#and what is this brattiness from rain? hello?
forlorn-crows · 2 months
Rain getting fucked with a monster dildo and mountain walks in on him, watching him?
oh anon. sweet, sweet anon. you're getting a treat tonight.
i had a little too much fun with this one
Mountain watches him from the doorway, the heavy wooden thing cracked open just a sliver. From his angle, he can see Rain on his bed, lasciviously fucking himself with a dark purple toy. It’s a large one, spiraled and tentacle-like. Mountain watches as he slides it in and out, matching the twisting movements over the length of his cock. He can see it shining with precum, even in the dim evening light.
It’s hot. But he can’t help the pang of jealousy—Envy? Possessiveness?—that hits him in the chest. He palms himself over his jeans, hissing at the contact.
“Oh fuck, Mountain.”He freezes, hand still over his clothed cock. “I can—ah—smell you in the—mmpf—h-hallway.”
Mountain steps into his room and shuts the door behind him. “What’s this, tadpole?”
Rain turns his head lazily in his direction, thighs clamping together to keep the toy fully inside him while he reaches a sticky hand out to the earth ghoul, still pumping his cock with the other. Mountain steps close to him but doesn’t take his hand. Rain lets it hang limp.
He looks up at Mountain, mouth parted. “Cirrus gave me a new toy.” He looks at Mountain’s crotch, smiling at the bulge in his pants. “I like when you watch me,” he says quietly, breath hitching when he shifts his hips.
“It’s big.”
Rain nods, eyes fluttering shut as he teases the tip of his cock.
“Bigger than me?”
The water ghoul shakes his head and opens his legs, silently inviting Mountain to see for himself.
“Hm,” he thinks. He runs a finger down Rain’s body, from the end of his chin all the way down to the base of the toy. Rain whimpers as Mountain presses on it. He feels a little devious, mean even. “Pretty close. I’m not enough for you?” he says with an edge, raising a brow. His eyes trace a line back up to Rain’s face, who’s blushing a deep violet—almost as purple as the toy he’s fucking himself with.
But he’s not shy. “You don’t have a tentacle for a dick,” he says, a little brattiness rising to the surface. Oh, but that really gets Mountain going.
“Maybe not. But I can fuck you better than you’re doing by yourself.”
“Mmpf—s-show me.”
Mountain chuckles darkly. “Sure, raincloud.” He grasps the base of the dildo and pulls slowly, each inch shining with slick as it reveals itself. Now that he’s closer, Mountain can see the swirls of indigo that run throughout the silicone, curling around the molded suckers that spiral from base to curled tip.
“Perfect for a horny water devil, hm?”
Rain whines as the tip grazes his prostate on the way out, making him twitch. “’S nice, yeah.”
Mountain sets the toy aside. He looks down at Rain, taking in the sight beneath him; the wet little tendrils of hair stuck to his forehead, the glint of small white fangs poking into his bottom lip, the slick coating his inner thighs, and the violet tinge to his skin, from the tip of his ears to the tip of his cock, which was still appearing and disappearing in Rain’s fist.
Mountain can’t hide the way his cock kicks in his jeans. He palms himself again as he tugs Rain to sit on the edge of the bed. He nudges Rain’s knees apart, sliding between his legs and towering over him. Mountain tips his chin up, admiring the adoration and need on the water ghoul’s face.
“You’re so pretty. Pliant. Aren’t you?” Mountain leans down to kiss him, licking into Rain’s mouth hungrily. Rain moans into his mouth and clutches at Mountain’s shirt. He’s trying to pull Mountain on top of him, pull him onto the bed with him so he can take him like he always does.
But Mountain isn’t having any of that.
“No, no.” He pulls away and rises to his full height once more. He puts a hand on Rain’s shoulder. “On your knees. Want to fuck that pretty throat.” Rain whimpers, swallowing thickly.
He takes one step back, then another. Rain’s hands grab the air as he disentangles himself from the water ghoul. “And you’re going to watch.” He beckons him over to the large, gold-framed mirror in the corner of the bedroom.
Rain rises on shaky legs, slinking over to Mountain and the mirror. His cock is hard and leaking between them, and Mountain can’t resist giving it a quick squeeze, right at the base. Rain keens, knees threatening to buckle.
Mountain leans into him, hand dipping lower. “Knees,” he purrs into Rain’s ear, pressing his fingers into his taint.
Rain’s legs really do give out at that, and he drops down in front of the earth ghoul. He presses his face into Mountain’s crotch, mouthing over his fly. Mountain cards his fingers into his hair and closes his hand, gripping lightly. The pressure is nice, but the way Rain drools over the fabric is nicer. He rocks his hips into his face, just to enjoy the debauched look already settling there.
Mountain pulls him off his crotch so he can free his cock from beneath the fabric. He unzips his jeans and pulls the elastic of his underwear just past his balls; he doesn’t disrobe any further, not for this.
Rain is back on him in an instant, mouthing over his length with his wet tongue. He laves against the underside, moving upwards to flick his tongue against the frenulum. Mountain growls and grabs his hair again, pulling him off. A string of saliva follows him, connecting tongue to tip.
“You’ll take what I give you, tadpole.” Rain’s eyes go wide, and he nods, almost imperceptibly. Mountain drops his hair and the water ghoul sinks back down a fraction of an inch.
Mountain traces his parted lips with the tip of his cock, not missing how a bead of precum catches on Rain’s tongue. The earth ghoul groans and turns his head to watch himself in the mirror.
Rain is a picture of debasement with his eyes just barely open, showing only a sliver of white and the bottom half of his pond green irises. His hands rest atop his quivering thighs, cock drooling onto the floor between them. Rain just lets Mountain smear his cock wherever he wants: around his lips, down his cheek, across his jaw. And it’s really fucking hot. It nearly makes Mountain forget he’s a little bit mad at the water ghoul.
He keeps his gaze on the mirror. “Open,” he says lowly, eyes fixed on Rain’s mouth. He opens obediently, tongue lolling out and waiting. His fingers dig into his thighs, leaving crescent moon marks in the flesh. Mountain bites back a fuck just starting to form on his lips as he pushes in.
Rain’s mouth is always nice—cool and wet, just like the rest of his body. Mountain looks back down at his actual figure, watching as he takes and sucks on the first half of his length.
“Yeah, take it all. Wanna make you a mess,” Mountain mutters, thrusting shallowly. He returns his hand to the back of Rain’s head, resting the other on the small of his own back. Rain moans in the back of his throat, drool already escaping from the corners of his mouth.
Mountain pushes in further. “More. That’s it,” he coaxes, smoothing the hair off his forehead absentmindedly.  Tears are streaming from his eyes now; Mountain knows it’s not from discomfort, just another way he lives up to his water ghoul nature.
“You’re being so good, Rainy,” he praises, any anger now effectively dissolved. Rain just whines through his nose, taking him deeper. Mountain looks back in the mirror, groaning at the sight. “Touch yourself. Let me see.”
Rain lifts a shaky hand to his cock, jolting at the touch and sinking further onto Mountain’s cock.
“Oh fuck, look at you. Look at yourself.”
He does, eyes fluttering open and craning sideways. Rain moans immediately, eyes rolling back into his skull as he jerks himself faster, suddenly desperate.
“That’s good, fuuuck, that’s good,” Mountain groans. He’s panting, infatuated with their reflection.
Rain takes him as deep as he can go, the head of his cock visibly going down and past the back of his throat. He doesn’t know how he does it without breaking his jaw, gagging, anything. But he doesn’t wonder for long, because Rain is constricting his throat around him, swallowing him down. It’s completely sinful and he can’t hold back the sudden rush of pleasure that it sends straight to his gut; his eyes are rolling and he’s cumming with a surprised shout, hot spurts sliding down Rain’s tight throat.
“Oh fuck Rain you—seven hells,” he says, voice cracking. Rain’s milking him through it, not backing off. His eyes are squeezed shut tight, eyebrows upturned, cheeks and lashes wet with streaks of tears. 
“Fuck fuck fuck,” Mountain chants, breath completely stolen from his lungs. Vaguely, he registers Rain’s hand flying over his own cock, jerking himself with fervor, frantic and wanton.
Rain lets out a strangled cry as he spills over his hand, spurts of cum dripping onto the floor. Mountain pulls out before Rain can accidentally clamp down on him. The water ghoul swallows and sucks in a breath, ragged and gasping.
“Mountain, oh, oh Lucifer unholy Father,” he coughs out, folding over himself and resting his forehead against the earth ghoul’s hip. “Wow, oh fuck,” he huffs, chest heaving.
“Unholy shit, Rain,” Mountain mutters. He pets his head, tracing around his horns. “That was . . .”
“You,” Rain laughs suddenly, the noise bubbling out of his throat, “you need to spy on me more often.”
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pandoa · 6 months
Hi Pandoa! Congrats on your follower count :DD Could I request for the event, Tulips with Leona and the setting be In The Rain. Those two on the prompt list really remind me of that one scene in 2005 Pride and Prejudice.
Tumblr media
Tulips ~ “so what if i’m in love with you?! is that so wrong?”
Plumerias ~ “run away with me”
~leona kingscholar x gender neutral reader~
warnings: some cursing, very minor angst if you'd qualify it as angst? it turns around very quickly tho so no worries lol
hello hello anon!! tysm for your lovely request! i do hope it was alright that i combined your rq with another darling anon <3 you two had very similar requests for leona, so i hope that's okay! i still kept that pride and prejudice vibe tho, i loved it sm!! have fun reading hehe~
Tumblr media
♡the heart rains with its lover♡
You couldn’t believe the audacity of the beastman in front of you. 
Even after every outburst, argument, cold glare, and obstacle thrown at the two of you, he was still there, ignorantly doing all that he wished like the choices he made did not carry any sort of grave consequence whatsoever. He was a selfish prick. A bratty little prince you had hoped to stay away from. 
You loathed the thought of just speaking to the pompous man. 
Hurriedly running past the forming puddles on Night Raven’s flooded campus, strenuous drops of rain trickled down your skin as you escaped to an open field with Leona trailing close behind you. Thunder clapped within your surroundings with a resounding clamor that echoed through your ears. The clouds in the sky gathered together in a spiteful manner, with you and Leona trapped underneath the overflow of raindrops soaking your drenched form. The chaos befalling just over the horizon accentuated your livid mood, and you bitterly welcomed it with every raving fiber of your body as you and Leona came to a stop in the middle of the storming field—the frustration in your tones being so sonorous it could be heard thousands of miles away across the hazel waters of the Isle of Sages. 
He did it. Leona had confessed. Albeit quite casually for an admittance of one’s sincere affections, but a confession nonetheless. Earlier, the two of you were gathered in your own circle of friends chatting amongst yourselves in Night Raven’s lively cafeteria until the low, unexpected voice of the Savanaclaw housewarden played throughout the room—mistakenly catching the attention of many other students in the process. 
“Okay, so I like (Y/n), Ruggie, what of it? That doesn't mean that I’ll go down on my hands and knees for ‘em, geez!”
The room went silent at the man’s outburst. A few had stared. You felt their creeping gazes irritate the spine of your back as you stood there, appalled and distraught, looking up to the unfazed lion standing a couple feet in front of you. Whispers were heard vexing the dissonant room as students murmured about the lion prince’s sudden declaration. All of their piercing looks were pointed towards you as you were faced with seas of judgmental glares. You were exasperated at what you had just overheard. You assumed he had hated and thought of you as a nuisance with the way he had always scoffed at you during your visits to the school’s botanical garden. But it was no matter. You claimed to hate him as well, anyway. There was no way that what he had said was true. It had to be a cruel joke.
You did not trust him.  
“Why would you say that?!” you shouted as you returned from your recollection of the events that occurred just a few minutes ago, arguing with the loud pittering of the rain as you raised your voice even more. “Right there, in front of everyone! That was quite uncalled for, and you know it!”
Leona bitterly turned to you, retorting your exclaims with a sarcastic vein. “Oh, well, I’m sorry for being honest for once in my life! I’ll never say it again if it bothers you that much!” The young man said as his face twisted into an expression of aggravation.
“‘Honest?’’ you doubted his foggy sincerity. “In what world have you ever been honest, Leona? For all I know, what you said earlier could have been some sick lie you created to make me act a fool of myself!” The thunder above then crashed and roared, while strong winds caused even the trees to sway in an uncontrollable rhythm. Your flowing locks of hair were now absolutely doused by water as rain continued to pour down the ground like Mother Nature herself had controlled the weather based on your raging emotions. You and Leona did not seem to care for the shaping storm, however, as you were much too focused on each other to mind what had gone on around you.
“So what if I’m in love with you?!” Leona shortly gave out, “Is that so wrong? Do we have a problem here, Prefect?!”
“Yes, we have a problem because I love you too, you asshole!” Freezing in your place on the empty field, you paused at your own impulsive words. No, wait! (Y/n), what are you saying?! You weren’t supposed to confess too, damn it! You mentally scolded yourself. “I…I mean—What I meant to say was—”
“Then run away with me,” the lion prince interrupted. “I swear this is the craziest thing I’ve ever said. Just escape with me for today and I’ll prove how honest I am.” Leona earnestly looked into your hesitant eyes and for the first time ever, seemed as if he was entirely true to his word. It moved your heart in ways you did not think were possible.
Had this really been the Leona you knew…?
“Sevens, I can’t believe I’m saying this—” he said as he uncharacteristically dragged a hand across his face—covering a small rosy hue tinting his cheeks. “Come with me before I change my mind, herbivore. I’m not saying it twice.” 
“Please just… give me a chance, okay?”
Tumblr media
a/n: anon i'd also just like to add that i am blaming you for my new fixation bc i had never watched or read Pride and Prejudice before, but for this specific request i watched the 2005 movie and it was the most amazing thing i have ever stumbled upon like i think the story bewitched me body and soul- i am forever in your debt anon cuz once i have the time to actually read jane austen's books i can guarantee that i will make it my whole personality omg i am in love idk why i haven't read her work sooner THANK U SM ANON
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dark-mnjiro · 5 months
run :: hanma shuji one shot
Tumblr media
author's note: please read with EXTREME caution. this is extreme dark content - as I've wanted to write a fic loosely based around some of my favorite slasher horror movies - and hanma seems to be one of the best suited for this role. if noncon/dark content is not your jam - please do not read this... and just wait for some of my other works because... yeah, HAPPY HALLOWEEN <3
warning: hanma shuji x afab!reader, dark content, extreme noncon, knifeplay, implied murder, stalking, yandere!hanma, noncon sex, choking, spanking, explicit sexual content, slut shaming, explicit language, serial killer behavior, home invasion, unprotected sex, ex-boyfriend!hanma, loosely based on scream/ghostface.
Wrapping the blanket tighter around your body, you shuddered at the thunder echoing outside as the rain began pounding against your house. It was almost midnight and the last of the trick-or-treaters had finally ceased. A sigh fell from your lips as you cut on the television. What a long night of screaming children and bratty teenagers with no business being out trying to get candy…
A familiar jingle began playing before realizing it was your cell phone going off. You grabbed it off the end table before confusion filled your eyes. “Unknown?” you questioned before making a face that your friends were probably trying to prank you on the spookiest holiday. Your finger slid over the answer button before a hasty “hello” left your lips.
“What’s your favorite scary movie?”
You froze in place realizing you didn’t recognize the voice. “...who is this?” It sounded…distorted.
“Ahh ahh ahh,” he tutted. “You didn’t answer my question.”
“Is this some sort of a prank?” you snapped. “Stop calling me.” And with that, you ended the call before letting go of the breath you were holding. Stupid kids, playing stupid pranks it seemed. Rubbing your eyes, you were about to set your phone down before it started going off again. Another unknown caller…
Against your better judgment, you answered again. “Hello?”
“Didn’t your mother teach you that hanging up is rude?”
It was the same voice as before.
“Who is this?”
“A friend,” he replied. 
“A friend would tell me who they were,” you replied, standing up from the couch. You tossed the blanket onto the couch before walking into the kitchen. “What do you want?”
“Just to talk.”
“Talk?” you repeated, confused. “About what?
You weren’t sure you understood what he meant or why he continued to call. “Just… just leave me alone.”
“Oh no, no, no,” he cooed. “Why would I do that when I’m so close to you already?”
“Oh yeah?”
You were growing tired of this joke. Anoted, you huffed. “Then what am I doing now?” you taunted as you raised your middle finger into the air. “Come on. Tell me.” 
“Didn’t your mother teach you to lock the back door?”
Your eyes went wide as you dropped the phone and rushed toward the back door and found it wide open. How? Why was this happening? Your eyes darted to the counter, praying there was a weapon well within reach. 
“…too slow.”
Your eyes widened again before turning around and seeing what seemed to be your tormentor towering over you. An obscure black and white mask seemed to hide his face as you took a couple of steps back away from him. He merely chuckled before his hand shot out and encircled your throat, squeezing tightly. Your hand came up to grasp his wrist, trying to pry him off in a panic while you attempted to struggle. But his strength was far too great as he pushed you against the island in your kitchen. 
“W-what? Who are you?!” 
“I told you,” he whispered. “A friend.”
The mask finally came off, revealing golden eyes that to your horror recognized immediately. “No… no. Get out of here,” you shouted. “You’re not supposed to be here!”
His laughter sent shivers down your spine before feeling a cold blade replace where his hand had been. How could you have been so stupid? You should have known that he would lurk, that a breakup wouldn’t keep him away forever. 
“Shuji. Please… just let me go.” 
The blade of the knife ran along the flesh of your neck before moving down your body. It slipped under your top before Hanma tugged it, cutting open your top. A strangled cry of fear left your lips before you tried to struggle again. The knife once again returns to your throat, forcing you to freeze. 
“Stop moving,” he said, gently. “Or this will hurt much worse…”
He tugged off your bra before turning you away from him. His hand slipped down to the zipper of your jeans before slowly tugging the zipper down and then pushing your pants to your knees. He slipped the knife under the side of your underwear before cutting it off your body. 
The fact that your ex-boyfriend had managed to sneak into your home, undetected, and still managed to torment you in the process… seemed like a mystery. You tightly shut your eyes, praying this would end quickly as you heard the familiar sound of his belt unbuckling from behind you. 
“Your mine,” he whispered as the knife resumed its place at your neck. “You know that right?”
You offered a weak nod, praying that agreeing with him would perhaps make these next few moments even just a fraction less painful. His hand moved to your hip, still keeping the blade pressed close to your throat before feeling his length push into you. A loud cry of pain moved past your lips as your hands attempted to brace yourself against the counter. 
Gentle was never in Hanma’s vocabulary and in this situation, you knew he wouldn’t take pity on you. Tears brimmed at the corner of your eyes as you tried to keep the focus on your surroundings, cursing to yourself as you felt your body beginning to betray you. “That’s right,” he cooed. “Creaming around my cock just like you used to, huh?”
His comments only seemed to make you feel more nauseous as his thrusts became more and more erratic. You could feel the tip of his cock kissing your cervix while his hand against your throat merely tightened. Your airflow was restricted further, and you felt your vision beginning to blur. You were sure you would pass out if he didn’t let go soon…
“Shut the fuck up,” he ordered before smacking your ass, earning a small cry from you, and hiking your leg onto the counter. 
“I can’t breath-!”
His grip only tightened causing your body to tense. A low groan rumbled from his throat as he felt your walls tense up around his length. He leaned over your shoulder. “Yeah? Can’t breathe?” He teased into your ear. “You fucking love that don’t you? Fucking clenching around me like that? Fucking whore.” His breath tickled against your ear as your hands tried to come up and pry his grip off of your throat. Spots begin appearing in your vision as fear starts mounting in the back of your mind. His nails began digging into the delicate flesh of your neck, forcing you to wince as you continued to claw at his arm. 
“If I can’t have you—nnngh,” he said before a groan interrupted his statement. His hips stuttered, and you grimaced, knowing he was close to his edge. “…if I can’t have you, you little fucking slut…” he managed to continue in between his moans as his thrusts became more and more erratic before you let out a strangled cry of pain, feeling him push his length further into you and finally filling you with his cum. 
His hand disappeared from your throat, urging you to gasp for air. Panting, you lay against the counter, thankful that the assault was over. Another wince moved past your lips as you felt him pull out. Tears began beading at the corner of your eyes, praying he would just leave. Using what was left of your strength, you managed to force yourself off the counter as your body shook in terror. 
“Ah ah.”
You froze. 
Why was he still here?
“If I can’t have you,” he repeated, holding up the knife again. “No one will…” His golden eyes filled with a crazed look as the color drained from your face. 
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luvth0t · 1 year
Tumblr media
in which you become needy to please your boyfriend after his outstanding qualifying, yet kept being pushed aside and interrupted by others.
warnings; bratty reader, nudes, choking, overstimulation, spanking, unprotected sex, hair pulling. dom x sub sorta thing? kinda? small daddy kink, it’s mentioned like twice lol. unedited for now oops
your boyfriends success these past few races had you beyond proud and excited. from the spa podium, mercedes announcement and now qualifying p3; you were in awe of your boyfriend like the rest of the world.
and while watching him get the attention and praise he deserves, having to share your boyfriend with everyone else could be challenging at times. when all you wanted was to have a few moments alone to tell him how proud you were, more often than not you are stuck behind engineers, journalists or fans.
george shared this frustration too, definitely noticing how this year it was becoming more difficult to immediately seek out your embrace after a good race or session; but then again certain things you just have to sacrifice. you’d always be his priority.
and you knew it too. but that didn’t mean you never had your moments.
george was always so well spoken, respectful. he had time for everyone; wouldn’t walk past someone without saying hello, always giving his opinion and never cutting anything short even if he’s in a rush. and you loved that about him.
but in certain situations you wished he’d be a little bit more selfish.
this morning practice was cancelled, due to the rain; meaning george had spare time. which was rare. you had taken the opportunity to chill in his motor home, and it didn’t take much for things to escalate.
however after he had rid you of half of your clothes, a knock on the door interrupted you both. his pr manager letting him know he was needed for an interview for sky sports. resulting in both of you being left unsatisfied and all hot and bothered.
your mind had been elsewhere since; standing in the williams garage which his jacket around your shoulders as qualifying got under way, watching on the screen. from what you could see of your boyfriend your mind continued to go further in the gutter.
already thinking of what tonight could bring for the pair of you, and when he ended up qualifying in p3 your excitement only grew. eager to congratulate him. in more ways than one.
however from the moment he got out of the car to when he was doing his first interview in the press area, you had managed to speak to him for maybe 3 seconds. a quick hug, telling him you were so proud of him before he was being dragged off again.
and you could handle that. obviously, he was here for work. so when he finally had done the standard, compulsory interviews and found you outside the william’s motor homes he was quick to bring you into a hug.
“pretty good hey?” he grinned, pulling away slightly to look down at you; beaming as a cocky smile got settled onto his face, your hands moving to cup his cheeks as you pressed a short kiss to his lips.
“so good baby,” you laughed back, your hands quite quickly moving to rest on his chest; his driver suit hanging on his hips. his large hands holding onto the small of your back. “already thinking of ways to show you how proud i am,” you hummed; looking up at him your eyes said enough.
he knew you too well, the slight suggestive tone in your words and the way you were running your hands over his chest. he also hadn’t forgotten about the heated moments before qualifying. and it was quite obvious neither have you. “are you now?” his tone matched yours as his eyebrows raised.
you were ready to reply, to happily detail all of the thoughts that have been running through your mind. majority of them involving you on your knees. but a voice interrupted you. “george,” a familiar face called out, approaching the pair of you.
he was the ceo of some sponsor, you couldn’t remember exactly. he had another man alongside him as they appeared beside you two, meaning you hesitantly pulled away from your boyfriend, staying close to his side however as george’s face happily lit up at the two guys in front of him. while your were fighting back a glare.
“this is mark, close mate of mine,” the man introduced, watching as your boyfriend shook both of their hands. and what easily could’ve been a quick hello and nice to meet you turned into a 20 minute conversation about all things william’s and racing. then onto their own companies.
while george was engaged in the conversation, it was quite clear you were growing impatient. nudging his side lightly, tugging on his hand, running your hand over the side of his body. even whispering in his ear while the two men were having a laugh.
and despite all your efforts your boyfriend hadn’t even shown a glimpse of reciprocating your need, or acknowledging it. which only had you further annoyed, because he quite clearly knew you were wanting him. right now. and it was almost as if he was purposefully ignoring you.
you almost let out a sigh of relief when the two of them finally walked off, and didn’t hesitate letting out an exaggerated huff when they were out of ear shot. “who were they?” you asked, not curiously; but in a passive aggressive way. you didn’t care who they were in all honesty.
“important people.” george chuckled with a small eye roll, and you noticed the faint smirk on his lips as he looked down at you. “they pay my wages,” he added with a small laugh; still not impressing you as your hand found his again.
“well making pointless conversation about his winery is not in your contract,” you shrugged innocently, your annoyance poorly disguised as you rocked back and forth on your feet. allowing your eyes to glance over his tall frame. the way his driver suit clung to his body, hanged off his hips. you could jump his bones right now.
“it’s called respect.” george smirked, his hand moving to brush some of your hair out of your face and tucking it behind your ear. “got my briefing then i’ll be all yours,” he told you; having read your mind yet you still let out a disappointed sigh.
“you’ve got like half an hour to spare though,” you reminded him; raising your eyebrows, your hands moving to rest on his chest once again, running down his toned abdomen which was covered by his suit as you bit down on the inside of your cheek.
his facial expression faltered for a few moments, well aware of what you were hinting at. he was on board with the idea, especially after being interrupted before qualifying. but he felt almost guilty if he was locked away with you instead of talking to the team and those here to support him.
“sky sports are wondering if you’re up to chat?” george’s pr manager appeared out of nowhere, and you were ready to pull your hair out as you were forced to step away from your boyfriend. again.
you had no shame in pouting up at him however, pleading with your eyes to say no. and for a second george was considering it. you’re desperation for him definitely having his heart racing, not that he was showing it. “yeah, will be right there.” george smiled before looking back to you.
unfortunately seeing you so worked up and desperate for him was amusing, and also enjoyable. and he had much more self control than you. hence his ability to push the thought of your naked body under him aside.
your frown grew, pouting like a little kid who’s favourite toy had just been taken away when his pr manager headed off. “stop pouting.” george grumbled, fingers grabbing your chin lightly, sending you a warning glare; which in all honesty only had you squeezing your thighs together. “i’ll be back.” he then smiled as if nothing was wrong, pressing a quick kiss to your lips before letting you go and following the foot steps of the guy who had not interrupted you once. but twice today.
what was only a 5 minute interview, felt like 5 hours. standing with his pr manager behind the cameras a few metres back, waiting not so patiently.
while normally seeing him talking about things he loved brought a smile to your face, right now you were no where near smiling. every time he caught your eye you had a small pout on your lips; your foot tapping against the ground impatiently.
he looked as good as always; sitting in the stools they provide; his legs happily spread which was not helping with the want to be on your knees between them and dragging those sounds out of him that have your own arousal flowing.
you looked preoccupied and somewhat flustered, while george as always was incredibly put together and professional. which made it all that more frustrating.
“that all?” george smiled towards his pr manager as he approached the both of you after the interview, ignoring your pleading eyes purposefully.
“yep. well done mate, see you tomorrow,”
he finally left, and you would’ve been relieved if it wasn’t for the pre-existing knowledge that george didn’t have to go off to his driver debriefing in about 10 minutes. something you would not be able to convince him to miss.
“can we go yet?” you asked the pointless question, already knowing the answer as his hand slipped into yours, the pair of you heading towards the william’s building; a breathless chuckle leaving his lips.
“you’re needy today,” he pointed out with a small smirk; as if it wasn’t obvious. you had no idea why he was pretending to not notice if he was just going to point it now but you only hummed in response.
“yes. because i haven’t been able to properly congratulate you yet,” you huffed when you both came to a stop inside the william’s area, turning to face him. “nor finish off what we started earlier,” you added in remembrance, your pleading eyes returning as you looked up at him.
his hands had moved to rest on your waist, the tight grip tricking you for a split second that maybe you could get him to leave early.
other drivers did it all the time, but never george. he was a team player. and you adored him for it. but once again, sometimes being selfish didn’t hurt anyone.
“it’s gonna be a quick one then we can go, promise.” the british driver assured you; his fingers pushing some of your hair out of your face as he looked at you expectantly; his thumb brushing over your bottom lip and his blue eyes pouring down into yours making it impossible to even try pretend to be mad.
“fine.” you conceded. and once again he was leaving you with a quick kiss and off he went. too often was that happening today, doing a walk of defeat to his drivers room to chill until he was finished.
closing the door behind you before getting seated on the sofa you aimlessly scrolled through your phone while waiting for him. and what felt like half an hour turned out to only be five minutes.
and the pure boredom had an incredible idea come into mind. pursing your lips to hold back a small smile as you entered your messages with george, typing out a not too risky text.
‘i want u to fuck me now :(’
it was innocent, compared to the usual sexting that occurs between the pair of you. however the image attached was a slightly different story.
it was a photo where you happened to be wearing no clothes. one you had taken maybe a month ago with the intention of sending to him; however a facetime call from the williams driver had come through before you could.
with the amount of travel he does and the occasional long distance, it meant nudes and sexting was nothing out of the ordinary; especially on your end. over the years you had both become experimental in keeping your sex life exciting and active despite the periods of time apart.
the fact someone could easily look over his shoulder and see the image was definitely weighing on your mind, it always did. but at the moment you didn’t care. he may not even check his phone.
but quite quickly the small delivered turned into read, and the fact he didn’t respond didn’t worry you either. hopefully it had only hurried him up, a small smirk plastering on your lips.
‘rude. don’t make me use my own fingers’
you added once it was clear he wasn’t going to say anything. and almost immediately the read appeared once again.
and still no response. he was too damn stubborn. you soon switched your phone off, deciding to wait somewhat patiently now.
you don’t know how long it had been when george finally came through the door, but it wasn’t as short as he had promised. however it wasn’t as long as they can be, sometimes your waiting for almost two hours while he was in those de-briefings.
“finally.” you huffed, looking up from your seat on the sofa, quickly noticing how his eyes didn’t even meet yours. and his lips remained shut, moving around the room to pack his things up, getting changed quickly and organise everything he needed. “hello?”
still no response, and you quickly caught onto what he was doing. the complete opposite of what you wanted.
“come on,” he muttered when he was sorted and organised; looking at you for a brief moment. he didn’t look mad. rarely did your boyfriend look mad, but the silence spoke for itself and gave enough away.
“the silent treatment? really?” you commented as you stood up to follow him; however he still gave no response as the two of you now headed out to the paddock and towards the car park.
walking alongside him it wasn’t obvious there was tension, george still smiling to everyone he recognised; exchanging nods and small ‘congrats’ and ‘see you tomorrow’s.’
“george!” a voice called out, footsteps behind being heard.
and this time, an audible groan left your lips as you fought the urge to throw your head back in annoyance. if this was the attention he gets after a good qualifying, you can’t imagine what winning a race will be like.
“mate good work out there today!” a mercedes engineer, one you recognised as someone who had worked with george in the past, smiled as he gave your boyfriend a pat on the shoulder.
and like always, george was up for a lengthy conversation. the sun was starting to set and you didn’t even pretend to be interested in the conversation this time.
standing there like a moody teenager, aimlessly looking at anything that caught your interest. and when there was a break in conversation, you didn’t hesitate to cut in. something you never do. but this couldn’t go on any longer.
“we should get going.” you interrupted, a sickly fake smile planted on your lips as you looked to the mercedes lad. you ignored how george parted his lips, ready to disagree simply to spite what you were trying to do.
“yes, me too. getting late. see you both tomorrow, good luck.” he grinned; before heading off back to the garages. and finally, you were on your way to the car again.
your eyes drifted up to the tall frame beside you a few times, it being clear his calm exterior was starting to crack from your antics, his jaw clenched and his eyes refusing to meet yours.
“you’re walking outta here as if you qualified p20,” you couldn’t help but comment as you nudged his side slightly. after the long day of being deprived of your boyfriend the last thing you wanted was the silent treatment. it’s not your fault he was irresistible and looked so good.
“you keep acting like a brat, i’ll bend you over the hood of my car and make sure you can’t walk at all.” he finally snapped when as you reached his mercedes, looking down at you with raised eyebrows.
however you could only smile. “i’d be fine with that,” you hummed innocently with a shrug, almost challenging him as you looked up at him. watching as he struggled to keep his cool, not missing the roll of his eyes as his hand found the car door.
“get in the fucking car,” he grumbled; even in this situation still being a gentleman and opening your door for you. however his tone made you fully aware you had pushed him far enough; you should be getting what you want now.
so you quickly slid into the car seat, putting your seatbelt on as he pushed your door shut and headed to the drivers side.
in no time the pair of you were driving out of the track and on the way back to the hotel; and once again, he was ignoring you and any efforts to talk to him or touch him.
the hard on his pants showed he was still being a stubborn prick and ignoring his thoughts, but that still didn’t mean anything to you. desperate for his attention, which was the reason he wasn’t giving it to you.
resulting in a car ride full of a few whines on your behalf, and george simply turning the radio up until you gave up; huffing and looking out the window till you finally reached the hotel.
for once you got lucky, in the lobby and elevator and on the floor of the shared room, no one you knew was in sight; and you could actually walk more than a few metres without being stopped.
you were ready to start complaining again the moment you walked into the large hotel room, about the fact he hadn’t even touched you yet. make up some lie about how you’d be better off at home pleasing yourself. anything to get him worked up.
but it became quite clear you had done enough when his hand wrapped around your throat and pressed you up against the wall behind you unexpectedly, a small gasp which turned into a moan leaving your lips; your lips parting due to the tight grip.
“you have fun today?” he asked with a raised brow, and if it wasn’t for the squeezing on the side of your neck you probably would have smirked knowing despite his efforts to hide it, he too was worked up from the rising sexual tension all day.
“considering you haven’t fucked me yet,” you started to breathe out, managing to complete your words despite the obstructed air way. “no.” you answered honestly, having no choice but to keep eye contact.
“didn’t realise it was all about you,” he pointed out in a hum, his already sharp jawline clenching every few moments as he spoke. it looked as if he was thinking, because he was. he had no clue what to do with you. his temptation to simply give you nothing because of how bratty you’d been not possible due to his own sexual needs.
but he was going to teach you a lesson that was for sure.
“one of my best days on the track ever, and you gotta ruin it cause you’re a needy slut who can only think about my cock in your mouth hm?” he questioned as his fingers dug deeper into your skin, causing a small whimper to leave your lips. and while you wanted to deny the truth, you were now struggling to speak.
“the other teams engineers got more of you than i did today,” you couldn’t help but pout, being able to speak when his hand loosened around your neck lightly, the petty and exaggerated comment being one from piled up frustration throughout the day. and he couldn’t help but chuckle.
amusement sparkled in his eyes at the sight of your pointless jealousy, shaking his head as his free hand moved to brush his thumb over your lip lightly. “my engineers almost saw what is mine.” he retorted, and didn’t give you a chance to argue as his fingers slipped past your lips.
the blush on your cheeks from his words was ignored by the both of you; he didn’t have to say anything for you to suck on his fingers; your tongue instantly swirling around them while imagining it was his dick, eyes looking up at him for some sort of approval.
but you would have to work harder for that. “think it’s cute trying to distract me from my work?” he muttered in disappointment, watching you intently as he refrained from groaning at the sight. his imagination almost getting the best of him for a moment. “shouldn’t even fucking touch you after that stunt.” he huffed.
yet regardless his fingers left your mouth, moving to the waist band of your skirt you were wearing. effortlessly tugging it down and out the way as his fingers slipped under the waistband of your panties, your own saliva not being able to hide the wetness between your legs.
and the brief contact had a small moan leaving your lips. “please,” you mumbled; pursing your lips in regret as you watched him, taking a deep breath from the feeling of his fingers hovering over your clit.
he let out a fake hum in thought, his hand still wrapped around your neck; which would definitely leave marks, not that you minded nor cared. you were about to plead him again, your things squeezing together in an attempt to relieve some of the arousal flowing through your body.
however he noticed this, using his knee to seperate your legs before his fingers were pressed down on your clit, immediately rubbing circles which had your eyes fluttering shut, soft moans falling from your lips.
your hand moved to grip onto his arm, while his hand finally left your neck; trailing up to tangle in your head and tug your head to the side, his lips immediately coming into contact with the sensitive skin of your neck.
soft kisses being left on the already forming marks from his fingers, however it didn’t last long as he was soon sucking and kissing at the skin eagerly to leave hickeys, while his fingers continued to play with your clit. unexpectedly sliding two fingers inside of you, a gasp being heard from you as your back arched towards him.
“so responsive for me,” he praised as he nibbled at the skin on your neck lightly, causing a whimper as his fingers thrusted in and out of you with ease; using his own body to push your bucking hips back and against the wall.
“fuck, more please,” you moaned out; still desperate for more of him as his fingers moved in and out of you; his thumb now circling your clit teasingly as you attempted to move your hips for more pleasure.
however he wasn’t letting you have any room to move, and his hand tugged on the strands of hair within his grip harshly in a quick reply to your words. “your not in the position to make any demands princess.” he warned you; his movements staying the same.
you only moaned in response, knowing better than to argue and instead enjoy what you were getting right now. because despite the fact he was pleasing you currently, you knew how he could be. and wouldn’t be surprised if he lost all contact with you soon just to get back at you.
however you were wrong considering he then slipped a third finger inside of you, and curled them to graze the spot that had your eyes rolling to the back of your head; your knees feeling weak as he applied more pressure to your clit as well. “george, oh my god,” you moaned.
this only encouraged him further and he still showed no signs of slowing down; his hand pulling at your hair again as if to remind you that you need to stay standing up, your buckling knees managing to hold your weight despite your thighs beginning to shake.
after waiting for this for so long it was no wonder you were getting worked up so quickly. “think you look best like this. shaking over just my fingers hm, this what you wanted?” he questioned you; pulling his head away from your neck after assaulting your skin with kisses.
you gave a weak nod as his fingers continued to please you, but it was clear he wanted an answer as his hands tugged your hair once again. “y-yes, yes daddy,” you quickly spoke after the sharp pain in your head which only dragged another moan out of you.
your eyes screwed shut as you began to clench around his fingers, and in all honesty you were waiting for the moment for him to pull away. to deny you of an orgasm for being a brat all day. however, he didn’t. the knot in your stomach becoming more obvious as your moans got louder.
“go on. cum for me,” he breathed out; watching as you shook beneath him, curling his fingers rhythmically. it was all you needed to hear as you came undone, cumming all over his fingers with a loud moan. your legs shaking, his grip on your hair almost being what was keeping you upright.
your finger nails dug into his bicep, which had his tongue grazing his bottom lip. enjoying the feeling of you gripping onto him as you reached your orgasm, the sounds and moans you were making alongside the way your body squirmed on his fingers making him want to fuck your right now.
but he had other ideas. his fingers not slowing down, maybe even speeding up; especially his thumb on your clit which had your breathing increase quickly.
“o-oh,” you moaned out when you realised what he was doing, your eyes opening to look up at him, almost in question however he didn’t say anything. instead pulling your head towards his by your hair to press his lips to yours in an open mouthed kiss.
he needed something. and you happily kissed him back, still gripping onto him as he continued the assault on your cunt. however it wasn’t long until you were struggling to kiss back, moaning against his lips as you held onto him for support.
“need-need a break,” you moaned out in a stutter after pulling away from his lips, head falling back and hitting the wall; not that you noticed, body overwhelmed with the pleasure that hadn’t stopped; your thighs pointlessly squeezing around his knee which was wedged between them.
you couldn’t make out the chuckle that left his lips, but you could feel his fingers curl again to hit your g-spot, almost squealing at the insane pleasure, loud moans filling the hotel room. probably the whole hotel floor.
“you wanted this so shut up and take it.” he grunted in response, tilting your head forward to look at him again, his aggressive tone one that didn’t come out too often, but god did it only add to everything you were feeling right now.
you couldn’t respond, not being able to form coherent sentences anymore as you pathetically nodded; eyes watering as his thumb toyed with your clit continuously and his fingers moved in and out of you consistently. your arousal and cum coating his fingers as your second orgasm fast approached.
without any warning you came again, his hand having to leave your hair and hold your hip down as your body attempted to push against him for more friction in response to its second orgasm. he was in heaven from the sight, something he’d never get sick of.
the way you could become a whimpering mess from just his fingers so quickly was something he was obviously proud of, and used to his advantage at all times.
and while usually now he’d become gentle again and give you time to recover from your consecutive orgasms, his fingers had left your cunt and we’re pushing against your lips in no time.
your eyelids lazily fluttering open, not showing any hesitance as you took his digits in your mouth; happily sucking your own juices off his long fingers while making sure your eyes stayed up and on him. if it wasn’t for his grip on your hip and his body pushed against yours, your knees probably would’ve gave out on you.
not that he cared right now, too focused on how your tongue moved around his fingers as the hard on his pants became too hard to ignore. “gonna fuck you now doll,” he told you; raising his eyebrow just to make sure you were good to continue. while he knew you could probably take it he still wanted to make sure.
and you quickly nodded, his fingers leaving your lips as you flashed him a small, lazy, reassuring smile; heavy breaths leaving your lips. while you could do with a few minuets to calm down, you were not going to protest to him fucking you. not when you had impatiently waited for this all day.
he was quick to grip your waist and spin you around, your hands quickly finding the wall in front of you to grip onto to ensure some balance.
you waited silently, for once, as you heard him play with the buckle of his belt and undressed what was necessary, taking the moments to try catch your breath as you resisted the urge to look back at him. you were in enough trouble as it is.
a sudden sharp pain on your right ass cheek snapped you out of your thoughts however, your body jolting forward as a small whimper left your lips. and you didn’t need to look at him to know he was smirking.
his hand came down on the same spot again, before squeezing the skin tightly and rubbing his hand over it; then moving to tug your skirt further down your legs and out of the way.
your breaths became shaky as you waited in anticipation, yet nothing happened; which had you letting out a whine as you shook your hips slightly, in need of some contact.
“two orgasms and still desperate for more?” you heard him scoff from behind you, his hands finally finding your hips as you let out a small breath; resisting the urge to push back against him. “such a whore for me,” he hummed out, before suddenly sliding into you.
the pair of you both moaned from the sudden feeling, bottoming out inside of you immediately had your jaw dropping from the feeling. “isn’t that right?” he muttered in your ear as his hand found your hair once again, pulling your head back towards him.
he was stilled inside you, so you rushed your response. “ye-yes daddy, only for you.” you whimpered out, and the name alongside the confirmation had him groaning as he began to harshly thrust in and out of you.
the pair of you were filling the hotel room with loud moans, grunts, groans and whimpers; your hands desperately planted on the wall as he pounded in and out of you. his grip moving to your neck to hold you against his chest, his other hand resting on your hip to guide his thrusts.
he was pulling your body back against him to meet his movements, hitting spots inside of you which had you seeing stars as you moaned his name, his lips now lazily pressing kisses on the bruised and marked skin of your neck.
“feel so good around me baby,” he muttered out, still not able to stop himself from praising you with how good you took him; his cock twitching slightly inside of you as you clenched around him. only being able to whimper in response to his words.
his cock began hitting your g-spot repetitively when his hand left your hip to move to your thigh and lift your right leg up lightly, hitting new angles which had you almost falling forward.
“i’m close, fuck george,” you warned him; not even ashamed you were going to cum so quickly, as you were overly sensitive and this pounding was enough to have you reaching that state all over again.
“cum on my cock doll, go on,” your boyfriend moaned in your ear; still holding you up as his hips snapped against yours at a consistent speed. you clenched around him again, which had a louder groan leaving his lips.
that was all you needed to cum again, tears falling from your eyes this time, your body feeling as if it was no longer in your control; completely at his mercy as you came again.
the way you came on his dick and clenched around him, alongside george’s pleasure being pushed aside the past hours, meant he too came not too long after you. releasing inside of you without any worries, your name rolling of his tongue as his own head fell back.
your body was almost limp in his arms, the driver easily having the strength to keep you up as you both came down from your highs.
“you better get on your knees love, cause i’m no where near done with you.”
a/n: part 9 of me not knowing if i like or hate the smut i just wrote 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻 anyways george needed more appreciation on here and i would happily get on my knees for that man mY god
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sionisjaune · 5 months
Nico/Lewis after Interlagos
After Interlagos, Lewis indulges in one of his least calculated decisions.
Angela doesn’t stop him, lifting a disappointed eyebrow in Lewis’s direction while he slinks out of the hospitality with his phone in hand.
Lewis dials the number. Usually these conversations happen face to face.
“Hello, Lewis,” Nico says, after precisely three rings.
“Hi,” says Lewis, pressing the phone into his ear. “I lost.”
“I was wondering. I had the race on for a bit.” Nico’s voice is too close to the phone, like it’s shoved between his cheek and his shoulder while he goes about finishing some secondary task. “Let me guess. It was your win, and Russell stole it in front of your surrogate home crowd, and you deserved it but you didn’t get it because you never get what you’re owed. Oh, wait. Verstappen robbed you too—is that what you were going to say?”
Lewis bites his lip, hard. “No.”
Some rustling comes through the speaker like Nico is jostling his phone about. “Good, because you didn’t deserve it. I’ll guess again. You were calling to tell me you’re worried you aren’t championship-calibre anymore. You wonder if you’re old and slow and past your prime, and you can’t admit it to yourself, but you’d hear it from me. Is that it?”
Lewis curls his hand into a fist, impotent rage and frustration bubbling inside his chest. “No.”
“I didn’t think so. It doesn’t sound like something you’d say.” Lewis imagines Nico pacing around the kitchen in his sunny Monaco apartment, shaking his head decisively. “Final guess. You want to suck my cock. You miss me.”
“I don’t miss you,” Lewis says, and even he can hear how his voice is paper-thin and flimsy.
Nico clicks his tongue, in that bratty, self-important way he does, and Lewis feels his face twist into the familiar shape of revulsion. He clutches the phone tighter.
“Well, I can’t fly out. If you’re wondering,” Nico says. “I’m actually in the middle of a massage. Though the masseuse has gone away for the moment, so whine on.”
“A massage,” Lewis says. He recontextualizes the ambient sounds backgrounding Nico’s voice and decides he can hear the hum of a heater, the rustle of bamboo sheets and the dull melody of spa music.
“I try to get one every two weeks. Would you believe that the divorce has taken its toll on my deltoids?”
Lewis almost snorts. He turns into the wall, half hiding his face, although no one is watching him behind the garage. “I have this great guy in LA. He does this Thai-style massage that’s been crazy popular lately. The waitlist is insane, but I can probably get you in.
There’s a moment of incredulous silence. “I’m not going to fucking LA for a massage,” says Nico.
“Fuck you, man,” says Lewis.
Nico snorts. “Didn’t you want to talk about your race?”
Lewis uncurls his hand from its fist and wiggles his fingers until his circulation returns to normal. “Not really,” he admits.
Nico sighs. “I have to go. Call me again when the weekend is over. I’m extremely busy, obviously. But I can arrange dinner if I have a few days notice.” Nico pauses. “And don’t say something idiotic like, ‘Dinner? Why?’ We both know what we want.”
“Alright. Good bye, Nico,” Lewis says.
“Good bye, Lewis,” Nico parrots. His accent doesn’t allow him to produce the same inflection, but it’s a near thing.
The call ends, and Lewis slips his phone into his pocket. The track is almost silent, now. The air in Sao Paolo is warm. The rain is gone.
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Hello! May I please request a modern Catra X female reader? (Smut Ofc hehehe with Oral pleasure, fingering and grinding) The two are girlfriends and it started to pour rain on their date so the two rush to Y/N house. Y/N parents are not home. As Y/n dries Catra off and after an intense make out session she tells Y/N that she’s ready to make love with her GF. The reader is top while her precious cat GF is bottom. But Catra makes sure to please her loving girlfriend too. ( Lotsa kissing and moaning 😏) Thank you!
||Getting Used To It|| NSFT| bottom!Catra x top!reader.
Tumblr media
A/n: Once again I fell in love with this prompt and probably wrote too much! 😂 Sorry y'all, I love smut with a prompt!
CW: obviously nudity, sex, oral, fingering, teasing, modern!au, Catra's first time with reader, talk of past relationships, y'all can guess who but she's not mentioned by name, implied past unhealthy relationship, hurt/comfort, comfort sex, bratty bottom!Catra, slight power bottom!Catra, probably a little cringe lmao
Tumblr media
"Kitten-!" You groan playfully at the beautiful woman sitting across from you, "Do you always have to steal my drinks?"
She smirks at you with your straw in her mouth, "What? You never finish it anyways! You always get distracted, and then it ends up melting, and then you don't want it, so if you think about it, by drinking the rest of yours I'm saving us money and saving the planet by reducing plastic waste!"
You blinked twice as you registered what she had said and then laughed, "The amount of mental hurdles you jumped to arrive to that conclusion was incredibly impressive, kitten."
She hummed and played with the straw between her fingers, "Well, I'm sure any bump looks like a hurdle down where you are, princess~"
"That's it give me my drink, you brat-!"
Catra giggled and pulled the drink from your grasp before quickly grabbing your garbage, plastic loose, loose napkins, ect, and throwing them in the recycling bin as she ran outside. You hot on her tail after leaving a tip for the baristas.
"Hey! Come on get back here!"
You two ran about outside, giggling like two school girls, running past disgruntled old men who shouted words you were both too happy to comprehend.
As you two ran to the nearest park it began to sprinkle with small drops of rain. Though both of you were too engrossed in the chase to notice, at least until you finally caught up with Catra by catching her tail, gently pulling enough to make her turn around into your arms and you held her close to you as you giggled.
You pressed your forehead against hers softly before leaning in and placing a gentle kiss on her lips.
"Not fair, you cheated" she complained with a smirk spread across her lips.
You hummed against her lips, "Not true, I caught you fair and square, kitten."
A moment or two passed before Catra tried to pull away with a squeak, seemingly finally becoming aware of the rain, but you kept her in your arms. "Shit, now!? Why now!?"
You laughed, still too elated with the woman before you to have your mood dampened.
She began trying to pull you behind her, "C'mon, move it, you know I hate the rain!" she hissed.
You smiled, "Hey, it could be boiling rain-"
"Yeah cause boiling rain is definitely a real thing-" she sassed back before pulling you more harshly, this time getting you off your feet, "Now let's go, please princess~!"
You were gonna continue teasing her until you heard a loud crack of thunder overhead and she practically jumped in your arms.
"Okay, okay, is my place good?"
Catra hissed with a shake of her head, her short hair already getting drenched, "Anywhere is fine as long as I don't get wet!"
As you pull off your jacket you snicker, "No promises, kitten~" and wink at her which causes her to groan loudly in disapproval as you toss the jacket over her head in a feeble attempt to keep her dry.
"Okay, let's g-"
After about a 15 minute sprint you and Catra finally found shelter in your small neighborhood home.
"Hey, I'm home and I brought Catra!" You yelled throughout the house.
"They're not here, you idiot" she sighed with a roll of her eyes as she rubbed her arm.
"Oh?" you giggled, taking off your dirty shoes and tossing them back outside, "and how do you know that?"
She scoffed, "their car is gone Sherlock."
As you looked at her fondly, you noticed the small scrape on her arm and the mud and dirt splattered on her tan freckled skin.
You gently took her arm in your hand to assess the scrape and smirked, "I told you not to run, but noooo~"
Catra hissed, "Don't be an ass, Y/n"
"I'm not an ass just because you don't like that I'm right, kitten~"
She sighs dramatically, "I guess you're right-"
"Thank you-"
"You're an ass because you haven't gotten your awesome girlfriend a first aid kit yet."
"That-!" You start and soon stop, trailing off as you think, "-is actually a good point, wouldn't want my awesome girlfriend to get an infection."
You lean in and kiss the top of her head, "how about you go pick out some nice warm clothes for us while I get the first aid kit, okay?"
"Whatever, just hurry your ass up before I get...I don't know...rabies or something?"
You snicker, "Rabies from the pavement?"
A little while later you carried a small stack of towels and the first aid kit into your room to find Catra, still dressed in her wet clothes, admiring the pictures of your friends and family you had covering your wall.
"Hey..." you said softly as you set the towels and stuff down, "I thought you were gonna get undressed? You're gonna catch a cold wearing those wet clothes, kitten!"
She groaned playfully and shoved you, "You sound like such a mom when you nag me like that!"
You smirked and pulled her close to you by the hand she shoved you with, "Well maybe if you listened to me the first time I wouldnt have to nag you, kitty~"
Her ears twitched as you said her nickname. You rarely ever used it, usually calling her Kitten or Cat instead, but when you did call her Kitty...it meant something different. It felt different, and both of you knew it.
"And what if I don't, princess~? What are you gonna do about it?"
"Laugh my ass off when you fall on the pavement again?"
Catra whined lowly under her breath making you laugh. You tilted her head up a bit by her chin, "What's wrong? Was that not the answer you were hoping for, kitty~?
She pulled you in by your collar, her face inches from yours, "I want you to kiss me..."
You smirked and kissed the tip of her nose before pulling away, "Nope, only good girls get kisses from their princess...and you've been a brat all day~"
You turn away from her and begin undressing out of your wet clothes that clung to your body. Cheekily ignoring the feeling of Catra's sharp eyes roaming all over your naked body.
As you slipped on your sports bra and boxers you heard Catra mewl, "Nooo, I liked them off~"
You laughed, grabbing a towel and the first aid kit, "Well, we still need to clean that scrape and get you changed into dry clothes," as you pulled out a damp towel and vaseline you looked up at her through mischievous eyes, "and I didn't want you to get distracted~"
She shifted on her feet a bit as she watched you gently care for her small injury, dirty thoughts filling her head.
Not long after you began putting the first aid stuff away and Catra said slyly, "You know...my arm...really hurts-"
"Yeah~" she shuffled a little closer to you, "I think I'm gonna need you to help me undress~"
"Hmm," you smile, "for some reason I feel...like you have an ulterior motive..."
"Of course not!" She gasped in a false offence, "I just thought my...sweet, loving girlfriend would help undress me when I'm in too much pain to do it myself..."
You giggled, "Okay drama queen, come here~" you sat on the edge of your bed as she shuffled toward you with a proud look on her face.
You stood as you pulled the soaked top from her caramel colored body and tossed the shirt to the side.
You heard her curse under her breath, "fucking hell it's cold"
Smirking as you had her lean against your body as you carefully slipped off her pants;
"You missed something, princess~" and she grasped your hand, bringing it to her red boxers.
You gulped. You'd seen her without her shirt on a lot, but she had never let you go any further.
"A-are you sure? Y-you don't want me to turn around or any-"
"Y/n." She said your name sternly to cut off your nervous rambling. Catra turned around in your arms so she was facing you, "I want this. I'm ready."
"W-what?" Blood rushed to your face as you felt it heat up.
She pulled both your hands to the hem of her boxers before gently placing both hands on the side of your face, "I want you...to... make love to me, princess~"
She bit her bottom lip between her teeth, a small fang sticking out, "I-If that's okay with you..."
You took a moment to think, taking in the sight of her and processing her words, before pulling her into your lips passionately.
"Of course, kitty-" you whispered against her lips, "-of course~"
Your hand went to the nape of her neck as you pulled her in before gently pushing her down on your bed.
You crawled over her, tearing off your top and boxers and throwing them to the side.
"Fuck~" you heard Catra whisper under her breath with a smile.
You brought your hand back to her boxers, looking up at her again, "You still want to do this?"
She bit her bottom lip and nodded.
You subconsciously licked your bottom lip as you began to pull her boxers down slowly, as though you were opening a present. As you caught a glimpse of her you moaned and shifted on top of her, "god damn you're so fucking pretty, kitty~"
"You talking to me or my pussy?"
You both giggled at her sudden crassness as you finished undressing her and you laid your bare body on top of hers, both of you still cold but your body heat was warming you both quickly.
"Well...I guess in a way...since you're my kitty~" you caressed her jaw in your hand and whispered mischievously, "I guess that means you're my pussy too~"
"Dont-" she giggled and shoved you back, "don't ever say that again."
You laughed along with her, "Aw come on, kitty..." You ran your fingers down her stomach down between her thighs and teased her just above where she needed you, "you know this pussy belongs to me~"
She purred, her back arching slightly, "You're...you're really enjoying this aren't you?"
"Definitely~" you stopped teasing her and brought your hands to her tits instead, messaging both of them in your hands as you leaned your head down and began sucking on her hardened nipples.
"F-fuck~!" She mewled, her claws digging into your back and her hips twitched beneath you.
Your tongue traced circles around her breasts as you rolled her nipples between your fingers. Moaning against her skin and rocking your hips against hers as she moans.
"I've...fuck I've wanted this so bad~" you confessed as you kissed across her chest to her other nipple, your hand sliding down her stomach, "I've wanted you so bad~"
"S-sorry to keep you waiting-" she breathed out through short pants before her hips jumped up and a squeak left her lips as you bit down on her hardened bud.
"Don't be-" you told her firmly before your voice went soft again, "I understood why you wanted to wait, my love...but I'd be lying if I said I never thought about it...about us~"
Her purrs grew in volume as your hand returned between her thighs and you teased around her sensitive parts again.
You kissed up her chest to her neck and began leaving hickies across her skin, "But this time, Kitty...you come first~"
You both moaned in harmony as you finally slipped your fingers passed her lower lip.
"O-oh f-fuck~!" She hissed, her cheeks turned a dark red as she tried to bite on her hand to muffle her sound.
You gently pulled her hand away, replacing it with your mouth as you continued teasing her pussy that was coating your fingers in her arousal.
"Don't do that, kitty. Don't hide your pleasure~" you teased her entrance painfully slow, her hips rising and falling on their own, "I want to hear how good you feel~"
As you rubbed her more you whispered lowly against her ear, "Mmm, youre so wet, kitty, hear that delicious sound your body's making for me~?"
She went to bite down on her lip before remembering what you said, so instead she spread her legs wider for you and let herself pant and moan desperately for you, "P-please princess, I need you inside me~"
Your fingers rubbed against her entrance faster before you finally began pushing the tip of a finger inside her, "Mmm, fuck you sound so beautiful when you moan, kitty-" you moaned lowly, your hips beginning to rock back and forth, rubbing your core against her leg.
"Damn," you swore, "spread your legs a little more for me, kitty~"
Catra did as you asked but accidentally simultaneously happened to push her knee against your core causing you to moan loudly and your eyes to roll back.
You gently thrust your finger deeper and deeper into her inch by inch until she carefully scratched down your arms with her claws, "M-more~! Please princess~! I need more~"
You complied, pushing a second then a third finger in, her walls clenching around your fingers as she reached her high.
In and out slowly then fast and then slow again you thrusted in and out of her, curling your fingers to rub against that sweet spot that had her writhing beneath you.
She pants and moans loudly, her claws left scratches down your back that would surely hurt tomorrow but for now felt so so good.
"F-fuck~!" She mewls as her hips thrust up at the same place as your fingers and she rides them. "D-dont stop, princess~! Oh f-fuck, don't stop~! Please don't stOp~!"
Catra's body shook beneath you in pleasure, her eyes screwed shut as she focused on the intense pleasure you were giving her until every so often when they opened for a moment just to show her eyes rolling back as she moaned and purred.
"Y/n~!" She cried out your name as her walls began to clench tightly around your fingers, her legs began to shake, and rumbling purrs vibrated inside her chest. "F-fuck, princess~! I'm...I'm sO close~! Please...please let me cum~! P-please~!"
"You don't have to ask, kitty~" you assured her as you kissed her temple and cheek, "cum for me, cum for me~"
Her hands dug in your hair as her body jerked up and she cried out your name. Her eyes rolling back as she came undone, her juices coating your hand and making a mess on the sheets.
"Good girl~" She whimpered as you praised her, your free hand tucking her hair back as you scratched her ears softly, "that's my good kitty, just relax...I've got you, I'm not going anywhere~"
As she started to come down from her high you gently removed your fingers before licking them clean and leaning down to kiss her so she got a taste of herself on your lips.
But as you pulled away you noticed her sniffling and tears running down her face.
A surge of panic runs through you and you cup her face, "Oh no, w-what wrong, kitten? I w-wasnt too rough was I?"
"No-" she cut you off and placed her hands on top of yours, "no it's just...I-Im not used to...fuck-" she looks at you through tired but loving eyes, "y-youre just so...good to me...I'm not used to it yet."
Then her face turned a dark red as she groaned and covered her face, "Shit, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to break down like that...god that must've sounded so stupid-"
"Hey-" you pulled her hands away from her face and tilted her head up by her chin to make her look at you as you smiled warmly, "it wasn't stupid, kitten. I know it'll take time to get used to, but you'll get there, I promise. I'm not going anywhere, and I'm so glad I was able to make you feel good, kitty~"
With that you gently pulled her in to your warm embrace, the cold from outside long forgotten as you found comfort in each other's arms.
Not even a moment or two later you began to feel Catra kissing down your neck and collar bone, "Catra, you don't have to-"
"Hush," she ordered, her hands going down to squeeze your thighs, "it's my turn~"
The way she looks at you sets your blood on fire and makes your pussy tingle. "O-okay~" You breathe out as you subconsciously begin to grind your core against her legs.
"Come here-" she coos gently as she helps you get situated on top of the pillows then whimpers:
"Oh princess~" she moans and spreads your legs wider, "you look so good..."
She looks at you softly, the arousal evident in her eyes, "C-can I get a closer look~?"
You gulped and combed your fingers through her hair, "Yes kitten~" You groan as your arousal takes over your body, "I...I want you to play with my pussy, kitty~"
Her eyes widened as she blushed, but after a moment of gay panic she bowed her head and began to kiss around your inner thighs.
You gasped. She's so close yet feels so far from where you need her, your pussy throbbing between your legs.
"C-catra~" you moan her name softly as you try to pull her mouth where you need her and thankfully she complies.
"Mmm~" she moans lowly as she begins making out with your pussy lips, kissing, sucking, and swirling her tongue around you.
"F-fuck~! C-catra~! Y-your-" you cut yourself off with a loud moan, your hips grinding against her face as you kept her trapped between your thighs, "C-catra~! Y-your...your t-tongue, nnnGGhh~!"
Her eyes widened as she remembered her tounge was slightly rougher than yours thanks to her magicat genes. She tries to pull away and apologize but you push her face back in your cunt.
"Don't you fucking stop, kitten~! F-fuck~! It feels so good, kitty, I need your tongue inside me, kitty~! Now~!"
She smirks against your pussy, your desperation turning her on incredibly and she decides to ravish your cunt like you deserve.
Her bright multicolored eyes meet yours as she pushes her rough wet tongue deep inside you.
Your back arches as you moan, Catra gripping your thighs to keep them open as she eats you out, her tongue running over your walls, and lapping up your arousal.
"Damn princess, you taste so pretty~" she moans inside you, the vibrations sending shockwaves through your pussy.
You gasp and pant as you pull on her hair to ground yourself, "O-oh fuck, kitty~! F-fuck~!"
She can feel your legs begin to shake around her and she decides to up the ante by curling her tongue against your g-spot, hitting it with her rough tongue as she laps up your juices that have started dripping down her chin.
You borderline scream as she abuses your sweet spot, grinding your pussy in her face mercilessly as your thighs clench around her head.
"Yes~! Yes~! Oh yes, kitty~! That feels so good~! That feels so good, kitty~! I'm so fucking close~!" Moans and filthy wet sounds echo in your room and you're thankful your parents weren't home yet as you cry out to her, "I wanna cum all over your pretty face, kitty~! Is that okay~? Please~! Please let me cum on your face~"
She groans into your pussy once more. Your walls tightening as your back arches and your legs shake, "It's okay, princess~! Cum on my face, princess, cum on my tongue and let me eat you up~!"
With a few more thrusts of her tongue you come undone, squirting all over her face and tongue as you cry out her name.
"Oh fuck princess, I wish you could see how pretty you look-"
You intertwined your fingers with hers as you tried to catch your breath and she wiped her face with one of the towels you brought in earlier before sliding up your body. Your chest pressed against hers as she whispered through falsified innocent looking eyes:
"-but I can show you how good you taste~"
And she leaned in to kiss you softly, her tonge grazing yours making you moan and kiss her back passionately.
"I love you so fucking much~" you confessed against her lips before pulling back slightly, "you mean...the whole world to me, Catra..." you whispered to her as though it was a secret, but it wasn't, infact Catra knew that if you could, you would brag about her to the whole world.
"A-and I know...you're still getting used to this...to feeling like this, I am too," you brushed her hair behind her ear and nuzzled your nose against hers, "and you don't have to say anything back, kitten, I want you to go at your own pace but I also want you to know...I know how I feel and...I know I love you and I know I always will."
"I'm yours, kitten~"
Catra bit the inside of her cheek, refusing to break down in tears again, though it was difficult. Feelings that she kept buried for so long because someone once made her feel like they were too much rose to the surface again because of you,
and she allowed herself to smile.
She looked at you like you were all the stars in the sky, with so much love and admiration, and even though she wasn't quite ready to say those three words that her past lover made her feel were worthless, you could see it in the way she looked at you.
She cupped your face in her hands, her claws resting on your soft cheeks gently as she kissed you softly, "I...I want to be yours too, princess." She confessed and felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders as she hugged you tight and whispered in your ear,
"I want to be yours~"
Tumblr media
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btsgotjams27 · 10 months
All Grown Up ~ JJK | 11
Tumblr media
✨ title: all grown up | series ✨ pairing: jungkook x f!reader | ✨ rating: R/18+ ~ minors dni ✨ genre/au: romance, fluff, angst, friends-to-lovers, humor, banter, smut, age gap, best friends little brother ✨ warnings: noona kink, older woman, younger man, kissing, oral (m,f), unprotected intercourse, significant age gap (9 years), confident Jungkook, cocky Jungkook, bratty Jungkook, crappy mom, but overall Jungkook is the sweetest, most romantic boy who's fallen in love | warnings for each chapter will vary ✨ author's notes: I won't be updating this series on Tumblr. This fic is inspired by the k-drama, Something in the Rain. ✨ author's notes 2: okay, so i do plan on editing the rest of this series! i just don't know when it'll be done. ✨ can also read on AO3 or Wattpad
Tumblr media
[ SERIES MASTERLIST ] prev | next ✨ oops
Tumblr media
✨ chapter 11 ~ what are we doing? | wc: 1.7k
A full day out with Yuna, and you couldn't look at any more wedding dresses. They were all starting to look the same, just white poofs of tulle. Now that she was going through planning her wedding, a part of you was glad you weren't anymore. You weren't sure what you thought when you said yes to U-jin. Maybe it was just something you were 'supposed' to do, something you do after being together for a long time.
When you got home and immediately called Hyunie. "I fucked up." Not even a hello, just straight to the point. It was excruciating hanging out with Yuna, trying not to let it slip that you fucked her little brother. Your whole body would heat up in flames whenever he was mentioned in a conversation.
"What did you do this time?" She let out a deep sigh. She knew she needed to sit down for this because it was going to be a doozy.
"I..maybe, kind of, sort of, slept with Jungkook." You said with hesitation before burying your head into your pillow. Now that some time had passed, you realized how stupid you were for letting it happen. You didn't really think about the consequences. Your pussy made all the decisions for you. But the sex was amazing and too good to pass up.
"YAH! What do you mean kind of, sort of? Dicks don't just accidentally slip in," she said with a magnified voice.
"I know! I know! Please don't yell at me! I already feel horrible." Thankfully you weren't doing this in person, you know she'd be throwing things at you too.
Hyunie sighed again. "Okay, fine. I'll save the lecture. So, what are you going to do?"
"I should tell Yuna, shouldn't I?" Were you ready for the wrath of your best friend? To be honest, no, but you needed to put on your big girl panties and be an adult, and just tell your best friend the truth.
"Well, no shit Sherlock...but have you talked to Jungkook about it?"
You were so busy with Yuna that you didn't even have time to text Jungkook. "Not yet. I haven't had any time today." It was hard to get the night before and this morning out of your head. You shuddered thinking about his lips on yours, his touch, his stupid fingers, his stupid smirk, that cocky smirk when he was thrusting into you. Ugh, this whole thing's too confusing.
"I guess talk to him and see what he wants."
"Pray for me," you groaned.
"Praying will not save you from the wrath of your best friend."
Even Hyunie didn't believe that Yuna wouldn't go ape shit when she found out the truth about you and Jungkook. There was no way this would turn out well.
Tumblr media
That same night, you asked Jungkook if you could talk to him, so he suggested you go over and you guys could order in. He greeted you with a kiss on the cheek as he pulled you into his apartment. His place was charming and modern, just big enough for him. There was a spacious kitchen, overlooking the dining area and living room, and upstairs led to his loft bedroom.
"Someone's excited." You commented, as his face couldn't hide his excitement of having you at his place and this time you were more than just his 'Noona'. Possible fling, fuck-buddy, girlfriend? You supposed you'd find out soon enough.
"Excited you're here. I didn't know what you were craving, so I may have ordered too much."
You chuckled, looking at the spread of food on the counter. There were three different restaurant bags. "Yeah that is a lot of food."
He began to unpack the food, laying it out on the counter. "So, what did you want to talk about? You seemed really anxious on the phone."
Because you were. You were overthinking every possible detail, every possible scenario about how this whole thing could turn out, and you always came to the same conclusion - that it wouldn't turn out well for anyone. "I'm just going to get straight to the point..." You paused for a moment. "What are we doing?"
"We're eating," he said while stuffing his mouth with a piece of fried chicken.
You didn't have an appetite right now, your stomach was in knots all day thinking about this conversation. "Jungkook. I'm serious. Are we together? Messing around? Am I just a fuck buddy? Because I don't want to lie to Yuna. She's my best friend and it's different for you, because she's your sister and she'll forgive you because she's stuck with you, but she can kick me to the curb for all I know–"
"Noona–" He could tell you were getting worked up, so he put down his food, giving you his full attention. "What do you want us to be?"
That was difficult to answer, to be honest, there was no good answer. He was your best friend's little brother, a boy you've known your whole life. He wasn't supposed to be more than that. "Well...I know I like you but I also know that I'm a lot older than you, nine years to be exact, and that we're probably in different places in terms of what we may want for the future. I guess there's also a fear of our families not approving of our relationship, especially my mom."
"Your mom loves me," he grinned.
"I know, but that's because she's known you forever. She's only known you as baby Jungkookie, not Jungkook, my boyfriend."
"I like that, Jungkook, the boyfriend."
"Jungkook...I'm having a crisis here," you said as you buried your face in your hands.
"Sorry. Okay, yes. Me, you, what are we?" He took a moment to think about it. "I like you and I think you're beautiful and extremely cute at the same time. I know I love waking up to you in the morning and I don't care what other people think, as long as we're happy."
You groaned at his answer. "That's easier said than done. What about Yuna?" For sure, you knew Yuna would flip out. There was no way she'd be down for you and her baby brother getting together.
Jungkook shrugged. "What about her? You don't think she'll be happy about us?"
"Not if we keep sneaking around like this. You have no idea how hard it was to be with her all day and I had to make sure I didn't let anything slip."
"You don't like sneaking around?" he asked, giving you a shit-eating grin.
You rolled your eyes. Frankly, you've never done a casual type of situation, you were never that type of person. "It feels wrong, like I'm doing something I'm not supposed to."
He came around to give you a back hug, and nestled his chin on your shoulder, and you leaned into him. "I'll do whatever you want to do. How about that?" He gave you kitten kisses on your shoulders, moving your hair out of the way, so he could make his way to your neck. A little whine left your lips as he gripped his hands tighter around your waist.
“I could eat you instead.” You turned around and playfully smacked him in the arm as he softly laughed. “What? You didn't like this morning?”
“I didn't say that...but our relationship should be more than just sex.” Again, you didn’t do ‘casual relationships’. If this was going to happen, then you wanted more than just that. At least that's what you think you wanted.
“Boo,” he teased playfully.
“I'm leaving,” you whined, starting to walk away from him. You were having a literal crisis at hand, and you couldn't understand how he could joke at a time like this. The fate of your friendship was at stake here.
His bunny smile made an appearance along with his dimples. “You're so cute when you're mad.”
“Kook...." whining again, practically having a meltdown in his kitchen. There might as well have been an angry storm cloud following you at this point. It was shitstorm after shitstorm for you.
He held out his hand. “C'mere.” You took his hand and he pulled you into him. “Can we just keep 'us' a secret for a little while? I like having you all to myself without worrying about Yuna, your mom, and what everything thinks about us.”
Of course the thought of that sounded nice, but was it realistic? “Jungkook…”
“Just for a week or two. I just want you all to myself for a little bit.”
A week or two? You didn't know if you could keep a secret like this for very long. It would be eating you alive at every waking moment. Everything in you was flashing red, telling you it wasn't right, that it would somehow come back to bite you in the ass. You didn't agree but you also didn't disagree with what he suggested.
Tumblr media
The two of you spent the evening hanging out and talking. You sat in his lap as he showed you a new game he was developing at work.
“This is an FPS.”
“FPS? You gotta explain this terminology to me. I'm an old lady, remember?”
He chuckled at your innocence. “First person shooter.”
“Okay, got it. Keep going.”
He continued geeking out and becoming giddy when he talked about his work. You thought it was endearing. You grabbed your phone to check the time but it was dead. You asked Jungkook for the time, he said it was 10:30PM. It was late and you had an early morning at work the next day in the writing room. You decided it was time to go and call it a night.
“You could stay.” He suggested with a pout, knowing full well that you weren't even prepared to stay over - no extra clothes, toothbrush, etc.
You chuckled at his effort in convincing you to stay. “It sounds very tempting, but I shouldn't. Maybe next time.”
"Oh--so there's gonna be a next time?"
You rolled your eyes at the cute but annoying man. "I mean I can go and never come back."
"No, no, no...don't do that." He grumbled as he took your hand in his and led you to the door, making you back up against it. His hands gripped your waist and your arms swung around his neck to bring him in for a kiss. You gently bit down on his bottom lip as you pulled away.
“Please don't go,” he whined.
You laughed. “I see I did my job in making you want more, so it's time to go.”
He continued whining as he opened the door for you. He cupped your face, peppering kisses all over your face. You giggled, telling him to stop so you could leave.
"What in the actual fuck is going on?" Yuna exclaimed, dropping the bag in her hand.
✨ previous chapter ~ the morning after
✨ next chapter ~ oops--
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poisonouswritings · 11 months
*Appears out of thin air* Hello! May I request M4 being caught with MC in a rainstorm. Just all the soft, cutesy antics that might occur, I can’t stop say dreaming about it :3 amazing work as always!
Aww thank you :3 and rainstorms are v aesthetic
GN!Reader, rainy behavior
Felix Escellun
Consider,, consider,,, You and Felix went to the bookstore and now there's rain and you guys are trying to protect the books,,,, you both pull off your jackets/cloaks and have them wrapped around the bundle,,,,, it's cold so you're huddled together,,,,,,,,,,
He comes up with the brilliant idea to try and cast a Water Deflection spell! It's something he learned a couple years ago because it seemed useful.
On one hand imagine walking around with Felix and you guys are just in this bubble of dryness so you can watch the rain and be in it without actually getting wet,,, the buildings you pass would have candles in the windows and stuff and they'd be reflecting on the puddles,,,,,,, magical,,,,,,,,,,,,
On the other hand imagine Felix steps into the rain all confident and then he immediately gets soaked because he somehow managed to reverse the effects of the spell, aka instead of repelling water he actually attracts it and then he just is huddling with you under a shelter and he looks like a drowned cat,,,,,,,, funni,,,,,,,,,,,,,
He shivers a lot. Complains of course because he's just bratty like that, but he is genuinely cold. Will definitely be clinging to you for warmth.
Just think it's funny if you have the study key with you so you could just teleport to his study whenever you want,,,, like he can open a portal,,,,,, but neither of you guys think about it in the moment.
You spend over an hour huddled together. Read a little from your books. Share stories about how this one time it was storming really hard and Baby!Felix went into the rain to get worms and then got a cold and how Scylla tried to 'treat' him by getting him to eat a literal mud pie and that's why he started eating dirt.
And then the rainstorm ends and he opens a portal to yeet you guys home because the books are heavy and he doesn't wanna carry them all,,,,, and,,,,,,,,,,, you guys kinda just Share A Look as you realize you've had access to fucking portals this entire time,,,,, dummies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Anisa Anka
I mean if Anisa is drunk it's basically gonna be Chapter 4. Stumbling around and flirting, but this time with significantly more kisses. Anisa is bold when she's buzzed!! She's gonna be a little handsy and a little bitey. Love that for her. She deserves as much. Bonus points if you smell like some type of food.
You either have to carry her or sit with her until she sobers up enough because if she tries to navigate her way home now she's gonna get distracted wanting to take you to her favorite food place so.
But if she's sober!!
If she has a cloak/jacket she's immediately giving it to you. She doesn't want you getting sick. What if Astraean illnesses kill you?
If there's puddles everywhere she picks you up and carries you so you don't risk slipping and falling. Yes she just wanted an excuse to show you how stronk she is and how well she can protecc you
I think you guys would wait around for like,,, a couple minutes,,,, and then when it's clear the rainstorm isn't gonna stop, she bundles you up and grabs your hand. You guys dart from cover to cover, trying to avoid getting drenched and laughing all the while.
You teach Annie the 'rain rain go away' song and you're both singing it as you dart around,,, end up in a little alcove chest-to-chest, giggling and singing while you guys catch your breath,,,,,, your singing kinda trailing off because Oh Anisa Looks So Cute with her hair flattened by the rain and her cheeks warm and a big smile on her face,,, and you throw your arms around her and smooch her because She Deserves It
When you guys finally do get back to the apartment, it's a change of clothes and some fresh tea for both of you!!
You guys are changed and in bed surrounded by a pillow + blanket fort while sipping warm tea,,, listening to the rain hitting the window and the thunder rolling in the distance,,, soft,,,
Sage Lesath
Okay like,, honestly,,,, Sage is gonna play in the rain. You can stay under the shelter if you want but He Is Going To Run Around And Have Fun. And there is a very good chance he grabs your arm and pulls you over as well.
Spinning you around,, if the ground is slippery and you start to fall he catches you,,,, has a hand on your lower back as he grins and says Hey It Looks Like You Fell For Him,,,, On the other hand if he's the one that falls and you try to help him he is still going to trip and he will pull you down with him, but he will make sure to twist so that he hits the ground and you fall on top of him
Hehe,,, Sage titties
He wants to splash in puddles!!
Like legit he just wants to hop around from puddle to puddle. Stomps his feet a little bit because it's fun. His tail smacks against the water too.
You can ask him why he feels the need to do this but he'll just look you in the eye, blink really slowly, and hop into another puddle.
✨ ~ ℕ𝕠 𝕥𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕘𝕙𝕥𝕤 𝕠𝕟𝕝𝕪 𝕤𝕡𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕙 𝕤𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕤𝕙 ~ ✨
If you really don't want to get wet (throw in a sex joke there on Sage's behalf) then that's fine! He'll give you his jacket to use as a makeshift umbrella and then just run around only in his pants and boots. And on that note I wanna point out to everyone,, Sage,,, shirtless,,,, water running down his torso,,,,,,, it's cold out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yeah he sees you looking and he's gonna tease you about it, but he's also pretty damn proud of himself. Kitty cat likes showing off!
Ultimately I don't think you're gonna be able to get out of this while staying dry.
Once you guys do manage to get back to Fathom, you tell Sage to go towel off so he doesn't get a cold. And then he smirks and says that Oh, Do You want to towel him off? Wink.
Once he's dry he crawls on top of you and curls up for a little cat nap.
Rime Varela
Okay okay okay so
I feel like when he notices it's raining Rime has this split second moment of cursing the gods because Why Must They Conspire To Ruin His Hair Like This
I mean he will go out into the rain if he has to but he's also perfectly content to just stay in whatever store or cafe you guys are in and just,, wait for it to end.
Rime can teleport!! He's just gonna teleport home.
But if you want to stay in the rain then he will stay with you. It just isn't his first choice.
Or his second choice.
You guys watch raindrops racing on windows except Rime will just clear a path for his raindrop because he's a competitive little bastard and he thinks he's oh-so-very Funny.
You can stomp around in puddles if you want but if you get mud on him he's gonna be salty for the rest of the day.
Either he does the Water Repel spell (hehe that rhymes) or he just flat-out steals an umbrella. He's trying to stop you from getting drenched because if you get a cold, guess who's gonna be taking care of your dumb ass? He is. So quit trying to get sick >:(
But as much as he complains, he's also smiling to himself a little at how much fun you're having. He makes sure to hug you close and rub your arms when you're cold. If he has his cloak with him then he'll wrap you up in it (I don't think he can get cold so it's really not a big deal for him).
You guys get home and Rime makes you go change into something warm. While you're changing he's making some coffee and pulling out some snacks.
You guys are inside, wrapped in blankets, still racing raindrops but this time Rime can't cheat. And it's peaceful and soft and warm and nice.
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lutawolf · 7 months
Hello Luta.
Ill try to be polite and keep my rant short but i cant promise anything.
First of all, im from Mexico so english is not my main language so please bear with me and my grammar wrong doings.
So let me give you a bit of context, i first encountered BDSM when i was a 16 yo (Im 20 yo now dw), it was through some fanfic and at that time i didnt really understood what was happening and i started searching a bit about it but i really didn't talk about it, it was like my big secret that i knew about this. Fast forward when i was around 18 i dont know how one night i ended up on BDSM advice reddit and i was so excited to tell my friends about my new discovery but they ignored me lol. So yeah after that i pretty much stopped searching and kept it on lock until KP. I remember that i was thrilled with Kinn and porsche relationship, i loved it and i told one of my friends that i wanted that type of dynamic but then Vegaspete happened and i was gone, the face on pete when Vegas was touching him before the kiss, yeah I want to be him so bad. So i dont even know how i ended up on your Tumblr but i read all your explanations one night and i was shaking in excitement, everything was so fucking clear. So yeah I started to search way more about it and finally understood what Subspace was and oh the way im craving to be able to experience it. So i kept searching and reading and got to the point where i can admit yeah im on the submissive side. Im sorry this is getting long i promise im almost finish. So im also watching LITA and let me tell you my personality is basically Sky BUT seeing rain this last episode was like seeing myself on my last relationship minus the part when Payu was so good and caring for him. When payu was telling him that he needed to focus on School, i wanted to cry because I need someone to tell me that and when i saw rain waiting for Payu for hours only to tell him that he did well, i understood him perfectly. So after seeing the episode i ran to your Tumblr and all of the things i was thinking about their dynamic were right and I came across your post about being a non sexual Dom with your friends and it also clicked for me the way i would always be a bit bratty with my friends but always always waiting for compliments and waiting for them to tell me what to do. So yeah i dont even know why i wanted to tell you all of this right now, i guess it's more of a thank you for making me see lots of things about myself. I dont think im ready to search for the BDSM here in Mexico, i find it pretty scary but at least now i know what is going on with me.
This was morea rant than a question, so im very sorry, just wanted to share.
Thank you so much for your analysis, they helped me a lot to understand and accept myself.
Hey Hey takhun!!!
For English being a second language, you did absolutely beautifully. I understood every bit of this and I appreciate you taking the time to write it in English. It clearly showcases how much of a caring individual you are and I adore you for it.
If you are more comfortable writing in Spanish then please feel free to just know it will take me a bit to translate it. I can read it a lot better than I can speak it though🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ My husband and my kids are all basically fluent, I don't know what's wrong with me. My brain literally goes BIRD BIRD BIRD SQUIRELL when I try to speak it. We went to Mexico this year and everyone talking to me and here is my family answering for me. All that to say I have mad respect for my bilingual peeps.
I remember you reading my stuff. I got notifications. I can always tell when people are really feeling it because suddenly all my D/s posts start getting likes. Trust me , I love it. Headspace is something but don't rush it, it takes the right person to not crash and burn. When you have the right person though, it's like you've hit another dimension.
I'm thrilled that you thought to run to my blog. That makes it worth staying up late to write the review. I really do appreciate the share. If I've helped even one person then it means the world to me. Thank you 💜💜💜
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jt-artsandfics · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jealous and protective pt3.
This one's gonna be a lot longer then normal just becuase it has alot more charcaters but since Bi-han already has his own with this I'm leaving him out of this lot. (As much a it pains me) I'm keeping these all with the gender neutral them becuase I find it easier writing that in a whole unless someone partially ask for a set gender. So without further delay enjoy.
Warnings: swearing, curssing, gore (it's mortal kombat), nsfw hinted in some spots, Sex. Talk of sexual harassment.
Tumblr media
Rain- Jealous and protective
-Rain despite what he believes, he is a very jealous man. Not to mention he is very over protective borderline possessive.
-He as killed people for the fact he does not like them nesr you and has made it clear on multiple occasions to others. But Rain can be quite sweet when alone.
- he may be egotistic but he also has a soft spot of his S/o.
-He loves showing his partner off but at the same time wants no one to know about them. It was very much a learning curve with his S/o very different cultures, life experiences and such.
-This man hasn't had the best experience with lovers, has been turned down on multiple occasions.
-So once he has you, your gonna have a hard time getting him to let go of you.
-this man gets it many fight becuase of you.
-does not like other Kombations being near you, and has made it very clear to everyone to stay away from what is his.
- for someone known for being a traitor he's loyal as fuck to you as long as you do not betray him.
- man radiates bratty bottom energy an the knows he does.
" Hello my treasure" Rain whispers as he pulls his lover into his embrace. They smile lightly as he rest his head in the crock of their neck.
"Hello my Prince, where have you been off too?" They ask lightly running their hands up to his masked face and slowly remove it. He smiles lightly as his lover runs their hand over a bruise in the side of Rain's face.
"Babe did you get into another fight?" He lets out a huffed breath while trying to look away from his lover only to have them grab his face and force him to look back at them.
"Rain baby, look at me" they say softly as his eyes flick to then. They smile lightly at him and press a soft kiss to his lips. He hums in contentment arms snaking around his lover. His lover pulls away gentle running their hand up to pull away the rest of his head gear.
"So.. who pissed you off and how badly do They look now?" They ask lightly making him laugh gently. His S/o runs their hands thought his hair pulling at the soft strands
"I discarded his body, you will not find anything left of that wretched man." He huffs pulling them closer as he holds them.
"Now what did he do to piss you off so badly Rain?" They ask pulling him in for another kiss. He hums lightly once again enjoying having ha I lover in his arms and indulging in the moment.
" he called you my Whore, and he bragged about how he could make you scream, as you can guess. I did not take kindly to that" it's quite between them again as she sighs into their shoulder.
"I do not enjoy degenerates who do not know their places, they will learn to respect you or end up dead" he said moving away and grabbing his lovers hand. They walk thought the quite corridors together.
"Rain, thank you. I know you might not understand it from my side but thank you for telling me. I know I'm not the easiest to love and I know you are trying your best too. So knowing that you're willing defend me over something like that, it.. it means alot to me" They say to their lover. Rains eyes flick over to his treasure. Pride filling him.
"No one gets to touch you, you are mine. To love to make scream and to claim" he can see their face go bright red at his comment.
"Love you too my Prince"
Tumblr media
Johnny Cage - jealous and protective
Younger Johnny is alot more jealous then older Johnny. But older Johnny is more protective.
Young Johnny- this man could rival Rain with his Ego. He gets jealous when people take your attention away from him.
-He is kinda an attention whore.
-he likes making sure people know you are his weather that be thought leaving marks on you, giving you gifts or always hanging off you.
-he's very hyper, he does calm down as he gets older but this man is very energetic and wants to fight any and everyone who flirts with you.
- man radiates the " I'm a kick your ass becuase I want to show off and so they can stare at my ass"
Older Johnny - older Johnny has alot more life experience, he doesn't get jealous as easy as he used to but he is very protective.
-Man's a Dilf he's knows what he wants and knows how to make people back off and leave you alone.
-will wrap a protective arm around you, place a kiss on your cheek and as you if this guy is annoying you.
-unlike his younger self he radiates "if you hurt my S/o I'm going to deck you into next Tuesday"
Young Johnny
"Johnny!, Johnny are you ok?" The man looks up and smiles his face bloody. He pulls them into a hug kissing their forehead as he stands victorious.
"You know you don't have to fight every person who talks to me babe" they sighs wrapping their arms around his shoulders. Johnny laughs lightly as he picks his partner up and heads for their seats.
"Baby!, that guy slapped your ass what else what's I suppose to do, stand back smile and wave?" His lover gives him a worried smile. He leans down to kiss them into for them to push him away a little.
"Nuh uh your lip is busted you have a black eye, before anything, I am patching you up you gonk." They say to him as the pull out a handkerchief and begin to wipe the blood off his face.
"You know one to these days Johnny your gonna get into a fight that your not gonna win, and I'm gonna have to pick you broken and blooded body up and put you back together" they sigh givign him a quick peck on the lips. Johnny smiles brightly pulling them closer and deepening the kiss.
"Well as long as I have you to put me back together sweetheart then I'll happily enjoy every moment of it" he says which earns him a punch to the shoulder from his s/o
"Hey what was that for!" "Becuase your an idiot, but I guess your my idiot huh?" Johnny gives a lopsided smile to his lover pressing another kiss to thier lips.
"My hero huh?" He asks earning a snort from his lover before they cover their mouth.
Older Johnny
Music plays in the background of the little area that had been converted into an office for Johnny. Both himself and his S/o are working away filling out reports and fixing up files for his daughter.
"Baby do you have those report for me?" Johnny ask turning around to face his S/o. A small smirk crosses his lips as he sees them bent over a desk digging thought some boxes. He gets up quietly making his way over to them.
" already on your desk hun, along with the incident report from yesterday" they call back to him. They only forward feeling a set of hands grip their hips.
"Hum.. well I see another incident report coming up soon" he chuckles pulling them closer as the stand back up.
"Oh well you, get to do the paperwork this time babe" they say giving him a kiss on the cheek as they continue working thought files.
Johnny pulls them away front he table gentle and spins them around to the music softly dancing and swaying hips.
"Johnny, holding out on the good moves are we?" They ask with a chuckle pulling him in for a gentle kiss. He picks them up and sits them against the table hands roaming lightly.
" Yo!, I didn't know older me was getting it on with that hottie!" A very familiar voice calls out front he door way making both johnny and I groan.
"Kid you have five second to get the fuck out or I'm decking you into next tuesday" he says turning around and giving his younger self a death glare of a life time. His younger self take the hint and disappears but can be heard in the distant going off about it.
"God i hate him, he so insuffable" Johnny grumbles earning him a laugh from his partner. "Is that jealous I hear baby, do you miss your golden days?" His lover says trying to get under his skin.
"Not a chance, besides I doubt he'd be able to keep up with you" he chuckles. "Well I do have to say younger you is very much a brat. Glad to see you aged like fine wine" they reply pressing another kiss to his lips.
"Keep that up baby and I'll be railing you into tomorrow, this old man still have some life in him" he jokes earning him a look from his lover.
"Bring it on then hot stuff"
Tumblr media
Kabal- Jealous and protective.
- kabal gets jealous when people over step their boundaries when it comes to his lover.
- he doesn't take shit from any one who wants to try and flaunt their good looks. He knows he looks like shit but he'll be damned if someone takes the one good thing he still has.
- he loves showing his S/o off. And spoiling them, but some people (Kano) decided to make cracks about it and he loses his shit at them.
- he loves cuddling with his partner to make sure they are safe.
- he hates having to leave for missions becuase he worries about them.
-has and will beat the shit out people who don't back down from flirting with is S/o even after they have stated they are claimed.
-been in to many brawls with Kano over the mans foul mouth when around his partner.
-sweet beef jerky man. You look after him and help him with things and he's gonna be puddy in you hands.
- please give him love man's been thought alot.
"Sweetheart! Have yo uy seen my moisturiser?, I'm starting to flake again and it ain't pretty" Kabal yells our from the bedroom. His s/o quietly makes their way to the door way.
"Big box on the top shelf has a collection of them in it, I got a whole lot for you when I was shopping so we don't have another accident" they say walking up behind him and pressing a kiss to his shoulder.
"What would I do without you" he says leaning back into them lightly. They laugh lightly pressing a kiss to his neck and pulling away.
"Trip crash and burn, no pun intended baby. But that's mostly how it would go" they chuckle. He shakes his head and heads to the shelve with the box of lotions, moisturizers and pretty much any available skin care thing in it.
"Would you mind doing my back while I get what I can reach?" He ask lightly even tho he knows they would never pass down the opportunity to touch him. He strips off his shirt leaving on only what was necessary of his gear.
His s/o hovers over his back gently pouring moisturiser onto his back and lathering it up. Kabal sighs feeling his lovers hands gentle run over his back pressing into sore spots and flakey areas.
"Hey babe, I have some of the guys coming around tonight, just let me know if any of the bastards step out of line ok?" He ask looking over his shoulder to them.
"Ok baby, I'll let you know if I need you to knock Kano out again" this makes Kabal laugh as his lover continues to take care of his back.
After finishing up on his shoulders and back Label roles over onto so that he can face his lover. "Gods I love you, you know that" he says pulling them down to lay on his chest.
"Baby let me finish doing you moisturiser then you can cuddle ok" they say beginning to repeat the process again.
"Kabal you Cunt!, where you at?" Kano yells put from the kitchen before malign his way to the bed room to find Kabal laying down with his S/o on top of him. Kano leans against the wall taking a mouthful of beer before staring them down again.
"Your beers shit, get something decent like fucking XXXX gold or Iorn Jack becuase ethos is like drinking piss" Kano huffs as he finishes the bottle.
"Good to see you too Kano, you only one here so far?" Kabal as he sits up. His S/o moves from his lap and gives Kano a small wave.
"Hi Kano" "hey love, and yea only me here so far other fucks are probably pissed out of their guys, might show don't know wirh them fellas" Kano replys before heading back to the kitchen.
Kabal throws on a shirt and he and his S/o make their way to he kitchen to find Kano making himself at home.
"So you gonna break anyone else arm tonight becuase boys and I have bets it being Wade who has a go at em" Kano says, he opens another beer and puts his feet up on the table.
"Kano, feet off table. And if he decided he's gonna try it he's gonna get broken. Y/n is already aware" he explains earning a smile from his S/o.
"My bets on James, man's been getting hands. Remember Kano if he has a go and I break his nose you'll owe me" Y/n says wirh a bright smile.
"Hahah Kabal you got yourself one of a kind"
Tumblr media
Hasashi Hanzo- Jealous and protective.
-when Hanzo gets jealous a part of scorpion shows it's head. He's death glare is a killer.
- he tends to distance himself more becuase he does not wish to hurt his S/o
-other times he with become clingy becuase he just want to be close, he wants to tryvand prove to Himself that he is aloud to be happy again.
-his jealous stems from a few things but mainly his own thought. Nightmares and dreams cause him the most pain with it.
-and after all who wants to try and hit on Scorpions S/o other then Johnny. (Man ahs no care for his life)
-very beefy and warm man, needs a good hug and to be told he's doing well. He just wants someone to tell him he's doing great.
- man's a grumble blanket, his glare tells people to fuck off as it is. And not only that it's very well known that you are the partner of the Grandmaster of the Shirai Ryu.
Hanzo's brow twitches as sweat roles down his face as he sleeps. Eyes flickering under his lids as he fights in his sleep. His S/o peacefully asleep beside him as he fights his dreams.
The room begins to heat up more then normal. Blankets scatter as Hanzo shoots ups his eyes glazed.
"You will not touch them!" He yells. His s/o shoots up blanket throw off them as they look to their lover.
"Hanzo!, baby, hey it's just a dream your ok" they say moving to him. His head shoots to them. His glazed eyes focused on them.
" Scorpion?, scorpion I need you to let Hanzo come back to me ok?" Their voice is gentle as they place their hands on his chest.
"I can not, you will get hurt, we must protect you" he says voice filled with pain as he continues to scan the room.
"Babe, we are in the fire gardens, in your room. Come back to me honey. What are five things you see?" They ask, scorpion twitches under their touch.
"I see you, Satoshi's baby blanket, the walls, our blankets, Harumi's orchid" he says as he pulls them closer his lover rest against his chest and his eyes fade back into the sweet chocolate brown.
"Now handsome four things you can hear" they say kissing thier lover softly. " I can hear cicadas, your voice, the wind and my heartbeat" he whispers. His lover runs thier hands thought his hair untangling small knots and curls in his hair.
"Now three things you can feel baby" they whisper to him as he pulls his lover to lay on his chest as he falls back onto the bed.
"Your lips, your heartbeat, your skin" he says curling up around his lover. "Baby, talk to me are you ok?" They ask kissing Hanzo softly on the cheeks and then his lips.
"Forgive my sweet love, I did not mean to scare you." He replys, they move to lay on top of Hanzo straddling him. "Hanzo, baby you don't very have to apologise for something like that, understand. You have been thought so much and I am never going to hold that against you. They are both quite for a moment.
"My dream, you were taken from me, forced to love another. I became jealous that someone had taken you from me, I let scorpion take over. But no matter how close I came to you I could never reach you" Y/n can see the tears shimmer in his eyes.
"Its ok hun, I'm not going anywhere, I'm right here with you. And I know you will fuck up anyone who tries to take me from you." They smile pressing their lips to his. Both humming in contentment.
"Let's go back to sleep baby, I'll keep away your demons" they whisper as he rest his head against their chest.
Tumblr media
Kuai Laing- Jealous and protective.
- Kuai out of the lot is a lot more closed off to jealous, he does experience it but stays quite about to msot times.
- he becomes very cuddly for the fact he doesn't wish to lose his lover.
- man can be scary when needed.
- he really is the definition of a polar bear. Cute cuddle but also ready to rip someone's face off if they hurt his family.
- kinda man who is really shy in person but is a monster in bed.
-him being jealous transfers to that he may not say it with words but his actions speak very loud.
"Kuai, I've been looking for you" the cryomancer peaks up hearing his lovers voice. He turns to see them walking towards him. He's smiles lightly patting the spot beside him.
"Forgive me I've been meditating most of this morning" he says lightly. His lover moves to sit close to him, they place themself in his lap and wrap their arms around his shoulders.
"Now a little bird told me that you might be feeling down, am I correct?" Kuai smiles shaking his head.
"My live I have you now why would I be feeling down about the most precious thing I love" he says pulling them a little closer.
"Hmmm... well then I believe your shadow of a brother has been spreading rumours babe, sad you were a little jealous of him being back" at that Kuai sighs leaning his forehead against his lovers.
"I do not knwo why he spread rumours, I am quite happy to have him back, I do not particularly like the way he 'whores' himself out" the cryomancer replys earning him a small giggle.
"Has he tried to make a move on you?" It hurt him to ask, he didn't believe his beloved would go for his brother after choosing him for his personality and enjoying his company but he still wished to be sure.
"He's made a few.. comments but no hasn't tried to get in with me baby, besides I happen to enjoy my cryomancers shy, easy to rile up and a sweet kisser" they remark leaning down to pull him into a kiss. He returns it before pulling away.
"As much as. Would love for this to continue beloved, I do have work that had to be done." He sighs.
"I'll see you tonight them my handsome, strapping and gorgeous man" they say giving him one last kiss before disappearing.
"Bi-han we need to have a word"
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hypmic-writings · 1 year
Hello, May I ask for Father head canons for Ichiro, Jakurai, and Hifumi, where they have a really young daughter.
Sorry if my English is no good.
━━ ∘◦ ☆ ◦∘ ━━
Characters: father!Jakurai Jinguji; father!Hifumi Izanami
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None
A/N: No worries, your English is perfect. I've done father!Ichiro raising a daughter before (and Ramuda and Juto too) right here, but I'll go ahead and write it out for Jakurai and Hifumi! These are always so cute haha hope you enjoy~
⋘ ──── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ──── ⋙
Tumblr media
Jakurai Jinguji
Jakurai is going to be the father that always wants what’s best for his daughter, and he’s willing to fight for it
he’s going to get her the absolute best of everything from cribs and toys when she’s younger to schools and tutors when she’s younger
there will be nothing his daughter could possibly long for that he wouldn’t give to her
despite this, Jakurai is quick to stop any bratty behavior that might arise and isn’t afraid to humble his daughter when necessary
his number one priority is that she has the resources and space to grow and learn and be curious about the world around her
he definitely pulls her onto his laps and teaches her about all the things he’s reading about or whatever documentary he’s currently obsessed with
if she ends up getting interested in a niche hobby or interest, Jakurai will buy her lots of books about it and help her in any way he can
he’s not the most physically affectionate dad, but he’ll still give her hugs when he’s proud of her or when he reminds himself to try and be more affectionate 
Jakurai always makes sure he’s giving his daughter support telling her that he’s proud of her and making sure that she knows she’s loved
it’s important to him that she feel safe and able to be himself around her because that’s something he himself can struggle with
so he would want to make sure to create a healthy, open environment
he definitely instills things in his daughter like cleanliness and timeliness and other kinds of behaviors he deems ‘appropriate’ 
he has her help out with chores and will show her how to do grown up things too even if she’s too young to help (i.e. shovelling the driveway or raking the leaves)
he just wants her to feel appreciated and included, okay?
Jakurai will absolutely read to his daughter, and I can imagine her asking for a bed time story, him pulling out an encyclopedia and starting to read it and then she whines and laughs and tells him to actually tell her a real story and so he gives in and reads a children’s book to her instead
he definitely teaches her games like chess or checkers at a young age
Jakurai had never expected kids could be so messy or so chaotic, so he’s constantly trying to calm his daughter down
and I think it would be hilarious if his daughter naturally had the personality of a firecracker that just makes Jakurai all the more exhausted
but regardless of her personality, he’s going to love her and she will be the most important thing in the world to him
his love for his daughter is fierce and it’s something he would fight for
if anyone ever threatened her or if Chuuoku ever dared to use her against him, Jakurai would rain hell-fire down on them so hard
he makes it pretty clear that there’s a line and if anyone crosses it, they will get what’s coming to him
because to Jakurai, family comes first, and whether that’s his found family of Doppo and Hifumi, or his daughter, his blood family, nobody will be able to mess with them
Tumblr media
Hifumi Izanami
Hifumi with a daughter means that the house will always be in some sort of chaotic state
he’s a great dad, don’t get me wrong, but he’s not exactly the most organized person in the world 
there are toys and dolls and action figures strewn about the living room and no matter how many times he cleans up they always somehow come back
but Hifumi doesn’t really mind because one of his favorite things to do with his young daughter is playing with her
he reads her to sleep every night before he goes to his job at the host club and he’s always using dramatic voices to make the stories interesting
sometimes he’ll make up his own, but he definitely has a ton of children’s books that he reads from too
his daughter is the most important thing in the world to him, and if she ever needed him, he’d be rushing to her side
Hifumi wants his daughter to chase after her dreams, so he’s going to be signing her up for every class or hobby that she shows interest in
100% tried to buy a pony at one point when his daughter said that she wanted one, but Doppo and Jakurai quickly shut that down
especially when he tried to use the DRB winnings to do so
Hifumi always loves to make home-cooked meals for his daughter, both because he makes it with a lot of love and wants to have her try his cooking, and also because he wants her to be healthy and eat well
whenever she asks her dad what he does for a living, Hifumi kind of flails around and decides that ‘entertainer’ is the best way to describe it
they do father-daughter dances and sing-alongs with the theme songs from his daughter’s favorite TV shows or whatever kids songs are popular
and they’ll always put on a show in front of a line of his daughter’s stuffed animals placed in chairs
also Hifumi is the type of dad to grab his daughter from wherever she’s playing and swing her around in his arms, lovingly kissing the top of her head as she giggles and whines for him to let her down so that she can go play with her toys
Hifumi also always keeps a picture of her in his wallet and will pull it out to show his co-workers at the host club
he takes every opportunity to gush about his daughter and will never shut up about her and how proud he is
he’s definitely the parent at the dance recital that’s in the front row cheering loudly and taking lots of pictures
Hifumi has definitely beaten someone up with his hypnosis mic and then right before that person falls unconscious, he’s telling them all about his daughter and how great she is 
Doppo and Jakurai are too nice to tell him no when he shows them 50 pictures of his daughter in the same outfit, so they’re actually quite relieved when he shows his obsession to other people instead of them
Hifumi is a great dad and would do anything to provide for his daughter and make her smile
he’s always encouraging her to follow her dreams and he never limits what she can and can’t do
he’s going to want to be as close as possible with his daughter, always making sure that she knows he can talk to him about anything and that he would never judge her or dismiss her
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sanjithesimp · 1 year
Hi there!! I'm new to your blog but I'm already loving you and your work! Okay so like, idk if you know Dom/sub dynamics but my Dom isn't giving me enough attention (and I'm bratty as FUCK) and I'm like baby 🥺 May I please request something with Crocodile having a sub who's acting up and all that knowing full well he's got an empire? THANK YOU 🥺
A/n: Awwww this is so sweet, thank you so much I appreciate it as I’m relatively new to this fandom and I try my best for everyone to enjoy my writing!! <333 The thing is my inbox is open only for the december event, but as it is almost christmas I will take this request :)) I am still also very new to writing smut, so I hope I don’t mess it up, if not you can always request again and I will be happy to write it.
Crocodile x GN Reader
Rain Dinners was crowded as always, and as much as you tried to find something fun to do, there wasn’t anything that really took the boredom out of you. Crocodile, wasn’t there much and you missed him a lot. But this days he had been very busy planning things for his empire, so he had completely forgotten about you.
So you decided to escape for a little bit, cause a little scene. Maybe that way he would give you the attention you deserved. You changed your clothes, trying to look as stunning as ever.
You went out and decided to go to a bar where you could have a nice time. After walking for what seemed like an eternity you finally found this bar, everybody seemed to have fun as their laughs and talking could be heard from across the street.
You came in and suddenly everyone stopped, men and women that seemed to be pirates looked at you.
“No, please continue” You said, a smile drawn in your face. Everyone turned back to their tables and kept talking and laughing.
You sat at the bar, and asked the bartender for some sake.
“I know you” the bartender said “you’re Sir Crocodile’s girl, right?” You shushed him and then nodded.
“Yeah, I am but don’t say it out loud, I want to have fun before someone finds me” You said and he nodded while he clinked his own jar with you.
As the time passed you started making new friends, talking about adventures, treasures, pirate stories, and even flirting with some pirates. You had to admit that you were now drunk and some things were not in your control anymore.
And that’s how you found yourself in the back of the bar, talking nonsense while he kissed your neck and said how hot you were. You were no longer enjoying it as much as before, but he wasn’t taking his hands off you. You tried pushing him away but that only made him pull you closer. It was all your fault and you were scared.
Suddenly you heard steps getting closer, and then someone pulled the man away and punched him until he was unconcious. It was Crocodile, he looked really pissed and worried.
He pulled you by the arm, and didn’t dare to look at you.
A car was waiting for you, and you both got in. He didn’t say a word to you.
“Take us back to Rain Dinners, immediately” He said to the driver.
“I’m sorry, I- I was very bored and-” He stopped you and said to save your excuses for later. This time you had really crossed the line. You started softly sobbing, trying to make no sound.
No later than ten minutes and you were back to Rain Dinners, you cleaned your face and put on a smile, like nothing happened.
You walked along Crocodile while he said hello to everyone on the casino, as if nothing had happened. When you walked to the back of the casino that connected to the enormous mansion, he grabbed your arm and took you to his office.
It was all dark, and scary. You never liked that place.
“What have I told you, huh? You thought you could just go out and have fun with those awful low lives?” He yelled.
“You are never here, you never pay attention to me! And I don’t like being alone in here! I just felt lonely and bored”You said but you knew he wouldn’t care about it.
“And that’s why you put your life in danger like that?” Crocodile said, with a cigar on his mouth.
“No, I didn’t intend that to happen...I was drunk, but I never wanted to get to that” You said, tears welled up in your eyes.
“I hope so, because after I punish you I don’t think you’ll ever want to do that again” He started walking towards you, placed a finger on your chin to make you look at him.
You nodded and cleaned the tears off your eyes.
He left his cigar and placed both hands on your face. “I just care so much about you, I never want something like that or worse happen to you” he said, he was now soft but not for long.
Then he carried you all the way to his desk, spliting your legs wide open for him.
“Are you going to behave now?” He said and you nodded.
“I want to hear you say it” He demanded pressing your thighs with his fingers.
“Yes I will, sir” You said closing your eyes, feeling as he slowly moved his hand closer to your cunt. Him hissing and the touch of the wet lingerie you are wearing.
“Already wet for me? I said you had to behave”He said and attacked your neck, leaving marks that you would probably won’t be able to cover with any makeup. You moaned as he continued touching your sex. He took the lingerie off you, making it easier for him to move his fingers and rub your clit until you begged for mercy.
But every time you got close to your orgasm he completely stopped, making you suffer. Punishing you for disobeying. His fingers knuckle deep inside you, making you squirm and and moan his name.
“Don’t you dare to cum” Crocodile said, pulling his fingers out of you to taste your juices. The sight of him taking his fingers to his mouth and sucking them clean, made you bite your lip so hard almost making it bleed.
He continued finger fucking you, until he felt satisfied. You could see he was also getting aroused as his dick looked hard against his expensive pants. But you wouldn’t dare to tease him, or he would keep punishing you.
Your clit swollen, aching for contact, but the shichibukai wouldn’t even touch it. As if he was trying to work you up until you couldn’t handle it no more. But you couldn’t even move as he had in some way restrained you so that you couldn’t buck your hips.
“Please, sir let me come” You begged as you felt it so close, and ached for a release.
He gave you a big smile and said “Only if you promise to behave”.
“I will daddy” You said squealing the last part as you felt his fingers graze your swollen clit.
And so with a few more pumps from his fingers he made you reach your peak and release your juices all over his fingers.
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xxcallmemaryxx · 6 months
hi!! it's been a while
(abt this asnwer of yours) THE THING YOU SAID ABT RAIN DOMINATING SWISS YESSSSSSSS I <3333 SWITCHY SWISS SO MUCH, I feel like the moment rain got some privacy with swiss he'd be like questioning swiss and why he acting so slutty, just seeking rain's attention and swiss would be like "I have no ideia what you're talking abt". swiss would definitely start out as a VERY bratty sub but then rain would wreck him so good he'd the most beautiful pillow prince ever with not a single thought in his mind <3
(sorry this is long, I'm way too gay for these men)
And I imagine him being flustered for daaaaaays. Every time he sees Rain, or is left alone with him, or if Rain says something with the same tone of voice he used with Swiss….. Swiss is melting away. He can barely stand up straight around Rain after their night together. But then he realises he needs more. So he tries to get Rains attention…. At first being a good boy doesn’t seem to grab Rains attention as fast as he would like. So he reverts to bratting. (Because hello being a brat is fucking FUN and if it gets you what you want it’s just…. Hnngngnnngn) he’s back talking, he’s giving attitude… then he doesn’t even acknowledge Rain. This doesn’t last long before Rain pulls him into his room and starts picking him apart. “What’s up with you?” “What happened to the good boy that did so well for me?” “Where is my good boy I know he is in there somewhere?” And his voice is so sweet and kind and it’s sending Swiss’ mind into a haze as he starts to slip into that subby headspace again. Then when Rain sees how quickly he got Swiss to behave for him he starts to degrade him. Making fun of him for giving up so easily. Pointing out how quickly he fell into that headspace with a few simple words. Then he will fuck Swiss up again. Ruining him. Punishing him for his bad behaviour. I think Rain would get drunk off orgasm denial and edging. Bringing someone so so so close to the edge of pleasure and then ripping it away from them within seconds. He would do that to Swiss for hours. Until he is begging and sobbing for his release. Then to really mess with him…. Rain would promise to let him cum only to bring him to the edge one last time before stopping completely and pulling away. He would laugh at the horrified look on Swiss’ face when he realises he isn’t cumming tonight. And tell him “lesson learnt. Don’t brat me.”
But we all know Swiss wouldn’t have to wait long to get Rain back into bed with him. And then Rain would be nice… he would give Swiss orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. He would be the most beautiful pillow price you ever did see.
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jyuubin · 1 month
Hi Jyu! I unfortunately do not have a fun fact to share with you but I do have a question. It might sound stupid (and it may very well be) but how would you define a “babygirl”? As the person who’s collecting them, I assumed you were the best person to ask ^^ Hope it for st bother you :(
Hey sweet anon! 💖 I absolutely love this question, thank you for asking me this—it's a great question and you're absolutely not being a bother! I've been in fandom spaces for a long time and have encountered my shares of fictional babygirls in both the 2D and 3D form.; like many things in life, people always have preferences when it comes to things, but we can all agree on a few: and that is what makes a babygirl.
Let's first look at WHAT is a babygirl before saying WHO is a babygirl, yes? Before it trickled to the fandom space, babygirl was (and still is) a BDSM subgenre that typically is sweet, submissive, and innocent. But even though it has these traits—mixing it with brattiness MAKES the babygirl. Appearance-wise, they are sweet on the outside, sour on the inside (like a reverse sour candy). Attitude-wse, they are often prone to challenging others, having a tantrum, even teasing whoever is in front of them. There is also a sense of entitlement around them—"they HAVE to get their way, and they WILL 💅🏽"
Now that we know WHAT is a babygirl, let's look at examples! (I'll put this undercut so I don't bother everyone else's dash experience 💖)
For this portion, we'll focus mostly on attitudes for this one. In honor of Saturdays being for the gays, we'll start with KinnPorsche. I will point out their sense of challenging and entitlement (based on what I giffed ;;)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In these two sets, we have Kinn (left/up) who wants Porsche to be his bodyguard due to his impressive fighting skills (taking down his men from the bar). Being a mafia rich boy, you can assume that he has everything handed to him in a snap of the fingers, so when Porsche challenges his entitlement, he (Kinn) does things to bring it back to his favor—as you can see he fires a gun on Porsche in an attempt to give him what he wants. Not only is this an obvious display of entitlement but also a bratty "I want it, give it to me." (which more power to you, king). Eventually, he DOES get what he wants—Porsche as his bodyguard and lover. Now, Vegas (right/down). See how the caption is "You're no fun at all?" he wants Pete to keep up (despite hello?? being beat to death with a belt to the point of being bloody while chained up??? Killing Stalking's Oh Sangwoo would be proud...). If you watch this scene, there is a tone infliction in his voice. Not only is it challenging but that sentence alone is what people say when they're teasing (ex: "Boo...you're no fun at all!" or "Aww, you're no fun at all.") And I believe Vegas was going with that tone—albeit...a little scary. Hence why both Kinn and Vegas are babygirls!
Now let's move onto another set of example! Neungdiao from Never Let Me Go. He is the definition of sweet on the outside, sour on the inside. At least in my opinion.
Tumblr media
Awww look at that smile. So sweet, he can't do anything wrong. I pinch his cheeks, so squishy, so fun. But not everything is what it seems on this outward appearance. This dude can challenge a grown man. As exemplified by the recent episode where Kit captured him and forced to make him sign a document to transfer power from him to his uncle (Kit). Wow! But a babygirl being submissive so quickly? They rather die.
Tumblr media
Look at that face!!! That's a face of challenge—unhinged challenge. Hence, babygirl.
So, wait, can we conclude then that all rich guys are possibly babygirls, then? Not necessarily, no. Class structure ISN'T what makes a babygirl, because if it did then we won't have this babygirl supreme!!!
Meet Love in the Air's Rain:
Tumblr media
Awww so cute!! That's the face of a true babygirl—sweet, submissive, and innocent. Look at how he takes the food. A cutie pie, an icon, a true babygirl. But, once again! A babygirl isn't a babygirl without a bit of pushback.
Tumblr media
Look at him. He doesn't want to hear it, leave him alone to be lazy, Payu. Please, let him have a break, no books. Only gaming. Look the annoyed expression on his face, a face that screams "I don't want to hear it, I don't care." Rain truly is the babygirl of all babygirls—even a poll agreed. And we don't make the rules.
Another tell of babygirls are appearances. Are they too pretty to use their brains? (Rain) Do they have small waists? (Vegas) Do they have a resting bitch face? (Neungdiao and Kinn). If so, then this fictional character might be a babygirl! Another thing I failed to mention (until now) that 3 out of 4 of these characters have is collective trauma. So if they also have that too alongside the three important questions, then congratulations, you bagged yourself a babygirl. That's so girlypop of you.
Other notable babygirls that aren't as babygirl supreme as the other four but have thought of:
Wen (Moonlight Chicken):
Tumblr media
Uea (Bed Friend):
Tumblr media
Por (My School President):
Tumblr media
Yai (Big Dragon):
Tumblr media
I hope this answers your question, anon! And if you have more questions, feel free to send them my way. Or if you have a babygirl in mind, also send them my way!
I hope you have a nice day, and I love you xoxo
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sugarpplum · 2 years
Tumblr media
Pairing | Bucky Barnes & Alpine
Summary | How Bucky met and decided to keep little Alpine.
Word count | 1.4k
Warnings | None
Dividers by @firefly-graphics.
Please like, comment and reblog if you enjoy it!
Tumblr media
He heard bratty whines. Coming from the darkness that surrounded the alley, it was faint and fragile, calling for help to any willing soul. Bucky was completely sure it wasn't human, he knew how people's whines were, now he was just questioning which kind of animal would be in the middle of a concrete jungle, on a foggy breezy day. 
The man almost said hello. Laughing at himself for it. He looked over his shoulders, something instinctive since he could remember, after that he reluctantly stepped towards the trash cans and weird-looking puddles. His eyes analyzed up and down, seeing nothing but silvery plastic and shredded paper boxes on the floor. 
The noise got louder. A little more desperate. Nearing the end of the alley, there was a stiff cardboard box, half-soaked in the muddy puddle, ripped in some parts but still intact enough to keep standing. Slowly, Bucky lowered himself, careful to not lose balance and fall into the dirt. He picked up the box with his metal fingers, it was just a little heavier than it should be, when he finally took a good look, Bucky saw a tiny, white curled kitten.
Soon enough, almost making Bucky drop the box, the kitten stood on the back paws, reaching to the man's hand whilst whining and crying. The kitten's blue eyes were a shade or two lighter than his own, brighter too, like two gems of blue quartz glowing under the dimming sunset. The fur, which would ideally be pearly white, had brown stains with dirt, the nails were also dark instead of the ideal rosy tone. The cat was probably here for a couple of days, and the rain of New York was unforgiving. 
"Hi, kitty. Where's your mommy?" Bucky asked. He looked around again, grimacing as there was no one else in the alley but them. It was obvious that the poor baby was here all alone, probably was separated by their mom, or perhaps she even died already. "You're alone, sweetie."
Oh God, he thought. Bucky didn't quite know what to do, it was a mix of the obvious that was taking the cub home and finding some kind of shelter or veterinary around the neighborhood. It's not like he's a pet expert, he never had pets, even though his sisters were always talking about how cute puppies and kitties were, begging his mom to let them get one and claiming they'd do anything and everything for their pet. 
After contemplating, looking to the cat and the sides incessantly, he sighed, defeated. "Alright, kitty. I'll help you. You won." With his flesh hand, Bucky picked the tiny cat up, despite the mud, he tucked the fluffball under his leather jacket.
On the way home, crossing the streets he was already familiar with, Bucky looked out for a veterinarian clinic. It is New York, so eventually, he noticed one a few blocks away from his apartment. 
The doctor reassured him that the only thing the kitty had was dirt, hunger, and sadness. Bucky already had pulled up his wallet when the doctor asked if he wanted to run the little kitty, known now to be a girl, on some more exams and to take a shower. Also, without questions asked, bought a good amount of cans with cat food, two pots for water and said food, and a cute small blanket. He still had his doubts about the kitty's destiny, however, if she was gonna stay with him, even if only for the night, the least he owed her was a full tummy and a heated night. 
When he got home and put the white fluffy cat on the floor, she was ready to explore it all, from his couch to sneaking into his bedroom. Despite trying to stay rational and think about the logistics, and what plan he needs to come up with, Bucky was too involved with the sweet pet kept circling his legs and purring.  
As the night kept falling in, Bucky had his dinner on the counter, whilst listened to her meows and whines because of much she wanted to have a taste of his food. 
"You already ate, little one." He said as he kept chewing. 
After Bucky was satisfied, he showered and changed into something comfortable, unlike most days, the man chose to spend a little time in front of the TV with her company. She laid on his chest, snuggling into the crook of his neck, even licking him at some moments. He giggled, restraining himself from moving so much as he noticed she was asleep. 
"You're too cute, you know that, don't you?" he said, tracing caresses on her tiny body rising and lowering as she dreamed of chasing rats and getting treats. 
The hesitancy on his heart was tremendous. He barely knew what to do when he was with her, let alone when she was all by herself at his apartment. 
Regardless of his wants, Bucky needed to leave for a job. Something happened in Utah or Colorado, he doesn't quite recall, but Sam needs a helping hand. His heart was anxious, yet, he planned everything before he left so the little girl didn't have any problems. 
He poured water to the brim of her pot, a whole can of food on the other, made an improvised bed with her blanket and one of his pillows, and placed an older towel of his for her needs. Nothing would go wrong, he was confident. 
Under the faint sun, sweating and feeling the dirt sticking to his skin, Bucky was still in agony. His punches were quicker than ever, and he walked as if the ground was collapsing behind him. Sam's were widening with each move Bucky made, content although thinking how he seemed agitated and unusual. 
Whilst feeling the incompetent bad guy hitting the side of his ribs, Bucky fell into the rocky ground. His eyes closed to suppress the pain and when he opened them again, what he saw was the marvelous sight of the alpine plants by the humid soil of the mountains. Pretty, he thought, kneeling as he strengthened himself back up to finish the fight.
The cold breeze hit his face, making him grimace with distaste, thinking about how much colder New York is at the moment. Hopefully, the tiny stray kitten was already fed and sleepy on the pillow, purring as she drifted off. The gray clouds warned Bucky and Sam that the weather wouldn't be in their favor. 
The flight back was turbulent. The rain poured incessantly, not sparing thunders that made Bucky's heart beat faster than usual. They used the delayed time to start their reports, preferring to not drag work back home. 
Sam probably thought about Sarah and his nephews, craving to get to his bed and to eat a spicy homemade meal. Now, Bucky, he was grateful to have a house of his own. He appreciates having any kind of food at home, it doesn't matter if he eats it alone. And it's the 21st century, Bucky can happily turn on the TV and watch a movie from his time. 
His muscles were sore, his neck cracked as he moved it, he had scratches and a bloody eyebrow. To say the least, he felt like shit. The jet was landing and all he could think about to soothe his grumpy mood was the pretty kitty waiting for him, craving some kisses and head pats. 
Bucky hasn't had time to think about what to do. He had a general idea of what a pet might need, however nothing solid. The thought of giving the kitten to someone or a shelter made his heart hurt, he enjoyed the last couple of days by her side. Calling for her by any endearing names when he got homemade he giggles and smirk, it lightened his mood, even more, when she came running with her short paws ready to jump on his legs. 
The ride back to the apartment was a relief. As soon as he opened the door, the meowing started and made him laugh, especially when seeing that she made something like a nest above his pillow. The food was eaten, the water was a bit lower and the towel he left had a wet stain. His tiny pet had used her things and was fine, he sighed as he realized that his plan did work. 
Bucky picked her up, pressing her fragile body against his chest as he said hello with a baby voice. He kissed her forehead, rubbed her back with his fingers, and felt his eyes tearing up with joy. 
"Let's get some food, Alpine."
Tumblr media
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themarshalstale · 2 years
Tumblr media
Hello! Welcome back to my monthly fic rec series.
UM so I’ve been severely slacking on this front, so for the first time I’m going to do a bigger compilation of all the months I missed. Fic recs can always be found in my #fic rec tag. Thank you as always to all my fellow writers !!!!!! You’re doing amazing and I appreciate you!!!!!!!
Without further ado, below are some fics that I’ve read this past month that hit my heart a little extra. If you feel so inclined, you should read them too, and don’t forget to give the authors some love in the form of Kudos and comments. 💛
The Theory of Harmony by @r0b0tb0y (Din/Cobb)
Din Djarin goes back to Mos Pelgo to lay low. Cobb Vanth asks Din to teach him Tusken sign language, and Din has to decide which of his secrets are worth keeping. Since swearing the Creed, Din has never told anyone he’s deaf.
Of Silk by @meraki-viajera (Din/Cobb)
His bodyguard radiated like a golden sun above him, shining for only Din’s eyes to see. Mere mortals weren’t made to stare at such beauty, but Din would rather go blind than look away.
Tomorrow Isn’t That Far by dfastback68 (Din/Cobb)
After a job goes wrong, Din finds himself needing to smuggle a child across the mountains in the dead of winter before they’re hunted down. Lucky for them, the Marshal of a little town that isn’t on any map is willing to help.
that's what you're good at by @ghost-teat​ (Din/Cobb)
Cobb sits back and gives the man a once-over (or a twice-over, maybe a twentieth-over). The man’s got an absolutely remarkable nose, and he’s very alone. Cobb wants to build him a house, feed him slices of fruit, lock him in a safe and bury him in the sand. His eyes are so, so dark.
Crimson Scales, Sunlight Shining by Fledgling (Din/Cobb)
It’s just merman!Cobb and surfer!Din smut. Maybe a thin veil of plot.
Carry Your Men, And Their Dead Too by pale_and_tragic (Gen)
Rachel learns a few things playing poker with Raylan and Tim. None of them are particularly surprising.
Yeah, but where's the rain? by @lymricks​ (Tim/Raylan)
The man-in-charge is away for three weeks, so Tim's stuck right where the lady at the front desk says he is: learning beginner firearms from a cowboy marshal.
may i help you by someotherstorm (Tim/Raylan)
The day after they hook up for the first time, Tim learns a few things about Raylan -- that he's intense, likes to leave voice mail messages, and may have a fetish for horrifying customer service associates.
take the shot, see this chance by Nokomis (Tim/Raylan)
Tim thought about being bratty and insisting Raylan sleep in the bathtub, but he sighed and said, “You better not hog the blankets, asshole.”

Raylan did, of course.
Bruises by SylvanWitch (Tim/Raylan)
Tim goes to work and tries to walk like a man who still belongs only to himself.
Not Sweet Enough by gutterson (Tim/Raylan)
Mark keeps telling Tim he needs to get a boyfriend. What Tim really needs is to not get killed by Harlan's new criminal savant, and for Raylan Givens to stop being so damn good looking.
The Holler Series by Cher-locked (Tim/Raylan)
"You'll never leave Harlan alive" takes on a whole new meaning when the undead population around Harlan County is steadily on the rise.
Exiled back to Kentucky as a legal vampire executioner with the Preternatural Branch of the US Marshal's Service, Raylan must now face how much his hometown of Harlan has changed and unravel the mystery of a current rash in preternatural violence. While working in Kentucky is Raylan's nightmare, the assignment is another chance to drag his favorite Super-SOG team specialist, the oh-so-tempting Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson, along as backup. As Raylan and Tim head into the mouth of the holler that is Harlan to raise a zombie or two, they can't help shaking loose a little bit of hell while they're at it.
When Their Backs Are Turned by CharlotteCordelier (Tim/Raylan)
And that’s how it was with them. From time to time, at the end of the workday, Tim would say he was stopping for a drink after work or Raylan would say he was hankering for tacos from the good place. And then that would turn to the kind of energetic experience that Raylan usually only got in car chases and bar brawls. He didn’t always feel better when it was over, but he always felt something. That alone was a blessed relief. Raylan had no notion what Tim might get from the arrangement--beyond the obvious.
Ruin is the Road by RedheadAmongWolves (Tim/Raylan)
They'd told them to make up stories.
But, eventually, like with all good books-- you forget the outside world, you get consumed, and if and when you do manage to drag your head up out of the water, you can’t quite let go of the narrative you've been clinging to. Sometimes you even crave the fiction more than the fact.
it's hard to make friends when you're half in the grave by @intothefields​ (Din/Cobb)
As the dust settled on the day, Din was looking forward to going home. With the krayt dragon slain, the Tuskens and Mos Pelgo residents seemed at ease with each other. For now at least.
As Cobb made his way towards Din and away from the townsfolk he straightened his stance and offered Din a lazy smile. Once he was closer, he went to take off his chest piece. Cobb flinched, eyes going wide and immediately letting go of the armor.
Din saw this and stood up straight. "You're hurt."
It’s Easier to Care for Others (Than to Care for Myself) by Fledgling (Din/Cobb)
In which Cobb finds a massiff pup abandoned in the desert and has a heart too big to leave it to fend for itself.
The Taste of Eternity on Your Lips (and it Tastes Like Pomegranates) by Fledgling (Din/Cobb)
A Hades/Persephone AU.
Din hates having to travel to Olympus. He can hardly stand the other deities, and they make no secret their dislike of him. The only good thing to come of it all is that it gives Din a chance to walk through the gardens of Persephone, the only place outside of the Underworld to give him any sense of peace.
Never mind how lovely the deity himself is.
Falling by @captainkappa​ (Din/Cobb)
Besides, leaving means going back to an empty ship. Leaving means counting down the days until he saw Grogu again. Leaving means counting down until he could come with a good enough excuse to come back to Tatooine.
Din doesn’t want to leave. Not just yet.
In a spur of the moment decision, Din takes Cobb up for his first trip off planet.
Though the Seasons May Change by @staranon95​ (Din/Cobb)
Cobb Vanth, once known as the Red Ranger during his rodeo days, retired quietly after an unfortunate accident that ended his career. Now, in his forties, he lives above the bar he owns, feeling every inch the washed up cowboy he used to be.
Then, one day, a biker with tattoos up his arms and his own secrets walks into Cobb's bar. And Cobb, despite his apathy, finds himself falling for him.
Oya’la Ka’ra by Fledgling (Din/Cobb)
“Din had heard legends about beings made of stardust itself. Starmaids, one pilot had called them; another said they were celestial shepherds. Din knew them as oya’la ka’ra—living stars.”
ghost of you by @intricatecakes (Din/Cobb)
Din's been hearing voices.
Well, one voice.

At first he thought it was just wishful thinking, wondering what Cobb Vanth might say if he was there.

But the more he heard, the more he began to wonder if it was something else entirely…
The Question by Nthing (Din/Cobb)
Tooth daggers are traditional for marriage proposals. Like most Tatooine customs, the idea probably comes across as a rather blunt statement to outsiders. There’s real thought and care and artistry put into them, though, for those who want to know.
Slither On In by Nununununu (Din/Cobb)
In which Cobb apparently somehow acquires a wife and kids - in Din's head, anyway. In reality Cobb ends up with a snake. A really big one at that. Now if only he could also end up with Din.
Cold as Fire, Hot as Ice by Fledgling (Din/Cobb)
A bounty hunt goes wrong, and Cobb has to deal with the consequences. Bounty hunting is a dangerous profession, after all.

But as they say: the greater the danger, the greater the reward. Even if its not the reward expected.
The Marshal's Sick Day by @sof-gigante​​ (Din/Cobb)
Cobb insists he isn't sick. Din's not fooled.
A Late-inning Pressure Situation by Quadrophenia (Tim/Raylan)
Tim gets a text message from an old friend just heading up Lexington way.
Set four years after the end of the series.
Waiting So Long by @sof-gigante​ (Din/Cobb)
It’s the summer of ’86 and Cobb Vanth thinks he’s hit his peak as the flash guitarist of local metal band, Krayt Dragon. However, when his childhood friend, Din Djarin, joins the line-up with his goth band, Demagolka, old wounds are opened, and broken promises are remembered. Cobb must decide if he’s ready to atone for the sins of his past, while Din struggles with moving on from his painful memories.
a stone is a stone by @nandalorian (Din/Cobb)
Once, Din promised to return to Cobb in Mos Pelgo after he completed his mission and reunited Grogu with the Jedi. But he's been away a long time, and things on Tatooine aren't quite the same as he left them.
Nor, if Din is being honest, is he.
Est. 1929 by leslielol (Tim/Raylan)
Raylan and Tim share two dates, a year apart.
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