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bonkai4ever94 · 2 days
I never understand why kai always gets compared to lizzie and Josie other then them being siphoners and sharing blood they have nothing in common with the man
They didn't grow up in a coven filled with manipulation abuse and pressure to merge and kill their own sibling
Nor was they isolated away from their siblings out of hatred for having the ability to siphon
The Gemini coven had at least a century of hatred and lack of understanding of the ability to siphon their hatred was mentioned throughout kai arc and the heretics after
Kai has a mental illness that isn't comparable to lizzie because his was developed by years of Psychological abuse and possibly magical abuse because how else does anyone think Joshua probably Enforced the lack of touching throughout kai childhood and I imagine whenever kai was tempted he was Severely punished in some way shape or form I wish we got more in depth details about kai life before the vampire diaries there is so many unanswered questions about him and the Gemini coven and the Bennetts connection with them there was alot of wasted potential that will never be Rectified unfortunately
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hyperactivewhore · 2 months
I'm sorry but the only reason klaroline ever got so much popularity and their huge fan base was because the fans used Caroline as a self insert: she's the stereotype of a teenager girl, a gorgeous blonde vampire who's insecure and is always put second aka what every teen has been in one point of their lives.
That's why other Klaus’s ships, such as klayley, klamille, klaurora and especially klonnie, didn't get the hype and love klaroline did. These women were all adults or young adults when they were introduced (except Bonnie of course) and the people didn't like them at all at first. I mean, the hatred towards Camille, Hayley and Aurora when The Originals was streaming was crazy and this has reduced a little, but still remains.
I'm aware that even if klaroline hadn't happened, klonnie wouldn't have gotten half the support that Klaus and Caroline have. Of course it wouldn't, why would they care about a poc romance? Bonnie wasn't ignored only by the show itself, but by the fans and this shows. I mean, even klena (Klaus x Elena) gets more love than them and while I don't hate this pairing, it just proves that writers will never put their favorite white person with a black woman.
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wearesociety · 11 months
Tumblr media
Kat said what she said and I completely agree.
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blckthrns · 9 months
how do you have esther (a villain, who's supposed to be in the wrong) say that elijah hurts every woman he loves and instead of proving her wrong you make elijah responsible for hayley's death???
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bennettmaximoff · 1 month
Damon was incredibly protective and loving of Bonnie and ended up being her soulmate in the books, and the tvd writers thought “Hm, let’s make him a complete asshole to her throughout the entire show and hurt her at every given opportunity.” They took one look at how Stefan and Bonnie’s friendship was progressing throughout S1-S2 and decided to completely retcon it and started having him disregard her the same way everyone else did. You see, none of the main male characters were allowed to have actual meaningful connections with her because god forbid Bonnie be considered a potential love interest for them and not their self inserts. Damon can’t even tell Bonnie he loves her without them making sure to include “The same way Elena loved you.”
It’s the same reason why they didn’t have Bonnie attend the Mikaelson ball even though her being there made more sense than Matt or Caroline attending since the literal hostess was going to be siphoning her bloodline’s magic. She couldn’t be seen dressed up in a pretty gown like the other girls and dance with any of the male characters because again, god forbid Bonnie be held in the same regard as the other girls and ever thought of as a potential love interest for anyone besides throw away characters. It’s the same with Bonnie not interacting with any of the Mikaelson’s outside of her protecting the MFG from them. There are numerous connections between the Mikaelson’s and the Bennetts. Ayana Bennett was Esther’s mentor and seemed to be incredibly close to all her children. Abby desiccated Mikael, Esther wanted to use the Bennett Bloodline. Yet, not once are these connections explored. These could have potentially been some of the best storylines in the show, but that would have required the writers to not be prejudice and have biases towards certain characters.
But all this begs the question…if you’re going to make a character black or a poc so you can meet the diversity requirements, yet still neglect their character and use them as nothing but a shield to your white characters, then what is the point? Because I have no doubt that if they kept Bonnie’s race the same, she would have gotten the same opportunities as the other girls and wouldn’t be seen as just a mule. She would have still been poorly written, not debating that, but she would have been treated entirely differently by the writers and the fans.
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klonnieshippersclub · 25 days
Hi Rikki. If Bonnie doesn't like vampires and Klaus doesn't like witches in canon, how do they make sense as a couple?
Long post warning: I think it's important to note that Bonnie doesn't hate vampires and never has. She hates the bloodshed and violation of humanity that comes with vampires. If anything, Bonnie does hate killers. When she meets Kai and finds out he murdered his family, she immediately has a problem with him.
Bonnie’s entire arc was not about hating vampires. Now why is this change ignored by the fandom? Well, who knows. Bonnie has never outright attacked any vampire simply for being one. Just those who were causing harm to her friends or have hurt her directly. Fans don’t try to acknowledge Bonnie and write her off as a vampire hater for 8 seasons. When Bonnie accepted vampirism from ALL her friends. She places their own emotional-needs and wellbeing before her own but that isn’t enough for fans. Bonnie’s emotions are defined as irritating and judgmental when the entire show is about humanizing vampires.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bonnie doesn't have the luxury like Caroline and Elena to flirt with murderous vampires. Until the very end of the show in season 7 with Enzo at that time Bonnie she claims Damon is her bestfriend. That’s before Elena and Caroline. There’s issues there as well but I won’t get into that. Yet even with the hypothetical thought of Bamon there’s still this continuous negativity directed on Bonnie’s end. Julie insulted Elena just to prove a point. The Bamon Ban existed and it was real. It may have applied to Bamon but with the writer being so vocal about their dislike for Bonnie it meshed with all Bonnie ships.
Tumblr media
Klaus hated what his mother did to him and his siblings. He hated his mother for binding his wolf side. The blame for those actions has been to his parents only. There was a never a moment in canon where Klaus blamed anyone else but his parents for what happened to him and his siblings. Bonnie is a witch just like Esther, but why would Klaus hold her accountable for something she did not do. Bonnie wasn’t even alive when Esther did that! It’s ridiculous take to think Klaus would blame Bonnie for his trauma and would not like her because she’s a witch like his mother. Bonnie is NOT Klaus mother and has never been in a maternal position to Klaus. Notice this claim and outright refusal doesn’t exist when people discuss Stefan and Klaus friendship. Stefan wanted revenge for what Klaus had done and they’re still well liked. Caroline can celebrate Klaus death in season 3 and fuck him in season 5 they’re one of the most popular ships. No questions on either of these but it’s Bonnie that people have such a huge issue getting over when it comes to Klonnie shipping. For a ship that is so small and limited in canon there’s always a fan commenting on how “disgusting” and “illogical” the ship is.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Klaus had allies in witches like Gloria, Greta, Genevieve and Maddox. He’s had sex with both Greta and Genevieve who are witches like his mother. Freya is a witch, Hope is a witch. Klaus did not wake up everyday blaming and hating these other women for the actions of his parents. So I must ask again, why would he turn to Bonnie and hate her simply for being a witch? Doesn’t make sense to me. In 2x17 Isobel and Katherine discuss Klaus and witches. Klaus was abandoned by Ansel he still slept with werewolves like Hayley or Lana.
Tumblr media
The fandom places rules and regulations on Bonnie because the writers did. I’ve given enough evidence to prove that Klaus would be willing to date anyone despite his parental trauma, as would Bonnie if she is given the affection and chance too. The problem will forever rely in the writers and the fans who continue to push these narratives. A ship so little like Klonnie shouldn’t have many fans arguing about how disgusting and gross it is. Why is shipping Bonnie with Klaus (or any non-canon character) disgusting but none of the canon white centered relationships get this type of reaction. Finally, if the series kept up with Klaus taste in witches the only woman who matches the woman Klaus was intimate with at that time would be Bonnie.
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bennett-mikealson · 2 months
I said this already to someone’s post on the TVD Reddit but I wanna speak on it again since “the Bonnie Stan’s make everything about race”debacle continues to come around.
The writers and TVD Stan’s one who originally made things about race in regard to Bonnie. They ostracized and disrespected Bonnie Stans/Kat throughout the entirety of the shows running (which went on for 8+ years). So when Bonnie Stans now have an inherent belief that it is possible for someone’s dislike for Bonnie to be rooted in racism don’t blame it on Bonnie Stan’s blame it on the writers and the fans who continuously, harassed and mistreated Kat/Bonnie bc the racist belief wouldn’t be pushed upon people who disliked Bonnie had the fans, and the writers not been acting the way that they were to begin with. 
Bonnie’s mistreatment will always be rooted in racism whether you wanna believe it or not and if you have a problem with Bonnie Stan’s bringing it up then maybe you need some reevaluating to do within yourself or simply ignore Bonnie Stan’s.
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cancerian-woman · 3 months
I’m in a petty mood so :P
if Bonnie wasn’t the most disrespected character of tvd then maybe…idk there wouldn’t be videos, books, articles online that has to thoroughly explain this topic repeatedly with detailed evidence. Then you fans that claim Bonnie didn’t suffer the way other characters did or it wasn’t as bad only have that argument because you let your hatred for Bonnie cloud anything else. Pull up a video that explains how badly Caroline and Elena was treated that lines up with Bonnie’s. Like I said before NOBODY has ever said Elena and Caroline didn’t struggle that would be false but their struggles will never align with how the MAIN black woman was treated for 8 years.
Yall be upset over characters like Katherine, Vicki, Caroline, Elena etc etc. when Julie never went on Twitter tangents about her disdain for that character or actress , never bashed or nitpicked at those fanbases. Caroline Dries never intentionally talked over Candice, or Nina in interviews because they had ideas. Candice was so loudly loved that not only was her character placed with nearly every male, but they written in her pregnancy for Caroline connecting her to 2 more shows. Nina got to do more scenes as Katherine.
There’s plenty of other things but Kat could give yall losers a PowerPoint presentation detailing about how she was sidelined from Bonnie’s sexuality, repeatedly making remarks about how often Bonnie’s sacrificed and gets nothing, the relationships, and even her wardrobe. On top of continuously mentioning how she felt like they didn’t want her there. She’s even said directly she thinks there wouldn’t have been problems had she been white. I mean look at the white witches… The series will never let us forget how beautiful they found the other women yet NEVER gave Bonnie those compliments and moments to just be beautiful in a gown. Mystic Falls had a dance every damn moment yet how many of those was Bonnie enjoying herself? She couldn’t even win prom queen without that being taken from her. “She’s always had good friends…” what? The friends that didn’t notice she was dead for months and only wanted her back because they needed her magic? The friends that don’t check up on her at all period until they want her magic? “Her family loves her” oh you mean the Grams they referred to as an alcoholic in s1? The father who worked soo much but clearly never wanted to stay. You mean Abby the woman that loved Elena and herself more than she loved Bonnie? Wait, no no you mean Lucy the woman who said she’d see Bonnie again and dies offscreen? Or all of the lovely WOC we never get to see…
Yall really be talking out your ass. The fans that claim “people make it so hard to love all three!” because of these metas ONLY have these issues when Bonnie fans want to speak and cater towards Bonnie first. Dont follow Bonnie fans if you’re going to get mad everytime they speak about Bonnie. I don’t fucking get that at all. WHY go out your way to follow someone and you know you don’t want to read anything they have to say. Not smart but whatever.
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lady-corrine · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Comparative between book Bonnie and show Bonnie
*quotes from Ebony Elizabeth Thomas - "The Dark Fantastic"
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Basically the MF gang… a group full of idiotic hypocrites.
1. Damon-Raped and compelled Andi and Caroline. Killed Lexi and Mason. Kills people in a fit of rage when he’s rejected by the doppelgängers, but he tells Klaus to be bad with purpose. Boy, fuck you. You’re the biggest incel/man child in the show.
2. Stefan-Rips people’s head off and when he can’t handle the guilt, he turns it off. Sniffs bunnies for sport. Hides behind his morals, but still played a part in Kol’s death because of his inability to let Elena go and move on. 🙄 Bitch.
3. Jeremy-Also known as useless Gilbert, staked Kol with the white oak stake. Murdered thousands of vampires he didn’t know for his sister. Got his karma with Silas. Should have never been revived.
4. Elena-Also played a part in Kol’s death. Murdered Kol because of her inability to handle being a vampire when she had so much support from her friends and boyfriend. Kol was telling the truth about Silas and if she had a brain she’d actually sit down and take into consideration what he had to say.
5. Matt-Constantly complains like a pussy about how vampires ruin everything yet nobody forces him to stay into Depressing Falls. Says he despises vampire, but he continues to sleep with an Original Vampire.
6. Caroline-Slutshames Queen Rebekah, and every other female on the show when she isn’t getting attention from the men. Calls Rebekah easy and attention seeking, but fails to look back on who she was as a human. Killed twelve witches, cops, snaps Luke’s neck but claims that she’s a good vampire and that Klaus has done horrible things like she hasn’t done horrible things her damn self. 🖕
7. Tyler-Tried to rape Vicky, treated Vicky like dirt when they were in a relationship. Attempted to kill an unborn child because of some bullshit ass vision about Klaus using his own child’s blood to sire more hybrids which turned out to not be true. So, he was basically about to kill a child for some shit a witch made up in her head.
8. Bonnie-Treated her best friend like crap when she was turned against her will, then blamed the whole thing on Damon when she’s the one who lied about doing the spell on the Gilbert device and suggested that Damon give Caroline blood. I understand why she has a hatred for vampires, but damn… it wasn’t even Caroline’s fault. Caroline just lost control when she killed the carnival worker. Bonnie wouldn’t even look at Caroline and even had to be convinced by Stefan to give Caroline a daylight ring. But when it came to Elena going through her transition, Elena got a daylight ring with no conditions. Also, Bonnie was on her way to help aid Elena and Jeremy in Kol’s death. Bonnie may be the most moral person on the show, but she is not free from criticism. Fuck y’all opinions.
I find it funny how the Mystic Falls Pussy Gang act like they are better than the Originals, Kai, Katherine and others when they do acts such as committing genocide and killing for their own gain. And they get away with it because of the shitty writing, and because they are the protagonists. Sad to say that I despise everyone in the Scooby gang except for Enzo, Alaric, and Caroline. Caroline is annoying, yes, but I do love her bubbly personality and her positivity. How am I supposed to root for the protagonists when they do shit like this?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kol is the only motherfucker in season four that had actual brains.
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Making Dimitri british is such a bullshit move when him being Russian is important for like 60% of the series and there's a full fucking book happening IN Russia... What are they gonna do? Have Rose hunt strigoi around London?? What about Roza? What about the comrade jokes? What about everything...
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bonkai4ever94 · 9 days
The Gemini coven arc was such a waste here we have this new coven that has siphoners prison worlds heretics and kai parker all connected to bonnie bennett and julie plec like nope let's kill the whole coven off and take kai with them and make Caroline the main female character whos in middle of a weird love triangle with alaric/ magical baby daddy kind of and stefan also did I mention she's a vampire who's pregnant
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hyperactivewhore · 1 month
I just got told by a stupid (of course, white) man that Kat was never mistreated by the producers and that it was all "fanfics" we have in our head.
I'm so fucking enraged, he even went as far as saying Kat always talks wonderful about Pl*c and I just can't. This is so damn disgusting. It's 2023 and people still deny she suffered racism for the whole show.
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plenaurum · 5 months
I just saw a D*mon stan say that Zach's death is "on Stefan" because he left Zach with D*mon to go see Elena.
This is what I mean about a lot of D*mon stans. They can't accept the fact that D*mon has shown repeatedly that he is not a good person, and that every thing that D*mon has done is because of himself. So they recontextualize and jump through hoops to stop from holding D*mon accountable for his own actions. Hell, D*mon even told Stefan in Season 1 to stop blaming himself for everything D*mon does.
Tumblr media
It's RIGHT THERE on the show.
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blckthrns · 11 months
i will never forgive julie plec for not giving klaus mikaelson a happy ending
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bennettmaximoff · 1 month
The way this god awful fandom still treats Bonnie, Tyler, and Marcel to till this very day is insane. The way these characters are talked about hasn’t changed one bit. Still very much misunderstood, still overly hated for absolutely no reason, and still unappreciated and undervalued by a fandom that claims to have progressed, when in reality is nowhere near different than the one a decade ago.
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