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wallflowerimagines · 2 years
Hi! I looove your posts! Thank you so much for sharing your writing!
I was wondering… could you maybe write about the Four Lords with a shy S/O that gets bold and defensive when someone insults the lords? or calls them names? And the Lord’s reaction to the S/O acting different? Dk if im explaining myself >.<
Again! Love your work! Have a great day!
We stan protective partners on this blog!!
Warnings: uh...insults? They're pretty over the top😅 Also swearing.
Alcina Dimitrescu
Honestly, Alcina is more than able to defend herself.
She's got a tongue like a viper, and the thickest skin imaginable. If you really want to hurt her feelings, you have to be someone whom she already respects to a certain degree, or she won't even be phased.
Still, when she leaves a room, there's always some idiot that thinks it's a smart idea to talk shit.
Maybe it's a maid, maybe it's a guest in the Castle, but either way you're not having it.
"God, you're annoying." There was a pause before they opened their mouth again, and you rolled your eyes. "No please, by all means, continue to share your lack of taste with the rest of us."
You disassemble this dumbass, starting small with comments about their personality (trying to keep it classy), but escalating the more they choose to double down on the comments.
Alcina comes back into the room to find you practically screaming at this asshole.
"Look, all you have accomplished here today is revealing that you are a fundamental disappointment on every possible level. My life is worse now that I've heard you open your mouth, you disrespectful, shit licking worm fucker."
Alcina is stunned. You do not give off "aggressive guard dog" vibes at all, yet here you are defending her tooth and nail. While she had seen brief moments of your inner strength and protective streak (mostly towards her daughters) she just...never thought you would do the same for her.
It's not because she doesn't trust you or love you! But nobody has ever done something like this for her before? Ever? She's never had anyone try to protect her--not physically, and not even verbally. She's been so independent for so long that it's... Strange to see you support her so openly.
She doesn't need you to do this for her, she doesn't even expect it, but you do it anyway for no other reason than the fact that you love her. You want people to give her the respect she deserves.
I'm going to be real here: Alcina has never been closer to swooning before in her life. You're overcoming your shyness because you believe in her so much-- it's not a gesture meant to be romantic, but Alcina can't help but see this as a massive statement of your commitment to her.
Seriously. This is such a massive thing for her that if proposals weren't already on her mind, she is mentally picking out a ring for you the minute this happens.
Then, of course, she glides into the room, kisses you until you're breathless and babbling, and smirks at the unfortunate peon who thought they could get away with insulting House Dimitrescu.
She's in such a good mood that she's considering going easy on the idiot. Maybe removing their tongue would be enough of a warning?
Donna Dimitrescu
You don't really know how it's possible but apparently some people don't like Donna Beneviento? Some people think she's scary and unpleasant????
Wild. Can't imagine what that's like.
The two of you are honestly the sweetest, most toothrottingly adorable couple-- blushing when you hold each other's hands, sneaking glances at each other across rooms, giving each other kisses and forgetting whatever was on your mind...
Honestly, anybody who's critical of your relationship with your girlfriend is just a hater. Fuckers can pound sand😤
Still, you are pretty shy, so it takes a lot for you to defend yourself if someone comments about you. It can take a lot of courage to stand up against rude remarks, and sometimes it's easier to walk away.
Defending Donna, on the other hand?
The minute someone even thinks about dismissing her, you are ready to throw hands.
"My lovely girlfriend already said no, meaning you're either deaf or too stupid to pick up on simple social cues," you purse your lips and give the rude and pushy Villager a patronizing once over. "You and your opinion are equally useless. Get the fuck away from us."
Donna blinks.
She... Was not expecting this??? At all?? You're so nice! You always tell her about your attempts to avoid confrontation! What's going on??? How did you get the guts to say what she's always wanted to say?
Meanwhile, Angie is LIVING.
The little doll chimes in to assist you with the verbal homicide, working as a tag team to absolutely murder this moron. She's half partner, half hype man, and is so excited to do this with you. Normally, she has to protect Donna all by herself, but she's relieved and reassured that you stepped in first.
You high five Angie, still glaring daggers at the unfortunate villager.
The two of you continue to ream into the villager, while Donna hovers nearby.
As surprised as she is, she's also grateful. She's only really ever had Angie to help shield her from insults and disrespect (and occasionally inducing horrifying hallucinations that make people claw off their own skin), but having you in her corner makes her feel safe.
Not to get totally sappy, but you're like her knight in shining armor in a lot of ways. And the fact you two are so similar is really motivating-- She wants to one day be confident enough to return the favor. Until then, she's happy to watch her two favorite people have fun insulting some stranger ❤️
Salvatore Moreau
With you being so shy, Salvatore is surprised how often he takes the lead in your relationship.
He's not normally all that outgoing, but you seem to bring out a side of him that's very protective. Whenever you have a bad day he wants to bundle you up and keep you safe from the world.
If he so much as holds your hand you start stuttering and avert your gaze. It creates a feedback loop where you both get flustered, but Moreau has never felt steadier. Despite your shyness, you make sure he knows how much you love him.
You're sweet as pie and twice as kind--Salvatore is the luckiest man in the world, nobody can convince him otherwise 💕💕
So it comes as a total shock that when a passing fisherman spits in your path and calls him a freak, your entire demeanor does a 180.
Your posture straightens and you look the villager dead in the eye, "I don't believe anyone asked your opinion."
Salvatore: 😳
This is not the time, and he totally knows it, but, uh, something about your tone??? Really does it for him???
While he's attempting to process why exactly he's starting to short circuit, you proceed to verbally shred this person to bits with clinical efficiency-- nothing is off limits.
They might try to defend themselves, but it's useless. You do not let up.
"Ugly? Monster? Bitch your teeth are throwing gang signs, don't throw stones from your shining glass house."
You insult their appearance, what they're holding, their smell-- you get so fucking mean that you might even make them cry.
Moreau is just lost right now, trying hard to figure out how exactly you were able to gain all of this confidence so quickly.
He's not upset! In fact he's very flattered! But, he also doesn't want you to get into a fight with some unimportant stranger. (After all, if they so much as throw a punch, they're straight up dead. Moreau is a patient man, but he's not that patient. You do not hurt his partner and live to tell the tale.)
He may a healer but...
Eventually he steps between you and the fisherman in an attempt to deescalate the situation, but you just kiss him on the cheek and step around him, determined to make your point.
Blushing hard, Moreau lets you do what you want. What can he say? Fish man likes himself a protective partner 💞
Karl Heisenberg
Magnet Man is not the most social guy to begin with, so any opportunities you have to stick up for him are already pretty slim.
He mostly knows you as the shy, sweet, easily flustered partner that lets out a cute squeak every time he sneaks up to hug you from behind.
Karl's honestly happy just to spend time with you all alone in the Factory. It's not the best or healthiest mindset, but he'd be perfectly content to only ever see you for the rest of his life. Spending time with anybody else feels like a boring waste in comparison.
But occasionally, you do head out into town with him. Heisenberg wants you to be safe so he doesn't do it often, but running errands with you is a weakness of his. It's domestic in a way that he's never experienced before.
He likes it ❤️
What he does not like is the shopkeeper starting to give their opinions on the quality of your relationship with him.
Most insults Karl will let slide because he doesn't particularly care. However if anyone makes a comment on how scared (shy) you look around him, how you must be being threatened into being with him, how poorly Lord Heisenberg is treating you...he won't stand for it.
But before his fingers can even twitch towards his hammer, you snap.
"You're clearly the blindest cocksucker I've ever met--so wipe the cum out of eyes and mind your own fucking business."
Karl does a double take.
He's heard you curse before, but quietly. The words coming out of your mouth are WILD right now, he has NEVER seen you so angry. You're defending him with the aggression of a wild animal, and it's simultaneously HILARIOUS, but for some reason he's also getting a warm fuzzy feeling in his chest?
He doesn't need you to protect him like this, but seeing you blatantly argue how much you love and cherish him in public reassures him in a way he didn't know he needed.
Still, hearing you call the shopkeeper "shit for brains" is the funniest thing that's happened in years.
Heisenberg starts laughing, and the more you shout at the idiot, the harder he laughs. Is it weird how hard he wants to kiss you right now?
Eventually, he just has to drag you away, cackling as you continue to shout insults at the unfortunate shopkeep. There's got to be an alley around here for some good old fashioned privacy 💕
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choicesenthusiast · 2 years
Open Heart 3, Ch. 16 AKA To The Bittersweet End
What happened this week:
Board results are finally in, and of course, what kind of main character doctor would you be if you didn’t pass with flying colours. You could’ve even gotten a perfect score! Your friends also do well, and Sienna breaks down crying because it’s not her path in life. She later decides on doing a fast-tracked residency for pediatrics. Good for her.
Finally utilize Binx for his intended purpose and spy on Bloom’s conversation with Naveen and a board member, where they say they’ll step off and step down, respectively.
What would a Choices finale be without a party? Besides the main cast, this is your last time talking with everyone and seeing what comes next for them. Goodbye, Baz. Goodbye Zaid and Ines and even Angie. Elijah is staying to continue research. Aurora is transferring to Mass Kenmore. No, your interns do not make an appearance.
It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: sneak out of the party with your LI for the last time in the series, but this time it’s different and special because we finally get the love confession. This heartwarming moment distracts from every other atrocities they’ve committed, or that have been committed against them, because love wins and it all becomes worth it.
Your last day of residency is a big daze, but the highlight of it is Naveen handing his position as Chief of Medicine over to Ethan (look, I think this was the right ending for him, I just really fucking hate how we got here), leaving the Head of Diagnostics open for you. Here comes the Big Choice™: do you accept, deny and give the position to either Tobias or Harper, or leave Edenbrook entirely?
And that’s all, folks! One more wistful glance at this cursed building, a small chat with the roomies + Bryce and Rafael, and the book is over. Le fin. The end. Finito.
My first thought upon finishing this chapter was: “That’s it?” My second one was: “Well, I’m glad that’s finally over.” My third was: “Wait, really? That’s it??” I think this is very telling of the quality of this series finale.
The whole point of Bloom buying out the hospital was so that we could find a cure for him and/or his wife’s condition, besides writing horny letters and weaselling his way into studies, this plot has been left wide open. We were able to sympathize with him, in a sense, in Book 2. Sure, he steps off our feet, but I’d like to believe he keeps trying. Or was his whole purpose in this book just to antagonize a certain doctor? I’m just mad that none of this book has made any sense.
The funniest thing about the love confession is the option to say no?? Like, you’ve just had this passionate bout of boinking, emotions are running high because MC might be leaving, they pour their heart out, and you can crush it right then and there. “No, sorry, I don’t feel the same.” Brutal! It’s nice they gave us the option, but I’m sure that everyone’s locked in an LI since Book 1, Book 2 at the most. This confession could have come way earlier and we could have spent the entirety of Book 3 with our LI, but we all know that’s blasphemy to PB.
Though PB gives you the choice to stay or leave, the narrative really pushes that you stay, considering that everyone except Aurora stays and arc-wise it seems fitting for you to stay. Edenbrook would crumble without you there. Or maybe people would stop the trend of killing patients. It does seem full circle.
I wish we got closure with the other LIs as well, because if you don’t pick them for their scene they’re not really present in the chapter, which is such a disservice to their character. If you disregard the other seven million disservices to their characters.
Well, Open Heart. We’ll sorta miss you. We’ve recognized that Books 2 and 3 are canon, but given that it is a stupid-ass canon, we’ve elected to ignore it. Everyone pour one out for the greatness that is Book 1 and drink to the lost potential of the rest of this series. Farewell, you fucking fantastic nightmare.
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auriel187 · 2 years
10 Things I Hate About You (Sam Winchester edition)
A/N: This is just an exert of what I have written so far...there will be more. Also, not specifically set in the 90’s or 2020’s.
Tumblr media
Sam (POV)
“Well, Mr. Winchester. I see we’re making our visits a weekly matter.” The Guidance Counselor said with a snide smile. She spoke almost bitterly, causing the young brunette to roll his colour shifting eyes in reply. He honestly couldn’t be bothered by her at this point. “Only so we can have these moments together.” He bit back with a forced smile. He stole a glance at her open computer. It was a widely known fact amongst the seniors that Ms.Perky spent most of her time writing her “romance” novel instead of, well... doing her actual job. “Should we get down to it, or should I turn off the lights?” He asked snarkily, adjusting his hold on his backpack. The shorter woman sent a glare his way as she reached for his discipline sheet from her desk. “Very funny, cowboy. It says here that you exposed yourself in the cafeteria.” He then huffed humorlessly. Did he even need to explain himself, it’s not like he’d get into trouble, he’s been living alone for the past four months. “I was joking with the lunch lady. It was a bratwurst.” He said not really ashamed at his actions but weirded out. It seemed more like something his brother would do.
“Well, a bratwurst. Aren’t we the optimist.” She quipped, with her eyes leveled to his crotch through his baggy blue jeans. ‘Gross’ he thought as his face contorted in disgust. She was still looking, even after a few seconds of awkward and impenetrable silence. “Next time, stick to the saddle, Texas. Scoot!” I left the room with an eye roll, I could have corrected her, told her I was from Kansas but I kinda had a feeling she didn’t give a shit and honestly, neither did I.
I walked down the hallway, towards my English class. Nice class if I was in the mood to listen, sadly that was rarely the case. Too many things distracting me about that class. Mostly that fuck boy model making some off handed comment that would get his ass flattened if people actually had the balls to stand up to him. As I made my way to class one thing I noticed is the fact that everyone is either blatantly staring or flatly avoiding looking at me. I caught the eyes of some of my schoolmates standing outside the Ms. Perky’s office, watching as they all began whispering the rumors that somehow spread at the sound of my name. I turned to glare at one of the guys staring at me. Another trust fund kid who wore their cardigan as a necktie. Those idiots who think they’re brilliant just because their dads donate to the school and they can’t pass a class no matter how simple the shit we’re learning is.
I seriously despise his school.
y/n (POV)
As much as I loved English class, I really would rather shove pins into my eyes rather than sit here with these flaming imbeciles. Being one of the six girls in the class of almost thirty didn’t help. Our teacher walked in with a look on his face that told me he was already done with all our crap. It was honestly quite funny. I take my seat in the middle of the class, Mr. Morgan chose to separate the girls from one another. It mainly had to do with the fact that they were vapid slow witted brats who didn’t read anything without a steamy sex scene and a muscle bound long haired Adonis on the cover. It was stuff like that that made me glad I was nothing like them. All these girls sitting around with their ‘I’m-not-like-other-girls’ crap just to drop their pants at the first guy to give them attention. And then there’s me, avidly avoiding contact with most people or completely annihilating the rest, what does it say about me that I’d rather have everyone hate my guts rather than change everything about myself to have friends who’d just talk shit about me when my back was turned?
“Okay class. What did y’all think of ‘The Sun Also Rises’?” Mr. Morgan began the second the bell rang. I saw one of the girls raise her hand with a fanciful flare and flick of her hair. I promise I’m not gonna internally barf if she ever does that shit again. “Oh, I loved it. He’s so romantic.” She melted at the thought, what an idiot. “Romantic, Hemingway? He was an abusive, alcoholic misogynist who squandered his inheritance following Picasso trying to nail his leftovers.” I mumbled aloud as I knocked lightly on my desk. I really needed to stop doing that. I could almost feel the eyerolls of my classmates. This’ll be good. “As opposed to a bitter, self righteous hag who has no friends?” Joey chastised me from his seat a few desks away from mine. “Pipe down, Chachi!” Mr. Morgan bit back, in my defence. I knew it was just because Joey pissed him off as much as he did myself. I slouched in my seat as I practically growled “I guess in this society being male and an asshole makes you worthy of our time.” I heard so chuckles from my classmates. Mr. Morgan just looked at me. “Can’t we read something different? What about Angie Thomas or Charlotte Bronte? Sylvia Plath?”
“What about them?” A voice echoed through the class, everyone turned their attention to the door, where two guys stood. The first one walked in and took a seat next to Joey, the other stood filling the doorway. “What did I miss?” He asked, taking a seat in the back of the class. He was wearing around four layers right now and all I could think of was how the hell has he not melted? “The whitewashed patriarchal values that dictate our education.” I said quickly, noticing the slight head tilt and small smile before I turned back around.
“Mr. Morgan, do you think it’s possible to get y/n to take her midol before she comes to class.” Joey and her douche brigade all laugh like that was the funniest shit on the planet. Mr. Morgan just deadpanned, looking Joey dead in the eye and saying “One day you’re gonna get bitch slapped, and I’m not gonna do a thing to stop it.” The class erupted in laughter and I just sunk in my seat knowing exactly what was coming. “And y/n, I wanted to thank you for your opinion. I must be tough growing up with the struggles of upper middle class suburban oppression. It must be tough. But before you storm the PTA for better...lunch meat or whatever you well off girls fuss about, ask why they can’t get books written by a black man.” He finished his rant, staring at me. Waiting for a rebuttal possibly, so I gave him one.
“Angie Thomas is a black woman. And I ask for curriculum adjustments for more diversity in the books we read. I’ll be sure to specify my wishes next time. Anything else?” I had a few chuckles at my reply, most likely due to my overabundance of sarcasm and smartass clap backs. I wanted to know who it was but before I could, Mr. Morgan kicked me out. “Yeah, go to the office. You’re pissing me off.” I groaned, grabbing my bag and heading to the door. As I walked, I felt a pinch on my ass. Before I could really think about it, my textbook was connected to the culprit’s face. I lost all sympathy when I saw Joey rubbing the side of his face and glaring at me from the ground. Mr. Morgan was laughing hysterically in the front of the class while some of my classmates were gasping for air in their seats.
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leggomylino · 2 years
hi celi :)) 🐬🧮🚏🔮🪐 !!
Angie <3 <3 <3 :D
🐬 - “Favorite English lyric?”
OOF you know I gotta say-- I have a few.
“Fly to the sky” - Get Cool Felix’s “Cookin’ like a chef” - God’s Menu “LIKE AN ASTRONAUT” 😩🌠 - Astronaut “I’ll always be on track” - On Track (Even a Fool Knows) ((I put this one in a scrapbook 🤪💓))
I’m sure there’s more but my sleep-ded brain can only think of those for now
🧮 - “A concept you’d like them to try?”
I think I’d like to see a storybook/fairytale/mythology theme? I think having an album that’s like a book and every song is a chapter or important moment in that story...they already kinda do something like this but, ah, hopefully you know what I mean 😅 I imagine it to be a softer, dreamy aesthetic as well, with lots of deep hidden secrets and values portrayed. And like, the whole thing is a synchronized dream they’re all having; or maybe they got sucked into a book and have to fight to make it back home
🚏 - “Song recommendations from your bias?”
Okay listen everything that Chan my man has written is phenomenal 😩✨I’d recommend just about anything that’s been written by him
🔮 - “Last dream you had about SKZ?”
BRUHHH okay listen. I have what a friend of mine calls “Fire Emblem” dreams and what this means is-- if you’ve ever played or heard of the Fire Emblem franchise, the games consist of long RPG stories with plenty of plot twists and turns. The last one I had was actually last night and it consisted of Hyun and Felix listening to me tell a story to this girl I was babysitting??? It was weird and not Fire Emblem-y so I’ll give you my biggest tea one I remember.
My friend and I (I’ll call her Kumi, her sometimes-internet name) had been hired as detectives to solve a burglary for some snotnosed princess’s missing crown. The King was a man who liked games so he additionally hired our rivals, SKZ, who ran a detective agency across town. Whoever found the thief (who was apparently also a murderer, as he killed a few guards and servants) would get a ~handsome~ reward and become the modern kingdom’s official sleuths.
Kumi and I were raring to go and dashed off to do our research. We decided to start by interviewing all the potential suspects that the palace guard had managed to gather for our convivence (lol). Because SKZ got fair dibs as well we chose to split up and multitask; she would take a few suspects to the library and I would take the other half gathered in a waiting area. She went off to the library followed by half the guys, and I entered another room where a suspect was already waiting for interrogation.
Oddly enough it was...this giant closet??? There were lots of clothes and boxes but I just ignored them and sat at the small table. I asked a few questions and jotted notes until I became keenly aware that it was just the two of us in a closed off room and for a sec could only stare at the closed, dark brown door. Then I dumbly looked back at the suspect, and he had this evil grin on his face and pulled out a knife.
I’m a very pro-safety gal so I immediately jumped up and reached for my taser and/or pepper spray but before I got there Seungmin comes walking out of the thick wall of clothes with a calm, pleasant smile on his face. He asks the man what he thought he was doing and starts commenting nonchalantly about “what a lovely day it is” and the man, for some reason, acts very afraid and drops his weapon, and Seungmin handcuffs him and has Lino and Changbin escort him out. Flushed from my possible-death experience and embarrassed at my stupidity I thanked him for saving me (note: this would be the first of three dreams he ends up saving my behind (nonromatically) idk why he’s just my guardian angel apparently). I made a joke about being his enemy in the contest, and he laughed and said it was no problem. When I asked why he was hiding between the clothes or where he came from/how long he’d been there, he just smirked and didn’t say anything. 😳💧
Before we stepped out I asked if he’d like to form an alliance and split the reward, and he agreed. Seungmin and I were partners for the rest of the dream, later joined by Felix, Han, and Hyunjin, who had gained a crush on Kumi. Because I’m a Chan stan I later asked Minnie where he was at, and he replied by pointing somewhere behind me. I turned around to find the princess drooling all over him and working her feminine charm and uh...🔥🔥🔥 started walking over to drag her off but he ended up politely turning her down 🥰🤪 Seungmin told Chan about the growing alliance and he got the others to sign off on it, so then we all worked together and found the crown!!! ...Felix actually found it in like the princess’s bathroom LMAO it was never stolen she was just...careless and wanted attention.
The End <3
🪐 - “Funniest SKZ meme or tweet you’ve seen recently?”
I don’t have nor do I check Twitter but I’ll share my favorite Jeongin (and skz) meme of all time with y’all 😊
Tumblr media
Send me an emoji(s) and I’ll answer about SKZ!
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I Love You More (John Laurens x Reader)
A/N: Happy New Year My Lovely Wonderfuls! I hope you all had a fun night, and a nice introduction into 2018. Here’s another request, I hope you enjoy! I really liked how this came out and i hope you do to! Thank you to the Anon who requested this, i enjoyed writing it!
Request: John x reader where you buy him a turtle for his birthday bc he’s always wanted one, and then he starts giving it all his time and attention and you get jealous of it.
 For as long as you’d known John you knew he wanted a turtle. In fact, your first date ended up at a pet shop where he mooned over the small creatures and gave you little facts about them. You found it charming and endearing, and still did two years later. You loved how his face lit up every time he saw one, and that’s what led you to the little pet store down the street to pick out the perfect little turtle for your boyfriend.
You had looked at each one intently, asked questions about each of them, and watched how they interacted with each other before asking to see one. You held him in your hand, he was so tiny your heart instantly cooed over him. His shell was a forest green with streaks of yellow throughout, and as if on cue, his little head turned to look at you. His eyes slowly blinking and a small smile seeming to appear on his tiny face. How fitting, you think as you gently pet him.
“I’ll take him,” you turn to the owner with a smile.
You arrive, setting up your little surprise for John. You had the boys take him out so that you would have enough time to get everything done. You set up the tank, making sure he was comfortable, as you received a text. Alex said they were on their way up.
“Get ready to meet the greatest person ever, little guy,” you smile down at the creature as you cover him up.
You stand in front of your surprise, as the boys walk in. John lights up as soon as he sees you. He runs straight to you wrapping you up in his arms and placing soft kisses on your neck. Truthfully, he had been somewhat bummed this morning when you had pushed him out of the house after breakfast. He had wanted to spend the day with you entirely and he was sad he hadn’t gotten his way.
“Now, do I get to spend time with you,” he whispers to you, his forehead resting against yours.
You smile softly and kiss him tenderly, your arms around his neck as you play with his hair.
“Yes,” you kiss his nose, “but, I have a surprise for you first.”
“Baby girl, I think we’ll have to send our guests home before we do that,” he wiggles his eyebrows and pulls you close.
You lightly slap his shoulder and shake your head, though a small smile stays on your lips as you admonish him.
“Not that!” You roll your eyes as he laughs. “I wanted to show you,” you step out his arms and lift the sheet you had over his birthday surprise, “this!”
You smile brightly at him as his eyes grow huge and his own smile grows impossibly huge.
He looks back and forth between you and that tank at a loss for words. You nod your head.
“Its your very own turtle!”
He takes you in his arms again, spinning you around and placing kisses all over your face, while you giggled. He places you down and goes over to the tank, taking out his new pet.
“What’s his name?”
“That’s for you to decide, love,” you smile as you hug his shoulders. “Anything you want.”
He looks at him thoughtfully for a few moments before his face broke out into a grin.
“Thaddeus,” he smiles brightly at you and his friends, who nod in approval.
“Thaddeus,” Alex nods, “suits him.”
“Oui, good choice, mon ami.”
“Thaddeus the turtle,” Herc smiles placing a hand on Johns shoulder. “Has a nice ring to it.”
John looks to you, for your seal approval. You smile lovingly, gently petting the his shell.
“Thaddeus, it’s perfect.”
John smiles proudly at all of you before his attention was focused on the small creature. The rest of the day went well, John had a dinner and cake surrounded by friends and his new turtle. It warmed your heart to see him so genuinely happy. That night John had showered with kisses for your gift and you couldn’t be happier.
A month and a half passes and the night of Johns birthday was the last time he had shown you any real affection. The past six weeks had been filled with halfhearted hugs and quick kisses, while all his attention was focused on Thaddeus. The jealousy you felt growing in your gut every time he mooned over the small creature made you feel ridiculous and guilty all at once. How could you be jealous of something that made John so happy?
Instead of potentially making John feel bad for being so happy about something you got him. Something he had wanted for so long, you swallowed all those feelings. I mean you just had to wait it out right?
You sigh as you get ready for your girls night out. The Schuylers had decided to take you out after seeing that you were down. Although, after telling them what has going on, you had to keep Angie from yelling at John for you. Instead, they decided they would keep you out all night. If he wasn’t going to pay attention to you, you didn’t need to pay any to him.
You fix your hair, before heading to your closet to choose what to wear. You frown slightly as you look at your choices. You brighten slightly when you reach your selection of dresses. There was one dress in particular that you had your eye on, you had only worn it a few times, but it always got attention. It was low-cut and hugged you in all the right places. You smile as you take it out and put it on. If this didn’t get his attention, you didn’t know what else to do.
You walk out of the room to see all the boys hanging out in the living room. Alex is the first to notice you, giving a low whistle when he sees you.
“Lookin’ good, (Y/N),” he gives you a wink as you blush.
“Mon Dieu, you look magnifique, mon ami,” Gilbert says with a slight gulp.
“Very nice,” Hercules smiles with a slow nod.
“Thank you,” you smile bashfully, glancing at John to see his reaction.
He could get quite jealous, but he was consumed with Thaddeus, carefully taking him out his tank. You frown and give a disappointed sigh. The boys notice and can’t believe that John didn’t even look up at you. You turn back to them with fake smile, that they all saw through, the hurt evident in your eyes.
“What are you guys planning on doing tonight?”
“Just hanging here,” Alex shrugs his shoulders, “we probably won’t be having as much fun as you ladies.”
“That’s for damn sure,” Angelica steps out from the kitchen, giving John a slight glare.
“And what will you lovely ladies be doing tonight?” Herc smiles at her, his eyebrows raised.
“Lots of dancing and lots of drinking,” she winks over at you. “Come on, girls let’s head out.” She walks over to the doorway as you make your way to John to say goodbye.
“I’ll see you later, babe,” you place a kiss on his cheek.
He barely turns to blow you a kiss, mumbling a soft ‘bye’. You sigh again, following your friends out the door as they glared at John. The boys stood there in shock.
“Thaddeus did the funniest thing the other day,” John turns to them after placing his turtle safely in the cage, “I gave him a raspberry for the first time and the way he ate was too cute.”
“Hey John, buddy, did you notice what (Y/N) was wearing just now?” Alex takes a sip of his drink. “She looked really good.” He glances over at John, he always got riled up when any of the guys flirted with you.
“She always looks good,” he says quickly, looking at his phone. “Here I took a video of it.”
“You know that dress made her look sexier than usual,” Herc pipes up. “I mean if I were a guy out tonight and saw her, I wouldn’t hesitate to go after her.”
“What?” he finally looks up at Herc.
“Oui, in that dress,” Gil whistles, “I would try to get her to come home with me.”
“In what dress,” John asks, growing frustrated with his friends comments. “What the hell are you guys talking about?”
“Your girlfriend looking hot as hell, and how we wouldn’t mind if she were our girlfriend for one night,” Alex shrugged nonchalantly, taking a sip of his beer.
“Yeah, well keep dreaming, assholes, that’s my girl, quit talking about her like that.”
“Is she though?” Herc asks, sipping his beer and giving John a questioning look.
“Is she your girl,” He raises his eyebrows, “because you hardly glanced at her and she didn’t look too happy.”
John looks down guiltily, thinking over that past weeks and trying  to figure out how terrible he’d been.
“Mon ami,” Laf places a hand on his shoulder, “she seemed very sad.” He frowned as John looked up at him. “Have you paid her any attention lately?”
“I mean,” he pauses, trying to think, “some, but not really.” He sighs in defeat as he slumped on the couch. “I’m such a shit!”
“Look,” Alex sits next to him, patting his shoulder, “it’s not like she’s going to leave you.”
“She should!” John exclaims, covering his face with his hands.
“Nah,” Herc slaps his leg, “she loves you too much, you just gotta do some damage control.”
“Do you know where they were going?”
They all shake their heads.
“Sorry, mon ami, they didn’t say.”
“And by the looks the girls were giving you as they left, I doubt they’ll tell you if you try to call,” Alex gives him a sympathetic smile.
“Even if I call (Y/N)?”
“Knowing Angie, she probably took her phone away as soon as they left,” Herc lightly chuckles with a shake of his head, and he was right. She confiscated it as soon as you stepped outside.
“What do I do then?”
“Wait for your girl to come home, and apologize,” Alex hands him a beer and wraps an arm over his shoulders. “She’ll forgive you, don’t worry.”
“Oui, just remember your turtle can’t love you like she can,” Laf tips his beer at John with a small smile.
The girls weren’t kidding when they said they would keep out all night. They gave you drink after drink, shot after shot, and dragged you out on to the dance floor. It was around four in the morning when they finally returned you home, sufficiently drunk. You fumbled with your keys as the girls giggled at you. Eliza gently takes the keys from your hands and opens the door.
“I still think we should have taken her back to our place,” Angie slightly huffs.
“She wanted to come home,” Eliza chides her sister, “and we can come check on her later, to make sure she’s okay.”
“You mean in case John is too busy with his pet to notice if she’s even home,” Peggy scoffs, as she helps you inside with Angelica, while Eliza holds the door and your purse.
“Guys, guys, guuyysss,” you whisper loudly, “we haf to b-be quiet, Johns proly asleeep.”
“Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll be quiet,” Eliza soothes you with a light chuckle.
“You don’t have to be,” John walks out from the hallway. The girls lightly gasp as he makes his presence known.
“Jackie!” You exclaim, throwing your arms up in excitement, before quickly covering your mouth and shushing yourself.
“Hey baby girl,” he walks over to you, smiling gently at your drunken state. “How much did she drink?”
“A lot,” Eliza grimaced.
“Mmhmm,” you nod, “a whole awflul lot, Jackie poo.” You wave your arms out wide to emphasize your statement and nearly trip, but John is quick to catch you. “Jackie! You catched me!”
“Yeah I did, baby girl, I always will,” he looks down at you lovingly and brushes some hair out of your face.
“I assume, you’ve got this covered?” Angie asks, her eyebrow quirked.
“I got this,” he nods. “Thanks guys.”
“No problem, just take care of our girl,” Peggy points at him, before following Angie out.
Eliza lightly pats his shoulder with a small smile, before following her sisters. You touch his cheek, bringing his attention back to you.
“Hey love,” he smiles gently.
“I miss you so much Jackie,” you whisper tears forming in your eyes.
“I’m right here, baby,” he tries to soothe you, rubbing small circles on your back. You shake your head.
“No, not really, you just love Tha-Thaddeus so much, and I can’t tell you I miss you without makin you feel bad,” tears roll down your face and he wants to kick himself for making you feel so sad.
“You should, baby girl, I’m an ass,” he kisses your forehead. “I deserve to feel bad.”
“No,” you shake your head again, “not my Jack,” you caress his cheek. “You’re wonderful.”
Its his turn to shake his head, he kisses your wrist and then your palm, before pulling you close and lifting you in his arms. He carries you to the room as you snuggle into his chest. You make a small protest when he places you on the bed, but a kiss to your nose soothes you quickly. Once he changes you and makes you drink some water, he puts you under the covers and lays next to you. You immediately snuggle up to him and he wraps his arms around you tightly and smiles at your sigh of content.
“I love you, Jackie,” you mumble into his chest.
He pulls back to look at you, you’re barley holding your eyes open.
“I love you so,” he kisses your forehead, “so,” your nose, “so,” one cheek, “so,” then the other, “so,” your lips, “much.” You smile sleepily, as he pulls you close once more. “I love you so much,” their the last words you hear as you drift off to sleep.
You wake up the next morning, squinting at the light in the room. You can smell something really good though, food. You rub your head as you try to muster the strength to sit up.
“Hey there, beautiful,” you open your eyes to see John with a tray of food in his hands, complete with a flower in small vase.
Were you still that drunk that you were seeing things?
“Yeah, baby girl,” he comes to your side, setting the tray down before helping you sit up. He makes sure you’re comfortable, before fixing the tray over your lap. “We’ve got the works here for you lover girl,” he smiles at you. “Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage, toast with strawberry jam, and oj and coffee.” He brushes some hair behind your ear and kisses your forehead.
“Am I dreaming?” You ask, while John chuckles sadly at your confusion.
“No, your boyfriend just decided to stop being a shit,” he caresses your cheek and the sadness and guilt you see in his eyes breaks your heart.
“Hey,” you kiss his wrist gently, “my boyfriend is not a shit.” You reach up to touch his cheek. “He’s wonderful.”
He shakes his head at you, a frown still on his face.
“I’ve been a real shit, and I’m really sorry, baby girl.”
“Its o”-
“Don’t say it’s ok because it isn’t, love.” He takes your hands in his, kissing each one, before looking back up at you. “I haven’t been giving you all the love and attention you deserve.” You look down, not wanting him to feel bad, but knowing the statement was true. “I love Thaddeus, he’s awesome and the reason I have him is because I have the best girlfriend ever.” A small smile appears on your lips at his comment. “But,” he pauses lifting your chin to look at him, “I love you so much more.” Tears starts to form in your eyes. “You’re everything, baby girl, you’re the most amazing person I have ever met, and I know I can’t live without you. You make me so unbelievably happy, I’m so lucky that you’re my girl.” He wipes at the tears falling down your cheeks, smiling lovingly. “I know I got carried away, but I promise I’ll never make you feel that way again. I love you.”
You move the tray off your lap and nearly tackle him in your arms. He wraps his arms around your waist and holds you tight, kissing anywhere his lips can reach. Your lips meet in a passionate and loving kiss, both of you pouring your love for each other into that kiss. You pull away breathless and smiling.
“I love you,” you whisper together, foreheads pressed together.
“Please only wear that dress for me, from now on, please?”
“Sure, why?” You smile, amused.
“The guys were killing me with comments about being with after seeing you in that dress and you’re my baby girl!” He exclaims, cheeks heating up in his distress. You giggle.
“Yes I am, my love,” you peck his lips and rub your nose against his. “I’m all yours.”
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myheartsoarsforyou · 3 years
The gay asks, as many as you feel like doing. Starting at 1 stop when you feel like it
Oh, you don’t know what you’ve signed up for. I’ll put it under a readmore, lol. 
Just to note: Probably going to do most, if not all of them, so there you go. :)
how tall are you? 5′6″
what is your body type? Chubby, but curves are still there.
what is your favorite part about your body? Ehh, I don’t really like any part. My eyes, I guess?
is your current hair color your natural hair color? For now, but as soon as I’m able to get to my salon I’m dyeing it
are you more outgoing or more shy? Depends on the setting but for the most part definitely shy
are you more femme or butch? Femme I guess? I dunno, I’d argue probably somewhere in-between but leaning towards femme. 
are you tol or smol? Height wise? I guess kinda tol? Iunno I don’t think I’m either but hey! lol
wine mom or vodka aunt? Vodka aunt, but I don’t drink much anymore.
weird habit? Uhh idk?
favorite meme? Don’t talk me i angy
do you sing in the shower? Oh yes, especially if I have music going lol
ever used a bow and arrow? Not yet!
are/were you a theatre kid? Nope, 
have you ever seen a broadway musical? Not in person? 
do you think musicals are cheesy? Probably but that’s half the fun.
have you ever been a part of a protest or a march? I wish, especially right now, but I would probably break down around that many people. I support as much as I can.
favorite Cards Against Humanity Card? I don’t think I have a favorite?
last movie you watched? Silent Hill: Revelations
behind the camera or in front of it? Behind, 100%. I hate having my picture taken. i’ll make exceptions, but. 
favorite tv show? Mmmh... it used to be Supernatural but I don’t really watch TV. Maybe ATLA? I’m rewatching/finishing that sporadically.
meaning behind your url He makes my heart soar higher than ever.
reason you joined tumblr A looong time ago, because of SPN. 
who’s your closest tumblr friend? I don’t really talk to people on tumblr ?? I’m just kinda... here
what’s something most people love that you hate? Iunno o.o
have you ever taken narcotics? Technically yes I have
have you had sex? Mhmm
have you ever gotten caught sneaking out or doing anything bad? Err, yeah. I got caught with a ‘friend’ of mine when I was younger. Woops.
worst/funniest lie you’ve ever told? I don’t remember any? I don’t know. 
describe your passion without mentioning it. Escape, building something completely new with friends, making friends within a universe you help shape, seeing and doing more fantastiscal things than could be done in real life. 
describe your best friend. I have two people I consider best friends. An artist, an activist, passionate about her work, heartfelt and exciteable. Another artist, unsure of his work but talented none the less, overly critical of himself. 
give us one thing about you that no one knows. I don’t think there’s much if anything that my bf doesn’t know about me?
how do you feel right now? my tummy hurts
what is your biggest fear? Losing him. 
what’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it? Love Me - NU’EST
what is the best decision you’ve made in your life so far? Definitely sticking it out and staying close to my bf before we got together and persuing things when the opportunity arose. 
have you ever tried your hardest and then been disappointed in the end? Very often in my life rn tbh
something you fantasize about. Living with my love in a 3 bedroom house with our little domestic zoo and being happy. 
last time you cried and why Saturday, multiple times. It was a rough day and was thinking a lot about my cousin (long story short he’s no longer around)
what was the last thing that made you laugh? Probably my boyfriend. 
do you really, truly miss someone right now? I miss my bf because I haven’t seen him irl in two years and it kills me. 
who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything? Bf
the last time you felt broken? Saturday again because of the aforementioned. 
are you starting to realize anything? That I will put up with a lot if I feel like I have to to see him. 
are you more dominant or more submissive? Definitely submissive, but I have my moments. 
i’ll only date you if _____. (fill in the blank) Mmm, I don’t really have strict qualifications. Treat me well, tell me if something’s up, and just love me. But I have that right now, so I guess the strict qualification is if he agrees & We’re good to be a polycule. 
do you prefer to date people the same age as you, younger, or older? I used to say strictly older, but honestly AS LONG AS it’s legal and moral either or. Bf’s two years younger than me and more mature than anyone older than me that I’ve been with so lol. 
describe the person you’re in love with/have a crush on in great detail. My height, great eyes, gorgeous to me, dyed-red hair, avid gamer, tattoo enthusiast. He’s passionate regardless of how he sees it, and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love every part of him and I will even if things change. 
do you have any kinks? Many. Lol. 
first thing you notice in a person? Depends, sometimes eyes, sometimes voice, sometimes approachability lol.
how can someone win your heart? You’d have to ask my bf
been rejected by a crush? Yep! 
have you ever had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? Oh yes lol
would you have sex with the last person you text messaged? Actual texts? No. But if discord messages count - yes. lol
is trust a big issue for you? Yes
did you hang out with the person you like recently? Yes
is confidence cute? It can be, but there’s a fine line between it and arrogance. 
what would you say if the person you love/like kissed another girl/boy? It depends entirely on the situation. Did we agree on a romantic/sexual third? Sure. If not I’d probably be pretty upset. 
would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh? Probably not. 
does the person you have feelings for right now know you do? I should DEFINITELY hope so lmao
ever embarrass yourself in front of a crush? I’ve been in high school. 
do you want to get married I do, though I never thought I’d be able to say that
worst thing you’ve ever done? Probably cheating on someone I cared about with someone I should’ve never involved myself with. 
three things that turn you on. Biting, neck kisses, making out. 
who do you hate? Eh, my boss rn.
favorite term of endearment? My bf calls me kitten c: 
who was your celebrity/fictional gay awakening? Probably Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
intimidating girls or kind girls? Why not both?
what do you look for in a possible partner? If we’d work well together lol, it all depends. 
do you tend to like more masculine, feminine, or androgynous girls? Err, a little of all? I tend to go for masc in general, but I am definitely interested in all of the above. 
are you good at flirting? Not...really lol
who was the first person you came out to? My bestie
do you have any friends who are wlw? Yep!
is your crush wlw? See, this is complicated. Technically at the moment no, but there has been gender questioning in the past and it’s possible that at some point in the future yes. 
last person to make you reconsider your sexuality? That’s been a long time ago lmao, I’ve been pretty confident I am Super Queer for a long while. 
write a short love poem to your crush/self? I am not good at these and very tired so I’m gonna pass on this one
do you fall in love easily? I used to, but not anymore. Mainly cause I’m still very deeply in love with the person I think is my soul mate. 
is there something that happened in your past that you hate talking about? Yerp.
are you good at hiding your feelings? Not really no
are you a forgiving person? I can be. Bf thinks I am too forgiving. 
what is your “type?” Uhh, it depends? And fluctuates? lol
fall asleep in her arms or rub her back until she falls asleep in yours? Both.
tall girls or short girls? Both, though prob tall more often than not.
hugs or kisses? Kisses
twirl her around or get twirled? Twiiiirl. 
tummy kisses or thigh kisses? Thigh
hairline kisses or neck kisses? Neck
play with her hair or stroke her tummy? I have Two Hands
making out or soft kisses? Both, but I Really Like making out
hugs around the neck or hugs around the waist? Neck, but also both. 
how confident are you in your sexuality? 100%
when you like someone do you blush or get butterflies in your stomach? Yes, a lot lol
have you ever liked a friend as more than a friend? did you tell them? I would not be with my bf if this wasn’t the case. 
how old were you when you realized you were into girls? I think I was 13? 
most embarrassing thing you’ve done in front of a cute girl? Uhhh... I don’t really remember lol
do you have a favorite lesbian ship? is it canon? Yes! But it ended not great so :(
what is the most aggravating thing someone has said to you about your sexuality? I really hate when people say I should identify in a certain way because it’s a “slur” the whole point of reclaiming things is to take the ammunition out of it. And a lot of words have been slurs in the past that seem to be fully acceptable. 
when was the last time a girl made your heart flutter? I don’t really remember. 
what is love to you? It can change but at its heart it makes you feel warm and soft, and makes you feel a little bit better about the bad things in life. 
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baadbaadblacksheep · 5 years
Recovery - An LtR ficlet
Read on Ao3 [here]
Set in the Learning the Ropes AU by @purely-a-trashcan . Basically my take on what happens after chapter 21.
[Disclaimer: I don’t know jack shit about hospitals or loss of limb injuries. Everything medical I know is attributed to the show Scrubs]
“Gabriel Reyes?”
All three of the men stood up, prompting the nurse to smile and shake her head. “You can’t all be Mr. Reyes.” Jack let out a sigh and sat, pulling Genji back into his lap and getting a bit of resistance from his unhappy fiancé in doing so. Gabriel crossed the short distance of the waiting room to the nurse.
“He’s asking for you. Normally we don’t let visitors up to the critical care unit outside of visiting hours but he’s struggling against us, even with the sedatives and pain killers. He’s gotten a blood transfusion but we’re waiting on your family doctor you requested to head his care to arrive before we administer another; he’s still low but he’s okay. We’ve stopped the bleeding and the wound is clean and under control. Loss of limb is pretty traumatic. We thought it might help if he sees you for a few minutes. He won’t stop calling out for you.” The nurse relayed all this with a professional calm. Gabe’s heart surged at her last sentence; Jesse was suffering alone all this time. He was probably scared out of his wits.
Gabe followed the nurse into the elevator and through the busy halls upstairs until they came to the room Jesse was in. Gabe heard him before he saw him; Jesse was asking the nurse in his room quite loudly if his Gabi was coming soon. He could hear her respond in hushed reassurances.
Jesse’s head swiveled in his direction, and Gabriel had to bite back a reaction. It was really gone. Cut just above the elbow, nothing but air where there should have been the rest of his arm. The stub was heavily bandaged, but looked clean and free of blood. The nurses must have cleaned him up pretty well at some point. The nurse looked up and followed Jesse’s gaze, smiling politely at the visitor. She turned back to Jesse, asking if he would be alright for the moment alone they were being granted. Jesse’s enthusiastic nodding prompted both nurses in the area to leave them be, the one who brought Gabe in letting him know it was only for a few minutes. He nodded in understanding, keeping his eyes on Jesse.
The young man looked paler than his usual coloring, weak. He stared back at Gabe with unreadable eyes. No joy to see him, or horror to be seen in this state. Just blank. “Don’t,” Jesse whimpered out when Gabe crossed the room to him, reaching out, “Don’t touch me.” Gabe blinked in surprise but backed up a step or two. Jesse blew out a sigh that turned into a strange laugh, his posture in the hospital bed slumped.
“I was passed out when they brought me in. I screamed when I saw it, first time I woke up. They had to sedate me. I was freakin’ out, Gabi. Came to again… I dunno. Not too long ago. But I screamed again, scared the shit outta the nurse next to me. It hurts, Gabi. Even with the pain killers they say they got me on, it fuh-fucking hurts. Every time I see it. I just remember.” A sob burst out of Jesse finally, tears flowing easily like a burst dam breaking. His voice had hitched several times while he had been talking.
“They didn’t get it in one chop, Gabe. Naw, it took a few h-hits. And they were laughin’. Like it was the funniest goddamn thing in the world how much I was hollerin’. He had my head in his lap, stroking’ my hair and smilin’ at me on their way to dump me. Like he hadn’t just cackled in my face while he recorded what they did on my own god damn phone. I thought I was gonna be sick. I think I was, before I blacked out.” Jesse was staring at his remaining hand in his lap, fidgeting with the knit blanket draped over his legs. Gabe felt nauseous just hearing this. It was unreal. Jesse had told him stories of Xander’s cruelty, but it was always followed with a disclaimer that Xander wasn’t a bad guy, he could be sweet, and maybe sometimes Jesse deserved it anyway. Gabriel hated that. No matter how terrible the stories got, Jesse remembered Xander fondly at times. It was forgivable to a degree; it was the boy’s first boyfriend, after all, with only some confused flummoxing over his sexuality with some random people before he met Gabe.
“At l-least I don’t gotta look at that big ugly scar or shitty tattoo anymore. He really c-cut himself outta my life!” Gabe winced at the ugly laughter that intermingled itself into Jesse’s wet sobs and moved closer. Jesse barked out another “Don’t touch me!” when he caught sight of his boyfriend reaching out to him. He wiped at his face with his hand, only smearing the constant flow of tears across his cheeks and nose. His chin was dripping with the salty water now.
Gabe wanted to pull his boy to his chest, to shush his crying and tell him he was safe now, but he knew it was pointless. He wasn’t sure anything he said would be helpful right now. Jesse was growing hysterical at this rate, and any attempted soothing from Gabe might only make it worse. He could only stare at his shoes while Jesse gasped in deeper and deeper breaths until they became calmer and shaky.
“I would understand,” Jesse finally whispered out, so lowly Gabe had to lean in to hear him, “if y’all wanted to split now. My stuff’s still mostly packed up already, y’know, just seems like a s-sign.” A sob half-escaped him, getting bitten back quite literally behind his clenched teeth. “An’ don’t keep me around out o’ pity either—“
The younger flinched at the sound of his name, but to his own surprise only spoke louder, “Gabi, don’t. Don’t tell me you still want me, that y’all still want me around. It’s only gonna make it so much harder when you dump me.”
A small, cold hand was at Gabe’s shoulder before he could answer that with protest. He turned to see Dr. Ziegler behind him, forcing her usual professional smile on her face. “Gabriel,” she began softly, “they’re turning his care over to me, now. I would like to do an examination of my own in private, if you don’t mind. Jesse is starting to exhibit signs of hysteria and he is still producing adrenaline from shock. Not to mention he is still low on blood; I am starting another blood transfusion as soon as possible. I think it is best he does not receive visitors again until I can stabilize his body as well as his mind.”
Angela Ziegler: their private doctor and a master of politely telling someone to clear a room. Gabe resisted the urge to refuse to leave. She was right. Jesse needed to calm down and rest and his presence wasn’t helping. He moved as though to leave, then turned in the doorway, arms crossed.
“I want constant updates. Even if there’s nothing new to report. I need to know his status or I’ll come find out myself.” It was only a mostly idle threat. But Gabe hated being left in the dark, and he knew Jack and Genji would want the updates as well. Genji himself would probably scale the building and bust through the window if he couldn’t know how his best friend was doing in such a crucial time.
“Of course. Go get some rest, Gabriel. I have your number.” Gabe shook his head, informing her he was not planning on leaving the lobby downstairs until Jesse was stable to her standards. Angela shook her head and smiled but did not scold him like he thought she might. Gabe gave Jesse one last look and an “I love you” before he left the room. Jesse wouldn’t meet his gaze, still trying to control his tears.
Jack and Genji were standing in the lobby with Fareeha when he returned. All three turned to at him as he approached.
“Gabriel,” Fareeha said in greeting, nodding towards him. It struck him for a moment. He had known her for as long as he had known her mother, since she was a young teenager with an affinity for soccer and a fantasy of bringing justice to the world. Ana had taught her to fire a gun but it was Gabriel and sometimes even Jack who took her to the range on occassion to perfect her shot. That headstrong teenager was a grown woman now, living out her biggest dreams as part of the LAPD with aspirations so big it worried her mother and stepfather to death. Wilhelm was loudly supportive of her when she sought to join the police force, but in private he would lament his worries just as openly as Ana. Not to say they weren’t proud, but Fareeha had a penchant for jumping headfirst into danger. Which is why she made it to Jesse as fast as she did. And for that, Gabriel was thankful.
“I need to get official statements from everyone involved, and then I need one from Jesse himself. How is… what is his condition?” Fareeha’s voice softened a bit.
“Angela is here, looking him over herself now, but he was stable enough for me to see him. They got the wound under control but he lost a lot of blood. He’s got some drugs in his system so I don’t know if he’s in the state to be giving you his story. He was also a bit hysterical. I’d wait until Angie clears him if I were you.” Gabe’s mouth tightened a bit, remembering Jesse’s slurred words. Jesse had some insecurities, he knew this, but it was heartbreaking for them to rear their head at this critical time.
Fareeha nodded before visibly trying to regain her professional composure. “Right. Well. Let’s get your statements out of the way.”
The hospital graciously provided a quiet room for them (though it gave the impression that the hospital was used to this). They all told the same story, but it was required for them to all give separate statements regardless. When Genji’s turn came around, his statement was given with a tired voice and averted eyes, but no emotion shown other than that. The neutral Shimada façade was wearing on him as the night went on, refusing to betray any distress.
The sun was rising by the time they made it back out to the lobby, the early rays of light making themselves known through the glass double doors of the hospital’s front. Fareeha thanked them and gave them all tight, reassuring hugs, her police persona dropping quickly.
“I’ll contact you when they release Jesse’s phone from evidence, but that could be a while. I’m sure that’s the least of your worries right now, though,” she offered before she left them, giving Gabe a tight smile.
“Did they find the guy who did this? Or anyone involved?” Gabriel asked, mouth set tight again. Fareeha’s frown mimicked his own as she shook her head.
“I’ll check when I get back to get an updated answer, but they were long gone by the time they left him and contacted you. This is part of a bigger issue in the gang world. I’m not in the gang violence department, so I don’t know the whole story, but I do know that Deadlock has been rumored to be moving their influence towards Mexico. Rumors say they’re joining forces with Los Muertos but I don’t know how true that is. Either way, last I heard, the border was informed to look for the van and people seen in the CCTV footage, but I can’t say that they were really on their way down there or if they’d be caught going through anyway. But the detective heading this case thinks they were on their way to Mexico and took a detour here. I’ll call you when I know more.” Gabriel nodded his thanks and accepted another hug before she went to the front desk, asking for Angela.
“Someone needs to feed the dogs and be at the office in a few hours,” Jack said, “I know you don’t want to leave right now. I’m going to drop Genji off at the house and I’m going to head to the office. I can send Genji over here later so you can switch with him and get some rest. Okay?” Gabe wasn’t looking at him. Jack let out a huff of air, staving off his irritation. He was no stranger to Gabe’s bullheaded attitude. “You are going to get some rest whether or not you like it. Jesse will be okay. He’s stable. Angela has him in her care now.”
Gabe walked out with them to the car, the rising sun warming his skin from the freezing hospital air. “He wasn’t okay, Jack. He was telling me he was so sure we didn’t want him now. Wouldn’t let me say otherwise. Angela made me leave, he was getting so upset.”
Genji frowned, crossing his arms. “I’m coming back later. You don’t have to switch with me when I do. But I want to see him. I don’t care if Angela won’t let me.” Jack gave him a look, but Genji ignored it. “Don’t strain yourself. You can’t stay fueled by coffee forever.” Genji stood on tiptoe to kiss Gabe’s cheek before getting into the car. Gabe allowed himself a small smile at that.
“We only took one vehicle. Let us know if you need to leave.” Jack gave him a tight embrace, a concerned look on his face when they parted.
“I’ll be fine, Jackie,” Gabe murmured, though it didn’t ease Jack’s worry. “It’s Jesse we should be concerned about.” Jack blew out a sigh and shot him another look, but relented and got into the car as well.
As chatty as Jesse was when Gabriel had seen him, he had nothing much to say when he was declared stable and moved to the recovery ward, allowing him visitors. Genji had come in to his room with Gabe asleep in the chair next to the bed, Jesse watching over him silently. Jesse had only raised a finger to his lips when Genji appeared.
“He was asleep when I woke up. Don’t think he slept all night.” Jesse’s voice was gruff but quiet. Genji frowned just a bit, standing next to the bedside opposite of Gabe. He wanted to hug and cling on to Jesse but everything in his body language suggested he shouldn’t try.
“Jack hasn’t slept either. Hana sent me a picture of him asleep in his office earlier. I told him to take the day off. Surprisingly, he listened to me. He’s on his way now.” Jesse actually let out a soft breath of amusement, which Genji took as a good sign. Gabe had made him seem so unwell. But he seemed fine now.
“I suppose he should get an eyeful so he knows he ain’t missin’ out on much to leave me behind. The sooner y’all realize you don’t need this broken mess bringin’ you down, the better.” Genji frowned, but it went ignored by Jesse, still turned away. So this is what Gabe was talking about.
“You know we aren’t leaving you,” Genji said softly, setting a hand on Jesse’s leg. Jesse flinched, but didn’t react further.
Gabe was jerked into wakefulness by the shout of a protesting nurse after Jack, who was walking through the door. “No more than two visitors at a time!” She was scolding, following him in.
“I’m allowing it. Let them be,” Angela called from hallway, passing the area with a fresh cup of coffee in her hands. She stood outside the doorway until the nurse left, looking begrudged to have been shooed away by a visiting doctor. Angela entered and smiled at them all, looking like she hadn’t rested at all since her arrival. “If you three could please see me at some point, they’ve set up a temporary office for me down the hall.”
The three tried to engage Jesse in any kind of talk, but he seemed more interested in staring anywhere a person wasn’t, only answering in irritated grunts at times. After half an hour of failed communication, Jack proposed they go talk with Angela. Jesse looked almost relieved at the idea of being left alone.
“With trauma like this, especially considering he’s lost an arm, we may see Jesse go through the stages of grief. This is a loss for him. He will most likely be stuck on a mixture of anger and depression for quite some time. You must be prepared to support him regardless of his moods. Have you given any thought to a prosthetic limb yet?” The men all shook their head.
“It’s been too early to talk about that. Jesse will barely talk to us at all, beyond talking about how he thinks we’re leaving him now. We do know someone in the prosthetic business, though,” Gabe told her. Angela nodded, taking a long sip of her coffee before speaking again.
“If he chooses to have a prosthetic, it will be much longer before he reaches acceptance. First, he will have to learn how to function with one arm. Then he will have to start all over again, learning how to use his prosthetic. It will be incredibly frustrating for him. And in turn, for you all as well. I must know if you are prepared to go through this challenge with him. Because that is what it will be, for all of you.” Angela gave them all stern looks, but it was unneeded.
“We’re a family. We’ll get Jesse through this, together,” Jack said with confidence.
Jesse fought them at every turn. He wouldn’t accept any comfort offered and begrudgingly accepted help when it was needed. Eating was a hassle, every time. It wasn’t that it required more than one hand to eat, but just the fact that Jesse could no longer even lean on his missing elbow as he ate was enough to discourage his appetite, if there was even one to begin with. Jack had experience with getting Genji to eat when his appetite was near non-existent towards the beginning of their relationship, but his old tricks weren’t going to work with Jesse. It was like Jesse was trying to lay down and die any time they weren’t forcing him to engage in anything.
Gabe was a constant in the small hospital room when he wasn’t at home getting some decent sleep or working in the office for a half day every other day, trying to catch up with what he was missing when he was gone. Jack handled the office fine during the day, coming to visit at night along with Genji.
“You don’t have to always be here,” Jesse had grumbled once, “I’m fine alone. I’ve told you as much.”
“You don’t eat when we’re not here to make you,” Gabe countered, “Angela thought she was going to have to put you on IV nutrients. Still thinks that, with how little you’re still willing to eat for us.”
Jesse had only grunted at that. He didn’t say much if he didn’t have to. Genji would talk his ear off to fill the silence, but there was only so much he could say in one visit. Genji had also smuggled his puppy, Blue, in once. It was worth it to see Jesse light up just a bit at seeing his puppy, who was elated to see her suddenly missing master. Angela had caught them 15 minutes into the visit and had made Genji promise not to bring her in again, but she couldn’t deny that Jesse had actually smiled for once since coming to the hospital.
Coming home was something Jesse began looking forward to after that. He claimed it was just to see his pup again, but they knew there were other things on his mind. They had gotten settled into the new house, but it seemed awfully empty and quiet without Jesse there. Gabe could barely stand being there. Jesse should be home, cuddling up to Jack in his recliner, playing video games with Genji on the couch, distractedly going over schoolwork on his laptop at the kitchen table, half-naked and laying out on their bed with that smug grin and confident flirtatious attitude the minute Gabe walked into their bedroom. The house wasn’t a home without him in it.
Angela had declared his healing at a point where he could continue to heal at home, after some time. They had all come together to charter him home, but when asked if he wanted to stop for dinner at any of his favorite restaurants, he merely continued to stare out the window and muttered that he just wanted to go home. Of course, they had all agreed, he should be home, finally. Jesse had pushed past them all to go into his small personal bedroom once they arrived, Blue hot on his heels in pursuit of her owner. It was agreed to give him some space until dinner arrived, having ordered delivery, but it was discovered that he had crawled into bed and fallen asleep when they went to get him to come eat. Any attempts to rouse him were only met with the sight of him curling up tighter and covering his head with the blankets. Shutting out the world. Even Blue was evicted from the bedroom, left whining at the door outside. The puppy had tried her best, tugging at the blankets and pouncing on the sleeping mass that was her master, but Jesse’s temper with his baby had been surprisingly short.
Hospital fatigue. Settling in. Exhaustion from recent events. Whatever they wanted to call it, after a week Jesse was still curled up in bed, refusing to eat much or move unless necessary. Any attempts to get him up or engaged in anything was met with baseless anger, tears, or both. Though the tears seemed to be a constant. It broke their hearts when they reached the point that they realized they hadn’t seen him without a tear-stained face in some time. They forced him to drink water, in attempts to keep him hydrated, refusing to leave him be until he finished entire water bottles for them. He had gotten good at glaring at whoever had brought it to him as he downed the entirety of a bottle in one go.
No one took it personally, though Genji was pouting after every attempt to get Jesse to stop his corpse act. Gabe was allowed the most time with him out of them all. Jesse would let himself be pulled close in his boyfriend’s embrace, if only for a few minutes, accept larger bites of food than Jack or Genji could offer him for meals, let him to clean and monitor the tender, still healing stub of his arm. It was an improvement. Every week he was a little more willing to engage, less hindered by knee-jerk reactionary emotions, sleeping less though still quite a bit.
Fareeha had come by with his phone after a while, the blood cleaned off, the metal and glass ensured to be disinfected, and the videos and call history wiped from the phone’s memory before it was handed over. He spent all his time browsing through websites or playing games if he wasn’t sleeping or being visited. Angela came by to check on his healing progress once a week, remarking it was good for him to be learning how to use something as commonplace as his phone with one hand. He was getting close to approval for a prosthetic, but no one had brought it up to Jesse himself. Not yet.
A soft knock at the door startled Jesse out of his half-sleep. He called out his usual “go away” as he readjusted to the waking world. He had been on the cusp of another nightmare; he couldn’t help but be secretly grateful for the intruder. The door opened and shut softly, and even with his back to the door Jesse could tell from the near-silent, light footsteps that Genji was attempting another visit. Jesse grumbled, rubbing at his itchy face, cheeks tacky from his earlier crying. Didn’t he have better things to do?
“You don’t have to move if you want,” Genji’s surprisingly gentle voice came, “But I have a bag of your favorite chips and I’m watching Lonesome Dove. Feel free to join me.” Jesse snorted at that. Genji hated those old Westerns. He had complained every time Jesse convinced Jack and Gabe to watch them with him. Then again, Genji complained about anything that wasn’t picked by him.
“You hate Lonesome Dove,” Jesse muttered out, ignoring the rasp of his raw throat. A hand rubbed at his side on top of the comforter before Genji’s weight next to him made the bed dip. Jesse tried to ignore the sound of the chip bag opening and the opening theme playing on the TV on the opposite wall, the movie being mirrored from Jack’s tablet that was now sitting on the bedside table.
“But I love you,” Genji retorted, carding a hand through Jesse’s unwashed hair.
5 minutes later, Jesse turned over to watch the movie, instinctually cuddling up against the body in bed next to him. With a little adjustment, his head now rest on Genji’s shoulder, forcing him to sit up since Genji was sitting up with his back supported with the large pillow he had brought with him as well. The sweet chili flavored chips were offered soon after the position shift, and when Jesse just couldn’t be bothered to reach his hand into the bag, Genji readily fed them to him.
Jack and Gabe found them both fast asleep hours later, empty chip bag knocked onto the floor and the two younger men still sitting up against the large pillow, mouths slightly open as they breathed softly in sync.
Jack nudged Genji awake, helping him roll out of the bed from under Jesse’s body as Gabe sat on the other side of the bed by Jesse. The couple left the room as Gabe stroked Jesse’s cheek, waking him gently with soft murmurs.
“Let’s get you cleaned up, dulcito,” Gabe suggested when Jesse’s eyes opened, focusing on his lover, “You’ll feel better after a shower.”
Jesse protested weakly, but allowed Gabe to scoop him up into his arms. He could admit it would be nice to get the greasy feeling out of his hair, scrub at his skin and get his face feeling fresh again, but he just didn’t have the energy to try. Fortunately, Gabe did, though Jesse couldn’t bring down his walls to feel or show his appreciation at the time. Jesse would rather lay down and die than keep going after what happened to him, but the bastards wouldn’t let him do it.
They passed Jack and Genji in the hall as they trekked out of the room towards their shared bedroom. Jack had a fresh set of sheets and a new comforter in his arms, Genji with a clean outfit for Jesse to lounge in once he was clean. They gave him warm smiles as they passed back to his small private room, but Jesse could only feel guilt. They were keeping him clean, fed, and attempting to keep him distracted from his negative thoughts and constant flow of tears. He didn’t deserve this treatment. If anything, Xander’s re-emergence from the shadows and into his life again only proved he was trash and deserved to rot like it.
The eloquently tiled and ridiculously spacious shower in the master bath was a welcome sight, despite this thinking. All four of them could stand in the enclosed shower and still have some room to move. There were three shower nozzles, one on either side and one gentler rain-like drizzle from above, that ensured whether someone stood or opted to sit on one of the two built in seats in the corners, they would be close to, if not in, the path of the spray.
Gabe turned on the water and gave it a moment to warm up and for him to strip them both before once again picking Jesse up in his arms and taking them both into the shower. Jesse was sat on one of the seats, where the tiles had thankfully warmed from the water. The spray only hit his legs, but he would only have to lean in to wash himself. Jesse leaned back against the wall, the tiles there a bit cooler and not yet heated up, letting Gabe massage his shampoo in thoroughly. The conditioner followed and soon a full body scrub with his body wash, Gabe gently getting him to lean into the spray and wash off between each new product.
Jesse had started his crying again at some point without him even noticing. Gabe had attempted his best to get him to stop before he washed Jesse’s face last, kneeled between his legs and petting his cheek, cooing reassurances that everything was alright. Jesse had tried once to explain to them all that he wasn’t in control of the random fall of tears, but it didn’t stop them all from their gentle treatment when it started.
After being towel-dried the best Gabe could manage, he was handed his toothbrush with a bead of toothpaste applied, told to simply try his best when Jesse stuck the bristles in his mouth and barely guided them against his teeth. His dentist had painstakingly filled all of his cavities despite his horrific dental anxiety, a nightmare for everyone involved when it was discovered, so he figured he at least owed the poor woman some effort to keep his mouth healthy.
Gabe had been incredibly gentle around the flesh at the end of his stub, and treated it as instructed once Jessi had spit and rinsed. Everyone seemed to be taking the missing arm better than he was, minding the still very tender area of the impromptu amputation and being careful not to engage him in anything that required more than one hand. Jesse took the pain pill offered to him, washing it down with the opened bottle of water set out for him. He had never complained about the pain, nor had he told anyone it had decreased to a constant dull ache at this point, but Angela insisted on keeping him medicated for it. No one would just let him suffer like he deserved.
Eventually Jesse was dressed and back in bed, his clothes and sheets fresh as well as his body. Gabe had him curled up in his lap, stroking his still damp hair. Jesse wasn’t attempting to doze off immediately as he might normally, actually feeling a bit of refreshed energy, and Gabe was enjoying the small victory in silence. Jack and Genji would be back soon with dinner, and they would all pile on Jesse’s bed somehow and let him pick a movie to watch together. Jesse had tried sitting with them in the living room recently but he had wordlessly fidgeted and fussed the whole time until he had gotten up and retreated back to his room. He was still not ready to leave the security of the cocoon he had made for himself, but they were proud of him for beginning to entertain their requests for him to rejoin them in the rest of the house. It didn’t last long, and sometimes they were met with angry rejection at the idea, but he was still starting to show signs of a will to live that was the biggest relief of all.
“So,” Gabe murmured against his ear, “Angela says you’ve got maybe another week and a half before she could approve you for a prosthetic.” Jesse stiffened in his lap, as predicted, and Gabe held his breath in anticipation for the response. When nothing was said, “It would be your choice, Jesse. You don’t have to—“
“How soon?” Jesse spoke up suddenly, twisting himself to look at Gabe directly. “How soon could I have one?”
Gabe blinked in surprise, not expecting that response. “Well, we have a friend in the business. The best, actually. Akande Ogundimu. If you want, he can be here in two weeks to fit you for one. He deals with some pretty advanced technology as far as prosthetics go. As for when you would actually get it, I couldn’t say. Akande could tell you much more than I ever could.” Jesse considered this in silence, resting his form back against the broad chest against him.
After a while, sitting in silence with Gabe rubbing his back in slow circles, Jesse looked back up at him. His face was slightly reddened, eyes wet with tears threatening to fall. “You’d still want me even if I didn’t get one, right?” Gabe let out a soft laugh, simply relieved to hear Jesse not insisting Gabe didn’t want him at all, for once.
“I’d want you even with three arms,” He teased, pressing a kiss to Jesse’s warm neck. Jesse laughed, short and rough, pushing against Gabe’s shoulder. It was the first laugh Gabe had heard since the first night at the hospital, an angelic sound in comparison to that hysterical moment.
“Gabe, come on,” Jesse had said with a crooked grin, swiping quickly at the tears that did manage to escape down his cheeks. He protested no further, though, seeming happy enough with that answer. While Jesse’s good moods were short-lived, at least they existed at all now. The lifespan of this one seemed promising, especially when Jesse perked up slightly at hearing the front door open to announce the return of the rest of their group. There were still hard days ahead, but for now, at least things seemed to be looking up.
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bookedj · 5 years
Tumblr media
As Shadowhunter fans already know, the very first installment of Cassandra Clare's bestselling The Mortal Instruments series, City of Bones, reached its tenth birthday on March 27th. As part of the celebration, a special edition of the novel will be available on November 7, 2017. Aka, we're just a few weeks away from our shelves gaining yet another beautiful book!
To celebrate the final weeks before this stunning collector's edition is available, and of course to wrap up the year in style, I decided to make some fun featured activities (or, ah, memes/questions) for fans to do in the meantime. That's right, mundanes (or, yenno, whatever you consider yourselves) we've got ten weeks to celebrate ten years!
Pretend I just blew one of those birthday horns in your ear. That's what those are called, right?  Feel free to punch me.
The celebration will be begin Friday October 13th, but there is no limit to when you start or finish after this date. If it tickles your fancy (ugh, I can't believe I say that phrase often), you can post them all in one go. You can post once a week. Once a day. Once a month. Once every five or ten or sixteen years.
Additionally, you may post to the social media platform you prefer: your blog, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, all of the above, none of the above--wherever is most convenient to you.
You can spice things up a bit by making your own header for the celebration. I used a free header image from Angie Makes as a base for my text, so if you use that banner in your post--be sure to have a nod to her page.
Originally posted here. It looks better in that format. If you’d rather read it here, follow the cut.
Tumblr media
Each week will have multiple questions. You can answer them however you want, whenever you want. You can change them up to fit your desires. You can make edits. Anything is fair game. Just be sure to let me know what you do, so I can snoop! Drop me a comment here or a Tweet or a message on my book Tumblr or fandom Tumblr.
WEEK ONE: Walk us through your memories of the series. When did you first discover it? How did it make you feel? Does that feeling still hold up? What does it mean to you and why?
WEEK TWO: Your ultimate ranking of the core characters from The Mortal Instruments based on your favourite and/or least favourite traits. Who do you believe you are most like? Who do you feel least connected to? Why? (Bonus Question: Wanna include one of the other series set in the Shadow World? Go for it!)
WEEK THREE: Adaptations can be messy. The Mortal Instruments has had two different forms: the film and the television series that is currently airing on Freeform. Tell us which one you prefer and why. If you dislike both, share your thoughts as to why. (Bonus Questions: What are your favourite scenes from one, or both, of the adaptations? If you could change anything about the film or show, what would it be? Are there any positive changes that you appreciate in them?)
WEEK FOUR: Relationships! Which romantic relationship speaks to you the most? When did you start shipping them? What about friendships? Or family connections? Tell us everything. We're all rabid friends here.
WEEK FIVE: All about the parabatai. From any novel set in the Shadowhunter Chronicles (The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, The Dark Artifices, etc), what parabatai pairing is your favourite and why? If you could choose your own parabatai--from the series, from your real life--who would you choose? Would you have one at all?
WEEK SIX: You find yourself in the world we've only read about. Are you Nephilim? (Looking Better in Black Than the Widows of our Enemies Since 1234!) Demon? (I have questions.) Angel? Ghost? Mundane? A Downworlder? Chairman Meow?
WEEK SEVEN: What is your favourite book in the series? Do you have a ranking of the novels? One you aren't that fond of? Why?  (Bonus Question: Answer for one or all of the other series in The Shadowhunter Chronicles!)
WEEK EIGHT: Looking back through all the plots and settings, which are your favourite? (And why.) If you could somehow travel through the pages of the books, and pick a location, where would you land? (Example: Alicante, one of the institutes, the strings of Jem Carstairs' violin, Magnus Bane's home, The Lightwoods Cupboard. Surely they have one, right? Right?.)
WEEK NINE: Tell us your top ten favourite quotes from any of the series set in The Shadowhunter Chronicles. Why are they your favourite? (If you can't narrow it down to ten, or reach ten, do however many you want.)
WEEK TEN: Freebie. Pick any topic you want--something to get off your chest, general fangirling, favourite scenes or chapters, deaths you would change if you could, a letter to Cassandra (SHE DEFINITELY WON'T SEE IT BUT STILL FUN TIMES HEY CASS), headcanons, funniest moments, TOP TEN BAND NAMES FOR SIMON LEWIS (!!!!!), a fanmix, write a poem about Maia's eyes, do a little graphic magic, a character study, show us your collection of Cassandra Clare books, etc etc--go wild. Literally do anything!
*Don't run around Manhattan with a Stele. I can't bail you bitches out of jail. Honestly, guys, I'm not made of money here.
Tumblr media
Will you be participating? Spread the word! I'm really looking forward to hearing your answers.
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Orange is the New Black S5 Review:
Tumblr media
Much of the discourse around OITNB’s fifth season concerned the structure and its “experimental” nature, having the episodes only span the three day riot. While this certainly was a highly experimental move, I come out of the season thinking that really it was just another season of OITNB, a show that has always had tonal inconsistencies, a show that year after year has really lacked enough plot to fill thirteen hours of TV, a show that has stuck by a flashback structure that has been paying diminishing returns since season 1, but also a show capable of moments of real power that few others can compete with.
The structure really only went to heighten all of these good and bad qualities of the show, meaning that moment for moment this was both Orange’s most compelling and maybe its most problematic season. The condensed time-span meant that even when the show was having its annual lags early on in the season there was still a certain amount of momentum that previous seasons never had. At the same time this season is littered with plots that either don’t amount to enough or are in and of themselves bad.
Let’s start with the most troublesome part of the season, Piscatella. Others have already made this point and said it better than I could anyway but the Piscatella arc is one bad call after another. Season five ninth and in particular tenth episodes descend into the realms of torture and showcase the worst, most sadistic side of the show.
That is only part of the problem though. It is probably worth mentioning at this point that as a whole season 5 is not nearly as horrible as season 4. Season 4 is packed with a far higher number of look-away now moments (imprints, mice and suffocation) but the horrible bits of season 5 lack the justification that similar moments in season 4 did. Just about every nasty moment in season 4 builds to this cathartic final beat where Humps gun falls to Daya, while also emphasising just how broken the system is, this was not the case this year.
The whole Piscatella arc and all that came with it had no greater thematic purpose, nor did it add shading to arguably the show’s most one-dimensional character. I had no idea what to make of his flashback, was it another case of Orange trying to treat a character who is categorically a bad person as something other than that (Healy and Coates being the biggest examples of this) or was it merely a filling in the blanks exercise, that killed some time.
While the Piscatella arc was flat-out bad, there were a few other stories that never really amounted to enough. The stuff with Linda springs to mind, she gets a flashback early on in the season, in Orange’s annual here’s a flashback for a character who definitely did not need one, but in the end all her plot culminates in is a funny no I’m Spartacus riff, never really informing the riot in the way it might have.
The stuff with Angie and Leanne was also at best irritating. Orange has this habit of on a season to season basis re-purposing characters in the story. Back in season 1 Pennsatucky was the villain but never again, in season 4 Maria spent some time as our primary antagonist but in this season her role was somewhat different and here with Angie and Leanne they ascend from comic relief to antagonists only to inevitable return to comic relief next year.
Maybe the worst example of this is the Nazis. When they were first introduced onto the show they were pretty clearly villains, or at the very least seemed to be positioned to occupy the role of primary antagonists. This season though they are almost exclusively played for laughs. At times they are quite funny, but the idea of having neo-Nazis as comic relief never really sits easy. 
Orange is ultimately driven by its characters and they are at the heart of its success, but it does somewhat grate on me the way they take characters on the periphery and have them perform whatever role they need them to in order to move the story forward.
The Daya arc also fizzled out. If I had any criticism of those final season 4 episodes it was that the gun fell to Daya. I always just felt that of all the characters for it to fall to Daya seemed a little bit random. It was such a dramatic moment in and of itself that I never thought too much about the factors  behind that discussion on behalf of the writers but season five only goes to highlight the strangeness of that choice. Once Daya loses the gun we immediately see her part in the story diminish. She gets a flashback episode, but firstly its a characteristically weak flashback and secondly it comes a little too late in the season. She has some quite effecting scenes in that episode but after that she just about disappears from the action.
Then you have Sophia. Laverne Cox’s busy work schedule has acted as an almost unavoidable obstacle to Sophia’s promising character arc. This season she spends a few episodes on the periphery of the action only to then go to max and not be seen again. Why this is frustrating is that back in the show’s early days Sophia was a character who promised so much, but through no fault of the show it has not really been able to fulfill this initial potential.
The other thing that has driven the discourse around this season the most is the show’s tonal imbalances. Again I think its worth emphasising that Orange has always had this problem, it only that the nature of this season has highlighted this issue more than usual . The comedy and drama has never coexisted peacefully on Orange. That’s not to say that it is not a consistently funny show, but Orange is at its funniest with just throwaway punchlines rather than when it does these big silly set-pieces. 
For the higher stakes of this season and for the horrible Piscatella arc in many ways this was one of Orange’s sillier seasons. At the very least the truly negative consequences of the riot are really only implied here. No one dies other than Piscatella and while the separation of the inmates is not good news, we don’t fully know what is happening there.
If we do start next season following two prisons that could be interesting but it also strikes me as the show recognizing that after 5 seasons it needs a change and manufacturing one for that reason. Orange is set to run for, at least, 7 seasons which in my opinion is too long and I think it has forced the writers into a position whereby they need to change it up and that may or may not pay dividends, we will have to see.
I feel like I have been criticising this season a lot and I don’t really mean to because while these are all legitimate criticisms I liked this season a fair amount. So here is a list of this seasons MVPs: Danielle Brooks as Taystee, her arc was the strongest this season and the one that grounded the riot most. Her relationship with Poussey was one of the show’s most complex and Brooks made Taystee’s pain feel palpable all season, making her worthy of some awards recognition. Natasha Lyonne as Nickles, her arc was not as tied to riot as most but the stuff between her and Lorna was the most emotionally resonant this season. I was skeptical of it initially, as it started with a very clunky piece of writing as Nickles verbalized her unrequited love to some stranger but as it progressed it continually struck me as one of the strongest, most human stories of this chaotic season. Selenis Leyva as Gloria, she doesn’t get the fanfare but Gloria has always been one of the show’s most well-rounded characters. She was another character who played an important role in grounding all of this chaos and continued to be a very strong presence on the show. Adrienne C. Moore as Black Cindy, now here’s a character who has not always been my favorite but gradually she has become a character who can get a laugh but also elicit something else from the audience. Her work this year was her strongest yet and alongside Taystee made that plot thread the season’s most reliable.
In the end I’m not sure we can fully assess the strength/importance of season five until the show is over and then upon returning to this run we might discover that some of the arcs that felt frustrating actually payed off in a worthwhile manner, but for now season 5 can’t help but feel just a tad underwhelming after the excellent forth season. B
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[400 Things You Probably Never Wanted to Know About Kris]
1. Name: Kristoph Willhem Becket 2. Nickname(s): Kris 3. Birthday: August 13th, 1993 4. That makes you (age): 24 5. Where were you born (city): Funny story; my family lived in a different area of Florida at the time but mom was supposed to see a specialist in Miami before I was born, but I ended up being premature because she had me on the way there in the car, in traffic. Even back then I guess I had decided I wanted to be in the city, heh. 6. Location right now (planet ): Astoria, Oregon   7. Shoe size: 9 8. How many piercings?: Septum, left eyebrow, tongue, 5 in right ear, 4 in the left 9. Tattoos?: Twelve total; full left hand (skeletal/bone. Lilly), four on the same arm, (stars, skulls, human heart,music notes), right hip socket (solid black star), left ribcage (German text), back of the neck (black star), collarbone (stars}, right forearm (black cross), left forearm (Dates -his siblings birthdays, his parents’ anniversary, the date of the outbreak},   10. When you wake up you're: Dead to the world, not a morning person 11. When you're about to sleep you're: Paranoid as hell 12. Zodiac sign: Leo 13. Chinese sign: Rooster 14. Righty or Lefty: Right 15. Innie or Outie:The former 16. School: College dropout
Section Two: Looks
17. Nationality:  German/Finnish 18. Hair colour:  Very blonde 20. Weight: 130lbs 21. Height:  6'0 22. Braces? Nope 23. Glasses? No
Section Three: Private Life
24. Do you have a boy/girlfriend? No 25. If so, who? 26. If not, do you have a crush on someone? Not at this point 27. Who has a crush on you?  Nobody? 28. Ever cheated on your bf/gf? No 29. Who was your first kiss:  Right out of high school, some guy at a club. Not overly memorable. 30. Who was your last kiss: Marcus 31. Are you a virgin?  HA. no. 32. Ever had a threesome before? No; one person is enough to deal with generally. 33. NQ- Every been swarmed by ladybugs?:  ...no? Is this some sex-related thing I don't know about? ...now I sort of want to know. 34. Have you ever been in love?  Yes, very much so. 35. Broken any hearts?  Probably; doesn't everybody? But I never meant to. 36. Got your heart broken?  Yeah, a few times. The big one though, he didn't mean to. 37. Ever liked a friend? Yeah? 38. What happened? We nearly got married until the world went to hell.
Section Four: Past Relationships
39. How many relationships have you been in? Dated a lot? Actual relationships; a handful or so. 40. How many were serious enough to count: Two or three really 41. Who were those serious ones: Nick, Angelo, and Marcus; in that order. 42. NQ- Who used to be your best friend: ...Marcus 43. What made them different:  Everything. Just everything. 44. What happened:  He died and came back, I wasn't there. I still don't know if I would have wanted to be or not. 45. Best boy/girlfriend: Marcus 46. Worst boy/girlfriend: Angie was a jerk, but he was a hot jerk. 47. Ever been kissed: Yeah? 48. Who do you want back: ....a lot of people. Relationship-wise? Marc. 49. Who do you regret: Oh, I could give you a laundry list but...whatever. 50. Why?: I'm good at bad decisions.
Section Five: Favourites
51. Song:  I love classical music; it's relaxing. 52. Movie:  Donnie Darko amuses me way too much. 53. Food: God I miss really good veggie burgers - but being vegan doesn't work when you're starving. 54. Drink: Dr.Pepper...or any soda really; I need the caffeine. 55. Store: uh? hell if I know 56. Television show: ...I used to really like Twilight Zone..now it seems ironic somehow. 57. Holiday: Halloween 58. Book:  Most anything by Neil Gaiman 59. Ice cream: I don't really like it 60. Sweets: Oreos...I would do so much for some Oreos 61. Crisps:  Never ate much of those 62. Type of music:  Classical 63. Artist: Salvador Dali 64. Word: 'Hell', usually used muttered under my breath, yeah 65. Time of day:  Midday 66. Dressing:  Like...the stuff you put on a salad? I don't use those. 67. Alcoholic drink: Anything sugary 68. Colour(s):  Bright colors, specifically purple and blue. 69. Piece of clothing: These days my boots 70. Character:  ?? I don't even know 71. Smell: The ocean 72. Shampoo:  Any time I have shampoo and can wash my hair I don't even care what it is. 73. Soap:  See the above answer. 74. Smiley:  >_> 75. Board game: Battleship 76. Sport: ...not a sports person. 77. Number: 0 78. Quote: "No great artist ever see things as they are" - Edgar Degas 79. Animal: Dogs 80. Actor: I had a really bad crush on Ewan Mcgregor when I was younger 82. Vegetable: Anything; I'm not picky. 83. Fruit: Pineapple 84. Place to be: Anywhere safe 85. Thing in your room: My notebook 86. Gum: Minty stuff, doesn't matter what kind; the fruit flavored stuff is gross. 87. Shape:  ? uh...stars? I have a few of them tattoed on me so I guess it counts 88. Country:  Here, I guess; I never got to see Germany or Finnland. 89. Mall: Back home in Miami there were a few, wasn't ever much for wandering around them. 90. Car: I miss my car; it's dead now. 91. Boy's name: I like mine? 92. Girl's name:  My mom's name is nice; Cammilla 93. Family member:  Seriously? Uh...I guess I got along the best with my younger brother. 94. Restaurant: Trying to think about it just makes me hungry 95. Movie place:  Don't like theaters 96. Person to go to the movies with: Marc 97. Noise:  Crickets; they're so calming, or people breathing when they sleep. 98. Brand of shoe:  I don't think I have one. 99. Brand of clothing:  Again, no preference. 100. Body part of a chicken:  ...their creepy little eyes? 101. Swear word: Fuck 102. Month: August 103. Possession: My notebook 104. Team: Not a sports person 105. Season: Summer 106. Radio station: Right now any of them that work 107. Magazine:  Used to read the trashy tabloid ones 108. Favorite grade: I liked my first year in college, it went downhill from there. 109. Least favorite grade:  9th, that was a mess. 110. Teacher: My high school art teacher 111. Least favorite teacher:  ...10th grade geometry; Ms. Allen. Urgh. 112. Subject: Art 113. Subject to talk about:  People
Section Six: Family
114. Who's your mum?: Cammilla Becket; otherwise known as the ruler of the family. 115. Who's your dad?: Felix Becket; walking encyclopedia of every old story known to man 116. Any step-parents?:  No 117. Any brothers?:  Yes; Jorge, Andrew, and Fillip 118. Any Sisters?:  Annalee 120. Coolest:  Me, of course. 121. Loudest:  Easily Jorge 122. Best relative: My aunt Lydia; she's hilarious and bakes cookies. 123. Worse relative: ...uncle Gustoph; that man is terrifying 124. Do you get along with your parents?  I confused them a lot, I wish...things had been better. 125. With your siblings? With Jorge and Anna, yeah, my older brothers were disappointed in me I think. 126. Does anyone understand you? I don't even understand me sometimes 127. Do you have any pets?:  Not anymore 128. If so, what kind and name? I used to have a cat named Chester 129. If not, what do you want as a pet?:  I'd like to have a dog again; makes things less lonely.
Section Seven: School
131. Are you still in school?  No 132. Did you drop out?: Yeah, from college 133. Your current GPA:  ...don't have one. 134. Do you buy or bring lunch?:  None of these apply. 135. ABC's?:  What? I know what those are. 136. Favorite class: Art theory or art history was fun too. 137. Play any sports at school?:  Nope 138. Are you popular?  I was, I guess, I had friends. 139. Favorite memory: From school? It's all a blur. 140. Most humiliating moment: Most of my high school days. So many of them. 141. Most funniest moment:  ....falling down the steps freshman year; it's hilarious now, was mortifying then. 142. Most scared moment: Nearly getting myself murdered by a really unpleasant guy on the football team.
Section Eight: What do you think of when you hear
145. Chicken: ....nothing? 146. Dog:  Warm and fluffy. 147. Christina Aguilera: Radios played her music way too much. 148. Ricky Martin: Ahem. Well he did look really good in leather pants. 149. 50 cent: My neighbors were obsessed with blaring this all night. 150. Poop: ...those emoji things 151. Beach: I miss it so much. 152. Desert: What the world is turning into 153. Water: Necessity 154. Osama: A name? 155. Love:  ...lonely. 156. Your little brother: I hope he's still around.   157. Butt: I don't have any overwhelming opinions here. 158. Clowns: Mildly scary. 159. Wonder: Better than giving up. 16o. Brown: Mom's eyes. 161. Banana: Food, or those gross smoothies back home. 162. Sex: Fun, but absent from my life anymore. 163. Parents: Regrets I wish I could change now. 164. Homosexuals: The subtext to my sexuality. 165. God: Gave up on things around here I'm pretty sure.
Section Nine: Do you believe in
166. God: Maybe, but I don't think they're around much anymore. 167. Heaven: I hope it's real, some people I've lost deserve to be there. 168. Devil: I guess you have to have that one around for the other to be real. 169. Hell: ...I've seen a few places that could almost count as that. 170: Boogy man: Things that creep around in the dark and attack you? Sounds too much like Walkers.   171. Closet Monsters: Those at least stopped bothering me in grade school. 172. Fortune tellings:  Maybe, but I don't want to know the future. 173. Magic:  Sure, why not. 174. Love at first sight:  I want to. 175. Ghosts: I feel haunted a lot so, yeah, I do. 176. Voo-doo dolls: Never gave that one much thought, I guess? 177. Reincarnation: In this world? I almost hope not. 178. Yourself:  ...at times.
Section Ten: Do you
179. Smoke:  Yeah. 180. Do drugs:  No 181. Drink alcohol: Used to, not much anymore. 182. Cuss:  Far too much. 183. Sing in the shower:  Showers are too quick for that now. 184. Like school: I didn't mind parts of it. 185. Want to get married: ....I did at one point. 186. Type with all of your fingers:  Yeah 187. Think you're attractive:  I have my good points. 188. Drink and drive:  Nah 189. Snore: Probably 190. Sleep walk: No 191. Like watching sunrises and sunsets: I used to; sunsets make me uneasy now.
Section Eleven: Have you ever
192. Flashed someone:  Maybe when I was drunk. 193. Gotten so drunk til you threw up everywhere: Oh yeah. 194. Told that person how you felt: What person? -That- person? Yeah. 195. Been arrested: No, surprisingly. 196. Gone to jail or juve:  Nope. 197. Skateboarded: Too clumsy. 198. Skinny dipped: Yes 199. Rock climbed: I don't have a deathwish. 200. Killed someone: God no; I've never even killed one of the already dead ones. 201. Watched porn: ...who hasn't? 202. Gone on a road trip: A few. 203. Went out of the country: No 204. Talked back to an adult: Ha..yeah. 205. Broken a law: Sure, not any big ones though. 206. Got pulled over:  A couple of times. 208: Cried to get out of trouble: ...that was my main go-to as a kid. 209. Let a friend cry on your shoulder:  Yeah, sometimes it's all I knew to do. 210. Kissed a brother's or sister's friend: No 211. Kissed a friend's brother or sister: No 212. Dropped something on the floor and let someone eat it anyways: I would say gross but..things change; these days that doesn't even matter. 213. Moon someone: Maybe? Again, if it happened I was drunk. 214. Shop-lifted:  No 215. Worked at McDonald's: No 216. Eaten a dog:  No, but that's not to say that I wouldn't if I had to. 217. Give money to a homeless person: Yeah. 218. Glued your hand to yourself:  Surprisingly no. 219. Kissed someone of the same sex:  ...yes, on many occasions. 220. Had a one night stand: A few 221. Smoked:  Yes 222. Done drugs:  Not really. 223. Lose a friend because of your ex: Yeah, but they weren't worth keeping 224. Slap someone for being stupid: No, but I maybe should have. 225. Had cyber sex: I could have actual sex, so no. 226. Wish you were the opposite sex: ...ah...difficult one, since I don't consider myself one or the other when it comes to gender, or just one or the other, rather. 227. Caught someone doing something: I have a younger brother, so of course, 228. Played a game that removes clothing: Yes, and generally lost. 229. Cried during a movie:  A few; damn Disney movies 230. Cried over someone:  So many people 231. Wanted to hook up with a friend:  On occasion 232. Hooked up with someone you barely met: I can't say I haven't. 233. Ran away from home: Nah, not until I was an adult. 234. Cheated on a test:  I should have in a few classes.
Section Twelve: Would you
235. Bungee jump:  I don't think there are any planes left around. 236. Sky dive:  Again, above answer. 237. Swim with dolphins:  I've done that before. 238. Steal a friend's bf or gf:  Not on purpose. 239. Try to be the opposite sex: ....I mean; I go back and forth and in the gray between all the time. 240. Lie to the police: Probably. 241. Run from the police: Maybe. 242. Lie to your parents: I had on occasion. 243. Backstab a friend for your own well being: No 244. Be an exotic dancer: ...sure, why not. But I would blind people with how pale I am so I wouldn't make much. 245. NQ- Kill the president:  Pretty sure he's already dead.
Section Thirteen: Are you
246. Shy: Only when I'm anxious. 247. Loud:  When I'm upset 248. Nice:  I like to think so 249: Outgoing: For the most part 250: Quiet: When I want to be left alone. 251. Mean: Nah 252. Emotional: God yes. 253. Sensitive: Very. 254. Gay:  Yesss 255. Strong: Physically? Not so much. 256. Weak: I don't like to admit it if I am. 257. Caring:  I try to be 258. Dangerous: Only when my brain is being weird. 259. Crazy:  ...potentially. 260. Spontaneous: Yes. 261. Funny:  I'm hilarious. 262. Sweet: Maybe? 263. Sharing: Yeah. 264. Responsible: Not so much. 265. Trustworthy: Of course. 266. Open-minded: Very. 267. Creative: Yes! 268. Cute: Well..I think I am. 269. Slick: Not by any means. 270. Smart: As much as anybody. 271. Dumb:  I don't think so. 272. Evil: No? 273. Ghetto: No 274. Classy:  Not really. 275. Photogenic: Ha, I don't even know. 276. Dependable: I try to be. 277. Greedy: Nah 278. Ugly: No 279. Messy: Basically, yes. 280. Neat: Not so great at that. 281. Perverted: No? 282. Silly: I have my moments. 283. A B****: Ha, probably at times. 284. A Good Listener: I like to listen, so hopefully? 285. A Fighter: ....no 286. A Party Animal: Used to be 287. A Game Freak:  Nah 288. A Computer Freak: Not really.
Section Fourteen: Future
289. Dream job: ...before the world ended I wanted to work in comic books. 290. Dream house: I liked where I was in Miami. 291. Husband/Wife:  ....they're gone now. 292. Kids: Nah. 293. Names: what? I like my name. 294. Pets: I still want a dog 295. Car: At this point, anything that runs 296. Age you would want to get married: ...I thought I already would be. 297. Best Man/Bride's Maid: My brothers 298. Honeymoon:  Europe
Section Fifteen: Your friends 
this is too depressing; I'm just going to not. do this one. 299. Best friend: 300. Known the longest: 301. Craziest: 302. Loudest: 303. Shyest: 304. Best hair: 305. Best eyes: 306. Best body: 307. Most Athletic: 308. Hot-Tempered: 309. Most impatient: 310. Shortest: 311. Tallest: 312. Skinniest: 313. Best singer: 314. Funniest: 315. Can always make you laugh: 316. Wish you talked to more: 317. Wish you saw more: 318. Who drives you insane after a while: 319. Who you can stay around forever and never get sick of: 320. Ever lose a friend because you took it to the 'next level': 321. Whose always been there when you need them: 322. Who is like your family: 323. How many friends do you have?: 324. How many are really close? 
Section Sixteen: The last
325. Thing you ate: Yesterday. 326. Thing you drank: A few hours ago, water. 327. Thing you wore: Clothes I'm wearing now? 328. Thing you did:  Walked back to town. 329. Place you went: The edge of town, was restless. 330. Thing you got pierced or tattooed: My right arm 331. Person you saw: Some guy working on a car that's busted. 332. Person you hugged: ...it's been a while. 333. Person you kissed: Been even longer on that one. 334. NQ- Person you beat to a juicy pulp: Yeah, I'm not so good at that. 335. Person you talked to online: The net has been dead for a long time. 336. Person you talked to on the phone: So have phones. 337. Song you heard: Months ago, some old gas station had a busted CD player with batteries but it didn't last long; some old 80s music. 338. Show you saw: I don't even remember. 339. Time you fought with your parents: ....before the outbreak, last time I saw them. 340. Time you fought with a friend: ...probably right before I left River Bend. 341. Words you said: 'Hn'
Section Seventeen: Now
343. What are you eating:  Nothing 344. What are you drinking:  Nothing 345. What are you thinking: The usual bouncy, weird thoughts. 346. What are you wearing: Clothes? 347. What are you doing: Nothing really, sitting here? I get nervous sleeping at night so I stay up a lot. 349. Hair: Is a fluffy mess. 350. Mood: Tired 351. Listening to: The wind outside. 352. Talking to anyone: No 353. Watching anything: No
Section Eighteen: Yes or No
354. Are you a vegetarian: Yes 355. Are you a carnivore: No 356. Are you heterosexual: No 357. Do you like penguins: Yes 358. Do you write poetry: No 359. Do you see stupid people: Yes 360. You + Me: No 361. Do you like the Osbournes: Yes 362. Can you see flying pigs: No 363. Do you sleep with stuffed animals on your bed: No 364. Are you from Afghanistan: No 365. Is Christina Aguilera ugly: No 366. Are you a zombie:  NO 367. Am I annoying you: No 368. Do you bite your nails: Yes 369. Can you cross your eyes: Yes 370. Do you make your bed in the morning: No 371. Have you touched someone's private part:  Yes
Section Nineteen: This or That
372. Winter or Summer:  Summer 373. Spring or Autumn: Spring 374. Shakira or Britney:  Shakira 375. MTV or VH1:  VH1 376. Black or White: ? Black I guess? 377. Yellow or Pink: Yellow. 378. Football or Basketball: uhh...basketball. 379. Mobile Phone or Pager:  Phone 380. Pen or Pencil: Pencil 381. Cold or Hot: Hot 382. Tattoos or Piercings:  oh..hard one. Tattoos. 383. Inside or Outside: Inside. 384. Weed or Alcohol: Weed 385. Coke or Pepsi: Coke 386. Tape or Glue: Tape 387. McDonald's or In-n-Out: Neither, gross.
Section Twenty: Opinions
388. What do you think about classical music: Ha. I really like it. 389. About boy bands: Some of them were amusing. 390. About suicide: ...this world is bad but giving up? I couldn't do it. 391. About people who try to force their opinions on you: They're exhausting, and far too many of them exist. 392. About teen pregnancy: I don't personally have to worry about that, heh. But it's not my business if it's not my body. 393. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years: Alive I hope. 394. Who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: I should probably make some friends. 395. About gay men: I mean, obviously, I like them.
Section Twenty-One:
396. Do you have a website: No 397. Current weather right now: Hot as hell 398. Current time:  It's late. Dark. 399. Any shout outs: no? 400. Last thoughts: ...'last thoughts' sounds so ominous.
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hollywoodx4 · 6 years
Sticking With the Schuylers (14)
In this part, we experience a flashback...
1  2  3  4  5  6   7   8   9   10   11   12   I   13
This chair isn’t as comfortable as he’d thought it would be. Or as he thinks it is, because he told me this morning how much he loves it. It’s cold, it’s always picking up the breeze from outside when I open the windows. And the cold stays in the chair, all the time. How is that even possible?
               I bet if James had gotten those little cushions we saw at the farmer’s market last weekend these chairs wouldn’t be so unbearable. They would’ve looked so nice, too. They would’ve matched that hideous painting of the naked woman he bought last month.  I wish he hadn’t hung it in such an open part of the apartment. Or even bought it at all.  It makes it look so unwelcoming. So cold.
               These chairs hurt my back, too. The way the iron divots dig in to the skin every time I try to lean back. What does he expect, all his guests to sit at the table with perfect posture? Although I guess it wouldn’t hurt as bad if my back weren’t already bruised.
               But it’s fine. The chairs are fine. The painting is fine. My back is fine.
               I’m fine.
               I bet he’ll think it’s too cold when he comes back. I should probably shut the window. But then there’s never any fresh air in here and it’s such a nice day, especially for early March. But the chairs.
               Okay, the window really does need to be shut. Maybe I could even make that chicken he likes, surprise him when he comes home. That would be nice. He’d like that.
               But why hasn’t he come home yet? He was supposed to be here half an hour ago. And I know he said things get tossed up in the air with that new class and their never-ending debates but at what point is he going to stop lying to me and just tell me what’s going on?
I shouldn’t be accusing him of anything.
But he’s been distant lately, and he’s been worse. Worse than the fight we had on Valentine’s Day after the gala, when I told him I was too tired. And yes I was lying to him but that shouldn’t be any different than if I had been telling the truth. Angelica’s right. She’s always been right. It’s unacceptable. None of this should have ever happened. I shouldn’t have let this happen.
How did it get this far?
This chair is so cold. And my back is throbbing. And I’m tired…I’m just tired. I wish Angelica would call, maybe she could talk some sense into me. But then again I’m not allowed to leave so it’s not like it matters anyway. Which is the other thing that’s not alright. What am I, a prisoner? And really, what would happen if I just decided to leave?
I could leave a note. Something simple, something heartfelt. It’s not like I don’t appreciate what this relationship brought me. Because it was good, in the beginning. In the beginning it was amazing. He was so kind, so thoughtful. He was always by my side; making sure I was okay, being there…he always posted the funniest pictures of us on Instagram. The public loves him. And my father really loves him.
If father ever found out…
Okay. I have to write this letter now. This is happening. Oh my god, this is actually happening. I should call Angelica first. Alright…come on, pick up. Pick up, Angelica.
“What’s up, sis?” She sounds happy. I don’t want to ruin her day, I really don’t. But I have to do it, don’t I? Wait, now it’s taken me too long to answer.
“Just getting ready to leave James.”
“Where are you headed? I thought James had his ‘big dinner’ planned tonight?”
“He did but I’m leaving. Forever. I was…kind of hoping you could come and get me?” I hope John has his car this weekend, I know he had it in the shop for a while. I mean I guess I could call the driver but then god knows where James has his little bugs, he always seems to know everything that’s going on. Wait, did she say yes? Hold on what is she talking about now, I completely lost track of what was going on.
“-and don’t worry about anything, you still have your room at home and I’m sure if you explained things to housing they’d help you out. You could also come and live with me. Actually, that’d probably be the best idea please do come and live with me. God, Betsey, I’m so happy you’re doing this. You really deserve so much better than him, he’s a complete asshole and I just,”
“Elizabeth?” Oh my god. It’s him. I can’t move, why are my feet glued to the floor? He’s coming over, I can hear his feet. Even his footsteps sound angry tonight. Wait, the letter. He can’t find the letter, he can’t know what I was just about to-
-Where’s my phone? Oh my god, I feel like something might be broken. What bone in my face would that even be? I hope it doesn’t bruise, that’s going to be a pain to cover up. Wait, phone-where’s my phone? Oh-
-Okay, that one was a bruise. Is he-wait, he found the paper. That must be why he’s so-
“What’s this,” Oh shit, he’s mad. Why is his voice so quiet? And calm? “You’re leaving me?”
“I-I was-I just,“ Jesus, Elizabeth, get yourself together. Stand up for yourself. Stand up. Get your phone and get the hell out of here. Just stand up.
I’m frozen, why am I frozen? Come on, legs, work! He’s not going to just stand there forever, and I’m sure as hell not about to find out what happens next. If I can reach my phone, maybe-
No wait, he has it now. Did he hang it up? Oh shit, he did. Angie’s smart, though. Angie will know. There’s no way this is-
Is that-I can’t even feel my head anymore. Or-or anything, reall-don’t they say you have to keep your eyes ope-…why is he coming back toward me? What is he doing? Why-
               “No!” Angelica jumps from her place at her middle sister’s apartment door. The paper grocery bags she’d been cradling fall to the floor with a thud, and she doesn’t even bother throwing her shoes off before racing to her sister’s bedroom.
               Eliza’s sitting up in her bed, face laced with beads of sweat that drip down her forehead and onto her chin. She’s glistening, actually, her hair amess atop of her face. All three of her fluffy white blankets hang from her bed at all angles, pillows covering the floor. Even the corners of her duvet have been uprooted from her mattress, billowing over the end of her bed in a twisted mess. She pushes the hair back from her sweat-adorned face, chest heaving as she struggles to catch her breath.
               Angelica stumbles across the room and flies to her side, wrapping her arms around her in immediate defense. She’s shocked by the moisture that laces her sister’s skin; how she’s suddenly very warm. Eliza’s body shakes against hers and she’s gripped by her sister, who buries her face into her chest.
               “I was-have you-It’s been so long, and,”
               “I know, Bets, I know.”
               “So you saw it?” Angelica feels the physical pain in her stomach upon her sister’s deflated voice. It’s the sudden reoccurrence of everything that had transpired the year before; instantaneous memories, ignited instincts. She holds her little sister tighter then, rubbing circles on her sweaty back while letting reassuring words flow with great effort from her lips. Eliza cries, squeezing Angelica so tightly that the words she’s saying become caught in her own throat. But the oldest Schuyler doesn’t mind. She’d hold her sister all day if it meant some form of release from the pain she could barely imagine.
               “John called me between shifts. He sounded really concerned, does he know?”
               “Bits and pieces.” Elizabeth sits up, pulling a blanket to her face to rid herself of the sweat-and-tear mixture that has formed. Her eyes are narrow and tired, the beginnings of bags drooping low beneath them. She runs a hand through her hair before throwing it up in a messy bun, where tresses of brown mussed from sleep and sweat stick out at all ends. “He knows enough to know that I had a panic attack in the middle of the Starbucks and basically humiliated myself. Luckily there was next to nobody there, but still. Not one of my finer moments.”
               “So then what about Alex?”
               Eliza puts her face in her hand, sighing, and holds it there. She can feel the immediate paralyzing anxiety swirling around her; shaking her core, rattling her head…it sets a fog to her mind in such a way that she feels as though she’s drowning. In her heart Eliza knows the answer immediately, feels the way it aches and tugs at her heart with a string of guilt.
               “I should have called him right away. I don’t like keeping secrets.”
               “It’s not keeping a secret.”
               “But it is. You know he texted me earlier asking how my day was going? I said fine. Fine; like nothing ever happened. Like I didn’t come home from Starbucks and take a three hour nap. That’s not us, Angelica. That’s not me. Being honest, and open…it’s the most important thing a relationship needs. And it’s exactly what I’m not doing right now.”
               “So you didn’t tell him right away, so what? Were you really going to open your conversation with that the first night you met him?” Angelica raises her eyebrow at her sister, teasing, and manages to get a slight turn of the lips in return. Even a muted chuckle. “There are things that you’re allowed to keep closer to your heart, Eliza. This is one of them. It’s justified.”
               “I don’t want to make him angry.”
               “At what? Eliza, he’s stupidly in love with you. He writes you letters every day like he’s trying to court you. There was even the ten-pager, remember? This won’t make him angry.”
               “But it’ll change things.”                
               “Of course it will. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, by any means.  It could be good.”
               “It could be terrible.”
               “And if it is, then he’s not meant to be with you.” Eliza’s eyes move downward, to her blanket. Her fingers pick absent-mindedly at the hem of it, pulling on string that’s becoming looser by the minute. She tries to block out the words her sister has just said, as if they hadn’t made her heart sink to a level she hadn’t ever felt. Just the imagery; the thought of a world without Alexander in it, had physically crushed her.
               Angelica can read the severity of her words on her sister’s spirit. When she’d come into her room Eliza had been shaken; terrified and static. Now, she was spent. Her breathing had returned to normal but that meant nothing when Angelica looked at her eyes, her face. Eliza’s lips are drawn into a thin line, bending downward at the corners. She bites her lip as a hand moves to her cheek, wiping away another round of moisture-is she crying?- before she sighs in exasperation.
               “This isn’t the end.” Eliza doesn’t answer. Angelica places her hand underneath Eliza’s chin and tips it up, making her middle sister look in her eyes. “Betsy,”
               “This isn’t the end.”
               “Everything is going to be okay.”
               “Now come on, game night will cheer you up. Or distract you, at least. Laff is still pissed that I got back on top last week and I can’t wait to keep the humiliation going.”
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christianborle · 6 years
well well well. here we are. after a year and a half, rotten says goodbye on broadway. i’m super sad about it but i’m grateful it is going on tour and will continue to spread joy and laughter around the country.
here was my day at rotten’s final performance! (warning this is super dramatic and emotional)
i’m going to bold the moments i started crying just for dramatic effort (well i was tearing up the whole day but these moments were like....The Emotional Moments)
the first was on the train where i remembered “hey, i’m on the train to see something rotten for the last time”
i got to the theatre at around 3:30. i stood under it and took it all in. and there was no one around, weirdly, which really added to the effect. i took long, lasting looks at the marquee and the wallpaper. i crossed the street over to phantom to look at the theatre from afar. i couldn’t believe in 24 hours, it would all be gone. my home would be gone.
then i met up with me pals (@stuff-and-shenanigans​ and other pals who don’t have tumblrs) and we went to get food and then got ready for the show in our matching t-shirts bc we’re annoyingly extra. hayley headed to the theatre early and we met up with her. while we were waiting in line i saw christian borle and his dresser, meredith, walk into the restaurant right next to the theatre and i was so shook. i knew he was gonna be at the show, i just didn’t expect to turn around and boom there he is!
finally the time came and the usher who i don’t know his named but he always checks our bags and he knows us now checked our bags and we thanked him for everything and hugged him and the usher scanned my ticket and i just. began crying. last time scanning my ticket, last time walking down this long hallway.
Christian Borle and his dresser Meredith, Brooks Ashmanskas, Brian D'Arcy James, Will Chase, Jordan Roth, Karey and Wayne Kirkpatrick, John O'Farrell, Kevin McCollum, Gregg Barnes, and Todrick Hall, and all the producers were in the audience tonight.
also i saw stephanie @writingplays again yay!!
i also saw karey and wayne in the lobby and i went over and said hi and wayne hugged me and we talked about the tour! they’re so freaking nice it’s really mind blowing to just?? be in the presence of the writers of ur fave show and have them remember you??
The Show!
So this was the most rowdy crowd I've ever heard in my life. Any time there was room for applause, there were waves of it. Literally just.....always cheering. Every entrance and actor made got an applause. Every applause after a song lasted twice or triple as long as it would have on any other day (A Musical and Omelette were even longer, but we'll get to that later).
cheering for Brooks's cell phone announcement (I'm so glad they kept it as Brooks for the whole run. I'd love to have seen his reaction to hearing his voice again) and for the dimming of the lights and for André's entrance.
Cheering as the curtain pulled up
The ensemble looked so happy and so ready to burst with energy. They were smiling so big and were holding back tears.
Huge applause for Rob and Josh and the troupe!!
So Rob was sick yesterday and apparently had a raging fever, which is insane because he was AMAZING. I would have never known he was sick
Robin (Aaron Kaburick) got so many cheers and laughs throughout the night i’m so happy for him
The famous “don’t be a penis” line got a huge laugh, the laugh it deserves
GERRY VICHI!!!!!!!!!!
Huge applause!!! His speech about how much he loves theatre was so passionate and so full out energy and it got a huge cheer, something i haven’t heard since previews/early run
Rob played along and even clapped for Shylock!
Also any time jews were mentioned some audience members clapped thx friends
LESLIE KRITZER!!!! WENT OFF!!!!! I love her so much she riffed the hell out of the song and just gave it her all!
When bea kisses nick, she kissed him for a rly long time and the audience started cheering so leslie broke off and then just kept kissing him again rt ur goals
Bea winked and blew nick a kiss right before running off and got a huge applause of course
Josh changed his hyperventilating/panic bit! It’s really hard to describe just in text but basically he dragged out his words “i don’t thiiiink i can wooooork under than kind of pressuuuuure”
Got a huge applause!! We literally just didn’t stop so nostradamus just went with it and he started looking up and around as if he could hear voices.
Brad always gives x200 each performance, but tonight he just had so much enthusiasm and it made me so happy to see him give justice to this number.
There were cheers for the les mis joke, for when the ensemble comes out, “and then you got yourself a musical,” and the end. People were also clapping along to the song.
“And then you got yourself a musical” is the line that always gets me. It’s the loudest point in the song, it’s when everyone is lined up together, it’s just?? The best part and i really teared up at that part. 
The standing ovation started when everyone had their headsketches up. It was really incredible to see the actors smiling so wide, really taking in the audience. Most of the ensemble was crying. I was in the second row so I could turn around and see the orchestra, the mezz, and the balcony all on their feet. I saw Jordan Roth standing and beaming. It was really magical.
The applause clocked in at approximately a minute and 30 seconds, which doesn’t seem like a lot of time but trust me when i say it felt like five minutes. Then when everyone sat down, the applause started back up again to last another 30 seconds.
So Elizabeth Earley went on in Marisha’s track, meaning she was the ugly woman Nigel accidentally points at. And she did the funniest bit i have ever seen in that role. Nigel pointed at her and she screamed at him, shaked her butt, and just kept dancing and the crowd went wild. She hovered over to the fruit stand and bought grapes from the seller and proceeded to eat them in front of everyone. The crowd was LIVING. I didn’t think i could laugh any harder until she took ANOTHER grape vine and offered it to portia and portia said no so she just gobbed on them. This literally went on for a full minute. I’ve only seen a funny bit done in this role before at that was with Tracee. Elizabeth Earley is so fantastic I’m so glad i got to see her shine!
I’ve never laughed harder at black death than i had last night
“Pleasure’s a sin”
Any time bea mentioned feminism the crowd cheered
I Love the Way was so frickin CUTE
Will Power was so fire and I kept thinking of Christian in the audience watching and wondering what he was thinking
“Thanks for helping with my wood”
Adam’s “hmm” are so funny
Bottoms Gonna Be On Top might honestly be my fave number i just love it so much
THE TAP BATTLE ok so any time the crowd cheered for Shakespeare, Nick looked at the audience (specifically in my direction??) like “what no stop!!” and rob did the most hilarious thing. When shakespeare asks “you wrote omelette?” rob mimed a string lifting up his knee, then mimed lifting up his foot, and the mimed cutting the string and his foot landed on the ground and he said “yes” that was so brilliant and unexpected i hope he keeps that on tour
I said hi to Gregg Barnes!! we had a rly nice convo about his costumes and tour and seeing the show develop from previews and he’s honestly such a nice guy. he thanked me for supporting the show and coming back and i rly can’t wait to see what he does in the future
i headed over to the lobby and saw some of my pals talking to jordan roth so i said hi to them and jordan said hi and welcomed me back and complimented the matching shirts!!
I saw todrick hall in the lobby and we made eye contact and he smiled and i waved?? I don’t know him super well and he doesn’t know me at all but that was a cool moment!!
dina @sscsldcp had a free snack voucher so i went with her on line to get a drink and we ended up behind christian on line with brian and brooks in our vicinity. i said hi to christian and he smiled and said hi and that he was happy to see me!! (that sounds super general but he was actually so nice and generous!!)
Act Two (idk why act two notes are shorter than act one notes??)
Again i just kept thinking about Christian watching Adam do HTBTB
“i like the new york actor”
The scene where nigel reads his poem to portia got so much response!
We see the light was so fun and happy
Tari’s last “so true PREACH IT”
Everyone awwed when nigel and portia kissed!
“DON’T DO THAT” left the audience SILENT and SHOOK my fave moment of the show
To thine own self was fire
Adam’s toby screech
Right hand man reprise was so sweet and touching
My favorite line in the whole show, “my father said this to me, that he did and then he blew me………….away” got so much laughter thank u thank u
Another standing ovation for Omelette. Pretty much the same as before. Lasted a minute. So much smiling and energy from everyone in the theatre.
To thine own self reprise :((((((( man i was crying
“And brother. I know just the story we should tell”
I was full out sobbing during the finale and the curtain speech
John and kate popped out stage left during the speech and i was so shook???? Surprise ALL ur faves are here!!!!!
Stage Door
Edward Hibbert, Catherine Brunell, Aaron Kaburick, Leslie Kritzer, Angie Schworer, Max Clayton, Stacey Todd Holt, Elizabeth Earley, Jenny Hill, Rob McClure, Josh Grisetti, Tari Kelly, Brad Oscar, Leah Hofmann, Beth Nicely, the Kirkpatricks, John O’Farrell, Jordan Roth, Kate Reinders, and John Cariani all came out. I saw Eric but he had to leave.
I basically just thanked everyone and wished them well. I got hugs from Catherine, Leslie, Tari, Eric, and Beth.
I took a ton of photos with my pals and as I was walking away from the theatre I just lost it. It felt so wrong leaving the theatre knowing it would all be gone.
and that.....was my night. if i remember any more i’ll update this post but ye thanks for reading and thank you to all my SR pals on this website!! ur the real bros!!
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sueboohscorner · 3 years
#SingleParents S2, Ep. 4-5 "Big Widow Wives"/"Sports" Episodes Recap and Review
"Big Widow Wives"
After the fire, Angie was left with a hole in her wall. So she and Will tried to patch it up Angie tries to get Will do help her with other things. But when an opossum was left in the house after the wall was patched; Angie decides to deal with it herself Afterword Angie decides that with the hole in the wall again, she and Graham will stay at Doug's house for a while.  Meanwhile, Poppy learns that Doug was having a night with the guys but after she decided not to go with him; she did and learns that Doug doesn't meet with his guys but a grief group of widows. A bit jealous, Poppy talks to Doug about it and she becomes part of the group.  Others: Miggy is now learning the meaning of a hard day at the office. When babysitting the kids, he gets them to do chorus for him with a point system that really worked. Rory helps Graham, who's been afraid of the fire accident, by pulling a Grey Gardens look that doesn't go well. Graham did ace his fear when helping Angie with the opossum. 
"Big Widow Wives" was a very good episode. I couldn't get enough of Angie and Will's friendship chemistry in this episode. Whether or not they get to be together in a relationship or keep being as friends, I'm okay with it. I thought that this was one of Brad Garrett's best episodes so far with strong character development and nice moving performance. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.
As Will gets the Gator soccer team ready for the short season, Poppy asked if Rory can play, even though he never played soccer. That is until he can kick the soccer ball like a pro. Will saw the opportunity that using him could take them to the championship but there's a cost; Rory is not nine but ten years old. 
After Poppy begs Will, he kept Rory on the team as the team goes all the way to the championship. That is until Poppy decides to take him out by telling everyone his real age. It left with a lovely moment between Poppy and Rory about hiding his age and ended up with a birthday party the next day. 
Doug is getting tired of Graham coming up to him like a dog. Angie tries to help by telling Graham to give Doug some space but instead tells him to be himself and let it be. But that just pushed Doug to a moment when he gave a hard talk about him not wanting to bond with him. As Angie heard that she gives Doug why Graham has been acting like that because he's wanting a male role model.
During Rory's birthday party, Doug helps Graham to learn how to tie a necktie. It was so moving that it got Angie eating more of Doug's Jag-snacks. 
"Sports" was a very funny episode. While the Rory, Poppy and Will story was probably the funniest story of the episode, the best happens to be between Graham, Doug, and Angie. That story between Angie, Graham, and Doug was so good and showed a lot of heart. And I couldn't get enough of Doug's JAG snack moments. I got to figure out snacks for my shows. Anyway, overall I give this episode an 8.5/10.
What did you think of these episodes? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!
You can catch Single Parents Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.
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haleyfury · 3 years
October was a month filled with so many (good) things and moments in my academic and personal life. That being said, my life was more busy and honestly hectic than it’s ever been before. October often marks midterm season in the college world, which meant a few papers and writing assignments on my end, including having to start drafting my first of two senior research papers. I know I haven’t been too specific about my senior project for my English major (honestly I’m still working out my subtopics and arguments even with my 15-20 page draft in the works), but I can reveal that I’m talking about Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give! I’ve luckily read a decent amount of contemporary literature in my English courses, but this is my first time studying YA.
Between also balancing my course-load alongside my jobs and social time (trying to make the most of my last year living with all of my best friends), my brain has been feeling fried and not exactly in the mood to read at the end of the day. Probably also not helping my reading life, I watched so many great new TV shows this month.
I really wish I was reading more, but I’m at the point where I have to dedicate my free time to the aforementioned things. However, I 100% admit that my senioritis is definitely kicking in and I’ve been finding myself drifting  to blogging and reading when I should probably be doing school work. I think it’s also because it’s almost (!!!) the end of the year and I’ve been working on my favorites, yearly wrap-up, and holiday-themed posts, but I’ve been so in the mood to read lately because of all the new books coming out still this year (I’m looking at you, The Toll and The Queen of Nothing.
The Chase by Elle Kennedy | 4/5 Stars
I was so excited to jump back into the Off-Campus world with The Chase. Although it’s not my favorite Elle Kennedy book, I loved having Fitz as one of the protagonists.
The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh | 4/5
The most Halloween-esque book that I read in October, I enjoyed The Beautiful for its atmospheric setting and for the fact that it broke my usual reading habits with its paranormal and mysterious story.
10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston (ARC) | 4/5
October marks Christmas season prep in the Fangirl Fury handbook, which further encouraged me to pick up 10 Blind Dates. 10 Blind Dates was a fun holiday mood read. I really enjoyed its family focus.
Full Disclosure by Camyrn Garrett (ARC) | 3/5
I appreciated that Full Disclosure took on a ton of important topics, as its main protagonist lives with HIV. While I appreciated its mature discussions surrounding sex and sexuality, I wasn’t a big fan of the writing style and plot.
Crier’s War by Nina Varela | 5/5
Hands-down my favorite book of the month, I absolutely loved Crier’s War for its unique world and fantastic character and story arcs.
The Politician S1 (Netflix)- Hands-down one of my favorite TV shows of the year, The Politician stole my heart in October. It’s such a quirky show and honestly feels like a blend of Ryan Murphy’s other shows (Glee, AHS, and American Crime Story). I freaking loved Ben Platt (which led me to also being addicted to his album, Sing to Me Instead this month) and the overall cast. The show luckily came out during my fall break, which meant that I was able to binge-watch all 8 episodes before heading back to school.
Insatiable S2 (Netflix)- My guilty pleasure show the month, Insatiable season 2 was definitely more dramatic and crazy, but somehow much more developed than the first season. This show is totally not the best, especially in light of all the controversy, but it is a fun watch for me personally.
Schitt’s Creek S1 (Netflix)- I started watching Schitt’s Creek over the summer, but I struggled getting into it. My best friend (and lets be honest, Twitter) encouraged me to get back into and I’m absolutely loving it. David is for sure my favorite character.
Modern Love (Prime)- Towards the end of October, I flip-flopped between watching Schitt’s Creek and Amazon’s new show based on the Modern Love column. My favorite episodes are “When the Doorman is Your Main Man” and “When Cupid Is a Prying Journalist.”
You’ve Got Mail- I 100% admit that I am still confused over the fact that English major and lifelong reader me did not watch You’ve Got Mail until 2019. IT’S A MOVIE ABOUT BOOKSTORE RIVALS!!! I absolutely love movies from the 80s and 90s, and You’ve Got Mail was no exception.
Isn’t It Romantic? – One of the funniest rom-coms I’ve seen lately, I absolutely loved the cast (Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, & Adam DeVine) and it made me laugh out loud so much.
NEW FAVORITE FROM FAVORITE AUTHOR: The Fountains of Silence Review
THOUGHTS, FEELS & RANTS: Wayward Son Review
FALL MOOD READ: Pumpkinheads Review
THE BOOK OF YOUR READER DREAMS: The Library of Lost Things Review
STAR-CROSSED SWOON: Twice in a Blue Moon Review
BEST NERDY ROMANCE: Comics Will Break Your Heart Review
A 2019 FAVORITE FANTASY: Crier’s War Review
Bookish Fun 
LIBRARY LOVIN’:The Library Loves Tag
Top Five Wednesday: Most Halloweenish Books on My TBR
My life happenings section always flips between monthly fangirl news or my IRL happenings, and today’s a mixture of both!
Lucy’s Deli on Sixth- I’m in the city twice a week for class this semester, so my friends and I try to do New York things on our lunch breaks and after class. I was on Twitter one weekend earlier in October and Jess from The Book Bratz shared a photo of a stuffed/felt avocado from a pop-up shop in Rockefeller Center, Lucy’s Delicatessen on 6th. This pop-up was set up like a grocery store and featured hand-sewn and felt food. My friend and I went on our lunch break that week and we had so much fun looking at ALL the cute things.
Fall-themed Saturday- I’m always wanting to do seasonal things, so I was really excited when my best friend and I decided to spend a Saturday afternoon at a local farm. We had a mini photo shoot (okay, it wasn’t that mini or spur-of-the-moment, I came prepared with my Canon) in a pumpkin patch and then we went apple-picking. This was my first time apple-picking and while its near the end of the season where I live, the orchard was really beautiful. I think all the apples I picked were honey crisp, which I used the next day to make an apple pie.
Fangirl Things
10 Things I Hate About Pinky Cover Reveal- The cover for Sandhya Menon’s second book of 2020, 10 Things I Hate About Pinky, is officially out in the world! I love how much it compliments her other books, and I’m just so excited for this one and Of Curses and Kisses.
10 Things I Hate About Pinky cover reveal Sandhya Menon Credit: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing
More details about Sarah J. Maas’ Crescent City– I haven’t been able to find Sarah J. Maas’ full panel on Crescent City from New York Comic Con ’19, but Kristin of SuperSpaceChick included a clip of the panel in her NYCC Haul. I highly recommend checking out Kristin’s entire video! Anyway, SJM revealed more about the plot than she has ever have before. In shot, picture the ACOTAR universe set 3,000 years in the future (yes that means cell phones and cars), every paranormal and mythological creature possible, a party and half-Fae girl who finds herself involved in a murder investigation, and true to SJM, steam/romance.
Let It Snow Trailer- I’m just generally excited for Netflix’s holiday movie line-up, but I feel like I’ve been waiting for the Let It Snow adaptation for forever! This book was one of the first YA books I’ve ever picked up and while I probably need a reread, I’m excited to see it on the screen come November 8th.
Ninth House/the Alex Stern series is being turned into a TV show- While much attention in the Leigh Bardugo TV-world has been on the Netflix Grishaverse adaptation, it was recently announced that Ninth House will be adapted into a TV show by Amazon, with Leigh attached as the writer and executive producer. Since Ninth House is officially my favorite Leigh Bardugo book, I am so looking forward to seeing this show come to life!
What did you read and watch in October? Share in the comments!
BOOKS, TV & FALL THINGS: October 2019 Wrap Up October was a month filled with so many (good) things and moments in my academic and personal life.
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