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pinetreevillain · 3 months
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Reassurance Part 3/3
Thank you for reading my comics :) Until next time!
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asjjohnson · 1 year
I just had the thought of making a future fic updating schedule of 'once in a blue moon'. (Partly for the pun.) ...But then I looked up how often blue moons happen, and it's only about once every two years. So... that's probably not a good updating schedule. :(
(I have an existing fic with an update schedule of 'Friday 13ths and Halloween'. I like the semi-randomness. I would like to think of similar schedules. ...Though I'd missed the last two update dates.)
#...The 13ths fic is the only one that's currently active right now. And I haven't updated it in a year.#It was way too busy for me to write a chapter last 13th. It fell on a bad time of year.#and my computer's been messed up for the past few months so I hadn't felt like writing as Halloween neared.#Still don't know what's wrong with my computer but it seems to be less worrying now. Except I can't get Photoshop to work which is annoying#I could do 'once in a full moon' or 'once in a new moon' though they're a little too regular.#Hmm... looks like rainy days happen about twice a week when I try looking it up for my US state.#Updating on rainy days sounds interesting... for smaller-chaptered fics. Though I would need to write the chapters in advance.#When it's an event on a calendar it's easier to prepare for than the utter randomness of weather.#oh wait. my other fics aren't abandoned. DE is just the only one with a schedule right now. So... I don't know when to work on the others.#I might try updating 10/20 on full moons next year. ...If I can write its chapters quick enough. ...I might need a plan for a plot. hmm.#PD used to be updated very quickly but then I got stuck on a chapter near the end of the fic. I need to find time to reread it all.#Then there's the Gears universe... I wanted to try making the original oneshot into a comic. So I never wrapped up the oneshot.#And writing Another Gear would spoil the Gears oneshot/comic.#Dan fic 1 is... still not ready for publishing. I'd over-planned it. ...or under-planned it? I need to find time to really look it over.#...And the careful wording used in that fic is exhausting for me.#Hmm... there's a few oneshot holiday ideas I've had.#And the ficlets made specifically for this site (I think I have two unfinished ones—one about Vlad and one about Danny).#...For non-DP fics... They're on hold so far. I don't want to mix fandoms much or I'll get muddled characterization.#and my non-DP stuff doesn't get much attention here. Though I might should work on some Aladdin stuff for deviantArt. And BNHA for AO3.
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artsybug0 · 1 month
✨Millie’s Costume✨
Tumblr media Tumblr media
As you can imagine (Actor) Millie was VERY unhappy about the her costume basically being pajamas for the Halloween Special. She immediately went to Wally to complain about it. Of course she’s fussy about it! She’s MILLIE VALENTINE. It’s an INSULT to even suggest she wear pajamas as a costume.
Tumblr media
She has very big opinions on this. She’s usually very calm and collected but this is just unacceptable to her! Fortunately Wally fixed it for her 😌
Tumblr media
Of course what’s the point of dressing up as a Devil if you’re not gonna be a menace? Throughout the entire work day Millie would interrupt Wally mid conversation or acting to poke him in the butt with her pitchfork (or whatever it’s called-) he got annoyed often but she was having a good time poking him all day.
Tumblr media
Now off work is a whole different story. Naturally Millie is still gonna match Wally with their costumes. But this time much more in her taste and style. Gotta be a sexy Devil always! She already always flirts with her dearest but how can she stop herself from flirting even more when he just looks so good? That and she knows how her costume affects him.
Tumblr media
Unfortunately for her Wally knew this was gonna happen. So he came prepared! Every time she acts too flirty or suggestive he’ll immediately spray her with “Holy Water”. It doesn’t actually burn her or anything but is very annoying to deal with. Fortunately her makeup is water proof or Wally would have to deal with the consequences of ruining her makeup. At some point she got fed up and poured the water on him 🤣
Tumblr media
Og Millie definitely wouldn’t approve of Actors costume though! She finds it extremely embarrassing to see herself wear such a suggestive costume! Both she and Actor look exactly like! Except the dimples and some weight differences but it’s basically copy and paste! Her reaction definitely startled Actor 🤣
Tumblr media
Here’s (actor) Millie wearing the Devil onesie because I can! She’s definitely not happy about wearing it but you can’t deny she looks so adorable like this!
Tumblr media
Anyways that is all! Finally got these done haha! The majority of my drawings in this post were drawn in Magma and then colored on Procreate! I had Frills join me on Magma so I’m pressured to actually draw these but thanks to that I got that little drawing of Wally adoring her in her onesie XD (also some of these I had to merge into one drawing so all of these fit-)
I am very appreciative of this even though I still feel guilty you did this for me- you’re the best!
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yeonjuns-beanie · 1 year
The Black Cat
Tumblr media
Warnings: 18+, smut, unprotected sex, friends to lovers?, soft dom!eddie (reader and eddie tease each other but they actually are in love with each other and hate it), hair pulling, sex on someone else’s bed, slight hand kink, begging, alcohol consumption, think that’s it
summary: you and eddie are practically in love with each other, but don’t dare admit it. When the two of you run into each other at steve’s halloween party and he catches a glimpse of your costume, the dams holding back your guys’ pride, break. 
Eddie x female reader
a/n: once again the wip beats my ass by taking weeks to finish. in honor of october, we have a halloween fic! i hope whoever comes across this enjoys it. And as always, requests n asks are open rn! ~ nero
Word count: 4.8k
It was finally your favorite time of year. Ever since the end of August, you’d been preparing for a moment like this to arise. You had finally gathered all of the materials for your costume and you couldn’t wait to wear it. As you stared at yourself in the mirror, trying to get your makeup as accurate as possible, you gently dipped your paintbrush into the small dollop of paint you laid out on a paper towel. 
You glanced down at your comic book one last time before committing the mask to memory and fully trusted your process. Dragging the pointed, wet, smooth brush across your cheeks and circling your eyeballs, you made the most challenging pass going across the bridge of your nose. As you made the pass to the other side of your face, you let out the breath you'd been holding since the moment the brush touched your face. 
Completing the same look on the other side of your face, you made sure that both sides were even and looked like a mask. Stepping back, you glanced over your appearance in search of any minor flaws that you could fix before you left the bathroom for good. Filling out the outer edges of the mask you washed the brush off in the sink and threw away the towel with the paint on it. You touched up your eye makeup a bit more before you were finally satisfied with your outcome. 
Turning the light out in the bathroom, you walked down the hallway to your bedroom. Laying on your bed was the latex jumpsuit that you had tailored with white fur around the collar and up the forearm of the sleeves. You changed into a no-show thong, wanting the least amount of your undergarments to be visible while you were in the suit. Strapping yourself in the biggest push-up bra you had, you situated your boobs so that they were on the brink of spilling out of the cup. 
Walking back to the latex suit, you slithered your body into the material, wiggling the fabric over your thick thighs and regrettably over your ass. Something that you failed to think about before deciding your costume of the year. As you bounced into the suit, you finally got it over the thickest part of your body and relaxed as you pulled your arms through the sleeves. 
Zipping up the front of the suit, you turned to look in the mirror. 
“This has to be my best one yet.” 
You were more than satisfied. The latex hugged your curves in all the right places, showing off every beautiful asset you had to offer. The material was suffocating your tits but you couldn’t care less. The spillage of your cleavage being just enough. As you grabbed your heeled boots, you ran back into the bathroom to touch up your lipstick and you went downstairs. 
Sitting on the last few steps, you pulled your boots up your calves, carefully zipping them up to make sure to not catch any of the suit. As you stood up your mom came from around the corner, eyes widening at your appearance. 
“Y/n! Wow, honey, I think this has to be your best costume yet.” 
“Thanks, mom.”
“Seriously, you look stunning. Is that Eddie boy gonna be there?” 
Your jaw dropped and you slowly turned your head to look at her again. You dramatically called out to her
“Moomm! I don’t wanna think about him.” 
“I don’t know why you don’t just go up to him. You’ve been crushing on him since high school and somehow he hasn’t caught up yet.” 
You sighed, mulling over the time you missed out on. 
“Maybe he just doesn’t like me.”
“I don’t think that’s it. I think the two of you jump at each others throats too much that that now has become the language you guys flirt with. But, Jesus, y’all are dense.”
Your mom chuckled, having the time of her life picking on you about how long you’ve dragged out this crush of yours. It had to have been one of her favorite pastimes. While you spoke, you finished packing what you needed in your clutch and sighed once more trying to rid yourself of all your anxieties. Before you could announce your leave, your mom spoke up again. 
“And! If he does happen to be there, there’s no way he’s gonna be able to keep his eyes off of you. Use that to your advantage and maybe live a little! Play into the character you're dressed as and for once in your life, flirt!” 
You pressed out a small smile and giggled through your nose. You shook your head knowing that your mom was right. Holding it in wasn’t gonna do you any favors. 
“Now don’t let me hold you up, have fun and be safe. If you drink just crash there I don’t wanna have to find you on the morning news.” 
“I will, mom. See you later.”
As you walked out of the house, the echo of your heels followed you closely behind. Once situated in your car, you reached over into your glove box and pulled out your CD case. Flipping through the iridescent discs, you found one that you felt fit the mood of the evening. You started the car, slipped the disc through the reader and waited for the music to begin flooding your speakers. 
Before you backed out of the driveway, you skipped to your favorite song. The opening guitar riff immediately threw a smile on your face and as Danny Elfman’s voice rang through your car you began your drive singing along to the song. 
“I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go.” 
Steve’s house wasn’t far from yours so you enjoyed the drive down there. With the windows rolled down and the air winding through your hair, you felt a certain type of new life breathe through you. You ran over the thought of Eddie being there and as much as you claimed to hate him, having him tease you every chance he got kinda made you feel butterflies. Deep down you knew you wanted more, you were just weary about your approach to the situation. 
“Walking with a dead man over my shoulder!” 
You sped around a few corners, screaming the lyrics to Dead Man’s Party like no one else was around in the world to hear you. Driving through the neighborhood, you finally reached Steve’s house. There were cars littered in front of his house and in the surrounding area. The music was vibrating out through the walls of the house and you were more than excited to step inside. 
Before exiting your car, you checked yourself in your car mirror one last time. You fluffed your hair, making sure that there were no pieces looking unnecessarily flat and you touched up your lipstick. Stepping out of your car, you locked the door and began the trek up to the front door. As you walked through his driveway you noticed a particularly familiar van parked up front. Your stomach dropped to the pavement, and a slight bang of fear was quickly quelled by panicked excitement. Too many emotions were present but you wanted him to see you like this. It had to happen.
Ringing and knocking on the door, you swang your body back and forth waiting for someone to answer. You were about to reach for the doorbell one more time but the door opened. Standing there was Steve, dressed as a zombie, his lopsided smile turning into a full grin. Behind him you noticed a mop of brown hair dangling a lollipop over Steve’s hair. 
“C’mon Harrington, I know you wanna try it.” 
The long mullet came into full view and you realized it was your man of the hour. Steve moved his body to the side to let you in while trying to swat Eddie’s hand away. You caught a glimpse of the the lollipop and noticed something stuck in the middle of it. 
“Munson, get the fuckin bug pop away from me.” 
Eddie flicked his eyes over to you getting ready to make you his next victim. Smiling wickedly at you and showcasing his fangs. The tips of them being painted red for added effect. 
When his body turned toward you fully, his eyes widened and took you in like he never had before. If it was cartoon, his eyes would’ve flown out of his head as he jumped in the air. He tried his best to cover his slip up but you caught every face he made and for the sake of his integrity, decided to keep your teasing at bay. 
You shut the door behind you and came a little closer to Eddie slyly showing yourself off to him. You bent down, staring at the lollipop to see what kind of bug was encased inside the hardened sugar. Stretching back up, you caught Eddie’s eyes follow your body up. Steve laughed out loud and you whipped your head toward him. 
“God damn, Munson! Your eyes are are about to pop out of your head!”
Eddie’s head turned towards Steve shooting him a warning glare that you couldn’t see behind his mane of hair. Steve motioned for all of you to walk down the hallway and into the mainroom of the house where all the festivities were taking place. You trailed behind the two of them keeping your eye on Eddie and the playful hits taking place between the two. Stopping in the kitchen, you noticed a tub of red liquid with different fruit slices littered throughout. 
You pushed through the two boys and grabbed one of red solo cups stacked on the side fo the bin. Filling your cup up to the brim, you took a chug of the liquid downing at least half the cup before looking back and Steve and Eddie. 
“God damn, that is strong! Who made that?”
Steve laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. 
“That would be me. Yeah, I uh pretty much just had this geriatric here grab every clear bottle he saw.” 
Eddie slowly turned to Steve, eyes narrowed and his brows furrowed.
“Geriatric? I’ve only got a year and a half on you, dude.”
“All of that is true, but considering you and y/n are the only ones who can legally buy this shit, geriatric it is. If we get one more of you guys in here it’ll be bordering a nursing home.”
You laughed, your arm reaching across the counter to hit Steve in his arm. 
“Dude, shut up. I’m not even that old.”
“I don’t know y/n, you’re inching on cougar territory.”
You rolled your eyes, amused by his antics. Letting your laugh settle, you grabbed a slice of fruit from your cup and took a bite. As you pulled the fruit away from your mouth, a bit of the liquor dripped off and rolled down the valley of your breasts. Steve was quick to turn around and grab a paper towel for you. As you set your cup down on the counter, you missed the way Eddie was gawking at you. What you also didn’t catch was the warning hit Steve gave Eddie before your eyes rolled back up to face them. 
“I’m lucky that didn’t land on my fur.” 
Steve was rolling his lips around his teeth and found this to be the perfect opportunity to leave you and Eddie alone. If neither one of you were going to make a move then he was gonna throw you two in a situation where you couldn’t help but be around each other. 
“I’m gonna go look for Robin real quick. I told her I’d give her one of the weird suckers this nut kept waving around in my face. I’ll be back”
Grabbing the lollipop from off the counter, Steve faded into the crowd of people in his house and you and Eddie were left alone in the kitchen. You had a quick memory of your mom telling you to flirt, but you didn’t wanna make it obvious. So you went to what you know best. 
“Nice costume you got there. It’s almost like it’s your regular clothes.”
Eddie looked at you cocking his head, less than amused by your comment. 
“Well actually, if you took the time to actually watch The Lost Boys like I told you, you would see that I’m perfectly in character. Fangs and all.”
This was an easy open for you, you just had to go for it. You prayed that you wouldn’t stumble over you words because you knew he would never let you live it down. Almost out of character for you, the words left your mouth smoothly. 
“Well maybe you should have me over and we’ll watch it together. ‘Cause you know I’m not gonna watch it on my own.” 
He laughed, silently thanking you for your forwardness. 
“Why are you like that, huh? Gotta be forced into doing shit. Is that a kink or soemthing for ya?” 
You looked at him with raised eyebrows and gazed at him out the side of your eye, hoping that he got the hint you were giving him. Eddie looked back at you with his eyes widened, a knowing look overcoming his features. You back pedaled trying to lighten the weight of the situation, not entirely prepared for the sexual banter.
“I’m just playing…maybe.”
“Maybe, huh? Well what if you’re not playing, then what?” 
You toyed with the rim of your cup debating how you were going to lead this conversation down the road you’ve been dreaming of. Looking up at him through your lashes, you bit the corner of your lip. 
“I was hoping you’d show me.” 
The room became suffocatingly small and the music was muffled. All you could see was Eddie and all you could hear was your heart rate and his breath speeding up.
Eddie’s voice pitched up, confusion clear in his tone. He couldn’t believe that you of all people wanted him. Sure, he had his crush on you but never did he think the feeling would be reciprocated. You nodded, your eyes doe-like and soft. His eyes raked over your form one last time before his hand laid over your own, intertwining his fingers with yours. 
“Shall we find an empty room and I can show what it’s like to take a vampire to bed.” 
He wiggled his eyebrows at you and suddenly you were wondering why you dreaded making this moment a reality for so long. Why you feared what the outcome would be when subconsciously you already knew. One of you just needed to play into the other because God knows, the two of you were unfathomably dense. A smile brighter than the sun lit up your face and rubbed off on Eddie, grinning at you before grabbing your hand and leading you towards the upstairs. 
Scanning the doors upstairs, you both were looking for one that was open. A straight shot down the hall, you saw a room with the door wide open. You followed Eddie trying your best to keep your footsteps quick and quiet in fear of someone hearing your heels echo to the downstairs. 
Once in the doorway of the room, you were relieved to find a bed in there. The room was mostly dark but you made out the silhouette of a lamp on top of one of the pieces of furniture in the room. Flicking it on you turned around only to find Eddie inches away from your face. 
Eddie grabbed your hand and led you toward the bed, twirling your bodies around so that your legs hit the back of the bed first. As your body flopped onto the mattress, you scooted yourself back so that Eddie was forced to crawl to you, hover over you. Looking up at him, you were searching his eyes for any change in emotion or hesitation. When you found none, you found your voice. 
“Kiss me, please?” 
When his lips found yours, fireworks of adoration and lust exploded in your chest and between your legs. Your breathing became more labored and your kiss more greedy. You traced your tongue across his bottom lip and he granted you permission instantly. As your tongues battled for dominance you fisted at his hair trying to bring him closer to you. 
Your grip was unexpected and squeezed a moan out of Eddie. You rolled your hips in response, the vibrations of his muffled moan going straight to your core. You could feel Eddie’s slight embarrassment at the noise that came out of him as he tried to pull away and ramble about it. 
“I, uh, I don’t know why that-“
“-Don’t apologize, that was so hot.” 
“Have I ever lied to you?”
Eddie paused before a smile cracked his face. 
“On multiple occasions, yes. But you said it was for my benefit or sake of surprise-“
You slapped his arm rolling your eyes at him. 
“That’s not what I meant.”
“I know. Hey, what would you do if I bit you? Ya know, like a real vampire.”
You swallowed a smile and rolled your tongue over your teeth debating on if you’d give him the truthful answer. Quickly, deciding that you would. 
“Honestly, I’d prolly be more turned on.”
Eddie laughed at you before attacking at your neck, sucking small hickies into your skin. Muffled, he spoke against your neck.
“God you really are a freak.” 
“Only for you Munson.” 
Eddie looked at you again, his eyes and hair wild as he processed your response. Pouncing on your lips again, his hands began to wander your body. Paying special attention to the areas that were a tad bit thicker. His ring clad fingers squeezing at the fat of your thighs and feeling your breasts through your bodysuit. Your hands traveled down his body and found haven on the crotch of his jeans. 
Palming him through the fabric an airy moan left his mouth. 
“Shit y/n.” 
Suddenly the lust you were feeling was too much to bear and you needed to feel the rest of him. You needed to see the rest of him. 
“Can I suck you off?”
“Please, can I suck you off? I wanna feel you in my mouth.” 
“Fuckin shit, y/n, don’t beg. I’m gonna bust in my pants.” 
You looked up at him still waiting for his verbal go ahead. 
“I wanna feel you too, princess. Go ahead.”
You both moved so that Eddie’s back was now on the mattress. Snaking down his body, you kept eye contact until you met the waistband of his jeans. Toying with the button, you slowly unbuckled his belt and he lifted his hips so that you could drag the fabric of his jeans and underwear down. 
His cock, strained and hard, flopped against his stomach. You looked up at him and he stared back at you, a shaky breath leaving his throat. Looking back at his cock, you admired him for a second. He was thick and decently sized and for a moment you wondered how were you going to fit him all in your mouth. 
Flattening your tongue against his base, you dragged up to his tip giving a few kitten licks across his slit. Eddie’s head rolled back and a low groan escaped his throat. Gathering spit in your mouth, you spat a slow wad of spit onto the tip of his cock and took half of him in your mouth. The other half being handled by your hand. 
Your other hand slowly made its way up to his balls, massaging them slowly. 
“Y/n, baby. Fuck, you’re taking me so well. Fuck!” 
The extra stimulation had Eddie writhing against the sheets. You started to bob your head faster on his cock slowly taking the rest of him in your mouth. Deep throating him, your nose was tickled by his patch of hair and his moans were leaving him more frequently. 
“You’re taking me so well, baby. Oh my fuckin god.  Suck my cock so well, sweetheart.” 
The praise took a detour to your cunt and you were pulsing around nothing. You could feel your slick against your folds as your muscles contracted and released. You felt his cock begin to twitch in your mouth so you increase your pace once more, incorporating your hand again so that your tongue could focus on his tip. 
Swirling your tongue around his head. Eddie’s hand was fisting the duvet trying to gain his composure. He couldn’t though. He knew that if you kept going the way that you were he was going to cum in your mouth and he had plans of filling you up elsewhere. 
“Y/n, baby. Baby, stop.” 
You pulled off of him and looked up at him, worry apparent in your eyes. 
“Sweetheart, everything’s fine, I just wanna fill you up somewhere else…”
A pang of intoxicating zeal echoed in your core making you want to grind against something, anything, and suddenly your suit was unbearably tight. Strangling you from what you needed and you needed to feel every part of him all at once. You crawled back up his body to give him a burning kiss. Both of your breaths were heavy out of the nose, and your teeth were biting into his lip as you pulled away from him. 
Standing at the end of the bed, you stared him down as you began to peel yourself out of your boots and your bodysuit followed. You brought your arms around to the clasp of your bra and let it fall to the floor. Eddie had messily thrown his clothing to the floor, trying to not miss the show you were putting on for him but also to not be stuck in his many layers of fabric. 
Eddie got up from the bed and walked in front of you, his erection pressing against your thigh. His hands wandered your body again and the coolness of his rings created another layer of electricity between the both of you. He pushed you back down on the bed and pulled your underwear down your legs. The air creating an alarming coolness from how wet you were. Eddie crawled back over you and his hand found its way between your lips. 
You were so sensitive that the slight touch of his fingers against your clit made your body and cunt jolt. Eddie smirked, amused with your reaction. 
“All this…just for me? Just from sucking me off?”
You were ready to will yourself to whatever he said. Right now you needed and wanted nothing else but Eddie. You needed to feel him on you and inside of you. You couldn’t bare not having him. 
“Yes, fuck! Eddie I just want you so bad. I’ve needed you, this, for so long now.” 
You wrapped your hands around his shoulders, bracing yourself on him and looked him in the eyes. 
“Please, Eddie. I need you. Fuck me, please, Eddie.”
“What I’d say sweetheart, you don’t have to beg me. I’m gonna give you what you want.” 
Eddie placed another kiss on your lips before rolling his cock between your swollen, sensitive lips. You grinded into him, needing some type of friction to expunge the throbbing ache you were feeling. 
“I’m gonna put it in now, okay?”
You nodded, biting your lip. When Eddie slipped his cock into your warm, seraphic walls, you swore you felt the seventh heaven. A moan so choked and garbled left your throat and the stretch you were feeling had you digging your nails into his pale back. Eddie was holding still, letting you adjust to his size, but you couldn’t wait any longer. 
“Eddie…move. Oh my god, move.”
“Alright, alright, baby.”
Eddie chuckled before finally moving his hips. He moved slow at first allowing you to really feel the stretch of him inside your walls. You moaned out as you clenched around him, the feeling of him finally inside of you completely euphoric. You threw your head back against the bed, back arching into the feeling. You panted out as you gripped at Eddie’s skin again. 
“Faster, please go faster. Fuck!”
Immediately he reacted. His hips ramming into you at a speed that had you feeling every inch of him. The tip of his cock was kissing your cervix and had you writhing against the sheets, desperate for something to cling onto besides Eddie. You wrapped your hand around the back of Eddie’s neck so that you could kiss him again. His mouth swallowed your moans only until he moved down your jawline and neck. An assault that you couldn’t have wanted more. You squeezed around him rapidly, feeling your climax on the horizon. 
“Oh, you like that don’t you? Am I making you feel good princess?”
“Yes, yes, yes, Eddie, fuck! You’re making me feel so~ahh!”
Eddie rolled his thumb on your delicate rosebud and pushed you even closer to your edge. He hovered over you like predator on prey, but his eyes still held their softness. His hair hung on the sides of his face slightly curtaining your own as he got closer to you. 
“C’mon. Be a good girl and cum for me.”
You couldn’t help the reaction your body had to him calling you a good girl. Your cunt fluttered around his cock, squeezing him in the most delicate of ways. He cocked his eyebrow, surprised and simultaneously amused by the effect he had on you. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you rolled your face to the pillows underneath you. 
“Y/n, baby, look at me.”
His voice was slightly firm but still his tone was still engulfed in salacity. You tried to look at him but you felt the heat build up and your head dropped again. 
“You wanna be my good girl right, y/n? Then you’re gonna have to look at me. I want you to look at me while you cum.”
“Eddie! Fuck, okay okay.”
You found the strength within you to look at him, your eyes rolling back occasionally at the feeling of your orgasm coming. Your eyebrows furrowed as your breath quickened and you felt the warmth in your core turn into an insatiable burning. 
“Eddie, Eddie, I’m gonna cum. Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” 
“Me too sweetheart. Shit, where do you want it?”
“I wanna feel all of you.”
Eddie looked at you, a moment of disbelief running across his features. 
“Yes, please, Eddie. I wanna feel you fill me up. I’m on the pill just, please.”
“Fuck, baby. You love to beg don’t ya? Love being good for me~ holy shit!”
Your walls clenched around him your orgasm overtaking your whole body. You were sure your moans could’ve been heard over the music and chatter happening on the floor below you. You couldn’t hold back, Eddie made everything feel so good. Coupled with the strained moans and groans that escaped his own mouth, you were milking him of all that we was worth. He grabbed your face by the chin before kissing you again, forcing you to swallow his moans. 
As you both finally came down from your high, Eddie looked at you with stars in his eyes. You felt nothing but the overwhelming urge to keep kissing him and never let him go from this moment. You pecked his lips multiple times and he chuckled pulling away from you. He moved to pull out of you but you stopped him. 
“Wait. Don’t pull out yet.”
You rolled the two of you over so that you were on top now, his cock still semi hard inside of you. 
“I still wanna feel you.”
“Oh, you’re a dirty little girl.” 
You pouted and groaned at his observation of you.  
You were cut off by the sound of the door coming out of it’s lock and the hinges squeaking. You turned around only to be met with Steve’s eyes and his hand coming up shield his eyes. 
“In my room?! Seriously guys? You guys will be washing my sheets before you leave.”
Steve slammed the door shut leaving you and Eddie alone with your giggles about the situation. Eddie’s arms laid over his eyes as he laughed again. 
“I can’t believe we fucked on Harrington’s bed. Kinda feel bad…eh, I’ll have to thank him later cause now I have you.” 
“Shut up, Munson.”
You laughed as you placed your palms on his chest. He grabbed your wrists and slowly rubbed up and down your arms. Admiring your beauty once again as he had done numerous times before. 
“Wanna go get dinner tomorrow night? So I can treat you properly.”
“Dinner, huh?”
“Absolutely. Gotta treat my girl right.”
My girl.
My girl. 
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Tricks & Treats
A little Halloween blurb featuring Roy & Bucky! Takes place after the events of Something There, so spoilers for chapters 11 & 12 I guess? Thank you to @infinetlyforgotten for helping inspire the idea!
0.9k words Warnings: Flirting & teasing, language, some oral (f receiving)
Something There Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Come on, Bucky!”
I laughed and leaned down to link my arm with Pheobe’s. “I don’t remember Dorothy and the Wicked Witch skipping together in the movie,” I joked to the little green girl. I glanced over my shoulder. “Do you, Scarecrow?”
Roy scowled at me, his grim face nothing short of comical with the straw-filled pointy hat and painted face he’d let me put on him earlier that evening. But when I raised my eyebrows at him, he let out a heaving sigh and linked up on Phoebe’s other side. Together, the three of us strolled arm in arm to the next house, where Roy and I watched Phoebe hustle up to the door to get her candy.
I leaned close to Roy and wrapped an arm around his middle. “Having fun?”
His eyes trailed down my blue-and-white checkered dress. “Do we really have to go to the party after this?” he grumbled. “I just want to go home and wipe this shit off my face.”
“Roy,” I cooed mockingly, giving him a squeeze. “Don’t you want to see adorable Dorothy become grown-up Dorothy for the party tonight?” I wiggled my foot at him. “The ruby slippers are going to turn into red stilettos. Gonna need someone to carry me home once they kill my ankle.”
The corner of his mouth ticked upwards, mimicking his raised eyebrows. “One hour. Then it’s no fucking place like home, got it?”
Once Phoebe was satisfied with her haul and had been dropped off with her mom, we quickly stopped to freshen up before Keeley’s annual Halloween bash. I changed into the shoes I’d been teasing Roy about and switched out the knee-length pinafore I’d been wearing for one that stopped midway down my thighs.
Roy raised his eyebrows at me when I found him waiting in the living room. “That’s so fucking unfair, babe,” he groaned, brown eyes raking over my body. “You sure we have to go to this shit?”
Smirking at the exact reaction I’d been hoping for, I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the door. “Let’s go, Kent.”
To no one’s surprise, Keeley’s party was a real rager. The club she was hosting it at was packed with people- Greyhounds, Whippets, celebrities, friends. We wandered around, Roy’s hand on my lower back, greeting familiar faces over the pulsing music. Roy managed to grab us a couple of drinks, which I convinced him to bring to the dance floor; ever since our first date, there one where he took me back to the club we’d met at, I loved getting Roy to dance whenever the opportunity presented itself.
Despite his good-natured eyerolls, Roy leaned close to me as we danced, letting his hand wander a bit more than was appropriate in public. But, between the alcohol and the music and his warm touch, I didn’t care one bit. I pressed my back to him, closing my eyes with a smirk as we moved to the music. I knew by the way Roy grinded against me that he’d make me pay for all this torture.
Sure enough, exactly sixty minutes after our arrival, Roy interlocked his fingers with mine.
“Hour’s up, Coach,” he hummed.
Roy liked to drive fast in that big, stupid car of his. And it was especially true tonight as he nearly ran a few red lights and treated the speed limits like suggestions. The entire time, his hand gripped my thigh, fingers digging into my skin. His jaw was set, gaze straight ahead, looking more like he was preparing to enter a championship game than just driving home with his girlfriend.
“Roy!” I squeaked as he nearly yanked me out of the car once he’d parked.
With his hand firmly on my ass, he practically sprinted to the front door. He unlocked it in record time and slammed it behind him. Relief crossed his face for a fraction of a moment before being replaced with pure lust and desire.
“So fucking mean,” he growled, pressing my back to the wall by the front door. “Wearing that fucking dress, dancing with me the way you did.” His mouth found my neck. “What did I do to deserve that, Buck?”
Despite the fire that was starting to spread over my skin, I rolled my eyes in annoyance. “Don’t call me Buck, Kent.”
His breathy chuckle tickled my neck. “Sorry, darling.” His hands wandered up and down my sides, gripping the blue and white material. “Just looked so fucking good tonight. Forgot my fucking manners.”
When his fingertips grazed the bare skin of my thighs, I let out a deep sigh. “Bedroom?”
To my surprise, Roy shook his head. “Can’t fucking wait that long.”
In an instant, Roy was on his knees in front of me, tugging my already short skirt up to reveal the red lace I’d put on with him in mind. He groaned when he saw the material, reaching out to press one finger to the damp spot he’d caused. Without warning, he lifted my leg- the one with the shit ankle- over his shoulder, leaving me attempting to balance on one stiletto. As if he knew I needed help, he tightened his grip on my hips before pressing his mouth to my clothed heat.
“Fuck!” I gasped as my hips instantly jerked against his face. “Shit, Roy-” With a blissful sigh, I threw my head back, gripping his curly hair tight.
His tongue tugged the material aside, exposing my cunt to his hot breath. “Hello, gorgeous,” he hummed, planting a deep kiss to my pussy lips. “My little Halloween treat.”
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hawkins-losers · 2 years
⭐  If you want to be on any of my taglists, please fill this form! (It’s easier for me to see and tag everyone)
⭐  You can find my current prompt list here and send requests here
⭐ I will not be writing romantically for the kids (ex: Mike, Max, Lucas, etc) or parents/older adults (Joyce, Hopper, Enzo, etc) or the non mentioned teens (Jonathan, Nancy, Argyle, etc), pregnancies (false alert are alright, I guess), graphic SA or anything non-con, threesome (my scattered brain can’t focus enough), degrading kink, foot fetishes or anal
⭐  This blog does contain 18+ content, so please read the warnings before hitting ‘read more’ 
I write for:
Robin Buckley x Reader
Eddie Munson x Reader
Steve Harrington x Reader
Billy Hargrove x Reader 
Chrissy Cunningham x Reader (NEW)
* = smut/18+ content
⭐ blurbs/requests can all be found here
⭐ smutty blurb spree masterlist can be found here
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x Reader
10 Things I hate about you
Eddie fucked up, so you write him a poem telling him that you hate him - except that you don’t hate him…not in the slightest
A new look
Eddie cut his hair. You don’t know how to feel
As long as I’m here, no one can hurt you | Henderson!Reader
Things are not going well for Eddie. After a static-y call on Dustin’s walkie, you find him at Skull Rock
Between two shelves
You and Eddie have a little make out session between two classes
Blind date with the freak
You get set up on a blind date with Eddie ‘the freak’ Munson as a joke from your friends. The joke’s on them because you end up having a really great time
Caught dancing with the devil * | Hopper!Reader
You get the tremendous idea of sneaking Eddie in your room while your dad is home. Things escalate under the belt  - naturally - and Hopper gets suspicious
Darling, don’t you ever grow up | Dad!Eddie
Eddie becomes a dad. Spoilers: he’s the best dad
Drunken serenades
Drunk Eddie decides to serenade you with a song - his plan doesn’t go as planned
Dungeon Master I’m pulling your strings * | Henderson!Reader
You show interest in D&D and Hawkins’ Dungeon Master offers to teach you in the privacy of his trailer. At some point during the lessons, D&D is forgotten
Handcuffs *
They weren’t all wrong about the whole freak thing. Eddie Munson was a freak, just not the kind they thought
The girl from the magazine
You find one of Eddie’s erotica magazines and start comparing yourself to the woman in the comics
Grease stains and coveralls | Mechanic!Eddie
During a hot day, you pay Eddie a visit at the auto shop and the sight of him in his coveralls is hotter than the July weather
Lonely, aching hearts | Hargrove!Reader
The aftermath of losing a twin brother, a temporary nightmare fix and a neighbor with a heart of gold 
  part 1 part 2
Morning kisses
Eddie doesn’t get what he wants this morning
My equal
The Dungeon Master wants you to sit on the throne with him
My hero
Following his attack by the demo-bats, Eddie is left with a new insecurity
The one that got away
You find the perfect guy, but you miss the imperfect relationship you and Eddie had
Private guitar lesson *
You can’t pick up how to play guitar, so Eddie tries a new way to teach you
Talk nerdy to me
It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare..and some fun
Tiger stripes
After your first time with Eddie, you open up about your body image insecurities
Thunderstorms *
You and Eddie are long date friends. One rainy evening in his trailer causes you to ruin the friendship
Wake me up  when the battle ends
You and the Hawkins gang prepare for the grand battle to defeat Vecna, which includes getting separated from Eddie. Or, you and Eddie say your last goodbyes
Wake up
You and Dustin gets Eddie out of the Upside Down. He is now in a coma
What died didn’t stay dead | Henderson!Reader
When someone dies in the Upside Down, they don’t always stay dead
Would I make a great cheerleader
You and Eddie meet in the school’s woods
You’re my best view 
part 1 
You play Eddie’s guitar - he’s in love
part 2 
You fulfill your promise and take polaroids for your boyfriend
Tumblr media
Robin Buckley x Reader
A different kind of chemistry
You and Robin study Chemistry together, but Robin eventually gets bored of studying
Caught red handed * | Hopper!Reader
Hopper finds out his daughter likes girls
I don’t want to be your friend, I wanna kiss your lips 
Robin doesn’t believe you have a crush on her
I like a woman who can handle guns
You and Robin had a little talk before the big battle
I loved you without the ‘d’
Robin brings her new girl to movie night and you’re upset
Nightmare on Elm street vs Halloween
You and Robin have a heated cinematic debate about horror movies
Religion’s in your lips, the altar is my hips * 
Robin show you girls do it better
Sensoriel issues
Robin has to wear Nancy’s uncomfortable clothes to go meet Victor Creel
She wears short skirts, I wear tee shirts | cheerleader!Reader (coming soon)
Robin Buckley, the girl who liked to be out of the box, had fallen for a high school cliché with lip gloss, a bouncy ponytail and a mini skirt. A fucking cheerleader
Tumblr media
Steve Harrington x Reader
7 Minutes in heaven *
Steve try to be more responsible and get to work on time, but you turn his plans and make him late
Back rubs
After an exhausting day, Steve needs back rubs
Battle scars
Steve opens up about being self conscious of his ‘new’ body
Between two scoops *
You plans with your friend get cancelled, so you go to Starcourt to annoy your boyfriend at his job
After Nancy’s drunken honesty in the bathroom, you find Steve sitting alone outside. You see the crack in their relationship as an opportunity to get closer to Steve
Burn toasts, his place
Sometimes, love can be heard in the silence
Don’t mess with my man | Hopper!Reader 
When a new kid arrive in Hawkins, someone’s gotta put him back in his place - but that someone is not Steve Harrington
Head first, fearless
When Steve is pulled underwater by something coming from the underwater gate, you don’t hesitate and jump in
Meet me in the pale moonlight *
You and Steve go late night swimming in his pool…not a lot of swimming happens
Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? *
Steve Harrington accidentally let slip a ‘Mommy’ during sex
Pillow talk
You and Steve have sex, something feels different than the other times
Return to Hawkins
Something happened between you and Steve before you left town for summer vacation. When you return, you and him have a little conversation
You’re an idiot Steve Harrington
You and Steve have a little make out session before class
Your name, forever the name on my lips
You and Steve share a moment - and a kiss - after helping him get a spider out of his hair
Tumblr media
Billy Hargrove x Reader
I want him
There’s a new lifeguard at Hawkins’ community pool and you plan on getting in his pants
I’m not gonna let them take you from me 
You are in the passenger seat when Billy gets into the car accident in season 3 and save him from being taken/infected by the Mindflayer
Tumblr media
Chrissy Cunningham x Reader
How could you do this, Babe? | Munson!Reader
You find Chrissy crying in the school bathroom 
Tumblr media
Joseph Quinn x Reader
God, I love the English | MUA!Reader
You get hired to work on the set of Stranger Things as a makeup artist. You unexpectedly fall for the British charm of the show’s new star
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klanced · 5 months
you Must speak on what makes keith a barbie. for the people
1. comically large skill set
barbie MUST be highly skilled at an EXPANSIVE number of things. i am of course alluding to the sheer number of careers barbie has had (over 200!!!!). a barbie must be able to somehow solve every problem she encounters by drawing on her staggeringly large toolbox of Things and Stuff. and keith, to me, fits this bill better than lance.
the other day i was joking about how keith is the most guy of all time, and i stand by that. i think keith has worked a surprising number of jobs considering how young he is. i firmly believe keith has a weird amount of skills and trades under his belt, and with them, he can at least brute force his way through any problem he encounters.
i just think keith can do way more things than lance. BUT, and this is important, most of the things he can do are not life-savingly important. keith is not smarter than lance, he just knows things like how to do the heimlich maneuver on dogs, the best way to select a watermelon (organized by variety and season), how to ground an electric fence, etc.
2. simple zest for life
another defining characteristic of barbie is her simple zest for life. this is not to be confused with like........ idk, constant optimism and being an extrovert (although barbie is pretty optimistic). i just think barbie goes through life pretty confident in herself, and it helps her move through the world feeling very unbothered. it's about being satisfied and content.
i think keith operates in a similar way. like he does the things he does because he thinks it's the best way forward, and then he just does it. lance, meanwhile, is bogged down by a lot of anxiety about himself and his place in the world. keith also has a lot of anxiety about his identity, because of how much is completely unknown to him, but he's not afraid of the not knowing. (well, until the galra thing becomes a possibility, then he has a lot of feels about that.) but besides that, keith in the face of a self-crisis is just like "yeah ok whatever. can i go now? i have to go change the oil in my speeder." like he has shit to do, y'know? like who cares. his dog likes to go on walks at specific times in the day, he doesn't have time for this.
also can we be real for a second. if lance went as barbie for halloween he'd prepare like a million different reasons/justifications for why he's wearing this neon pink cowboy vest and bell bottoms. meanwhile keith would roll into the party dressed as cowgirl barbie purely because he saw the movie and liked the outfit enough to remember and wear it. no further thought.
3. serving cunt
look. i'm just going to be frank with you all: i think keith can, has, and will outserve lance any day of the week. like i'm sorry, but unless we all start getting real desperate with our fanon, that's just the plain truth.
you can put lance in a crop top all you want, but keith's p*ssy p*ps s*verely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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eponymous-rose · 7 months
I was thinking about something that happened about ten years ago - I've talked about it here, but not for a while.
(tw: plane crash, death)
In college, I was close friends with a fellow student named Mike - we had all our classes together, we worked on every project together, we hung out at cafes and made big plans and drew comics in the margins of our notes to make each other laugh. He wanted nothing more than to be a pilot. The last time I saw him he and I and our group of friends were walking down some unused railroad tracks, knowing it was the end and we were all going our separate ways, excited and melancholy in equal measure.
I went off to grad school in 2010; he became a pilot. He flew supply runs in Antarctica, an absolute dream. He shared pictures of every flight he was on: spectacular vistas, impossibly remote places.
I moved to the U.S. in the fall of 2012 for my PhD. There I met some lovely people right off the bat; a somewhat intense woman who confessed to Facebook stalking me once she heard we were going to be in the same office, who introduced me to her awkward-but-sweet boyfriend, also in our graduate program, and promptly invited me to her birthday party to be held two weeks after meeting me. A quiet woman from Brazil who I uncharacteristically approached after class when I noticed she was looking a little down; we chatted and she confessed to feeling lost after moving so far from home, especially now that her husband had moved back. A cheerful woman with a bubbly personality who struck up a conversation with me as we walked between classes.
We realized our Brazilian classmate had never done a US-style pumpkin carving, so when Halloween rolled around I awkwardly invited everyone I'd met thus far to my apartment for just such an activity (where I met the bubbly woman's high school sweetheart, an entertainingly stoic contrast until we got to know each other better). I liked this group of friends, but I didn't know them particularly well, so when my birthday rolled around in January of 2013, I was a little hesitant when they announced they'd throw me a party, but I was cautiously looking forward to it.
Then I got word that a plane Mike was on had crashed in Antarctica.
At first, the news came through piecemeal - he might not have been on the plane, he was on the plane but they were pretty sure it had just made an emergency landing and due to weather they couldn't confirm, but then it was several days in a row of rescue missions being called off again and again due to dangerous weather. In the end, around midnight on my birthday while I was nervously messaging one of our mutual friends and refreshing the news pages, it was confirmed that the plane had been spotted and the crash was not survivable; not even his body could be recovered. I had to convey the news to my friend via text.
It was really devastating as my first (sadly not last) real experience with a death like that, inconceivable and impossible to prepare for and with so little closure. And then I got a message from my group of new friends - they knew what had happened and were okay with calling off the planned party that day, but if I was up for it, they wanted to see me and get me something good to eat and distract me for a few hours.
In spite of the voice inside that told me to wallow, I went. And - I tear up just thinking about it - laid out on the table at my friend's apartment was my name spelled out in cupcakes, with a little Canadian flag in a vase, and it was so cheesy and sweet and heartfelt that I couldn't help but be charmed, distracted from misery. We had a great evening! We ate great food and chatted long into the night.
And for that, and for so many other things, all of their names are engraved on the walls of my heart. I don't mean to make it sound transactional - they did this for me, I would do anything for them, that kind of thing. It's unconditional, it's a realization that near-strangers did something fundamentally kind and I have in turn been given the incredible gift, again and again, to do kind things for them in turn.
I've since been unfathomably lucky to have found another group of friends, the (in)famous Movie Night Crew, who similarly rescued me three years ago when Mom died and Hector died, and that's a story I can't tell yet because it still hurts. But I'm incredibly lucky. I just am.
That group of friends who sat around the table of cupcakes with me after Mike died are still very dear to me, and I'm leaving on Friday to attend one of their weddings (with the exception of the Brazilian woman who is on the other side of the planet being incredible, all the others will be there, including the bubbly woman and her stoic high school sweetheart, now married and part of my weekly D&D game!). As a shy and awkward kid, all I ever wanted was to be a good friend. To have been given these riches of opportunities to learn to be just that... I can't fathom how I got so lucky.
Sappy? Sure. But I hope everyone reading this gets a chance to find that kind of love. It radiates.
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flowerbloom-arts · 2 months
Tumblr media
The Laughter Mask (reimagined) would be a reimagining of the Shin Muumin episode of the name. Instead of the canon timeline of the original series, it would take place in a separate fan-timeline that would be an in-between of the early books and comics.
The story takes place in October during Moominvalley's Mask Festival. Still new to to the larger community of Moominvalley (and by extension, uniformed of the festival until too late), the extended Moomin family are given little time for preparation, so the kids look to the traveling mask salesman to help things along. A particular mask catches the attention of Sniff, although the salesman doesn't seem willing to part ways with it for mysterious reasons.
Tumblr media
And the Beast Whimpered! is a book canon-compliant story taking place post-Moominpappa's Memoirs (a year after Moominpappa rescues Moominmamma, to be exact), in which the Muddler happens to be a newly made werewolf for unknown reasons. I already made a plot outline for this one but details are almost certainly subject to change.
I can't promise that the winning fic will be finished by Halloween but I'll try my best not to abandon it like alot of other story-based projects and make sure it does get posted (eventually), since both of these will be one-shots (possibly divided into chapters for a more structured reading experience)
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spacedlexi · 2 months
Tag 9 People You Want to Get to Know Better!
i dont usually do tag games but i'll take any excuse to have a reason to post wips lmao tagged by @foibles-fables
Favorite color: pink and purple baybee!! (my original fave colors ive come back to you im sorry i ever left...) green yellow and red are also nice (sorry i love colors)
Currently reading: nothing 😭 i keep trying to read books but i cant do it anymore the internet has brain broken me my attention span is non existent. tried rereading and then there were none last. couldnt find my murder on the orient express (i love mysteries)
Last song: shes not there - neko case
Last series: the walking dead but i had to give up i cant do it anymore 💀the games are better than the show im saying it. i got to S10E7 but i just cant go back i wont. currently mentally preparing myself to watch utena for the first time
Last movie: the lost boys :) its halloween time. been meaning to watch bound tho ive had the link up for a couple weeks now
Sweet/savory/spicy: savory > sweet > spicy honestly just depends on my mood. i like sour more than any of these tho wheres sour and salty >:( i eat lemons for fun
Currently working on: SOOOOO MUCH ALWAYS HELP ME heres just a small selection of my wips from the past month or so. i already want to re-draw half of them. dont be like me 😭
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
half of those notes are board scripts (other half comics) and that doesnt even include my unfinished fic (that ive been writing on the train i promise!!!!). started boarding the tower but we're about to learn storyboard pro in class so im gonna use it to help me get used to the program (no way i'll finish in time for clems bday 😔)
No-pressure tags: calling any and all mutuals who would like to play a little game feel free to say i tagged you :)
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t-nd-rfoot · 11 months
✨🎆 w/ Fanboy
3...2...1...! aka New Years with Mickey Headcanons
Time for Mickey to ring in the new year.
Tumblr media
Pairing Mickey Garcia x reader
Theme fluff
Word Count 381
Note Ahhh it is officially New Year's Eve Day where I'm from so I'm taking this as the perfect opportunity for a New Year’s fic! 😌 and who better to write about than our favorite Fanboy! This is a short one but I loved writing it! I hope you like it and thank you for this request!
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
New Year’s was almost always a particularly special holiday for Mickey
It wasn’t his favorite holiday (it’s a tie between Halloween and San Diego Comic Con weekend, and yes, he considers it a holiday), but there were a few traditions he liked to follow to for a truly happy new year
First: set 3 resolutions he wants to fulfill in the next year
Even before he entered the navy, Mickey always considered himself to be a diligent person
He was always a good student in school, and never liked to disobey his parents when it came to chores
When he sets goals, he has to have an actual, tangible, visible list so he can really see his progress
(He has good memory but he loves being able to cross out or check off an item on paper rather than on an app or just mentally)
He has a little “resolutions” notebook that he started using in high school
Every year, he goes through the existing list of goals he’s had ever since he started the notebook
There are goals from years ago that either have yet to be done (star in a Star Trek reboot) or he had just crossed off recently (reach 100 days on Duolingo)
But no matter how many goals he’s done or hasn’t done, he will always add 3 new resolutions
Next: Prepare 2 of his favorite New Year’s dishes
Food was always a hit at the Garcia’s New Year’s celebrations (and just in general)
His whole family would gather in their abuelita’s kitchen and spend days planning and preparing the menu
His favorites were most definitely the tamales and the stuffed pork loin his family would prepare together
Since joining the navy, he knew that there may come a time he wouldn’t get to spend New Year’s at home
Luckily, he knew how to make them on his own from all the times he would help make them
He even video called them so that they could make it together even if they were apart
His didn’t turn out as perfect as the ones his abuelita or his mom would make, but they were pretty close
Lastly: kiss his 1 favorite girl at the stroke of midnight
He thinks your kisses are better than fireworks, anyway
Tumblr media
Disclaimer  I do not own Top Gun: Maverick or any of its characters. Please do not copy my work or translate without my permission.
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andiwriteordie · 7 months
prompts um . um ! may i suggest a little piece with one of the boys having bird/angel wings
wibble!!!! ok i was a little nervous for this one at first because i've never done any wing fics, but this was such a fun prompt! so thank you for indulging my two current loves: 1) fantasy-esque byler aus and 2) some good ole fashioned mike angst :)
take these broken wings 
People always say that right before you die, your life will flash before your eyes—memories and images of the moments you lived, your worst failures and greatest successes, the highest highs and lowest lows, and every moment in between. Some people who have had brushes with death and lived to tell the tale claim that life flashes before your eyes in the same way that lightning strikes—there, one moment, and full of crackling energy which calls all of your attention, then gone the next. 
Mike’s had a lot of close calls with near-death experiences. After all, it just comes with the territory of knowing about the Upside Down and all its monsters, what with their faces literally made out of teeth and their creepily evocation of actual, less terrifying animals. Death’s not exactly something new to him, which is sorta sad, as a seventeen year old.
But in the five years since this shit all started, he’s never, ever had a “lightning strike, life flash before his eyes” kinda moment.
At least not for himself.
It’s funny, in like the world’s least funny and most morbid kinda way. Is it possible to have someone else’s life flash before your eyes? Only if you know them well enough, Mike would venture to guess. Only if you’ve been part of so many key moments in their life, only if your life is so deeply intertwined with theirs, and only if they are the one brushing hands with death and preparing to meet their end. 
Yeah. That would be Mike’s guess.
Except that it isn’t a guess anymore. It’s actually something that’s happening, right here, right now in front of him, playing out like the world’s worst movie written by a screenwriter with a personal vendetta against Mike Wheeler himself. Lightning strikes—figuratively and literally—and Will’s life flashes before Mike’s eyes, right as his best friend pushes him out of the way and puts his own body in between Mike and a rabid, snarling demodog.
We killed it, a voice in the back of Mike’s mind protests, and that voice isn’t wrong. Mike could have sworn that thing was already dead, that its snarls had been reduced to mere whimpers, that the threat had already been neutralized by a stroke of sheer luck and some unfortunate How To Fight In the Apocalypse 101 training they’ve picked up on over the last few years.
Clearly, the thing’s not dead though. Clearly, it’s alive, and in the slow motion moment when it lunges at Mike and Will pushes Mike out of the way and the demodog makes contact with Will’s back, Will Byers’ entire life as Mike Wheeler knows it flashes before his eyes.
Kindergarten and the swing set. Becoming best friends.
First grade and meeting Lucas. Their party of two becomes a party of three.
Second, third, fourth grade and running around on the playground together. Late nights spent talking back and forth about their favorite comic books. Dreaming of worlds together.
Fifth, sixth, seventh grade. Dustin joins their party. DnD is discovered by the four of them, and Will the Wise, as well as all their other characters, is born. Mike’s basement is the safest place in the world.
November 6, 1983. The nightmare begins.
Halloween 1984. It continues.
Summer 1985. It keeps on going and going and going.
Fall 1985. The Byers move away, far, far, far from Mike, and Mike doesn’t know what happens after that—in the in-between months, because he wasn’t part of Will’s life back then. He did that to himself.
Spring 1986. The worst fucking road trip ever and the start of the literal fucking apocalypse.
1986, 1987, 1988. 
Every. Single. Moment. 
And now.
Thunder rumbles above them, and with it echoes Will’s cry of pain as the demodog sinks its teeth into his back—into his wings, Mike thinks, vaguely, somewhere in the haze of his mind. He hasn’t heard Will scream like that in years. Not since the Mind Flayer incident, that night at the lab. 
The scream’s enough to kick him back into action. 
Well-thought out action? 
Not exactly. 
See, there are actually no logical thoughts running through Mike’s mind when he throws—quite literally throws—his entire body weight against the snarling demodog. The sheer impact does succeed in his intended, vague plan of getting the dog off Will, but it does, unfortunately, come with the unintended (and very obvious, now that Mike thinks of it) consequence of having said demodog on top of him now. 
That’s a lot of teeth, Mike thinks. That thought is quickly followed by a barrage of curse words, Shit, fuck, shit, shit shit, holy fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK, as pure survival instincts kick in, and Mike tousles with the demodog. The thing’s growling at him, its entire face full of teeth and spit and blood—Will’s blood and honestly probably some of Mike’s too—snapping at him and trying its best to maul his arm, and holy fucking shit, there’s no lightning strike, but Mike’s going to die, Mike’s going to die, Mike is going to die—
A single gunshot rings out above the silence. Mike’s pretty sure his own heart stops.
Then, barely a split second later, a pained yelp follows the gunshot, and suddenly, sixty something pounds of pure monstrous muscle and evil collapses onto Mike, complete deadweight. Something warm and sticky presses against Mike’s old jacket, and he winces, doing his best to squirm away from the now dead demodog. 
Once upon a time, he remembers Mrs. Blackburn from across the street used to complain about how difficult it was to get up when the family’s golden retriever used to make a bed out of her lap. Growing up, Mike had never really understood that, having never owned a dog in his life.
He gets it now.
“Jesus,” Mike breathes, right as he manages to pull himself out from under the dog. His heart somehow must’ve restarted, because now it’s beating faster than it ever has before, and adrenaline courses through his veins, making him feel jittery and out of breath. There’s blood on his clothes and on his arms, so God knows he’ll wake up feeling like hell tomorrow.
But he’s alive. He’s alive. That’s all that matters. Mike’s alive, and so is Will, and—
Suddenly, a pained groan interrupts Mike’s thoughts, and he whips his head around, eyes widening as he catches sight of his best friend. 
Lightning strikes above the two of them. Will looks pale in the dim light, his eyes drooping and his legs swaying. He opens his mouth, like he’s going to say something, but he never quite gets to. 
Will’s body hits the ground before either of them are able to say or do anything.
The strangled cry tears itself from Mike’s throat, and once again, his body moves on pure instinct as Mike throws himself down onto the pavement beside Will. Up close, it’s easier to see just how bad Will has been hurt—the ever darkening color of his fabric as the blood continues to flow, staining his shirt and the jacket he’s wearing over it, the open gashes and bite marks underneath torn pieces of fabric, the unsteady rise and fall of his best friend’s chest as Will tries desperately to stay conscious, and—
Bile rises, burning the back of Mike’s throat. His hands, which had been moving with a mind of their own, panicked and full of a desperation and need to help Will, save him, make sure he’s okay, oh God, he has to be okay, now freeze. His heart damn near comes to a stop, and it’s probably a miracle Mike’s still alive with how much his heart has been pounding, then suddenly stopping, then pounding again this evening. 
And worst of all, his eyes… his eyes take in a sight Mike had never wanted to see—the familiar, white feathers of his best friend’s wings, now mauled and stained with red. With Will’s wings still folded under his shirt, kept close to himself, it’s difficult to see the full extent of the damage, but Mike knows it’s bad. 
This is your fault, the harsh, critical voice in the back of Mike’s mind whispers. This is your fault.
Those words feel like a knife in the heart, and Mike falters, his hands still lingered on Will’s broken and mangled wings. Your fault, that voice taunts again. This is all your—
“M-Mike,” Will wheezes, and Mike can’t help but flinch, looking down to see Will straining to look at him. His face is still pale; his eyes are still barely open. But worst of all, there’s a fear in his eyes—one that Mike has only seen a few other times. 
It’s that fear that kicks Mike back into action. His trembling hands, now covered in blood that’s probably Will’s but also Mike’s but also the demodog’s, reach for Will, and Mike squeezes his best friend’s hand as tightly as he can.
“You’re going to be okay,” Mike reassures, even though he has no business saying that. “Just stay with me, Will, okay? Just stay with me; please don’t leave me, okay? Okay, just hold on, just hold on—”
Those words continue to tumble out of Mike’s mouth, mixed in with desperate, snotty sobs, even after Will’s eyes flutter close. He’s still breathing in small shallow gasps, and his hand is slack in Mike’s own, and he’s hurt, Will’s hurt, it’s your fault, your fault, YOUR FAULT—
Please don’t go, Mike thinks. The thought feels far away, lost somewhere in the loud cacophony of anxious thoughts. Please, please, please don’t go; stay with me, please, Will; please don’t go; please.
And then:
I love you.
Truthfully, Mike doesn’t really know what happens after that. He doesn’t know how much time passes or how the others manage to find them or how his body becomes unfrozen from its place, keeping watch over Will. Everything else becomes a blur of rainwater and blood—so much blood—staining the ground and Mike’s hands and Will’s clothes and Will’s wings that awful scarlet red. 
This is your fault, that voice whispers to him, the entire ride back to their makeshift home. This is all your fault.
It takes a scary amount of time for Will to wake up.
Time’s a really fucking strange thing, you know? Mike still remembers being six or seven years old and how the weeks between the first day of school and picture day in the first week of October always felt so long. That month stretched on for forever and ever to his little six year old brain, but slowly, as he got older, the month seemed to become a little bit shorter. Then, even shorter the next year and shorter again the next. Growing up, it was as if the older he’d get, the faster time would fly right past him.
But apparently, time has decided it wants to do a complete one-eighty on Mike while he’s down for the count. Apparently, time no longer wants to fly; no, it wants to move at a fucking snail’s speed, dragging on until every second that passes by feels like a minute and each minute feels like an hour and each hour feels like a day.
Time’s really fucking strange. 
And so, by the time Will wakes up, Mike honestly doesn’t know how long it’s been since the two of them were attacked. He knows a few things though—some that are helpful and some that aren’t.
Mike knows he hasn’t slept since then, choosing instead to sit by Will’s bedside and watch over him, as if that might do any good. 
He knows practically everyone in their little group of Upside Down survivors has tried to convince him to leave, and he knows that, in response, he’d turned into a creature about as vicious as the one who did this to Will. 
He knows that the fucking demodog that had attacked Will deserved a far crueler ending than a well-aimed bullet in the heart. He knows that it’s maybe a little sick and twisted for thinking that, and he knows he doesn’t really care right now.
He knows that Will’s wings are broken and torn, feathers brutally ripped off, bones broken underneath, damage near irreparable. He knows that Joyce cried when she saw her son, and he knows that she then picked herself back up and did everything she, with Hopper and Jonathan’s help, did everything she possibly could to mend Will’s broken wings and ease his pain.
And Mike knows that all of this is his fault.
So, when Will wakes up, eyes fluttering open and searching the dimly lit room, relief and guilt go to war inside Mike’s heart and mind. Relief wins out the initial battle, because Will is finally awake, and Mike doesn’t even care that Joyce and Hopper are in the room and can see him cry. But it’s guilt that ultimately wins the war, taking its place as the victor when Will sits up and immediately cries out, instinctively curling his wings around himself and only making things worse.
Bile rises in the back of Mike’s throat, and he feels frozen—just as frozen as he did in that moment when Will had stared up at him, terrified and bleeding out on the pavement. Joyce and Hopper are quick to jump to action, and Joyce’s soothing words fill the quietness in the room, “It’s okay, baby; you’re okay. Just relax, okay? Just breathe for me; that’s good; you’re doing so good, baby.” 
Mike can barely hear the words over the sound of his own blood rushing through his ears. 
Get out, something in the back of his mind pleads. Get out, get out, get out— 
He would get out, if he could. But instead, Mike’s stuck here. Completely frozen in place, unable to do anything but watch in horror and try not to throw up as Joyce and Hopper slowly unwrap the bandages around Will’s wings. 
Red is the first color Mike sees as the bandages come off. Blood, sticky and dark red, has stained the bandages, and Mike’s eyes wander from that gauze to the wounded appendages. Massive gashes, still a bright, painful shade of maroon, marr Will’s normally white wings, and there are chunks of feathers missing from where the demodog had attacked him. More than that, with Will now awake and able to stretch his wings out more, it’s easier to see the awkward, painful angles his wings are twisted at. 
Every single moment and every single touch seems to hurt Will, even if he doesn’t say it.
And all Mike can do is watch. He’s breathing. He has to be. But at the same time, it doesn’t feel like it. His chest is burning; his lungs don’t feel like they’re getting any oxygen. Will’s bandages are discarded to the side—red, red, red replacing white, blooming, spreading, overtaking, and—
“Mike, sweetie?” 
Mike flinches sharply, and finally, his body feels unfrozen. He’s able to look somewhere other than the blood-stained bandages and the bloody gashes on Will’s wings, and instead, he turns his attention to Joyce, who’d just called his name. 
“S-sorry.” Mike swallows the lump in his throat and tries to remember how to breathe. “Did you, um… did you say something?”
A sad smile forms on Joyce’s face. “I didn’t,” she reassures gently. “But I, ah… I think maybe it would be best if you stepped outside for a bit. Maybe… go get some rest now that Will’s awake.”
Mike’s gut reaction is to protest, but the words die in the back of his throat as Joyce’s gaze flickers to Will’s face. Mike follows her line of sight, and—
Red colors Will’s cheeks too, and he’s hiding his face from Mike, like he’s ashamed to be seen crying. It’s hard to see, but Mike can feel the heartbreak and the pain his best friend is experiencing right now. All he wants to do is make it better—to help Will, to somehow make this up to him, to let Will know that he’s here and that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 
Protest rises again, clawing its way up Mike’s throat, but he manages to bite his tongue and stop himself from yelling, It’s okay; please, it’s okay; you don’t have to hide, not from me. Please don’t hide. It’s okay; I’m here. I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere, and you’re my best friend, and I love you—
Warmth rushes to Mike’s face, and for just a moment, he feels frozen again. There it is again—that thought that keeps sneaking up on him, more and more with each passing day. It’s the confession that Mike’s too much of a coward to say out loud, but he’s no idiot. There’s no denying the implications of those three words.
Not when he couldn’t even write the damn words in a letter to his own girlfriend.
Not when the words sneak up on him, in the most mundane and the most insane moments of his life, like they’re something as natural as breathing.
Not when it’s Will.
I love you, Mike lets himself think again. 
Mike takes a step forward, ignoring the way his heart pounds inside his chest and the skeptical looks both Hopper and Joyce give him. Instead, he just sits down as carefully as possible as he can onto the bed, and he reaches for Will’s hands, pulling them away from his face so the two of them are looking at one another again.
This is your fault, that voice in the back of Mike’s mind whispers as Will tentatively looks at him, eyes full of grief and shame and embarrassment. It’s all your fault.
Maybe, Mike thinks. But Will needs me. 
So, without giving it another thought, Mike scoots close, and he wraps his arms around his best friend, being careful to not exacerbate Will’s injuries. Like two puzzle pieces slotting into place, Will falls easily into his arms, and Mike hugs him close, running his hand up and down Will’s bare arm. 
“You’re okay,” Mike whispers. It’s a reassurance and a reminder wrapped up all in two simple words and meant for both of them. “You’re going to be okay. We’ll get through this. I promise. I promise.”
Maybe that’s not a promise he should be making, but it’s one that Mike is going to try and do everything to keep.
Eventually, Will begins to get better.
His wings will never be the same again. That much is clear. Wings are already sensitive appendages—something that both Will and El can attest to—but it doesn’t help that they’re in the middle of the apocalypse with limited medical supplies. Hopper and Joyce do their best, and Will does slowly begin to heal from his injuries.
But his wings will never be the same again.
He doesn’t like talking about it, and that’s fine. Mike doesn’t like thinking about it, much less talking about it, so instead, he pours all of his energy into making sure Will knows he isn’t alone and also into keeping Will’s mind off the current reality of their situation. It’s no easy task, but if there’s one thing Mike’s gotten good at over the last twelve years of their friendship, it’s making Will Byers smile.
It’s… strange, actually. These past couple of months have objectively been some of the worst months of Will’s life—and Mike’s too, if he’s being completely honest. Will has spent these months recovering from a severely traumatic ordeal, both physically and emotionally. They’re living in the middle of the apocalypse, and One could literally return any day now to try and… destroy everything or whatever the fuck he wants to do.
And yet somehow, even in spite of how shitty things have been, the two of them have been able to find a little bit of light in the middle of the darkness. 
It’s different, and it’s maybe too soon to say this, but also not soon enough. They’ve been walking down this path for years now, and only in these past couple months has that walk turned into a sprint towards… something – something remarkable and exhilarating and terrifying all at once. Something Mike doesn’t dare name yet, but that he wants to name, every single time those three words, I love you, come to mind.
It’s an ordinary day when he finally finds the courage to.
“Okay, so I was thinking,” Mike announces as the door to Will’s room flings open, and he walks in, the way he’s done dozens of times, “we should—” 
He doesn’t get the chance to finish his sentence. Before he can, Will turns around quickly, arms wrapped around himself, and he yelps, “Mike! Jesus, knock next time!” 
His face is bright red, his eyes are wide, and his expression is caught somewhere between embarrassed and actually mortified. Part of Mike wants to point out the fact that he’s done this multiple times and Will’s never seemed to care, but the words die in the back of his throat as he takes in the sight of his best friend.
For starters, Will is shirtless, and that – that’s totally fine. That’s fine. Mike doesn’t feel like his face is on fire or anything. Pfft, no. He’s seen Will shirtless hundreds of times, so this situation? Right here? Totally normal. Completely.
Beyond that, Will is… clearly trying to hide his wings. Despite the fact that Mike knows it hurts him to not stretch his wings out, he’s folded them down, so that Mike can just barely see the tips of his wings not hidden behind Will’s back. His eyes dart back and forth around the room anxiously, and a pang of hurt and guilt forms in Mike’s heart.
“Will,” Mike whispers, and he takes a step towards his best friend, unable to help himself. “Hey, it – it’s just me. It’s okay.”
Those words, apparently, aren’t the right ones to say, because Will’s face falls. He looks away quickly, wraps his arms around himself, and mutters, “It’s not okay. Just… please… can you go?”
His voice breaks on those last few words, and though he doesn’t say it aloud, Mike hears Will regardless. There’s no one in the world he knows better than Will, just like there’s no one in the world who knows Mike better than Will does. The two of them get each other.
“If you really want me to go, I will,” Mike says quietly and takes another step, holding out his hand for Will to take. “But if not…” 
He lets his voice trail off, waiting for Will’s reaction. It takes a few moments, but then finally, Will looks up, eyes watery and heartbroken. He doesn’t say anything; instead, he just slowly unfolds his wings and takes a step backwards, sitting down onto his bed and keeping his arms wrapped around himself. 
The invitation goes unspoken but not unsaid, so Mike takes another few steps forward, sitting down beside his best friend. Not a moment later, Will rests his head on Mike’s shoulder, and Mike responds by wrapping his arms around his best friend and holding him close. Neither one of them says a word, but Mike can feel the way the tension dissolves from the room, the way Will’s walls begin to crumble, the way both of them walk hand in hand back towards who they used to be. 
There was a point in their lives when things were too confusing. Too messy and too big to figure out. There was a time when this didn’t feel right, even though all Mike wanted to do was keep Will as close to him as possible. He didn’t understand it back then, but he gets it now. 
It’s pretty simple, actually. Mike is in love with Will, and he has been for a long, long time. Maybe since before he even met El, but definitely during the extent of their relationship. And while the feelings for El were there, they were never as strong as the ones he felt for Will.
The ones he still feels for Will.
So, it’s easy. It’s the most natural thing in the world for Mike to hold his best friend close, to let the rest of the world fall away, to think back to the very same thoughts that had flooded his mind on the rainy night all of this first began. Please don’t leave me, and You’ve gotta be okay; you’re gonna be okay, and even I love you, I love you, I love you. Please don’t go. 
Eventually, the tears stop falling, and the room grows quiet once more. The two of them sit there, arms still wrapped around each other, with Will’s head resting against Mike’s chest lightly. He’s shifted a little bit now, wings wrapped around the two of them as best as he can, and it reminds Mike of when they were little, back when Will’s wings were the secret Mike was lucky enough to know and back when the world seemed just a little bit smaller and less overwhelming.
As carefully as he can, Mike adjusts ever so slightly, and he lifts one of his hands, running it across one of the long, jagged scars on Will’s wings. He feels his best friend shiver under the touch, and hesitantly, both of them turn their gazes towards one another. 
There’s hesitancy written all over Will’s face, and his gaze flickers to Mike’s hand for just a brief moment, before returning back to Mike’s eyes once more. He looks like he wants to say a million different things, but finally, he settles on quietly saying, “They’ll never be the same again.”
He doesn’t say it aloud, but the words don’t go unsaid. 
I’ll never be the same again.
And there – there is the root of all of this, the grief that Mike knows Will has been feeling this whole time. Hell, it’s the same old grief and confusion and pain that’s been around since Will was first rescued from the Upside Down. It’s the same grief that appeared again the year after, and it’s the same grief that keeps on coming back, manifesting itself in new ways, and always posing the same question. 
Will I ever be the same person again?
Will any of us?
“Maybe not,” Mike says quietly. The words don’t feel nearly big enough to even begin to say what he truly means and how he truly feels. All he can do is hope that Will understands what he’s trying to say—that the words he can manage right now are enough until he musters up enough courage to truly tell Will everything Mike needs to say to him. “But they’re still beautiful.”
You’re still beautiful, he thinks but doesn’t say. Instead, Mike just runs his hand delicately down the broken, scarred wing, never once taking his eyes off Will. And I love you.
Will takes a shuddered breath, and despite the watery look still in his eyes, he manages to smile. “You really mean that?” 
“Yeah,” Mike whispers back, and he scoots closer, one arm still wrapped around Will and the other still gently stroking the patches of white feathers on Will’s wings. In return, Will wraps his wings around the two of them even tighter, and the smile on his face grows. He seems more relaxed. More at home. “I really do.”
The words still aren’t everything that Mike wants to say, but Will gets it. He always does. And one day, hopefully soon, the two of them will be able to talk about this, and Mike will be able to speak the words that have been echoing through his mind and that he’s kept close to his heart ever since the moment he came to this realization. 
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aidansloth · 1 year
yes I am making a part 2 of Gareth's headcanons because I'm hyperfixating
Gareth Emerson Headcanons (General):
he has asthma
because of this the whole of Corroded Coffin carry an extra inhaler with them in case he forgets to bring his
him and Eddie make all of Corroded Coffin's merch (banners, shirts, pins ecc.) together since they are the most creative and good with DIY
his favourite subject is History no doubt
if he wasn't a drummer I could see him being a History teacher (the one everyone crushes on)
he owns lots of flannels (also not cut-off ones)
definitely prefers salty over sweet
loves Doritos
I can't tell if he's a dog or cat person, but he would be a cat
he just feels like one okay
he's a morning person, not that he doesn't stay up late sometimes but I just see him waking up early every morning and having his routine
he would make his sister's lunch to take to school<33
pretty pretty boy
he's so pretty
just imagine him in the morning
just woke up
with his morning voice
bed hair
in a t-shirt and his boxers, he lifts his arm to scratch his head and his shirt rides up and you can see a little bit of chub-I LOVE HIM
in his early teens he decided to pack away all of his plushies because they weren't 'metal' enough, but still has the box in the garage because he won't throw them away (he obviously still loves them)
secretly loves Valentine's Day (he knows it's just a commercial holiday but he still loves it)
but his favourite is Halloween
he loves staying home to open the door to the kids doing trick or treating
before Halloween he prepares pretty little bags full of candy to give them
but other times he takes his sisters to trick or treat
he helps them to make their costumes and also holds their bags full of candy while they go knock on doors
he reads comic books (mangas too)
likes black coffee
the most bitter black coffee (like his soul)
100% knows how to make flower crowns, no I will not elaborate
always has tons of things on his bed (pencils, paper, his drumsticks, candy wrappers etc.)
helps his mom bake pies and cakes for the bake sales every year (and loves it)
feeds off energy drinks, they are his only source of energy
Modern!Gareth loves Scene Queen's songs, especially 'Barbie & Ken'
likes reading but not one of his favourite hobbies, though he enjoys fantasy and sci-fi books
always has gum on him to stim (I said in the earlier headcanons that he has ADHD)
is the type to procrastinate till the last minute and do a full essay the night before it was due with 4 cups of coffee and spite
still gets one of the best grades in the class
sometimes reads goodnight stories to his younger sister (he does all of the character voices)
also makes bracelets with them (he uses only red and black beads though because he has an image to maintain)
has tons of blankets
Jeff and Eddie are always overly nice to his mom, they're the type to say "hot mom"
Gareth hates it
but they have fun
he's the type to run up to anyone (his mom, his friends, you etc.) and start ranting about a new hyperfixation of his
he could honestly talk my ear off anytime <333
can't think anymore, this is about it <3
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terrorinwonderland · 8 months
Reasons why the Super Readers are the best friend group (and are basically Pig's platonic siblings).
Whenever Pig is scared, he frequently hides behind Whyatt (ie: Baby Dinosaur's Big Discovery, Roxie's Missing Music Box, Super Why LIVE!, etc). And it's so cute whenever it happens: big bro, little bro moment.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
While Pig's brothers put him down at times (saying he's too young or too little to do stuff, seen in Tom Thumb), Whyatt and his friends never doubt Pig's abilities to build stuff: they're always interested and supportive of whatever Pig does. And yes, Pig's brothers do turn a new leaf in later episodes. They aren't jerks, but still.
Pig literally has a photo of them together: it's so cute!!
Tumblr media
When Pig gets scared of his friends' costumes in the Halloween special, they're all concerned, and Whyatt immediately goes to check up on him.
The same goes with "Jake and The Dragon" when Princess Pea comforts Pig when he gets scared by the Giant. Big sister Princess Pea to the rescue!
Them in Super Why: LIVE! I don't need to explain further.
In the beginning part of "The Comic Book: Attack Of The Eraser," with Whyatt and Pig cheering for Red, giving high-fives, congratulating her. It's all so wholesome.
How they literally became friends/Super Readers was because Whyatt wanted friends who liked reading and words as much as he did. And how their whole origin story played out: it's adorable 🥺
All of them are so eager to read Whyatt's comic book in "Woofster and the Pet Pack."
Tumblr media
Pig comforting Whyatt in "The Big Game" after he missed hitting the ball.
Princess Pea and Red's squabble in "The CowGirl Mystery," and while it's easily patched up, it's still funny watching the two trying to figure out who's going first.
Again, from "Roxie's Missing Music Book," Whyatt immediately gets his comic book in the mail and already wants to show it to his friends 🥺
When Pig gets tired in "Monster Munch," his friends are there by his side (Whyatt waking him up, Red pushing him to not fall behind, etc). Leave no man behind!
Whyatt comforting an upset Princess Pea in "Alice in Wonderland" when she misses her tea party with the other princesses. He does look a bit confused, but his heart is in the right place 💗
A bit off topic, but whenever Princess Pea grabs something from her purse-thing (handkerchief, umbrella, etc), it warms my heart. She's always a step ahead to help her friends in need; she goes to show she takes "a princess is always prepared" to heart!
Them dancing at the end of every episode. 🥺
These images
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
These are all that comes to mind atm, but it goes to show how frequent and adorable their friendship is throughout the series! There's probably more instances of these things happening to them, and I'd like to see more!
In conclusion: these kids deserve the world, and at the same time, they don't deserve it. They're too precious.
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justjensenanddean · 2 years
Tumblr media
The Boys: How Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy “Shakes Things Up” in Season 3
After a lifetime of battling demons on Supernatural, Jensen Ackles is prepared the assume Soldier Boy's shield on The Boys season 3.
Jensen Ackles has been flirting with superherodom his entire career.
The Texas-born actor first became well known to TV audiences thanks to a handful of superhero adjacent roles in the early 2000s. First he portrayed super soldier Alec McDowell a.k.a. X5-494 on Fox’s ahead-of-its-time Dark Angel and then acted opposite none other than Superman as Lana Lang’s love interest Jason Teague on Smallville. He would go on to voice Jason Todd in animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood and the Dark Knight himself in Batman: The Long Halloween.
Of course, that’s not even to mention his most iconic role – that of the demon-hunting Dean Winchester on Supernatural, who alongside his brother Sam  was only a costume and grandiose name away from being a comic book supe.
With the arrival of The Boys season 3, however, Ackles is finally doing this superhero thing properly. Not only is he donning the mask, body armor, and shield of a superhero, he’s doing so as the very first superhero. In the continuity of The Boys, Soldier Boy was the Vought Corporation’s initial attempt at creating a superhuman. Think of him as the company’s version of Captain America, only with a harder edge.
In advance of The Boys season 3’s premiere on June 3, Ackles was nice enough to chat with Den of Geek about becoming Soldier Boy, working with Supernatural‘s Erick Kripke again, and the finer points of beard maintenance.
Read our Q&A with Ackles below and stay tuned for more exclusive details about The Boys season 3 later today.
Den of Geek: How did you convince your old Supernatural boss Eric Kripke to let you join The Boys’ team?
Jensen Ackles: I called him regarding something completely unrelated, and I think I closed the phone call with, “Hey Eric, when are you going to bring me over to The Boys? I want to kick some ass or something. Blow a dolphin, I don’t know, whatever they’re doing over there. Maybe I could help [The Deep] with some water park shit.” And he said, “That’s interesting, let me think about that.” We had a few more conversations, and that led to this.
I thought that was very apropos, coming right out of 15 years of a previous Eric Kripke world and diving right into another one. That had happened just before season two, and so I had seen season one. After watching season two and knowing Kripke the way that I do, I knew that he would just continue to level up. So I got very nervous at that point and I was like, “Oh great, what have I signed on for?”
What can you tell us about your character Soldier Boy?
He’s kind of the original superhero in this particular world, and we did get to see a little glimpse into that past. That was really fun to play and to dive into a bit. Obviously, bringing somebody who has experienced that world into the modern age, you can imagine, it was very similar to Grandpa still being around. What would he think of someone like Homelander or someone like Butcher? It was really fun to play an old man, so to speak. I’ve got to be honest, the beard was tough, though. I’ve never had more products for anything in my life than I had for that fuzz on my chin. But it was an interesting addition to what they already had, chemistry wise, in the super world. It was digging up this relic, essentially, and adding him back into the mix. It definitely shakes things up for season three.
What’s it like being The Boys’ answer to Captain America and being a man unstuck in time?
This ties a lot into the Soldier Boy storyline of this throwback to the old guard, essentially, and these people who have been sent out to pasture get wrangled up and sent back into the fray. It’s interesting, because it was never something that I thought about in watching season one or season two, that there would be an old guard, that these people do kind of age out of being in the spotlight. I thought that that was a really interesting commentary on society and on a lot of the entertainment industry as a whole. It’s like you have a peak, and then if you’re lucky, you can sustain that peak for as long as you possibly can, but I think that was a really interesting commentary on this superhero world, that you kind of get aged out and you get forgotten.
What can you tell us about Soldier Boy’s old crime-fighting team, Payback?
I thought they all did a fantastic job. [Payback] is all about: “What about us? Don’t forget about us. We’re still valid, right? We’re still here, we still have powers.” It’s like, “Yeah, but you’re old news. You’re not in the news cycle right now, nobody cares about you.” And that was an interesting take. Again: it goes to Kripke and his team, of just finding a way to have a commentary on such relevant things that are going on currently.
The world of The Boys is a big one and known for filming a lot of extra material for AR marketing purposes. Did you get to participate in any “extracurriculars” like that?
Not to give anything away, but there’s some old footage of Soldier Boy that we see on TV. Creating that content that we see, we didn’t just shoot a couple of seconds, which is probably all we see [in the show], we shot the whole thing. We did the entire story, which is insane to me, because it’s days of filming. Phil Sgriccia, who is somebody who I’ve a long relationship with—he was on Supernatural and now he’s on The Boys—when he showed up and he was like, “I got you for the next week,” I knew we were going to have a lot of fun. I was also like, “What are we doing this for?” And he just goes, “Amazon.”
The Boys season 3 premieres June 3 on Prime Video. You can read more exclusive details about the new season here.
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dennydraws · 2 months
Good Morning! Happy start of the week!
September is almost over! But also spookiest month is coming! :D I was always sad as a kid that my country wasn't celebrating Halloween. Now kids do it more often while boomer parents yap how this isn't Bulgarian/Orthodox Christian holiday or something... Ya all need to leave the kids have fun and do kids things and enjoy being spooky and getting candy! I love preparing candy for trick or treaters!
I'm glad kids are having more fun and my generation seems more chill about these things.
Tumblr media
October, october, october~!! I look forward to binge watching spooky movies, spooky series, bake cinnamon rolls, start inktober and agonize as I fall behind it ... :D;;; Speaking of, with how October tends to be, I may skip a chapter update at some point of my "The Snake, The Firebrand and The King of All" comic (update later today btw! Please look forward to it!). I think I'm keeping a good pace so far. I just know October gets crazy at work and between that and attempting Inktober, on top of... attempting to juggle FanFyria updates too... it may get crazy! But if it does, I will drop something instead of trying to be a hero and juggle everything xD;;
Sun Haven, Sun Haven~ That game is seriously enabling some kinda fang/claws aesthetic I'm super into and never realized until now lol We tried multiplayer with friends yesterday and it was pretty fun! Nothing broke (too much) yet :D;; We accidentally got ... God and his 3 angels (or Ary's whole family as we joke now!) I hope I get to draw them too eventually! Thank you for all who followed me for my Aryllin x Claude arts, I may do more in the future as I have ideas™ but also October may be too busy for that... but I hope you will enjoy other arts I show here too! :D;;;
Sun Haven Art Trades? I love art trades! Doing one with a friend now but if anyone is interested, hit me up ~ :D But it will have to wait for November at this point lol;;;;
Original Character (don't steal) ™ I've been scribbling Reciferius a lot lately, you guys remember him? :D;; he won the OC poll way back! I drew him recently, kinda keep scribbling him again on the side. Still not sure what to do with him, or in what world setting I can stuff him but... well anyway he has fangs now cause apparently it's "fangs n claws season" in my head!
Tumblr media
I hope I get to finish this WIP eventually this week, I'm really happy at the vibe I got :D
And that's all~! I hope you have a great start of the week, dear reader! I hope the month of September was kind to you and brought you new dear memories for your life's album. I hope October brings you warm fuzzies and inspiration for everything you pick to do!
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