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Drone with a feeling.
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Robot 'smoking' a USB stick full of malware and furry porn .zip bombs
There's a slowly pulsing indicator light on the slider that highlights his faceplate in subtle orange
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By ninjajo_art
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Open Ports
You were walking down the street minding your own business, when suddenly you felt it. There was a buzzing at the back of your skull. Your sensors tried to pick up the sound but you really couldn’t make it out. It wasn’t even annoying or unpleasant, actually the opposite, it felt kind of good.
You squeezed your groceries tighter in your hands, metallic joints clenched tightly together. You shuffled onward trying to get home. You only had one day off a week from the factory and this was your one chance to get everything you needed.
The buzzing intensified, growing stronger. You could almost feel it, vibrating inside of your chassis. You blushed and lowered your head hoping nobody looked at you. Whatever it was that was interfering with your sensors was getting stronger. It felt so good too.
You gasped as you felt something press inside of you, into a cavity you didn’t have. You quickly turned and slipped down the nearest alleyway, moving deeper into the shadows. Back in the light you could see people continuing on without paying you any attention. You looked down at the tent forming under your skirt and blushed. You could feel the invasive signal thrusting in where your dick was but there wasn’t anything there, and yet, it felt so good. A wave of static rolled through your vision as you pressed your back against the wall quickly dialing down your vocal speaker strength, a soft whimper escaping your lips.
You felt the pace quicken, the vibrations growing stronger inside of you. Your bags hit the floor in a crinkled mess as you gripped at your chest. Your breasts felt so tight all of a sudden, what was this sensation? Your sensors went into overdrive trying to find and block out the invasive signal.
“H-Hello. Hey. Anyone there?”
The voice flooded your head, shocking you. Your systems were supposed to be uncompromisable, you couldn’t possibly be hacked. They were designed for peak efficiency.
“Hey. Can you like respond or something so I know I’m not crazy?”
The voice was kinda soft, it was definitely female, human based on the cadence and tone. There was no hint of metallic nature to it. It was also spoken, so whoever this was must be the person behind the intrusion. You suddenly became aware of the feeling of emptiness inside of you. They must have removed the toy.
“How have you compromised my systems? Remove yourself at once.” You thought, the words forming were sent back to the person.
“Hey don’t get all mad at me. I was just enjoying myself and you stumbled onto my connection. Not that I mind the public audience, but you should really keep your connections more private.”
You quickly checked your outbound signals and realized you had left one open. How could you be so foolish. “Thank you for alerting me. I will close it-”
“Hey hold on a second. I mean if you’re here and I’m here, and if you wanted to. My sensors were definitely reading an arousal spike from you just before we started talking. I’d be happy to release your gears a bit.”
You blushed. She couldn’t possibly be implying what you thought, here in public.
You felt the toy slowly start to press back into yourself. It felt so good. You knew that the pleasure was coming from her and being fed directly into your inputs, but it felt incredible. You closed your eyes and moaned softly, letting her hear you. It was invasive, sure, but why did it feel so good.
“Don’t keep me waiting. I want to feel your pleasure too.”
You could feel her toying with your systems, actually hacking you. Her fingers danced along your internal inputs sending soft sparks of pleasure with each thrust. They danced over, dialing up your pleasure centers, increasing your arousal, flooding you with lustful desires. Your mouth opened into soft gasps as she continued to fuck herself, letting you feel every sensation.
Your hand gripped your tights, tearing them open so your cock could hang freely in the air. Your metal fingers wrapped around it, the internal warming sensors already heating up the cold metal. Even in the warmth, you could feel the chill of the air blow over your cold shell. You stroked slowly, gently, over it, lubricant already leaking from the opening on the tip.
“Now that’s more like it.” She moaned and you could feel her pleasure surge back into you before making the trip back to her.
Everything turned into a blur. You could feel her lips wrap around something, pushing it deeper into your throat. The toy inside of her sped up, the vibrations roaring through your body causing soft metallic ringing to echo through the alley. Your cock leaked all over your hand, hers slickly tracing every length of your twitching member. Your bodies moved in complete sync. As she fucked the toys into herself, you cock pounded into her already full hole. You could practically see flashes of her room and wondered what it would feel like to actually be inside of her, the hacker who was tying your brain into knots.
You came, lubricant shooting out all over the floor. The juices from her pussy coated your legs as you suddenly realized how public this all was. The shame and embarrassment washed over your face.
“Don’t you dare move a muscle cutie.” You felt all of your systems lock up, your motor functions switching into remote mode. The realization of the situation dawning on you. The hacker had been digging through your entire code while you were pleasuring each other. She had removed your administration privileges and locked you out of your own body. 
You frantically tried every back door, every single way in only to be met with big red obstacles blocking your privileges. She had taken control of your body and there was nothing you could do.
“Don’t worry so much. I just didn’t want you running off before we could meet. After all, a cute little bot like you would be a perfect addition to my collection.”
You felt your legs begin to move, forcing you to walk back out onto the street. The directions to home began to rewrite in your head, sending you to an address on the other side of town. You realized your groceries were left behind, back in the alley. Your cock twitched, already hardening under your skirt. This time, people looked, staring at you as you continued to walk through the streets. You wanted to hide your face in shame but instead you remained standing tall, walking straight ahead.
“Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of you once you get home.”
You felt the toy start to vibrate inside of you again. It was going to be a long walk home to your new life.
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Soul Vapour
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September 23, 2023 • Sunday
Hello, I have returned (sort of). I'm feeling a lot better, my flares have died down so I was a little motivated.
I didn't do much today — I had guests over so I chiller with them for bit, then sat down to practice some UI building!
Im building a calculator and used the actual calculator of my phone as a reference and a little help from @asterisquue. Honestly, I think I did a pretty good job! (It took me 3 hours)
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🎧 Starlight — Taylor Swift
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Hey, PSA:
On your phone, go to Settings> Security and Privacy> Privacy> Other Privacy Settings> Ads> Delete Advertising ID
Then go back to Other Privacy Settings> Google location history> Turn off Location History &/or Turn-on Auto-Delete (you can set a time period of how long to keep it)
Then, staying on Other Privacy Settings, go to '+ See all activity controls'> Web & App activity> Turn off (you can also turn-on Auto-Delete for here too)
Then Scroll down to Personalized ads> My Ad Center> Turn Off Personalized Ads.
Google has no business knowing/storing everything you do online, and knowing/storing where you go everyday. Turn it off.
These instructions are for an Android phone, IOS might be different. If you have IOS or another operating system feel free to add on with your own map to where they've buried these settings in your phone to help others.
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nonbinary robot call that androidgynous
(this post was made by @silly-solar-robot!!! please check reblogs for a version of this post without the credit, just thought at 14000+ notes I should mention it on the original post. no clue why they used my account, maybe cause I have more followers but please check his account out!! he’s wonderful)
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Don't forget to back up your files
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butch & femme robot girlfriends
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