#and they didn’t really see him as person
ms-demeanor · 2 hours
i’m curious what your opinion is on the finer points of the case mentioned in the JSTOR post you reblogged earlier. the two sources in the post say that JSTOR didn’t press charges against him and had already settled with him by the time he killed himself. from what i read on wikipedia, the concern seems to be that JSTOR complied with a subpoena, which i don’t believe they have a choice to ignore? if anything it seems like the us government had reason to want him dead for wikileaks and public court records reasons, so they took a terms of use violation and blew it up into a dozen federal crimes.
is there more context i should be aware of? i have no particular affection or malice for JSTOR but the sources i found don’t exactly implicate the database or its employees in murder.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
That's from page 175 of this document. This line: "The activity noted is outright theft and may merit a call with university counsel, and even the local police, to ensure not only that the activity has stopped but that - e.g. the visiting scholar who left - isn't leaving with a hard drive containing our database" is where I think the culpability starts.
Tumblr media
If someone is downloading 1000s of articles (what seems like reasonable threshold for us to take action), what's wrong with us - or the university in collaboration with us - alerting the cyber-crimes division of law enforcement and initiating an investigation, having cop search dorm room and try to retrieve any hard drive that contains our content, etc. Our content is extraordinarily valuable and hard to replicate by the sweat of one's brow, but can be duplicated by savvy hackers and who knows what they want to do with the content?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Page 379: "Does the university contact law enforcement? Would they be willing to do so in this instance?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
From page 1296:
Tumblr media
I think the important thing to note here is that JSTOR had worked with MIT and had plans in place to prevent future similar downloads, but remained focused on identifying the person responsible for the downloads and ensuring that their data was deleted.
Tumblr media
"I might just be irked because I am up dealing with this person on a Sunday night, but I am starting to feel like they need to get a hold of this situation right away or we need to offer to send them some help (read FBI).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And there it is. Page 3093 of the document.
JSTOR can hem and haw about it all they want, but you can't un-call the cops.
MIT was working with JSTOR on preventing future incidents of pirating, but JSTOR repeatedly said that they weren't going to let it go, that it was unacceptable to drop the issue, that they were going to continue to pursue the pirate.
You can scroll through the document and see the JSTOR tech department and abuse team talking about Swartz as a script kiddie, and a hacker. You can see someone talking about how this was real theft - making the comparison to stealing books even while admitting that piracy doesn't close others out of access.
You can see the thread starts with a joke about punching someone in the face for hacking their system, and includes the tech team ominously considering whether they should threaten the MIT librarians with the FBI.
There's something really important to note here which I don't think that people who aren't PRETTY DEEP into hackery shit aren't aware of: US law enforcement is absolutely rabidly feral about prosecuting hackers. People may be more aware of this now because of Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden (and perhaps a bit on tumblr because of maia arson crimew), but people who work in tech and who are in infosec - like the people joking about calling the FBI in these emails - would be aware of the bonkers disproportionate punishments faced by hackers. And knowing that, they kept pushing and pushing and pushing for identification of the hacker. They kept digging with MIT, they kept saying that simply preventing future incidents wasn't enough.
Early in the exchange someone from JSTOR asked "what's wrong with us - or the university in collaboration with us - alerting the cyber-crimes division of law enforcement and initiating an investigation, having cop search dorm room and try to retrieve any hard drive that contains our content, etc." and the answer is what happened to Aaron Swartz.
It is absolute bullshit for JSTOR to say "we arrived at a solution privately and didn't want to press charges" after law enforcement has gotten involved with a hacking case, especially one where they're talking about "real theft" and are attempting to quantify and emphasize the amount that was "stolen" from them.
The *public* may believe that private individuals or institutions are the ones who "press charges" but that's simply not the case. It's prosecutors who decide whether or not to go ahead with charges; they do it based on what cases they think they can win and what their office's perspective is on the crime. When you hear about people choosing to press charges it simply means that they decided to tell the prosecutor they wanted the case to go forward. It's up to the prosecutor whether or not that happens.
And the tech team at JSTOR had to know that law enforcement wasn't just going to wag a finger at an academic hacker.
There's a parallel here that happens sometimes when people have their identities stolen by their parents. If you mom takes out a credit card in your name, that's identity theft. That's fraud. That's illegal. If you reach the age of 25 and realize that your credit is ruined because your mom has been defaulting on cards in your name, you've got two choices to fix that: one is to accept the debt and pay it off and build up credit, and the other is to report the identity theft - which will end up with your mom in prison for a decade or so. Ruin your own personal finances, or your mom goes to jail for ruining your finances. So if you find out that your mom stole your identity you can't just call the cops to pressure her into transferring the debt to her name or something. That's not an option. The cops are not a threat to wave over people, they are not a way to get people to fall in line or act right. They aren't someone you can send to a college student's dorm room to retrieve a hard drive and have the matter drop.
When you call the cops on someone you are sending the full force of the law after them, and the full force of the law falls really heavily on hackers, and how heavy that blow can be is something that the JSTOR team must have been aware of when they were making snide comments about calling the FBI because they were frustrated with the noncommittal responses they were getting from librarians.
Ultimately it was the carceral state that killed Aaron Swartz, but they would not have been involved if JSTOR didn't think that what he did constituted theft.
Taking an *EVEN LARGER* step back from that, the idea that information can be owned and locked behind a paywall is what killed Aaron Swartz, someone who fought for information to be free.
Like. JSTOR is a licensing company. At the end of the day, cute social media posts and all, they're the same as the RIAA and ASCAB. They exist to extract a fee from people attempting to access information.
Aaron Swartz and all that he stood for are an existential threat to their core function.
Are JSTOR's hands as dirty as the federal prosecutors? Absolutely not. But they operate on a model that puts them in opposition to open information activists and it ended up with a hammer falling on Aaron Swartz that they dropped.
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eiightysixbaby · 3 days
under the mistletoe
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
modern!eddie munson x fem!reader (college au)
summary: a holiday party, a sweet gift exchange, and an even sweeter kiss
cw: mentions of alcohol, v brief mentions of weed smoking, fluff
Tumblr media
“If Steve and Chrissy kiss one more time under that mistletoe, I’m gonna barf,” Eddie mumbles around his glass of eggnog.
“Oh, come on, I think it’s sweet,” Robin says, elbowing him in the side. “Stop being such a downer.”
You look in the direction of the couple under scrutiny, watching as Chrissy perches herself on her tiptoes to plant a kiss on Steve’s waiting mouth. It is sweet, sickeningly so, if you’re honest. Maybe that’s where Eddie’s coming from…
“I’m not being a downer, I just don’t think we should all have to be subjected to them sucking face every five minutes,” Eddie sneers at her, huffing when she rolls her eyes at him.
“You’re just jealous you’re not getting any, Munson,” Robin sing-songs, walking away to refill her drink.
This was your first time experiencing one of Steve’s Christmas parties. Last year, you spent the holiday miserably sick in your and Robin’s shared apartment. You’d met the group during your first year of college, making fast friends and fitting right in with them. Robin and Eddie knew Steve from their shared hometown growing up, and they’d told you countless stories of all of the parties he used to throw in high school.
You’re just thankful that now, the parties are a little more scaled-back. A lot less drinking-till-you-puke and a lot more quality time with people you actually care about.
“So, you having fun at your first official Harrington holiday party?” Eddie asks you, looking casually over at you with his deep brown eyes.
“Yeah,” you smile. “It’s fun. I needed this after all the stress from finals. And it beats having the flu like last year,” you grimace, heart skipping a beat when Eddie laughs.
“Okay, you got me. Watching Steve and Chrissy make out might be bad, but it’s not as bad as the flu.”
You giggle, feeling your cheeks heat when he doesn’t take his eyes off of you. You’d be a filthy liar if you said you didn’t have a thing for Eddie. The moment you met him he’d captured your full attention, with his boisterous personality and his pretty eyes. His wild curly hair and his stellar smile. Everything about him had you giddy like a teenager, but you hadn’t voiced this to anyone — too scared that your feelings would disrupt, well, everything.
Plus, Eddie definitely didn’t like you like that. You’ve heard some of his hookup stories, he wouldn’t want to settle down and start a relationship with you. You’re just a friend to him, and that’s fine.
But with the way he’s looking at you right now, you could almost be convinced otherwise…
The little moment is gone before it really even started, Nancy coming over to the two of you and hurrying you into the living room to do the gift exchange. You’d decided to do a Secret Santa, drawing names and keeping your chosen person a secret until it was time for the unwrapping.
Much to your excitement, you’d pulled Eddie’s name. You’d debated over what to get him for as long as you could get away with before you finally came up with the perfect idea. Now that it’s almost time for him to open it, you find yourself getting nervous to see his reaction.
Everyone sits in a circle in the living room, taking up all of the furniture as well as the floor. You take one end of the sofa, and Eddie claims the chair closest to you. You watch as Nancy places all of the wrapped boxes and sparkly gift bags in the center of the group, trying not to think too hard about the fact that Eddie chose to sit by you.
“So, whose name did you get?” he leans over and whispers to you, those big doe eyes full of mischief.
“Well what fun would it be to spoil it now?” you counter, smiling at him as he rolls his eyes and sighs exaggeratedly.
Your attention is brought back to the group as Steve offers to go first, picking up his gift and handing it over to Jonathan. Jonathan shyly accepts it, smiling as he tears the tissue paper out of the bag to reveal its contents. He pulls out a few cassette tapes of his favorite artists, as well as a new strap for his camera.
“Dude, these are awesome!” he says, and you watch as Steve smiles proudly. “Thank you so much,” the shaggy-headed boy continues, leaning over to accept Steve’s fist bump.
“No problem, man. I know you were complaining about your current camera strap getting all worn. The cassettes were an obvious choice,” Steve jokes.
The room is full of smiles and laughs as the gift-giving continues. Jonathan gives his gift to Chrissy, Chrissy had drawn your name and gives hers to you — a beautiful charm bracelet and a cozy blanket you’d seen at the mall not long ago and wanted terribly.
That means you’re up next. Your hands feel clammy and nervous butterflies flutter in your stomach as you grab your gifts from the floor. Angling yourself in Eddie’s direction, you hand him the presents with a timid smile.
“For me!?” he asks, holding a hand up to his heart. “How’d I get so lucky?”
You feel your face flush, unable to maintain eye contact as your jitters get the best of you. You just hope he likes it. You hope it’s not too much.
Eddie’s careful hands unwrap the first present of the two, tossing the wrapping paper to the floor. The small box is exposed, and you feel like you might pass out as he takes the lid off. His jaw drops open, his head snapping up to look at you and then look back down at the contents of the container once more.
“What is it!?” Nancy asks, craning her neck from her seat to try and catch a glimpse.
“Custom guitar picks. For Corroded Coffin,” Eddie says, in awe as he just stares at them.
The picks were a red and black marbled pattern, with CC printed onto them on one side, and an image of a bat flying on the opposite side. You know how important his band is to him, how often he stays up till the asscrack of dawn practicing guitar, and so it felt like the perfect thing to get.
You wait with baited-breath as he continues looking them over, picking them up and marveling at them as if they aren’t just pieces of plastic at the end of the day.
“These are…. I don’t even know what to say. These are so fucking sweet,” he says, meeting your eyes.
“Don’t forget to open the second one,” you say, trying to bite back a smile.
He just smiles, shaking his head as he goes to pick up the second present. Reaching carefully inside of the big, sparkly red bag, he pulls out a vinyl record. Not just any record, though. It’s a copy of Master of Puppets, signed by every member of Metallica. Eddie’s favorite band. You’d scoured the internet for a legitimate and somewhat-affordable copy, completely scoring on this one. A good chunk of the money you’d made from your campus job went towards it, but it was more than worth it.
“No fucking way!” he shouts when he clocks the signatures scrawled out in marker. He flips the record around to show the room, everyone erupting in a chorus of “holy shit!” and “oh my god”.
He’s out of his seat in an instant, encouraging you to stand with him. He squeezes you in an impossibly tight hug, his arms so secure around you.
“I can’t fucking believe you,” he says, right against your ear. He pulls back a little, looking you right in the eyes. “Thank you so fucking much. What the hell,” he laughs, his teeth fully on display and the dimples coming out in his cheeks.
“Damn. She’s the best gift giver of us all. I think we might as well just call off Secret Santa for next year, no one’s topping that,” Steve says, getting a nod from Robin.
Eddie still hasn’t fully let you go, and it’s only when you become excruciatingly aware of all of the eyes on you that you pull away from his touch.
“Okay. So, Eddie, you’re next?” you say shakily, trying to gain your composure back. The boy stares at you just a second too long for you not to overthink it, before he’s nodding along.
“Yeah, alright,” he says, reaching for his gift.
The remainder of the gifts are exchanged rather quickly, but you really couldn’t tell anyone what they were if you’d had a gun to your head. All you could think about was the way Eddie hugged you. The look in his eyes when he opened both gifts. His eyes watching you intently from that moment on.
You want to buy him gifts like that all of the time, want to make him smile like that all of the time.
Chrissy and Steve cozy up on the loveseat, wrapped in each other as Christmas music plays softly. Jonathan and Argyle sit by the window, smoking from the new bowl the latter had been gifted by Robin. (That was the only gift you’d actually paid attention to as it was given, because Argyle literally cried). Eddie was relaxing in his chair, sipping another glass of spiked nog.
Robin and Nancy had pulled you into the kitchen as soon as they could, talking in whispers.
“Okay, so what was that? You got Eddie, like, the best gift ever.” Robin says, her eyes bulging at the end of the sentence.
“Yeah, I mean, that record had to have cost a fortune. And the custom picks!?” Nancy prods.
“Can I not just get my friend a nice gift?” you counter, your hand rubbing the back of your neck.
“Something’s up. I always know when something’s up,” Nancy says, her small mouth pursing in thought.
She’s right. She always knows. You don’t stand a chance lying to them — especially not both of them, together.
“Okay, fine! So maybe I have a little thing for Eddie…” you say. “But he definitely doesn’t like me like that! I just… wanted to get him something nice. It made me feel good,” you add, quick to defend yourself.
“I knew it!” Robin says, a little too loud, Nancy and you hurrying to shush her. “I knew it,” she says again, whispering this time.
“Just pleeaaase don’t tell him, okay? I don’t need this getting out—”
“Okay, babe, have you ever considered that he might like you too?” Robin interrupts, and Nancy nods.
“I— I don’t know! He doesn’t seem like the type to want a relationship, and… I don’t know!” you stumble, realizing you aren’t sure if you have a valid reason to confidently claim that he doesn’t like you.
The truth is, you just don’t know. And the unknown is terrifying.
“Why don’t you ask him out?” Nancy asks. “You know Eddie’s a sweetheart. I’m sure he’d love to go on a date with you,” she says, and you chew on your lip in indecision.
“I don’t know, you guys…” you mumble, nervously playing with your hair.
“Just, think about it?” Robin asks, just as the curly-headed man in question strolls leisurely into the kitchen.
“What are we thinking about?” he noses his way into the conversation, grabbing a few cookies off of a tray.
“Uh, nothing important,” you lie, giving him the most convincingly casual smile you can muster.
He bites into his cookie, leaning casually against the table. His dark eyes don’t leave you. Bringing an icing-covered finger to his mouth, he sucks the sugary substance off, making you flustered for the millionth time tonight.
Think about it, Robin said. You’re definitely thinking about it.
“Hey, um, could I talk to you alone, for a sec?” he asks you, bringing you back to earth.
“Oh! Y-yeah, sure,” you say, following him out of the kitchen. You chance a quick glance back at the girls, both of whom give you a thumbs up and an encouraging nod.
Eddie rounds the corner from the kitchen, standing in the entryway to the apartment. You’re just out of earshot of anyone else, and you’re nervous for what he’s about to say. You lean against the wall, his taller frame almost caging you in.
“Listen. I just want you to know how much I appreciate the gifts you got me. You didn’t have to do that,” he says sincerely. “No one’s ever gotten me a gift that nice before, besides for when Wayne got me my guitar,” he says, laughing lightly. “I just… thank you. I can’t thank you enough, actually.”
“I wanted to do it. You don’t even need to thank me. I’m just glad you like them, and you don’t think it’s too much,” you admit, glancing down at your feet.
“They’re perfect,” he says earnestly, getting you to look back up at him. “You’re… perfect," he breathes, saying it like it's a sigh of relief. Like it’s long overdue.
His eyes are so soft and sincere, his lips plump and pink as his tongue pokes out to wet them. His cheeks are tinged with the slightest bit of red, either from nerves or from the alcohol. You find yourself lost in him, your lips parting slightly as you both stand in silence.
Something above his head catches your attention, after a moment, and you look further up. You laugh in spite of yourself, making him look up, too.
Right above both of you, hanging from the arch in the ceiling, is mistletoe. The same mistletoe Eddie had been complaining about earlier. He starts laughing too, and then the both of you are stood there giggling like schoolchildren at the situation you find yourselves in.
When he’s regained composure, and your belly-laughs have subsided to a shy smile, you meet his eyes again. He steps ever-so-slightly closer to you, regarding you carefully down the bridge of his nose. There’s a playful look on his face, and one of his hands reaches out to gently rest on your waist.
“Since we’re here… should we..?” he starts, inching even closer.
“Yeah, we should,” you murmur, pushing up on your toes to meet him as he starts leaning down.
Your eyes flutter shut, your noses brushing together before your lips barely graze his. His warm breath fans your face, and then his lips are pressed fully on yours. You’re drinking him in, letting your mouths move softly together as you press your body against his. He smells like cinnamon and spice, tastes like the liquor from his drink, and you can’t get enough.
He’s pulling away too soon, reaching his hands up to cup your face. You never want him to let go, never want to go back to the reality you were living in before you’d kissed him, and the look on his face tells you he might be feeling the same.
“Wow,” Steve says from his spot on the couch, reminding both you and Eddie that you aren’t the only ones here.
“Awww you guys are so cute!” Chrissy coos, making you bite your lip in slight embarrassment.
Nancy and Robin high-five nonchalantly, before looking at you with huge smiles. Eddie’s arm wraps around you, pulling you into his side. You feel like a million bucks with him so close to you.
“You guys mind if we get out of here?” he says to the room. “I think we have a lot to catch up on,” he adds, glancing down at you with a wink.
You’d never been so happy to leave a party in your life. And maybe you didn’t even make it out of the parking lot of Steve’s complex before Eddie’s hands were all over you, but that’s your business.
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unreliablesnake · 1 day
Big reputation (Simon Riley x reader)
Summary: You got injured on the field and now Ghost feels bad. Well, maybe it's not just guilt...
Note: The people have spoken. Soft!Ghost. Fluff. Short story.
Tumblr media
In your previous team you managed to enrage a general that you shouldn’t have, and apparently kicking you out of your comfortable position was his way of punishing you. So now you came to meet your new team at the base, already having ideas of who’s who based on rumors circulating in the military. 
There was Price who was fair and relatively calm, Gaz who was loyal to the fault and was a surprisingly nice guy in general once he warmed up to you, and you couldn’t forget about Soap–whose call sign you found utterly ridiculous–who was a big mouthed but reportedly funny Scotsman. 
And then there was Ghost, the man who was a mystery to most. No one has seen his face from the people you talked to about the team, and you had a feeling you wouldn’t get to see it either. But that was okay. Him being a big and scary guy wearing a skull mask that every single person was terrified of was more than enough to make you cautious around him.
Fast forward to four months later, when Ghost became your shadow after a fucked up mission where you got hurt. It happened under his watch so he was probably blaming himself, but he never really gave you a reason why he was always near you. Soap was the one who mentioned him possibly feeling guilty, and since you had no better idea, you believed it to be true.
The big scary guy didn’t seem so scary anymore. He was more like a loyal guard dog that followed you everywhere and scared off people you didn't want to be around.
“You should go to bed, it’s late,” he said one evening after a briefing.
It was only the two of you in the room, everyone had left already, but he was going through some reports before taking them to Price. You let out a sigh and leaned forward to rest your elbows on your thighs as you observed him. He had left the room before, but after it emptied and it was only you in there, he came back with the files. Out of nowhere. Without a warning. He mumbled something about needing a quiet place, but that was a terrible excuse considering he had his room to go to.
For some reason he glanced over at you every once in a while, watching you as if there was something he wanted to say to you. But every time your eyes met, he returned his attention to the papers in front of him. He didn’t speak up and you weren’t about to bother him with questions. Ghost was usually pissed if someone asked too many questions, this is how Soap got burned a few times in the past. 
Then something changed. He closed the folder and turned his attention to you again, this time not shying away from making it obvious he was staring. You raised an eyebrow in question, hoping he would say something, but he remained silent. With a groan you stood up and walked over to him, gently pushing the folder away so you could sit on the edge of the desk next to the lieutenant. 
His hand inched closer, just enough to let his little finger brush your thigh. “It’s late,” he repeated his previous statement. 
“I’m not sleepy,” you replied with a shrug. “Why have you been watching me like this? Did I do something wrong?”
Ghost sighed under the mask and pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. He was toying with it for a few moments, his eyes focused on the item instead of you. “You’re causing me quite a few sleepless nights, Rabid,” he muttered as he pulled out a cigarette from the box. He called you by the nickname that awful general had given you a few months back, and you knew he never did that without a good reason. 
What were you supposed to say to that? I’m sorry? No, that wouldn’t be right. So you chose to be careful with your next words. “You can’t sleep?” you asked him, genuinely interested. 
“Not when all I can think about is you and what I’ve done to you,” he replied quietly. 
“Why, what have you done to me?”
He shook his head, mumbled something like ‘fuck it’, then pulled his mask to his nose and lit the cigarette. You couldn’t help but smile at the thought of him getting in trouble for this. Price would be angry, because he believed if he could refrain from lighting a cigar indoors, so could others. So now that Ghost was inhaling the smoke with closed eyes, you didn’t know what to do or say. He would eventually speak up, right? 
Just when you were beginning to think he wouldn’t talk to you, his amber eyes landed on you and he said, “I sent you in there. You got hurt because of me.”
Soap had been right, he really did blame himself. Interesting. “Ghost, that wasn’t your fault,” you assured him. “Shit happens, it comes with the job. Don’t blame yourself.”
His free hand moved to take yours in his, and his long, thick, and gloved fingers wrapped around it gently. “I’m not blaming myself for you getting hurt, I know it comes with the job. I just can’t stop thinking about the what ifs. What if you died? What if you got so injured you would be discharged from the force? What if you were mad at me? What if you left me behind?” This last one made you raise an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you haven’t considered this after what happened,” he told you. 
“Never thought about leaving you behind,” you admitted. “You would mind? If I left and we never met again, I mean.”
Instead of answering, he raised your hand to his lips. “You and me… That would be quite a conversation, wouldn’t it? With your reputation and mine… Well,” he said, and you could see the shining in his eyes that gave away he was smiling. 
It took you a minute to realize he was talking about the two of you being in a romantic relationship. He was right, this would be huge. You were also a lieutenant, he wasn’t your superior, but people feared you both for different reasons. Ghost was… Ghost. All he had to do was stare at someone for five seconds and they would run away screaming. You, on the other hand, were feared because you were unpredictable. One wrong word and you would be at the poor bastard’s throat. 
So yeah. If there was anything to know, people wouldn’t shut up about it. You wondered if he was aware of the bets recruits were making about you. If there was anyone from base you slept with, it would be Ghost according to most of them. Maybe they were right. Maybe that was bound to happen. But maybe Ghost was taking part in the bet for fun. 
“I don’t care about that bet,” he suddenly spoke up. You were terrified for a moment since you had no idea how he figured out what you were just talking about. “I care about you. Would you mind if I kissed you?” 
You were too stunned to respond, all you could think about was the fact he dared to ask you this. You weren’t that close, not with him keeping a comfortable distance all the time. “Right now? Yeah, I would mind. Let’s just get to know each other first, yeah? Maybe over a drink.”
Ghost placed a soft kiss on your hand. “Anything you want,” he told you with a smile before pulling down the mask and getting rid of the remains of his cigarette. 
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moonstruckme · 1 day
hi lovely!! i just had the most amazing 7 hrs of my life just scrolling through your page and reading all of your marauders work!! i never even thought about poly!marauders being a possibility until i found your page and i think you’ve altered my brain chemistry forever???
that being said, i would absolutely be so grateful if you could write a gn!reader with poly!marauders at the start of their relationship, where reader’s a much shorter than average person and the boys (who would be so, so tall) have to learn how to walk slower to make sure they don’t leave them behind. i’m so much shorter than my friends and what i do most of the times is run forward in advance and be in front of the group so i don’t get left behind. i’m totally used to it by now, but it’d be nice to have ppl recognize not everyone can go at the same pace, you know? that was so long, so sorry!! and no worries at all if you don’t wanna write it, totally understand! love u so much 🫶🏽🫶🏽
Hi love!! Omg, 7 hours??? Were your eyes okay after that? Sorry it took me so long to get to this, but thanks a ton for requesting and I hope you like it <3
poly!marauders x gn!reader ♡ 644 words
It’s mainly James and Sirius that are the problem. Remus has learned to hold your hand to temper his own long-legged pace, but much like with talking, when James and Sirius get together they start moving at double the speed. 
“Should we call them?” he asks. 
You consider it. “Let’s see how far they get before they notice.” 
A couple more minutes go by, and Remus can barely see the tops of their heads through the crowded sidewalk. 
“Still no idea?” He searches for notes of dejection in your tone, but finds only amusement. 
“Let’s hide.”
He blinks. “What? No, love…” He sighs reluctantly, but lets you tug him into a nearby coffee shop. 
You buy them each a hot chocolate, and it’s five more minutes before Sirius and James go by in the shop’s window, appearing slightly bemused but otherwise unconcerned. You make to go outside, but this time it’s Remus who holds you back. 
“No, let them stew a minute.” 
The next time they come by, the pair looks noticeably more troubled. Remus knocks on the window, and you both wave when they turn to you, gawping. 
The bell jingles as they come inside. 
“Hey, we’ve been looking for you.” James rubs his hands together, blowing warmth into them. Remus feels a tiny bit guilty and takes them between his. He pretends not to see the toothy grin James shoots him. 
“Oh?” Remus makes his tone casual, and you sip at your hot chocolate to hide your smile. “For how long?” 
“Like, five minutes. You just disappeared,” Sirius complains, scooching into your chair so that you have to share it with him. He peers at your hot chocolate, then Remus’. “Oi, you didn’t get any for us?” 
“Interesting,” Remus goes on, ignoring the question, “because we’ve been in here for nearly fifteen.” 
Sirius blinks, and James cocks his head. “Really?” James asks. 
You nudge Remus’ leg playfully under the table. “No,” you tell them, rolling your eyes. “We just wanted to see how long it would take you guys to notice we weren’t behind you.” 
“You could stand to be a little more considerate,” Remus says primly, sipping his hot chocolate. 
“Aw, baby.” Sirius nestles his freezing nose into your cheek, grinning when you squirm away. “Did those little legs of yours separate us?” 
You roll your eyes, but once again Remus comes to your defense. “Their legs aren’t the problem, yours are. Until you two can learn to be considerate of the less…height privileged” —he pretends not to see the aghast look you send him, and goes on with faux dispassion— “there will be no hot chocolate for either of you.” 
Sirius scoffs, but James is nodding slowly, seeming to mull things over. “Sounds fair,” he says. “However, have you considered that we could simply purchase our own hot chocolate?” 
“Not,” says Remus, “on ethical grounds.” 
James pulls his hands kindly from Remus’ grasp, giving him an almost consoling pat on the shoulder. “C’mon, Pads, let’s go order.” Sirius hops up, and James stops by your chair on his way past to drop a kiss on your head. “We’ll try to keep to your speed from now on, lovie. Sorry.” 
“It’s okay,” you say, having forgiven them long before they even knew they wanted to be forgiven. 
“Honestly, who should you really be mad at?” Sirius gives you a conspiratorial look. “Your knight in shining armor over there just called you ‘the less height privileged.’” 
“Don’t let him turn us against each other,” Remus says, reaching across the table to clasp your hand firmly. “It’s how he gets his way.” 
“I know,” you stage-whisper back. Then to Sirius, “Go get your hot chocolate, and I’ll decide who I’m mad at depending on whether there’s a slice of pumpkin bread with you when you come back.” 
He scurries towards the counter.
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junosswans · 2 days
FMA sketches by Ace Attorney's character designer, Iwamoto Tatsuro
For the past week, Iwamoto-san has been posting sketches of FMA characters on his twitter as a part of his daily sketching challenge and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
I really want to share his art over here and also translate his posts for you all because I think his commentaries are quite insightful for people who are interested in character design!
[Those who know their AA lore would recognize him as who voiced Edgeworth (Mitsurugi) in the games :3]
Anyways, below are his FMA sketches he's shared on twitter so far! (Contains: Ed, Hughes, Kimblee, Mustang, Breda) You can click on the dates to see their original post. I will add to this post if he shares any more sketches, it seems that he has been on an FMA roll xD
If you draw your favourite things out you will know them better! So, this is Edward Elric from #FullmetalAlchemist.
Even if you have decided on the pose you want to draw, it is better to sketch out these three first:
the moment before the pose is struck
the pose itself
the moment after the pose is struck
then decide which image works better for your art. I learned this from a really great senior of mine, and it is very solid advice.
Tumblr media
29/11/2023 (Translator's note: I decided to move this one to the top because it is my favourite. No I don't accept criticism.)
I have been drawing Ed's automail again.
I like it when the machine part has a distinctly different silhouette compared to the human body, so I added some original ideas to the design.
What design should I draw next? Perhaps I should draw the military uniform?
Tumblr media
# (combined two posts because they’re the progression of the same piece.) #
Again, it is the time of "drawing your favourite things to know them better!"
It feels so good to draw such great characters...
My Photoshop has been crashing for mysterious reasons the whole morning, and I tried to troubleshoot in the afternoon and it was a PAIN. Computers are really difficuuuuuuuult--
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Iwamoto-style drawing Masterclass: Bonus!
It is the "Give the leather and metal items a bit of flare/shine to immediately make the drawing look more complete"-jutsu!
Tumblr media
I wanted the clothes to give off an oversized, loose impression.
Canon Hughes didn't seem to be wearing a shirt underneath... hmm.
I am beginning to understand the structure of the military uniform better...
Realising the butt flap/cape didn’t actually connect to the upper jacket is a shocker to me.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A continuation of yesterday's sketch
...or so I thought, until I realized how King Bradley and Kimblee during the Ishval war had a different overcoat design, in which they actually wore a single long coat instead of a separated upper and bottom set.
Tumblr media
When his clothes were unbuttoned, there was something that looked like an additional button on his right chest... I wonder if it could be fastened from the back?
Tumblr media
(Translator's note: sorry, I have no idea what button he's referring to here lol)
I like how each character's personality was expressed through the way they dress. Contrary to his appearance, this person was very intelligent, which makes him such a great character.
Tumblr media
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lonelyfooryouonly · 2 days
sub ellie. that's it.
Here bestie! Hope i did justice 🤧🫶🏻 Also, please read the first part if u didn’t.
Work for it | Ellie Williams x Reader
Part 1
Part 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: Ellie works really hard to make you like her.
Warnings: sexual tension, jealousy, mean!ellie, smut, explicit language, sub!ellie, dom!reader, public sex, oral (r!receiving), nasty shit.
Word count: 2k
A/N: For a better understanding, read the first part.
Ellie was mad. Not sad, not angry, just mad. And maybe jealous, but just a bit. More.
The last time you saw each other, she actually took your advice and completely ‘changed’ her attitude towards you. She tried her best to be as nice as possible. Of course she was still an asshole, but her rude behavior and mean comments weren’t pointed at you anymore. And Ellie thought this was enough for you to let her have her way with you, she had the impression that you will come to her any time now, but she was so wrong, because alomst a month passed and you did not even acknowledge her, let alone look at her. Wrong. She was so wrong that she looked embarrassing and laughable.
From the couch she was seated on, Ellie eyed you the whole night with a big, nasty frown on her face, trying to make out what the hell that girl was saying to you because she made you smile and laugh so wide that it could not be something you did out of politeness. You were indeed finding that person funny and it drove Ellie insane.
“You are gonna break the glass, dude” Jesse spoke as he noticed the way her fingers turned white because of how hard she was gripping the bottle.
“Good, then I’m gonna have a weapon to use on someone” she replied, still not looking away from your direction.
“You seriously plan on commiting murder instead of just going there and talking to her?” He sighed as he grabbed the bottle from Ellie’s hand all of a sudden, then starting to drink what was left.
“I did not ask for advice” she eyed him, but he wasn’t phased by her deadly gaze.
“I know, but I’m still giving it to you since you really need help with this” he gave her an amused smile.
“Why is it so hard for her to like me?” Ellie sighed and fully turned away from your direction, leaning her head against the couch. “I always get things my way”
“News flash, not all the girls like assholes. She probably finds you attractive and all that, but…” Jesse spoke, then stopped before he might say something wrong.
“But what?” Ellie pushed, looking at him with a frown. “Just say it, dude”
“I think your personality is… a turn off for her” he said and Ellie scoffed.
“What do you mean?” She asked confused.
“Firstly, you really have anger problems. You say very harsh stuff when you are angry and don’t even apologize. Secondly, you are emotionally unavailable all the time. You would rather die than talk about your feelings. You also don’t take anything seriously and it’s frustrating as fuck. Oh, and don’t get me started on-”
“Okay, I heard enough” Ellie scoffed at his detalied answer — an answer she asked for and now she regrets.
“God. I want her so bad, but she won’t come to me. What should I do?” She sighes as she watches you and that unknown woman again.
“Why should she come to you? Go to her instead. If you really want a chance, put your pride aside”He replied, shortly adding a “Or whatever. I don’t know man” in case something went completely wrong for Ellie so she wouldn’t blame him for listening to his advice.
She gave her friend a nod, mumbling something about this better be working, then got off the couch and headed towards your direction. You only noticed her until she was behind you, clearing her throat.
You turned around and looked a bit confused seeing her here.
“Can I help-” you tried speaking, but she cut you off fast.
“Can we talk?”
“I am kind of busy right now” you reply with a frown, wanting to excuse yourself from Ellie, but she doesn’t leave.
“It will only take a moment” she persisted, making your frown deeper, because she wouldn’t juat get the message.
“Okay, I will be back” you give up, knowing she can turn into a real pain in the ass if things don’t go her way and honestly you had such a lovely night, you didn’t want to ruin it.
You turn to the girl and blow her a kiss, before walking in the oppoiste direction, causing her to follow you close behind with a disgusted expression as she just watched the unknown girl ‘catch’ your kiss.
“Can we go upstairs?” She suggested and you looked at her with a puzzled expression.
“For what?” You ask after passing a corner and stopping near a hallway, a bit far away from where you left the girl.
“Do you not remember what we talked? That if I improve my attitude I would have a chance…?” Ellie ignored your question and went straight to the point since she was wasting time.
“And you think you improved it?” You question an a sarcastic tone as you cross your arms against your chest. “Well, let me tell you that you did not. Starting to treat me like an actual human being, not throwing insults or nasty looks at me is not improvement, it’s decency. You expect me to jump in your arms because you started to acknowledge me when I came along Jesse and Dina to outings? Or when you gave me half-assed “hi’s” on the street? Please.” You almost laugh at her thinking she did something.
“I- I’m trying, okay? But you’re not helping since you always want to make me jealous by talkin’ to people. You make it hard for me to be nice” Ellie accused and you rose your eyebrows due to the shock.
“Believe me, I don’t talk to people thinking you will see and be angry. You are the last person I have on my mind in that moment” You reply with a smile, seeing how her jaw clenches at your words.
“I would be the only person on your mind if you gave me one chance. You won’t need all these losers because I can make you feel like you have never felt before” she assures you on a irritated, yet cocky voice.
“Big words coming from your mouth” you maintain your amused smile as you tilt your head to the side, challenging her.
“Wanna see if they are true?” She offered as she stepped closer to your body, placing her hand near you head.
“You want this pussy so bad” You laughed at her as you placed your hand on her chest.
“Yes.” She said as she licked her lips, her eyes flicking to your own lips.
“Get on your knees then.”
“Get on your knees and beg me. I just might let you have a taste” you promised, raising your pinky to her face to convince her of your seriousness.
“Is this the kind of shit you like? People acting like beggars?” Ellie asked almost offended.
“Kinda. But you know the difference between you and them? They get this pussy and you don’t” you fake a pout at her.
“Now be good for me and get down, yeah?” You encourage her as you move your other hand to her shoulder and start to push her down. And she lets you. Without saying anything, she silently complies to your request. At this point, she has nothing to lose anymore. She hates the idea of you being with other people. Hates thinking how they can touch you. How they can see you in your most vulnerable state, but she is deprived of it. Not any longer. Not anymore.
“Now, we gotta move fast cause there might be people coming.” You tell her as you reach the hem of your dress, pulling it up enough for her to have access to your core.
Ellie’s hands move to your hips, dragging you close to her as she rubs her nose over your lace panties, inhaling your smell before she sticks out her tongue and licks your cunt over the thin material.
You hiss in annoyance as you grab a fistful of her hair, dragging her back to look at her.
“You waste time. Didn’t I tell you we don’t have enough time?” you frown at her, causing her to give you a lazy smile.
“You want it as bad as I do” Ellie replys proudly, making you roll your eyes at her.
“Don’t annoy me” you warn her as you use your free hand to get the panties off of you as she watches you movement like she was in a trance. You threw them on the floor and then drag her back to your cunt, whimpering when her warm breath hit your skin.
“Fuck” Ellie cursed as she decided to waste no time and attacked clit. She started to suck it harshly, gaining small moans from you.
“Yeah, just like that” you encouraged her, still guiding her head by the hair.
Her tongue swirled around the bundle of nerves, your back arching against the hard wall. Your hands dragged her closer and closer, not caring if she could breath anymore or not. But by the way she was moving her tongue up and and down on your cunt, cleaning your juices, she smeed to be breathing just fine.
Deciding to switch the position a bit, you placed one of your legs to her shoulder, making her moan against your core, sending virbrations in your whole body.
“You like getting on your kness for me, yeah?” You asked, voice ragged, gaining a hum of approval from Ellie. “So pretty” you add, biting your lip in order to stop other moans from coming.
You didn’t know how much time passed, but your dress started to feel unconfortable. Your body felt hotter than ever. The material stuck to your skin like glue due to the sweat. Unfortunately, your moans increased in volume, but you still hoped the music was loud enough to cover you. You felt the familiar knot forming in your belly, so you began to desperately grind on Ellie’s face, you head falling back because of the pleasure that overcame you. Your eyes couldn’t stay open as your orgasm washed over you.
“Oh God” you exhale after you finally calm your breath.
Ellie licks her lips as she cleans her chin with the back of her hand, getting ready to get up, but not before she quickly grabs your panties and stuffes them in her back pocket. Useful for later, she think as she imagines how she will shove them in your mouth to keep you quiet.
Her knees hurt like hell, but it was worth it since she could finally taste you. Touch you. Make you come. And it was such a sight. You were still recovering after she bought you so much pleasure and she couldn’t be more proud.
“Just Ellie is fine” she laughes at you as she places her hands to your dress, dragging it down you body.
“Fuck off” you laugh as well, shaking your head.
“So?” She questioned, biting her lips. “Wanna go upstairs?”
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rynwritesreid · 1 day
Hiii, may I ask a request? something like, taking a train trip with Reid, he doesn't want to hold the bar because of the germs, so he has to hold himself on reader or he would fall. they can be friends or a couple, whatever. Love your work, Thank uuuu!
This is probably the most in-character I have ever written about Spencer :) I really enjoyed this, thank you for the request 💕
Content: Germaphobe Spencer. I don’t think I’ve mentioned pronouns for reader.
Masterlist| requests are open| Navigation
You and Spencer stood next to each other on the crowded subway station. You knew the train was going to be packed, and you’d be lucky to find a seat. It was these very moments you wished Spencer didn’t mind driving, or that you had learnt to drive.
You looked over to Spencer, whose face was contorted into disgust. His eyes scanning the platform, trying to see if there was a more spacious area, but no luck.
“Hey Spence, don’t worry the train will be here soon. I hate this as much as you.” You weren’t a germaphobe, but you didn’t enjoy crowded spaces and your job had made you hyper-aware, so every move somebody made you flinch.
Spencer only offered a small smile in return. Finally, over the noise of the crowd, you heard the rhythmic metallic clatter of the train wheels on the tracks. The crowd moved towards the edge of the platform, pushing you and Spencer closer together.
Once you were both on the train, you both looked up and down the carriage, trying to see if there were any available seats. You both let out a sigh when you realised you were going to have to stand the entire journey.
You reached your arm up to grab the bar, noticing Spencer’s arms remained by his side. His expression turned into one of mild horror as he eyed the seemingly germ-ridden handrail.
"Spence, it's just a bar," you teased, trying to ease the tension.
“It’s not just a bar. It’s a breeding ground for all kind of bacteria, I’d rather kiss every person on this train, then hold onto that.”
You let out a small giggle, thinking about Spencer walking up and down the carriage offering everyone a kiss. “I’m sure everyone would enjoy you kissing them, Spence.”
He just glared at you for a second, not even giving you a small smile.
“Spence, please just grab the railing, you’re going to fall if you don’t.”
“I’m not holding on to that bar.”
“Fine, but you’re going to fall into all these people, and I don’t think they’d enjoy that.” You warned with a smirk.
Spencer shot you a stubborn look but eventually sighed, realizing the inevitable. As the train lurched forward, he hesitated for a moment before tentatively wrapping an arm around you for support.
“There, happy?” he muttered; his cheeks slightly flushed.
“I’m always happy when you’re not going around kissing strangers.” you replied with a playful grin.
Spencer rolled his eyes but couldn't hide a small chuckle. The train journey became a blend of amusing banter and shared glances, with Spencer still refusing to touch the bar. Instead, he clung to your arm as the train swayed, earning a few curious looks from other passengers.
As you both navigated the crowded carriage, Spencer's initial reluctance seemed to melt away, replaced by a shared sense of camaraderie in facing the subway chaos together. The train made its stops, passengers shuffled in and out, and Spencer's grip on your arm remained steadfast.
You stole a glance at him, noticing the genuine smile playing on his lips. "You know, Spence, I’m glad you’re a germaphobe, you’ve made this journey ten times more entertaining than it usually is.”
Spencer raised an eyebrow, a hint of satisfaction in his expression. "Well, I do have a knack for turning the mundane into the extraordinary."
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mikanotes · 2 days
up close & personal
hyunsu ? x gn!reader
genre: what. mutual pining?
warnings: sweet home 2 spoilers, mentions of blood, injuries. hyunsu himself is a warning lowkey if u watched the last ep u probably get it… that’s all!
synopsis: You know Hyunsu so well. One year apart couldn’t possibly change that. Except if Hyunsu isn’t alone anymore.
authors note: realized at the end of this fic that i cld compare hyunsu’s current situation to venom like a little bit and that just makes everything so much easier somehow. anyways i don’t really like this but i needed to post smt for him after s2 so!
Tumblr media
One year ago, you and Cha Hyunsu would’ve been sitting near the entrance of Green Home apartments, and he would be listening to you talk. One year ago, you would’ve firmly believed that by now, the world would’ve been restored to some kind of peace. It had, in a way, but certainly not in the one your past self would have hoped for. And certainly not the one Hyunsu would’ve wanted for the two of you.
Nevertheless, you remained grateful through everything— As much as you could manage. The shelter was as organized as possible and conflict was a surprisingly rare occurence. Things were alright. As long as you didn’t give time for the grief and terror to catch up to you.
But things couldn’t be calm forever. Especially not in the current state of your world.
When Eunyu disappeared with that man from the military, it only took a day before you grew restless enough to depart from the stadium. After all, Eunyu was the closest thing to a friend you had here, at this point. It only felt right to try and find her. And you did, surprisingly, along with a few familiar faces and an unknown one.
You didn’t expect for the evening you found your friend again to be the very same you would see the person you had considered closest to you at Green Home for the first time in… Over a year.
“Finally asleep.” you sighed quietly, watching Eunyu get the rest her body had probably been begging for. It was difficult to convince her you would stand watch and wait for your friend to wake up in her stead, but her exhaustion made her stop arguing eventually.
You turned towards the room he was in.
Cha Hyunsu.
You crossed your arms and sighed. One year without a single trace of him anywhere. And now he… Just reappears? You wanted to be surprised, but part of you really wasn’t. You were angry, just a little— Spending all this time telling yourself he was gone, only for him to come back as if nothing happened felt like a slap to the face. Still, you couldn’t blame him. Yet. You had no idea what happened to him during that time span.
You felt relieved, if anything.
After some hesitation, you walked over to the glass door. Your hand settled on the handle, pushing it open, before your eyes widened. Hyunsu was sitting on the hospital bed, stretching his neck quietly, not at all perturbed by anything. Hell, he even seemed peaceful.
More peaceful than you’d ever seen him.
You stepped inside quietly and let the door close behind you. Hyunsu continued to move his head, slowly, as if trying to relax, and didn’t acknowledge your presence. His shoulder was bloodstained, still, and his hoodie had cuts here and there. Messy as he appeared, this was your friend from Green Home, there was no denying it. You hadn’t even dared hope he could still be alive, after all this time. You couldn’t give your heart such a high possibility of suffering if he turned out to be gone.
And now he was here. So calm.
He opened his eyes with a soft sigh, before turning his gaze to you. “Finally decided to talk to me?” he asked. His tone was different. Too different. This did not feel like the kind of change that happened in a year. He smiled a little at your silence, tilting his head curiously. “No? Do you need more time? That would be too bad.”
He hopped off the bed with a huff and slowly walked over to you. The closer he got, the clearer it became that his eye color was different. Long gone was the blank, dark brown gaze that looked back at you when you two would talk— Replaced by a vibrant sky blue. A stark contrast from what you were used to, as was everything else about him, apparently. Be it his tone or his mannerisms, it all felt deeply wrong, like it wasn’t him at all. You furrowed your eyebrows but stood still, letting him walk to the very edge of your personal space.
“I’ve been waiting to see you for such a long while.”
Hyunsu’s eyes widened a little before he grinned. This wasn’t … Him. Not exactly, at least. Not the one you talked to so much. But special-cases, or MH, essentially coexisted in one body. The monster forms around a person’s strongest desire, or whatever it was that scientist at the shelter said.
So perhaps, all the times you and Hyunsu had talked in the past had also been conversations that this side of him had been listening to.
A bit scary. You couldn’t really focus on that, though. You took a deep breath and looked at him.
“Is he well?”
He clicked his tongue, expression growing sour. “He’s fine. Let him get some rest. He’s tired.”
You nodded softly, gaze averting. That sounded fine enough to you. He was right, too, earlier— You had been avoiding talking to him since you met again. With the excuse of focusing on Yikyung and scavenging through the hospital, you had plenty of reasons to act as if you weren’t seeing the person you cared the most for after a whole entire year of thinking he was dead.
But you did feel his gaze on you the whole time. It was heavy, and remorseful. You’d planned to talk to him— In fact, that’s why you decided to come over to the room he was in. You hadn’t expected things to turn out this way, however. Seems like you couldn’t talk to your friend, yet.
“It’s nice to know you care, though.” he hummed, gaze never leaving your face. “He thinks about you so much, too.”
You looked back up at him. If this was the so-called monster part of Hyunsu, then what was his deal? A lot of questions about this situation flooded your head. “What are you playing at?”
He chuckled softly, before backing up just enough to hold up his hands in an innocent gesture. “Nothing as evil as you probably think.” he said, voice steady. “I just wanted us to talk. Just us.”
“You see, your Hyunsu has an interest in you.” he said, tilting his head slowly. It felt as if he was analyzing you. It was a bit unsettling, but you didn’t bother breaking eye contact this time. “But I do, too. I’d say maybe… Even more than him?” his grin widened at his own words.
“I find it hard to believe you care about people.”
“And yet.” he scoffed, expression dropping to a blank one, seemingly annoyed. He dropped his arms to his sides and sighed. “We decided to work together. Couldn’t have him die on me, it wouldn’t be nice for anyone involved.”
You decided this Hyunsu seemed to mean it when he said they made a deal, just about as much as when he said he had an interest in you. So placing your trust in his bloodied hands for the time being, you tried to be less on guard. He wouldn’t kill you, or most importantly, Hyunsu. That was enough for now.
“Okay.” you sighed, crossing your arms. “So you want to talk?”
He smiled a little. “Yes.” he stated, before taking a step towards you. Only this time, he didn’t bother keeping a safe distance. His face was a touch too close to yours. “I’ve wanted to for a while.”
“You…” you paused for a moment, thinking. “Do you usually go around talking to people while getting so close to them?”
“I don’t go around talking to people.” he mocked your tone before scoffing, a grin pulling at his lips. He brought a hand up to your face, holding your cheek firmly. His focus turned to his hand, eyes narrowing in its direction. You felt his fingers loosen a little, as if he was trying to control how tightly he was holding you.
Which he was. Now it felt gentle. Almost unfitting. Not only that but the Hyunsu you knew was never this comfortable with anything close to physical affection. It felt so out of place.
“Does it bother you?” he whispered, eyes flitting over to meet yours again. He moved in closer, just enough for your noses to touch. He seemed to be having fun switching between looking at your eyes and at your lips. “Am I too close?”
Before you could think of a way to answer, you froze. The unfamiliar color in Hyunsu’s eyes dissipated, the cocky expression you were almost beginning to get used to replaced by a soft, almost startled one. His voice, much quieter now, whispered your name. Your eyes widened and you sighed in something akin to relief.
“Hyunsu.” you breathed out. The latter looked at you with a stunned look, struggling to find anything to say for a while. He looked into your eyes like he was making sure you were okay— Making sure you were really alive. His thumb moved back and forth softly over the skin of your cheek, his gaze scanning you in an almost panicked manner. He sighed shakily, before he brought your face into his shoulder. He seemed to be almost trembling.
“I’m sorry.” he exhaled, wrapping his other arm around your shoulders hesitantly. Still terrible at hugging. You’d missed those awkward displays of affection so much. “I… I’m sorry, it’s been… A very long time.”
“God, you’re so cruel, Cha Hyunsu.”
He tilted his head down into your neck. Now you felt his tears on your skin. He really hasn’t changed, you thought. It was obvious when he came running for help when Yikyung was badly injured, when he did everything to help her and went all the way to look for that kid— Cha Hyunsu hadn’t changed.
“Quit apologizing.” you huffed, holding him tightly. “I missed you, too.”
Hyunsu sighed quietly, tightening his hold on you a little. He was relieved to finally have you with him again, but he couldn’t shake off his worries.
“You talked to… Him? Right?”
“I did.” you said, pulling away enough to look at him. The concern on his features was undeniable. “And it went fine. It’s okay.”
Hyunsu’s frown deepened. “I don’t know if it’s alright. Me staying… So close to you.”
“Don’t even think about disappearing on me again.” you warned, eyes widening. “I don’t care about any reason you give me— Don’t leave again.”
The boy sighed, averting his gaze for a moment, before slowly bringing it back to you.
“I won’t.” he assured, “I won’t leave you again.”
He closed his eyes and pulled you into another hug. He had to believe his existence on its own wouldn’t cause more problems for you to deal with. He had to trust that even if it did, you meant it when you said you didn’t mind. He knew you did. You always meant it.
He opened his eyes and looked at his reflection in the glass door just a bit further away. Seeing you in his arms should have been reassuring. But the blue hue of one of his eyes and the nagging voice in his head seemed to be laughing at his naivety. He pressed his eyes shut again and buried his face in your shoulder.
This is our priority, now. (I know.) No one else comes first. (I know.) Don’t let them get hurt.
I won’t.
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promtease · 2 days
Love Bites.
Astarion Ancunín-
He could just eat. you. right. up.
SFW. (Mostly)
Tumblr media
(Go reblog this gif bc i said please and we like to support creators ily)
Okay, it's not a revolutionary idea or anything, but Astarion is SUCH a biter.
Like, yeah, duh, it kind of comes with the territory of him being a vampire and everything, BUT he's also just.... like that.
Once he begins to grow more comfortable with you and with showing affection in his own ways, it becomes pretty apparent. Secretly, you wonder to yourself if it was something he did before his turning as well, because it's such a common occurrence. You're convinced you could locate the cure for vampirism tomorrow and you'd still find yourself sporting teeth marks all the same.
The first time it happens, you're on a rant.
You’d been out all day on your own, doing some trading around the nearest town while the rest of the gang took a (very rare) day of rest. They could hear your frustrated stomping long before they could see you, but you didn’t even spare them a glance- just flung your dirty boots off to the side before you flung yourself into your vampiric lover's tent with reckless abandon.
He’s busy repairing a seam on one of his shirts-- a couple of pins held between his pursed lips as he focuses on getting the stitches just right-- when you fall down cross-legged onto one of the cushions nearest him, not giving so much as a hello before you start to go on and on about what absolute bullshit your day had been.
Imagine yourself, mad as shit, steam practically coming out of your ears as you recall the way some imbecile in Rivington shorted you a large portion of gold, which resulted in you becoming so distracted that some other imbecile swooped in and stole your backpack of priceless scrolls right off your person. The lengths of which you had to go to get it all back were absolutely ridiculous. Mind numbing, even.
(The next time something like this happens to you when you're alone, magic-user or not, you are going to use the last of your brain cells to summon the power of the weave, and you're going to use it to blow yourself up. Gale-style.)
You’re about to swear that you’re never leaving camp without him again when you finally glance his way, and you aren't expecting to catch him looking right at you.
Carmine eyes examine you with such fondness– such adoration– that you almost forget what you’re angry about when they meet your own. It knocks the wind from your lungs. Shuts you up, that’s for sure.
It’s only then that you realize you haven’t even said hello to him. Gods, you didn’t even ask if you could come in. You just inserted yourself into his space like it was your own and made a fool of yourself.
Oddly enough, he doesn't seem to mind.
At some point in your story-telling, he’d finished his little project and settled in to listen, clearly amused at just how angry you are as you gesture about with bloodied hands, childish insults flying past your lips with such earnestness that he has to bite back a laugh. You truly are so adorable when you’re angry, so much so that he doesn’t know what to do with himself other than…. well.
Your breath gets caught in your throat as he leans in close, and before you can question him he’s digging his teeth into your clothed shoulder with such force that you’re amazed he doesn’t break the skin.
Something about the way his nose scrunches up when he does it makes your heart do disgusting, lovesick cartwheels in your chest.
The next time you're doing laundry, you find the two, twin sized holes that his fangs left behind in your tunic, and it makes you smile like an idiot for the next hour.
You get used to being on the receiving end of his affectionate bites pretty quickly. It's honestly become one of your (many) favorite things about him.
He doesn't really do it in front of other people, which is understandable. But, he does click his teeth at you when you're being especially, delectably sweet to him. Just a click click of bared fangs as a warning so you know to stop being so damn nice to him all of the time.
As if.
How you reach up to swipe away some blood from his face when no one is looking, and he pulls one of the tips of your fingers into his mouth for a little appreciative nibble.
The way he smirks at you when you pull your hand away with a small huff of a laugh, your own face a little warmer beneath the pad of his thumb as he returns the favor.
When you're alone in his tent late at night, and he tells a joke that has you laughing so hard your face hurts. He'll press his teeth to the apple of your cheek, flushed and rounded by how hard you're grinning.
He could just eat. you. right. up.
The abuse your bottom lip receives when you’re sharing a particularly passionate kiss. How the point of a fang sometimes nicks the plush skin if he’s not careful enough. The happy little noise he makes when the taste of your blood hits his tongue leaves you far too breathless to even consider complaining.
Sometimes, it's just how he greets you.
You'll literally be sitting down, doing absolutely nothing but minding your own business, and he'll come over and chomp down on whatever part of you he can reach like he's kissing you hello.
Likes hearing the way your heart-rate picks up whenever he comes up from behind while you’re especially distracted. He gets you by the waist, pulls you off balance to get a better angle and bites down on your neck in the most theatric, Dracula-esque fashion.
Complete with a rabid growl that tickles your skin and has you shaking with laughter.
He's learned not to startle you too much, though. After all, given everything that's happened, you're more of a "stab first, wonder who it is later" type of person, and he'd rather not get shivved with whatever sharp object is nearest you at the time.
He soothes whatever small pain he might have caused in his dramatics with a soft kiss. A dozen or so more, wet and wanting, trailing from beneath your ear to the place where your pulse pounds away for him. That lovely pulse of yours, growing ever faster with each lingering press of his mouth.
And if you shiver and oh-so casually bring up how you'll let him feed from you tonight if he'd like? That's your own business.
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More in depth analysis about the Spy x Family Manga Cover Chairs and Bonus Artworks (Or me just overthinking Endo’s decisions in everything and as always long post, please bear with me)
So I wanted to talk about something that I noticed about the various designer chairs that is featured on all manga covers.
Endo did say that he thought about how each chair matches the personality of the character, regarding it’s style, design or the color.
But I like to talk about something different about the chairs-it’s size or the seating capacity and how it reflects the characters relationship with others or their views about relationships. Also, I’m going to share something significant about the comedic bonus arts that also feature the chairs.
This focus mainly about Loid, Yor and Anya‘s Chair (including Fiona’s Chair) and the bonus illustrations that came with it.
Volume 1-Loid’s Chair: Le Corbusier LC2
Tumblr media
There are two versions of this chair in the manga/anime, the love seat and the one seater. Loid is seated in the one seater chair in this cover, it means no one can sit there with him that reflects how reluctant he was in letting other people in his life. He wasn’t open for relationships (You can notice that those who are like him, intelligence assets; Franky, Fiona, Handler all sit in one seating capacity chair).
Tumblr media
The bonus artwork was Anya sitting on the chair copying his pose. She’s the most fitting person to be in this seat because she can see through Loid’s mind, she basically knows who he really is and she likes him for that. Anya was fond of spies and she was excited about being part of his mission.
Volume 2-Anya’s Chair: Marshmallow Sofa
Tumblr media
Anya’s chair has a large seating capacity and she was sitting at the middle, waiting for the empty spots on her both sides to be occupied. This depicts Anya’s anticipation for forming relationship with other people, about her wanting parents, a family, to be there for her.
Tumblr media
The bonus artwork was drunk Yor lying face flat on Anya’s chair. This artwork, for me, reflects Yor’s unwavering affection for Anya and Anya’s appreciation of Yor. Even drunk, she’s determined to protect her, as if she was her real daughter as seen during the castle chapter. She is fond of Anya.
Volume 3-Yor’s Chair: La Chaise (Featuring Fiona’s Heart Cone Chair)
Tumblr media
This is the chair I wanted to talk about and I have to use Fiona’s Chair for this analysis for Endo said that Fiona is designed to be Yor’s contrast and we can clearly see it in their chairs.
The seating capacity of Yor and Fiona’s chair greatly differ. Yor’s chair was big, Endo pointed how it didn’t even fit the cover, and even though Fiona’s chair is big too, she’s the only person who could sit in it. Other people can fit Yor’s chair but not with Fiona. I analyze this as Yor being open to genuine relationships and selfless while Fiona being closed off and selfish.
Tumblr media
We know Yor’s motivation for being an assassin was for Yuri, for the sake of other people, and what is Fiona’s motivation? Clearly it was mainly for Twilight to marry her, love her and it was evidently show with all that stuff hiding behind her chair. I’m sure she experienced a lot of traumatic stuff that led to her being a spy but I don’t see other praise worthy and selfless motivations from her that was aside Twilight’s affection. Don’t get me wrong, she’s an interesting character and she isn't a bad person but I’m not really a fan of her personality just like I don’t like Yuri’s obsession with her sister.
In Yor however, she has nothing under or behind her chair. Just that blood that wasn’t even behind or below her chair. She wasn’t faking anything about her personality. It’s true that she accepted her marriage to preserve her assassin job but she genuinely wanted to marry Loid because he was the one who acknowledged her selflessness and that was enough for her to completely entrust her life to him. She welcomed Loid and Anya to her life because her longing for a companion to share her life with is as big as the size of her chair.
Tumblr media
The bonus art in Volume 3 was Loid sitting on her chair. Despite the comedic set up of these illustrations, I think the people who tend to sit on the chair on the bonus arts were the ones who gets the person on the cover the most.
That is why Anya is in Loid’s (Because she can read his mind) Why Yor is in Anya's (Because Yor lost her parents at a young age too and she knows how to care for Anya because she did that to Yuri) and why Loid is in Yor’s chair (Because Loid understood her self sacrifice because he too, is the same as her) Also why Anya and Bond are in the bonus of Volume 4 because the two of them get each other, being both experimented on.
Tumblr media
I also have some analysis about Volume 5-12 and the bonus artworks as well, but I might post them in another time since I haven't seen the translated bonus artworks in Becky and Emile and Ewen's Volumes.
But let me know if this analysis makes sense to you.
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blueshirtjamie · 19 hours
"Slut!" // J. Hughes
Tumblr media
In which Jack and the reader decide to go public with their blossoming relationship, only to discover that the internet can be a cruel place. Is all of it really worth it? (Inspired by the masterpiece of a vault track Taylor gave us.)
Warnings: mentions of alcohol, insults (the title is slut after all), not proofread so please pardon any small errors!
Word count: 1.9k
A/N: I honestly don't know Jack's personality very well so hopefully I did an okay job of characterizing him. I hope you enjoy this! My requests are always open :)
Everyone wants him, that was my crime
You had been dating New Jersey’s star young forward, Jack Hughes, for some time now– but it was a complete secret. Jack was one of the NHL’s biggest names because of his insane talent on the ice. And, much to your chagrin, he was also one of the most crushed-on players in the league. His ocean-blue eyes and sweet smile charmed anyone who laid eyes on him, and you were so afraid of what people would say if they found out that you two were an item. New Jersey Devils fans, and Jack Hughes fans in particular, were nothing if not protective and could be so mean online. You liked Jack a lot–you two had so much fun together, always laughing and doing fun things, and you didn’t want the world to break you two apart. You were afraid to share Jack, something you had shared with him from the start of your relationship. The Tweets, Tumblr posts, and Instagram accounts dedicated to your boy ignited a jealous and protective streak in you, but it was the price you’d have to pay to stay with Jack– and one you’d pay willingly. 
Aquamarine, moonlit swimmin' pool// What if all I need is you?
“I think we should go public soon, babe,” Jack said one night as you two were taking a late-night dip in your backyard pool. You swam over to him and put your arms around his neck, planting a small kiss on his lips. 
“ I don’t know, Jack,” you said. “I’m just so scared of what people will say. What if all I need is you? No one else’s opinions and validation, just my boy?” You gave him a small smile. 
“I know you’re scared, baby,” he replied. “But I want to show you off to the world. Everyone deserves to see my pretty girl and learn all about you and your kind heart.”
You blushed, and a sigh escaped you. 
“Okay,” you conceded. “If you’re sure, J, then I trust you.” 
Jack smiled, pulling you in for a long, slow kiss. The kind that made your stomach flutter and your heart melt. 
Got love-struck, went straight to my head// Got lovesick all over my bed
The moonlit swim replayed in your head as you two lay in bed that night. Jack had been sound asleep next to you, softly snoring, for a while now. You, on the other hand, were wide awake, your mind racing. “I want to show you off to the world,” you heard on loop. The sweet facial expression Jack gave you as you said it. The soft kiss that had quickly heated up. God, you loved kissing Jack, and with each kiss, you felt yourself falling deeper and deeper for him. Each sweet word from his pretty lips intensified your feelings. There was no denying it— you were falling in love with Jack Hughes, and he was right. It was time for the world to finally know. 
The next morning, you sat next to Jack in bed as he scrolled through photos of you guys, trying to find the perfect few to post on his Instagram. Finally, you settled on three– a shot of you two post-game, one with the city skyline in the background, and a selfie of you kissing his cheek. Your heart pounded as Jack typed out the caption: “my whole heart ❤️”. He pressed “post” and you took a deep breath. 
“I could throw up,” you said, curling into Jack’s side. He held you close, placing a gentle kiss on your head. 
“Everyone is gonna love you, babe, I don’t know how they couldn’t.” 
And I break down, then he's pullin' me in// In a world of boys, he's a gentleman
As it turns out, the internet was a cruel place, and not everyone loved you. While the comments on Jack’s post were mostly positive, especially the ones from teammates and other players, others were not so nice. The words “slut”, “puck bunny”, “clout chaser”, and “bitch” floated around a lot, and so you found yourself doom scrolling through social media, reading every comment you could find. Your photos were reposted time and time again on various accounts, and it was overwhelming. Tears welled in your eyes and you tried hard to hold them back, but you were unsuccessful. Once they started falling, they just wouldn’t stop. Jack walked around the corner into your bedroom to find you a sobbing mess. He took your phone from your hands, powered it off, and took both of your hands in his. 
“We’re done with that for today, okay?” he said gently. He pulled back the covers on your bed and helped you get in before getting in himself, pulling your body into his. 
“They’re being so mean, Jack,” you said between sobs. “I knew it was a bad idea, I knew it!” 
Jack shushed you gently, wiping your tears with his thumb. 
“Those people don’t matter, love. What matters is that you’re mine, and I’m going to protect you like my life depends on it. You and me, that’s all that matters, okay?”
You nodded as a sob racked through your body. Jack held you like that, whispering reassurances and stroking your hair until you calmed down, your breathing becoming more even and your cries fading out. He handed you a box of tissues from the nightstand and smiled at you as you dabbed at your eyes and blew your nose. 
“I’m sorry baby,” you said, your voice barely above a whisper. 
Jack cupped your face with both of his hands, looking you in your eyes. 
“Hey, there’s nothing to apologize for, baby,” he said. “At some point, you get used to any kind of comments about you and block them out. I forgot that not everyone can ignore it like I’ve learned to. I’m gonna protect you, okay? I mean it. I will tell you time and time again how amazing you are, and I’ll make sure they know it too.” He kissed you gently, and you melted into him. 
I said, "It might blow up in your pretty face"// I'm not sayin', "Do it anyway"// But you're going to
After an afternoon spent snuggling up to Jack and watching movies, you were calm, and the comments had drifted from your mind. Let them talk, you thought. As long as I have my boy, that’s all that matters. 
“Let’s go out tonight,” Jack said, looking at you, his face lit up in excitement. 
“Jack…” you started, an air of uncertainty in your voice. 
“No, I mean it. Let’s go out and be seen, show people that their comments don’t matter in the slightest. Let’s go have fun and get your mind off things, ya know?”
You sighed deeply, contemplating. You could dress up, go out, and have some fun with your boy, or you could stay in bed and sulk. Okay, you thought. Let’s do this. 
“Okay,” you said, looking at Jack and smiling. “But if it blows up in your pretty face, don’t say I didn’t warn you, babe.”
His elation visibly grew as his smile widened. 
“Okay!” He said, placing a gentle kiss on your lips. “Let’s get ready, then.”
But if I’m all dressed up, they might as well be lookin' at us// And if they call me a slut, you know it might be worth it for once// And if I'm gonna be drunk, I might as well be drunk in love
So there you were, dressed in a sexy little black dress that hugged your curves and showed off your best assets, your hair and makeup done up. You felt confident, you felt strong, you felt… hot. Jack agreed, whistling at you as you rounded the corner and stepped into his view. 
“Wow, babe,” he said, taking you in. “You are absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to show my girl off,” he smiled, taking your hand and spinning you in a small circle. He pulled you in then, both his hands on your waist, and gave you a long, slow kiss. You melted into him and deepened the kiss. After pulling away, you took in the sight of Jack. Black pants and blazer paired with a crisp white button-down and black tie, hair mussed up in just the right way that you loved on him. 
“You’re not so bad yourself,” you smiled, meeting his eyes with your own. He smiled back, that charming, bright smile that gave you butterflies every time. 
“Ready to go?” he asked. You nodded confidently. 
“We look so good,” you said. “They might as well be looking at us, right?” 
Jack laughed. “That’s my girl.”
The bar was busy on a Friday night, as was expected, so you two were able to grab a drink inconspicuously, blending into the crowd. Jack kept a hand around your waist the entire time, gently guiding you through the sea of people drinking, mingling, and dancing. You two found a table to stand at and people-watched, chatting and laughing together. It felt good to be out, to be dressed up, to feel confident. Your conversation was soon interrupted by a man, clearly already a few drinks in.
“Oh my god,” he shouted over the music. “Jack Hughes!” 
He clapped a firm hand on Jack’s back. 
“Can I take a picture with you?” he asked, more as a warning, as his phone quickly obscured Jack’s face as he leaned in for a selfie. 
Just as soon as he arrived, he was gone. 
“So it begins,” Jack said, a tone of annoyance in his voice. “I bet that picture is already on Twitter.” 
He took his phone out to check social media, and you leaned close to him, peering over his shoulder. He placed a hand on your lower back, scrolling through his mentions with the other hand. Sure enough– a grainy, dimly lit photo of you two in candid conversation had been posted by a hockey “news” account. 
Jack Hughes spotted with his new girlfriend at a Newark bar! (via @jacklukequinn)
Somehow, this didn’t bother you at all. If you were gonna dress up, they should be looking at you. You two were a hot couple, and the world deserved to see. If they called you a slut, or a puck bunny, or a clout chaser, so what? It was worth it. You had Jack– what they all wanted– so it was worth it. You had the boy who melted your heart with his charming smile, made you feel beautiful with his kind compliments, and kissed you like no one else ever had. If you were gonna get drunk, you might as well be drunk in love, too. You took Jack’s hand, looking him in his eyes. 
“Come on baby, I wanna dance,” you said, a smile creeping onto your face. 
Takin’ your time in the tangerine neon light, this is luxury// You're not sayin' you're in love with me// But you're goin' to
You led Jack to the dance floor, throwing your arms around his neck as he placed his hands on your hips. You swayed them to the beat, moving as close to him as you could be. The world around you faded– the words, the people, the thoughts, the insecurity, all fading away as you danced and the alcohol set in. It was just you and Jack, the neon lights of the bar casting his face in a tangerine glow. He looked at you lovingly, his eyes soft and his smile sweet. You laughed, pulling him close to place a kiss on his delicious lips. This, this right here was all you needed. All that mattered. Just you and Jack, falling in love. If they called you a slut, it truly might be worth it for once.
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literaryavenger · 20 hours
I love you and I hate it
Summary: Bucky's your best friend, but you're in love with him. Now he that he has a girlfriend, will you be able to get a handle on your feelings?
Pairing: Best Friend!Bucky Barnes x female reader
Warnings: Bucky being a bit of an ass. Reader being dramatic. Angst. Language maybe. Minimal use of Y/N.
Word Count: 2.7K
A/N: this is a two part because otherwise it was too long. Hope you like it! also, it's 4:30am and I can't help myself lol.
Tumblr media
Loving your best friend is not something anyone ever plans. Getting those kinds of feelings for the person closest to you changes the way you look at them, the way you interact and essentially changes your relationship with them and makes everything unnecessarily complicated.
At least that’s how you see it.
You definitely never thought something like that could happen to you. But to be fair, you also never thought Bucky Barnes would ever become your best friend at the compound.
When you first arrived as the newest avengers recruit the brooding supersoldier was, as suspected, not your biggest fan. Things didn’t start on the best note.
- 2 years ago -
Steve was showing you around the compound and introducing you to people and team members as you met them. You arrived at the common room where Bucky and Sam were watching Tv. - Hey guys. This is Y/N, the new recruit I told you about- Steve introduced you -this is Sam- he said to you as Sam got up from the couch putting out his hand -nice to meet you- he said.
-you too- you said, shaking his hand -it’s so exciting to be here and meet all of you. You are all such remarkable people-
-oh, complimenting me? I like you already- Sam said chuckling.
-of course you do- Steve said, rolling his eyes with a smile, then turned to you -and this is Bucky- he said, pointing at the brunette still sitting on the couch.
-hi Bucky, it’s nice to meet you too- you said, getting closer to him and holding out your hand for him to shake. Bucky, however, just looked at you for a moment before standing up, turning away from you and walking out of the room without saying a word.
-uh, did I do something wrong?- you asked, very much confused, still looking at the door Bucky just ran out of.
-no, it’s always him- said Sam.
-Sam, don’t- Steve told him, then turned to you again -don’t mind Bucky, he’s not good with new people. It’s nothing personal, he’ll get used to it, don’t worry-
-right. He’ll get used to me- you said as he gave you an apologetic look -yeah… anyway, let’s finish the tour-
-sure, bye Sam, see you around, I guess-
-yeah, see you guys at dinner- and with that we left to finish the tour of the compound that ultimately ended with your assigned room.
-so this is your room, Natasha has the room on the right and Sam has the one on the left- he pointed at them as he talked and then pointed at the room across from yours -that is Bucky, to his right is Peter and mine is to his left-
-a lot of neighbors, got it-  you said chuckling with Steve.
-yeah. So I’ll let you get settled and I’ll see you at dinner with the team- he said.
-yeah, see you later- 
If you’re honest with yourself, you were a little disappointed at how meeting Bucky went, you were really looking forward to meeting the super soldier. While all the other girls were busy crushin on Captain America, you always felt more attracted to Sergeant Barnes. Something about him just made you curious, after all the Winter Soldier stuff came to light you were one of the few people that saw Bucky was a victim. You never did understand how people could read all the details of what happened to him and still call him a monster, like it was his fault that he was captured, tortured and made to do things no decent human being would ever do. In fact, you got in trouble more than one time for fighting when things escalated while you were defending the super soldier from agents that didn’t see it like you. It’s really a shame that a lot of agents of Shield itself thought so ill of the Sergeant. Maybe that’s why he didn’t like you, maybe he thought you were one of them. You had to make sure he knew you weren’t.
Having made up your mind, you decided there was no better moment like the present. You crossed the hall and knocked on his door, and after a few moments he opened.
-I know, Steve, don- he interrupted himself the second he laid eyes on you.
-Sorry, not Steve, clearly. I’m sorry to bother you, Sergeant Barnes, I just wanted to let you know that I don’t have anything against you. I know some agents feel like you should be held accountable for the things you were forced to do, and they’re not really afraid to get vocal about it, but I’m not one of them. I don’t think any of it was your fault. It may not matter much to you, after all you don’t seem to like me very much, but it’s important to me that you know this. You’re kind of my  hero.- you finish, a little embarrassed at admitting this to his face. He looks at you for a few moments and, just as you think he’s about to slam the door in your face, he smiles.
-I’m your hero, doll?- he asks, leaning on the door frame with his arms crossed in a way that makes his biceps look huge, and a smirk on his face.
After that you and Bucky became quick friends, spending more and more time together. Missions, training, down time, you were practically attached at the hip. You were always careful not to let any feelings grow other than friendship and, mostly, it was easy. There were some times where you somehow ended up flirting, but they were fleeting moments that passed as quickly as they came, and you decided, for your own peace of mind, to not overthink them and let it go every time.
Now, back to the present, the reason why you’re lost in your thoughts and feelings for Bucky. You’re watching from a distance as Bucky smiles and laughs, happier than you’ve ever seen him surrounded by his friends, more relaxed than he’s ever been during a party. You smile at his happiness, glad that he’s finally comfortable around pretty much everybody, but your face falls pretty fast as you see him wrap his right arm around her. You’ve known Sharon for a while now, she was one of the agents in the list for the spot in the Avengers before you got it. You always felt like she resented you for it, like she should’ve been the one to get it because she was already close with some of the members of the team. She was never openly hostile with you, but you did notice her hanging around Bucky more and more in the last few months. You didn’t think anything of it, but you were proved wrong just half an hour ago when Bucky started to introduce her to the avengers she didn’t already know as his girlfriend. As soon as that word came out of his mouth, so casually you’d think he'd been saying it his whole life,  you felt like you were gonna throw up. It took all your skills to keep your face as neutral as possible, you felt like Sharon’s eyes were on you the whole time, trying to see every micro expression she could find to know what you were thinking. But you were probably just imagining that, right? You excused yourself as soon as you and went straight to the bar to get the strongest drink Nat could make, which she handed to you with a knowing look while glancing behind you. You barely had time to think before you felt his hand on your shoulder, feeling his body next to you without turning to look at him, taking a sip of your drink.
-hey, doll, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Sharon before, it’s still pretty new- you tried to keep your voice as cheery as you normally would around him. -why would you? It’s your relationship, why are you apologizing?- he gave you a weird look you didn’t understand before saying -because we’re best friends? We usually tell each other everything… right?- he sounded a bit uncertain.
-yeah, right, duh- you say, trying to give a genuine laugh -well, it’s alright anyway, now I know! Stop worrying, just go be with her.- he looked around your face for a few more moments, like he was looking for something, before he said -ok, then- and left. You managed to keep the smile on your face until you were sure he was gone, but dropped it as soon as you looked back ahead. Taking another sip of your drink and making a face at how much alcohol was actually in it, you looked at Nat and, nodding, you left before she could comment on the scene you’re sure she just watched in its entirety. 
So here you are now, in a corner watching people enjoy themselves, just like you used to do at parties with Bucky by your side, except you’re alone. You tried to look on the bright side, you really did, but you could find none. You couldn’t talk about it with anyone either, not that you would’ve, since nobody knew about your feelings for the super soldier, except for Natasha who seemed to know everything, but  you weren’t too close with her and neither of you ever actually spoke about it out loud. You weren’t the most outgoing person, usually keeping your feelings and most of your thoughts to yourself, with the exception of Bucky. With him talking seemed like the easiest thing in the world, it didn’t matter about what. He knew almost everything there he could possibly know about you, the only thing that you never could bring yourself to talk about being your feelings for him.
You felt a hand in the low of your back and, just as you were bringing your fist up, you realized it was just Steve. -easy there, tiger.- he chuckled, lowering your arm for you. -you seem a little on edge. Everything okay?-
-everything’s just fine, Captain. You can salute your way to someone else now.- his laugh made you smile against your will.
-okay, rookie, you don’t wanna talk about it.- you rolled your eyes at the old nickname, but he kept going -you know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you at a party without your moping buddy.-
You glanced at Bucky, who was busy laughing it up with Clint and Laura, his arm still around Sharon. Your eyes found Steve’s again, and you simply shrugged. -we’re allowed to do our own thing, aren’t we?-
-of course you are, I was just wondering why you weren’t with him, that’s all.-
You avoided his eyes while you quietly said. -he already has someone at his side tonight, doesn’t need me there.-
-what’s that supposed to mean?- came a voice from behind you. Damn. The one moment you weren’t looking at him and he sneaks up on you. You turn around and see him standing there, arms crossed in front of his chest, Sharon at his side with a smug look on her face that you convince yourself you’re just imagining.
-what’s what supposed to mean?-  you try playing dumb, but you know Bucky can see right through that.
He raises an eyebrow at you expectantly but when you just shrug and give him your best confused look, he sighs and looks at Sharon. -hey babe, can you get me a scotch from the bar? I’ll meet you there.- You didn’t know if you were hurt at him calling her that or relieved at the fact that he didn’t use the nickname that was usually reserved for you. She just nods and, without taking her eyes off of you, gives him a kiss on the lips. Okay, you definitely didn’t imagine that. As soon as she’s far enough, Bucky turns back to you.
-what’s wrong with you tonight?-
-excuse me? Who said there was something wrong with me.-
-oh come on doll, you’ve been weird ever since Sharon got here. What’s the matter, do you not like her or something?- 
You didn’t know what to say. You certainly weren’t about to tell your best friend that the reason you don’t like his new girlfriend is because you have feelings for him. That’s not gonna end well for anybody. So you decide to just keep on denying.
-I don’t know what you’re talking about, Bucky, so why don’t you just go after you little girlfriend and enjoy your night with her.-
-That, right there- he points at your face in a very accusatory manner. -what the hell was that?-
-what was what?- you’re starting to raise your voice a little, getting annoyed at him for not letting this go.
-you’re being a jerk about Sharon, what is your problem with her?-
-I don’t have a problem with her!-
-Yes, you do!-
-Why are you trying to make this into a problem?!- at this point you were both yelling.
-Because I know you!-
-Well, clearly, you don’t know me as well as you think you do!- lie.
-Why do you have to be so stubborn?! Just tell me what the hell is your problem!- 
-Why do you care so much? Even if I had a problem, it’s my business, it’s not like I’m your girlfriend!- Bucky just looked at you with a face you’d never seen on him before and you couldn’t decipher. The whole room seemed to go quiet as you two just looked at each other for a few moments, then Bucky finally spoke.
-you’re right- he said, in a much quieter voice than a few minutes before -you’re not my girlfriend. I just thought you were my friend. Guess I was wrong. I’ll go after my little girlfriend now- you couldn’t find it in you to say anything and, when you just looked at him, he scoffed and turned around to make his way to the bar. Slowly it felt like everyone else started to go back to what they were doing before your yelling match stopped the party in its tracks, but you felt like you couldn’t breath, let alone move, as you watched the spot where Bucky was standing just moments before, tears starting to form in your eyes. You can’t believe this just happened. Did Bucky really just say you aren’t his friend? A hand on your shoulder brings you back to reality and you hear Steve saying -are you okay?- from next to you. In all honesty, you forgot he was even there. All that comes out of you is a broken sob before you turn around and make a run for the elevator, as fast as you can run in heels and a floor-length cocktail dress.
Steve ran after you, but there were too many people around that slowed him down, and by the time he got to the elevator the doors had just closed. He waited to see where you would stop, assuming your floor but you never know. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and pushed the button of the elevator, feeling glad that he waited a second more. When he got to the roof it was so dark outside that it took a second before he found you, and once he did he got close to you. What he was not expecting was to find you sitting on the ground, hugging your knees and crying.
Steve sat next to you and put his arm around your shoulders wordlessly while you cried. After you calmed down a bit he said -he’s really worried about you, Y/N. If there’s something going on, you should just tell him. He’ll understand…-
You  considered his words for a few minutes while you thought about how to tell Steve what was going on.
-how do you tell someone that the reason you’re sad is because you love them?- you said with tears starting to form again in your eyes.
Steve could only stare at you, lost for words. 
You hear something behind you and when you turn you see Bucky’s back, walking towards the elevator. It doesn’t matter how long he was there for, he obviously heard you.
You look back at Steve that has an apologetic look on his face, confirming your fear. Damn super soldier hearing. It looks like your friendship with Bucky is officially dead.
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dollfacefantasy · 5 hours
Baby Bunny
Tumblr media
pairing: leon kennedy x fem!bunny-hybrid!reader
summary: leon helps his sweet baby bunny through her heat.
cw: nsfw (18+), smut, p in v, masturbation, breeding kink, daddy kink
word count: 3.8k
a/n: i'm not sure how i feel about this one, but let's go with it. again, thank you everyone for reblogging and commenting, it means the world to me <3
tags: @sleepyluxe @kaitkatme @tosuckmyweenis @pupthepokemonenthusiast @bizzarethirst @death-paint @petitecolibri @iron-toxinz @wildest-dreams-at-midnight @nexysworld
Tumblr media
In his personal life, Leon never wanted to be depended on. That was his job. He didn’t want that stuff following him home. He didn’t want to be tied down, to be responsible for someone like that. People depended on him in Raccoon city and look how that turned out. Every mission he’s been on for the last few years, he’s responsible for someone. It’s exhausting.
But as he nears 30, he starts to look at it differently. An aching sense of isolation grows in his heart. He starts to think about what it would be like having someone, having a companion of some sort. Suddenly, he’s not looking at being relied on as a detriment. Being depended on means having someone to care for, someone to love. There would be someone at the end of long days and the starts of his currently lonesome nights.
That’s how he finds himself with you scampering around his house. The sweetest little thing he’d ever seen. Your long floppy ears, cute little cottontail, those big sweet eyes. From the moment he saw you, he was a sucker for all of it.
A while back he had briefly heard of human-animal hybrids, but he didn’t think much about it. It didn’t really apply to him. If anything, the idea weirded him out a bit.
That was until he started thinking more about his dilemma. It seemed like one of them might be a good solution. He talked to a few people and did some online research and decided to at least look into it. It couldn’t hurt to visit an adoption center right?
He visited the place and was still a little freaked by the whole concept. He walked through the rooms, watching different hybrids move about and mess around. The lady guiding him throughout asked him different questions, trying to decipher what type of hybrid would best fit his needs. But all of her questions were irrelevant as soon as he spotted you.
You were undoubtedly the one. His baby bunny. Not only did he not want any other hybrid, but he didn’t think he could physically leave that place without talking to you at the very least.
He walked over to you cautiously. You kept to yourself, and he could tell from your body language alone how timid you were. He spoke with the softest, most soothing tone he could manage, but you were still so shy.
You’d told him your name so quietly he could barely hear. He didn’t touch you at all, fearing you may cry at something that personal. But he kept talking to you because while others may have found it challenging, he could see you fitting right in with him.
You’d be dependent, sure, but clearly you wouldn’t be overly needy for affection. It would be a good way for him to transition from being alone into having someone.
He kept getting to know you and trying to get through some of your walls. He talked with you about all sorts of things and let you ask your own questions so you could get to know him. By the end of the day, you hesitantly allowed him to stroke your ears.
It was that exact day he told you that he was interested in you coming to live with him. You were still very reserved, but you seemed receptive. You did a little trial run over the course of a week, and just as Leon thought, you were a great fit.
You had grown more comfortable with him in the months since that week even though your core personality hadn’t changed. You were still generally quiet, never asking for much and being appreciative of whatever he gave you. You’d talk with him openly now, mostly responding to him rather than starting conversations but speaking nevertheless. You slept in your own room, but as soon as you woke up, you’d come find him to hang out. It was a nice balance with you.
But Leon still wanted a little more. He would never push it on you, knowing it would make you withdraw again, but he always cherished the moments of progress with you. You warmed up enough that you came around to enjoy cuddling. Leon couldn’t believe how soft he’d become when you curled up to his side and tucked yourself under his arm. The first time you fell asleep in his embrace, he loved it so much he felt chest pains. Once or twice, he’d gotten you to fully sit on his lap, and he couldn’t stop beaming.
He could give you little kisses on your face now, and you’d give him a sweet smile in return that he couldn’t get enough of. You’d never kissed him yourself, but you would nuzzle his cheek in return which was enough to make him happy.
You were just such a sweetheart, a perfect companion for him. You didn’t complain when he had to go to work, but it wasn’t like you didn’t miss him. He could see the way your ears would slump and your eyes would dim as he gathered his stuff and headed for the door. But you also got so happy when he came back. You tried to seem as subdued as possible, but the way you lit up again in his presence was obvious.
The only thing you were still completely closed off about was when you went into heat. Leon understood what it was, he had been nervous about it since bringing you home, but he had no clue about how you dealt with it at all. Every time it happened, you’d shut yourself up in your room for however many days it took, and then return to him as if nothing had happened.
For your sake, he played along. He got the sense it was a touchy subject after bringing up the possibility of getting you some more toys for it and having you immediately shut it down. Your voice had become higher pitched with defensiveness, and your eyes wouldn’t meet his for the next few hours.
He had only wanted to help, but he couldn’t tell you why. Couldn’t tell you that your desperate moans kept him up at night when they echoed down the hall. Those broken whimpers that made it sound like you were crying, so worked up and in need of release that it brought you to tears. 
He also couldn’t share how it made his cock rise to attention. How those pretty little noises had him fucking his fist, other palm covering his mouth to muffle his grunts, searching for relief of his own. His precious baby bunny didn’t need to know all of that.
Today had been a long day. He was tired after dealing with all the bullshit that came with his job. Although, unlike in months prior, he wasn’t all doom and gloom driving home. The thought of his sweet girl at home waiting for him by the door kept his spirits somewhat up as he made the commute back.
To his surprise, you weren’t in the living room like normal. He walked through the room cautiously, a little on edge from the disruption to his routine. He goes into the kitchen and still doesn’t find you. He starts to walk to the back of the home and that’s when he hears something. Those soft, needy sounds of pleasure.
His eyebrows raise, but he continues walking. As he gets closer, he realizes something that adds another level of shock to this situation. The noises were coming from his room.
At this point, he was more concerned than anything else. He makes his way down the hallway to his room and slowly opens the door, cracking it open to peek inside.
His eyes widen as he sees you on his bed. You’re kneeling, doubled over though so your face is in the blankets, his pillow between your legs, and your hips rocking back and forth violently. You’re nude from the waist down, only wearing a shirt of his. One of your fists is clutching the blankets while you keep your face shoved against them in a weak attempt to muffle those cute noises.
His jaw goes slack at the sight. He wills himself to remain calm and not succumb to some of his own primal urges. He carefully steps into the room, trying to be quiet even though he couldn’t see a way to not startle you with his presence.
“Baby…” he says, using the most gentle voice he could manage.
You shoot up in bed, now kneeling vertically. Your eyes are wide like you’ve had the fright of your life, your expression clearly horrified that he’d caught you like this. And even though he tries not to look, he can’t help but notice that despite your reaction, your hips don’t stop rutting against the pillow.
“Daddy!” you gasp.
That short circuits his brain. He pauses for a good five seconds to grapple with what you just said. You’d never called him that before. Not that he minded necessarily… but it still gave him whiplash.
His reaction seems to cause you to realize what you had just blurted out. In the blink of an eye, you go from visibly horrified to completely mortified. Your eyes fill with tears as you whimper out “I’m so sorry, Daddy.”
Oh god, and now you’re crying. Leon was still silent as he tried to keep his composure, force the heat building inside of him to cool off before he approached you. Looking at you though, that sweet face with tears leaking down those round cheeks… It made him want to bounce you on his lap till you were crying for a whole other reason.
“It’s ok, sweetheart. It’s alright,” he reassures you as he walks to the bed. He sits on the edge, keeping his eyes firmly fixed on your face. “Is it… Are you in heat?”
“Yes,” you say, tone dripping with shame. You bite your lip and try to restrain any further whimpers. Your hips were slowing down but still moving. After a few moments though, another wave of choked cries erupt from your throat and more hot tears of humiliation slide down your skin. Your hands fly up to cover your face. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I-”
“Hey, hey, hey. Calm down. It’s ok,” he says softly. He cautiously takes your wrists and pulls them away from your face. He takes one of your hands in his, soothingly rubbing the back of your palm. You whimper at the touch, but he doesn’t say anything. “It’s ok, honey. I’m not mad. You can’t help it. I just want to make sure you’re ok.”
You look into his eyes with your tearful gaze. Your breathing was a little ragged from crying, but it seemed like he was calming you down slowly. You nod with uncertainty, waiting for him to make the next move.
He was also unsure of what to do. This was so unlike you, he’d never seen you this emotional for one, but he’d also never expected to see you in this position. And the entire time your hips were still grinding on that pillow, back and forth like a pendulum.
“Is it more intense this time?” he asks, keeping his tone gentle to not upset you again.
“I guess,” you whimper, “I just… I wanted you.”
It pained him to see you so uncomfortable and stressed out. He wanted you to be able to come to him with these types of things, to trust him with yourself when you’re in your most vulnerable state. It was clear that you desired that too, to some degree. You were in his room, humping his pillow, wearing his shirt.
“Well… I’m right here, baby. I want to help if I can. If you want me to,” he says.
Your skepticism is written all over your face. But you needed this even if you were a little nervous. He pats his lap encouragingly, and that’s the final push you need to let go of the pillow and crawl into his lap.
“There’s my baby bunny. Sweet girl,” he says softly as he gets you situated. He peppers a few tender kisses on your head and strokes your back.
You had only been there for a few seconds, but your hips were already squirming.
“What do you need, baby? Just tell Daddy, and you can have it,” he whispers. The title rolls off his tongue as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. It had caught him off guard when you said it, but after it rattled around in his head for a bit, it took root. Now, he just wanted to hear you say it again.
You whimper, looking at him through your lashes with those sweet eyes. At this point, you were all but riding his thigh. There’s a pause as you decide how to articulate your desire.
“I need… I need you,” you offer timidly.
“I know that, sweetheart,” he chuckles, “Try to be more specific for me. Daddy only wants to know so he can help you. Give you exactly what you need.”
He reaches up and cradles the back of your head, bringing you in to rest it on his shoulder. His other arm wraps around you and rubs your back. He holds  you as close as he can to give you that physical reassurance he knew you longed for in your condition.
You still hesitate, obviously working up your will to explicitly state your cravings.
“I want Daddy inside, wanna be bred,” you whimper, turning your face against his shoulder to hide your eyes. Your whole head felt hot with the weight of what you said. It was almost dizzying, but he swoops in with his cooing voice and gentle praises to keep you together.
“Poor baby,” he croons, “I don’t know how you handled this alone for so long, honey. That’s so unfair to you, all these big feelings you had to work through by yourself. So frustrating.”
You knew he was being excessively caring now, but you had no complaints. The loving cadence of his voice made your mind melt. All you could do is whimper and nod against his shoulder.
“You could’ve come to Daddy anytime you wanted. I could never say no to my sweet baby bunny, especially not about this,” he says, kissing your head and giving your ears a few loving strokes.
“I know. I’m sorry,” you say.
“Nothing to be sorry about, sweet girl. I’m here now. We’re gonna fix it. Daddy’s gonna make it all better,” he says.
He shifts you around a little so he can slide his pants down and free his hard cock. Your curious eyes dart back to his face after a quick look at the flushed tip and the veins spanning the shaft.
“You ready?” he asks softly.
“Mhm, need it,” you whimper in return, helping him get your hips into position.
He lowers you on to his cock. Both of you let out hushed noises of pleasure as the sensation strikes pleasure within you. His fingers are digging into the flesh of your hips as he slides further into you. Your arms tighten around him and your eyes already start to flutter at the snug fit.
You whine and babble out some nonsense when you’re finally flush against him. His cock twitches inside of you.
“I know, baby, I know,” he hushes you. You could hear the tension in his own voice from exerting so much restraint. “You feeling any better?”
“Little bit, need more Daddy,” you mewl.
“Just give yourself a second to adjust, angel,” he grunts. You were pulsing around him, making it harder for him to not let go. 
But it seems you’re feeling the same way. You shake your head in response to his words and start haphazardly squirming around, trying to move up and down while still in his hold.
“Need it Daddy,” you whine, “Can’t wait. Pretty please.”
Like he’d said, he couldn’t say no.
“If you’re sure, honey,” he says and loosens his grip, “Be a good bunny and bounce for Daddy.”
That’s all you need to hear before you’re bouncing up and down. Wet noises fill the room as your slick pussy takes him in and out. You close your eyes and tilt your head back, letting the embarrassment fade and just feeling the pleasure running through you.
Leon focuses on helping you keep your balance as you ride him. His own belly was twisting with ecstasy as your heat engulfs him over and over.
“That’s it, good baby,” he grunts, “Keep going, honey. Get it all out.”
You whine and continue on, up and down, up and down. More cute noises spill from your mouth as the head of his cock nudges all the right places. You ramble on, mumbling things like “love my daddy” over and over.
“Daddy loves you too, sweet girl,” he says softly.
He notices you starting to cling and whimper more. You were still riding, but your rhythm was becoming more awkward. You seemed more desperate even though you literally had him as close and as deep as physically possible.
He tries to help and do more of the work. He pulls you in close again and holds you against his body. Your face is pressed to his neck while he rubs the back of your head. His hips start to do the majority of the thrusting, bucking up into you fervently.
More incoherent strings of words escape you as you melt into his chest. You press a few sloppy kisses to the base of his neck. Despite him taking over, you were still being whiny and squirmy. He knew you were in discomfort, but it should be getting better, right?
“What is it, babydoll? What else do you need?” he coos.
Your head falls back and a sound of general pent up frustration escapes you. Your hips roll into his thrusts in large, needy movements.
“It’s not enough,” you cry, almost near tears from the ache between your thighs, “Need you more. Closer. Need it.”
You tug at his arms trying to get him to wrap them tighter. There wasn’t much Leon could do though. You were already as close as possible, any closer and you wouldn’t be able to move, which he was sure wouldn’t go over well with you. He felt so bad for you though. His sweet baby bunny suffering like this.
He watches you, your weak attempts at getting yourself off by rising and falling on his lap. He can’t take watching you struggle like this. Doing the only thing that could think of, he boosts you up and quickly flips you over.
You’re now pinned beneath him. His toned body is all over yours, heated skin pressed to you in every way. He spreads your arms out and holds your wrists down. His hips are against yours. He’s just grinding into you now, not even pulling out with his thrusts. He was as deep as possible. If this wasn’t enough, he didn’t know what else to do.
“How’s that, pretty girl? Is that how my baby bunny wants it? Wants Daddy nice and deep, ready to spill his cum and breed her cute pussy,” he breathes.
You nod eagerly, eyes rolling back at the relief you felt. This is what you needed. Feeling his weight on top of you, unable to move anywhere else.
“Mhm, this is what you need, sweet baby. You’re gonna take every last drop. Gonna keep it all in to make sure it takes too. If any leaks out, that just means I’ll have to fuck it back in. We’ll just have to go as many times as we need to,” he groans.
“Yes Daddy. Wanna take it all. Gonna be full of your cum for days,” you whimper.
“Yeah you will be. I think that’s what I’ll do from now on. Whenever my baby bunny goes into heat, I’ll have to stay home, make sure to keep you in bed, keep you plugged up full of Daddy at all times. That pretty little head won’t have to think about anything but being bred,” he says.
You just nod again, unable to get proper words out at the minute.
“I feel you squeezing, sweetheart. You getting ready to cum for Daddy?” he coos and reaches up to stroke your ears. He hikes your thighs up more, giving him a deeper angle to drive into you with. You gasp from the change, and your noises get higher as he rams in as much as he can without it being painful.
“Daddy!” you cry out. It’s all you can say. You had more, but it could only come out in the form of that one word right now. He’s all that was on your mind. Daddy daddy daddy.
“Yes, baby. Yes. Daddy’s here. Gonna fill you full of cum and then love on you for the rest of the night,” he purrs, “My baby was so brave, dealing with this all by yourself. But doesn’t it feel so much better when Daddy takes care of you?”
“Mhm, mhm,” you agree quickly.
Your hips start bucking while your body spasms. Leon knew this was it.
“Good girl, baby. Cum whenever you want. Let it feel good baby, get perfect and tight,” he says.
You do just that. You let the release wash over you. You shudder and dig your fingers into his muscles as the feelings bubble over.
“My perfect little bunny,” he praises softly while watching you let go.
It’s not much longer until his cock his pulsing violently within you. He thrusts as hard and as deep as possible before letting out a loud groan and burying his face in your neck.
“Fuck, baby, baby, baby,” he mumbles.
He spills it all inside you, hips twitching and arms locking around you. In the end, you’re both panting. He pulls back a little to kiss your forehead again. He looks down into your eyes.
“How’re you feeling now, sweet girl?” he asks softly.
“Better for now,” you answer. Your head starts to clear and return to its normal state.
He nods and kisses your head again. He rolls over onto his back, scooping you up against his chest while staying inside you. He rubs your back gently.
“You did so good, baby,” he whispers, “Now you see you don’t have to do that alone. You can trust me, sweetheart. I only want to help you. Keep you happy.”
You nod and look up at him lovingly.
“If this is what you need, this is what you need. We can get through it together,” he says softly.
“Together,” you agree softly and scoot up slightly, kissing him gently on the lips.
He smiles big and holds you closer somehow. He leans in for another kiss and another. He didn’t think he’d ever be able to get enough.
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remuslupinslittleslut · 19 hours
Amy's Kinkmas Day Seven
Stockings - Poly!Marauders x Reader
Kinkmas Masterlist.
Tumblr media
Pulling on a sweater dress over your frame, you take a careful look in the mirror. It was Christmas day and for the first time you’d be spending it with your boyfriends at one of their houses, James had invited all of you to the Potter’s for the holidays.
“Looking so pretty, babe”, James said, as he came up behind you, arms wrapped around your waist.
“Thank you, love”, you say, turning in his arms and giving him a kiss, “let’s go down to the others, yeah?” You didn’t want things to escalate with James right now, wanting to keep the surprise which hid beneath your dress a secret.
At the dinner table, you were sat across from James, who sat next to Remus, with Sirius to your side. Halfway through, a hand landed on your thigh, pushing the skirt of your dress up to grab at the flesh of your thigh. You blush as Sirius chokes on his drink, having finally found the edge of your stockings. It almost hurt how hard he squeezed your thigh, and you knew he was communicating nonverbally with Remus and James from across the table. In order to not ruin the whole surprise, you stop his hand before it reaches your core, locking your fingers with his and giving his hand a squeeze.
After Christmas dinner and the opening of presents, the four of you finally retreat to James’ bedroom, “All right princess, dress off, what’re you hiding under this?”
Your cheeks burn, you know they’ll like this, but you still feel nervous about taking your dress off, feeling like you have something to show off. Still, you take the hem of the dress, pulling it up your body before discarding it on the floor next to you. You’re left in thigh high stockings, lacy underwear with an open crotch, and a corset style bra. They’d asked you to wear stockings like these before, but you’d turned them down, feeling awkward in this type of extravagant lingerie, but today, you had decided to try it out.
“Wow, princess…”
You felt three pairs of eyes locked on you, looking you up and down in turns. You’d thought you’d feel uncomfortable in this, but you found that you really did enjoy it, you felt sexy, felt appreciated being watched like this, in this.
Climbing up on  James’ bed you make yourself comfortable, “I thought you could unwrap your final gift of today”, you say, smiling sweetly at your boyfriends.
Said and done, they take their sweet time joining you in the bed, manhandling you to see you in this tiny outfit(?) from behind, making your pussy poke out deliciously from the hole in your panties, which, with the help of your stockings, frame your arse perfectly.
Not being able to see behind you in this position, you’re not quite sure whose lips attach to your pussy first, but the person’s hands wrap around your thighs, pulling you closer, making you moan from the touch. Soon, Sirius is at your head, brushing your hair out of your face, telling you sweet words, “hi baby, you’re so pretty for us, such a good girl, love you so much.”
From behind you James is whining, “Moony, move, ‘s my turn”, so Remus was the one eating you out. Deciding it best to share, Remus moves away, leaving your cunt without touch, but only for a few moments, because soon, James is there, tongue licking long stripes, collecting your wetness and moaning at the taste. Before long, his mouth also leaves your leaking cunt, in favor of kissing down your thighs, pulling at the fabric of your stockings with his teeth, “So sexy, love, d’you do all this for us? Such a sweet girl”, his lips return to your core, fingers teasing your entrance.
In front of you, Sirius has taken off his trousers, leaving him in tented pants, hard cock facing you. His hand holds your cheek, lifting it slightly, “can I have your mouth, pretty girl?”– “please”. Your hands reach up to free him from the confines of stained boxers, pulling him out and wasting not time enclosing your mouth around his pretty cock.
Remus doesn’t even let you relax around Sirius as he comes up next to you, hard cock hanging along his thigh, taking your hand and placing it around him, letting you know what to do. It’s so lovely, James lapping at your cunt, Sirius filling your mouth and Remus heavy cock in your hand, you feel so loved and appreciated, so sexy like this, knowing they loved your little lingerie surprise. The sensation from James’ lips makes you moan around Sirius, sending vibrations through his cock, making his hips buck, pushing further down into you.
“Fuck, baby, stop, ‘m gonna cum, wanna fill you up”, he says, tugging you away by the hair, “Jamie, ‘s my turn now,  I haven’t had her pussy all night”, he whines, giving his best pout.
Seeing the opportunity of your empty mouth, Remus soon replaces the emptiness with his own cock, “that’s a good girl, good little cockslut, yeah?”
Remus’ words and the feeling of Sirius pushing himself in, to the hilt in one go is too much and without warning, you’re coming, “oh isn’t that just adorable, barely in yet, and the little baby’s already coming”, Sirius mocks. His fingers push in beneath your stockings, pulling the fabric away from your skin as his hips push against yours harshly, head poking at your g-spot with every thrust. Your mouth falls completely open, unable to properly suck Remus, forcing you to bring your hands up to wrap around him, only keeping the tip in your open mouth, fingers doing all the work, “Fuck, love, you’re so sexy”, Remus praises, hips bucking and cock emptying all it’s juices all over your mouth and lower face.
Remus’ come, along with Sirius cock splitting you in half makes you come again, walls clamping down around Sirius, who drags you closer using the fingers stuck in your stockings, ripping them apart, the action sending him over the edge, filling your little cunt with white hot spurts of love. Remus has already moved away from your mouth, likely in order to wipe his messy cock down, and as Sirius pulls out, you collapse on the bed, face diving into a pillow.
Feeling completely fucked out, you realize James hadn’t gotten the chance to come. Using all your strength you flip over, laying on your back, looking properly disheveled, torn stockings barely hanging on to your legs, face covered in Remus’ cum, and bra still pushed down, showing your tits. You gesture for James to come sit over your middle, hands coming up to wrap around him, jerking him slowly, not having much energy left. Still, though, the feeling of finally having someone touch his cock makes him moan and whine above you, hips bucking into your little fists. “You’re so pretty, love, gonna come now, paint you with my cum, like a painting, you’re pretty like a painting, babe”, he always gets rambly when he’s close, it’s so endearing. Your hands move faster, pushing him over the edge, making him spill all over your chest, a few spurts even reaching your chin, mixing with Remus’. Your tongue pokes out to lick some of it up.
“That, love, was amazing”
“Yeah, you’re so good, so sexy, so pretty for us”
“Gonna clean you up now, then we’ll have cuddles, yeah?”
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sophswritingthings · 2 days
a follow up to english! reader where reader decides to sneak into japan w mizu—how would their domestic life be like (did they adopt a cat, do they have a farm, does mizu continue to pretend to be a man so they can get married that kind of thingy ) and would ringo and taigen ever find out about reader and mizu
sorry if this doesn’t make sense i don’t request/ask much
pairing: mizu x english!reader
warning(s): the usual stuff (blood, swearing)
a/n: mizu adopting a cat,,,, yes!!! she would so just grab some cat off the street and be like “hmmm mine now”. she seems like a black cat person even if they’re considered “bad luck”
summary: after sneaking into japan with your partner, you both decide to settle down and live as quiet of a life as possible.
word count: 907 words / 4,500 characters
you were sitting on one of the comfy pillows settled down in your house, a small black and white splotched item curled into your lap as you read a book you’d brought from england with you.
you looked up to see mizu stumbling in, a bit bloody and tired.
she lent down, first, without a word—kissing your forehead.
you smiled, looking up at her.
mizu had decided to stay a samurai; and stay pretending as a man—for her, and, for your safety. if she masked as a man—people would see your relationship as… “acceptable”.
“long day, huh, sweetheart?” you whispered.
she nods, rubbing her forehead, “mhm,” she hums the word, seeming tired as ever.
“you can go to bed,” you gently squeeze her hand. “I can host taigen and ringo.”
oh, yes, taigen and ringo.
you’d met them—albeit accidentally—when you’d come to japan within the first few months. mizu had planned to keep you a secret; especially from a man like taigen, but that became increasingly hard when the samurai would show up unannounced. 
so she just let him find out on his own; find out you were an english woman, from england itself, and that she was in a relationship with you.
surprisingly, he’d agreed not to tell.
ringo, on the other hand, was told straight away. you could see mizu did truly trust the man who once called himself her “apprentice”. 
and you quite liked him; he was kind and was very brave, despite his obvious disability. and you couldn’t deny the man made good noddles.
“no, no…” she mumbled, leaning down to pet the cat sitting in your lap, “I can stay awake a bit longer.”
“are you sure?” you cock your head, “you look like you’re about to pass out.”
she groaned, “that’s because I may,” she hauled herself into your shared bedroom.
you frowned. you always knew mizu overworked herself, but you hadn’t guessed it was so bad.
the door fell open, taigen and ringo on the other-side.
“hello, boys,” you say with that posh english accent of yours, smiling, “mizu’ll be a moment, she just got home. she’s just getting changed and is cleaning up.”
“sounds good! I’ll start on the noddles,” ringo made his way hastily into the kitchen. meanwhile, taigen stayed and greeted you kindly.
maybe he wasn’t your favorite person, considering what mizu told you about him, but he was never rude to you.
that’s when mizu appeared from your bedroom—and made a beeline for the kitchen. seems she wanted to talk to ringo; or really needed some kind of energy.
taigen suddenly followed, leaving you alone in the room once more.
you could hear the three talking. faintly, quietly, but they were talking.
and what were they talking about that it looked they didn’t want you to hear?
“my love?” you call to mizu, hearing feet stir gently and begin to come toward you. “what are you three boys chatting about in there that you don’t want the lady to know, hm?”
she chuckled weakly, sliding in to sit behind you. she wrapped her legs around your waist, her arms draped around your neck.
“nothing you need to worry about,” she murmured into your ear. she looked as if she were about to fall asleep.
"you could go to sleep," you whisper, slotting your hand into hers. "I'll wake you up when the food is done, mm?"
mizu nodded slowly, to your surprise. she kissed your shoulder a few times before falling asleep tucked into your body.
you slowly rock her awake, when you the scent of ringo's cooking float into the room. the food they had here in japan was never your favorite, but you were getting used to it with time--especially ringo's cooking.
"eat, my love," you whisper to her as she raises her head. you hand her a bowl of food, eat hing as she slowly and quietly began to eat.
after a few hours of eating and chatting, ringo and taiga disappeared into the cold. it left you and mizu, wrapped up in one another's gentle embrace.
your head rested against her chest, her fingers playing with yours. she had you wrapped around her finger, both figuratively and literarily.
"I did have something I wanted to ask you," she says, her voice right near your ear.
"hmm? and what's that?" you hum rather sleepily, "is that what you boys were talking about..?"
"m.. mhm," she seems hesitant. she shifts herself so you're both sitting upward. you gaze at her, wondering what she was on about. "im not exactly sure how they do this in england, but i.. bought this before we left."
your eyes widen. she pulls a sparkling ring from her pocket.
"t-they, um, usually get down on one knee.." you mumble, wiping the tears pooling in your eyes.
she chuckles, adjusting herself to be sitting on one knee.
"at first I was very.. hesitant, to take you back to japan, with me," she begins. "but now I feel I would have absolutely spent the rest of my life regretting it if I didn't. would you.. marry me?"
you nod and you nod, laughing and smiling as tears poured from your eyes, "yes--yes, of course I will," you whisper through your tears.
she takes your hand, slipping the ring onto your finger.
she took your hand to her lips, kissing the sparkling diamond ring.
"I can't wait to call you my wife."
a/n: someone left another ask that perfectly follows this up so expect that soon!
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suimon · 2 days
you’ve talked about the talking stage with simon now talk about the dating…. 🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀
oh mygoodness.. u have hypnotized me into writing dating simon. my favorite thing ever!!! yes, the talking stage took a while :3 but now? now that he knows that you actually like him as much as he likes you.. he opens up much, much more!
simon doesn’t like uncertainty. it’s funny because he was the one making you feel uncertain before all of this, but as soon as you two start dating, he feels more comfortable unleashing all of the feelings that were building up inside :-)
you sleep over at his for the weekend? he’s giving you a morning kiss before he heads off to the gym in the morning. you’re all nice and cozy in his bed, finally reassured of everything - and.. seeing you like this? simon feels like that one beau taplin quote: “beautiful. crushingly so. you look like the rest of my life.”
you’re the one who wakes up first and you need to head off to work? if you give him a morning kiss and cover him back up with the comforter? he is pulling you back into bed and you are getting squeezed with him grumbling that you can be late…
it’s this whole tender side of him that comes out and makes you feel all weak! he’s still that gruff man, but goodness gracious, he is more weak for you because of that aching sore you put in the heart. when you date simon, you don’t really require reassurance that you’re the only one because it’s made painfully clear that he’s only got eyes for you.
actually, no, he’ll show you that he was made for you. because, honestly.. you’re the only other person he’s got besides the guys. he never knew he’d find you, someone who he could look at and take back what he said to tommy all those years ago. he could definitely settle down in a life if it was with you. he’d tell you that his mother and tommy would’ve loved you. thinks about what it could’ve been like if you had met beth and joseph.
oops i didn’t mean to get angsty sorry . but, simon gets so much more annoying, actually. so playful! he’d become more cheeky, more prone to smiling his cheeks off with you, more puppy-eyed, it’s all such a drastic addition to his naturally tense demeanor that you end up asking..
“who are you and what did you do to my simon?”
he doesn’t even answer the question, but he gives you a cheshire grin.
“your simon?”
in simple terms… yeah, simon riley is just comfortable with you now. before, he was too caught up in trying to make the right choices. now, everything falls in place so naturally!! give him a nice kiss and he won’t let you pull back!!
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