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He protecc. He attacc. He carry family on his back.
Extra one:
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goldensatellite · 2 months
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She's driving me craaazy!
LA Night 15 (1/29/23)
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vivarai2off: Amarello living their best life ✨
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moonflower91 · 2 months
Do aemond and Saerah anddd their children survive the Dance of dragons?
Oooohhh...in my head, I'd love them too. I'd love for the Greens and Blacks to be yanked to the table by their ears and sat down to settle on a decent truce. (but ngl, a little Daemon and Jace knocking down a few pegs? I wouldn't mind)
Like if the child of Team Green wed the child of Team Black (Jace/Baela's child + Saerah/Aemond? Jaehaera + Joffrey?)?
Or if Rhaenyra relinquished naming Jace her heir, named Aegon II her heir (everyone knows he'll never be king), but betrothed in blood and vow that one of her children would marry one of Alicent's grandchildren, and their children would be heir, that way everyone gets a piece of the pie. Jace might be thwarted, but it's much less pressure (I don't know about anyone else, but I think that Jace was as ill suited for rule as Aegon II for the fact that he has anger issues and would likely rule with a bloody iron fist).
In my imagination, all this stupid succession shit could have been done away with if the Greens and Blacks had a moderator to negotiate a peaceful resolution that they could all agree with. And obviously without that freak Daemon in at the table so Rhaenyra could make up her own mind.
If none of that happened, and the war continued on, I think it would be more realistic that either Aemond or Saerah end up alone raising what remains of their children in exile, or for them all to perish. One thing's for sure, I don't think if the Dance went on that Saerah and Aemond would be able to live out the years together, and neither would all their children live to see adulthood. Everyone suffered in the Dance in one way or another, and they're no exception.
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so..currently it's kinktober ... just saying 👀😗 🗡️
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And as we walked we were talking, I didn't say half the things I wanted to.
Hey Stephen - Taylor Swift
ted lasso + every taylor swift album: (2/9) - Fearless.
currently working on a taglist for this gifset series, if you would like to be a part of it, drop your URL here
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uefb · 3 months
A Love Letter to Newt Scamander’s Autism™ and a Plea to Those Continually Gloating About the ‘Failure’ of the FB Franchise
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(this is stream-of-consciousness really, forgive me)
Look. I…dislike…JKR as much as the next politically active gender/queer who was raised on Harry Potter and subsequently spent their 20s raging against the binary and tearing down the system.
But look—
I’m also autistic.
So I can’t pretend to be able to celebrate the potential crash of the first fantasy franchise/series (well, any franchise, really!) to star an empathetic, autistic hero just because I hate her.
The lady has enough money to pave Europe, enough money to buy anyone’s votes—hell, enough money to probably repurchase the entire bloody (pun intended) British empire—
And she frankly has enough money to attempt to destroy trans folks and trans women’s lives whether or not FB continues.
FB is not the root of the problem.
JKR and the increasingly inflammatory political and economic and social moments we keep hurtling through are the problem.
So when I think back on that lonely, autodidactic, quiet, gender nonconforming, gentle, awkward, morally driven (and sometimes-accidentally-in-trouble) eleven-year-old version of me—
That little nerd who clung to the safety of Hermione (as close to a relatable fictional character as I would ever find for decades) like a life raft in the godforsaken sea of adolescence—
When I think how much Newt Scamander would have meant to that little dork then,
And how much he must mean to so many kids now (let alone adults)…?
I just can’t find it in my heart to purely wish ill on every single one of JKR’s endeavors. Or to celebrate JKR’s failure specifically regarding Fantastic Beasts.
(So maybe Cursed Child can die in a fire, and —yes — JKR’s isms and antisemitisms and absolute crock can—
You get the idea.)
And maybe it’s the Hufflepuff in me—masked so often by my more ADHD-forward Gryffindor traits—but I just can’t take joy in an atypical, kind, adult autistic character—an unusual hero, in fact!—being [potentially] cancelled when I know it not only hurts me, but so so many others. It’s not joyous to me that people are losing something dear to them, when it’s not the media itself that’s damning but the woman who dreamed it into existence. (Though so much of the good of FB was built by the producers and artists and actors—it was built out by them like a wood-elf in a well-tended garden. The core of it—the trellis, perhaps—was provided by she-who-must-not-be-named, but all that delicate work in between? the moments of worldbuilding, the nuance of character and culture and blah blah blah? they wove the intricacies of the fabric and fashioned the clothes to hang in her closet.)
But I’ve mixed my metaphors and I digress.
What I mean to say is this:
A franchise like FB being cancelled is nuanced and complicated—especially since WB is gonna milk the Wizarding World for all it’s worth even if they do drop FB. This is a multifaceted issue spanning individual, political, capitalistic, societal, etc etc overlapping and contradictory levels, and we should treat it that way, not the way I’ve seen it circulated in posts—just laughing about how JKR had it coming and skimming over all the rest.
Like yes, duh.
Of course she did.
Those of us who grew up on HP rejected her for the very same reasons we loved HP in the first place.
But use your critical thinking skills.
The world is bigger than JKR—art and media have implications and impacts outside of their origin. And, thus, implications for supporting or enjoying something exist on multiple levels that must sometimes be carefully measured and interrogated, even if individually or factionally we come to our own different—and perhaps opposite—conclusions.
So i’m just proposing: maybe we should reconsider taking joy in Fantastic Beasts failure when FB is about so much more than just JKRs considerable sins —
When so many people have seen in Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander the first character who truly acts like them, moves like them, speaks like them—seems to see the world like them!—for the first time in their lives.
Because yes: JKR’s views and horrific anti-trans and—frankly—anti-anti-anti-everything campaigning are personal, but so is what Newt has come to represent.
Words can’t describe that for me. What he means, from an autistic perspective.
I only request that you place your thinking in the complex context it deserves.
Tumblr media
Also, please don’t viciously @ me. I’m open to nuanced conversation, should I have the word-energy to engage—though I have been teetering on the edge of a shutdown for days—but I’m not open to being torn apart for loving quality autistic representation, and for simply wishing I could have more of that character and that content in the world. To not always have to be the one to push for it. To not always have to be the one to write my own representation, to seek it out, to demand I’m worth space and consideration as a reader and consumer with intersectional identities— 
It’s complicated. 
But I’m tired. 
And potentially losing Newt really isn’t funny to me.
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cuil-meleth · 1 year
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thebuttsmcgee · 9 months
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#butts talks nonsense#well technically its also owl house related but I dont wanna main tag that#tho it might end up there anyways? ehhhh#aaanyways. apparently they said so nearly a month ago lmao I guess I missed it tho ldjqhbdw#really cool tho!!!!!!!!! Dude I have seen like NO Willow plushes at all and only 1 Hunter plush. Ive seen a custom made Gus one as well but#only by 1 person tho it was still p cool#Im p excited tho!!!!! Their Luz and Ams plushes have always been really well made as well as their SPoP ones so woot!#Granted I jUST got the Luz one a little ago but to be fair Im. hm. picky? when it comes to detail and Ive always seen her hoodie as purbl#so thats why I ordered right away when they started manufacturing Luz in purbl instead of the blue. I also just never got the hexside#uniformed ones cuz. uh. money? Ig. lmao I dont really remember since its actually been a while. Kinda regret it but who knows!#Maybe theyll restock it or someone could sell their own one day. I did just see a S1 Ams plush go for sale. so. ehhuh.#hg. times like these I wish they made a Gus and Matty plush set ghhehgvvvv. IMAGINE A GUS PLUSH IF YOU WOULD!!!!#Granted I dont think we've seen Matty in an actual casual fit so he'd either hafta be in Hexside uniform or the fit he wore in TTLGR.#Which. Mighta? been his casual? outfit? uh. hm. In my mind I kept thinking that was his previous Glandus uni but Im not sure now LMAO#anyways w for huntlow. even if ya dont like it then hey an actually well made (and actually made) Willow and Hunter plush!#THO. HEADS UP. LMAO ITLL BE 120 FOR THE SET FHSBABSBW#yea I paid about 67 for my Luz plush and the Lumity set was like. 120 without shipping fees dfjwbsb#all cool tho. after all it is commission work!#dude I just love plushies. My sonic one is on the way argh argh argh.#I need to hold myself back from stimming cause more cool stuff like plushes for toh gets me really happy and excited djahb#but yea!!!!! hell yea!!!!!!! HELL YES DUDE!!!! FINALLY WILLOW MERCH!!!! also merch for gringito 👌#OH LMAO I bet Mr. Zeno Robinson is gunna somehow get 1. He deserves it#uh oh. lookin at these tags. I may have. whats the word. uh. infodumped? I dunno but I rambled a lot about this cuz Im actually excited#for this. BUT THEYRE SUCH A GREAT PLUSH maker ofc I would!!!! I wonder what designs they'd use tho. okay I should stop. bef. brgore I#before I ramble again too much rjaqnnqwn
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But seriously, thank you guys. Tags like these make my heart go 💗 because I love him too ^-^
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𝐉𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐖𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐚𝐬 𝐌𝐚𝐜𝐆𝐫𝐞𝐠𝐨𝐫 𝐇𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐨𝐧
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oh to be choked by taron egerton's thighs
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basic info about my weirdo halo au thing:
There is a story here but. I can’t write for shit. So it only exists in my head
Tumblr media
In the AU there was no human covenant war and there is no single unified government for any species. Most inhabited planets fall into 3 categories: pirate owned, “safe” company owned, and “mixed” . It’s kind of a space pirate free for all in the pirate “owned” areas. The “safer” areas are those controlled by private companies that own entire solar systems and have their own militias. Note: safer does not mean better. It’s like if Amazon owned you and everything else. It’s a nightmare scenario. Lots of civil unrest. Mixed planets are where most people live and they’re the most “normal” planets. They have all kinds of species on them. There are usually multiple governments on a single planet. Some cities are relatively peaceful and some are not. Some mixed planets are under threat of becoming pirate or company owned. Some planets are so out of the way that they are safe from any outside forces. Mostly everyone is fighting for forerunner tech, but the halo array was never discovered (and will likely never be discovered because that’s too much to think about). There are no Spartans either, it’s just power armor that is made by various manufacturers. Pretty much anyone with money can get it.
ODST helmet is just a random guy who was forced into a pirate gang. They deemed him useful for his engineering skills. He “escapes” the gang simply by being the only one smart enough to run away from a fight.
White armor was a soldier in the past. Now they do contracts here and there to get by. They’re helping ODST guy get home safe. Not being paid to, but they’re the only ones who survived the fight so they’re stuck together now.
Sniper guy and red visor are guns for hire, but they’ve got some morals. Some. Sniper is the one who does all the talking and planning. Red visor is mostly cybernetic and a bit of a failed experiment. Red doesn’t do well on his own so they just followed sniper around like a lost puppy for a bit. Eventually they became friends. They’re trying to expand their team to create their own gang. This is not going well for them at the moment.
They do have names but are usually referred to by nicknames based on their appearance. No you will never learn their actual names :)
ODST: Neon
White: Opal
Sniper: Silver (visor is silver)
EVA: Red or “big guy” but only silver calls him that to as a tease.
There are a lot of other characters, humans, other species, and robots. But I don’t really have a way to represent them visually. Too lazy to draw them.
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queen-scribbles · 7 months
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Mfw when reminded I got the DLC inclusive version and can give Cal an orange lightsaber
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fiona-fififi · 11 months
Me reading your tags these last few days like
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I have been so salty, oh my god. 🙊😆 Apparently, it hits 3am, and I lose my filter. You should see the stuff in my drafts right now.
#a few weeks ago i was like 'this is too much i must step away' and now my brain is like 'you want discourse i'll give you discourse'#just like. how are people watching what i would label as one of the absolute best episodes of the series#and getting themselves all worked up over a character who's just kind of there??#like i'm one annoying anon sighting away from shipping bl endgame purely out of spite goddamn#and there i go again#but truly#i literally could not be more indifferent to lucy as a character#and people have me out here feeling like i need to defend her#like she's just there existing get over it y'all please#also i have a thing about fans acting like tv writers are clueless for not handing over perfect shipping fantasies on a silver platter#(even though they kind of literally are for buddie and yet people are still out here calling them clueless—like buck is out here actively#demonstrating his devotion to eddie and christopher at every turn but ~gasp~ he had a three second conversation with a coworker#who he kissed once while drunk and then blew up his entire life over the guilt of it all but no yep truefacts the writers are obviously#setting them up for endgame and completely ignoring buddie because they're stupid and homophobic 🙃#like literally what show are y'all watching?? i'm just so tired#okay i'm gonna stop now for real it's 5am and the filter's just nonexistent at this point apparently i'm so sorry#but also not because this was cathartic#but also i am because you probably were not looking for a crazy fandom discourse tag rant on this ask but here we are i apologize#fandom discourse#911 wank#asks answered#kitkatpancakestack
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