fuckyeahworldoftaika · 23 hours
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queeraspirates · 3 hours
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new pic of Taika Waititi and his stunt double Jade Daniels for the New Zealand tourism campaign
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alexxuun · 1 hour
Aotearoa taking big measures to get tourism back into NZ with the help of Blackbeard AKA Taika Waititi! 😂
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eph-em-era · 23 hours
It's nearly the NZ election!
Advance voting has opened in New Zealand today so I thought it was about time to reshare my Orange Voting Mascot erotica from 2020 for those who haven't seen it.
In all seriousness, this election could be one of the biggest of our lifetimes. The rise of conspiracy theories, violence and transphobia within candidates who have a BIG CHANCE of getting elected is terrifying, and we should all be afraid of what they'll do to our people.
Young people (18-35) always fail to turn out to the polls. It's something like forty percent of youth aren't even enrolled, while across all other demographics it's only between 1-5%.
Voting is such a privilege and is so, so important and it is insanely easy to get it done. Wherever you are in NZ, there's a high chance you're within 20km of a voting booth. Voting takes between 5-10 mins.
If our demographic turns out and makes an effort, we will elect people who will make substantial change, rather that lumbering along with centrists who make boring policy and insubstantial effort in government.
our world is burning. this election means something.
here are some resources that might help you out. you've got till the 14th of October. if you're 18 and above before or on the 14th of October, please don't squander this chance.
How to enrol (you can even enrol on the day!)
Places to vote
The people you have to vote for (by address)
A quiz that might help you figure out where you should put your vote, based on what you're interested in
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gwydpolls · 1 day
Time Travel Question 25: Medievalish I
These Questions are the result of suggestions from the previous iteration.
Please add new suggestions below if you have them for future consideration.
The first person who suggested this one first was incredibly poetic in the notes.
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londonspirit · 22 hours
(The YT video gives a tad more background due to the ratio!)
Taika Waititi for AoNZ
(putting the spoiler tags on this because it's bits of S2 filming/setting for those who wanna go in blind/have NOT watched the OFMD trailer(s))
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nikfiendluvr666 · 2 days
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Lavender bush surrounding some graves, Addington Cemetery, Otautahi, Aotearoa. 2019 sometime.
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agelessphotography · 2 days
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Fullmoon@Cape Reinga, Darren Almond, 2012
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maelkravn · 1 day
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average trademe auction
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words-and-coffee · 14 days
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Alice Te Punga Somerville, Always Italicise: How to Write While Colonised - Kupu rere kē
[ID: A poem titled: Kupu rere kē. [in italics] My friend was advised to italicise all the foreign words in her poems. This advice came from a well-meaning woman with NZ poetry on her business card and an English accent in her mouth. I have been thinking about this advice. The convention of italicising words from other languages clarifies that some words are imported: it ensures readers can tell the difference between a foreign language and the language of home. I have been thinking about this advice. Marking the foreign words is also a kindness: every potential reader is reassured that although you're expected to understand the rest of the text, it's fine to consult a dictionary or native speaker for help with the italics. I have been thinking about this advice. Because I am a contrary person, at first I was outraged — but after a while I could see she had a point: when the foreign words are camouflaged in plain type you can forget how they came to be there, out of place, in the first place. I have been thinking about this advice and I have decided to follow it. Now all of my readers will be able to remember which words truly belong in -[end italics]- Aotearoa -[italics]- and which do not.
Next image is the futurama meme: to shreds you say...]
(Image ID by @bisexualshakespeare)
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door · 1 month
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sign at Hinewai Reserve in Aotearoa
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taz-zo · 2 months
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Y'all they reintroduced kākāpō to mainland Aotearoa and I can't get over the photo of this little guy preparing for his Air New Zealand flight. They packed him snacks??? His water bowl says "only top quality"??? You're so right babe he is top quality 🥺🥺
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mwagneto · 1 year
genuinely about to cry at the word for france in te reo māori. so like. almost every country name is just the english name but altered to only have letters that exist in te reo (so like canada = kānata, norway = nōwei etc) except france that is literally just fucking. wīwī. as in ouioui. imgoing to fucking die
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violetsandshrikes · 3 months
I will literally never forget in 2018 when they had to build a gym/playground for kea while they did construction in Fiordland, because otherwise the kea kept stealing road cones and other equipment.
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pierog · 4 months
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petitioning the 1986 homosexual reform bill, from mates & lovers (a history of gay new zealand) by chris brickell
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neil-gaiman · 3 months
Hey Neil :)
This is a rather stupid question I‘m afraid but why was the release time for GO2 set at such an impossible time for all the brits and other European people? I mean it’s a British show and yet so much is happening in advantage for American people. This is no hate, I mean it’s your/amazons decision, I‘m just curious!! :D
Amazon is based in Seattle, which is on Pacific Time, so they tend to release things based on Pacific Time.
This means the show will show up in the UK and Europe at about 8 or 9 in the morning. It means the episodes will show up in Australia at 5 in the afternoon, and New Zealand at 7pm, perfect for an evening binge.
Having said that, it will be released, in all probability, at Midnight Pacific time. Which is 1 am Mountain time, 2 am Central time and 3 am for those on the East Coast. I'm not sure how this is an "advantage for American People".
It's definitely an advantage for the New Zealanders, though.
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