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somecutething · 18 days
What happens when you take a break at an animal rescue.
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tributary · 11 months
attention nyc area people!
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novaandmali · 4 months
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Pre-order your copy today - all profits will be going to 2 local animal rescue organizations 🐾 Available August 1 - 31!
You can get physical copies of the risograph printed zine, digital copies, AND STICKERS!!
Check it out here:
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that-is-who-you-are · 6 months
Kherson region.
People and animals being rescued for more than a day.
Fucking russians.
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An excellent list of organizations that can help Ukraine :
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fridaybear · 10 months
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Thinkin' about Friday and wishing every day could be Friday.
Be good to people. Make your weekend great.
- - - - - - - - "Moon Bear Portrait" by Eric Kilby is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.
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awkwardsonicphotos · 1 year
While I’m on the topic of hedgehog facts, The UK hedgehog is actually endangered or close to being endangered (about a 33% to 77% decline in certain areas.) and it is expected that they could go extinct in the next ten years. It’d be tragic for the UK to lose one of their most iconic and charming animals. So if you would like to help save some hedgie lives please consider donating to animal conservations in the UK they provide weak hedgehogs who won’t survive winter hibernation a warm place to stay and rescue them from life threatening injuries and illnesses and release them safely back into the wild.  Here are some good places you can donate to help the hedgehog and other animals! 
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jangelorum · 2 months
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A compilation of the funniest napkin looking cat, Wisp, from Rags to Riches Animal Rescue
Vectors are tricky but I liked figuring this one out!
Insta post @jangelorum
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machine-slays-dragons · 6 months
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Please consider donating if you care 🙏🏻❤️‍🩹
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vet-and-wild · 8 months
Unpopular opinion, but I cannot even begin to describe how much I hate the “Ralphie the jerk” saga. For those that don’t know, a shelter advertised a French bulldog with a known bite history and dubbed him “Ralphie the jerk” because he’s cute but has several known triggers. He was returned to the shelter after a failed adoption (or multiple) and the shelter was advertising looking for an experienced owner for him, and also that they were looking for donations to send this dog to a $6k or something board and train. So let me list all of the reasons why I hate this whole thing and why it’s not really a feel good story.
1. The plethora of adoption applications for this one dog with known behavioral issues and VERY specific needs, while thousands of other adoptable animals without issues (or minor issues) did not receive the same attention. French bulldogs are unfortunately now the most popular breed in the US; if you want to adopt one from a shelter, I guarantee you can find one more locally than this random shelter (that I think may have been in Canada anyway) who was advertising a dog with known behavior problems. Seriously, can we please stop with this “I’m so special and such a good person” attitude because you wanted to adopt a “famous” dog while ignoring every other adoptable not “famous” dog in or around your city?
2. The sheer number of people with no actual qualifications who claimed they could handle this dog because they had a “Frenchie with an attitude” at some point. Oh and also ignoring how the shelter specifically said this dog needs actual training and patience, and not just “fixing him with love”. And then claiming that he must have been abused, because that is the only possible explanation for a dog with behavior problems, of course. Pretty much every iteration of ItS HoW yOu RaIsE tHeM!
3. The number of people bashing the adopters that returned the dog. Good on these adopters for realizing that this dog was not a good fit for them and being responsible enough to return him to the shelter. Responsible rehoming is NOT a bad thing. Sometimes you honestly don’t know until the animal comes home, and that’s why reputable shelters have return policies in place! It sounds like they did genuinely try with this dog and the shelter wasn’t even the one bashing them in any way. It was just keyboard warriors choosing to blame the people who didn’t even give up the dog in the first place.
4. Adopting out a dog with a known bite history in the first place. Let’s be real; if this was a pit bull, GSD, or really anything other than a cute small dog, they probably wouldn’t have adopted him out at all. In the shelter’s defense, it does seem like they’ve been very transparent about his issues, but it is still so incredibly irresponsible to place a dog with so many known triggers into a pet home. Particularly now that they’ve dropped thousands of dollars on training and housing one animal, when there are probably dozens more in their care not receiving the same resources or attention. It sucks, but it is the bitter truth of animal rescue.
I doubt the shelter expected this kind of media attention from one dog, and I truly hope that it helps get them more resources and attention for their other animals. I just hate that people have latched onto certain aspects of this story as such a feel good thing, when it really kind of sucks. I hope that every person that commented on this story saying they would gladly give him a “furever” (ugh) home went out and donated to their local shelter and/or adopted a less desirable dog. Because if you’re so moved by the story of a dog hundreds or thousands of miles away and you truly feel that you have the time, space, and resources to house and train him, go get your ass to your local shelter and adopt one of those dogs that doesn’t have dozens of people throwing applications at them.
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plz-d13-g3ntly · 23 days
dont forget the innocent animals and wildlife of gaza. they’re dying and need help too and we should speak up more about them and help them and get aid to them.
all of the bombs and weapons are damaging the environment and nature a lot more aswell which also needs help.
permanent ceasefire now. free palestine. save the animals, the environment and the people. 🇵🇸
(pls reblog and boost to get the message out to more people bc this is extremely important /nf)
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indagold-orchid · 1 month
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Did some volunteer work with some buns. They are so sweet.
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wolfskulljack-art · 4 months
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I’ve donated a design to the hamster rescue where I got Buffy the Hampire slayer and all proceeds will go back into the rescue! Thankfully their humour is as unhinged as mine! There must be a hamster community here, yeah?? Any reblogging is appreciated
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Queen Elizabeth II
(21 April 1926 – 8 September 2022)
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her0isms · 4 months
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Vegas "Murder Worm" Valentine my Ball Python is jingle jangling his spurs as Courier Six from Fallout: New Vegas!
all proceeds from the purchases of this design (shirt or sticker) will be going to the North Texas Reptile Rescue!
link here: https://her0isms-creations.creator-spring.com/listing/courier-vegas
you can also enter NTRR for 15% off your order! (i will still receive the full profit for the purchase!)
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novaandmali · 4 months
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COMING SOON: Paw Prints - a charity riso zine created by our artist friends drawing their own pets!
Available Aug 1 noon EST-Aug 31. This risograph zine is 32 pages, 2 colors, and full of all sorts of critters!!
Proceeds donated to Capital Area Humane Society and Constellation Cat Cafe.
The zine is being formatted by the wonderful @renstrapp, and these sneak peeks are from @bevjohnsonart @rayleearts, Jessica Fong, Fires, and Shae.
Sales will take place on our website - http://novaandmali.com We'll have physical copies of the zine, digital only copies, and a sticker sheet of Mali's cat doodles! Shipping worldwide as usual except where USPS cannot ship according to their website.
[Image description: sneak peek from our riso zine with three cat drawings and two dog drawings.]
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star-gazed-girl · 3 months
Sound up*
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