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aroace-cat-lady · 2 days
Ngl I have the "some ppl pull boys some ppl pull girls do you wanna know what I pull? a door that says push" audio living rent free on my mind 24/7 I feel the aroaceness to my bones.
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pokemonprideflags · 5 hours
the aromantic asexual (aroace) flag color picked from oshawott
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aroacearchangel · 1 month
hey. do whatever you want btw. it’s your identity. kiss people for fun. enjoy sex. nobody’s stopping you. being aro and/or ace doesn’t mean you have to be repulsed by romantic or sexual activities if you don’t want to.
and also! things only mean what you meant them to mean. you can have platonic sex and platonically make out with your friends. it’s true. just be sure to communicate so that everyone involved understands and you’re good.
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about a month ago, my uncle asked if I had a significant other. I appreciate his gender inclusivity, of course.
I'm used to the question. it's not like it's something outrageous that he's asking. so I simply said no, that's not for me.
he looked at me and said "well, someday." not someday maybe, just.... someday.
of course I'm not quick to anger, but there's a part of me that's a little more defensive about my aroace identity. so I jumped to my defense.
my uncle isn't a bad guy, he's quite nice and tries his best to be respectful in the current political shit storm by supporting queer people. but apparently that does exclude me, an aroace.
I reiterated that I'm just not interested in a romantic or sexual partnership, and I really do not ever see that changing.
and he said something to the effect of "it's okay if you don't want that now."
and I said, "no, it's just okay that I don't want that."
and he said that I was pessimistic. as if I was secretly searching for a relationship or a partner, but was rejecting love because I could not find one.
I calmly (with all the rage in my veins) told him "no, a life without love or sex is something optimistic for me."
he had the gall to look horrified.
I'm sick of aroace people not being seen as normal human people when they don't want the outcome of their life to look like everyone else's. I'm sick of the white picket fence, I'm sick of the assumption that everyone has another half out there.
I'm whole on my own.
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bizarreaizen · 8 months
Someone: hey can you give me some relationship advice?
Me who's aroace: Communicate.
Someone: I tried but it didn't-
Me: break up.
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rose-reveries · 23 days
The funniest thing about being aroace is growing up in middle school and thinking to yourself “…you guys are too young to be dating. We’re kids right now.” And then as you get older and reach college you’re still like “…you guys are too young to get married, how do you even know you like them like that?”
Like no that’s just how allo people are.
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reggieslocket · 4 months
me whenever a character doesn't show interest in dating or sex because i crave representation:
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punk-pangolins · 3 months
AAA battery gang where u at
reblog pretty pretty pls i require data
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terasgifs · 6 months
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Something for the aros and aces out there. Happy Pride!
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pinnakoladda · 6 days
hey as a local aroace, i want to specify something.
were no strangers to love. you know the rules and so do i (do i). a full commitments what im thinking of. you wouldnt get this from any other guy. i just wanna tell you how im feeling. gotta make you understand. never gonna give you up. never gonna let you down. never gonna run around and desert you. never gonna make you cry. never gonna say goodbye. never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
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purpleartrowboat · 4 months
" aro and ace people are lgbt+ as long as they're not cishet " is so stupid because like. aro/ace people can be part of the community without having to have another lgbtq+ identity if a cishet aro or cishet ace person wants to be considered queer they can?? and also if you think "aro/ace people arent opressed!!!" please. just shut up. in a society where we are literally told we need a partner to be happy, that we "just havent found the right person", that basically says love is what makes us human, that sex is what makes us human, people saying they can "fix us" or saying were broken just because we dont want romance or we dont want to fuck people??? aro/ace people are definitely othered from the "normal people"
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aroace-and-has-a-mace · 4 months
reboot if you’re aroace, trans, or not named Olivia
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thediamondarcher · 4 months
"love is love", "you just haven't found the right person yet", "you're too young to be sure", "i could never be aroace", "love is human", "aroace people aren't actually queer", " *aroace representation* omg look at this ACE rep", "how do you even live without romance/sex", "y'all are just inhumane", "what if you fall in love", "the a on lgbtia is for allies", *ships aroace character with another character*
yeah no obviously, aphobia isn't normalized at all /s
this post is not directed to other queer people. the "love is love" slogan is used by many companies and that slogan doesn't include aro and trans people which are part of the community. I'm fucking tired of all of these aphobes who already called me a homophobe, told me I'm not a lesbian or creep around on my posts. STOP.
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papier-ciseaux · 1 year
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So let's talk about asexuality! This is an introduction trying to cover as much as possible in a little format, so its mostly surface level stuff. You're gonna have to dig on your own :P
For more information, I recommend checking out aceweek.org or acesandaros.org ! You can also read up on ace history through the Asexual Manifesto by Lisa Orlando !
Edit: Here are some links for more information:
An article about the Asexual Manifesto that links you to a transcript
An article about Asexuality's history
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good afternoon to all the mean, angry, fed up aros, aces, and agender folks. your anger is completely warranted in this era of late stage capitalism and you deserve to fucking rage and scream and tear apart the system that does not make space for you.
we will make one for ourselves.
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bizarreaizen · 7 months
Aromantic and Asexual Cis Men seriously need more recognition, they've been told that being a virgin above the age of 18 is weird and that they get no bitches and they've seen that romance and sex is very important to a man and you need to have it or your "lame" and "boring"
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