#anyway... this MOVIE truly really honestly such an experience!!!!!!
janeaustenlover · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“What's this, Sara? What's this blood, Sara?”
Cerdita (2022), dir. Carlota Pereda
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ukelele-boy · 9 months
Heyo! I am honestly in awe of your art style it’s so good!! Do you have any advice on compsition/how to make your pieces more dynamic?
Hey Sunsketcher (love this name btw)! I love your art too, you inspired me so much. Honored to get an ask from you!
I will explain my own drawing process when it comes to composition and dynamicness, hopefully the wording is ok and it helps you.
1. Think of movement as a dance. A dance telling a story.
(What is the character experiencing? What is the mood of the piece? What kind of emotions are they feeling and what kind of poses convey those emotions?)
(Usually, dances have grace, strength and balance, unless you are purposely creating an effect of disharmony and disjointedness)
2. Line of motion. This is something that goes along with my above point. In animation, the characters are always doing something, and there is a specific line that goes through them, showing it. In the python art, you can see the two main lines (apollo and python's, curving towards each other, with a sub-line of Apollo punching contrasting that curve. The act of punching is disharmony so that's why it is crossed over the curves.
Tumblr media
3. Considering anatomy at the beginning of drawing makes drawings stilted unless you truly feel like you can manipulate the anatomy like it's your own. Instead, try to imagine the movement and the "beat" like you experience in animations. Imagine your art as a still frame shot of an animation. Try to use your strokes to capture the essence of the movement and then later fill in the anatomy. In the messy sketch below, I disregarded anatomy and just was trying out as many different lines as possible to see which one expressed the beat and dance I had in my mind.
Tumblr media
Another example are these horse sketches I did. The anatomy is completely wonky in some, but the essence of the horse can be represented in a few lines. This works for humans too.
Tumblr media
In this art, I wanted to show how Apollo's wings were spreading on the ground, in a sort of grieving elegance. And the dead son in his arms is limp and has little balance or smooth lines, unlike Apollo. I did this to create a sense of disharmony between the always perfect Apollo and the mortality of the son. It helps accent them both. And then the scorch marks draw the eye to the duo.
Tumblr media
4. Composition wise: think of the foreground, middle ground, background when creating your artwork. Use the foreground to immerse the viewer into the piece and direct their eye to the subjects. I used the rocks and part of python's body (blurry part on top left) to draw the viewer into the scene. This is similar to anime and movies, so if there are any shots or scenes that you felt were particularly well done, try to look for how they do the foreground, middleground and background and put that into your art.
Tumblr media
5. Use color as an additional layer of contrast. Bright colors draw the eye and are able to highlight important subjects (characters, objects etc.)
Tumblr media
6. If you start to draw and have no idea how to pose the character, I recommend looking at some dynamic fight scenes in manga, anime and art. I also love these two posts in particular as I find them really good sources of inspiration: 
Battle scene composition:
Sword fighting composition: 
(The author,  EtheringtonBrothers, is on tumblr but because they have like 1828248 art tip posts I cannot link it for you as I can’t even find it XD)
Anyways, thank you for reading, feel free to ask more questions if you need clarification. 
Extra: Another art where I did a quick analysis to show you my thoughts
Tumblr media
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ohallthecrushes · 8 months
Peter Ballard as your boyfriend // headcanons
A/N: Don't we all imagine Peter being our boyfriend? 🖤🙃
Warnings: none, just mentioning of very soft sex headcanons.
Tumblr media
Caring and gentle most of the time.
He speaks to you in the same tone as he speaks to the children. Almost never raising his voice, unless he's really angry, but even then he doesn't yell at you, he just speaks very loudly, cause of all the emotions he feels in the moment.
Always asking you things like: how are you, how are you feeling, is something bothering you, what are thinking about... etc.
He asks those questions for two reasons: he truly cares about you and he wants to know to better control you.
He doesn't like when you don't answer honestly to his questions, so don't say I'm fine, when you're clearly not fine. If you still insist on not telling you what's the matter, he will read your mind and then ask you to expand on anything he found in your head.
Just don't lie to him in general, he despises it and it's a big turn off for him.
He promised to never hurt you nor mentally nor physically. He assumes that a promise once said don't have to be repeated, but if you need reassurance, he can say it to you again and again and again.
He's very patient in general, but with you he has even more patience if that's even possible.
He likes everything about you and tells you compliments All. The. Time and they're always honest, and it's funny, because he don't consider them as compliments, he's just stating the fact.
He never lies to you, except those rare occasions when he manipulates you, which he doesn't consider as lying. 🤷
He loves when you stand up for yourself or for what you believe (not much standing up for others, unless it's him, because other people are EW).
Soft, small touches through out the day.
And more intense, sometimes rough touches through the night.
He's your big spoon, but secretly loves being small spoon.
Ask you a lot about relationships and your experience, because he's never been in one. He knows how relationships work, cause he saw how it was between his parents, but he's clueless when it comes to healthy relationship.
He was raised in early 50's and at that time women and men had more strict gender roles, so if you are more modern/progressive type of person, you have to tell him that. He'll be confused at first, but then he'll accept it as something useful, cause he sees you as equal to him anyway.
Romantic gestures are rarely. He tries though, he copies what he sees in romantic movies, but he doesn't feel comfortable with it.
Fun fact: the most romantic gestures from him are the ones he doesn't consider as anything special.
A lot of dirty talks in bed once he gain some experience.
He's very possessive and jealous. It often causes problems and heated arguments.
He wants you all to himself. He can treat you like a queen, like someone equal to him, like someone very special, someone very close to his bitter heart...as long as you treat him like he's THE ONE (pun intended) in your life, figuratively and literally. So if you're introverted then it's shouldn't be much of a problem most of the times, but if you're more social then... ugh, big issue.
He accepts you for who you are and expects you to accept him too with all his flaws.
Not that he has any of course - according to him.
He low-key likes showing off to you, using his power here and there like it's nothing.
If you're his, you're his forever.
The same way around. He's yours forever.
He won't cheat on you, ever. Cheating's another thing he despises.
If you're into marriage then he'll marry you, though he doesn't need it and sees it as another unnecessary made up rule.
You're the only person that awakes good emotions in him.
He won't say I love you right away, because of his trust issues and abandoned issues.
But when he'll finally say it, you can count on more elaborated monolog about how much and why he loves you.
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agentof-chaos · 7 months
I can't even begin to describe how much the casual lgbt representation in She-Ra matters to me. For so long I have gone without seeing anything more than the bare minimum and it wasn't until I actively started searching for queer stories that I realized just how hard it can be to find well-written queer stories. (Especially wlw ones! Almost all the representation I'd seen before She-Ra was mlm, and there's nothing wrong with that, but as a bisexual woman, some variety would be nice.)
Anyway, here's some semi-coherent rambling about it:
I freaked out every time I got even a hint at representation in the show. It didn't matter how small, because I'd been so used to having practically nothing.
The confirmed Spinnerella/Netossa relationship? The fact that they are canonically married? When I first saw it I was shocked that the show hadn't just implied it, but actually confirmed it.
Bow canonically having two dads? I'd never before seen a main character in a show with lgbt parents, and I'd never seen it handled so casually before either. The whole plot of Bow basically "coming out" as a soldier in the episode where their introduced was truly genius.
Double Trouble's entire existence of a nonbinary character? Iconic. And it had been so casual the first time another character referred to them using they/them pronouns that I almost didn't catch it, but it made me excited regardless.
Don't even get me started on the Catradora kiss in the finale. I had been shipping them the whole way through, and although I figured once we got to the finale that the creators would at least imply that their relationship was canon, I was so excited when they not only implied it, but confirmed it in the show. When we get Adora's vision in the finale of the future that implies her and Catra would end up together, I had honestly thought that was the most we were going to get in regards to confirming their relationship. Imagine my surprise when they had actually said "I love you" to each other. I had gotten so happy the first time I saw it, and for it to have been followed with them actually kissing on screen, made my bi self unimaginably happy. I practically screamed the first time I watched it.
I had been so used to having low expectations that with She-Ra every minor detail that even hinted at representation mattered to me. I went into the show knowing it was gay, but I also went into the show with the previous experience of seeing majority mlm stories, usually in books from the YA genre, and if it was a show or movie, then it was swept aside.
Before watching She-Ra, I'd never seen anything that had quite as much variety in the representation, never seen anything that normalized it as easily, and I had certainly never seen anything that was openly queer in a show where the target audience was kids. And there's something about the fact that it's a show that's accessible to children that made that representation matter so much more to me. Because not only did they normalize it and have such variety in their representation, they made queer relationships that kids were going to see. There's something that's so much more wholesome and pure in romantic relationships in kids shows, and it's a type of relationship that we really don't see that often in other forms of media with lgbt representation.
I know She-Ra wasn't the first show targeted towards kids to have lgbt representation in it. Steven Universe, for example, was a truly groundbreaking predecessor, but I can't actually compare it to She-Ra because I never actually watched it. All I know is that it was important for getting the representation in She-Ra to become a reality, and for that, I will forever be grateful. My point is: the representation in She-Ra was the first time that I had ever seen that kind of representation, and it is so incredibly important to me and I will always appreciate all the queer representation that we get from it. I honestly think that it was the first thing that made me realize that I could be getting more out of lgbt representation in media, which makes it so very special to me.
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lutawolf · 7 months
Hi Luta,
Found your blog cuz of "Love in the air" and had been reading through it. I greatly appreciate your reviews and thoughts as it helps me understand more of my own and the portrayed fictional characters' Kink. So Thank you!
I'm still new here and I have never asked any questions. So I'm sorry if anything what I ask about or the way I ask is offensive. Please let me know if I do offend you in anyway.
I am still a little apprehensive of something that transpired in the first episode of love in the air. Considering that Rain is truly clueless of how his actions come off as an invitation for Phayu and even if Rain's 'No' kink had awakened on Phayu's bed....it bothers me that Phayu, being someone who's experienced, didn't stop when Rain said his actual and real NO and instead asked Rain to stop playing hard to get. He then pushed Rain into having to smack Phayu with a pillow to stop. Why do you think that is? I mean....if Phayu had been able to read that Rain is possibly or surely a brat sub, shouldn't he have also been able to tell that the no Rain said at that point was a real NO? Or did Phayu realize it and still push on purpose? Or was that 'no' not a real NO. It did feel like an actual "NO get off me" to me.....I'm confused.
Another question cuz i'm curious. We have established that Phayu is a dom who is extremely sexy and kinky. We also know that Phayu has had quite some or lot of sexual experience. But do you think that all his sexual encounters after discovering himself as a dom could've been with subs? I mean, as a dom, after realizing your preferences in BDSM and kink, would you only choose your partners even if its for a one night stands that fulfill those requirements or would you still just go for quick flings and not mind if the other person may possibly be a vanilla or another dom? Would love to know your take....Thank you!
Hey Hey Anon!!!
I'm glad you are enjoying the reviews and starting to gain a new perspective!
I think what a lot of people aren't realizing is that Mame is a Kinkster and very much a community member. People within the community can easily spot it because there are things highlighted that happen within the community. Things that we don't necessarily talk about or address with vanillas.
The good Kinksters are 100% about safe, sane, and consensual but when you go deep, there is a fine line. In this regard a scene can be safer because others are watching and can step in. Private or life style is a bit different. You can have guidelines and safe words but we are talking high octane emotions going and shit happens and sometimes things go too far. Like how it did with Payu and Rain. Sometimes a submissive has to hit a Dom upside the head.
Now Payu caught the signals that Rain is attracted to him. He even caught that he is dealing with a baby sub. That's it though. He doesn't know the experience level. Normally this would be addressed in guidelines but we are talking movie magic. So all that being swept under the rug for the sake of being entertainment. Therefore we have someone who has been flirting with him and showcasing brat traits which is home dude's type. He makes what he assumes is very wanted advances. Yes, Rain is saying No but it's just like the No Kink. He's tilting his head back, getting hard, and making facial expressions of want. Watch Payu and see how many times he looks up and checks. So nope, I'm not surprised that he missed the hard no. We as viewers saw it but turn at it and look from his point of view. Then Rain smacked him upside the head. Essentially bringing him back and while he teased, he stopped. That is what a good Dom does, recognizes the line cross and backs off. No reprimanded, just step back.
That last question would make this a really long answer. Because there are a lot of variables involved. And honestly I'm not comfortable explaining it because it's things a newbie or vanilla will absolutely not get.
So we'll just address a few points. Dominants don't just fuck submissives but aren't likely to give up their Dominance either. Generally speaking you know before getting to the bedroom if they can take your Dominance even if you're not commanding. Think that controling fuck where the person you were with had full control and you just had to go where they wanted you to. That's a Dom with a soft sub or a vanilla.
Hope this was helpful 💜💜💜
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deepestuniversallove · 4 months
Hi I've been looking at your Mewtwo stuff for awhile now and I can't help but notice how nuanced and mature your takes are, especially on Giovanni who can be likened to a narcissistic abuser. Compared to most, ahem "artists" on here, who simply treat Mewtwo as a meme or housepet. You really seem to respect him, and I can't wait to see the comic on how you met him. I also admire how unapologetic you are to self ship with him.
Thank you so much for sending this to me! This seriously made my day!
I treat Mewtwo differently than most because I have a certain reverence for him. He was truly my guiding light at times where I didn't even want to exist any more. He inspires me to keep going and honestly I wouldn't even be having a job in biological research now if it wasn't for him. Considering how much impact he has had on my life so far, I could never just treat him as some sort of stupid meme or a housepet. Frankly, treating him as such is insulting. He is too intelligent to be a housepet, and he knows how to take care of not only himself, but also those close to him (I mean, look at him, and how he is depicted in official media as a HEALER. Always taking care of wounded and abandoned Pokémon,whether it's his clones, or wild Pokemon). I don't like the stereotypes surrounding him in the Fandom.
I don't think that many people are able to recognize Giovanni as a narcissist because they lack the experience of being raised by one, like me and my brother have been (we have real, lived experience of that, which is hard to understand for anyone who had supportive and normal parents). Or these people still have the naive belief that everyone deep down has a good core. They are oblivious to the fact that we have psychopaths among us who truly only care about themselves and who cannot be redeemed. A mafia boss who created a living weapon like Mewtwo to serve in his plan of world domination certainly counts as a fictional depiction of such psychopaths. Team Rocket has plundered Pokémon and tortured them and sold them for financial gain. But Fandom still gives Giovanni a pass somehow just because he is "sexy".
I was raised by a narcissist mother. I never felt truly seen by her, and she told me she made me to be her slave. So how else was I able to interpret Giovanni but as a narcissist, when he said the same to Mewtwo in the movie? "You were made to serve me." No wonder I took Mewtwo as my role model. I remember wishing I had actual psychic powers too, it would have made escaping so much easier. Instead I thought of him when I needed strength.
Oh man, when it comes to Mewtwo and shipping... I don't have any hesitation here. I have always loved Mewtwo, so why should I pretend that I don't? He was always important to me in real life as well, after all. Or why should I make up some Pokémon OC and use that as a proxy to ship with Mewtwo? Lakota/mewtwoandme actually admitted to me in a DM that this is what Gwen the Gardevoir is, BTW. She was too afraid to ship herself with Mewtwo because she worried that people will judge her for it and that it is seen as "icky" to selfship as herself. I am kind of disappointed of that, but it is her comic and story to tell. I am not really a fan of the Gardevoir x Mewtwo, or Mew x Mewtwo or Lucario x Mewtwo ships in general, they are too cliché for my liking and I don't see how movie1!Mewtwo would ever fall in love with them. However, I ADORE honest selfshippers of Mewtwo or Newtwo! I always get curious about their stories and how they fell in love with them!
Anyway, I hope you will enjoy my comic! Even though I gotta apologize that it is taking so long to finish - I am still swamped with work IRL, but will officially be free starting from the 16th, so hopefully I will get way more done then. Though I am wondering if to post on my blog here or make an entirely new blog? Or at least a special tag so people can just look at the comic and don't have to see my other selfships if they are only here for the Mewtwo content.
Thanks for sending this ask! :D Have a nice day!
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Here's some headcannons no one asked for, for the lords since I can't get a single one of them out of my head.
Please be aware this is only how I see each character! If you have different hcs, cool these are just mine :)
Tumblr media
Alcina Dimitrescu
She's a lesbian or well, she likes female presenting people. In my opinion, there's no denying that she hates men. For goodness sake she calls Ethan 'stupid manthing.'
'Why does she hate men?' You ask well, i believe that the men of the village caused her to hate men. It's clear that Alcina is extremely attractive, but maybe some of the men in the village took it too far: Cat-calling her and eventually her daughters. Their comments overtime annoyed her, especially when if came to her daughters. She fixed it by bringing the men to castle dimitrescu and, as heisenberg puts it, the man's dick is cut off in the castle.
When castle dimitrescu was more lively, Alcina had a couple flings with some of her maids. Though all of her maids end up dead one way or the other, I think she turned the ones she liked the most into Moroaică. The rest obviously were turned into dinner for her and her daughters
Speaking of daughters, Alcina is definitely a better mother than mother Miranda. Seeing as Miranda saw her and the rest of her siblings as monsters, I'm sure Alcina was kind to her daughters. I don't think she'd want them to feel like monsters themselves, so their childhoods were filled with many positive affirmations. Maybe, too many seeing as all three girls have very large egos.
Alcina's opinions on the other lords are very clear. She has hatred for all of them, though it varies depending on each one. The one she hates the least is probably Donna, she enjoys their company somewhat. That is, as long as Angie isn't around. Alcina hates that stupid doll, honestly she hates all the dolls. They oddly make her unsettled, as if Donna wasn't unsettling anyways.
Moreau is hated by Alcina due to him thinking that Miranda is actually his mother. Well, he may not say it out loud but the way he addresses her and looks at her makes Alcina sick. His looks are only the cherry on top, in her mind how could she be family with something that looks like that?
Lastly is Heisenberg. At first, she didn't mind his presence. He didn't look like an abomination and could hold decent conversation, that was until she saw how much Mother Miranda favored him. This pissed her off to no end, after learning that she began to see more flaws in him. From the way he speaks to his manners, almost every part of him infuriates her. How could Mother Miranda favor such a man child? How could she pick Heisenberg over her? Now even being around him for meer minutes makes her want to shred him to bits.
Tumblr media
Donna Beneviento
When it comes to sexuality and gender, Donna can't really express it though Angie can I don't think they would be willing to tell their 'family' their identity. If Donna were to express it, I'd feel she'd use she/they pronouns or identity as nonbinary. I can't really explain it, I just get nonbinary vibes from them. As for sexuality, I'm unsure of their romantic attraction but she's definitely asexual. Once again, I can't explain it but they have the vibes.
Aside from Angie, Donna has built every single one of her dolls from scratch. Seriously they even carve the wood and hand paint each one. Creating these dolls is one of the few things that bring Donna peace. Honestly, she sees these dolls as more of a family than Mother Miranda's 'family.'
Another one of Donna's hobbies includes tending to their plants. Seriously, in the spring and summer months her home is covered in beautiful greenery. They are just fascinated with how plants can be used for other purposes, like with the fungal-infected plants. Almost all the books within her estate are about different plants and their properties and the lab they have is used to test those abilities. Though their test subjects are never well behaved due to being lycans.
When it comes to the other members in Miranda's 'family', Donna doesn't seem to care for them. She doesn't enjoy any of their company, especially Moreau. Though they don't express it themselves, Donna makes sure to let the others know her opinion them via Angie. The one she can stand the most is probably Alcina, mostly due to her being alot quieter than the others.
Tumblr media
Salvatore Moreau 
This poor poor fish man. Moreau is physically the most unpleasant lord and he knows it. He's insecure. How could he not when the rest of his family call him horrible names? He's constantly put down by the people he truley feels closest to. This includes the woman who he truly sees as his mother.
Though he doesn't enjoy his family's comments, he desperately wants their approval. Especially Heisenberg. Moreau looks up to his as if Karl is his older brother, even though Moreau a great deal older than him. If the metal bender will allow it, he does his best to help out. Sadly, it doesn't last long since the factory is so dry and his vomit causes the metal to rust.
When he's not conducting experiments, he's watching sappy romance movies on his TV. Though Moreau doesn't believe he'll ever find love, he likes seeing others be happy. Sadly, once Heisenberg found out about Moreau's hobby he make fun of him to no end. So now, he's ashamed of watching something that makes him happy
Look, I love all of the lords but when it comes to them being mean to Moreau I wanna punch them.
Tumblr media
Karl Heisenberg
This man is 1000 percent bisexual/pansexual. The way he flirts with Ethan is undeniable. The only thing keeping me from saying that he's gay is the pure fact that I simp for him.
Karl is alot smarter than he looks, seriously he built a whole army of machine people. Though he is smart, he likes to play the role of the stupid redneck. He'd rather someone underestimate him in a fight rather than overestimate him.
In his free time, I like to think that Karl prank calls the other lords. He did set up their phone lines after all. His constant prank calling has made Alcina miss a couple of important calls from Mother Miranda and made Donna completely take apart her phone line. Moreau on the other hand is so gullible, that he believe everything Karl says during his prank calls:
Moreau, innocently answer his phone: Hello?
Heisenberg, snickering: hey, is your refrigerator running?
Moreau: um..I think so-
Heisenberg: then you better go catch it!
Moreau, on the verge of tears: No! Ny fridge!!
Karl gets very bored easily. So bored in fact that he goes and explores the village and surrounding forest. During one of these explorations, he stumbled upon Miranda's lab. This caused him to find documents on him and the other lords. After reading them, it gave him a better reason to build up his army and take down Mother Miranda once and for all.
This man definitely has his own personal lycan that he treats like a dog. He has a comfy bed and treats for this thing. Karl knows that the lycan was once a human, but he doesn't give a damn. So what it use to be a person! It looks like a dog now and dammit he wants a dog.
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heathinator · 9 months
Hey heath, what do you think of the movie “Lightyear?”
Since there’s probably still lots of people who haven’t seen it, I’ll try to avoid spoilers but I’ll tag it just in case!
I really liked it! It’s honestly so crazy that this movie even exists. Myself and others have been drawing human Buzz for ages so it’s wild to see it actually happen. I also like that they were pretty selective with the footage they showed in previews. I think most of the clips come from the first 20 minutes of the movie, and I tried really hard to avoid spoilers before it came out (mostly to try and curb my own expectations since I seem to overthink things and then get disappointed when it doesn’t take the direction I thought it would). I went into not really having any expectations at all other than being excited for it, and it made the experience all the better. There are definitely some crazy twists that I did not see coming at all. I think it’d be nice to rewatch it again to see if they set them up and I just missed it. They were leaning heavily on other tropes and references to other sci-fi movies which is I think is just fine. The characters are really fun too, and it’s true what everyone else is saying. Sox truly steals the show. He’s just the best haha. If I had any critique to give, it might be that some of the dialogue is a little on the nose, if that makes sense? I think there’s one line about “Space Rangers are supposed to matter,” or something like that, and I get the point they’re trying to drive home, but it feels very much like a “movie line” rather than something someone would actually say. That’s the tone of the newer Pixar movies though. They really want you to know the moral of their story, whereas earlier Pixar movies let the overall story take the wheel while any morals or lessons within are more subtle. That’s honestly just an issue I have with current movies anyway though. Otherwise it was a fun experience and I hope they do more with this universe! But if you know me, you know I’m down for anything Toy Story haha
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unityrain24 · 3 days
Concerning Frigga
I've seen a few posts & fics comparing Frigga to Odin and saying she too was an awful parent with awful intentions. But I really don't think this was the case? I mean, obviously she did some wrong things that fucked Loki up, but I don't think they are all entirely her fault. It is my belief that she was being emotionally abused/manipulated by Odin.
I think the biggest and most obvious example of this is from a deleted scene from the first Thor film (2011) [and before you call it invalid because it was deleted, they deleted a lot of scenes showing both Frigga's and Loki's characterization to make it more about Thor. There was nothing in the scene that was contradictory to the film, nor was it to far-fetched to have a good reason to be scrapped. Therefor, i view it as canon]. But anyways, within the scene, Frigga confronts Odin on Thor's banishment. She is very obviously distraught at the loss of her son, and angry at Odin's choice (obviously)(also, i mean, she wasn't even there for it). However, Odin just dismisses her for her emotions, says that his lack of emotion made him superior in the situation, and that he has his reasons for it and she is crazy for questioning him. Very obviously mental/emotional manipulation/abuse.
There are more subtle examples at other times, however.
In Thor: The Dark World (2013), there is a scene in which Frigga mentions that Odin "Never was a good liar" [I couldn't find a clip of the scene that included it, as it was sort of a transition, but the segment starts at 40:46 in the movie, and she says it at 41:09]. She says this despite Odin lying about Hela's existence to like, everyone ever (and was pretty successful at his cover-up), and also lying to Loki about his true heritage (and that cover-up was pretty successful for several centuries). Odin seems to be pretty good at lying. By Odin letting Frigga believe he is a bad liar (at least at smaller things), it lets him have her twisted around his fingers even more.
In addition, Frigga defends Odin's awful actions, notable in the first Thor film, in a scene where Frigga and Loki are conversing while Odin is in the Odinsleep. Frigga admits to wanting to have told Loki of his Jotünn heritage from the beginning, but Odin forbade it. When Loki asks for more information, Frigga says it's because Odin loved him and didn't want him to feel different. Pretty bullshit reasoning, but it looks like Frigga legitimately, honestly believes the words (words that were most likely told to her by Odin, probably in 'conversation' much like in the deleted scene previously mentioned). In this scene, she also defends Odin's decision to banish Thor, saying Odin always has a reason for everything (much like what Odin had yelled at her about in his chastisement in the same previous deleted scene).
While some may attribute this to her honestly agreeing with Odin and being a reflection on her beliefs & morals (and therefore being a horrible person as well), this probably isn't the case given what we have seen of her. It is actually quite common for victims to defend their abuser's actions. In this article by Dr. Sirota (a psychiatrist with over 25 years of mental health experience), she explains many, many reasons as to why this is (including the "crazy-making" tactic Odin was showed utilizing in that first scene mentioned).
Not to mention, in actual norse mythology/Asatro, Frigga (actually called Frigg) is deemed the goddess of marriage, amongst other things. If this aspect of her carries over into her MCU version, she may even feel pressured to stay with Odin- after all, what is the goddess of marriage with a failing marriage? So she either doesn't/can't recognize Odin's flaws and corruption, or is in denial about them due to this.
I really don't think Frigga was truly a bad parent, nor a bad person at heart. It is made very apparent on multiple occasions that Frigga truly loves Loki. While it is mainly shown in scenes in which she is directly talking to Loki, it is also shown even when Loki is not present, confirming that it is not a ruse. She even went out of her way and defied Odin's wishes to visit him (which is a big testament to her love for Loki, considering how much she falls in line with Odin the rest of the time). While she definitely has her flaws (there are hints to racism/excusing racism, as that is pretty normal in Asgard, apparently), I cannot help but wonder how much of that is also Odin's fault? (btw not trying to excuse racism, racism is very obviously bad)
But anyways in the end, I think Frigga was a good parent to the best of her abilities given her situation and own problems, and it sort of makes me sad to see people talking about how awful she was :( Let's just shit on Odin
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minteyeddevil · 2 years
Hey Toni! I'm not sure if you're still up for requests rn, but if you are can I request the brothers+dateables with a perfect house-spouse MC? Like, the MC can cook and clean and manage a budget (just all the usual household stuff) like no one's business! Like they stepped straight out of a Ghibli movie~ hope you're having a great day!
(Thanks for the request, lovely, and I have been doing alright, just busy taking care of my mom and playing Obey Me more on the side lmao xD Hope you are doing well, and these come out to your liking!❤️)
He sincerely loves having MC as a partner because they help him keep everything organized and tidy, despite how chaotic his brothers can be
They have taken over a lot of household responsibilities for him, and he appreciates the load being taken off his shoulders
Hell, they even managed to coral his brothers for the better, getting them to listen and behave, at least for the most part
Sometimes he gets annoyed because it seems like his brothers might be taking advantage of his MC at times; they usually cover all the cooking duties as well as do all their laundry on top of it
But they never complain and simply smile while taking on the duty and get it done quickly and perfectly
They clean his study, organize his books and help him adjust his paperwork, filing it into piles of what needs to be addressed first, what needs to be signed, and what is done and ready to be sent to Diavolo
They have literally become his right hand in everything, and he never fails to show them appreciation by taking the time to help them as much as he can or take them to a nice dinner/help them relax in the evening
As much as he loves MC, he sometimes gets annoyed how they make him stand still and organize his uniform before going to class
They want him to look tidy and prestine, even though he is used to just throwing on his clothes and getting the day over with
He also gets frustrated that they have taken over his finances and gives him an allowance, taking most of his 'hard earned' Grimm and putting it towards the debts he owes
Though he has to admit he hasn't been this debt free in his entire life since they took over his books
He does appreciate how they keep not only their room but his room super tidy, even to the point that Lucifer can't find a reason to punish him for not keeping it clean
Hell, MC actually helps him A LOT with keeping out of trouble when it comes to Lucifer, so he has been punishment free for a while now!
And the way they make his car sparkle and shine when they clean it up for him? Man, no wonder he loves them so much~
He eventually gets to the point where he picks up the chores for them, wanting to show them how much he appreciates them; or at least he tries to help them, if they tell him they enjoy doing the work themselves
He genuinely feels like he is living in one of his slice-of-life animes with the way MC is with him
They help him keep his room tidy (despite getting on his case sometimes for leaving it littered with snack wrappers and coke cans) and help dust and organize his figurines and book shelves
They often surprise him with baked goods and meals from his favorite animes, and he tears up every time
They help monitor his shopping habits, making sure he has money for necessities on top of being able to buy more figures and anime/video games
And with enough pull (and occasionally begging) they will take a break from cleaning to sit and watch shows or play video games with him as well
They lecture him on getting enough sleep, even forcing him to bed at times to make sure he doesn't burn himself out, and this gets on his nerves
But he knows they mean well and will begrudgingly listen, tugging them to bed with him as well because they need rest too with how much they do for him and the house
He appreciates how much MC respects his room and his books, helping him to organize them by genre and length, taking their time to dust off each one before putting it in its place
He has a habit of leaving books lying around in haphazard places, so they always return them to his room, a note teasing him for leaving them lying around with a heart drawn on it as well
They often help him organize his school notes and review what he needs to know for an upcoming test, studying along side him into the wee hours of the morning
They often bring him hot meals and tea as well, when he is either absorbed in a book or buried in school work, making sure he is watching his own health on top of it all
He finds himself following them around and talking about the latest book he found while they do their chores, and it sometimes rolls into talking about his own feelings and things that have been going on with himself
He finds that they help him organize his own thoughts as well, and he truly appreciates them being at his side
He honestly tries his best to keep MC from working so hard because he doesn't want them to get burned out
But they hush his worries with reassurance and go about doing all the chores for the house, on top of keeping his room organized and clean, his clothing pressed and washed, and his vanity spotless
Oh Father above, he worships his MC for all that they do for him
He makes it a point to also help them out where he can, because he feels horrible seeing them work so hard and never ask for assistance
He gets a tad bit jealous when they help his brothers with things they need like washing their clothes or helping tidy their room, so he often pulls them away when he can manage it
He also makes sure they take breaks often drom work, and he spoils them with spa days and bubble bathes and lots and lots of pampering; they deserve it and so much more, so he plans to give it to them
The first thing he fell in love with was their cooking; as stereotypical as it may sounds when it comes to Beel, he does often think with his stomach
But he comes to love MC so much more when they shower him with praise on how much he protects and loves his brothers, and how he has such a big and loving heart
He develops a habit of taking over chores MC is in the middle of doing and finishes them for them, despite their protest on it
He wants to take care of them the way they take care of him and his brothers so much, so he is always right there at their side to help
He absolutely loves how they always make his favorite snacks and meals to surprise him with, and they MUST sit with him when he eats them because it makes the whole experience that much better
The one thing he finds annoying about MC is that they are constantly moving and working, doing chores almost all day
(Well, aside from how they make him get up on time for class and so they both won't be late, but that's a whole other deal, anyway)
He wants to just wrap his arms around their waist and pull them into bed and make them nap with him because he feels tired watching them, they have got to be exhausted by now
But of course they tell him they are not tired, place a kiss on his forehead and go back to cleaning and cooking, getting things done as quickly as they can
With a frown he joins in, helping them with said cleaning, whining the entire time that he would prefer they just curl up with him but their laugh and smile make his frown slowly fade
He loves watching them cook, and sometimes joins in to learn what they are making, so that he can surprise them one day by making dinner for them
Will be practically wrapped around them if they are tending to one of his other brothers (save for Beel) and be telling them to just ignore them, they can take care of their own chores/laundry anyway
Can't help but chuckle at how MC can give Barbatos a whole run for his money
They can keep up with his cleaning of the castle, moving almost as fast as he does with the chores, all while smiling and humming on top of it
He often tries to tear them away from their work, wanting their attention and time, saying that Barbatos is perfectly capable of taking care of everything
But they feel for the butler having to tend to it all, so they really want to help out as much as they can
They help keep his office organized, paperwork filed and tidy, everything dusted and in its proper place; even help him with the full budget of the Devildom, keeping the books in order as well
They also seemed to have done the impossible, getting Diavolo to actually help do chores around the castle and even begin learning how to cook!
Barbatos almost feels neglected if he wasn't so proud of all they have done for him and his lord
Match made in heaven (well, um, hell, in this case), an unstoppable duo, two peas in a pod!
Barbatos loves the fact that MC keeps up with his pace, assisting him with every chore and duty that needs tending in the castle
He enjoys their time in the kitchen especially, each teaching the other a recipe, theirs from the human world and his from the Devildom
They tend to the garden together, and he can't help but sneak by them and give them a small peck on the cheek before going to the next rose bush that needs watering
They go grocery shopping together as well and often just chit chat the entire time, a genuine smile on his face as he enjoys his time with them
Diavolo is a giant supporter of their relationship, though he often tells them both to take a day off and rest with how often they both are working
If he had his way, he would be the one caring for MC and doing everything for them, not the other way around
MC often cooks for him (and for Luke on top of that), and keeps both their rooms tidy for them, despite how they both claim they will do it themselves
MC also has become a guardian for Luke, helping him with school work and offers to teach him how to cook and bake on top of taking over chores for the little angel
Simeon has to often remind them that they don't need to do everything, he can take over as well and let them relax and rest
But they always just smile and kiss him, telling him how they want to take care of him, and go about doing everything for him
He always joins them in the endeavor though, not letting them burn themselves out or do too much at one time
He also makes sure they eat and take care of themselves, because the last thing he wants is to see them get hurt when caring for him
He can honestly say he has never been more cared for in his thousands of years of life
MC cooks him hot meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and brings it to him if he is caught up in his studies or work, making sure he eats so he doesn't pass out on them
They press and wash his clothes, even though he tells them that he can do it just fine himself
They also help organize his work desk, vials and potion bottles put in their proper place and safely moved so they don't fall over the edge and cause trouble
He watches them work sometimes, and how they stop to admire a book or an artifact they are holding, and always offer to explain the book or item to them
He uses these moments as an excuse to pull them to his side and have them sit or lie down in his bed, so they can relax with him for a bit; plus he enjoys their attention being solely on him on top of that
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bisamwilson · 6 months
Hi, saw your post about burnout, and wanted to share cuz I’m going through something similar. I finished a really long fic in the spring and everything I wrote after felt forced, and I wasn’t happy with it. The idea of taking a break was scary, because I’d tied this hobby to a part of my social life but here’s the thing: people you’ve met in your fandom community who truly care about you as more than just a content machine won’t abandon you for taking a break. You don’t owe your fandom fics to be a part of it, and you’ll find, like I did, that the people who care about you don’t expect it. Fics are not the rent we pay to have fandom friends. Fics should not be a chore. This isn’t college, or your job. I haven’t written a word of fic in months and I’m happy and at peace and content in a way I never was while trying to write through burnout, and I still have the same relationships with my fandom friends. They’ll understand. I hope you find this peace as well 💙
thanks, anon <3 i really needed to hear all of this
i got to lay on the couch today in my pjs and just watch a movie on a sunday morning/early afternoon and for the first time since like june i didn’t feel guilty at all about it/it wasn’t ruined by the constant feeling that i had to keep writing bc the imaginary goal i’d had fixed in my head as my “finish line” got moved back (but honestly i probably would’ve kept trying to push through anyway). i realized today that the reason the time i had alone wasn’t recharging for me like it normally was was bc i spent all of it essentially doing what felt like more work after i finished my actual job for the day, so i’ve really been running on empty for months now
i do want to get back to writing eventually, maybe even soon for some aus since i don’t feel the need to post so often and i can take my time on them. to paraphrase what my mama used to say about my brothers when they were being assholes, i really do love writing, i just don’t like it very much right now.
thanks for all the kind words, anon <3 and for taking the time to share them/your own experience with me :)
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squashfics · 6 months
May I ask for Karl, post-Miranda, taking some kind of class for fun? Academic or otherwise ----🍀🌙
there are so many ways this could go but I’d like to think he’d get into writing and take the me approach to it. tbh this is mostly to get out some of my big fears about my own (original) writing. it also inadvertently ended up being a dig at my own teacher but I’ll take that any day. my only wish is that I could come up with a better fake name for her. there’s no mention of a reader in this ask but reader’s another student in the class anyway because plot
meet-cute, karl experiencing microaggressions
Movies were always hard to come by in the village, and one of the first things Karl caught up on once he was free. The only person who had a decent collection of movies was Moreau, and they were all from the same time period, and in the same genre: romance. Karl could certainly see the appeal, but a few dozen Hallmark Christmas movies later and he longed for the dated black and white films of yesteryear.
Nonetheless, he sure loved putting on a show, and he wanted to see how many new filmmaking techniques he’d need to learn about and how to even write a script. This class seemed like a good way to get into screenwriting. Most of it was just getting familiar with the format and learning how to write a story. Some advice the teacher gave the class on the first day was to create a character you could play, so Karl began drafting a sci-fi horror film about a family of superhumans who rebel against their creator, a tyrannical matriarchal figure inspired by his own mother.
There was a lot of his own personal experience in this script, and he’d never seen a serious protagonist that wasn’t super ripped or just had a flat stomach. Emphasis on serious. This was a serious story, but when it came time to actually go through the script, the teacher, Trina, had some opinions.
“This is great, but Franz is too serious,” she said. “He should be funny.”
“Why?” Karl asked.
“Because old chubby guys are always funny,” she said.
“That’s fucked up,” Karl said bluntly.
The class laughed.
Karl ignored them. “You tell us to make a character we could play, and then you tell me the character I came up with needs to be funny. What, do you just think I’m inherently a joke to you?”
Trina blinked. “Moving on. Maria also needs to be more of a villain.”
“Excuse me?” Karl asked.
“She isn’t evil enough. She hasn’t done anything truly horrible yet.”
“She kidnapped Franz, took Chiara’s entire family away from her, forced the Countess to rely on eating human flesh, and Louis loves her the most but she hates him more than anyone! They can’t leave! They haven’t seen the outside world in decades! How much more evil could this woman be?”
“I just think she’s pulling her punches.”
“That’s what everyone said about my mother.”
Most of the class erupted into laughter.
“No one cares about your personal issues, man,” someone said.
Karl wanted to punch him. He wanted to pick him up by the iron in his blood and fling him into the wall. But he just snapped his laptop shut and went back to his seat, next to the one person who wasn’t even smiling: (Y/N), who gave him a sympathetic look.
Karl had kind of had his eye on (Y/N) for a while, since they mostly kept to themselves and rarely shared what they wrote, like they were trying to avoid it. Why even take the class?
“I thought Franz was fantastic,” they said. “And Maria’s the worst.”
He smiled. “Thanks.”
Class was over at that point, and Karl hung back to talk with (Y/N) and walk out with them.
“You really liked it?” he asked.
“Yeah! I love the premise and the characters and it’s honestly a breath of fresh air compared to shit I normally see where the revenge plot is a bad thing and anyone who seeks revenge is automatically a villain,” they said. “Honestly, I’ve been going to Trina’s classes for a while, and she’s full of shit when it comes to anyone who doesn’t have a good relationship with their parents.”
“I gathered that,” he laughed.
“So what are you doing after this?” (Y/N) asked.
“Might walk to the Mexican restaurant down the street,” Karl said. “Get an early dinner.”
“What a coincidence. I was heading there too. Wanna go together?”
Karl smiled. “I’d like that.”
The walk was pleasant, but as the conversation about Trina’s ignorant bullshit continued, (Y/N) finally gave Karl some information about their current project.
“It’s a psychological thriller about an athlete who falls in love with an artist who paints with the blood of her ex-lovers who tried to stand up for themselves,” they said. “The first half of the movie is just all the little warning signs piling up.”
“Interesting,” Karl said. “Why don’t you ever share any of your progress in class?”
“Because Trina’s never had a toxic relationship in her life, that’s why,” (Y/N) said. “I keep telling myself one of these days I’m going to be doing enough of this the point where I never have to step foot in any of her classes again.”
Karl nodded. “That gives me an idea. We’ll talk more at dinner.”
Karl tripped on an uneven section of the sidewalk. (Y/N) caught him and for a moment, the two just… looked at each other, gazing into each other’s eyes for longer than Karl knew was appropriate. Their hand was on his chest, right over his heart, and he hoped they couldn’t feel it pounding.
“You alright?” (Y/N) asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” Karl said, picking himself up. “Let’s just go.”
What he’d give to have that again.
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starrys-night · 2 years
Warren Lipka NSFW Alphabet
Tumblr media
A/n: Look it's my first official smut fic on this blog! I mean considering the rest were from my main and moved to here. ANYWAY! Enjoy! 
Warning: SMUT, +18 MINORS WILL BE BLOCKED, swear words, drug mentions (it’s weed).
Word Count: 1,910
A = Aftercare (What They're Like After Sex)
Warren isn't into cuddling. He just cracks jokes after sex, and so far, this had led the girls he's bed to call him immature and leave without a second thought. UNTIL NOW. Warren has finally met his match when it comes to goofy aftercare. The two of you talk about the wildest shit after sex, and neither of you cares about how you're supposed to be sentimental and shit. What matters is that you have each other. 
B = Body Part (Their Body Of Theirs and Their Partner's that they like) 
Warren is proud of his calf and arms. He went to the college of football, so at one time, he spent a lot of time getting into shape. Of course, Warren finally got sick of it, but that didn't stop him from being in shape. He truly just wants to be in shape for you, but one day you tell him you wish he had a bit of a tummy, and from then on out, he basically stopped caring. 
Warren loves your tits and ass. He makes it very obvious that he's attracted to your tits and ass before the two of you start dating. Warren's always gawking at them and whistling about them without a care. He only does so cause he has a crush on you, and it was mutual. 
C = Cum (Anything to Do with Cum; basically I'm Nasty)
Early on in your sexual relationship, you had this goal to cum all over his pretty curls just to embarrass him. You didn't tell him about it cause you wanted it to be a surprise. So when you'd ride him, you'd always ask for him to finish you off with his tongue. Which he excepted and had no clue what you were planning. Then when you rode him one day, you finally cummed so much it got all over his face and hair. Warren had a smug look on his face, but it faded once you leaned down and whispered, "Good boy. You've finally made me leak all over your hair. Now be a good boy and rub it into your pretty curls like it's shampoo and wear it around campus." Warren has never been more turned on. 
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty Self Explanatory, A Dirty Secret of Theirs)
Warren's big into three-ways. He's watched a lot of porn over the years. But Warren has yet to have a three-way which is bugging him big time. He's too afraid of what you'll say, but he's thinking about mentioning it soon. Little does he know is that his drunk version of himself has mentioned it to you, and you are totally on board with it; you're just waiting for sober Warren to say he's ready. 
E = Experience (How Experience are They? Do They Know What They're Doing?)
Warren's been fucking since his Sophomore year of high school. He's had more than enough sex for a boy his age. However, he can be pretty bad in bed JUST because he's usually too stoned or drunk to perform right. But when he starts dating you, Warren stops drinking and smoking as much. It's really improved his sex skills. 
F = Favorite Positions (This Goes Without Saying)
Warren's favorite positions are doggy style, wheelbarrow and he loves to watch you ride him when he's high. Warren really likes to fuck you from behind; it's his favorite thing in the world. He's not really into regular "boring" sex positions. His favs have to be kinkier than "boring." 
G = Goofy (Are They More Serious In The Moment? Are They Humorous? Etc.)
Warren can either be Mr. Laughter as he fucks you. Usually, because he's drunk as shit. OR! He is Mr. Sexy dom! Daddy pants. Basically, you get one of these persona one night. Then the next night, you get the other. 
H = Hair (How Well Groomed Are They? Does The Carpet Match The Drapes? Etc.)
Warren definitely trimmed then when he was in high school. He didn't want any of his football teammates to make fun of his long pubes or whatever, so he'd trim them so that no one would mention it. After a while, he stopped giving a shit. 
I = Intimacy (How Are They During the Moment? The Romantic Aspect)
Warren has trouble being romantic during sex. In general, he has difficulty being romantic. His type of romance is sneaking into movie theaters and sneaking candy into them as well. He thinks it's romantic to show up at your door in the middle of the night and say he's bored and horny. Basically, Warren has trouble with intimacy, but you love him anyway. 
J = Jack Off (Masturbation Headcanon)
Warren's been jacking off for such a long time. Though he's dated and bedded many girls, it seems that none of them can make him cream as severely as his hand can. Well, until you started dating. Warren honestly believes you're pussy and hands were made for his cock. HE tells you this every time he's high. 
K = Kink (One or More of Their Kinks)
I can't think of any of Warren's kinks. I think he likes wild sex and different positions, but I don't think he has any major kinks. (Idk if you can think of any, please share them with me; I just don't see Warren as a kinky bastard.) Maybe he'd like to watch someone else fuck you. Or have someone walk in on the two of you while you're having sex, but I can't think of any others. Add on: I think Warren is the biggest fan of baby-girl and daddy kink! You call him daddy, and he's forever yours. He won't look at anyone else ever! 
L = Location (Favorite Places to Do the Deed)
Warren loves fucking you everywhere and anywhere. I think his favorite places are in the backseat of his car. At his parent's house, mainly just to be a nuisance and have them complain while he doesn't give two shits. I think at one point, Warren's parents banned you two from spending the night. (They think you are a great person, but they don't wanna hear their Warren banging at night.)
M = Motivation (What Gets them Turn on, What Gets Them Going)
Everything gets him going. But if he's high, then he's even hornier. Warren's hands are on every single time. 
N = No (Something They Wouldn't do, Turn Offs)
Warren doesn't want you touching yourself without his permission. He has to watch, or you need to ask first before doing so. If you touch yourself without his permission, he punishes you by overstimulation. 
O = Oral (Preferences in Giving and Receiving, Skill, Etc.)
Likes giving more than receiving. But that doesn't mean Warren won't eat you out. He probably just asks for more blowjobs, if anything. When Warren's high, all he wants is for your mouth to be wrapped around his cock. 
P = Pace (Are They Fast and Rough? Slow and Sensual? Etc.)
I don't think Warren has ever had slow sex until your relationship. It's always been messy, and there were a couple of times where he was high or drunk, and instead of having sex with someone, he just cums on them before they can even get their panties off. (Basically, Warren is either a sex god or a drunk who cums on you.)
Q = Quickies (Their Opinion on Quickie, How Often, Etc.)
I like to think Warren will want to fuck each morning before class. But since he sleeps in a lot, quickies are like the only type of sex you have in the morning cause you can't be late for class. Yeah… there has been more than one occasion where you've been late to class due to blowing Warren. 
R = Risk (Are They Game to Experiment? Do They Like Taking Risks? Etc.)
Warren likes to fuck you wherever. OF COURSE, HE'S UP FOR TRYING NEW THINGS!
S = Stamina (How Many Rounds Can They Go For? How Long Do They Last?)
When Warren's high, you're only one round. Cause right after he cums he passes out for like twelve hours. When he's sober, you can get five rounds out of him in a day. I think Warren cums a lot when he finishes, so he truly can't last long. 
T = Toys (Do They Own Any Toys? Do They Use Them? On A Partner or Themselves?)
Warren may have a cock ring hidden in his room somewhere. Just look under his bed, and boom, you'll find all of his filth he's been hiding from you. He had a riding crop, handcuffs, a few vibrators still in the packaging, dildos, and so on. When Warren comes into his room and sees you've discovered his hidden treasure, you adamantly say. "When did you steal from a sex store?" He then replies, "Junior year of high school on a drunk dare. Wanna try some for this stuff? It's never been used." "Hell yeah. And thank good it's never been used I don't wanna have anyone else's cum in my body but yours." 
U = Unfair (How Much Do They Like To Tease?)
Warren likes to tease and edge you for hours. BUT if you tease or edge him in return, he begins full-on crying like a bitch. Warren likes to tease, but he is nothing less than a whimpering pup when the tables are turned. Speaking of which, peg him, and he'll spill out all his secrets. 
V = Volume (How Loud They Are, What Sounds They Make. Etc.)
Warren is the loudest during sex when he's high. But that doesn't mean he isn't loud throughout the other times you're having sex. It's just when he's high, he has no filter, and his grunts, moans, and whimpers have no meaning of the words "be quiet." 
W = Wild Card (A Random Headcanon For The Character)
Often during sex, Warren is explaining an elaborate plan of some sort of heist to you. He also gets off when you explain how you want to steal millions from rich people. Little does he know you just want it to give it back to the poor. I like the idea of Warren dating a Robin Hood-like s.o who doesn't want to steal, but if they must, they'll give it back to people who need help. 
X = X-ray (Let's See What's Going Under Those Clothes)
Warren has a standard size cock. But it's thick, and his balls are just so fun to play with. When you're giving him head, you better pull on those balls cause it's so much fun to watch him cum!
Y = Yearning (How High Is There Sex Drive?)
It's high is like he is most of the time. No serious since Warren has met you; his sex drive has never been this high. He is constantly thinking of ways to get into your pants and how to subtly make it seem like it was your idea to have sex. Little does he know is that you don't care; you will happily fuck him until the sun goes out. 
Z = Zzz (How Quickly They Fall Asleep Afterwards)
Like I said earlier, Warren doesn't fall asleep right away unless he's high. He usually stays up and holds you until you fall asleep, and even then, he doesn't fall asleep each time. 
Warren Lipka NSFW Taglist: @tatesrubbersuit @kitwalker64​ @ksmy-99​
Evan Peters NSFW Taglist: @awaywiththe​ @richbitchsstuff @b3d0fr0s3s​ @madison05x @samsassinparvismagna​ @instabull​ @spidergirlmcu​ @peterskindacool​ @gracey07​ @blufanfictionthings​ @the-countress​ @xmaximoffic​
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juniperhillpatient · 15 days
If you're still taking fire questions, I'd be interested in hearing what you think about Scream VI if you've seen it.
I'm always taking questions! I think the "fire" thing was for an unpopular opinion game a while back but I have no clue if my opinions on this are popular or not so I'll just share them in general.
I LOVED Scream VI! The creative team made this movie with so much love for the Scream fandom. There are so many amazing & fun details that connect it to the original 4 movies while still telling a new story. It was fantastic to see legacy characters like Gale & Kirby interacting with the new cast. Ignoring the behind-the-scenes drama with Neve Campbell, I think that 5 sent Sidney Prescott off in a wonderful way & 6 (this truly isn't a spoiler) made a nice reference to Sid getting her happy ending which I think is a humongous comfort all Scream fans.
Scream 5 sets the stage for this new era with new characters & Scream 6 lets us truly experience the start of this new era. The escape from Woodsboro & New York New Rules thing was so fresh & fun & they used the setting to their advantage in many clever ways.
Without spoiling it, I think that in a series famous for its shocking intros this intro KILLED (literally hehe). I was also a HUGE fan of the Ghostface reveal & motives. Also, this movie had some of the scariest & most heart-pounding scenes in it. I was on the edge of my seat several times & I'm a seasoned horror fan. A huge part of that is that this movie made the correct writing decision of making you care about the characters. Slashers as a genre are about enjoying brutal kill scenes. Scream, however, is a unique series that works specifically because you love the characters (or, that's a huge part of it anyway) & this new cast really cemented their place in my heart in this movie.
Also, the KILLS omg the KILLS. This movie is BRUTAL. I'd argue it might just be the goriest Scream film yet. I mean, it's hard to compare - 5 was pretty gory too - but this one just had some truly memorable death scenes.
Honestly, this movie was just fantastic. It was so clever & I had parts of the mystery figured out by the end but the way they did it - ugh, I can't say but the TWISTS this took -- ooooh it was SO fucking good & exciting & satisfying the way it all came together. I cannot wait to re-watch it.
Anyway, thank you for asking! I love talking about Scream so I appreciated the excuse to ramble hehe
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phen0l · 8 months
i just hopped onto tumblr in the middle of a kinda(?) hiatus and saw your posts about being a sad asian bisexual....which.....hiiiiiiii. (i also have no idea what is happening right now so forgive me if this ask is weird as hell. it is also 3am). But, I, for one, would love to see your transDabi! fic (I think we are talking about this??????). I also don't think you need a sanity check...b/c you're also relying on your own life experience. The sad asian bisexual community has similar experience, but it's impossible for the experience to be the same. Writing the fic must have been an emotionally exhausting experience, but I hope you drop the fic as it is. Whether it comes off as "stereotype-y", which btw, I highly doubt, or not, I hope you remember that you are writing based off of your own experience and nothing will ever invalidate that. Tbh...I confess that the current sad asian bisexual rep is less stereotype-y and more archetype-y? This is just going off my personally experience, but I have definitely felt seen in the few lgbtq+ asian rep I've seen. I hope you're doing okay, Mao. - Ven Anon (I also forgot to tell you, but i finally watched eeaao and when I got to the scene where the beidou meme came out, i started crying so much. tbf, i was crying every ten minutes b/c while it was a really good movie, it's not a movie I can easily watch b/c there's too much generational trauma for me to relate to. I also have no idea if this somewhat validates your concern about dabi coming off as stereotype-y, but I watched the movie with my family and both of my parents hated it <3)
HI VEN ANON MY LOVE <3 thank you for the really thoughtful 3am ask and for sharing your thoughts/experiences so candidly as a fellow sad asian bisexual!! For now I'm referring to it as the fem!dabi fic (which I mean cisfem) because I don't knowww if I'm equipped to write a transmasc!dabi fic, though honestly I have imagined a continuation of the story where Dabi does figure out he's trans and transitions, which is a nice way to represent his arc of breaking away and healing from his dad's abuse. BUT ANYWAY.
(DISCOURSE below about wlw rep, and apologies if you're not a westerner but that's where my mind is at since most readers of this fic will be westerners!)
I think my hesitation with relying solely on my own experiences in writing this is precisely because I'm not sure that I strongly relate to most Asian lgbtq media that westerners have seen - if anything, I think the fic is actually kind of similar to some older HK Chinese or mainland Chinese rep, in that it is really molded by the abject misery and trauma of growing up in a society that is hostile to gay and trans people. Like, there's stuff in the fic that is probably authentic but going to be caricatures to westerners, including westernized Asians. Some of it is stereotypes that are honestly harmless (homoerotic sleepovers), but some of it is just super toxic stuff that doesn't make it into mainstream western lgbt media because wlw rep here has a trend of being "wholesome" and "pure". The story includes, among other things, really promiscuous and sexually confused bisexual/lesbian women, the homophobia of Touya's conservative Asian household, the horrific obsession and predatory behaviour that Dabi has with MC (but truly that's not because she's gay; it's because... she's Dabi LMFAO she's actually infinitely better in this than in canon fic in that respect). Basically I think this fic kind of spits on every trend of mainstream lgbt media in the west and that's why it really makes me nervous LOLOL
BUT! I really appreciate what you're saying about writing based on my own experiences, and I really appreciate hearing another sad asian bisexual letting me know that it is fine to rely on my own experiences as well. I genuinely can't thank you enough for taking the time to reach out about this; it means a lot to me!
I hope you are doing okay too!!!! <3
ALSO YEAH I HAD A FEELING EEAAO WOULD BE A TOUGH WATCH FOR YOU 😭 I was also bawling during that movie so I totally get you. LMAO my parents would probably hate it too, honestly 💀 supporting the stereotypes, both of us
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uweiy · 2 years
I'm intrigued by Love is Science? but know nothing about it. Can you give me a run down on what kind of thing to expect and who it might appeal to? Thank you!! 😁
Ooooo boi *gremlin smile* I'm glad you asked. You've entered the dragon's den, broken the dam and thus this post turned out to be a monster so I'm gonna link here another post from @accidentallyadramablog which imo gives a nice (and short) overview.
That said let's get into
Love is Science?
Tumblr media
Summary :
Yan Fei is a the CEO of the Love is Science marriage agency, that matches people based on scientific data. Hsuan Yu, 8 years younger than her, is a promising young hairstylist who has been in love with her thoughout their entire childhood when she has only ever seen him like a little brother.
Unexpectedly they meet again. Between the way they've each built their lives and how Yong Yan Fei's ex husband still looms over Yan Fei's life, how will their relationship develop this time around ?
just reading that summary I know what you're thinking.
Indeed, if you have some experience with dramas, you might recognize some TYPICAL TYPICAL tropes – let's get them out of the way :
love triangle (though we all know who she is going to end up with don't we)
childhood friends
'noona romance'
And they are every bit as present and as trope-ey as you would expect.
However, as they say, the devil is in the details.
And particularly, in the side characters. Let me give you a quick rundown of the lot of them :
Tumblr media Tumblr media
As such, we follow the stories of multiple relationships that develop parallel to one another.
The relationships
Tumblr media
• Yan Fei/ Hsuan Yu : Not much needs to be added I think. Their storyline might be the most predictable but they are pretty sweet and heartwarming. pining for like 12 years though poor Hsuan Yu. Anyway you can enjoy it or find it boring or but you can't hate it.
Tumblr media
• Mark/Ouwen : Noooow we're getting to it. Their dynamic is so... Refreshing and unique. Confident gay with a soft heart and dumb disaster bisexual I mean *chef kiss*👌delicious
After the disasters of their first meetings, it's a cat and dog relationship where Ouwen is the hsssssss don't touch me– cat and Mark is the golden retriever trailing after him not really realizing the rampage he's creating in Ouwen's heart. while Ouwen is like "Remind me why the FUCK I caught feelings again ?".
IDK it just has everything 'Enemies' to friends to lovers, (not actually) unrequited love, pining, sweet moments, jealousy, feelings realization, snarky banter... What more could one want.
Tumblr media
• Cho Nai Hui / You Fu : they are. So. So sweet. Both are older and have experience, and as such they are not so naive or stupid as the youngsters. Them sharing their life experiences and going on dates like typically teenagers (in movies or TV shows anyway) would is refreshing to see and really really heartwarming.
Tumblr media
• Liu Sheng Ying/ ??? Her ex ? : The show hinted at a wlw storyline and this arc seems to have JUST begun. Basically Sheng Ying's ex comes to Love is Science as a client and requests Sheng Ying as an advisor, while Sheng Ying still seems heartbroken over her. I can't WAIT to see how it develops.
The friendships :
Something I greatly appreciate is that both the romantic relationships AND the friendships have a great importance in the drama.
Tumblr media
• Joanna and Yan Fei : Jo, queen Jo 👑. She's just here to gossip, get all the gossip and be the voice of reason and we love her for it. You can see how comfortable they are around each other and how they were there for each other during tough times and still are. Kudos to the actresses because I believed the characters were besties in a heartbeat.
Tumblr media
• Hsuan Yu and Mark : they are honestly... Such polar opposites you kinda wonder how they became friends but they are and it works perfectly.
Hsuan Yu still hasn't gotten he maybe shouldn't take Mark's advice, and Mark still hasn't gotten that he, definitely should take Hsuan Yu's. It also enables to develop a more playful and mischievous side to Hsuan Yu, giving him more depth?
Tumblr media
• Ouwen and Sheng Ying: rivalry to reluctant solidarity to friends-but-i-will-deny-it-if-asked to just friends. IT'S GREAT
I also ejoy the fact that these multiple storylines are allowed to coexist. The romantic ones, the friendships, older, younger, m/f m/m and f/f like take your pick !! And tbh a WLW storyline ?????? These are so scarce I will take anything.
The recurring themes :
The show more or less subtly touches on some topics/issues, to which the dating aspect contributes to.
A non exhaustive list would be
Divorce, and how divorced women can be viewed as failures for some reason
How successful men over 30 are sought after but successful women after 30 are somehow deemed undatable
Preconceived notions and homophobia
And beyond the topics, there's just things like... Joanna not being interested in long term relationships nor wanting to get married, reporting sexual harassment, older people going on dates.... I'm not saying it's a groundbreaking activist drama –which is not really what I was looking for– I just appreciate the fact that it is a pretty mainstream drama and that these things are there.
Mad respect if you've made it up to here ! but we're not quite done yet.
The cast and crew :
The other element that made this drama stand out for me besides the side characters is the cast.
It might be weird that such a meta thing impacts the appreciation of the show but it did, for me at least.
For me what happened is I stumbled onto Mark and Ouwen cuts on YouTube, then somehow onto the behind the scenes. They weren't subbed at the time so I could barely understand a word of what they were saying, thus I'm not sure what but something about how the rest of the actors, the director and the crew were interacting just told me it was a show worth watching or at least checking out.
The cast honestly seems to have a blast and to have, how to say it, come together really well. It seems like most of them have become genuinely friends, or despite differences in personality have truly enjoyed working with one another and with the rest of the crew, and it shows.
Where it's lacking
In my opinion the show does have some aspects where it underperforms.
As previously mentioned, the main plot is kinda tropey, furthermore, in a drama typical fashion when something is about to get resolved, immediately something else happens. Nothing unexpected from a drama though.
The pacing : Some moments of the main plot especially dragged on, so I admit I skipped through some parts.
Because I feel so strongly about all the characters though, I don't really mind the previously mentioned points. I just think it's a shame because I feel like if it had been crafted a little bit better it could have made the show go from an 8/10 good drama to an 11/10 friggin amazing drama easy.
Lastly, there is a pretty unequal time distribution so Yan Fei and Hsuan Yu do tend to occupy the most part of an episode. However some episodes are more centered on some pairings (like ep 11 that will probably have an important Mark/Ouwen part).
it's a drama that warms my heart, as simple as that. It's not that deep, it's pretty funny, the acting ranges from good to excellent and I have taken a liking to a lot of the characters, which is what I think fuels my interest for the drama.
And I feel like it managed to attract a wide range of audiences because the romances and relationships are so diverse. Whether you watch the show for its entirety or for one aspect/storyline/character is entirely up to you and I feel like the creators of the drama are aware of it as well : and you can easily find subbed compilations about each specific pairing on Settv's official YouTube channel.
Take that aspect that you like–if you find one of course–and enjoy it, that is all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
What's left to say besides.... 🎉🎊 Congratulations for making it to the end of this lengthy post !
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