aro-bird · 12 hours
okay, making this poll a week long now so more people can vote but
reblog so this so it could reach more people! thank you!!
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shmaroace · 3 days
oh, no, when i talking about "burning love" i wasn't talking about passion i was talking about arson. hope this clears things up!
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Tumblr media
[ID: A screenshot of CNN broadcast, there is a news ticker with title Breaking News. The text in the breaking news box reads, "the aroace has accidentally consumed a cake made entirely of vanilla extract." End ID]
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just saw a dogshit post and i’m not gonna get into it on op’s post because i value both their sanity and mine but come on guys. are we really trying to gatekeep who uses the term qpr? are we REALLY reinventing concepts of amatanormativity with a few steps? are we ACTUALLY ON GOD trying to make a clear definition of what a qpr is? a qpr is whatever the people in the qpr want it to be. fuck’s sake
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cobbbvanth · 1 day
hey reblog this and tell me the first queer character(s) you remember seeing on tv and how old you were
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arocharactershowdown · 24 hours
Tumblr media
[ID the smash 4 versus screen depicting caduceus on one side and riz on the other END ID]
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I hate that cuddling is seen as romantic bc I just want a rlly long hug but apparently that's locked to romance so I just have to continue touch starved for the foreseeable future
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Stereotypes are oversimplifications of diverse groups. As a real person you're not a stereotype and you're not responsible for other people stereotyping your identity.
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arodabi · 1 day
I love seeing posts that are like “hi fellow aros! I think I’m feeling A Romantic Attraction but I’m not sure. Can anyone help me?”
Like, fellow aros are the last people to help you my guy
I don’t even know what an attraction is
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Heyos, how are yall doing? In the recent uptrend of tumblr polls, I decided to make my own. This is heavily inspired by @nonbiney-swag-competition @autismswagsummit @transgenderswagcompetition @worstcharacterpoll @weirdgirlshowdown @bisexual-monarch-tournament
The characters can be aro or ace or anywhere on that spectrum.
So now let's see who the most scrungly aro/ace character is!
No real people like celebrities or youtubers, actors, etc.
They don't have to be canonically aro or ace.
Polls will last for 24 hours
Saiki K, Peridot, Papyrus and Lilith are guaranteed on the roster so you don't have to vote for them
Gonna close nominations on Friday, February 9 4pm EST
Happy voting and have fun 😄
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mossy-aro · 1 day
i love aspecs
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agressivelyaro · 1 day
(for science)
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techno-trashcan · 2 days
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aroyusuke · 9 hours
please share this poll after voting (if you want)! i’ve noticed a trend that many other people have pointed out in the past & wanted to see how the numbers went
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anarochist · 3 days
As we approach aro week and valentine’s I just wanted to spread some aro positivity! Being aromantic is amazing. Being aro spec is beautiful. Romance doesn’t define humanity and we aren’t missing or faulty. Being aromantic fucking rocks and let’s make sure the world hears about it this month!
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tumbnarwhal24 · 3 days
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