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ao3-crack · 2 days
Tumblr media
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darkheart-despairs · 2 days
Your creative work is meaningful. Your creative work is important. Your creative work should be shared with the world.
💕 Even if it’s off-putting or weird.
💕 Even if it’s ‘just’ fan work.
💕 Even if some people vocally hate it.
💕 Even if you don’t feel like it’s good enough.
Your creative work is important. No one else will create exactly what you would.
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frownyalfred · 2 days
Tumblr media
do you ever just relate to an author’s note so much
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thenerdyindividual · 9 hours
So with AO3 recommending locking your fics to help prevent scraping for AI use, I know a few people (myself included) who have locked down their fics. But it’s made me curious how many people are locking so…
Also reblog this and tell me in the tags why you do or don’t plan to lock your works.
For those of you that want to lock your works but don’t want to do each fic individually, here is a tutorial for how to lock all your fics at once.
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high-quality-tiktoks · 13 hours
ao3 is abt to be sick of us
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bebx · 3 days
if you see this post, it’s a sign for you to stop scrolling through tumblr and go back to continue writing that chapter of your fic you’ve been working on. you got this. may all the words, ideas and motivation come smoothly to you 🤍
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bastard-biohazards · 3 days
Day 3 reminder that tumblr is now banning blogs that include posts with:
victims discussing their experiences of child sexual abuse
suggestive art of characters who are drawn in a soft, chibi, or kawaii style.
suggestive art of characters who are under the age of 18.
suggestive fanfiction of characters who are under the age of 18, including ships where all characters are teenagers/minors.
discussions and headcanons about the sexuality of characters under the age of 18.
more info
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Stayka’s Saint Seiya Archive is Moving to the AO3
Tumblr media
Stayka’s Saint Seiya Archive, a collection of fanworks inspired by the manga Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac), is being imported to AO3. Read more at https://otw.news/cd6d2d
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bakanokiwami · 21 hours
If you want to see the Theater bar chart with the multi-category fandoms included, please check this post.
To make these bar chart race, all series titles in the Theater Category on November 29 (or the closest date to it) of every year were copy-pasted from Wayback Machine to Google Sheets, rearranged according to number of fanworks, manually filtered for fandoms belonging in only one category, and then inputted to Flourish to turn into a bar chart race.
Locked fanworks aren't included in the count because Wayback Machine can’t view those, only Ao3 users can.
The high-ranking Les Miserables tags (Les Misérables - All Media Types & Les Misérables - Schönberg/Boublil) are both in multiple categories (Books & Literature & Theater) so it has been excluded in this bar chart. You can see it multicategory version.
Fandom tags that are no longer in the Theater category tag as of posting this are left out of the bar chart race. These tags are usually either miscategorized or already have other tags referring to the same fandom.
Please refer to this post for more fanfiction bar chart races.
Thanks for understanding and hopefully I didn’t mess up anywhere! 🙏
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darklesmylove · 3 days
me randomly remembering again that i haven’t updated my fic in months:
Tumblr media
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adhd-chaos-queen · 2 days
Tumblr media
pretry sure someone has done this before, but it is true, so why not...
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ao3-crack · 2 days
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chemicalarospec · 15 hours
Ao3 and AI
They made a blog post here and I dearly hope you read it, but the most important thing is:
1. Most AIs are trained off one dataset, the Common Crawl dataset.
2. Common Crawl can be be blocked in two lines of code.
3. Ao3 implemented that code in December 2022.
4. Fics that were already scraped will remain scraped and there's nothing we can do about it, but any fics posted after they put in that code will not be used to train AI unless the AI-makers make a new data-scraper.
5. Ao3 has also put code in place to slow down scrapers and they check their traffic for signs of abuse.
In short, you do not need to set your fic to members-only to stop it from being part of the Common Crawl dataset, though it will add another layer of protection for other scrapers if you feel really strongly about it. Please note that the blog post says locking your fic "will not block every potential scraper."
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darkheart-despairs · 19 hours
✨ Your art and creative works matter!
❤️ Create the art that you want to, no matter what anyone else says.
🌺 Every creative work speaks to someone. Every work of art is the art that someone needed to see.
💕 Fandom and shipping works are as valuable as any other work.
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nateslehky · 2 days
this post has been going around asking if people prefer 'format a' (single spacing) vs 'format b' (extra spacing) on ao3---
Tumblr media
---and the general consensus in the poll and in the tags is that not only do people vastly prefer a, they very much despise and often refuse to read format b.
another theme among the tags is from writers, specifically those that use google docs, complaining that format b is just how ao3 formats their writing if they are copying and pasting into rich text editor from google docs. so if they want to have format a (the vastly preferred format among readers) they have to manually go through and back space everything to get rid of the extra spacing, which is tedious at best.
and while this is true if you are manually double spacing your paragraphs in google docs like below (pressing enter twice before starting a new paragraph--see the "|" that indicates a manually created line/space)
Tumblr media
you can also just format your google dog to add a space before/after a paragraph (doesn't matter which, but you only need one) from the 'line and spacing' drop down menu on the toolbar
Tumblr media
and it'll make it look like below automatically with just pressing the 'enter' key once (see how it's not a full line of space between the paragraphs, ie: you couldn't type a line of text there like before).
Tumblr media
Then, when you copy and paste into ao3, it will be formatted like 'format a' automatically instead of having to manually go through the work and get rid of the double spacing! :)
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high-quality-tiktoks · 12 hours
For legal reasons i didnt actually do this🥰
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