacing. Apologies)
When I posted those screenshots I didn’t know that the people who said those things were black, I’d try to defend myself on this but I know that I may say something wrong since I’m really bad with words. All I was trying to do was inform the op that the cruel words could have started again. I think one of my mistakes was making it public, as i didn’t expect me doing that would have spread that much (I don’t exactly have a very big presence on this site)
The reason I assumed the language being used was harmful is likely due to my inability to read tone over text, not an excuse, just an explanation. I will reiterate that my issue was with the fact that people (no matter who says it) were referring to a character who’s a child in that way
Ive already gotten a message about my use of the "my brother in Christ" phrase, I’m already removing it from the phrases I use occasionally. I try to keep posts that I’ve messed up on to not try to erase my mistakes, I think it’s good to be transparent about the mistakes I’ve made and I see I’ve failed in that department [not trying to excuse my actions or anything, I’m just attempting to state what I’ve done wrong]
I didn’t say that botting was happening anywhere, I don’t think there was any botting happening. I’m not quite sure where the statement that people think that black people are bots came from in regards to this situation (since I didn’t even mention the potential of botting anywhere except my post saying I want to try and distance myself from this situation for my mental health iirc. And even then I didn’t say the poll was botted)
I understand if anyone is uncomfortable with how I handled anything these past few days. I know I should see if I can find anything to try and better my understanding of this (which I should probably do before I somehow forget, apologies, my memory isn’t very good sometimes)
Im not sure how to end this in a good way but thanks for letting me know, sorry for making you guys feel uncomfortable
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