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peacefulandcozy · 1 year
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bookishfreedom · 6 months
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the vibes at armchair books are immaculate
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vox-anglosphere · 11 months
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There are shops in Britain you would have to drag me out of..
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Book haul from my vacation (/book buying trip) to London and Edinburgh...
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p1nkshield · 6 days
Jason: What are you doing in my room?
Steph: Nothing, nothing just felt like standing here.
Steph, after looking around: Alright! Time for me to hit the old dusty trail. See ya!
Jason: what was that?
Dick, who is comfortably reading one of Jason’s books in the reading corner: you used to do that to me all the time! It was kinda annoying but really adorable!
Jason: …Alright! Everyone out!
Duke: aww man!
Dick: but it’s so cozy in here!
Tim: you just had to blow it by calling him cute!
Cass: :(
Damian: You truly did blow it Grayson.
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life-spire · 4 months
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See more interior design.
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elfcow · 2 months
When Gerard was paging through a book of his battlemaster maneuvers and had silly little re-names for them my FIRST thought was the Wheel of Time, which built its whole deal on that concept.
And then hearing Murph say that literally his goal was to do wheel of time sword move re-names but stupid instead of poetic made me bounce with joy. I called it exactly you big nerd I knew it.
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juliistudies · 2 months
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06.01.23 • rearranged my plants yesterday and found the most amazing, incredible and comfortable armchair on campus - I feel a bit like Bilbo Baggins, dreaming of curling up with a good book and a cup of tea ✨
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Decorating with Pictures, 1991
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hanzajesthanza · 1 year
why baptism of fire is my favorite book out of the saga:
the overall setting in a warzone is well-written and thoughtful, and though tragic and horrific, its very 'realistic' and haunting. the fear, the eventual indifference... how the war-torn landscape influences the characters and their actions and narratives is compelling.
the pacing is great, chapters flow into one another so well it took me actual years to decidedly separate them by chapter in my head. it’s also not too long of a book and it feels like cozy, easy reading. the journey of the characters is not boring or full of “filler”, because plot-relevant stuff keeps occuring.
the theme of a “baptism of fire” is reiterated throughout the novel, but you as the reader are not hit over the head with it extensively or annoyingly (coughs... like in... time of contempt)...
ciri is spiralling downwards (no spiral pun intended) as her trauma builds, but she hasn’t yet faced the powerless gore-strewn tragedies which are ttos and lotl, since bonhart isnt here yet she can be as evil as she wants and its interesting to see her character get caught in the frenzy. she is practically rebuilding her identity from scratch outside of the constraints of moral guidance, and “falka” is overtaking her.
yennefer finally receives solo scenes as an individual character in which we get her point of view and we learn how thoughtful and intelligent she is, she is thrown into a political frying pan fighting for her fucking life with the lodge of sorceresses and we finally get some answers to ciri’s background. 
geralt’s character is at his lowest since the beginning of the series, and he has a choice to make in terms of how he wants to react to losing everything and who he wants to become during this painful climb back up. his utter devastation at losing his child and his lover are ‘realistically’ written and he says and does unlikable, prickly things - yet he never becomes a bad person and his ethics (and motivation to act in the face of injustice) actually grow stronger during this period. we as the readers can hate him and think he’s a dumbass and laugh at him as he tries to shun company.
best dandelion characterization in the series as he helps geralt the most and is the least misogynist in this novel. his stubbornness to not leave geralt’s side is actually admirable and ethical, and we get to see his and geralt’s friendship evolve in this new situation, and dandelion repositions himself in terms of what the role of a best friend is
milva barring
emiel regis
i already put milva, but the conversation scene between her and geralt with "i cannot help you..." "you just did. now go, please. go away, witcher before you destroy my entire world"
i already put regis, but his value as a comic relief character is astounding
cahir is finally introduced as a side protagonist, and is actually just some guy. he proves himself brilliantly at the end of the book. and there is no introduction or even *thought* of cahiri
fish soup scene. everyone collectively makes fun of geralt and we as a reader are laughing it up alongside them.
zoltan, percival, and the rest of their company are introduced as silly comic relief side characters, but represent a jewel of optimism in the side of the death-strewn landscape and keep being these beacons of humanitarianism and “good” in an evil world. considering that they are side characters and disappear for most of the novel, this says something about how goodness is rare, but not impossible to find, it does exist...
it’s short but thank god for that, the scene of djikstra and his spies finding vilgefortz’s lab is horror-filled and shocking, but sets vilgefortz up well as an absolutely wretched villain
the ending battle scene is action-packed and full of drama, but it has deeper messages than what is said on the surface, it has meaning and intention behind the character decisions. huge anti-war and anti-imperialism sentiments
it’s admittedly the first book of the witcher saga that i read, so i’m incredibly biased :B
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autoneurotic · 6 months
unearthed my 15+ year old walkman and it works like new and still has, though very worn away, all my old sharpie decorations hehe >:) 2006 chic
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peacefulandcozy · 1 year
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Instagram: co.nfused
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maybebabyplease · 5 months
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fucked around on midjourney ai and got some good greenspo out of it
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tennessoui · 2 years
hi all of your aus are amazing! pls what happens with divorced!obiwan and the twins?
hey!! sorry this took so long i had to think of an appropriate cliffhanger
this is a continuation of this ficlet and this ficlet, where divorced!obi-wan accidentally acquires a partner and a set of twins.
The twins are not, and probably have never been described by anyone except their father, angels. They take to Obi-Wan as well as Obi-Wan takes to them, which is to say that all three of them watch each other suspiciously until one day Luke launches himself off the top of the fridge--how the fuck did he manage to get up there--and Obi-Wan drops his morning toast in a frantic bid to catch him.
After that, Leia and Luke apparently decide he is Another Anakin Who Is Just Around A Lot Less But Is Better At Reading Bedtime Stories and deign to treat him as such.
Obi-Wan decides that he’s going to have a heart attack by the age of fifty. Do all children see a childproof house as a challenge?
It somehow takes both a longer and shorter time to win over Anakin’s favor, mostly because Obi-Wan isn’t sure what the man’s thinking at any given moment. He seems to blow hot and cold depending on how he woke up or how the work day goes. Some days, Obi-Wan comes home from campus and Anakin and the twins have waited to eat until he’s there. Sometimes they’ve eaten and there’s a meal under foil on the stove just for Obi-Wan.
(“I don’t know how you do it,” Obi-Wan tells him one night after the children are put to bed. “I mean, work from home with your job, mind the children, and cook?”
“They made me head of the R&D department a few months ago,” Anakin admits, taking a sip of his second glass of wine. “So I’m doing a lot more checking through other people’s work instead of making my own. It just means I can do that and make something edible--no, really, you just can’t cook, Obi-Wan, I’m not the best either.”
“Do you miss getting to make something other than food?” Obi-Wan asks eventually, giving himself enough time to recover from the sound of the other’s giggles.
Anakin shrugs languidly. “It’s better salary, and I’m the youngest ever in the company to have the position. Means I’ll pay off my student loans quicker, same with my mom’s hospital bills. Doesn’t matter what I want.”
Obi-Wan’s chest hurts and he wants to lean across the gap between their chairs and place his hand on Anakin’s arm, but they don’t know each other like that. It’s only been a month and a half since they moved in. Still. “It always matters what you want,” he insists. “And I think you’re amazing.”
Anakin blushes bright scarlet and takes a huge gulp of wine, and Obi-Wan wonders if this is a throwing-yourself-off-the-fridge break through.)
(It’s not because the next day, Anakin doesn’t say a single word to him, which bothers him more than he’d like to admit.)
(“Am I in the wrong for wanting to get along with my housemate?” Obi-Wan asks Quinlan despairingly during their office hours that he should be using to grade papers. Instead all he can think about is Anakin Skywalker and the goddamn cold shoulder he’s been getting from the man for the past three days.
“Yeah,” Quin says absentmindedly, marking something with a red pen before looking up at Obi-Wan’s outraged intake of breath. “I mean, no. I mean, sorry, Obi, what are we even talking about now? Is it still your hot new roommate with the two kids? Because that’s what we were talking about an hour and a half ago.”
Obi-Wan crosses his arms and leans back in his chair. “I’m just not sure I appreciate--”
“And you said he’s not been hanging around in the living room when you get home? But he’s still leaving you meals in the kitchen? And you’re upset about the free food?”
Obi-Wan is upset at the lack of Anakin’s presence, but he thinks that’s probably not the right thing to say here.
“Maybe he’s just tired?” Quinlan puts down his pen and rests his chin on one of his hands as he looks at Obi-Wan. “From the kids and the job and putting up with your moody ass. C’mon, Obi, what’s really getting you worked up?”
Obi-Wan purses his lips and stares at the desk in front of him, but he had come to Quinlan for help. He should at least be honest about what’s eating at him, even though he knows how silly it will sound when given a voice. “...Satine always waited up for me,” he mutters. “Until she didn’t.”
Quinlan’s quiet for a worryingly large amount of seconds, before he reaches out to pat Obi-Wan gently on the arm. “Oh, Obi,” he says pityingly. “Repeat after me. You cannot make your new roommate your rebound from your thirty year marriage.”
Obi-Wan scoffs. That’s not the problem at all. “That’s not the problem at all,” he says, not defensively in the slightest. “I think I’m just worried about the children not having enough structure in their lives.”
“Right,” Quinlan says, not quite managing to hide the skepticism in his voice. “Then you should talk to him. For the sake of the children.”
Obi-Wan will absolutely not be doing that, but it’s a nice thought.)
The real turning point in Anakin and Obi-Wan’s relationship happens five months after the Skywalkers move in.
Anakin and Obi-Wan are in the living room. Anakin is trying to braid Leia’s hair while Obi-Wan tries to pretend he isn’t watching. From the kitchen, there’s a very, very loud crash and the sound of something shattering.
Both adults leap up from their seats immediately and run to the other room.
Luke is standing in the epi-center of disaster, little face scrunched up like he doesn’t know whether or not to cry. At the sight of his dad and Obi-Wan, he starts to wail, moving forward and reaching for Anakin.
Obi-Wan, who is wearing shoes inside the house (a point of contention between himself and Anakin), grabs Luke roughly and picks him up by the armpits before he can cut his feet on the glass. He hands him over to Anakin to soothe, stepping further into the kitchen to find the dustpan he keeps in one of the pantries.
It’s very obvious what broke, though Obi-Wan can’t for the life of him understand how Luke got ahold of Satine’s heavy cake stand. He can definitely understand how Luke dropped it, as the thing was ridiculously heavy.
It had been one of the only things left in the house that had been Satine’s. She’d left it, and Obi-Wan had been too bitter or petty to point it out to her. Yes, it had been her mother’s. No, keeping it had not made him feel any better. But it’s not like Satine ever baked anything anyway.
Good for Luke, actually, for doing what Obi-Wan never could bring himself to do.
He grabs the broom and dustpan and marches back to the pieces of shattered glass. Anakin has placed Luke on the counter, ostensibly to check to make sure his feet are fine if the boy would ever let go of his father’s neck. Leia is peering around at the mess on the floor.
When Obi-Wan comes back and starts sweeping everything away, she darts forward to pick up a rather sizeable chunk.
“Don’t touch that,” Obi-Wan says sharply, much harsher than he intended. Leia drops it instantly and scurries back to her father, eyes wide and sort of watery. Oh, fuck.
“Hey,” Anakin snaps immediately. “She’s just trying to help and Luke didn’t mean to break--whatever that is.”
Obi-Wan holds up his hand to cut Anakin off. “I’m not mad,” he promises all three of the Skywalkers. And he’s not even lying. He’s really not mad, hasn’t even thought to be mad at this last piece of proof of his relationship with Satine shattering on his kitchen floor. “I just don’t want either of you to cut yourself. Glass like this can be very dangerous and none of you are wearing shoes.”
“Promise?” Luke asks, untucking his red face from Anakin’s neck so he can peer up at Obi-Wan.
“I’m sorry I was a bit rough,” Obi-Wan apologizes, coming over and bending down a bit so he’s on the same level as Luke. “I was just worried about you. Promise.”
Luke sniffles but lets go of Anakin to throw himself at Obi-Wan, apologizing all the way.
“Hush,” Obi-Wan says as Leia scrambles up his leg, vying for his attention. With his hands full of children that aren’t his, he raises his head to look at Anakin who’s watching them with a very strange expression on his face. He tilts his head toward the broom and then down to the kids in his arms. “Come along,” he tells them both. “Leia, I’ll finish your braids if you’d like.”
“Braid my hair too!” Luke demands with a pull on Obi-Wan’s shirt.
Luke’s hair is floppy but awfully short. “I’m sure we can figure something out,” Obi-Wan says generously, leaving the kitchen.
“I suppose I’ll just clean this up then?” Anakin calls sarcastically behind them.
“Thank you, darling,” Obi-Wan responds.
There’s the sound of something else breaking, but it’s not Obi-Wan’s problem at the moment.
(A year later, Anakin mentions something over morning coffee about looking for a new apartment, now that he’s got everything straightened out. “We’ll get out of your hair,” he says, rubbing at the back of his neck. “I’ll look today since it’s my day off.”
Obi-Wan doesn’t want to examine why that idea makes something curl tightly in his stomach, making him feel vaguely nauseous, but it does. On his way out of the house, he unplugs the router, and then after a second of thought, takes it with him just in case.)
(Quinlan laughs his head off when Obi-Wan sheepishly puts the router down on the desk in front of him. “It’s a bad market right now,” Obi-Wan says defensively. “I’m just looking out for him.”
“Obi, I mean this in the best way possible, but there are at least four professors in the psych department that would probably love to do a case study on you.”)
(Two years after the Skywalkers move in, Obi-Wan is running late for a meeting with the head of his department. The man is stepping down, finally retiring, and Obi-Wan thinks that perhaps he’ll be tapped as the new head. It would mean dropping some of his classes, but it would be worth it.
“I made you a breakfast wrap,” Anakin greets him at the door, holding out a paper bag. “It’s got that salsa you like in it.”
The salsa Obi-Wan likes is the mild version of what Anakin and the kids eat, but Anakin treats it as if it’s from another planet entirely.
“Good luck!” he says with a sweet smile, also passing Obi-Wan a travel mug of what’s hopefully fully caffeinated tea. Obviously Obi-Wan needs it. He got perhaps two full hours of sleep last night, tossing and turning and thinking about this meeting and now he’s running late and his tie is crooked and none of his favorite sweater vests were clean.
“Thank you, dear one,” Obi-Wan mumbles, mind somewhere else. If traffic isn’t too bad, he could still be on time.
“Text me how it goes!” Anakin chirps, following Obi-Wan out the door to stand on the front porch with his arms crossed in an attempt to fight off the early winter chill.
“Yes, of course,” Obi-Wan replies, turning around to brush an absent-minded kiss to Anakin’s lips before hurrying to his car. It’s a twenty minute commute. If he gets his preferred parking spot and runs to the department building, he won’t be late at all.
Is that too much to hope for?
He starts the car and pulls out of the driveway, looking back in the rearview mirror to see Anakin standing frozen on the porch. That’s strange, usually the other man can’t stand being out in the cold.
Obi-Wan gets to the first stop-sign out of the neighborhood before he realizes what he’s done. It’s lucky that he’s already slowing down, because he slams on the brakes. Did he--
Did he kiss Anakin? Did he really kiss Anakin as if he does it all the time? As if they were in a relationship?
Oh shit.
Frantically, he pulls out his cellphone from his bag and checks to see if he has any new messages. He doesn’t.
Oh. Shit.
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la-galaxie-langblr · 6 months
Yes I love languages but I kinda miss studying science, I really think my hatred of chemistry was down to a bad teacher and not anything to do with the subject itself, maybe I'll watch a crash course series or something idk
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supplycorner · 20 days
i have to say though, since i mentioned in a previous post i'm reading steven hassan's cult of trump (cults are one of my current special interests), i'm not a fan of how ableist it seems to be ... not sure if it redeems itself but from the looks of it where i am in the book its pretty ableist. and its kind of annoying as a reader bc it doesn't feel like the comparison to cult leader = "narcissist" is even necessary (nor accurate, hence the ableism) but like it just really isn't. we aren't trying to prove cult leaders are "narcissists" we are trying to prove trump himself is using cult-like tactics right!? lol it feels like the book forgot that...
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