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inspired by my own chopstick breaking in the middle of lunch.
(Part 1) (Part 2) (I promise the previous and next few will have more memes)
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more blue lock text posts for @yaakultt and her only! 馃槫 I think this is my finest work yet. (part 1) (part 2) (part 4) (part 5)
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i love your lilbro!nagi fics sm!!鈾 and the nagi's older sis!reader having a enemies to lovers with itoshi sae would be just馃馃き馃構馃槞馃槡鈽猴笍鈽猴笍 it makes me twirl my hair and giggle like a highschool girl in love so馃馃馃馃 maybe a small fic, if it is not a bother? have good day feel free to ignore xx
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pairing: itoshi sae x fem!reader
warning: manga spoilers, cussing, reader is nagi's older sister ( i love you guys for doing these hehe ), reader is also a pro athlete. timeline where the blue lock project already ended (multiple timeline also), 3 years older than sae. mentioned other chars. english is not my first language...
note: idk what the hell is this plot. idk much about sports (im srs, im not a sport person. i throw balls that didn't even reach the person im targeting) i love sae he's sec fave to me (chigiri is on top), i personally don't see nagi having a relationship with someone. i liked the idea of him having a siblings and you guys really loved my older sister nagi reader 馃き (i like it too). happy 200 followers!!!
Tumblr media
your first meet with itoshi sae was when he went to picked a striker for the u-20 vs blue lock match. you were one of the people that helped with the blue lock project, despite your precious little brother being there. you didn't revealed to your brother that you were one of the people. you were always behind the scenes. what you meant is, you were one of the people for the wild card. itoshi sae locked eyes with you for a moment but the male completely ignored your existence.
you were a bit offended but that's that, too think he would choose that shidou guy. literally what's in that goddamn mind of that midfielder. "[name], i never expected for your brother to developed quickly." you glanced at anri, crossing your arms. "looks like he found his dream." with a gentle smile, you looked at the screen that displayed your brother.
something that i could never had. a dream.
on the day of the match, you didn't even tried to hide your identity. despite being a famous athlete with many rewards received. oh, what a luck 鈥 you coincidentally met itoshi sae while on the way to the blue lock locker's room. "we have met before, right?" monotone voice. he had always have that type of voice. to think he still remembered you from that time when you two were still a child. it was only one time though, when you guys met as kids.
"nii-chan, the ice cream im looking for isn't here..."
"are you looking for this?" child you met itoshi sae and his younger brother at a convenience store. the teal eyes of the younger brother looked at you and the ice cream back to back, feeling awkward by it, you just gave the ice cream to the younger brother. you saw how his eyes lit up and for some reason it warmth your heart seeing the younger boy happy 鈥 maybe because it reminded you of your own little brother...
"you should thank her, rin."
"it's okay. i don't mind."
"thank you, nee-chan!"
ah. how cute. you definitely won't forget these two siblings that you coincidentally met. one had a clean hairstyle while the other have a messy and horrible hairstyles (you know who you are). what an interesting pair. you waved to them goodbye and after that you never met them again.
"i never thought you will remembered me after all these years."
"i was just guessing."
"if you'll excuse me, i have somewhere to go.."
sae suddenly tug on the sleeve of your blouse and he looked at you with an unreadable expression. "you're coming to watch for who?" why is he asking you this? it's not like you guys were close or anything. tbh, ppl who tug or touch you and not to mention if they're a stranger, you will definitely get annoyed by them. "i came for blue lock... itoshi." he let go off your sleeve after he hears the irritated voice you have even though you were smiling. itoshi sae weren't really stupid in this kinds of stuff.
you waved him goodbye just like last time...
seeing your precious little brother you rush up to him and hug him. nagi wasn't expecting a hug to come so basically the two of you fell, with nagi being the pillow. "ouch." nagi groaned, the blue lock players didn't expect someone to come (other than anri and ego) and suddenly hugged nagi. wait a minute.
the person who just hugged nagi seishiro seems familiar...
"isn't that [stage name]? the famous female badminton player." hiori spoke up among them.
wait what.
a shocked gasps could be heard around the room, some are uninterested and some are flabbergasted how nagi could know someone so famous. reo watched the scene and didn't expected this either, he also didn't know that you would come to the match since he didn't even contact you (nagi also didn't).
the female was patting nagi's head also! some were jealous of nagi because a famous and a beautiful woman is doing that to him. just what are their relationship?
"sei, do your best on the match, okay? nee-san will be watching you."
WHAT. [stage name] is nagi's older sister. jaw dropped, mouth open.
"bye bye!"
just as you got out of the room, everyone looked at nagi. nagi being nagi, he made a confused face with his signature :x face. reo took the honor of explaining that, yes; indeed you were nagi's sibling. the fact that you having a siblings wasn't mentioned at all on the internet and suddenly you were revealed as nagi's older sister to them was shocking enough. no one knew of this information, i mean even your name isn't your real name.
Tumblr media
in another country...
the blue lock project ended, you have nothing to do with it now. your little brother become a pro soccer player and the fact of you being his older sister went viral on every platform 鈥 'the number one female badminton player in the world is nagi seishiro's older sister!? how long have she kept this from us?" you scrolled the comments on twitter about the post and had a laugh with it since some of the replies were just ridiculous.
'holy shit what... my bae [stage name] have a little brother?!? how could i have not known this.'
'is this a family full off prodigy? they should show us their parents too!' that's probably never gonna happen, you thought.
'ZOO WEE MAMA, BOTH OF THEM ARE FABULOUS JUST LIKE THE ITOSHI BROTHERS!!!' oh? interesting. being compared to those two brothers.
'[stage name] future's partner are gonna be so lucky...' your future partner, you don't think that you could find one tbh. maybe if you quit being this exhausting pro athlete, you would find one.
itoshi sae?
ah, no.
it's an interview request and the other people that you would work with is itoshi sae...
you immediately accepted it, the reason for it was simple. you were bored and maybe having itoshi sae, the man who is very rude to interviewer and working with him on this interview might be interesting. you just wanted to find some fun in your life.
everything was ready for the interview, your clothes, makeup, mic on and everything. they said that you and itoshi sae will be answering questions with a lie detector on. it was a good idea. you want to see the face on itoshi sae change, even in the slightest, you would be happy with it. you greeted the staff with a smile while itoshi sae is beside you being quiet.
"let's get this over with." sae murmured with a slight annoyance voice. averting your gave from him, you look at the set-up for the interview. a seat across from each other with a table in the middle 鈥 on the table, there's the device called the lie detector (made from the mikage corporation, this is the real deal). you two sat across from each other with hands already set in the lie detector.
"ready? action!"
let's just escape the greetings and move to the questions...
"itoshi sae, what's your first impression of [stage name]. you two may have met, right? on the u-20 japan soccer team vs blue lock!"
"i didn't really talk to her but one thing about her is fake smile."
"why is that?"
"just a feeling."
this guy... is really only good at soccer. he really can't make something up, huh? was my smile really fake that time? blunt much. i can't show my annoyance to it, i just have to act like i always do.
the lie detector make a sound of approvement 鈥 indicating he was telling the truth. you just hoped that after this interview it wouldn't go wrong on the internet. you hated how he knows that you're faking it, you have always been good at lying, everything. without the presence of your parents, you became independent on you own and the aunties around your neighborhood always have something to say about your parents or your little brother. you hated it. you hated how they gave backhanded compliments to you 鈥 saying that you are a good girl and maybe you should become their daughters instead of your parent.
"[name], you should stop trying too hard. get some rest."
"will they come?"
i just wanted my parent attention, that's all. i mean, i have been dedicating my life on nagi. i just want some attention 鈥 i don't want attention from my friends but my parent. that's all i ask for, maybe if they did give me attention one day. maybe i can quit being the 'prodigy'. im tired, i don't find anything fun anymore. i have lost that feeling ever since i started doing sports.
"[stage name], what about you? what's your first impression of itoshi sae."
"he's really blunt, straightforward, very serious. personality like him would never find a girlfriend."
itoshi sae finally talked to you. you could definitely feel the annoyance radiating off him after you said that. the staff sweats at the both of you and yet you still kept a smile on even after saying that. you could go cancelled for this or be praised 鈥 it looks like the lie detector didn't sense a lie from you and make a ding sound. he frowned at you and you averted your eyes from him, looking around the room.
"this is a question for you both. if you were to live in a fantasy world with monsters. will you guys worked with eachother."
the fact that the both of you replied at the same time. twitter gonna have so much fun with this interview when it comes out... and luckily the two of you didn't get that electric shock. you sigh at the awkward silence after that and wished this interview will end.
"do you like soccer, [stage name]? considering your little brother is also a soccer player like itoshi sae."
"just to not get shock by the lie detector... i don't really liked soccer. i don't mind it but i probably have some memories with it that i don't want to remembered."
'no shock...' sae thought, he was actually glad that you didn't say anything bad about soccer. you and him already have a problem with each other tho.
time flies fast and finally the interview ended. you stretched your arms as it were a little sore. you prepared yourself to leave the building but you wanted to do one last thing before you go. "itoshi, it was nice working with you." sae felt like that was backhanded. your voice didn't sound convincing enough that he was a pleasant to work with at all. it was sarcastic even.
"i don't want to work with you again."
"you'll be seeing me a lot more."
why are you ain't even bothered with sae. even when he said that. "btw, you should probably reconcile with your brother. it won't do you any good." you added before leaving him alone. reconcile with rin? how is sae gonna do that, if he doesn't even have any communication skills (the two brothers suck at socializing but sae is still better at that). anything that comes out of your mouth is just nonsense (in denial).
what the hell.
how did sae meet you again, at his practice too? you waved at him when you two locked eyes and he glared at you for your friendliness towards him. he was too focused on his thoughts that he didn't even noticed you are already beside him. sae's leg was stepping on the soccer ball, you looked at it and stole it from him (using your legs ofc). sae was startled from the sudden feeling of the ball's absence and he saw you running away with the ball.
sae wanted to open his mouth and said something but went against it. he chased after you to get the ball back from you. luckily, there was no one there to witness the two of you 鈥 it will become an embarrassing moments for you and him. "you probably have only played soccer once?" sae did managed to catch up with you and you stuck out your tongue at him 鈥 you dribbled past him. "you're going easy on me, right? well, don't do it. go all out."
that definitely lit a spark inside sae. you? a badminton player challenging him? he maybe is underestimating you, but that didn't mattered at this point. he will show you, how good he is. while you were basically fighting for the ball, you two were exchanging remarks and sae was glad you could handle his cruel remarks.
it felt like rivalry at this point. you two weren't even in the same sports...
"stop disappointing me, itoshi."
"shut your damn mouth."
"my parents will cry if they heard that from you."
you were definitely a genius 鈥 he won't denied it anymore, you managed to score two goals against him. you said that you only watched clips. "yk itoshi, maybe if we're friends.. i will tell you my secrets." it felt like you were mocking him. it felt like the time he was in spain, the feeling when he was..
'he's not saying anything.' you looked at him and stopped your movements. he also stopped 鈥 he is definitely giving you a death stare now. is he gonna devour you? probably not.
"we should stop."
sae is definitely closer to you now 鈥 despite having a tall figure for a woman, sae was still taller than you and he was practically kinda trying to assert dominance (in your perspective). this is his weakness, and you found it.
"atleast, i don't sleep 5 hours a day."
ah, he was only going to say that.
"are you stalking me? i didn't know the itoshi sae is a stalker!"
"im not."
in the end, he's still not good enough. he knew he lose to you and you were still smiling like a crazy person to him. he feels a nudged and saw a water bottle up his face, you gave it to him. you didn't say anything to him and just quietly sipped your water bottle without even looking at him. sae was a different story, he keep on side glances to his side 鈥 which is you. you had an unreadable expression, your eyes weren't shining, it never was, even when you were playing soccer with him minutes ago. you were smiling but your eyes isn't.
is he the first one to noticed this side of you?
things happened between you two. some people thought you were rival. some people shipped you two, which is funny. some people just found you two as a funny duo. the social medias actually went crazy when the interview video came out. not expecting a duo like you two to came up. they also thought that itoshi sae would actually rejected the offer since you know...
they had a blast with it.
'sae was side eyeing [stage name], fr.'
'me personally wouldn't let that slide if someone said that im faking a smile.'
'say thank you to this show for letting us see this unexpected duo!!'
'have you guys ever thought what's [stage name] real name is? i mean we know that her surname is nagi, then what's her first name?'
'if she doesn't want to reveal it, it's her choice.'
'who cares.'
'lmao, she already stated that her name is a secret she doesn't want to reveal.'
Tumblr media
your relationship with sae developed more over the years. you could probably see some edits of them at tik tok from time to time as a duo they said. his cold remarks make you wanna slap him but you would get cancel for that. you had some photoshoot with him. surprisingly he was ACTUALLY a pleasant to work with. you pity the interviewer who had to face his cold behavior in the past 鈥 but you still slightly dislike itoshi sae.
eating a pavlova at a cute cafe that you find aesthetically pleasing to the eyes while you were taking a walk. you were just scrolling on your phone, texting your little brother if he's doing good there. tbh, you missed taking care of nagi. even if your childhood was basically forced to be taken away from you the moment nagi was born. itoshi sae and his brother had a strained relationship based on your observations, you wouldn't know much about it since both of them are private of their life and doesn't revealed it to the public (just the same as you). you could see it that sae still cared for his brother since rin would do anything to avoid him but sae is making a slight effort at talking to him.
they would never reconcile at this point. it's pointless if they're sitting around without taking action 鈥 but fortunately you're not one to get involved into family matters.
oh how lucky it is that this party is called the 'blue lock reunion' 鈥 is your secret of being involved with the blue lock project gonna be revealed? only one good thing is that you get to see your brother. "you actually did come, [stage name]." anri was the first one to greet you and you greeted back to her. she said that ego is also in the party well technically she forced him too. you had some things to catch up with her and soon enough you leave the conversation and just basically roam around the party. you looked at your surroundings on how the former blue lock players were so happy. they admitted that they actually missed ego and anri. "nee-san? what are you doing here." i guess it's time for you to come clean...
"ahaha... i was one of the staff.."
"you were in japan all along when i was in blue lock?"
you hummed and didn't say anything yet until you were pulled into a hug by you own brother. you felt like crying because this is the first time nagi actually hugged you since it was always you giving the affection. maybe, nagi was homesick... you patted his back and laugh it off. why is your little brother taller than you so much?
"thank you, nee-san. for taking care of me all these years."
why is he thanking you? it was your responsibility to take care of him 鈥 but, it's nice to see nagi matured now.
"sei, you've matured."
this was such a scene to cry on for nagi's friend. the hug only lasted for 5 minutes (nagi wanted more minutes but you said you were tired of tip toeing to him). the fact that nagi was talking alot, only to you tho. like he was basically telling you everything that happened to catch up with you. in a corner, there was basically someone who was staring at you two, probably thinking if that could be him and his brother one day. like the old days. basically you were looking at nagi in a loving manner, like a mother does.
at this point, your social battery went out. you feel like the party has gone for too long. it was exhausting you. a matter of fact, you just wanna lay in bed right now but that didn't work as there was a familiar face walking towards you. you guess it, it's itoshi rin. the younger brother of itoshi sae. if you mentioned sae right now, rin might just turned away from you or looked at you with disgust because you said that man's name.
"[stage name], are you dating him?"
you felt like your soul was coming out of body. visibly shocked that rin would ask you that. you thought he was just gonna say something and immediately left after that. is he thinking that his brother is dating you?
"im not dating anyone though..." you stated and rin looked at you suspiciously.
basically that was the first interaction you had with itoshi rin. both of them are really similar in personalities. itoshi sae would kill you if he heard that. you decided that you are gonna leave the party so you searched for anri to informed her, you were going to left but she was nowhere to be found so you only told your brother and left. you wanted to have some time alone. you rode your motorcycle in the middle of the night like you used to do when you were in highschool. your usual stop is a beach and god decided to give you a surprise.
itoshi sae was at the beach gazing at the sea. you doubt that he didn't heard the motorcycle sounds, he's probably here for the same reason as you. the light from the moon shone against the sea wave creating a beautiful scenery for you and him. he didn't looked back to see the person who decided to disturb his peace at the beach.
"didn't know you could ride a motorcycle, [stage name]." ah, he knew it was you and yet he still didn't bothered to look at you. his voice was slightly off from the tone of voice you used to hear from him.
"everyone have their own melancholy time. right, itoshi?"
you always came here to gathered your thoughts when you were in highschool.
"you're the worst for not giving me an alone time."
"don't be like that, itoshi. i have always come to this place when i was a teenager."
"then share this place with me. bring me with you whenever you want to go to this place."
"is this your way of saying 'i love you' to me?"
he's not denying it. is he being serious? this is the first time someone confesses to you like this. it was always with the straightforward i like you and those typical cheesy lines that you could see in a romance drama. for the first time, sae turned his back from you.
"you're not smiling."
"do you want me to smile all the time?"
"i don't care if you're not smiling but... i want you to smile with your eyes once."
you slightly widen your eyes at what sae said. did he saw your expression just now? what's with this guy always understanding you. he reminds you of someone, someone you left long ago. your lips turned into a thin line before you spoke again.
"sure, i will bring you to this place whenever i want too."
the winds from the beach make your silky hair to be swayed from it. you looked beautiful to him. is this the end of your rivalry with him? yup, definitely. the start of a new relationship with you. maybe you will smile with your eyes for him now.
"itoshi, have you played with the water here?"
"you want me to call you that?"
"didn't know you like older woman."
"and i didn't know you like a younger man from you."
a few weeks after you guys became lover, you guys relationship was publicly announced by an acc that keep track of what's happening in the soccer community. some people did believed it untill the two of you released a statement. you two qrt the post.
'yes, i am dating the world famous badminton female player. stop saying it's fake news under the post.'
'yeah, i am dating the itoshi sae. lol.'
the relationship between you two shocked the world and especially the former blue lock players. your brother cannot believe it but he also release a tweet. the fans thought that this was a funny moments now they are only waiting for the other itoshi to release a tweet too to captured this moment.
'lmao, i also didn't know my sister was dating someone.'
'now i wanna know what does the other one thinks.'
'that's crazy bro...'
'we need update about their relationship and how it happened.'
your pet cat was purring at your lap. the cat already ate, and it was probably feeling playful. your cat was a british shorthair breed. what's the cat name? lokhi. loki but with a h. you just wanted the cat to fit choki, you brother's cactus. it you who gifted it to him. you found it funny how now you're dating itoshi sae. you've never dated anyone in your life neither have you liked someone too. do you love sae? yes. he was one of the people that understand you and you have no doubt that sae haven't dated someone either. so you two basically were a rookie at dating but things worked out!
you two have a tight schedule and fortunately after the big revealed you two are dating, alot of shows are begging for you two to come to do the interview but you didn't wanted that. you only took the photoshoot offer with sae. you especially liked the time when you two photoshoot for dior. it was the little moments that you loved.
intentionally brushing your hands at sae's hand and he looked at you, confused 鈥 you're just making an innocent face at him. it's funny really how you two are still trending on twitter. people are still freaking out by this and you kinda felt bad for rin when the day you got together with sae was the day rin asked is the two of you dating. you just hoped that whenever sae get back to japan to visit his parent, rin wouldn't say anything.
two years in the relationship and you smiled with your eyes for the first time on the 1st anniversary. you were happy that sae stayed with you, giving you the attention. the unconditional love you never had from your parents. he knew you loved cinnamoroll, so he gave you a bouquet of it. your parents knew of you two relationship. sae's parent response was positive but for your parent... i mean they were traveling around the world, who cares about their opinion.
you never thought that he would be your first love and lover. you hope that he was the groom to your bride. oh, not to mentioned you met his parent formally and his brother too.. ofc. you managed to make rin like you and reconcile their strained relationship and yet you still see them not talking to each other from time to time. you doted on rin because it feels like you were taking care of nagi. sae didn't said anything about doting on his little brother, he appreciates it since it feels like the first time the brothers met you.
you liked ice cream. they do too.
sae become more affectionate with you now since it was always you gotta peck him on the lips. you definitely want to marry this guy and he want to marry you too.
Tumblr media
note: done. this thing is more than 1k, im sure of it. WAJJH IM FINALLY FREEEE.. i don't really think this is enemy to lover so I'm really sorry for this like umm weird shit idk lah... have fun.
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holy shit someone tell me to stop doing these instead of working
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blue lock stuffz but its mostly otoya and karasu
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bllk characters as shirts that go hard because i can
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Ego Jinpachi: Who is he?
no really, who is he?
As usual, manga spoilers ahead!
[edit: this was posted before chapter 204]
All we know about this man is
He was hired by Anri Teieri "create Japan's No.1 striker" out of the 300 boys in Blue Lock, and that's all that his contract consists of.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The JFA clearly does not approve of his methods and wants him to fail.
Tumblr media
The above point probably has something to do with what he said about him being "banned from the world of football" if they fail. What he said has been bothering me like an itch tbh.
Tumblr media
He even reiterated his point and said that he will "vanish", as if it was so simple. How will he do it? Why is he so willing to do it? Does he really trust in his intellect so much that he is willing to bet his future on it?
Tumblr media
Again, relating to the above point, Ego clearly cares for Japan's football (a point which, I think, is often overlooked. Or just not spoken about much).
This next line is interesting. It implies that he had dietary restrictions at some point in his life, which I previously assumed meant that he was a professional football player too, then realised that it doesn't make sense. If he were a professional football player too at least one boy out of the 300 would have recognised him, right?
Tumblr media
Anri Teieri trusts him enough to go along with his whims (why???)
Tumblr media
Also, he must have had done Something in the past to catch Anri's attention, for her to trust him enough with the funds from the JFA, and to vouch for him against the reporters and JFA heads.
Tumblr media
I sincerely hope that Kaneshiro sensei gives us at least some of his backstory in the future, because literally all we know about Ego is that he likes his ramen.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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鈱 blue lock - volume covers 17-21.
like or reblog if you save use.
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Blue Lock x Tobu Zoo (HD Key Visual & Chibis)
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Oliver Aiku 幞
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blue lock simp memes: spotify wrapped edition. come get your faves!! 馃槤
inspo post by @/inoverdosedite
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Ego: I am Jinpachi Ego, and these are the boys!
Soccer fan: Is that girl a boy too?
Ego: Yes.
Anri: *flips him off*
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Chigiri: Ever since SZA released SOS, Reo said he relates to it on a spiritual level and now-
Reo: 馃幍Get a rise out of watching you fall. Get a kick out of missing your calls. I hate me enough for the two of us-馃幍
Chigiri: He learned how to use the electric guitar which he stole from Ego's office.
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OTHER blue lock characters as sanrio characters
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hiori as tuxedo sam..look at him so polite
Tumblr media Tumblr media
karasu as badtz maru.. "oh but barou is" dont care didnt ask look at them theyre identical
Tumblr media Tumblr media
anri as agretsuko.. we luv women
Tumblr media Tumblr media
gagamaru as chococat... look at him
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would you look at that, bllk fears
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