aro-bird · 1 day
okay, making this poll a week long now so more people can vote but
reblog so this so it could reach more people! thank you!!
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Tumblr media
[ID: A screenshot of CNN broadcast, there is a news ticker with title Breaking News. The text in the breaking news box reads, "the aroace has accidentally consumed a cake made entirely of vanilla extract." End ID]
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cobbbvanth · 2 days
hey reblog this and tell me the first queer character(s) you remember seeing on tv and how old you were
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Tumblr media
[ID the smash 4 versus screen depicting caduceus on one side and riz on the other END ID]
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agressivelyaro · 2 days
(for science)
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Heyos, how are yall doing? In the recent uptrend of tumblr polls, I decided to make my own. This is heavily inspired by @nonbiney-swag-competition @autismswagsummit @transgenderswagcompetition @worstcharacterpoll @weirdgirlshowdown @bisexual-monarch-tournament
The characters can be aro or ace or anywhere on that spectrum.
So now let's see who the most scrungly aro/ace character is!
No real people like celebrities or youtubers, actors, etc.
They don't have to be canonically aro or ace.
Polls will last for 24 hours
Saiki K, Peridot, Todd Chavez, Papyrus and Lilith are guaranteed on the roster so you don't have to vote for them
Gonna close nominations on Friday, February 9 4pm EST
Happy voting and have fun 😄
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heartless-aro · 1 day
For many girls and women, aromanticism is inherently a form of gender nonconformity, just as asexuality is for boys and men.
Romance novels are seen as being “feminine,” and romcoms are often derogatorily called “chick-flics,” for example. Women are expected to want flowers and chocolates and care about things like anniversaries and marriage to a greater extent than is expected of men. Even many of the things women are expected to do to conform to female gender roles are centered around looking attractive: having long well-styled hair, wearing makeup, shaving, wearing skirts and dresses, etc.
So shoutout to aro women and girls who want to be feminine but feel like their aromanticism makes them feel like an outsider to womanhood. Shout out to women and girls who feel left out of “girl talk” because they don’t have a crush or significant other to tell their friends about, or because they don’t think any of their classmates/coworkers/etc. are “cute.” Shout out to aro girls who are sick of being asked “who you’re dressing up for” any time they want to wear a bit of eyeliner and a pretty skirt. Your femininity is not made any less real or valid by your aromanticism.
And shoutout to gender nonconforming aro women and girls. Shoutout to aro women and girls whose aromanticism makes them feel disconnected from femininity. Shoutout to aro women and girls with short hair, and deep voices, and hair on their upper lips, chins, chests, stomachs, backs, armpits, arms, and legs that they choose not to shave off. Shoutout to aro women and girls who are non-binary, who are both male and female, who use pronouns other than she/her. Shoutout to intersex aro girls and women. Y’all’re cool as hell and the aro community wouldn’t nearly as beautiful and vibrant without you.
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aspecpplarebeautiful · 20 hours
Stereotypes are oversimplifications of diverse groups. As a real person you're not a stereotype and you're not responsible for other people stereotyping your identity.
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aroaceconfessions · 2 days
I hate that cuddling is seen as romantic bc I just want a rlly long hug but apparently that's locked to romance so I just have to continue touch starved for the foreseeable future
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Alice Oseman for Attitude Magazine 2023🍂
Tumblr media
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aroyusuke · 23 hours
please share this poll after voting (if you want)! i’ve noticed a trend that many other people have pointed out in the past & wanted to see how the numbers went
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arodabi · 2 days
I love seeing posts that are like “hi fellow aros! I think I’m feeling A Romantic Attraction but I’m not sure. Can anyone help me?”
Like, fellow aros are the last people to help you my guy
I don’t even know what an attraction is
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mossy-aro · 2 days
i love aspecs
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techno-trashcan · 2 days
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Tumblr media
[ID: A screenshot of CNN broadcast, there is a news ticker with title Breaking News. The text in the breaking news box reads, "the aroace has replaced U.S. voting ballots with tumblr polls." End ID]
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for round 5, ill be taking the top 2 winners of this bracket and the winners of the second and re-entering them woohooo!! (i swear this wasnt just to please the rizsweepers i planned this from the start. it also just so happens to fall in riz' favor but you know...)
i figured it was only fair since a lot of you werent here for round 1 and 2 (welcome all!)
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